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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 15, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the ground. you are grounded, my friend, good to see you, brendan gaughan. i'm harris, "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino. hunter biden breaking his silence about his business dealings. the former vice president's son saying he's not hiding. >> it's been a lot of misinformation about me, not about my dad. nobody buys that. what i regret is not taking into account that there would be a rudy giuliani and a president of the united states that would be listening to this ridiculous conspiracy idea. >> dana: bret baier weighs in. plus, rudy giuliani responding after reports that john bolton called him a hand grenade over ukraine. lebron, did he foul out with the latest take? the superstar taking a shot at the executive who supported
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democracy over communist china. waiting to see the new look from nasa, space agency set to unveil the astronauts, coming up on "the daily briefing." >> dana: taking questions after months of scrutiny over business dealings in ukraine and china, while his father was vice president. in a interview on gma, "good morning america," hunter biden admits to poor judgment, but denies he broke laws for working for a ukrainian gas company. >> i'm a human. did i make a mistake? maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. did i make a mistake based on some unethical lapse? absolutely not. >> dana: peter doocy is in we westervil westerville, ohio. pent-up demand from hunter biden, do you think that will answer the mail?
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>> we should know, we have to wait a couple hours to see if somebody will bring it up. we got a hunter biden who wants people to know more about him, but he doesn't want people to know everything about him. >> i'm a private citizen, one thing i don't have to do is open up how much i make or did, it has all been reported. >> if your last name wasn't biden, do you think you would have be asked to be on the board of burisma? >> i don't know, i don't know. probably not. >> biden detailed his resume and defended his position on the board of the energy company, burisma, despite lacking any experience in the energy industry. >> i was vice chairman of the board of amtrak for five years, chairman of the board of u.n. world food program. i was a lawyer, for one of the most prestigious law firms in
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the world. >> you defendant's exhibit have extensive knowledge about natural gas or ukraine itself, though? >> no, but i had as much knowledge as anybody else on the board, if not more. >> hunter biden is not somebody pretending he doesn't hear about the accusations against him, like when president trump alleged he got a $1.5 billion kickback from china. >> no one ever paid me $1.5 billion. if they had, i would not be doing this interview right now. >> president trump was watching that interview, at least heard about it and tweeted his response, he called the younger biden "really bad." dana. >> dana: we'll check back through the day and evening. thank you. bring in bret baier, ha anchor special report. timing of this interview, this controversy has been going on for three weeks now, although the issues have been going back several months or years if you
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look at obama administration who expr expressed some concern about this. what about the timing of the morn of the debate? >> bret: i talked to a few democrats and they take two sides of it. one side is why do this today? why, just hours before a debate where potentially you wouldn't be asked a ton of questions about it. now it would seem the moderators and possibly even candidates on the stage will be compelled to react to what hunter biden said or how he said it or the whole thing. the other side i talked to here is yeah, clear the air, get it out there. put the onus back on president trump. you know, just put it out in the open. i will say that the biden camp usually has background briefing before debates, they cancelled that today. they said it is because the former vice president came early to the walk-through.
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obviously it comes on the day hunter biden spoke out. >> dana: one thing he confirmed in the interview was that concern that people had, that you basically just getting cushy jobs because of who your father was. newt gingrich weighed in about the media protecting the bidenies. let's listen to him. >> not surprised about the news media, tried to protect the clintons, trying to protect joe biden and hunter. you don't exactly see the news media fall over themselves to protect any republican. i think in the end, the real challenge for vice president biden is the videotape of him saying that he threatened to take away a billion dollars when he was vice president unless they fired this prosecutor. >> dana: so there is no doubt there will be media angle to this. i'm wondering about the fact that hunter biden did the interview this morning. i do wonder about the idea that
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elites take care of their own. hunter biden himself said he wouldn't have had the job if he didn't have the family connections he had. that might provide opening for the other 2020 democrats who don't have those kind of connections or didn't until now they are in a powerful position to be able to say that is exact kind of thing we want to fight against. >> bret: i agree with you. i don't know if it is going to come from elizabeth warren or somebody on the top tier there, but it could be from one of the candidates who is trying to make a mark in the lower tier of this campaign. tulsi gabbard, for example, has not held back attacking some colleagues on the stage before. tom steyer, new factor on the stage, who knows how he might weigh in tonight. that could be a factor. secondly, the answer that hunter biden gave, said i didn't make any money from the 1.5 billion from china and the investment firm. you make the money when you exit
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the firm, i think there wasn't a follow-up question there, that is where you make the money in that situation. >> dana: all those questions and additional questions if you could hang around, we want another topic in with you. president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani expressing disappointment in john bolton after reports emerge that bolton called giuliani a "hand grenade" on subject of ukraine. bolton reportedly telling former top aide to alert lawyer in the national security council about meetings being held with ukraine on mysterious investigation. john roberts is live from the north lawn with this story. john. >> good afternoon, this came out of the deposition of former white house official fiona hill yesterday. during that deposition, some of this leaked out, during that deposition, hill told the investigators former national security advisor john bolton
