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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 9, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: finally the ugly, philadelphia fires have flu way to blow off steam. smash things like tvs and glassware with hockey sticks. jillian: go, gritty. have a good day. ♪ beautiful morning ♪ i think i'll go outside a while ♪ brian: this isn't the little rascals. steve: we went over this a couple weeks ago these are the rascals that appeared on our show and sanction the song last year. ainsley: was i off that day? oh, yeah. i remember. brian: rascals keep their name and just keep rotating. are they the original rascals. steve: i have not followed the rascals. ainsley: look into that. steve: the point is it's a beautiful day, according to what they are singing. it is a beautiful day.
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it's a little chilly here in the northeast. ainsley: which i like. bring out the fall clothes, ladies. lots of layers. when i get dressed in such hurry i'm studying for the show. i have two seconds to pick out a dress i just grab something. whatever i'm in the mood for that day. brian: steve and i have huge staffs picking out our clothing. steve: does this match? ainsley: you have been working a lot longer. your contracts are a lot bigger. brian: i have so many butlers. the white house refuse together agree with the impeachment inquiry. call it unconstitutional. steve: griff jenkins joining us with more on this war of words. telling them to put up or shut up. griff: battle lines are drawn here and the white house is making it clear it's all-out war. we may never hear from the
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ambassador that was blocked yesterday at the last minute. white house counsel pat cipollone writing in a scathing letter to pelosi and three chairman. president trump and administration reject your baseless, unconstitutional efforts to overturn the democratic process. your unprecedented actions have left the president with no choice. president trump and his administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under these circumstance the. the 8-page letter laying out several reasons why we believe the inquiry due process. outraging speaker pelosi who fired back quote the white house should be warned continued efforts to hide truth and the president's abuse of power from the american people will be regarded as further evidence of obstruction. mr. president, you are not above the law. you will be held accountable. meanwhile, senate judiciary chair lindsey graham is inviting the president's attorney rudy giuliani to testify in open session, but no word on if giuliani would accept. he does say, however, he wouldn't be shy about talking about the biden's
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history in the ukraine. what we should watch for guy maria, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine is expected to testify on friday but unclear whether or not the administration will indeed block her from appearing. brian: is she technically still working in the state department even though she was removed. steve: she is. brian: as u.n. ambassador. griff: she is not working as you point out. what you are discussing could possibly fall under some sort of privilege. although we haven't gone there yet. we will see. one thing is for sure. the white house is looking to not cooperate, if you will, on all fronts and that would certainly appear to be one of them, brian. brian: thanks griff. i think this is an ambassador that would agree with ada adam schiff by judging that the president was very unhappy with her and even the president of ukraine was unhappy with her. maybe she is looking behind closed doors you would think she would open up both
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salvos. ainsley: the republicans say they know that john durham is looking into collusion and going to reveal a lot about the democrats and they want to muddy the waters. they want this to be done before thanksgiving so that we focus on that and don't focus on what john durham is finding. steve: right. exactly. when he was appointed by bill barr the attorney general. brian: is there a tougher more menacing head shot? ainsley: call him the hard charger and bulldog. brian: he okayed that head shot, too. steve: no nonsense. when he was initially appoint, what he was going to look at the days leading up to the 2016 election. ainsley: right, just the days before the elections. steve: and right up through the impeachment. and now it has been expanded, the time line has been, according to fox news has determined. now through spring of 2017, a whole year further when mr. mueller was named special counsel. rush limbaugh thinks your point is exactly right. listen to what he has to say
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about durham an the push by the attorney general to get that stuff out there. >> they want to get this going by thanksgiving. they want to get something going that can say trump is being impeached. and they want to beat whatever barr and durham are working on. democrats can't take any chances, so they want to get going and want to get this up to speed so that when the barr results hit oh, don't pay any attention to that they are just trying to distract you from our official impeachment inquiry here. we are in a race to get to where we are going before they do. and they are looking at -- and this is it. brian: the problem with this is if durham keeps it quiet, which you are supposed, to an investigation. steve: and has so far. brian: mueller's camp was leaking so many people were testifying maybe mueller's people were leaking. we will never know for sure, perhaps. if durham goes through the next election and the
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president doesn't win, we will almost never or it will be inconsequential for a democratic president to want to push what durham finds forward. ainsley: there is no way it will take that long. brian: that's what he is saying. it's going to take another year to go through the next election. we are going to sit here and say wow, this is going to be big. if the president even loses we might not know about the information. ainsley: getting information from italy and australia and u.k. steve: in the meantime regarding mr. mueller, there was interesting bit of information revealed yesterday. that was that apparently when he went to talk to the president of the united states in may of 2017, and then wound up getting special counsel job the day after, he told capitol hill during the summer that he did not -- going, in he was not interviewing for the fbi job. but, in fact, that's why he had seen the president the day before he was
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interviewing and then became the special counsel. here's a flashback that contradicts, apparently, what actually happened. >> my understanding i was not applying for the job. i was asked to give my input on what it would take to do the job, which triggered the interview you are talking about. >> so you don't recall on may 16th, 2017, that you interviewed with the president regarding the fbi director job? >> i interviewed with the president and. >> regarding the fbi director job it? >> was about the job but not about me applying for the job. >> so your statement here today is that you didn't interview to apply for the fbi director job? >> that's correct. brian: why is that important? why is that important? because the person investigating, if it's you, you just rejected the day before a job that he wanted, according to reports. so if he wanted that job, doesn't get the job, would you feel good about that person investigating you with a bottomless budget
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with all the resources in the world to talk to with the threat of prison and armed with subpoenas? is that okay? that's the fund mental definition of conflict of interest. ainsley: here is matt whitaker former acting attorney general on the meetings between rod rosenstein and mueller before the special counsel appointment. watch this. >> four days before he was appointed special counsel he and rod rosenstein were having conversation about his appointment as a special counsel. the day before he knew that he was possibly going to be appointed special counsel and just said -- he said he interviewed. he just said he wasn't interviewing for a job which is a strange way to say that the day he was appointed special counsel, i think, you know, he was still in the running. it's very unusual and i think anybody that was around there, including myself, understands that he was on the list of people being considered to be the fbi director. steve: so that was not a good answer that he gave in
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front of congress because now people are scratching their heads what's he talking about? speaking of special counsel, trey gowdy was called by the president of the united states a couple days ago and said would you consider coming back in some capacity to assist with outside legal counseling with this impeachment defense and initially i understand mr. gowdy said, you know, i'm happy not working in government or with government, so probably not. but i will let you know. and apparently he got back to the president yesterday and said, you know what? i would love to help you defend yourself with this impeachment thing. he will apparently appear on television and have some behind the scenes legal counseling, according to axios and other news sources. ainsley: is he like tom homan he leaves and comes back and leaves and comes back. brian: i think he had lunch yesterday. the president has to do a better job of communicating with the people who believe in him the most. even the freedom caucus yesterday was caught
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blind-sighted mark meadows and jim jordan the white house decision to pull back the ambassador from european union who was supposed to say things more favorable to the president judged by many of his tweets. they said, listen, they went over to the white house yesterday. mr. president, you have to tell us what you are doing. they pledged to have better communication. because right now obviously they are a little unnerved about what's happened over the last 10 days. but this has all changed as of yesterday morning. steve: well, because the white house finally had a unified strategy. brian: they have to tell the people that are fighting for them. steve: i don't think they had it until yesterday. it is minimum cooperation. maximum confrontation. ainsley: talk about confrontation. steve: exactly. ainsley: that leads us into the next story. minneapolis, you have the mayor who said to the police officers if you are going to be patrolling inside the trump rally. steve: tomorrow night. ainsley: tomorrow night then you can't wear your uniform. if you look back at obama years the officers were told, different mayor but the officers were told wear your uniform and stand behind the president.
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steve: right. over the last 48 hours, mayor jacob frye of minneapolis said if mr. trump is going to have that rally tomorrow night they're going to have to pay $530,000 for security. well, the president says that's ridiculous. it wasn't nearly that high when obama came in 2009. ainsley: no. it was 20,000 in 2009. steve: drastically different. the president went trolling of the mayor yesterday. the president first up tweeted someone please tell the radical left mayor of minneapolis that he can't price out free speech. probably illegal. i stand strongly and proudly with the grace police officers and law enforcement of minneapolis and the great state of minnesota. see you thursday night. the mayor was not going to take that down. ainsley: he said yawn welcome to minneapolis where we pay our bills. we govern with integrity and we love our neighbors. brian: pay for extra time officers putting in while he is in town. there is some issues with
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the trump campaign and paying for security. but when it comes to cops in minnesota, they feel like they have been totally let out to dry. they are way understaffed big-time and it's pretty clear that they are very much in support of this president. the one thing the president has, as in ied for voting support, i think is men and women who are in law enforcement and their families. because they see this administration doing something that not a democratic candidate was even willing to do and be in support of law enforcement. steve: so, sings we showed you the back and forth, how did it get resolved? mayor frye finally put out a statement, he said my position with respect to the operating costs remains unchanged. in keeping with our contract with aeg, the people behind the target center, taxpayers should be reimbursed for city-incurred costs for the president's visit. i will be meeting with my leadership and counsel colleagues to decide on the appropriate path forward. so, in other words, the mayor threatened you will have to give us the money if
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you want to many cop. the president said not going to do it. it's infringement on my free speech because ultimately it's a private vendor the target center is they already had a contract with the trump campaign. the deal was done before the mayor actually got involved. and now it looks as if the city is going to go ahead, pay the bill, figure out who is going to be on the hook for it later. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. susan rice lied about the benghazi terror attack on sunday shows in 2012. this morning she has some regrets. they are many. ainsley: plus, dozen of house lawmakers joining a push to censure adam schiff. andy biggs is leading the charge and he is next. ♪ i want to rock ♪ rock ♪ i wanna rock ♪ [♪]
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our business is you. book direct at ♪ ♪ steve: well, the white house, on behalf of the president sent a kateing letter to house democrats calling their impeachment inquiry illegitimate and singling out adam schiff in his role in the controversy. this comes as over 90 members of the house have joined next guest' push to condemn and censure the
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congressman right there. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good to be with you. steve: why are you after mr. schiff today? >> there is a whole host of particulars listed in our motion. he has actually added to them since we went on the recess. but i think when he dropped the blatantly fake, fraudulent phone call transcript on the american people, it did a couple things it. mislead the american people, brought the house in dispute and quite frankly it was over the edge and just pushed everybody over the edge. we have been watching him for two and a half years now abuse the process. and we just felt like oh my goodness. we have crossed the rubicon here. he needs to be disciplined. steve: in addition, the committee hearings that are behind closed doors, we don't get to see these. but, apparently the democrats get to ask all the questions. they get to invite all the people. they have all the rights. and you are just sitting over the corner nodding going yep, we have nothing
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to do here. >> that's right. that's what i mean when i say in the last couple weeks. started going to closed door sessions. when he started leaking information from emails context actually to support his position when the overall package of emails actually undercuts his position then you know that the fix is n the sense that he is not going to let fairness and due process happen here. steve: right. >> that's why you have to have the formal vote. steve: well, what do you make of the white house sending that letter saying look to nancy pelosi we're not going to cooperate, you're not going to get any documents. you are not going to get any witnesses, so forget about even sending subpoenas. we are going to avoid those as well unless you have a vote. and now the democrats are saying that's obstructing. you are stonewalling. but at the same time, isn't nancy pelosi stonewalling by not having a vote? >> oh, absolutely right. i mean, when you think about it, if she had the vote, we would actually set the rules package to go with the inquiry.
