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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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next that would mean president obama didn't approve of presenting a different philosophy. very different. i said no, no, no, check it again. and they came back the numbers 142, you were right of first time. 142 judges within two months, w will have john and ted all of these great congressmen, we wil have passed 182 federal judges.
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[cheers and applause] obama, was ntl wonderful president how are you a wonderful president when the most important thing you can do you handed over to the republicans. 142. how is that good? if i was a democrat i wouldn't be happy about that number. we will have a record number of judges by the time our term is over in 16 years, maybe 20. i'm only kidding. every time i do that, the acc, he's assuming control. we have this crazy guy on television and because, you kno
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you know he's going to win, don't you? you know he's going to win. i mean we've done a good job. he should be happy. he said our military, our schools, are this, are everything. he says you know he's going to win. the guest says no, we're going to fight. no no, he's going to win. and you know, he's never leaving , you know that, don't you? he's never leaving. he's never going to leave. i thought this wacko was getting . i thought he was kidding. he is serious, he really believes it very we have passed for the veterans, be a bhi's nv accountability. they have been trying to pass i for almost 50 years and couldn' get it done. to those guys right there, and me, we got it done.
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to protect american security, i withdrew the united states from the horrible one-sided iran nuclear deal. i recognized israel's true capital and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. we also recognized is really sovereignty over the golan heights read for years you watched as your politicians apologized for america. you see it many times. i'm so sorry. now you have a president who is standing up for america in standing up for your great stat of texas. you must never forget the 2020
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election is about one thing and it is coming up fast. it is about you. i am doing this for you. we had in 2016, i really believ it was me be the greatest election. i guess george washington was good. but that was easy. by the way he did even better percentage wise than i did. he had 100 percent. but we could have 50 percent. i had many more than he had. what do you think, i'm a tad coming up to give him something. i would say honest abe, that wa a pretty good selection. we have to now, submit that election. once we do, it's going to be
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very hard to take this beautifu experiment apart. it's all about your family. it's all about your future. it is all about the future of our great country. with your help, we will billion of more citizens from welfare t work from dependence and povert to prosperity. together we will elect a republican congress to create a safe modern, fair, and lawful system of immigration. by the way, thank you robert jeffers for being here wherever you may be in this massive.
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wherever you are, he may not be the greatest person, i said thi was like four years ago. he is a man of god. he. he said he may not be the greatest, he may not be the mos perfect son, he may not know th bible as well as some of them, but he is the leader and i love donald trump. eyesight who is like i, i love that guy. he is a great guy. and a big big group of people o sunday mornings i can tell you. we will enact trade deals that results in more products proudl stamped with those beautiful words that beautiful freeze, i love it, made in the usa.
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we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding you cures for kia childhood cancer and ending the aids epidemic in america in less than ten years. we are doing that very few would've would have believed we are doing that. the previous administration spent no money on that and we'r spending. who would've thought that. we're going to end within ten years the aids epidemic in our country. we will defend privacy, freeze, religious liberty, and the righ to keep and bear arms. above all, we will never stop unite people across our land an throughout the great date of texas. this is a great state.
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we support free text and defend the constitution of the united states. we stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement, than you. we believe in the dignity of work in the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family , not government and bureaucracy are the true bedroc of our society. we believe in the creeds of self-reliance, personal responsibility, and american independence. we believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag.