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told her rudy giuliani was "hand grenade" in the issue that was going to blow everybody up. i spoke to giuliani about that this morning and he told me "i am disappointed in john, not sure he realizes i received this evidence as part of my representation of the president, all part of the evidence and suppression of evidence involving ukrainian collusion and origin of false information against the president." i also spoke to giuliani about $500,000 in fees he received from a company who was charged last week with campaign finance violation by southern district of new york. giuliani says he was paid retainer by part of the florida based fraud guarantee company for consulting on technology and regulatory issues. that money, giuliani says was for eight months work giuliani's firm did for the company and was paid in two installments, one in early september of 2018, the other late october of the same
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year. giuliani insists that the retainer he was paid came from the united states and not from foreign sources. giuliani told me he has contracts with other companies worth far more than the one he had with the company fraud guarantee. on capitol hill is george kant for uerasia affairs and number two diplomat in ukraine. rudy giuliani accused him of working with former ambassador to ukraine, bonovic, . dana, this is another high-value deposition, what leaks from this one. >> dana: right, they are behind closed doors. john roberts, thank you. let's bring back bret baier, i get stuck on the company that the ukrainian guys came up with, fraud guarantee. i will have to rethink that and go back to the marketing drawing
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board. john bolton was fired in august. he hadn't been heard from, except we know he is working on a book. this news about him being concerned came from testimony from fiona hill yesterday. what more do you know about that? >> bret: we don't know a lot, we don't have the transcript of the deposition. we have some reporting from behind closed doors that she said this was a problem. some sounds like it may be john bolton himself, but i think what you are going to see here is building a case that this shadow government as democrats call it, rudy giuliani was running was operating with some major concerns from some of the nsc staff and national security advisor and we'll see if john bolton comes out and illuminates this. he could be called to capitol hill. >> dana: there are threads, they
11:11 am
are trying to pull them together, if is hard for people to follow? democrats want it behind closed doors for protection. you get leaks coming out and trying to piece it together in a fair way, is not easiest thing to actually that is the biggest case, the problem that democrats have. they have to convince the american public this is worth while going down this road. they have to convince the american public that this is what should happen with the time on capitol hill. and to do that behind closed doors with leaks, starts to get a little shaky at times, especially we've seen reports have been wrong before as in the russia investigation. >> dana: tonight you will do special coverage with shannon bream after the debate, i assume ukraine will be a topic tonight? >> bret: i think so, i think overseas, the ukraine stuff, the syria stuff and how turkey is reacting, that is going to be a big topic and interesting to
11:12 am
hear candidates answer those questions. at 6, we'll have lindsey graham on, first interview after that meeting for 2-1/2 hours at the white house yesterday. we'll preview the debate tonight. >> dana: i won't be able to walk home after the five, i will watch you and shannon later on. bret baier, thank you. the n.b.a. most popular player breaking silence on the tweet that created uproar across the pacific and now lebron is getting the backlash. that is next. it's amazing what you can uncover with your dna results from ancestry. i was able to discover one cousin, reached out to him, visited ireland, met another 20 cousins. they took me to the cliffs of moher, the ancestral home, the family bar. it really gives you a sense of connection to something that's bigger than yourself. new features. greater details. richer stories. get your dna kit today at
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>> dana: n.b.a. superstar lebron james is under fire for seemingly siding with china over the tweet supporting protest in hong kong. here is what james said go houston rockets gm daryl morey yesterday. >> i believe he wasn't educated
11:17 am
on the situation at hand and he spoke. and so many people could have been harmed, not only financially, but physically, emotionally, spiritually. just be careful what we tweet and what we say and what we do, yes, we do have freedom of speech, there can be a lot of negative that comes with that, too. >> dana: bring in miranda devine. i want to follow-up and read to you the tweets of clarification lebron james put out. let me clear up the confusion, i do not believe there was ramifications of the tweet. my team and this league just went through a difficult week. i think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others and i believe nobody stopped to consider what could happened, could have waited a week to send it. miranda, i want your take. >> look at lebron james, money
11:18 am
talking, he earns billion aa year from nike, not year, lifetime from nike, several hundred million from the n.b.a. nike earns $60 billion from china, just do the math. you don't earn that money without paying the piper. niconscious eshs is furious, fear the n.b.a. has stunk this up royally. the china relationship is damaged, maybe permanently after daryl morey's tweets. >> dana: what is interesting, the n.b.a. is in a stronger position, they could because they are so popular in china, could use that platform to talk about freedom, what seems better way than everyday this is handed from the n.b.a. >> cow downing to china is worst thing they could have done. it is weak of adam silver and the fact is only 10% of revenue come out of china. 90% come from america and other
11:19 am
places. so why would you get off side with your fans in america? this is purely american game, why would you be so unpatriotic, weak and greatest basketball star that the world has ever seen, lebron james, been forever tarnished by this. i don't know if he can claw back. this man has been as woke as they come, social justice warrior, pretended he stood up no matter how difficult the sacrifice was. there he is, the hong kong protesters, are being shot, a teenager shot in the chest, they are being teargassed. president xi said shattered bones and broken bodies if this decent continues around china and lebron james is complaining about inconvenience for a week? it is sick and sad. >> dana: they seem not to understand why people are mad.