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so, republicans could subpoena witnesses. the president could have his counsel there and we would have an open, transparent process. and it would be fair and the american people could see what was there and what wasn't there when you start moving behind closed doors, you have obviated the due process. the most sovereign proceeding in the whole country. steve: byron york of "the washington examiner" has a story today that apparently the whistleblower who started the whole thing, whose identity we thought we would never know and may never know, apparently the whistleblower had a professional t tie to a 2020 candidate. wasn't just a democrat apparently but had a professional tie to somebody running against donald trump. what do you make of that? >> well, is anybody really surprised? what we find out over and over again is that this stuff has not been -- hasn't happened organically. it's happened through manipulation of systems and processes to bring about
3:21 am
these investigations. whether you go back to mueller, robert mueller and comey's manipulation there to this right now. we will find out more, i hope. i think we will find out more. but, don't forget, steve, they are talking about interviewing this person at an undisclosed location with voice obstructing. steve: altering. >> yeah, voice altering type of process so you can't see who it is because they don't want this person known. that's fair. i understand you don't want this person known. but you have got to give us information. they are not giving us information. steve: that's right. a new harris poll shows 51% say the whistleblower should testify before congress publicly and 35% yes but privately. only 14% say no. interesting stuff. all right, congressman biggs, thank you for joining us today from phoenix, arizona. >> thanks, steve. steve: what do you think about that? email us. bernie sanders making a big campaign change after suffering heart attack last week. we will tell you about that.
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nba commissioner adam silver trying to make peace in china as tensions with the league reach a boiling point. new memo just surfaced overnight. going to hear about that coming up. ♪ all the things i believe ♪ turn on my tv and boom, it's got all my favorite shows right there. i wish my trading platform worked like that. well have you tried thinkorswim? this is totally customizable, so you focus only on what you want. okay, it's got screeners and watchlists. and you can even see how your predictions might affect
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3:26 am
hitting live power lines and high winds. pg and e has been blamed for sparking wildfires in the past. including last year's devastating camp fire. san francisco is not included in the outages that could last longer than 48 hours. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: all right jillian, thank you very much. tensions growing between the nba and china after houston rockets general manager darrell more ray expressed public support for the pro-democracy protest that you are watching right there screen right. ainsley: there sin term memo that is reportedly circulating from espn directing talent, the people on air, to steer clear of politics and focus on basketball during its coverage of the conflict. brian: i don't know how you are a sports news network and don't cover. this today nba commissioner adam silver is planning to meet with officials in shanghai and looks to make peace china says they don't cooperated with the league. they shut down the meet the press with the brooklyn nets
3:27 am
yesterday. here with more is fox business correspondent susan li. you lived in hong kong for a while. >> and china as well. not only shut down the open practice but they also canceled a charity event at a school with lebron. very glitzy week for preseason. lebron is in town and irving. because of the tweet storm been canceled now. the nba is doing some internal calculus. do we need china or does china need the nba. there is only one nba. you already have 600 million, at least of chinese watchers hooked onto the sports league. it's the most watched professional sports on chinese television. steve: the nba? >> the nba is, believe it or not. 600 million streaming it. can you imagine how many more actually watch it on traditional television? steve: so the nba has to take care of their customers. >> and their players and owners because obviously we know how good relations between owners and players
3:28 am
and top management of leagues how that actually helps professional sports. i think the nfl probably taught everybody that lesson. brian: right. a couple things. like you said, there is no two nbas. unlike the marriott, mercedes intimidated into walking back their statements. they don't have to walk it back. what they have to do is stand strong because there are hundreds of thousands of muslims killed, tortured and certainly jailed. and what else they are doing to their own country let alone what could potentially happen to hong kong. china is saying how dare you have one tweet against us? here is what the china daily said which is their national newspaper. if silver thinks endorsing the violence the hong kong protesters are resorting to in their bid to liberate the city, is supporting freedom of expression and he should think again. >> there has been swift and severe reaction from the chinese business community. even celebrities refuse to attend the preseason games. they are not being carried
3:29 am
on the. >> chinese celebrities, of course. and then you have seen a lot of chinese companies not working with the nba now. houston rockets. all their merchandise was taken off the essential amazon of china which sonsd by the brooklyn nets owner partially at least. ainsley: the g.m. managerial of the rockets did the right thing by this tweeted. most agree with what he said. but it's the business aspect of it, right? it's losing money for the nba. and that's why silver is over there trying to negotiate. the fox news -- fox sports 1 host his name is jason whitlock. this is what he had to say about it? >> we are apologizing to a communist government and then we have athletes here and coaches like steve kerr and greg that rail against our government. we're the bad guys in the minds of these nba players and coaches and their little parade of being so woke. these athletes are young. and i'm not giving them an
3:30 am
excuse. they are young. they don't understand how they are being used and played to promote a communist, a marxist agenda. >> now, i would say that the chinese version of the regrettable, that so many chinese fans were disappointed by the darryl more tweet probably more play indicating and this the u.s.s. version. have to do this type of thinking if you want to operate in china. we saw kfc their sales fell off and walmart and starbucks any u.s. movement on what they call third rail issues which is anything that challenges china's sovereignty. brian: unites democrats and republicans and same players i'm not going to the white house. can't stand this president. the coach pop i have very much and steve kerr the biggest critics of this government. they won't say a word about china. where is their guts and spine. >> steve kerr was asked about this and he said i have nothing to say. no comment that lit up
3:31 am
social media. you are willing to take a stand on so many other issues but you are not willing to take a stand on this? steve: well, let's see what mr. silver is able to do in china. >> we wish him luck on that. brian: now you know why the president is standing up to china in round 126 talks today. steve: thank you so much. a world of flips, donuts and 10,000-pound trucks doing. this. brian: what happens when todd piro gets behind the wheel of the monster jam university that story is next. steve: that says todd on it. ♪ find me a girl with a truck ♪ we can love it on up ♪ yeah ♪ until the sun comes up ♪ yeah ♪ and if you think it's loud prior to going to aspen dental
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>> pint size police officer meets real life hero. ainsley: so cute. dressed in a uniform. 3-year-old carson impressing the officers as you can see with tiny police uniform and whistle. coffee with a cop event in the city of edmund, oklahoma. brian: joking carson outranks him average noticing he had three stars on his jacket: minneapolis season they might draft him. they need cops. could he do a program? ainsley: he would not be allowed to wear that costume. steve: they need him but they are not going to fund him. brian: right. that's the problem. steve: that is the problem. 25 minutes now before the court top of the hour. jillian joins us now. jillian: whatever he decides to do is he adorable. brian: much like you. jillian: thank you very much. brian. charged with five counts of murder in a deadly fire. three adults and two young children were killed when illinois home caught fire in
3:36 am
april. mom and boy only one who survived. relationship unclear. people knew people were inside when set fire. if convicted five years of probation, therapy and counseling will also likely be ordered. bachelor star peter weber is falling for more than just the contestant. this season's star rushed to the hospital after a freak accident in costa rica. a source tells radar the pilot heart throb tripped while stepping into a golf cart and cut his face open on cocktail glass. weber is okay and still handsome. he said that not me. a mom's decision to opt her children out of homework sparks a national debate. watch this. >> my kid was exhausted from doing this all day at school. he loved learning but when he got home, he wanted to go pick a book out that he loved to read.
3:37 am
jillian: rebecca swanson wrote an op-ed in the "the washington post" she said no to homework with every teacher. she says her 6 and 10-year-old sons were too tired and rather play. parents across the country now weighing in on whether young kids should be required to do homework or if they should be allowed to relax instead. brian: they should sleep less and do both. steve: theable they could do both. they should relax but they should do their homework. ainsley: homework is what prepares four the test. i remember before a math test i would do all the homework again. steve: in the higher grades you have homework until 11:00 and that's how you wind up a scientist like janice dean. janice: did i lots of homework and math. let me tell you. it's starting to feel like fall here in the northeast. we have this coastal low that's going to bring the potential for showers and inclement weather along the east coast. take a look at the maps. 50's rights now along the east coast. it's going to remain settled over the next couple of days. there is that coastal low we are watching. don't think it's going to be a huge deal although parts
3:38 am
of coastal new england could get gusty winds, 50 mile-per-hour winds and then we will see the rain. no snow with this one. but speaking of snow,look what happens northern rockies and northern plains. this could be record-breaking in terms of how much snow they are going to get and how cold it's going to get behind this for the month of october. upwards of 2 feet of snow for those areas. so one area we have got the coastal low but across the northwest, man, that's where we're talking about winter time weather. steve: no kidding, that's why they call it cold front. janice, thank you. "fox & friends" got a first hand look at the road of flips, donuts and 10,000-pound trucks inside monster jam university. look at that. ainsley: that was todd actually doing those donuts. todd piro took us along for of a life. look at those tricks. brian: is that stunt man todd? todd: that was actually me.
3:39 am
in life we don't get an opportunity to be like kids. as adults, i did. check it out. >> welcome to monster jam university. we have a special surprise just for you. todd: let's do it. you have got to be kidding me. [laughter] todd: i have my own truck. >> we're going to make some magic and we're going to bust some stuff up. >> all right. let's get you geared up. time for a wardrobe change, don't forget item. real professional trained at monster jam university. >> makes me very proud. >> show me the good stuff. >> wow, i mean, that's practically vertical. i feel like this is one
3:40 am
big -- >> it really is i have been doing it for 26 years. i still enjoy it every day. todd: tell me what i'm going to experience. >> you're going to have a lot of fun. you don't have enough appendages. it's how to figure out how to use every one of them in the correct order for an amazing ride. you will be completely safe and nothing is going to happen to you. todd: did you hear that, mom? completely safe. >> let's start with getting on in it the truck. three points of contact at all times. perfect. look at that take your foot. put it up to your brake pedal. this right here is your rear steer. grab your shifter down here. todd: first, second, neutral, reverse. >> here is your helmet. to start the truck, you turn this on. todd: here is where it gets real. keep going.
