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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 22, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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back on the couch at noon eastern. now here is harris. >> harris: i love when they gossip about me. democrats calling a key witness to capitol hill as the president is pushing back on the impeachment inquiry. we are "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. acting ambassador to the ukraine looking to testify between three house panels after fox news was told that the state department tried to prevent taylor from appearing. democrats expected to press him on text messages he sent to the e.u. ambassador, and raised concerns about a possible quid pro quo over military aid with the ukraine. a short time ago, one democratic lawmaker walking out of taylor's deposition behind closed doors with a closed-door testimony was a game changer. >> all i have to say is that in my ten short months in congress, it is not even noon, and this is
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my most disturbing day in congress so far. very troubling. >> harris: characterizing behind closed doors. however, president trump says democrats, witnesses are actually helping his case. >> i don't know most of these people. and if i do, i met them quickly. or he know them very little, but ambassadors and some others. i don't even know. most of them i have never even heard of their names. okay? and they are turning out to be better witnesses by far for us. >> harris: catherine herridge is life for us on capitol hill. >> thank you, harris, good afternoon. taylor over the suspension to aid the ukraine, whether it was tied to investigations into the bite ins and alleged interference in their 2016 election by the ukrainians. what we know from today is that he arrived on capitol hill, he has been behind closed doors for
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several hours. to some of the back story is that he is a top u.s. diplomat in the ukraine. a west point graduate, a vietnam veteran, and multiple overseas postings to the middle east, nato, and afghanistan. the reason he is in the spotlight is because of these text messages in september that he exchanged with the administration's point of the year -- he wrote as i sat on the phone, it is crazy to withhold security assistance for help at the political campaign. and solomon responded, bill, i believe that you are incorrect about president trump's intentions, he has been crystal clear, no quid pro quo of any time. adding that the president is trying to evaluate whether ukraine is going to adopt a transparency reform that president zelensky promise during his campaign. i suggest we stop the back-and-forth by text. the president wrote if a democrat is president and the republicans when they house by a
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tiny margin, they can impeach the president without due process or fairness or any legal rights, all republicans must remember what they are witnessing here, a lynching. but we will win. that reference to a lynching democrats. >> the president to use that kind of absolute disgrace based on racial hatred is a disservice to the communities that have endured that kind of tragedy. >> earlier this morning we heard from a senior republican who sits on the oversight committee, and he alleged that democrats are taking even more steps to further restrict their access to the transcripts and other records. >> just when you thought the process could not get any more unfair, we found out last night that democrats will now not even allow republicans to have a copy
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of the respective transcripts from each of the witnesses we have interviewed thus far, and if, in fact, so we cannot make copies, we don't get a copy, which i have nursing before. and if we want to look at the transcript, we have to go and then there has to be a democrat staffer watching members of congress read a transcript. >> republicans ask questions about the whistle-blower, and the original complaint as you recall, based on our reporting , but had no congressional contact which we now know is not the case. and republicans argued that the only people who can answer that question are members of the committee who are running the investigation, harris. >> harris: thank you very much, i want to bring in former acting attorney general, matt whitaker, good to see you today. let's talk about what is going on, we know that this is behind closed doors with william taylor, however, we saw democrat from michigan giving his characterization, his testimony by taylor was the most disturbing day in his time on
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capitol hill. could this hurt the president? >> well, i think in this situation where we have a member of congress coming out in characterizing testimony, but not saying what it is in the american people have no visibility and members of congress cannot get a transcript, the whole process is concerning and against everything that the country stands for. accountability, transparency, those types of basis tenants, due process, the democrats and speaker nancy pelosi say that this is a constitutional proceeding, and it looks like just the opposite. it looks like an unprecedented attack by the democrats on a republican president. >> harris: what is interesting to me, my question was could anything that william taylor would say behind closed doors heard the president? we don't know, but what you just said is that republicans do not know either because they can't get the transcripts? >> correct, in the deposition there are republican members of
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congress, but the rank-and-file republicans who are going to have to vote on this ultimately if there is even an official impeachment inquiry are going to have very little information. and this is one of the things that i think is a conspiracy between the democrats on the intelligence committee and "the washington post" and "the new york times" to tell the story without the american people actually having the evidence, that is very concerning. and when the she was on the other foot, we should expect this to be the future of the country if this is the way the democrats want to proceed. >> harris: use of the present and tweeting about that today, and the word lynching getting more response or heat than anything in the tweet in terms of him being sought after her inappropriately, as he was talking about, what do you that? >> what i say is that the tweet says that democrats should rue the day that the she was on the other foot, like i just said.
