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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 19, 2019 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> tens of thousands of anti-brexit protesters taking to the streets of london as the british parliament feels a blow to boris johnson voting to postpone a decision on his brexit deal. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm molly line. leland: this has been going on for three and a half years, every time it's going to be the time and then it's not. i'm leland vittert. the final vote count with 322 voting against delay and 306 against it. now there is another possible brexit delay and evidently, allegedly there's an october 31st deadline. ashley webster live from outside
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the british parliament. is this an alleged deadline or a real deadline? sometime they'll have to get their act together, right? >> yeah, you know, i think any deadline should be an alleged deadline at this point. it's been three and a half years, like you said, leland. i feel i've lived every day of it and so do the people of this country. today was supposed to be super saturday. parliament hasn't met on a saturday session for 37 years and today boris johnson thought he could get his deal through and maybe make that october 31st deadline. that amendment basically withholding any approval was approved before we could get to that vote. so boris johnson basically packed up his stuff and went home to 10 downing street. here we are back in limbo. so the question is, what happens now? according to boris johnson, he says i'm going to try again next week. take a listen. >> next week, the government will introduce the legislation needed for us to leave the eu
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with our new deal for october 31st. i hope then good honorable members faced with a choice of our new deal, our new deal for the u.k. and the european union, will change their minds because it was pretty close today. >> well, opposition leader jeremy corbin, of course, says, look, you've got to comply with laws already passed and require and ask for an extension by 11:00 local time tonight. here is what he had to say. >> the prime minister must now comply with the law. he can no longer use the threat of a no-deal crashout to blackmail members to support his sellout deal. >> well, here is how crazy things are, leland. what he could do, boris johnson, that is, send a letter to
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brussels, saying, okay, please do not give us an extension. we do not need it. we want to be out on october the 31st. you're just as sick of it as i am. so, come on, say no and we'll get this thing done. it's all very strange, it's all intrigue and all sorts of jig r jiggery going on and no making it up and going along. what's the chances of the u.k. leaving the european union on october the 31st? shrug of the shoulders. nobody knows. boris johnson is a different character, he may be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat. leland: an honest ashley webster. i feel the longer ashley has been covering this, the more british his accent has gotten and the more british terms keeps coming into every report he does. you're going to be a busy guy over the next couple of weeks. we're waiting for what new terms you come up with, my friend. thanks, ashley.
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>> i will do my best, thank you. leland: doing a great job. all right, next hour we are going to have a member of the european parliament who is from the u.k. and a brexit party member, martin dowbenny talking about-- basically talking about why he wants to be out of a job. molly: this is fascinating and we'll see if we get anywhere. leland: ashley doesn't seem hopeful. our man in london is not hopeful. molly: we'll see what actually happens. well, turning now to the white house, president trump and secretary of state pompeo touting a u.s. brokered cease-fire in syria. despite reports of fighting in that region today. mark meredith is at the white house with more, mark. >> molly, good afternoon. trump defends his decision to pull troops out of syria as lawmakers from both parties, including republicans, have said that they're concerned it will have a negative impact on
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national security and the middle east in the long run. we're also hearing from susan rice, who was the national security advisor in the obama administration, she's one of many people weighing in about the president's decision. >> we've left our turkish allies homeless. they're now going to scatter throughout the region. we've given assad and putin and the iranians the green light to take over the territory they've been long wanting to take and isis is going to come back. >> now, president trump fired back at rice on twitter last night and this is what he had to say, susan rice, who was a disaster to president obama as national security advisor, is now telling us her opinion on what to do in syria. remember red line in the sand? that was obama, millions killed. no thanks, susan, you were a disaster. rice also responded back to the president on twitter, she claims before he was president, trump was a supporter of hers, and this is just the latest switter spat involving the president. also on twitter, the president
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continues to blast lawmakers as they move forward with their impeachment inquiry in the house and the president calling it a coup on twitter today. house democrats say their impeachment inquiry will move forward and they may have more questions after acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney said on the decision delaying foreign aid to the ukraine until they investigated democrats and the election. >> you described a quid pro quo. >> we do that all the time with-- >> since then he's tried to walk that back. >> and some came to his defense and said he clearly misspoke. >> and the president said he felt that he clarified the comments and mulvaney remaining acting chief of staff right now. molly: that raised a lot of eyebrows and a lot of people having conversations about that, we appreciate it, thank you. leland: acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney's
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comments on the president and ukraine is causing alarm who are saying they want to learn more on the house impeachment investigation. >> i don't think this is as much as richard nixon did, but i'm mindful of the fact that during watergate it's a witch hunt to get nixon, it wasn't a witch hunt, it was correct. i want to make sure i get the data i can get and talking to everybody i can talk to to understand this. >> that was the gentleman from florida, republican congressman francis rooney member of the house foreign affairs committee. a friend of the show who is with us now. "the washington post" called this a small crack in the g.o.p. firewall, the question is are there more republicans to feel the way you do than are saying it? >> i don't know, we'll have to find out. leland: are they talking to you or texting you? >> there are people who talk that have concerns about, you know a lot of things that have happened, syria and mulvaney's comments there yesterday are
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probably going to drive some people to rethink just a little more. i was shocked at those. leland: why do you think they're so hesitant to speak out in the way that you have if they believe the same thing? >> you know, that gets into the big picture of this whole entire job and how it's so stacked against taking risk and so dependent on the quest for reelection and raising money and not wanting to offend anybody. it's not, i don't think, what the founders had in mind when they risked their fortunes to start our country. leland: their lives, their fortune and sacred honor. speaking of sacred honor. there are those who say that either mick mulvaney was lying now or the white house is lying then when they said no quid pro quo or there's not. is this a defining moment or one more data point. >> like i said yesterday it clears things up more than they were before. the president was saying no quid pro quo. i was giving the benefit of the doubt and hearing the testimony
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from the testimony, and turns out there was a clearer quid pro quo by his chief of staff. leland: are you moving towards the democrats have a point or close are towards this is just a political hunt for the president's head? >> no, i think that mulvaney clarified, there is a point there, and the stuff we continue to hear more and more about guiliani and rick perry and stuff creating some nonprofessional diplomatic channel, i don't believe in that kind of stuff and when i heard the dedicated public servants like dr. hill and george, the other guy, and now we're going to hear bill taylor next week, i think those people should be doing their job. leland: are there other republicans who are perhaps open-minded to coming over to your side on this, but aren't saying it right now? >> i hope so. i hope so. leland: have they said that to you? if they talked about that? >> not in so many words. leland: you feel you're on an island here? >> i felt like i had been on an
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island. when paul ryan couldn't pass to protect the island off shore drilling, and when i asked, she did. leland: you came, ambassador to the sea, and i want to serve and that's what the founders envisioned you've been here since 2017 came in as a freshman in january. do you need a third term? do you want one? >> i don't really think i do. i don't really think i want one. i came here to get the money for the everglades projects languishes are to many years and to try to get this off shore drilling ban passed to protect florida that jeb, and the president got done in 2006. i think i said three terms, i think less than two. we've got that for the everglades and the projects underway. leland: just to button this up, if we put together a list of republicans not running in 2020,
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do we add your picture there? >> yes, you do. and i want to be a model for term limits. i'm the one that came up with a temperature limits that doesn't need constitutional amendment. this is public service, not public life. leland: where is that model missing in congress? you're announcing your retirement after two years, nobody does that. most of the people on the graphic that we just put up are from districts that are incredibly tight. swing districts and a lot of faces you put up will herd and others who won by a point, half a point. your district is republican plus 22. you could be there for as long as you want. >> which is a problem. i thought the idea was you do your public service and left, you accomplish what you want to accomplish and i'm also tired of the intense partisanship that stops us from accomplishing that needs to be solved. leland: are you tired of having
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to answer for everything that president trump does? >> no, i don't-- >> you don't mind it? >> i call it like i see it. you're clearly not toeing the party line when it comes to impeachment. does that have something to do with it, you don't like being forced that way? >> not at all. i've disagreed with the republican leadership on a lot of things. leland: you have. >> going back to the secure act three years ago i worked with the florida delegation. leland: some aren't happy about the term limit. >> nor are they happy about emergency declaration, and i voted against both. leland: do you feel this announcement makes it free you up? >> it was something i was going to do anyway. like we tell our kids you have to do the right thing an at all times. leland: the country is watching and thanks you for your service. and for your sacrifice. a lot of people don't realize it's a sacrifice for you and others.