3:41 am
>> hit it. hit it hard. [engine revving] >> let off the rear. let off the rear. all right. hit it hard. hit it. harder, harder, harder. harder. there you go. let up, let up. that was crazy. good job. steve: i am dizzy just looking at you. todd: those spins, the donuts were the best. so much fun. the jumps shockingly -- i don't look it, i'm not very coordinated. i know that comes as a shock to everybody here at "fox & friends." never drove a stick before.
3:42 am
had to learn how it drive a stick. brian: is it impossible to get hurt in that. todd: no, there is definitely a sense you could get hurt. the hans device. you feel safe. if i flip that thing i could have gotten a little jostled. ainsley: that was before the mud. todd: got a little muddy. great news putting this in brian's office. brian: another one? i already have one that size. steve: that's great. todd: for more go to monster brian: do you think one day everyone will have one? ainsley: did i not know there was a monster jam university. todd: trying to start a community college here in new york. steve: i hear bernie sanders wants you to be able to go for free. todd: well-done. steve: thanks, todd. brian: straight ahead, former president george w. bush speaking out after the twitter mob attacked ellen degeneres for having the
3:43 am
guts to sit next to him at a cowboys game, do you believe that? joey jones here next ♪ might have a little dirt on my boots ♪ but i'm taking you uptown tonight ♪ might have a little mud on my wheels ♪ shine up inside ♪ going to hit the truck the good news? our protection lasts all day.
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3:47 am
technician joey jones. you see the video of welling up of troops at this border and the kurds took down their encampments about a week ago, thinking that we would be there to patrol with them. now what? >> yeah. i think it's important that american people understand 150 united states troops will not stop the turkish army from an operation. but the threat of harming one u.s. troop is the reason why turkey hasn't moved on this yet. when trump makes this decision it's not a military decision. it's not to save 150 american lives. it's a diplomatic decision made for conversations we are probably not privy to. i don't know what the diplomacy or diplomacy between erdogan and this president. what i will say when i was in afghanistan we wouldn't turn our backs on the afghan national army we couldn't trust them. they were literally shooting us in 2000 10. every service members special forces guy i'm closed friends with have had
3:48 am
tremendous things to say about the kurds. i think that's important. when the narrative is let's bring our troops home and these are politicians speaking on behalf of our troops. our troops are saying let's have the kurd's backs. i think that's important to be a part of this conversation. i don't think president trump is looking to abandon the kurds for the fact of abandoning the kurds. but it is important to him to keep campaign promises and he will go that extra length most politicians would not go to cash in on them. that's what we are seeing with probably not diplomacy we are not privy to. brian: i think also there is a campaign promise and there is reality on the ground. i think as a leader you have to go with reality on the ground. and i would add this. person merger fights i understand there is a difference between kurds in turkey and, guys ground force in this war. i was struck by what happened on sunday not that the cowboys lost but who was watching. george w. bush and ellen degeneres. because they are friends the twitter mob went out to go after ellen degeneres and
3:49 am
saying basically how could you sit next to him during a cowboys game because he hasn't been positive enough with the lgbtq community according to some. so, she came out in respect for their relationship even though they disagree. what's your reaction? >> well, i think it's important to understand that there are a lot of people out there that are going to be upset with anything to do with george bush. they call him things like war criminal. they don't like him. i don't know that there was an outrage mob. what i saw were a couple of tweets that she responded to. with all that being said, i used to run a nonprofit where i worked in hollywood almost every week getting actors to wear combat boots to show their support for the military. the truth is when you get outside of d.c. and get around normal people even the liberal elites people are cordial and listen to each other even if it's just to understand why they are right about something. i have a friend daniel day-lewis who would never want to have a political conversation with me. we talk about motorcycles and war because he has done
3:50 am
war movies. all that being said, i i applaud ellen and george w. bush for being out in public. and leading by example with those reasonable enough to listen. brian: not only are you appreciative of it and the message send to others so is president bush. president and mrs. bush really enjoined being with ellen and porsche and appreciated ellen's comments about one another. they respect her. hey, michelle obama and president bush and the clintons there is a lesson to be learned here, joey, thanks so much. >> absolutely. thanks, guys. brian: you got it. straight ahead. she just wanted a slice of cheesecake instead hate served up on twitter because she is a trump supporter. that college student will join us live. that's next. performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned,
3:51 am
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♪ ainsley: a student at texas a&m university was slammed on social media for being a trump supporter. her name is ken that and she followed a dessert business on twitter. she wanted cheesecake. the owner of the business called her out, accused her of being a racist because she looked at her page and she saw she had a trump 2020 in her bio. makenna is a campus correspondent and student at texas a&m university she joins us now. hey, mckenna. >> hey. thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. you saw these desserts online. you wanted to buy a cheese cake. you reached out to the lady and what happened. >> see, what actually happened is i hadn't even reached out to her at that point. i had merely followed her on twitter. then, after i followed her she saw i was a trump 2020 or that i had that in my bioand then she blocked me and posted that i was a racist. so i had no way to reach out to her and have a
3:55 am
conversation with her about this. ainsley: did you ever have a conversation with her. >> no. so the next day to kind of clear the air and set the record straight, i posted a video on my private instagram story and someone screen recorded it and sent it to cheesecake girl and then she posted it on her twitter and the leftist mob came full force at me. ainsley: you know, the facts are you are allowed to have your own opinion. you are allowed to post those pictures of being a trump 2020 supporter. she is allowed to say she is against that why can't we have a dialogue? brian was just talking about ellen degeneres and sitting next to president bush and in our country many people blowing up about this upset two people who don't necessarily have the same political views can't sit to each other at a football game. how did we get to this point. >> when i saw that story i was blown away how parallel it was to my story. it's crazy in 2019 a talk show host and a former u.s. president can't sit together and share a laugh on camera
3:56 am
without the outrage mob coming after them. so i think what's really dangerous in our political climate right now is just when we label each other with these false names and we don't have this conversation. if we have conversations with each other, hear from the other side. understand their point of view, then we can find common ground. at the end of the day we are all americans and we can unite behind that. ainsley: what's your message if she is watching? >> well, i would just say that i'm open to a conversation with you. i would love to discuss our differences. i'm a christian first and foremost so i'm all about conversation. and talking with people that disagree with me or have something against me and working those out. and i would just say don't jump to labels and just talk to who you disagree with. ainsley: love one another. we can have differences, right? thank you so much, mckenna, all the best. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. 56 minutes after the top of the hour. susan rice lied about the benghazi terror attacks on
3:57 am
the sunday shows. remember that in 2012. this morning she has regrets. this morning trace atkins and tim tebow, they are live. stick around. ♪ i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill to help you reach and then stay undetectable. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines while taking dovato. you can take dovato anytime of day with food or without. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. if you have hepatitis b, it can change during treatment with dovato and become harder to treat. your hepatitis b may get worse or become life-threatening if you stop taking dovato. so do not stop dovato without talking to your doctor. serious side effects can occur, including allergic reactions,
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♪ yeah, i got my game on ♪ better hang on tight ♪ i guarantee ♪ it's going to be a hell of a ride. brian: not that i'm against it but why would we open with trace adkins. steve: is he going to be on. he has new show called the ultimate cowboy showdown. ainsley: i think you should wrestle him, brian. he is like 6'7". brian: right. i'm not. i will say this. trace adkins is a multifaceted performer. not only great on the apprentice with the president before he was president. and not only that he is a business person who worked in the oil fields but he also is great as a dj.
4:01 am
i guess you would call it a dj on sirius y 2 k. he is the voice of their countdown show. ainsley: i understand why. he has the most incredible voice. it's so deep. steve: is he going to be with us this hour but we start this hour with this. ainsley: that's right. the white house refusing to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry calling it unconstitutional. steve: announcement yesterday met with a fiery response house speaker nancy pelosi she didn't like it but she probably was expecting it. brian: stand back. i plan to toss to kevin corke who is at the white house for the war of words. your toss. >> perfect way to put it war of words. i can tell you expect a lot more of that not just today but in the days weeks and months to come. this is a very emotional issue for a great number of americans. not just those here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. let me share part of the letter you just talked about describing what it said to the speaker of the house. this is frankly more than just to the speaker. this is to the democrats. president trump and his
4:02 am
administration rejects your baseless, unconstitutional efforts to overturn the democratic process. it goes on to say your unprecedented actions have left the president with no choice and then this: president trump and his administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under these circumstances. so what's really at work here? they're simply saying that the democrats over on capitol hill aren't playing fair. they haven't had a vote and that obviously means that they haven't been able to give the republicans a chance to respond in kind to whatever the house may be cooking up. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, pushing back saying this: the white house should be warned that continued efforts to hide the truth of the president's abuse of power from the american people will be regarded as further evidence of obstruction. mr. president, you are not above the law. you will be held accountable. so, it sounds like the fix is in, right? well, back here at the white house. they are not just pushing back on democrats in general. they are pointing the finger in particular at the chairman of the house intel
4:03 am
committee. that would be one mr. adam schiff, congressman from california. i'm going to add this from the letter by the white house. perhaps the best evidence no wrongdoing on the call is the fact that after the actual record of the call was released, chairman schiff chose to concoct a false version of the call and to read his made-up transcript to the american people at a public hearing. the chairman of the house intel committee has been strongly criticized not just for that, which i guess he was -- i don't know what he was thinking about reading that on the record. effectively. he said he was just sort of making this up. but the real thing that's bothering, i think, a lot of people also is that the house intel committee chair has been accused of lying about his contacts with the so-called whistleblower. so when you add that you add what he said on capitol hill during that hearing, and the fact that the house democrats have not had an official vote, which would give republicans more leeway in this entire process there
4:04 am
is a lot of people here fairly upset about it. so i get a chance to take it all in from the cat bird seat at the white house. i will keep you posted on any new developments. also as we continue to figure out if we are going to have a rally in minneapolis coming up. depending on how much they want to charge the campaign. that and other stories. for enough to guys back to you. brian: kevin, quick question, former ambassador to the ukraine, being that she is a former ambassador, can the white house prevent her from going? >> it's a little bit delicate. you can't necessarily prevent but what you can do is compel different individuals who have had either privileged conversation or they have had conversations that might be considered privileged to not participate. again, if -- like rudy giuliani, for example, the white house, i'm sure, would say if he would like to get out there, mr. mayor, and be questioned by congressional lawmakers and testify in front of the senate, for example, you can do that i think there is also this idea that maybe that's not such a grand idea. so i'm only suggesting that
4:05 am
they can't necessarily say you can't go, unless the conversations themselves are privileged. brian: probably wants to go. kevin, thanks. i thought the editorial in the "wall street journal" says a lot. it's impeachment in secret. goes on to say i don't like the president's phone call or what he did. it's something to run against. it's not something to impeach. go ahead and put a candidate out there. point it out and run. so 11 months next election you are putting the country through this by impeaching them behind closed doors. how does that help? ainsley: great headline impeachment in secret. steve: they have got it backwards. the secret we already know. it's all based on that phone call. ainsley: and we read it. brian: secret is with the testimony behind closed doors. steve: i know. they are talking about the phone call which we have read the phone call. that's one of the reasons why there are 90 republicans in the house of representatives who are calling on congress to screen surtocensure.
