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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 13, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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back live to the president at the values voters summit in washington d.c. pres >> we're going to take a look at it. we're going after these people. these are bad, bad -- ♪ >> is this you? >> it has to be you. >> what would give it away? >> the fact that you started immediately. >> in fairness, i would have done that anyway. >> if you grew up in staten island and you hang out with a kid, that's what you do, you kind of blast that in your car, you open the windows and -- >> the shoulders too? >> i didn't have that. when which drive places -- when i would drive places, i would blast this. look what -- >> not bad there.
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not bad. >> this would be the new york yankees. >> i have to give it to you, ed. i didn't watch the game last night. >> i have a special hat for you. >> this is very -- >> my condolences to everyone in houston. you had a lot of hope. 7-0, you shut them down, i mean -- >> by the way, it's a holiday, labor day for -- >> five rbis. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i'm still dancing to groove is in the heart. >> the president feels like he has momentum after the rally in louisiana. >> louisiana headed for a runoff election after the democrat governor failed to get 50% of the vote. >> he will face off against eddie risponi. that will be next month. >> garrett tenney live from washington with reaction from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. this is exactly what president trump hoped to accomplish with his campaign rally in louisiana on friday. the governor, john bell edwards, came up short of the 50% he
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needed to avoid a runoff with 46% of the vote. he will now face republican businessman eddie risponi in next month's general election after he beat out ralph abraham, 27 to 23%. last night president trump said the governor of louisiana, john bell edwards, has done a poor job. now he's in a runoff with a great republican, eddie risponi, thank you, louisiana. after i explained what a bad job the governor was doing. president trump played a big role in this campaign and at his victory party, risponi, the p republican, said the president will continue to help them take back the governor's mansion. >> this guy from washington, d.c. just called, congratulating me. [ cheering and applause ] >> president donald trump, he's going to makes us great and he's going to support us.
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>> reporter: edwards has largely campaigned on his conservative record and despite not getting 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff, his campaign is confident that they will be able to win outright next month. >> i made a promise to you that i would put louisiana first and for the past four years that is exactly what we have done. we turned a $2 billion deficit, the largest in our state's history, into three consecutive surpluses. we gave our teffer teachers they raise they've received in over a decade. we're one steps closer to four more years of moving louisiana forward. >> reporter: edwards is the only democrat executive in the south. >> democrats always moving wherever they are forward, as if forward is somewhere good. this is a great result for the president and for republicans.
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the incumbent governor hoped to win 50% to avoid a runoff. in this case, you add the two republicans together, it was a fierce primary, they're well over 50%, 51%. democrats looking for hope, looking for a signal, look at this and say, you know, the president's message is resonating. >> we spend so much time talking about the house and the senate and the presidency that sometimes we forget how important these elections are for governors around the country. look at what's going around in california with new s&p an newse homeless crisis and all those conversations, just reminding people, governors are the people that get stuff done and make for good presidents one day because they're in the person of running their state. so i like to follow governor elections, even if i don't know the candidates at the start, i like to do research and figure it out. it adds another dynamic, so we're not always talking about pelosi and biden and all that stuff. >> the presidents was talking about biden a little bit
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yesterday. the president did an interview last night, he gave a speech at the valued voters summit, a conservative group, who were there and the president was really going on offense and talking about how state by state, trying to get business done, he said i'm trying to get things done in washington, go beyond the tax cuts, get immigration reform, get a bunch of big issues done but democrats are in my way, he said, because they're all about impeachment. watch. >> impeachment. i never thought i'd see or hear that word with regard to me. impeachment. crooked adam schiff, he made up a conversation. and then we caught him. and i said he has to pay a big price and they said sir, he has total immunity. i said sue him anyway, even if we lose, the american public will understand. [ cheering and applause ] >> and sue nancy pelosi.
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or maybe we should just impeach them. because they're lying and what they're doing is a terrible thing for our country. our shared values are under assault like never before. they're coming after me because i'm fighting for you. we will never, ever, no matter what happens, surrender our liberty. >> you can't impeach members of the house. presumably he's talking more generally about how he wants to take them on more directly. >> i think he's being hon ofest when he says -- honest when he says he never thought he would see or hear impeachment when it comes to him. donald trump was beloved by so many liberals, before he got the presidency, i don't know that he was ready for the immediate onslaught, where before he did anything, before he put any policies into effect that he promised on the campaign, they decided they didn't want him in there, probably because he had
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an "r" in front of his name, so i don't know if he was prepared for this. >> it was also that he dared to do what he said he would do and follow through on it. nbc, he was beloved on nbc. now he points at the nbc reporters and says you're the worst of the worst, you're the fakest of the fake news. if you talk about lawsuit, impeachment, ultimately he looks at the ballot box in 2020 and says if they're going to try to impeach me in the house of representatives, fine, i'll be the first ever president to be impeached by the house and get reelected and and that's the massive lawsuit i'll bring against adam schiff and those that are coming against me. when you talk to folks, they're not falling the day-to-day, ukraine, the phone call, the transcript, the whistleblower, the hearing. it all feels like the same noise they saw with russia. >> the president alluded to the fact that maybe democrats are getting lost in the process, haven't been fair in terms of of having a formal vote to give
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republicans subpoena power so they can have more of a voice in the investigations, the testimony has been done behind closed doors. you're only hearing part of the story, not seeing the actual transcripts. >> you made the case right there. >> a andy biggs, the chair ofe freedom caucus, he just took that over. he's saying adam schiff, with making up the script at the hearing, it's blowing up in democrats' faces. watch. >> it looks like mr. schiff had that information early august and toward the end of august there's the contact that's supposed to have been made. that looks like that's accurate. then he's tweeting, setting a narrative out there about the ukraine telephone call and when he begins seting that narrative, that sets the groundwork for the whistleblower complaint that's going to come out and just things that he said, misrepresentations he said before the whistleblower complaint came out, before the transcript of the phone call
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came out, just to -- it looked like he was trying to mislead the american public. >> trying? he was. >> i don't miss that dramatic reading by schiff. i'm not sure if he was trying to be an actor. he said at one point he was trying to be a screen writer, maybe he thought it was his emmy moment. he was so insufferable, that guy, he's a nightmare for democrats. that's the last person they want front and center is adam schiff. >> the last one they want front and center. you might think of beto o'rourke. without naming president trump, this candidate, beto o'rourke, who goes by robert francis, did a townhall with cnn, was asked about religious freedom, same sex marriage. here's what he had to say about it. >> do you think religious institutions like colleges, churches, charities, should they lose tax exempt status if they oppose same sex marriage. >> yes, there can be no reward,
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no benefit, no tax break, for anyone or any institution, any organization in america that denies the full human rights and full civil rights of every single one of us. >> so first he was coming for your guns, now he's coming for the churches and the tax exempt status. >> sounds like a great tag line. but the ram phi case of a statement like that is any church, any synagogue, any mosque that believes a different view of beto o'rourke, no tax exempt status. >> very dangerous, also unconstitutional. president trump wasn't going to let that one slide. listen to what he had to say about it. >> as you know, just a few days ago, a democrat running for president proposed revoking the tax exempt status of many churches and religious groups. and you know why and you know who it is. he's a whacko. i will never allow the federal government to be used to target,
3:11 am
harass or punish communities of faith and i will never allow the irs to be used as a political weapon. >> i love that he doesn't mention ba beto's name. he has gotten so irrelevant that he doesn't deserve a cool nickname from president trump. >> he used to mention him. now he's at 1 or 2% so why does he bother. >> it's like saying this guy over here that's trying to be relevant, i'm looking for a headline, yeah, that's not going to work, without giving him the benefit. >> let us know what you think, friendsality afriends@foxnews.c. >> we're going to turn to headlines now. 23 people confirmed dead as japan starts to clean up from the worst typhoon in six decades. take a look at this home, crumbling into the water. more than 30 inches of rain
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leaving entire communities submerged. more than 400,000 homes are without power. right now, 27,000 soldiers, police and firefighters are working to rescue people stranded in their homes. two construction workers are dead when the hard rock hotel suddenly collapses in new orleans. >> oh, my god. >> dust and smoke filling the air as people run for their lives. 18 people are hurt and one person is missing. right now, search efforts are suspended. officials fear the building could crumble even more. the hotel is under construction but the cause of the collapse is unknown. and president trump's attorney says he's unaware of a reported federal investigation. rudy giuliani telling cnn he has not been contacted about a probe about his work for the not the ukraine. president trump says he supports
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his attorney. >> i stand behind rieu city giuliani. he was -- rudy giuliani. >>.>> there's a lot of speculan the president might push him aside, in fact, he's doing quite the opposite, he's getting behind his attorney. congressman shifty, adam schiff, under the microscope. that's the president president's nickname. >> i thought it was little. >> he has a couple. >> shifty schiff, new reports show he recruited aids who worked along side the ukraine whistleblower and there could be more where that came from. a former doj official has a warning, coming up next. ♪ what's with the long face. ♪ do you want more. ♪ yeah, that's half the fun of a new house. seeing what people left behind in the attic. well, saving on homeowners insurance with geico's help was pretty fun too.
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welcome back. congressman adam schiff's connection to the whistleblower under the microscope as he reportedly recruited two national security council aides who worked alongside the whistleblower at the white house. abigail grace was hired in february and shawn misko joined schiff's committee staff in august. president trump calling this back in february, saying schiff would stop at nothing to oust him, tweeting even stealing people who work at the white house, the continuation of the witch hunt. joining us now to discuss, ian prior. thank you for being here this morning. this whole idea that obama holdovers in the white house would leave to go to adam schiff's staff. >>, they were on thensc, which e nonpartisan, now they're part of the resistance in the investigation. what do you make of this? >> well, look, i think this whole situation has become quite
3:18 am
dangerous, actually. i look at the way adam schiff runs the intelligence committee and compare it to the way richard burr runs the committee in the senate. he does things in a nonpartisan way. some of the things burr does you may not agree with if you're a republican. he runs it as a serious committee. adam schiff, i call him a clown, but that is unfair to clowns. this is someone who runs this committee as nothing more than a political operation and he's trying to take down a sitting be president. so is that where we're going to go from now on? whoever the president is, we're trying to take somebody down from the inside out, regardless of the party of the president, is that where we're going? >> it's a really important point. the intelligence committee, if there's one committee you would want to be totally nonpartisan -- a lot of conservatives and republicans looked at the actions of richard burr in the t senate and looked side ways at it because he's trying to call balls and strikes. the national security council, when you see employees moving-shall-we have an article
3:19 am
from politico, when nsc employees recall the events, they think of crazy, some think it's like surviving a traumatic event. the whistleblower memo has a lot of the same words in it, saying it's completely missing subjects related to national security. people that are supposed to be nonpartisan are going to a community that are now using a partisan path to take on this president. have you seen a similar be pattern. >> certainly. i think it goes across the government. you're looking at career officials, a lot of them, most of them are not fans of donald trump. it's just the facts, right. but if you get into the national security council, you shouldn't be in a that partisan lens. you should go to work every day, looking to do your job in a nonpartisan way. and the fact that you have schiff taking people from the nsc and working around to work with this whistleblower, to ultimately overrule the will of
3:20 am
the people, to try to take down trump with his faux impeachment inquiry, it's scary. where are we going to be four years from now, five years from now. this is not the way politics should be done. >> can this be undone? are we down a partisan path because they hate the president so much that you can't right the ship. >> i don't think you can right the ship. i think this is where we are right now as a country where you have trump derangement syndrome, where no matter what the guy does, people are going to hate him. people that work for him, people that work in the government, and it doesn't matter. they see what goes on on tv, they see the rhetoric and they do not want to help this country go where it needs to go because they don't like the president. >> ian prior, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. a startling new warning about vaping and the flu. plus, pregnant women skipping vital vaccines? why? well, a doctor joins us next. ♪ blame it on the night.
