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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> sean:>> tucker: probably notg to happen, thanks for ending the week with your we are out of time, back, 8:00 p.m. to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the impeachment hysteria. i'm jason chaffetz, sean will be back on monday with an exclusive one-on-one interview with president trump, you don't want to miss that one. for the hour, we will lay out how the pelosi-adam schiff inquiry is political suicide and completely illegitimate. as the ranking member on the house foreign affairs committee stated it's a fishing expedition that defies democracy, watch. >> we are asking historical precedent to be followed, we follow the same rules that we
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did under nixon and clinton, the minority be given subpoena power and the white house counsel be in the room. at least have a vote on the house floor. we are going for it in the most secret room in the capital and all adam schiff is doing is building a secret record in a one-sided process to move forward towards impeachment. i think it's an unfair process. >> jason: speaker pelosi is refusing to hold a vote on the so-called inquiry but let's be clear. there have already been three votes on impeachment and they all failed miserably. the first two came up during a republican-controlled congress but were resoundingly defeated in a bipartisan vote. the third took place just threea months ago during a democratic majority, that measure also failed with a whopping 137
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democrats voting against it. it's no wonder speaker pelosi is reluctant to hold a fourth vote. get this, because the house has already voted against an impeachment proceeding, the f current inquiry is totally invalid unless another formal vote is held. the sham of a so-called investigation is nothing more than an unconstitutional power grab and it needs to end. meanwhile, breaking earlier today, fox news learned in 2015, a state department official specializing in ukraine raised serious concerns about hunter biden's role with a corrupt ukrainian oil and gas giant burisma holdings that paid him millions of dollars while his father was the vice president of the united states. according to officials, his concerns were ignored by the obama administration. joining us now with reaction is new york congressman lee zeldin,
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fox news contributor charlie hurt, and the author of defending israel, harvard law school emeritus alan dershowitz. thank you for joining us tonight. i want to start with you, i served in congress with you -- as i pointed out a moment ago there have been three votes. all defeated overwhelmingly in a bipartisan way to proceed with impeachment proceedings, is this the world we want to live in where a speaker can override the will off the house was mack the people's house and move forward in anyway? you has been as outspoken as anybody about what a sham these proceedings are but where does this stand tonight? >> is a total sham and there hasn't been a vote as we all know. it's a process lacking legitimacy, credibility, and fairness. i have asked chairman schiff, what will is any of this governed by? i asked the house parliamentarian what will is any
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of this process governed by, steve scalise is the parliamentarian on the house floor and they cut off his mic. this is without precedent, without minority rights and the democrats should be providing the president the same exact rights that they would be demanding of the roles were reversed. unfortunately where wet are tody as we finish up another week where i spent the entire week with adam schiff in his bunker in a capital basement where as michael mccaul said in the clip you just played, chairman schiff is building a record in secret, leaking out information, some of that that's in the press is inaccurate and to say that president trump did not do anything that is impeachable -- we aren't within a galaxy of impeachable conduct here. it's anhi understatement to saye aren't within a galaxy of impeachable conduct. on the process and the substance, this has been an
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epic, historical embarrassing fail. >> jason: professor dershowit dershowitz, you wrote a book about this topic but as we look at the specifics of this case and what adam schiff and nancy pelosi are doing, what is your perspective? >> i think the democrats are trying to turn what is a sacred constitutional process that the framers wanted to see used only in extraordinaryor circumstances when high crimes and misdemeanors were evidently committed, they are turning it into precisely with the framers didn't want to see it turned into. a partisan political process that normalizes impeachment and that will set a terrible precedent under what i call the "shoe on the other foot" test. every time the president, the opposing party will commence impeachment proceedings, all you need is a handful of members and the majority of the house to conduct that. itere are several categories of
