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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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free. nice. [applause] and today is my brother's birthday happy birthday elliot, miss you. [applause] that's all. thank joe, e ♪ >> welcome to waters world, i'm jesse waters. remembering what's really important that's the subject of tonight waters world elections are almost determined by one thing >> i think when you make that decision might be well to ask yourself -- are you better off than you were four years ago? >> to put it another way it is the economy stupid moody an lit haddic produces election model that is predicted every single presidential winner since 1980 except one moody release a prediction this week here's the headline. trump is on his way to on a easy
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win in 2020. now basedded on three different economic models, analysts predict trump will, quote, cruise victory three moldses will based on one how consumers feel if their financial situation, gains in the stock market. and unemployment rate, as you can see here, trump will win between 289 and 351 electoral votes remember he only needs to crack 270 so we could be looking at a trump landslide. let's break down why. the average middle class family is booming under president trump. under eight year of president bush, the average middle class families income only up 400 dollars. under eight year of president obama, the average middle class family income just went up 1,000. but after just two and a half years of president trump, the average middle class family income has gone up 5 ,000 dollar. those aren't crumbs nancy.
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and if you factor in the tax cuts they have got ton 6,000 raise. let's keep going. false stock markets are hitting record highs nasdaq and dow up all 30 to 40% since inauguration and if you go back to election day even more. check your 401(k)s and unemployment at a 50-year low coming in at just 3.5%. so here's what moody pretickets to look like that is a lot of red. the media is trying it best to ignore the great economy, the press is pushing russia and ukraine and impeachment and all of these other fake scandal, they wanted to press americans to make trump look like he's hanging off cliff had or something about to lose office. this is just noise tune it out. you know how you feel. don't let the left make you go crazy. they're the ones going crazy. just is look at them. they toilet lost it . and just wait until they lose
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again. here with reaction, founder of turning point usa charlie kirk host of get tammy brewings on fox nation, tammy bruce so what did you think about moody prediction? >> well i liked it right because it's true. but i would say that they have a -- there and i would warn everyone as well that it depends on enthusiasm every race depends on who is getting their people out. now in one hand democrats think they're going to ensue their base by being so negative and yet people don't go out to vote against things they go out to vote for things the democrats are not providing their base with anything to volt for unless you want to, you know, live in the dark ages again, and be cooking in some cave somewhere because you know there's no electricity. but nobody wants that. the fact is, though, the president and this is the same for the republicans i believe he'll be reelected but there needs to be expansion on mandate because you're right jesse this, they'll lose their minds when he's reelected, but when he wins
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the popular vote which they should strive to do and expand electoral numbers as well that's going to send a message to all of the unhinged that this is done, and that they need to just stop and start is living their live. >> campaign has to be beef up its second term platform charlie. speaking of enthusiasm you're out of a dallas rally earlier in the week was there enthusiasm there? >> jesse a little bit i'll tell you most people they've ever had many american airlines arena in dallas not to mention 20,000 plus people outside and look, the in thes pushing towards impeachment it started to make sense because they're seeing crowds, trump campaign sitting on 125 million dollars in cash. president trump raising double that of barack obama during this period of time. for his reelection campaign, they also see that model that shows that president trump should by all objective analysis
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should win election in 2020 so what do they have to slope down trump train they have to push forth only thing they have let in tool kit impeachment, and this is a really important point because if it was a fair fight president trump should win 300 plus electoral votes but it is not a fair fight. propaganda arm at the democrat party which is mainstream media, they're doing everything they can to delegitimatize but huge odds he has to overcome. >> you can see how angry they are look at tom arnold factor tweeted when president was tweeting about upcoming rally in dallas he gets on twitter and says don't get too cocky trader they show up for jfk too insinuating assassination and not only that you have the project james undercover videos at cnn look at one of the cnn field supervisors he's out here saying he hopes trump dies. roll that.
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>> not going to go away. ukraine thing. or just in general -- >> in general. it will go away when he die. >> explain the sickness with this fascination with the assassination. >> this is that's all they have, and this is what we've seen also historically so this is not a one off or unique it is not even about trump but the left and what they've done historically because they can't win people over because ideas are so bad that's why socialism in the left it is a dead failed ideology, and this is why. now in america, of course, thank goodness we've got freedom of expression we can have this conversation, and you know, charlie is right when it comes to enthusiasm another word month of fundraising of rnc of all things about that we can support trump he has a separate fundraising mechanism making record hauls but another fund raising record in september, the democrats jesse are in debt.
