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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 14, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> in secret. >> can you imagine the dog is at death's door and now he's lying on air force one. >> what do you think? >> set your dvrs, "special report" is up next. hello, brett. >> bret: hello, greg, thank you. major sanctions against turkey for its offensive against kurds in syria. if the president's former top national security council expert on russia talks to house impeachment panels. and we begin with a look at school choice. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president trump is delivering on the promise to them both dumb i economic penalties on turkey over its military campaign against kurds in syria. this comes as congress returns to washington complete with bipartisan condemnation of the president's decision to leave the area, a move that many
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lawmakers feel directly led to the brutal persecution of the former u.s. allies. we have fox team coverage tonight. steve harrigan on the ground in northern syria with a look at what's happening now. brit hume joins us with his analysis, but we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts and what the president and his team are saying and facing tonight. good evening, john. >> reporter: some breaking news just now, the vice president at steven mnuchin, the secretary of the treasury just outside the west wing right now. vice president saying that president trump called turkish president erdogan today telling him to stop his invasion, to turn it back. the vice president also saying that he will lead a delegation to turkey immediately to try to negotiate an end to this crisis. meantime, the president taking more friendly fire over his decision to pull back forces from the turkey syria border, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell with a statement saying withdrawing american leadership from this crucial -- would only make it worse. the president also taking other staff this afternoon to try to
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get the turkish president to back off buried >> making good on his threat, president trump today announced crippling sanctions on turkey, slamming turkish president erdogan for endangering stability and threatening peace, stability in the region. with an executive order, president trump is targeting the turkish economy, announcing a return to 50% tariffs on turkish steel and stopping negotiations on a $1 billion trade deal. in addition, president trump has threatened current and former turkish government officials, or anyone else involved in serious human rights abuses, obstructing a cease-fire, presenting displaced persons from returning home or forcibly repatriating refugees with financial sanctions, blocking of property and barring entry into the united states. while it is unusual for the united states to hit a nato ally with sanctions designed to bring the economy to its knees, turkish president erdogan is going well beyond the limited operation he outlined to
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president trump and members of congress. senator lindsey graham today meeting with the president to discuss coordinating congressional sanctions. >> three weeks ago i met erdogan at the u.n. in new york, the save his own concept of where we keep turkey and the kurds away from each other with an international force was working. the week after that he basically lied to me, called up president trump, saying i'm going in to turkey and the rest is history. >> turkey's misbehavior in the sanctions aside, president trump is not backing off his plan to take u.s. forces out of syria, insisting they have been there too long and that it's not america's fight, tweeting this afternoon, "anyone who wants to assist syria in protecting the kurds is good with me, whether it is russia, china, or napoleon bonaparte. i hope they all do great. we are 7,000 miles away." but the turkish president is playing the nato card, telling allies germany and the u.k. that turkey is at risk and nato needs
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to stand with it. >> we are a nato ally. please note that these countries are all nato members. nato has article five. we are at the moment under pressure and harassment of a terror organization. whose site should they be on according to article five? they should be on our side. >> president trump also warned erdogan not to put recent gains against eyes is in jeopardy. there are huge concerns isa spiders in captivity will escape. congress men michael waltz, a firm supporter, says the president of austria's actions may have already cast the die. >> would set the conditions for isis 2.0 and we are repeating the mistakes of the obama administration, which led to all this in the first place, except we won't have any local allies to fight them again. >> president trump is removing u.s. forces from the fight. he is not taking them out of the neighborhood. the present announcing he will read apply those forces elsewhere in the region where they will monitor the situation. also leave a small contingent of
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forces at a base in southern syria to keep the remnants of isis on the run. bret. >> bret: john, thank you. the kurds have reached a military grommet with syria to get some to support from the assad regime. that could greatly complete matters in the region for the u.s. steve harrigan is in northeastern syria tonight. >> what began as a military operation against what turkey calls "terrorists" has now evolved into something perhaps much bigger, much more dangerous. a war between turkey, a nato member, and syria, a country backed by russia. kurdish officials wasted little time in finding a partner after the withdrawal of u.s. forces, which they described as a stab in the back. searing government troops reache front lines within hours of video a welcome sight too many kurds on the ground. >> thank god for the return of the army. thank god for the return of the syrian arab army.
