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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 18, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> you want some cake? >> you don't have to get him anything else? >> hope you enjoy it. >> plus the cake, everybody. >> you are the best. >> bill: good job, steve. good morning. the white house on a bit of defense after acting chief of staff sparks a firestorm appearing to contradict the no quid pro quo deal during his phone call with ukraine's president. so we watched it yesterday, fallout today on a friday. there we are. bill hemmer live in new york city. >> sandra: did you say friday? >> bill: yes, i did. >> sandra: good morning, bill and everyone. i'm sandra smith. mick mulvaney saying his comments were quote misconstrued after he told reporters that the release of $400 million in military aid to ukraine was tied to the demands that kiev look into alleged corruption by democrats in the
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2016 election. here is part of what he said. >> we did an analysis of what other countries were doing in terms of supporting ukraine. i can't remember if it's zero or near zero dollars from any european country for lethal aid. he also mentioned to me the corruption related to the dnc server, absolutely, no question about that. that's it and why we held up the money. >> you described it as a quid pro quo. >> we do that all the time. we are holding up the northern tribal countries to change their policies on immigration. i have news for everybody, get over it. there will be political influence in foreign policy. >> bill: did it change the story? energy secretary rick perry resigning and joins me in his first television interview home in texas. you were at the rally last night. good morning. thank you for your time today. i have a lot to get to. see how much -- 2 1/2 years on the job.
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departure had been rumored for weeks. what does your departure have to do with ukraine, mr. secretary? >> yeah, well, it has absolutely nothing to do with ukraine and everything to do with the last eight or nine months i have -- i've been looking back to texas on a regular basis to round top, texas, my wife, my dogs and going on to the next adventure in life. i had a number of things i really wanted to get done before i departed and came back to texas. working on the lng projects bringing american gas into europe was a big, big part of that. making sure we had the mlus done with poland, ukraine and the rest of the european union so they weren't being held hostage by russian gas. we had issues with civil nuclear and being able to make nuclear cool again and we've been working on that. tomorrow i leave for brussels
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hitting the small monitor reactor conference. first of its kind of done. last and for me on a personal note one of the most important things i worked on was standing up in office from whole cloth on artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence technology office is now set up and ready to go. >> bill: to you from your military days, time as a governor and time in the white house, you got that okay? we'll get this straightened out. live television. thank you for your service, sir. if you've got me back i want to bring you back. >> we're back on with audio now. >> bill: did his comments make things better or worse yesterday with mick mulvaney? >> i think he was straight up with what he said. i think there are people -- >> bill: straight up how? >> people are trying to connect dots. by basically saying that there was no quid pro quo in the sense of what those folks out there would like for it to be. that we'll give you this money unless you go investigate joe
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biden and his son. i never heard that said anywhere any time in any conversation, bill. and i think the truth of the matter is we've been working to get ukraine back in the sphere of influence of the united states and the western states with american gas for two plus years when important shefrng company was over there. you have to get rid of the corruption in this country. the oligarchs and people in the country were corrupt. too many of them were, let me put it that way. zelensky ran on this and said you elect me and i will stop this corruption in the country. we had those conversations with him. at no time -- did i hear anyone. >> bill: you are saying the biden's name did not come up in any of your discussions with ukrainian officials. >> never heard the biden name. >> bill: did it come up at the white house? >> not with anyone.
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i'm telling you, bill, the bidens name. did corruption come up? we heard that in almost every conversation we had talking about ukraine and whether or not president zelensky was going to come over here. because president trump wasn't going to send american money to a country that had a history of being corrupt. and he was hammering that and we hammered that. i pushed on him a lot to make that phone call because i became convinced that zelensky, the people around him, were legitimately trying to get rid of the corruption and get off the russian gas. >> bill: the president said you pushed him to make the phone call with zelensky. do you agree with that characterization? >> absolutely. i called multiple times and said you know, whether it was to john bolton, to whether it was mick mulvaney, when i saw the president i said mr. president it's time to make this phone call. i think bringing in this president and showing him that we are going to be good,
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reliable. they have to do some things. they have to show us they're going to respect the rule of law, be transparent and unbundle their midstream gas company. all of those things were part of him coming in. and i think that's completely and absolutely legitimate and what we're supposed to be doing, bringing the private sector in. american companies, american gas, and showing europe that you can count on us and you aren't going to be held hostage by russian gas. >> bill: you said a week ago you were told to consult with rudy giuliani on matters with ukraine. were you okay with that? >> you know, i was. i've known rudy since 2008. i endorsed him for president in 2008. i worked on -- i trusted him. >> bill: you didn't think it was odd when you were told to do that? >> as a governor of texas i use
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people outside of government all the time. i respect the state department. i happen to know people in the energy industry smarter than the state department folks. i didn't see a problem with that at all. >> bill: you have a subpoena deadline today. will you meet that deadline as of today? >> our general counsel is taking a look at that right now. when they send their answer in at the end of the day, whatever their decision will be i'll follow that. >> bill: i'm not sure if it was a yes or no. do you have one now? >> well, i don't know if that's a yes or no yet. i haven't seen what the general counsel's advice to me is going to be. >> bill: democrats are already asking you to testify. will you do that? >> again, i'm going to rely upon our general counsel to give me advice. you have to remember i've done this before when i was the governor of the state of texas.
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i had an absolute and total trumped up deal that worked out against me and i'm going to do what the counsel tells me to do. >> bill: when you hear all this talk about immigration, whether it be coming across the border in texas and the president's plea last night about the wall, when you hear the discussion on capitol hill about impeachment, what do you think people are missing in the story? your answers today have been emphatic there was nothing behind the scenes that was untoward. so when you see this being carried out by house democrats how are we to understand where this is going? >> well, i'm a big believer that we need to be doing trade and we need to be focused on it and usmca, that needs to be passed. whether you are canadian citizen, mexican citizen or
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u.s. citizen. that is being pushed to the side by this almost crazed idea that somehow or another this president has done something wrong and we'll impeach him. what he has done wrong in a lot of people's eyes he one an election. for them to get us so far off track in what i consider to be a total and absolute improper use. if they are going to do this, they need to at least follow the historic rules. they're not. listen, again i go back to i got indicted as a sitting governor and when it was all said and done, it was not only thrown out, my record was expunged. i had to spend a couple million dollars defending it but the point is why are we letting our political process be so corrupted by the politics of trying to tear this country apart when the fact is we have a lot of great things that we
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could be doing and we are. but we're being ham strung because of this obvious from my perspective politically generated issue. >> bill: two last questions. will they find any evidence of a crime based on your experience in your dealings with the west wing of the white house and ukraine, sir? >> no. >> bill: how is your relationship with the president today? >> it's awesome. he never ceases so amaze me. i'm sitting there yesterday on air force one watching multiple things happen, his chief of staff on television, and right as that ends the president is dealing with a great story that unfortunately i think got pushed off to the side because of all this other stuff and that is finding the way to do a cease-fire in a part of the world where multiple administrations haven't been able to address that.
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very unconventional way of doing diplomacy, i get that. but i think we're making some great progress there. headed in the right direction. and then to go do a major event where in my home state of texas 1,000 jobs will get created at a vuitton in texas. >> bill: democrats think texas is in play. we'll see whether or not it's the case. thank you for your time and service and see where it goes. back on capitol hill. secretary perry, thank you for your time. >> sandra: we have a great lineup coming up for you this morning. michael mccaul and john ratcliffe will be here to weigh in on how democrats are handling the impeachment inquiry. the white house reaction to all of that, bill. great lineup for you. that's just in the 9:00 hour. a lot more coming up. >> bill: it's telling what he
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has to say about the level of being emphatic about nothing but untoward. see whether or not he testifies in a matter of weeks or not. >> sandra: a wild shoot-out on the streets of northern mexico as police face off with cartel members. how the drug lord el chapo is involved in that. the cdc releasing new numbers on the vaping epidemic. how many new cases they found just last week alone. i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan.