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conduct politically, there are political sins and they are sometimes committed, conflicts of interest. maybe what biden jr. did was a political sin, there are federal crimes like failure to register as a foreign agent, then there are impeachable offenses, high crimes and misdemeanors. before any kind of impeachment proceeding can be opened, there has to be clear and convincing evidence that an impeachable offense has occurred or that an investigation will uncover an impeachable offense. we just aren't there and it is a very dangerous precedent that will be used against my party, the democrats the next time there is a democrat president and a republican majority in the house of representatives. the framers of the constitution would be turning over in their graves if they saw the partisan use to which this was put to. the republicans did it with clinton, the democrats are doing it, both were wrong. >> jason: charlie, you have studied this, you have looked at
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it, i believe this is a massive power grab -- in the case of clinton, i thoughthi it was a little bit different than this particular case. they can't point to anything specifically but how do you see it? >> clearly in the case of bill clinton, the actually had charges that they were able to pin to him and we can debate whether or not politically that was a wise thing to do, clearlyy it was probably not a wise thing for republicans to do but at the time they felt like they didn't have a choice because they have these articles of impeachment. when you go to democrats today and you say enunciate, tell me what is it you're charging the president with. e they cannot tell you, they have no earthly idea. people respond to that by saying impeachment is not a legal issue, it's a political issue. that's kind of true, dr. dershowitz is exactly right, the founders are turning over in their grave at the idea that politicians are turning impeachment into this kind of
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routine process which is very dangerous. i want to point out, the idea that this is a political process, it cuts both ways. i guarantee you if they pursue this, this is why nancy pelosi doesn't want to do it because she's a smart lady. if democrats pursue this, they are going to pay for it in the next election and they are going to pay for it grievously. up and down the ticket because the idea of taking away the vote from the american people in the middle of an election is not going to ride well, not only for republicans and independents but sensible democrats. >> it's not a political process, that's a misunderstanding. it grows out of something hamilton said in federal 65 when he said the crimes to be impeachable are of a political nature, which means public. in the next paragraph, he said it should never be used in a partisan way.
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he was using political in aer nonpartisan governmental way. when it came to partisan, it should never be used in a partisan way. >> jason: that's what we are seeing play out today. congressman, walk us through what's going to happen next week. it has started, it has begun even though the speaker has said it is unofficial appeasement inquiry. i would argue when the house explicitly votes in this congress and 137 democrats voted against proceeding, i think there is a good legal case to be made there is an emotional case, there's a common sense case to to be made there. you have i believe george kent who is coming in testimony next nweek. >> we have three people coming in next week, we had people all throughout this past week, the next person is going to be on tuesday, bill taylor who was a deputy chief of mission in ukraine. i have a confession to make, as
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i was coming to the studio, i was flipping through the and listening to some t your competitive networks and if you were listening to those networks, you might not realize it. i was in the room for all of these depositions, you are actually being dumbed down. you had people who were guests on these other shows telling you what was happening inside of these rooms. the information is just not accurate. they are cherry picking certaini information to the point where the debate we just heard from charlie and alan about where we are and why we are here and what our founding fathers intended. we are here because of political hate. it is about an enraged liberal activist base. it is a pledge to resist and obstruct everything and anything. i'm seeing colleagues on the other side of the aisle who are enthusiastic, they are happy, smiling about ripping our country in half. it's about taking down the president, not accepting the
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results of 2016 and many of them feeling like if they don't do this, they will never get their shot because the president is going to get reelected anyway in 2020. >> jason: that's what congressman al green said, he was afraid if we don't impeach, he's going to get reelected. professor dershowitz, did the founders believe it would be done without an authorizing vote, to the ever believe it will be done o in secret or othr members of congress could not go on here witness testimony? >> the framers clearly opted for transparency, they wanted everything to be out in the open. the idea that you have secret hearings, if there is a need for confidentiality and national security, let the public know that. the public understands that. when you try to make your case in secret and don't provide the kinds of defenses that are usually available -- every civil libertarian whether you are a democrat or republican should
