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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we hope we got you excited about watching game one of the world series tonight on fox. it will start at 8:08 eastern on the broadcast network. >> how many games will it go? at least four. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert. house lawmakers set to hear from another key witness. he is an official democrats been waiting to hear from and we'll see what he says. this morning they get their chance. tuesday, bill hemmer, the team is back. >> sandra: good morning, welcome back. last-minute stuff. >> bill: i understand. >> sandra: good tuesday morning to you. good morning, i'm sandra smith. moments from now the top u.s. diplomat to ukraine bill taylor will go behind closed doors with lawmakers likely to ask him about the text messages where he raised concerns about linking ukraine military aid to help a political campaign. >> bill: that as president trump continues to insist he did nothing wrong.
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here he is in sean hannity from last night. >> the biggest thing i did from that call is immediately released it because the whistleblower came out and said horrible things about this call. i think they said there were seven or eight quid pro quos. what else happened? the president of ukraine came histleblower anymore. their account of my conversation was totally wrong. adam schiff says he doesn't want the whistleblower anymore? you know why? he might have given the whistleblower the things to say. >> sandra: we'll have live fox team coverage and lee zeldin will join us in a moment. we begin with catherine herridge. good morning. >> house democrats want to know from bill taylor why he raised red flags over the suspension
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of military aid and whether it was tied to corruption investigations. it's important to note what we've learned from earlier folks or depositions is the aid was released. they got a meeting with john bolton and it all happened without any investigation of the bidens. bill taylor matters because he has had a career in government service. currently the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, a west point graduate. a vietnam veteran and had multiple postings overseas including the middle east, nato and afghanistan. but the reason he is in the spotlight is because of these text messages from september of this year where he is exchanging messages with gordon sondland, the administration's point man for the european union. taylor writes as i said on the phone i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. bill, i believe you're incorrect about president
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trump's intention. he has been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind adding the president is trying to evaluate whether ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that president zelensky promised during his campaign. i suggest we stop the back and forth by text. during the cabinet meeting yesterday the president said when he released the transcript of his july 25th phone call with ukrainian leader that debunked the democrats' talking points and called on republicans to strongly push back. >> president trump: the republicans have to get tougher and fight. we have some that are great fighters. they have to get tougher and fight. the democrats are trying to hurt the republican party for the election that's coming up. >> other witnesses were called this week from the office of management and budget like the executive branch's accounting firm. they had told house democrats at this point they're not willing to come to these closed door depositions citing advice and direction from the white house. >> sandra: catherine herridge
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on capitol hill for us. >> bill: congressman lee zeldin will be in the room for today's deposition. good morning to you. have you attended all these interviews so far? >> yes, i have. i've been in the room more than chairman schiff has. >> bill: give our viewers a characterization how you believe it's going so far and where you believe it's headed. >> there was absolutely no quid pro quo linking aid to ukraine through an investigation into the bidens. there has been so many allegations made and launched towards the president that really has been obliterated by the testimony that has been given. i can only speak about the two transcribed interviews. i'm not allowed to speak about the depositions that have taken place, the substance of them. i will tell you that there is nothing from anything that i've heard you could possibly impeach the president of the united states for. >> bill: what do they have, congressman? >> they have the creativity in
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developing a narrative, a story to try to connect all sorts of different dots that aren't actually connected. i see it with the way chairman schiff asks his questions inside these depositions. he will make multiple leaps and assumptions, finish it with a simple question. if you give a simple answer you might think you're answering a question but you bought into the premise of this question that has all these different assumptions. it is very leading the way he asks his question. one example i can't explain michael mckinley. senior advisor for mike pompeo. the media reported that he resigned in protest. he testified that michael mckinley was retiring anyway this quarter in 2019. adam schiff asks the question trying to get michael mckinley to talk about how bad things are in mike pompeo's state department and mike mckinley takes exception with the question and said you have to recast the way the question was asked and then he talked about how much better things have gotten in the state department
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under mike pompeo. that type of questioning is something that we're seeing through every deposition and transcribed interviewing that's taking place and it is disgusting. >> bill: is there a singular fact that they have nailed down that they can present to the rest of the house and go forward with impeachment? >> no. they really don't. they are going to be trying to claim that there was a quid pro quo. they might try to approach that argument from multiple angles and make a claim the president is obstructing the process. >> bill: you had mike mulvaney last week that didn't help matters. just two interviews this week. there is a suggestion the process is slowing down. is it or not, sir? >> no, i believe that there would have been more depositions this week. i hear because of elijah cummings, his funeral service on thursday and friday some of the schedule has moved some of the people they want to bring
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in. and tied to that point i was making about obstruction, the president isn't saying that he is not going to cooperate. like i believe there should be a vote, a process, and that if there are rights if the democrats are providing republicans and the president the same rights they would demand if the roles were reversed there would be more cooperation. mick mulvaney's press con convenience last week important to note that president zelensky had no idea there was a hold on aid. for several weeks there is no mention whatsoever of a hold on aid or quid pro quo. president zelensky said he wasn't pressured, no quid pro quo. there is so much evidence that so much of the media is ignoring that obliterates that charge. if ukraine doesn't know there is a hold on aid or quid pro to ignore the facts we're talking about. a lot of it came from volker's transcribed interview. >> bill: the way you're describing it is there won't be a vote.
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you are saying that democrats don't have it, is that right? >> the democrats don't have it. that doesn't mean it will stop them from having a vote because they have an enraged activist base demanding a vote. you have members of this chamber who have said impeach the -- i won't repeat it on air since way before any of this fact pattern started with this particular case. they were lining up pennsylvania avenue with signs that said impeach him now while the president's hand was on the bible. they don't care what the charge is or what the fact is or what the evidence is, they just want to take down a sitting president. from that standpoint i think there will be a vote and i don't think they care much whether or not their story completely lines up. >> bill: we'll see how it lines up in the end ultimately. the president saying guys like you need to get tougher, roll this. >> president trump: i think the republicans should get tougher, look. i think that the democrats are not good politicians. i think they have lousy policy. but you don't have the mitt
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romneys of the world and people that will go against the party. you have better -- they stick together. i respect that. the other thing is they're vicious. much more vicious. >> bill: perhaps not you in the words of being tougher. how do you respond to his characterization of the party? >> you have people like mitt romney, john kasich, you see on the democratic side with hillary clinton now she is going after tulsi gabbard calling her a russian asset. you have people who have run for president with those three examples. they lose, they're bitter and resentful. the president won this office for a long time they were looking in the mirror and were convinced they would be a president of the united states one day. instead of working with this president and advocating for passing usmca, reducing prescription drug prices and so much more instead there is bitterness. we see it here in the capitol. you have a whole lot of other republicans who are fighting.
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one other thing that's important to note is a lot of people haven't been inside these depositions and aren't on the foreign affairs or intel committee or oversight in government and reform committee. to go to the cameras to be able to answer all your questions and to actually not know the answers of what is going on inside the depositions, that makes it a little harder to fight on some of the specific questions they're getting asked. >> bill: selective leaking could sway public opinion. you mention tulsi gabbard. the tweet from bernie sanders. she was a sanders supporter. tulsi gabbard put her life on the line to defend this country. it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that tulsi is a foreign agent? is she a russian agent as was implied in the podcast? >> no, that's insane. >> bill: why did she say it? >> hillary clinton needs to see a psychiatrist and talk through this. she isn't dealing with her loss
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well. she believes not the reason why she lost but the legacy of why she lost is due to in her mind the russians changing the outcome of our election. i think she has convinced herself of it and has bitterness towards russia because of it and she has gotten to the point she blames tulsi gabbard. it is important we note the history of 2016. tulsi gabbard did support bernie sanders and there is that resentment, too. she is acting out blaming anyone other than herself for that loss in 2016. >> bill: i've got to run. thank you for your time and i hope you come back. you said a lot. lee zeldin the republican from new york. more soon, thank you. >> sandra: we have another r you this morning coming up. our headliner this morning former dnc chairman ed rendell will weigh in on the tulsi gabbard drama with hillary clinton and 10:30. hogan gidley will join us live
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from the white house with reaction to all the news of the morning. >> bill: also another fox news alert. the u.s. brokered peace with turkey and kurdish fires expire today. the turkish president looking for support from vladimir putin. could it mark a turning point in that conflict? >> sandra: a new twist in the legal battle over the opioid crisis. how an 11th hour settlement worth $260 million stopped a landmark trial in ohio. >> bill: the trump team making history breaking fundraising records yet again. juan williams is here to react on the money front. >> look at our fundraising. the money has never come in like this. my poll numbers have been the highest. i was in dallas the other night and we set a record in the stadium. prior to going to aspen dental i've had nineteen surgeries. i'm 100% permanently disabled from the military and after i went in to aspen dental it was just like night and day. they told me they were gonna take some x-rays,
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>> sandra: jimmy carter is in the hospital after another fall
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at his home in plains, georgia. a spokeswoman said the former president suffered a minor pelvic fracture but is in good spirits. the third time he has fallen in recent months at the age of 95. jimmy carter is the oldest living former president in american history. >> we have the problems now people are suffering now. people are dying now. we have to deal with these issues now. so the fact that we were able to get the money in a short time frame is very helpful. that's one of the motivations for settling this. >> bill: really big story. last-minute turn of events in ohio. an opioid lawsuit between cuyahoga and summit county and four drug companies appears to be a settlement worth $260 million. the attorney general in ohio, thank you for your time. there is a lot going on this front legally. do you support what appears to be a deal in northern ohio, sir?
6:17 am
>> well, that's between two counties out of 88 in ohio. and the attorney general's office is not part of that lawsuit. but i congratulate them on their win. what has happened here, though, is the drug companies, the defendants have kind of set the price of a settlement. we have a benchmark here and the framework that was announced as possible global settlement seems to me maybe to be underpriced. >> bill: let me touch on that in a moment. with regard to the ohio matter, there is a cash pay-out and there is money that will go for addiction treatments. seems like something that ohio needs at the moment. but the other states involve a $48 billion potential settlement. north carolina, pennsylvania, tennessee and texas. you call that not a framework, you say that's a pile of lumber that has been dropped on a construction site. how come you can't agree with
6:18 am
that, sir? >> well, first of all that number is including a huge amount of in-kind drugs that would be given by a manufacturer to the subdivision. not everybody can use that. i question that number. but more importantly, there is a lot of things that haven't been answered yet. we don't have guardrails to make sure this money goes to combat the epidemic and doesn't just go to balance the budgets of the local county or city or for that matter the state. this money needs to go fight the epidemic that we're suffering here in ohio and i want some guarantees about that. in addition, we've got huge numbers that are going to be going to plaintiff's lawyers. we have a settlement. they need to be part of the compromise, too. >> bill: crisis is not over in ohio, do you agree with that?