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the jobs of tomorrow will involve technology. now students are truly hopeful for what they may achieve. >> based on his action can you trust him? >> i think we will take this agreement for what it is. i think that president trump and president erdogan have the
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kind of relationship where president erdogan knows president trump says what he means and means what he says. >> bill: the vice president with john roberts in turkey after the announcement of a brokered cease-fire in northern syria. the five-day truce said to be in question in one town in northern syria. reports of continued fighting near the border. texas republican mike mccaul on the foreign affairs committee. welcome back here. what do you think mike pence and mike pompeo accomplished with that kwik trip to turkey? >> they stopped the blood shed for at least five days. a five-day temporary cease-fire that should be followed by a permanent cease-fire. the vice president called me last night to give me the details of the negotiation. we certainly hope this works. i know there were some skirmishs this morning in turkey. we have on the border of turkey and syria. we have sanctions, bill, both i do in the house and the senate
6:17 am
foreign relations committee as well that we're prepared to move forward with if the cease-fire does not work. but we certainly want to give it a chance to see if this can be -- peace can be accomplished in this region. >> bill: a question whether or not you can trust erdogan. what do you think of that? >> look, he is a nato ally. turkey is. we have an air base there. buttered began is a difficult partner at times. he has bought russian s-400 military equipment in defiance of nato and russian sanctions. so he is a sort of guy who wants to take turkey back to the ottoman empire days. not so easy to deal with. i think he and trump have a mutual respect for each other, if you will. and we're very hopeful that this peace deal can be successfully brokered. >> bill: let me turn you back to matters at home. did you hear rick perry a
6:18 am
moment ago? >> i did. i have a lot of affection for my governor. >> bill: what did you think about his defense of the accusations against him and others in the white house with regards to ukraine? >> remember, i'm one of the top three republicans sitting in the room in this secret room in the capitol listening to the deposition so i can't comment on that substance right now. >> bill: how many of these interviews have you sat in on so far? >> multiple depositions. if i can comment on the process. all we're asking for is historical precedent be followed. we follow the same rules we did under nixon and clinton. minority be given subpoena power and white house counsel be in the room. at least have a vote on the house floor to move forward with this so it defies democracy. we're going forward in the most secret room in the capitol. all adam schiff is doing right now is building a secret record
6:19 am
if his scif in a one-sided process to move forward towards impeachment. i think it's a very unfair process. >> bill: are they getting anywhere do you believe? >> everything that i can comment on that's been made public so far there is no evidence. in fact, to the ambassador volker and sondland who testified yesterday, his opening statement made public. no evidence of a quid pro quo. i was a former federal prosecutor, public integrity section. my office reviewed that phone call and found there was no criminal violation. i think it is a bit of a fishing expedition at this point in time. >> bill: you can talk about what happened at the oval office the other day. you were at the white house for the wild meeting. >> yes. >> bill: what went down based on your eyes and ears? >> it was a bit of a food fight. i would have to say the president of the united states looking across the table at the very person who is trying to
6:20 am
remove him from office, we all know the president's personality. he is not happy to be in that situation. and it escalated into i think almost an embarrassing moment. you know, the thing is it's a very serious issue on syria and the crisis we have there. yet the speaker and majority leader walked out of the room. i will say this, bill. once they left the room, the other democrats stayed in the room and we had a very productive conversation about how to move forward with respect to syria. my biggest concern was that just like when obama pulled out 10,000 in iraq we had the formation of isis and the caliphate. i don't want to see the same thing happen in syria. i got assurances there would be a residual force in syria to protect the homeland. >> bill: come back soon. michael mccaul in washington >> sandra: new op-ed says
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>> bill: mark zuckerberg responding to calls for social media companies to shut down or sensor president trump's account. here is what he said about that. >> kamala harris said she thinks that twitter should shut down president trump's account. do you think it's a ridiculous idea? >> my belief in a democracy i don't think we want private
6:25 am
companies censoring politicians. as a principle, people should decide what is credible and what they want to believe and who they want to vote for. and i don't think that should be something that we want tech companies or any kind of other company doing. >> bill: dana perino sat down with mark zuckerberg for 30 minutes. she'll join us to talk about the one-on-one and his claims of anti-conservative bias in silicon valley. the answer is revealing and interesting. >> sandra: can't wait to see all of it. he made the point that he believes, as the head of that company, the founder of that company, americans need to think for themselves is what he said. he also made the case that their position on this is not an outlier. it is a fascinating discussion about the role technology companies are playing in our political atmosphere. >> bill: that's coming up and we'll share it with you shortly coming up. >> sandra: now with 139 new cases reported last week the cdc confirming there are almost
6:26 am
1500 cases of vaping-related lung illnesses nationwide in every state except alaska. the agency also reporting 33 deaths across 24 states. jonathan serry is love in atlanta with more on what we're learning here. >> good morning, sandra. juul labs has voluntarily suspended sales of fruit and dessert flavored vaping products pending a review. the ceo says given the lack of trust in our industry we think the process and it's appropriate for the protection of public health standard are the best way to assess the role these products can play in helping adult smokers move away from cigarettes and being kept out of the hands of youth. the trade group representing other vaping businesses is running ads oh posing flavor bans. they say limiting vaping products to tobacco and men thol based flavors will hurt adult smokers trying to quit.
6:27 am
>> adults don't like tobacco flavor. if you are a smoker trying to quit for decades. the last thing you want is a tobacco flavor. >> vaping businesses in oregon want a temporary stay against the governor's ban on flavored nicotine progress. they argue it would force many businesses to close. 78% of vaping associated lung injuries involve products containing thc, the active ingredient in marijuana. researchers have yet to confirm a specific cause of these injuries. >> i suspect that this is going to be related to multiple ingredients. i do not think it is going to be a single ingredient, just because there are so many e-cigarettes, vaping devices, and cartridges available on -- not only on the market but the black-market. >> researchers with the mayo
6:28 am
clinic say the lung injuries they've seen resemble chemical burns. >> sandra: a lot more we have to learn on that. jonathan serry, thank you. >> bill: the nba commissioner back home saying china wanted him to fire the general manager and he said no. we'll share that with you. >> sandra: dueling rallies in texas last night. o'rourke pulled a crowd of 5,000 as 20,000 packed an arena for the president. can democrats -- do they think they really can turn texas blue? former dnc interim chair donna brazile will join us and answer that question next. ♪ good afternoon board members. we have some great new ideas that we want to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting
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>> president trump: last week a
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very dumb democrat candidate for president, that's the end of him in this state, pledged to revoke the tax exempt status of many churches and religious charities. that was after a few weeks ago he said excuse me, we're going to take your guns away. beto, in a few short weeks got rid of guns and got rid of religion. not two good things in texas to get rid of. >> sandra: o'rourke making a play for the lone star state yesterday as democrats hope to turn the state of texas blue. donna brazile is the former dnc interim chair and fox news contributor. good morning and welcome. >> good morning. let me just tell you, i love texas, you know, it was one of the most favorite states my parents took us every summer of my childhood to go to houston to see the astros. as you know, since 1980
6:33 am
democrats have not captured the electoral votes. they had 38 at stake. it is trending purple. we're on the edge of it being a purple state. but we have a lot of work to do. >> sandra: you heard the president taking on beto o'rourke saying he wants to get rid of guns and religion. responding to this interview where o'rourke made this case, a former texas congressman making this case last week. >> there can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone who any institution, any organization in america that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us. so as president we're going to make that a priority and we'll stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow americans. >> sandra: that message win for democrats, donna? >> well, sandra, excuse me, i called you susan. i was thinking about my good friend this morning. let me just say this.
6:34 am
i don't know if beto will be the nominee. i know he came within three points of beating ted cruz last year. but like i said, we still have a long way to go. we don't know which democrat will win the nomination and we don't know what message ultimately will galvanize the american people. beto is a very passionate fighter for gun safety rules given what has happened in texas over the last couple months with the mass shootings, i think that's the reason why he is out there with this message of gun safety. >> sandra: specifically on that message of religion, donna. that's being taken on by senator thom tillis, the republican senator published on fox news. make no mistake referencing that interview with beto o'rourke, a chilling attempt to subvert the constitutional rights of americans of faith in order to social engineer our places of worship. while some other presidential
6:35 am
candidates are claiming they do not support eliminating the tax ex ept status for religious institutions we've been here before and seen the pattern of fringe far left proposal gaining traction over time. many of these fringe proposals are now mainstream democratic party positions. take that one on. >> well, thom tillis is up for reelection and have a close race in north carolina. the only thing i have a concern about is when they begin to paint democrats with a broad brush. we spent months with a broad brush calling every democratic taxpayer and lawmaker socialist and now we're trying to brand a democrat as being anti-religion. all part of the cultural concept that many on the right believe the only way to defeat those they disagree with on the left is challenge us on the cultural issues. many democrats are people of faith and people who have deep spiritual bonds to this country. we don't believe there is a
6:36 am
religious litmus test and churches should not be engaged in partisan politics. we all know places of worship are where people go not only get the message but also understand that the message sometimes is to get involved and it takes action in our society. >> sandra: is it fair to say based on how you just responded that your body risks turning off voters with a message like that one from beto? >> look, again, we have 19 active candidates and a few that are inactive but still running. and i do believe that if you take a look at the vast majority of candidates and you watch the debate this past week, we know there are differences of opinion when it comes to this issue. i for one as a former chair and still a current member of the dnc believe that people of faith have a home in the democratic party. >> sandra: we know the message for the democratic party is push to impeach this president and as that happens, the rnc is raising record numbers.
6:37 am
here is for september 2019, $27 million total receipts for the year $168 million. cash on hand over $59 million. does that worry you, donna? >> of course it worries me. i'm a democrat, american. i want to have a competitive race and you see the money that's being raised. the president when you control the white house, and you have basically no opposition, no viable opposition, the rnc is focused on one thing. preserving the white house and trying to keep the senate. so democrats got to step up, progressives need to step up and we need to not just raise money for our candidates and favorite causes, but we also need to make sure that the dnc is able during this period of time when we're in the primary to be competitive on the ground across the country. let me just remind voters november 5th is election day and states like louisiana, mississippi, kentucky, new
6:38 am
jersey and virginia. so we have a lot at stake in 2020. but we have to remember we have elections coming up in just a few weeks. >> sandra: elizabeth warren owning the new frontrunner status as joe biden's fundraising numbers seem to be troubling his campaign. the latest. $15 million total receipts there cash on hand, $9 million. joe biden's presidential bid not raising enough money to cover the cost of his day-to-day campaign an article in "time" magazine this morning. are you concerned about joe biden and the future of his campaign? >> i remember when i was the deputy campaign manager for al gore in 1999. we had a burn rate. we were not moving as fast. and al gore put me in charge and i had to do two things, move the campaign to tennessee, and to reduce the kind of overhead the burn rate. so i think the biden campaign needs to be concerned, needs to put the -- get the burn rate down. get rid of any of those
6:39 am
top-level consultants and put the money where it needs to be that's in the first four early states. so there is still time but there needs to be concern about the burn rate. >> sandra: i have to leave it there. i ask you this every time i have you on, who -- which of your candidates has the best shot at beating the president? >> well, if you look at the polls, several of them even in the state of texas. right now i'm not concerned who can beat donald trump. i'm concerned about electing a democrat that can lead the democratic party and lead the united states of america. this is that moment we need to think bigger than just our political parties. >> sandra: donna brazile. >> go tigers my fellow lsu alumni. thank you, sister. >> sandra: they play mississippi state. >> bill: another sentencing today as the fallout from the college admissions scandal continue. molly line. who is it now? >> another development as well
6:40 am
in this case. considerable developments ongoing. two other defendants both inching closer to trial that now have agreed to plead guilty in the college admission scandal. a little more information on that in a moment. first as you mentioned there is one of the defendants, another father in this case, slated to be sentenced here in the courthouse in just a little while. ceo of a los angeles based real estate firm learns his fate today. prosecutors recommending eight months in prison for him. admitted role in the college admission scandal. prosecutors say this wealthy real estate developer paid $75,000 to inflate his daughter's act score. the daughter of another set of defendants took the exam at the same time. court documents reveals the daughters took the exam as a group and to minimize the
6:41 am
chance the act would suspect cheating they were instructed to answer different questions incorrectly so their answers were not too similar. the test center in houston was controlled by the mastermind of the scheme rick singer who is cooperating with the government ahead of the sentencing. while prosecutors argues led his actions -- they say the father did not intentionally involve his daughter in the cheating and ridel did so without his knowledge. the lead attorney representing the defendant in this case is william wine rep. he was in the boston bomber and acting united states attorney in boston. he has been sitting in on a lot of the hearings in this -- related to this case and interesting to see what his arguments are today in court. the other development we're talking about. one of the parents inching closer to trial decided to
6:42 am
plead guilty. the former ceo of a large investment management company as well as another defendant will plead guilty. his hearing also set for monday at 2:00 p.m. the other in the morning. a lot of developments. >> bill: big lineup. molly line in boston for that. >> sandra: houston astros are in the drivers seat beating the yankees 8-3 taking a 3-1 lead. the crowd giving yankee pitcher sabathia a standing ovation when he was relieved in the eighth inning. the 39-year-old covering his face after what was probably the last pitch of his career. there he goes. >> bill: yankees are up against the wall. a lot of folks in this town are not happy about it. 3-1. astros could close them out later tonight. justin verlander on the mound. president trump slamming house democrats. reaction with congressman who has been in the room for a lot of these depositions, john ratcliffe is on deck. his take on where this thing is going coming up next.