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>> the fighting is brutal. arab militia backed by turkey have been accused of atrocities, executing kurdish prisoners on the battlefield, pulling a female kurdish political leader from her car and shooting her in the head. a convoy containing armed men, civilians, and journalists, was bombed near the front line, killing 9. dozens of civilians on both sides of the border have been killed by mortar shells exploding into homes. there is a rage here among civilians that no one is doing anything to save them. >> we are with united nations. let them come to see the blood of our children on the floor. it why don't show up? our children are gone, our girls are gone and our strength is gone. >> several world leaders have warned that the conflict could lead to a resurgence of the islamic state in the region. the kurds have been in charge of prisons housing isis combatants and family members in syria. over the past three days, at least two mass escapes have been attempted at these facilities.
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civilians are also looking for an escape from fighting. it's come to their doorstep. 130,000 people are on the move trying to get away from the fighting and that number has grown each day. bret. >> bret: steve harrigan in northeastern syria, thank you. abc is apologizing time for running images it said were from a battle between the turks and kurds, but which instead appear to be from a gun range in kentucky. the network aired the video sunday night and this morning, the "washington examiner" reports are represented for the knob creek gun range in west point kentucky says the images appear to be from one of the facilities facility's life, abc says it were aggress the error. get some comments on syria, the turks and kurds in what's happy to from senior political analyst brit hume. this developed quickly. obviously the actions turkey happen quickly and forcefully and now sanctions.
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>> it's pretty good at what happened here is that we had this delicate arrangement along the border in force, if that's the right word by a presence of a small number of u.s. troops. it's held for many months now and negotiations are underway to deal with that whole flash point border area for some time. that's all out the window now. the president had his conversation, the now famous weekend conversation with erdogan. erdogan basically said without this arrangement, but we don't like it, we are going in. the president was then confronted with that prospect and he did what we now know he did and you can make all kinds of arguments about whether he should have done that, but it's not clear that if those troops that stayed there they would have been in anything but danger. they couldn't have done anything voluntarily to stop it, so it was basically a fait accompli by the time he heard about it. we are sorted in the fog of war stager. we see these terrible scenes, it
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does look so far like the kind of disastrous situation with atrocities on the rest of it that everyone had feared. it isn't easy to mount a big attack in populated areas and not kill any civilians, so we won't know for a while how bad this is. so far looks terrible and the question arises, what should or could the united states have done? >> bret: the president, on that phone call, either directly or erdogan implied that it was a green light to go ahead and go. >> i don't think it was -- i don't think the president gave him a green light in the sense you normally think of that. i think what happened was erdogan says "i'm going" and the president then reacted to that rather than -- and if american troops had stayed there, it's possible some of them would have been killed by turkish forces, which would have created a new set of factions the president would have had to react to, which is what he stepped away from. make no mistake about it. if the kurds are what they are, there are some terrorists within their midst and there's all that, and there's all kinds of history here and you can go
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through all of it but when all is said and done, the kurds were, and are, or had been, at least, a loyal ally of the united states. they did most of the fighting and most of the dying and the elimination of isis and we have now decided that we are not going to back them up. >> bret: vice president pence speaking to reporters outside the west wing has been saying that the president specifically did not give the green light, whether erdogan implied it or not, on that phone call and that the president reiterated that on a phone call today to erdogan. pence is leading a delegation to the region to try to get some solution here as they levy sanctions. in the question, how much effect that will have. >> it will be interesting to see because we are hearing that there are crippling sanctions. i'm not at all persuaded that they are that crippling, but they certainly should get -- certainly should be enough to get erdogan's attention and on the question comes what does he do? my senses erdogan is bound or determined to see this through an politically in this country,
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how this will be received will depend a lot on what will happen when we begin to get a real sense, almost when it's over perhaps, of just how hideous it has been and how great it was, what we did when we didn't enforce the board of the best we could and fight alongside our allies. >> bret: but quickly, to issue tripling levy, crippling sanctions against a nato ally, it is quite something. the question is whether turkey should be in there. >> well, turkey has been a dodgy ally for a long time. you may recall recently they decided they were going to buy their sc for hundreds, defense materials from russia. one interesting note here is now what happens is the syrian army the syrian army is coming to the rescue of the kurds, they will brush it back. turkey and russia have been getting pretty chummy.
