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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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"special report with bret baier, " fair, balanced. the "the story with martha maccallum" starts right now. >> martha: high mike, everyone, thank you. tonight on "the story," so momentum is shifting on the pitch meant and the democrats strategy is moving as well. here tonight as well on what she writes in her book. 2020 democratic candidates, joining me, she says after what she saw on the stage tuesday nights, she is not leaving this democrats race. also, dr. drew is with us with a stunning take on the real story and he sees it from his position on the nation's opioid crisis. also tonight, a stunning revelation about this iconic world war ii photo. the daughter whose father never told her or anybody else about his real role in that moment.
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she will join me live coming up tonight. it stick around for that. but first, the big story in washington this evening, democrats moving the goal post on impeachment is clear that this investigation no longer revolves fully around the president's request to investigate bill by then. instead, democrats on the house intel committee are now phoning in on a new word which you heard it here last night and the word is extortion. speak out we have a crime, extortion, to essentially extort the president the new president of the ukraine. the president was attempting to extort that ukrainian government. >> martha: chief political examiner and a fox news contributor, byron, good to see you here tonight. the piece you wrote about this field a lot of our conversation where we read him passages of the transcript where he was clearly being pushed in certain
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directions for better answers you might say for adam schiff. >> you know, in the past democrats have had kind of a hard time pointing to a specific crime a specific law that the president violated and the whole ukraine matter. at the inspector general, the intelligence community had said the president may have committed a finance of violation which is kind of egg skier. they up with this idea of extortion which is the kind of tested the idea in their examination of kurt volker who is the former envoy to your crane. of basically, they wanted him to say that the ukraine -- the ukrainians felt terribly pressured by president trump who was demanding they investigate by then and 2016, and at the same time were holding aid from them. if they felt a very pressured and he said, they just did not have a period i there and it did
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not happen because the ukrainians did not know that the aide was being withheld. they thought things were going pretty well they got a visit from john bolton who's been the national security advisor. if they felt everything was actually on track and did not feel pressured by the president. >> martha: let me ask you about that, i brought that up with eric swalwell last night and since they got the last aid, they obviously knew that the agent wasn't coming through. what you say to that? >> you listened to him, it wasn't clear, i just president or everybody in the ukrainian government and as a matter fact -- >> martha: they said it writes? >> they learned about in an article in politico. in late august, remember the trump zelinski phone call was on july 25th and late august on the 28th on the 29th they read the
4:04 pm
article and then find out what happens. of >> martha: and a couple weeks, they had a released anyway. other decisions that were made, i want to place for you, this moment, for you that's caught a ton of attention and adam schiff said eric swalwell so said, alo your part of this extortion plan and he's confirmed it. i want to play it in fuller context and the way that he spoke about this today and get your thoughts on it. let's watch. >> president trump is not a big fan of foreign aid. never has been, doesn't like spending money overseas especially when it's poorly spent. that is exactly what drove this decision. i've been in the office a couple times with him, talking about this and look, this is a corrupt place. if everybody knows it's a corrupt place. plus, i'm not sure of the other european countries are helping them out either. the president didn't like that.
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so, those were the driving factors but he also mentioned to me past the corruption related to the dnc server. absolutely, no question about it. that said, that's why we held up the money. >> martha: so that's what we held up the money, i got a lot of attention, what's your interpretation of what you heard in there today? >> i want to thank you for playing the longer quote because i'm listening to other programs and all the play is that last quote as it this was done for the purpose of finding out more information about the dnc server. by the way, nobody has any evidence that the dnc server was, in ukraine. that's not a thing actually. what he said about the president attitude for foreign aid and about his attitudes towar ukraine is absolutely correct. and the president was by all accounts skeptical about that. you're a member the whole mess
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that involved ukraine and involved the mysterious black ledger that allegedly showed the cash payments to men afford to. ukraine just appeared to be in the president's mind, and many other peoples too, just a mess of corruption. >> martha: when he ask you about the two topics. one of, rick resigning. he's reporting around, that he became part of the sort of smaller teams and took the pressure on ukraine to continue to investigate corruption there. what you make of him leaving? >> he's definitely going to be talking to the house at some point. either that or resisting at some points. it's not clear, when rick perry announced his attention intento resign, clearly, the testimony today and the testimonies of other suggested that perry was involved with us. a few other officials, so
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clearly connected to that. >> martha: you know, it's interesting that the doj came out and said that the by him made them utterly confused and angry. because it was this linkage between the investigation and the pressure put on ukraine. if you don't help us with that investigation, you might not get to the money. they want -- they're very conscious, they want to be separate from the rudy giuliani part of the investigation. >> absolutely, we must say the investigation we know has gone into rational. barr was in italy looking for information, yes, there stopped out in ukraine and stop in australia and great britain. there's a lot of tentacles in the 2016 story. that durham will presumably be looking at. >> martha: they're trying to keep it in their own lane, so we will see. byron, think you very much. good to see you tonight.
