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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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also when i couldn't find halloween picture when i was 10 or 11 wednesday. black cat. drop the mike. >> jesse: i didn't know addams had two d's in it. back monday. >> bret: good evening welcome to washington. we begin with the democrats last cycle maybe a charge that has ignited a war of words with a current democratic candidate in 2020. a conspiracy theory put into words and now starting a fierce back and forth that had been brewing. hillary clinton says russia is grooming a candidate to run as a third party candidate in next year's presidential election. and while she is not directly saying who that is, it appears to be a direct shot at hawaii democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard the military combat veteran is firing back tonight in a very big way. correspondent peter doocy has details at this hour.
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good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. hillary clinton is very confidently making unproven claims of insider information about russian interference in 2020 as though she just talked to somebody who is standing around the water cooler at the kremlin. they are also going to do third party again. i'm not making any predictions. but i think they have their eye on somebody who is currently in the democratic primary and they are grooming her to be the third party candidate. she is a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. and that's assuming jill stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a russian asset. >> the obama era u.n. ambassador 2016 election was won by 78,000 votes spread among three states absent third party candidates hillary clinton would have won and donald trump would not be now harming americans
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and our friends and aiding autocrats. if tulsi gabbard runs, it would be a huge windfall for trump, assad, putin and xi. and to add blood between gabbard and clinton may date back to the 2016 cycle when gabbard resigned as one of the vice chairs of the dnc to endorse bernie sanders. gabbard has a very sharp response on twitter. she wrote this great, thank you, hillary clinton, you, the queen of warmongers embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the democratic party for so long have finally come out from behind the curtain, from the day i announced my candidacy there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. we wondered who was behind it and why. now we know it was always you. through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat i pose, it's now clear that this primary is between you and me. don't cowardly hide behind your proxies, join the race
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directly. and there is one more thing there clinton's claims gabbard is being groomed to be a third party spoiler. gabbard already said in august that she would not run as a third party. and we are going to hear from her in about 25 minutes in iowa. >> bret: we will take it live when if that happens. no word from jill stein and the accusation that she is a russian both as well. >> right. >> all she said is now that she wants it a debate with hillary clinton. a debate that she did not get to her liking in 2016 and she blames the dnc. >> >> bret: all right, peter. we will follow this. it is hillary clinton friday. learning new information about who is being blamed for the hillary clinton email scandal. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details on that tonight. good evening, catherine. >> thank you, bret. late today the state department delivered 9 page report to republican senator chuck grassley confirmings its investigation into the mislanding ling of classified information on hillary clinton's personal email server for government business was complete. the state department review found that 38 people were
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responsible for 91 security violations. and protocols for safeguarding classified materials were violated another 497 times. the state department found then secretary of state clinton's use of a personal server increased the risk of security compromises. but found no persuasive evidence classified information was deliberately mishandled. a source familiar with review told fox news that it's not clear individuals were administratively punished because with the passage of four years many of the employeeees were no longer working for the government and out of government's reach, bret. >> bret: another story today, catherine, state department officials congressional interview seems to be catching some people off guard. >> well, bret. president trump pounced on the revelation that a diplomat warned about the hunter biden appointment four years ago. >> during his closed door deposition tuesday george said he was so concerned about hunter biden's position with the ukrainian
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company that he went to his father's office but the issue went nowhere. as the obama administration urged ukraine to avoid conflicts of interest, ken told congressional investigators that he believed hunter biden's position with the ukrainian energy firm burisma sent the wrong message. kent pentagon further saying ukrainian officials probably concluded that working through hunter biden would gain favor with then vice president joe biden his influential father. president trump called the testimony harsh. >> he excoriated the obama administration and joe biden and joe biden's son saying has tremendous problems. tremendous problems with joe biden's son and ukraine. >> through separate reporting, fox news also confirmed the former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker told congressional investigators that burisma was notorious for a history of corruption and being investigated for money laundering. asked why the ukraine energy firm would bring in hunter biden, volker said the firm was, quote: looking to spruce up its image by
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having prominently named people on its board. the biden campaign responded to the testimony donald trump unprecedently corrupt administration is melting down because of the scandal he touched off by trying to get ukraine to lie about joe biden. on joe biden's watch, the u.s. made eradicating corruption a centerpiece of our policies towards ukraine. on tuesday, hunter biden told abc news he has done nothing illegal. >> did i make a mistake? well, maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. but did i make a mistake based upon some unethical lapse? absolutely not. >> this week has been very intense in terms of these depositions. we have had more than 30 hours behind closed doors. and next week we could be looking at another five witnesses, bret. >> bret: other news. catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> bret: president trump's team is trying to deal with the fallout comments by his acting chief of staff, that are being interpreted by many up on capitol hill and elsewhere as contradicting his no quid pro quo position
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regarding ukraine. correspondent kevin corke at the white house picks up that story. >> there was no quid pro quo in the sense of what those folks out there would like for it to be. >> it was the proverbial cleanup on aisle five. the trump administration in damage control mode following comments by acting white house chief of staff mimick mulvaney at a briefing on thursday. it seemed to suggest to some that the president placed as a condition for aid ukraine's coopethe business deae bidens and 2016 election interference. >> certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation. and that is absolutely appropriate. >> which ultimately then flowed. >> aware of the firestorm the remark created, the white house quickly issued a clarification. there was never any quexdz between the funds and ukrainians doing anything with the server, mulvaney wrote. the president was asked about it today in the wrote roosevelt room. >> do you want to clarify the comments yesterday.