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loyal citizens like you help build this country and together we are taking back this country our country, we love our country . we are returning power to you, the american people, that is what we have done. from dallas to el paso, to houston to austin, from the red river to the rio grande, this state flows settled by some of the toughest men and strongest women ever to walk on the face of the earth. texas. this is the state where william travels, james, but we, and crockett commit me their last and at the alamo. this is the state where a small band of patriots at the battle
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of gonzalez armed with a single cannon stared down a foreign army and declared come and take it. and texas is the state where generations of farmers, ranchers , pioneers, and oil workers build a life and a home with their own two beautiful hands. they didn't have a lot of money they didn't have a lot of luxury , but they all had one
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thing in common, they love thei families, they love their country, and they loved their god. fees courageous texas patriots did not shed their blood, sweat and tears so that we could sit at home while others tried to erase their legacy, demolish ou liberty and destroy our approac american heritage. we will never ever allow that t happen. with your help, your devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting , and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. we are one move, one people, on family, and one glorious nation
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under god. together, we will make america wealthy again. together we will make america proud again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, texas. thank you. >> president trump finishing up a raucous rally in dallas, texas,. 20,000 people jampacked in the arena there. to see all the thousands outsid watching on monitors freight a friend who just asked me was in
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the audience there said i was born and raised in dallas, live in dallas, spend i don't know how many political rallies, but i have never witnessed anything like this. and this is from someone who ha kind of seen it all. unbelievable. because the left has already shifted the goalpost on the qui pro quo narrative in regard to the ukraine narrative in some new problems. our legal eagles break it all down a little later in the show. first to react to this, i mean this was wild. people thought the president wa going to be back on his heels o be quieter trump. a more calm trump. this is drum, it was like the alamo, come and take it right the last reference from the alamo have the on their feet.
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he is feeling at home in texas. we have heard for years, really the last four years that texas is becoming more and more blue. the president said no way, neve going to happen. with you think when you see this ? >> do you reasons people say it's going to turn from red to blue. a lot of migration coming in from california and number two obviously a greater amount of diverse folks think there. >> a lot of hispanics in that sounds. i think a lot of hispanics in america believe that this president is actually has policies that are these policie are helping them. i think it's a big is by the media to assume that they are turned off because of some jarring rhetoric about. >> we have to get everybody here . you have been t,at b president,
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were just with him in the bay area. san francisco, california. use the energy as well of the stuff that's not picked up by media as their obsessing over the pause at a press conference and what people are interpretin that. they don't even care about. this was trump on the offensive tonight fraid he's not backing down. >> we see this kind of enthusiasm at all of his rallie and gatherings. he is very relaxed rates right it's amazing for somebody under such vicious attack 24's last seven. i agree with matt that the assumption that all the hispanics are going to be democrats in the fall is kind o a racist one. i think the california influx i still a concern. if trump pays attention there and has really like this i thin that it's going to be within ou grasp to strengthen our hold.
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>> i kept thinking, guys, about what we saw a couple of nights ago on stage in that cnn debate. in their performance and how they stood and how they interac with each other. then i see this man who has had a full day, basically it's almost two hours, an hour and a half, but he did all these events in texas today and then he goes out there into skills it . i just don't see that's enthuse him enthusiasm anywhere else. he laid out in no uncertain terms what the democrats will d now. all of us on this panel have suggested that the president la this out for a take it away fro the bubble of washington. what's is the reality for the people if democrats win. what's going to happen to our country? he laid that out tonight freigh let's watch. >> they wanted law-abiding citizens, they want to take you guns away. and they want to install far left judges to shred our
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constitution. they want wanted tear down symbols of faith and drive christians and religious believers from the public square . they want to silent your voices on social media, and they want the government to censor, muzzle , and shut down conservative voices. >> this is what we've been talking about. they tried to do it to us. all of us have felt it and he spoke about it. >> this is what they do. to demonize, they demonize and they demonize very they think b doing that that somehow the american people are going to sa oh, well, wait a minute commit maybe, maybe the democrats are white, but the reality is that the american people are not stupid. they showed up, they showed up by the thousands in dallas, texas, they show up all across the country, and they continue to push for president trump, wh because he's the only person that listening to them. the only person that listens to the american people.