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we'll see you, as this impeachment inquiry goes on. chris wallace after an interview with white house acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. he has some answers on a couple of issues. molly: a great interview. leland: so did you mean a quid pro quo or not mean a quid pro quo. chris wallace will ask it a much better way. check your listings for time and channel. molly: fighting erupting in northern syria despite the cease-fire. turkish and kurdish forces are accusing each other of violating the accord. steve has the latest. >> molly, the cease-fire that vice-president pence agreed to with the turkish president has gotten off to a rough start in the past two days. at least one town along the border is violent. small arms fire and shelling. both sides, kurdish on one side
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and turkish military are accusing the other side of multiple cease-fire violations. turkey's goal is to create a massive safe zone 20 miles per hour deep into syria, 275 miles long, entirely free of kurdish fighters. while trying to do that, they've created a massive refugee problem. more than 160,000 kurds on the run, many leaving their homes and possessions behind, not getting a lot of help from the rest of the world. here is two of them right now. >> i left my home. i had just started a new home and i left it all behind. what can i say? do we even still have a motion? all we do is flee from one place to the other, from a place to anoth another. >> and as the u.s. forces have withdrawn, russia has been quick to fill in that void. russian forces are acting as
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mediators on the front lines in between the two forces and turkish president erdogan will meet with the russian president vladimir putin in sochi, russia. molly: thank you so much for the news on the ground there. and now for the democratic side. let's bring in california congressman and member of the house foreign affairs committee. thanks so much for being with us on this saturday. we appreciate it. >> glad to be on, thanks. molly: kicking it off with tough talk. we heard steve harrigan's report. and a lot are pushing back on the president's decision to withdraw the troops, cease-fire not working at this time. there were still signs of violence to some extent. among the loudest critics were republican critics. mitch mcconnell wrote a scathing op-ed. unless halted, our retreat will invite the assad backers, and
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the russia's increasingly dominant presence in the middle east and beyond. beyond the reports of the suffering of the people there, that people are being killed, there's this area that may well be filled by people we do know the want to be taking over politically. >> we see it now and you saw a bipartisan vote in the house of representatives this week and a lot of us are very worried about, you know, the fact that we abandoned our allies, the kurds fighting side by side with our men and women in uniform and that picture of russians rolling into our special operators base that our forces had been in just 24 hours earlier, you know, that-- discouraging, not just our troops, but you know, as members of congress. you know, the world is a better place when america is leading and this didn't show leadership. molly: one of the other big issues that folks are drawing attention to, there's an
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argument to be made that america shouldn't be the policeman of the world, but chuck schumer said this, a democrat of course, this does nothing to stop the isis jail break or the mess he alone created in northern syria. that's a question here, is it a big concern that the caliphate or isis could regrow? >> the president said we're 7,000 miles away. the problem is if isis comes back they're good on getting on the internet, putting out propaganda, finding that 16-year-old being bullied somewhere in the united states and converting them into a radical and that's what we worry about. it's not that it's 7,000 miles away. the world is interconnected when you look at the internet. back here, there's an impeachment inquiry underway and closed doors depositions. you said a little less than that month ago you support the impeachment inquiry, part of that was after reading the
9:18 am
mueller report and witnessing the president's actions it's clear to me that the president has committed impeachable offenses. is this still about the mueller report? >> no, it's less about the mueller report, but the president's statements what the intentions were with ukraine. funding that we have authorized to lep the ukraine defend itself. obviously, chief of staff mick mulvaney kind of clarified things, and it's worrisome that they would hold that back if that happened. >> what did you think of the back and forth between mick mulvaney and mick mulvaney, the statement later. >> i think that mick mulvaney in the press conference was candid and actually realized he was being candid and open with the press there and trying to walk things back. you can't put that back in the bottle. molly: the other thing with that press conference was the
9:19 am
announcement about the g7 and this would be held at a trump property in florida. your thoughts on that? i mean, a lot of republicans on both sides of the aisle have expressed concerns that this just doesn't look good. >> optics of that are horrible. if i were advising the president i'd say it's probably not a great idea, especially in the middle of an impeachment inquiry to appear to be profiting off of, you know, these foreign governments. molly: what about, one of the republicans said of this that there's tremendous integrity in his boldness and his transparency, senator kevin cramer here in a quote from one of the newspapers. your thoughts on this being transparent. they say this is the best place to have it and we're going to do it. >> you know, i think it's a bad idea and you know, it is potentially transparent, but again, the emolument clause, these are foreign governments spending money at one of the president's properties. he's going to profit--
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>> a lot of pushback on this, i wonder if that's going to come to pass. >> thanks, molly. leland: cory booker one of the democratic presidential candidates out on the campaign trail. ellison barber with bernie sanders outside of a rally coming up in new york. hi, ellison. >> hey, leland, yes, senator sanders is back on the campaign trail after suffering a heart attack and getting help from a progressive favorite. more in just a minute. ♪
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>> former tropical cyclone nestor, for those of you wondering what a former tropical storm is. it's no longer a storm, but it's bringing heavy rain and storms along the gulf coast. 10,000 people without power. you can see the watches and warnings up on your screen right now. a suspected tornado touched down in central florida late last night. nestor is threatening to hit parts of florida and has hit parts of florida devastated by hurricane michael last year. officials say the wind and heavy rains will now head to alabama, georgia, and then continue through as you can see on your screen, northern florida. we'll keep watching it.
9:25 am
>> presidential hopeful bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail today. and just more than two weeks after a suffering a heart attack and he's marking his return with a high profile endorsement. ellison barber is of course live from the sanders rally in long island city, new york. >> hey, molly, senator sanders 2020 campaign manager is on stage right now. you can hear the crowd chanting behind me. this is his first major campaign event. the first one after he spent two days in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. he's expected to get a significant endorsement today. the rumors have been swirling that three members of the so-called progressive squad would enforce senator sanders. representative ilhan omar did, releasing a video statement on wednesday. and representative alexandria ocasio-cortez is expected to publicly encores sanders at this rally today.