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>> bill: did his comments make things better or worse yesterday? >> i think he was straight up with what he said. there was no quid pro quo in the sense of what those folks out there would like for it to be that we'll give you this money unless you go investigate joe biden and his son. i never heard that said anywhere any time in any conversation. >> bill: that's rick perry the outgoing energy secretary a short time ago on our program defending mick mulvaney chief of staff from yesterday. john ratcliffe serves on judiciary and intelligence committees. you've been inside a lot of these interviews behind closed doors. you can't talk about it as well. explain legally how secretary perry can make the case there is no quid pro quo based on what we think we know. >> he is right and mick mulvaney was right. we withhold foreign aid to
6:47 am
influence policy decisions all the time. u.s. has always done that and should do it. remember what the quid pro quo is using something to influence behavior. it is supposedly military aid. what is undisputed at this point no one in the ukraine was aware there was any discussion that military aid might be withheld for any reason at the time of the trump/zelensky call. that makes a quid pro quo impossible. so adam schiff can trot in all of the ambassadors, one after another that you and i have never heard of before. unless he brings someone forward that says that they were told specifically that military aid would be withheld unless the ukrainians investigated hunter biden, this is just yet another baseless investigation into the president. >> bill: no one in ukraine was aware of that. not zelensky at the highest level, no one? >> zelensky has said that himself. again, unless adam schiff can bring in someone from the
6:48 am
ukraine government who says we were told we wouldn't get military aid unless we investigated hunter biden it is another baseless investigation into the president for political reasons. >> bill: mulvaney came out with a statement later in the afternoon as i said let me be clear there was no quid pro quo between ukraine and military aid and any investigation. >> bill: legally impossible is that what you said? >> absolutely. there is absolutely no testimony at this point that military aid was something that the ukrainians felt was being withheld to influence their decision. the president of the ukraine said it himself. so we need to hear from the most important witnesses like adam schiff who is running this investigation to tell us how this whole baseless investigation started in the first place. his contact with a person who ultimately became a whistleblower. >> bill: mulvaney certainly has a lot of headlines in the afternoon. the statement came out later in the early evening hours.
6:49 am
we were just with mike mccaul 30 minutes ago. he would not discussion publicly what's happening. i know you've been inside for some of these interviews as well. he is adamant the story is not going anywhere. >> it's not going anywhere. >> bill: what is the story then based on what you're hearing? >> the story is that democrats are going to continue to leak snippets of testimony out of context to make it seem like something sinister or nefarious was happening without letting the american people see it for themselves and make determinations for themselves. they are conducting a secret grand jury impeachment inquiry behind closed doors so that they can try to control the narrative in a false way. this is why it needs to be transparent and open like impeachment inquiries are supposed to be, have always been. and really the democrats are doing a grave injustice to the american people by the way they're approaching this. >> bill: thank you for your time today. there was a hearing scheduled
6:50 am
today that has been canceled and moved to next week. we'll see what happens then. thank you for your time. john ratcliffe from texas. >> sandra: chaos and gunfire in the streets of northern mexico. how the arrest of a drug lord's son led to a shoot-out between cops and cartel members.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> sandra: astronauts christina koch and jessica meir are walking in space. phil keating, good morning. >> space history is underway 250 miles above us as the two female astronauts exited the airlock 12 minutes ahead of schedule and so far as expected everything is going as planned. the space walk is now two hours underway. christina koch and jessica meir are replacing a power unit. a battery charged discharge unit. it's needed for the station and its six residents to allow to new lithium-ion batteries additional power. they became astronauts at the same time in the class of 2013. koch is on her way to set the all-time record for the longest time spent living in space for a female astronaut. they aren't only colleagues but friends and recently shared their personal thoughts on what
6:55 am
this historic all-female accomplishment means. >> that is something i've done a lot of thinking and reflecting on. in the end i think it's important and i think it's important because of the historical nature of what we're doing and that in the past women haven't always been at the table. >> the failed units they're replacing had no impact on the crew's safety orion going lab experiments but important because they regulate the amount of charge put into the batteries which collect energy from the station's solar arrays during the time every 45 minutes that the station is in the dark on the dark side of the earth. the next first for women in space will be when the mission lands on the moon about oh ryan capsule. a female astronaut will leave her footprints on the moon which neil armstrong and 11
6:56 am
other men did nearly 50 years ago. >> sandra: thank you for that story this morning, phil. >> bill: new reports of fighting in northern syria. live report from the region in a moment to tell you the latest on that. president trump touting the economy in a packed rally in dallas. will he keep texas red? money man charles payne joins us coming up shortly. come on back at the top of the hour. >> president trump: the economy is booming. our people are prospering. our country is thriving and our nation is stronger than ever. last month unemployment reached its lowest level in 51 years. [cheering and applause] ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you. book direct at billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse
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7:00 am
happiness is important to us. call or go online now to get your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> sandra: fox news alert now. house minority leader kevin mccarthy set to speak to reporters this hour. he is expected to maybe step in front of a microphone in about 45 minutes and there is obviously a lot to discuss this morning including the democrats' impeachment inquiry and the cease-fire in syria. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. meanwhile a fox news alert. reports of sporadic fighting and shelling in northern syria this morning after the u.s. hammers out a temporary cease-fire with turkey. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," friday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the syria crisis sparking political fallout on the hill. senators lindsey graham, chris van hollen looking for
7:01 am
additional sanctions on turkey despite the cease-fire. mike mccaul on the sanctions here on "america's newsroom." >> we have a sanctions bill both i do in the house and the senate foreign relations committee as well that we're prepared to move forward with if this cease-fire does not work. we certainly want to give it a chance to see if this can be -- peace can be accomplished. >> bill: for the latest on the ground trey yengst has the report from there. >> good morning. fox news can confirm clashes are erupting in northern syria just hours after a cease-fire was brokered. there are also reports of civilian casualties occurring. all of this after vice president mike pence was here in ankara yesterday meeting with turkish president erdogan for more than five hours. today new images show black smoke rising from several kurdish-controlled areas just hours ago. sources on the ground told griff jenkins that 30 people
7:02 am
were wounded near a town. the five-day pause in fighting if holds would turn into a permanent agreement if the united states can convince the kurds to retreat from a safe zone that turkey is trying to create along its border. how the u.s. -- president trump pulled all u.s. troops from northern syria. the kurds were taking directions from the united states are now under the orders of a russian brigade operating in syria alongside the government of bashar al-assad. early indications are the kurds are now accepting the cease-fire. last night there was some mixed reporting but again today they've accepted the terms. president trump did comment on the situation last night at his rally. take a listen. >> president trump: i said they will have to fight a little while. sometimes you have to let them fight a little while and people find out how tough the fighting is. these guys know right up here. these guys know, right? sometimes you have to let them fight. like two kids in a lot, you have to let them fight and you
7:03 am
pull them apart. >> there are serious consequences of president trump abandoning the kurds and letting both sides fight it out as he said last night. some include high civilian casualties, suspected war crimes and giving over thousands of armed and trained forces to the russian government of vladimir putin. >> bill: trey yengst in the turkish capital. want to bring in our a-team. juan williams, hello. james freeman, assistant editor of the "wall street journal." ed henry, fox news chief correspondent. no names today. we'll save those for later. what is going on, james? >> the president certainly has some leverage. now congress encouraging him. we look at the economic damage that u.s. sanctions and tariffs did to turkey in 2018. their currency collapsed by 30%. they were plunged into recession. just recently inflation in
7:04 am
turkey has gotten down below 10%. there is a powerful economic tool here if that's what is needed. obviously so far the threat not enough to get this cease-fire to hold. >> i don't think he has a lot of leverage. the president seemed to think he had leverage with erdogan in turkey and it has blown up in the u.s.'s face. the vice president and secretary of state over there brokering a cease-fire that hasn't held. fresh reporting from fox, griff jenkins talking a source near the free syrian army saying they're attacking the kurds. this is a broken cease-fire. and i don't know how -- stephanie grisham was on "fox & friends" this morning saying our delegation was successful yesterday. within 24 hours this cease-fire has fallen apart. >> bill: difficult things. apparently one of the towns is being shelled overnight. other reports it was largely peaceful without the shelling that we have witnessed a few days prior. rick perry, i don't know if you
7:05 am
heard him last hour. here is how he characterized what the president is going through right now with regard to syria and other matters. >> the president is dealing with a great story that unfortunately i think got pushed off to the side because of all this other stuff and that is finding the way to do a cease-fire in a part of the world where multiple administrations haven't been able to address that. very unconventional way of doing diplomacy, i get that, but i think we're making some great progress there. >> bill: that's his view. >> i don't know how you can reach that conclusion by looking at the events in front of our eyes. i think he is trying to be loyal to the president and to the administration but the reality on the ground is there is fighting this morning and the reality is that our enemies -- here i'm thinking of the iranians, prior support for terrorism, now have a stronger hand in the region. the russians are clearly now dictating events on the ground.
