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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  October 21, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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obviously being the mother to a new baby. >> dana: fascinating interview. thank you, jonathan hunt. we will continue to follow that. not easy to be the public eye. see you on "the five." here is trace >> trace: one syrian saying about u.s. troopsg america's running away. our nation's one-time ally. calling american troops treaters but leaving them to defend for themselves. police say he confessed to murdering college student molly tibbett. all of that evidence could now get tossed out on a technicali technicality. and with an accused killer walking free. medical mystery. some folks who went to a state fair suddenly sick. several are dead. health officials saying it's not something they eat but an invisible killer in the air.
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i am trace gallagher and the news starts now. the pentagon planning to keep some u.s. troops in northeastern syria to protect oilfields from isis terrorists and the kurdish military leader tells fox news turkey is continuing to attack in violation of a cease-fire. all this is hundreds of u.s. troops are making their way from syria into neighboring iraq after president trump order their withdrawal. the kurds, the main allies in the fight against isis, calling it a betrayal. kurdish professors pelting u.s. army vehicles with shoes, rocks, rotten fruit. president trump repeated his call to bring u.s. troops home from syria. more on that in a moment but first defense secretary defense secretary mark esper said the majority of american troops in northeastern syria would be going to western iraq, not returning home.
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lucas tomlinson reporting live from the pentagon. >> president trump says he's under no obligation to protect the syrian kurds. earlier today in afghanistan his defense secretary doubled down. >> we had no obligation if you will to defend the kurds against a long-standing nato ally. to enable the establishment of an autonomous kurdish state. that's the aim of many kurds. >> defense secretary esper said not all troops would be leaving syria. someone remained behind to guard valuable oilfields to keep them from falling into isis, syrian regime for iranian hands. he said the plan still needs president trump's approval. >> our forces will remain in the towns that are located near the oil fields. the purpose of those forces, a purpose of those forces, working with the sdf, is to deny access
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to those oilfields by isis and others who may benefit from their revenues that could be earned. i've made no decisions. >> sunday the top kurdish general, syrian democratic forces in the main u.s. ally against isis, told jennifer griffin that turkey has violated the cease-fire negotiated by vice president pence last week. and that ethnic cleansing continues. saying that hundreds of kurds of guilt and up to 400,000 displaced. turkey calls them terrorists. >> trace: when does the u.s. negotiate the cease-fire -- when does the cease-fire and met? >> it ends when your show begins tomorrow at three eastern. kurdish fighters have not left their talents and posts if they have not left turkey's border. a large-scale fighting resume according to turkey's defense ministry the cease-fire gives most u.s. troops time to leave. some of the roughly u.s. armored vehicles leaving were met by kurdish protesters.
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angry for what they call betrayal by president trump. depending on, some of the so-called mercenaries have carried out war crimes. the kurds also say some of their homes have been looted. tomorrow, turkey's president air travel to russia to meet president putin. >> trace: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. the hope being temporary cease-fire would become permanent. thank you. will keep monitoring the situation in iraq. steve harrigan is on the ground. in the capital of the country's kurdish region pin will have a live report later in the hour. during a cabinet meeting at the white house this afternoon, president trump defended his decision to pull some u.s. troops out of syria, saying we never agreed to protect the kurds for the rest of their lives. kristin fisher reporting live from the white house. >> president trump joe said that the cease-fire between the turks and kurds is holding. you heard from lucas tomlinson that a top kurdish general told fox news that the cease-fire is not holding, that the turkish
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military is continuing to attack the kurds. that general asked president trump to reconsider but today, about two hours ago, president trump duggan. >> we never agreed to attack the kurds for the rest of their lives. where is the agreement and said we have to stay in the middle east for the rest of humanity, for the rest of civilization. to protect the kurds. it never said that. we have protected them. >> and asked if president trump might support leaving a small number of u.s. troops in the area, in the region, president trump said he did not think that that was necessary other than "to secure the oil." >> trace: the president talked about his decision not to hold next year's g7 summit at his golf club in florida. >> yes, he says he decided that this would be the place for the g7 summit because he thought it was simply the best location for it. he said that it's right by the airport. it has a really big meeting room.
