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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 21, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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being a liberal means having having to say you're sorry. you get reelected in the process. tune in tomorrow night, i will have an exclusive set down with vice president mike pence. we are hearing he will become the major force in this impeachment fight. shannon bream has all the details. >> shannon: visit only monday? >> laura: it seems like thursday. great show. >> shannon: would begin with a fox news alert. the president weighing on from everything from ukraine, fisa abuse. the fms anti-trump dossier, also iran and the strategy. highlights are just ahead. also tonight, breaking house democrats locking a resolution to censure congressman adam schiff. the measure backed by republicans him to chastise the intel chairman for making up a parody of the president's call with his counterpart and reading it during a congressional
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hearing. or secret interviews this week. we will tell you what's coming. justin trudeau facing the threat of being not from power after just one term. if it happened, it would be historic. has multiple instances with blackface, will take you to canada for the latest. hello, and welcome to "fox news at night." be a fox coverage for you tonight. catherine herridge standing by for what to expect this weekend. the impeachment push parade we began with garrett tenney. tonight's interview with president trump. good evening. >> the big push by the president to defuse impeachment with a wide ranging interview with hannity. defending his phone call. >> when i am talking to somebody world leaders, almost anybody, i assume that state department -- i think mike pompeo was on. many, many people were on. do you think i'm going to say
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something wrong when i feel there are 25 or 30 -- ten. there are a lot of people on these calls. >> the president is defending that phone call which is at the heart of the impeachment inqui inquiry. the dnc server which the fbi says was hacked by russians, but the president suspects ukrainian involvement. watch. >> there was a server, the dnc server that never went to the fbi. the fbi didn't take it. it was taken by somebody, it's crowd strike. that's what i've heard. that's not for an election that's going into the future. that's for a past election that was a catastrophe. >> as for syria the president is standing by his decision to pull back u.s. troops from the buffer zone even as turkey is threatening to resume its defensive against the curbs. witnesses have described as >> that little fight for two days, vicious spirit i don't
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know that turkey would have done that they did come a cease-fire and i don't know that the kurds would have moved out. they went through two days and to some people thought it was a great analogy. it's like two kids and a playground. you let them fight for a minute and then he pulled on my part. >> the president is calling back republican lawmakers urging them to get tougher and fight harder against the impeachment push, even as many of the party or criticizing his actions and syria. the president when after "the new york times" and "washington post," telling hannity, we don't want them in the white house anymore. important to note, he has made these threats before in response to reporting he views is unfavorable and so far nothing has happened. >> shannon: thank you. house democrats continue their behind closed doors impeachment inquiry this week with two key witnesses. tonight we are hearing may be three. the democratic blood resolution that would have at least
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symbolically punished one of the democrats impeachment leaders. here is chief intelligent correspondent catherine herridge with the latest. >> while the white house boat was always considered a long shot at republicans the chance to publicly call out intelligence committee chairman adam schiff over history modernization of the july 5th phone call >> it's a classic crime shakedown. >> that call the heart of the democrats impeachment inquiry. today the president called on his allies to push back, claiming the call transcript debunks democratic talking points. >> i release the conversation. that through schiff off. the republicans have to get tougher. >> democrats say he can't get his story straight over releasing military aid depended on investigation of the bidens, the so-called quid pro quo pro. the election interference. >> i don't think any of any of us anticipated the chief of staff would basically confirm that military aid was being held