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you ask, he's out there, he had a full day, why is he so comfortable, he's comfortable because he's telling the truth, because he's fighting for something that he knows. >> he knows he's right about what america is and what americ cannot become. he also revived this popular campaign promise in an issue that's in the news now. the ukraine and turkey and so forth. ending endless wars. >> endless wars, they don't stop , they don't stop very they go on forever. we become policeman. we end up becoming least, we ar pleasing these countries. these wars brought mass chaos, instability, destruction, and death. today, we choose a different path. >> inside the beltway in the foreign policy elite establishments establishment in new york, they have to on trump in turkey and his desire to pul
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troops back, but texas is estat a state that has really sacrificed in iraq, afghanistan so many men and women, so much heartache and so much loss. that's got a huge response from the crowds. is this a good issue for him to run on again though? >> i think so. obviously, i was just watching from yesterday and he spent all week talking about syria and th kurds, and you saw the disconnect on with trump outs i the heartland making his case and the response that he got about bringing troops home, rebuilding the military to keep it strong but also bringing troops home and endless wars. it something he did run on, it has widespread support across the country. i think the only thing that trunk trump runs the risk of is if isis reconstitutes itself an starts havoc before his election . if that doesn't happen, there i widespread support.
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it's a definite disconnect between what people in the hartley and think, what everybody's talking about. >> meant, we remind ourselves o what happened to mccain in 2008, he was going to do bush three-point outcome of what happened in 2006 when we left the house, the senate and what happened in, that type of republic of news is him is not popular, but the conservatives keep pushing, pushing, pushing. and i think trump is pretty gutsy and bold and confident to say you know, we have a lots of problems here. a lot of people sleeping on the streets, we have to take care o our own people. some people suffering even with this incredible economic recovery. >> the peace through strength was never about military strength in every corner of the earth. the peace through strength idea was america had to get it's all strong. >> so it could defeat the sovie union. >> economically and every other way.
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>> it's not all about troops an bullets and guns, all of that i important, you want to have those. but you can't lead with that. >> i think the economy remains the number one issue for most people. obviously pelosi was out there today and yesterday at the whit house meeting. a lots of theatrics, he was mea to me, she's pointing at him. you look at texas, texas is exploding with economic growth. people are moving their. they know what's going to happe with the wealth tax, trump talked about that. all these things that they woul do, he is beginning to write that narrative, clearly in thes rallies versus just doing all the golden oldies he's starting to write that narrative. i think that's smart because people have to understand the stark choices in front of them. >> being very specific he talke about the economic growth of th hispanic community, wage growth
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$50,000 average wages. the democrats have no answer to that, they don't talk about those facts and figures, it's a difference america. just bloom and doom and social redistribution. that's not what the america is that the texans who were there and the americans who were attending all of these rallies see. there's a disconnect between th story we saw on that debate stage and what were seen throughout the rest of america. >> everybody says when they com up to you, they come up to us o the streets. what's going on in washington. when you travel outside of this place. hannity always jokes that you'r in the swamp, and he's writes. you go to america, you go to middle america and people say what is happening in washington. >> wages are going up. here is what trump said about five bins troubling ties to ukraine. he didn't back down from that a all.
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watch. joe biden was in charge of ukraine policy while his son with absolutely no energy experience, just got thrown out of the navy like a dog, was pai massive sums of money by ukrainian energy company. you know what that's called? it's called a payoff. >> he doesn't even have to talk to biden anymore, he's become a weaker candidate. >> i think, and i think president trump knows that i think what he's pointing out this with the american people are so angry about, the reason they call this the swamp is because of these ideas. people like joe biden, vice president joe biden can have hi son on the board of ukrainian energy company that is at that time been investigated for corruption and getting paid wit people believe is over $50,000 month. now, if president trump and he
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brought up a great point, if that it been one of his kids, i that had been the media would literally be dragging them through the mud there would be an impeachment. mean this would be the biggest dory of the year. instead, the democrats want to bury this, they want to turn th tables on trump. they want to blame trump for or what they were doing. you think this saga as it's playing out, the breathless commentary from the anchors on the nine poppers and anchors, d you think for americans watchin this election season it is totally ramped up. is that motivates them to go to the polls and sees a drama with impeachment and all of that or we overstating the disconnect that we keep talking about? >> we are 13 months or roi from the election so we will have to see how it plays out very after
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the impeachment pushed push began, it certainly galvanized supporters and his face. but weather that lasts, we will have to wait and see. i think the politics of impeachment are not totally clear. certainly the republicans think that it's going to place their advantage the democrats are going to overplay their hand an they think they will be able to beat the president of an advanc of the collect election. want to make one point affected texas,, i spoke to officials yesterday when i was in washington and they said they have seen a 20-point jump in hi approval rating among hispanics in texas in 2016 he won 34 percent of hispanics in 2016 in texas and they represent one in every four voters in that state. if that metric is true, if thei numbers are right, there is big movement and support among hispanic voters for trump in texas. the one destined chance that democrats could take, texas right now. it's just not there.