4:06 am
he called us to say this about that guy. >> i think when he dropped the blatantly fake, fraudulent phone call transcript on the american people it did a couple things, it mislead the american people. brought the house in dispute and quite frankly it was over the earn and just pushed everybody over the edge. we have been watching him for two and a half years now abuse the process. and we just felt like oh my goodness, we have crossed the rubicon here and he needs to be disciplined. brian: now it's going back to the courts like everything else. everything ends up in the court these days and nothing for the country gets done. people are so fed up what's going on right now. i don't care if you are pro-trump, anti-trump, love adam schiff more than life itself. nobody is benefiting from this. our country is ground to a halt while we have to cut a deal with china that's going to truly effect the way everyone lives. be look at this president and say why should we caught
4:07 am
deal with this guy. is he going to get kicked out in 11 months. steve: i don't think it's going to end up in court. they are getting the narrative going this is a lawless administration, a lawless president. i read. brian: do you think they are going to stop pursuing? steve: no. they are going to do what they are doing. brian: go to court with a subpoena. if you ignore a subpoena next day go to court. steve: every day say they're obstructing justice because they didn't do this. this they didn't give us the documents and didn't give us any of that stuff. in fact, the talking points, they have been very specific, the democrats are going to focus on six words. and that's the real discipline. every time they talk about the president, they are going to talk about detrail, abuse of power and national security. there ought to be a drinking game. when you watch democrats on television see how often they say any one of those six words because that is their message. in the meantime the white house says until they have a vote daring nancy pelosi, we told you last week.
4:08 am
until they have a vote they are not going to comply. ainsley: we are learning more about the whistleblower. "the washington examiner" has an article written bye bye ron york. the whistleblower has professional ties to 2020 candidate. it talks about this letter written by the ig, the inspector general for the intelligence community michael attkisson who did testify in front of congress the other day. the letter was written on august 26th, and it said the anonymous whistleblower who set off the trump-ukraine impeachment fight showed there was arguable political bias in favor of a rival political candidate. steve: right. brian: for some reason that was barely brought up when the acting d& acting dni. this woman seems credible. "new york times" says it's a guy. no one talked about the fact that there is political affiliation. byron york says yeah. i think he is working for the candidates. here is an excerpt byron york all three sources says attkisson did not identify the candidate with whom the whistleblower had a
4:09 am
conviction. unclear what the working or professional relationship between the two was. to think that somebody is going to take down a president who is saying by the way i'm affiliated with somebody on the other side that wants the president's job is astounding. back to what the "wall street journal" says, the person who makes the accusation anonymous. it's a secret. the other person it's a secret. it's anonymous. the president is just supposed to give in and say okay, what can i do? steve: the first whistleblower has whistleblower protection. that's why they went and filed that thing. but there is a new poll that has come out from harris should the whistleblower testify before congress? 51% say yes. and it should be public. 35% say yes, and it should be private. extraordinarily, only 14% think that the whistleblower should not talk. but, nonetheless, now that we know that they had a professional relationship with a democrat who wants donald trump's job, that's
4:10 am
why donald trump sent this tweet out yesterday. ainsley: this was the president's tweet the big deal whistleblower had a professional tie to 2020 democrat candidate. washington examiner byron york, in other words, was working with someone who was potentially running against me. why wasn't this reported by the icig, a witch-hunt scam. brian: it was mentioned but they still said it was enough to move it forward. ainsley: they said he was a registered democrat. his attorney said give me break. come on he is just a democrat. then if you read this article it talks about how the ig found out the whistleblower worked for a democrat. steve: sounds as if that revelation came up in closed door testimony on friday. ainsley: correct. steve: byron talked to some people off the record. ainsley: they had a professional relationship. steve: apparently there is a connection. whoever the person is working with wants to take donald trump's job. brian: also keep your eye on the courts for this. the judge is looking at whether they released the mueller underlying documents. all those documents taken over the course of two years might be flooded in to
4:11 am
public domain. that's going to be decided, to. steve: the president has said he is going to declassify all those things. brian: i don't think is he going to declassify the grand jury testimony. steve: he can't. brian: that could be heading our way. steve: i think they are looking at the fisa stuff. brian: no, no. i'm talking about the democrats want to release the mueller report. steve: stay tuned. can't do that. jillian. jillian: 7:11. couple things to talk about this morning. start off with fox news alert now. heavy machinery and buses filled with military personnel are lined up at turkey's southern border ready to invade syria at any moment. the move comes after the trump administration announced it was pulling u.s. troops from the region sparking backlash from both sides of the aisle. u.s. marine corps bomb technician joey jones joined us earlier to weigh. >> in i don't think president trump is looking to abandon the kurds for the fact of abandoning the kurds. but it is important to him
4:12 am
to keep campaign promises and he will go that extra length other politicians would not go to cash in on them. i believe that's what we are seeing happen probably with diplomacy we are not privy to. jillian: kurdish fighters say they will resist the invasion. formeform u.n. ambassador susan rice said she did herself a disservice in 2012. in new memoir says her mother was skeptical when she was asked to appear on tv instead of then secretary of state hillary clinton. she says the interviews made her a target. watch. >> it began spontaneously in benghazi. >> what happened in benghazi was, in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction. jillian: in the memoir rice recalls coming under fire for giving wrong information about the attack. she says her talking points were provided by the cia and later corrected. the city of montgomery, alabama makes history overnight electing its first ever black mayor. local media reports a
4:13 am
landslide victory for probate judge steven reed winning with 67% of the votes. he will be sworn in leading a city that was crucial in the civil rights movement. how about this? former nfl star rob gronk is joining you a new team. set to make debut as fox sports as nfl analyst tomorrow night. he joined us on "fox & friends" last month. catch gronk before his old team the new england patriots take on the new york giants on thursday night football. i think that will be great. brian: i believe this was his audition. if he did not catch that catch he would not have gotten that job. jillian: brian, you get credit for his new job. brian: i do deserve more credit. steve: that means brian was responsible for him not going back to football. brian: that's true. ainsley: i hope he does get that job he is so fun. brian: he has got it. ainsley: he has already got. this is a definite. steve: thanks, jillian. brian: john did you remember is investigating behind the russia probe.
4:14 am
we learned his investigation is expanding. ainsley: jason chaffetz says that means one obama official could be in big trouble and he is on deck. ♪ ♪ than you know. so strong. you power through chronic migraine, 15 or more headache or migraine days a month. one tough mother. you're bad enough for botox®. botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines before they even start for almost 10 years, and is the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects.
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4:16 am
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4:18 am
brian: big news yesterday u.s. attorney john durham expanding the probe into surveillance on the 2016 trump campaign. looking into a wider campaign up to when robert mueller was named special counsel. this comes as mueller faces new scrutiny over potential conflicts of interest in his investigation. he forgot he was actually applying for a job. former chairman of the houseover sight committee fox news contributor and author of power grab, the best selling book, jason chaffetz. jason, so what does it mean that durham says i'm expanding it and i'm not going to probably release it until next year? >> it's really bad news for people like mr. brennan who was the director of the cia. i think mr. clapper also has something to answer for. the fact that he is expanding the probe means there is something real there. and now he has been looking at this for months on end now. there is a lot more information out there. the timeline is interesting. to say that he is going to take so long to put it out there. i think they are tired of all this speculation of when he is going to release or
4:19 am
when they are going to charge people. if you set that date way, way out in advance, then you can exceed those expectations. i think it's the expectation game. i would suspect he would come out much sooner than that. brian: i would think if he has the most expensive report possible. if president trump is in his second term or there is another president, it's no -- it's going to have minimal interest even though it will have impact to the people involved. >> the most important thing that's going to happen i mean literally it could happen today and most people suspect it will be next week is the horowitz report. this will be the third report that is out there. the battle that's going on behind the scenes from several people i have spoken with is to what degree is it classified. last time only seven words or so that were redacted. this one could be as much as 10 or 20% of the report redacted for legitimate classification concerns.
4:20 am
but horowitz' report by all expectations is going to be a bombshell. it really is. brian: it's going to be interesting. meanwhile, i was struck -- there wasn't many memorable moments from the mueller testimony but this stuck out with me. watch. >> so you don't recall may 16th, 2017, that you interviewed with the president regarding the fbi director job? >> i interviewed with the president and. >> regarding the fbi director job. >> it was about the job but not about me applying for the job. >> your statement here today is that you didn't interview to apply for the fbi director job? >> that's correct. brian: now there was a report he was, indeed, applying for the job. what does that mean for somebody who is a special counsel who just got passed over for a job by the person he is investigating? >> >> well, it means if you go back and look at president trump's tweet that he put out. the president was 110% right. people mocked him for it. people said he was wrong.
4:21 am
but now the documents are showing that he was exactly right. and, look, the special counsel was providing what ended up being bogus information. i don't think he is going to be prosecuted for it. but when you clear the air trump was right and mueller was wrong. brian: ask yourself any level smallest or biggest court. do you want someone investigating you who you just said is not worthy of the job that was open. you chose somebody else. jason chaffetz thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: all right. straight ahead. arnold schwarzenegger just revealed the one democrat he could vote for in 2020. who is it? that story coming your way. plus, trace atkins is tall and live. ♪ holding the hand of a wild eyed boy ♪ with a farmer's hand ♪ and he is riding down the middle of when did you see the sign?
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beyond fast. ♪ brian: all right. we are back with headlines. let's get started. senator bernie sanders says he will slow down his presidential campaign after his heart attack. sanders admits he won't be able to do things like holding four rallies anymore. >> i must confess i was dumb. in the last month or two, just was more fatigued than i usually have been. so, i should have listened to those symptoms. brian: sanders will be at next week's democratic debate in ohio and former vice president joe biden lands a key endorsement in california. senator dianne feinstein throwing her support behind joe instead of fellow californian senator kamala harris. feinstein calls biden a tireless fighter for american families closed quote. the gang is here to stay for november.
