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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 17, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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a massive crowd inside and outside. stay with fox news and we will continue coverage, thank you for being with us, let you're not so mike hard to not be troubled. laura ingraham is up next to. >> president trump: how many federal judges to have? you have 142 federal judges, you don't understand the question. that's impossible. that means he would appoint hundred 42 judges. you get none are you doing a bad job as president because you're representing the philosophy. so, i can, no, no, no, check it again. he said 1:30 eight then they came back and the numbers 142. of hundred and 42 judges within two months, we will have john ad ted and all these great congressmen. if we will have passed 182 fedel
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judges. and then they say obama was such a wonderful presidents. how are you a wonderful presidents, how are you a wonderful president when the most important thing you can do, you handed over to the republicans. it hundred and 42. how exactly? how is like a? if i was a democrats, i wouldn't be to have happy about that number. by the time our term is over. maybe 16 years or maybe 20. i'm only kidding because every time i do that they say, see, de mike he is assuming the dome i could control. we have this crazy guy on
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television. you know he's going to win, don't you, he's going to win. we have done a good job, we should be happy. but he said, our military, our schools, are this, everything. he said, you know, he's going to win and, were going to fight it -- no, no, he's going to win and you know, he is never living. you know that don't you? he's never. he's never leaving. he's never going to leave! and i thought this wacko was kidding! he was a comedian, i thought he was kidding, he's serious, he really believes that. we passed the veterans, the va accountability and va choice of those great people. they been trying to pass it for almost 50 years, they could not get it done but those guys right
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there and mean, we got it done. and the protect america security, i went through the united states from the horrible one-sided orion nuclear deal i recognized israel's true capital and opened up the american embassy in jerusalem. and we also recognized israeli sovereignty over the goal on heights. for years, he watched as her politicians apologized for america. if you see it many times, oh, im so sorry. now, you have a president who is standing up for america in standing up for your great estate of texas. you must never forget.
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the 2020 election is about one thing and it's coming up fast, it's about you. it's about you. one thing, it's about you. i'm doing this for you. you know, we had in 2016, i really believe it was maybe the greatest election. i guess george washington was good. but that was easy. by the way, he did even better percentagewise than i did. he had 100%. we could have 50%, that's not bad and i have many more than he had. so i guess you got to give george washington, what do you think, you got to give him something? i would say, on this day, that's a pretty good election. andrew jackson, they say stuff, but andrew jackson was a good election. we had among the greatest elections of all time. we have to know so meant that election, we have to cemented. once we do, it's going to be
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very hard to take this beautiful experiment of parts don't want apart because it's all about you. it's all about your future. it's all about the future of our great country. with your help, we will lift billions of more citizens from welfare to work. from independence and prosperity doe mike poverty to prosperity will ask congress to create a safe modern and lawful system of immigration. by the way, roger jeffers, wherever you may be at this time.
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wherever you are, where is he? he may not be the greatest person, i said that that this four years ago, man, what a guy. and he's a man of god. he said that, he may not be the greatest, he made not be the most perfect christian, he may not know the bible as well as some of us, but he's a leader and i love donald trump. i said who is like i, i love like i, robert jeffers. he's a great guy. he's got a big, big heart for sunday mornings, i tell you too. we will result in trade deals that enact and products stamped with those beautiful words, the beautiful phrase, i love it. "made in the usa."
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we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine. finding new cures for childhood cancer and ending the aids epidemic in america in less than ten years. who would have believed we could do that. and the previous administration spends no money on that, and we are spending -- who would've thought that, we're going to end within ten years, the aids epidemic and our country. who would've thought we would do that. we will defend privacy, free speech, free assembly, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms. above all, we will never stop fighting for the values that unites people all across our land and throughout to the great state of texas. this is a great estate.
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we support and protect the constitution of the united states. we stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement, thank you. we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family, no governments and bureaucracy are the true bedrock's of our society. we believe in the creeds of self-reliance, personal responsibility, and american independence. we believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag.