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that's right rnc has about 5500 million on hand they're down about 7 million dollar. not looking good but that's enthusiasm indicator but -- everybody needs to realize take nothing for graduated, though, show the world not just america but show the world the support that the the president has in this country. >> i thinking tammy the democrats like to kill their opponents. i want to -- right. i want to ask you about some video charlie because this hasn't been reported a lot this week. abc news got caught with some of the most egregious fake news propaganda i think i've ever seen on network television in a long time. look at what they reported that was coming out of syria. quote unquote -- >> this video right here appearing to show turkey military bombing civilianses in syrian border town the kurds who fought alongside u.s. against ice now report of atrocity committed by back fighters on very ally.
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so it turns out that was a gun range video from kentucky. not syria, kentucky, and it is two years old. charlie what do you think explains that type of mistake or would you even call it a mistake? >> well who was held accountable for that mistake we still don't know where people fired were people rep la commanded in the news agency they put forth they said well this was a mistake. but what was actually done to correct it? really interesting jesse this was a theme bonn the left team left adam shift makes up the phone call with president trump and ukrainian president as chairman of the house judiciary committee abc uses fake footage seems that facts are not enough to try to put further a that are tiff that trump should no longer be president instead of they have to fabricate thing and indulge in fiction and i can't believe that a major news agency at the highest level of trust to the american people that is
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responsible to line of communication putting forth alleged truth got away with that because you know jesus see the kind of scrutiny that it takes to get anything on television goes through copy editors, it impose through peer review processes and goes through producers. world news tonight and then it was on gma next morning so, i mean, that was just atrocious. >> we have biggest fabrication which was russia, speaking of fabrication exactly right. scott, tammy charlie got to go. great to see you both. percht thank you. everything is bigger in texas, and president trump delivered in dallas. taking on his democratic rivals one by one. watch. >> i don't think that guy has got a chance. sleepy joe i don't think he's got a chance. i thought pocahontas was gone lefts in ember got to give her credit those embers they kept going, going, going crooked hillary. crooked hillary -- where are those e-mails hillary remember the e-mails that -- 33,000 e-mails covering her --
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and her daughter's wedding. 33,000 that's a lot of e-mails for a wedding. and working out action the the president daughter-in-law and senior arizona for the trump 2020 campaign laura trump. so we were just talking before hand and i was telling you my theory and i like it. let me just draw this out on the audience here when usual lily politicians go negative, they go dirty. it can backfire when trump goes negative with the pocahontas and sleepy joe he does it in such a funny humorous way that it doesn't blow back on him and actually makes him look good. enpeople don't like all of the negative ads that we traditionally see i think with politicians he's not swres see as we know a traditional politician, and it is actually very unique the way he does this. this is charming in a way. and i think in ways not as
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offensive he gets his point across which we know he will. but he does have a very unique branding ability, and i think people actually really enjoy themselves when they hear this. >> in on the joke because they go and expect to hear sleepy joe rift of pocahontas a crooked hillary riff, and you know it is not like oh, man. that's a mean guy but poking fun. >> funny. biden not a great night the other night on cnn debate here's highlights as we like to call them low lights from sleepy swroa. [laughter] >> got moved, the to make sure that -- i like to hear used diminishes and why in god's name clipping coupons on stock market make, in fact, pay a lower tax rate than someone who, in fact, is -- like i said a school teacher and a firefighter? i would eliminate capital gains tax that -- i would raise the capital gain tax what is happening in iraq is going to --
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i mean, it is going to be in afghanistan he said i believe vladimir putin not our intelligence community. >> no. no -- what is clipping coupons in stock market mean? >> i would love to know. if i were a writer at "saturday night live," and we know that they're going down the tubes because they can't come up with any good material here's your good material do a whole skit on joe biden you know what we say in the south jesse is bless his heart. >> bless his heart piffle sorry for him actually. you do? >> it make you feel bad and cringe when he's talking like -- just get it out, joe. >> i feel bad for him not that bad. not bad enough. not as compassionate as you are lora but i feel a little bit bad. also -- the president in dallas the other day was talking about, you know, when i was debating my opponent in 2016 i had cruz marco rubio studs really good
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debate tores legendary debaters and tough. you watch people playing patty-cake up there on democratic field and trump is going to run through people and i wonder before we get to eventually matchup on debate stage between the president and democratic nominee take a little trip down memory lane to see how the president hooked on primary opponent. watch. >> you have not been willing to talk mr. trump in public but you did question his judgment. >> started off -- about you're moving over further and further pretty soon you're off the -- >> you hit my hand nobody has ever hit my hand look at those hands are they -- don't worry about it little marco i will. appear -- don't worry about it. don't worry about about it the marco. gentlemen. [laughter] all right so you remember when he debated hillary clinton and he had to be very presidential because, you know, there are people doubting whether he could be presidential, and he was. he was. now in 2020 when he had take on
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that nominee, i think he's just going to let it out. what do you think? >> i have to tell you i'm so excited to see doesn't matter by the way jesse who it is that he's going to debate because they're all terrible. i mean those democrat debates are putting everybody in my house to sleep which is great whenever i have a two-year-old and two month old, everybody is knocked right out. but it's going to be quite a show. he doesn't have to prove to be presidential anymore because we know he is the president and that's what really matters. he is going to have such a field day with whoever it is, sit back get your popcorn get the whole show ready to go because it is going to be quite, quite a thing. a late bedtime at your house. laura trump there she is. thank you. still ahead a cure for trump derangement syndrome we found it here on waters world. but first senator rand paul making a waters world debut. his reaction to the craziness he encountered on the view.