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room. he is pulling the plug among five herbs and criticism that he was trying to profit off the presidency. >> you don't think i get enough promotion? i get more promotion than any human being that's ever lived. i think i get. i think i would have that -- i think i can say that fairly safely. i think i get more promotion than any human being that's ever lived. some good, some bad. people that like me give me only good. the people that don't like me give me only band that's the way life is. i don't need promotion. i don't need promotion. but i was willing to do this for free. it would've been the greatest g7 ever. >> so the white house is out looking for a new location. the president has floated camp david is a possibility but i think the only thing that is for sure is that it will not be held at a trump property. >> trace: that looks like it's set in stone. kristin fisher live on the north long.
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>> trace: four parents charged with the college admissions candle due in court today. thethey are all officially enteg pleas after deciding to change them from not guilty to guilty. like actors lori loughlin, the parents are not only facing fraud charges but also money laundering. it's possible there cases will shed some light on the punishments laurie and her husband mossimo giannulli might face red molly line is live at e courthouse in boston. >> breaking this afternoon we have new word that there is another defendant in the case that will also enter a guilty
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plea. former president of a private tennis academy in texas will also plead guilty admitting his roll in the college admissions scandal. his name is martin fox of houston, texas. he will plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit racketeering after striking a deal with the government. fox acted as essentially a go-between. prosecutors report he pocketed $200,000 after linking the mastermind of the scheme, rick singer, two coaches at the university of texas and the university of san diego. they had also accepted bribes to help students gain admission. no hearing for him scheduled yet. very busy day in federal court as these four parents who had initially pleaded not guilty way back in april faced a judge today admitting their guilt and their role. these moms and dads did not make a deal with the prosecutor's. they faced two conspiracy counts, one related to fraud and one related to money laundering. michelle janavs, she changed her
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plead guilty. prosecutors say she agreed to page $400,000 to facilitate her son's admission to georgetown. first up this morning to change his plea, douglas hodge of laguna beach, california. former ceo of pimco, the massive international investment firm. court documents show hodge agreed to pay more than $500,000 to get his daughter and son into usc as athletic recruits. married couple elizabeth and manuel henriquez entered guilty pleas as well pay he's the cofounder of hercules capital. he has stepped down from leadership roles for that couple extra page $400,000 to visit plate cheating both admissions tests for two donors and also bribing a tennis coach to gain admittance for one of the teens at georgetown university. manuel's hearing just wrapped up. he was very emotional. elizabeth is slated to appear at 4:00 this afternoon. trace. >> trace: you can bet lori loughlin is watching this closely. molly line live in boston, thank you.
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the three biggest drug distributors in the u.s. reaching a last-minute settlement in the lawsuit over the nation's opioid crisis. they'll have to pay a total of more than $200 million. an israeli based drugmaker contributing some cash and a supply of suboxone, drug used to treat opiate addiction. the case involved two ohio counties. the state has nearly the highest rate of deaths from opioid overdoses, second only to west virginia. since 1999, more than 700,000 people have died from overdoses involving any opioid including prescription and illegal drugs. get ready for more impeachment inquiry action on capitol hill. we will show you the witnesses to watch and why one official is calling the whole thing a sham. plus, death at the state fair. the silent killer that's apparently caused four deaths so far. more could be coming. from the journalists at fox news, this is "fox news
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breaking news out of southern california. a wild fire alert. live pictures from los angeles where a brush fire is keeping closer and closer to home. pacific palisades. it is between brentwood and malibu. we are told the huge plume of smoke, talking about 30 acres right now. the burning come you can see the helicopter dropping. we saw an air unit coming in dropping retardant. these are multi-million-dollar homes. you can see the homes. we are talking about people like hillary swank, dan quoted, they live in that area. so far there are no reports of any homes being damaged but as you might imagine, they are getting their people out of there. i'm not sure the evacuation order is mandatory but it
12:20 pm