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>> i think he clarified it. >> still mulvaney's response created a coug co-cough any. >> the president's intent was corrupt and his chief of staff confessed it. on capitol hill, the verdict was predictably mixed. >> mick had a moment of truth and realized that was not going to be good for the president. and had to walk it back. i think it's obvious what was going on there. >> i think mick was clear in cleaning up statement there was no quid pro quo. >> jim mattis had some push back of his own to do after the president dubbed him the world's most overrated general this week. mattis responded to the flight at the alfred charity dinner in new york. >> some of you were kind during the reception and asked me if this bothered me have been rated this way. based on what donald trump said. i said of course not. i had earned my spurs on the battlefield, martin, as you pointed out and donald trump
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earned his spurs in the letter from a doctor. [laughter] >> general mattis also pointed out the president previously referred to academy award-winning actress meryl streep as being overrated which he said makes him the meryl streep of generals and that quote, sounds pretty good to me. bret? >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn. kevin, thank you. president trump says he is nominating deputy to energy secretary rick perry to replace perry in the top job at the energy department. trump tweeted friday that dan's experience in the area is unparalleled. calls him a total professional. perry's departure comes as he is under scrutiny over the role played in the president's dealings with ukraine. president trump says he has had a good discussion and conversation with his turkish counterpart over the fighting between turks and kurds in syria. the president acknowledging there have been some exchanges on the ground but insisting both sides are honoring the cease-fire at least at the moment. let's get an update on the situation now from turkey's
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capital. correspondent trey yingst is in ankara tonight. >> turkish artillery bombard kurdish positions in northern syria hours after a cease-fire was announced. shots were heard ringing and black smoke seen billowing up from the ground. [explosion] >> in between the exchange of fire, silence in towns once buffaloing wit bustling wi. reports of civilian deaths and dozens of casualties. but president trump says there is a pause in fighting. >> i just spoke to president erdogan of turkey we are doing very, very well with turkey. there is a cease-fire or a pause or whatever you want to call it there was sniper fire this morning, mortar fire this morning eliminated quickly. they are back to the full pause. >> under the current terms, the united states will have five days to facilitate the withdrawal of a
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buffer zone along turkey's border. if the trump administration that pulled all u.s. troops from northern syria earlier this month fails to do so, erdogan has pledged to resume his military operation. >> if this promises are not realized, as soon as the 120 hours are over, our operation of peace will continue more rapidly than before. >> since the operation began last week, more than 300,000 civilians have been displaced according to the syrian observatory for human rights. many syrians have been forced from their homes the last eight years and are not hopeful attempt at peace will succeed. >> we have no hope about the cease-fire. we have a lot of hope statement by president trump. they were in vein. still anding and destroying the country. >> >> when the five day pause in fighting is up. turkish president erdogan
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will hold a meeting with russian president vladimir putin. this gives you a better idea about which two countries will be calling the shots in this region moving forward. bret? >> bret: trey yingst live in ankara. thanks. this has been a nonstop week for political news. so much so tuesday's democratic presidential candidate debate seemed to get lost in the shuffle. here's fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz. howie kurtz. >> the democrats held a debate this week, three hours on cnn and that's usually a huge deal for the media. that story line vanished within hours as impeachment coverage dominated once again journalists aired no details about rudy giuliani under investigation. john bolton having called giuliani hand grenade. son land dispinted president trump told him to work with giuliani on ukraine. and things kicked into high gear when acting chief of staff mick mulvaney said the president held up military aid to ukraine while telling him he wanted that country
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to investigate any interference in the 2016 campaign. when mulvaney walked back the admission, he accused the media of deciding to misconstrue my comments to advance a biased and political witch-hunt against president trump. but his words were on tape. >> the white house fully admits to ukraine quid pro quo. then tries to take it back and blame us for getting it wrong. >> having made those disastrous remarks he is trying to unsay what he said. >> and it was for the press. nancy pelosi and her colleagues walking out of a meeting after trump called her a third rate politician. >> it was a meltdown. >> as the speaker and the president traded insults, one narrative took hold. >> trump's meltdown. democrats walking out of a meeting. after the president rails against him. >> we are looking for a fight coming. when i saw those three come out to the cameras, i thought it was like the three stooges. >> that meeting was about the violence in syria which drew heavy coverage because of republican opposition. as did trump's move to hold the g 7 at his miami golf