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and what is going to happen is without an official impeachment inquiry vote, and they have not done that yet, we are going to now see impeachment inquiries by edict of the speaker the house, whoever's in power against the other parties president. and this is a concerning moment in american history. and i hope that the house can get this back on track and actually take that vote to launch an impeachment inquiry. >> harris: do you think that that gets lost in translation? you can see it outer screen that the president use this in a tweet. >> i think it does, the history of our country as it relates to lynching, especially post-civil war is a very dark and troubling time in america's history. and i just can't, you know, characterized what the house is doing. and purely partisan attack that way. >> harris: senate minority leader chuck schumer is warning intelligence officials that
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president trump may reveal the identity of the whistle-blower while demanding to know how they plan to protect that person. so matt whitaker, talk to me about whistle-blower's protection and going forward if that becomes public, this person's name. >> whistle-blowers are protected by statute from retaliation of their jobs. he cannot be demoted or fired or otherwise penalized for that. but there is no promise of anonymity. and by keeping the whistle-blower anonymous, i think it really takes away a lot of the transparency that we would expect. because typically you have a witness and you know what baggage that witness carries, whether it is partisan, whether it is work performance, or criminal baggage. and in this case, we have a very generic whistle-blower who does not have to account for who they are. and i think that is concerning. and there is no promise of anonymity. and there should not be in this case. >> harris: we will continue to follow it. ambassador will taylor, behind
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the scenes, and you have given us some good information about what we should be looking for in terms of fairness going forward with information. thank you, good to see you. the clock set to expire on the pause in fighting between turkey and the kurds. some call it a cease fire, others did not. the latest development as secretary of state pompeo is weighing in now. plus media regrets? a fox cable news analyst says he is sorry about hillary clinton's emails, saying he should've realized that it was no big deal. ♪ >> this is also a story about the news media and how much time we spend on that, and that is something that i have felt ang great deal of personal responsibility for. ♪ memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> progress has certainly been made. the truth was, the truth was that it was nodding turkey's interest as a nato ally to continue. the truth was it said back the affair about isis. we think we are up in a better place. >> harris: mike pompeo saying some progress has been made as the u.s. broke cease-fire in syria set to run out in less than two hours from now. this despite turkey threatening to ramp up the assault on kurdish fighters, some of whom we fought we fought side-by-side to knockout isis. and that is if those fighters don't vacate the "border zone." democrats are going after the president's decision to keep just a few soldiers in syria to guard the oil fields layer. watch. >> and a few troops is not going to change the fact that we have outsourced our foreign policy. so, it may be an attempt by the
10:15 am
president to, you know, cover his backside, but it is not a real attempts at a real response to the crisis that he has unlocked. >> harris: this is happening this hour, turkey's president erdogan meeting with vladimir putin today for talks on syria as the clock is winding down on that cease-fire, as i pointed out here in the two hours. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> infect that meeting between the turkish president and the russian president just ended after six hours. and president erdogan has announced that he and vladimir putin have agreed that russian and turkish troops will carry out turkish patrols along the safe zone and the border with syria. that is new. just in now. and just a statement that was read by the russian foreign minister. now you're right, the cease-fire