6:19 am
>> absolutely not. >> bill: one of your lawmakers in oef owe saying the epidemic is as bad today as it was years ago. how do you arrive ot a settlement if the crisis is the same as two years ago? >> we're looking forward abatement of this crisis. we want the money to actually go to prevention and to treatment. and to law enforcement. we need that money sooner rather than later. that doesn't mean we need to drive a bad deal or walk away with half of what we ought to have. >> bill: i just don't understand how counties can reach a settlement if you are in the middle of all this. it doesn't make sense. you aren't at the finish line of this entire thing. last question, you talk about the framework. how doucet up guidelines to try to stop the epidemic while at the same time making sure that those who need their pain medication for their own pain
6:20 am
relief is insured? >> yeah, i think that's a critical issue. i don't want to see this class of drugs eliminated. and i'm concerned that's where we might be. i think it's very important to look at the data from a specialty standpoint and recognize that there is a huge difference between having your wisdom teeth out and having stage four pancreatic cancer. one size rule does not fit all. >> bill: dave, thank you for your time, sir. still in the middle of it. hope you come back and we'll follow the progress when it comes along. thank you, sir, in columbus ohio today. >> sandra: hundreds of thousands bracing for another power outage in california as officials work to prevent more catastrophic fires. new video now showing residents trying to evacuate. we'll be live on the ground with that. plus leaders in several states
6:21 am
slamming san francisco's mayor after their states were black listed over restrictive abortion laws. what we're learning on that next.
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>> bill: big moment in a big studio. the new trailer is here for "star wars" released last night. ♪
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>> the force will be with you. >> always. >> bill: i ask you how many clues are in that two-minute trailer, the rise of skywalker is out. any clues? showcasing the clash of the light and the dark side all set to the "star wars" film, december 20th is your debut in theaters. >> sandra: i can't wait. >> bill: all kinds of clues in there. two minutes. i know you saw them. >> sandra: have you seen every one of them? are you a big fan? >> bill: not so much. i've seen every movie. i don't get it. >> sandra: it will break records. good bet on that. men while san francisco black listing 22 states now which have restrictive anti-abortion laws. the mandate forbids city-funded travel for any workers to each
6:26 am
of these states listed and bans city employees from making new deals with businesses headquartered in those places starting in the new year. carley shimkus joins us now on sirius xm. what's the reaction to this? >> all 22 states on the list have banned abortions between 13 and 24 weeks. some have tried to implement even stricter anti-abortion laws. pro-life states like florida, georgia, alabama, will san francisco be able to cause a big enough strain on these states they actually change their laws? the answer to that question is no. city officials even said that they can't wield a big enough financial blow because if you think about it there aren't enough san francisco city workers holding high-dollar events in a state like alabama th. is really all about trying to start a movement and trying to get other cities and other states on board. >> sandra: want to go on the record with the mayor saying
6:27 am
every day in this country women's reproductive rights are threat en and we have to fight back. we are sending a clear message to states that disregard the right to abortion. governor of nebraska responds. nebraska is on the banned list. proudly pro-life state and this demonstrates shocking intolerance by coastal he laoets that's divisive to our nation. >> it may remind some people what happened over the summer. a bunch of hollywood studios and actors said they would boycott georgia over the heartbeat bill. they worded their statement in a clever way where they said we won't work in georgia if the heartbeat bill becomes law. they said that because they knew full well that was never going to happen at least not for a very long time. they got to make the pro-choice statement while still benefiting from the tax cut. it is exactly what's happening with san francisco. sounds like a big deal. oh, banning city workers from
6:28 am
22 states. it won't really affect the day-to-day workings of the san francisco city government. >> sandra: the ban goes into effect. the ban is for 22 states. >> bill: breaking news from the hill. the acting ambassador to ukraine bill taylor has just arrived on capitol hill. he is the next individual to be interviewed, called by democrats. he will be behind closed doors again. a lot of these have gone eight and nine hours. he has an extensive overseas record including career diplomat, u.s. ambassador to ukraine, west point graduate. served in vietnam, served in germany. taylor was named a top diplomat after the previous ambassador was recalled in the month of may. he will be the sixth current or former state department official to be interviewed in the impeachment inquiry. he goes behind closed doors and hear what lee zeldin said a moment ago. he has been in every one of the
6:29 am
interviews. he believes democrats are getting nowhere. does it matter? ken starr weighs in and he will tell us what we need to read as of today coming up next. >> sandra: look forward to that. more fallout for nbc. another woman coming forward claiming her story of sexual assault was spiked by nbc news saying she is one of many women silenced. howie kurtz will join us on that. (amber jagger) if we don't give students from an underserved background the technology that they need in school, they're not going to be competitive in the workforce that's waiting for them. since verizon innovative learning, students have hardware, connectivity, and quality curriculum. the jobs of tomorrow will involve technology. now students are truly hopeful for what they may achieve. and let me tell you something, rodeo...
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>> sandra: right now our top diplomat to ukraine testifying behind closed doors in the impeachment inquiry. here is bill taylor arriving just a few moments ago. he was appointed acting ambassador to ukraine after marie yovanovitch was ousted and expected to face questions about those text messages where he raised concerns about linking ukraine military aid to getting help with a political campaign. let's bring in ken starr, fox
6:33 am
news contributor and former special counsel. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: thank you for being here. he has arrived behind closed doors, lawmakers have a chance to ask him further questions on these text messages that appear to be at the center of it all. to remind everybody this was bill taylor in a text message to gordon sondland. as i said on the phone he writes i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. to which gordon sondland replied i believe you're incorrect about president trump's intention. the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind. we know that went offline and a phone call followed that text conversation. lawmakers will be asking him about those text messages. where will they get with this? >> well, what we do know is that this is a very distinguished career diplomat and no reason to believe his
6:34 am
testimony won't give his version of the facts. what we also know, sandra, we're outside. we're behind this veil of ignorance because of the closed-door proceedings. there is absolutely nothing that needs to be done behind closed doors in these secret proceedings. it is a grave disservice to everyone including to the ambassador himself because there is no doubt that someone will go out and spin or give some version of what he has said. this is just wrong. it is unfair. just no way to run this process. >> sandra: what would be fair then? are you saying this shouldn't be taking place at all or are you suggesting they release the transcripts, are you suggesting that more lawmakers are allowed inside those closed doors? >> cameras. we all should be there. the american people should be there in the sense that this is the ultimate political act for the house of representatives other than a declaration of war.
6:35 am
this is entrusted entirely to the house of representatives. this is their sole power to impeach a president. this is the people's business. the classic overturning of a presidential election. we hear that over and over again. it is ultimately the people's business in a constitutional democracy. open up the hearings. >> sandra: what are the risks to this impeachment process as it drags on for both sides, ken? >> well, you never know what the facts are going to show but as this does drag on and sandra, it is going to drag on. it is not going to be a very quick and here is our referral to the full house. because they are going to have to evaluate and assess all these facts and there will be competing narratives and they have to come to judgments. unfortunately for us the american people, this is all being done in a process that is just again not transparent so we don't have a way to evaluate until we see something public. i think that's going to slow
6:36 am
the process down. so i think the democrats frankly are playing a very dangerous game in insisting on secrecy. they have a constitutional power to do it but it is wrong, wrong, wrong. for the republicans, i think they continue to say and independents, patriots saying open up the doors. ronald reagan said tear down this wall. i would say to adam schiff and the speaker open up the doors and let the sun shine in. let us see what you are trying to hide. this is the people's business. >> sandra: for now that deposition happening behind closed doors this morning. the president telling sean hannity in this interview last night he wants attorney general bill barr to, quote, find out what's going on with potential ties between hillary clinton, the steele dossier, and ukraine. here is the president making that point in that interview. >> president trump: when you look at what's going on and then you see all of this horrible stuff and then you hear about ukraine and you've
6:37 am
been hearing about it. i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier. was it out of ukraine? all of the things that happened and i assume that the attorney general, i would like the attorney general to find out what's going on. >> sandra: what did you take away from that, ken? >> with all due respect i think the president should simply allow his very able and honest attorney general and united states attorney john durham to do their job. there is no reason to believe that bill barr, who i worked with and served under under president bush 41 won't do a very thorough job and honest job and finding out everything in connection with the 2016 campaign including hillary's involvement, if any, ukrainian involvement and so forth. let's allow the process to unfold. it appears mr. durham is working hard and we're looking ahead to the issuance of the
6:38 am
horowitz report, the inspector general's report. i think it will set some light certainly on the fisa application process. so i know the president is understandably impatient but stay tuned. let the attorney general do his job. >> sandra: what do you make by the way of hillary clinton wading back into the presidential political scene calling tulsi gabbard a russian asset. bernie sanders saying it's outrageous for anyone to suggest that tulsi is a foreign access. democrats are flying warning signs about her reemergence onto the scene. >> right, i don't think she did herself or public discourse any good whatsoever to make this outlandish claim. have a foreign policy debate. debate the issue of foreign wars, debate things on the merits. i must say it's another chapter in demonization of someone with whom you disagree and it is unfortunate for the quality of public debate and discourse in the united states.
6:39 am
>> sandra: ken starr, always great to get your thoughts and analysis on that. thank you very much. >> bill: fox news alert from overseas, breaking overnight in a few moments as well a five-day cease-fire between turkey and kurdish fighters will end in six hours. president trump defends his decision to pull troops out of syria. >> president trump: i don't know that turkey would have done what they did like a cease-fire. i don't know that the kurds would have moved out. but they went through two days. i say some people thought it was a great analogy some people don't. two kids in a playground. you let them fight for a minute and then you pull them apart. it was much easier to make a deal. >> bill: what do we expect today, lucas? >> the cease-fire ends at 3:00 p.m. eastern, 10:00 p.m. local. if all kurdish fighters haven't pulled back from the border. gave u.s. forces time to leave. earlier today turkey's president erdogan issued the following warning.