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club. lawyers threatened to sue cnn accusing the network of unfair, unfounded unethical and unlawful attacks. cnn called it a desperate pr stunt and such a suit would phase heavy odds if indeed it's ever filed. bret? >> bret: thanks, howie. media buzz. if you think fewer people are going to church these days? you may be right. we will look at new evidence. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates cover tonight. fox 53 in pittsburgh worshipers fatally shot last year want to rebuild and renovate that building. officials say they want to turn the facility into what they call a center for jewish life in the united states and a symbol against hatred. 11 people were killed. seven wounded during the attack last october. fox five in new york as city lawmakers vote to close the notorious rikers island jail complex. they want to replace it with four smaller jails intended to be more modern and
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humane. a live look at honolulu from khon. it looks great there. doesn't it one of the big stories there tonight. deep sea explorers scouring the world's oceans for sunken world war ii ships are focusing in on debris fields deep in the pacific in an area where one of the most decisive battles of the time took place. a research vessel is launching underwater robots miles into the abyss to look for warships from the famed battle of midway nearly halfway between the u.s. and japan. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ rld. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. can we have both? at bp, we're working every day to make energy that's cleaner and better. and we see possibilities everywhere. to make energy that's cleaner and better. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted.
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>> bret: this evening's focus on faith smaller number are attending religious services or identifying with christianity. that is the conclusion of a major new survey out tonight. religion correspondent lauren green has the numbers. >> america, a country founded on judeo-christian values is seeing a large drop in the percentage of adults who describe themselves as christians. according to a new pew research center survey conducted in the last year, 65% of adults say they are christian. that's down from 77% in 2009. while at the same time, a
3:20 pm
number of so-called nones, those with no religious affiliation agnostic or atheist 26%. up from 17% 10 years ago. the trend was displayed this week during the democratic debate when an ad ran featuring ron reagan the son of ronald reagan supporting an atheist group which targets religion in public schools and governments. it became a top google search. >> ron reagan, lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in hell. >> according to the study, the younger population is driving the trend away from religion. >> there are a lot of people raised in a faith who, when they become adults, say they have no religion. that's actually one of the number one answers we get. people say i just gradually drifted away. >> both political parties have seen a rise in the number of the religiously unaffiliated and those who rarely attend church. more so among democrats where some experts say liberal platforms or social policies may be more in line
3:21 pm
with their beliefs. one expert claimed a growing secular culture that sees organized religion and christianity, especially, as unfavorable. >> christianity itself has become almost an epitaph and negative word. >> while christianity may be shrinking in the u.s. and the west, studies show that it's growing in other parts of the world particularly in china and africa. bret? >> bret: lauren, thank you. the federal aviation administration is demanding information from boeing tonight about its awareness of problems with the flight control system on its now grounded 737 max jets. the faa wants to know why the company waited months to disclose its knowledge of troubling instant messages between two employees regarding their communications with federal regulators about this issue the planes were involved in a paver crashes that left 343 people dead. boeing helped drag the market down today. dow down 256. s&p 500 lost 12. the nasdaq fell 67. for the week the dow is off
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one fifth of a percentage point. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq gained about a half. up next, we conclude our education in america series by speaking with education secretary betsy devos. first, beyond our borders tonight. an afghan official says at least 62 people have been killed in a mosque explosion that caused a roof to collapse. 36 others were wounde wounded in that attack. no claim yet of responsibility. mexican officials say eight people were killed in gun battles surrounding what is being described as a failed operation to detain the son of convicted drug cartel boss joaquin el chapo guzman. federal security officials say those killed include one civilian, one member of the national guard. one prisoner and five attackers. and the world's first female space walking team made history high above the earth today. nassau astronauts christina cook and jessica mear were descrached to fix a broken part of the international space station power.