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cool loyal citizen, helping build this country and together, we are taking back this country, our country, we love our country, we are returning power to you, the american people. that is what we have done. from dallas to el paso, from houston to austin, from the red river to the rio grande, the state was settled by some of the toughest men and strongest women ever to walk on the face of the earth. it texas texas. this is the state where william travis, james foley, and davy crockett, made their last stand at the alamo. this is the states where a small
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band of patriots had to battle of gonzales armed with a single cannon stared down a foreign army, and said it, come and take it. [chanting "usa"] and texas is the state where generations of farmers, ranchers, pioneers and oil workers built a life and a home with their own tube own two, bl hands. they didn't have a lot of money. they didn't have all of the
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luxury. but they all had one thing in common, they love their family, they love their country, and they loved their god! these courageous texas patriots did not shed their blood, sweat, and tears so that we could sit at home while others to try to erase their legacy, demolish our liberty, and destroy our proud of american heritage. we will never allow that to happen! with your help, your devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. we are one move, one people, one
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family, and one glorious nation under god. and together, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud agai again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again! thank you, texas. thank you. ♪ >> laura: president trump finishing up a rocket rally in dallas, texas, 20,000 people jam-packed in the arena there. if you see thousands outside watching on monitors. our friend texted me he was in the audience there, he said, i
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was born and raised in dallas, live in dallas, been to how many political rallies but quote "i have never witnessed anything like this." this is from someone who is kind of seen it all. unbelievable, plus, the left has already shifted the goalpost on the quid pro quo narrative in regard to the ukraine issue and some new problems for adam schiff. you will not believe this tonight, our legal eagle break it all down later on in the show but first, i reacting -- i mean, this was wild. people today, coming back on the field and being kind of a quieter child -- a more calm trauma. if this is trumped, it's like the alamo. at the last reference to the alamo, of course, the cofounder of real clear politics, dylan hattori, and 2020 advisory boar board.
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and mats, and sara carter, fox news contributor. okay, he's feeling at home in texas. we have heard for years, really, last four years, texas is becoming more and more blue, mainly due mainly a move to the blue column. no way, you happen. >> two-way people are saying, a lot of migration coming from california. and number two, amount of diverse folks living here, hispanics. of hispanics in the crowd, a lot of signs, obsolete very good hispanics. i think a lot of hispanics in america believe this president is actually in the policies there helping them. i think it's a big menace by the media to assume that hispanics are turned off because of some jarring rhetoric and i think they agree with the president. >> laura: we got to get everybody here, you have been at big events for the president,
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you were just with him in the bay area. san francisco, california, you saw the energy as well, stuff that's not picked up by the media and their obsessing about the pause at a press conference and what people are interpreting that. they don't even talk about or even care about it but this was trump on the offensive tonight. he's not backing down. >> that's right, we see the sound of sign of enthusiasm at all of his rallies and intimate gatherings, it's all infectious he's very relaxed and offer somebody who's under vicious attack 24/7 but he's very confident and i agree with matt that the assumptions of all the hispanics are going to be democratic is a false one and a racist one. i think the influx of california is a rich and dull micro, but if he has 30 thousand people outside. i think is going to be within with our grass.
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>> laura: i keep thinking, guys, what we saw a couple nights ago. on stage and that cnn debate. their performance, and how they stood and how they interacted with each other. then i see this man, who has had a full day, okay, basically it's two hours or a hour and a half, but he did all these events in texas today and he goes back and just kills it. okay, i don't see that kind of enthusiasm anywhere else, sarah, the president lay out in no certain terms what the democrats will do now. they told, suggested, the president lay this out and take it away from the bubble of washington, what the reality for the people and democrats when it come out what's going to happen to our country. boy, did he lay that out tonight. >> they want the latest on on law-abiding citizens, you they t to take the guns away. and they want to install far