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>> i don't want to be too cocky but i spend more time in texas than any other state fair if yo get there not taking it for granted. i love seeing him in the states let's make it solid. >> the other breaking news we alluded to, mulvaney under fire for that ed has been machined into overdrive. >> did he mention to me that such corruption that related to the d&c server, absolutely. looked back to what happened in 2016, certainly it was part of what he was worried about and corruption. that is absolutely appropriate. what you described is a quid pr quo, we do that's all the time with foreign-policy. so that they would change their policies on immigration. i have news for everybody. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign-policy.
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elections have consequences ver foreign foreign-policy will change from the obama administration from the trump administration. >> did he help anybody at all. sources at the doj and the whit house are telling us that they are livid over his remarks. the ones that he has now emphatically walked back becaus we will talk about how the medi set the stage. i think what's interesting to watch is how the democrats and their pals in the press are onc again shifting goalposts. even though the transcript did not reveal they initially claimed that the real crime or misdemeanor, was trump ushering ukraine to interfere in the 202 election. by calling for an investigation. >> trump assured ukraine by fresh for an investigation of joe biden. inviting foreign interference i
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american election. its open season on the 2020 election. an excuse for this president to explore help from ukraine to interfere in the 2020 elections. >> fast-forward to the reaction after the press conference today . it seems those claiming quid pr quo had gone back in time. >> parts of the deal in order for the ukraine to get this money being held up was to investigate what had happened i 2016. >> aid to ukraine was tied to the investigation into the 2016 election. you with his acknowledgment now that military aid was withheld in parts out of the desire by the president to have ukraine investigate the d&c server or democrats of 2016, things have gone from very very bad to much much worse.
11:29 pm
>> joining me now, former whitewater independent counsel and former doj official, robert ray, i want to attempt to understand what the point of th press conference was, but i als get the sense that the folks that want the president president out of office are going to keep shifting the narrative when it suits them. >> that's exactly right for you missed a third one which is they've also contended that the illegal quid pro quo was ultimately about getting the meeting with president trump in exchange for foreign assistance. that's been certainly third theory. i guess what i would tell you i a contentious press briefing is not the place to be trying to sort out whether there is or is not in the legal print quid pro quo. the clip you played, his answer to the question which was is it what you just described, it should've been no because it isn't. i've been looking at bribery an
11:30 pm
extortion for the better parts of 20 years of my professional life and i can tell you that again, a press conference is no the place to sort that out. the democrats would have to sho that there was a personal benefit derived by president trump in exchange for what was going on here. that would be the only basis to conclude that there was an illegal quid pro quo. the reason they are trying so hard to get these witnesses to say that pressure was applied i that he is smart enough to know that unless you have that kind of pressure applied and it was in exchange for a present personal benefit to the president which is difficult to sort out from anything the president does has potential impact in the political process. this is just another example of trying to search for like pin the tail on the docking, whatever sets of fact you can come up with that just ring the
11:31 pm
quid pro quo filled. that is just not sufficient. again. i've got to say. we're all lawyers here. there is a reason that he doesn't do a lot of press conferences, but he would know how to answer those questions. i'm not piling on, i don't want to do that. but you have a legal issue before a lot of people who aren't lawyers, the last thing you want to do is try to get ou there and say a bunch of things really fast and then say well, the context was, going back in the reach back was, and there's not enough of a pause between one thought and another. and they can say aha, and then you have to go back and clean i up after. >> it's difficult when you're trying to adopt the premise of the questions. >> can't do it. rather difficult, that is what ended up driving, that drove th