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up in favor of a crackpot theory that somehow the dnc server made its way to ukraine. >> on fox news' the acting chief of staff said ukraine's aid was temporarily withheld. >> it's legitimate to tie the a to corruption and tie the aid to foreign aid from other countries. >> more witnesses are scheduled to give dispositions this week including bill taylor. in september he texted concerns gordon sondland. taylor, "as i said, it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign." he responded, five hours later. the president has been crystal clear. i suggest we stop the back and forth by tax. "the wall street journal" was first report, no confirmed by fox news that these instagram images ralph private accounts are just suggests a ukrainian american recently indicted for camp on violations was close to
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rudy giuliani and had access to the president. two weeks ago the president sent his associate. >> i don't know those gentle men. >> you are with them >> the minority leader chuck schumer sent this letter to the nation's intelligence chief and the intelligence community's internal watchdog. asking steps are being taken to protect the whistle-blower. >> shannon: catherine herridge. thank you. president trump telling sean hannity tonight he supports attorney general bill barr's efforts to investigate hillary clinton's possible ties to ukraine and the steele dossier. the origins of the fbi investigation against him. >> i assumed the attorney general -- i would like the attorney general to find out what's going on. you know what? we are investigating corruption i actually heard gregg jarrett and numerous people the other day say, have an obligation. >> shannon: let's begin the
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host, ethan bearman. speaking of gregg jarrett, the author of "witch hunt." great to have you with us. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: with speaking about th the hill, andrew mccarthy who will be on the show later wrote a piece talking about the secrecy. he said they refused to vote, hide behind closed doors with testimony and provide their media friends with selectively skewed leaks. it's the russian collusion 2.0. a chance it backfires on democrats? >> there's always a chance if i don't get the evidence together and get the votes together to actually come to the full vote on the house floor. that is what speaker pelosi is busy doing and that is why this is a grand jury style beginning. that's not done in public which is not subject to cross-examination and that will happen on the house floor when we come to a full impeachment. i have much greater confidence that democrats have their facts
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together in this case and they're just assuring that up through this process. >> shannon: that does not include shared what they have so far with the vast majority of members. >> and all previous impeachment inquiries, there's been a full vote by the house and rules of fairness and due process were established. that has been thrown out the window here. secrecy has taken over this process of due process. accountability and transparency is fundamental in any democracy. what we are not seeing -- witnesses are being threatened with obstruction and being told they can't bring counsel. americans are left in the dark. republicans are deprived of their right to call witnesses under subpoena. this is not a fair process. it's a violation and an affront to the constitutional principle of due process and the supreme court has said, due
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process applies to congressional investigations. that includes congressional impeachment inquiries. >> shannon: i want to read something that's a caution coming from "trump will win and 2020 because of impeachment." they talk about what happens after. think about the rallies he will have the van. he will repeatedly remind his supporters that after two partisan witch hunts taken by antagonists, he is standing and ready to take on any challenge or the democrat nominates. how does that play in 2020? >> i totally disagree and history is a great precedent for that. george bush won back in the year 2,000 after the republicans went through their witch hunt against bill clinton wear white water didn't anything. a one-word lie under oath is what they based their vote on and the house of representatives. i don't agree with that assessment not all. i would like to add in this
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case, we have overwhelming evidence on bill clinton that goes on and on. numerous allegations and connections with foreign powers which remember, unlike some of the presidents defenders say. when you go back to the constitution, it doesn't have to be an actual crime under federal law to impeach. there are many other aspects of this and the way the president has been operating that will lead to this. >> this is exactly what they feared. a party, an opposing party would seek to remove a president based on partisan reasons. alexander hamilton. he said -- go read. >> let me finish my point. he said it's not to be used on spacious grounds cloaked in partisanship. that's a quote. that's exactly what this is all about. is there a high crime and misdemeanor here?
