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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 27, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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gillian: president trump announcing the death of abu bakr al-baghdadi in u.s.-led raid in syria overnight. welcome to america's news headquarters, live from washington on this momentous afternoon. leland, great to be with you. leland: about 18 hours or so in the story from when the president tweeted last night, the president saying in his address to the nation this morning that al-baghdadi detonateed suicide vest that killed 5overs including two of his wives. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin following the story since late last night.
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hi, jennifer. >> u.s. military source tells me it was a mission more dangerous than bin laden raid, the president said the flight in and out of syria was the most dangerous part. the flight took over an hour up to 70 u.s. special operation forces from erbil and northern iraq, the president described abu bakr al-baghdadi last moments. >> he died after running into a dead-end tunnel wimperring and crying and screaming all the way, he reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down. he ignited his vest killing himself and his children. >> collected, quote, highly sensitive information on future isis operations, large number of isis fighters were killed, some captured alive, 2 of
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al-baghdadi's wives were wearing suicide vests but killed before they could detonate. >> his body mutilated by the blast. test results gave certain, immediate and totally positive identification. it was him. >> facial recognition was used, they brought back dna, more than they liked according to the president when these u.s. special operators left syria, al-baghdadi was killed in northwest province, al-qaeda, he went there to try to reestablish isis according to president trump, no u.s. special operators were killed or seriously injured during the raid, defense secretary mark esper says two americans were likely wounded but already back on the job, u.s. bomb sniffing dog was injured after hunting down al-baghdadi
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down the tunnel which proved to be a dead end. back to you. leland: jennifer in terms of where the raid took place, northwest syria has a lot of russian-control, russian influence in it, how was that dealt with number 1, operating inside russian-controlled and syrian-controlled areas and number 1, what does it say that al-baghdadi was there and the russians had not taken care of him? >> they control the air space, that's why the u.s. military reached out and alerted the russians and deconflicted, if you will, with the russians telling them not to shoot at those u.s. military helicopters when they were coming in. the russians did not know the target but they were warned not to target the u.s. military forces and they did not. al-baghdadi's compound was 5 miles in turkish, russian forces are there and they control the area, but what is
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significant, the president said that isis leader, they had known he was there for some time, 3 weeks ago, they had first gotten wind intelligence that he was there, they had had reports, you know, in recent months that he was there and the president said that he had gone there to try and reassert and rebuild isis, so interesting to see whether he was reaching out to those al-qaeda fighters, as you know with many terrorist groups they just change jerseys and join other teams but clearly big blow to isis. gillian: jennifer are you hearing from pentagon sources about how this operation, president trump said it was in planning stages for a couple of weeks may or may not have been impacted by the withdrawal of american troops from that same region? >> well, i have not heard from u.s. military sources about the impact on that withdrawal but we did just hear from the kurdish leader general, head of syrian democratic forces, they just gave a press
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conference in syria and they did indicate, the kurds did indicate that that withdrawal, the fight ago long the border had interrupted the potential operation, it's clear from listening to the president that some of the intel provided about al-baghdadi's whereabouts may have come from the kurds and other places, people may remember that one of al-baghdadi's wives was captured, she's in lebanon, she may have given information about his travel movements, but, again, the u.s. has many, many different intelligent sources and this is a huge intelligence win for cia and others. leland: now we wait to see what intel was gathered from the compound and let the analysts swift through that, jennifer griffin, thanks so much. gillian. gillian: joining us kevin corke is live at the white house since
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early this morning. kevin, what are you hearing? >> you heard jennifer griffin mention something interesting, the way the president described al-baghdadi, he died a cowardly death, screaming, crying, whimpering and the description of the president of the united states, taken out in the special operation's force raid involving 50 to 70 army rangers, delta forces as well, the isis leader as you know gillian has been on the run for years but thanks to intelligence collected weeks ago the u.s. in cooperation with allies and others in the region were able to finally catch and kill him. >> when we landed with 8 helicopters, a large crew of brilliant fighters ran out of those helicopters and blew holes into the side of the building, not wanting to go through the main door because
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that was booby trapped and there was something, there was something really amazing to see. i got to watch it along with general milly; vice president pence, others in the situation room. >> you heard the president he watched this all unfold from the situation room and it was truly in vivid detail that he described watching the events unfold in realtime, sparingly, jarringly some would argue fairly little along the way in his descriptions about what happened and the president also described his conversations with other stakeholders in the region with whom the u.s. was able to coordinate to make sure they were able to bring al-baghdadi to justice, he also had interesting conversation with lindsey graham who this morning spoke to the white house press corp. >> i want to complement the president for coming up with a model in syria
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that we probably should have done in iraq, this is a game-changer with the killing of al-baghdadi, a moment to be proud of intelligence community and president trump's worst critics should say, well done, mr. president. >> the final word from lindsey graham this morning because he has been a fierce critic as you well known of the president's decision, gillian, to remove u.s. forces from the northwest of syria, thank you. gillian: kevin, we will check with you later in the show, thank you so much. for more insight republican congressman from indiana, also a member of the house armed services committee and afghanistan war veteran jim banks, congressman, where were you when you heard the news breaking overnight and tell us what your first thoughts were, your first reaction? >> like many other i was glued to twitter feed.