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ends in two hours, 3:00 p.m. eastern time. the turks say they will continue their military operation if kurdish fighters do not pull back from the border with their heavy weapons. the 120 hour pause in fighting basically gave u.s. forces cover while they withdrew across the border to iraq. now it seems that russian troops will be patrolling with the turkish troops in that area. so right now the pause allows the u.s. to not pull out under fire. president turkey erdogan where he met with vladimir putin. >> today is the last day for all of the terrorists to vacate the area. as of 10:00 p.m. tonight, the time will expire. our related agencies are monitoring the situation in the field closely. if the promises america gave us are not kept, our operation will continue. >> president erdogan arriving in
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the black sea resort, vladimir putin at the university of chicago, former chairman of the joint chief of staff retired general told me when u.s. forces pulled back from the border earlier this month, it opened the door for turkey to invade. >> everybody we will want to lose in this is going to win. putin will win in russia, assad in syria, isis win. iran is going to win. erdogan and our -- will win. and we and our friends will lo lose. >> mark esper and the current chairman of the chief say a few dozen u.s. troops would not stop a turkish invasion of 15,000 including mercenaries accused of carrying out war crimes against the kurds. the head of the kurdish fdf has
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sent a letter to vice president pence saying that all of the forces are out of the safe zone negotiating last week. >> harris: thank you very much. thank you for the breaking news on that deal between putin and erdogan. we appreciate it. i want to bring in senator of arizona, a member of the armed service community and one of our esteemed arm veterans. good to see you today. let's start with the breaking news. and the deal between prussia's president and turkey's president to patrol jointly that border zone. and you hear erdogan, i believe that he called the kurds terrorists. are we losing a seat at the table right now, senator? >> turkey has been turning towards russia over the last many years of starting under the obama administration. it has been a troubling trend for us. if we think back and look in the context here. the obama administration allowed
10:19 am
isis to fester and take over territories the size of indiana. and syria and iraq, and have foreign fighters. and in the red line that got crossed. and that allowed putin to actually set up airbases, now naval base in syria. and really be a malevolent actor in the region. so, this latest development is not good, but this has been a long time where they have the missiles that are actually not good for the nato allies and the f-35 implications. and so, erdogan needs to turn back into the fold of being a true nato ally instead of invading the neighborhoods and cozying up to the thug putin. >> harris: how do we ensure that that would happen? i want to bring in tim kaine, a little bit of what you said earlier today, warning a profound consequence to the trump administration's decision to withdraw troops from syria.
10:20 am
we will watch and i can get your reaction. >> one of the things that president trump is doing that he has not laid out on the table is that he is driving many nations that are sort of adverse to us together. turkey, russia, iran, syria, the assad regime is all being empowered by this. >> harris: he is echoing what you are saying, a democrat, six hours of a meeting between the russian and turkish president today. >> my frustration is that a lot of these individuals supported obama steel policy in the region, watching isis fester and russia gain a strong hold, so what did they do before? before? all of a sudden it is president trump. we are where we are, the caliphate has been defeated, because we used our air power. a strong number of troops, and the fdf fighters to roll them back. we have to make sure that we do not go backwards, bow forward. >> harris: was so much respect. and i know that time is short too, but i have to get the sense.