7:06 am
they are an ultimate force and economic support for turkey. so i don't understand how anybody can say that this is new way to do a cease-fire. it sounds to me like putting on pink colored eyeglasses. >> sandra: howie kurtz takes it on this morning on in the context of impeachment and the democrats continuing. the impeachment probe and syrian situation are not related. pelosi made a point of a foreign policy disagreement would never be ground for impeachment. it's adding to things spinning out of control making alleged meltdown less important than political paralysis. >> i'm not sure. when we talk about unconventional. this is essentially what president trump as candidate trump promised in 2016 and he really marked out a difference between most of the other republicans that were competing with him in the primary to say
7:07 am
he does not want these kind of long-term engagements. he has been very clear he doesn't want to be in syria long-term trying to reform it, trying to change its regime. so this is largely consistent with what his goal has been for the long-term. i don't think it's really relevant to impeachment and whether that happens or not. i think that's going to be more or less on whether democrats can convince people this is more than a partisan exercise. i don't think syria helps them. >> i think the war footing for the president on syria i'm not sure has worked out. the letter to erdogan of threats and what not. erdogan seems to be sort of sloughing that off and not really listening. the war footing on impeachment may be working for this president. he has made adam schiff and the democrats front and center number one. joe and hunter biden front and center as well. a story in the "washington post" that broke a short time ago that george kent. one of the star witnesses also
7:08 am
said among other things not just the president and ukraine in recent times but back in 2015 there were warnings to then vice president joe biden and the obama white house about hunter biden's business dealings and how it could be problematic. that needs to be explored more. to the president's point we don't know a whole lot about what is being said behind closed doors because these impeachment proceedings have been held in secret. >> bill: you are watching this rally in texas, right? sold out indoors, 30,000 people outside. >> it's a big deal for the president. texas has been rock solid for republicans for a long time. it has looked a little softer. you have had senator john cornyn and other republicans saying it's a good idea for the president to get there. they were a little nervous. ted cruz was nervous last election cycle. john cornyn, make sure you get
7:09 am
your base out. to the president's credit he is getting the base fired up. >> bill: internal polling on democrats in swing states districts is 50/50 on impeachment. that's the calculation that nancy pelosi is likely dealing with. >> right, 50/50 is way above what it was previously. >> bill: suggesting people who live in the districts are not sure which way to go. >> my point to you is it's higher than it was a few weeks ago. what we've seen is a steady increase in support for impeachment and removal. and to the earlier argument about syria impacting impeachment, you have to remember when you see republicans abandoning president trump in that house vote to condemn his decision in syria, i think that the fear is wait a second, if republicans are willing to buck the president on foreign policy, it's possible now that you are starting to see people heading for the doors and people saying you know what? i'm willing to close my eyes and call impeachment partisan but this is too much and then
7:10 am
they start to think where else do i think, you know, i've been putting up biting my tongue with regard to the president's behavior, with regard to his rhetoric and with regard now to our foreign policy. >> sandra: mick mulvaney is pushing back at the comments he made at the briefing at the white house and put on a statement looking back at these words from yesterday. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. we were withholding money for the northern tribal countries. if you read the news reports and believe them what did mckinney say yesterday? he said he was really upset with the political influence in foreign policy. that was one of the reasons he was so upset about this. i have news for everybody. get over it. there is going to be political influence, elections have consequences. >> sandra: he makes the case, ed, the media is misconstruing that statement. he put out a statement to push back on that once again the media has decided to
7:11 am
misconstrue my comments. there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukraine military aid and the 2016 election. >> i don't know what his case is. the media is to blame for writing down what he said and fox recording on video what he said? he stood at the podium and connected the dots for democrats and said you are darn right i'm paraphrasing that we were holding up aid to ukraine because the president wanted an investigation of corruption. he suggested, didn't directly say, but suggested there was a quid pro quo. once not just the democrats, not just the media, but some republicans in the administration said i'm not sure what he is talking about. he had to clarify. the media's fault i'm not sure why the white house chief of staff is clarifying. >> bill: just one guy who would know is rick perry. he was part of what, donald trump called him one of the
7:12 am
three amigos to the ukraine policy. he said biden's name never came out. here he is one hour ago. >> there was no quid pro quo in the sense of what those folks out there would like for it to be. that we'll give you this money unless you go investigate joe biden and his son. i never heard that said anywhere any time in any conversation. >> bill: if he ever testifies, i'm not suggesting he will at some point. democrats would like it. that will be his answer. >> right. so the statement by mulvaney, the general statement this is true, we do often tie aid to specific policy changes we want or to request to address corruption in various countries. now, there is no evidence to this point but if the united states is saying to other countries we want to know before the 2016 election how the u.s. intelligence community turned surveillance tools that were intended to be for spying against an opposition political party and we want your help in
7:13 am
this investigation and want you to help attorney general barr. that seems to most people it would be a reasonable thing to say and a reasonable request. and certainly it could be tied to assistance from the united states if the foreign country is giving this. just to remind people. a lot of talk about this phone call. the favor the president asked was help figuring out what happened before the 2016 election. it was only after the ukrainian president brought up rudy giuliani that he then questions the hunter biden what i would say is an inappropriate deal. if the united states is saying to our friends we want to know what happened in the 2016 election, please help our inquiry. i think most people would agree it's a reasonable request. >> mike mccaul says it is going nowhere. would not give a lot of detail for what they're learning. that was his comment. >> i want to quickly say.
7:14 am
believe me or your lying eyes. mick mull vany, that was terrible. >> there may not be a quid pro quo but mick mulvaney the president's chief of staff messed up and made it seem like there was. they're hurting their own case. >> maybe he is trying to say that's the reality and now walking back the truth because he wants to save his acting job. >> sandra: we'll bring you back for more. thank you. battle breaking out in mexico. heavily armed cartel gunmen overpower police forcing them to release the son of drug lord el chapo. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with that. william. >> this happened the capital of the beating heart of mexico's most powerful cartel. if you're a cop or soldier in is the last city you want to
7:15 am
work. 30 national guard got el chapo's son wanted in the u.s. the cartel converged on that site as pickup trucks and trash trucks fire on the overwhelmed soldiers blocking streets with burning vehicles, a tactic used to pin down cops and prevent reinforcements. civilians lay dead in the streets while traffic goes by. the murder rate in mexico continues to set records with 90 people killed a day. the head of mexican state security said the shoot-out began when gunmen inside a house fired on the national guard patrol that captured guzman. outnumbered they were forced to let him go. >> this led to several organized criminal groups surrounding the house with a force greater than that of the patrol. likewise, other related groups carried out violent actions against citizens in different parts of the city generating a situation of panic. >> video is one of four of el chapo's sons still running the
7:16 am
cartel. he likely would have been extradited. it is one of five mexican states considered too dangerous for americans to travel. the surrender is considered a defeat for mexico's new president who campaigned an ending the drug war. it suggests that strategy is not working. back to you. >> sandra: william la jeunesse on that story for us this morning. >> bill: elizabeth warren critical of big tech and reportedly topping the field of democrats and raising money from that sector. so what does that tell us? >> sandra: president trump in dallas praising the red-hot u.s. economy and saying democrats will destroy it. we've got money man charles payne on deck. he will take both those up next. >> president trump: they're crazy. they're crazy. at stake in this fight is the survival of american democracy
7:17 am
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7:20 am
>> president trump: the economy is booming. our people are prospering, our country is thriving, and our nation is stronger than ever before. [cheering and applause]
7:21 am
but the more america achieves the more hateful and enraged these crazy democrats become. >> bill: president trump touting the numbers in texas last night at that rally. charles payne host of making money on fbn. hello, talking about the economy and record numbers out there. what are you seeing? >> if it's only about the economy it is really looking good for president trump. earlier in the week of course i think we talked about this report from moody's that three economic models. they looked at the electoral college. they went at each individual state and looked at pocketbook issues. real income, gas prices, things that people talk about really at their dining room table about their finances and they said president trump would steam roll the competition. steam roll 350 electoral votes if this election is based strictly on that.
7:22 am
>> sandra: a lot of it depends where we are a year from now. do you see an economy that sustain the type of growth we've seen? >> a great point. even when things are going great you can become a victim of your own success and something they pointed out. you can get for instance manufacturing, you can create 500,000 manufacturing jobs but if you lose a few the months before the election, people can use -- political opponents can use it against you. president trump has a lot of pressure to keep this going and it has been remarkable and phenomenal. he has to keep it going for net/net we could be up significant. you don't want to see the stock market stumble in three months before the election. everything could be different. >> sandra: he is on the way up. >> if we went up 5,000 points and gave back 300. if it happens right before at the election people remember the 300. >> bill: dallas last night with the numbers. watch this here.
7:23 am
>> president trump: african-american, hispanic american and asian-american unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels in history. think of this, median income for hispanic americans has surpassed $50,000 a year for the first time ever. >> bill: back to your point he has a pretty good record to run on as of today. >> they broke out all the wage changes this morning per demographically. asian men have seen the largest increase but hispanic men the second largest increase. people have to contemplate all these things going into the voting booth. we're reminded this year of big issues and polls and australia, right? arguably you can't really argue. people who believe in climate change say australia is the best example how it can destroy a country of the great barrier reef. overwhelmingly they thought they would vote out the conservatives.
7:24 am
when people went to the voting booth they thought we haven't had recession in 29 years versus the great barrier reef. conservatives stayed in power. >> sandra: love this piece this morning in "washington post" taking on elizabeth warren and her plans for the economy. he writes elizabeth warren tells voters economy not working for them. most voters disagree. to win in 2020 they have to win over trump's policies but not like trump. warren's nomination would turn the election into a threat to the american economy. >> she is essentially, along with sanders, talking about breaking the economy completely apart and then putting it back together in her mind in a more fair version. if you can think of it as a big lego thing she would knock all the pieces down and would rebuild it. who wants to do that? who wants to take that sort of risk? the politicians speak from these old talking points.