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it was been minimized from trump critics, i do want to compare it to that because in some ways this is even much more significant than killing osama bin laden and what i mean by that is al-baghdadi was not just the spiritual leader of isis, he was the chief recreator, he was still recruiting all of the young isis fighters that were coming into the fold because so many thought that he was immortal, a lot of people questioned why did president trump go into details and why did he talk about al-baghdadi in the moment he was killed, because he was showing that he was immortal human being, we killed him and source of evil and this will destroy the recruiting efforts of isis moving forward, that's why this is so significant. gillian: why do you think the comparison of osama bin laden is
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relevant? >> you and a lot of folks, the instinct to go back to that operation, you know, why sort of strategically is that -- >> the killing of osama bin laden was retribution and this was strategic. president trump when he came to office he brought senior officials together, senior national officials together and said, we are going to do whatever it takes to kill al-baghdadi and this was the culmination last night in president trump achieving key victory, a big moment for his administration, big moment for our country and big moment for our national security. gillian: were you disappointed that the president didn't brief more of your colleagues, not even necessarily during the runup but in the immediate after math? >> i don't blame the president one single bit, that's the disappointment of the impeachment, ridiculousness of the impeachment and i know that the president did
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reach out to senate burr and brief others in congress, the statute from 1947 is very vague on who the intelligence committee has to brief in congress but they did make an effort to do that and in protecting the mission, of course, they left out some key members of congress that they were afraid might politicize and ruin it. gillian: the vice president told chris wallace a couple of hours ago that the main concern here was leaks and so he didn't share information with the democrats because he felt particularly weary of the idea that folks on the other side of the aisle might leak that was the vice president's explanation. what do you think this does to the organization, you know, it already has lost its caliphate, it has a very robust presence online, the ideology lives on, so how do you think this impacts all of that moving forward? >> again, if al-baghdadi was chief recruiter, this drastically hurts the isis recruitment efforts going forward.
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al-baghdadi self-declared himself as spiritual leader of isis and by wiping him out, killing him, that's going to drastically reduce if not kill altogether recruitment of isis. gillian: there's a powerful radical ideology that comes along with this terrorist outfit, so, you know, a lot of our reporters are telling -- like jennifer griffin are telling us that this does not mean that isis ideology dies? >> i completely agree, isis rebuild in places like afghanistan and recent months, the efforts aren't over but this does show that the administration's approach is working, the approach in syria is the right approach, we are not abandoning the region, we are going to keep up the fight and pressure on isis. it wasn't that long ago that the most previous president called isis the junior varsity of terrorism, president trump campaigned on killing and wiping out
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the caliphate and wiping out isis, he's kept that campaign commitment to the american people and today was a culmination of long-term effort to wipe out one of the key figures. gillian: sounds like your big take away, great victory, doesn't mean the threat is completely wiped from the face of the earth but it's a great step in the right direction. >> we can't end our efforts, i served in armed services committee and we are keenly aware of isis' efforts throughout the world and i know the president and his administration is as well. this doesn't end our efforts but it's a big piece in the overall victory. gillian: thanks for joining us today, we really appreciate it. leland. leland: the president said this morning this operation was weeks in the making, obviously al-baghdadi very wanted and hunted man for more than a decade. tray yngst on the international reaction on raid and death as well from mid east bureau, hey, trey. >> good afternoon, leland, many world leaders waiting for president trump to
