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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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because, you know, like peter strzok with his insurance deal, this was before. this was before -- remember this, this was before -- that was made once before -- that statement was made months before the election tookct place. -- >> welcome to hannity, huge news. the "washington examiner" reporting a nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower worked with biden when he was vp. if knew each w other. my monologue after the presiden president. [scattered applause] >> president trump: and ... ... ... ... , great people.
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you know what they said? every one of them, plus many others, there is no other man that we have ever met that could have taken it. if it's true. maybe i'm a little different up here, i do not know, but i enjoy it. to me, i am energized. because draining the swamp -- [cheers and applause] the democrats raising an attempt to overthrow the government will produce a backlash at the ballot box the likes of which they have never, ever seen before in the history of this country.
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[cheers and applause] these are bad people, my phone call as an example with the president of ukraine. it was perfect. everybody that looked at it and the only reason i released it was that the democrats put out a phony narrative. of so i had no choice. i do not want to do that as president, every time the or i call them. we have to release the text? how do you business that way? who's going to want to speak to your president. so the president of ukraine, reiterated today, on a major news conference on other subjects, that he was under absolutely no pressure. he doesn't even know what they're talking about. and he used the words "there was no blackmail during this call." he used that term. [cheers and applause]. so in theory, that should be the end of it.
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think of it. a president of the united states who's made our economy with a lot of help from all of you, frankly, but from mike and from some of our great senator, and some of our great people we have with us. we made this some of our strongest economy in military. we're taking care of healthcare like nobody's able to do. what we have done is incredible and by the way, we're protecting your second amendment. if you don't have me, your second amendment is gone. so we have the greatest economy, the greatest military, we have built our military two and a half trillion dollars because when i took it over, it was a mess and what do they want to do? let's impeach our president, right? i don't think so. [boos] >> i think we're going t to do
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turn off the lights, which we have never seen in the history of our country. so we were forced really just to put it away. we were forced. i said, just do it. got the approval from ukraine. didn't have to ask. i said, hey, can you guys ask? they said that's a strange request. i said don't worry about it. do you mind. they said please, go ahead. nothing was said wrong in that call. so we released the transcript of the call which was so good, that that crooked adam shive. schiff. this guy is crooked. he had to make up a fake conversation that never happened and he delivered it to the united states congress and the
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american people. it was a total fraud and then nancy pelosi said oh. i think the president said that. these people are sick. i'm telling you. they were sick. and you know what, had they waited one day longer, they would would the transcript of the actual call word for word. it would of course perfect. instead, they released it. they went early. they said all these horrible things. you know why? because they never thought in a million years, that i was going to release a transcript of the call. so nancy pelosi, upon hearing a false story from a whistle blower that had no clue what was going on in that call or somebody gave a very bad advice. but also, hear together from
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shifty schiff nancy pelosi said, the day before seeing the transcript of the call w the ukrainian president, we have got to impeach him! we have got to impeach him. then she sought call and she said to her people, what the hell, nobody ever told me this was the call. but she keeps going any way. because the press is fake and they play right into their hands. the do not think democrat extremist, have gone so far left, they believe it should not be a crime, they should cross our board illegally. and they should be on time, they have been a casual, beautiful, accurate phone call with a
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foreign leader. i don't think so. as our brilliant white house counsel wrote to the democrats yesterday, he said, they're highly partisan and constitutional effort. threatens grave and lasting damage to our democratic institutions, to our system of free elections and to the american people. that's what it is. to the american people. it's so terrible. democrats are on a crusade to enjoy our democracy. that's what's happening. we will never let it happen. we will defeat them. look at their bedate. these people are crazy.
