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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  October 12, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we are going to have a big show tomorrow, stay with us. have a great saturday, everybody. ♪ >> i made a great china deal for energy, for the farmers, for the banks. heather: neil: investors on burying the hatchet with china, not so much about democrats sharpening the hatchet with the president. one or the other will decide this election? see if you can decide. we begin with kevin cork with what is in his china deal the president is calling phase i.
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>> a pleasure to be with you. just for clarity's take, you heard a the partial deal, a skinny deal, a placeholder but by any measure their celebration among farmers and investors, any progress will be celebrated given what we have been through for the past 15 months. the deal the president was referencing in those comments in louisiana, it is not the deal of all deals but it does touch on a number of sectors with new provisions set to impact avocado, banking, technology and currency sectors and some intellectual property protections as well. the bottom line is the us agreed not to proceed with a hike in tariffs to 30% from 25%, $250 billion in chinese goods, china agrees to make purchases from 40-$50 billion
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which takes the edge off of those hit by targeted actions meant to hit the president's base in the midwest. this is great news but no great news for huawei. the company was put on an export blacklist in may. this agreement is in principle, and details are scant but the access isn't a major win. >> that would be two times what china purchased at its highest point. they were purchasing 16, $17 billion at the highest point and that will be brought to 40 billion-50 billion so i suggest farmers buy more land and get bigger tractors. they will be available at john deere and another great distributor.
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>> if you are a john deere backer and you hear the president talk about that, negotiators have several weeks to hammer out sales. taking the edge off by those tariffs. neil: do you know how we can keep track of china and whether it is doing this stuff? >> reporter: part of the problem is when you talk about the chinese following through, you can track month-to-month, we have seen an increase in american agricultural goods with great numbers and they say one thing but not all the way. neil: steve mnuchin, how significant is this deal? it is by the end of friday.
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>> highlight the difference in vocabulary. we are calling it a phase i deal and i spoke to my friends and in the chinese press the word they are using his paths. it is a circuit breaker. and what has to do, there is not a lot of clarity. there is some understanding on financial services, the ag deal that surged in chinese purchases is what was on the table two years ago so it feels we have come back full circle. what i consider a win is the tone. i was in dc yesterday and when we had lighthizer walking in and steve mnuchin walking in, people were waving and even the
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chinese vice premier was smiling and shaking hands with journalists. tone wise this is a win. as for the details even phase i is very clear it will take 3 to 5 weeks to write down what was discussed. we have seen a lot of these parts move in less time. neil: you reminded me that a parcel deal is better than no trade deal and that will come out next. it beats the alternative. >> it certainly does but what we need to keep in mind, this is a fragile situation, we saw what the chinese did in may. we thought we had a deal and they stepped away. there is a lot of uncertainty here and i think the market action reacted to that as the day went on. initially, we got a deal, as more details came out we
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realized is this playing more to the chinese hand in that they would like to do this over time step-by-step, multiple phases. the president said if we can't get one big deal there will be no deal. the president back off of that, the market is getting concerned. it is a good tone but this process is going to take a long time and that is what the chinese wanted to be. neil: consumers don't much care about as long as tariffs don't get higher prices. does this clear the field for a strong holiday shopping season? >> the tipping point for the tariffs is when prices go up by 10%. as far as we are concerned the
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only product that has really increased is by default. unless people are out there, the only thing they buy for the holiday, that is where people will be concerned. they were talking about stationary. bed bath and beyond had a new ceo, was talking about tariffs don't have an impact on the way there shopper was shopping and not having impact on sales at all. we see a lot more chief financial officers as we get through the next quarter and it is not an excuse, just the truth. as far as we are concerned they are not dealing with a blowback on potential prices. what we did yesterday was on
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tuesday, another 5% layered on $250 billion on chinese goods from 25 to 30% and the trump administration said we will not do the 5% increase. the december tariffs on the table and the next big meeting in the middle of november, supposed to be where president xi may meet with donald trump and we want details worked out before that. neil: the ceo, the purchasing manager, chief financial officer saying this uncertainty, to their expansion plan and spending, did you remove that, doesn't that uncoil pent-up activity? >> i don't think we will get to the point of uncertainty.
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it takes a long time to the market. i don't think there is any coincidence you see these impeachment talks that the president needed to have good news. we know the president watches the market but i think what is going on right now in this potential deal is more politically driven related to what was going on. neil: you are right that this is not what he first envisioned. didn't have the threat of impeachment. a lot of people wanted to trade deal. >> it is clear as day. it is baked into the numbers. when it comes to the consumer it is baked into the numbers. they are not responding to this anymore, the uncertainty is part --
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neil: it is uncanny. you can charge the market direction based on optimism and lack there of on trade. if the market ended the day 300 points, a couple hundred from highs earlier maybe that goes to the concern about impeachment and -- >> tying together all of this is donald trump's tweets, something like if this happens why would you remove the guy? if you remove me the markets will crash, i am paraphrasing heavily. neil: bill clinton's message, the wind at my back, the market, the economy. >> subtlety in language -- >> that is what donald trump is doing. he is looking at the playbook, saying no one is going to want to impeach a president with a strong economy and that is the bottom line.
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neil: might have been impeached or had to resign regardless but didn't help we had stagflation and oil crisis and an economy that was turning south during that time. this president is blessed with strong market am a strong economy, record low unemployment. i always -- hand over fist, they don't want that to go. >> when it comes to impeachment the reelection, if the economy had anything that will have an impact. from what i can see all these steps are just to protect the fact the economy is surging ahead. this is a political play. neil: the president needed it more than the chinese? >> the chinese need this trade deal but it is extremely copacetic as we go into the election cycle.
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any sort of waves -- neil: it is a start but we -- this week the big gamemakers and easing up on that. >> lots of things changed. at one point it was a big deal or no deal and now we have a little dealing three parts and there was supposed to be an enforcement mechanism so if the chinese were reneging on their commitments there would be accountability and that did not come up anywhere yesterday. neil: chuck schumer did praise the fact there were no concessions to huawei. the president didn't cave on these issues but they are looking at it for phase 2. >> what is happening here which plays into the president having some leverage, the chinese look at the situation.