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coming up next, mike just inside the room today. the u.s. ambassador for the european union. mike mccaul, on great to see yu tonight. back in the program, were pretty sure, we heard in river guard to the testimony that he was disappointed to construct to kind of go through the rudy giuliani, and this other group of people rather than go through the normal channels for the ambassador's office and state department. >> had to be a little bit careful, adam schiff has put a gag rule on this so i can only talk about it and made the public out of committee. in his opening statement. he refers to adam giuliana, sos the conjecture of the state permanent dough mike dubke part sometimes not. a common theme with the testimony that's
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been made public there's no quid pro quo and i think that's very clear from the conversation of the federal prosecutor. the review to the phone call and found there's no criminal violation, not talked about very much. if so, i don't think there's really any earth shattering they see and come out of these depositions in the top republican on foreign affairs, it's true to all of them. >> martha: let me ask you a little bit about turkey and syria situation. obviously, there's a lot of people in your party who do not like the way that this was handled. the president came out today after 120 hours cease-fire was announced after the discussions with presidents of turkey and vice president pence and secretary of state mike pompeo. he is with the president tsai. >> it's a great day for united states, it's a great day for turkey. great day for the cards.
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it's a great day for civilization. i just want to thank everybody. >> martha: how did you vote on the resolution where you are in favor of the president's action with regard to backing out of the buffer zone and do you agree with what he said there? >> i agree with -- i just got a phone call with a vice president updating me on the cease-fire negotiations. i commend the vice president and secretary pompeo for ending the bloodshed. i have my concerns with withdrawal from syria particularly as it pertains to protecting the homeland. i was at the white house meeting yesterday and so publicized, and i think after the speaker we got down the democrat state in the room, we had a very civil -- no mike, very sensible conversation. my number one position after we pulled out of iraq, you know, micah thoma martha
4:11 pm
, i didn't want to see the same thing happening in syria. i got insurances from the joint chief of staff to the president of the united states that we are not completely withdrawing from syria. that we will have a residual force to protect the homeland and i commend the vice president's are negotiations and a five day cease-fire after which there will be a permanent cease-fire in place. in the meantime, in the meantime, i the sanctions billed i've introduced with chairman and i know the senate counterpart have introduced a bill as well. if it fails at the sections will go for it appeared vice president pentz referred to which we call the s see if when we were working with him, so people have noted it's more of the turkish language for the group. the president said that he had a friends and presidents are the
4:12 pm
one in that he saw the light on this agreement. are you concerned about the way that we are talking about him right now? do trust him, would you agree with our? and speak out there are nato ally but i don't like the cell leadership. isaac is trying to return turkey to the ottoman empire and the fact that he the s400 i think it speaks volumes about what kind of alliance we have. were have a air base, it's a tricky line right now. i thickly have to work with them to resolve the issue in syria. secretary pompeo's traveling to europe with the coalition partners to try to reach some sort of stabilization agreements in syria. a very difficult complex foreign policy issue. >> martha: there's a lot of skepticism, as the pentagon whether there kurds are going to go along with the deal. we will see what happens moving forward to. oh, you very much.