7:25 am
wages are up but not keeping pace with inflation. in the last year and a half they have. or people were clipping coupons. i think sometimes they just follow the same talking points that have been around since yesterday and they need to freshen it up. >> sandra: his point has been her message is this is an economy that only works for the ultrawealthy. not for ordinary americans his piece makes the point ordinary americans are feeling it. >> they are enjoying the economic benefits. if you can speak to people enough you can get them to say i should be going even better. that's the essence of politics and it has worked in the past. i don't think it will work this time around but it has been an effective political tool for centuries. >> bill: nba commissioner is adam silver. a lot of this rather revealing what they're learning now about the china fallout. here is the clip for us.
7:26 am
>> we made clear that we were being asked to fire him by the chinese government. we said there is no chance that's happening. there is no chance we'll even discipline him. >> bill: he was referring to the gm in houston. he said he won't be fired by the way. the losses have already been substantial for the nba out of china. >> china is the growth engine for american businesses, the number five market for apple but the fastest growing. the number three market for nike but it is the fastest growing. and so no one wants to anger them and it is supposedly worth $4 billion to the nba already. we know the ramifications. we don't know the economics of it but we know they've been swept. >> bill: he suggested that he spoke out of turn. did you hear that comment? >> yeah. listen, i don't think he spoke
7:27 am
out of turn. i think they were deathly afraid of china because of all of the big wiggs, a lot of team owners who did speak out. some of these nba players since then seem to take china's side and protecting their own wallets and pocket books rather than the american system of justice and honesty before making money. they put greed, their own personal greed ahead of what we are as americans. and so you can try to walk it back. listen, i think he has done a pretty good job since then but it is the kind of thing we've entered into with china, the business relationship we have with them a lot of businesses will have to reconsider. >> sandra: thanks a lot. >> bill: the white house pushing back on suggestions president trump is looking to personally profit from the presidency. this from yesterday. >> how is this not a violation?
7:28 am
is the president going to profit from this? i think the president has pretty much made it very clear since he has got here that he doesn't profit from being here. >> there is the defense with the plans to hold the g-7 next year at a trump resort. >> sandra: a new poll finding the number of americans who describe themselves as christian has taken a steep drop over the past decade. what is behind that shift? and what it says about our country. hi i'm joan lunden.
7:29 am
7:30 am
today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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7:32 am
>> i was skeptical. i was aware of the political sort of criticism that we would come under for doing it at doral and why i was so surprised when the advance team called back and said it was the perfect physical location to do this. >> bill: white house defending the decision to host next year's g-7 at doral in miami owned by the trump company.
7:33 am
juan williams, look at him on the a-team. there he is. here is ed henry. is this an issue or is this the president poking the bear again? >> he is poking the bear. >> he knows democrats are going to jump all over this. they knew beforehand he was a businessman. he put all that on the table. i think the "washington post" did a story the local mayor didn't know about that. we ran all the traps and did everything. the local mayor is saying i didn't know it was going on. >> bill: are you writing about this in the journal? >> i don't plan to. [laughter] it may be trolling the media here. i'm not sure. mulvaney said it would be at cost to the taxpayer. so if the u.s. government is paying below market to bring the g-7 crew to doral it seems like it might be an okay deal.
7:34 am
mr. trump gets a nice advertisement for his property which i'm told -- i'm not a golfer but pretty good. what the president says each country will have their own villa. >> how wonderful >> bill: how do you beat that? >> a clause says the president should not be benefiting from federal dollars like this. what we see here is some of the ethics people in washington saying this morning basically the president is making the federal government into a subsidiary of the trump company and that he is using them as a p.r. and marketing firm. when mulvaney was asked about the trump brand yesterday he said the president doesn't need any help with the trump brand. that's an argument. the real argument is doral has had failing finances over the last few years and here is president trump raising it up and saying hey, this is the place to go, foreign leaders come here. you can have your picture taken. >> sandra: let me tell you how
7:35 am
mulvaney addressed that. >> how are we normalizing behavior on the president. any other president it would be a scandal. this week is like a pimple. this is just reality. >> sandra: he rejected all those comments when he was speaking, mulvaney. insisting the president will not profit from this. he said that it would be dramatically cheaper to host the event because the facility had agreed to host the g-7 at cost james. does that change things? >> if that's true then the subsidy is going from trump to the taxpayer. now, as far as the marketing benefit of doral, there is some down side here. if these g-7 guys show up and they like it and say this is the best ever, it's fantastic and many people tell me it is the greatest, then it's a win for the president. what if they say it's a dump and i won't stay there again? >> bill: they probably won't
7:36 am
say that. >> probably not. >> bill: here is jerry nadler. exploiting his office and making government decisions for his personal financial gain. do we have it? the clause is a constitution exists to prevent this kind of corruption. stephanie grisham was on "fox & friends" today and asked about that very quote and said this. >> the trump brand is known everywhere. i do want to say this. we had members of our military office, secret service, advance teams, we had several people, the state department go out to 10 different states and look at 12 different sites. doral was one of those sites. all of them came back and made the recommendations to the president that doral is the perfect place to hold such a summit. >> bill: there you go, ed. it was perfect. >> baked in the cake they knew the president had these properties when he became president. everyone has known that. like the trump hotel in d.c. and so there will be a lot of noise about it but as one suggested i suspect we'll move
7:37 am
on. >> sandra: we will move on to this latest pew poll on the dropping number of americans who claim to be christian in this country. americans who identify as christians. 77% in 2009. the number dropped to 65% according to pew research. the number of americans who identify as religiously unaffiliated has grown to 26% in 2019. the study did not cite the reason for that. but obviously there is a lot out there. >> i think a couple things to consider here, sandra. one is the rise in the number of millennials, young people in the country who don't have that religious tradition behind them. i was particularly taken by looking at democrats for example. you have 30% of white democrats now regular churchgoers but if you look at minorities, the blacks, latinos, it is in the 60%. even among latinos, the fastest
7:38 am
growing minority in the country a drop in the number who self-identify as catholic. that's a huge change. latinos are a catholic population historically. what you see is young people who are unaffiliated and you start to think about the important role that church, religion plays in our lives a synagogue or months being, a sense of community. i think they get their sense of community other places. >> bill: they used to get it like in schools and critics would say you take god out of the classroom and this is what you'll see. doubling of atheists to consider themselves to be agnostic in america. >> whether people have religion or no religion they would appreciate the value of religious liberty. it's under attack in america. little sisters of the poor was forced or last administration attempted to force them to violate their beliefs and fighting with overly aggressive
7:39 am
state attorneys general. i would hope that whether people have religion or not they would appreciate that this country created by very religious people has been a wonderful place for non-religious people to live. that tolerance and that religious liberty athink can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their belief. >> it has also dropped among republicans, not just democrats. >> 72% democrats described themselves as christian. that has fallen nearly 20 points over 10 years to 55%. >> remarkable change in america. i wrote about jackie robinson facing god and the man who signed him used to ask the brooklyn dodger players when they came in do you go to church on sunday? why are you asking me that? he said if you're a teacher, truck driver, baseball player, if you go to religious services every weekend i think you will have a quiet confidence about you. you will be somebody who is
7:40 am
strong. i think that's what people are missing now, muslim, hindu, christian. we're a melting pot. believe whatever you want to believe but i think you ought to believe in something. >> the politization of religion in america is also very real. white evangelicals line up with trump. that signals to a lot of people this is not about religious faith and principle and following the present september of jesus christ in my case as a christian but about oh, this is my identity in politics. and you see really given a lot of the -- >> sandra: you are blaming the president for leaving the church? >> let me say when you have people like -- i know him well robert jeffries in dallas or when you think back to some of the evangelical preachers who make it out to be it doesn't matter as long as abortion is not allowed, that's it. people say wait a minute that's not religion. if that's your religion i have other things to do.
7:41 am
>> sandra: religious affiliation which is what the study dug into and religious attendance. the person who led the research said that while religious affiliation is on the decline the rates of religious attendance are declining as well. we all see that. >> bill: he had an example he wanted to share with other people and raised a certain way and he had the guts to share that with other people. >> right. >> bill: you are suggesting that some leaders in the world today don't have the same -- >> in the public square people are not encouraged to talk about -- i'm not saying it should be forced on people. there is religious freedom and the freedom to not believe and believe what you want. but there was at one point in this country a sort of in the center of a lot of people's lives and i would argue it's not so much now. >> i also think it's very unfair to say about evangelicals who support the president that this is not coming from a sincere religious
7:42 am
belief. obviously the life issue is a deeply felt belief on both sides. and also it seems perfectly legitimate for them as believers to say we want a president who is going to appoint judges who believe in the traditional rule of law and that includes our first amendment rights. >> that's a political statement james. believe in some rule of law. that's not saying he believes in christ. >> let me finish the sentence. they want that first amendment liberty because they want the freedom to exercise their religion. >> they can exercise their religion. i'm a christian in this country. i don't feel under any assault. when you see white evangelical ministers make excuses for the president's behavior whether in terms of his personal life or in terms of the policies he makes or he doesn't even go to church. what are we to make of that? >> they're saying they perceive
7:43 am
a greater moral threat on the other side. >> bill: everything comes back to trump. thank you, ed, thank you, juan. >> see you at st. pat's on sunday. >> aren't you going to doral this weekend? >> talk to you later. >> sandra: moving on, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg in the middle of debates over the president's social media internet privacy and political speech. fascinating interview. >> do you believe there is a bias against conservatives in silicon valley? >> i don't think the services themselves -- i haven't seen a lot of data that suggests that there is a negative impact. >> sandra: dana perino's entire interview later today on the daily briefing and she will stop by at studio j to join us in a few moments. >> bill: also the convicted
7:44 am
murderer -- why her team is back in court today. >> the prosecutor engaged in misconduct that permeated all stages of the trial. this misconduct began as early as jury selection and continued as late as his closing argument. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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7:48 am
>> we were struggling and wrestling. he is a wrestler grabbing at my clothes. after i broke away from him he said -- [bleep]. >> this is an individual who was manipulative and stop at nothing and will continue to be manipulative and will lie at every turn and at every occasion that she has. >> sandra: it was a trial that captivated the nation. the 2013 case of jody arias who was convicted in the brutal murder of her ex boyfriend. the case is back in court.