6:40 am
>> today is the last day for all the terrorists to vacate the areas. as of 10:00 p.m. tonight the time will expire. our related agencies are monitoring the situation in the field closely. if the promises america gave us are not kept, our operation will continue. >> a few hours ago erdogan arrived in russia's city of sochi to meet vladimir putin. when u.s. forces pulled back from the border earlier this month, it opened the door for turkey to invade. >> everybody we would want to lose in this is going to win. putin will win in russia, assad will win in syria. isis is going to win. erdogan is going to win. iran is going to win. we and our friends are going to
6:41 am
lose. erdogan wouldn't send those troops across that border if the americans were there. >> he contradicts others who say a few dozen u.s. special operations troops would not have stopped the turkish invasion of 15,000 as well as mercenaries. iraq's mill tear said the u.s. troops that arrived from syria yesterday are not welcome. >> bill: lucas tomlinson. we'll watch tore headlines. >> sandra: the patriots shutting out the new york jets on monday night football. the pats won 33-0 behind a defensive effort that left darn ald said he was seeing ghosts. he turned it over three times.
6:42 am
the patriots are 7-0. sony michel. >> bill: the jets, it was an embarrassment. patriots are really good. people talk about tom brady but it is their defense. two of them you aren't seeing now. president trump and the rnc are breaking fundraising records. will it pave the way for another white house win? juan williams is here to respond. he is our money man coming up. >> sandra: mitt romney's shadow twitter account causing quite a political storm. how some republicans that he targeted with that account are now responding. >> the truth is i don't pay attention to mitt romney. i don't think mitt romney matters in the long run of american political history. he certainly does not matter in a donald trump republican party. i think he is a fossilized element of a party that's disappearing.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
>> together the trump campaign and rnc have raised $142 million. juan williams. co-host of the five. how are you doing, sir? good money if you can make it, huh? >> wow. >> bill: you'll need it in order to win a reelection. >> >> it's a function of the success they've been having online with media. the campaign manager is a digital guru. he has been able to use the energy of president trump and all of the controversies to stir the base to give that money. he will need that money to succeed. >> bill: we've heard it could be the first billion dollar campaign in american history. >> i think that's right. >> bill: "the new york times" polling they did. they went out to pennsylvania,
6:47 am
florida, michigan, wisconsin, north carolina, and arizona. here is what i find very interesting. about the third paragraph. here is how it reads. in the six closest states carried by the president in 2016, registered voters support the impeachment inquiry by a five-point margin 50, 45. the same voters oppose impeaching trump and removing him from office. what does that tell you? >> we're still at a point of increase in support for impeachment or at least the impeachment inquiry. of course, that's just six states as you rightly pointed out. if you go nationally you see a rise in terms of support for imeachment and removal over 50% in some polls. >> bill: it's the swing districts and where some have believed nancy pelosi is trying to protect her own democratic lawmakers. do you believe that is what she is doing? >> i think they all have to have an awareness of trying to maintain their majorities going
6:48 am
into 2020. both are vulnerable right now. there are so many swing states. that's why the numbers from the times are interesting. put it in context with the larger picture where you see an increase in support for at least the impeachment inquiry. >> bill: you think about those states, juan and the money we just mentioned. who on the democratic side can raise that kind of money do you think? >> there is a tremendous potential. if you look at the democratic fundraising it is interesting. people like bernie sanders are way up there. buttigieg and warren are raising a tremendous amount of money. the president is running on a general campaign strategy. all the money is flowing to him. he and the rnc are trying to diminish the number of primary contests that will be held on the republican side. but the democrats are raising money. there is no mistake about that. >> bill: two last questions. who from the second tier do you believe has the ability to carry out a national campaign and be effective? >> what do you mean the second
6:49 am
tier? >> pete buttigieg, kamala harris. >> i think buttigieg is on the rise. no question. we just saw a poll in iowa that had warren and biden at the top but buttigieg edging up. >> bill: the point is bernie and warren and joe biden are getting all the attention. who can he merge from this? >> i come back to mayor pete is the guy on the rise. kamala harris has underperformed. i think she has the capacity to again surprise people and reemerge. everybody will say she was always a leader. we just didn't think she was performing up to her ability. >> bill: i want to squeeze this in. mark zuckerberg had some connection with him at harvard and said the following on the call with reporters yesterday. >> this shouldn't be taken as an endorsement. we have several mutual friends from college who introduced me to pete a number of years ago n
6:50 am
i worked with at facebook or my foundation were interested in working there. they asked me or my wife priscilla to send over their resume so i did that. >> bill: tomorrow at this hour zuckerberg will be back on the hill in a public hearing. >> because of complaints about facebook and they allow hate speech, lies, political stuff on facebook and he says it's free speech. i don't have any accountability. i think elizabeth warren is now wanting to break up facebook because of it. on the pete buttigieg front. harvard boys. they were there about the same time and have common friends. >> bill: wasn't you or me. see you at 5:00. >> sandra: president trump meanwhile saying he can make a deal with china before christmas. what will it take for both sides to get that deal done? money man charles payne will weigh in on that coming up.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: last minute change of plans for the man accused of brutally murdering molly tibbetts. a hearing set for this morning. lawyers were to dispute the suspect's confession. it has been postponed. matt finn is live from iowa with more details. >> we were scheduled to walk into court at any moment. this week's hearing have been canceled and we learned there was a death in one of the defense attorney's families. it was at this small rural iowa courthouse that rivera made his first appearance last summer after being charged with the murder of molly tibbetts. rivera confessed to following molly tibbetts on her usual jog in iowa last july. she became afraid. got out her cell phone and said she would call police. rivera said he blacked out and
6:55 am
molly tibbetts ended up if his trunk with blood on her and eventually hid her body in a cornfield. tibbetts died from multiple sharp force injuries. defense attorneys are arguing that some, if not all of rivera's alleged confession cannot be used because police did not properly give rivera his miranda rights and there were other issues including troubles with translation. the state now admits that rivera was incorrectly read his miranda rights the first time during questioning last summer. the officer left out the part about what he said could be used against him in court. however, prosecutors say when rivera led police to tibbetts's body he was correctly read his miranda rights a second time and after he confessed to much more. at the hearings that were just canceled each side was expected to bring several witnesses so the confession could be used or might be thrown out and ultimately the judge will decide. >> sandra: matt finn on that story. thank you. >> bill: back to one of our top stories now.
6:56 am
a ton of reaction pouring in in defense of the 2020 hopeful democrat tulsi gabbard after hillary clinton hinted that she, gabbard, is a russian asset. the former dnc chair ed rendell is the headliner and talk to him about that and hogan gidley comes up at 11:00. come on back at the top of the hour. sis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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7:00 am
hillary clinton saga and claims a u.s. congresswoman is being groomed as a russian asset. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: did you see this one coming? i'm bill hemmer, good morning. they say politics makes for strange bed fellows. case in point the 2020 presidential hopeful receiving support from both sides of the aisle including president trump who said this. >> president trump: hillary clinton, if you've heard of her, the one accusing everybody of being a russian agent. anybody that is opposed to her is a russian agent. that's a scam that was pretty much put down. tulsi, i don't know her. she is not a russian agent. >> peter doocy picks up the story in des moines, iowa. what's up with this? >> bill, now hillary clinton's comments are bringing donald trump and bernie sanders together because bernie sanders is lashing out at hillary clinton on twitter posting this. tulsi gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this
7:01 am
country. people can disagree on the issues but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that tulsi is a foreign asset. for that gabbard is grateful. >> bernie sanders put out a tweet defending you calling it outrageous to consider you or for someone to call you a foreign agent. what's your response to that. >> president trump says he doesn't know tulsi gabbard but the two have met about syria. the issue gabbard thinks has democrats mad at her during the trump transition gabbard visited trump tower in new york november 21, 2016 she said while the rules of political expediency i should have refused to meet with president elect trump i will never play politics with american and syrian lives. three years later she isn't the only candidate having to defend
7:02 am
herselfs against clinton's claims they're a russian asset. jill stiene is, too. >> clearly this is allude cous, unhinged conspiracy theory with no basis in fact which is intended to distract from the many reasons that the democrats lost the 2016 election. >> but 2016 democratic party nominee hillary clinton is now blaming stein partly for that loss for winning a million half votes that could have gone for her. 2016 not the first year a third party candidate ran. >> bill: peter doocy in des moines. >> sandra: let's bring in the a-team, matt gorman, mo elleithee and kristen soleis anderson. did you see this one coming?
7:03 am
>> no. tulsi gabbard upset a lot of democrats when she took -- made comments that appeared to be defending and apologizing for bashar al-assad. that's where a lot of the rift comes from in syria. i do not believe she is a russian asset. i do think the russians are trying to play in the 2020 election by causing chaos through social media in the way they did in 2016. there is some indication that the same troll farms that the intelligence community has been looking at in russia and that russian media has been propping up gabbard. it doesn't mean she herself is an asset but the fact that we should all be focused on how the russians are coming at this election by trying to create chaos in 2020. that's important. >> bill: we're specifically looking at two individuals that were referred to. tulsi gabbard and jill stein. why did she put it out there?
7:04 am
>> i don't speak for hillary clinton but i do believe that there was indication that the russians -- these troll farms were having some fun with jill stein in 2016 online and that they are trying to mix it up using tulsi gabbard's candidacy a little bit as well. it doesn't mean tulsi is doing anything. it does mean we should all be really focused on what the russians are doing. >> it is one thing to say that russians would love to see chaos and discord in the united states and therefore they enjoy anything that makes us look divided. it is a much bigger leap to accuse someone who happens to have a different political opinion saying well, you disagree with me and that creates division therefore russian asset. it's a dangerous precedent to set. if hillary clinton is going to saying that anyone who stood in the way of her potentially becoming president of the united states in 2016 or anyone who opposes her now or supports a different wing of the
7:05 am
democratic party is a russian asset it's not a good look for her. >> sandra: bill mcgurn makes the case it is her failure to acknowledge she lost in 2016. all hillary's russian assets, refusal to own up to a bad campaign gives tulsi gabbard a moment in the sun. >> every time hillary clinton comes out with a public statement it is something rehashing 2016. something usually very bitter sounding. and it helps president trump and republicans because it gives us a great foil and reminds a lot of republicans and some democrats why they don't like her. when it comes to tulsi. she was at 2% in the polls, not raising a lot of money. now she is elevated with hillary clinton, the former democratic presidential nominee, she will get a fundraising boost. she hasn't qualified for the november debates she probably will. i endorsed bernie last time and why she is coming after me. >> what is the important thing we should all be unified behind.