10:21 am
you want us to go back into syria? we were there. and i understand that 100 or so could not keep at bay 15,000 turkish fighters, so why did they not keep them at bay and what do we do now? >> we teamed up with the fdf, using a small number of troops on the ground to roll back isis. but turkey told us at the time that they do consider the kurds their enemy. the p kk is a small terrorist portion. and they should not have invaded their neighbor, the bottom line. we tried to deter them, we still need to work with the european allies in order to stop the aggressiveness that they are showing and moving away towards being a western partner here in their intentions for the region as well. they sound like they are supporting ethnic cleansing, and changing the demographics of that region. we have to use our diplomatic and apple economic power to turn
10:22 am
this in a different direction. i disagree with the way that this all got executed and communicated, for sure. i've been strongly against that. but we need to actually use what we can in order to stop turkey from being emboldened. >> now the turks have teamed up with somebody else who likes to invade their numbers, russia. good to see you. republicans going after house democrats for tossing a motion to censor house intel share adam schiff. but wait until you hear how he fired back. ♪ attentions veterans with va loans, va mortgage rates have just dropped to near 50 year lows. veterans can refinance their va loans with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours so that every veteran in america can take advantage of this unexpected drop in interest rates. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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>> harris: house republicans blasting the democratic colleagues for voting to table a motion to censure adam schiff. has freedom caucus chairman andy biggs who drafted the resolution says that he is simply defending the president
10:27 am
amid impeachment inquiry. speak of the american people need to know that we are fighting for the president. that's what we're doing. at the president needs to see that. the american people need to see that, and the republicans need to see that. >> harris: however, congressman schiff fired back with the tweet, it will be a set of house republicans when they found they lack the courage to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in american history is, they console those who did. joining me now, newt gingrich, he knows a thing or a two about it. former speaker of the house and a fox news contributor. also the author of the brand-new book trump versus china, facing america's greatest threat that hits shelves today. a special red background just for you. congratulations on the new book. let's talk if we can about the strategy for both democrats and republicans going forward. that start with the democrats and defending adam schiff at this point. >> they don't have any choice. they are now picking the path
10:28 am
that they will run down, that path includes empowering adam schiff. he is running a totally fraudulent fundamental violation of the american system with secret meetings, secret hearings. no legal representation for the administration. the opposite of what we did in '98, and the opposite of what the democrats did in '73 during watergate. so schiff is deciding a nancy pelosi is defending him that they will run a kangaroo court, and i just saw today that the republican members aren't even allowed to take any notes or record. so you're going to have -- >> harris: bret baier and i were talking about this last hour, you have to read in a small room. >> of the democratic numbers will have all of the control of the material and they will put together the report which will be totally one-sided and totally dishonest. they will send it out, and block any effort to make it public. that is the opposite of what we
10:29 am
did in '98. >> harris: i would imagine if you do the numbers, you have to think that the majority of democrats would get impeachment in the house. but flip the switch to the senate. i'm a little bit confused. because when you lay it all out like that, speaker, wire people like mitt romney, where are they saying that they would consider looking at impeachment if it has not been fair up until this point? >> i think they think correctly that the senate serves the role as a jury, as a member of the jury, you should look at the evidence. i actually thought ben ben sasse was closer to right when he said that the democrats are running a circus clown show as an impeachment project. i think, and the best example of why nancy pelosi can even play tic-tac-toe is because they are trying to protect the whistle-blower. they are trying to make sure that the whistle-blower is okay. well, the minute that that gets to the senate, lindsey graham is chairman of the judiciary
10:30 am
committee and is going to bring that person out in the open. they can't have it both ways. >> harris: that is interesting, speaking of mitt romney, his head acting chief of staff mick mulvaney's remarks on holding military committee in ukraine were "a real concern" after the president called out republicans for not sticking together and pointed the finger specifically at mitt romney. watch. >> i think the republicans should get that. i think that the democrats are not good politicians. i think that they are lousy in policy. but you don't have the mitt romneys of the world, or the people that would go against the party. you have better, they stick together. i respect that. >> harris: are we going to see impeachment inquiry get a full vote? >> no, what they will do as they will bring up impeachment. but they will never, ever on the democratic side bring it up for a vote like what we did and what the democrats didn't '73 was to
10:31 am