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left judges. to shred the constitution. they want to tear down symbols of faith and drive christians and religious believers from the public square. they want to silence your voice voices, on social media, and they want the government to censor muslims and shutdown conservative voices. >> laura: it's what we've been talking about, they try to do it to us, and all of us. if all of us have felt it and he spoke about it. >> exactly, this is what they do, they demonize, and they demonize and they think by doing that somehow the american people are going to say, oh, well, wait a minute. maybe the democrats are right, may be we shouldn't listen to tron. the reality is that american people are not stupid. they showed up, they showed up at the thousands in dallas, texas, they show up all across the country and they continue to push for president trump, why, he's the only person that's actually listen to them. only person that's listening to
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the american people. if you ask, he's out there, he had a full day. why is he so comfortable? you know he's comfortable, because he's telling the truth, because he's fighting for something -- >> laura: he knows he's right. about what america is and what america cannot become i think. he also revised the popular 16 campaign promise, and the issue that's in the news. with ukraine, and turkey, so forth. ending endless wars. >> endless wars, they don't stop. if they don't stop. they go on forever. we become policemen, we police, we are making policemen. these wars brought mass chaos, instability, destruction, and death. today, we choose a different path. >> laura: inside, the foreign policy elite establishment in new york, they had derided trump
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on turkey and pulling troops back. but texas is a state that has really sacrificed in iraq, afghanistan, so many men and women, so much heart ache so much loss. that got a huge response from the crowd. is this a good issue for him to run on again? >> i think so. i mean, obviously, i was in washington yesterday, we spent all week talking about syria and the kurds and you saw the disconnect with trump out in the heartland making the case. the response that he god's bringing troops home, bringing troops home into endle, it something that he did run on, it's something that had widespread support across the country. the only thing that trump runs the risk of here is we constitutes itself and starts creating some havoc in thwarting the election next november. if that doesn't happen, there is widespread support, it's a
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definite disconnect between what people in the heartland think and real america versus what everyone's talking inside the building. >> laura: we remind yourself of what happened to mccain and 2008, he was going to do bush 3.0. what happens in 2006 when we lost the house-senate and of course would have it 2012 with romney. that type of republicanism is not popular, and the neoconservatives keep pushing, pushing, pushing. i think trump is pretty gutsy and bold and confident, so, you know. we have a lot of problems and lot of people sleeping the streets. we have to take care of our own people, and some still suffering with incredible economic recovery. >> remember, ronald reagan ronas peace, the peace was idea that america had to get itself strong. >> laura: spoke at defeats the soviet union. don't speak out economically and
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every other way. >> laura: i'm thinking about china, how are we going to fight to china? >> it's about troops, bullets, and guns, that's important, you want to add them and you can't leave them. >> laura: i think the economy still remains firm one people, and pelosi out there today, and yesterday after the white house meeting, rushes out, the theatrics, oh, she was pointing at him. you look at texas, it's exploding with economic growth. if people are moving there. they know what's going to happen, with a wealth tax, and in, trump talked about that. lincoln couldn't get elected and texas now, if he had those policies. all these things that they would do, would be getting to right that narrative clearly in these rallies. and just he's going to write to that narrative and i think that's very smart because people have to understand the stark choices in front of them. >> laura, he very specific, he talked about the economic growth
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in the hispanic community, a percent of wage growth, $2,000 average wages. democrats have no answers to that they don't talk about those facts and figures because they don't work for them. it's a different america, dystopian america, gloom and doom, social redistribution, that's not what the america is it's the texans were there and the americans attending all of the rally see. if a real disconnect between the story that we saw on the debate stage and what we are seeing throughout. >> laura: everyone says -- >> and the channeling that. >> laura: everyone says, what is going on in washington? when you travel outside and hannity is like, you're in the spa. you are right. >> outside of the corridor, youo to middle america, maybe not so much the bay area, but you look at what is happening in washington. and they are afraid. thank you. right, wages are going up, it's a start. here's what trump said about biden with a troubling times you are can, he didn't back up down
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from not at all. watch. >> joe biden was in charge of ukraine policy while his son with apsley no energy experience just got thrown out of the navy like a dog, was paid massive suf money by ukrainian energy company. >> laura: we didn't even know what they had to talk about biden anymore because his cup become a weaker candidate and shows him up a couple points. >> i think president trump knows that but what he's pointing out is with the american people are so angry about and the reason why they call this the swamp, writes, is because of these ideas. joe biden on the board of ukrainian energy company, would was investigator for corruption and being paid when people believe is over $50,000 a month, a month, with president trump and he brought up a great point.