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this is a bipartisan issue. everybody knows china has been a bad actor related to trade and everybody wants to bring them to a point of trust but verify where we could get a good deal but no question some of the leverage related to impeachment had a shift to the chinese because the president really needs to get something done. he can't afford to have the economy falter with the election coming up. neil: on that issue the president tweeting the deal i just made with china is the greatest and biggest deal ever made for our great patriot farmers in the history of our country. there is question whether this much product can be produced. our farmers will figure it out, thank you china. he goes on to say other aspects of the deal are great technology, 16-$20 billion, farmers really hit pay dirt.
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i am not sure they hit pay dirt. looking at the overall agricultural benefits they will get from china, we are talking the strongest since the trade war went into effect. china right into those purchases whether they are stronger from where we stood before any of this hit the fan. more after this. has the highesh in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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neil: the subpoena deal delivered in this impeachment push going nonstop, the white house adding a full house vote or they don't cooperate. big questions whether they will cooperate. the former us attorney andrew mccarthy is with us. explain to me. you have done this in the past but the significance of such a vote that would compel cooperation from the white house.
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>> the impeachment power in the constitution is committed to the house of representatives, to the institution, not individual members of the house, not even the speaker of the house who may be first among equals. and the house act impeachment not by one member by committee chiefs. >> it would clear the hurdles, how would that work >> we have to remember impeachment is political, not
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legal. there are two sides of the coin for the white house. on the one hand the house should work as an institution. on the other hand, because impeachment is committed to the house there is no court that can tell them how they have to do it. the president has taken a political position that he as chief executive need not cooperate. we will see how that plays out. whether the court will get involved in that is dubious and what exactly the house needs to give the president in the way of due process protection as they go forward is also up for negotiation. the house has an incentive that they want to do this in a serious way. the president should give the right to confront witnesses, the minority should get at
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least some subpoena power but this all has to be negotiated. the house doesn't have to give them anything and the court can't make them. neil: let's go to other developments that might be an issue for the president, you raised it another time what is happening in the southern district of new york, they want eight years of the president's tax returns, cross-referencing certain payments this might go to the supreme court. a lot of legal analysts telling me these will end up in someone's hands and potentially an amount of time before the end up in the public's hand. what is your sense of the drama there? >> my sense is the president's position on his tax returns had a bad week. not only do you have the investigation we are talking about in new york where they
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are seeking tax information under the guise of an investigation into the payments of the two women, the hush money payments we heard about over the last year or two but the dc circuit ruled against the president and in favor of the house on a subpoena that seeks the president's tax information in connection with the emoluments clause and whether the president has conflict of interest and the like. that may or may not go to the supreme court. the administration hasn't said whether it will appeal or not but you are right, it looks right now like it is likely this information is going to be turned over to both investigations. neil: thank you very much. andrew mccarthy. the china crackdown on protests, why are us companies caving in, one after the other over you? our 18 year old was in an accident.
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neil: hong kong protesters hitting the streets as big name brand in the united states are hit for not supporting the pro-democracy protesters over china's communist government. they are in a can't win fan -- situation. a lot of the companies caught stradling on this issue can't win, they are us customers or china's business. we have seen in the case of the nba or the big game maker, they
7:26 am
dared speak out in support of the protesters and on and on. where is this going? >> there are a couple things at work here. on the chinese side they have a clear message. you can't say anything positive about the hong kong protesters or taiwan. if you do you will be punished in the chinese market. the american side is much more bizarre. what we are seeing is an mba that is willing to pull out of charlotte because of the issue of transgender bathrooms. you have to wonder if the chinese have upheld transgender bathrooms at all the nba facilities. neil: i couldn't believe the degree they dug in so i am wondering if china and business interests number to buy more agricultural items or make a
7:27 am
deal and when it comes to understanding their influence over american business they are quite astute. >> it doesn't hurt that american businesses not only cooperate but in some cases have a double standard against the united states. you don't see apple or google having much problem working with the chinese but they won't work with that affirmative defense to defend the very country that allows them to have the opportunities to create the problems they do. neil: as we get to the next level, is it your sense that the chinese are now thinking no one is using our treatment of the hong kong protesters as a trade bargaining chip, we just dodged that. >> this is the 30th anniversary
7:28 am
of tiananmen and the chinese are very much aware whether it is an explicit item or not there are certain lines if they do cross that have serious consequences the sanctions imposed are still in place. that is an important factor for xi jinping. neil: they have not been held back to become the economic global juggernaut they are with that. we can deal with this. >> they might but so far we haven't seen the blatant show of force which has been a real fear about what might happen in hong kong. neil: how is that resolved? i had a woman through the tiananmen square massacre, survived it herself but she thinks china is -- it will happen again and has no problem
7:29 am
pushing protesters off the face of the earth. she is convinced of it. it is her view. >> i think if xi jinping think it is a choice between rolling takedown queens rotor keeping the party in power it is not even a question, the party needs to stay in power in his view, but up until that point if they can do lower visibility targeted arrest of key leaders and people like that, shutdown global media coverage that is their first choice. neil: i want to switch to northern syria, footage along the border, the fourth day turkey's military has been pounding that area, killed hundreds of kurds along the way, those who were going after
7:30 am
isis but they are on the run, the president has promised to set up late yesterday a press in which economic sanctions, if turkey keeps doing this. more after this. ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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>> mister schiff is not a fair are better. is not only not fair but biased
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and unfair. we are all biased in some way but his bias is unfair and over-the-top and designed to attack donald trump. neil: colin right now for the recusal of adam schiff saying he is loaded to just get the president. the process is something that he won't cooperate in holding back corresponding to subpoenas even though some people have gone ahead and ignored the order to testify but it is a mess. everyone gets impeachment vote, an inquiry and we proceed, the president saying even there -- rigged game. what do you think? >> everything is a little regular because everybody has their own personal bias unless your uninformed.