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demand that. nixon, back in the day when they were impeaching him, i was a little democrat but i stood up for his right not to be named as an b unindicted coconspirator ba secret grand jury where he had noo opportunity to oppose that n opportunity to go to trial and disprove it. i have been consistent from the nixon impeachment, through the clinton impeachment, now through the efforts to impeach our president. we have to pass the shoe on the other foot test. it has to be the same role for a democrat as for a republican and it has tohm be a rule that makes impeachment on extremely rare effort, only done when there is overwhelming evidence of a constitutionally impeachable offense, not something you makeo up as you go along. not something you disagree with on foreign policy. i disagree fundamentally with the president's decision to remove american troops from syria, i think it was a serious mistake but it's not an impeachable offense. that's a good reason for deciding who to vote for in the
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next election but not a good reason to try to invoke impeachment. >> jason: i want to give you the last word, where do you see this going? >> if we wind up talking about impeachment instead of the issues that democrats are supposed to be campaigning on, if we are talking about impeachment next summer during the thick of the presidential election -- it's game over. i think it's game over already because i think they're trying to do it now. the argument that we want to take away your vote by canceling the last election, that is an impossible thing to win with the voters you are trying to win over. i think democrats will lose. >> jason: thank you all very uamuch, i think part of the t equation is the opportunity costs, they aren't talking about immigration or health care, they aren't talking about the most salient issues that affect the
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voters out there. i think all three of you for joining us. coming up, hillary clinton has more email problems and you can possibly believe. catherine herridge will be here to talk about that, plus she is accusing more people of being russian assets. this time, they are liberals. pam bondi reacts to it all next, stay with us. douglas! we're running dangerously low on beans. people love your beans, doug. they love 'em. doooooooooug! you want to go sell some tacos? progressive knows small business makes big demands. doug, where do we get a replacement chili pepper bulb? so we'll design the insurance solution that fits your business. it's a very niche bulb. it's a specialty bulb.
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♪ >> jason: welcome back to this "hannity" special, the left impeachment hysteria. while the radical left focus on impeaching the president, a real political scandal is back in the spotlight. the state department hasil completed its internal investigation into former secretary of state hillary clinton's use of a private emailar server. an investigation started when i was a chairman back in 2016. our own catherine herridge has the latest. >> the state department delivered this nine page report republican assenator chuck grassley confirming the investigation into the mishandling of classified information on hillary clinton's personal email server for government business was complete. the state department review found 38 people were responsible for 91 security violations and protocols for safeguarding
10:19 pm
classified materials were violated another 491 times. the report described in investigation fraught with obstacles, from the thousands of clinton emails that had to be sifted to significant delays including a request in march of 2016 from the fbi to pause their work until the bureau's federal investigation was complete. the state department also found then secretary of state clinton's use of a personal server increased the risk of security compromises. but the state department also said they found no persuasive evidence classified information was deliberately mishandled, ad source familiar with the review told fox it's not clear that any individuals were administratively punished because with the passage of four years, many employees no longer work for the government and are out of reach. >> jason: thank you. also in clinton news, the failed 2016 presidential candidate is floating the bizarre conspiracy
10:20 pm
theory that 2016 green party nominee joel stein was a russia asset and that congresswoman, combat veteran, and presidential candidate tulsi gabbard is being groomed by russia to run as a third-party candidate in 2022 help president trump win reelection, something she said she wasn't going to do. gabbard responded to clinton tweeting "great, thank you hillary clinton. if you, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption and personification of the rocks that has a second the democratic party for so long have finally come out from behind the curtain. from th the day i announced myst candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. we wondered who was behind it and why, now we know, it was always you through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine. afraid of the threat i posed. it's now clear that this primary
10:21 pm
is between you and me. don't cowardly hide behind your proxies, join the race directly. "here with reaction is judicial watch president tom fitton, former florida attorney general pam bondi and fox news. contributor and former clinton pollster doug shown. i want to start with this state department investigation because this really gets to me. if as catherine reported, the state departmentol found 38 individuals are responsible for 91 security violations but another 497 violations were found and not one person was found culpable, not one person is responsible for any of that. nobody was fired, nobody was put in handcuffs, nobody lost their security clearance -- it was also a big accident? >> on the other hand, the report confirms people did deliberately put classified information into this unsecure system. they said it was rare but it