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address the nation before reacting to death of isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi, we have gotten statement from netanyahu who congratulated president trump calling this incredible achievement. remember, though, antiisis coalition was made up of more than 10 countries, using air strikes and ground operations to try to defeat isis over the past 5 years, so the death of al-baghdadi not only a military victory but a symbolic one for allies in the region. remember when isis launched in 2014 taking control of mosul, iraq, we saw the infamous video that al-baghdadi was in, he was telling the world that isis planned to take over much more territory, he became the figure head, although he was operating behind the scenes and in the shadows, often releasing information and recruiting people to join the islamic state. late in 2016 we saw audio released by al-baghdadi talking about the isis pillars around the world and isis lost territorial gains in the middle east, they are still operating in egypt,
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algeria and afghanistan, the president president -- repeated that it's destroyed and that's not true and we know that the leader abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead, leland. leland: trey, thank you, for a little bit more on military part of this operation, we bring in retired army lieutenant colonel senior fellow for defense priorities daniel davis, appreciate it. what are the terrorists, those wanna-be al-baghdadi followers, those who were around that are continuing to have allegiance there to isis or aq, whatever jersey jennifer griffin said, what's your take from this? >> the service of it, al-baghdadi was one of the most heinous barbaric individuals and his death celebrated by many people around the
9:16 am
world, for our interests, but in terms of the effectiveness, we have to temper expectations to what this is going to mean, this is a symbolic, victory, important victory, shows that we are relentless, doesn't matter where you go, you can be in the middle of hot bed of terrorism and we will still find you and go get you, no matter what, but we also have to remember that al zarkari and that organization didn't die after that we took out bin laden, al-qaeda is still going on today and now we are taking out baghdadi. we can expect that there's going to be another one that rises after this, their organizations are designed that way, so they know that's always a possibility and probably plenty of people ready to go off. leland: i've heard the analogy used by members to have intel committee, you make a good point about the ideology and see see the video from 2014 of al-baghdadi, how
9:17 am
important is president trump's words and language he used and the specificity about al-baghdadi was killed, scaring terrorists, wanna-be's around the world that if you follow this path, you'll end up this way. >> they don't have much effect, they won't believe it anyway, if we show them video evidence they wouldn't believe it, most of them understand that their possibility they will die and many of them are ready to die and willing to die, we see with suicide bombers that part is not a big deal but i will tell you, there's a really important part of this that i think really strongly emphasizes what president trump has been doing and why he says we should completely withdraw our troops from the middle east, this shows graphically that we literally have the ability with global strike to go anywhere in the world and we could take it out. leland: in fairness, though, this all launched from a u.s.
9:18 am
base inside iraq -- >> right. troops in syria, that's important because those troops were where i've been before, they could have come anywhere, we could have positioned them anywhere, our ability to deploy combat power is unrivaled and tremendously powerful. leland: the flip side of the argument would be that small footprint inside of syria or certainly larger footprint inside of iraq in the mid-2000's, early 2009, 2010 would have prevented the rise of isis to begin with? >> there's no evidence to support that at all. many claims to that, but we saw what happened in afghanistan when we didn't get rid of the troops, we kept minimum of 10,000 all of the time and yet that didn't do anything to stop the rise of the taliban because you just can't destroy ideology with combat power, it's just the way it is. leland: real quickly, what do you make of the fact that this guy, al-baghdadi, hiding effectively under the russian's noses and
9:19 am
syria's noses? >> our intelligence capability is better than anyone else's, russia would have loved to get rid of this guy and take credit for it and our ability to go anywhere and find people is probably unraveled right now. leland: appreciate your thoughts on this sunday, as you point out unfortunately this is not an issue that will be going away with al-baghdadi and we will talk about it in the future, thanks, all the best. gillian. gillian: details continue to emerge about overnight operation, we are getting reaction from the state department, we bring that to you next.