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literally no. the department of justice looked at the official record of the conversation and said there is no crime here. what we have? this concept of abuse of power nowhere in the constitution and no fixed meaning. that is fundamentally wrong. >> shannon: is it better for the democrats to take away some of these arguments from the white house, from republicans by opening this thing up? if the evidence is so overwhelming and the testimony is so bad, why not open it up? >> when the investigation is complete that is exactly what will happen and the house hearings. i would also add we have things like the claws. i didn't see president trump sell off his peanut farm like all previous presidents have done. he has exposed himself time and time again and the statement just made know about the server in ukraine, monumentally failed in the context of how you even
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investigate information security. i have a background and that. all i need is the ip address. this president has done this to himself and the detractors and defenders and this case have failed to address the clause, the domestic, it's absolutely a fact. >> is well established. >> go read -- go back and read the constitutional convention from july 19th and july 20th where they argued this out as they were putting together our constitution and pointed out these exact connections to foreign power and money. >> shannon: final word? >> forgetting that up as a sign of desperation. it's a silly argument. the federal courts have said that doesn't apply to pre-existing businesses. the five presidents of the united states would have been thrown out of office based on emoluments. i've written extensively about
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it. it's a silly argument. >> shannon: i do keep "the federalist" papers and before we have you two back on, i will have to flip through it. the meantime, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: president trump says that's going to cost a fortune to host the g7 summit. in contrast to his plans to host it at his miami resort for no profit. he blames the emoluments clause which is a constitutional clause prohibiting federal officials from receiving gifts. despite here in course at the resort, the president and says he would not have profited off the event. the supreme court throwing out a lawsuit challenging congressional maps drawn by republicans in michigan and sending it back to the court below. today's decision allows the district to stand. the lawsuit was filed after republicans we drew critical boundary lines which democrats not as overtly partisan.
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notice side, injuring the supreme court ruled partisan gerrymandering questions are not under the jurisdiction of federal courts. american troops and syria pelted with rocks and potatoes as they leave. our key senators changing their mind? we will talk with the g.o.p. senator mike lee live. ♪ home to three of bp's wind farms. which, every day, generate enough electricity to power over 150,000 homes. and of course, fowler. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere.
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♪ >> i've tried to get out of wars. we may have to get in wars too. we may have to get in wars. if i rondo something, they will be hit like they've never been hit before. we have things we are looking at. >> shannon: the president standing firm on his decision to pull american forces back from the buffer zone between turkey and the syrian kurds.
8:19 pm
warning iran, you better not metal. throwing rocks and food an american convoy as it exited the zone. u.s. defense secretary mark esper said it's possible some u.s. forces may remain in syria to keep oilfields out of the hands of isis. the remaining forces will be there temporarily. this is a fox news alert. reaction from the president's comments on syria and more from his interview with sean hannity. the president said he's keeping his campaign promise by bringing the troops home. critics are pointing to the latest u.s. troop deployment elsewhere in the region asking, what about those troops? >> president trump has sent 14,000 troops to the region since may. he can tell his political rallies that he is getting troops out of endless wars when he is sending 14 times the amount back into the region. >> shannon: republican senator mike lee sits on the judiciary committee and has been very vocal. welcome back.
8:20 pm
"the washington post" accusing the president of having mixed messages. he is saying we don't need don't need middle eastern oil. isis is largely defeated and there is nothing left for the u.s. to do and syria. on the other hand, we might need troops to protect the oil field and whose iraq. do you think they have a clear policy? >> i think "the washington post" must be confused. i don't understand them being as an entity that wants to push us into more wars. wants us to remain in an area where we don't have an authorization for the use of military force or declaration of war and say, let's go there and do it. they need to pick a horse and ride it here. we don't have a declaration of war. we need to not be here and i applaud president trump's decision to take us out. >> shannon: your friend and colleague lindsey graham has been very critical of the president. he said he is more optimistic about some of the things that are being put in place. he also met with the president
8:21 pm
of the executive council. here's what he said about his conversation. >> what did you learn from her? >> the longer this goes the more compromise the ability to keep the isis fighters and jail. we need to get this thing over with as soon as we can and not blame turkey for creating the chaos that may lead to the reemergence of isis. >> what is your message for president trump? >> shannon: he said the messages, help us. >> for lindsey graham or any member of congress disagrees with the president and i don't. i agree. if lindsey graham or anybody else in congress disagrees, let them bring it forward to bring a declaration of war. let them bring forward any declaration of war. instead of the representatives having this phony show boats and we don't like it, let them go after the bar and let them come forward and say we want to declare war in syria and authorize the president. that is what they ought to do.