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a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. if you vote with in democrats ty will turn yiet into venezuela. do you think that's a fair statement to make? >> well if you vote for a socialist you might get socialism. come on don't do that. is not oles always a socialist
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but a corrupt murder thug who is starving his people. it is not true. sm that's not true. >> let me finish. >> not going to let you finish if you're going to say my daughter -- [inaudible conversations] a bunch of neighbor. don't -- >> speaking of waters world debut and senator kentucky the case against social pism you are not explaining anything to me. wow. >> so controversial to say that maduro was a thug and a social fist, and, in fact, that socialism seems to breathe thug that's one of the themes of the book hft 20th century you know people say we're going to have a great socialism it is going to be great but hitler not so good and stalin not so good and goes on and on, and that was point i was trying to make to her but hard to have a conversation because she would not let me talk. pfnl a lot of cross talk on the view and not do that here
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because i want you to explain to audience especially now that china is the news now say about china how they are now but decades ago murdering millions of people and he was a brutal socialist dictator. during the great famine in late 1950s said somewhere between 30 and 50 million people died. so there was one village with reports that the dogs, the bodies were lying in the streets and dog were eating the dead, and so the chinese are very official they sent a government official out there and wanted to know are true are dogs eating human bodies and official came back he said absolutely untrue. because they ate the dog long ago. >> god. that's happening in venezuela, they're eating their pets and like who could possibly think social pism is a good thing. >> we hear this from aoc even bernie sanders you know, real socialism we're not talking about venezuela. we're talking about the scanned
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skanked scandinavia and socialism. bernie couldn't get elected in denmark and there are the opposite, in fact, the the -- danish prime minister came out and said top bernie quit calling us socialist we're not socialist so first problem with the argument is most is private property private stock market, that economic index measure freedom and trade they score on like a top ten in world here's e big rub to raise corporate income taxes rejected to trump tax cut that lowered ours from 35% down to 21 and he wants to be like scandinavia at 21 for last 30 years so he really doesn't know what he actually wants but people should be alarmed because social pisms greatest association has been with yen side and famine for last hundred years or more. >> so yore saying they believe socialism is a slur. politically. >> absolutely they're afraid they don't hurt business.
11:22 pm
like bernie be quiet. we're not -- we're not a socialist nation. >> so one of the things we hear all of the time about green new deal people think that that is a trojan horse for socialism because the way that fight climate change happens to be using the exact same tools they use in socialism. >> in the book we actually quote several of the international authorities on climate change, and some of them are explicit they explicitly say it isn't about pollution it is about redistributing wealth from wealth countries two developing countries they admit that climate changing people admit that it is not about pollution it is about redistribution. >> so it is really something we with ought to be all aware of but also big lie throughout all of the left on this. they say oh we're going to do this and tax the rich. this is other thing we looked at looking at scandinavia paid stuff and they don't pay for it
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by attacking rich less than we tax rich but tax the heck out of the word class and that's where real money is if you want free stuff that aoc is offering you can have it in america but the working class will pay massive tack and so will the middle class. >> that's why liz warren won't admit to raise tax on middle class to pay for socialized health care, the president is framing 2020 as capitalism versus socialism venezuela versus united states of america when other side like you said is giving out all of this free stuff how do you think strategically you win that argument? >> i think that ultimately a lot of people don't realize what social pism is. they think they get a kind her gentler socialism and oh it is about fairness that's why they need to be reminded of the history had of socialism and be remind of there's no world example, because they're pointing to skanked nivea and has many polls that bernie octobers to i think facts are
11:24 pm
important all along people have been, you know, sort of ignoring saying well sweden socialism and they're all rich and live forever and have no info mortality truth is nair not socialist and heading away from it and 30 countries have center right governments so reallying nothing that they're saying true. the truth should matter, the facts should matter and our book you know the case against socialism is about bringing facts out. >> case against socialism it is out there rand paul the favorite guy the view has ever met. [laughter] all right thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks. coming up john goes undercover as a homeless person. he's here to tell us what he found out. and later -- liberals take their rage out on donald trump within waters world was documenting the whole thing. he got to see this.