establish a legitimate structure, they will never vote on it. >> harris: is the president right when he says that republicans need to stick together to beat impeachment? >> in a broad sense, he is right. and republicans watch how totally phony the processes, i feel a little bit better about mitt romney if he were as indignant at the democrats as he is worried about mick mulvaney. i mean, mick has a legitimate standing to say that what the democrats are doing is totally wrong. >> harris: newt gingrich, trump versus china is the new book. thank you very much for being on "outnumbered overtime." a judge deciding whether to throw out the alleged confession of the illegal immigrant. accused of killing iowa student molly tibbets. why that could happen, and a live report next. ♪ with esri location technology,
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10:36 am
iowa student mollie tibbetts, and they have been suddenly canceled. an iowa judge was just had to decide whether to throw out the alleged confession of an illegal immigrant who is confused of killing mollie tibbetts. defense attorneys argued that police did not properly read the suspect his miranda rights. matt finn live at the university of iowa with more. matt. >> harris, we were about to walk into court today, when the hearings were canceled because of a death in one of the defense attorneys families. we have learned that they have been rescheduled for next month and are going to play a substantial role in the murder trial of mollie tibbetts, because the judge is said to decide how much of the murder suspects alleged confession can be used. defense attorneys want some if not all of the confession thrown out. insisting last summer cristhian bahena rivera was not properly given his miranda rights and there were issues with translation when he was questioned about mollie tibbetts
10:37 am
death. state prosecutors in iowa are admitting that he was questioned and not properly given his miranda rights the first time. to the police officer mistakingly left out the part telling him anything he confessed to could be used against him in court. the prosecutor say when he finally led them to mollie tibbetts body, once they saw the gruesome discovery, he was given his miranda rights a second time correctly and that anything he confessed to after that is admissible. you recall that mollie tibbetts went missing last july. he admitted to following her on her daily dog. he says that he blacked out, and mollie tibbetts ended up in his trunk covered in blood. police say that he later led them to her decomposing body hidden in a cornfield. investigators say that he mollie tibbetts died from multiple sharp force injuries, revealing investigators talking about lacerations to her clothing, ultimately a judge in iowa will decide how much of the suspected killers confession can be used in court.
10:38 am
>> harris: matt finn, thank you very much. bringing in a criminal defense attorney alex lytle who is a former prosecutor. good to see you today. i'm wondering how much of a blow is this to the prosecution if, in fact, you cannot use some of those statements in court. >> it makes the cage case much more difficult. it is important to say that a case like this is tragic. anytime you have a murder case, in particular a young individual, it is tragic. and they devote all of their time to it. they will have a much more difficult time without those confessions of part of it is not allowed to be read into testimony. >> harris: could something like this mean that this assessesuspected killer of molle tibbetts goes for you? >> it is hard to say, it is not just that confession, the place where the body was found, there was blood in his vehicle. so there are other pieces that good prosecutors can put together and make a circumstantial case that will lead to his conviction. but it will be more difficult to
10:39 am
do so. >> harris: miranda, so very basic. how often is it that it goes wrong and what happened that went wrong in this case? >> as a prosecutor, it do. and sometimes they forget. sometimes they do it incorrectly. >> harris: do we know what the case was here? >> apparently, i don't know if it was a translation issue or not, but they got through half of the miranda warning and not the kicker which is that this is used against you. there is some suggestion from the defense that that was withheld, because they tried to suggest that if he confessed it was going to help him. that is obviously not the case. >> harris: wouldn't they have to prove that? >> there is a recording or statements that they are trying to do, and what is interesting is that the prosecutors have conceded that the definite was not given the first part of the confession that will not go to the jury. >> harris: as we go forward,
10:40 am
part of the discussion has been which statements will be admissible and which won't? what does that hinge on? >> the first half we know as outcome of the prosecutors conceded that in the judge will not let them go back on that. so now after there was a second miranda, can those statements be used? and the fight is whether they were voluntary or whether he was tricked into making them, or whether the previous confession affected his subsequent confession. those are the issues that the judge will have to look at. >> and i know that you have had to do this, that is tough with families. i know that you were a former prosecutor, what do youvery daya case like this you feel for the family. it's hard for police officers at work on a case like this and you give them hope. you hope that there will be justice. >> harris: alex liddell, thank you for your time paired we will follow the case and keep everybody informed. hillary clinton under fire about her comments on tulsi gabbard, and joel stein. now president trump and bernie sanders are weighing in on the feud.