10:22 pm
happened and we have to remember, this wouldn't have happened but for judicial wash uncovering the clinton email system. right now there is a federal court judgee considering whether to bring her in for questioning by judicial watch attorneys about what she was doing here. secretary pompeo should take this report and its supporting documentation, send it over to the justice department becausese this is now the 99th reason for this justice department to reopen a criminal investigationw into hillary clinton's emailow usage. the last one was a sham and corrupted and now we need the attorney general of the united states bill barr to get his justice department on the ball. right now, this justice department is defending hillary clinton and a litigation we are trying to pursue to get more answers about what went on here. >> jason: thank goodness for judicial watch, we are doing
10:23 pm
everything we could in congress. it takes some years to then come up andnd say we had nearly 600 violations -- every one of those people should have lost their security clearance. attorney general pam bondi, it drives millions of people at home nuts. what is justice? how do we get to justice in this type of thing? you have t to have a security clearance and when you misapply that, you misuse it, can't you be fired? can't you go to jail? what is justice supposed to look iklike? >> not what we are seeing now. i don't think it's bill barr, i think it's the deep state from within the justice department. this woman, i would love to cross-examine her. as a prosecutor, i would give anything to questionio her. 600 emails were found to have security violations.
10:24 pm
it's crazy, they destroyed her servers in her bathroom with hammers. i cannot believe the secretary of state with the highest security clearance could ever do such a thing and she has to be held accountable. >> jason: again, i was the chairman and i was there trying to have some degree of accountability here, but this is a really bad luck. i didn't bring this up again. g people are going to watch and criticize, there goes jason chaffetz -- this is the state department finally coming up with something, but is this something the rest of america doesn't care? when you do pulling it doesn't register well? >> it doesn't register now but my position, if we are going to spend the time as we should have on the mueller investigation, why shouldn't secretary clinton be subjected to a similar level of scrutiny given this recent
10:25 pm
report and what we know jim comey did which frankly to me as both a democrat and an american was ridiculous. >> jason: at least lose your security clearance, some people still work at the state department even if they have left, they should still lose their security clearance. >> shouldn't the secretary be deposed? a-determiner >> jason: there's a lot of questions. we got to move on. hillary clinton is unglued, unhinged, not only is she saying tulsi gabbard is supposedly a russian agent, joel stein is a russian agent, donald trump is a russian agent, i've got to ask you, tom fitton, are you a russiarussian agent? >> hillary clinton took half a million dollars from a russian front company, allegations are millions of dollars were laundered into her foundation which achieved a desired result on the radium one and by her own spy ring's admission, they were working with russian
10:26 pm
intelligence to target president trump. if there's anyone working with the russians, we know who it is. >> jason: pam bondi, what is your take when you hear secretary clinton call a current democratic candidate for president a russian asset? >> perhaps she has paid foreign agents to dig up dirt on tulsi gabbard, a combat veteran. just like she tried to do to the president of the united states with her fake fusion gps dossier paid for by her campaign. i think hillary clinton still believes she is entitled to that office, that's pretty sick at this point. >> jason: i've got to tell yo you, you have hillary clinton, the former secretary of state, first lady, she was democratic nominee for president. president. she's calling out tulsi gabbard a combat veteran for being a
10:27 pm
russian asset? >> here is going on. tulsi gabbard at the dnc called out the clinton campaign for trying and i think successfully putting the weight on the scales to rig the nominating process against bernie sanders. this is payback but it's weird payback to call tulsi gabbard with no evidence at all russian assets. i disagree with tulsi gabbard but that doesn't mean you smear someone and call someone a russian agent. secretary clinton should apologize to her. >> jason: it's somebody who needs some serious help. >> the question i have is, is she running for president again? >> i think she still wants to, both of them do. >> jason: tulsi gabbard is calling her out, come out and
10:28 pm
run if you want to run. thank you for joining us on this beautiful friday night. coming up, you won't believe what the department of justice finding out about the russia investigation, plus the big report on fisa abuse could be coming up any moment. gregg jarrett and emily compagno will be here next. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu. ayou listen to advyour client's goal ofen. sending her daughter to the music school of her dreams. and you help her turn it into reality.