8:22 pm
that is what they would do if they meant it. >> shannon: speaking of votes, chris wallace had this to say about what would happen if impeachment comes to a vote in the senate after trial. >> i talked to a very well-connected republican and washington this week. somebody's name you would know well. they say if the house votes to impeach and against which trial there is now a 20% chance -- he believes it's an estimate, 20% chance and after republicans will vote with the democrats to remove the president. >> shannon: what do you think about that? >> this is nonsense, science fiction, fantasy. i have great respect for chris wallace. i don't know who he is talking to. however for saying this him is wrong. there are simply not the support of their and the reason is the president has not done anything impeachable. look, it may be that he know something that the rest of us don't, but based on the
8:23 pm
information we have right now, this president doesn't have anything that could lead to that. i don't know where he's getting it. >> shannon: you been very vocal on the issue of religious freedom. i want to show something from us be 11. taken with the tax-exempt status from religious groups who don't agree with him on the same-sex marriage. >> anyone should worship as they predemo please, believe what they like, but the moment that any nonprofit organization offers services in the public sphere, higher education is a great example. health care clinic or hospital. they must follow the laws of this country including the law that prohibits discrimination based on any difference. >> shannon: reaction? >> that is one of the most terrifying sentences uttered by a politician. every candidate needs to be asked if they agree with that. if they do, i hope and expect
8:24 pm
the american people would not vote for that person. it's wrong. i don't want to live in a world where the government is deciding which unfavorable -- religious views the government disfavors. that is wrong and it ought to terrify everyone. >> shannon: he has gotten some pushback. i don't think you will change his decision. thank you for stopping in. working tonight, will canada forgive justin trudeau of his multiple blackface candles? will the prime minister get a second term? that is next. ♪ no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. let's go to the cemetery!
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>> shannon: breaking tonight come up vote or analyst by giving prime minister implicated in multiple blackface controversies their approval. polls earlier showing the liberal leader and current prime minister could be in trouble facing the possibility of being ousted after one term. we have some information. david lee miller is live in ottawa, good evening. >> good evening.
8:29 pm
it seems all but certain that the prime minister justin trudeau is going to keep his job according to initial come election results. the prime minister is going to need the support of smaller, left-leaning parties in order to stay in power. he had of the liberal party here in canada cast his vote early this morning in montreal. polls leading up to the election as you point out did indicate this was going to be a close race. four years ago, he was swept into office when the liberals won a majority of seats in parliament. during his term, a champion left-wing causes including legalizing marijuana, welcoming refugees. a number of missteps and scandals and cost of the vote, especially the release of photos showing him in blackface. he apologized, but the damage was done. the final days of the campaign, barack obama tweeted out support. his main opponent is the
8:30 pm
conservative party leader adam scheer who pledged to slash government spending and i'll take a carbon tax. he is called a hypocrite and a phony. under canada's parliamentary system, the party that wins the majority of seats in parliament pixie prime minister. if no single party meets that threshold, they are still making with blood count minded parties working together to create what is called a minority government. analysts say prime minister chosen under those circumstances has limited influence and power. >> a minority prime minister is always weaker. when you are a majority prime minister you get to appoint everything. you can run it the way you want. as a minority leader yet to get the cooperation of the minority party. >> in order for trudeau to have a majority that would have required has party to win 170 seats in parliament. at last count according to canadian media, they have captured about 157 seats.