3:23 pm
first time in the century and a half space walking that a woman floated out without a male crew mate. an all female team today. just. so stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ experience amazing at your lexus dealer. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting plans available to anyone with medicare. many plans provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and prescription drugs. with original medicare, you're covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits, but you
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3:27 pm
being here. >> thanks so much, bret. >> bret: we have in this series all week long. in your mind what is the state of education in the u.s.? >> frankly we are in trouble. we are failing too many kids. we are not preparing them be successful as adults and in careers. and too many kids are in situations that simply aren't working for them. at the federal level we have spent over a trillion dollars in the 40 years since the department of education has existed. trying to close the achievement gap between those on the lowest end of the spectrum and those on the highest. and not only have we not closed it. one little bit, in some ways it's actually even worse. so, we have to do something different, completely different. and we have to pivot. the solution is education freedom. >> bret: school choice. something you have fought for in this administration. here is from our piece earlier this week. >> teacher's union have
3:28 pm
aggressively fought arguing taxpayer dollars would be spent in traditional public schools. >> public schools are where 90% of parents send their kids and we have to make sure they are well-funded and we have to make sure that they have the resources they need so that every child has a shot in public schools. the trump administration is not doing anything on public education. >> bret: your response to that? >> einstein's desks of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. the solution, the pivot we need to make is a dramatic one. it's really allowing for education freedom for parents and students to find the right fit, to prepare them for their futures. >> bret: one of the things you have been add voyeur case for are these freedom scholarships. $5 billion annual voluntary fund dispersed by state scholarship programs, donors eligible for a federal tax credit and families control the use of those funds. that's one of the pushes. you have said on twitter and
3:29 pm
elsewhere despite what some may try to tell you, education freedom scholarships are privately funded and do not take any money from public schools. >> we know that there are parents and students that are doing things differently in a number of states. we need more parents to be able to access those opportunities, more students to find that right fit. think of kids going to school with their backpacks and think about the funds for that child, for that child's education traveling with them in that backpack to whatever education environment they and their parents figure out is the best one for them. >> bret: on the statement that it does not take from public school funding, "the washington post" said that was three pinocchios you are giving tax credits which take 5 billion plus from the treasurely at the same time you have cut your education budget by more than $8 billion. so they are saying net, net you are taking away from public funding. >> actually, the department of education's budget has continued to go up in spite of the proposals put forward
3:30 pm
by this administration. it's not working for too many kids. two out of three eighth graders today can't read or write at their grade level. two out of three. in international results we are 24th in reading. 25th in science. and 40th in math. that's simply not acceptable. we can't be competitive as a country when we are leaving so many students behind and ill prepared for their adult life. >> bret: one of the pieces we did this week is about home schooling. take a look. >> it's one of the many ways you can choose to educate your children. >> according to the national center for educational statistics, the number of home schooled students is nearly double that of 20 years ago. 1.7 million students were home schooled in 2016. most parents say that traditional school environment drove them home followed by bullying, peer pressure, violence and drugs, control over religious education, vaccinations and less government are also important factors. >> relative to performance in english, students who are home schooled perform more
3:31 pm
poorly in math. >> bret: what about home schooling? >> home schooling is a great option for many families. and with education freedom introduced, home coolers can be supported in pursuing their right fit for their children in a new and meaningful way. >> bret: we don't hear a ton about what you are doing. unless it is some controversy that there is this corinth schools that went bankrupt, they faced a flood of investigations and lawsuits alleging fraud and basically you have been collecting former students having them pay and the judge has said that disregards my order. >> some of the servicers made mistakes. we have acknowledged the mistakes. we are fixing those. we need to ensure that students know that there are a multitude of pathways to pursue their adult futures and to pursue great careers. this administration is committed to supporting and encouraging all of those. >> bret: obviously
3:32 pm