4:26 am
andrew yang is the eighth candidate to make the cut for the next democratic debate that will be held on november 20th in georgia. my hunch he won't wear a tie. now to you guys. steve: he could hover board in. ainsley: president bush speaking out showing appreciation for comedian and talk show host ellen degeneres after she defended their friendship. >> i'm friends with george bush. in fact, i'm friends with a lot of people who don't share the same beliefs that i have. we are all different and i think we have forgotten that that's okay that we are all different. just because i don't agree with someone on everything, doesn't mean i'm not going to be friends with them. when i say be kind to one another, i don't mean only the same people that think the same way that you do. i mean be kind to everyone. steve: well-said, ellen. iraq vet rob schmitt joins us now with reaction. is he a spokesperson for turning point u.s.a. based here in new york. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: she has got it right. that's the way people used to be. >> absolutely. i wanted to say where america is right now is the closest we have been to a
4:27 am
group hug in a really long time. we have seem to have decided that ellen is the line we won't cross. we are not going to bash ellen. but when you look at what the woke left twitterverse or what the woke left mob is doing to ellen, it's the same thing that they did to -- oh same thing they did to ellen when she had kevin hart on the show when he had a controversy earlier. what the woke twitter mob they wanted an apology but they never really want apologies. they want submission. steve: is that something to apologize for to sit next to a former president of the united states? >> absolutely not. and it shouldn't be. i think that in the past we used to realize that it was okay to be friends with people from political opinions than you. i'm personal lay conservative. look, some of my best friends are liberals. right? we connect and talk about things that have nothing to do with politics. and that is okay in america nowadays. ainsley: we don't lose sight i think the majority of america is still like that, right? we tell the stories of the most extreme. >> yes. ainsley: i think most of us
4:28 am
will love one another no matter what our political beliefs are. >> i think most of us will. i came out as a conservative around this time last year on this very network, actually. it wasn't my close friends or my family members that disowned me. it was a lot of my acquaintances. you hear things like i was a white supremacist. i was this, i was that. i think that most americans are really just coming together as americans and knowing that politics shouldn't divide us. steve: you know what? if we don't it's going to be awfully quiet around the thanksgiving day tuckery. >> yes, it is we shouldn't be talking politics on thanksgiving. steve: you are not supposed to but you know after a couple of drinks most people do. what do you think of the nba. the guy shot gm for the houston team tweeted out something positive about the protesters in hong kong. next thing you know china is trying to shut him down and he deletes the tweet and the nba steps in it and now it's just a big mess. >> the interesting thing to me is this guy steve kerr is
4:29 am
so outspoken about everything, right? he is such awoke warrior. gun control, outspoken in support of colin kaepernick. a very, very critical of president trump. but, yet, when china comes in to play, he is absolutely silent. he needs to be reeducated. isn't that curious? steve: why do you think that is. >> because they have business interest in china. steve: it's about the almighty dollar? >> it's all about the benjamins. all about the business interest they have in china. for me it is so hypocritical of, like i said, the woke left, the woke mob. it is so hypocritical that for somebody to be so outspoken on some things when it comes to bashing america would be so silent about the protests that are happening right now. ainsley: okay. rob, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. there is a news flash hillary clinton won in 2016, at least according to hillary. >> it truly is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me. he is either lying or delusional or both. so maybe there does need to
4:30 am
be a re-match. obviously i can beat him again. steve: i can beat him again. newt gingrich with that coming up next. ♪ i will fight till forever ♪ ♪ fight for first dances
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4:34 am
mr. speaker, are you even getting fed up with politics? is this getting overwhelming even for you? >> well, i did a podcast sunday about movies that i like. i mean, everybody has got to take a break sooner or later. steve: um-huh. >> trump gets to go and golf. and so everybody should have some hobby other than politics. and movies are one of the ways i like to sort of let my mind get out of the day-to-day mess. steve: well, once upon a time it was mr. gingrich goes to washington. ainsley: yeah. steve: when you were speaker of the house and you were involved in the last impeachment, what do you make of the white house strategy right now, which is kind of minimum cooperation, maximum confrontation where anything the democrats ask fors, because they have not had a vote, they are going to say look, until you have a vote, this is an illegitimate operation. >> well, let me just say, first of all, minus letter, which went out yesterday,
4:35 am
points out that the first attacks on trump were on the 9th of november, the day after the election when left wing groups had nationwide rallies against trump having won the election. the first article i found so far talk about impeaching him, his vanity fair in december 15th. and on the day of his inaugural, "the washington post" had an article about the democrats already plotting impeachment. so what you are seeing is a three-year war, which really is an effort to have a coup against the constitution by the democrats in the house. and i think the president is exactly right to say, you know, we adopted basically the same rules as peter rodino and the democrats used in watergate. james row begin, who was on the judiciary committee wrote a book called "catch the falling flag" we made sure the white house was protected. we made sure that the
4:36 am
minority democrats were protected. what pelosi and company are doing is an absurdity. i agree with senator sasse who said it's a clown show. you can't have a whistleblower in secret take on the president of the united states. that violates everything since the english civil war in the middle of the 17th century when they outlined star chambers. brian: didn't mark felt do that in watergate? >> well, no. that was because he was hiding in secret. he wasn't a whistleblower. brian: he was a source. >> he was a guy who hid. >> he was a source but he wasn't a whistleblower. everybody in watergate appeared in the open. both sides got to cross-examine them. the same thing happened when we impeached clinton in the house in 1998. remember, we had a report from independent counsel that used the word guilty on 11 different counts. they tried to get that out
4:37 am
of mueller. he never used the word guilty once. that frustrated them. and nancy pelosi was asked a couple days ago what if this doesn't work and she said oh, listen, we have many more candidates for impeachment. now, that is frankly such an anti constitutional position that i think the president is absolutely justified in saying that he will not cooperate in any way until they establish a normal, regular procedure. ainsley: all right. let's talk about 2020 because hillary clinton is saying to the president don't tempt me, i could run. after he tweeted out that she should run again. then she was interviewed on pbs and this is what she had to say. >> it truly is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me. he is either lying or delusional or both. so maybe there does need to be a rematch. i mean obviously i can beat him again. ainsley: beat him again. >> she is about as delusional as aoc and the
4:38 am
squad. under our constitutional system, which we have been using now since 1788, electoral votes matter. donald trump won decisively with electoral votes. if you are talking about the popular vote all of hillary's majority in one state california. trump carried the other 49 states by 1,400,000 votes. frankly had there been a popular vote campaign he would have campaigned in california and her margin would have shrunk dramatically. on the other hand, imagine hillary clinton. you are watching biden whose memory gets worse each week and whose son cannot explain why he was getting $600,000 a year from a ukrainian company on a topic he knows nothing about. she is watching sanders who has been shrinking and now has had a heart attack. she is watching elizabeth warren who would be the most radical nominee in american history. and then she watches everybody else out there floundering around. you can see why she should sit there and think "i can
4:39 am
do better than that." you have to admitted from trump's perspective, let's stir it up a little bit. brian: he is good at that. but he said i want you to. >> come to the game. brian: first i want you to admit your high crimes and misdemeanors. once do you that you should run again. i don't think she going to admit to that. >> i think she is not. i'm just saying i think trying to tempt her back into the race, i'm sure in her heart she believes that she is a better candidate than any of the people currently running in the democratic party. steve: all right. >> i'm sure when she watches them screw up that it drives her nuts. steve: newt gingrich. >> she is tempted plus she doesn't like him. brian: i don't think so. steve: newt gingrich, we thank you very much for joining us today. check out his website. >> any time. steve: gingrich brian: he is going to go watch a movie. brian: jillian? jillian: brian, quick tosses to me today. brian: i want to keep you on
4:40 am
your toes. jillian: a leaked video showing a physical fight between a pilot and his female co-worker. look at this. you can see him spit on the woman before she slaps him in the face. this was at the denver airport last month. the pilot then punches her in the stomach and face multiple times. they were both arrested and charged with assault. republican airways says they have been fired according to abc news. the two had been dating. a young boy dangles four stories off the ground with his head stuck between security bars. take a look at this. police in china say the boy got stuck after he climbed out of a window and fell. his grandpa was supposed to be looking after him but fell asleep. firefighters used a machine to bend the bars and got him out safely. thank goodness. he is a republican but won't rule out voting democrat in 2020. former california governor arnold's schwarzenegger telling howard stern he doubts he will vote for trump but he could vote for elizabeth warren. schwarzenegger says he is intrigued by her plans.
4:41 am
the most important thing to him keeping america number one. brian: there is no way he could be a republican and vote for elizabeth warren. ainsley: as newt gingrich said the most extreme democratic candidate ever. really, i'm surprised by that. steve: he was a registered republican. let's see what happens. meanwhile, she is a registered meteorologist. she is janice dean. janice: very safe. thank you, steve. hi, you guys. where are you from? what are your names. >> keith elliosh. >> and kelly. from nashville. >> i'm going on friday i will come and stay. >> operation jersey cares. supporting our troops. do you want to say hi to anybody real quick. >> alli and colton and my friends at operation jersey cares and dick lakehurst. janice: take a look at the maps. coastal low offshore. 58 degrees right now.
4:42 am
that's going to be the story across the northeast, unfortunately with rain and wind and that wind is going to be quite blustery as we head into tomorrow. especially off the coast of new england. and then it will finally be kicked out by this winter storm that's going to bring epic amounts of snow, two feet of snow and very cold temperatures across the northwest and the northern plains. so that's something we are going to watch over the next couple of days. thank you all for coming. >> thank you. janice: hi, what's your name again. >> gary hello to bakersfield. janice: wonderful, i love everyone that comes out on "fox & friends." i will see you friday in nashville. steve: fantastic. brian: it's a date. steve: thanks, j.d. ainsley: paid a grand to get their daughter into duke university. now two parents will serve a month in prison for the college admission scandal. steve: is that what is going to happen to actress lori loughlin the attorney on the case and her chances coming up ♪ ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
steve: marcia and gregory abbot sentenced yesterday to one month in the college admission scandal up in boston. so far all parents sentenced have received a prison term. actress lori loughlin and her husband rejected a plea deal. what can we expect when she heads to trial eventually? here to break it down attorney andrew adjunct law professor. good morning. >> good morning. steve: she, looking at everybody else getting jail time. lori feels if she can make her case in front of a jury she is going to walk. >> yeah. i think she thinks there is a pretty good chance she is going to walk. what's scary is i think she is right. second other third year law student could break this case. people have been making legal donations, bribes as prosecutors might call them. steve: buy a library?