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they want to spend $99 trillion. what about chain a rush a india. what about all these other countries. that stuff is just flowing out. it's all right want let him give you the answer. applause] man, that's unbelievable. that's the fastest -- you know, i love law enforcement i love the cops, i love the police. minneapolis, minneapolis, you minneapolis. you've knot a bad mirror. but you know what, the police every once in a more fun
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than at a trump rally? and we have set every record at every place, virtually, that we have gone and one of the big mu sessions says, trump does it without a guitar. can you believe it? without guitar. so this guys i've had it a lot. sometimes it'll take the police like, 30 seconds, 50 seconds. it's like roger penske when, watch him. who's getting the presidential medal of freedom very soon. he won 18 indy 500s. but it's like the way they change those tires. takes 4 seconds to charge the whole damn thing and say, how the hell do they do it? that's just the way these cops
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react that have record. i've had good service but i've never had going like that. i looked up. the guy is already gone. so now, the democrats are making a pathetic bid to say, sleepy joe. and you know what, i'd love to run against him, to be honest. anybody like that. if you can't beat him in a debate, you've got a big problem, folks. you can't beat beet him in a debate, you can't be president. what are gug to do against president shan, and kim jung you know. now you can't beat sleepy joe. and now we're going to meet with kim jung you know. but he's totally young, and controlled by the washington
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swamp for many years. two months after president obama put joe in charge of ukraine policy, they put joe biden in charge of ukraine policy. listen to this. and the press will not write t. they'll say, in totally unsubstantiated charges. every time they talk about how president trump said, how his son walked away with a fortune. you know that's a totally unsubstantiated charge. it's fact. joe's son, hunt ergot throw out of the navy, and became a genius on wall street in two days. by the way, what the help ever happened to hunter? where is he? where's hunter? i have an idea for a new t-shirt. i love where's hunter.
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where's hunter? being examined by sleepy eye. hunter. hunter. i know they're giving you approximately $168,000 a month. i hear they paid you a big check of $3 million. i want to speak on behalf of nbc -- absolutely one of the worst. hunter. hunter, i just want to actual, i couldn't be happier for you and your family and i know you don't know going about energy, and i know it's an energy company. but i think they made a great deal. hunter. then they fly to china. and i'm and i'm dealing with people right now they're tough as well, those northers.
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and hunter, who's not too smart. hunter. he goes in, he has a meeting, he walks out. 1.5 billion. with a "b" $1.5 billion. he's dealing with the same chinese northers i'm dealing with, i can tell you. these are not the same once, but we are doing well in that negotiation. where's hunter? okay. where is hunter? i want to see hunter. hunter, you know nothing about energy. you know nothing about going frankly. hunter, you're a loser, why did you get $1.5 billion, hunter. and your father was never considered smart. he was never considered a good
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son. he was only a good vice president because he understood how to barack obama's ass. auto true. ask they're always saying the same thing. yeah, he got a billion 5.
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we admit t they admit t. but always that same thing. president trump made a totally unsubstantiated claim. about hunter biden and his father. it's not unsubstantiated you crooked son much a gun. even the smart guys on wall street, and i know all of them. they are smart. they have never seen going like that one before. i called them. if that ever happens? never happens. a guy walks in. walks out with a billion five. gee. flies in on our force 2 with his father. the vice president. don't forget, that's when he was vice president. so china gives his son $1.5 billion. how would you like to have joe
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biden take over negotiations right now with china? i don't know. biden allowed china to rip off america for 5 years as vice president and barack obama just let him rob us blind. we're not doing that anymore. those days are over. the bidens knot rich, and that is substantiated while america got robbed, that's what happened. sleepy joe and his friends sold out america. they didn't have tough negotiation. i look at these trade deals and i say, who the hell could have done this. if you had no businessability, if you had nothing, if you're dumb as had, you would inn make these deals, they're so bad. i said who made these deals in
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who made these deals? but we're ripping them all up and redoing them and they are going to be very good. wait until you see what happens and now that i'm your president, you see it. america is winning again and we're respected again as a nation. and a brand-new report came out just as i'm walking on the stage. hard to believe, actually. turns out that joe biden was
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nice president, he worked with the so-called whistle blower. this is nothing but a partisan which hunt, sabotaged, and i'm sure they are going to say, totally unsubstantiated. congratulations by the way. congratulations. that's very nice want that's really good. in the twisted world view of democrats in the media.
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washington swarm, which i could do very easier. i would be so popular. it would be much more easier. >> no! >> isn't it much better when i go off script? isn't that better? so much. folks, the greatest buyer of advertisements in the history of the world mike lindel. mike. i've never seen so many ads.ic
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hatest ads in history. all the money we spend on politic all the campaigns. if i gave some of that money to mike, i think it would have every single minute of every single. i never saw somebody -- [applause]. any way. they'll try to persecute you. they swear up and down that they're telling the truth. when nancy pelosi was on television the other day, i have to say, i have to say, i was very proud of george step number of parking lows -- george stephanopoulos. she said no. no. shifty schiff told the truth. no, no. it was the truth. he said no. and then she really believed it.