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♪ >> jason: welcome back to thisin
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special edition of "hannity." in the coming week, expect some massive developments out of the department of justice investigation into the investigators from the inspector general.l. the long-awaited horowitz report on fisa abuse come any time now. we have been saying that for a while but it is on the precipice of coming out. plus, the durham probe into the origins of the russia witch hunt, he's the u.s. attorney out of connecticut. his looking into the witch hunt has reportedly obtained a key piece of evidence, two pieces of evidence in the form of two blackberries used supposedly by joseph'bythe shadowy maltese prr who infinitely told the trump advisor george papadopoulos about the existence of leaked clinton emails. according to the fbi, that conversation is what sparked months long witch hunt that led nc where we are today.
10:33 pm
there was no evidence of anything that had gone out the there. tonight, there is so much more to this story. joining us now is the author of the big new book -- and if you don't have this and you want to know what is going on, you need to get the book, is that if thea definitive book on the witch hunt, chock-full of analysis, but also citations that you never seen before. also joining us fox news legal analystt gregg jarrett and also joining us right next to me here in new york, contributor emily compagno. thank you both for being here tonight. i want to go to this, you are familiar with this case is anybody out there but if it is true that the u.s. attorney now has blackberries, where we going with this?
10:34 pm
>> the spying that occurred in the trump campaign was outsourced to foreign undercover informants like stephan halbert and joseph masuda. if you read the mueller report, he would have you believe that he's a russian asset, he's not. either that is an intentional representation by mueller or he's incredible gullible or maybe even both. massoud has always been a western intelligence and he gave instructions to u.s. agents including the fbi. our own asset is feeding and disinformation to george papadopoulos on purpose to set him up as a patsy to justify an investigation of donald trump. that never was the trigger for the investigation, that was all
10:35 pm
just a misdirection. it was initiated because the fbi got their hands on this dossier that was paid for, commissioned by the hillary clinton campaign. >> jason: emily who is joining me in new york -- from a legal perspective, if law enforcement is dealing under a whole different set of rules when you are dealing overseas as opposed to within the united states but able to have that blackberry, what gyrations are they going to have to go through to be able to inspect that and be able to decipher what is going in and out of those blackberries if this report is true?hi >> even on this, we are running into issues and this is interesting. here's what viewers should know, the attorney for general flynn, she was begging the prosecution to turn it over. it's exculpatory evidence and that is why we have our faith ib the justice system's let your confidence both sides will turn over all forms off evidence. she had to file a motion for it so the judge could force them to
10:36 pm
turn it over.t that's partially why this has taken so long because at every turn, there is not that transparency and level of cooperation that we would hope. another interesting point about durham's probe as he had a broader subpoena power, he had broader personnel power than the inspector general did and that is partially why he's able to obtain a broader breadth of information and from people who no longer work for the united states which was a limiting factor for the inspector general. >> jason: mr. horowitz, the inspector general at the department of justice has been conducting the probe, he may get some outside cooperation but it's easy to set that aside. durham doesn't have any such prohibition. what emily was talking about, sidney powell who was the attorney for michael flynn has said there might be some exculpatory information, you need to provide that information to us.