7:35 am
you can see adam schiff has a bias against donald trump. however there is also this trene me, they hate america. with most things the answer lies somewhere in the middle. the middle is not somewhere you are allowed to be anymore these days, you are for trump or against trump. the nuanced views depending -- they will displace you on one side of the aisle. neil: the others have said about adam schiff in particular, the conversation into the hearing and if you are supposed to be a partisan but at least a fair arbiter and going after richard nixon in the 70s. he tried to and did succeed in getting a lot of republicans to go along in the beginning by including them in the process and finally and impeachment vote itself.
7:36 am
>> democrats of bungled this process from soup to nuts. you had the willful omission of the fact that was the blower met with the committee prior to that being disclosed to the public. neil: that is what happens when the one party holds all the information. in the senate, tried to avoid that but that is not happening. >> the reality is adam schiff worked on the intelligence committee in the minority on many of the same issues, the last set of issues he tried to work with them and republicans have proven difficult to work with on this issue. neil: you sound like my teenage son. both sides have to be interested in this picture -- then you say that is why we have elections.
7:37 am
neil: judge who never took a law course, i think i qualify. the scorched earth strategy worked in handling the mueller robe, this is a witchhunt etc.. >> is not an acceptable phone call but a perfect phone call. neil: he is saying in the last go around. >> i also think he can't help himself. that is who he is. i don't think he will be tame in his response to anything. neil: isn't he nervous that the impeachment inquiry itself more americans are in favor according to fox polling, he trashes fox polls. there's something to it, gathering more support.
7:38 am
>> part of the reason for that is the slow burn slowly coming out. what they always tell you it there is controversy on the news is just wait. in the 24 hour news cycle a kardashian will get broken up with and we will talk about that but if it happens slowly it keeps on people's mind. neil: the kardashian dones -- >> they do have similarities. neil: he becomes the story because he keeps fighting the story. >> if you want to know what happens in the saga look at the o.j. simpson trial. most americans thought oj was guilty or innocent. when you got to the trial it was no longer even about who did the murder but did mark furman plant the bug. the police department --
7:39 am
neil: the committee chairman. >> you have adam schiff -- nancy pelosi, all these individuals trying to convince the public of things they already made up their mind about. neil: the president a bronco? >> an interesting metaphor because the president captures our attention the way the big court cases, there hasn't been anybody on file for anything in a long time. the president has taken that storyline. the overarching challenge, more support is building and we see that reflected. independents are starting to care about this. neil: your heart of hearts, play this to the max. not saying it is right or
7:40 am
wrong. you think that will go anywhere in the senate or is it democrats goal to go into the election and say the president has been impeached? >> this was the challenge the whole time. it doesn't help democrats, they feel -- >> i can't imagine a scenario he gets convicted. neil: go -- the president is impeached in the house of representatives like bill clinton, doesn't go anywhere in the senate but the difference is he is running for reelection with that blotch. >> there is a compelling argument how it helped republicans with clinton. it helps clinton. neil: the republicans won the white house back but will clinton left with skyhigh popularity and in the midterms they gained seats. you could make the argument depending on your perspective that impeachment could make the president a victim.
7:41 am
>> it could and that is likely given the fact how we know he will play it. he has the narrative that -- it has been proven absolutely true. neil: good to be paranoid, there are people out to get you. >> that is how he will handle it and more likely to keep people think that way. neil: look at the economy and the markets. >> democrats made a huge mistake, an open and shut case, they think donald trump is the worst president we ever had of the reality is newspapers across america say donald trump acquitted after they try to prove a political point, they are in political peril.
7:42 am
average americans don't understand the nuance are going to say the president didn't do anything? he was innocent? it was a witchhunt? that uncertainty -- neil: the house is democrat. >> i don't think the average person makes a decision between the political process and a legal process. you have individuals who can't understand, rudy giuliani is the attorney for america's president but does not work for america, can't understand corey lewandowski works for donald trump but was never a member of the executive branch. that level of nuance democrats are trying to finesse in these hearings, people don't understand that when they are trying to get through what is happening in their day-to-day lives. >> there is a constitutionally mandated responsibility of the party who control the government, the whole congress to provide oversight. neil: getting too those? >> they are -- neil: they overdid it going
7:43 am
after bill clinton and are warning don't repeat it. >> the reality is it might have been better to pursue this not as an impeachment inquiry but if they -- we would be hearing the same things from republicans at these are serious issues about ukraine is what the president did and the more we learn about it they are troubling to a lot of republicans and career -- neil: these are political calls, not constitutional calls. >> oversight -- neil: a high crime and misdemeanor goes back to a political -- >> that is what i am saying. it would be better if they had done this through oversight. neil: just as overzealous as republicans. this will be decided by the economy and the market. >> 6 million people have jobs who did not have jobs before and it -- it is going to be -- >> if everyone gets fired tomorrow might be in trouble. neil: we have a lot more after
7:44 am
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neil: turkey's offensive entering its fourth straight day against kurdish forces and turks claim to have captured their first major city, the president plans to withdraw us troops from the region and remind the turks you go too far with this economic sanctions and worse will follow. steve harrigan live with the latest. >> now slowdown the military offensive, they are claiming victory in the first major city they claim to have taken from kurdish fighters, 5 miles across the border they are continuing with air strikes and artillery as well.
7:48 am
the turkish government says this is a fight against terrorism and they say their goal is to create a 20 mile buffer zone out of syria. as far as the death toll goes it is unclear about fighters on both sides but as far as civilians go, roughly 20 on each side. there us sanctions but no sanctions yet. turkish artillery shells landed near a position, no injuries, turkish officials say they were not intentionally targeting us forces in syria.
7:49 am
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>> all these people want to stay, they want to stay. i don't want to stay. we were supposed to be in syria for 30 days. we have been there for 10 years. we were supposed to be in afghanistan for a short period of time. we were close to 18 years.
7:53 am
>> the president pulling us troops out of syria, the last 1000 because of the ultimate sacrifice the troops are making in the middle east. the arrival of too many coffins. the lieutenant army colonel and author mcginnis agrees with the president. thank you for taking the time. you think the president is right, enough is enough? >> war is diplomacy by other means and the middle east has been racking itself with failed diplomacy because of tribal, ethnic and religious differences for thousands of years. they invited us in because they lost their area to isis.