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so she's got one of two problems. she's either really stupid, okay or she's really lost it or maybe there's a certain dishonesty somewhere. but they smear you. they spy on you, and they target your friends, your family, your staff, harassment, for abuse. i came down to washington with incredible people. we we want a great political campaign. they were bright eyed and bushy tailed. they came down. they were happy. they wanted to turn the country around. they wanted to do great things. all of a sudden, they get some and then they get subpoenaed by robert mueller. [boos] and by people that were i call them the 13th angry democrats that, turned into 18 angry
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democrats. it was disgraceful. so people that were going down. sir, what is this? oh. wow, look. that's a subpoena. what the hell is this? they took -- i really mean this. they took people that were full of life and energy and vigor, the greatest campaign in the history of american politics. it's great. and they destroyed their lives. they destroyed their lives. they went home. i could name many people. one if particular who came down, an incredible young woman. she was going to help people. she wanted to help people. she had causes that were so good, she wanted to help people and she ended up going home. dark. dark. her life became hell.
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they ruined people. they enjoyed people. good people. people that ended up paying far more money in legal fees than they made. they destroyed great people. they're vicious, horrible, and the media was behind every single step. they destroyed so many lives. they destroyed so many lives. and they're continuing to do it and it's a disgrace. with all of their ludacris hoaxes of course exposed as frauds, these sinister fakers then try to impeach you for daring to call out their own corruption. there's nothing like the dirty political establishment and i'll have to tell you, this is, you
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know, a friend of mine, very smart, brillian guy. we just got rid of the russia. hoax, and then a week later, the ukraine hoax starts. i had a week about, i had everything perfect. it's so beautiful. and he said president, i said call me cona. you've called me donald for 35 years. >> i will, thank you, donald. i lost all my friend because they're all scared. they can't talk to me anymore. it's like, they are afraid. they respect the office. it's true. president, i say, do me a favor, richard. you've called me donald for 35 years. call me donald, please, i want someone to call me donald! push he said to me.
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he said, president, i can't do it. he said president. you've been here now for think of t almost three years. we. we. it's we. and we have to promise them, no more than 16 years. okay? no more. no more. 16 more years. now they'll any back. see, he wants to run for more. but he said he said president, could i ask you a question? it's so important to me. great businessman. very successful. he said you deal with all of these nations. who is the worse to deal with? is it china? is it north korea? is it india, is it russia. ? please, tell me, mr. president,
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who is the toughest nation to deal with? i said you're not going to believe this the usa is the toughest nation to deal with. we're dealing with some very sick and deranged people. there's nothing that the dirty political establishment hates more than a president that they cannot intimidate, own and control. they're trying to stop me because they know i don't know answer to them, i answer to you. it's true. you know, i never say this i don't think i've ever said it in a speech. they'll find out if i
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d. but you know, i make as president, about $450,000. i give it away. i never hear going. can you imagine if i didn't. i'd give it away, you can't keep it. you can't actually make a gift -- you can actually make a gift. you can give it to your different agencies so can i give it to health, transportation, military. but i give it away all the time. but it's 450. if somebody, let's say from a middle east country. in one of my hotels, and we charge them $392 and 52 cents for staying, and i never heard of the guy, and i don't want to hear about him, they say trump is getting rich off our nation. i lose billions being president
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and i don't care, it's nice to be rich, i guess. up with i lose billions. if somebody rents a room somebody and they pay me two months, in rent or hotel fees. i never heard of the people. i never know who they are. they say, e monument. it's the craziest thing i've ever seen, trust me, it's cost me billions of dollars to be president. and i'll probably have to prove that, and i look forward tocology doing temperature it's very easy. it's very easy. and there's nothing that makes me happier than making that decision to run and win and straighten out the mess that these people have created.
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so in a desdescription operate attempt, to attack our movement, nancy and chuck, two beauties, have given control of the democrat party, entirely over to the radical left, including minnesota's own representative illian omar. [boos] ilhan omar. you know, i know you people. i know you people. i know the people of the minnesota and i want to tell you, and i also at the same time, it's both a question and a statement, how the hell did that ever happen? how did it happen? congresswoman omar is an american-hating socialist.