9:26 am
sanders has pretty consistently held in third place, the democratic candidates trailing biden and warren. and warren has pulled ahead and senator warren -- and the latest has senator sanders in third place among democrats with about 17%. and age has been somewhat of a factor in the race and questions came up since senator's heart attack. the current president is over age 70. the top three democratic contenders will be over age 70 come inauguration day. >> you're 78 years old and you just had a heart attack. how do you reassure democratic voters you're up to the stress of the presidency? >> well, let me invite you all to a major rally we're having in queens, new york. we are going to be mounting a vigorous campaign all over this country. that's how i think i can reassure the american people. >> one of the reasons i'm
9:27 am
running is because of my age and my experience. i will not need any onto job training the day i take office. >> i will outwork, outorganize and outlast anyone and that includes donald trump, mike pence or whoever the republicans get stuck with. >> the crowd here is well over a thousand people. and they don't seem to be worried about the issues with regard to senator sanders one bit. molly: waiting for the rally to get underway and potentially we'll see if we have a chance to listen in a little bit. leland: big news for sure. also on the 2020 trail, tulsi gabbard slightly farther down in the polls than who we were just talking about. well, hillary clinton took a big swing at her and she is swinging back. it might be the best political story of the week. and that's molly's thought on it.
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>> democratic presidential candidates tulsi gabbard is firing back at former secretary of state hillary clinton. this after clinton made comments on a podcast suggesting that gabbard was being, quote, groomed by the russians. our garrett tenney has the pleasure of going through this. leland: how do you really feel? comes out in the podcast. >> clearly there's no love lost and gabbard called clinton the queen of war mongers, personification of the rot that sickened the democratic party so long. that comes after the 2016 democratic nominee strongly seems to suggest during a podcast interview that gabbard, who is a military veteran is a russian asset, along with 2016 green party nominee jill stein. >> i think they've got their eye on somebody who is currently in
9:33 am
the democratic primary and are grooming here to be the third party candidate. she's a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far, and that's assuming jill stein will give it up which she might not because she's also a russian asset. >> it's important to note that clinton offered no evidence to support her conspiracy theory. she does have bad blood with both women going back to the 2016 race when gabbard resigned as a vice chair of the democratic national committee to endorse bernie sanders after she believed the dnc was rigging the primary in clinton's favor. and now she's challenging her to get in the race. >> this is hillary clinton with a strong message because i am and have long been calling for an end to our country's foreign policy of waging one regime
9:34 am
change war to the next, if you're sick and tired of hillary clinton's war mongering policies and corruption, come and join our campaign. >> as for jill stein, clinton and her allies blame the former green party candidate for their loss in the 2016 election and today stein said clinton is apparently still desperately looking to blame anyone, but herself for coming up short. >> this is just a-- it's a wild and insulting theory and i think it speaks to hillary's need to try to explain perhaps to herself, you know, why her campaign was not successful. >> despite clinton's theories and concerns about a third party candidate, it's important to note that jill stein isn't running in 2020 and tulsi gabbard said she will not run as a third party candidate if she does not win the democratic nomination. molly: fascinating as to why hillary clinton did this and made this move. thanks for laying it out for us,
9:35 am
appreciate it. leland: for more on this, we bring in indianapolis talk radio host, friend of the show tony katz, i can just imagine that tony was listening to garrett and i don't know, might have some lawsuits? [laughter] >> it's so delicious. this story is so-- i mean, this is not big enough. it's so fantastic. leland: if only that was caramel corn. >> listen, you can't get-- this is indiana we do popcorn right. you can't get more completely insane than this hillary story. how shameful her words are. this is a former secretary of state, just jumping out with russian asset? tulsi gabbard has this story dead on. hillary clinton wants to get into this race, get into the race. take on tulsi straight. call her a russian asset to her face. call the former major an asset to her face. leland: play this out. it's great political theater and we have all been talking about
9:36 am
it and it's fun to talk about. but if you're hillary clinton and you really believe this, without offering any evidence, as you said, but take her at face value that she believes in conspiracy theory, tulsi gabbard is at 2%, maybe, nobody views her as a viable candidate and why elevate here to the top of the political discussion for as you, know a delicious discussion. >> people ask president trump, and why would he three years in his inauguration being the largest ever, hillary can't let it go. she's unwell about the subject. she can't stop talking about the russians, can't stop being fixated why she lost the election. she can't hnd handle. she's a bad candidate, she's wholly and completely unlikable, and why not take a shot here and a shot there and tulsi gabbard gets to take the interesting
9:37 am
high road, here your the queen of war mongers and of rot and i think out is tkhaleesi and out s the mother of dragons and the war mongers. leland: you lost me on the pop culture reference there. i'm going to go back and look it up. molly over here understands the pop culture reference. molly: exactly, i get the game of thrones reference. leland: game of thrones, all right. totally over my head. but back to the news at hand. there's molly who totally gets the reference. if you look at this in the larger sort of idea of general election fight -- were you eating more popcorn? >> no. leland: bernie sanders is in new york and aoc is endorsing him. from a standpoint of how the other democrats capitalize-- a live picture of the stage right now--
9:38 am
capitalize on this fight between hillary clinton and tulsi gabbard, et cetera, if you just look at it from the political standpoint, with are does this go from here? >> well, i don't think that any of them do because the candidates don't want to elevate tulsi gabbard. but this move by bernie sanders today, i think it's going to get him a lot of play. i'm really not 100% sure what it's going to do going forward and i am not so thrilled with bernie sanders, the idea that you want to take the endorsements of ilhan omar? i mean, i think it's weird that ilhan omar and ocasio-cortez and possibly ayanna pressley as well think that the right candidate to lead the country in 2020 is the oldest whitest guy they possibly could. leland: where you've spoken out strongly against ilhan omar and rashida tlaib and others on the issue of anti-semitism. bernie sanders is jewish by heritage. where does that leave jewish democrats dealing or possibly
9:39 am
voting with or possibly supporting a man who is taking the endorsement of the people you just laid out? >> it's their questions they have to ask themselves and it's time to look in the mirror. you know, it's one thing that i-- i'm jewish and i show up here on a saturday and have these conversations with you. it's another thing to take ilhan omar, who clearly doesn't believe in israel's existence. and rashida tlaib who isn't sure she's going to endorse and ilhan omar saying that the jews are paying off members of congress to support israel and that endorsement. and that's for democrats to look in the eyes. i don't know how jews can remain in the democratic party. >> it's pretty much when you give up your religion and replace it with ideology. it's ugly to watch and conversations for jews going on for years and this is something you've got to look in the mirror about. leland: and you talk about president trump capitalizing on that with moving the embassy to
9:40 am
jeruselem. shabbat, had shalom. >> jane fonda, the 81-year-old was arrested for unlawful demonstration on the steps of the capitol. the second time she was arrested and this time she was joined by frank and gracie co-star sam waterson. and she says that she'll be protesting every friday, quote, rain or shine. leland: you can just imagine there's a lot of folks more than happy to see her arrested. molly: really, for climate change? you know the idea-- >> given her past history and activism. molly: she is getting a lot of attention for this and that was her goal, drawing attention to climate change and apparently it's been effective so far sthoo there you go. and little attention to her legacy as we should report on. all right, something else getting attention that molly has been spending a lot of time reporting on.