7:54 am
we equipped them and trained them for years. they should be able to fight alone and the idea that withdrawing 50 troops is catastrophic for the kurds. they didn't follow our advice. they negotiate an outcome similar to iraq. people didn't listen. they could have had something different than what we have seen play out today. allowed the turks to have understandably a buffer zone primarily with terrorism, they have millions of syrian refugees in turkey they are paying 4. they want them to go home and we need to recognize finally other than national defense strategy, the number 2 priority is to equip allies and partners
7:55 am
to fight their own fight. we go into fights all over the world worse than we are seeing today in places like africa but hopefully we won't because we need the strategy, china, if you watch the parade you should be sobered by what you saw. we are focusing on big issues, not small wars around the world. neil: many concur with you that we overstay our welcome in far-flung battles across the middle east but the timing is problematic because the kurds were effective, under the gun from the turks gun and those isis elements, they go to
7:56 am
europe, you heard the fear mongering and they are convinced the win we have over isis is short-lived. >> i don't know that that is the case. the europeans have totally failed to take responsibility for their own citizens. the reality is the russians and the turks will keep a close eye on isis people. they will use airstrikes, they are not out of touch with our forces. they can call airstrikes as well as put the idea that 50 american forces are going to vacate an area with that activity, is really a stretch. the president is right, we need to pull back and all over
7:57 am
cromwell said we need to keep our counter drive because there are big wars ahead. neil: i don't know if cromwell ever did dancing with the stars but it is working out just fine. "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
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>> the radical democrats' policies are crazy, their politicians are corrupt, their candidates are terrible and they know they can't win an election day so they're pursuing an illegal, invalid and unconstitution unconstitutional (bleep) impeachment. impeachment. >> he said a nasty word. the president doubling down with the democrats on the impeachment push and they're doubling down with more subpoenas in that push. garrett tenney in d.c. with the
8:01 am
latest. you're not to use any nasty words. >> my mother is watching, be sure to do that. neil: there you go. >> a number of current and former government officials are ignoring the trump's direction and choosing to testify. that's what maria ivanvich behind closed doors. and they argue she was biased and against the president, but the career diplomate denied nothing doing anything of the sort and she was pushed out, she says she was pushed out by people with questionable motives. the ambassador to the european union said he will testify despite the state department directing him not to appear. he's a top figure in which he defended president trump and insisted there was no quid pro
8:02 am
quo linking u.s. military aid to an investigation of the bidens. a statement from solomon says, notwithstanding the direction not to testify he'll honor the committee's subpoena and looks forward to testifying. he has the integrity and interest of the united states. he has no agenda apart from answering the committee's questions fully and truthfully. and they hope to hear from fiona hill a senior advisor on russia and europe and may have knowledge of president trump's july 25th call with ukraine's president. again, these are part of the first wave of subpoenas house democrats plan to issue in the weeks ahead. so a whole lot more to come, neil. neil: garrett, would anyone change the hearing, a formal inquiry, and the administration hinted they'd be more cooperative if they did that. and might get the feeling, no
8:03 am
they would not. >> it's a case by case basis. the european ambassador to the european union was directed initially not to appear, but because the testimony, republicans believed, would be favorable to the president, he was encouraged to testify. we could see it on a case by case basis. the administration says if it does have the opportunity to cross exam a lot of these witnesses itself, that it would be a more likely to cooperate. republicans though have said, they're not going to be cooperative, really, no matter what because democrats are set on doing this, regardless of what the opposition says. neil: and a report from garrett. thank you, my friend, always good seeing you. in the meantime, the white house is putting the ball, as garrett said, in nancy pelosi's court before they consider cooperating with them on impeachment matters. former white house press second and i might point out the biggest star right now on dancing with the stars, he keeps
8:04 am
going and going and going, sean spicer. good to see you. >> well, good to see you and i'm only going and going because people are out there voting for us so they've got a chance monday night and we'll keep going. neil: telling you, doing great. my friend. >> thank you. neil: sure a lot of scynics migt say it's your dance partner, but you're impressive in your own right. are you surprised by the fact you're still in it? >> somewhat. look, the scores are 50-50. 50% of the judges and clearly i've got a lot of work to do on that end, but i'm a little humbled by the fact that people are taking the time to vote there and if they're voting for lindsey, god bless them, i'll take that, too. we're out having fun and showing people we're working hard and progressing and there's clearly a desire for people to want to see what comes next and what i'll wear to keep us going, i'm for it. neil: and you topped the first
8:05 am
week's out fit with the latest week. do you select it or who selects it. >> they do. this week is disney night, obviously i'll be in character. neil: which character. >> it's a surprise to see what they have in store. neil: okay. >> i'll say if you follow me on instagram we're giving away a lot of hints. [laughter]. neil: you know what's interesting, i'll go into the news of the moment, but i've been impressed watching you on this show. you're having a good time and i think you've won over even some of the critics, certainly that weren't a fan, we're politicizing this, a controversial figure. i think you've even warmed their icy hearts. >> you know, it was interesting. i saw the comments that ellen made last week with regard to sitting next to president bush. and what we've gotten away from the country from, saying we can be hard into our politics and believe in our policies. we can also enjoy each other's company in a way that's absent of policies and politics and
8:06 am
about the show we're rooting for each other, having a good time. it's not about politics, not about policies, it's about each other, going out and having fun and working hard and cheering for each other. we're missing a lot of that in our country, neil. and what i think people are seeing is, hey, i don't maybe like his politics, i don't like who he worked for, i do like he worked for, whatever, but for two hours we get a watch a bunch of people having fun and enjoying themselves and i think that that's what we should be getting back to more in this country. elections give us an opportunity to express ourselves to campaign for a candidate or policy or a referendum, but every-- absent that, let's start enjoying each other as people once in a while. neil: it perfecroves for you, we people at the core. there's nigh personal bias. >> thank you. neil: let's get back, if you don't mind, sean, on where you see this political drama playing out. it's not dancing with the stars,
8:07 am
it is, you know, pretty nasty and the feeling seems to be that it's building toward impeachment of the president of the united states, at least in the house. it stops there, ends there. doesn't go much further than that, from there, but what do you make of it? >> well, i think that's absolutely right. look, you've got the house. the question is does pelosi have the votes? >> there are 36 democrats sitting in districts that trump won. she needs 18. and i think that's part of what's holding back this vote. not only will this they vote and what does it do to their reelection prospect and i think that's a problem for pelosi. the further she asuajes the far left, not only the grip on her majority. and second to your point i think there's no question that the senate is a full stop, with are it ends. they might get their vote in the house, but it's wasted vote because it will go to the senate