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all right. good morning. syrian kurds say hundreds of isis supporters have escaped as turkey advances its military offenses. the clashes come despite warnings from the u.s. and eu about possible captio sanctions. the president sending $50 million in aid to syria to protect minorities. the president says the partial trade deal with china will be the greatest and best deal for american farmers, that's what he's saying. this comes as china agrees to boost the agricultural purchases up to $50 billion with a b. president trump tweeting in part, in fact, there's a question as to whether or not this much product can be
3:25 am
produced. our farmers will figure it out. thank you, china. jed? >> some smokers may have turned to vaping to try and kick the habit. but with vaping related deaths climbing to at least 26 nationwide and s effect, what hs now. dr. jeanette nashwa joins us now. welcome to the show. good morning to you. i hear a lot of concern from people who do vape, that say this is what helps me stop smoking cigarettes. now i'm hearing all the terrible stuff about vaping. where do i go? what do i do? >> it's just like you mentioned l earlier, we've got over 1300 illnesses and hospitalizations in this country, nearly 30 people have died. this is why our president, our first lady, the fda are saying please stop vaping right now until we figure of out what are these ingredients that are killing people and putting them in the hospital. but it's important to understand that vaping is not the fda appro
3:26 am
quit smoking. i think it's fantastic that some people have successfully quit smoking with the use of vaping, if you use it properly, to properly wean off the nicotine. but there's other alternatives out there. there's nicotine patches. there's gums. there's nasal sprays. there's medications and then we have smoking cessation groups and also cdc hot line to give you more tips and support, 1-800-quit-now. there's many alternatives out there. i don't want patients to feel like they're abandoned or what are they going to do. definitely don't go back to cigarette smoking. fight that crave, fight that urge, talk to your doctor because there are alternatives. >> hav there have been a lot f concerns about the health risks of vaping, some very serious that we've been reading about in the news. what about the issue of the flu? when we talk about flu season, people are saying -- doctors are saying vapors may be more susceptible to the flu. why? are your lungs compromised? >> the young kids, teenagers,
3:27 am
they're inhaling chemicals and toxins into their lungs which creates an inflammatory reaction. their lungs become inflamed and the vaping he chemicals, it causes the cells in the lungs to be destroyed. it kills the tiny air sacs in your lungs and now we're in the start of flu season. it's adding insult to injury. we've got these viruses and these bacterial infections circulating and the flu is highly infectious and highly contagious. now you're more vulnerable, more prone to become ill. that's why it's even more important to make sure you get your flu shot in addition to try to stay away from vaping and smoking. >> i want to get to that flu shot. i happen to be pregnant. i'm due in about four weeks, actually and i had read that a lot of pregnant women are not getting flu and whooping cough vaccinations. full disclosure, i don't get a flu shot. i don't know if i've ever gotten a flu shot. why is this something that's coming up for pregnant women in particular? >> so, vaccines truly,
3:28 am
especially with herd immunity, they can save lives and prevent thousands of deaths every year. it's important to understand, when a pregnant mom becomes vaccinated, not only are you protecting yourself but you're protecting your unborn child because for example, with the flu shot, your baby can't get vaccinated until they're 6 months of age and you're going to be giving birth in four weeks. so your baby is going to be born right in the middle of flu season. so when you get a vacatio vacci, you're protecting your unborn child. your body is creating antibody that's will protect your child. >> i really appreciate your medical opinion on that as i'm carrying this bundle of joy. thank you for being here today. >> thank you. we keep hearing about ukraine but what do americans really know about it? jesse watters went to find out,
3:29 am
that's coming up next. >> tell me about crewin. >>ukraine.>> ukraine, i have n. i don't know. i'm not ukrainian. >> have you heard anything about ukraine recently? >> no, should i have? turn on my tv and boom,
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it is a -- >> a pennsylvania couple ordering this, it took more than 10 hours to make. >> the internet going wild over this photo. and we are as well. how many bucks did it cost? >> that looks so real. that's crazy talent to do that. >> beth on facebook writing, you deserve a medal. dean says looks almost real, too good to eat. >> rose writes it's so beautiful, i don't think i would be able to cut it. that's true. i've seen something so beautiful that you don't want to cut it. the skill that -- >> is actual deer good to eat. >> you mean like venison? >> i've had some venison. but is it that good. i don't eat venison a lot. >> bambi. >> that's a serious cake. well done. >> remember when folks on the left kept saying wait for the mueller report, we're going to
3:34 am
get the president and they seem to think the whole country was talking about it and i would talk to lawmakers in private and they would say i go back home and no one is talking about the mueller report. now the new fascination is ukraine, you would assume the entire country is at the edge f the seat talking about ukraine. >> jessie waters wanted to quiz people about what they know about ukraine, schiff, impeachment. >> back on the street. >> yes, jessie on the street. >> tell me about ukraine. >> i have no idea. i don't know. i'm not a ukrainian. >> ukraine, ukraine is very interesting. i don't really know much about ukraine. >> like a sword or -- like, i don't know, robot thingy. >> like a crane. >> yeah. have you heard anything about ukraine recently? >> no. should i have? >> first they said trump sent
3:35 am
them, then they say trump send them back. i'm confused. trump is all over the place. he's doing crazy things. he should go back to apprentice. he was good at that. >> who is this guy? >> i have no idea. >> no idea. >> what do you think of when you look at his face? >> he's ugly. >> wasn't he on "dancing with the stars" the other day? >> adam -- >> stiff. >> adam sliff. >> adam? >> sandler. >> puppet head number one, adam schiff. >> what are they trying to impeach trump for. >> a lot of [bleep] >> like a big, fat bully. >> they want the power, the position and the ability to change america like he is but they've had their chance. >> i love this segment. this is amazing. jesse watters does a really good job with these. i love this segment and you guys have heard me say it on this couch that this impeachment story, much like the collusion story when it goes on and on, it becomes a dc, new york media
3:36 am
story. people at home are not paying attention to that. what they're saying is who do i vote for that's going to keep my taxes low, that's going to help my small business, that's going to help me have a choice as to what kind of health insurance i'm going to get and keep insurance costs low. they care about issues. this is a great illustration of that. i don't know a single person in the real world outside of the media that is talking about impeachment and not talking about issues. >> that was union square, i think. >> it was. >> couldn't be further away from any other middle america state in the country. you would probably get the same answers, which is how much attention is being paid ultimately to this. how can you keep up. >> we need to get you out there, pete on the street. this is good stuff he was downtown manhattan, get you all over the place. >> downtown manhattan is traveling? >> it is traveling from here. >> i love the guy who thought adam schiff was sean spicer from "dancing with the stars." >> and adam sandler. >> i like spicey's neon shirt.
3:37 am
>> he's still in it? >> i think the shirt has something to do with it. we've got a few more headlines this morning. protesters march, lady liberty of hong kong to a mountaintop. activists hiking the 13-foot statue four miles up to the peak, it's meant to be an expression of the resilience and determination of demonstrators. you can't hold a sign up at the nba. this comes amid the government protests, many demonstrations happening in shopping malls there. growing call to remove a judge who sent a man to jail for missing jury duty. the judge, john kastranakis is under fire for sentencing a florida man to 10 days behind bars after he overslept and missed his service. the sentence l man's record cle. a group of lawmakers now pushing for the judge to be disciplined. the they claim he has a history of bias against people based on their socio socioeconomic statu.
3:38 am
the people's champ praises a 2020 candidate after she said she would welcome him into the presidential race. dwayne the rock johnson calling elizabeth warren a baller. [ laughter ] >> the rock says the two bonded and developed a, quote, wild and pleasant friendship over his hbo show, ballers. warren recently raved about the wrestler turned actor in an interview with entertainment weekly. vice presidental pick? you never know. south carolina scored a huge double overtime upset over number three georgia. >> what? >> he pulled it. unbelievable! south carolina wins! >> i was watching this game. georgia had so many chances to win but the gamecocks win. number six oklahoma takes down texas, 34-27 in the red
3:39 am
river showdown on fox. and penn state wins a defensive battle at iowa. seve17-12. the sec game of the week, lsu blows out number seven florida, 42-28. lsu grilling the gators, both on the field and off. >> watch this. >> this is from you? >> you i found this on twitter. >> tiger fans cooking a whole gator at a pre-game -- >> i'm trying to figure out if it's wrapped in bacon. >> what's better, venison or gator? >> an entire gator on the grill? >> those are your headlines. >> is it wrapped in bacon. >> you would eat that, pete. >> i will try anything one time. of course. >> rick, we need to get that for pete out there. >> you've never eatena eatenaly alligator? >> no, maybe. is it good. >> kind of tastes like chicken.
3:40 am
it's chewy. >> everything tastes like chicken. all right, guys. big storm that we had across parts of the northern plains, in fact, we had over -- up to 30 inches of snow in harvey, north da co-thanorth dakota. we're going to see temps stay cold. aside from that, overall we've got a pretty nice day in store. the eastern seaboard you're looking good. we have showers across the southeast. we desperately need them so that is good. the storm across the northern plains is still there, but it's winding down. a few more snow flurries across parts of north dakota. we may see a few flurries around wisconsin. we have a storm moving across the pacific northwest. over the next couple days, this is our rainy spot, this is where we've been in drought for all of the last, say, six to eight weeks. it's been expanding really quickly. any moisture we get across the southeast, maybe you don't want to get that rain, you need it, this ultimately is good news. some spots, maybe 3 to 4 inches
3:41 am
of rain. that will be beneficial. back to you. you know what's funny about a grill, normally you cook alligator with a crock pot. there we go. >> can we pan to dave? that was dave's joke and he stole it. turn around, dave. [ laughter ] >> you've got to own it, man. you've got to own it. >> he holds up cue cards for me. all right. >> you stole that joke like a champion. >> thank you. i appreciate it. we've got serious news this morning. protests outside this week's trump rally in minneapolis erupted in violence. bottles and umbrellas were hurled at police. it appears some democrats may have encouraged it. a former antifa member is here with a warning, next. our 18-year-old was in an accident. when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief.
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your amazon alexa can now speak p spanish. the company rolling out a new multilingual fe feature. alexa will reb correspon responr spanish. you can get a glass of champagne by shaking your phone. the virgin cruise line announces the delivery app. cruisers can use it to order a bottle of bubbly anywhere on the ship. the first cruise sets sail in april. no kids allowed. a minnesota state rep facing backlash after tweeting out a video of herself at the protests outside president trump's minneapolis rally where some antifa demonstrators later turned violent. the democratic state rep, asia gomez did find a supporter in freshman congresswoman ilhan omar who tweeted out, wish i was there last night to stand with
3:46 am
you, sis rep asia gomez. thank you for holding it down for all of us. remember, love trump's hate. joining us now, gabriel nedales. why in the world are democratic members of congress seeming to encourage this at worst, this kind of violence, and at best, not condemning it? >> well, the problem is that this is just the latest example of political bias leading up to the 2020 election. this is bigger than antifa. this is about the acceptance of political violence in american society. antifa is not an organization, it is a philosophy that ad vo advocates for attacking people that you disagree with. this philosophy was present a couple nights ago and is quickly spreading across the nation. >> it's one thing for protesters, private citizens.
3:47 am
it's another thing for a state representative of the minnesota democrat party and to have a congresswoman say hey, i wish i had been there. you look at the activities of that crowd, antifa or not, throwing bottles at the cops, flicking them off, squaring at them -- swearing at them, yelling at them. it's all solidarity for cop hatred. >> this is not the first time we've seen this. a couple months ago, congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez was tweeting out support for boston antifa and was fund raising to try to bail them out of jail. any democratic or elected official keeps for getting they represent all of the constituents. they should apologize for supporting this type of behavior. >> why did you want to get away from them? it seems to hateful. i wonder why you got involved in the first place. >> the reason i got in, antifa sounds good p. once you get in and you realize you're not fightin fighting fac,
3:48 am
you're just fighting people you disagree with. i realized it wasn't for me and i left. >> representative -- state representative nick zerwas in minnesota is calling on the governor to condemn this. he said tensions flared, as antifa physically assaulted rally growers and verbally assaulted law enforcement. his own child, his daughter, held a sign at the very same rally. from the governor to state represents, they're not just condemning it, they're participating. >> the problem is that violence breeds violence and any time that an elected official fails to condemn political violence, it will only breed more violence. we've got to call out the politicians, every time that they don't condemn violence. it also goes deeper than that. one of the things that started this is basically college
3:49 am
campuses. let me give you an example. at the university of florida, the leadership institute for campus reform recently reported there was a donald trump junior event rally at the university, claiming the students would be peaceful and well-mannered. video evidence shows the students were actually disrupting the event, any chance that they got. it's really difficult when universities and the mainstream media refuses to even acknowledge that the problem even exists. >> that's an important point. including that it's beyond antifa, this is a bigger problem. we appreciate you shining a light on it. we reached to omar and gomez, did not hear back. we would certainly have them on the program if they want to talk more about this. >> if you're out there on the street with a mask on, come on in. you uup next is a man who ne wants to face -- >> true -- >> in an arm wrestling contest. an air force tech sergeant breaks the world record for bench press, lifting 551 pounds,
3:50 am
500 more pounds that ed can. >> guess what? he says he won't stop there. that airman joins us next. gone, sir. i'm not fighting you. ♪ doesn't mean i'm over because you're gone. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. ♪ just me -- the only thing better than horsepower... more horsepower. (engines rev) if we were for everyone, we'd be for no one. with dodge power dollars, more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye. tthe bad news? ouyour patience might not.ay. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it.
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3:53 am
a u.s. airman is now one of the world's strongest men after setting an unassisted bench press world record. >> air force tech sergeant kenneth cook benched 551 pounds, more than double his weight and he doesn't plan to stop now. >> air force tech sergeant kenneth cook joins us now. sergeant, thanks so much for being here this morning.
3:54 am
so how did you get to the point where 551 is, you know, nothing for you? >> can you hear us? >> okay. we'll get him. hold on. while we get his audio up, take a look. i think we have the video. >> yes, ma'am, i can. >> of the tech sergeant doing a bench press. do we have it? >> wow, he looks so strong. 551. >> tech sergeant, are you there? can you hear us? >> no, we don't have him. >> we don't have him, unfortunately. >> we'll get him back in the next hour. >> we're going to try to get him back. but on this, this is unassisted, 551 pounds, that's five of me, that's as if you laid five of me on top of each other and somebody lifted. that's fan takes to my knowledge
3:55 am
i can't image -- that's fa fantastic. i can't imagine how you prepare for that. >> my bench press record was 325, that was back in college. to get to point where you can do that-hopefully the air force is leveraging his skills. >> they should and they will. we're going to get him back next hour. >> we're going to try to get him back. >> what a remarkable a young man. meanwhile, bernie sanders regaining his strength as he returns to the campaign trail. where you're going to see him next, they've got a welcome back bernie rally that's coming. we'll talk about it, coming up. it's time to sell or trade in your car.
3:56 am
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with truecar, just enter your license plate and see your car's value in real time. sports package and low mileage? nice. within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer, and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now. it's the silent open. >> sounds like we're back. >> look at that music. >> [ laughter ] >> fired up. >> i couldn't even get my -- i
3:59 am
was like wait a minute. this is -- there's no music in my head. i had to go to the music in my head, actually, which is basically -- >> what is the music in your head. >> i have a replay of groove is in the heart because it's early and i'm not that creative. >> she has itunes in her head. >> i do, i do. it comes in handy. >> you don't know what to say when there's no music. >> we're supposed to be trained professionals here to deal with anything and then the music doesn't play and you're thrown off. >> you don't know if you're on live tv. sometimes you're confused, can people see us? can people hear us? when i hear the music, i think okay, enter. >> enter sand bman. >>man.>> i lead off with a dan. the president is fired up about what happened overnight in louisiana. they're headed for a runoff election after the democratic failed to get over 50% of the vote. >> garrett tenney is live.