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press into an absolute frenzy. i have to say that nick mulvane tried to clarify. they told him to walk back the comment comments later on in th day. i will put it up on the screen. it basically said this is not what i meant. i wasn't saying that it was a quid pro quo, he tried to walk this fact, was it successful? you probably not from a political sense. i think at the end of the day there will be some facts that will come out varied and they will have to focus on was this act illegal or impeachable. because people seem to be in th media is blowing right by that. i think the issue previously wa there's a mixture when you're the president, everything you d is good for the country and goo for the election. everything you do to advance your priority is good for the election. the notion that once you get to the delete legal analysis of this is going to be more complicated than people think. i think people are grasping on
11:33 pm
this is one particular formulation he is saying makes it a crime or not. i think it's a difficult issue here. >> look, we still have a situation where we have his testimony behind closed doors, one after the other after the other including today, you are saying that trump and the first part of this race varied he basically threw trump under the bus. some house members house member told me, this is just a form yo moments ago, that once again come up behind closed doors briefing was another one that ended up blowing up the democra narrative when he was put under questioning. so it actually ended up being good for trump. i think your points, robert ray on the pressure question. was there pressure exerted upon you. it's another reason why you hav to open up these hearings so people see, oh, they are there,
11:34 pm
or oh boy, that's bad. instead we hear the drips and drops of from the democrats frickey read the opening statement that was released, in the public domain as well as press reports as to those who witnessed it, what was going on and so far as i can tell, again the questioning is you would logically expect was to travel down the road was pressure applied, he didn't like the answer, but the answer they came back was no. if that is the case and they don't have any other witnesses that take you beyond that and i conjunction with consideration of the president's conversation with the residents of the ukraine. that doesn't show illegal quid pro quo? >> i had to show, look coming denies that that was the case. he noted that the ukrainian leaders didn't even know that
11:35 pm
aid was being withheld. so he declined his said ambassador you're making this more complicated than it had to be. he couldn't get the answer that he wanted. the same thing looks like it happened today. >> i've been to that committee room. and what's funny about it is th whole thing is supposed to be a secure facility. loose lips ships. it is amazing, you're in the hearings and witness testimony and sometimes they will call a break to go outside and do an msnbc interview in the middle o testimony. so it's either all being public for the testimony should be released because it's one-sided. >> otherwise it's a he said he said. i just want to put up the treatment because i referenced it. this is what he said later toda after that press conference, he said there was absolutely no quid pro quo between this
11:36 pm
ukrainian military aid. the president never told me to withhold any money until the ukrainians did anything related to the server. you never have to want to come back and clarify that it happen especially when you're not used to doing these things on a regular basis. thank you for this analysis tonight freight i have to say, they will vote, yes or no, they will vote for impeachment. >> they will varied. >> do you agree? robert ray? >> i do. i would like to say i hold out hope that that's not going to happen, but i think it's inevitable varied. >> now it's going to be a pylon of things. they have to build their case because this one doesn't look i bad is they initially thought. thank you, guys freight appreciate you coming on tonight . new complications for breaking details coming up about to visi his staff member made to ukrain in august read
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11:41 pm