4:47 am
>> that's right. steve: put my name on a dorm. >> if you contributed a million dollars to stanford or harvard your kid is going to get in there lori loughlin said wait a minute did i something that i am now -- prosecutors want to send me to jail for that people have been doing legally for 100 years. so i think once she gets in discovery. once they peel this onion and look into it. i think she is going to be found not guilty. steve: when you look at -- and i guess a let of it has to do with the jury. and she is a tv and movie star. she is sympathetic. she was just doing the best thing she could for her kids. >> it's a sympathetic plea. think about if you are on the jury and says look, i was just trying to get my kid in the best school possible. steve: don't you think in the back of her head she was thinking this can't be legal. >> she probably thought that but i think her perspective is even if i am found guilty, the sentence is so far for the people that have pled guilty have been four weeks? six weeks? maybe two or three months? this isn't a kidnapping of
4:48 am
the lindbergh baby. she is not going to go to prison for 5, 10, 15 years. she is willing to roll the dice and see what happens. steve: felicity huffman got 14 days or something like that. >> 15 days. steve: that was $14 million. >> much, much larger. that may factor into the equation. actress. come off well. prosecutors have uphill climb in this case. i think she is willing to roll the dice and see what happens. steve: prediction? >> not guilty. steve: wow, that would really be something and all the other parents are going to go why didn't we do that? >> that's right. she won't be going from the full house to the outhouse to the big house. steve: andrew stoltmann thank you very much. >> any time. steve: you know trace atkins can sing about cowboys. he joins us live next. ♪ it's all better now
4:49 am
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>> sea country music star sold 11 million a albums. now hoping to find america's ultimate cowboy. welcome to the ultimate cowboy showdown. you have to prove to me why you deserve to win this competition. i'm not looking for the most talented cowboy. i'm looking for the one with the most passion, grit, strongest drive because we all know being a cowboy is a lot more than just wrangling cattle. it's a way of life. it's about respect, dignity.
4:53 am
it's about the american dream. brian: wow, why wasn't i cast on this show. joining us now is the ultimate cowboy himself trace adkins. very good introduction of yourself. >> wow, i don't even know if that's true. i am like ron burgundy. i will just read whatever is on the screen. brian: you are not ron burgundy. you are authentic. steve: what do you know about being a cowboy from your history you worked on an oil rig? >> i grew up with horses. my daddy had cattle up until the end of his life and so it's something that i have been around. brian: what do you look for in a perfect candidate? what do you look for in a cowboy in 2019? >> wow. you know, resourcefulness, really. i mean, you have got to get the job done with what you have to work with you know, after working a couple weeks with these guys and ladies.
4:54 am
i was impressed with how resourceful they are. they use their common sense. they look at a task and figure out how they are going to get it done with what they have to work with. and it's really refreshing to see that there are still people that will just dive in and get the job done and not complain how they have to do it. >> hard working americans. ultimate cowboy showdown premiers on isp cable channel next monday at 9:00 p.m. tell us about the show. how this all started. >> this started years ago. andrew glassman, who produced the show approached me years ago and we actually do the sizzle real about this show. we had this idea. and it took years for it to finally come to fruition famously you were on the atis with donald trump. so you know about reality shows. this sat prentice on chance. >> apprentice on horseback. it really is.
4:55 am
brian: let's watch a clip. >> if you have ever been to a rodeo you have probably seen an event called money the hard way. >> yeah. this is where they put a coin on a bull's head and some spectators take a chance at trying to get out there and get the coin off his head and win money or whatever. instead of playing for money today, you will be playing for immunity. now the winner of this challenge gets the immunity buckle and safe from this week's elimination. ainsley: who wins? >> me. steve: you are a big winner. >> that was great. steve: on the apprentice donald trump would say you are hired or you are fired. what do you say at the end? >> i say gather your personals and hit the trail. steve: hit the trail. >> i wasn't even -- do you know they asked me, you know, what are you going to say i, you know. steve: hit the trail is good. brian: you weren't just happy being a country music star. you are on y 2 k great dj and talk up songs and doing
4:56 am
great stories and reality shows. are you too diverse are you worried people are going to resent your success. >> i'm really fragmented. brian: loss of focus. >> adhd. brian: helping out the troops whenever you can. >> whenever i can. brian: i will tell you, trace, we enjoy you being here. i wish you liked us more. >> i do like you. brian: do you really? >> publicly i have always pretended not to like you. but i do like you. brian: because it sells albums. >> you are a good boy. brian: boy. ainsley: any kilmeade stories? i know he has interviewed you a few times. >> he is not good with roman numerals. ainsley: i remember that. >> i'm not going with super bowls or albums. steve: check out insp on monday, october 14th. trace adkins, time for you to hit the trail. ainsley: gather your personals. brian: he reads us in and sings us out. steve: go ahead and announce. >> big show still ahead,
4:57 am
senator lindsey graham and tim tebow are going to join these guys. stick around. brian: one of them play football ♪ swing batter, batter swing ♪ ♪ uckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! . . (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum
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...and high fives. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at ♪. steve: we like it like today. feels like fall. ainsley: i like that song. steve: in '50s. hour three. ainsley: you heard of this song, like it like that. guy sebastian. brian: they played it on the show. ainsley: can i download it right now? y'all keep talking so i can focus on this. steve: thank you very much for joining us. we got a busy final hour the we start with this, our lead story, the white house refusing to cooperate with impeachment inquiry by the democrats calling
5:01 am
it completely unconstitutional. brian: what will happen? what will unfold today? the announcement met with a fiery response from speaker nancy pelosi. ainsley: that's right. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more on this war of words. hey, griff. reporter: ainsley, brian steve, nancy pelosi declaring war what they see as fundamental unfairness in the process. part of why they blocked a subpoena to the u.n. ambassador yesterday. white house counsel laid it out in a scathing letter to speaker pelosi and three chairman of those committees saying president trump an his administration reject your baseless and unconstitutional efforts to overturn the democratic process. your unprecedented actions left the president with no choice. president trump and his administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under the circumstances. that letter as you mentioned outraged speaker pelosi who fired that back. the white house should be warned to continue to efforts to hide the truth of president's abuse
5:02 am
of power will be regarded as further evidence of obstruction. mr. president you're not above the law. you will be held accountable. meanwhile senate judiciary committee lindsey graham is citing president's attorney rudy giuliani to testify in open session. no word whether giuliani will accept that he said he wouldn't be shy about talking about the hit of joe biden and hunter biden in ukraine. as foreyour question, brian, whether the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine will testify on friday. she is still on the books. they have done digging. unclear whether the white house will block it. here is the deal. she is still employed by the state department. she has not been fired. she was recalled. she is working at georgetown. the white house would be in their rights, instruct her not to appear over privileged information much like they did with the u.n. ambassador. pompeo said last week he would
5:03 am
not let his employees be bullied. the question will she, will end the government or state department career. perhaps we'll find out later today. steve: it would be interesting what testimony she would provide. famously reported a number of newspapers when serving overseas she was very unflattering, essentially bad-mouthed the president of the united states. he found out about it. i believe it was rudy giuliani who said, mr. president, she is undermining your presidency. acting on your behalf over in the ukraine. brian: might take the opportunity to ex-. on that behind closed doors with a very friendly questioner. she was appointed in 2004 to ambassador ship by president bush. clearly had an issue. other thing came out of the transcript is the current president of the ukraine felt as
5:04 am
though she liked other president of the ukraine better than her. a combination of things. she had to be removed. senator lindsey graham will be talking about this and more and serious situation with the turks invading looks like at this hour in about 20 minutes. ainsley: eric trump has said this an absolute clown show. we had newt gingrich on earlier. he said the democrats want to do impeachment from the get-go. listen to this. >> first attacks on trump were on the ninth of november, the day after the election when left-wing groups had nationwide rallies against trump having won the election. on the day of his inaugural "the washington post" had an article about the democrats already plotting impeachment. so what you're see something a three-year war which really is an effort to have a coup against the constitution. by the democrats in the house. what pelosi and company are doing is absurdity. i agree with senator sasse who said it's a clown show.
5:05 am
brian: the other thing to keep in mind, it is a secretive show. the whistleblower we don't know his or her name. the testimony, we don't know what is being said behind closed doors. what we know, little excerpts coming from adam schiff that make the president look bad. the democrats are only ones that ask questions. we never heard of this before. why am i playing into it. so i'm not, bring back even though i flew him back from brussels on my dime, the ambassador is not going yesterday and we'll see what happens today. steve: in pat cillione's letter to nancy pelosi we've been talking about for five days he reminded the speaker that the constitution says, says that the white house has the power to start the proceedings. the house, has power to start impeachment proceedings, however, the speaker does not have the privilege of declaring it all by herself. what they want is they want a
5:06 am
vote. she does not want to put democratic members who won seats in the last election on the hot seat in these tossup districts to say, yep, i'm voting to go ahead and proceed with impeachment. that is what she does not want to do. she simply wants to have these proceedings and start a narrative and continue the narrative that donald trump has broken a million different laws. brian: she is doing it prayer fully. does anyone think they're doing to low-key, for the country and prayerfully? my goodness, they're basically high-fiving every day. ainsley: they are focusing on impeachment because they're concerned about what will come out with the durham investigation on the fisa abuse. that takes us to this next story. robert mueller is under scrutiny this morning, there are sources in washington saying that robert mueller did want the fbi job. he did meet with the president to apply for that job. that is contrary to what he said on capitol hill back in, when
5:07 am
was this july, last year? steve: in the summer. ainsley: this past year. listen to this. >> my understanding i was not applying for the job. i was asked to give my input on what it would take to do the job which triggered the interview you're talking about. >> so you don't recall on may 16th, 2017, that you interviewed with the president regarding the fbi director job? >> i interviewed with the president? >> about the fbi director. >> it was not about the job or me applying for job. >> your state today you didn't interview to apply for the fbi director job. >> that's correct. brian: they plan on getting that testimony and trying to ramrod impeachment through. when that fell flat culminating with corey lewandoski blasting of nadler and president swalwell they quickly pivoted when the whistleblower came to life. steve: sounds like robert mueller went to him
5:08 am
talking about the job but not about me taking the job even though he met with rod rosenstein. ainsley: why is that important? this guy was meeting with the president, allegedly according to the new report, wanted fbi director job. he didn't get the job courting to this report. he becomes the special prosecutor. steve: the next day. ainsley: who is investigating the president. brian: the fact he is best friends with james comey. that should have been disqualified. steve: speaking of james comey, he famously had the press conference they were reopening the hillary clinton email case because they had discovered 30,000 emails from hillary clinton and state department on anthony weiner's laptop. this is all contained in a brand new book called deep state by james stewart. we were telling you a little bit about it yesterday. apparently an fbi guy was looking at weiner's laptop. looking for evidence that he had inappropriate contact with
5:09 am
underage person with inappropriate text messages. well as soon as he opened up the computer he discovered that it wasn't 30,000 emails, like james comey had said, turns out it was 340,000. it is over 10 times the amount. now you're wondering why did james comey say it was 30,000, when it was 340,000? ainsley: big discrepancy, right? steve: yeah, right. this is one of the quotes during the course of my review of a computer seized from anthony weiner i encountered at least 340,000 emails stored on the computer. he also said, this is quoted in the "new york post" today, we have 10 times the volume that director comey said we had on the record. why isn't anybody hear what he was calling for then was superiors from washington, fbi come help them because according to the book, it was one of those
5:10 am
oh, blank, moments when they realized what they had on the computer. brian: weird for people to say blank anymore. people used to saying the word. we're just getting used to it. china has the delegation to halfheartedly 13th round of trade talks which will likely to nowhere. that is expectations of chinese run government who runs all their media is saying now. we have another story, the general manager of the houston rockets tweeted out support of the hong kong citizens who are protests every day for the right to retain their freedom. at which time the chinese government has retorted trying to punish the nba he put out a tweet, apologizing putting something else, he is not speaker to the league, he is speaking for himself. nba commissioner who was in japan has come out pretty strongly after the condemnation and demanding of apology from the chinese government saying this, the nba will not put itself in the position of regulating what players, employees, team owners say on
5:11 am
political issues. we can't operate that way. unlike tiffany's, unlike marriott, unlike mercedes they will not back down in exchange for the billions of dollars they get. i give it to the nba has got the power. you can't replicate the nba. you stand up to this government. steve: that is lot of money involved. they already pulled the plug on them. >> it if we're in america, and democracy how can we kowtow to communism and oppression? we're supposed to tell people, don't insult china? steve: that is big revelation. you see how they operate in the united states. people say whatever they want. you can't say that you're out. big difference. brian: this is a key moment. where do you stand? the nba if they're going to stand up to the president, i'm not going to white house, stand up and wear t-shirts i can't breathe, hands up don't shoot, where is the courage when it comes to china and oppression of millions of muslims of hong kong, taiwan, of tibet.