9:41 am
felicity huffman is now serving her jail sentence up to the big house. we're going to tell you where she is as three other parents are expecting to plead guilty for their role in the college admissions scandal. the charges they're facing and what defenses other parents are putting forth when we come back.
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>> and this weekend begins the long goodbye and a we will deserved thank you in howard county, maryland, baltimore, for a vigil honoring the late congressman elijah cummings. he died at 68 for longstanding illnesses. he's been hailed a champion of civil rights. which he was. his body will lie in state in the capitol. funeral coming up in the comings weeks, for the difficulty and rancor in washington, there's
9:46 am
rare bipartisan remembering cummings memory, what he stood for, how dedicated he was to his constituents and respect him. in the past year one of his good friends it mark meadows on other side of the aisle. molly: a deserved outpouring for someone with a longstanding legacy and historic iconic figure as well. leland: we'll tell the story throughout the week. molly: and three parents for their roles in the admissions scandal. they will appear in federal court. enrique apparently paid hundreds of thousands. and hodge agreed to pay more than $500,000 to get his daughter and son in as athletic recruits and another to georgetown as a reported tennis
9:47 am
recruit. this comes after two additional parents were there sentenced. you were there. robert flakman one month in prison, supervised, and a fine after pleading guilty for paying $75,000 to help boost his daughter's act score. and on wednesday, marjorie clapper, prison, and a $90,500 hine and clapper $15,000 to boost her son's act scores and falsely claimed he was a minority applicant. you've been covering this. and there are different things that people did here. some people did them all. they dressed their kids up as a water polo player and paid for increased act scores and then paid off college coaches and other parents did one or all of those things. which ones are getting the toughest sentences? >> the judge has said, you know, she's looking at these folks as individuals and individual sentencing is important in the federal system. and we've begun to get an idea on what her thoughts are on this.
9:48 am
she's looked at the test taking side of the cheating scandal, there were the two taking, less magnitude than those parents involved their kids and posed for pictures. >> really. >> and essentially buy a spot at the universitying, she's seen that with greater magnitude. interesting on monday, these defendants headed into court are those that did not work out the original plea deal with the government. so they're facing additional charge of money laundering and going before a different judge. so what we've learned from the current judge and sentencing we're seeing for the folks that got out early and pled and admitted immediate regret. things might be a little different for these folks now choosing to change a plea to guilty and throwing themselves on the mercy of the court. we don't know that the judge will see the sameway. >> you can look at things in a harsher lights for the parents for the prosecution? real quick. when do we get the trials, if they're going to happen?
9:49 am
>> the idea is that potential that some of these defendants may be tried in groups, but we're hearing early spring. leland: wow. molly: something to look ahead. leland: tony's popcorn analogy with work out well for how this is turning. molly: looking ahead further in this week as well, this case continues. another mom will be sentenced in this case. this is the next parent heading up before the judge, jane buckingham of los angeles, california. she's the best selling author of "a modern girl's guide to motherhood" and a successful marketing firm. and she agreed to pay $50,000 to have rick singer to arranged to have a talented test taker literally just take the act on behalf of her son who developed tonsillitis. so they went to the test site and singer paid everyone off and singer even asked buckingham for a handwriting sample to try to match the stale and buckingham
9:50 am
e-mailed good luck with this, all that has been revealed in the paper work. prosecutors is asking for six months in prison. the judge has not been giving the steentences. leland: and we don't think that flelicity huffman is watching right now. she's in jail. and from boeing when we come back. well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. so chantix can help it's you quit slow turkey. cold turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts
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>> a startling twist surrounding the controversy over boeing's fastest selling plane, the 737 max as newly released messages between two high level employees suggests the company knew about problems with the jet. alicia acuna has the details on this. alicia? >> boeing is just now turning these texts by between the two pilots over to the department of transportation, even though they knew of their existence for months. they are discussing the automated system that is supposed to assist during a nose dive. this is the same system that was blamed for two fatal 737 max crashes, one in ethiopia in march and the other in indonesia. 346 people were killed and the plane model was grounded. boeing had insisted it was
9:55 am
unaware. but in 2016 the chief technical pilot for boeing during tests for certification by the faa texted with another pilot that he noticed a problem. it was quote, running rampant in the simulator. also saying, quote, so i basically lied to the regulators, unknowingly. also texting granted, i suck at flying but even this was egregious. remember, this was two years before the first fatal crash. in a let tore the ceo of boeing -- in a letter to the ceo of boeing the faa administrator calls this latest revelation concerning, writing quote i understand that boeing discovered the document in its files months ago. i expect your explanation immediately regarding the content of this document and boeing's delay in disclosing the document to its safety regulator. this information, molly, is now in the hands of congress. the ceo of boeing is set to testify on capitol hill at the end of the month. molly? >> that october 30th hearing could be something to watch. alicia acuna thank you. bernie sanders about to take
9:56 am
the stage in long island city, new york, got a big endorsement from a member of the social squad as they are called in congress. we will take you there live, up next. roof of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. nooooo! guaranteed monthly income for life. do you have the coverage you need? annual enrollment ends december 7th. now's the time to get on a path where you can take advantage of all the benefits of an aarp medicare advantage plan from unitedhealthcare. call today to learn more. these medicare advantage plans can combine your hospital and doctor coverage...
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10:00 am
more than two weeks after suffering a heart attack. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez is at the event and expected to formally endorse sanders. ellison barber is there as well monitoring the speeches back live to new york as news is made. the ayes to the right 322. the no to the left 30 #. the ayes have it. -- the nos to the left 302. so the ayes have it. >> it sounds better when the british say it, doesn't it? it's oddly important, been going off 3 1/2 years. deciding to delay a vote in an effort to make sure the u.k. doesn't leave the eu without an agreement. if you need a flow start for that, we will draw one for you. >> it is an easy flowchart.
10:01 am
keeps going. welcome to america news headquarters of course. >> i'm leland. >> i'm molly. this move seen as a setback as the british prime minister. ashley webster is keeping an eye on this for us. ashley? ashley: yeah, hi, molly and hello to you, it is now let's see 6:00 in the early evening here in london. this was supposed to be the big day. this was the day that boris johnson said he could finally get a deal that everyone would agree to and the country would be out of the eu by the october 31st deadline. but what started off as a bang, well, it kind of ended in a wimper. this amendment forces boris johnson to ask for a third extension for the eu was passed making the vote on boris's deal pretty much a moot point. he said nope, not going to do it, going to pack up my gear and head back to downing street. before he did that, he did
10:02 am
address lawmakers and said any idea of a delay is just not a good idea. take a listen. >> i will tell our friends and colleagues in the eu exactly what i have told everyone in the last 88 days i have served as prime minister, that further delay would be bad for this country, bad for our european union and bad for democracy. ashley: well, you know, there are a lot of people within side parliament the lawmakers who don't want a no deal brexit and are worried that could happen and they say the prime minister should indeed ask for the delay. listen to the leader of the liberal democrat party. >> the people who are outside this building right now will be heard, and they deserve the final say along with millions across the country. so the most urgent thing right now, mr. speaker, is that the
10:03 am
prime minister complies with the law. ashley: well, the question is now, where do we stand? there's a lot of people, there's tens of thousands of antibrexit people here. they are happy tonight because they feel like they thwarted boris johnson again, but as for the prime minister, he says nope, i'm coming back here next week, going to get some legislation approve that would set the scene, set the -- if you like, the infrastructure for brexit. then i'm going to ask you to vote on my deal again, and yes, we will be out on october the 31st. you know what, guys? we have heard it all before. deja vu all over again, does not even get close to what we have gone through, but who knows, i have a feeling i'm going to be on this green for the next ten years. [laughter] leland: he stole the words right out of my mouth, deja vu. molly: these folks will be back with me. leland: ashley always makes it sounds interesting, compelling thoughtful. ashley webster there for the untold future out on that green.