be taken off the impeachment probe saying m art he has been discredited. an official house documents revealing that what could be th real solution story on a trip t ukraine in august, one of the staffers met with acting u.s. ambassador bill taylor who is now a key witness in the impeachment inquiry. joining me now, any and former advisor to bill clinton. a is pelosi perhaps rethinking putting in charge instead of what would have been one of the more non- discredited people ou there? >> no, for these reasons freigh she's now got for the first tim in months, basically the entire democratic caucus behind her. secondly if the polls are any indication, what they're doing is working more e and more the public believe not just the
11:42 pm
president should be impeached which removed which honestly i think is kind of shocking that in three weeks we've gotten where we are considering with the course was around clinton and nixon. when things took once i think. they actually ran, a grand jury which is secret, correct? >> because this justice department when they got the referral to do anything, of course it's up to congress to take testimony. >> is that your best answer? >> it's the truth. and that reminds me of, this is banging on the table. >> i'm not banging on the table because this is a colossal
11:43 pm
backfire for the democrats holding, and i'm going to put that in quotes on inch each minute. the pulling is informed by a fe selected leaks faith today for the testimony. it turned out, sunderland's testimony ends up being very supportive of the presidents, rybut oh no, running out of the room. this is a disaster for the president. like what you are you talking about? >> are you in the same hearing was in? they're there doing it behind closed doors.hi and put on a narrative that bolsters the media narrative that is driving polls. i threw the thing is illegitimate. the power i to conduct an impeachment proceeding according to the constitution says, the house has the sole power of impeachment. that doesn't mean nancy pelosi, it doesn't mean i'm single member of congress, a single chairman. i think as judge naomi rao, on the d.c. circuit just last week and noted, there's a difference between power of impeachment and the legislative power that they normally operate out of. the impeachment power is
11:44 pm
triggered by the you know, saying that the rules allow for this allow for adam schiff letter relate to say, we handed down articles of llimpeachment. it's a concern in the constitution text needs to be taken seriously here. >> laura: she made the point today, she pointed out, look, and had some key foreign policies, she said that, rich, the constitution and the constitution gives us power solely to the house of the representative. not to one individual, one party, it gives it the house. and if people are going to quote the framework, they have to confront that. >> no one committee is going to the impeach donald trump, so this is quibbling over at the end of the day -- >> laura: it's so cold, it's obviously so guilty. when i have it out in the open? >> what happened with mick mulvaney today, we held out
11:45 pm
the money for the ukraine for frankly, what was not a legitimate -- >> laura: you are now doing what adam schiff did to the president transcript. he didn't exactly -- >> he didn't fabricate it, he's it was a parody. after he got called out to it. it was obvious what he was doing was ato parody. >> i'm sorry, parody belongs on "saturday night live," and that the of the intelligence identity, committee launching the federal drive, we have a transcript of that shows the president saying to me this favor though, before i give you money that the congress -- >> i'm sorry, before i give the money, you just now fabricated >> laura: for transcript on it. put the transcript above we have it we have had this in her back pocket every nights, because a democrat comes on schiff did. i'm going to put it on the screen. after the javelin missile was brought i up.
11:46 pm
what they were part of? >> part of the defense of operation. ukraine bought them. >> laura:e it was an aide package, he'd wanted another military operations are in, we weren't giving them javelin. this is a re-up, up up by they are ready gotten approved in march. that and the next paragraph, the me a favor and he talked about crowd strike and the dnc server varied >> biden and his son, that's like 800 words later. the cnn direct line cutting out all that in the middle when the the fever was help us with the w16 investigation the week and get to the bottom of what happened. you are conflating it. >> i feel badly, no disrespect, to people who buy that because the public is actually seeing right through it.