11:20 am
kanter, a turkish basketball player did not hold back and said this about turkey coming after him. i haven't seen or talked to my family in five years, they jailed my dad, my siblings can't find jobs, he gets death threats everyday. he said they keep trying to kid nap me in indonesia, and perhaps freedom is not free. good reminder, we have to be respectful of what we have in this country f. we have value to export freedom would be the one, a number one. >> you have to be vigilant. there is a price on freedom and lebron james has shown that he sold his soul for money. he should have been big enough and strong enough to risk his nike contract. as if china will turn their back on basketball. >> dana: exactly. miran did the da devine. up next, a new warning about your kids and how easy it is to crack the control you put on
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11:25 am
side of the road before the deadly crash. teen's parents want her to come back to the u.k. here is more from the state department. the parents were supposed to be here today, as i mentioned. they got invited to go to the white house, i think is better invitation, i can't compete, glad they will be able to get questions answered. >> yeah, dana, that was break thanksgiving hour. the fact harry dunn's family are heading to the white house. he is that 19-year-old teen killed by a car crash in the u.k. this summer allegedly by the wife of an american diplomat. they are heading to the white house today. we don't know if they will meet with president trump or not. anne sacoolas, accused of killing dunn in the car crash is breaking her silence for the first time through her attorneys at the firm arnold and porter and issued a statement. it says anne sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the road and had no time to react
11:26 am
when she saw the motor bike. she waved down the car. anne was comforting her young children, they were in the car and on the scene. shortly after that crash, anne returned to the united states and reportedly remained ever since. she claimed diplomatic immunity, u.k. government says the diplomatic immunity is not applicable anymore since she's not in their country. harry dunn's family says anne sacoolas family owes them a return trip. >> she needs to just do the right thing. just come back and face what she's done, face us as a broken family. >> president trump himself weighed in on wednesday. take a listen. >> pres. trump: it was a terrible accident. we're going to speak to her and see what we can come up with so
11:27 am
that there can be some healing. >> dana, fox news channel reached out to anne sacoolas's attorneys, they have not gotten back to us with more information, we'll keep you posted. >> dana: thank you. actress felicity huffman was -- has reported to prison to begin her 14-day sentence for her role in the college admission scandal. she admitted she paid to have someone correct her daughter's sat answers. huffman is serving her sentence at federal correctional institution in dublin, california. she must also pay a fine of $30,000 and perform 250 hours of community service when she is released. now scary new report about kids and their phones. parents who own iphones know the screen time app can control the devices. but some teens, they found a way to hack the system. fox business network susan li
11:28 am
joins us. i wouldn't be clever enough, but a teen anler, i get it. >> not even a teenager, someone as young as nine years old order according to "washington post." kids are smart. you can outflanked army of engineers, you are smart. i just got off the phone talking about the allegations in the "washington post" article. how the kids got around screen time, meant to limit amount of time and access they had on their phones was they could reset their apple id, for one, change the time zone in the settings, not rocket science, but smart, especially for kids and teens, pretty young. can they redownload apps according to apple, vixon ios, recent update in the operating system there is a collide size, you turn on and off, you can glitch the system, believe it or not and just use apps for longer. apple in statement to us, they said, look, we are committed to providing users powerful tools
11:29 am
to manage their ios devices and we are always working to make them even better and they have been doing that, closing down some loopholes, there is a lot to do obviously. they say future upgrades, they will get most loopholes closed. >> dana: should be glad kids are in school and not watching this. though i have a feel figure we've told the changing of time setting, they probably are trying to figure out other things. you talked to the company, did you talk about the leak button on the new system being in the wrong place? >> yes, i have. i haven't done that yet. >> dana: call them back, i appreciate it. one thing, this is scary. can you remember hacking the four-digit passcode on your parent's phone? >> don't try that at home. >> people have. >> thank you. >> dana: 2020 democrats getting ready to take the stage and fight for survival on the road to 2020. what needs to happen to make it to the next round? we'll discuss.