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she min mighted the/attack on our homeland. where far more than 3,000 people died. she pleaded for compassion for isis recruits right here in minnesota. omar laughed that the americans speak to al qaeda. remember that tape. but what do we say? when we say something about the united states, we just don't say america with any intent. remember that? representative a mar has a
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history of launching anti-semitic screams, whether you like it or not she said the uses support for israel is all about the benjamins. she said that pro israel lawmakers have an allegance to a 15 country. omar wrote that israel has hypnotized the world. may allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doingings of israel and the united states. how do you have such a person representing number two-ranked minnesota. i'm very angry at you people right here. she is a disgrace to our country and she is one of the big reasons that i'm going to win, and the republican party is going to win minnesota in 13
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months. thank you very much. so we're honored to have with us today, a special guest, a man that really is a terrific, talented writer. he knows a great deal about all those tangled lice of omar, mr. scott johnson of powe he wre some stuff. i can't believe t. where's scott? thank you, scott.
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thank you, scott. what a job. man, do you have her figured out. the only problem though, scott, incredible talent. much more talent than some of these people that you heard bottom the problem s they don't want to pick it up. but we pick it up, scott, and the people get it and we thank you for your great reporting. thank you. thank you very much. as scott reported, everything about omar is a fraud, including her name. scott reports his sources told him that quote, omar's legal husband was omar's brother and that she had married him for fraudulent purposes. you mean like, coming into the united states, maybe? and then scott says, we have seen a plethora of congressional scandals in our history, yet, we have never seen scandals like
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omar's in congress and nothing gets done about it. i hope that some of you people are looking because what aoc has gotten away with campaign financing, and what i call taoc + 3. that's what it is. and omar is one of the 3. what aoc has gotten away with all of that money she used for her personal self with campaign finance is worse and nothing happens to them but it happens to you and it's not fair. the fact s we're in a struggle for the survival of democracy in america. the only message these radical socialists and extremists will understand is a crushing debeat on november 3, 2020.
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with your help, we will win back the house. we will keep the senate. and we will win the white house. and we're thrilled to be joined tonight by some incredible people that have helped me so much. one of your tremendous talented, tough congressmen tom emer. tom. [applause]. also a man, you don't want to fight him or play him at hoke. he just won, not that recently, but pretty recently and i was out here, campaigning for him extinguishing work hard and it turn turned out to be an easy race.
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congressman pete stolberg. and a man who gets in the trenches, and he just doesn't care. he wants to win to the people. he loves you. he loves this state. he loves this country. jim habadorn his education is brilliant, his military career has been incredible. then he ran for office and now, he a united states senator from the great state of arkansas senator tom cotton.
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great guy. and minnesota senate majority leader paul. paul. thank you, paul. minnesota gop chairwoman jennifer carnehan. she's been incredible. i said jennifer, are we going to win, if 13 months in she said, honestly sir, i've never seen going like this. don't ever say, just assume we're like two points behind. you can always just assume you're a little behind. but we're going to win, this date by so much that people are going to be -- [applause]. we had a really three weeks ago in new mexico and new mexico's a
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hard state for republicans. hasn't been one in a long time also and we had receptivity that was unbelievable. the audience was 40% hispanic and hispanic, they understand borders better than anybody. they understand safety, they understand their job. they don't want people take together away. they understand it better. that's why we're doing so well. but we're in new mexico and i'm telling you, that was electric. but honestly, all evens are electric. we haven't had any bad once. we haven't. they were all electric a woman who headed up the great state of michigan for me. a stated that inn been won by a republican. , i guess we didn't have the right candidates beingite rite?
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but a woman who would call me constantly, and said, i don't want to talk to her, she's giving me a healthcare. sir f make one more trip, you're going to win michigan. i said all right. i made the trip. i go back home, i get a call "i need one more" and we need this over and over and over and we ended up wing the state of michigan and i said who the hell that was woman who kept bugging me to go back to michigan. saying, speak one miles an hour time, sir. her name is ronna mcdaniels. and she's fantastic. she's ready of the rnc. she's great. and our campaign manager, a man, you know, they used to --
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crooked hillary had a very, very sophisticated campaign. arch she lost, they said it wasn't so so fate fisticated. nobody know the world of computers better than this guy. you know, i never got credit. my father used to teach me. if you can do it for less, good. he's looking down, definitely look down, not looking up. he was tough but he was great. but my father, my father would say, if you can do it for less and win, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. if you can build a building for les money across the street and if it's nicer and you can rent for less, you really, that's like a good thing. so in the campaign, we spent much less money than crooked hilary clinton, much. and we won. and we won.