8:08 am
and die. the problem further in the house, the way that the democrats have handled this is pretty ridiculous. so pelosi ordered-- announced the impeachment prior to them seeing the transcript of the call, hearing from the testimony, schiff is out there reading a false narrative, not a false narrative, he's making up the testimony in the thing to sort of create drama around it and admits he falsified it for effect. i don't think they've handled this in a way for the confidence of the american people and furthered that this is a political vendetta that they have against the president. neil: what if all they want is going into the general election, our nominee versus the impeached president of the united states. that's all they want. >> i think that's all they want, but the problem is what they've done is created fault lines. there might be a lot of people on the fence. even never-trumpers, i'm not always comfortable with what the
8:09 am
president says, this isn't the way they handle it and falling on the side of the president. they're creating a fault line that might not be necessary, especially in some of these key districts and the way they're overstepping this i think start today create people who might be uneasy here and there and saying, gosh, i don't think this was the right way to handle it, i don't like the way the democrats are going too far, i'll side with president trump and i think this is the danger they've created. to assuage the far left, the progressive left of their party, they're going to the extreme i think may be going to their peril going into the general election. neil: i don't want to put you on the spot, you're unown man, but sometimes the president feeds the beast himself. you know, if you go attack him or say something, you know, that isn't supportive of him, it's hell. mitt romney is an ass. he lost election easily could have won. every republican hates him. he should be impeached in utah
8:10 am
on and on and on. when you worked with him did you ever advise him, look, i know this is your abrupt style, mr. president, i know it works, you're president of the united states, but you've got to cool it on that stuff? >> the hard part that i had, neil, sure of course i would give him my suggestions and advice all the time. the problem is the president generally was right in the sense that when he does this, look at the fault line that i talked about that he's created. he says all of these things and he's got a rock solid base. these people on the republican side will march through him thick and thin. neil: you need more than that. if you're an independent you need more than that, right? >> you do, but you need an intensified base going out through thick and thin that's going to campaign for you, put up the yard sign and make eight extra phone calls and right now he's created this army of folks on the right that will do everything to protect him. that's much better than having a loose base with a bunch of folks at the top kind of with you. so he's sort of traded the dynamic. he traded the last cycle and won
8:11 am
and everybody told him you can't do it like this. he did it. he pushed aside all of the political pundits, all the experts and won, and he won with states we hadn't won since '88. neil: all of those things right now, he's trailing in all of those states and the polls again, they're passing, i guess that, but do you think that he should lighten up a little bit? i'm not saying go on dancing with the stars, but be a little more self-deprecating? >> i've always found that the trump that i've known who has got an empathetic side who shows kindness to people that i've seen firsthand, strangers, people he's known, i think that i'd love to see people know that more, and watch him put out that hand that he does. neil: he does not show that, sean. i don't know why, he doesn't show it. >> i've always-- yeah, as far as i'm concerned i've always thought it would be great if people could see that side of him. i've seen firsthand and extend that hand when someone is in a time of need. i think the more people see of
8:12 am
that the better, but i think he's going into an election where they want toughness and it's hard to be bipolar i'm really, really tough, but i can be kind here, too. neil: maybe if you gave him one of your outfits for a national speech. >> that would be a bad idea, bad idea. neil: continued success, my friend, you deserve every bit of it. we're watching closely. good luck this week. >> thanks, neil. neil: sean spicer. switching gears, the live shots of wildfires that are raging in los angeles county. the governor there is declaring a state of emergency. we're going to go live after this. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer, yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin ♪ yeah that's all me. ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ nothing is everything. keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months.
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8:15 am
>> are you seeing these-- for those listening on the radio right now, there are wildfires running out of control in southern california. los angeles county to be specific. the governor there declaring a state of emergency. we're going there shortly. this is nothing to do with pg&e,
8:16 am
and avoiding the threat of fires shutting down power. more than a million without power and although that's coming down a bit. this is something separate and just bedevilling the golden state. we'll keep you posted on this very, very shortly. in the meantime, fiery developments on capitol hill. not just on the impeachment probe that's intensifying, but the investigation into how these probes started in the first place. the attorney general assigned to it, attorney general barr adding scope and adding more research and agents. where is it going? federal prosecutor doug burns. >> you told me it would keep accelerating and expanding, it's doing that. >> it's interesting, you have the cliches. i heard you say what's good for the goose is good for the gander. neil: here we go. >> the shoe on the other foot. don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. joking aside, one screaming
8:17 am
bloody murder, and the other, timmy didn't do it, johnnie did it, like in the schoolyard. the point is like the american public is like a jury. i'm a trial lawyer over three decades when we talk about it in the conference room, how is this going to hit the jury and process this, a lot of people are turning on the television like he didn't have a cup of coffee at 10:18, it's 10:22, he lied they should be in jail. and people are tuning it out, too much detail and mineutia. there's a legitimate look how the russia probe began with, it didn't produce a conservative. and don't have to look at that with red faces-- >> i don't think it changed my mind. if you're a supporter of the president, and strong supporter,
8:18 am
you're going to think it's a rigged game. and on the other side the democrats -- so is it moving, as you said the jury of public opinion. sean spicer, telling me a few minutes ago -- very good dancer by the way, very good dancer. >> oh, he is. neil: it's not going to move the body politics. >> that's a great point. people when it gets angry and better if i was a psychiatrist rather than a lawyer, but as you get angrier you dig in more and more. neil: and moving people-- >> into your position. i don't think that the needle is moving. i think whatever the numbers are, that's above my pay grade, the political polls. neil: you have a very high pay grade. >> i've watched you -- thank you. i've watched you break it down. the point is whatever percent is standing with the president, 40, whatever they say, i think they're dug in really hard. whatever percent on the other side, but again-- >> does it win over-- the independents, i know you're not a politics guy. >> take a shot at it.