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>> dana: a new poll wake-up call for democrats. according to survey in new hampshire, former first lady michelle obama would be the front-runner if she decided to run. the idea will not die. former white house secretary, and juan williams, co-host on "the five," michelle obama never wanted to run for office, it keeps coming up, just name id and popularity? >> juan: for sure. she's a cultural figure, you were calling her book tour, she didn't do a normal book tour. for authors like you or me or ari, she goes to arenas and selling out 20,000 seats and there is a waiting list. that is beyond politics, she representatives the minority community and american women and
11:35 am
her marriage is, you know, for all we know, an example of what we all want. >> dana: there might be nostalgia missing the old days, ari. >> poll like that is meaningless in the real world. it is popular for all -- >> dana: do you think the democrats in the race should be concerned? >> no, they are in the race. the wild card is michael bloomberg. >> dana: i do, too, most interesting development. michael bloomberg said he was not going to run because joe biden was in the race. now we have this, a quote, bloomberg signalled he's still looking at running for president, but people close to him say the only way he would go down that path if biden's fortune suffers so much he drops out during the primary and bloomberg could enter as rare moderate with enough name recognition and campaign funding to make a run. that is from cnbc.
11:36 am
>> 24 candidates is not enough, they should get more. bloomberg looks at field and says it is unefficient. >> dana: he thinks biden is in a free fall. >> biden is in trouble. >> dana: bloomberg doesn't have any organization in the other states, do you think this is realistic, could he get in? >> juan: oh, yeah, the money, he can self-fund forever. he's mike bloomberg. the negative side of this, i think a lot of people look at mike bloomberg and don't know who he is outside of new york. the name id you are talking about has a limited realm and he's going to need something more than that. the tell here, i go back to something the two of you were discussing, joe biden. people stance that joe biden is in a struggle and needs to do well tonight. bernie sanders needs to do well because of health issues. joe biden needs to step up his game in major way and the question is whether or not
11:37 am
attacks on hunter biden from president trump have dented him and why is it he's not doing better in terms of fundraising. >> dana: ari, question about strategy of getting hunter biden on the record this morning before the debate? >> foolish, i don't know why hunter biden agreed to go on morning before the debate. this should be controlled by the campaign, not free lancing by the son. i was told it was free lancing by the son. the campaign did not do this. it prompts question for tonight's debate. >> dana: ari fleischer and juan. yankees and nationals here represented and they'll work it out in the green room. the crisis in syria. turkey ignoring sanctions from the trump administration and pushing forward with attacks. steve harrigan is on the ground in northeast syria. how is it today, steve? >> dana, more complicated over the last 24 hours, two new
11:38 am
players on the scene, you have syrian government forces under bashar al assad and russian forces, as well, they have both taken possession of a key town along the border, manbij and the russian forces are patrolling in between syrian government forces and turkish forces, playing the role the u.s. used to play. tremendous amount of effort from the trump administration to secure a cease-fire, that hasn't happened despite a call from president trump, financial sanctions and upcoming visit from vice president mike pence, no slowdown in turkey's military operation. they say they want to push forward into syria, to create a 20-mile buffer zone. it caused 160,000 refugees so far, the number is going up, people fleeing to get away from the fighting. tough for groups to reach them because of the shelling smchlt say they have nothing.