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♪ snots hunter biden breaking a silence this week on dealings with ukraine former vp son admitting he may have only gotten job because of his dad. >> it's your last name wasn't bide do you think he would have been asked to be on board of burisma? >> i don't know. i don't know. probably not. i don't care there's a lot of things that would have happened
11:30 pm
in my life that if my last name wasn't biden -- >> joining me now with reaction ceo of the microworks foundation, and author of the new book the way i heard it. mike row. thoughtful look on the the cover there. i've been thinking a lot about stuff. you're wearing same shirt as hunt per biden too. only shirt i have. i don't know what that means so reason i played you this is because rest of the country sees guy is dad is the vice president, the only reason he's getting these curby gigs is because of his dad. how do you think the rest of the country sees this when hunter 50,000 a month is sit on board all he's doing is sitting? >> honestly i think -- i think there's something in this story that every single family understands. it is just on steroids in this case. this is a big curby gig and so even is paying attention. but i literally just wrote a story about the time i got
11:31 pm
suspended from high school for throwing a smoke bomb in a teach's classroom who was making fun of a kidded with a stutter i was only in 8th grade it seemed like only sensible thing to do. now my father went in on my behalf now my dad was a public school teacher and he knew administrator and pulled string and i watch this story -- and i think in relative terms, i've been there. like without the money. but maybe your dad is the coach of the baseball team, everybody somewhere has their thumb on some kind of scale. >> i have a story to one up that. i was in 8th grade and i was picking on the new kid and i was throwing marbles at his head and he came up afterwards and threw it right smack in my head and i punched him and my father happen to be the principal of the school. and i got suspended. >> there you go. i got suspended maybe i should have been kicked out. that's called the shrink call that the reverse halo effect. right and you think --
11:32 pm
fnght i got it worse because you have it better. so your dad had to keep off the appearances best dynamic seems to be absent in this story. >> also, conspicuously absent in democrat primary is the belief in capitalism. now bernie sanders is criticizing liz warren for being a capitalist. watch. >> elizabeth considers herself if i got the correctly to be a capitalist i don't. and reason i'm not is because i will not tolerate for one second the kind of greed and corruption and income and wealthy in equality and so much suffering that is going on in this country today which is unnecessary. capitalism is a slur now. >> that word. bad word don't say that. very bad i guess i don't know -- i actually truly don't know what to say if that. except that one definition of insanity has something to do request entering at time where nothing means what it used to mean. and all words are subject to
11:33 pm
some kind of review. and so i don't -- well columbus day they don't like that anymore it is indigenous peoples day. >> canceled culture? >> are we actually going to call that, cancel capitalism? >> cancel capitalism? i thinks that's going to put a lot of people out of work. not you, though. got a big new book mike roe, the way i heard it one of the interesting thing about book that i didn't know when you were doing dirty job you didn't want it to succeed. why not? >> well my business model many those days was -- based on controlled failure. so i was -- >> what does that mean? >> well in hollywood everybody is swinging for fences all of the time i learned a long time ago that you can win with singles but trick is not to get with the hit. the trick is to be able to work whenever you want to work take your retirement early installment so i happen to be a pretty good auditioner after three years at qvc i have a good tool box in early 90s to get
11:34 pm
hired to do all kinds of things now these weren't great thing and these were not i look for projects that were so poorly conceived and so hopelessly doomed that no amount of luck or talent could possibly salvage them i would attach myself to these -- do the best work picked -- and there shall assure that i would get hired later but not get encumber dirty jobs was a miscalculation. it was a real hit for many, many years i think i met with dick clark and joan river and they have great advice for you what did they tell you ?fnlg well book is about the advice i've gotten accidentally from people who i bumped into. dick clark actually dick clark told i hosted a game show 40 episodes of awful thing called -- no relation for fx network and dick walked out after the first episode everything you did instinctively is terrific. except that one thing you said at the very top which was
11:35 pm
horrible. >> what did you say? i said hi everybody i'm mike roe and this is no regulation. he said mike, well you're on tv you don't talk to everybody. you think you're broadcasting and, of course, you are. but when you're staying at home you don't want to think of yourself as one of the masses. don't say everybody. just say hi. i'm l dick clark and i said dick that's crazy i'm mike roe i can't tell you i'm dick clark don't sac me son. >> but i'll never say everybody again. >> just say hey, how are you hey this is my world. >> there it is. everybody -- no wait -- not everybody. you -- buy the book. all right gentle viewer. there it is mike roe everybody. thank you, you -- i mean you. just the the one book. got to. thank you. any time. coming up, we finally found a cure for trump derangement syndrome. you've got to see what we did with these liberals.