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>> thank you, martha. >> martha: president trump by back in texas, holding a rally, we will take you there and my next guest, believes the media s joined the resistance against the president and she will outline her arguments on that. of coming up next. life here in new york. ms. gomez go as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks i can get. line? liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> martha: all rights, assigned to marine one and the president prepares to leave the chopper as he gets ready to go to dallas, texas, tonight. the third one this week? the third rally, he has done this week. as he continues to try to go, he began by on texas in his corner
4:18 pm
as he heads to 2020. we will keep one eye on that. getting underway this evening, in dallas. after the white house meeting yesterday, went off the rails, that's a fair assumption on all sides, president trump tweeted this photo of what he called nervous nancy's unhinged meltdown. but the tweet ended up inspiring the tweet called nancy owns tromp, and that's started trending, she made it her new twitter photo. at this of the world we live in, and sing this up on it today. >> i think it was excusing from the room. i think i was probably saying all roads lead to potent. >> martha: moments, here's "wall street journal" editorial member, fox news contributor and the author of the new book, trump leaders are breaking america. great to see you.
4:19 pm
great to have you in new york, congratulations on your big news whatever you put out your editorial. first things that we go to. it's great to have you here. what do you of all that? >> i think it's notable because the price jumped on it as well too. the thing that struck me, of course, they're very critical of donald trump and very supportive of nancy so closely staring him down. when i remembered, the thing that came to my mind, the arizona governor and standing and doing the same thing to barack obama. she was completely excoriated for it. of all, she owns them, they called her braces, that she was. i remember a "new york times" story saying that she wiggled her fingers at the president of united states, how dare she. >> martha: because mr. president, please come down to state of florida and want to talk you about the border. she wagged her finger and got nothing but grief for it.
4:20 pm
>> point and try to make, they have double standards out there. and the price and unfortunately, it seems to lean a certain direction. if an it certainly does, here's a headline. the problem with powerful women, it goes back to what you're saying, my question is, we talked the top of the show and now the move the impeachment move is towards extortion. the words get ramped up, and not even process and official impeachment process opening. everybody has gotten so good at these buzzwords and messaging. that's where we are now. >> beast keep moving the goal post, we saw this because we spent a lot of time covering this russian collusion fall stod we started out with accusations and were looking into surveys and foreign banks and they're just wild allegations to chase about the
4:21 pm
president of chasing down. we are doing the same thing here, remember, the original accusation from trump that i will withhold money unless you give me dirt on joe biden. now, apparently, there's something inappropriate -- or it's a pretty call processing part for the president to say, were not quick to give you money until you tell us or not you meddled in the 26 teen election. correct me if i'm wrong, but is not possible to do the exact something. that's not a quid pro quo, that's a legitimate asked. we do care about foreign countries meddling in our election. it is good to get that information, but the price is suddenly changed the goalposts again and now, even asking about 2016. >> martha: that gets back to whether this is an impeachable issue and that's the sort of approach that you would like to see that's is extremely
4:22 pm
suggested. thank you very much, resistance at all cost, how trump haters are breaking america. of." to have you. so, on the debate stage, 2020 president mary williamson is unleashing on the own party, there's no way she's dropping out of the race now. she is here next. ♪ important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... ...with centrum® micronutrients. restoring your awesome...daily. centrum® feed your cells. it's what gives audible themembers an edge.listening; it opens our minds, changes our perspective, connects us, and pushes us further. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories: audible.