4:00 am
>> he's live from washington with reaction from the white house, garrett, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is exactly what president trump hoped to accomplish with his campaign rally in louisiana on friday. governor john bell edwards came up short with the 50% he needed to avoid a runoff in saturday's primary. he will face republican businessman eddie risponi in next month's general election after he beat out ralph sa abra, 27 to 23%. last night the president endorsed risponi after the win, tweeting consistent great layingses to the -- congratulations to the state of louisiana. your taxes and car insurance payments will go down. the president featured prominently in this primary with both republicans arguing they were the closest to mr. trump. at his victory party, risponi said the president will continue to play a big role in his campaign. >> this guy up in washington, d.c. just called, congratulating
4:01 am
us. [ cheering and applause ] >> president trump, he's going to make us great like the rest of the country. and he's going to support us. >> reporter: governor edwards also campaigned on his cooperation with the president and touted his conservative record in the state. >> i made a promise to you that i would put louisiana first and for the past four years that is exactly what we have done. we turned a $2 billion deficit, the largest in our state's history, into three consecutive surpluses. we gave our teachers the first pay raise they've received in over a decade. we are one step closer to four more years of moving louisiana forward. >> reporter: edwards is the only democrat governor in the south and is a far stretch from the national views that are a far
4:02 am
stretch from many national democrats. he's against impeachment, he's very strong pro life and he said his conservative record is what is going to help him win next month's election. >> garrett, thank you. interesting, thing about how many in the media will make such a huge deal if there's a one-off race like this and goes against the president and republicans lose. uhoh, there's a problem. now all of a sudden the democratic incumbent in louisiana is going to have a bigger, tougher race than he thought. that could bode well for the president in terms of how his supporters are turning out. when he goes to a state, it's obviously a pro trump state largely, he carried it big-time in 2016. he needs to make sure he fires up his base ahead of 2020. that would be one example. he was there on friday and it had an impact on the race. >> john bell edwards sounds like a typical politician to me
4:03 am
now. i pick up on this stuff, more so now that trump is in the white housend my ry radar is up for people who don't come up with political talking points and sounds like they're speaking to people and have a relatability factor. when i listen to him talk, that's what i expect to hear from a politician running for office. i wonder if the political landscape, moving forward from president trump, will just be different, where people will be tuned into that kind of thing that they weren't before. >> he looked stunned, like wait a second, there's going to be a runoff. >> he wanted the 50, that was his chance to win. he's in a bad spot. tip o'neil said all politics is local. i think it's the reverse, i think it's all politics are national. bell wants to run as a don serve testify democrat in -- conservative democrat in louisiana and he's got adam schiff and nancy pelosi, you can't decouple yourself from a
4:04 am
national party that you're a part of. and voters might say you are good for me, but it doesn't work in this national environment, where either you're for what the president's trying to do or you're for the democratic impeachment agenda. talking about national politics, impeachment has been front and center the last couple weeks. the president has tried to make sure the focus is on former vice president joe biden and not on what the president did or didn't do, but it's about look, why aren't we taking a look at what happened in ukraine, the business dealings of hunter biden. when joe biden got in the race, there was a question about why isn't barack obama getting behind his loyal vp. the president was on this interview with justice with judge gentlema janine and was pg out we haven't heard from barack obama when it comes to ukraine, the business dealings with the bidens and what went on. watch. >> where is barack obama in all
4:05 am
of this? why haven't we heard from him? >> i think he's hiding. i think he knows all about it and we're talking about investigate the investigators, we're talking about the beginning and it was really before i took office. if you look at the insurance policy with strzok and page, just in case she should lose, we've got an insurance policy. that's what all this stuff has been about t insurance policy. these are bad people. these are evil people. and this was the insurance policy. >> he's referring to the fact that this report, we've been wait forge the justice department inspector general about what happened with the fisa alleged abuse of fisa to surveil carter page when he was a trump campaign advisor, maybe that's what democrats are really nervous about right now and why barack obama and other top democrats haven't been talking about this. >> of course obama is not going to weigh in on this. of course not. you think he'll be able to offer a nugget that will help joe biden. he probably has information. he's very aware of that time line and what happened and he feels like you know what, let me
4:06 am
be quiet and sit on the sidelines, let joe do this thing. he doesn't want to say anything that could potentially hurt joe biden if he will end up facing against president trump. he doesn't even want to endorse joe biden. he wants to skit and wait in the -- sit and wait in the wings, make sure that the democrat that is the frontrunner that will face off with president trump has the best chance he can. he probably has information on joe biden that is not helpful for joe biden. >> he gave him the medal of freedom. president trump may think it's for a different reason. you're right, a lot of the democrat field has been running against the obama agenda. if you watch what's happening on the debate stage. but the investigation that the u.s. attorney durham is doing right now, looms large and doesn't get talked about a whole lot. we're still going to get information about what happened before the election, during the inauguration, all the yeah to march of 2017 when the special counsel was appointed. >> who is nervous about that? >> i see that we have another topic. james comey. >> he's back. >> interesting that as all this
4:07 am
is happening, we're waiting for the ig report about fisa abuse, we're waiting for john durham who is the prosecutor who is based in connecticut, who is looking at how the entire investigation of president trump, the counter intelligence investigation, how it all started. comey in the middle of that when he was running the fbi. all of a sudden does this long interview with the new york times, says he's got a fantasy about deleting his twitter account. >> a glowing interview with the new york times from james comey. >> i can't step away. james comey would like to help the former fbi director, wants an end to the trump presidency. you may think he caused it, that because of the investigation of hillary clinton, he brought us president trump. >> comey is similar to adam schiff in my opinion. people on both sides of the aisle, universally -- not universally, but many cannot stomach him. he is so full of himself, those two individuals cannot love to hear themselves talk more and it's just all about him, oh, i have to do something nobel, you know, i really would step out,
4:08 am
whiciwould delete my twitter bui have a responsibility to the american -- save it, comey. really, save it. >> here's how the new york times framed james comey in part a. said james comey slumps in restaurants, all six foot eight of him, drooping, vertically, with his back to the room and day dreams about deleting the civic minded twitter feed where a bipartisan he coalition announces him a national disgrace. he sleeps soundly nine hours a day and organizes his life around a series of workday goals. one of my goals has been to to 10 consecutive pullups. mr. comey says -- [ laughter ] >> i can fuell actually listenu all day reading the new york times. >> about comey in the new york
4:09 am
times. >> he has no self awareness of how people are tired of the game comey place on twitter and elsewhere, these interviews, always carefully timed to try to needle the president. people want him to get off the stage. there are folks on the left that can't stand the fact that he dragged hillary clinton back under investigation on the final days of the 2016 election. >> and then exonerated her. >> and then didn't charge anybody over the e-mails, the deleted e-mails an all the rest and then helped start a counter intelligence investigation of the president into alleged russian collusion and all the rest that didn't actually happen to be much of anything. so both sides are tired of it. i blame you because of the question you asked hillary clinton about her e-mails. >> pete, you read the other one so beautifully. this is more from the new york times. i think you should take it away. >> mr. comey as ever cannot fight a nagging conviction about it all. james comey can help. he must help. i feel stuck, he said. like i can't do something else and i couldn't look myself in
4:10 am
the mirror if i did something easy. what he's doing exactly is not entirely clear. even to him. rather than proceed with the standard argument, intelligent leader think tanks, corporate boards, comey pledged to spend the next 13 months working to drive mr. trump -- >> finally gets to it, he wants to drive the president from power. that's what he's been trying to do all along for a couple years. there's word salad all over it. civic minded twitter account. >> drive the president from power. i can't imagine was people said comey was partisan. it boggles the mind. >> he's trying to drive the president -- the new york times, why is that not the lead. if the former fbi director is obsessed with driving the president from power, even though he claimed he was nonpartisan. >> e-mail us,
4:11 am
whatever you want to say. >> you want to hear pete do more dramatic readings. >> that beat the adam schiff dramatic reading. a contest between the two, you win, pete. a woman was shot and killed by a police officer in her own home. the body cam footage just released. the texas cop responding to a wellness check after a neighbor called to report the front door was open. >> puts your hands up. show me your hands. >> police say the officer pulled a gun out after receiving a threat. a gun was found inside the house. the officer is on administrative leave. at least three people are dead from the california wildfire as officials lift most evacuation orders. more than 8,000 acres of land singed by the flames. a third of the saddle ridge fire in los angeles is contained. we now know the cause of a another deadly fire southeast of la, video shows the moments
4:12 am
before a trash truck dumped burning garbage. terrible. two construction workers are dead when the hard rock hotel suddenly collapses in new orleans. >> oh, my god. >> dust and smoke filling the air as people run for their lives. 18 people are hurt and one person is missing. right now, search efforts are suspended. officials fear the building could crumble even more. the hotel is under construction but the cause of the collapse is unknown. >> i'll take this one. the new york yankees shut out the houston astros to take game one of the american league championship series on fox. >> here's a high fly ball into left field. carrying it, it is gone. >> it is glabor day. glabor torres led them to victory.
4:13 am
the washington nationals beat the cardinals on the road. they're up 2-0. in the middle of the season, i was in the manager's office, he's a young manager, everyone was calling on him to be fired because they were 18-35. the nationals were nowhere. they're now two games away from the world series. game three on monday, they have one of the best pitchers in baseball. so the yankees, nationals -- >> and they didn't need bryce harper either. >> that's the best part. >> fun fact, ed knows everyone. >> i was in the manager's office -- >> everyone on earth. congratulations. >> it's only one - president trump strikes a partial trade deal with china so what does that mean for you and your wallet? assistant to the president on trade policy, peter navarro, here the to crunch the numbers. ♪ ride the pony.
4:14 am
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seaonly abreva cany to help sget rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too. ♪ come to a very substantial phase one deal. a deal on intellectual property, financial services, a tremendous deal for the farmers. we're going to start negotiating phase two after phase one is completed and signed. this is a greet deal for china, it's a great deal for us. >> the president in the owe l val office talking -- oval office talking about phase one of a trade deal with china. a crucial sign of progress.
4:18 am
>> what does this mean for the average american? here to explain, peter navarro. welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> good morning, friends. >> tell me, when i see this information, i look at phase one, it can get pretty entry get. what can the average american take away from this? >> in farm country, it's huge news. china not only will be buying about twice as much as they have historically, but they're also going to lower the significant barriers to entry. there's going to be a boom in farm country. we've got great provisions on intellectual property theft. for the entrepreneurs and workers and manufacturers around the country, that's going to be really good news. we've got a good start on the problem of forced technology transfer. and the president's strategy here i think is a beautiful one. phase one gets some good stuff locked down. if all goes well, we'll get paper on the deal as the president said by the end of next month when the president
4:19 am
visits chile with an apack summit, perhaps sign a deal with his counterpart from china. >> how quickly will farmers in the heartland feel relief from this. i talked to a lot of them. they trusted the president, that he'll deliver. how quickly does this happen? >> the ramp-up is fast and china has already begun making substantial purchases. frankly, they need our agriculture. they've had millions of pigs had to kill them because of the swine flu so they need our pork. we've got lots of pork. they need our soybeans. so i think this will happen quickly. >> so peter, last question, sceptics out there are saying, well, you're touting a quote, unquote, skinny deal because you couldn't get the bigger issues. what is your pushback on it, when you say phase one, is there going to be a phase two and phase three where the opinion hopes to complete other key
4:20 am
parts of this. >> yes, sir, there is absolutely going to be three phases of this. the most important thing is an enforcement mechanism, a dispute resolution mechanism. that's going to be the core of all three phases. because if you have a deal and you can't enforce it, you don't have a deal. >> so the big issues are still on the table, peter. for those of us that feel like china needs to be stared down, you're still committed to state-run companies, intellectual property theft, all the things that ultimately need to be on the table. >> i think we made some -- yes, absolutely. we also made great progress on some of the big structural issues, currency manipulation, we have this in phase one. forced technology transfer, really good start. intellectual property, the chapter we had on the deal that china reneged on back in may, we have virtually the entire chapter on that you know how important protecting our intellectual property is. that is our treasure. that is our future. >> peter, this is very big for
4:21 am
president trump. this is the fulfillment of a campaign promise. he was talking about china when no one was talking about china back in 2016. how do you think the american public will receive that as we head into 2020. >> well, look, i always say listen to the signal, ignore the noise. we've got a president that's created millions of jobs. he is standing up to china, securing our borders and he's bringing our troops home. that's the signal that we hear on main street and the flyover states. i think wall street's got that signal loud and clear, based on the performance of the markets. the president's doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing for this country. listen to the signal and ignore the noise. >> peter navarro, white house office of trade and manufacturing, likes to pronounce chile as well. we appreciate that. lights out, california cuts power to millions to stop the spread of wildfires. is that really the solution. mike slater lives in california and he is sounding off, coming
4:22 am
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♪ time now for your news by the numbers. first, 1,130, that's how many miles aa way from home this dog was found. duchess went missing in florida 12 years ago. she was just found in pittsburgh. that's amazing. all right, next. 20, that's how many new moons scientists found around saturn and you can help name them. ththey're asking for suggestions on twitter. you don't have a name for your child yet but you could name a moon. finally, $3 million, that's the estimated cost of the iconic golden girls house. >> i love that show. ♪ traveled down the road and
4:26 am
back again. ♪ your heart is true. ♪ you're a pal and a confidant. >> the show was set in miami but the real house is in los angeles and it's not on the market. i don't know why we're reporting it. >> because it's a cool show and it's a retro vibe. >> we just learned its value. it isn't for sale. millions of californians found themselves in the dark after utility giant pg&e cut power to 34 counties across northern and central parts of the state in an efforts to prevent the outdated power lines from sparking wildfires. >> joining us now to react, california resident mike slater. what do we need to know about this? >> first, i want to be clear. we're talking about a place in the united states of america in 2019, we're not talking taiwan in the 1800s. you think you might be. the only thing you need to know about this, this is an entirely
4:27 am