7:49 am
jonna spilbor joins us now. >> well, first of all this is a long shot, guys. the crux of the issue on appeal is the prosecutors, alleged, committed such misconduct that it tainted the jury and changed their verdict. that is the threshold that the defense needs to overcome. but when you juxtapose that against the weight of the evidence. it feels so fresh as if we were watching it yesterday. 27 stab wounds, slashed his throat from ear-to-ear. shot him in the face. ran away, lied about it. took pictures of her slaughter. come on. and then tried to claim self-defense? this is going to be a long shot for the defense. >> bill: what is the misconduct on behalf of prosecutors. >> they're saying the prosecution committed pre-trial publicity, the crux of the issue. it might come as a surprise attorneys in general aren't supposed to engage in pre-trial publicity. you don't want to taint the
7:50 am
jury for anything happening outside of the courtroom. in this day and age it happens all the time. >> bill: that case was a media circus. >> it was. a lot of high-profile cases are media circuses because we have the technology. >> bill: the defendant helped drive a lot of that. >> she certainly did before, during and after. she took the stand for 18 days. i think that's unprecedented. so i don't know if she has a shot at a new trial here but they are giving it a try. >> bill: why is she entitled to that all these years later? >> anybody -- she will do life without the possibility of parole. of course she will look to get a new trial to get a lesser sentence for not guilty verdict, which that would never happen. >> bill: you don't think it's going anywhere? >> no, but it is her right and we'll see where it goes. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: days before trial on opioid set to begin the drug
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> sandra: president trump holding a big rally making a play for texas in the 2020 race. 20,000 plus crowding that arena as the president lashed out at house speaker nancy pelosi and other democrats over the impeachment inquiry. take a listen.
7:55 am
>> president trump: the more america achieves, the more hateful and enraged these crazy democrats become. crazy, they're crazy. they continue the outrageous impeachment witch hunt. with nothing. with nothing. they come after me, but what they're really doing is they're coming after the republican party and what they are really, really doing is they are coming after and fighting you and we never lose. just look at the terrible foreign corruption of the bidens. i hate to talk about them. you know why? i don't think the guy has a chance. sleepy joe, i don't think he has a chance. the only message these radicals -- they are radical leftese will understand is a crushing defeat on november 3, 2020.
7:56 am
save that date. >> sandra: what a crowd last night for the president. dueling rallies, right? you had the former texas congressman beto o'rourke. >> bill: he had 30,000 people outside the rally in dallas. breaking news on two fronts. the fighting continuing in syria despite a reported cease-fire. also some damage control from the white house. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney contradicting president trump's claim of no quid pro quo. analysis in a moment. reaction from chris wallace and ken starr and republican dan crenshaw. they're on deck. come on back on a friday morning at the top of the hour. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification,
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>> sandra: fox news alert hours after a cease-fire was brokered by the u.s. and turkey there is new fighting in northern syria. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you. video showing gunfire and shelling in one northern syrian city targeted by the turkish military after vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo brokered a five-day cease-fire with president erdogan. michael mccaul, the republican from texas a bit earlier today. >> i know there were some skirmishs this morning in turkey. we have -- on the border of turkey and syria. we have sanctions bill both i
8:01 am
do in the house and in the senate foreign relations committee as well that we are prepared to move forward with if the cease-fire does not work. we certainly want to give it a chance. >> sandra: fox news team coverage for you this morning chris wallace is here. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon for us and we begin with ellison barber on capitol hill this morning. >> the senate says they're moving ahead with their bill. no specific time frame just yet. senator chris von hollen called the deal a second betrayal of syrian kurds by vice president pence. >> senator lindsey graham and i have spoken and we intend to proceed full bore with our legislation of the sanctions. we hope the sanctions don't take place but it will require turkey to stop slaughtering the syrian kurds not just for 120 hours but permanently. stop them from aiding and abetting isis, and requiring them and their proxies to
8:02 am
return to where they were before they began this attack. >> the democratic senator from maryland and republican from south carolina. it would target turkish officials in cooperation with turkey over turkey's purchase of a russian missile defense system. the cease-fire is not holding this morning. the ranking member said he wants to give it a chance. >> we have a sanctions bill both i do in the house and in the senate foreign relations committee as well that we're prepared to move forward with if the cease-fire does not work. we certainly want to give it a chance to see if peace can be accomplished. >> yesterday senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he wants to see a stronger bill than the one passed in the house. sandra. >> bill: let's get straight to
8:03 am
the pentagon on the latest from jennifer griffin working that beat again today. what's latest? >> one of the key problems with the so-called cease-fire announced by the vice president yesterday is the agreement does not state when the fire-day fighting begins. no one knows according to u.s. officials i've spoken to. my colleague griff jenkins just received and exclusive interview with a non-governmental aide group in syria and he says that the fighting has not stopped near ras al-ayn, that's in the buffer zone. and that turkish artillery and turkish fighters from the free syrian army are still firing artillery. 30 kurdish civilians have been injured in that fighting. we're trying to ingest that interview right now. kurdish fighters meanwhile and their families are trapped inside a city near ras al-ayn.
8:04 am
for the most part the turkish army is holding its fire but the free syrian army, turkish-backed forces that the turks use as proxy fighters, they are still shelling that town and blocking humanitarian aide efforts. in fact, dave told griff jenkins that five ambulances were hit in the shelling. russian-backed forces haven't moved back from their positions in the buffer zone. i'm told appear to be hardening those positions. senior u.s. military sources when i asked their assessment of the pause in fighting told me the kurdish leader of the fdf says he will pull back. it is a tactical withdrawal. kurds haven't given up their aspirations. the senior military source tells me the turks get what they want, a reference to a buffer zone, at some point there will be more violence. signs already of what some call ethnic cleansing according to a
8:05 am
military source. >> military source tells me that cease-fire is always a good thing but added strategically not sure if it's a good thing for the united states. turkish leader president erdogan is meeting with vladimir putin in a couple day's time and the u.s. military says the evacuation of u.s. troops from syria remains a high-risk mission. >> bill: jennifer griffin from the pentagon. thank you >> sandra: let's bring in chris wallace anchor of "fox news
8:06 am
sunday". jennifer griffin's reporting there one of the big questions is when does the five-day pause begin? that we don't know as we're getting reports of continued fighting there this morning. >> yeah. look, cease-fires in syria haven't done very well. a number in the past and they've broken times in the civil war between assad forces and the rebels. seems to me the bigger question is this a cease-fire or a surrender that has been negotiated by the u.s. the reason i say that is that the buffer zone that people talk about here, i don't think most folks really fully understand. what the u.s. has negotiated with the turks is that the kurds would pull back 20 miles deep from the turkish border in syria but 280 miles wide. an enormous area that hundreds of thousands of kurds have lived in for generations. under the terms of this deal, even if the deal holds, all of those kurds would have to pull
8:07 am
back from that area. where would they go? how would they live? all of that is unstated. so that's one of the reasons that you hear that the head of the kurdish forces who are our allies in the fight against isis is talking about a retreat as a tactical maneuver but not a permanent maneuver. they don't want to move out of what has been their homeland for a long period of time. another big question. a deal between the turks and the u.s. and apparently the kurdish army agreeing to pull back for a while. you've also got the turkish-backed militia who have been conducting most of the worst atrocities involved in the fighting right now and also the ones involved in the execution of civilians in the kurdish area of northern syria. so there are an awful lot of questions about this cease-fire. is it going to hold and work? for how long will it hold? and what happens to the region when you take an area 280 miles wide, 20 miles deep and say the people living there for generations have to leave?
8:08 am
is the syrian army going to agree to that? the assad forces? their backers in iran and russia? what happens to isis? there are more questions than answers after this cease-fire has been agreed to. >> sandra: we hope to learn more in the coming hours and days and you'll have more on that this weekend. meanwhile critics are seizing on the comments from mick mulvaney at the white house to make the case that there was an admission of quid pro quo on that ukrainian phone call. we had rick perry from the administration on with us earlier on the program and we asked him about that and he said this. >> what he has done wrong in a lot of people's eyes is he won an election. for them to get us so far off track in what i consider to be a total and absolute improper use. if they are going to do this, they need to at least follow the historic rules and they're not. >> sandra: what do you make of all this since that briefing
8:09 am
yesterday, chris? >> well, you know, mick mulvaney says his remarks were misconstrued. the president -- one of his personal lawyers said we have nothing to do with mick mulvaney. it is pretty straight forward what mick mulvaney said. maybe it was a gaffe but he said that there are several things -- reasons that the u.s. and president trump held up aid to the ukrainians. one of them was they wanted an investigation not of joe biden but of ukrainian potential involvement in the 2016 election. was it ukraine that meddled in the election, not russia? and he was specifically asked by john carl of abc news what you just described what's a quid pro quo. the aid -- to release it you have to get an investigation of the actions by ukraine in 2016 in the dnc hacking and
8:10 am
mulvaney's answer was it happens all the time. you know, you can believe what mulvaney is saying now but his words >> sandra: everybody can decide. he put out a statement reacting to the criticism he received for that yesterday said let me be clear there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukraine military aid and any investigation of the 2016 election. i want to ask you about the doral resort that will now as mulvaney announced yesterday host the next g-7 summit. the white house is defending that choice this morning. >> well, you know, again i guess the president can do it. he has done it. but you do have to ask yourself why? there are plenty -- i know mulvaney said it's the had g-7 country before. they had it at williamsburg and one at camp david. had one at sea island in georgia. you have to ask yourself why would president trump decide to
8:11 am
award this. he is the one who decided to award it to his own resort. you are talking about thousands of people coming, staying, eating, whatever. there are also questions will there have to be upgrades. who pays for those? will upgrades be paid for by the american taxpayers? it is certainly a curious choice and you have to wonder about the timing at the height of the questions about syria, the height of the questions about impeachment that president trump would decide to create this new controversy. >> sandra: the white house says the president will not profit from that and they'll do it for cost. they looked at 12 potential sites and the advance team came back and recommended that. >> it turns out that june is the second slowest month at the doral resort. they have like 30% occupancy at that point. even if it's at cost it seems to me probably better to have filled rooms than empty rooms in addition to doral operating
8:12 am
income dropped 70%. you just have to wonder. >> sandra: i'm sure we'll hear more about that on your show this weekend. catch chris wallace "fox news sunday". your guest is 2020 presidential candidate pete buttigieg. chris wallace, thank you. >> bill: you're very welcome. i'll see you sunday. house democrats pushing ahead on impeachment. key republicans tell us that prifsh at interviews showed there is nothing there. >> sandra: ken starr knows all about impeachment and break down what comes next. dana perino will be here live in a few moments after her exclusive sit down with mark zuckerberg. his answer to the criticism of big technology's anti-conservative bias. >> it is a left leaning place.