5:12 am
ainsley: good question. let us know what you think. we'll hand it over to jillian. jillian: we have a fox news alert. at least two people are shot and killed near a synagogue in germany. the attack comes as jews around the world celebrate the yom kippur, the holiest day on the jewish calendar. one person is under arrest. it is unclear if anymore suspects but police are warning people to stay inside. moments ago the nypd is monitoring the situation as are we. we will keep you updated on that. more breaking news, heavy machinery and buses filled with military personnel are lined up at syria's border ready to invade syria. kurdish backed fighters will resist the invasion. comes after president trump said -- fighting between various
5:13 am
groups that has been going on for hundreds of years. usa enough never been in the middle east. he added that these stupid endless wars for us are ending, quote. first lady melania trump is meeting with teens to hear about their experience with vaping. this session comes days after she called on e-cigarette companies to stop marketing to children. 20 people have died from illnesses related to vaping. the latest victim is teenager from new york city. those are the headlines. back to you. steve: a teenager. brian: suburban moms. they care about teens and kids. their kids and vaping that is a huge issue. ainsley: is it marijuana related or e-cigs? brian: also burning the lungs of teens. ainsley: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. elizabeth warren doubling down on her claims getting fired for being pregnant but new documents tell a different story. steve: will it impact her campaign? chris stirewalt will join us next.
5:14 am
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because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. ♪. steve: all right. senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts is standing by her claim that she was pushed out of her first teaching job because
5:18 am
she was pregnant. >> the job that was mine, that i had been hired for for the next year was taken away when they knew i was pregnant. >> they were not incorrect though to say that you were fired? >> yeah, i don't know what else you would call it. in april they said, you're doing a great job. come back next year. when they found out i was pregnant they changed that. steve: her defense comes as new documents add to growing questions over her story showing she was offered a position by the school for the following year but then resigned her position shortly thereafter. so how will this seemingly conflicting story impact her campaign? fox news political editor chris stirewalt joins us from d.c. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: this is not the first time she has told sorries that don't exactly sync up what we have known previous to that. >> there are a couple of kinds of troubles for candidates. you have troubles where you
5:19 am
undercut a core principle where you turn out to be something people didn't think you were. elizabeth warren has the opposite trouble which is, she is going to be judged extremely harshly on questions like this because of what happened with her claims about native-american ancestry. so she is, the pump is already primed for warren because of the cherokee stuff and because of the dna test, the way sheehan delled that. it really stuck to her. when there is any inconsistency, in this case there is inconsistency, when there is any inconsistency she will be judged particularly harshly because it reflect as prior existing problem. steve: what does it suggest? she is making something up or telling the story, now she is telling the truth or what? >> warren has a habit is, when pressed on details she tends to retreat. you watched her with joe biden on the debate stage last month, we've seen her again, forced on details, when you dorner her on details she has tendency to be
5:20 am
like a cuddle fish. that is fine as far as it goes especially if you're not the front-runner. this is horse race stuff. democrats are not all interested in the equine matters but this is horse race stuff. if she is becoming the front-runner pulling out ahead of joe biden, she doesn't need to deal with these kinds of questions and she will. steve: here is the thing, we had a number of debates so far, mainstream media debates with the democrats. how come nobody asked her about the native-american heritage stuff? >> i think part of the problem is, democrats don't care about it, number one or care less about it. certainly her base, which is predominantly white college educated democrats don't care about it. these debates are dumb. they will have 12 people in the debate. doesn't matter how good you are, you could put bret baier and chris wallace out there you would have a hard time getting
5:21 am
to the facts. it is like "ben hur" out there. it would be pretty hard to get to the facts. steve: it has been very effective at debates, okay, who of you is for health care for illegals? a million, a bunch of hands went up. that will be problematic down the road. the next network said we'll not do that because that is not a good idea. >> right. it is no fun. it is not helping democrats need where where they need to get to go. they need to shrink the stage. steve: chris stirewalt thank thu for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> happy to be here. steve: a cut tell fish. never heard that before. how soon could rudy actually wind up in a chair facing that man lindsey graham? we'll talk to that man, the senator, next.
5:22 am
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brian: fox news alert. turkey's military could invade syria at my moment. comes from criticism from both sides of the aisle from the trump administration, as u.s. troops are removed from the region. president trump tweeted, fighting between various groups going on for hundreds of years, years,usa should have never been in the middle east. moved 50 soldiers out. turkey must take over captured isis fighters europe refused to return. the stupid endless wars for us are ending. here to react a member of the senate foreign relations committee, senator lindsey graham. senator, your reaction to that tweet? >> that is a pre-9/11 mentality that the middle east is no concern about us. what i said to president obama, i hope president trump is right. i hope we can turn the fight against isis over to turkey.
5:26 am
i hope turkey when they go into syria, they won't slaughter the kurds. i will say this to the president, it will be hard to protect america without allies over there the kurds are good allies. when turkey goes into syria. they're not going in to fight isis they're going in to kill the kurds. in their eyes they are more of a threat to turkey than isis. i hope he is right. i don't think so. i know every military person told him don't do this. this is the pre-9/11 mentality that paved the way for 9/11. what is happening in afghanistan is no concern to us. if he follows through with this. it would be the biggest mistake of his presidency. i would argue for him to go back status quo. the safe zones were working, patrolling with turkey and international forces to protect the kurds and turkey is the way to go. if we pull out, the kurds are in a world of hurt and isis comes back and president trump will own it. brian: general rand paul is pleased. that is about it. >> no, this is obama. no, this is not rand paul.
5:27 am
this is obama. obama did the same thing in iraq. he was told we can't leave yet. we can reduce our forces. here is what breaks my heart. the trump way of doing business worked. we destroyed isis with the help of the kurds. american air power with 60,000 ground troops provided by people in the region works. we did this with a couple thousand americans. we can't abandon the kurds now. we can't turn it over to turkey. to think that will work is really delusional and dangerous. brian: don't say you're a friend of israel and allow them to be surrounded by iran because that is exactly what is going to happen. the bridge, iraq, you now have syria, and now they're going to hold the whole area, now they're going to be israel will be totally encircled. you can't say you're tough on iran and allow this to happen because they will benefit the most. number three is, you might as well take out of your speech that you defeated caliphate because it is coming right back? >> yeah. well, it is a lie that the isis
5:28 am
has been defeated. the caliphate has been destroyed but it will reemerge. the kurds can't fight turkey and control isis at the same time. there is 2,000 foreign fighters and he is right, president trump, the europeans should help us more. 10,000 are syrian isis fighters. there are 60,000 people in a camp. a lot of isis brides that are more dangerous than their husbands. so everybody is telling him this won't work but he is doing it anyway just like obama and erdogan is not our friend. congress will push back. we're not giving turkey a green light in congress. we're not going to abandon the kurds. if the president does so, we won't. brian: you are giving a green light to rudy giuliani. yesterday he said you want him to come to speak to you, on judiciary on the senate side. how can you update this story? >> well i talked to rudy yesterday. he is claiming to have a lot of evidence about corruption in
5:29 am
ukraine tied to the democrats apart from what the house is looking at. the house could care less about fairness. schiff is not looking for the truth. i think rudy has a story to tell. i want him to tell it in my committee. he would be respectfully treated. this is the star chamber in the house behind closed doors. there should be a vote on impeachment. you have to have a vote to make it legitimate and at the end of the day i am going to shed light on all things ukraine. i will ask my colleagues in the senate, republicans to sign a letter to nancy pelosi saying we do not believe the transcript of the phone call between the president and the ukraine is an impeachable offense. they are about to destroy the nation for no good reason. i read the transcript. i do not see anything wrong there and i want nancy pelosi to know that republican senators are not going to impeach this senate based on this transcript. so she can stop now before she destroys the country. brian: senator lindsey graham, i appreciate your time.
5:30 am
you're at the forefront of almost every major issue in the country right now. thanks so much. >> prey for the kurds. one last thing i talked to franklin gram. we need a day of prayer for the kurds and christians. pat roberts in the christian community is great. they need our support so pray for the kurds. brian: people never met the kurds, there are great communities all over nashville especially, tennessee especially. for those who think, want to know what they sacrificed? 10,000 people have lost their lives. senator, thanks so much. >> to those who believe that radical islam is not going to fight you because we leave, you got another thing coming. you may be tired of fighting them but they're not tired of fighting you here. brian: i know. goes all the way back to jefferson and, i wrote about it. meanwhile, thanks so much, senators. 30 minutes until we're done. we told you about this yesterday, acting dhs secretary
5:31 am
kevin mcaleenan was shouted offstage speaking in georgetown. >> the ability to address -- [shouting] >> okay, thank you. brian: they didn't want to hear it. we do. the secretary is lear live next.