10:04 am
thanks, ashley. molly: makes it understandable. leland: he does a very good job. with that we are bringing in a member of the brexit party and from the european parliament for the west midlands, nice to see you sir. are you guys going to ever get this done, or is poor ashley going to be out there for the next ten years? >> i think he might be there for longer. you know what? it's been brexit groundhog day here in london. our parliament, the mother of all parliaments has been reduced to a global laughingstock, just 16 politicians were able to vote down johnson's deal. today 17.4 million people voted for brexit 3 1/2 years ago. i don't know if you heard, there was the sound of millions of heads hitting their desks after sheer frustration. we are locked. we have a zombie parliament. leland: forgive me for not knowing the proper term to
10:05 am
address you by, it will be mister for now. in fairness there was almost as many people who didn't vote 3 1/2 years ago to brexit, they were on the remain side. why not have another vote now? >> well, because if we believe in democracy, then surely we should believe in enacting the first vote. and the truth of the matter is -- leland: good point. >> -- over 1.2 million people more voted to leave than voted to remain, so if we have any semblance of democracy, then we must have losers content. those who lose must accept the result. instead we have a 3 1/2 year -- leland: there are presidential terms that would be coming to a close at this point here in the united states. you have been through a couple of prime ministers, none of whom have been able to get done. you are a member of the brexit party and european parliament. i guess that means you just want out of a job, right, you want something else to do in life? >> i got a job back in may that i wanted to be over on the 31st
10:06 am
of october, fittingly halloween, although this isn't ending any time soon or thereafter, an extension, the people today feel very emboldened in parliament square, jo swenson, the remainers feel the second referendum could be coming. boris johnson has said he would rather die in a ditch than do that. leland: in fairness, why should all of our viewers in the united states care about this? if you guys can't get your act together in 3 1/2 years, why should we care? how does this affect us? >> well, it would affect you because if we were leaving the european union with a clean break brexit which is my boss and donald trump's friend wants, then we would be able to do an amazing new trade deal with the united states to forge increasingly stronger business links. we're not allowed to do that under these terms. can you imagine if the people of washington wanted to do a business deal and everyone had to approve it?
10:07 am
we are tied down to the european union. we are not free. we would love to trade more with you guys. we love america, the special relationship should be a huge thing we build in terms of the trade, but eu means we can't do that, unless we have a disadvantage or we are on parallel with them. we want to get out. we want a free clean break so we can do business with our friends in america. leland: bilateral rather than unilateral trade deals, there's been issues with immigration that have been talked about certainly talked about in 2016. a guest with neil cavuto this morning said i'm pleased that boris wants brex exit but not the right now -- brexit but not the right way. we have people who want to leave but most of parliament doesn't. it's deja vu all over again. correct me if i'm wrong, but that's not good for the united kingdom either. >> it is terrible for democracy and national morale and it is
10:08 am
bad for our mental health. the fact of the matter is 75% of our politicians voted themselves to remain. 52% of the population voted to leave. so we have an entire disconnect between our political class and our public. the only way of solving that is the general election where with reae line this and we get -- realign this and get more people representative of the public in the house of parliament. until we do that, we're going to be stuck going around and around, it seems like till the end of time. leland: disconnect between the voters and politicians, the backdrop behind you and the backdrop behind me might have something in common in that sense. we appreciate you being on. thank you very much. >> thank you. molly: president trump is touting a u.s. brokered five day cease-fire in syria amid reports of fighting in the region. mark meredith is at the white house with more. >> good afternoon. president trump continues to defend his decision to pull u.s. troops out of northern syria. this as many republicans as well
10:09 am
as democrats on capitol hill have said they're worried the decision could lead to a resurgence of isis terrorists in the region. the president though dismissed that idea when he spoke to reporters on friday. >> we have isis totally under guard. turkey is also guarding separately. they are watching over everything. so you have the kurds who we're dealing with and very happy about the way things are going i must say >> one person who is not convinced is former obama national security advisor susan rice, she and the president engaged in a twitter battle about syria after rice made these comments on hbo last night. >> we have left our turkish allies homeless. they are now going to scatter throughout region. we have given assad and putin and the iranians a green light to take over that territory that they have been long wanting to take. and isis is going to come back. >> the other big story happening at the white house of course all eyes on capitol hill as house democrats move forward with
10:10 am
their impeachment inquiry. the president has fired off several tweets all morning long, criticizing house intelligence chairman adam schiff. schiff though says his work continues, especially after acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney told reporters the u.s. delayed sending foreign aid money to ukraine until the country investigated how democrats behaved in the 2016 election. that was during that news conference on thursday. mulvaney later put out a statement trying to clear up the matter. quote, the president never told me to withhold any money until the ukrainians did anything related the sevener -- server. the only reasons we were holding the money because of concerns about lack of support from other nations and concerns over corruption. the president was asked about mulvaney's remarks on friday as well from that clip you also saw in the roosevelt room. the president said he felt that mulvaney clarified his remarks. we also heard from house minority leader mccarthy who said mulvaney cleared up the remarks. be tu outrage that's come -- but
10:11 am
the outrage that's come out of the news conference certainly continues into the weekend. molly? molly: it will be fascinating to see where it goes from here as people dig into those remarks more. up next, president and ceo of republican main street partnership sarah chamberlain and co founder of the progressive change campaign committee, adam green. his company was the first to endorse senator elizabeth warren's presidential candidacy and works with congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez, ilhan omar and rashida tlaib. talking a little bit about impeachment. i imagine you are up to speed about the press conference that mulvaney held earlier and the statement he put out earlier on trying to quantify that there was no quid pro quo between the ukrainian military aid and any investigation in the ukraine. kicking things off, sarah, what do you think about all this? is this a big mess? is this something the
10:12 am
republicans can get rid of, or is this something democrats are really going to dig into long-term? >> i think the republicans can get rid of it. i think many of us who do a lot of live tv sometimes misspeak, and i think he absolutely clarified it when he gave his statement later on in the day. >> what do you think about, adam, that this was live tv? you know, he was standing up there speaking for the white house. he just revealed this remarkable idea that the g-7 will be held at a trump property in florida, and then comes in on the end of that. >> yeah, you know, i'm actually on the set right now that was formally used by republican governor john kasich when he was on fox, and he came out yesterday for impeachment after hearing mulvaney's initial excellents saying that there was quid pro quo -- initial comments saying there was no quid pro quo. >> we know kasich is not a fan of president trump, so there is that caveat, go ahead. >> here's the thing, corruption is not a republican democrat issue. it is inside versus outside, pitting the elites in both
10:13 am
political parties against the bases of both parties. nobody should want the president of the united states leveraging hundreds of millions of dollars of our money for his own political campaign whether it's obama or trump. it wasn't an isolated comment on camera. it was reflected in what the president said to the ukraine president himself and what giuliani has said on tv himself. we have one, two, three, probably more punches here. people don't like being lied to. you can't etch-a-sketch incriminating confession away. that's what they are trying to do. i would ask everybody to pay attenti attention. molly: hypocrisy in politics and the back and forth and that, one of the other issues that mulvaney raised about the idea of g-7 being in florida. the president has been talking an awful lot about how it didn't look good about the vice president was working in ukraine meanwhile his son was working at a big company there. what do you think? you're looking at the potential of g-7 being held at the property, your thoughts?