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♪ >> so many americans realize there's an injustice that continues to form a toxicity tai don't think the democratic party should be surprised that so many
4:27 pm
americans believe yada, yada, yada. >> martha: we're back on july, and july, 2020 democrat marianne williamson made a story of herself becoming the most searched for candidates but she was absent from the stage on tuesday night. she announced there's no way that she is dropping out this process and said that she's pointing the finger squarely at the dnc for stifling the democratic process and writing and to "the washington post," the democratic national committee has sought to narrow the field of presidential candidates the very moment when it should be opening up. facing a political straitjacket on her primary system and the ridiculous rules the party is risking this, back in the story, great to have you back. coming back in. >> thank you. it's beyond that's a pretty strong indictment of the proces process. >> i was mentioning before, the constitution doesn't even mention the part of the local party. george washington warned us against that. we had to be very careful
4:28 pm
because they can form factions, factions that would be more concerned with their factions than with our country. so i feel very strongly about the power of the individual citizen and that's the decider and all this. if not to be that the cider of the election but who should be the decider of the primary. so both political primaries, they should facilitate and not dictated and anyway. >> martha: when you look on the stage, you don't see someone who you can get behind a period of >> i will get behind whoever the democrat is, of course i will, i am at democrats. and i hope i can get back on that stage. but i see how with the rules and the full income of the numbers, there's two different political universes. one is the pundits in the polls and the monies, all of that. it's another political universe and that's what happens when candidates are out there in the primary states suggested talking to people. about our country and what
4:29 pm
matters. number two, such different universes. if one is very difficult, but you have a lot of money and a lot of establishment power involved there. political gain. >> martha: they know how to work its period of >> that's why you have -- exactly. another universe, which is available to everyone as it should be. >> martha: provided don't like it reminded me when i read your piece about the democratic convention on the floor, when sr nomination in the bernie sanders supporters were rh and there's thousands of them. we have a picture of it, they turn their back and they said nothing to nothing, and head centers on the back and they were angry about the same thing you're angry about because they felt like the process had been rigged towards her and to the got shotguns on shut out unfai. >> keep it in the family, don't talk about the family. i'm on here on fox, and i see
4:30 pm
some things that concern me, i wrote about this, but i'm here on fox, there my political family. so, yeah, whatever the democrats or republicans -- it's just. of >> martha: it's the observations of what happened. >> whether you're democrat or republican, i think that anybody is going to say and feel that we want the voters to be the deciders. >> martha: just give me, before it ends, like a practica practical avenue. is it a third-party? is it independence? >> i would not do that, i would not do that's because it's a very important for a democrats win in 2020 and i would not do anything to risk taking even ten votes away from that. i hope people will go to my website, it's about how to have
4:31 pm
more field organizers and the digital ads, all the things you have to do in order to have a standing and in order to get back on the stage. i hope that it well. in the meantime, we have to honorably whether it's with her own party or with another party, speak up as americans when we see something happening that we don't feel is the go to. >> martha: project great to hau back. coming cap next, the worst a man-made in history with one of the addiction specialist who's been sounding the alarm on opiates for year period . dr. drew joined us next. >> is a tsunami coming, it's a tsunami coming, you don't understand. i can. at the epidemic is hitting every corner of the country. >> it starts and you get hooked
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♪ >> martha: averaging on the 135 americans die every day from opioid overdose. out tonight, the root is the subject of a fox news investigation. watch. >> opioid crisis is about the health and safety crisis of our lifetime. in huntington, west virginia, there could called into tackle . of >> pennsylvania has seen abot 10,000 overdose deaths in the last two years. if tom wolf declared a statewide disaster or emergency. americans are more likely to die from opioid overdose then in a car accident. >> were talking about a situation where doctors are primarily response will because they wrote the prescription, and pharmacists went along with it.
4:37 pm
>> you saw fit to destroy lives. >> in ohio, the quarter of 1 counties said that ten people died of drug overdose in the past 26 hours. >> drug overdose death rose from 2015 to 2016 and the second decline even higher. >> martha: dr. drew pinsky, medical specialist featured in fox nation's america opioid conspiracy, doctor, good to have you with us. if there's a $50 settlement that's being worked on by threef the drug giants that we may be getting word out. but talk to me about what you say medical institution that you've spent your life trying to help people in his at the core of this problem. >> we absolutely were at the problem though my core , where pain became the fifth vital sign, where institutionally and state medical societies, required us
4:38 pm
to pay the same attention to pain assessment is your pulse. how ridiculous that is and if we didn't adequately treat pain, we've go to possibly prison or be fined. not malpractice, well-meaning patients, african groups got together with attorneys and doctors were going to jail. the sent shock waves through the system at the same time they were disciplined that took the patient physician and that pain whatever the patient says. should never be pain again and that there's always been a solution which is the opioid-related drugs and we weren't giving enough. i at the time, for 15 years were saying hold on, this is crazy, my patients will dry dae because of this and they did to. >> martha: you say and take kebabs, you visit someone in the hospital, they have the smiley faces, are you in a little bit of pain, and i don't remember that from when i was growing up. it's this whole idea. it wasn't there.