8:31 pm
the bottom line here, he is going to keep his job as prime minister, but he will not have the mandate, the power, and the influence that he enjoyed during the last four years. >> shannon: david lee miller and ottawa. thank you. this is a fox news alert. a florida senate panel voted alongside party lines not to reinstate suspended sheriff scott israel to his job. and republicans voted against giving him his job back. all the democrats voted to reinstate him. the rules committee heard from family members of 17 people killed, 17 others injured in the douglas high school massacre. they asked to uphold his suspension. the measure goes to the florida senate for consideration. hillary clinton's feud with the hopeful, tulsi gabbard showing no signs of letting up. after the former democratic presidential nominee floated a conspiracy theory that one of
8:32 pm
the candidates, tulsi gabbard, is a russian assets. tonight 2020 democrats are weighing in. our chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has the latest. >> good evening. tulsi gabbard is fighting back and she's not fighting a loan. in a poll, the 2020 presidential candidate suggested that hillary clinton's reason for us being her as a russian asset is payback for her defiance of the party establishment and 2016. >> if you stand up against hillary and the party power brokers. if you stand up to the rich and powerful elite. they will destroy you and discredit your message. here's the truth, they will not intimidate us. they will not silence us. >> fellow candidate bernie sanders, beto o'rourke, andrew yang have also criticized the comments and so has president trump who denied both sean hannity that she is accusing everyone of being a russian suppl spy.
8:33 pm
>> this is a phony scam and you've hillary clinton sank two days ago, tulsi gabbard is a russian asset. jill stein is a russian agent. i said, wait a minute, took me two years. i wish they would've said that earlier. people would have realize she's crazy. >> jill's time was a green party candidate in 2012 and 2016. tulsi gabbard said hillary is getting help smearing her. "new york times" cnn primary debate, she called out the times and cnn for wage and what she called, a propaganda campaign against her. including a journalist calling her and asked asset of russia. cnn political analyst van jones used airtime on cnn to go after hillary clinton. watch this. >> she is going to be in the history books. she just came out against a
8:34 pm
congresswoman, a decorated war veteran. somebody who was running for the nomination of our party with a complete smear. again, tulsi gabbard vowed she would not run as a third-party candidate. something hillary clinton also implied. she said she would commit to voting for the ultimate democratic party nominee parents >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you. breaking news next on health intel chair adam schiff. first, the real news roundup. reporting on former vice president joe biden's son hunter and why he was appointed to the board of amtrak. in the transcript from the 2006 confirmation hearing, democratic senator basically made the case that hunter biden was suited for the job partly because he is joe biden's son. he also supported his reasoning by pointing out, "hunter biden spent a lot of time on amtrak trains. he learned a lot about what can work and what would not work."
8:35 pm
dr. rachel mckinnon is a trancelike list who won the masters world championship and tonight she is shaming ignorant critics. the 37-year-old who was born as a biological male and presents as female mocking woman who question the claim to the title by pointing out that medical professionals consider trans women real one man. mckinnon is saying, they don't care about your feelings. a newspaper columnist suggesting that susan collins should reflect on why she is getting death threats. they heated up after she voted in favor of the confirmation of the supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. they said she should take time to figure out why she's taking off so many people. for new york city congressional candidate proposing to take god's way from police officers and american cities. jamaal brown is endorsed by the group just as democrats which back some squad members. tweeting, "it's time to test on police." retweeting, "the u.k. police are
8:36 pm
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>> shannon: tonight house democrats blocking a resolution to censure congressman adam schiff. the measure brought to the floor by republican congressman andy biggs, an effort to punish him for reading a nonfactual account of the president's call with ukrainian counterpart during a congressional hearing. he later called it a parody. let's turn to the fox news contributor, andrew mccarthy. great to have you with us. during the commercial we are talking through so many different things. let's talk first of all about the inspector general's report. look into the phis applications and warrants. he tweeted, "all of the delays and excuses with the phis report as a public yet after several months of anticipation leads me to the suspicion it's going to be by the deep state." should he be worried? >> i don't think so. everybody should take a breath.