8:19 am
neil: what richard mnixon, seve out of ten thought it was a waste of time and drip, drip, drip, and you know the end of that story. i don't see that happening here. the clinton analogy where he had a strong economy, strong market, is a similar back drop for this president and goes no further. what's your sense? >> no, my sense is i had said to a cousin of mine eight months or ago or whatever. jeff, he's a trained lawyer. i said i think they're going to call this an inquiry, i think that's smart politically i told him because that's going to make it appear that impeachment is underway and may have some type of exit strategy, i'm out of my depth, but the way i see it, neil. neil: you don't think that people will see it through their political prism, this is a pile-on. >> the greatest excuse in the world, which is great, which is we've decided that we don't want to put the american public through something like this,
8:20 am
even though, by the way, cheap shot, it's fully warranted, et cetera, et cetera. neil: really? >> that's politics not law. neil: politics on the extreme side tells you that it's political pay dirt for them, the democrats that want it, but republicans are salivating at the prospect of pushing it because they think it helps the president. >> i think you said a minute ago, i thought it was on the money they really want a situation where they turn around in the election cycle and say the guy is impeached, have a nice day. neil: i think you're right. >> you were the one that said it. neil: i did. i thought that was brilliant. always good seeing you, we'll see how it falls out. anyone's guess. doug burns, former prosecutor. the president just tweeting after they're after the greatest mayor history rudy guiliani, and he may seem rough around the edges, a great guy, one-sided witch hunt going on in the usa,
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> well, many are condemning the violence outside of president trump's rally this week. we've seen violence during political seasons before. rather the riot after the democratic convention in chicago 1968. it turned off voters then. and could this turn off voters now and they could stop watching political events altogether? joining us kat-- >> listen i don't like violence. people are so worked up and so passionate and of course, democrats like to use it as a
8:25 am
sort of talking point to say that it is president trump and it is his rhetoric that is leading to the violence and an increase in hate incidents and whatnot. there was one study that stated it was over 200% increase because of president trump's rallies. however, i mean, cnn ran with it, fox ran with it, with this study. no one questioned the numbers and reason magazine did a piece on it, actually and they used the same way to analyze the numbers, and they found hillary clinton's rallies would, you know, associated even higher. i'm not saying that hillary clinton inspires violent rhetoric it's along the lines these are happening in big cities with more violence overall. in terms of the whole it's trump's fault, they need to fact check that. neil: everyone needs to cool it. >> myself included. neil: let's not go that far. i will say, calm, rational, and we can disagree and never
8:26 am
disagreeable, i know that's a trite phrase. it happened in the same week the dust-up that ellen sitting down at a game with george bush. everyone has to take a chill pill here. >> i think that's right. i think there's a distinct here. i think to say that violence is representative of either side politically is not accurate. it is a minority people-- >> completely agree. >> get violent on these things, of course it gets coverage. one of the problems it gets coverage and people then say, people in this party, people in that party will stop at nothing in the streets and that's not the majority, civility-- >> a lot of people on the left thought if trump had lost, that we would be seeing this sort of thing from loyalty trumpsters and everyone who felt he was taken advantage of. they didn't see it that they themselves could be perpetuating it. >> again, i think it is a minority. neil: i agree with you. >> that people who are talking about that are not talking about themselves, they're talking-- >> the background and we know
8:27 am
from the '68 convention decades before you were born that you could overdo this and you can send a signal, to david's point, doesn't look good no matter who is part of it. >> i think we would all agree that the violence is a minority faction on both sides. i think what we might disagree with is the fact that the coverage of the violence is lopsided. so i think when you want to talk about civility in our politics we need more of it. we need to be a nation that can say that people can go to a baseball game with different political affiliations and have a good time. if you recognize that millions of people are losing their mind that people can sit next to each other at a sporting event, we should recognize the fact that coverage of how this violence is affecting us as a society as a whole is lopsided when you have people saying all the violence is related to one person of one party. neil: i can still curse out houston players at the yankees game. >> that's fine. [laughter] >> here we are at the
8:28 am
convention this summer, you're going to see it unfold, i hope not the violence, but these are polarizing times and we're reminded ever it every day. i wonder if it's incumbent on the leaders of both parties to dial it down. that's what i was getting at with sean spicer. not that they have to go on dancing with the stars, but dial it down. >> i think that's true and i think there's an element, if you're not on our side, then you aren't just someone who disagrees, you are someone who is our enemy disagree with, you're evil, you hate america. i mean, these people's hyperbole and-- >> i don't like the personal insults and in my case, making one of my weight, as if i'm overweight. >> i can barely see you, you're disappearing. neil: really, we're grown-ups.