10:14 am
>> i think we need more information on that. it does look questionable. we would like to see who else competed for is it? what's the cost? is he going to give it to them at cost or will he make money? a lot more information needs to be put out in the public. molly: before we run away too far, because i want to get something about to happen now. bernie sanders back on the campaign trail, big rally in new york, expecting endorsement of ocasio cortez, aoc, what do you think this means for bernie? is it a positive for bernie and is senator warren bummed to not get the endorsement? >> yeah, i think it is a good thing for progressives to have a strong bernie sanders in the race and today will be a good day for bernie. i think elizabeth warren made big waves by being the first to come out for impeachment as well as the first to come out things like wealth tax and universal child care. bernie made waves saying everybody needs healthcare. it's really good for issues
10:15 am
uniting republican and democratic voters on shared class interest. i look toward to hearing what he and aoc has to say today. molly: sarah what do you think? , aoc gets a lot of attention. she's backing bernie sanders. warren has been claiming in the polls. i mean is all of this in a way good for republicans who argue that these strategies and their beliefs and their political ideologies aren't what independents with the middle of america wants to see? >> i think it is fantastic for republicans. i think the two of them deserve each other. neither one of them have any corporate experience, and they are both trying to bankrupt the country through aoc's, you know, new green, that doesn't make any sense, her environmental, she's trying to shut down corporations and increase unemployment. and then bernie -- >> the only budget that is balanced is the progressive budget in congress. why? because republicans give away taxes to the rich. >> -- trying very hard to bankrupt our country. molly: money has a lot to do with things and that's something that the american people look at
10:16 am
and think about their own wallets as well. sarah chamberlain, adam green, thank you very much. i think we covered a lot of ground. appreciate it. be sure to catch "fox news sunday" tomorrow, chris wallace's exclusive interview with acting white house chief of staff nick mulvaney. one to tune in and see. leland: must see tv. molly: check your local listings for time and channel. leland: ber -- bernie sanders wife is on stage right now. expecting senator sanders to take the stage as well as well as alexandria ocasio cortez, the congresswoman from new york. ellison barber is there. big turn out there. >> huge crowd here today, leland, they have been here for quite a few hours. this event wasn't set to officially start till 1:00 p.m. today. the crowd was pretty full hours before that. you hear his wife dr. sanders
10:17 am
behind me saying that he is here to tell the crowd that bernie is back. this is senator sanders first campaign since he suffered a heart attack and spent three days in the hospital. he is coming back today with a significant endorsement from representative alexandria ocasio cortez. she is expected to make her endorsement at today's rally. the two have worked closely together on things like climate change. aoc will be the second endorsement for senator sanders this week from a member of the so-called progressive squad. congresswoman ilhan omar endorsed him a few days ago. when you look at the polling senators sanders has consistently come in third place among democratic candidates trailing behind both biden and warren. in recent warren has pulled ahead. you see sanders laying out differences between himself and warren. the latest poll bernie third place. age has become a factor and
10:18 am
bigger factor since he had his heart attack. the current president is over the age of 70. the top three democratic contenders will all be over the age of 70 on inauguration day. senator sanders continues to say he is feeling great and his doctors say they support him eventually returning to vigorous campaigning. when he was asked at the debate in ohio earlier this week how he would respond to people who might doubt or wonder if he is up to the stress of the presidency, he told them to come to this rally today and to see him here. he pointed to this as where he will show starting now that he is ready to get back on the campaign trail and ready to handle the stress of a potential running the white house. leland: certainly a ferocious campaigner not only in 2020 but also 2016 in terms of the sheer number of events. ellison was on the road for many of those. we'll check back if news is made in new york. thanks, ellison. molly?
10:19 am
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here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. molly: you are looking live at the queens bridge park. this is in long island city, new york. where vermont senator and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders making his return to the campaign trail
10:23 am
just more than about two weeks after suffering a heart attack. new york congresswoman fellow democratic socialist activist alexandria ocasio cortez is attending this event. she is expected to formally announce sanders right here. there's michael moore, another well known supporter of -- leland: -- [inaudible] -- hat? molly: maybe. leland: it is a detroit tigers hat, there we go. molly: keeping an eye on. this we are waiting for aoc to step up and sanders as well. leland: we will dip in when it happens. hurricane season is almost over, but not quite, as they know down in florida right now, post tropical cyclone nestor, it was a tropical storm, not anymore, is bearing down on the gulf coast. high winds, heavy rains. you can see the radar there and some of the models are threatening to hit parts of florida that had been devastated by hurricane michael. officials expect the system to
10:24 am
head towards parts of alabama, georgia, and northern florida and could reach the carolinas and virginia heading up north tomorrow. molly: ceo bill johnson saying friday that the company could need up to ten years to modernize its grid and the californians could be subject to more manufactured power outages during that time. this comes as senior officials from the company testified about last week's power outage that had left more than 2 million california residents in the dark. state regulators criticized pg&e, the company has since apologized saying the blackouts were necessary for public safety but admitting that mistakes were made. leland: yeah. just check this one out, hawaii congresswoman gabbard has issued some harsh words for hilary clinton after the former secretary of state suggested that gabbard is being -- and i believe this is a quote -- groomed by the russians.
10:25 am
garrett tenney with us now. shockingly tulsi gabbard really didn't like hearing that. >> you would be surprised to hear that. leland: that kind of irritates people these days. >> she has been facing this a lot recently with folks from the left and across the media as well. clinton didn't mention gabbard by name but her spokeswoman made it clear that she was referring to gabbard, who has repeatedly been accused by democrats for being a puppet to the russian government due to her antiwar noninterventionist poll policies. this week she took it a step further though saying gabbard is a russian asset along with 2016 green party nominee jill stein. >> i think they have their eye on somebody who is currently in the democratic primary and grooming her to be the third party candidate. she's a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and
10:26 am
bots and other ways of supporting her so far and that's assuming jill stein will give it up which she may not because she's also a russian asset. >> clinton offered no evidence to support her conspiracy theory. gabbard fired back where she called clinton quote the queen of warmongers embodiment of corruption and personification that's sickened the democratic party so long. last night she added to that with tucker carlson. >> this is about hilary clinton sending a very strong message saying that because i am and have long been calling for an end to our country's foreign policy of waging one regime change war after the next, if you are sick and tired of hilary clinton's warmongering policy and corruption, come and join our campaign. we need -- leland: there are a lot of ties here to the 2016 election. gabbard resigned as a vice chair of the democratic national committee to endorse bernie sanders after it became clear to
10:27 am
her that the dnc was rigging the primary in clinton's favor. as for jill stein, clinton and her allies blame the former green party candidate for their loss in 2016. today stein said clinton is still blaming everyone but herself for losing to donald trump. >> i think this is a completely unhinged conspiracy theory for which there is absolutely no basis. in fact, not for myself and not for tulsi gabbard. i think it's really outrageous that hilary clinton is trying to promote this crazy idea. leland: clinton appears to have also missed a couple of important details with this theory about stein and gabbard as third party candidates because jill stein isn't running in 2020 and gabbard has repeatedly said she will not run as a third party candidate, if she doesn't win the democratic nomination. >> she's certainly fund raising off of this. i don't think we have heard the end of this, huh? >> not at all.