10:37 pm
what else you know about this? >> it's called brady material after a famous case called brady and the supreme court has ruled, if you have any sort of exculpatory evidence, you must turn it over tofe the defense. they didn't follow the law which means the case could be dismissed against michael flynn ichiwhich was always on injusti. this is a guy who was interviewed by two fbi agents including peter strzok who walked out of the interview and said the guy isn't lying, there's no sign of deception. the fbi dropped the case. then bob mueller in order to conjure out of thin air incriminating information against donald trump decided to prosecute michael flynn, a guy who told the truth. prosecuting him for lying and the only reason flynn threw the
10:38 pm
towel in and pled guilty was because unconscionably, mueller and his team of partisans were threatening to prosecute his s son. dlynn also went broke and had to sell his house trying to defend himself. this is the kind of thing that should never happen in american justice. >> jason: final thoughts here on the classification issues which seem to be the one thing that is hindering horwitz from seeing the light of day, there's so much classified information. >> and interagency fighting. the ties of joseph mifsud to western intelligence was an omission in the mueller report. the devil is in the details and the detail did not make it into thatta report. >> jason: there'sas so much more to come on this, we are going to be talking about it next week.en coming up, lawrence joe's has an exclusive report from president trump's rally in dallas. then mcdowell weighs in on the
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>> welcome back to this special editi >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," the left impeachment hysteria. sean sent lawrence jones to president trump's rally in dallas to talk to trump supporter's about how they feel about the president's accomplishments and the democrats agenda, take a look. >> why are you so fired up? >> i'm a big trump supporter, i didn't get into voting until trump was becoming president in 2016, i went to my first rally. i'm proud of everything he's doing and k i'm hoping he's able to keep it up, four more years. >> i like the way the economy has been, i love what the market has been doing.
10:44 pm
>> tax cuts, he's building a wall. he is draining swamp. he's cleaning house and we are backing him. >> why are you supporting the president? >> i believe he does what he says he's going to do. >> do you think the people of texas are buying in? >> we are too smart in texas, that's why we are here. >> i think it's a waste of our time and money. >> all the politicians that are for impeachment, do you think they're going to pay have a price of the ballots? >> absolutely. they're not going to beat trump. >> absolutely not! >> all of this impeachment? >> not at all. >> if i thought it was true, i don't want a russian spy in office but they haven't proved anything. >> do you think it's ridiculous? >> i think it's ludicrous.
10:45 pm
>> jason: meanwhile following the democratic debate this week as most candidates put their far left policies on full display and biden continues to stumble, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar who are perceived as more moderate alternatives have been raking in donations. joining me now, rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. the race, several parts of the race but part of it isar fund-raising. put in perspective what we hear about somebody raising a million dollars over a short period of time. i think senator klobuchar got excited about that versus what the rnc and donald trump have been able to raise. ut>> there's no bigger juggernat right now than president trump. the rnc and president trump combined raised 125 million in the third quarter, we have 156 million cash on hand and there's no one even close.
10:46 pm
what i see from the democrats is they are touting two new people raising a million dollars is that joe biden is waning. it has been three debates, he has not been able to solidify a frontrunner status, and he starts a sentence, he can barely finish it and now the donors ar. saying we got to find another person. joe biden came in with a huge lead, it dissipating. this iss going to go on for a long time, it doesn't look like the field is going to narrow anytime soon. >> jason: every day it's a drip in the national media, against donald trump, i don't care if he stops and smells flowers, there will be something wrong with that. t yesterday i had the pleasure of being in south carolina, i couldn't believe it. i pulled up on this corner, there were 30 people in trump gear doing a honk and wave. it's more than a year before the election, can republicans sustain this kind of enthusiasm?