certainly in progress. getting people out of there. it's the in the mid to high 80s in southern california right now. you've got these dry santa ana winds. instead of coming off the ocean which is very close to pacific palisades, they are coming off the desert and it fuels the dry area. high of 91, i take that back. it's one of those situations where there was so much rain last winter in southern california that you had all the brush that grows and then it dries out for the better part of four or five months and all will of the brush you can see me there becomes very volatile fuel. 30 acres, not big but when you have the santa ana winds that can catch very quickly and this thing could become a monster. right now you see firefighters trying to fend off -- there's a wide view and you can see the helicopters right there. trying to fend off the smoke and flames from the homes that are up above kind of on the cliffs overlooking the ocean over the there. this fight will clearly go on
12:21 pm
throughout the next two or three days because they are expecting temperatures out there to remain in the high 80s, lower 90s, expecting winds to pick up in the later part of the afternoon and evening and that means you will have the red flag warnings out there and you will have some fire danger. no word yet by the way of pg and he is shutting down power to do anybody in southern california. big controversy because of pg and ee is one of the companies that because of their power lines were down, they cost some of the most massive fires in recent california history so their new policy is they just shut the power lines down when there are red flag warnings around southern california. we will keep you up to speed on this as we get more information. more witnesses heading to the impeachment inquiry. it starts with acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor. he exchanged text messages with european union investor gordon
12:22 pm
sondland about with withholding military assistance to ukraine. mike emanuel reporting live. >> good afternoon. more action in the impeachment inquiry starting tomorrow. bill taylor, acting ambassador to ukraine, scheduled to appear tomorrow morning and laura cooper from the pentagon who has an expertise in ukraine expected to give a deposition later this week. others are likely to be rescheduled due to over up memorial service for elijah cummings for top republicans continue venting their frustration with house intelligence chairman adam schiff are doing this all behind closed doors without a more formalized process president trump took this swipe. >> was there an informant? maybe the informant was schiff. in my opinion it's possibly schiff. why did he say he met with the whistle-blower? he knew all about the whistle-blower. why didn't he say? he's a crooked politician. >> after a career state department official told lawmakers he was concerned in early 2015 about then
12:23 pm
vice president joe biden's son hunter serving on the part of the ukrainian energy company but was turned away by a biden staffer. former vp supports are on defense. >> let's be clear. everyone who's looked at the facts of the allegations has concluded that joe biden did nothing wrong. he was carrying out the policy of the obama administration. >> senator coons insist there is no comparison. >> trace: what about the effort to censure adam schiff? >> it has strong republican support paid 182 cosponsors and leading the charge is arizona republican andy biggs. >> i want to make sure the american people understand what adam schiff is doing is not the normal way you conduct an impeachment inquiry. if this were impeachment inquiry. the second thing is it lets mr. schiff know how disappointed we are and thirdly i would say gives the democrats an opportunity to show the american
12:24 pm
people where they are in due process. >> key democrats as we will concern really trying to change the subject. >> there is no way for the republicans to defend the actions of the president. what the chief of staff mick mulvaney said, there's no way for them to defend that behavior. as a result, what they are doing as they are attacking the process. >> democrats and the majority and how should be able to defeat this effort. trace. mike emanuel live on capitol hill. thank you. breaking news now, let's get to the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell talking about democrats favoring impeachment over getting work done in the house. let's watch. >> the american leadership all around the world. once again actions speak louder and thus far are democratic colleagues might've been willing to get past partisanship for the sake of jobs, funding our military. this week we offer the democratic colleagues for test.
12:25 pm
are the declarations they are willing to work on important legislation or just empty talk. or will senate democrats finally do their part to move the appropriations process forward? soon we will vote on advancing a package of domestic funding legislation. as i said last week, i'm grateful to chairman shelby and senator leahy for their continued conversations and hopefully they can produce the substitute amendment that will fund urgent domestic priorities. once we conclude the work, we will vote to move forward to funding for our national defen defense. two big votes. two big votes, mr. president. two big opportunities. our democratic friends to show whether the impeachment of session leaves them any room for the pressing business of the american people. >> trace: we will keep watching.