7:06 am
facebook took down a bunch of fake accounts yesterday that they were able to trace back to these russian troll farms. that's important. >> sandra: we're talking about hillary clinton calling a presidential candidate a russian asset. i just wonder to change course a little bit here how does your party, mo, feel about hillary clinton inserting herself to the point that she is in presidential politics? >> i don't know how the party feels. i am happy any time anyone shines a light on russian interference with elections. one of my problems with this whole episode is it's ended up distracting away from the bigger conversations. how the russians are trying to play in our elections. >> if i was a democrat i would be frustrated by this. someone less like trying to shine a light on russians sewing discord and more like scapegoating which makes things like we need to keep the russians out of our elections
7:07 am
into something more partisan. >> it obscures the larger point. we have to guard against the russians. when everyone is a russian asset it becomes a less serious conversation. >> bill: lee zeldin last hour. he wasn't holding back. roll it. >> hillary clinton seriously needs to see a psychiatrist. she needs to talk through this with someone. she is not dealing with her loss well. she believes that not just the reason why she lost but also the legacy of why she lost is due to in her mind the russians changing the outcome of our election. >> bill: some people are saying the same thing. maybe more diplomatic terms than the congressman from new york just did. some of you are saying the same thing there. sound bite seven. the president with sean hannity, the ukraine issue is out there and how he describes what his pursuit was all about in that phone call. >> president trump: you see all this horrible stuff and then
7:08 am
you hear about ukraine. you've been hearing about it. i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier. all of the things that happened and i assumed that the attorney general -- i would like the attorney general to find out what's going on because you know what? we're investigating corruption. >> bill: that's a reference to 2016 and his defense. >> i think it's really important that republicans fight back on this. they were a little slow to get going but they're hitting their stride. that isn't a legal fie. it's a political fight to change the public's mind because republicans in the house since democrats haven't opened an official impeachment inquiry they can't subpoena witnesses or documents and ham strung by the process. you look at the clinton impeachment democrats on the judiciary committee at the time including congressman chuck schumer got together and said bipartisanship won't get us. we need to fight every subpoena and motion and make it
7:09 am
political and make the contrast clear. i think republicans need to do the same thing and seems like they are. >> sandra: ken starr was on with us slamming the secrecy of the entire process. >> we're behind this veil of ignorance because of the closed-door proceedings. there is absolutely nothing, nothing that needs to be done behind closed doors in these secret proceedings. i think this is just a grave disservice to everyone including to the ambassador himself because there is no doubt that someone will go out and spin. >> sandra: why not make this more public? why not bring the american people in at this point? >> i think part of it -- i'm not familiar with everything that's going on. i think part of it is that the intelligence community is trying to make sure that they are not putting out any classified information and that as the proceedings continue they will make more and more public. >> bill: you can still do that
7:10 am
in a hearing and say i'll talk to you not in front of the camera but behind closed doors. >> to matt's point. an important one. what you see now are republicans and the president supporters trying to find the political argument on just about every aspect of this because they do need to fire up people and the fire up the president's supporters. the one big difference between this -- i agree the comparison to the bill clinton impeachment. the one difference is while democrats really made that hard political argument back then, the president didn't. the president stayed focused on his job. that's one of the reasons why president clinton's approval numbers remained high and the country was against impeachment. this president is going the opposite, getting into the political muck as opposed to just letting his supporters take care of it. i think that's backfiring on him a little bit. >> bill: the american people deserve to be there. the way you do that is bring a camera into the room. >> even congressman will herd
7:11 am
from texas, more than willing to criticize president trump has been criticizing adam schiff over his handling of the investigation so far. even those sometimes willing to say i don't love what the president said on this call with ukraine. i don't think it's necessarily right are still nonetheless concerned that the process with which impeachment is being brought forward is not necessarily one that they are big fans of. for the president, if the argument is his call with ukraine appropriate. is this what we want presidents to do. that's shakeier ground and some republicans that say i don't love what happened on the call. is impeachment and removal from office the appropriate remedy? >> lee zeldin he says he doesn't find any facts that democrats are finding in these interviews that would go to a crime or impeachable offense. at the end of the interview he said but they still will vote and they will vote to impeach. >> without a doubt.
7:12 am
the inquiry is out in secrecy. adam schiff can characterize the witnesses or testimony however he wants. i think you make a great point, kristen. will herd and other respected members of the intelligence committee have taken issue with the way schiff has run the entire process. >> sandra: schiff responded. might as well put that up there after the vote last night republicans moving to voting to censure adam schiff the head of the intel committee. it will be said of house republicans when they found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous president in american history they console themselves by attacking those who did. >> the most important piece of evidence that has been put out there are the president's own words. and that's what democrats keep coming back to. when the president stood up and or the summary of the transcript of that call, when he do the same thing, when mick mulvaney
7:13 am
stood up in a white house press conference and said what he said the other day this is just what we do, deal with it. those are the key points that democrats are looking at. and that's what i think the public is reacting to more than anything else. it makes sense politically for republicans to go after the process to try to muck it up. the reason you're seeing public support moving toward impeachment was in large part because of what the president is saying and doing. >> bill: they are watching these swing districts in critical state. "new york times" number 10. all these states public opinion on impeachment inquiry, 50% support. 45 against. public opinion on removal from office, 53% are against it. those are the six critical states "the new york times" looked at. you know democratic leaders are
7:14 am
following perhaps the same line of logic as to where public opinion is in those states. >> why you saw nancy pelosi for so longstanding up against folks like the squad who had called for impeachment of donald trump since the day after the mid-term elections. she said no let's take our time. she knew in some of those swing districts she didn't want to make her members take a vote and walk a plank when it might be politically damaged to them. i think the question is how much of that movement is coming from independents and republics going or how much of that movement is coming from democratic voters going i wasn't in favor of impeachment before because leadership said it wasn't a good idea. now that pelosi has changed, i have changed too. it's a mixed bag. >> the longer the process goes and the democrats it hurts. the democratic presidential candidates. they would have the senate trial between thanksgiving and
7:15 am
christmas. probably won't that have that vote now. the more it bleeds into the primaries and democratic candidates will call for it to be wrapped up. >> democratic candidates do want to focus on what they're offering versus president trump. they aren't getting a ton of questions about impeachment going into their town hall meetings. they are getting questions what are you doing on healthcare and the economy. that's what they should be talking about. let congress do its job. >> sandra: that might be a tough answer right now, what democrats are doing on all those big issues. >> i don't think so. a reason why democrats are leading in the polls against the president. each one of the major candidates is because one, i think the president's public opinion is down in part because of all this and two, you do have democrats out there talking about their alternative. that's -- let the presidential candidate focus on the alternative. >> andrew yang about impeachment when we talk about donald trump we're losing.
7:16 am
>> bill: thank you all. >> sandra: we'll get reaction from the white house on all of this just a short time from now. deputy press secretary hogan gidley will be joining us at the top of the next hour on the democrats' push for impeachment, the crisis in syria and a whole lot more breaking news. >> we'll speak to him next hour. nbc facing a new allegation. another woman claiming the news division buried her story about sexual assault. how nbc and his parent company are handling the latest claim and the up roar in a moment with howie kurtz. >> sandra: speaking of pierre delecto. he has been exposed. mitt romney using the twitter handle and he is exposed and some targets are firing right back. howie kurtz is on deck with both those stories coming back. >> we have senators who have fake twitter accounts that are
7:17 am
out tweeting out at midnight. the last person to do that was james comey. so i don't think those people have a lot of credibility. lows. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. i urge you to call newday usa now. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, now business is rolling in. get started at
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now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. >> bill: taking a look at some of the headlines we're following now. justice department moving to collect dna from asylum seekers
7:21 am
and other migrants held in detention. that information will be added to an f.b.i. database for adent filing and prosecuting criminals. facebook rolling out election security measures announcing new steps to fight misinformation. also efforts to interfere with elections and new tools to keep campaign accounts safe from hacking. zuckerberg testifies tomorrow on the hill. justin trudeau hanging on to power despite a series of scandals that tarnished his image as a progressive icon. the liberals lost 30 seats losing the outright majority meaning tro*ud will have to work to form a new coalition government. >> sandra: a new accuser is claiming nbc tried to bury her allegations of rape and sexual abuse by powerful people. author and activist abrams said she is one of the many survivors that nbc silenced. howie kurtz is our fox news media analyst and the host of
7:22 am
"media buzz". nice to see you in new york. what are we learning here? >> this chilling account by her deepens the damage from ronan farrow's revelations about his book. joy reed the nbc host investigating this. i have more evidence but threats from russell simmons spooked nbc. now, that reminds all of us of the reaction to the harvey weinstein threats with nbc a year later. joy reid took it to the hollywood reporter where it was published. that echoes what happened with ronan farrow took his expo say to the new yorker and won a pulitzer. the story was thorough and ready to go. >> bill: she is an author, and activist. she did not work at nbc i don't believe. >> not according to my
7:23 am
understanding. she went to nbc to tell her story. one of more devastating quotes. nbc uses its power to protect those in power. >> bill: a quote from her on screen. what is lost in this endless discussion about who knew what and when is a great truth. nbc put women's lives at risk. one of the darkest of nbc's sins by refusing to stand by their hard working reporters' work and placed members of the public in harm's way by discrediting and minimizing the allegations nbc is guilty of rape culture. that's a strong, strong allegation. >> it is a powerful indictment. she felt the network was less interested because she is a black woman and her alleged assailants were black. these sexual misconduct allegations when you have powerful people lawyered up are difficult to confirm and report. what we're seeing is a pattern
7:24 am
from nbc with ronan farrow and weinstein and this woman where nbc seems unable to take the chance of publishing what turns out to be published elsewhere and to great success. >> bill: mitt romney. >> sandra: pierre delecto. this was the twitter account mitt romney was using to target his critics and some cases his fellow republicans. >> it seems juvenile. he used the account to be more caustic to the president than he was under his own name and pick fights with pundits and take shots at people he did not like. here is the thing. his official account had 2 million followers. delecto has fewer followers. >> yeah, i mean i like what i like. fortunately there is not a
7:25 am
dislike button. but, you know, i follow a lot of people. a way to keep up with the news and i followed 600 or some odd people, 700, a way to have a private account to see what's going on. >> bill: i don't get it. >> you can see what's going on on your public account. >> bill: why do this? it was pages and pages in the atlantic. it has been ignored. >> romney outed himself and said he had a fake twitter account and they dug it up. romney is a guy who irons his shirt. this was being able to live dangerously as delecto cret ide. zero impact. nobody was following it. >> bill: we know mitt romney can vent when he wants to and he has shown that in 2016 when
7:26 am
he went against trump. trump, remember the litany of things he listed in utah? he has the microphone to go ahead and do that. >> sandra: some of those republicans that were targeted in attacks by pierre delecto are firing back. former speaker of the house newt gingrich went on "the ingraham angle" last night. here is that moment. >> the truth is i don't pay attention to mitt romney. i don't think mitt romney matters in the wrong run of american political history. he certainly does not matter in a donald trump republican party. i think he is a fossilized element of a party that is disappearing. >> sandra: not mincing words. >> he doesn't sound happy about the senator from utah. he is getting blowback from tweets nobody ever saw. you know who likes romney now? the press because he is anti-trump. didn't think much of him in 2012 much mocked as the party's nominee.