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it's dumb like i've had that been his kids, if that bunker, or don jr. , or eric, the media would literally be dragging him through the mud. there would be enough impeachment, it's the biggest story of the year, instead the democrats want to bury this, they want to turn the tables on trumpet they want to blame trump exactly for what they were doing. and trump's not guilty. >> laura: do you think this impeachment narrative as its playing outcome of the breathless commentary from the anchors on the other cables, the nonpartisan -- do you think for americans watching this election season in full war now. does that motivate them to go to the polls, they see the pelosi drama with impeachment and all that. are we overstating the disconnect to that we keep talking about today? >> were talking away from the election so we are how it plays out, it it after the
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impeachment, he pushed began, a galvanized trump supporter's. but rather that last, will have to wait and see. i think the policies are not totally clear, certainly, the republicans think it's going to play to their advantage, democrats are going to overplay the hand, and to beat at the president. i want to make one quick point, i spoke with some officials yesterday when i was in washington and they said they have seen a 20-point to jump in president trump approval rating among the hispanic in texas since 2016. he won 34% of hispanics in 2016 in texas, they represent one in every four voters in that state. if that metric is true, if their numbers are right, there's a big -- big movement and support of hispanic voters for trump. >> laura: that's a 1-10 chance that democratics can protect texas. it's not good to have.
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i don't want to be too cocky, but -- >> they're not smart, but nick upsala. >> laura: guys, thank you so much, great panel. mick mulvaney under fire for comments earlier today but sent of media spin machine into overdrive. >> he also mentioned to me the corruption related to the dnc server, absolutely. they look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing he was worried about encryption but the nation. that was absolutely appropriate. which ultimately, then, flowed. >> is a quid pro quo. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. so that they will change their policy on immigration. i have news for everybody. get over it. there is going to be political
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influence and foreign policy. foreign policy is going to change the obama administration to the trump administration. >> laura: what's going on with him today? did he help anybody at all, what's the point of the west conference by its sources at doj and the white house telling us that they are "livid though dull mike" over his remarks. now, emphatically walking back, we'll talk about how the media sets the stage that i think it's interesting to watch, how the democrats and their pals are shipped in goalpost. let me explain this. even though the transcript did not reveal this, they initially claimed that the real crime or misdemeanor or peaceable offense was trump pressuring ukraine to interfere at the 2020 election. by calling for an investigation. >> trump pressured ukraine to interfere with the 2020 election by pushing for no don't like
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an investigation into joe biden. >> again, it's open season on the 2020 election. >> is an excuse for the president to extort help from ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election. >> laura: password to the reaction after mulvaney's press conference, those claiming a pre crow to mike and mike quid pro quo have gone back in time. >> was having in their best getting those in 22. >> >> laura: a2 ukraine was tid in the investigation into the 2016 election. >> military aid was withheld and parts out of a desire by the president to have ukraine investigate the dnc server or democrats of 2016. things have just gone for very, very bad too much, much worse. >> laura: oh, drama, adam.
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all right, or more whitewater depending council, and doj official, robert ray, i would attempt to try to understand what the points of the mulvaney press conference was,, i also get the folks that who want the president out of office are going to keep shifting the narrative when it suits them. am i wrong in the way i'm reading this? >> that's exec leg rights, they've also intended that the legal quid pro quo was ultimately about getting a meaningless president trump in exchange for foreign assistance. that's been essentially a third siri tell mike to theory. a contentious press briefing is not the place to be trying to sort out whether there is or is not in a legal quid pro quo, and the clip that you played, mulvaney's answer to the question which was what you just described a quid pro quo, should have been no because it is not. i've been looking at bribery and
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extortion for the better part of 20 years of my professional life. i can tell you, again, press conferences are not the place for you sort that out. the democrats would have to show that there was a personal benefit derived by president trump in exchange for what was going on here. that would be the only basis to conclude it was an illegal quid pro quo, and the reason that adam schiff is trying so hard to get the witnesses to say the pressure was applied, was that he smart enough to know that unless you have that kind of pressure applied and it was in exchange for a personal benefit to the president of which is a very difficult to sort out from essentially anything that the president does has potential impact in the political process. again, this is just another example of trying to search for pin the tail on the donkey, whatever set of facts you can come up with that just ring the
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quid pro quo bell. i'm sorry to tell you, that's not sufficient and again -- >> laura: look, i got to say, where all lawyers here. if there's a reason bill barr doesn't do a lot of press conferences, but we know how to answer the questions. right, i'm not piling on mulvani don't want to do that. when you have a legal issue before a lot of people who aren't lawyers, blessing and what to do is get out there it's a whole bunch of things very fast and then well, the context was and going back in the reach back -- there's not enough of a pause and one thought in another and they could say, aha, say it, you're going to do it and clean up afterwards. >> is very difficult when you have to sort out and adopting the premise of the cluster. >> laura: no, no, can't do it. roberts, that's what ended up driving and stuff we saved that texas don't care about.