12:26 pm
mitch mcconnell saint democrats have opportunities to vote, one on trade and the other on funding the military. taking a swipe at them for spending their time on the impeachment inquiry inside of what he categorizes as the important work. back to mcconnell if he makes news. congresswoman tulsi gabbard campaigning in irc host the 2020 town hall. it's a new poll among first in the nation caucus goers shows her near the bottom. controversy over the weekend getting her some new attention. it's starting with former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton who suggested tulsi gabbard is moscow's preferred candidate. >> they are going to do third party. not making any predictions but i think they've got their eye on somebody who is currently in the democratic primary. they are grooming her to be the third party candidate. she's a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. >> trace: clayton did not
12:27 pm
mention tulsi gabbard by name but a spokesman later pretty much confirmed that's who she was talking about. clarified her comments to "the new york times" saying clinton meant republicans, not russians are grooming gabbard for a third-party run for the congressman says clinton and the powerful elite are going after her. peter doocy reporting live and des moines, iowa. >> hillary clinton still has not entered the democratic primary race which tulsi gabbard dared her to do after this all started late on friday. tulsi gabbard is still pressing on using very sharp language to criticize clinton for this unproven accusation that anybody could have inappropriate influence over her. >> if they can falsely portray me as a traitor, that they can do to anyone. in fact, that's exactly the message they want to get across to you. if you stand up against hillary and the party power brokers, if you stand up to the rich and
12:28 pm
powerful elite and the war machine, they will destroy you and discredit your message. >> at the heart of clinton's accusation is that if gabbard leaves the democratic primary process to run as a third-party candidate, it would sap votes away from democrats and help trump. gabbard insists that's not going to happen. >> ever consider running as a third-party candidate? >> i have set over and over the answer is no. i encourage you to look at what i've already said. >> clinton claims her concern is gabbard could help trump but president trump said this afternoon he thinks the whole episode helps gabbard. >> trace: peter doocy live in des moines. thank you. four people have died from an outbreak linked to a hot tub display at a state fair. health officials say almost 150 others got sick from legionnaires' disease. that's a serious time of the pneumonia caused a specific type of bacteria.
12:29 pm
they link the illnesses to a hot tub display at the north carolina mountain state fair last month and fletcher. it's about 100 miles west of charlotte. the officials ran some tests on the hot toed display and they came back negative but they say they conducted those tests two to three weeks after the fair and a ended per jonathan serrie reporting live. >> north carolina public health officials began their investigation when they noticed an uptick in legionnaires cases in two counties in the mountainous western part of the state. they found that the people at highest risk had spent prolonged periods of time and an indoor exposition center at the fair that featured several hot tubs. it's suspected they inhaled airborne water droplets from the tubs that were apparently contaminated with legionella bacteria. >> it likes moist, wet locations. so hot tubs, any kind of fountain displays, air
12:30 pm
conditioning, cooling towers. they have all been implicated in the past as sources of the legionnaires' disease bacteria. >> legionella bacteria also causes a milder flu-like illness called pontiac fever which affected eight patients but 1003 people acquired the much more serious legionnaires' disease. that makes for a total of 141 people sick from this outbreak. 94 required hospitalization. four have died. neither legionnaires' disease nor pontiac fever are contagious. once you eliminate the source of contamination, it stops spreading pretty stop having cases. the outbreak ends. that's what public health officials believe has not happened in this case paid >> trace: a bit of good news. jonathan serrie, live in atlanta, home of the cdc. thank you. canadian perimeter justin trudeau fighting to stay in power as voters head to the polls. analysts say the race is too close to call.