11:47 pm
>> i looked at the transcript, it's patently obvious from the transcript that schiff lied ands that you are lying. >> i'm sorry, i don't accuse you of lying. i agree with you. >> you said something pointedly, it was said in the transcript and patently not true. >> that's a lie. >> it's a quotes it, let me ask you for a >> continued in the next sentence. because you said it, because of the money. and it's never said in the transcript. it's never said and then transcript. >> laura: you have to pulled up transcript. as we pull that up to it can't pull it up. >> again, you talked about star chamber ten, we can have the testimony out in public. >> laura: raymond is going to give it to me. it is as old-fashioned, this is old-fashioned. okay, here we go, we are all lawyers, we have to go to the actual documents okay so the guy says, we are ready to cooperate
11:48 pm
for the next up specifically were almost ready to buy more javelins from the united states for defense purposes. at the presidents of free will and, i'd like you to do us a favor because our country's been through ukraine does knows a lot about it. the crowd strike, i guess ukraine has it and a lot of things that went on, something people on and on and on. there's no reference to biden, this is a whole first thing, you look at it first paragraph, referenced a biden no reference to biden. >> no reference to money. >> it's a rudy giuliani at -- >> laura: rudy giuliani had no nothing to do with javelins. >> use somehow biden was not part of the construction witho him. that is alive. >> no. >> laura: we didn't say that, no, no, so, what happened here on national television is, thankfully we had the transcript, actually read what
11:49 pm
was said in the transcript. not the entirety of that. it's ten minutes of a 30 minute conversation. it's rosemary what's out there. >> laura: one thing i have to say, the president knows there they're are like 15 people listening to the call. he knows that. so, i guess richard saying that the president is so daffy that he is okay, i'm going to do this whole quid pro quo thing and know people listening, and it's all going to be go. >> john bowman were going crazy, and the conversation. >> laura: no, you know why. it's because there was noth intent. that's why. no intent, robert, okay, i got to get out. no intent. i okay, big bolton fan. okay, we got to go, guys, that was a lot of fun. okay exposing a lie, used to propel her own career.
11:50 pm
be richard will save those were true to. you don't want to miss that.
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
♪ >> laura: i guess senator warren is the rising star, if that's what were good to describe her among the 2020 to candidates.isar her ascension is tied to being something that she is not.
11:54 pm
and she's clearly uncountable, joining me to break it all down, author, filmmaker, i want to begin with how warren describes herself. >> i am a capitalist. come on. i believe in markets,it but i don't believe is theft. i don't believe in is cheating. >> laura: so, is that what she really is? >> well, she keeps saying she's a capitalist and i'm not sure if this is a ruse that's intended to attract big money, the wall street money she claims to floor. i'm not sure. at the truth of the matter is that warren is a socialist by any reasonable standards. even if you use the scandinavian or the nordic standards.s the nordic countries aren't as extreme warren, for example, warren wants a tax, essentially a tax, but the nordic company, and sweden had that, but they got rid of it. so using socialism as a standard, warren is a socialist but she's a socialist in
11:55 pm
capitalist clothing. >> laura: there's also language she refers to about cheating. we have it. let's see. >> here the ones that want to cheat, they are the ones that want to say that their personal wealth, their power is more important than building in america. >> laura: what about that? >> look of the richest people in jobs totry from steve jeff bezos and ask this question, did theyve get a singe dollar that they didn't accept voluntarily from people who give it to them because they were getting better services, products they didn't have befort and it needs wants being satisfy the prior coming to the markets. at the whole idea coming is cheating, it's going with some sort of embezzlement, it's complete nonsense. >> laura: it's a whole -- you didn't build that line that we heard last campaign, the
11:56 pm
campaign from 2012 with obama. thank you so much, we will have you back soon. what happens withth climate chae protesters take it a little too far? hing was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. ..
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♪ >> laura: time for the last fights, what happens when climate protesters trying to block blue-collar workers from getting to >> time for the last plate. what happens when climate protesters tried to block blue-collar workers from getting to work.
12:00 am
[shouting] >> he wasn't happy being green at that moment. >> this is a fox news alert from america's news headquarters. we take you live to a picture from the town in turkey which is at the center of the fighting between turkish military forces and the kurds. reporters with the associated press are telling us that they are seeing and hearing shelling and smoke coming from this town. this report comes just one day after mike pence announced a cease-fire in the region following toxin in c


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