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i expect this will put an end to that because they are now basically at war. the russian backed forces are now at war with the turkish arm army. >> bret: as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: iran president says a running tanker and tell mike damaged in the red sea friday was set by at least two rockets off the coast. saudi arabia denying involvement. video shows what appears to be an oil slick behind that ship. photos released by iran's oil ministry so the ship's hall puncture just above the waterline. stocks were off today, the dow lost 29, the s&p lost 4 and the nasdaq fell 8. this is a big week for democrats on capitol hill pursuing the president's impeachment. today one of the president 's top experts on my shareholder story. chief congressional respondent mike emanuel has a report from capitol hill. >> fiona hill, former white house advisor in europe is the latest figure to answer
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questions as part of this impeachment probe. a source familiar says hill had major praise for marie yovanovitch, who was removed as u.s. investor to ukraine in may. today jim jordan complained about process secrecy saying the vast majority of lawmakers have no idea where things stand. >> there been a total of 12 members of congress in those interviews, which means 423 members of congress weren't present to hear the testimony from the witnesses that mr. schiff has called. >> house intelligence chairman adam schiff floated signed and that lawmakers may never need to hear from the whistle-blower was complaint led to the impeachment inquiry. >> given that we already have the call record, we don't need a whistle-blower who wasn't on the call to tell us what took place during the call. we have the best evidence of that. >> lawmakers on the three main committees are expected to hear from the u.s. ambassador to the e.u., gordon sondland, on thursday. he is the diplomat who assured acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine bill taylor there was no quid pro quo in terms of
3:14 pm
withholding security assistance for help with the trump 2020 political campaign. a person familiar tells fox news, sondland will say that came directly from a less than five-minute phone call he had with president trump and sondland is expected to say he believed the president, so he passed along those assurances to colleagues. meanwhile, plans to bring former congress minute federal prosecutor trey gowdy onto president trump's outside legal counsel well apart. a source familiar with the matter says gaudi's primary role would be to appear on television making the president of asterisk case, but gowdy is restricted by strict ethics rules as a former member of congress. >> tomorrow deputy assistant secretary -- scheduled to appear, it's not certain he will show. it's possible they will need to issue a subpoena. bret. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the help. thanks. up next week and look at education in america by seeing how the trump administration is advocating for school choice. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering.
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fox 8 in new orleans as officials say they are still searching for a worker missing in the weakened collapse of the hotel under construction. the hard rock hotel was being erected near the city's historic french quarter. the coroner's office says the body of one of the two people killed and saturday of asterisk collapse has been identified. gavin newsom signed a new law banning california public high schools from starting before 8:30 a.m. and prohibits middle schools from beginning before 8:00 a.m. if that makes california the first state in the nation to mandate a later. the proposal was designed to help students perform better by giving them more time to sleep. and this is a live look at dallas, a foggy dallas from fox 4, our affiliate there, the big story there, the fort worth police chief says a white officer accused in the fatal shooting of a black woman in her home has resigned. officer aaron dent shot the woman through her window early saturday morning. officers were called to her home
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when a concerned neighbor worried for her safety, noticing her door was open. police say dean perceived a threat when he saw someone near the window and opened fire. a criminal investigation is underway. that's tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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♪ >> bret: a 13-year-old girl in suburban kansas city has been charged with a felony after allegedly using her finger to make a threat at a middle school. school district spokesman said the girl pointed her finger like a gun. the girl 'his mother tells the local newspaper she was a victim of bullies. the team has a closed hearing at juvenile district court within the next couple of weeks. and it began look at education in america with a focus on school choice. the trump administration is trying to get state and local officials to expand opportunities for children who may be having trouble in public schools. this evening, correspondent garrett tenney looks at how that's going. >> i didn't really care about school. i acted out. >> meriwether failed third grade, twice. she regularly receives d's and f's and was heading towards the
3:21 pm
life of an eventual high school dropout like the rest of her family. >> when i was an element or school i was a hot mess. >> but that changed when she moved in with her godmother, was able to enroll her in a small private school using a tax credit scholarship. >> i went from heating school, struggling in school and being on a path to dropout to being someone who succeeded in school. >> that scholarship is just one of the many school choices florida has passed and denisha says without it, she likely wouldn't have become first and her family to graduate from high school, college, and earn a masters degree. >> this scholarship was not just some money that was handed to my family. it became a lifeline. >> the trump administration wants to see more school choice programs across the country, but state governments are the ones with the power to make that happen, so the white house has been pushing for those changes using the power of the bully pulpit. >> we are fighting for school choice.