democratic candidates are campaigning on the fact of eliminating student loans and just wiping them clean. >> their policies ar policies a. trillions of dollars. who could they think is going to pay for. these two of the three americans not going to college paying for the one out of three that do. let's look at this for what it really is. a federal takeover of higher education. >> bret: if you had your way, would you want education to be more of a prominent issue in the discussion? >> well, i think it's a really -- probably the most important issue for our future. we are not preparing students today. and we need to see education in the future being really engaging, personal, relevant, and every student, every single student able to achieve their fullest potential and american students competing at the want to pile with the rest of the world. >> bret: madam secretary, we appreciate your time. >> thanks very much, bret. >> bret: up next, the supreme court on immigration
3:33 pm
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ask your doctor about trulicity. ♪ >> bret: u.s. supreme court will hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the protection bureau. the case was brought by california based law firm. alleging the structure of that agency which was established after the 2008 financial crisis grants too much power to its director. in violation of the constitution's separation of powers. the decision on that case is expected next june. the supreme court also oea announced today it will review an immigration related appeal dealing with asylum request from a we alan can man. a federal appeals court had stopped his planned deportation which prompted the justice department to ask the high court to intervene. the justices will separately hear oral arguments next month over president trump's plan to end the so-called dreamers program. an obama era policy that
3:38 pm
gives undocumented immigrants a possible reprieve from deportation. please join me sunday night for a special look at a secret meeting of world war ii. three days at the brink features the inside details of the meeting of the big three world leaders who put in place plans to end the war. the program is based on my new book by the same name, which will be released next week. part of the challenge for fdr was getting to this super secret meeting. traveling through u bottom infested waters. here's a segment from sunday's special. >> bret: on november 12th, 1943, under a vale of secrecy, president roosevelt boarded this ship, the uss iowa from his presidential yacht at the mouth of the potomac river headed for arguably one of the most important meetings in the history of the world. he was joined by his advisor, harry hopkins and
3:39 pm
his joint chiefs of staff. ♪ ♪ >> the idea that the president of the united states would get on a ship and cross the atlantic ocean in the middle of world war ii just seemed amazing to me. i mean, you have to remember germany u-boats were everywhere in the atlantic. it wasn't just the president. he had the entire war brain trust of world war ii on one ship and it was going to cross a subinfested atlantic ocean and go all the way into the mediterranean. fdr was super sticiousz. a sailor doesn't depart on a journey on friday. they depart on saturday. they departed saturday morning just by minutes. >> bret: the uss iowa. i mean, this was really an awesome ship for world war ii, right? >> when she was launched she was called the greatest warship of the united states navy. >> the shakedown crews of the iowa, one of the many new warships added to the
3:40 pm
american fleet and an illustration of you who american sea power has grown. [explosion] >> bret: so when the mission is to take the president of the united states to tehran, that's quite something. how is it done secretly? >> sure. well, only the senior officers on board iowa knew that the president was coming on board and to conduct a top secret mission. and the crew, since they would know when the presidential potomac pulled up next to the iowa, they would have known. once he was on board, they made the announcement to the crew. and nobody was going to the port then. they were going across the south atlantic. so the word wasn't going to be leaked out. >> bret: it's a pretty unique mission to be taking this president across the sea. >> most definitely. acting as pretty much the air force one of the day is the way i like to categorize it. >> bret: let so let's go. in this is where he stayed, right? >> yes, definitely.
3:41 pm
>> bret: this is the captain quarters? >> right. now, also inside, back in the bedroom, there was a bathtub installed because of the president because of his polio condition. >> bret: they tried to make it as possible for tdr's trip? >> right. >> bret: as they sailed the waters, biggest threat came from unlikely place. ♪ >> bret: they were worried about the threats but the real incident was a friendly fire incident. >> yes. yes. so one of the escorting destroyers was william d. porter, just four months new with a brand new crew, of course, which was common to a lot of warships just coming into the war. and to entertain the president that was out in the remember van da, they swung out their massive toorpd tubes and do a simulated run as a torpedo using iowa as a target. unfortunately one of the primers that fired the toorpds was left in there and they launched a live torpedo. >> bret: a live torpedo
3:42 pm
towards the uss iowa. >> right. with the president and the joint chiefs of staff on board. >> bret: in a panic the porter broke radio silence and warned the iowa that a live torpedo was racing toward it. >> bret: the special three days at the brink premiers sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. runs again 11:00 p.m. eastern. my book comes out tuesday. next up, the panel on the hillary clinton-tulsi gabbard feud. syria fighting, the mulvaney push back. we have a lot of news. plus waiting for a live press conference from tulsi gabbard. we will see if we get it. keep it here. ♪ ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize.