8:13 am
if you the tech companies, it's 90 plus percent of them go toward democrat candidates. i understand why people would ask the question of are my ideas getting a fair shake? by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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8:17 am
that's why we held up the money. >> you just described a quid pro quo. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. holding up aid to foreign tribal countries to change their policies on immigration. >> sandra: mick mulvaney clarifying those remarks from yesterday after he was called out for admitting a quid pro quo when it comes to ukraine and military aid. joining us now a independent counsel and fox news contributor ken starr. you have had a chance to take it all in after it happened less than 24 hours ago. so did he admit to a quid pro quo in that news conference yesterday? >> pretty close to it. but then he walked it back and so remember this is the give and take of a press conference, sandra. i think there needed to be greater discipline in the message if i may say so. the real action continues to be on capitol hill. i think it will blow over pretty quickly. mick mulvaney may find himself
8:18 am
under oath instead of the give and take with the press he will now have to say precisely what happened. self-discipline. the stakes are extremely high. the impeachment train is on the tracks and it is rolling toward the station. everyone needs to be very watchful and careful and guarded. >> sandra: john ratcliffe spent time with the president yesterday and came on with us this morning and reacted to all of that. here is john ratcliffe. >> using something to influence behavior. the quid pro quo is supposedly military aid. what is indisputed at this point no one in the ukraine was aware that military aid might be withheld for any reason at the time of the trump/zelensky call. it makes a quid pro quo impossible. >> that money was not nentioned on that phone call where we've seen the transcript. >> wouldn't it have been better for mick mulvaney to have said exactly that. get your message right.
8:19 am
my interpretation of what mick mulvaney, a smart, able guy, was talking about the way we conduct foreign policy in every administration conducts foreign policy. he created this issue. sandra, i think the key in terms of impeachment is not what mulvaney says in a press conference. it is what is happening in the house of representatives. may i say this, it is time for americans to have a new mantra, regular order. not give me liberty or give me death but regular order. let's have the house proceed not in secrecy. secrecy is completely inconsistent with american values. those precious rights to establish justice which is what the present preamble. we don't have regular order. i don't hear enough cries for let's have transparency. >> sandra: he said there was no
8:20 am
quid pro quo, rick perry. >> there was no quid pro quo that we'll give you this money unless you go investigate joe biden and his son. i never heard that said anywhere, any time in any conversation. >> sandra: perhaps that speaks to your point, ken. >> right. rick perry is as honest as the day is long. and so he knew. he was part of the inner circle, right? the president said hey, i made the phone call because of secretary perry and so forth. we're going to have all of this noise and i this i the broader point is this is an impeachment process that has been in search of a rationale, right? the mueller report, russian collusion, the and now the doral country club. it's poor judgment, of course, why would you of all places in the united states choose that?
8:21 am
so again, the president follows his own instincts. i know it was recommended or so we're being told but i do say if i were advising the president, i'm not, to don't do this. another self-inflicted wound. the key thing is let's keep our eyes on the senate. the house is involved in irregular order. it is going about it in the wrong way. it has the raw power to do it. it is anti-constitutional as it is said. keep our eyes on the senate. is there an expression of concern on the part of the senate? thus far there doesn't seem to be. >> sandra: ken starr, appreciate you coming back on the program. great to see you this morning. >> bill: new fighting breaking out in syria hours after the vice president brokered a cease-fire. what's the next step? dan crenshaw will weigh in on that next. >> when president erdogan made it clear he was going to
8:22 am
invade, the president acted decisively to pull our military out of harm's way. the delegation was successful in a cease-fire. but that takes time.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> bill: back in court california real estate developer robert flaxman will he will be sentenced for his role in the college admission scandal. molly lines live outside the federal courthouse in boston. good morning. >> good morning. word from inside the sentencing hearing is getting underway. prosecutors recommending eight months for robert flaxman for his admitted role in the college admission scandal. he spent $75,000 in a bribe to
8:26 am
facilitate cheating on his daughter's act exam pleading guilty to one plea. his daughter and others took the exam at the same time and court documents reveal the daughters took the exam as a group with the corrupt proctor helping them answer questions. to minimize the chance is act would suspect cheating they were instructed to answer different questions incorrectly so their answers weren't too similar. those co-conspirators whose daughters were also there. the u.s. attorney office says manuel will change his not guilty plea to plead guilty. he faces an additional charge to money laundering. no word on what elizabeth has planned if she will or will not be changing her plea.
8:27 am
on monday another parent inching closer to trial, the former ceo of a big investment management company agreed to pay a total of about $500,000 to get his daughter and his son into usc as athletic recruits. back to today we're expecting to find out what happens, robert flaxman yet to learn his fate as this case goes forward. >> sandra: a last-minute scramble as a judge tries to avoid a landmark opioid trial. the multi-billion dollar settlement in the works. >> bill: also mark zuckerberg responding to demands to censor president trump's social media accounts. >> in a democracy it's important for people to see for themselves what politicians are
8:28 am
saying. political speech is some of the most scrutinized speech that's out there. that's already happening. our position on this is not an outlier. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ hey fred - it's medicare open enrollment.e. time to compare plans. we're fine with what we have. that's what the johnsons thought until they tried medicare's new plan finder. the johnsons?. we saved a lot on our prescription costs and got extra benefits. how 'bout it, fred. plans change every year. use the new plan finder at .
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8:31 am
>> bill: mark zuckerberg was in washington saying that silicon valley should not censor politicians in america. dana perino had the exclusive interview. i just want to play one clip here, okay? this was a take-off of what kamala harris had said recently about censorship. perino and zuckerberg. >> kamala harris said she thinks twitter should shut down president trump's account. do you think that's a ridiculous idea? >> my belief is that in a democracy, i don't think we want private companies censoring poll situations in the news. i generally believe as a principle people should decide what is credible and what they want to believe and who they
8:32 am
want to vote for. >> bill: did that answer surprise you in any way? >> of course he doesn't want to get political. i thought it was woerlt while. he came to washington, d.c. to georgetown university to give a big speech about freedom of expression. how we should approach it. freedom of speech he thinks is under attack and wanted the lay down a marker. this week in the debate the democrats had in ohio senator kamala harris says to elizabeth warren why didn't you support my idea to get twitter to delete president trump's twitter account. is that one of the things we're talking about? this is a senator saying the president of the united states shouldn't be allowed the freedom of expression. >> bill: for him to go against that would go against the entire message he had for washington, d.c. in the first place. he had a speech at georgetown saying we'll stand up for freedom of expression on our platform not block anybody. >> that's what i'm saying. did he think that kamala harris was wrong and he said she was.
8:33 am
the other thing is they made a decision about three weeks ago i this i is when nick, the former deputy prime minister of the u.k. and works for facebook laid out the policy when it comes to politicians facebook is not going to weigh in on what is true and not. they'll leave up the things that politicians say and not police it. that has made senator elizabeth warren and the left angry saying how can you allow ads that are on your platform that you know to be false? and their answer is that well, it should be an open forum. ads are ads. senator elizabeth warren has an ad. she doesn't do a lot of hi-tech funds raising and she uses facebook. say on an ad she says my medicare for all plan would only cost x amount and wouldn't raise middle class taxes. what if somebody from the trump campaign said it's not true. should facebook get into a debate what is true? >> bill: they'll let it all go
8:34 am
out there and let the people who use the platform decide. >> they'll get pushback. conservatives have been concerned there is bias against their posts. liberals are concerned that facebook is allowing disinformation and false ads on its platform. facebook says if we do ads at all we'll do it in a neutral way. >> bill: election interference. >> he said they're in a much better position in 2020 than in 2016. >> bill: did they change the algorithm or hired for people? >> all of the above. hired more people and put more in the security piece. it is for election security, yes. i know one of your issues of concern is about privacy. he said they have more people now working on the protection of people's data than -- and the funding for that more than that the company was worth on the day they went public. >> bill: see if that remains.