3:22 pm
>> this year, west virginia begin the 45th state to allow for charter schools and supporters believe after years of coming up short, it was the trump administration's public advocacy that helped move the needle. >> i don't think it's crazy to say that was the key component to get it across the finish line and as we saw earlier this year, that culminated in west virginia finally getting charter schools. >> teachers unions have aggressively fought against school choice reforms arguing that taxpayer dollars would be better spent investing in traditional public schools. >> published my public school there were 90 of parents send their kids and we have to make sure their well-funded and we have to make sure that they have the resources they need so that every child has a shot in public schools. the trump administration is not doing anything on public education. >> education secretary betsy devos conceded that education is not been a topic ready for the white house, but she believes the fierce opposition from teachers unions is assigned the policies are having an impact.
3:23 pm
in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. spewing up next, we will go live to columbus, ohio, for a preview of tomorrow night if i stressed democratic presidential candidate debate. first, beyond our borders tonight. tens of thousands of mostly young pro-democracy activists rallied in hong kong's business districts monday night. the protesters pleaded for help from the u.s. police say a homemade remote-controlled bomb intended to harm or kill right controlled officers was detonated near by sunday night. no injuries were reported. spain's supreme court has sentenced 12 prominent former catalan politicians and activists to lengthy prison terms for their roles in the 2017 bed to gain independence for catalonia. later in the day, police and right gear charged protesters, blocking entrance to barcelona's international airport. crews are working across central and northern japan did dig through mudslides and search riverbanks for those missing
3:24 pm
after landfall of a typhoon saturday. as of people said to be killed thousands of homes on japan's main island are flooded, damage, or without power. some 30,000 people are in evacuation centers tonight. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back. using a ♪ not even our competitor's best battery
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>> bret: intimates democracy 2020 report, campaigns are outraged at a trump supporter's video. bernie sanders calls out elizabeth warren and hunter biden insists he's all the way out in china. correspondent peter doocy reports tonight from columbus, ohio, the sight of tomorrow night's candidateebate. >> even though joe biden insists there's nothing to see her -- >> no one has indicated of any consequence that anything was done wrong or illegally by me or by my son. >> his son hunter is making changes anyway, leaving his seat on the board of a company backed by the communist chinese government and pledging to avoid international business if his dad's president. >> he has said that he does not like the appearance of it. >> the democrats have a chance to press biden about this at the debate, but it's possible none will, because their problems are with president trump. >> the way that they have put america's interest second in order to involve a foreign power in trying to tar the family of an american public servant like
3:29 pm
the former vice president i think is a reminder of what's really at stake in this election. >> hours after hunter biden was publicly seen for the first time in weeks ahead of an unreleased interview, president trump tweeted, "wow, hunter biden is being forced to leave a chinese company. now watch the fake news wrap their greasy and very protective arms around him. only softball questions of him, please." the more violent particular press is getting more attention because the pro-trump group american priorities weekend conference included a trip edited to show president trump brutally murdering media critics leaving the white house correspondents association to say that w hca is horrified and press secretary daphne gresham to tweet about the president, based upon every thing he has heard, he strongly condemns this video. at least one democratic campaign just dealt with a offensive video of their own. a bernie saffer stander, to staffer -- edited to sound sexually and racially inappropr.
3:30 pm
sanders is set to the post heart attack today. >> if i got the quote correctly, a capitalist to her bones. to i don't. >> issues like that could take a backseat to impeachment. >> unemployed i'm the last person to call for impeachment. >> that might not be helping hi him. biden's favorability rating in a new quinnipiac bowl is higher than warren or sanders, but it's his lowest in five years and as the former vp cannot right the ship soon, cnbc is reporting tonight that michael bloomberg might reconsider his decision to stay out of the race and run as a democrat. bret. >> bret: peter doocy in columbus. thank you. we will be there tomorrow for "special report" and all the post coverage of the debate. tonight we examine the continuing controversy over rudy giuliani. at the former new york mayor has become one of the most visible and at times volatile members of the president's team.
3:31 pm
this evening doug mckelway looks at whether giuliani whether giuliani is a hero or a liability as the president faces and impeachment inquiry. >> shut up, moron! shut up, you don't know what you're talking about. >> the president of stress personal lawyer, like the many represents he represents, is combative. rudy giuliani is the president's life ring in the roiling impeachment waters. the detractors, he's a a dead weight that will drag the president down. as of saturday night. still the president's lawyer. >> great german, great mare. >> that vote of confidence came two days after the arrest at washington's millis airport of two giuliani associates, american citizens born in the soviet union. prosecutors from the southern district of new york, the same federal district which giuliani once led accused of the two trying to influence u.s. election by contribute in foreign money to a pro-trump pack. mr. trump offered this after their arrests. >> i don't know them.