10:28 am
leland: garrett, thanks. >> you got it. molly: also we are waiting to hear from presidential candidate bernie sanders at a rally in new york, up next. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. let's go to the cemetery!
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leland: fox news alert. still waiting for sanders and ocasio cortez to take the stage at bernie's rally. they are in long island city. ellison barber is on the ground there. she reports there is huge crowd if the camera ever zoomed out. we will check back in in terms of what sanders says and a little bit about this endorsement from aoc about what that might mean as the event continues. now this. molly: turkish and kurdish forces are accusing each other of isolating a temporary cease-fire agreement brokered by the u.s. and turkey as fighting reportedly flares at a border town in northern syria.
10:33 am
steve herrigan is live in irbil, iraq with the latest on this. >> two days after cease-fire was signed in turkey, by vice president pence as well as the turkish president erdogan, there is still violence along the border between syria and turkey. each side is accusing the other of border violations, of that cease-fire violations, there's stale lot of small arms fire and shelling going on. turkey had a very ambitious plan for its military offensive. they want to drive deep into syria, 20 miles deep and create a safety zone. all along the border with syria, 275 miles long, they say if all kurdish forces are not cleared out of that safety zone, they will renew their offensive on tuesday. in addition to trying to create the buffer zone, they are also creating a lot of refugees, kurds who are fleeing the fighting, fleeing their homes and who say they are not getting much help from the rest of the world. here's two of them. >> translator: what can i say? do we even still have emotions?
10:34 am
all we do is flee from one place to the other, from a place to another. >> translator: where is everyone? where are the foreigners? where are the americans? the americans were here for nine years. why do they suddenly leave in the blink of an eye? why? >> as american forces have withdrawn, russian forces have been quick to fill that void. they are patrolling in between the two sides, and this tuesday, in sochi russia the turkish president will meet with russian president putin. molly, back to you. molly: steve herrigan, thank you for watching things on the ground there. how did the situation in syria get to this point? let's take a look back. >> turkish forces open a new front in the on groing syrian confli conflict after president trump unexpectedly orders u.s. troops to withdraw from the war-torn country. >> we have no soldiers in the area. we have been talking to turkey for three years. they have been wanting to do
10:35 am
this for many years as you know. they have been fighting each other for centuries. >> monday, october 7th, the u.s. begins evacuating the 1,000 troops posted in northeastern syria, who have been supporting the kurds fight against isis. two days later, on wednesday, october 9th, heavy fighting breaks out as turkey begins pushing the syrian democratic forces away from the border as fears grow that the instability will lead to resur -- resurgence of the islamic caliphate. >> we have to pull out many forces to front line. if there are not enough forces, prisoners will take advantage and escape >> a claim thaechb worries some of trump's -- that even worries some of trump's closest allies. senator graham speaking to the president this week. >> every national security expert that you have to advise you suggests that if we abandon the kurds, it will hurt us down the road that isis is likely to come back and iran will be the biggest winner
10:36 am
>> tuesday october 15th, amid the chaos, russian troops start to pop up, flying their flag over joint russian syrian government patrols a few days into the turkish offensive. much of the fighting centers around the kurdish held border city where shelling, air raids and constant battling forced thousands of civilians to flee another round of violence. thursday, october 17th, as criticism of trump's decision mounts in washington and syria, vice president mike pence flies to ankara to negotiate a five day long cease-fire with turkish president erdogan. that involves carving out a no kurd buffer zone along the turkish syrian border >> our administration has already been in contact with syrian defense forces and we have already begun to facilitate their safe withdrawal from the nearly 20 mile wide safe zone area. molly: reports from the ground indicate that fighting in that safe zone area as the vice president mentioned is still
10:37 am
ongoing, creating more refugees by the day. leland: more casualties as well. with that, we bring in senior fellow at the hudson institute, former intelligence officer, good to see you. you listen to that. a new kurds zone, that's like saying we're not going to have any texans in texas. >> right, it is a 20 mile deep zone, and it stretches from border to border. all the way to the iraqi border, and basically in the next 120 hours, kurdish forces have to move out or they become targets in a free fire zone. leland: are they targets already? it doesn't seem as though the turks are really -- >> they are targets already. turkey is being criticized for targeting them. turkey believes that after 120 hours, everything's fair game. leland: the president and his administration say look, this is a cease-fire. the kurds are happy with this deal. on and on. >> the kurds are not happy with this deal. leland: i haven't talked to any who they are either. >> nobody is happy with this deal. leland: except perhaps the russians -- >> this is a win for russia, iran, isis. this is not a win for turkey even though turkey thinks this is a win.
10:38 am
there's international condemnation of what they are doing. they just pretty much pushed in a sunni force into this kurdish area that they can't control, a force that wants revenge. leland: you say the turks won't think this is a win. on the other hand they pushed around the united states, at least if you believe the time line. they told the u.s. we're doing this, and the u.s. said well, gee, all right, go ahead. we will take our guys out. >> the president said that. leland: right. >> everybody else said we shouldn't do this. leland: everybody else does what the president tells them to do. >> dod said no. department of state said no. erdogan victory over trump, but this is a erdogan loss with everyone else, with the u.s. congress, senate, this is a bipartisan criticism against what erdogan is doing. sanctions are coming. talks of whether or not turkey should remain in nato are coming. there will be ramification of this operation. leland: the constitution is pretty clear, the president sets the foreign policy. >> yes. leland: zoom out on this for the rest of the world who is watching this as strong men like
10:39 am
erdogan, whom there are many around the world, say gee, if erdogan got away with it, maybe i can too. >> there's that, if erdogan got away with this, i can too. there's also -- this reinforces the arguments from countries like iran saying you can't trust the americans. they will break their deals with you. they will abandon you. leland: -- making that argument too. >> al qaeda will make that argument. isis will make that argument. shia militias on the ground will make that argument. the taliban will make that argument. you cannot work with the the u.s. because they will abandon you. leland: is there any similarities -- history doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes to quote twain to president obama's deal with the taliban over bergdahl. he thought it was going to be a huge win. it turned out to be a disaster domestically on a bipartisan basis. >> i think that's a very fair comparison. the other comparison is this is exactly what trump criticized obama for doing in iraq, leaving too soon and giving rise to isis. the president is doing that right now ahead of a 2020
10:40 am
election where he simply has destabilized northern syria and giving isis an opportunity to reemerge. leland: if you look at the president's twitter feed. he's pushing back on all the narratives that you have given, in fairness. >> right. leland: now comes the question, is there anything he can do to make good on the promises that he's made? is there anything left to do to protect the kurds? is there anything to do to push back on erdogan and the syrians and assad and the russians? >> you can't do anything because erdogan can't actually control the force that he's pushing into northern syria. you can't even distinguish between erdogan's fighters and isis because they will all look the same and they will be killing everyone. who do you actually target outside of getting solid intel on a high-value target, a senior isis leader? but the president will have a year to mitigate the ramifications of this decision ahead of the election. if he did this next year at this time, he wouldn't have time to recover before election day.