4:39 pm
>> it was a new thing, that assessments, that little smiley face thing the doctor coming over feeling your pulse. that's crazy. if that was crazy. not only did we all adopted and buy into it, we were required by legal pressure, by state medical societies and joint commission to focus to the point where 90% of the opiates on earth were being prescribed by my profession here in the united states. we did at! we did at! in the 19th century as well! there's a previous opioid epidemic, almost identical to this end of the same thing happens. >> martha: you know, i think about getting my wisdom teeth out and they send you home, it's going to hurt for three days, you just had surgery in her mouth. now, it's like, if your child feels pain, give them this. if it still hurts, give them more of this. it's just a whole culture of
4:40 pm
people thinking -- obviously, cancer patients, you know, it's a different category but i'm talking about some of the entry-level pain that led to some of this. is that correct? >> you would've gone home -- maybe a year or a year and have a go, you withdrawn home with a 30 or 60 vicodin or oxycontin in your hand. you are being urged to they do this, give the patient as much as possible. if my patients were dying, addicts were dying, but now, we have gone the other way. people with cancer pain can't get there opiates. we have to hit this right, and a well-trained physician understanding addiction and chronic pain to be driving the ship. not the attorneys, not the patient's adequate advocacy gre up with a well-trained possession professionals taking care of the patients. several of our patients -- now people understand, several died because i got them off opiates,
4:41 pm
they were doing well, mike stara wonderful example, we worked with him for a year after rehab, he moved to utah, we discouraged him from ads. we stayed in close touch and he called me one day, doctor, i'm having back pain. i said, mike, don't tell a doctor, don't tell a doctor. two weeks later hair was dyed with a bottle of oxycontin and so much by his bedside. my patients were routinely killed and was so painful and difficult to live through the time, no we cut off people from opiates and instead of calling him in, you made a mistake we've a second problem here from the addiction. we did me for that to happen. let's treat it and instead, we see your bad patient and force those patients to the street. the big problem as fentanyl and heroin. >> martha: it is, dr. drew, thank you very much. the documentary on the overhead
4:42 pm
crisis is on fox nation, thank you very much. it good to see you tonight. coming up next, a story you don't want to miss. at 74 years of marine captured in this iconic image from world war i was misidentified into nights, we been informed that her father is one of the heroes planting that played on the top of monster that iconic. ♪ battery can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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mount ♪ >> martha: is a story, for the second time in three years, one of the u.s. servicemen and chronic leg raising photo from perry 20 third 1945 has been misidentified and now been correctly identified. the marine corps acknowledged the man previously identified as private first class is actually corporal harold "apply" it was his nickname, and for 74 years, nobody knew that. he's a man you see highlighted in the yellow, how exclusively how his daughter never spoke about being in that photo and we will talk about her why that might've been. trace gallagher with the
4:47 pm
incredible back story tonight. >> does story is fascinating, it really is, to american flags raised on mount suribachi, back on five very 23rd, 1945. but they thought the flag was too small, so they replaced the second flag in the second plague was associated price snapped at this famous photo. it's also where some of the confusion comes in because private first class, who we thought the 474 years was in the famous photo, actually helped raised the first plague and we know it's corporal harold keller. it's fascinating how they solve this. that used to film footage atop mount suribachi and they compared to the film to still photos. taken by other servicemen, and they are convened by the marines and with the help of the fbi's digital lab, the picture was confirmed.