3:32 pm
i don't know about them, i don't know what they do. but i don't know, maybe they were clients of rudy, you have to ask rudy, i just don't know. >> even before the first whistle-blower complaint, which led to allegations of a quid pro quo between mr. trump and ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky, giuliani claimed to be hot on the trail of what he says is the real quid pro quo, one that links hunter biden, his father, then-vice president joe biden, ukraine and potentially obama administration to the now-discredited steele dossier. >> the ukrainians came to me. i didn't go after joe biden, they handed it to me. they said there's a lot of evidence of collusion in ukraine. >> giuliani is among many trump officials were fusing to cooperate with the house intelligence committee subpoenas. >> his defiance may be the perfect example of how the president of ashley legal strategy has changed sense the mueller investigation to stubbon resistance at every step. >> bret: doug, thank you. the president wants all
3:33 pm
americans out of syria as the turkish offensive against kurdish forces intensifies, and the kurds turned to syria's assad regime for help. we will discuss that, plus the new sanctions, with the panel when we come back. ♪ ...every curve, every innovation, every feeling... a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.vented now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value
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♪ >> we come across those who threaten us with such subjects like economic sanctions and arms embargoes. those who think they will turn turkey back from its path have been mistaken, are mistaken. >> the president has been very clear, these sanctions are very, very strong. these sanctions will be very severe on the turkish economy. we can continue to ramp up the sanctions. so we were very clear in warning the government of the sanctions. >> he's directed me to lead a delegation, we will be leaving as quickly as possible to travel into the region to pursue a
3:38 pm
cease-fire and a negotiated settlement. >> bret: the vice president and the treasury secretary just outside the west wing moments ago talking to reporters about new sanctions being levied against turkey because of the actions against the kurds in northeastern syria. the president tweeted today "the same people who got us into the middle east mess are the people who most want us to stay there. kurds may be releasing some -- referring to isa spiders -- to get us involved, it easily recaptured by turkey, but they should move quickly. big sanctions on turkey coming, do people really think we should go to war with nato member turkey, never ending wars will end." with that let's bring our panel. chris stirewalt's politics editor here at fox news. jeff mason, white house correspondent for writers and byron york, political correspondent for the "washington examiner." jeff, the vice president, the treasury secretary after this long meeting at the white house saying sanctions are coming. >> yes. that's their answer to what has
3:39 pm
become both a military and political mess for this white house. they did threaten this just a few days ago and they are following through on it, but it seems pretty clear from what president erdogan is saying that that threat doesn't make a lot of difference to him. he's got a geopolitical goal that he wants to achieve and he is doing that and i think it's worth noting despite the fact that i understand the vice president also said president trump didn't sanction this, it was his decision to take u.s. troops out of that region that allowed it, gave sort of the green light, whether it was deliberate or not, to president erdogan to go ahead. >> bret: necessarily or, byron, the vice president insisting that he didn't get the green light to erdogan and the president reiterated that in the call to erdogan today. we are where we are though in the ground in northeastern syria. >> and also on capitol hill. i think the president is in the broadest and deepest trouble he's been with republicans over foreign policy issue in his presidency and i think the tone you saw in this statement that
3:40 pm
he released today, talking about turkey being involved in serious human rights abuses, preventing displaced people from returning home, threatening the peace, security and stability. that was all a very, very different trump then we saw when he announced this. i think he is looking to try to figure a way out of this and the question is whether he can convince republicans that we are going to impose sanctions, that will do the trick. will really do the trick. >> bret: senator graham in that meeting, still going on from what i still understand, expecting a meaty statement from the senator's office. here is one of the senators speaking out for the president and his actions, senator rand paul and were presented of michael waltz. >> 100-year-old war between the turks of the kurds. realize the president is asking is it international security interest to somehow figure out how the kurds can live with the turks? >> for all of the endless war
3:41 pm