8:29 am
right? >> we're supposed to be grown-ups. it's sad we'll never get anything done of the believe it or not, there are some things we all agree on as humans. the vast majority, serial killers maybe not. neil: subset. >> we refuse to not only not focus on those things, but acknowledge those things. neil: i wonder if it means that people doesn't show up at the polls, left or right, how that factors in? >> perhaps, but i think that's been discounted in already. because it's been getting worse and bad for a long time and people who are sort of in the i'm sick of it all crowd i think have already left the system and they're not really up for grabs. >> i'm sick of it, but i'm still here. neil: and the democrats will say they got jazzed about health care and republicans dropped the ball on that. i don't know what will be the galvanizing issue, but maybe the person registering at all so we
8:30 am
needn't worry. >> democrats have been rebuilding the obama coalition, said from the beginning. you can't rebuild an obama coalition without obama on the ballot. you have to talk about americans across the spectrum, getting people that voted for trump after they voted for president obama two times. if we're not going to focus-- if the republican party isn't focusing on getting those individuals who voted for president trump, to remain to the principles they voted for we will have a tough time. the bobby kennedy seeking a newer world. in order to reach the newer world we have to deal with the realities of the world in which we currently live. neil: that's beautiful. >> amen. neil: good job, guys. thank you all very very much. in the meantime, nba is handling the comments about the hong kong protest, it's being called a technical foul by many, but did they actually make things even worse? >> people in china didn't ask me about, you know, people owning ar 15's and mowing each
8:31 am
other down in a mall. i wasn't asked that question. wow, you call a lot. yeah, well it's my money we're talking about here. help from a team that will exceed your expectations. ♪
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> this did not come up in terms of people asking me about it, nor has our record of human rights abuses come up either. people in china didn't ask me about you know, people owning ar-15's and mowing each other down in a mall. the world is a complex place and
8:35 am
there's more gray than black and white. neil: all right. that was nba coach steve kerr. and he's taking flak for the road on china and hong kong protesters are taking to the streets for what they think are abuses going on in china and elsewhere. chris, i wonder when i hear this back and forth whether the nba can get out of its own way and just be consistent. and i know they walk a tightrope, i understand that, but they just seem to be all over the map on this. >> yeah, steve kerr, and he is one of the most intelligent guys in the nba, but that comment, you're comparing the acts of an individual or random individuals who may have done these mass shootings to the government sanctioned human rights violations of china. so that was-- he misspoke, i would argue right
8:36 am
there. neil: maybe he was covering his ass? >> well, look, he was covering his ass when he said, a day before, i don't really know a lot about china. steve, as i said, very intelligent. his dad worked overseas so he knows international events and affairs, so, that's when he was covering himself, but the nba, look, adam silver, the commissioner, his second statement, i actually thought was a very strong and solid statement when he said, we stick behind daryl morey's right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech and then he also said later, it's not the nba's job to adjudicate how different countries and political systems are run. the problem with that, the statement was fine. the problem was that he has not followed up on that, and that's where the hypocrisy comes in. you say you support freedom of expression, but a few days later the nba media is all cut off from the players in china. there's no media access over in china for the last few days and
8:37 am
is that freedom of expression. neil: the players who return home or ones getting ready, you know more than a few successful ones with nothing financially to lose are going to speak out on the subject and then the nba is going to be in-- >> i don't think they will. i think most players understandably don't know really what's going on over there. so most players will say no comment or i'm not talking about that, i'm talking about basketball. neil: but is there a double standard. don't go to the white house, don't go to north carolina because of the trans bathroom issue, but half a world an away-- >> i think in 2017 when they removed the all-star game, it was wrong and hypocritical. you told us it's not the nba's job to adjudicate how to run the country. it's not the nba to tell the states how to govern themselves. and rightly the hypocritical charges come in.
8:38 am
i would say this and i do think as i've said the nba is being hypocritical, however, there's hypocrisy all around when dealing with china. almost over american corporation kowtows to china. and marriott fired an employee for accidentally liking an instagram on tibet. and i read this week, president trump compromised the chinese president we would not comment on hong kong protests during trade talks. everybody is compromising with china. neil: what if the nba called the chinese pundits, no pre-games in china and kick you out of china and they said, go ahead and go with the european league, that works fine. >> i called for the nba earlier this week, once china started pulling down the banners, 11 of
8:39 am
the 13 sponsors pulled out. we're gone. there's tons of money and that's where, look, just like the rest of these american corporations, the nba is selling out its values for money. that's the bottom line. there's so much money. neil: so how about rolling the dice and not doing that, i bet they would be richly rewarded. >> they would in terms of reputation. neil: no, in china down the road because the chinese also know that this is a big-- there are 304 million kids playing it now. they're playing-- is that right? >> that's a good question. neil: they're not doing it to emulate the europeans. >> most people i talked with said they thought china would say good riddance to the nba. you're not finding another lebron james or kevin durant. the nba could try to call their bluff and do that. neil: they'd be hurting themselves. >> that would be radical and
8:40 am
revolutionary. in the years you might be rewarded, but in the short run, the salary cap would drop, their sam rsalaries would drop. while i don't agree with their stance it's no different than the rest of the american corporations dealing with china. neil: you know what disturbs me about this? i knew you were great in sports and you're eerily good in financial and that's my territory, stay away. >> i'm available every saturday. neil: what a great read of things. i've always been a fan and not i got to see you up close and see that you could be after my job, that good at it. [laughter] >> we're following the developments and following the fires still burning out of control in southern california. they have the power outages in the north that are being deliberately sort of programed by pe and g to eliminate fires
8:41 am
in the north and a big mess. more after this. m worried about my parents' retirement. don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... dealing with today's expenses ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay? i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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8:43 am
that's the number on your screen now.