7:27 am
>> bill: interesting choice to do when you try to get the exposure you had in that speech to have it pushed aside because of the distraction. >> bill: maybe he wanted to open his shirt and show the secret identity of delecto. >> bill: mitt romney is happy to come on and talk to us any time. breaking news from overseas. u.s. troops leaving syria. clock ticking to the end of the cease-fire. we're live on the ground in iraq with the new developments. >> sandra: president trump heading to battleground pennsylvania tomorrow. can the president keep the keystone state red in 2020? former democratic governor ed rendell will join us with his unique perspective on all of it next. >> it's been three years of action. three years of results. it's been three years of promises made and promises kept. but we're just getting started,
7:28 am
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>> sandra: we're getting brand-new reaction at this hour to a tweet president trump sent this morning drawing swift reaction from both sides of the aisle. the president writing this. so someday if a democrat becomes president and the republicans win the house even by a tiny margin they can impeach the president without due process, fairness or any legal rights. all republicans must remember what they're witnessing here. a lynching. but we will win wrote the president. moments ago on capitol hill senator lindsey graham was asked about that tweet and that language and defended the president. he said this. >> it shows a lot of things about our national media when it's about trump who cares about the process? as long as you get him. yeah, this is a lynching in every since. it is unamerican. i've never seen a situation in my lifetime as a lawyer where somebody is accused of a major
7:33 am
misconduct who cannot confront the accuser, call witnesses on their behalf and have the discussion in the light of day so the public can judge. if this continues in the house it is a complete sham and i'll do everything i can to make sure it doesn't live very long in the senate. >> sandra: not everyone agrees with that. democrat kamala harris tweeting lynching is a stain on this nation's history as is this president. will never erase the pain and trauma of lynching. to invoke that torture is disgraceful. castro responding it's beyond shameful to use the word lynching to describe being held accountable for your actions. in our next hour we will get brand-new reaction from the white house hogan gidley will join us live at the top of the hour. a half hour from now. >> president trump: i want to bring the soldiers back home. isis was all over the place 2
7:34 am
1/2 years ago. when i started i got rid of that whole that. it is time to bring our soldiers home. >> bill: defending his decision after the five-day cease-fire set to run out hours from now. the turkish president travels to russia and meet with putin and talk with military operations in northeastern syria. we're in iraq on the other side of the border close to where u.s. troops are headed after leaving the war zone. what's the latest there as night falls? >> the big question is whether or not this cease-fire will hold in 4.5 hours we should know. turkey's president erdogan is saying unless 1300 kurdish fighters get out of the buffer zone he is ready to launch another military offensive against the kurds. here is erdogan. >> today is the last day for all terrorists to be removed
7:35 am
from the area. if america does not keep the promises it made to our country, this, our offensive, will continue from where it left off with much greater determination. >> erdogan has just finished meeting with russian president vladimir putin in the russian black sea resort city of sochi. russia has really gained an influence in this conflict with the withdrawal of the u.s. troops. not clear whether or not mr. putin will be able to extend this cease-fire or not. as far as the u.s. troops go, after pulling out of syria, many of them come here to a u.s. base in iraq. they aren't welcome here and can only stay here in transit as far as the troops go. there may be a small number of troops who remain in syria. u.s. officials still negotiating that deciding whether to leave a couple hundred forces still in syria to monitor the islamic state.
7:36 am
>> bill: steve harrigan back on the ground in iraq. >> sandra: it has become quite an event on the campaign trail. hillary clinton sparking a lot of backlash from all sides after suggesting in an interview that tulsi gabbard is a russian asset being groomed for a spoiler third party run. our headliner ed rendell, former dnc chairman and former governor of pennsylvania. why do you think this is happening? why is this back and forth happening between tulsi gabbard and hillary clinton? >> i have no idea. it is nothing more than a distraction to what should be our central mission. >> sandra: hillary clinton launched the attack in that interview. not naming her by name but confirmed later that was who she was referencing. >> i have no idea why she did that or what the motivation was. it is a distraction.
7:37 am
we should be focused on winning the 2020 election nothing more, nothing less than that. >> sandra: it's interesting you say that. then the question is should hillary clinton be as involved as she seems to be getting at this point in 2020? >> well, hillary is a free agent just like i'm a free agent. nobody can tell us what to say or what to do. but i will urge hillary, she is a good friend of mine. i would urge her to keep her eye on the prize. the prize is winning back the presidency and do nothing to distract from that goal. >> bill: i don't think you are a free agent. aren't you a joe biden guy? >> i'm a free agent -- nobody told me who to pick and nobody in the biden campaign tells me what to say. i think biden would be our best candidate. >> bill: with regard to hunter biden i would not have put him on the air. the more you respond the more you play into donald trump's
7:38 am
hands. was it a mistake, sir? >> i think hunter did pretty well on the air but still think it's a mistake. any time you try to draw he -- there is no equivalent, no trace of evidence that the bidens did anything wrong and in my judgment i'm a pretty good lawyer, district attorney for eight years, the president committed a crime by soliciting the ukraine government to get involved in a u.s. election. there is no equivalent at all. >> bill: he said it was about 2016 in that campaign. >> that's not what he said. he said the bidens. >> bill: if you read the paragraph he refers to the campaign of 2016 when he says do me a favor. you've read that, right, the transcript? >> right. but he was asking for
7:39 am
information about the bidens. and that's -- biden is obviously -- he is the democratic frontrunner. whatever he asked. >> bill: you just said you view that as a crime. that means the house will vote on impeachment. that's what you are saying. do vulnerable democrats in pennsylvania who are in these swing states places like pittsburgh, pennsylvania, do they vote to impeach or do they vote to protect the interests of their district in order to keep their job? >> well first of all, i think we have to watch what rolls out in the next month or so. i think there is more evidence to come. i think as the evidence rolls out it is going to become more and more clear that the president not only broke the law here but abused his power. at the detriment of the united states of america. so you have to see what rolls out before you answer that question. >> sandra: governor, what do you think of the state of things right now? seems like you want to tell us
7:40 am
something. joe biden, elizabeth warren. there seems to be a quickly-changing field out there when it comes to who has the frontrunner status, elizabeth warren has emerged as the star especially in the last debate. >> sure. no question it's a very fluid situation. but if you look at it at first about blush. you would think president trump is in bad trouble. look at pennsylvania, key state he won last time. the latest poll had him down 16 points to biden and a little less to some of the other candidates. in the 2018 election the democrats swept -- took back four congressional seats. democratic governor and democratic senator got elected by 17, 18 points against people who campaigned as avid trump supporters. so it looks bad. but i remind democrats the toughest person to run against and i ran 17 times, is toughest
7:41 am
president to run against is yourself. donald trump is masterful at deflecting attention, making the issue not about him and whatever problems he has, but about who the democrats nominate. if we nominate someone who is to the left wing of the party, i think he is -- all you are going to hear is democratic socialist, democratic socialist. i think pennsylvania will tighten up and there is a horse race. we are by no means in great shape here. we're ahead if the election were today donald trump would lose. but donald trump needs an opponent. he will get one and then we'll see what happens. >> bill: thank you for coming on today. ed rendell. former governor of pennsylvania. president trump claiming progress in a possible trade deal with china saying the u.s. is winning the trade war. fox business network's gerri
7:42 am
willis joins us and will break it down in a moment. >> president trump: we've done a great job. the economy is the best it's ever been and you look again. china has gone way down.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
>> president trump: we're doing great and we're beating everybody. all over the world. countries aren't doing well. china is not doing well. they're having the worst year they've had in 57 years and we made a deal for our farmers where 40 to 50 billion dollars of agricultural products brought by china. they've already started. >> bill: talk about china and the u.s. economy. gerri willis, talking about a trade deal maybe in november. how is that being received at the stock exchange? >> anything positive about trade is considered good. tends to move stocks. this economy is incredibly resilient. the president was talking on
7:47 am
sean hannity's show last night how the economy is the best of any in the world and the jobs market the best of any in the world. he is right. in september the jobs numbers, the lowest in 50 years setting a new record. that's very good news indeed. payroll is a little disappointing but overall the jobs market on fire. the economy doing very well. we're less than 1% away from an all time high on the s&p 500. from the perspective down here things are going pretty well. >> sandra: a lot of uncertainty that has kept markets going back to the all-time highs. what sense do you get on the floor about the level of optimism? >> there is a lot of optimism. markets the end to run ahead of all this good news we've been having and they're wondering what will be the end deal for trade? what will it look like? how far will it take us? they worry about brexit. i had a trader over at our desk today talking to us about they want to see that brexit deal
7:48 am
done. then they think there will be a tie up another trade deal with the u.k. that can be very beneficial. they're hoping they get something like that. so there is a lot of issues to watch but as you know, sandy, stocks climb a wall of worry. >> bill: what about the seattle idea to tax residents on home heating oil? what they want to do is tax residents for using heating oil in an effort to move the city away from dependency on fossil fuels. >> they have oh 2050 deadline in seattle to get off oil. let me tell you, their policy, 24 cent a gallon tax on home heating oil will only be for people who are poorer with the older heating systems. it is shocking to me that a state that professes have the most open mind to try to help as many people as possible that
7:49 am
they would put in such a difficult, mean policy that will go after a lot of people who don't have money. >> sandra: timing interesting. it will cost some folks more money to heat their homes. gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange. dow up 22 points nearing 27,000. we'll watch it. thank you. >> bill: see you soon. in a moment wildfire conditions in the forecast. they're cutting the lights again. who is facing the blackout again. a million people without power to help keep the flames away? is that the best idea? take you to california coming up. "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> bill: california could face another round of back-outs. powerful winds downing power lines and causing wildfires is the concern. william la jeunesse is back on the story today. talking about millions again. what's the story? >> customers don't like it. neither does the utility. they call it a necessary evil during fire season. seven fires burning now in california including one in pacific palisades home of stars like tom hanks and reiss weatherspoon. it began yesterday at 11:00 a.m. overwhelming home owners.