kind of crowded voices that are whispering in the president's year, this is how you create wa war. those few hundred american special operators, not tens of thousands, a few hundred, had effectively kept a lid on this tinderbox and now erdogan has put a grenade and pandora's box and it's blowing wide open. >> bret: speaking of blowing wide open, officials saying turkey has been shelling the prisons in many isa spiders have escaped from on the ground. >> from a political standpoint, this is catastrophic. i agree with biden wholeheartedly. republicans, especially those frustrated by having to stick so close to the president on impeachment issues, that got to keep brink's close there, this is a place they can say i absolutely disagree with him and i absolutely disagree with what he's done and now you see the thing we've seen before with trump and foreign policy. there's the white house and administration position, which you heard mike pence articulating. we are getting tougher and turkey. and then there is trump's position. that's what you lead in the tweet where he says you want to just stick around forever and do
3:42 pm
this for all of time? so that's going to be an inattention that will have to work itself out. >> bret: what is the politics fallen america? we know what washington is shaping up to be. and you're right, many republicans are speaking out much more loudly about this than they are about impeachment or anything else. buck sexton though says around 500,000 human beings were killed in syria while barack obama was president and leading for a political settlement to a civil war. the media has been more outraged in the last 72 hours over the syria policy than they were at any point during seven years of slaughter. ask why. how, i guess, is this playing in middle america despite what we are hearing here in washington? >> i think after look at polls that, but a couple things are indicators. number one, people at rallies, i saw a story yesterday i think in "the washington post" about people attended president trump rally who were supportive of what he was doing. so the president in terms of his
3:43 pm
strategy is selling the decision, talking about i don't want to have endless wars. i told people i would bring troops home and that's what i'm doing. that said, another part of his political base is a very critical part, the evangelicals undercut evangelicals were not happy about this decision and saying that openly. so that's middle america too. >> bret: you got questions, counter questions, all kinds. >> but i do think is genuine impulse to want to end endless wars anything he's been frustrated by that because if you look at what happened in afghanistan, he has at various times said he wants to get the u.s. troops out of afghanistan and they are still there and probably not going anywhere, so this is a genuine impulse of his that has been completely frustrated, but remember, during the campaign, he would talk about what a disaster the iraq war was, lay it directly at george w. bush's feet and a lot of republicans came to basically accept that point of view. this is what he wants to do. but he's been totally frustrated
3:44 pm
by events on the ground. >> bret: i talked about this with brit but here we are is country sanctioning allies. is there a thought of talk or process that says maybe turkey shouldn't be in nato? >> there's also the question but with the long-term future of nato and did nato expand wrongly and what we want to do with it and all of those things. it's opens up absolute -- what did he say, throw a grenade into pandora's box? that may answer what we may see unfolding in the next six, eight months in this part of the world. it's going to be a big deal. >> with entities nato summits -- >> bret: we've been with entities nato summits and it's quite stark to think of one of these nato countries being sanctioned like this. >> will supposed to be one of the major nato allies in the will. allies with a capital a. to be sanctioning an ally is unprecedented. >> bret: next upcoming democratic presidential candidates compare for tuesday's debate in ohio, we will take you there. ♪ great riches will find you when liberty mutual
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♪ >> no one in my family will have an office in the white house, will sit in on meetings as if
3:49 pm
they are cabinet member, or in fact have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country. period. >> this is just on the way to save a flailing campaign that's going down. he knows he's in trouble and this is just another way to try and attract attention. >> the way that they have put america's interests second in order to involve a foreign power in trying to tar the family of an american public servant like the former vice president i think is a reminder of what's really at stake in this election. >> bret: as we get ready for the debate in columbus, ohio, we will be there for the preshow in the analysis afterwards. obviously vice president biden and his son hunter still very much in the news a lot is this impeachment inquiry continues. the president tweeting out "wow, hundred biden is being forced to leave a chinese company, and i watch the fake news wrap their greasy and very protective arms around him. only softball questions of him please," as we get ready for the debate.