8:41 pm
it's probably a very big report. the mills report was -- was that two years ago? my recollection says at 600 pages. this is probably in more classified information then that was. they have to go through it line by line to figure out what can be public and what can't and until they make that decision -- let's say conservatively the report is 500 pages. they physically have to get a document out the door and make sure every single line is either public or rejected as they decided it has to be. what you notice when you work on national security stuff is that if you are wrong about those kinds of things, it's not like the case. you can actually endanger people who cooperate with the government. if it takes a few more days. >> shannon: we are waiting for the u.s. attorney john durham looking into the investigator and that's a much broader, bigger, longer timeline. nbc correspondent talking about
8:42 pm
the fact that people with the car worried about where this is going great here's what he said. >> it's really not clear where he is going, but people are very rattled. though cia analyst had to hire their own lawyers because no one is even sure whether this is a criminal investigation or not. >> shannon: an i guess this is how it works. >> we went through this with the mueller investigation. they went through this after 9/11 for years. you have to hire lawyers which is one of the reasons that it's so awful to come into an administration or a situation where people are under investigation. you have to lawyer up and it cost a lot of money. the other thing, there is usually a lack of clarity until people get canceled. the first in their lawyer will want to know from the prosecutor is, what kind of investigation is it? criminal, counter intelligence? am i a subject?
8:43 pm
am i a target? am i just my witness? on a basis of what you find out from the prosecutor in that conversation, you decide what statuses of your client and you can go from there and determine am i and a defensive posture? should i be cooperating? should i volunteer or wait until they asked me what they want to ask me. >> shannon: as an overwhelming proposition. in the meantime, john brennan. talking about this earlier this month and talk about the fact that the attorney general is involved, he said it makes me think the hand of politics and of trump are now being used to massage what this ongoing review clause they investigation is. i am concerned. should he be? >> it's remarkable that he should be concerned because -- you are looking at 2016. we have a situation where the incumbent administration puts
8:44 pm
the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus of the government and the service of investigating the republican campaign for the benefit of the democratic campaign. now he is upset and now he is nervous. i think may be the time to get upset and nervous should have been 2016 when we said -- somebody should have said, we have a norm in this country against using law enforcement and intelligence in a way that interferes with our elections and our political processes. do we have enough of a predicate? do we have hard evidence that he is in cahoots with the crown one before we take -- a drastic step of using intelligence and law enforcement against a political campaign? that was the time to ask that question. >> shannon: we wait all of that. we are out of time. we could talk to you about this forever. thank you for coming in. even democrats want to know how elizabeth warren is going to pay for this medicare for all.
8:45 pm
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>> shannon: it is one of senator elizabeth warren's biggest campaign promises. medicare for all. after several of her rivals pointed to a refusal to answer if that would mean raising taxes on the middle class, she says
8:49 pm
she is ready to reveal how she intends to pay for it. gillian turner is counting down. good evening. >> this all developing over the weekend. elizabeth warren facing what may ultimately prove to be the defining moment of her presidential bid. she says she is gearing up to release the details of her medi-cal for all plan including how she plans for americans to foot that bill. >> right now the cost estimates on medicare for all very by trillions and trillions of dollars. >> it's a question that has dogged her campaign for weeks. voters demanding how she and will pay for the most expensive project any candidate has put forward yet. she says she needs more time. >> this is something i've been working on for months and mont months. it's got just a little more work until it's finished. >> not everyone is buying a delay tactic.