7:54 am
tankers arrived just in time and no homes lost. evacuation orders lifted as another fire broke out east of l.a. as temperatures topped 90°. >> i'm still shaking. my heart is still pounding. i told my boss i'm leaving. my house is right in the middle of a fire zone. got here and it was like a war zone. planes flying over my head to the point i feel like i could touch them. >> with winds picking up pg&e said 16 counties could lose power beginning wednesday north of san francisco. this as the utility continues to take criticism for a blackout two weeks ago that cut power to two million residents. >> friends who had their power out, some have power on, some have power off. people are saying can i use your refrigerator, how can i work? can i use your computer? i'm alone by myself in the dark with candles? that's what's going on. >> pacific gas & electric faces
7:55 am
$30 billion in liability claims from recent fires sparked by its equipment. 1500 fires since 2011 according to the state. however controversial the decision to proactively cut power will come down to numbers. look at these. the acres burned so far this year just 46,000 in california compared to 600,000 last year. still a fraction of the fire year average of 370,000. winds this time of year over 25 miles per hour gusting over 40 will topple trees, knock down power lines, start fires that are nearly impossible to stop. utilities say cutting power a major inconvenience can save lives and property. the numbers will tell the tale. back to you. >> bill: william la jeunesse in california. >> sandra: ukraine, syria and russia all on president trump's mind as democrats push for impeachment. white house principle deputy press secretary hogan gidley will join us live from the white house at the top of a
7:56 am
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8:00 am
diplomats released earlier the acting ambassador william taylor raised concerns that aid in ukraine in return for political favor. lee zeldin earlier today saying these are allegations and not sufficient grounds for impeachment. >> there has been so many allegations that have been made, launched towards the president that really has been obliterated by the testimony that has been given. i will tell you there is nothing from anything that i've heard you could possibly impeach the president of the united states for. >> bill: chief white house correspondent john roberts begins his day live from the briefing room today. good morning. >> good morning to you. just so you know who bill taylor is, the highest-ranking diplomat in ukraine after marie yovanovitch was recalled earlier this year. according to our capitol hill producer he is giving a lengthy opening statement belined
8:01 am
closed doors which we hope to have for you later on. he is expected to give more context and perspective to that text message exchange he had with the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sondland and why taylor felt that the hold on military aid to ukraine was tied to a political quid pro quo. in that secure text message exchange taylor writes as i said on the phone, i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance with help with a political campaign. 4 1/2 hours later sondland we pleis i believe you are incorrect about president trump's intention. the president has been crystal clear, no quid pro quos of any kind. we know now that in that 4 1/2 hours sondland called president trump. he said there was no quid proio. sondland acknowledged he was taking the president at his word and had no independent verification. the president boiled over this morning as taylor went behind closed doors in a tweet that instantly drew criticism saying
8:02 am
so someday if a democrat becomes president and the republicans win the house even by a tiny margin they can impeach the president without due process or fairness or any legal rights. all republicans must remember what they're witnessing here, a lynching. we will win. illinois congressman bobby rush tore a strip off the president. if the president wants to learn about lynching. pass my bill the anti-lynching act which makes it a federal crime. jim jordan and lindsey graham both responded. >> the president is frustrated. if you have to go through the three years the president had to live through and now this ridiculous charade, you can understand why the president is frustrating. >> president trump last night says he thinks that being impeached
8:03 am
would actually help the republican party pointing to the enormous fundraising haul he has had so far. $158 million currently on hand which is a record for any incumbent president at this point in the campaign. >> bill: thank you, john roberts from the white house. thank you, sir. sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. good morning. first to the president's use of the word lynching in this latest tweet referencing the impeachment process. what is the president saying to the reaction we've seen so far on both sides of the aisle to that tweet this morning, hogan? >> the president has used many words all kinds of language to talk about the way the media has treated him since the moment he came down the golden escalator. the day he was elected before being sworn into office they were already telegraphing what they wanted to do. move to impeach him. they started this from day one. even before in many instances
8:04 am
and the culmination of that is 93% negative news coverage against this president. fake and false and not even -- fictitious sources. the president is working for the american people and that's what this is about. an unfair secretive process for the democrats. if you are pulled over for a traffic ticket you get more due process. >> sandra: there is calls for condemnation of that tweet. some lawmakers have called for it to be deleted by the president. some of the most recent reaction coming from tim scott, a republican, of course, in the senate. he says the impeachment process is the closest thing to a political death row trial. i get his absolute rejection of the process. we have sound of it. it just came in. >> the impeachment process is the closest thing of a political death row trial. so i get his absolute rejection
8:05 am
of the process. i wouldn't use the word lynching. >> sandra: so he gets the rejection of the process. he wouldn't use the word lynching. says tim scott. cory booker put out a very certain response to the president's tweet saying this, lynching is an act of terror used to uphold white supremacy. try again. the president is getting some of this reaction this morning. would he consider taking down that tweet or responding to some of the criticism that he is seeing here? >> let's talk about what the president has actually done for the african-american community as opposed to so many who just talk about it. h b-cu funding is at historic levels because of what this president decided to do with the funds. this president has also set up opportunity zones in inner cities that have gone to lift all boats especially those of african-americans whose wages have now increased at a higher percentage than those across
8:06 am
the country. record unemployment for african-americans not to mention the fact criminal justice reform was passed under this president. something barack obama could never do. something that democrats talked about forever. it was a piece of legislation pushed for and passed by republicans in congress and signed by a republican president. this president has done more to lift the lives of all americans than anybody else. he is not going to take a back seat to anybody. this relentless attacks from the mainstream media have got to stop. they knew exactly what he was talking about here. he was very clear. >> kamala harris says lynching is a stain on the nation's history as is this president. to invoke that torture to whitewash your own corruption is disgraceful. if i could finish up with this. would the president ever consider that maybe it was a poor choice of words and maybe
8:07 am
rephrase his wording on impeachment? >> i have not spoken with him directly about the tweet. i can speak about poor choices, what the media tries to do to him every day. the president wasn't trying to compare himself to the horrific history in this country at all. what he was trying to point out clearly was that he has been attacked relentlessly by the mainstream media without cause, without evidence since the day he took over in this office. >> sandra: meanwhile the impeachment process does continue, hogan. it seems to be dragging out. what are the risks to both the presidency and, of course, your view as it stands for democrats as the process does drag on? >> the real risk here is for the american people. they are the ones who deserve a usmca that's ready to go that nancy pelosi won't touch that would help the american farmer, rancher, american manufacturing. they aren't talking about all the pieces of legislation regarding infrastructure, regarding securing our southern border. they continue to go down into
8:08 am
this witch hunt. they lied about corruption and kavanaugh and a cover-up. they lied about whistleblowers. they continue to do this time and time again. it is the american people that suffer. they're the ones who will have to answer for this. adam schiff has been lying from day one and the fact he actually gets on television still and is treated with any credence or credibility is shocking to us here at the white house and should be shocking to most of the american people who see the democrats without due process are attacking a president without evidence doing everything in secret and as i mentioned before, anyone who got pulled over for a simple traffic violation gets to confront the judge, gets to have a conversation with the police officer who gave them the ticket. this instance is way different. all done in secret. we can't question witnesses. we can't have a conversation with those who are in front of the committees. this is just a complete scam, a sham and the democrats know it and it's the american people who suffer. >> sandra: the process does continue on capitol hill at this hour with the acting ambassador to ukraine is behind
8:09 am
closed doors with those committees, hogan. we're just now learning that ambassador taylor was -- he agreed to go voluntarily but subpoenaed because the state department stepped in to stop his appearance. did that happen? what can you tell us about it? >> i'm not aware of if that happened or not. you have to ask the state department about that. what i'm aware of is what you mentioned, behind closed doors, that's the common phrase all the reporters have to use when they talk about this. >> sandra: did the white house try to stop him from answering questions belined closed doors this morning? >> i'm not aware. the behind closed doors issue is what is the problem here. i can't respond to selective leaks from democrats inside those committees that typically are trying to damage and destroy this president. they are doing it again with this selective leaking. they don't even put up the actual text from our side. in fact, when sondland made the
8:10 am
point there is no quid pro quo. john roberts did it. most in the mainstream media only focus on the first part of that and don't talk about the punch line, which we know is that there was no quid pro quo whatsoever. the president did everything right. he did nothing wrong. and democrats continue to lie about it. >> sandra: meanwhile the president was on with sean hannity last night and he is now suggesting that a.g. bill barr should look into hillary clinton and her involvement in the steele dossier. here is that moment from last night. >> president trump: i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier, was it out of ukraine? i would like the attorney general to find out what's going on. in my opinion that's what it was is corruption. if ukraine would know something about the 2016 election, you have to give that information. >> sandra: what is he asking to do here? >> look, i think most of the american people want to
8:11 am
understand what happened in 2016 and i'm old enough to remember when democrats wanted to know what happened in the 2016 election as well. there was corruption. we know that for a fact. the president wants to get to the bottom of it. we have to look in various places for that. you can start that with hillary clinton. we now know how the steele dossier was obtained. we know it was fake and fraudulent and used to get fisa warrants. all of those things stink at the very least. someone needs to find out how this all happened. investigating the investigators is something we would like to see done and i think the american people deserve. >> sandra: have a short time left here hogan. what about the latest back and forth between tulsi gabbard and hillary clinton? what is the president saying about that this morning? >> it's interesting because it seems like any time a republican runs for office there are a couple of things you can expect us to be called. all nasty and negative after hi clinton or disagrees with her on policy she goes back to the
8:12 am
russian playbook. how with tulsi gabbard is now thought of as a russian asset? she can't get over the fact donald trump had the better message. he had a better work ethic and did more promising for the american people and now delivering than hillary ever thought about doing. donald trump won that election fair and square and democrats led by the mainstream media and those like hillary clinton who just hate the president and want to overturn that 2016 free and fair election cannot continue to use that as an excuse to try and destroy this president and/or impeach him. >> sandra: hogan gidley live from the white house this morning. thank you for joining us. >> bill: 12 minutes past the hour. fox news alert. new information on what caused the deaths of more than a dozen americans in the dominican republic. the f.b.i. with its findings in a moment. >> sandra: hillary clinton calling tulsi gabbard as i mentioned a russian asset. gabbard saying she will -- is willing to meet with hillary clinton. so where does all this go from
8:13 am
here? our panel will take that one up. leslie marshall and steven hayes will join us next. there are lots of people who are confused about which medicare plan is right for them. hey, that's me. i barely know where to start. well, start here with me, karen. i'm a licensed humana sales agent. well, it's nice to meet you, karen. i'm john smith. hi, john. at humana, we know you're unique. so you have different needs from other john smiths. yeah, i've always thought so. and together, we can find a plan that's right for you. great! i go to the doctor a couple of times a year. and i have some prescriptions. but i'm
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>> sandra: bernie sanders tweeting his support for tulsi gabbard after hillary clinton suggest's gabbard is a russian asset. sanders saying this, tulsi gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this country. people can disagree on issues but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that tulsi is a
8:17 am