government created problem, with all of the problems in california. if the environmentalists let us thin the forests properly, there would be a very small fire risk. people are laughing at us across the country. there's hurricanes in florida and tornadoes in the south and we get a slight breeze in california and we have to turn the power off. it's ridiculous. >> governor newsom is blaming pg&e. is this a tech any l call thing i don't know -- technical thing i don't know about. if there's a fire raging you, you have to turn the power out. >> if they properly thinned the forests or maintained the power lines, or put them underground. there's no incentive to really improve this problem. they turn the power off. what are you going to do? a guy in sacramento he passed away the other night because he's on a res trey pray tore, they -- respirator, they turn the power off in the middle of the night and he dies. there's serious medical problems
4:28 am
with this too and what do they care. >> i want to ask you about hotels. california is banning hotels from giving guests smalls plastic shampoo bottles. i don't want to share a community shampoo bottle. that doesn't sound sanitary to me. >> it's the self consistent graselfcongratulations from the politicians, they're saving the planet one tiny shampoo bottle at a time. we're supposed to think you guys are so wonderful. of a barrel of oil, 4% of it goes to plastic. think of all the things made of plastic, your car, piping, everything made of plastic. an insignificant amount of it is a shampoo bottle but that's what they're going after. these environmentalists, it's plastic bags, straws, they're going to go after toilet paper and now shampoo bottles. meanwhile, there's no electricity. >> they're saying first violation for the shampoo bottles, $500, subsequent
4:29 am
violations, $2,000. that's a lot of money. >> it's a 99-cents bottle of cam patio. >>shampoo. >> i stayed at a hotel the other day, i grabbed as many as i could. i'm going to sell them on the black market. >> a lot of virtue signaling in california. ever wonder what it would feel like to walk on water? a shoe company is offering a glimpse with these holy water infused sneakers, not making this up. but there's a catch. you need $1,400 to get the sneakers. yes. be careful. that's coming up. ♪ short on money. ♪ but long on time. ♪ in the sweet sunshine [ orchestral music playing ]
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the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is now only $1,399. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. ♪ takes 35 years to get those and you got them in one day. >> one day. thank you. >> that is so cool. >> oh, man. >> thumbs up, guy. >> yeah. >> high five. >> high five. >> all right. >> all right. >> it is your shot of the morning. it's a beautiful one. a retiring pilot on his last flight gives his actual wings to a special little boy, not the fake ones, not the -- the real wings ons his very first flight. american airlines captain joe
4:34 am
white making friends with 2-year-old kye after landing in miami. >> his mom said he can't stop talking about his new wings and his new friend. >> love that. >> that's adorable. >> so many people are complaining about delays and whatnot, there's a pilot that did something nice. >> and his wife's on the flight probably because it's his last one. a u.s. airman now one of the world's strongest men, after setting a bench press world record. >> air force tech sergeant kenneth cook benched 551 pounds at a power lifting championship. >> air force tech sergeant kenneth cook joins us now. can you hear us this time? how does someone get to the point where they can bench press five jeds or two eds? [ laughter ] >> a lot of food. a lot of food and a lot of
4:35 am
repetition. >> incredible. >> you say repetition. where did you start? what was the weight value that you started at to build up? >> i actually started at 205 pounds back when i was 18 at my first base at hickem air force base in hawaii, about 13 years ago. >> i have a more basic question. you are wonderfully representing the air force this morning. what does this say about the strength of the air force over the army. >> whenever the army needs help, they call us. >> the air force has better chow halls and better weight rooms than we do. >> no comments. >> if you will, tell us why you serve this great country, why you put the uniform on. >> the opportunity, the opportunity to serve is the reason why i do serve is because it's amazing, this aa macing country -- the amazing country, the opportunities we have, the opportunities we get provided, it's amazing. when you see how many benefits
4:36 am
you can earn, just from putting on the uniform, getting the education, getting to travel, you get to see all of the world and you can't -- how can you do that with any other job? you get the opportunity to do things like this, it's amazing. you can't beat it. the best part about joining the military, especially the air force, you meet people from all around the world, all around the country. they may have different -- they become your family and it's amazing, they become a part of you and they get to share the story with you. >> one of the attributes i think of when i think of someone who joins the army or the navy is discipline, that your discipline is so impressive. you had to have a ton of discipline to get to do 551-pound bench press unassisted. are you looking ahead? what is the goal number? is it 552 or are you going to 6 or 7. >> the goal is 600. the goal is 600. if i could do that around this
4:37 am
time this year, i would say i'm done. but i know it would be 601 after that. >> you're saying this time 2020, you're going to try to get there. talk about what you do in addition to this. what is your responsibilities with the air force? give us an idea of your service to our great nation. >> i'm an in-flight refueler, known as a boom operator. i refuel aircraft while in the air, whether a fighter jet or a bomber. many times they have to get refueled in the air, so i appropriate at this much a mobile gas station. i get them what they need and they continue on their way. >> i've seen that in person, in action. it's incredible. you watch an aircraft refuel another aircraft while flying hundreds of miles per hour, it's a thing of beauty. that's what you do. will you make us a promise. when you go for 600, will you bring your bench press here to "fox & friends"? >> i'll carry it in. i'll carry it in. >> we'll fly you here. that would be amazing
4:38 am
television. all right, tech sergeant, you're on the hook for that. >> you have my word. >> thank you, sir. good luck. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> that's very cool. we're going to go to rick, what is your bench press max of all time? >> of all -- i don't know the answer to that. maybe like 280 or something like that. >> that's not bad. >> not bad. ed and i can sit on either end of the bar and we'll get pretty close to it. >> sorry, ed. sorry, ed. let's take a look at the weather. we've got a pretty nice day for a sunday, almost everywhere. down across the southeast, you've got rain but that is nice. you've been so dry. everybody understands you need the rain right now. we have a storm that's going to drag across the area for the next number of days, bring scattered showers, maybe 3 to 4 inches by the time you're done. northeast today, tons of sunshine, beautiful day, fall colors are looking spectacular in new england. southeasting we'll see scattered showers, nothing that will wash
4:39 am
your day out today. we'll see nice, sunny skies across areas of the tennessee valley overall. northern plains, a little bit of snow left over. across the west, the fire conditions calming down a lot which is great news. some rain moving into the northwest. all right, guys. that's it. >> appreciate it. let's turn to serious headlines now. a suspect in custody, accused of opening fire. police in new hampshire say he shot the bride and a bishop before he was tackled by wedding guests. the shooting does not appear to be random. a motive has not been released. thankfully, nobody killed but the bishop is currently hospitalized in serious condition. a lot of people praying for that bishop today. the los angeles angels denying a report that claims an employee gave tyler scags the opioids that killed him. the employee said he supplied drugs to the pitcher days before he overdosed.
4:40 am
he claims scags and five teammates used opioids for years. the team statement reads in part, quote, we have never heard that any employee was providing illegal narcotics to any player or that any player was seeking illegal nature t cot ex. obviously this story still developing. bernie sanders takes a shot at his 2020 rival, senator elizabeth warren. >> i said she's a capitalist. i'm not. i am i believe the only candidate who is going to play o the ruling class of this country, enough with your corporate greed and corruption. >> he's pushing back on the idea that he and warren hold identical positions. the massachusetts senator has gone to the top spot in some recent polls. >> he's like i'm further left than you are. these news shoes will let you walk on holy water. yes. custom nike jesus shoes they're
4:41 am
being called, oh, boy, sold out in just minutes this week. they're being resold for $4,000 online. the sneakers have real holy water in the soles, the scented with franken sense and have a crucifix decoration on the laces. more of the shoes will be available later this month. they're hot online. i don't know. i'm feeling like there are going to be some people who feel like this is not really the right thing to do. >> sac i think somebody took, they're not a nike officially endorsed, tau th you take the ne sneakers and people like to add something to it. so it's not an official -- >> that is important information. we'll try to bring you that. >> you always bring the facts and the info and a i'll just spin it. anti-president trump protests hit a new low as someone spits on a trump supporter during a live tv
4:42 am
interview. how can we fix what's broken in america? >> newt gingrichs daughter jackie has thoughts on that in her new book and she shares it with us. ♪ let's get down to business.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
of newt gingrich, author of the new book, our broken america. she joins us to react. when you see something like that, you've been around politics a long time, i've governed your dad a long time. i'm sure you've seen the attacks coming your way when he was speaker of the house. when you see that what comes across your hand. >> first, dave carlson handled it perfectly. he didn't react. he continued. the sad thing is, we have freedom of speech in america. if you don't agree with someone, you can argue with them or talk about it. instead, this person decided to spit on his face, very personal, very offensive. in hong kong you have people protesting free h speech. i think we have to think about where are we as a country and how can we encourage free debate of ideas. >> it's not just political leaders. you mentioned hong kong. you have the nba general manager who sent out a simple tweet, like he stands with the
4:47 am
protesters and the nba freaks out and initially cracks down on him instead of standing up to communist china. >> it really is challenging. we have free speech here. the only thing i can think of, margaret thatcher said first you win the argument and then you win the vote. all i can think of is they can't argue their side, so instead of arguing they spit in protest. we need to learn how to argue about things. >> president trump talks about this all the time. a lot of people don't agree with me but a lot of people elected me. he feels like since day one it's been about trying to tear him down and destroy him. how do we fix this? how do we get this working again? >> i think it's really important, that's why i wrote the book, our broken america. both sides needs to stop ranting and start listening. the only way to do it is in the low l call communities. my -- low l cal ---local commun.
4:48 am
55% of republicans and 64% of democrats have few or no friends in the opposite party. so to combat that, you have to learn about people. have you to make friends with other sides even if you don't agree with them. i think what will happen is over time those people will be able to talk about their ideas and their issues. >> start it from the ground up. >> absolutely. it has to be done in the community. >> some democrats are looking at this book and saying wait a second, you're the daughter of newt gingrich who didn't always bring people together in his political career. how do you respond to that. >> that's what people argue about it. i talk about that, about my dad and how he came to power. remember, when he was speaker, he and president clinton balanced the budget. only time in my lifetime we've had a balanced budget. he was very strong in his stances. and i never say give up your beliefs or values, i never say roll over to the other side. i say learn to listen to them and you may learn how to communicate better your perspective. >> he also pushed to impeach
4:49 am
then president clinton who you're right, he worked with on other issues. what lessons do you think we could learn now as we see this impeachment drama play out and president trump, again, getting back to theme we've been talking about, saying adam schiff, nancy pelosi, they're hell bent he says on taking me down no matter what. >> they were very upset when he was elected. people couldn't believe he was elected and some people didn't go to work the next day, didn't go to school, didn't go to work. i laughed at that at the time. i think we should have listened to why they were so upset, not agreed with them but to understand how to communicate better. so i think the democrats right now need to be careful because this impeachment process could blow back on them on election day. >> you're being generous and saying you wish you listened to what the other side was saying. doesn't sound like the other side wants to listen to president trump. >> of course not. here's what the real challenge is. i tong abou talk about how we rd
4:50 am
rave -- my dog barks at everything, the mailman, the person walking down the street and shadows. a lot of times she barks at shadows which i think is what the other side does. if we bark back, it doesn't help. >> jackie, appreciate it. check out the book, our broken america. president trump meanwhile swinging back at beto o'rourke, vowing to strip churches that oppose same sex marriage of their tax exempt status. pastor robert jeffers is here, fox news contributor. he's got some thoughts, next. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, keeping the faith. ♪ day 23. i'm about to capture proof of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out.
4:51 am
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♪ as you know, just a few days ago a democrat running for president proposed revoking the tax exempt status of many churches and religious groups. i will never allow the federal government to be used to target, harass or punish communities of faith. >> president trump swinging back at 2020 democrat beto o'rourke for taking aim at churches and other religious institutions if they oppose same sex marriage. here to react, fox news contributor, pastor robert jeffers. beto o'rourke says if you don't agree with us on marriage, we will remove your tax exempt status. what do you say to that? >> actually, i think his proposal makes a lot of sense. it seems logical, if you live in china or north korea. but in america, that is outlandish. for thousands of years, christianity and judaism taught
4:55 am
marriage is between a man and a woman. everyone is free to disagree with that belief if they want to, but government has absolutely no right to try to force the church and try ptotic dictate its beliefs. beto needs to take a basic civics course in high school. the first amendment in the constitution promise that's congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. >> i saw people on both sides of the ail saying this is unacceptable, unconstitutional, a unifying response, people saying this is too crazy. when the public hears something like this, looking ahead to 2020, do they stand on the side of beto or stand of the side of president trump who is advocating very strongly for religious freedom. >> i think no issue is going to energize not only president
4:56 am
trump's base but all people who take their faith seriously like this one will. interestingly, both president trump and beto o'rourke are coming to my city of dallas this coming thursday night for rallies and i want to make this prediction. president trump's crowd will not even fit into the vast american airlines arena but i predict that beto o'rourke's crowd will physiciafit comfortably into thg lot of 7-eleven. this issue does not resonate with people. >> you've got an exciting day going on today. you having going on in talladega. tell us about it. >> i'm here for the talladega nascar race. i'm going to climb up into the tower and wave the green flag to start the race. i'm even going around in one of the pace cars, only at 130 miles an hour, which is enough to increase my prayer life, i'll guarantee. we'll have a lot of fun. shake and bake. >> sounds like a great time. thanks for being here, pastor.
4:57 am
>> thanks a lot. a big show still ahead. maria bartiromo, jonathan morris, senator marsha blackburn, larry elder, jedediah and ed henry all here with us live. stay with us. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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- [nick] legacybox is simple and safe with over a half a million satisfied customers. - preserve your memories today. visit and get 40% off. - [nick] that's ♪ pete: the santa ana winds. that's the opening lines of the song. no one knows this. jedediah: the kind of song that you play when you have a convertible in california and you're just riding and you're just -- pete: i've always loved ever everclear. they're like the super liberal
5:01 am
like portland band. art alexis -- i should know it. forgive me, art. but i've seen him in person. ed: getting notes from people saying you can't believe they've ever tried venison. pete: that was a bit of a stumble, because i have tried venison. at the moment i was not connecting venison with deer. ed: dave says gators taste swampy. we have breaking news this hour which says that hunter biden -- the president is saying, where's hunter? he's now come out with a statement from his attorney saying he's stepping down from a chinese board amid all these attacks from president trump, specifically this article from bloomberg just breaking the last few moments saying it's the board of a chinese-backed private equity company and that hunter biden is now promising to forgo all foreign work if his father is elected president in 2020.