10:41 am
leland: already there's reports of the american forces bombing their own bases in a -- >> right. leland: doubtful they are going back to those. >> right. leland: appreciate it, michael. >> thanks for having me. molly: opening arguments this weekend in the first federal trial of the opioid epidemic. a big one to watch as monday looms. more details coming up.
10:42 am
10:43 am
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10:45 am
leland: the mayor of san juan puerto rico on the stage as we await bernie sanders, the democratic hopeful, back after his heart attack on the trail. and another progressive star, alexandria ocasio cortez there to announce bernie sanders for so long molly the question had been who will aoc endorse? and now we know. we will see what this does for sanders poll numbers. remember, he is third now, elizabeth warren has been surging. does this break bernie's polling
10:46 am
ceiling? molly: not a great surprise that aoc went in this direction. it will be fun to see what they have to say in a little while. leland: yep. molly: the first federal trial involving major companies involved in the opioid epidemic is set to start in ohio monday. this after state attorneys general and lawyers representing local governments failed to reach a settlement with drugmakers and distributors on friday. ohio based cardinal health one of the drug distributors being sued said in a statement the attorneys general and distributors reached common ground. we worked hard all day and into the evening to find a path forward for everyone. unfortunately, some parties to this litigation and their lawyers would not agree. leland: those parties asked for more and we dug deep. they would not accept our good-faith efforts. remember, north carolina's attorney general told the ap that local governments suing the drug companies rejected a deal that included 48 billion dollars in cash, treatment for opioid addiction and other services. the lead lawyer representing those local governments there
10:47 am
pushed back telling the ap that a major breakdown in the negotiations was the states request to control how much in the settlement it would be divided. we need a flowchart as well. >> if there is money, if they win in court, where does it go? how is it distributed? do the states get it? do the counties get it? that's one of the controversies >> some have already settled out of court with a couple of counties and then you have other states that are going through this, one drug manufacturer, one pharmacy will face two counties in ohio on october 21st. in another litigation lawsuit, there's one thing that is true out of all of this and we learned this from the tobacco litigation, the lawyers will get rich. molly: that's part of the controversy here in all of this going forward. the two counties we are talking about are in ohio. there was a long back and forth between the state attorneys general that wanted to see more of an effort to combine all of
10:48 am
this and this is where it's turned out today. some of those companies did reach the settlements. the ones we're talking about looking at monday, mckesson, corp., amerisource, card nell health, henry shine -- cardinal health, henry shine and the pharmacy walgreen's. that doesn't mean something could happen monday either. leland: or during trial. it will be confusing and somehow the lawyers will get their money. molly: yet this is one to watch because we will see if it sets a a standard, litmus test of sorts. leland: there we go. another thing we're watching that is sure to happen, we think, we're pretty sure. bernie sanders will take the stage at any moment. we will give you an update on the rally, the crowd size, when we come back. about to capture pf of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out.
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once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. molly: lots of political news out of washington this week. fox news analyst and media buzz host tells us what got covered and what got lost in the shuffle. >> the democrats held a debate this week, three hours on cnn and that's usually a huge deal for the media. but that story line vanished within hours as impeachment coverage dominated once again. journalists aired new details about giuliani under
10:53 am
investigation about bolton having called giuliani a hand grenade about ambassador sondland testifying he was disappointed that president trump told him to work with giuliani on ukraine and things kicked into high gear when acting chief of staff mulvaney said the president held up military aid to ukraine while telling him he wanted that country to investigate any interference in the 2016 campaign. when mulvaney walked back the admission, he accused the media of deciding to misconstrue my comments to advance a biased and political witch hunt against president trump. but his words were on tape. >> the white house fully admits to the ukraine quid pro quo, then tries to take it back and blame us for getting it wrong. >> so having made those disastrous remarks he is now trying to unsay what he said. >> this was catnip for the press. pelosi and her colleagues walking out of a meeting after trump called her a third rate politician. >> it was a meltdown. >> as the speaker and the president traded insults, one narrative took hold. >> trump's meltdown, democrats
10:54 am
walking out of a meeting after the president rails against them >> looking for a fight. when i saw those three come out to the cameras, i thought it was like the three stooges >> that meeting was about the violence in syria which drew heavy coverage because of republican opposition as did trump's move to hold the g-7 at his miami golf club. lawyers for the trump campaign today threatened to sue cnn, accusing the network of sustained barrage of unfair, unfounded, unethical and unlawful attacks. cnn called it a desperate pr stunt and such that it would face heavy odds if it is ever filed. molly? molly: more guests tomorrow of course. we will have more on the coverage of the impeachment inquiry tomorrow. that on media buzz 11:00 a.m. eastern. leland: live pictures once again. bernie sanders rally in new york. alexandria ocasio cortez coming to the stage shortly to talk about who she is endorsing for
10:55 am
president. probably no surprise that she -- there's the bernie sign up. we'll wait for aoc to take the stage and come back in a minute. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks. the warm-up acts continue. they've been at this for an hour or more now in long island city, new york. that's just outside of manhattan. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders comes
10:59 am
to the stage. they just now put the bernie sign on the podium and with him will be alexandria ocasio-cortez. the progressive star of congress and member of the squad and this is the bernie sanders for president national co-chair, nina turner talking, so this continues. allison barber on the ground said it was a huge crowd, in her words. this is an important moment for bernie. this is his rally back after his heart attack, so two weeks of recovery and at the debate he said he was going to prove to democratic voters that he had the stamina not only for the campaign trail, but also the white house by his vigor and his campaign schedule. molly: certainly potentially a big endorsement for him as well, alexandria ocasio-cortez gets a lot of attention. she knows you how to do that, young and popular as far as seen as the new standard in some
11:00 am
sense, being tied in with the ideology, so potentially something that could help bernie for a few days. he may get a little boost. certainly has everybody talking. leland: aoc brings bernie twitter and fund raising which is a powerful tool. we'll see you tomorrow. arthel: brexit on the brink, as the british parliament votes to delay a final decision, dealing another blow to prime minister boris johnson. it was a day of high drama and anticipation. the postponement ensure that's the future of britain is up in the air. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, thank you for joining us. i'm eric sean. can you figure this out? lawmakers withholding their support for the latest brexit deal as they gathered on a saturday for the first time in 37 years. parliament voting to delay a decision, yet again. the prime minister facing a deadline hours away from now to
11:01 am
ask the european union for even more time. ashley webster has been reportin


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