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we won. 306 to 223. remember they said -- by the way, when you run, if you're running, the electoral college is the hundred yard dash, and the total vote, you don't go certain places. you focus. electrocollege. we have to explain to them. it's different. so we won 306s remember, they used to say, one's the 100-yard dash. you practice. one's the mile. you practice. it's a different race. winning the total vote is much easier in my opinion. the electoral college. i had to go to 22 different states. for the total vote. i'd go to liker 4 states i'm all for t. but the electroal college is better for our country. it fores to you go places that you wouldn't go. i love maine.
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i went to maine four, five times. i needed one point. maine gave me one point. and what happened? what happened? i went there numerous times. everyone said why? because i was told by these fraudsters, back here in the media. that trump, trump cannot get to 2 70. he cannot get. they had me maximum. if everything worked, right? at 269. so i kept going to maine. and you know what, we won that one point in maine. i had such a healthcare. almost as much as listening to damn mike about those pillows. maybe i need one of those pillows to cure my healthcare. does it cure healthcares in i
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don't know. but here's the thing. here's the thing. so they said he cannot get to 2 70. in other words, you can't win. you don't get to 2 70, you can't win, right in he cannot do it. there's no way of doing it. and they were right. i got to 306. [cheers and applause]. we won wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, north carolina, south carolina we won florida. what a run. do you remember the even that we won? i think, look. i think it was one of all of us together. because we all worked hard. itches the messenger.
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but we all worked hard. that was our victory. but that was one of the greatest night in the history of television. one of the greatest nights. and hopefully, it'll go down when we're allowed to get all of the stuff seated, it's like a tree. you plant t you plant it but it needs a little -- that's why we need the four more additional. it's got to grab on and catch, so they can't destroy it. so they can't destroy t. but i think it'll go down and i can hope it's going to go down as one of the greatest even in the history of this country. because it's never happened going like that before. and these guys don't even question it. they just sit back and say,, i guess he's right about that. i'll never forget, the night before, i was at a tremendous arena the place was going crazy. it was like this. going crazy. and two reporters that hate my guts. they looked at themselves and looked at each other, they're
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looking like this and saying, what the hell is going on. they knew. they knew. and i didn't need beyonce and jay-zs and i didn't need little bruce springsteen. they got all these people. they'd come in because they couldn't get a crowd. they'd come in and say, i've got bruce springsteen. he's still got two songs as least. they'd leave and everyone leave with them. craziest thing i've ever seen. then they complain sometimes, i'll use a terrible word like hell. the other day, i used the word "hell." they say, he used terrible language. i used the word "hell" it was so bad. but savoy jay-z was using the f-word all over the prays place
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and then the next day, they said i used bad language. the word hell is a terrible word want these people are sick. but that was an amazing even. i'll never forget that even. it's, you know, look. outside of your family and your children and things. i love you, too, darling. it's one of the highest rated even unless the history of the television. you add up all those networks. remember the woman crying. oh, my god. no, they weren't bias at all. now, another very special man who's with us today but he'll never be a man to me, he'll always be my boy. he's my boy. he's my little 6-foot boy, erik
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trump. [applause]. they may be big and strong and older. to a parent, a child is always their boy or always their little, beautiful girl. and i know that's politically incorrect. they'll say, it was terrible what he said about women. terrible. but they're our boy, they're our girl and it doesn't matter how old we get. and how old they get. is that a correct statement? and i'm also proud to endorse your next republican senator from minnesota, a man that i've known, a man that is tough and smart. a man that's running against somebody that's never done a
10:48 pm
damn thing in the senate. mr. jason lewis. and jason did a great job in congress. congressman lewis, thank you very much. and thank you for putting up with all of this stuff because i'll tell you, it's going to be nasty. it's going to be nasty. they're going to make up stories about you. they're going to say things that's going to want to make your wife say, why did i mary this guy. just say, don't worry about t auto just another phony story. thank you very much, mr. and mrs. lewis. jason. thank you. and jason, they can't say that
10:49 pm
about tom cotton. he's too perfect. they can't say it about utah. anyway, good luck, jason. do well. and i don't know why. but with all of the great people i just introduced, for tonight, maybe this is the most important. because i turned on a very good showed in morning. fox and friends. they treat us great. what a great group. and by the way, brian's gotten a lot better, right? brian was a 7 and he's getting close to 10 territory. and steve has been so great, and sometimes, he gets up there -- [applause]. and how good does jesse waters
10:50 pm
co, how good. just some really great people and again, tucker's been very good, i'll have to say. he's been great. tucker. and the legendary sean hannity watchity want sean's got the number one show and laura ingram, who's knocking them out of the park. you and you go over. maria barteroma. and the great lou dobbs. how good are they? and many more. and many more. how long greg? greg used to hit me, now, he's good. oh. we can't forget. we can't forget. judge janine.