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i drove the price into a absolute frenzy and i have to say, mick mulvaney tried to clarify and they called it a walk back later on the day and we will put up on the screen. basically saying, this is not what i meant, i wasn't saying this this is quid pro quo, he tried to walk this back and was unsuccessful. >> probably not from a political sense, but i think the end of the day what kind of happens there will be some facts that will come out and we will have to focus on was this act illegal or impeachable or was this phone call illegal or impeachable because people think in the media seem to be going right by. there's a mix when you're president, everything that you do that's good for your country, and everything you do that advanced your priorities in your election, and how they really separate those things out. at the notion that, once we get to the legal analysis of this, it's good to be a lot more complicated than people think and i think that people are
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grasping on the facts as though one particular formulation mick mulvaney makes it a crime or not to. i think it's a very difficult issue here. >> laura: look, we still have a situation where we have witness testimony behind closed doors, one after the other, after the other including today, ambassador testified in secret and the media are saying that he sang, i'm so tired of this phrase, he threw trump under the bus. some house members told me, and just a few moments ago, that once again, behind closed doors, briefing was another one that ended up blowing up the democrat narrative when mr. sutherland was put under pressure. ended up being good for trump and i think to your point, robert ray, the pressure question, was there pressure exerted upon him? so, it's another reason why, yes, opening up the hearing so
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people say, oh, they're there. oh, oh, boy, that's bad. instead, where just love to hear the leaks from the democrats. >> i read the ambassador sondland's opening hearing that was released to the public domain as well as press reports to those who witnessed what was going on with volcker. so far as i can tell, the questioning as he would logically expect from adam schiff was to travel down the road and was pressure applied. he did not like the answer for the answer that came back was, no. if that's the case, they don't have any other witnesses that take you beyond that, in conjunction in consideration of the president conversation with the president of ukraine, that's not enough. that doesn't show an illegal space of. that will be the end of. >> laura: after show -- look, volker denied he noted that the ukrainian leaders didn't even
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know that aid was being withhel withheld. volker repeatedly denied to ship the character of the events, ship the ambassador, you're making this much more public aid that has to be. he can get the answer he wanted from volker, it looks like today. it a disaster. speak out the room, and it's kif funny about it, it's about to be a secure facility that signs up and world war i and stuff. and it's amazing, because you're in the hearing and to the witness, and sometimes they will call a break to go outside and do an f nbc interview in the middle will other people to the questioning. so in public, the testimony should be released because it's one-sided -- >> laura: i don't know, it's a he said, he said, by the way i just went up public up the mike to mike put up mick mulvaney statement, this is what he said later today after the press conference "there's apsley no
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quid pro quo between ukrainian military aid and any other investigation of the 2016 election. the president never told me to withhold the money until your crane instead anything related to the server." i don't want to come back and clarify especially when they're not used to do anything on a regular basis. guys, thank you for the analysis tonight. i have to say, they will vote, yes or no? they will vote for an impeachment, they will do an impeachment. >> they will. >> laura: you agree, robert ray? >> i will, i would like to say i still hold out hope that's not going to happen but i do get some in evitable. >> laura: it's a pile on it's this, and they have to build their case because this one doesn't look as bad as they initially thought. fantastic, thanks guys, really patient you coming on. if a new complications for adam schiff today. rigging details coming up about his visit, his staff member made to ukraine in august.