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but up next john goes undercover as a homeless person here in noshing. he's here to tell us what happened.
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>> a brutal attack in chinatown four homeless had men beaten to death in their sleep. >> arrested and himself homeless after the murder spree npgd stepped up patrol as well as outreach says commissioner james o'neal. >> we have the homeless outreach unit they're out making contacts offering services. >> crisis is not just an issue in new york city. it is a growing epidemic nationwide with no end in sight. in fact, residents of san francisco have resorted to putting up bolders and walls along their properties to prevent homeless from catching out there. i thought people in san francisco didn't like wallets.
11:41 pm
but, of course, a lot of this is driven by addicts and mental illness but some people just don't want to work. something john got a taste of a few years back when he went undercover as a homeless person here in new york. watch. >> thank you so much, sir. this banker collected $8 in less than an hour. past minimum wage. help me, ma'am. that's me with a beard. >> thank you. ♪ since people wouldn't give john money i hired this makeup art fist to transform me into a beggar. she glued a beard to my face and i put on old clothing. you're ready to free load? >> new john. i hit streets and started begging. i didn't want to get in anyone's face so i didn't beg aggressively but sat on the sidewalk a first i tried basic homeless and cold anything will help sign. >> little help it worked. a little bit --
11:42 pm
>> this woman gave me food -- >> oh, thank you very much. food -- i even got offered a cigarette. >> no thank you. this man gave me some change and a job offer. >> if you're looking for a little work i need somebody to hand out flyers if you're around i'll see you tomorrow, and -- >> here? >> thank you . after half an hour i switched to this sign. >> i get a beer? >> i had seen beggars trying this more honest or you might say funny approach i didn't think anyone would give this guy money. but i was wrong. >> thank you. >> my beard is -- >> yeah, thank you and made just as much money with beer sign as i did with my cold and homeless sign. some people wanted to take my picture. >> funny as hell can i have a picture with you? >> my girlfriend says that's had too cute. >> hey -- there you go. >> you get it? >> got a crack -- we caught up with people who gave me money.
11:43 pm
gave them their money back and asked them why did you give? >> kind of cold outside and cold myself so i'm thinking about -- that guy looked pretty needy -- i suppose. i begged for an hour, but i did well. if i did this for eight hour day would have made 09 bucks, 10,000 for a year. tax free -- john join me now . how about that beard -- that looked good on you. >> okay. didn't feel good or like like it scratch ji probably right? >> right. what was your impression of the generosity that you saw out there about on streets? >> people want to help people and sad because it is almost all of this scam, and i've tested this in the past, and denver where the thing was to hold real world for food signs. i offered jobs. to 19 people that said they would work for food, and only one guy showed up admitted he was an alcoholic and other 18
11:44 pm
didn't. so a lot of people don't really want to work and we know there's a lot of addiction on streets. we know there's a lot of people with mental health issues. do you think certain policies are driving homeless epidemic and what do you think it those are? >> if you have a tolerance for addiction and not clampling down san francisco gives so-called homeless people a end and will offer theme guarantee 15 a dollar an hour job. and -- you know, people that are more homeless than california because it is warm but there aren't that many in san diego, it is the government and l.a. -- san francisco, further north, seattle, and portland. that's interesting. because there's different policies in san diego, and there's a very i think forgiving or almost encouraging type of policy in san francisco. where there's more homeless people, when they get the bus tickets or they get handout do they ever go and get the job
11:45 pm
that they've been offered? >> i did a video on this for new tv we did not follow-up with that. but you're right. i should have. [laughter] okay. so we've seen skid row, i mean, people are predicting plague potentially in skid row you've been in san francisco recently is it going to get worse before it gets better? >> one difficulty you say it is a lot of drug addiction, and mental 98ness and it is, but some of it is just people can't afford apartments, and they don't allow you to build much in california. because of the endless regulations and environmental rules so that makes it tougher. >> okay. so it look hads like a lot of government polls are encourageing this. and any advice for california? [laughter] >> it is so nice there. for that yeah don't be so indulgent of people there's a public square we have a right to be and cruel to tell people you can't sleep on the street but
11:46 pm
when they abuse other people as many of these people do, they ought to be locked up. you saw that here in new york. all right sometimes -- compassion is tough love. and i think that's what they need to do out there. all right john without the beard, there he is. check out his leat p latest san francisco special all right we found a cure for trump derangement syndrome we found it. watch after the break.