5:32 am
5:33 am
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5:35 am
speak at an immigration conference at georgetown law this week. steve: kevin mcaleenan joins us live. mr. secretary, good morning to you. >> good morn. steve: as i understand they invited members of dhs, homeland security community, advocates, activists, were you surprised that so many got so noisy as soon as you started to talk? >> not surprised but it is actually disappointing, you know, part of the irony here, this was supposed to be a group of immigration law experts who wanted to hear the facts what is happening on the border, the facts what is broken about the immigration system. i was going to challenge them how we could talk and start a dialogue how to fix it. apparently didn't get the opportunity. we're going to continue to make progress on the agenda. ainsley: why didn't law enforcement get involved? why didn't they stop it? it was on five or six minutes. >> i was there eight minutes. i wasn't going to be intimidated
5:36 am
or deterred. we had a good message to share. and we did want to challenge people operating in the immigration law space, especially on advocate and advocacy side, what is broken about the system. why we still need congress to act to help fundamental lip change the dynamic. i gave them eight minutes. when it was clear that georgetown law center was not going to change that direction of that dialogue, it was time to go. brian: mr. secretary, one thing was pretty clear, the catastrophe that was happening in the spring has really calmed down in the fall. give us an idea what has taken place now who is coming across the border now as opposed to april and may. >> yeah, brian. we're making tremendous progress on all fronts on this agenda. we had 144,000 people cross our border in may. the president asked me to act as secretary and put in place a strategy to get those numbers down, to end catch-and-release and to greatly enhance the
5:37 am
building of the wall on that southwest border. we're executing on all three of those. the number one change has been the partnerships we've been able to establish with mexico, guatemala, honduras and el salvador, to stop the human smuggling. to interdict people flow across our border enticed by some of the more violent criminals in the region. we've been dropping the number 65%. the most important fact, brian you've been down there on the border with us, the families coming from central america. we have been reduced families over 80% crossing illegally on the southern border. that has been a dramatic success from international partnerships from policies put in place on the border that those that don't have a asylum claim are safely repatriated. steve: it has gone down 65%, but i think for the calendar year or fiscal year it will be north of one million. last month when you kept track it was still 52,000.
5:38 am
that is bigger than the town i grew up in. >> yeah. there is no question that we face an unprecedented crisis at the border. really starting at the beginning of last fiscal year in october but peaking in the spring. and that's why the effect of this strategy in four months, driving those numbers down 65% is so impressive and important. we've got to sustain that into the next year. really change the direction of this crisis in the region. brian: how many kids in custody? >> we have 88 yesterday morning. brian: 88, down from? >> down from 2700 at the peak of the crisis in the first week of june. brian: wow. facilities are better? >> the facilities are incredible. we added 6,000 temporary spaces for families and children to have a much better situation so we don't have vulnerable populations in border patrol stations. the key was congress finally acting giving us that supplemental funding. so the partners at health and human services could create additional bed space for unaccompanied children.
5:39 am
steve: nobody is talking about immigration. they're talking about impeachment in the building behind you. brian: you guys are working sew hard without congress. it has been very effective. kevin, thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: mostly mexicans coming across the border than hondurans and guatemalans. ainsley: because mexico is helping us. brian: the remain in mexico thing is huge. steve: threat of tariffs. mexico, that got their attention. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian? jillian: we have a number of serious stories to get through. a fox news alert, disturbing details about former "today" show host matt lauer. according to ronan farrow's book. lawyer -- lauer denied the allegations last year. her former colleague savannah
5:40 am
guthrie reacted this morning. >> this is shocking and appalling. i honestly don't even know what to say about it. jillian: nbc news saying in a statement quote, matt lauer's conduct was appalling horrific and indefense secretary jamesins we said at the time. bernie sanders will slow down his presidential campaign after his heart attack. he admitted to reporters in his first extensive interview after the incident that he won't be able to do things like holding four rallies a day. >> i have to confess i was dumb. in the last month or two, i have been more fatigued than i have usually been. i should have listened to those symptoms. jillian: sanders will be at the democratic debate in ohio. it is unclear if he will hold any rallies before then.
5:41 am
a pilot and his passenger make a miraculous escape after their plane crashes into a ski fit. look at the dramatic photos out of the swiss alps. the plane is tangled in cables and hanging upside down. the pilot was thrown from the aircraft on to a wing during the crash. the ski lift they crashed into was not in use. a mom's decision to opt her children out of homework is sparking debate. >> my kid was exhausted doing this all day at school. he loved learning, when he he got home he wanted to pick up a book he wanted to read. jillian: she said no to homework with every teacher. her six and 10-year-old sons were too tired and would rather play. we want to know what you think. should kids be able to opt out of homework? sinned an email to friends and we'll share your responses in the "after the show show" on "fox nation." i'm sure they will get a lot of
5:42 am
responses. steve: older they get more homework they will get. ainsley: you have to do your homework or you get zeros. steve: she said the kids were listless. brian: if you're a kid don't want to do homework write us. ainsley: look who is in our green room, y'all? it is tim tebow. he will join us live in the studio coming up. hey, tim. steve: good morning to you. president trump takes the stage in minute in place tomorrow night. as his feud with the city's mayor gross by the day. we're coming up with that. ♪ old sore? only abreva can get rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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5:46 am
a north carolina gets green light to fly a massive american flag after more than a year of controversy. the city council reaching an agreement to rezone the camping world facility, settling dispute over ordnance issue. they must pay $2,000 in fines and $2,000 in legal fees. the nfl changes course after fining a player for wearing a man of god headband. demario davis has raised $30,000 for charity selling the headbands online. brian? brian: thanks, jillian. president trump preparing to take the stage in minneapolis. that will be tomorrow night. >> rally in that state is confirmed following a dispute with the mayor over security costs. steve: close to half a million dollars. who is going to pay? matt fin live in the twin cities to break it down. reporter: president says if the security contract for the rally at the target center has been
5:47 am
resolved but the president and vice president will be landing in political firestorm here. minneapolis mayor jacob frye said the city is not responsible for more than half million dollar security bill for the president's rally. the president and his 2020 campaign manager said minneapolis was trying to shut down the trump event with an inflated bill that previous politicians were not asked to pay. the president's campaign threatened to sue. the president tweeting quote, someone please tell the radical left mayor of anyone r minneapolis he can't price out free speech. probably illegal. i stand proudly and strongly with great police officers and law enforcement of minneapolis and the great state of minnesota. see you thursday night. here is the minneapolis mayor doubling down saying that the president's speech is not welcome here. >> we've all seen the rhetoric that it is pushed out at the trump campaign rallies. it is hay i hateful, it is divisive and we do not welcome that kind of rhetoric here in
5:48 am
minneapolis. reporter: the local police union selling cops for trump t-shirts for officers to wear to tomorrow's rally. union president says within 24 hours of the trump rally announced the department enacted a new policy barring officers from wearing uniforms to political events. the mayor tell us that was policy considered more than a year and had nothing to do with the timing of president trump rally tomorrow. guys. steve: that's right, matt. thank you very much. the police department, rather the union is selling t-shirts coast to coast. ainsley: i know. our friend, our good friend tim tebow joins us live on the curvy couch. that joins us next. brian: who is also a good friend of ours. she will not be on the couch, but has a show on three hours. ainsley: she upstairs. hey, sandra. >> good morning friends, good morning, everyone. escalating back and forth between the white house and house democrats over impeachment. we'll have the latest. plus three house chairs subpoenaing ambassador sondland
5:49 am
who did not appear yesterday morning. where does go next? did robert mueller lie under oath? some new fox news reporting. we've got it all for you this morning. a big lineup coming up including jim jordan and brad westrup from the house intelligence committee. three hours, top of the hour. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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5:53 am
up to china. here to discuss it former nfl quarterback, baseball player with new york mets. >> sure i will discuss it. brian: but how do you feel about a league going, let's say indifferent about china condemning them as opposed to the players who came out very strongly against the president? >> well, this is a, colling in here this morn is first i heard about the china situation. i'm trying to understand more. brian: general manager of the houston rockets tweeted out support for hong kong and those people fighting for freedom. they got so upset in china they basically canceled a lot of rockets endorsements and told two teams touring there, we're not playing or broadcasting it until you apologize? >> i think before i comment on that i want to understand it more, but i think when people are convicted especially standing up for people, and helping people that really need help i'm a believer in that, and i'm a believer whatever the
5:54 am
controversy is, whatever the backlash, if you believe what you're doing is right and you're doing it to help people, then i believe in people standing up for their convictions. that is so much about what america is about, it is about standing up for what is right and fighting for the underdog and the least of these. so i think from that perspective of having convictions and trying to live by them i'm in favor of that. steve: all right. ainsley: you do that all the time. steve: last week we talking about out in california they're passing a law looks like college athletes will try to get endorsements? >> i haven't heard about it. steve: really? ainsley: when you were at florida, would, i guess who would turn down a paycheck if they were able to pay you, but are you in favor of it? >> that would be awesome to get a paycheck but i think for me on this argument it is such a big argument you really want to see both sides of it because there are really two sides. one side is to understand these college athletes are doing so
5:55 am
much for their university and some of them are very famous and they're making their universities a lot of money. we should be able to take care of them but the other side we don't want to turn college football into the nfl. we still want to make it a student athlete first and be able to take care of our athletes. so i try to see both sides. so for me i would love to come to a middle ground where we could put together tv money and give them stipends to support them. this is one of the issues if you get to paying them for the name and likeness where does that stop? does it go to high school? does it go to pop warner? continuing with agents all in the game. so i want to be able to balance both of those. i can't to take care of the student athlete but i also want to be able to keep the authenticity of our game. brian: talk about this diet that you're endorsing now, the keto diet. >> keto diet. for me, honestly has been something, has been really special. i've been on it since 2012.
5:56 am
been such a part of my life. people say do you ever get off or ever cheat? no. literally since 2012 i have been on it. brian: what is keto. >> high fat, moderate protein, low to no carbs or sugar. steve: that is gee. >> keto logic is company i partner with. they want to make the lifestyle. it is hard to understand but break it down. easy smack for you consume. brian: a lot of meat, no carbs. >> carbs are the enemy. steve: it is delicious. a lot of eggs, stakes, you have a viewed dough. >> who doesn't like bacon? steve: tim tebow, thanks very much.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> janice. >> heading to fox nation and watch the radio show. brian kilmeade show. >> tim will be on your radio show. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert now and breaking news. two people are dead after a shooting near a synagogue in germany. this in a town about 100 miles west of berlin. police say several shots were fired before gunmen took off in a car. brand-new video inside "america's newsroom." there is a suspect in custody. today is also yom kippur. police in the u.s. staying vigilant. nypd are keeping a close eye on the situation. we'll bring you updates moving through the morning here. also back. first the white house hitting back in a defiant letter to speaker pelosi and leading members of these committees in the house announcing the white


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