11:39 am
>> there is no place, it has been four days since we bathed our children. no water, no toilet, no hot water or gas. >> emotions here running high, we were at a mass funeral in this village. six people killed by turkish air fight, five kurds, one civilian woman. the whole village came out, the family is agony, bitterness and hatred from the source of the attack, as well. dana. >> dana: steve harrigan in syria, thank you. ambush in mexico leaves 13 police officers dead and three others wounded. this happened just west of mexico city, where a new drug cartel is on the rise. the deadly violence raising cashes about safety for tourists in mexico, winter travel season is approaching. william is live in l.a. with more. william. >> dana, americans visit mexico more than any other country, christmas, easter, spring break. when violence spikes, both sides
11:40 am
take notice, the economy takes and mexicans lose jobs. this is important. 41 cops, five vehicles show up to serve single warrant in cartel dominated state. ambush awaits and they open fire with assault weapons, killing 14 cops and injuring three. national guard is looking for those responsible. deadly violence is not new, mexico's new president ran on platform called hugs, not bullets, promising to decriminalize drug crimes to end the drug war that takes 33,000 lives per year, including 300 cops, six times higher than the u.s. many states west of mexico city, where the cartel is taking over the methamphetamine, avocado and lime business. the u.s. urges tourists to take caution because of crime and kidnapping in mexican cities, some along the border, some
11:41 am
along the coast, especially night on rural highways, susceptible to roadblocks and shake downs. most american tourists are safe, 25 million americans visit. dana. >> dana: william, thank you. an employee for los angeles angel system making explosive accusation about what the team knew before the death of one of its pitchers. day 23. i'm about to capture proof of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't.
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>> dana: all right, listen up. the fast food chain taco bell recalling 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef due to cashes it may be contaminated with metal
11:46 am
shavings. one customer reportedly found a metal shaving in food, prompting voluntary recall, affecting restaurant necessary 21 states throughout the midwest, southeast and northeast. >> dana: the los angeles angels deny any knowledge of tyler skaggs' drug use in the wake of the pitcher's death from overdose earlier this year. the angels are pushing back on claims by an employee who says he provided tyler skaggs with oxycodone and alerted the team as early as 2017. jonathan hunt is live from the los angeles bureau. jonathan. >> that employee is eric kay, worked in media relations department for more than two decades. he claims to know of half a dozen current and former players who used opiates while they were on the team, one of those being tyler skaggs, whom kay provided with opioids shortly before tyler skaggs overdosed death in july. in his statement issued through
11:47 am
his attorney, kay, who is in addiction treatment himself said "watching and reading the sorted details of my own weaknesses unfold on the national stage has been nothing short of horrible. however, i am aware and respectful of the fact that my pain is entirely insignificant compared to the pain that the skaggs family is feeling and will continue to feel for the rest of their lives," and kay claims two angels officials were told about skaggs' drug use long before the pitcher died and kay said "it is time for everybody to stand up and take responsibility for their respective roles." angels president john carpino said, "we have never heard any employee was providing illegal narcotics to any player or any player was seeking illegal narcotics," eric kay says he
11:48 am
will continue to cooperate with federal investigators because it is in his words, the right thing to do. dana. >> dana: thank you. let's bring in a fox news contributor and attorney. one thing i thought was interesting about this, on legal front, he's in drug treatment himself. speaking out. so the family is basically having to learn about this in this way? >> the whole situation is really tragic, a lot of components obviously. because he is in drug treatment himself, that plays larger part in criminal element and also that civil element and mlb side. he was the one that admits he would supply opiates to tyler skaggs, he maintains not the ones that tyler died from, with a mix. he is not the fish that they are looking into, they want a bigger fish. his actions were illegal, he was conduit, rather than a
11:49 am
trafficker. he is not the target of the investigation. on the civil side, his family is saying, look, yes, this guy was supplying our son with this for years and no one did anything. here is what is interesting point about this. when eric kay, who you just saw on the screen, then director of communications hospitalized himself for overdose, his mom was in the hospital room and found texts going back and forth between him and tyler skaggs asking for drugs, in the room with vp of communications for the angels tim mead, that is why eric kay keeps maintaining these guys knew all the time and known for years. >> dana: the mlb, they are not in legal trouble, or are they? >> they could be. i see potential angle as the family sues the angels for wrongful death, negligence and omission on their part. angels will defer to the mlb and say mlb is responsible for the drug program that the athletes are in, right? it is joint mlb and mlb pa, not
11:50 am
the angels which governs testing. the testing is upon reasonable suspicion or cause, not all the time drug testing for opiates. mlb will say this is your fault and the team will say mlb's fault. >> dana: the family is looking for answers. see you on "the five." nasa rolling out new threads for the men and women who will make their way to the moon and mars. check it out, we'll have details on the new dudes, up next.