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>> the "new york times" put out a article saying that i'm a russian asset. this morning a cnn commentator said on national television that i'm an asset of russia completely despicable. >> i think they have their eye on somebody currently in the democratic primary and grooming her to be the third party candidate. she is a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. and that's assuming jill stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a russian asset.
3:47 pm
>> bret: podcast with david plouffe. former candidate for the democrats saying that tell you can i gabbard a current candidate is a russian asset. tulsi gabbard firing back on twitter. she may fire back live on our show. thank you you hillary clinton the great warmongers personification of the rot that has sickened the democratic party to so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. from the day i announced my candidacy there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. we wondered who was behind it and why. now we know it was always you through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat i pose. it's now clear that this primary is between you and me. don't cowardly hide behind your proxies. join the race directly. we will start directly there with this late-breaking news. let's bring in our panel "the washington post" columnist marc thiessen, former aid to president barack obama. and mollie hemingway. senior editor at "the federalist."
3:48 pm
mark, this was a shock. we were planning to lead with something else and suddenly it just came. >> my question how did she know? did she find out from fusion gps. did christopher steele give her a secret dossier on tulsi gabbard? i mean, look, tulsi gabbard now understands how donald trump feels. he was called a russian asset. he was called a russian agent. and it wasn't true. so, you know, welcome to the party, tulsi. >> bret: if democrats were trying to squelch tulsi gabbard's effort in the primary this wouldn't be the way to do it? >> i don't think it's responsible to call a member of our military veteran a russian asset. so i don't think that's a helpful comment. and i think you are going to see a lot of democrats come out and say same. i'm kind of surprised that she made the comment and it made the podcast. but there it is. >> bret: you would have edited that out if you were david plouffe? >> i don't think he needs the attention so, yeah. >> bret: it was quite something. >> she is currently enlisted
3:49 pm
in our military and she enlisted after 9/11. this is a woman who was being called a russian asset by hillary clinton because she has foreign policy views that differ from hers. and it is very reminiscent of what happened with president trump. but it's also what happens when you don't hold people accountable for perpetrating the russia hoax. that was something invented by the hillary clinton campaign with the democratic national committee. they secretly funneled money to create that operation. it got disseminated through the media. it was weaponized by the government. no one has been held accountable for it. in fact, she is still out there repeating these same conspiracy theories with different targets. >> bret: the theory is that jill stein, the green candidate, was also paid by the russians to get in there and take votes from hillary clinton. she is now saying i would like to have a debate with hillary clinton. i didn't get that the first time in 2016. >> she still is coming up with reasons why she didn't win. >> bret: literal is. >> hillary is never like i should have gone to wisconsin. i should have gone to michigan. i should have, you know, cared about people in the middle of the country who we were ignoring.