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♪ >> laura: all right, we we told you before that the most faithful decision in the impeachment ordeal was nancy pelosi putting adam schiff in charge of it. if we have been proven right almost every hour of every day since grade for starters, house republicans are now pushing a bill to censure schiff for what he said. they're now calling today for
7:41 pm
how intel chair to be taken off the impeachment probe, saying that in part, adam schiff has been discredited. if official house documents revealing that what could be the real pollution story on a trip to ukraine. in august, when the schiff staffers met with bill taylor who is now a key witness in the impeachment inquiry. joining me now, john, law professor, along with richard goodstein, a journey and former advisor to bill clinton. richard, if pelosi rethinking putting schiff in charge instead of what have been jerry nadler or one of the more nondiscredited of people out there? >> no, for these reasons. she has now got for the first time in months, virtually the entire democratic caucus behind her and schiff. secondly, it's an indication, whatever they are doing is working more and more in the
7:42 pm
public believe not the president should be impeached or removed, which on the slick, isaac is actually kind of shocking that in three weeks, what we saw the course around acquainted and thanks and, when things took months to unfold to this point. >> laura: as a democrat, your type so mike find with a type of proceedings? you like the star chamber, you think -- >> laura: this is what i think. no, they ran and a grand jury which is secret, correct. >> laura: no, they didn't -- >> this is just this is a justice department's without a referral to do anything of course it's up to congress to take testimony and they don't want people -- >> laura: is that your best answer? >> it's the truth, okay, this reminds me you know the facts argue, back on the table this is on the table. >> laura: this is a colossal backfire for the democrats, the
7:43 pm
polling, i'm going to put that in quotes, on impeachment. of john, the polling and forms by the reporting which is by a w leaks today about sondland's testimony, turns out sondland's testimony looks like it being very supportive of the presidents. oh, no, running out of room, this is a disaster for the presidency. people comment and say what, what are you talking about? >> you are in the same hearing i was in. they're doing it behind closed doors so they can selectively and put on a narrative that holsters the media narrative that is driving polls. i threw the thing is illegitimate. the power to conduct an impeachment proceeding according to the constitution says, the house has the sole power of impeachment. that doesn't mean nancy pelosi, it doesn't mean i'm single member of congress, a single chairman. i think as judge naomi rao on the d.c. circuit just last week and noted, there's a differencef impeachment and the legislative power that they normally operate
7:44 pm
out of. at the impeachment power is triggered by the house. you know, saying that the rules allow for this allow for adam schiff letter relate to say, we handed down articles of impeachment. it's a concern in the constitution text needs to be taken seriously here. >> laura: he made the point today, she pointed out, look, and had some key foreign policies, she said that, rich, d the texas constitution gives us power solely to the house of the representative. not to one individual, one party, it gives it the house. if people are going to quote the framework, they have to confront that. speak >> no one committee is going to the beach donald trump, so this is quibbling over at the end of th- >> laura: it's so cold, it's obviously so guilty. when i have it out in the open?
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>> what happened with mick mulvaney today, we held out the money for the ukraine for frankly, what was not a legitimate -- >> laura: you are now doing what adam schiff did to the president transcript. he didn't exactly -- >> he didn't fabricate it, he's i was a parody. after he got called out to vent. it was obvious what he was doing was a parody. i'm sorry, parody belongs on "saturday night live," and that the of the intelligence identity, committee launching the federal drive, we have a transcript of that shows the president saying to me this favor though, before i give you money that the congress -- >> i'm sorry, before i give the money, you just now fabricated that. it's because the fever was -- >> laura: for tran script on it. put the transcript above we have it we have had this in her back pocket every month nights, beca democrat comes on with schiff .