10:51 pm
i would be if such trouble if i forgot judge janine. but many more, you know, look. i'm just rattling some names off. they're just terrific people. they were terrific people. but a man that i have to really say something very special about, so i'm watching fox and friends early in the morning. very early in the 6 slot because i'm out of there pretty good and i see a handsome young man named bob kroll. and he's talking about this lousy mayor -- no, he didn't quite say t. but i say t. he's talking about this lousy mayor that won't let the cops, the police, the law enforcement, you know, my father always used to say, son -- he meant it, too. never say "cops." it's disrespect. but honestly, i love you guy,
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whether you're cops, police officers, law enforcement. i'll call you guys whatever you want. it doesn't matter. you guys are so great, so respected, you don't even know how much our public loves you. you don't know it. you don't know it. but i see this guy, and i don't know if he's done a lot of television before. but he was very effective and very good and he was saying how the police aren't be allowed to take care of this rally and yet with president obama, and bash, and all these people were fine, fine, everybody comes and they fall asleep at a really. but they weren't allowed to do the job for us and they went wild. so what i want to do --
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go home to mommy. mommy says, i saw you on television tonight. i love trump. don't you ever do that again. yes, mom. but the job he did before the election, i came right here to minnesota and i pledged to address this really important issue and it's the issue of law enforcement. when i saw this man, this great man on gentlemen, pouring out his guts, his heart, i don't know him. he knows i've been good to law enforcement. he knows i've been good to as my
10:54 pm
father would say, the police heness i lost cops. he knows that. and there's so many with red shirts and the respect we have for law enforcement.
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>> what can i say after that. tune n fox. 10:00 p.m. shannon green. they asked us on. how can you thank this guy for everything he's done for law enforcement. wonderful president. >> thank you very much. thank you.
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what a group. i think you're made a mistake w made a mistake when they took them on. as you know, for many years, leaders in washington brought large numbers of refugees to your state from somalia. [boos] ings without considering the impact on schools and communities and taxpayers i promise you as president, i would give local communities a greater say in refugee policy and put in place responsible immigration control. [cheers and applause].
10:57 pm
and i've done that. sin coming into office, i have reduced refugee resettlement by 85%. and as you know, maybe especially in minnesota, i kept another promise. i issued an executive action making clear that no refugees will be resetelled in any city or any state, without the expressed written consent of that city or that state. so speak to your mayor. you have been able to decide what is best for your own cities and your own neighborhoods and that's what you have the right to do right now and believe me, no other president would be doing that.
10:58 pm
if democrats were ever to cease power, they would open the floodgates to unvetted controlled migration at levels you never seen before. you think you have it bat bad now? you would have never seen going like what they want to do. but in the trump administration we will always protect american families first and that has not been done in minnesota. [cheers and applause]. we have also implemented the strongest screening and vet mechanisms ever put into place. we are keeping terrorist, criminals and extremist, the hell out of our country. and i want to thank the country of mexico, the president of mexico has been incredible. we have now 27,000 mexican
10:59 pm
soldiers. they're great and they're tough and they are now protecting our border and those numbers have gone down thank you, mr. president. we will not make the mistakes made in european countries that allow vile idea ailing to take route in our country, in our shores. we're not going to allow it to happen. and as you all know, to protect our citizens from those who would do harm to us. i instituted a very controversial, very hard to get travel ban on some of the world's most dangerous countries.
11:00 pm
>> we stay with the coverage in minnesota tonight. wild night. tomorrow night, i will have the non-whistle blower's connection to joe biden. it'll blow the story out of water. graham. >> laura: >> president trump: td where, on the >> president trump: they said where, on the travel ban. he's right. and i lost and then i won. at the united states. right. and he knew that. but he said i lost and he was right. i lost. and then i lost again. but then i won. we have the travel ban. but instead of saying he lost and then he lost and then he won the united states supreme court he said he lost to the travel ban. these are very


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