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>> trace: elections could make history today. justin trudeau may become the first prime minister in more than 80 years to lose a reelection race. he has a majority in parliament. trudeau recently apologized for wearing black face in the past but he also got an unprecedented endorsement from former american president barack obama. british prime minister boris johnson trying to keep his promise to leave the european union by halloween. he already lost a vote today in parliament and bylaw, he had to ask the e.u. for a three-month
12:36 pm
extension of the divorce deadline even though he says he personally opposes a delay. protesters hitting the streets again today after a violent night in chile. officials say at least 11 people have died and dozens more are hurt. airlines now canceling or rescheduling flights to the capital of santiago. the president scrapping plans for a subway fare hike that triggered the demonstration. he says he will also work on reducing inequality in the country. updating fox top stories, u.s. defense official confirming to fox news that all armored vehicles evacuating northeast area in a convoy have arrived in iraq. this as turkish forces continue to attack our allies in syria. the kurdish fighters despite a cease-fire. steve harrigan is live person iraq. >> it was an early start for several hundred u.s. forces. the u.s. armored vehicles of
12:37 pm
entered iraq as they were pulling out of syria, unfortunate, between the u.s. courses in kurdish civilians. some convoy, others picking up potatoes and rocks, throwing them at the u.s. military vehicles. there's a sense here among the kurds that they are being betrayed and people are being warned by the kurdish military leadership that there could be ethnic cleansing and potential slaughter ahead if the turkish military continues to advance. >> trace: day four of this but still fighting going on. >> that's right. it all could change on tuesday. tuesday night is the deadline given by president to one. we heard a warning from the foreign minister that left all kurdish forces are pulled out of the enormous buffer zone along the border. this military offensive will continue. some staggering numbers come as many as 500 people killed, 400,000 people displaced. we could see some movement on the diplomatic front tomorrow.
12:38 pm
that's when everyone goes to sochi russia to meet with russian president putin. back to you. >> trace: any chance this diplomatic pressure might extend the cease-fire a little bit or as a kind of a make or break situation as you understand it? >> i think it's certainly possible. keep in mind russia has now large influence in the area. their troops are actually on patrol in between the two forces. air to one, going to putin, we could see a stronger deal, stror cease-fire as early as tomorrow. stephen steve harrigan live in iraq. thank you. prince harry and meghan set to travel with their baby to the united states for thanksgiving. this comes after the duchess of sussex gave an emotional interview for an upcoming documentary saying she feels like she's been existing, not living. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reporting live. >> in the documentary, the
12:39 pm
duchess meghan markle revealed the emotional toll of her life in the royal family is taking. she is a new roil. she is a new wife, she has a new baby. all of that apparently contributing to the pressure. >> especially as a woman commits a lot. so you add this on top of just trying to be a new mom or trying to be a newlywed. i guess, and thank you for asking because not many people have asked if i'm okay. it's a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. >> and the answer is, what it be fair to say, not really okay? it's really been a struggle. >> yes. >> certainly echoes of harry's mother, diana, they are in the sense that the duchess appears to feel under the microscope and hounded by the british press. >> trace: what about
12:40 pm
prince harry? what's he saying, jonathan? >> interestingly, not just looking at harry in this documentary but also listening to them, to him, shot largely on a trip by the royals to africa. a trip in which the spirit of diana seemed to be everywhere with prince harry taking on many similar charitable causes that meant so much to diana and now apparently feeling the need to escape to the u.s. where diana was always sent to feel more free, more able to breathe, to get a little distance from the paparazzi in the tabloids that harry has previously said contributed to his mother's death in 1997. he said in this documentary in fact, that that's a wound that festers for him. now i know all of our viewers are going to be wondering, she's not got time for this. millions of dollars, dozens of palaces, maybe you should quit
12:41 pm
whining and enjoy being a royal. >> trace: mom has got a point. jonathan hunt, thinking. missing since 2017, three children who vanish from missouri, found in texas. their mother accused of taking them. plus, why some information from a man accused of killing university of iowa student mollie tibbets is now in question. ks i can get. line? liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> trace: investigators found three missing kids in texas two years after their mother allegedly abducted them from missouri. according to the u.s. marshals office. investigators say they found the kids in arlington about 500 miles from where they went missing. the marshal's office reports all the kids were under the age of eight when they disappeared. mike tobin reporting live from the midwest newsroom. >> mother and three kids were on the run for two years almost to the day. the center for missing and exploited children saying that the kids disappeared october 28, 2017. the youngest was a year old at the time. daniel and david were seven and 5 years old. sean rodriguez, the mother, was picked up in arlington, texas. she is in the custody of u.s.