8:35 am
the effect of technology and social media on the young people in america. you asked him about that. >> at 2:00 we'll have an extended version. i'll ask tyrus about this. he is a father and i wanted to ask him since all my friends are trying to have screen fights with their children. he has a philosophy. i want you to watch at 2:00. >> bill: is there something that might surprise us? >> he is very measured and as you can see he is very thoughtful. thought through every single answer. i think what people are surprised he took a hard stand saying i want to defend freedom of speech. this is america's best export and we should protect it. >> bill: see you at 2:00. great start there with mark zuckerberg later today on "the daily briefing". >> sandra: three big drug companies are close to a $50
8:36 am
billion settlement. >> sandra, yesterday a jury was seated for that trial on monday which the judge hopes never happens. instead, the judge is setting the stage for a mega settlement between opioid manufacturers and distributors and cities, counties, native america tribes and attorneys general. a reported figure approximately $50 billion with a b. jurisdiction ended up in ohio cause of a case brought by two ohio counties but suits coming from just about every state after big names including cardinal health, mckesson, wall ceens, purdue pharma and johnson and johnson settled in ohio seeking a broad settlement to cover the multitude of lawsuits coming their way. the suits blame the drug manufacturers and distributors for the opioid crisis in the
8:37 am
u.s. seek to recover money spent on law enforcement to overdoses to addicts behaving badly and they seek money for drug treatment. that includes providing anti-addiction drugs for free. millions of documents have been piled up and millions of dollars spent on expert witnesses, six men and six women have been seated on the jury. you have lawyers in cleveland going from hotel to hotel room trying to reach this 11th hour deal that would be intended to combat the opioid crisis and keep it from going the trial. >> sandra: we'll be watching that. >> bill: hours after the u.s. brokered cease-fire new fighting breaking out in one town in northern syria. dan crenshaw is live with that in a moment here. >> sandra: president trump touting republican successes at a huge rally in dallas last night but could texas get hit by a blue wave next november? dan crenshaw will join us live next. >> president trump: remember the last election? they said these phone east --
8:38 am
they said texas is in play. we had rallies like this. thousands of people outside that couldn't get in.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> president trump: turkey will be happy, the kurds will be happy. isis will be unhappy. we'll deal with whoever we have to deal with but we'll get it done. it is a great tribute to a lot of very talented people. thank you to vice president pence and thank you to mike pompeo. >> sandra: that was president trump praising a u.s. brokered cease-fire last night at the rally in texas. now we're getting if you video of gunfire and shelling in northern syria. let's bring in texas congressman dan crenshaw who sits on the homeland security committee. he joins us now. good morning to you. with your experience do you look at what is happening here and what did happen, the decision made, announcement that was made and what we're seeing this morning, what does it tell you where it all goes
8:42 am
next? >> when america leaves we create a vacuum. we create chaos. that's what we're seeing right now. i applaud the president's efforts to create a cease-fire. we shouldn't have had to do it in the first place. we could have told turkey our ally not to send their invasion force past our troops and i think we would have listened if we made the ask of them. we have this situation that we're in now where we have to threaten them with sanctions and we should continue to do so, by the way. we're trying to negotiate the cease fires and in the last 24 hours we've seen lots of violations of that cease-fire already. and in the end it is the same bad end state for our kurdish allies who whether they are being driven out by a military force firing upon them or being driven out because we negotiated their resettlement, it's terrible for our kurdish allies. the only ones who fight isis for us. the turks haven't been good about keeping pressure on isis. we can't forget that part of
8:43 am
the equation either. >> sandra: to be clear you did not support the president's original decision to pull u.s. troops from syria. >> right. that's absolutely correct. we had a very small cost effective force there maintaining pressure on isis and maintaining some semblance of stability in the region. >> sandra: we had your colleague michael mccaul responding to what is happening there. >> erdogan is a difficult partner at times. he has bought russian s-400 military equipment in defiance of nato and russian sanctions. he is a sort of a guy wants to take turkey back to the ottoman empire. >> sandra: questions over what happened next and heard a lot from the president at that rally in texas. if i could ask you about last night. the president spending time in texas. there is concern about this blue wave coming to your state. what are you seeing and what do you do about it?
8:44 am
>> well, we keep spreading our message. we have a great economy to talk about. when people move to texas they know why they're moving to texas. we have a republican government there. we've had that for a long time and one of the most prosperous states in the country. i think people realize that when they're coming. and we're going to keep spreading that message. i'm not as worried about it but we do have work to do. >> sandra: a list of the retiring texas congressmen that has resulted in the talk of a blue wave. the president was talking about the economy and he took a lot of time to take on democrats for their continued push for impeachment of his presidency. so what does the message need to be to continue to hold texas and lead to a republican victory in 2020? >> democrats are doing a good job helping us define their message very well. their only concern is investigation and impeachment they're not concerned about
8:45 am
things that matter to the american people. whether our government is running smoothly and efficiently. washington is mired in impeachment inquiries instead of asking american people what they might want and what the government should be doing to make our country more successful. i think there will be a stark contrast in 2020. >> sandra: if i can go back to what is happening in syria, and a new tweet from the president. i'll read it to you. he just wrote just spoke to president erdogan of turkey. he told me there was minor sniper and mortar fire that was quickly eliminated. he very much wants the cease-fire or pause to work. likewise the kurds want it and the ultimate solution to happen. too bad there wasn't -- is there a second part of that tweet? there wasn't this thinking years ago. instead it was always held together with weak band-aids in
8:46 am
an artificial manner. there is goodwill on both sides and a really good chance for success. the u.s. has secured the oil and isis fighters. are double secured by kurds and turkey. i read that to you in realtime as the president is tweeting. one last one. i have just be notified that some european nations are now willing for the first time to take the isis fighters that came from their nations. this is good news but should have been done after we captured them. anyway, big progress being made. your response to what we're hearing from the president just now, congressman? >> i would have to look into all of those many, many different aspects of what was just said in that tweet. >> sandra: how about the first one where he references the cease-fire or pause to work? what is some of the wording he is using here telling you about what's happening >> we should always try to make the cease-fire work. i'm not against trying to make the cease-fire work. i point out we didn't have to
8:47 am
be in that situation where we are chaoticly trying to move minute to minute trying to solve this problem which we shouldn't have had to do. we could have come at this with a little bit more careful thought and strategy. instead of rapidly pulling our troops out and allowing the chaos to ensue. now i'll support the administration in trying to correct course, of course. let's be objective and pragmatic about this. if we can get europeans allies to take in isis fighter that sounds wonderful. no criticism there. the reality is the strength of our hand has been diminished as soon as we pulled out and we let other forces take on our bases. instead of doing it in a controlled strategic manner. that's my only criticism on this. >> sandra: great to get you on the program this morning and get your response to all of that happening in realtime. congressman, thank you. >> bill: realtime indeed. melissa and kennedy
8:48 am
"outnumbered" coming your way shortly. what are you working on? >> there is a new bombshell in the ukraine controversy. state department official testifying in congress that he raised concerns back in 2015 about joe biden's son's role in the ukrainian energy company and biden's office blew him off. >> that's not good. the former republican governor of arizona calling out media coverage of nancy pelosi wagging her finger at the president. jan brewer says there is a double standard. >> bill: see you 12 minutes. fans of the kansas city chief holding their breath. their quarterback went down hard. one of the best players in the league. what we're learning about his injury in a moment coming up here. here, it all starts with a simple...
8:49 am
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>> day number four, a lcs last night and houston's blasting past the yankees. the astros are now one win away from going back to the world series but the moment of the night perhaps belonged to yankee pitcher mike pitcher's thesis about up. cc's about the other. fans standing up in their seats, and his face in his glove. >> the yankees are one loss away from not being in world series for a decade. but sabathia got a standing ovation from his managers and such. his manager expressed his pleasure for getting to know cc and manage him. >> it wasn't the way i wanted to
8:53 am
see it and for him. cc, you are a hall of fame pitcher and you are the guy that i always wanted to see on the mound. one we needed to win, and it was a privilege for me to manage you for nine years. i love you, man. >> that was heartfelt. >> maybe there is some times when crying is okay in baseball. i got to work around them and cc also battled alcohol, came forward about it and revived his career. so hats off to the big guy. >> we will see if the yankees can hang in there tonight. lots of sad faces around new york today. in the nfl, there is a significant story developing. they have changed the rules to try to protect their star players, the quarterback. it hasn't happened. patrick my homes, star
8:54 am
quarterback. what went out last night, his season might be done. >> as head coach andy reid said last night, it's a freak injury that normally doesn't happen on a quarterback sneak. dislocatedd they are hoping there is no tendon damage. >> so he might be back? >> yes. andrew luck of the colts who started the season retired. ben roethlisberger, nick folds and sam donald. the jets also missed a few weeks. >> the point to be made here is they are trying to protect these guys and they haven't been able to. >> it's tackle football. like they used to say, there is no safe cigarette. let's tackle football and there's nothing you can do to
8:55 am
protect. fewer injuries and practice in the exhibition and again, it's tackle football. >> that's a pretty good line. cigarette? >> no thanks. and don't ask me for vaped either. >> thanks. sandra. >> that cease-fire is supposed to happen within the hour. president trump he us as he has spoken to erdogan about that. so where did things go from there? we will have a live report at the house. if you're on medicare, remember,
8:56 am
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beco after securing support from the european union, prime minister boris johnson working to get his brexit deal passed in parliament. benjamin hall is live in london with more on all that. hey, benjamin. >> tomorrow feels like the last hurdle in getting the brexit deal. boris johnson has 24 hours to try to persuade a parliament that this is the right deal and, remember theresa may failed three times to get her deal
8:59 am
through losing her premiership over that. boris yeltsin flew back last night to cajole those sitting on the fence. he needs 32 independents to cross and vote with him. tomorrow will be the first time that parliament has convened on a saturday since it was one in 1982. it's a historic moment and they think that the vote will come down to as little as five seats one way or the other. we find out tomorrow. >> new addition to the "america's newsroom" operator, are a talented operator yanni and his wife welcoming their beautiful baby nikko into the yesterday. baby and mom both doing well. and it yanni is okay. >> congratulations.
9:00 am
two baby boys now. yanni is the absolute best and a professional to the core so congratulations and enjoy your time. >> congratulations and have a wonderful weekend, everyone. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, a state department official telling congressional investigators that he raised concerns about the hunter bidens is in his dealings in the ukraine back in 2015 and that a member of then vice presidents bidens staff "blew him off." secretary of state george kemp testified tuesday that he was concerned that hunter bidens role in the company could complicate u.s. diplomatic efforts with ukrainian officials, and raise the issue of a possible conflict of interest. but he says bidens office told him that the vice president didn't have the capacity to deal with the issue because his other son, beau, was battling cancer.


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