5:02 am
so, a, i think it's significant that he's doing this. b, he's confirming that he has done work for this chinese private equity firm, and, c, by saying that you're going to forgo all of the other foreign work that you have going on behind the scenes that we maybe don't know about if your father is elected it means there's other stuff we don't have the details on because otherwise you say there's nothing else here, i don't work any other foreign companies. but instead he's saying i will forgo anything if my father is elec.ed jedediah: we do have a statement from hunter biden's attorney to bloomberg news. "under the biden i guess administration left turn will follow up a guidelines to address purported conflicts of interesting or the appearance of such conflicts including any restrictions related to overseas business interests. he will continue to keep his father personally uninvolved in his business affairs. pete: but has his father been un uninvolved because remember when peter doocy asked that question, mr. former vice president, did
5:03 am
you ever talk to hunter about some of these business -- no, never. and then it turned out a few months back in the new yorker hunter biden said he did. biden amended it to say, well, we did have that one conversation. i think the big picture is you keep hearing from the biden, these are unfounded allegations rudy and the president have been throwing out there and, you know what? now they're having to react, now they're having to step down from boards. now it turns out the president has gotten this in the bloodstream that there are questions that have been raised. it doesn't prove that was wrongdoing to be clear but it's questions that are being raised and questions that have not been raised by joe and hunter biden. pete: hunter, welcome to the 2020 election. glad to finally have you here. he's been hiding in absence, in silence. his father's under attack -- interesting, you know this, i'll give you credit for it, they drop it on a sunday which means if the media does their role at all we'll be talking about this all week. when he says he worked for a chinese-backed private equity
5:04 am
firm, that means state sanctioned or state-run which means you've got the son of a former vice president working for a company that is owned or controlled or in cahoots with the communist chinese. i mean, it shows you what our elite ruling class does. and to your point, i don't know if it's all illegal, but -- ed: or if any of it is illegal. pete: exactly. but average americans look at that and sigh it now feels and seems and looks unethical cal. nepotism at the highest level, your last name is biden, you have none of the credentials that lead you to be in a board on ukraine on gas or in this company in china, and what a patriot. now he's finally made the call, under all this pressure, i'll recuse myself from china because i'm such a mega patriot. no, it's maddening and it will be a problem for joe biden. his son out there doing business on his last name. jedediah: hunter biden's lawyer also saying he never anticipated the barrage of false charges against him and his father by the patriots, adding that in.
5:05 am
the question of how big of an issue will this become for joe biden. ed: i had -- on dana perino show on friday i have been talking to people in the biden camp to joe biden to do more, answer of the charges. they say unfounded charges. what's unfounded? what did hunter biden do for this ukrainian gas company to earn 80 some odd thousand dollars a month? jedediah: it's a lot of money. ed: they've never explained that and the point is that democrats in private have been telling me that they've been urging the bind camp, not republicans, democrats saying you guys are not doing enough to push back directly against the president and now we see hunter biden having to react, having to step down from a board so you have to wonder, beyond ukraine and china are there any other business dealings out there that we haven't really heard a lot about about? again, i want to be clear. we're not saying there was anything illegal. jedediah: ed: but it just may have been questions have been raised about access to his father as the vice president, what do the obama administration know about these contacts. remember he was flying on air
5:06 am
force 2 with his father during some of these negotiations. jedediah: the thing is from a political perspective he's now on defense and what they were trying to get him to do was be on offense, to come out right out under the influence gate, have these answers, have these explanations like he seems like he was in charge of the story, he was in command of the issue, he had nothing to hide. instead what it looked like he had something to hide -- that's the perception anyway -- he had something to hide, he got backed into a corner, and he's having to react. that is not a good look when you're running for president. pete: as far as china is concerned, no one anticipated -- do you remember what joe biden said a couple of -- i don't know -- year ago or so, he talks about how china is not really a threat, china is not a big deal? i don't know if that's tied to hunter biden or not, but people connect the dots and say where are you downplaying the threat of the communist chinese and what they're trying to do in this world? it will look bad for the biden campaign. ed: it was rudy giuliani who made the point you just did some time ago and was saying that how is it that this money was going to hunter biden and his father
5:07 am
announced to the campaign, president trump is wrong, china is not the biggest threat, they should be our friend, saying all these positive things about china and reaching out to them when his son has been pocketing this money, it just raises questions. pete: and when the campaign or whoever made that statement of these unfounded attacks against hunter biden, we didn't anticipate them it's because democrats haven't confronted someone like president trump who punches and counterpunches harder than any republican ever has. usually it's a statement, you hope the media vets a candidate like joe biden. instead president trump takes to his twitter account and says, " "i've got questions. i want to know what's going on. this smells like corruption to me." again, but the problem for regular folks is you don't feel like the so-called mainstream media, the left-wing media is actually interested in getting to the bottom of whether or not there was a conflict with hunter biden. if don jr. had did the same thing we'd be wall-to-wall on this of what happened, every conversation, every payment, instead -- even the article in bloomberg, if you read it, it's dismissive immediately.
5:08 am
charges against hunter biden completely unfounded. have you really done the research to know that? and people feel like the media hasn't. ed: what about he'll forgo all work if his father is elected. why not today? do it during the campaign while highs his father's been the jedediah: a lot still to be offered on this and i'm sure that joe biden is going to be asked about this. he hasn't been answering these questions very well. maybe someone spoke to him behind the scenes in his own campaign and said you got to get it together, you go to the look like you're in command of this issue. another big story we're following in louisiana headed for a runoff election after a democrat governor failed to get 50% of the vote. pete: uh-oh. john bel edwards will face off against a republican in that race in a month to go because he did not get 50% of the v.te ed: that's right. eddie rispone is the republican who was the second highest vote getter on so he'll be in that runoff. let's get some fresh reaction with garrett tenney. >> this is a race that president
5:09 am
trump was personally invested in in. he had a campaign rally in louisiana on friday night to try to get republicans to get out and vote to force that runoff and that's exactly-what happened john bel edwards needs 50% to avoid a runoff and he got just under 47. he will pace republican businessman eddie rispone after rispone beat g.o.p. congressman ralph abraham 27 to 23%. last night the president fully endorsed rispone, tweeting, congratulations to the great state of louisiana. a big night. you will soon have a new and wonderful governor, eddie rispone. your taxes and car insurance payments will go down. the president featured prominent prominently in this primary with both republicans arguing they were the closest to mr. trump. at his victory party, rispone said the president will continue to play a big role in his campaign. >> this guy up in washington, d.c, just called congratulations
5:10 am
congratulations. [cheers] president donald trump. he's going to make us great like the rest of the country, and he's going to support us. [crowd chanting: trump, trump] >> governor edwards also campaigned on his cooperation with the president and touted his conservative record in the state. >> i made a promise to you that i would put louisiana first. and for the past four years that is exactly what we have done. we turned a $2 billion deficit, the largest in our state's history, into three consecutive surpluses. we gave our teachers the first pay raise that they've received in over a decade. we are one step closer to four more years of moving louisiana forward. >> edwards is the only democrat governor in the south and he's trying to hold on to a state president trump won by 20 points points. so while he is trying to make this all about louisiana, national democrats are viewing this as a chance to show they
5:11 am
can compete and win anywhere. back to you .ll ed: garrett tenney live in washington. pete: they had their shot. that's a bad night for democrats democrats. you didn't get 50%, this runoff is bad for them. you had republicans up there at 51%. they'll lose the governorship. i'm still stuck on the hunter biden story. i think lindsey graham, head of the judiciary committee in the senate should have hunter biden come in and testify. what do you know? ed: rudy giuliani on the other side -- pete: bring on hunter biden. where is he? where is he? jedediah: where in the world is hunter biden? we're going to turn to some headlines for you now beginning with a fox news alert. at least 26 people reported dead as japan starts to clean up from its worst typhoon in six decades decades. take a look at this home crumbling into the water. more than 30 inches of rain leaving entire communities submerged. more than 400,000 homes without power. right now 27,000 soldiers, police, and firefighters are working to rescue people stranded in their homes.
5:12 am
also breaking right now, a u.s. official says the situation in syria is deteriorating rapidly. you can see gunsmoke in the air as turkish forces cross the border, overnight troops seizing parts of a syrian town. nine civilians have died including a kurdish politician. a u.s. official says american troops in northern syria could be isolated and clash with turkish backed forces. a small group just pulled out of their base. president trump announced a troop withdrawal in syria last week. and now to weather. parts of north dakota buried in more than two feet of snow. officials forced to close some major roadways as state troopers rescue dozens of stranded drivers over the last several days. it is expected to warm up today as people dig out from the storm storm. farmers are bracing for huge crop and livestock losses. pete: winter is coming -- it's here in north dakota. got the final one here, college football, south carolina scores a huge double overtime upset over number 3 georgia.
5:13 am
>> he pulled it! unbelievable! south carolina wins! pete: oh. bulldogs in mourning over what they thought was their chance this year. gamecocks win 20-17 and number 6 oklahoma takes down 11th ranked texas 34-27 in the red river showdown on fox. and number 10 penn state wins a defensive battle at number 17 iowa, 17-12. that's a big 10 score. and in the sec game of the week, 5th ranked lsu, the tigers, beat number 7 florida 42-28. lsu you might say grilling the gators both on and off the field field. tigers fans cooking a whole gator at a pregame tailg.te ed: i told you normally see that in a crock pot, but normally. democrats citing the constitution in their quest to impeach the president. >> there is a reason there is a section on impeachment in the
5:14 am
constitution. >> he's shooting holes as we speak in the united states constitution. ed: what would our founding fathers think of all this? a presidential historian has some great details next. ♪ she wanted a roommate to help with the cooking. but she wanted someone who loves cats. so, we got griswalda. dinner's almost ready. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with our renters insurance. yeah, switching and saving was really easy! drink it all up. good! could have used a little salt. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be.
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♪ >> there is a reason there is a section on impeachment in the constitution. >> he's shooting holes as we speak in the united states constitution. >> some people say, why are you doing this? he's not worth it. to divide the country this way. i said, he may not be, but our constitution is worth it. our democracy is worth it. ed: well, that's a roundup of
5:18 am
what you've been hearing, democrats citing the constitution in their push to impeachment president trump. but would our founding fathers agree? our next guest says no way and we face a very dangerous political path ahead. here to explain presidential historian jane hampton cook. what would the framers of our constitution think about all this? >> well, i think, you know, let's take alexander hamilton. he wrote an opinion piece in the newspapers about impeachment. and he warned that the political process, the strength of that could overtake demonstrations of real guilt or innocence. and so i think the founders really wanted the impeachment process to have a judicial flavor to it, to mimic a judicial process, to give due process to the accused. and notice that when you do hear the speaker of the house talking about the constitution, she doesn't say treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors, and it was really the treason and bribery that our founders were most scared of.
5:19 am
they were afraid somebody would come to power and then they'd hand the united states over to france or to england. that's when they were afraid of. you can see it in the newspaper articles in that time period. ed: so given 245 context this idea of a phone call where the president says there was no quid pro quo and he was just asking the ukrainian president to follow up on alleged corruption in ukraine, does that come anywhere close to a high crime and midterm? >> i certainly don't think that comes to treason, bribery, you know, or other high crime and misdemeanor. it lowers the bar on what impeachment was intended to be. think about it. in my lifetime, this is the third impeachment inquiry process for a president. before that, 200 years before that, there was one. and so we really are added risk of having serial impeachment, revenge impeachment, permanent impeachment where any time you've got a president in one party and the house in another, you can risk having an impeachm.nt ed: i've got under a minute but you also made another important
5:20 am
point a moment ago i want to wrap up which is this idea the framers wanted a judicial like proceeding. instead we're seeing witnesses, quote, unquote, go behind closed doors, we're not seeing the transcripts, we're getting leaks instead of be selective pieces that help the democratic narrative and the president says he's getting no due process. >> that's right. the president needs due process just like nixon, just like bill clinton. and the american people need to see those transcripts after the fact, you know, as soon as possible. that -- we need sunlight and transparency. otherwise people are going to call it a sham when it's all said and done. ed: jane hampton cook with an important history lien. menial the debate over youth football heating up with a new ad claim the dangers of football are as bad as smoking. that is true? we're getting reaction from nfl greats merrill hodge and jack brew. there you see them. back in just a moment. ♪ was in an accident.