12:46 pm
marshals. investigators thought she would take the kids and flee to california but in august a warrant was issued for her arrest on the charge of parental kidnapping. investigators starting to develop information that she was in the dallas-fort worth area. that's exactly where they found her on thursday. the kids are in the care of a department of family and protective services. >> officials thing where the kids are not back with their father? >> the father was awarded sole custody of the kids this year but a spokesperson for the u.s. marshall says this type of meaning can be traumatic for the kids. the little girl, she was 1-year-old and she was whisked away from her home so she may not be that familiar with their father. they want to do these things gradually. >> trace: mike tobin in chicago. thank you. lawyers for the man accused of killing university of iowa student mollie tibbets while she was out for a run are fighting to throw out his confession for that's according to "the des moines register" citing new court documents. the newspaper reports the
12:47 pm
suspect's lawyer will argue that police did not properly read this suspect his miranda rights during his arrest. cops say christian but say cristhian bahena rivera confessed to murdering mollie tibbets and then took them to the cornfield where he buried her but his lawyers say it wasn't until right before they located her body that officers correctly read him his rights. they are arguing everything he said before that should be thrown out as evidence. he has pleaded not guilty. former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney, so what they are saying is, they didn't say what you say can be held against you. >> right, and in a case like this, so much tension, talking about a small town. they should have enlisted aid for more senior people, more experienced people and they had a potential suspect because it seems clear and the prosecutors have conceded that they didn't properly mirandized him. they are seeking to use the
12:48 pm
statement. >> trace: at 11:30 he confesses in an overnight come in the morning, he takes them to the body and then he is mirandized. everything that happens before that, prosecutors are saying we will allow it to be taken out but we are still going to be able to use it against him. explain it. >> what they are saying is, it gets complicated. fourth amendment law. they are saying they're going to make some arguments such as inevitable discovery, that they will not use his statements but they would have found the body anyway. if he takes the stand and says something differently, then the statements will come in. what is lawyers are trying to do is trying to eliminate everything, saying it was involuntary. you have to ask, midnight, 6:00 a.m., how voluntary were the statements? >> trace: it's true but it wasn't a false statement and that's key in this. he brought them to the body. it's not like they are saying this false confession.
12:49 pm
clearly he had the details. he knew, looks like he is the guy. >> we don't know. this is one of those things. there are false confessions. numerous studies where people confess falsely when they are in custody. that's why miranda rights -- ski want to go t to the body. >> we don't know all the details and we don't know what led them there. what we are saying is he could have and i imagine that will be the defense theory, that it was a false confession. what they're trying to do is trying to eliminate the whole thing think it was involuntary. if it's involuntary, the statements don't come in at all. given the defense thing we want it thrown out and we think that confession was totally coerced. they said you should do the right thing, you have a young daughter, your daughters going to want to see you. this is the right thing, confess to it and it's all going to go away. >> wright, classic good cop-black cop. somebody must've played bad cop during this thing. that's the kind of thing, why the local people decide to play around. when i was a prosecutor and i
12:50 pm
would investigate, we would go on sure to make sure detectives didn't screw up, especially when it came to questioning the suspect. >> trace: rivera is an illegal immigrant. does that play into it? >> not at all. guarantee the protections of the constitution. >> trace: if the prosecution goes around it, you're saying if he were to take the stand, that's when they've got him. >> it depends on what the judge rules. if the judge rules the statements were not voluntary and they were course, they don't come in and they can't use the statements. >> trace: i know it's legal wrangling and stuff but for the family, this is awful. it's an awful thing. for the tibbetts family to go through. how frequent is it that police or investigators make this kind of mistake? >> all too often. that's the reality. i've seen it as a prosecutor and
12:51 pm
criminal defense attorney. this is obviously a horrible thing to have happened to their daughter. i understand that it's a protection of all people. if the cops are going to take shortcuts here with somebody, such a heinous crime, such a bad person. imagine what they will do the person is not so bad. when it comes down to you and me or the people we care about. want to make sure cops are doing their job and that's the reason for these protections. >> trace: any chance he walks? >> yes. yes. if they ultimately can't tie him to the body, then this he walks. >> trace: thank you. it is deadline day for thousands of folks in california to file claims for damage from wildfires over the past two years. nearly half of all folks eligible haven't done it. what you need to know is next. plus, lots of people in texas trying to clean up without any power after a tornado ripped through the dallas area. we'll take a look at the damage coming up. great news for my fellow veterans.