7:46 pm
i'm going to put it on the screen. after the chaplain missile was brought up. what they were part of? >> part of the defense of operation. ukraine bought them. >> laura: it was an aide package, he'd wanted another military operations are in, we weren't giving them chaplains. this is a re-up, up up by they are ready gotten approved in march. that and the next tear, the next line, to be a favor about this and he talked about crowd strike and the dnc server and then and replaced all that. >> guided and his son, that's like 800 words later. the cnn direct line cutting out all that in the middle when the fever was helpless with the 2016 investigation so we could get to the bottom of what happened. you're conflating it. >> i feel badly, no disrespect, to people who buy that because the public is actually seeing
7:47 pm
right through it. >> i looked at the transcript, it's patently obvious from the transcript that schiff lied and that you are lying. >> i'm sorry, i don't accuse you of lying. i agree with you. >> you said something pointedly, it was said in the transcript and patently not true. >> that's a lie. >> it's a quotes it, let me ask you for a favor. >> continued in the next sentence. because you said it, because of the money. and it's never cited in the transcript. ed never said and then transcript. up and you have to pulled up trent script. as we pull that up to it can't pull it up. >> again, you talked about star chamber ten, we can have the testimony out in public. >> omicron >> laura: raymond is going to give it to me. it is as old-fashioned, this is old-fashioned. okay, here we go, we are all lawyers, we have to go to the actual documents okay so the guy says, we are ready to cooperate
7:48 pm
for the next up specifically were almost ready to buy more javelins from the united states for defense purposes. at the presidents of free will and, i'd like you to do us a favor because our country's been through ukraine does not know mike knows a lot about it. the crowd strike, i guess ukraine has it and a lot of things that went on, something people on and on and on. there's no reference to biden, this is a whole first thing, you look at it first paragraph, referenced a bite biden no reference to biden. >> no reference to money. >> it's a rudy giuliani at -- >> laura: rudy giuliani had no nothing to do with javelins. >> use somehow biden was not part of the construction with him. that that's. that's a lie. >> no. >> laura: we didn't say that, no, no, so, what happened here on national television is,
7:49 pm
thankfully we had the transcript, actually read what was said in the transcript. >> the trent script of the conversation which is 10 minutes of a 30 minute conversation. it's rosemary what's out there. >> doe michael >> laura: one thing i have to say, the president knows there is like 50 people listening to the call, hd he knows that. so, i guess richard saying that the president is so daffy that he is okay, i'm going to do this whole quid pro quo thing and know people listening, and it's all going to be god >> john bowman were going crazy, and the conversation. >> laura: no, you know why. it's because there was no intent. that's why. no intent, roberts, okay, i got to get out. no intent. speak out okay, big bolton fan. okay, we got to go, guys, that was a lot of fun. okay exposing a lie, used to propel her own career.
7:50 pm
those were true too.
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
♪ >> laura: i guess senator warren is the rising star, if that's what were good to describe her among the 2020 to candidates. her ascension is tied to being something that she is not.
7:54 pm
and she's clearly uncountable, joining me to break it all down, author, filmmaker, i want to begin with how warren describes herself. >> i am a capitalist. come on. i believe in markets, but i don't believe is theft. i don't believe in is cheating. >> laura: so, is that what she really is? >> well, she keeps saying she's a capitalist and i'm not sure if this is a ruse that's intended to attract big money, the wall street money she claims to the poor, i'm not sure. if at the truth of the matter is that warren is a socialist by any reasonable standards. even if you use the scandinavian or the nordic standards. the nordic countries aren't as extreme as worn, for example, worn once a's start, essentially a tax, but the nordic company, and sweden had that's good but they got rid of it.
7:55 pm
so using socialism as a stander, warren is a socialist but she's a socialist and capitalist clothing. >> laura: there's also language she refers to about cheating. we have it. let's see. >> here the ones that want to cheat, they are the ones that want to say that their personal wealth, their power is more important than building in america. >> laura: what about that? >> look of the richest people in the country from steve jobs to jeff bezos and ask this question, did they get a single dollar that they didn't accept voluntarily from people who give it to them because they weren't getting better services, products they didn't have before and it needs wants being set of satisfy the prior coming to the markets. at the whole idea coming is cheating, it's going with some sort of embezzlement, it's complete nonsense. >> laura: it's a whole you didn't build that line that we
7:56 pm
heard last campaign, the campaign from 2012 with obama. thank you so much, having we we you back soon. what happens with climate change protesters to get a little bit too far?
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
♪ >> laura: time for the last fights, what happens when climate protesters trying to block blue-collar workers from getting to work? >> the world is not coming to an
8:00 pm
end. >> laura: he wasn't happy being caring, at least not at that moment, oh, my goodness, was current when you need him was mike shannon bream, has all the news developments, and i'm going to be watching. at shannon. >> thank you so much, we begin tonight without fox news alert both inside president trump's rally and also many more watching outside on the big screen. president comes out swinging against 2020 democrats and house democrats pushing impeachment hillary clinton emails and much more. now stick around for the rally, governor dan patrick joins us live for a reaction straight ahead. plus, the cease-fire in syria, president trump touting everyone will be happy. but will


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