foreign asset. let's bring in our panel. leslie marshall and steven hayes. good morning. steve, start us off here. bernie sanders taking hillary clinton on for making that suggestion. >> not entirely surprising. remember, tulsi gabbard supported bernie sanders in 2016 and resigned her position as a top dnc official. hillary clinton is making these allegations without any evidence to support them. that is a pretty strong suggestion that someone is a russian asset. she made the same claim about jill stein and speculated that republicans were preparing to draft a current democratic primary opponent presumably tulsi gabbard to run as a three-way candidate and play the role of spoiler. she didn't make any actual factual statements to back up her allegations. something that you would think journalists might be more interested in getting from her
8:18 am
and she continues to make these claims. >> sandra: lee zeldin made a similar suggestion. >> she believes not just the reason why she lost but also the legacy of why she lost is due to in her mind the russians changing the outcome of our election. it's important we note the history of 2016 tulsi gabbard did support bernie sanders and there is that resentment, too. >> sandra: should it be obvious to everyone why hillary clinton decided to make this move? >> look, i think she is trying to liken tulsi gabbard to jill stein. tulsi gabbard said she wouldn't run as an independent. as a democrat nobody should give them ideas. the democrats are keeping this alive. with all due respect to* tulsi gabbard she has less than 2% of the support of the democratic party. we as democrats had a lack of
8:19 am
unity to say the least in 2016 and that led, i feel, definitely contributed to donald trump being elected president. 12% of bernie sanders supported voted for him. the fact that senator sanders is weighing in for her and supporting her i get it. at the same time it's not like he is trying to get her base away from elizabeth warren. it does not help the democrats to stay on point not just for their nomination but also for the general election. i really wish everyone would move on and move forward. >> sandra: i asked ed rendell how he feels about hillary clinton getting as involved as she is in presidential politics at this point and he had this to say. >> hillary is a free agent just like i'm a free agent. nobody can tell us what to say or what to do. i would urge her to keep her eye on the prize. the prize is winning back the presidency and do nothing that would distract from that goal.
8:20 am
>> sandra: do democrats like her getting as involved as she is, steven? >> i would think they wouldn't. that's what is curious about this as leslie suggests. picking a fight with somebody less than 2% in the polls and isn't a threat to win the democratic nomination. it is curious. the other thing odd about hillary clinton's attacks is there is plenty to criticize about tulsi gabbard's arguments. she has been a staunch defender of the assad regime. only occasionally criticizing the atrocities committed by that regime and parroted russian propaganda talking points. it's different than claiming she might be a russian asset. there is a substantive case to make that tulsi gabbard is making horrible arguments and that in itself is disqualify. >> sandra: tulsi gabbard is more than willing to have a face-to-face meeting with hillary clinton. final thoughts leslie. elizabeth warren unveiled another big price tag plan,
8:21 am
$800 billion towards k-12 education. i'll let our viewers see on the screen it is divided up. how do you pay for it? >> that's going to be the question that democrats ask at the next debate who want to dethrone her as queen in this n hurting her. she keeps getting more and more money for her campaign and she keeps soaring and as a matter of fact we know in some polls neck-and-neck and beating who had been the frontrunner joe biden. >> sandra: appreciate both of you this morning. thank you. >> bill: in a moment here a hearing in the molly tibbetts murder case is postponed. why? why defense attorneys say the confession should be thrown out. that's coming up next. ah!
8:22 am
8:23 am
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>> sandra: the f.b.i. ruling out tainted alcohol in a string of american deaths in the dominican republic. it confirmed findings from local authorities who determined at least three of the deaths were from natural causes. at least 14 americans have died to the caribbean country since june. >> hearing has been postponed in the molly tibbetts murder case in iowa. suspect's attorneys saying the confession should be thrown out. dan schorr is a former assistant district attorney. why are they making the case -- >> when the defendant was not told the part of the anything you say can be used against you. later he was properly mir an diesed. defense is saying they can't use the statements against the defendant. prosecution is acknowledging
8:26 am
they can't use it in their case, the case in chief. but they're saying when the defendant takes the stand they can cross-examine the defendant about those statements. the standard argument by prosecution. >> bill: if the police admitted he wasn't properly read his miranda rights what happens? >> those statements may be suppressed. if the defendant takes a stand. the defendant said he abducted this woman. he doesn't remember what happened but found her dead body in the trunk and disposed of her body. defense is saying they want all the statements thrown out. prosecution is saying they can be thrown out. we can't use them but if the defendant takes the stand and gives another story they could cross-examine him about his statement. >> bill: if you threw out the confession the case is not lost. >> there is a lot of other evidence. first the defendant was seen in the vicinity of the victim jogging before she disappeared. her blood was found in his trunk and he actually took law enforcement to the place in the corn field where her body was found. that is strong evidence of guilt. >> bill: that's a lot.
8:27 am
>> prosecution is saying even if the statement is thrown out we can prove the case without the statement. >> bill: who makes the call on the confession? >> the judge will hear arguments from the prosecution and defense. he can either allow the statement on cross examination or the judge can say we won't allow it at all. the prosecution is conceding they can't use the beginning of his confession because later they did properly miranda. >> the case isn't a lost cause. it doesn't appear based on the evidence it was that substantial of a setback if proven. >> it would be substantial if a big part of his confession is not allowed but there is other evidence where the prosecution can prove that case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> bill: why would an officer not read miranda rights? >> it was a mistake. the prosecution is conceding a mistake was made. there are a bunch of different
8:28 am
things a defendant is told in miranda. anything you say can be used against you and whoever was doing the miranda didn't read that part of it and therefore his statements should not be used in the prosecution's case. >> bill: back in court november 3. i don't think we've seen him yet, have we? >> it will be the first time since his arrest where we'll see him in public at the next court appearance. >> bill: thank you so much. we'll see what happens then. thank you for your analysis. >> sandra: facebook cracking down on fake accounts tied to iran and russia. how the social media giant hopes to stop election interference in 2020. >> bill: president trump demanding an investigation. was hillary clinton involved with ukraine and the steele dossier in 2016? john yu will answer that coming up next. >> the president should allow his able and honest attorney general and united states attorney john durham to do
8:29 am
their job. the president is impatient, i understand. but stay tuned. with va mortgage rates suddenly
8:30 am
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8:32 am
>> president trump: when you look at what's going on and you see all of this horrible stuff and then you hear about ukraine. you've been hearing about it. i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier. and i assume that the attorney general, i would like the attorney general to find out what's going on. because you know what? we're investigating corruption. >> bill: president trump telling sean hannity he wants his a.g. to take a look at the ties between hillary clinton, the steele dossier and ukraine. john yoo, former deputy a.g. in the george w. bush administration. now a law professor at berkeley. what do you think of the president's position here? i guess the i.g. report would uncover some of that. then maybe the prosecutor john durham out of connecticut recovers the rest. what do you think? >> i don't blame the president
8:33 am
for being impatient and demanding action. but i don't think he needs to tell bill barr how to do his job. the attorney general, this is his second tour in the job. he is a tough, determined prosecutor, investigator. he will get to the bottom of it and he will figure out if ukraine or hillary clinton was involved with the steele dossier. he will get to the bottom of it. it is not just to get hillary clinton. the important thing is to make sure that the surveillance powers of the government are not abused again to conduct frivolous of an ongoing political campaign. i have every faith if there are ties between any of that and the use of fisa and surveillance of the trump campaign attorney general barr will find out. >> bill: i think ken starr agrees with you. he told us about two hours ago ken starr was on the show and said this. >> there is no reason to believe that bill barr, who i worked with and served under under president bush 41 will do
8:34 am
a thorough and honest job in finding out everything in connection with the 2016 campaign including hillary's involvement, if any, ukrainian involvement and so forth. >> bill: he agrees with you. the question is when. he told sandra earlier today there is nothing and no reason to be behind closed doors as of right now. he said bring in the cameras, the american people should be there. what do you think about that, john? >> i think with regards to the investigation of fisa and the steele dossier and surveillance of presidential campaigns i agree ultimately that has got to be public. we want the justice department as you mentioned the inspector general to conduct the investigation in secret at first. there are national security and classified information concerns here. once they find out what's happened i agree the president should declassify everything and let it all out into the public and agree in regards to impeachment, for example. i think ultimately the democrats in the house should trust the american people and make all of that information
8:35 am
public and let the president's lawyers and the house republicans' lawyers participate, too. that's the best security that the country. >> bill: do you think it happens? >> right now i'm very troubled by the way the house is conducting the investigation. they aren't following the rules that have been used for the last two impeachments of clinton and nixon. for some reason they are keeping it behind closed doors. i think it actually hurts the house democrats. the american people are not going to trust them. they won't have credibility with the american people the more they try to rush the process, the more they keep things secret. >> bill: lee zeldin is a republican from new york and was with us two hours ago as well. he has been inside of every one of these interviews. a lot of stuff they can't disclose to the publics but he said the democrats aren't getting anywhere. at the end he said they will still vote to impeach. do you expect that? >> i do expect that. unfortunately not for constitutional reasons but for political reasons. it is actually one of the
8:36 am
things our founders feared the most that impeachment would become this partisan tool. it would become cheapened and used all the time as combat rather than the weighty constitutional responsibility that it should be. >> bill: in realtime chad, our capitol hill reporter. bill taylor is the one behind closed doors delivered a rather lengthy in the words of chad opening statement. what could that indicate knowing that we're on the outside? >> one thing it shows is that the white house's effort to have a unified approach to impeachment to refuse to cooperate with the house until it takes an impeachment vote and does things fairly and openly the white house here starting to crumble and there are people now from the executive branch like mr. taylor, other state department officials who are testifying in congress even though the white house is telling them not to. this will make it harder for the white house to put up a
8:37 am
good, strong defense to this impeachment investigation. >> bill: adam schiff apparently the censure motion has been tabled. i don't think that would be much of a shock to a lot of people frankly. here is what jim jordan said about that. >> we found out last night that democrats will now not even allow republicans to have a copy of the respective transcripts from each of the witnesses we've interviewed thus far and if in fact no copy, we can't make copies, we don't get a copy. i've never seen that happen before. and if we want to look at the transcript we have to go in and there has to be a democrat staffer in there watching members of congress read the transcript. >> bill: based on your own experience what do you make of what he is describing there? >> i quite agree i was general counsel of the senate judiciary committee. i have never seen procedures like this used. when we had investigations both sides participated. majority and minority members. no concealing of transcripts. none of this behind the scenes
8:38 am
maneuvering to pitch things to partisan -- this isn't the way impeachment works. if the house democrats continue down this path the american people won't trust the results of the investigation and make it easier for the senate to reject the impeachment that's sent over. >> bill: come on back out of berkeley in california. >> sandra: jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with more on that. hey, jonathan. >> facebook is under intense pressure to get it right in 2020. to not allow those countries or individuals with bad intentions to influence our elections. and so mark zuckerberg announced on a phone call with reporters yesterday that the company is introducing new tools to try to help it achieve what may frankly be an unachievable goal. >> personally this is one of my top priorities for the company. as i said at the start of this
8:39 am
call, elections have changed significantly and facebook has changed, too. >> facebook is introducing new security tools for elected officials and candidates to monitor their accounts for hacking attempts. it will add labels, identifying false information, that information to be identified by an independent panel of experts and labels identifying state-controlled media. but it will still allow politicians to post ads as they the end to do containing misinformation. zuckerberg making the distinction between those who want to disrupt the democratic process and those who are part of it. however flawed.should make up their own minds about which candidates are credible and which candidates have the kind of character they want to see in their elected officials and i don't know if those determinations should come from tech companies.