12:52 pm
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's view on the fires continue burning out west. today is the last day for tens of thousands of people in california to file claims from wildfires during 2017-2018. a lot of people don't know they are eligible which means they could miss out on a bunch of money. william la jeunesse reporting from los angeles. explain who is eligible exactly. >> residents and businesses affected by a number of fires of the last two years caused by pg&e. victims may have lost homes or business, suffered damages because of a fire. almost half are eligible have not filed a claim. some moved away, may be out-of-state and can't be found. some don't have evidence of a loss and therefore think incorrectly that they don't qualify. some thought pg&e, that the claim file they got the mail was
12:57 pm
a scam and then when pg&e filed bankruptcy, some thought incorrectly that the company didn't have money. some involved in the class action, like a guy that we met, dominic lee, he went in person. others say you know what, you've got to give it a try. >> there's going to be billions and billions of dollars set aside to pay the victims of the wildfires. by filing the claim prior to the date, people put themselves in a position where they will be eligible to receive some of that compensation. >> pg&e set aside about $8 billion for the victims come about 100,000 are eligible and only 55,000 or so have applied as of this morning. >> trace: i think i'm eligible, how do i apply? >> you can go to a pg&e office, there are several in the fire affected areas or you can apply online. this is happening right now, as pg&e, even this morning said it
12:58 pm
may have to cut power again in case there is another fire, we have high winds right now across the state. state officials criticizing the recent blackout as indiscriminate. pg&e says it's part of standard procedure. >> failures and in execution combined with the magnitude of the event created an unacceptable situation that should never be repeated. >> i hear skepticism about whether they shot off was truly necessary, that we did this to save our own skin rather than for public safety. the fact is we didn't for one reason and that is safety. >> the deadline is 5:00 p.m. today so people have about four more hours and here's the website they can go to. pg&e wildfire if a person wants to file a claim. they could be out of state and they didn't know that they are eligible. >> trace: william live in los angeles. thank you. nearly 100,000 customers are
12:59 pm
still without power in texas after a tornado ripped through the dallas area last night. the dallas mayor says the city should feel incredibly fortunate that there are no reports of deaths and is urging folks to look out for gas leaks and structural damage as they begin to return home. and a lot of houses destroyed. take a look at this. >> guys, this is no joke. it's a tornado touching down right now. [bleep] tornado in dallas. >> trace: storm experts say october tornadoes are unusual and really hit cities. woman got this video outside her home in allen, texas, just north of dallas. the wind tore a tree from its roots and you can see it kind of rolling across the front yard. here's the damage in the preston hollow neighborhood, the owner of a restaurant there says it looks like a bomb went off. you can see why. he says he had about a dozen other folks hid in the restaurants' windowless cooler
1:00 pm
while the storm ripped apart the restaurants walls and ceilings. big-time damage but no deaths. i'm trace gallagher. "your world" with neil cavuto. the dow is up 60 points. >> neil: thank you, trace. what's the chinese word for yikes? president trump is the only one seeing china's economy is doing terribly. beijing needs something else even more terribly, a trade deal with us but welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. for china, it's a crisis. economy growing at its slowest pace in decades and if the international monetary fund is right, likely to slow even more. that is despite the chinese government spending trillions on everything from devaluing its currency to strong-arming businesses to spend even more. forget about whether we can


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