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donald j. trump is now president of the yiet. united states. [applause] [booing] donald trump how his trump changed your life so far? [bleep] >> is that it? >> yeah. president trump literally driving democrats crazy, they're spitting, screaming, shoving, they're even throwing punches. so we wanted to help them out with their anger issues so we
11:51 pm
sent political commentators kelly to a rage room called break bar. home of the wrecking club, you know, just to work through their trump derangement syndrome. watch. ♪ what make you mad? >> our president. the president and his tweets in the morning. sm that's what he's doing to our environment all of his constant lie dividing our country not uniting our country. we need a change in the president. >> mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. >> need a rage? >> let's go. ♪ from day one, this president has taken the country to a place i've never thought it could be taken to. every day trump changes his opinion he's constantly aligned. >> are you talking to me? >> logical trauma on the country as well as me because i don't know what is going to happen in the morning when i wake up. he's a huge narcissist. a bully. all about himself. a liar. hater. divider.
11:52 pm
not the president. donald trump is not a nice person. okay. donald trump is a very nice person. ♪ we got a couple of rules of engagement keep an eye on each other when you're swinging make sure you're not in rage of each other break electronics, dishes dling went with children and now doing with themselves. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] a new president. you feel better about politics? >> a lot of better about politics. people better about about trump now? >> no. [laughter]
11:53 pm
i don't think i'll be better until he's out of office. recommend for anybody upset to let out some anxiety absolutely. >> beto is frustrated he's being like worrying a lot. beto come here. [inaudible conversations] you guys -- >> anthony and kelly join me now and they want to bring sledgehammer on set is i said no. absolutely not. so do you feel better now that you've taken out your rage? >> a little bit. a little bit. allowed me to feel better when we have a vote next year in 2020. >> you could feel worse and sending you another rage room after the election what do you feel now that you've smashed things? >> piffle better. but i basically. the change as time for a change in our president. someone that doesn't divide us but unites us. >> when you're smashing things what were those things a hard drive or hillary is that what hillary did to her hard drive a printer, were you picturing
11:54 pm
president or like letting loose when you were swinging it? >> letting outs steam or frustration of what's happening to our country. >> okay. what about you was there any therapeutic value at all in this? >> i think it was. i think, and i wouldn't, obviously, don't want to have the picture of the president face on -- no not that. but some of his policies and tweet i wish i could do that to his computer in the morning. >> what is the policy or thing about the president make you the most angry? >> well like i said it is just these tweets in the morning. and i don't know what he's going to tweet out in the morning and i want to wake up to have this normal day. >> so you wake up look at your phone trump says something, and you just fly off the handle. is that how you feel? >> i feel it is the environment -- it is not a hoax. there is global warming. and we need to do something for future generations of our country. >> all right so you're angry about the environment. besides a lot of other things yes that's one of them. >> okay. all right. guys i'm nervous now. next time i see you i see what
11:55 pm
you're capable of. [laughter] all right. all right we have a little fun thanks guy, and a big thank you to break bar. for this hour about derangement syndrome pup next big news about waters world man on the streets segment. stick around for that.
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>> time for last call. a new batch of "watters world" is available on fox nation. here is a sneak peek. >> who is the vice president of the united states. >> mike -- >> mike pence. >> just now. >> to see the complete sixth season of the classic "watters
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world" center for fox nation today at that is all, follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter, justice with judge jeannie is next. remember waters and this is my world. ♪. jeanine: hello and welcome to justice. thank you to much for being with us tonight and thank you for keeping our street going in macon last week show number one all weekend long. in the little house from last week's special guest president donald trump. tonight we have trump organization executive vice president eric trump to talk 2020 impeachment madness and more push senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham, and jim jordan, what a lineup. first my (♪
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