10:47 pm
>> last night at the rally in texas when i was there with the president, we had more people at that rally than at any other rally. it is ramping up. i didn't think that was possib possible. he's been in office for three h years, he has a sustained energy and momentum that we have nevert seen and his supporters are with him 100% for reasons you showed. wages are up, unemployment is at record low. jobs are coming back to my people know that he has promised these things to the american people and he's delivering. their lives are better and able to everything they can to reelect him in the energy is so strong. it's amazing. >> jason: i think one of the challenges for republicans in the house is can they stick b together? you have andy biggs with important legislation abouteg schiff and there's 60 republicans who can't seem to sign onto it. can republicans on the policy side say w united? >> i know are based wants to see our party stick together, it's something i hear often as i
10:48 pm
travel the country. they said the democrats come i don't like them but the one thing they do is they stick together. it would be nice if republicans stuck more behind our president as they have seen him face this onslaught of negativity, not just from the media but democrats continue to investigate and resist.le the biggest pole right now is fund-raising, there is nobody e collecting more small dollar donations and president trump. that shows energy and momentum that we have going into 2020, every candidate is going to need a strong top of the ticket to help us win back the house and keep our senate. >> jason: republicans in the house, if you can't get behind andy biggs legislation, to censure adam schiff for literally lying before that committee, you've got to look in your mirror and ask yourself why you put on the republican sash when you go to the polling booth and tell yourself as a republican, i don't understand that. >> that's what you call a
10:49 pm
no-brainer. >> jason: all the leadership is signed on to it, the freedom caucus, it's everybody in between we have questions about. thank you so much for joining us tonight. straight ahead, the trump campaign is threatening cnn with legal action. herman cain will tell us why after the break, stay withyo us. . principal. we can help you plan for that. start today at
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>> jason: welcome back to th >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." e in the wake of project veritas releasing explosive footage on cnn staffers admitting rampant anti-trump bias at the highest levels of the network, the trump campaign is hitting back. demanding substantial payment. and a letter threatening legal action against cnn. joining me now with reaction is the new voice, herman cain! thanks so much for joining me, does the present have a case, dh you think you can win this? >> yes. t i had the honor of donald trump before he was president trump, he calledit me and asked my advice. it was real simple. lawyer up and that's what he needs to do. if he doesn't go after cnn for their opened and blatant bias and negativity towards the president of the united states, others will feel emboldened to do the same.
10:54 pm
i wholeheartedly believe that he should proceed with it and not just make it a threat. >> jason: cnn is dead last in every poll, every rating i can look at -- i don't know why that would want to replicate cnn and be dead last. it seems like it's more than just cnn, every day they go after this president and yet fox news has some of the higher ratings that we have a more balanced approach, both sides. >> that's absolutely right. cnn is still a very well-known channel for a lot of people. i think he should go after them anyway even though the ratings are low, that does not matter. other people can't feel emboldened too continue to be negative towards this president. we started out with trump haters at cnn, then we have people who suffer from tds, trump derangement syndrome. now it has moved into tdi, trump derangement insanity. when you have at cnn all of this negativity coming from the top,
10:55 pm
he literally instructs some of his anchors and some of his reporters to report only negative stuff and if it's positive about trump, don't report it. that's why during the so-called debate, they didn't talk about the economy, they didn't talk about immigration, didn't talk about law or energy independence, why? becausee president trump has mae brilliant decisions on all of those and we are seeing the results. that's why they don't want to bring it up, that's why i think they should be suited for that negative vibe. >> jason: i wish we had more time, but coming up a special announcement -- stay with us. i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. to put on our website? i mean i would have
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♪ >> j >> jason: thank you for joining us. if you like tonight's show be sure to grab a copy of my bookf "power grab" the liberal scheme to undermine trump and a republic. we have a special programming announcement.
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sean will be back on monday. he is going to a sit down in an exclusive interview one-on-one with president trump. you don't want to miss it. many thanks to sean hannity for allowing me to sit in for him. "the ingraham angle" starts right now. ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is a special addition of "the ingraham angle" from washington. did joe biden swat away concerns about his son's conflict? all the way back to 2015? oh, boy. corey lewandowski, chris hahn are here in moments to debate the fallout over the explosive new reporting today. plus, we may have our first hint of exactly who the special prosecutor john durham is looking at in his inquiry into the start of the trump, russia probe. george papadopoulos saying he lived through the story and islo here tonight with his new


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