8:40 am
>> facebook has recently removed four networks of fake state-backed accounts involved in spreading misinformation. the accounts were apparently based in russia and iran and were targeting elections here in the u.s. and in north africa and latin america. now those are clearly sandra all steps in the right direction. but they are frankly unlikely to mollify those who believe mark zuckerberg is a modern-day dr. frankenstein who has lost control of the monster he created. >> bill: u.s. troops leaving syria crossing into iraq but iraq says they can't stay. what does that mean for the u.s. troop withdrawal? >> we also are faced with the situation again where we might be faced with a potential conflict with a long-standing nato ally. we had no obligation, if you will, to defend the kurds against a long-standing nato ally. where we all want more energy.
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>> sandra: a u.s. brokered cease-fire between turkey and kurdish fires set to expire a few hours from now as turkish president looks for support from vladimir putin to carve out a buffer zone in northern syria. john hannah, former national security advisor to vice president cheney. the cease-fire has entered into its final hours here. erdogan and putin are meeting. last-minute ongoing talks in sochi. who has the leverage when it comes to these discussions right now? and what role is russia going to play in all of this? >> putin clearly is in the driver's seat now. i think the fact that erdogan had to get on a plane and fly to sochi in order to consult with putin and get his approval for whatever buffer zone turkey is trying to create on that
8:45 am
border with syria i think is an indicator that putin with his forces on the ground, his commitment for the long haul in syria, he is going to be critical to whatever erdogan wants to try and achieve in syria carving out a buffer zone and returning some of the 3 1/2 million syrian refugees that are sitting inside of turkey now and putting a lot of pressure on erdogan's government. >> sandra: when you look at the warning coming from erdogan, this was today, that his military will resume this offensive if all the syrian kurds don't leave the border region before the cease-fire deadline runs out, that's 10:00 local time, 3:00 eastern time here. so we're just a few hours out now. what did erdogan mean with that warning and how far does he go with it? >> well, it's hard to know. erdogan has been full of bluster and been threatening
8:46 am
the syrian kurds for years. sometimes he has been successfully deterred either by american threats and warnings or by russian threats and warnings. i'm sure that putin wants to try and accommodate erdogan as best he can. he doesn't want to see a real blowup in syria that further destabilizes the syrian government that he really wants to get a handle on things now. he would like to see this assad government reassert its control throughout syria. he doesn't want us to suddenly have a new phase of the syrian civil war in which you have massive slaughter against the kurds. so russia is going to be playing a critical mediating function here. i think will be very influential in trying to limit the amount of violence that takes place. >> sandra: so those talks ongoing. the clock is ticking. we'll be watching that. meanwhile there seems to be a contradiction to what happens to the u.s. troops leaving
8:47 am
syria supposed to go to western iraq, over the border into western iraq. mark esper said under the current plan all u.s. troops leaving syria will go to western iraq and military would continue to conduct operations against isis from there. only one problem. iraq says they don't have permission to be there or stay there. this is the statement coming from the iraqi military. all u.s. forces that withdrew from syria received approval to enter the kurdish region to be transported outsidr act. there is no permission granted for those forces to stay inside iraq. where does that leave us? >> this is the problem, sandra. when you try to make policy literally overnight by kind of a presidential spasm or impulse rather than a deliberate planning process that actually involves analysis and consultations with allies. the iraqis have literally woken up one day to find that there
8:48 am
might be another 1,000 american troops in their country. without them really being consulted and them having a chance to bring their own public along in this process. so it is an embarrassment for the iraqis. i still think there is a chance we'll be able to work something out if we give this process a little bit of time. but it underscores the need for allies and the need for us to really be sensitive to our partners who face their own real political vulnerabilities and difficulties by various moves that the united states makes. >> sandra: mark esper for his account in that contradiction says he has spoken to his iraqi counterpart about the plan to ship those more than 700 troops leaving syria into western iraq. it's something we'll be watching in the hours to come. john hannah, appreciate it. thank you. >> bill: also watching "outnumbered" coming up in a few moments. here are harris and melissa. good morning.
8:49 am
>> a key witness from the ukraine controversy is testifying today in the impeachment inquiry as democrats indicate all this could go on a lot longer than expected. >> and president trump reigniting his feud with hillary clinton over her attacks on the 2020 democratic candidate tulsi gabbard. >> all that and more. "outnumbered" on the top of the hour. >> bill: striking teachers in the country's third largest school system joined by one of the candidates for 2020. but there is another democrat the city's mayor trying to get the union to call off the strike before they get a deal. what's up with that? we'll get a live report and tell you next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync,
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8:53 am
>> bill: thousands of teachers in chicago hitting the picket lines again today and the third largest school district. democratic candidate elizabeth warren joining the teachers earlier today. mike tobin is watching the latest from chicago on that. >> hey, bill. striking for a six-day, teachers got some support from the presidential contender. senator elizabeth warren on the west side of town right now as she notes she is a former teacher. the eyes of the nation are on this labor dispute. teachers hold out for more pay, smaller classes, housing subsidies, nurses at every school. elizabeth warren promised to partner in the white house. >> a partner will be there to back you up in the critically important work that you do every day. and for me, that starts with an $800 billion investment in our public good. >> with 300,000 kids out of
8:54 am
class and 25,000 teachers on the picket line, neither side is optimistic about a rapid conclusion. the mayor says that the teachers keep moving the goalpost in a city with a massive tension that does not have any more money. lori lightfoot sent a letter to the union bleeding that the students and families of chicago cannot afford to be out of school any longer, which is why we are asking you to end the strike and encourage your members to return to work as a bargaining continues. the union did not go for it. >> i don't know if that would mayor knows how labor negotiations work, but currently we are in the process of withholding our labor in order and to reach a legally binding agreement. >> in a condition to the class is being missed, athletic teams are forced to forfeit, you cannot compete while the teachers are on strike. >> bill: mike tobin in chicago, thank you, sir. a >> sandra: the top diplomat in ukraine speaking how
8:55 am
diplomats behind closed doors delivered a lengthy opening statement. about all we know. we will have more details on that as we get them from capitol hill. e and save thousands a year. i urge you to call newday usa now. get the perfectly grilled flavors of an outdoor grill indoors, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do even more, like transform into an air fryer. the ninja foodi grill, the grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps.
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8:58 am
♪ >> sandra: political uncertainty and answerabl israes benjamin netanyahu fails to leave a -- joining us from the jerusalem borough with more on that story, hey, trey. >> a political deadlock and he is a really old does continue after benjamin netanyahu came up empty-handed when trying to form a government. we know so far, after a close race in mid-september, is that he was given the nod by every is really president to take his second attempt at the coalition support. hence he was unable to do so, former army chief will get a chance to party with benjamin netanyahu's party while
8:59 am
building a voting block. netanyahu has tried to work with him to combine the party with a blue and white party smaller parties. >> in the past week i have made every effort to bring him to the negotiating table. every effort to avoid another election. unfortunately, he simply refused time and again. >> today calling all of the parties in israel including arab parties for the first time in 20 years to engage in upcoming coalition, and they will say that he will have a similar issue when forming a coalition government. it was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's birthday yesterday, and given a letter from president trump in support of the united states. >> bill: thank you, trey. that wraps it for us. >> sandra: a rocking tuesday.
9:00 am
lots more on the fox news channel to come. we will see you back here tomorrow morning. >> bill: i will see you too tomorrow morning. >> sandra: that's a plan. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: big news day, fox news alert, president trump acting you ukraine ambassador is dealing with a subpoena to testify. a part of the inquiry after the state department took block the testimony and block him from appearing. pressing taylor about text messages between him and other diplomats where he raised concern that ukraine aid was being connected to investigations. this as democrats reportedly see their impeachment inquiry taking longer than expected. extending beyond thanksgiving as they deepened their probe. president trump went after the inquiry, and a controversial tweet this morning saying, so some day if the democrat becomes presiden


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