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♪ pete: well, a controversial public service announcement taking on youth tackle football, comparing it to the dangers of smoking. >> tackle football is like smoking. the younger i start, the longer i'm exposed to danger. you going to let me smoke, when should i start tackle? pete: is this a fair comparison? here are former nfl stars merril hoge who played eight seasons as a running back for the chicago bears, and jack brewer who played for the minnesota vikings
5:25 am
eagles, and arizona cardinals. jack, we'll start with you. this idea that we're scaring people away and parents away from tackle football, likening it to football, what do you say? >> if you're responsible and self-serving and lacks all of kinds of integrity. there is no scientific evidence that football calls c.t. the pattern, there is no consensus on that in the scientific community. if you look at the partner of c. c.t. where it's been discovered, basketball players, basketball players, soccer, rugby, bmf bikes, but the most important thing the third of the cases that have this pattern, c.t. never played sports, never had a history of head trauma, and never had a concussion. that is why it is still in the observation state. and if you have any integrity whatsoever that is the only thing you can say about it. to create a p.s.a. like this shaming parents really tells you the lack of integrity and incompetence behind the people
5:26 am
who are putting on the p.s.a. pete: jack, you know, the mayor wrote a book on this, there's a lot of science on this. parents look at this. they don't know what to believe. is it safe for my kids or not and then something like this comes out and says it's like your kid smoking a cigarette at the age of 8. what do you make of it, jack? >> listen i started playing football at 6 years old, born and raised in texas and the game game's been a whole lot for me and i wouldn't take anything back from it but with that same point, you know, i know i have a bunch of buddies that are 28, 29 30, 35, who can't remember anything, are suffering in their bathrooms right now from taking hits. listen, most kids that start playing football are 7, 8, or 9 years old probably won't end up playing in their twenties so i don't think that's a fair comparison. but i can tell you if you start laying hits from 6, 7 years old and then go into your your
5:27 am
thirties in the nfl, you'll have some head issues. so i don't agree with merril on that but i've talked to physicians and pretty high level neurologists if you continue to hit your head over and over again you're going to have issues and i believe that 99% of the people that they have tested fo c.t.e., and you can't test it until you die, but you large percentage of football players have been tested and found to have c.t.e. c.t.e. can be from a lifetime of dementia and other neurological disorders. pete: merril, bring go to you, a study from the concussion legacy foundation, they say people that start tackle football at age 5 are ten times more likely to wiped with c.t.e. than kids who start at 14. that's the argument this add is making, have your kids play flag football 'til 14 and they'll be better off. what do you say? >> first of all, i can give you
5:28 am
seven pieces of scientific literature that would refute that, that tells you the complete opposite. they've tried to replace and re reduplicate what boston university is saying and nobody can do it. great institutions, by the way. seven papers versus one paper. and when they talk about flag is safer than tackle, that is absolutely completely wrong. there's just as many head incident rates in flag and more injuries in flag because there is no equipment. and when you talk -- when jack's talking about head trauma, listen, you can have head trauma and have issues from head trauma and there's ways to care for that and repair that. to say that it is causing c.t.e. is irresponsible. there's no scientific evidence of that. and when you say you have people that can't remember what they're doing, look at the lifestyle too. accountability for drugs, alcohol, opioids, inactivity, sugar consumption, all are contributors to our brain health health. to ignore lifestyle and to blame it on football and to have players a, "oh, it's football" but then you look at their lifestyle and that's not
5:29 am
accounted for, there is a greater indicating of brain health, overall health than a contact sport that you play, especially with the ability to care for it today. pete: jack, what about the fact that a lot of us feel like we're just living in this safety culture, ride your bike, wear a helmet, don't go out alone, don't do -- we're coddling kids. and now it's you can't football, a great american sport until you're 14, 15, 16 you got to play flag football. at what point does this stop and we put everyone in a rubber room and say they're okay? >> pete you can ask any parent or parent that i coach, i'm not into the powder puff stuff. it's for common sense. so for me to sit here and say that it's common sense to have my 6 or 7-year-old going in, taking on iso's, i'm not going to say that's the best thing, to me that's common sense. i think for a kid to start playing football later in life it does make sense. and to merril's point previously
5:30 am
i went to college with a whole lot of party errand who drank and smoked and we did all kinds of crazy stuff but those folks that didn't play football are not the ones having the memory loss anding have the issues where i'm having the to put them in a psychiatric ward and trying to help them kind of push through their lives. i'm seeing this stuff every day and so i just completely disagree with that statement. pete: merril and jack, thank you both. real quick, merril. >> well, obviously, tell jack, i've got three dear friends all suffering from dementia, none of 'em ever played sports. when you look at scientific facts and information there's no scientific evidence that's going to say the early exposure to any type of sports or contact sports is going to have issues later in life with kids. there's no scientific evidence of that and you can't keep saying that 'cause you have a few cases. instead of you know what -- >> a few, merril, much more than a few. pete: we got leave it right there, gentlemen. you both know what you're talking about, you've lived it, you've been there, listen, i only played high school football and you guys did the real deal.
5:31 am
thank you both. have a great sunday. a big show still ahead. senator marsha blackburne, maria bartiromo. plus the u.s. navy sailing, i don't know if they sailed right here but they may have sailed on the island of manhattan. on to fox scare a salute to our service members coming up next. ♪ where the stars and stripes and the eagle flies fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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♪ usa. jedediah: a big happy birthday to the u.s. navy. ed: today they are marking 244 years of incredible service to america. pete: they get the army to where they need ed: oh, no, no, no, no. we need a navy hat. pete: here to celebrate u.s. navy ahead redmond, help me out sherry taw, brian carelock, peter king and dennis beck. welcome you all for being here this morning. congratulations. jedediah: go navy. pete: i'll say it one time, "go navy." congratulations. ed: so talk about your service to america. what does it mean to you? >> i am an immigrant to new york a week before 9/11; so it kind of made a big impact to me so
5:36 am
once i graduate from high school i decided to give it a shot out, to pay back because my family immigrants to new york for a better future so there's no better way to accomplish that than by joining the military. ed: you've got a cake for us. >> and a sword. pete: 244 years the navy's been doing its thing. talk to us on a day like this, every day, service in our nation nation's navy. >> it's great. great to be a part of the world world's greatest navy. we get to keep these young men and women safe; so it's important to us, important to me because it allowed those who came before us to serve. so i'm glad to be part of the world's greatest navy. ed: gentlemen, what about you? pete: you, sir? >> i just wanted to go out and make a difference in the world, be a part of a great team, and it's been a great opportunity. pete: love it. >> same for me. i joined the navy right after 9/11, you know, when i wanted to to support that and be a part of
5:37 am
the team that will go out and fight and do the right thing. >> for me, travel and education benefits. i've been to 38 different countries in 15 years and i don't regret a moment of it. it's been a wonderful journey for me. jedediah: that's fantastic. currently 337,121 active duty service members and an additional 101,533 navy reserves reserves. that is amazing. thank you so much for all you do for us. ed: let's cut the cake. please do the honors. >> go navy! jedediah: let's do it! ed: are you certified to use this? all right. jedediah: all right. [applause] pete: and the army will take the first bite. a little bit of cake. >> stow, pete? pete: it's fantastic. ed: we want to that i the u.s. navy for all they do for all of this every single day. in the meantime, rick's go on
5:38 am
the weather for us. >> nice morning out here. even jedediah is not complaining about the weather. take a look at weather map show you a little while ago going on temperature-wise. obviously cold across the no reason plains, 23 in rapids city right now, and the snow that fell across parts of north dakota, that will melt soon. few insures showers across the north georgia mountains, great news, and the storm that brought snow across north dakota, it's winding down, still a few flurries out there, but that will keep things cool. new storm in the pacific northwest will keep showers there all week along and pretty good precipitation in the southeast. that's nothing but good news. we've been dry. everybody in the south knows we ed: in the meantime, let's turn to headlines. former vice president joe biden biden's son is stepping down from a chinese company. bloomberg reporting a statement
5:39 am
from hunter biden's lawyer saying he will resign from the private equity fund at the end of this month. hunter also vowing to step down from any foreign owned companies if his father is elected president. president trump of course has been accusation hunter of making millions of dollars from china as well as ukraine while his father was vice president and trading for access. that is going to get a lot of scrutiny. nearly a dozen people, meanwhile rushed to the hospital when a car slams into a hay ride, at least one person in critical condition right now. police say a car flipped over and crashed into the hay ride wagon in little rock township, illinois. that is about 55 miles west of chicago. it is unclear at this hour what caused the crash. no children thankfully were hurt hurt. and a pro baseball player is accused of breaking into a home by crawling through a doggie door. court documents show san diego padres pitcher jacob nix was kicked in the head when the arizona homeowner caught him. they then pulled out a stun gun and tased him as he tried to run
5:40 am
away. nix and a minor league ballplayer were arrested for trespassing. he was reportedly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the new york yankees, meanwhile, shutting out the houston astros to take game 1 of the alcs on fox. >> here's a high fly ball into left field, carrying it the wall it is gone, off the bat of torres! ed: yankees win, yankees win. it is gleyber day because gleyber tor five r.b.i.s, only one game, long series. washington nationals beat the st. louis cardinals 3-1 game 2 of the ncls. the nationals up 2-0, they won both road games, they go home monday, game 3, steven strasbourg wait a second, one of the best pitchers in football. let's enjoy some cake. pete: well, as we eat cake, can
5:41 am
way west embraced for sharing his faith. but it's a different story for justin bieber's christian wife. so is there a religious double standard in hollywood? as we eat cake, we will discuss it coming up next. ♪ 'cause i gotta have faith ♪ i got to have a brain i got to have faith baby aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness
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5:45 am
tiffany -- excuse me -- tiffany amberthiessen explains why she's not returning. >> i'm kelly. who are you? >> whoever you want me to be. >> you're funny. see you guys later. pete: well, that's over. you can't have a reboot without her. tight end hiessen says she's not returning because she's busy working on other projects. students at howard thrilled by an gas chromatography surprise church service led by none other than kanye west. jedediah: the public embrace of kanye for his faith a far cry from the response haley bieber got blasted as a "fake christian
5:46 am
christian" when asking fans for halloween ideas on instagram. ed: fox news contributor theologian and ethicist joins u. >> i love that kanye west video. i could have watched that all day long. you know, i think both mrs. bieber here and kanye west, they themselves have said very publicly they are imperfect messengers but they're out living their faith in the public and kanye west actually at that event called out to the african-american community and said, as he's praising the lord and encouraging these students to praise the lord, he says, " "don't allow yourselves to be considered victims." and he's calling them to great greatness. i love all of it. jedediah: why do you think the double standard, though? why did she get so much heat? >> listen, she was talking about halloween costumes and there are some christians who are saying this is a pagan holiday, you shouldn't be involved. that's social media, i don't think it's a big deal, honestly. i think kanye west has been beat up by the left as well. as soon as he come out in favor of some conservative policies they kill him. so i think it's -- hollywood
5:47 am
will be hollywood. we don't have to worry about 'em 'em. ed: good point. pete: those without sin shall cast the first stone. another topic, got to get your take. beto o'rourke recently talking about about how if he was elected he would trying to get rid of the tax-exempt status of any organization including churches that have a different view than him on my marriage. >> i think most commentators have missed what was most important about this dialogue. it wasn't about gay marriage. let's put it this way. the reporter should have asked him a follow-up question. play beto for a second, would you pete? i'm going to play the reporter. you tell me if this was a fair follow-up. beto, do you believe that religious organizations should have their tax-exempt status removed if the disagree with my marriage? pete: yes. >> okay. interesting. well, how about this. beto o'rourke -- you look like
5:48 am
him a lot. you got so much in common. but what do you think about -- how do you think churches should have their tax-exempt status removed if they are not in favor of abortion on demand? pete: oh, of course not. >> no. he has to say yes. pete: he would have to say yes, but he would say no. >> in order to be -- in order to be consistent. why would they not have their tax-exempt status removed because -- if they disagree with abortion on demand? pete: so he wants to pick and choose is your point. >> they consider abortion to be a civil right a hundred percent. how about this? this is the liberal orthodoxy. what about churches who are not doing social justice work who just preach salvation, why do they get tax-exempt status? ed: it's a very dangerous -- >> there's no reason for them to get tax-exempt status because they don't believe that it's actually helping the common goo. pete: who draws that line, who makes that distinction.
5:49 am
>> or if you're not in favor of the green new deal, why would you get tax-exempt status? ed: as a journalist i've ruled it was a fair follow-up so you did a good job. >> thank you. these are the questions that have to be asked by them. pete: i was excused. beto is often confused i the question. ed: he was playing beto legitimately. >> you cannot play beto. you just can't. it goes against every bone in you . jedediah: this next story will make you smile. watch what happened when a 3 3-year-old shows up to a coffee with a cop event in his own uniform. >> three stars. he outranks me. looks like a police general. jedediah: that little boy, his mother, and the officer in that video all join us coming up live next. ♪ count my blessings ♪ what are you doing back there, junior?
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♪ >> he outranks me. >> looks like a police general. jedediah: 3-year-old accordance brown wowing his local police department after showing off his tiny you're familiar with complete with a whistle at the oklahoma city's coffee with a cop event. here with more behind the patriotic display going viral 3 3-year-old accordance brown, his mom jessica brown and one of his new friends, lieutenant paul sil sillas from the edmund police department. welcome all of you. this video actually made my entire life. carson, you wear that uniform so well. lieutenant, i have to ask, what was it like when you saw carson walk through the door in that
5:54 am
uniform? it had to be the best moment. >> it's pretty awesome. i may be a lieutenant from my department, but when a three star walks in the door from anybody, you have to pay attention to 'em. jedediah: that's true. >> extremely cute. jedediah: and he wears it very well. better watch out. he's wearing that uniform pretty well. >> he'll be coming out for my job some.ay jedediah: exactly. he will or will not jessica, does carson love cops? why did he want to be a cop for halloween? jedediah: he loves police officers, and he's gravitated towards them since he was, well, maybe, what, he's 3 and a half; so, 2, 1? i don't know. but he loves police officers. is that what you want to be? >> hm-hm. jedediah: carson, i heard you have a new friend in the lieutenant. you guys are friends now? >> are you guys friends now? >> we buddies now? jedediah: your new lieutenant friend? can you -- >> slightly distracted with the radio. jedediah: aw. lieutenant, this coffee with a cop exercised that happens around the country, it's so important in terms of bringing the community together.
5:55 am
this is just one example of that that. just talk a little bit about what that means to you to do these coffee with a cop moments. >> it's a really good futon for us to just get out with the community, really low-key environment to just sit back and have conversations and get to meet people. and it just -- for edmond it just helped strengthen the ties that we already have with the community. jedediah: jessica, what was it like for you to see your son who looks absolutely adorable, i can't stop saying it because it's unbelievable to see your son interact with this lieutenant and have this moment that went so viral, made so many people laugh, brought tears to so many eyes around the country? >> i just think it's sweet. this is something people like to do, be a part of the community, dress up, said he liked police officers and his grandmother wanted to take him out and meet for coffee, let him wear his outfit, and he loves it. i love getting to see them have fun and interact with the community. jedediah: carson, is that the whistle that you had in the video? do you have that on you now? >> yes? do you have your whistle with
5:56 am
you? >> show 'em your whistle? jedediah: can you blow that whistle for us on tv? >> can you blow the whistle for them? [blows whistle] jedediah: wow. see, lieutenant, i'm telling you he is studying, he's got the uniform, he's got when i was like, he's coming for your job. >> he's ready. he's ready to go. jedediah: i just want to let you all know, you have made so many of us smile. carson, if you become an police officer i have no doubt you're going to be an amazing police officer one day and thank you for bringing this wonderful story to light. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you're just. jedediah: thanks. >> thank you. jedediah: a fox news alert. a new report says hunter biden is stepping down from a board of a chinese company as president trump calls for an investigation into his ties to foreign countries. what hunter is saying about the decision. that's coming up next.