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9:24 am
with the acknowledgment and help of certain other nations and people. i want to thank the nations of russia, turkey, syria and iraq and i also want to thank the syrian kurds for certain support they were able to give us. >> the president say it is kurdish forces gave the united states information that turned out to be helpful in the operation. the kurds, commander of syrian democratic forces tweeted, successful and historical operation due to joint intelligence work with the united states of america. these are the same kurdish allies turkey has attacked recently as the u.s. military has withdrawn from the region. while the raid was a pentagon effort, state department has built and grown coalition of more than 80 countries to defeat isis, coordinate and recapture territory and resettle refugees and work to build areas once held by the terrorist organization n a statement secretary mike pompeo says, quote,
9:25 am
while there's still work left to do to ensure isis' enduring defeat, al-baghdadi scores of isis leaders who have been removed from battlefield and can no longer commit heinous atrocities or spread vile ideology to poison and recruit vulnerable minds. as isis lost control of cities in the middle east, officials are worried about attacks beyond the region. state department officials warned over the summer that the isis brand lives on around the world, president trump acknowledged secretary state mike pompeo's work in the lead-up to the raid, secretary spent the weekend in kansas and is expected to return to washington today. gillian. gillian: rich, you've been covering secretary pompeo for a while, were you surprised that he wasn't called to washington at some point at the end of last week or over this weekend to be part of, you know, the situation room team that was going through this point by point with the president? >> as we are starting to see if iconic photos, the secretary of state is someone as you also
9:26 am
remember the president's cia director and so has a much larger role in all of this than perhaps maybe another secretary of state would have for another president, so he's played role in the president's national security team for some time, though, though is available when he's traveling around the world and in kansas, but, yeah, to see the picture and not see the secretary of state who has been such a member of the president's national security team. gillian: yeah, surprising to a lot of folks, great context, thank you so much. leland. leland: in the last few days the white house green-lighted the raid to kill al-baghdadi, raid that was weeks in the making, what went into the planning and why now when we get back.
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leland: fox news alert of continuing coverage of the death of the leader of isis, the defense secretary mark esper says that a little less than 100 u.s. forces flew into syria
9:31 am
to kill al-baghdadi, lucas thompson from the pentagon with the nuts and bolts. >> took heavy firing to targeted northwest syria, secretary esper was to capture isis leader alive, the isis leader had started running tunnel away from compound, detonated suicide vest taking 3 children with him, president trump calls him a wimp for doing that. >> he was a sick and depraved man and now he's gone. baghdadi was vicious and violent and he died in a vicious and violent way as a coward running and crying. >> the president says he watched the raid last
9:32 am
night from the white house situation room in realtime, he said it was like watching a movie. the vice president defense secretary and new chairman of the joint chief among those present, the military had been watching for al-baghdadi for two weeks. the president thanked russia, he also thanked a nato ally. >> turkey, we dealt with them, they knew we were going in, we flew over some territory, they were terrific, no problem, plus a secret mission, we flew very, very low and very, very fast. but it was a big -- a very dangerous part of the mission. >> the president asked people to remember americans killed by isis including journalist james foley, kayla mueller and peter kassig, former army
9:33 am
ranger and aide worker, the president called mission carried out in grand style, leland. leland: we will wait for intel that will come from the mission. lucas, back to you when your sources have more, gillian. gillian: more insight on the intelligence gathered overnight during the raid, we will bring hudson institute former fellow, michael, you say that there's not just value here, intelligence and information that the u.s. now gets a peek at. >> should give intel community nsa; cia any information on eminent attacks and also the networks, facilitation networks for travel of high-value targets and also the signal's intelligence network, the problem is because everyone knows that al-baghdadi has been killed, a lot of high-value targets are
9:34 am
changing locations. gillian: harder to track. >> sets the intelligence community back 6 weeks or 6 months, we saw this in osama bin laden raid. president obama said 4 hours after the raid that osama bin laden was killed and the networks went quiet and that's probably what is happening now. gillian: what kind of calculation does the president need to make in the aftermath of a raid like this when you kill or capture a high-value target. is there a debate that goes on internally about we announce this, we don't announce this, we announce it later, we hold it close to the chest for a while? >> the ideal scenario is to have people at nsa and cia waiting for their networks to pop up to confirm the death and what that does gives intel community and special operators follow-on targets to go after, i'm sure that happened last night for 12 hours and happened shortly after the osama bin laden raid.