4:48 pm
like the camouflage pattern on the helmets. the wedding ring. he was not married and there was never a doubt and told mike that he was on mount suribachi because the other proof hanging in his living room. of for many years he had a picture of the gung ho shot of 18 marines on the summit with the plague in the background you see there. if a picture that was also taken by joe rosenthal and also includ harold keller. he said he never made a big deal about the picture, it's a photo of the guys who raised the plague data because ate the most part, and receive the purple heart i 1979, he died at the age of 57. there is no mention of iwo jima in his obituary. >> martha: incredible story, thank you very much. under no to be joined by
4:49 pm
corporal harold keller's daughter. okay, thank you so much for being here so tell me a little bit how you learned it was your dad and what i would called the most iconic photograph of world war ii. >> thank you, i started receiving phone calls from a couple of the researchers, grant and dustin. they started out, we know you're dad was on iwo jima and did you know what he did their? and i went no, not really, he was on the mountain. didn't know anything much beyond that and they said, well, we like to come to your house and kind of fill you and on what your dad did. which they did and got to meet both of the men and the skype with a man from ireland, stephen foley, and it was quite an afternoon. >> martha: it's amazing, and
4:50 pm
people remember the book and love film and it gets important to point out that as trays poind out, was part of the first flag raising, because of the they secured the mountain and there was one leg raising the rate of what find st your dad, why do you think, you obviously knew that he had helped push the flag into the ground so why did he never say anything. why did not tell mike he not tell you >> i'm just guessing, once those other men were identified, incorrectly or correctly, for him to then come back to his hometown of brooklyn and say -- oh, no, that was me. i think he would've been the laughingstock. he didn't speak up at the time, i think of the time because
4:51 pm
those men were identified so that they could go back and do a war bonded to her. he would not have wanted to do that. he was the first man from brooklyn to sign up after japan bombed pearl harbor, who is the first man from our hometown. i think his heart was there, fighting the war, not to come back on a war bonded to her. i think he moms up and refused identified himself and i think he thought i'm good to stay here and fight. i think he didn't want to leave his comrades to leave to go back to the states. >> martha: that's a remarkable story. i've been working on a poke on iwo jima so i've interviewed a lot of the men who fought in the '90s, 90s, and to the
4:52 pm
humility when you talk about the father and not to being the onen the spotlight for the one that was seen as a big hero is a very common thread that i see running through these men. it doesn't surprise me at all your father, harold "pie" keller was one of the guys like that. what has it been like for you? when you look at the picture, what goes through your mind? >> i'm amazed, i'm proud, i'm so very proud of. and then i was just little aches that it he didn't tell me, i would've loved to hurt his stories. he just wouldn't. proud of. as you should be. >> martha: thank you for your family service, and your dad see and for sticking with us, it's an amazing story thank you. >> thank you so much.
4:53 pm
thank you. >> martha: we are minutes away. the story, i can't help it, it's a credible story. we just moments away from the latest rally tonight. it is in dallas and to the anticipations very high. some of the supporters camped out tense from the reporters down there on the scene, the story live from dallas coming up next. it don't it okay don't miss it. ♪ what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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♪ >> martha: time now, the american airlines center in dallas, texas. if any minute now, the president is going to take the stage for the rocket rally. keep america great, keep america great is the new model. president trump when the states by nine points over hillary clinton and 2016 but it was the first time since '96 the g.o.p. president didn't to win by double digits there. it was spending a lot of time in texas ahead of 2020, live there tonight, casey. hi, casey.
4:58 pm
>> sorry i'm competing with michael jensen right now. president of united states just arrived and not very long ago. where are minutes away from him taking the stage. this is a very new thing here, he's been here before, but never explained basketball this is where the dallas stars play hockey. and very much a feeling of a sporting event, if you will, people were doing the wave not long ago. people are getting nachos and pizza and they're getting ready to settle in the president to talk. there's a lot of people here, this menu as a whole, 20,000 people the top row still waiting to be filled in but there is on the outside that are telling us that there are several thousand outside of this arena. i may not get in, especially
4:59 pm
here to hear the president talk. if there's something going on here tonight. 7:00 this morning, 12 hours before the president was even scheduled to take the stage, people were camped out here about a thousand, and seven of us this morning. a lot of texans are fired up to see president trump and he is expected to take the stage any time now. back to you, martha. it was to be on casey, thank you, we will see what the president has to say about the tricky situation. when he gets on the stage, and finally tonight, democratic congressman and civil rights leader passed away at the age of 68" of the night, on the house floor, april 2622 years ago. >> our world would be a much better world and a much better place if we would only concentrate on the things we have in common and instead of concentrating on our differences. easy to find differences.
5:00 pm
very easy. we need to take more time to find a common ground. >> martha: elijah cummings, rest in peace. it lets the story "the story." and we will you tomorrow night. >> any moment now, the president will address supporters and dallas, texas, and going live there the president of beginning to speak. good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." from the beginning the 20 tommy craddick race has been a different kind of contest. candidates don't seem to be seen who can run the country most efficiently. they're looking to remake america entirely, rip out the mold, which they are telling us here very dimly painted by horrible things, and replacing it with something different. at the hard to, it's the medicare for


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