10:41 am
>> i don't know jill stein. the last thing he that she needs is a russian asset. i don't know tulsi gabbard, but i know one thing, she is not an asset of russia. these people are sick. ♪ that's ensure max protein,
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10:45 am
looks like democrats are going to let their investigation linger for months to come. and the potential big development in the college admission scandal, there is word that aunt becky might be looking for a plea deal. we will talk to judge andrew napolitano. and in the city to save parking spaces for the homeless paired anger make sure you can guess which state that is. but i will tell you up next on "the daily briefing." >> harris: hillary clinton facing some pushback about her comments on tulsi gabbard. last week suggesting russians were grooming her to launch a third-party bid. senator bernie sanders slammed on that tweeting this. tulsi gabbard, putting her life on the line to defend the country. people can disagree on issues, but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that tulsi gabbard is a foreign asset. she is open to meeting hillary clinton to clear the air, and meanwhile president trump weighed in. >> and then you have hillary clinton saying two days
10:46 am
ago, tulsi gabbard is a russian asset. and that jill stein is a russian agent. i wish she would've said that earlier, because people would've realized she is crazy. she is crazy. >> harris: judy miller, fellow at the manhattan institute dan heninger, deputy editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page. both fox news contributor's. what is happening with clinton going after tulsi gabbard? >> that is a great question. she is at the bottom -- >> harris: this may help her in terms of name recognition. >> why is hillary bringing up the tinfoil hat stuff about somebody who is so far down in the running? it is like when hillary said deplorables. she thinks she does the stuff that is politically astute, but it is politically obtuse. it is destructive. now you have a lot of democrats like bernie sanders quickly
10:47 am
trying to put distance between her and this comment. >> harris: i would imagine that bernie sanders has a little bit of salt in the room from the last time hillary clinton moving forward without him. >> because tulsi endorsed him during the 2016 campaign coming in hillary never forgot that. only hillary clinton can bring bernie sanders and donald trump together. and brought them together on the issue of tulsi gabbard. >> harris: issue running again? >> she had any chance at all about being there brokered convention candidate, i think it has just disappeared with this. i don't want to use the word cat fight, with this fight. >> harris: democrats, some of them on the issue confused me, because they are focused on impeachment inquiry. i'm reading reports today that usmca may get pushed forward, and then impeachment could go on longer as well. and then this from my quickly. let's just watch it. >> i have no idea whether or not
10:48 am
to that is accurate, i can only reflect on the matters that have been informed that i have knowledge of. if it is accurate, she has every right to confront her with that. and the russians will try to make an asset of anyone that they possibly can. >> harris: representative going after tulsi gabbard in defense of hillary clinton going after tulsi gabbard, what is going on? >> it is a split of the democratic party, and that is that tulsi gabbard does not fit the mold. she is very conservative and kind of anti-terror candidate. more like a republican in our foreign policy. and if a bernie sanders democrat on domestic issues. she does not filled fit a mold. and democrats don't know what to do, but she is getting free publicity. >> harris: that's what i said, going to the bottom of the list, but going back into the next democratic debate, she will have a little bit more name recognition. when you go up against hillary clinton, what happens?
10:49 am
>> you get this sort of things, they are focused on a laser defeating donald trump. bare mind, hillary clinton's legacy is that she lost the presidency to donald trump. there is no way around that. and the progressives in the democratic left really have a lot of animosity towards both hillary and bill clinton. so they want them out of the picture so that their candidates are the ones, we are sitting here talking about tulsi gabbard, not elizabeth warren's school spending. >> harris: there is another person that is not running, former green party candidate jill stein going after her last night. >> this is a ludicrous, unhinged conspiracy theory with no basis in fact, which is intended to distract from the many reasons that the democrats lost the 2016 election. >> harris: wow.