3:50 pm
hillary has all sorts of things. it also shows how unserious they are about the russia threat. it's all a political game for them. after the mueller report came out, if they really cared about the threat from russia they would have said okay, donald trumpts to protect our democracy. instead they dropped it because, well, it's not helped impeach donald trump they are not interested. on what mollie said is john durham is doing his investigation. we still may get some responsibility, people held to account for what happened. >> bret: we should point out that congresswoman gabbard said originally or her team said 6:30. she is running a little bit late. if it does come on, we will show it to you here on fox. meantime, joanna there is still fallout from the white house chief of staff and how it is being interpreted what he said yesterday. take a listen. >> mick had a moment of truth and then realized that was not going to be good for the president and had to walk it back. >> mick mulvaney was right. look, we withhold foreign
3:51 pm
aid to influence foreign policy decisions all the time. >> whatever might have been gray and unclear before is certainly quite clear right now that the actions were related to getting. so ukraine to do some of these things. i think he clarified it. >> bret: you know, kind of clarifying what he said and then he put out a statement yesterday afternoon trying to do the same thing. >> yeah, there is a lot of clarification. i mean, if i was under impeachment inquiry, i would have message control. president trump has proven with his proactive communications that he is always keeping himself in the offensive position. yesterday, he made mic mulvaney go out and do that i don't think, you know, that was a coincidence. he said, you know, you need to go out here and deliver this really bad news that. >> bret: not only that but also say that g 7 was going to be at my place in durrell. >> that's the whole thing. and even the fact that he was using there. i was at the camp david g-8. i helped to plan it. and i remember the positive feedback we got from world
3:52 pm
leaders who got that intimate feeling at camp david, which is an extraordinary site, to throw that under the bus and say that it wasn't a good summit, when literally the u.k. duplicated that summit with lock earn the next year it was just factually inaccurate. i knew he, you know, was thrown out there without much information. but, it seems like he was put up for a very long time and said things he probably regrets. >> bret: we are going to do winners and losers. but your thoughts on this day the fallout from that but also we learned that george kent who testified on the hill said that hunter biden or they warned about hunter biden and this ukraine company 2015. >> you are seeing a lot of this with the testimony that's being provide you it's not matching up with testimony people are hoping forever. each when f. people care about give $400 million in corruption is not a high crime and misdemeanor. learning there was a whistleblower about hunter biden and that a member of the biden staff pushed back
3:53 pm
on that is not what the democrats are hoping for when they are trying to go after trump. >> bret: i don't have a lot of time. so we're going to stay positive. very quickly. we are only going to do winners. let's go winners down the row. >> my loser is you. and me. and all of us who had to watch the democratic debate instead of washington the nationals win the pennant. winner is charles. because charles krauthammer would have loved this moment. >> bret: there you go. >> so happy i only wanted to do a winner. so lovely. the carters. they have now been married for 26766 days making the longest marriage of a presidential couple just overtaking george h.w. bush and barbara bush. i have to say so many congratulations because i love a happy marriage. >> my winner is you for your new book that coming out "three days at the brink." >> bret: she is going to be back on the panel so often. >> congratulations. >> i should have made you my loser. >> bret: thank you very much. i appreciate that two week tour coming up.
3:54 pm
12 cities. so check it out. panel, thank you very much. when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ ♪ enough electricity to power over 150,000 homes. and of course, fowler. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere.
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at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. >> bret: i just never know what's happening in the break. finally tonight, "notable quotables." [gunfire] [sirens] >> today, the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease-fire in syria. > i want to bring our soldiers back home. >> is saudi arabia home? >> he was a wonderful man, a smart, gifted and i don't think we will see his likeness again. >> the "new york times" and cnn have also smeared veterans like myself for calling for an end to this regime change war. >> almost as deceptive as you showing all of the bombings taking place in syria and it turned out that the bombing that you showed on television took place in kentucky. >> he has a right to protect and that's what the whistleblower statute says
3:59 pm
it. does say anonymity. >> dural is by far and away the best physical facility for this meeting. >> if they looked at four chuck e cheeses in the cincinnati and the mount mccolin and dural. it's the perfect choice. >> get over it. some kind of alice in wonderland in the real world and fall down the rabbit hole and the president is a cheshire cat. >> he called meryl streep an overrated actress. so i guess i'm the meryl streep of generals. [laughter] >> do you think i can take him in a fight? i don't know. >> how do mine look? no hockey. >> one week in d.c. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." this weekend you want to watch "fox news sunday" for an interview with acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, chris wallace will have some pointed questions, i'm sure. check your local listings for that air time. that's it for this show, fair, balanced and unafraid. still waiting for word of that tulsi gabbard press
4:00 pm
conference from iowa. expect it to happen tonight. we will see if it does. might happen with martha. her show is next. the story starts right now. hi, martha. >> martha: we are still waiting as well for that we will cover it as soon as it happens. bret, good to see you tonight. good evening, everybody. so here's what we have got for you. the first 2020 democrat tom steyer is the one to step up. he is siding with republican calls now to end the secret impeachment hearing. he is calling on nancy pelosi and adam schiff and the others to let the american people see what is taking place behind those closed doors. ken starr is here in a moment on that plus karl rove joins me tonight and mike huckabee all here on a very busy friday night on "the story." but, first, the run away meltdown impeachment train. what is it really? it's either a big nothing or an egregious abuse of power. the former is what the two-year russia investigation turned out to be. the latter is what


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