11:51 am
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lower rates means lower payments. get the most of your va mortgage benefits. refi now at newday usa. refinance now and save. >> dana: 12 democrats get ready to take the stage in ohio tonight. a lot has happened. this next showdown could be make or break for some, what big things need to happen, what can they do to get ready? robert barnett, has a long history of prepping democrats for debates. good to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> dana: we are only like 18 weeks away from the first vote
11:55 am
in iowa. there is differing imperatives for the front-runners, biden, warren and sanders, what do you think? >> take them one by one, joe biden has to have a great and strong performance to put aside lingering questions about that. he has to address ukraine. i think he's had opportunities at various speeches and interviews and things, but those turn into 10 seconds on cable and five seconds. >> dana: do you think having hunter biden on the record is a good idea today? >> it will be interesting to see how that came about and whether it detracts or helps. i think putting aside the biden question, he's got to address it. i think elizabeth warren is now the front-runner is has to debate like the front-runner. i'm sure she will get pressed on the losing the job because of pronancy and paying for her medicare plan and those things will come. bernie has toughest challenge at all. i debated and practices debates dozens of times, 2-1/2, three
11:56 am
hours, when i was 40, it was physically difficult. it is hard to stand there for 2-1/2 or three hours, there is that test. >> dana: and his recent health problems. >> he's got to address what it was and address what it means for his ability to run and his ability -- >> dana: good point, he has a lot to prove tonight. there is that second tier, they hang on, raise enough money to stay in the race. what do they need to do tonight to break through, do you think pete buttigieg is in the category? >> i think that category includes pete buttigieg, i think it includes kamala harris, some would say bernie depending where he fits in. >> dana: cory booker? >> cory booker, too. they have to a shining moment or two. i think they have to be able to qualify for the november criteria or be off the stage, which is kind of the end. but i think it is a huge mistake, dana, to do it by cross-attack. >> dana: what do you mean by that? >> it didn't work for kamala harris on biden with bussing,
11:57 am
except day or so, didn't work for julian castro, the way he did it. the thing that should be talked about today is kurds separating children from their mothers, losing five federal cases in one day, his own kids -- >> dana: what about when people out and about say they want to talk about jobs, infrastructure, healthcare, details and not so much foreign policy. >> all that is totally correct. i just listed a few things. but of course, my point was the cross-fighting is not beneficial. let's remember, one of the debates they attacked barack obama, give me a break. >> dana: that did not work out well. you watching tonight? >> i'll be watching. >> dana: we'll be watching you. tune in to special report with bret baier 6 eastern for everything you need to know leading up to the debate. shannon bream will lead coverage after the debate on fox news beginning 11 eastern, catch it
11:58 am
all there. nasa is revealing two new space suits. live in our south florida newsroom. i wonder what it is like to do back to school shopping if you are an astronaut? >> this is nasa's version of a catwalk runway fashion show debuting the new style astronauts of the future will wear as we return to the moon and eventually make it to mars. two space suits, the larger white one withoxien backpack what they will wear, xemu, exploration extra vehicle lar mobility unit. slimmer orange more comfortable one is what the astronauts will be wearing as they launch and fly inside the castle for the big trip. the new space suits are designed for big return to the moon, known as the artissues imus program, land on the surface in
11:59 am
the year 2024. this summer is 50 years since astronauts first landed on the moon july 21, 1969, when neil armstrong and buzz wore bigger and bulkier space suits of the 'a 60s. the only thing missing were bell bottoms, they did work and worked effectively. trump administration hopes going back to the moon will return nasa to greatness. >> dana: feeling of patriotism to see the astronauts and i love the out fits, that is what i came for. thank you, phil, have a good day. two quick thinking firefighters get unforgettable makeover after responding to car crash in utah. over the weekend, the two arrived on the scene to find a two year old frightened, but uninjur uninjured, holding bottle of purple nail polish. she gave the rescuers manicures to make her feel better. everyone involved in the accident is going to be just fine. thanks for joining us, i'm dana
12:00 pm
perino, see you on "the five." trace, i do not have purple nail polish, not coming over. >> in time for spirit day, thursday. dana perino, thank you. >> dana: have a good show. >> coming up, more women accusing ascoscar winning actor sex crimes and diners find metal in their meal. first, fox news begins with another key witness in impeachment inquiry answering lawmakers questions behind closed doors. here is career diplomat, could have crucial information about why the trump administration abruptly removed ambassador to ukraine. it comes after bombshell testimony yesterday from the president's former russia advisor. fiona hill says she and other white house officials were alarmed by rudy giuliani effort to get ukraine to investigate president trump's political rival joe biden and his son. former national secur


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