9:35 am
you have to tell america when al-baghdadi and osama bin laden had been killed, gives the opportunity to let the network tell you someone is dead so you can exploit the network and go and target it. gillian: now when intelligence analysts are swifting through all of this new information, what are they looking for, what is the best possible piece of information that you could get from documents? >> any attack that's eminent, something tie today specific date, anniversary, something that isis promised to do about a year ago, looking to see if any of those operations are already in motion and they're looking to go after those targets. that would be for cia and nsa, for the defense intelligence agency, they are looking for how the networks ran, how isis conducted itself, who are the next lead
9:36 am
leaders, al-baghdadi was surrounded by iraqis, so we are likely to see a splinter in isis, syrian isis, iraqi isis and isis in the saha region of africa. gillian: interesting, are we in a situation now where a new figure head leader has already been named and emerged and they're just carrying on or is there kind of this isis organization go through a leader list moment? >> who vouches for the new leader, that's one of the biggest thing al-qaeda had, one osama bid laden, we saw hamza bin laden, they'll but lot of competition, no one to bless the next isis leader, we are likely to see a splint near the group, new leaders and competition,
9:37 am
that should afford the intelligence community and special operators more targets to go after as competition happens, the network pops up. gillian: now homeland security forces are saying that from the moment al-baghdadi, you know, died last night, threats to the homeland, threats here on u.s. soil became higher risk. >> yes. gillian: tell us about that. >> the leader of isis has been killed, this would be the time for foreign fighters and lone wolfs to conduct attacks, americans should be vigilant and we should also celebrate the death of al-baghdadi but diligent because a lot of -- the isis brand was to recruit the crazies, have them jump on isis, conduct attacks so al-baghdadi could take credit for it and the crazies will likely -- gillian: retaliate. michael, thanks so much. >> appropriate it. gillian: appreciate it. >> thank you.
9:38 am
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leland: welcome back, president trump tweeted something big just happened about 15 hours ago. 9:00 or 10:00 o'clock in washington, d.c., mad dash of reporting and speculation until we learned that u.s. forces killed the leader of isis. fox media analyst host of media buzz howie kurtz joins us now. gillian: they were sorely mistaken. >> absolutely, for a president that the media doesn't give him credit, he can't say that today, he's riding a wave of positive coverage, what's fascinating is the way the president delivered 10-minute speech of announcing killing of al-baghdadi, he took questions from reporters for more than
9:43 am
35 minutes, almost no other president would have done that because now you are opening yourself up to questions and criticism, also it was very -- his colorful language describing al-baghdadi as a coward, somebody who died like a dog, whimpering, crying and others frightened puppies, classic trump, maybe trying to humiliate al-baghdadi and send message to other terrorists or maybe that's the way he speaks. gillian: overall, you don't have to single any one out, do you think they did a good job? >> they were respectful trying to get details, details from pentagon briefing, certainly better than other press availability. cnn's bill -- barack obama announced bin laden's death in 3 and a half minutes. well, he thanked russia first, the media nay sayers and pickers were out in force. the most bizarre bit of
9:44 am
journalism had to do with the washington post changing headline of al-baghdadi, recently terrorist in chief which seemed appropriate, al-baghdadi religious, i cannot wrap my head around the thinking that would describe this mass murderer as religious scholar. leland: how can this happen? we noticed after the bin laden raids or the universal praise for president obama and then there was a couple of days if honeymoon to enjoy universal good prez, is that going to happen here? >> maybe short-term effect, i know it feels disconcerting after american forces risk their lives, obama used bin laden's death in reelection campaign, now, look, bin laden, larger figure after 9/11, al-baghdadi has
9:45 am
not been visible and isis has deny diminished but at the same time george h.w. bush, 91% approval after winning gulf war, jimmy carter, failed effort to rescue hostages in iran. i don't know how long this lasts in the middle of impeachment environment but i don't think it will be over today. gillian: they have been taking shots at the president in the process, the president manages foreign policy unconventionally, they are criticizing this morning for not informing any democrats. >> why didn't he tell nancy pelosi, right. i'm not saying because he accomplished something great for the united states of america which, indeed, he did, that the media have to suspend all skepticism, but at the same time we need to cape some perspective here, this is a really important day for the country f --
9:46 am
for the country and presidency. leland: you brought up george w. bush's name, 91% and then he lost. but, still, even in that sense it was not full-proof way to ride to reelection? >> that's absolutely true, you know that we will hear from trump in the coming reelection campaign about this accomplishment because he's a president who mostly tries to get out of endless wars, the syria pullback, for example, this is really the first time other than the air strikes against syria when he can claim military victory because approach has been to try to keep the united states out of these entanglements, no president would have passed this up. leland: we will see you in media buzz next week. thank you, sir. fox news alert, again, turkish president erdogan reacting today to the death of