5:57 am
5:58 am
. .
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6:00 am
♪ ♪ my life ♪ i live for you ♪ ed: we get to choose the songs. i chose this one because vic damone passed away a year or so and he is a friend. i love that song. pete: now you are trying to make me feel bad for making fun of this song. i just went back to sleep. jedediah: i feel like -- i love it. and i feel like i'm in one of those movies and i'm waiting for cinderella to come out and dance with prince charming. very romantic. you got to get in the mood. ed: brittany spears. more crooners or more brittany spears? pete: email us at
6:01 am
jedediah: ed is definitely going to win that one. pete: set the whole hour to this music. turn it up. ♪ ♪ jedediah: put us in a nice. ed: you made fun of it. a great conversation starter. pete: it was. well done, ed. i also have to give a brief moment of personal preference. i have to say good morning to gunner, boone and rex. boon, make sure you juke them at your flag football today. ed: have a good game. we are counting on you. big breaking news involving hunter biden. the president was goading us in minnesota. where is hunter. where is he hilgd. maybe is he in his lawyer's office putting together this statement saying that he is stepping down this morning from a -- the board of a company that is basically a chinese investment fund. this statement hunter always understood that his father would be guided entirely an equivocally by established
6:02 am
u.s. oea feskts on hunter's'. he never expected the barrage of false statements on him and his father to be president of the united states. stepping down from the board. it's going to lead to more questions about what other international business interest does hunter biden have today? and he is now pledging in this statement to, if his father is elected down the road, then he would forego all foreign, you know, entanglements, essentially. what does he have right now that he is holding on to before his father potentially gets elected. jedediah: all that told me they are really worried about this story it. got away from them. joe biden was completely taken aback. he didn't answer the questions well when confronted by reporters. so much so that he feels that he needs to get this statement out to reassure people hey, listen, if i am elected, this is not going to be a problem. here's a legal statement. let's get this out of the way so it doesn't get entangled in your minds and you don't associate this with me. they are deeply concerned. i'm just wondering if joe biden himself is going to be
6:03 am
able to come out and answer some tough questions on this. now that the statement has been issued the one thing is it will cause reporters to ask joe biden how do you feel about what happened? do you have any comments on this. pete: that would require reporters asking their preferred candidate an actual tough question. jedediah: you almost can't avoid it though. pete: you are right. remember when the question came ou they have talked about hunter biden's business dealings. he said hey hunter, i hope you know what you are doing. ed: that was hunter's account. pete: doesn't seem like he knew what he was doing. patriotism. media scrutiny. stepping down from state run, state venture in china. do you have a connection with china. i don't think so. jedediah: a lot of money. pete: this is simple and devastating for biden because people understand it. it's nepotism.
6:04 am
and whether it's technically illegal or not, it's not ethical to use your last name to go overseas to enrich yourself because of your political connections and then people start to look at joe biden and what he did. why are you pressuring the prosecutor in ukraine. why are you talking so friendly about the communist chinese. maybe because you know your son has financial interest. i don't know. these questions need to be asked. ed: we want to give credit to bloomberg news. they got to story. goes on for the attorney for hunter biden. under the biden administration hunter will comply readily with any and all guidelines or standards a president biden may issue to address purported conflicts of interest or the appearance of such conflicts including any restrictions related to overseas business interest. he will continue to keep his father personally involved in his busines ---uninvolved ins business affairs. jedediah: they weren't on offense complaining themselves and is he clear and on defense.
6:05 am
such a rejection in this country of elicittism and nepotism and of all the things that people associate with politicians in d.c. that they can't stomach. ed: you saw with the clinton foundation. jedediah: this story is a reflection of that. he knows it's a problem. because is he running against bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. he doesn't need people saying joe biden, nepotism, elitism, everything we hate about d.c. let's look at these other candidates. pete: contrast hyden joe biden doesn't want to go in front of the media cacoon himself with his lead. same thing with hunter biden. where is he? his lawyer putting out staples. he hasn't been throughout talking about it. contrast with donald trump and his sons out there in the media answering questions every single day saying our father i is president. we are staying out of international business dealings. as i said before the minute joe biden became vice president hunter biden started doing business dealings he knew it would benefit himself. that contrast regular people
6:06 am
get it. the elite media never will. ed: talk about another contrast democrats in the house moving quickly, it appears. maybe trying by thanksgiving to impeach the president inquiry goes forward. two big other inquiries going on. the justice department inspector general we expect maybe by the end of october. finally going to release that report about fisa abuses involving james comey and others that's going to be coming out. also john durham this prosecutor who has been a u.s. attorney who has been looking at how the investigation of president trump all started in 2016. interesting that as the heat goes hotter on folks like john brennan such a fierce critic of the president. comey, once again speak out. jedediah: comey coming out and saying listen i would love to get off twitter but i have a moral responsibility to be there. check out this headline from the "new york times." james comey would like to help the former fbi director wants an end to the trump presidency and yes he knows you might think he caused
6:07 am
it. warrior for the cause of justice. i bet y'all didn't know that. that's james comey once tweeting a photo of himself in the middle of a forest and having a very day. pete: when james comey wants to leak something he goes to his friends at the "new york times." ed: this piece is a dramatic read. pete: reading from the failing "new york times" about the one and only james comey. james comey slunks strategically in restaurants all 6-foot 8 of them drooping faux furtively in the back of the room and cynic minded -- i can't even read that without laughing. bipartisan coalition pronounces him a national disgrace. soundly nine hours a night. organizes self-described unemployment celebrity chapter of his life work aday goal. one of my goals, he said, has been 10 consecutive
6:08 am
pull-ups, mr. comey said in an interview. ed: pause, collect your thoughts as you get ready for the next reading a lot to digest there it's all about him. all about 6'8" of him. and nine hours a night. who sleeps nine hours a night? thinking deep thoughts. jedediah: comey and schiff and let me just throw in spartacus there while i'm at it, all three of them have that same quality of it's bawl them. let me seize my moment. it's my responsibility to the people. they are so focused on themselves all the time, the ego is the size of this building. i mean, it's extraordinary. it's just remarkable when you see it man tested like that. an -- manifested like that. he believes i would go but i owe it to you to stay. i really do. ed: earlier it was audio only now have joe on camera. pete: mr. comey, as ever, cannot fight a nagging conviction about it all. james comey can help. he must help. i feel stuck, he said, like
6:09 am
can't do something else. and i couldn't look myself in the mirror. i went and did something easy. what is he doing, exactly is not entirely clear. [laughter] even to him. rather than proceed with the standard arc erst while intelligence leader think tanks. mr. comey has pledged to spend the next 13 months work togglworking to drive mr. p from power. the last line said it all. jedediah: you thought he was partisan. you should play comey in the movie. pete: not 6'8". ed: joking absurd how he talks about himself a serious point at the end there. as you say, he held him up as this sort of god-like figure. nonpartisan, trying to arbitrate everything fairly and innocently. in the end the truth comes out. it says he wants to drive this president from office. the president has been talking about that for a couple of years now. comey himself finally
6:10 am
admitting it in this story. jedediah: so stupid, too. if people have that perception of you that you were hyper partisan and made decisions based on that sense of hyper partisanship. maybe be quiet about it. don't be so blatant so everybody goes back at all the decisions he made. wait a second, did he make that decision because of that so removed from reality he doesn't recognize people at home are sitting and saying wow, that's kind of a hyper partisan statement to be making. pete: that's what the fourth branch of our government does the deep state they are disconnected from reality. the fourth branch of government they said it therefore it must be true. in reality, john durham the u.s. attorney who is investigating, recently didn't get a lot of attention. he recently expanded his scope of investigation. ed: bret baier reported that. pete: great reporting. beyond the election and inauguration to the spring of 2017, which is when the special counsel, when bob mueller was appointed.
6:11 am
ed: by rosenstein. pete: bob mueller was appointed. rod rosenstein did he make a deal with him. all feels like that same inner circle and james comey is right in the middle. ed: should we do more dramatic readings jedediah: figure out if he is 6'8". we will put him on stilts or something. ordered to move stout avoid conflict with turkey. defense department secretary mark esper. president trump tweeting moments ago, quote: very smart not to be involved in the intense fighting along the turkish border for a change. those who mistakenly got us into the middle east wars are still pushing to fight. they have no idea what a bad decision they have made. why are not asking for a declaration of war. the move comes as turkish troops seize parts of a syrian town overnight in their fight against a turkish military. president trump is celebrating as louisiana gubernatorial election heads to a run-off. democratic governor john bel
6:12 am
edwards will face off against president trump's pick eddy risponi next month. edwards came up just short of the 50% he needed to avoid a runoff with 46%. will democratic socialist bernie sanders takes a shot at 2020 rival senator elizabeth warren. >> elizabeth warren, i think as you know, has said she is a capitalist to her bones. i'm not. i am, i believe, the only candidate who is going to say to the ruling class of this country that corporate will enough is enough with your greed and corruption. jedediah: sanders is set to hold a bernie is back rally next weekend. millennials love italian food. 63% of young adults say it just tastes the best. oh yeah. one in ten say they love it because it looks the best. pizza, bruschetta and lasagna will top spot. this study coming from one poll. those are your headlines.
6:13 am
ed: you are right. i agree. jedediah: bruschetta is delicious. pete: why do we have to pronounce it like mozzarella. ed: chicken pharm should be on that list. pete: bruschetta is great but not a top three. what about the meatballs? where are the meatballs? ed: president phase one deal with the china. pete: break it down coming up. ♪ ♪ when you shop for your home at wayfair,
6:14 am
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6:16 am
♪ head in now for applebee's new pasta & grill combos starting at $9.99. >> very substantial phase one deal. the deal on intellectual
6:17 am
property. financial services, a tremendous deal for the farmers. we are going to start negotiating phase 2 after phase one is completed and signed. it's a great deal for china and great deal for us. jedediah: president trump reaching a phase one trade deal with china. what does this mean for republicans? let's ask marsha blackburn thank you for being here. >> thank you. jedediah: what do you think the impact is going to be on the average person watching today? >> jedediah, we see this as progress. over the past week i have been meeting with a lot of timothy farmers and producers and they are really helpful. very helpful that this is going to be a step in the right direction with soy and with park. more agricultural products being sold. also, our retailers in tennessee are hopeful that we are going to get around to some of the tariffs being removed and, of course,
6:18 am
getting the announcement that tariffs in december are not going to increase, that's a good, hopeful sign. so, let's just hope we can get that usmca on the floor for a vote in the house. and then move forward with the japan agreement and also with the china agreement. jedediah: this is a key issue moving forward to 20206789 many people view this as a campaign promise fulfilled. president trump was talking about china when many politicians were not. do you think people will feel the economic impact in time for the effect on a 2020 race? >> yes. i think they are. i think they are going to see it pretty much immediately. it brings a hopefulness. and with our farm community, what they are saying is if we know there is a stable path forward to trade routes, we can move forward with equipment purchases. when i talk to our entertainers, they say if we can get these intellectual property protections, that helps us.
6:19 am
our software developers, they want these intellectual property protections. look, everybody is tired of china ripping them off. stealing our intellectual property. reverse engineering and then pushing those products back in to the united states. and thank goodness donald trump has dealt with china. and you know, jedediah, i think another thing to realize is china didn't want to be the first one to make an agreement with the u.s. but they sure don't want to be the last. jedediah: senator, i have to bring in the i word because that is the news of the day as always. impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. congress can s. returning from a two-week recess on tuesday. >> yes. jedediah: what is coming up in the inquiry? >> you will see the democrats continue with their push. this is a new chapter in a story that has been going on since 2016. they decided on day one they were going to impeach donald trump. and they tried it in 2016.
6:20 am
they tried it in 2017, after he was sworn. in bear in mind, they started it before he was sworn. in they tried a vote in 2018. they have tried it in 2019. they thought the mueller report was going to do it. it didn't do it. they said we have to have another quavment we have a phone call. we have whistleblowers and now we have multiple whistleblowers. and they are all represented by the same law firm. it is amazing to me they are not going to stop. they are going to keep it up. they are upset. donald trump won the election. he was not supposed to win the election. so, you know, it's just what they are going to continue to do. the house is refusing to take their vote. jedediah: senator, thank you for being here today. >> good to be with you. thank you. jedediah: president trump speaking to a packed house at the black leadership summit last week. larry elder says young black conservatives are on the rise. he is going to explain that coming up next. ♪ ♪
6:21 am
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6:24 am
jedediah: quick deadlines. three people dead from the saddle ridge fire. it's contained. more than 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate. and three construction workers are dead when the hard rock hotel collapses in new orleans. >> oh my god. >> 18 people are hurt and one person is missing. officials fear the building could crumble even more, the cause of the collapse is unknown, over to you, pete.
6:25 am
>> thanks, jed. the nba backfires criticize china over human rights abuses. one coach even using it to criticize america. >> has it ever come up that the nba's business interests in china are at odds with a country whose human rights record is not in step with the united states? >> it has not come up in terms of people asking me about it. nor has our record of human rights abuses come up either. ed: oh, our next guest says there is a reason why the woke nba won't criticize the chinese. larry elder is here to explain. >> good morning, how are you. ed: that of course is steve kerr won all these championships in golden state. uses plate for his platform to h president trump. he won't criticize the chinese government but he
6:26 am
will turn it around on america. >> yeah. he also says he has a brother-in-law who teaches chinese history. he will check with him to find out what position he ought to have. maybe his brother-in-law can inform him mao has 65 million people's blood on his hands and he is comparing our human rights record to that? he apparently doesn't know anything at all about what the chinese are doing with religious and ethnic minorities, the suppression of rights. but he is johnny on the spot steve kerry is whether it comes to trashing donald trump and his alleged racism. this is all about the money. jason whitlock one of the fourth analysts says follow the money. nike is about a 30-million-dollar business. nba 8-million-dollar business. china is biggest market. connect the dots. that's what's going on here. all these prince 3e8ed social justice warriors we can't find them. pete: what are americas to make of this nba and get behind their teams and see someone like steve kerr go and trash our country and we're the ones pulling down
6:27 am
signs about hong kong and it's our freedom of speech being curtailed as opposed to critiquing the chinese. >> absolutely. this might very well backfire on attendance. i am listening to my radio. it might have the same effect on the nba that mr. colin kaepernick has had on the nfl. ed: interesting analogy. you also have take on will young black conservatives are on the rise and you lay out the reason. give us two or three of them. is it tied in part to the economic rise, low unemployment we are seeing right now unpresident trump? >> i think. so we have had record low unemployment. lowest sings we have been keeping record. also, this is an administration that wants to give black and brown inner city parents choice in education. i went to a high school called crenshaw high school high school featured boys in the hood.