8:44 am
>> all right. thousands have been evacuated in the southern california fires rage. firefighters there are struggling to contain the wildfires going on. i think i misstated the problems in the north as pg&e the utility there. and our local utility. psg and e. i apologize for that pg&e. it's gone down dramatically since then to ward off the kind of fires they're getting now in the southern part of the state. and with the latest, man, this looks nasty, christina, what's going on? >> it is nasty, quite a mess. right now the saddleridge fire is 19% contained. a mandatory evacuation for
8:45 am
100,000 people, told to get out from this fast-moving fire. look at the house, you can see what looks like an exercise machine in there. i'm not sure if that's the garage or not because the roof is crushed in and it's so badly burned. if you just go ahead and take a look over here. i want to show you how close this destroyed house is to the home next door. it's just feet away. that really is a testament to how hard these firefighters had to work to keep these flames from spreading from house to house. i mean, this is one of 31 properties that were damaged here in this sandalwood fire, if you go ahead and look at it again. this fire started thursday night when the santa ana winds were blowing up to 60 miles per hour, fueling this fast-moving fire. at least a thousand firefighters are working to stop the flames. a man died of a heart attack trying to fight the blaze from his home. another fire, the sandalwood fire east of l.a. swept through
8:46 am
a mobile home park in calla mesa killing one woman, two others are unaccounted for at this point. the state's largest utility company cut out power to thousands of customers to try to lessen the risk. a very dangerous situation out here. you have lots of firefighters, brave men and women working hard on the hot spots to contain the fire so it doesn't hurt anyone else. neil: thank you very much. stay safe yourself. in the meantime, the race for the white house is coming on, and cable news, could it be determined for something like you didn't think of like the housing market and the housing market taking off if you're the president. 30-year fixed mortgage below 4%. 15-year mortgages in and out of record lows themselves. this doesn't necessarily apply to benefitting all sectors of the housing environment, for example, the high end homes
8:47 am
favored by the likes of deirdre bolton are not doing well. i don't know why i had to throw her under the bus. >> what i didn't tell you myself and my entire family are going to come to live-- show up old italian style. you have room for us. neil: all right there. all right. we've got debra-- deirdre bolton, i shamed you. >> that's all right. neil: and housing which had been sort of stumbling, between the mortgage refinancing activity, sales, lower, middle homes, not so much in the high end, something is happening. >> president trump has been very mean, let's just say, to jay powell, the fed chairman by the fed cutting rates twice this year. refinancing up from the last weeks, 163% higher from a year ago, this is last week's data. mortgage rates are down as you said. so as far as the affordability, it's there, but i think it's on the other side, we often talk
8:48 am
about millennials, the fact that after mortgage debt, really, you have consumer debt and then also debt from schooling, right? they still collectively own or owe, rather, more than a trillion dollars. so, even though affordability is coming down, if you speak with a lot of younger people, they say it doesn't matter, we can't come up with the down payment. there's evidence that the housing market is good and refinancing is great, as far as new people coming in. neil: refinancing is one thing where that money is going. >> don't want to move according to the fannie mae study they're saying that consumer sentiment when it comes to housing is down in september. neil: you were telling me a while ago that housing is not the lure to young people as to let's say their parents. >> it absolutely isn't. to deirdre's point. it's very expensive to purchase a home, the down payment. we all can't do that and supply is very low in memphis and pittsburgh. these are towns of people, you
8:49 am
know, working class people and they can't afford to-- >> but it's particularly burdensome in high tax states, you and i know that in california, new jersey, illinois, massachusetts, puts a limit on how much you can write off tax-wise and that doesn't help things any. >> that's true, neil. and even though the housing market is an indicator of what's going on with the u.s. economy, it actually represents about 15% of our economy. i would argue here that a slowing down of the housing market may actually help president trump, the reason that say that to deirdre's point. the affordability issue. there's a lot of people out there, interest rates coming down, interest rates go down, pricing tends to go up because it's about your monthly payment. so what i'm saying is, if the housing market, not dropping, but simply slows down, it may actually be a good thing for a lot of people that support president trump. neil: and drive rates down and
8:50 am
further help. and you, too, deirdre, it's been great. deirdre will say i'll never turn on this show again. the president is expected to take the stage at the voters value summit, and tony perkins after this. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage, you could be coughing up the cash for this. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me-ow.
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>> all right. the annual voters summit rather, values voters summit i should say, is going on in washington d.c. president trump is set to speak there tonight. the family research council, president tony perkins, he's the big cheese there, is taking time to join us. i'm grateful for that. tony, how are you? >> i'm good, neil. good to be with you, you're the big cheese. neil: if that were true, maybe
8:54 am
provolone cheese. today this event, how do value voters feel? i mean, those who for whom religion and other issues are very important. it's a pretty polarizing election year. sometimes some not so pleasant language is exchanged by both sides. how are they feeling? >> it's very interesting, neil. what's happened. while the intensity grows, the clarity grows and the enthusiasm at the values voters summit despite the background of investigations and impeachment has never been stronger. there's a stronger focus this year more on the spiritual nature of the values voters and where we gain our true strength and that there is a real battle, if you will, for values and they see in this president. this was really summarized in a group of about a couple hundred conservative evangelical supporters who were having a
8:55 am
dinner and one of the questions that was asked was, look, we support the president, the impeachment, the investigation, that's all political theater. that doesn't phase us one bet, but this issue with syria, which is unfolding right now, it has been a troubling issue and that's where they're trying to grasp, you know, when we see what's happening in northeast syria where there's one of the few places where true religious freedom in the middle east has taken hold, we don't want to see america back away from the kurds, the christians, the others. neil: how do they reconcile that. the president is tired of going to funerals and greeting loved ones whose sons and daughters have come home in coffins. i get that, i understand that, i appreciate that, but do they feel that in so doing, that he's provided an opportunity for the bad guys to triumph? >> well, neil, you articulate the question. i think that's why tonight when the president comes and speaks at the gala in which we're going
8:56 am
to be honoring andrew brunson, a year ago today that i escorted him back to the united states. neil: that's right. >> the president is going to be there, be the keynote speaker and we're going to recognize andrew with our calls to discipleship award and he'll have the chance to explain. and he and his administration, i was there yesterday discussing this the issue, they have a lot more information than we do as the american public, but this is the question in the minds of the evangelicals. the only time during his administration that they've been shook a little bit about a decision from the president. neil: all right. and i know you're a busy guy, tony. good luck with this. i know you're ring leading this and it gets a lot of attention as it should. tony perkins, family research council president overseeing the big-- the family values summit going on right now. a bipartisan cause. we'll see how it's ultimately received with the president tonight. again, keeping you up-to-date on the fires going on in southern california, los angeles county. it's fairly widespread. the governor has declared a
8:57 am
state of emergency throughout the county, throughout los angeles county. we'll keep you abreast of that throughout the day. you are watching fox news. more after this. our 18-year-old was in an accident. when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
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>> a shake-up at the very top of the homeland security department as given mcaleenan resigns as acting secretary. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm gillian turner. it's great to be with you. leland, great to be with you on a saturday. leland: nice to be with you as well. what is this three or four dh secretaries. gillian: something like that. leland: i'm leland vittert. the race to replace mcaleenan is on. and president trump says he'll announce a new acting


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