10:50 am
>> hillary did not lose because of jill stein. >> harris: she needed to go to wisconsin, the rust belt, i'm not just >> harris: that. that is what messed up her numbers. >> i would look at nationalist which is where tulsi gabbard has been getting a lot of money from. nobody is looking at that, because she is only at 1.2 percent in the polls. >> harris: is that fair? >> that is certainly fair, we will be back here talking in a serious way about the russians when michael horwitz inspector general report comes out on the or origination of the fisa warrants and the steele dossier after that john durham investigation into the origin of the russia involvement in the 2016 election which will bring up the question of hillary clinton. >> harris: i've heard the argument that she is on a book tour. there are plenty people on a book tour that did not call other authors russian assets. if so why go down this road? >> it is very personal.
10:51 am
the things that tulsi gabbard also said about hillary, she personifies the rot that is in this country's political class. this is really tough stuff. it is very personal. it is very deep-seated. and it is very destructive to the democrats. >> harris: it is interesting to describe tulsi gabbard as a moderate, that joe biden thought that he would occupy political politically. >> she is not moderate on domestic policy. >> she is a nonguided missile. >> harris: good to see you both. thank you. a member of the mainstream media expressing regret for his coverage of hillary clinton's email saying, it may have cost her the white house. was the scandal a big deal? ♪
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10:55 am
>> so cnn's chief legal analyst apologized for how much time he
10:56 am
spent covering the clinton e-mail scandal. he said he blew it out of proportion. watch for yourself. >> i paid too much attention to it. i regret that. we spent months on it. hillary clinton likely lost the election. i should have been talking about something else. >> so curious. kobe hall is on my set. why is he doing that? why is he apologizing? >> i think he's trying to clear his conscious to some degree. hindsight is 2020. you know, i think he makes a point that it was sort of overcovered at the time. did it make a huge difference in her election? yes. it wasn't solely the coverage going on. the fbi was looking into it and james comey.
10:57 am
>> which is what we reported. bret baier said james comey, the fbi director, had something to do with the news coverage at the time. >> is this the latest -- i don't know if jeffery toobin is aware. but there's a scroll that we run on "outnumbered overtime." it's the things that hillary blames for losing in 2016. i don't remember seeing it. i'm asking my team, was jeffery toobin's name on it? what role does hi think he played when the fbi was investigating? >> i don't know if he thinks that he was personally responsible -- >> or cnn at all. >> i think he's a vocal trump critic, a smart legal mind. i give him credit. it would be better in a world if everybody said okay, we got that wrong. what he said in an interview with politco, you can report the facts correctly and still make mistakes. i don't think it's hillary
10:58 am
laying blame. it's her pundits that love to go back. that's what they do, go back. so if she keeps her name in the news and sells more books, everybody is a winner. >> so russia collusion and the mueller report. the first dozens or so pages we're talking about russian meddling in our elections. nothing in terms of evidencery submissions about the russians working to put one particular president in office. does any crew in america covering that story that turned out to be wrong for that report owe someone an apology? >> it's a slippery slope. if you go back and say all the things you got wrong, you're setting a resident. that said, you know, you can look back and say that comparing the coverage of hillary's e-mails, nobody said it was a good idea that she had this private server. trump administration state department said there was no
10:59 am
willful violation. we can look back and say ha, that wasn't as big a story. does hillary's surrogates think they're hard done? maybe. >> one of the things i like that media outlets do, we take a peek back and say, well, what things really mattered? outside of the dozens of things that hillary clinton lists, how did that fit in with her loss saying she didn't go to the rust belt or wisconsin? >> the nature versus nurture. there's the candidate and the reporting and it's impossible -- always -- you can go back and prescribe. this is where it went wrong. there's a holistic approach. hillary's campaigning and her history as a long-time beltway insider wouldn't help life. >> colby hall, great to have you. >> thanks for watching today. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump
11:00 am
sounding off on impeachment as we're learning that the investigation could drag on even longer. hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." president trump ripping into both parties over the inquiry. first he slammed the democrats for starting the process and then he lit into his fellow republicans saying they need to fight harder on his behalf. >> i think the republicans should get tougher. i think that the democrats are not good politicians. i think they have lousy policy. you don't have the mitt romneys of the world. you don't have people that will go against the party. you have -- they stick together. i respect that. the other t


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