8:50 pm
the biden campaign saying we hope your plan will be straight with the american people about how much middle-class taxes will go up to pay for the $30 trillion it will take to fund medicare for all. other democrats say her plan isn't the only problem. >> elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are not being straight with people. >> one thing she knows how to fund, the public school education bill she claims to use a wealth tax dividend to reshape every aspect of the system heard from classroom demographics to gun safety and corruption. it's not going to be cheap. >> i have a plan that's a historic plan for $800 billion investment in our public schools. speak with that price tag hasn't hurt her one iota at the polls were her spot at the top tier is holding strong. that's in stark contrast to bernie sanders who slipped during the last two weeks while he was off the trail recovering. returning this weekend he pulled
8:51 pm
out all the stops in new york city. >> we got a permit for 20,000 people and we had to close the door! >> all of these big plans come with a steep price tag and critics of these candidates point out their campaigns aren't giving voters a lot of confidence right now. most of the candidates over two-thirds of them have already spent more than they have pulled in over the last three months and are now facing cash crises. >> shannon: we are getting to the crunch time. thank you. senator warren doubling down. you heard on medicare for all. she is surging in the polls. let's discuss that now with the democratic strategist dave brown and cornell clinical professor, william jacobson. welcome to you both. >> great to be here. >> shannon: "the new york times" is pointing out that the senator is not answering questions paired we saw this in the debate last week about whether this means an
8:52 pm
increase in taxes for the middle class. they say she sidestepped questions about raising taxes to matter who was asking. repeated refusal to say whether she would raise taxes on the middle class, help fund medicare for all have stood in stark contrast with how she's talking about other policies. what to expect when she finally tells us how she is going to pay for this? >> i think there's going to be -- is going to be the way things typically go. there'll be projections. formulas put into the projections that will get her the result that she wants. the question will be whether those formulas those projections are realistic because as we know, government programs always end up costing a lot more than they are projected to cost. the revenues that come from taxes to fund those programs are always less than projected. that's going to be the real test. is she coming up with the real world projection? the real world plan?
8:53 pm
is it going to be pie in the sky. apparently many of her democratic contenders do not have confidence that she is going to come up with the realistic plan. this criticism isn't even coming from republicans. it's coming from other democrats that's a very telling sign. >> shannon: there are some who wish the democrats would stop asking because i think it's counterproductive. "can we skip the bad debate? it's stupid and useless." the real use of asking her about medicare for all us to get her on the record saying that she plans to raise taxes. buttigieg and the moderating seems to think they'll be trumps opposition, it's a mystery. this is a conversation about her plan, does it end up hurting democrats? >> no. i think that analysis misses some key points. i get why she doesn't want to answer the question in terms of the way the question is framed. she disagrees with the premise of the question.
8:54 pm
fair enough. i respect that her position, medicare for all would drive down costs. would it cost taxes go up? perhaps. her point is that cost would go down. setting that aside, donald trump will use this. this is an easy talking point for him. if it's not addressed in the primary, i assure you it will be in every attack ad come the general election. i disagree with anybody out there who says that we shouldn't at least answer the question today. i do suspect that senator warren is far too sophisticated to ever utter the words, i'm going to raise taxes on the middle class. that is what she stands for and she won't say it. i think that buttigieg and amy klobuchar have fair points. there are different ways to go about this. everybody wants the same end goal which is to ensure that health care is affordable. people have access and are not bankrupting their families live access to quality health insurance. you can have more than one policy proposal.
8:55 pm
this was part of the healthy debate. i'm glad that the senator will come out and i think she should answer all she wants to finance her plan and the chips will fall as they may. >> shannon: initially when you ask people it has a positive rating, but we put up some of these results when you start asking about the treatment. whether it would require people to pay more taxes or eliminate private health care companies. they're not feeling it at all. professor, do you think this is something that can be sold with the american people? >> i think it's going to be very difficult because this is a centerpiece of our political platform and she doesn't have a plan for it. she has a plan for everything else except where they think that is the centerpiece of our political platform. that is really quite astounding. i think she will have a hard time selling it because giving everybody free health care sounds great. there is no real free. people are going to have to pay for it and that is the question that she doesn't want to answer. >> shannon: gentlemen, thank you. come back soon. we have to leave it there.
8:56 pm
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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." an awful lot has been written about the eternal divide, the fracturing within the republican party. it's not all spin, by the way. some of it is very real. in a minute, we will talk to api republican senator who is gravely dissatisfied, angry with lindsey graham's leadership. doing nothing to get to the bottom of russiagate. the divides are real. at the same time, you almost never hear anything about what's happening with the democratic party. maybe that's because outwardly democrats are united in their loathing for donald trump. but inside the party, democrats in fact hate each other more, even more than they hate trump. how vicious and crazy has the


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