6:28 am
3% of people in my high school can do math at grade level. what parent would send their kid school where only 3% of the kids can do math at grade level if they have an option. wants to give inner city city cools voucherrers. teachers union don't want to do that what's the most important thing can you do, make sure your kid gets a quality education. who is stopping you, democrats. who wants to give you the option to have a better choice. republicans that alone is causing a young black people to rethink the allegiance of the democratic party. the other thing is the welfare state. incent fisa women to marry the government and allow men to abandon financial responsibility. why 70% of black kids today born without fathers in the home. we have inincentivized women to marry the government and abandon their responsibility. young blacks are getting it. they understand racism is the no longer problem in america. which is the line the media and democrats have been
6:29 am
selling black people for a long time. gotten that 95% monolithic black vote. once that notion that i'm not a victim. i'm not being oppressed. i'm not being suppressed. goes away and people start thinking about schools, education, crime, economics, the bond that the democratic party has over blacks may very well be broken and in which case the democratic party is in deep, deep have voodoo at the presidential level. pete: you make my case is it translating into political support any time soon? you have got about 10 seconds. >> according to the naacp 21% of black wills support the pluck party four times the amount donald trump got in 2016. something is happenings and that something is not going to be good news for the democratic party. ed: see how this plays out in 2020. thanks, larry. pete: back to our fox news alert top of the hour. hunter biden stepping down from his role on the board of a chinese company.
6:30 am
ed: maria embarrassment is here live with the potential fallout. that is next. prior to going to aspen dental
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a general dentistry office. pete: it's your shot of the morning. doggone talented. dachshund. ed: you are having a hard time today. jedediah: little hot dog.
6:34 am
pete: going viral. dachshund. i can't pronounce that. jedediah: this dog has 100,000 followers on instagram where he balances things on his head. ed: this cool trick uses a soccer ball. owner lives in ireland says he noticed his pet's hidden talent after jokingly placing a dog toy on his head. look at some of our other favorite dogs of instagram. we are going to bring in someone who has a wonderful dog. jedediah: oh, so beautiful. >> i call that sun set puppy. because she is looking at the sun set. jedediah: guess who that is? >> that's my daisy in her ducky pajamas. >> daisy cutie pie. ed: lost me at ducky pajamas. thank you for showing baby
6:35 am
duck. ed: offense on hunter biden. charges this and that. this morning breaking news, hunter biden stepping down from the board of a chinese private equity company. what's going on there. >> i think the fact that he is coming out and stepping down tells you right there that there is something improper about this. and they recognize it. we haven't heard from huxd in how long? and now finally we get the news that he is stepping down. i think this is very appropriate. what we know about this is that hunter biden took a trip with his father, then vice president joe biden on air force 2 to china. joe biden, the vice president, was doing official business in china. his son was with him. when they came back, 10 days later, it was -- it was known that hunter biden's private equity firm got a billion dollars then went to $1.5 billion and of course because he was in that position of being the vice president's son, people speculated that's the only reason he got the money. and you add that to the
6:36 am
story around ukraine that he was getting paid $50,000 a month and the pressure is on the bidens right now. yes, president trump brought this to everybody's attention but, you know, what gets me is that you see adam schiff, you know, running these impeachment inquiry hearings and giving all these testimonies behind closed doors. you don't see a peep about this in the intel committee. you don't see the intel committee pursuing what we know to be true that was fisa abuse. we will get the fisa report out on friday. i'm told the 18th. you don't see any investigation there. and you don't see an investigation into hunter biden while adam schiff purrs this inquiry behind closed doors. pete: the republicans in the senate control committees couldn't they do something? >> lindsey graham is chairman of the judiciary committee in the city he is going to do hearings and interviews. he was on my show last sunday. he says if it continues to go behind closed doors he will do hearings and open it up and make sure there are
6:37 am
public hearings. so far, everything we are seeing, we are hearing bits and pieces, some leaks about some testimonies that have happened. it's all behind closed doors. you cannot impeach a duly elected president behind closed doors in secret. the american people need to see what these testimonies are. jedediah: what do you have coming up on the show? >> we will be talking about this. we have kellyanne conway, counselor to the president coming on. we want to talk about this china deal. what went on in terms of the middle east issues. look, the president is getting criticized this morning and has been since he announced that he wants to take, you negotiation lessen the ranks in the middle east and syria. that is something kellyanne is going to address. i'm talking with the member house judiciary committee he will talk about behind closed doors. and coming out friday the 18th. some say it's as big as a telephone book. it's not just the fisa abuse. looking at the origin of the probe. we all know the origin of
6:38 am
the russia probe. they decided to insert donald trump into a story we knew to be true which is russia is meddling in u.s.s. affairs. ed: we will be watching. >> thanks. pete: turning to headlines, a woman in china killed by police in other own home. the body cam footage just released. the texas scope responding to a wellness check after reported ago font door was left open. >> put your hands up. show me your hands officer pulled his gun out after perceiving a threat. the gun was found inside the house. the officer is on administrative leave. the los angeles angels deny an espn report claiming employee gave exiler scaggs opioids. he supplied drugs to the pitcher days before he overdosed. he claims skaggs and five teammates used opioids for years. the team statement reads in part we never heard that an employee was providing illegal narcotics to any player or that any player
6:39 am
was taking illegal narcotics. and calls to remove a judge who sent a man to jail for missing jury duty. judge john casterneckus sentence ago man behind bars after he overslept and missed his service. the sentence was later revoked and the man's record was cleared. a grouch lawmakers now pushing for the judge to be disciplined. they claim he has a history of bias against people based on their socioeconomic status. and american airmen world record for bench pressing 551 pounds unassisted. air force tech sergeant kenneth cook lifting more than double his body weight at the olympic i can't power proin lo las vegas. he joined us on this program and said he is still pushing the limits. >> if i can do in this time next year i would say i'm done. i know it will be 6001 the pete: he says he feels
6:40 am
humbled and grateful to break the record. he said all we said and h agreed if he tries to break the record at 600 he should do it live on "fox & friends." jedediah: he has. to say. ed: do it on fox square which is where we find rick right now. rick: we have a loft people out here. where are you all from. >> indiana. >> indiana. >> new hampshire. >> from everywhere. we have a good reputation. thanks for coming out. show you the weather maps. great day almost everywhere in the country. really rough week a blizzard across north dakota. tropical system across the eastern seaboard and all the fires in california. pretty much everything is winding down. excepts for the rain that is moving in across parts of the southeast. and that's good news. we need that rain. storm winding down across the northern plains. a few lingering snow showers across south dakota. one area, harvey north dakota. almost 30 inches of snow in this storm. unbelievable. fire conditions improving a
6:41 am
lot the next couple of days across southern california and rain moving into northern parts of the specific northwest and northern california as well. here is the prescription oveprecipitationthe next five os ago. rain across the southeast which is outstanding news. all right, guys, back to you. pete: thanks, rick. jedediah: we keep hearing about ukraine. but what do we know about it? jesse watters joins us next. >> what do you know about ukraine. >> i don't know. i'm not ukrainian. >> jesse: have you heard anything about ukraine recently. >> no. should i have? to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting a chairman for the... for the advisory board what's this? as well as use the remaining... child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't.
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15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. go on with your bad self. you may pay as little as zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® for chronic migraine. you got this. ed: quick headlines. you could say she is not skating out of this one. kfc employee admits to buying customer's credit card to buy $85 roller skates. she wrote down the customer's card number while
6:45 am
working the drive-thru. oh, great. she is now charged with fraud. and these shoes let you walk on jesus shoes. sold out in minutes. now being resold for up to 4,000 bucks. the sneakers have real holly water from the middle east from the soles and crucifixes on the laces. i'm not sure everyone is going to find them tasteful. pete: not necessarily. they are not real nikeys, modified. ed: jesus shoes what will they think of next. pete: jesse watters hits the streets to let regular folks what they know about certain facts of the day. ed: whole country is talking about ukraine. whole country want the president impeached. what jesse found a little different story. watch. >> jesse: tell me about ukraine. >> ukraine? i have no idea. i don't know. i'm not ukrainian. >> ukraine. ukraine is very interesting.
6:46 am
i don't really know much about ukraine. >> ukraine like a sword or like, i don't know robot thingy. >> like a crane. >> yeah. >> have you heard anything about ukraine? recently? >> no. should i have? >> first they said trump sent them. now they say that trump sent them back. i'm confused. trump is all over the place. he is doing crazy things. he should go back to the princes. apprentice. he was good add that. >> jesse: who is this guy. >> i have no idea. >> i wish i didn't either. >> no idea. >> what do you think of when you look at his face. >> he is ugly. >> wasn't he on dancing with the stars the other day. >> adam. >> stiff. >> adam sliff. >> adam? >> sander? >> puppet head number one adam schiff. >> what are they trying to impeach trump for? >> a lot of stuff. is he a [bleep] >> big fat bully. >> they want the power, the position, and the ability to
6:47 am
change america like he is. but they have had their chance. ed: i like the fact that he couldn't name adam schiff, adam sand ler, sean spicer. i guess spicy has been in the news. pete: a lot more people across america are familiar with sean spicer's status on the "dancing with the stars" than what's going on in ukraine. people, that's what the bubble world is missing. seriously, the elites on the coast are missing the fact that people in middle america are not following intricate. feels like unfair secretive process every new nugget is coming from democrats against president trump. they have a baked in sense of what it all means. >> ed: it's interesting. because two years or so we heard the mueller report is coming. that's going to bring the president down. i would talk to lawmakers in both parties in private in washington. they would tell me back home voters weren't asking them about it. they were asking about jobs and healthcare. big, big issues. trade, which the president talk as lot about. then what happened in the mueller report came out it.
6:48 am
fizzled it, didn't go anywhere. will the ukraine issue go somewhere? we shall see. the public, that's one little small sample. people are not out on the street talking about this will. pete: there is a lot of self-righteous outrage in washington about something that connects to almost nobody across the country. and when you are that disconnected, you get way out flofnt your skis and pretty soon you are doing something most cowardly impeachment in america in my opinion. ed: i talked tore someone in private and he says he believes this is going to go nowhere unless another shoe drops. unless there is something we don't know today you don't know where the impeachment inquiry is going. this advisor is confident we will see if he is right. pete: next time you see jesse watters with a microphone, be prepared. we are taking the challenge of our own on fox square otherwise known as the plaza this morning with the three best workouts to boost your morning. coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:49 am
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ed: all right. ready for a morning boost? jedediah: today we are showing you the three best workouts to do daily at home or at your desk. pete: co-founders of prx yousef myers and cliff randle here to tell us how it's done. yousef, thanks for being here this morning what is it. >> pure built extreme it's a life sometime. overall change. about transformations. pete: can i see you live the lifestyle. >> we definitely do. pete: small dude right here. >> one thing we focus on is taking people who are beginners and teaching them everything they need. we give you modification and
6:53 am
if you are advanced take you to limits. 14-day program geared towards extreme weight loss and our five day ab challenge where people have lost up to two inches 3 inches around their waist in five days: first we are going to start with the bands. take your green bands. pete: not the leg. >> first portion. go from there. start with a regular squat, everything is going to be. before you squat, you want to make sure your feet -- toes out slightly go with a bounce squat. down, down, up. down, down, up. ♪ down, down, up. there you go.
6:54 am
>> down, down, up. down, down, up. ♪ one more now. this we are going to activate those glutes. ♪ out, out, out. out. out. out. out. out. out. here we are going to have a little fun. ♪ in, in, out out out. >> in, in, out, out. in, in, out, out. will then big jump, big jump. big jump. big jump. big jump. keep going. 5, 4, 3, 2, one more, hold. this is where you burn. last time. one more. out, out, out. out. out. out. out. 3, 2, 1. that's right.
6:55 am
jedediah: feet burn. jedediah: people who have a bun in the oven you can modify it like did i kind of cool. pete: my legs are sore. >> one foot. bicep curls: up and down. chest up, up, and down. let's go. up,. >> never done bicep curls. >> hold it. squeeze those biceps. pete: yeah, ed. squeeze those journalism biceps. >> now up and down. >> control it. up and down. up and down. up and down. ♪ keep going. push. let's go.
6:56 am
breathe. 3, 2. hold. hold. squeeze it up and squeeze. squeeze. yeah. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. bring it down. >> feel the burn. >> feel the burn. >> not the bernie burn. up and down. ♪ up, hold it. down slow. up and hold down slow. feel them biceps? pete: more "fox & friends" on the other sides of this commercial. >> keep going. 3, keep going. ♪ >> and 1. you realize your vows are a whitesnake song?
6:57 am
i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ ♪ >> 3, 2, 1. [laughter] >> that was not pretty. feel it. ed: november 6th, get tickets,
7:00 am pete: do join us in st. petersburg this week. [cheers and applause] ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, i'm maria bart bartir. straight ahead right here on "sunday morning futures," kellyanne conway, counselor to president, on house democrats intensifying their impeachment push. plus the latest on a potential trade deal with china, and america's next steps in the middle east. also ahead, two influential republican congressmen on whether the democrats are being transparent enough about what's behind their impeachment inquiry into president trump. plus, involved in both bill and hillary clinton's presidential campaigns, his unique perspective on how


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