3:50 pm
back with the panel. chris, do we expect this to be a focus like pete buttigieg in a defense of joe biden orders this somehow creep in to the democratic debate somehow tomorrow night? >> first of all, i don't know how protective and abrasive and it's greasy, but that's fine. i think for hundred biden, this is an admission of guilt. the problem here -- there's good news and bad news for the bidens. they're moving off of it. they are finally on counter attack. biden lays out his plan. he talks about what he's going to do for -- we are going to have public funding for elections in all sorts of razzmatazz but at the core of all of this is admitting something that should have been evident to anybody, which is what was happening was super swampy and it wasn't okay and that's the kind of stuff that voters hate about washington, so this is a tacit admission from the bidens -- 100 biden was doing before was wrong and that. >> bret: these comments just track exactly with rush
3:51 pm
limbaugh. >> there you go. >> bret: take a listen. >> the younger biden is probably bowing to avoid any conflict, too late for that, hunter. but if it looks -- this looks really bad for hunter to be stepping down, why step down? if it looks bad to do this now, why did it not look bad when his father was vp? see, this is the thing, it looks bad now, why didn't look bad when his dad was vp, because that's when it was really bad because that's when the corruption was at its peak. >> bret: the question is, how much is this affecting the biden campaign? jeff, do we have a sense yet? see what the polls say. our paul had him kind of up in the stratosphere but he's taken a hit, hasn't he? >> news coverage has been almost exclusively about this and is not a positive story for joe biden even though it's been in some ways given him a chance to talk about the president, to call for his impeachment, to support the democrats in their actions against president trump,
3:52 pm
but chris is sort of get into this as well, it's that appearance of a conflict of interest. even if there wasn't one, even if nothing was found by joe biden or a hundred biden, that appearance or potential appearance of conflict of interest isn't a good look for the vice president and isn't a good look for his campaign going forward. >> i think it also shows that the daily trashing of the bidens by president trump actually had some effect. i think what we saw today was a concerted effort with joe and hunter biden to try to distance themselves from the type of things that trump has been talking about. they have basically said we did absolutely nothing wrong and we will never do it again. and now biden comes out and says in effect, i will never let my son anywhere near the white house. no substantive role for him in the white house and hunter biden, who's been in kind of hiding for a while, has done this interview with abc news, which will air tomorrow, which
3:53 pm
is the day of the debate. you have to think that would kind of affect the coverage there. so i think they're trying to lance boyle hereby basically saying we will never do it again. >> but the spot little about president trump i sang i won't have my children be in the white house. as a contrast to the fact that ivanka trump and jared kushner are leading advisors at the white house. >> bret: in the meantime, as we get ready to go into the debate, you essentially have biden, elizabeth warren -- actually -- actually elizabeth warren, biden, and then bernie sanders. the rest of the field is really down. single digits down. some not breaking 2%. those other candidates have to have a big moment or a big debate. >> and unfortunately for the democrats, this creates perverse incentives, right? see you saw how angry julian castro was in the last debate. you see the sort of modeling rage, if that can be a thing, that beto o'rourke manages to
3:54 pm
affect. you see tulsi gabbard, for goodness' sakes, we'll be back on the stage. their incentive is to do harm to other people on that stage. i.e. people who might actually win the nomination. by the democrats haven't 12 people on stage in october we are going to be voting in february, for goodness' sakes. this kind of a cast of thousands on stage creates a lot of danger for democrats that they just didn't need. >> bret: having been someone who moderated with spinning plates and a lot of candidates, it's not easy. 12 is going to be tough. >> 12 people in four or five have a chance. so the question for the moderators is to just pay a lot more attention to those for five? do try to be fair and talk to candidates who will never, ever have a chance of winning? it's a good argument for having had a more restrictive standard to get into this debate so you wouldn't have 12 people. >> bret: yeah. and the question now is whether if it's elizabeth warren, weather summary like mike bloomberg gets in, or if it's outside of this field. hard to believe we started with
3:55 pm
24. outside of that? >> it has narrowed. it's hard to believe that 12 is a result of narrowing, but it has narrowed. well that open up an avenue for someone else to jump in, looking at the people who aren't taking off but are still not happy with the people who argument we will see. >> bret: we will be in columbus tomorrow. when we come back, one toddler not afraid of spiders. ♪ i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight, >> okay. charlie, it's okay. it's okay. >> bret: okay, so i toddler in chicago named charlie are mostly petting animatronic spider when it especially jumps at him and most could might have been aware started crying but not this little guy.
4:00 pm
he decides to start swinging at the spider to show it was boss. we caught that was kind of a funny video. maybe it didn't deliver, but good job, charlie, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for this to be 27. a balanced, and unafraid, hosted by martha maccallum. >> martha: persistence is always important. thanks, bret, there to seal. good evening everybody, so more impeachment process that happened, where? behind the closed doors. german adam schiff left the testimony a bit early in the afternoon. it was also uncharacteristically silent about what happened in there today. republicans say the closed doors serve the democrats narratives. here's adam schiff before the former advisor spoke to them. >> the republicans would like nothing better, because they view their role as defending the president, being the president's lawyers. if witnesses could tailor their testimony to other witnesses, they would love for one witness
4:01 pm


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