9:47 am
al-baghdadi. the killing of daesh's leader, turkey will continue to support antiterror efforts at it has done in the past, pkk, why pg and other terrorists organizations, turkey welcomes development, i'm confident that struggle against terrorism in line with spirit of alliance will bring peace to all humanity. there's irony in who said this tweet. gillian: well, i don't need to remind you of your own interviews, just 2 weeks ago you got a chance to speak to president erdogan's defense advisers and she told you that the united states is a top tier sponsor of terrorism in that region. leland: she went after the -- because u.s. supported the kurds, we supported terrorism, interestingly, though, so many people who blame the turks for the rise of isis, the jihadi highway across the border, not cutting off funds when they could
9:48 am
have, they could have cut off supplies, et cetera, et cetera. gillian: questions now around washington this morning about what the turks knew about al-baghdadi whereabouts and when and if they shared the information with the trump administration. leland: pretty bold, if you will, of erdogan and he's done bold things in the past to include the kurds who are allies to have united states in this fight in the same list of -- of isis, so that's from the president of turkey, he will be here in a couple of weeks to -- gillian: maybe we will get a chance to ask him some of those questions. leland: we will see. gillian: producers will reach out. leland: there you go. gillian: completely separate news, two huge wild fires burning across thousands of acres now in california forcing evacuation of 180,000 people who live there.
9:49 am
dan springer on the ground, one of the hardest-hit communities, we can see destruction behind you, dan, tell us what you've got. >> yeah, gillian, very nervous day for hundreds of thousands of californians in the northern and southern part of the state as strong winds push the flames for several communities. i will have that story coming up it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be.
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leland: texas authorities are looking for suspect who opened fire in party. killing 2 people and injuring 14 others, we are told at least 3 of the injured are in critical condition. right now police are not publicly identifying a suspect. ♪ ♪ gillian: 180,000 people under mandatory evacuation orders in northern california this as ferocious winds continue to whip up the fire, 900 residents in geyersville. dan, tell us what you're seeing? >> yeah, well, gillian, actually two fires burning in california, one in northern california, one in southern california and
9:54 am
the big story here in northern california are the gale-forced winds prompting the biggest evacuation of sanoma county, much of the city of santa rosa who had devastating fire almost exactly 2 years ago that fired killed 22 people, around 3:00 o'clock this morning wind gusts got up to 90 miles an hour, historic winery went up in flames, the cancaid fire which started wednesday night has consumed 30,000 acres, destroyed 79 structures including 31 homes and it is now 10% contained but the southern edge of it is a big concern, the northeast winds are pushing the flames in that direction. gearing up for this morning's wind event, officials spent people begging people who were in the evacuation zone to leave and many if not most are heeding the warning.
9:55 am
>> take the things that you figure are going to be more challenging to replace and the rest of it you just have to mentally let it go. >> everybody is on edge. fire is right around the corner, t -- it's pretty bad. >> nearly 3,000 personnel are fighting this fire and there are 4 large air tankers making drops, they've made good progress yesterday, well, the other big part of the story is 2.3 million pg&e customers have had power cut as a precaution, utility has been hammered for down powered lines, so it's trying to be more proactive, people in 36 counties are affected by the outages, the other big fire, of course, burning in southern california near santa clarita, crews are making good progress there, it's now 65% contained, the red flag warnings will be in effect throughout today and until 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, so the big story is what will these winds do, how close will they push
9:56 am
these flames to population centers and so that's the concern, a lot of people are out of their homes heeding evacuation orders, warnings, not knowing if their homes will be there when they go back home. gillian: we will check with you next hour. leland: tough conditions out there, 2014 abu bakr al-baghdadi claimed the founding of isis, overnight u.s. forces killed him in daring raid, how it went down, when we come back ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ most people think of verizon
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gillian: president trump confirming this morning isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead saying in an address to the nation he was killed in overnight u.s.-led raid in northern syria. welcome back to america's news headquarters, live in washington this afternoon. leland: al-baghdadi killed himself with two of his wives, we are told all americans are back on friendly territory, jennifer griffin has been talking to sources literally all night, what do you have? >> the president praised by name new chairman mike milly who watched the entire operation in the situation room, the operation began 5:00 a.m. eastern, the flight in and out of syria was


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