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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 28, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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ugly. around the world. this is a sophisticated astro pitcher world series. they want to pervert a great some think they were trying religion in furtherance of political disinformation campaign and it needs to be to distract him. they have said they did it their islamic terrorist combhere to for breast cancer. >> they were doing it for philosophy. and one of violence and attention. >> they have been banned extremism. and i think president trump was correct in what he said. defend the president, his from the mlb for life. presidency, and his actions. brian: all right. >> getting attention. president obama was correct steve bannon still working >> all right, guys, bye. in what he said up to that last part. halder behind the scenes for the cause in which he >> the united states brought and president bush was supported and strategized. correct in depicting them as okay? the world's number one evil doers as basically >> top student. thugs and crooks. brian: top student. steve bannon, thank you. terrorist leader justice. steve: you just set up the >> thanks very much. next soundbite. watch. brian: we will look for it to grow. this the battle of iraq is meanwhile straight ahead. one victory of a war on top story and big win for abu abakr al baghdadi is terror that began on america. world's most wanted dead. >> baghdadi's demise september the 11th, 2001. terrorist is dead. a grouch veterans who served >> those driven by the our country, including pete values of tyranny and hegseth are next with what this means for th the war on relengthless pursuit of extremism, the right of a terror ♪ i was born free terrorist leaders and self-appointed few, to undoing of total defeat of ♪ i was born free impose their fanatic call isis and other terrorist organizations. views on all the rest. ♪ >> we will keep the pressure our 18-year-old our reach is very long. on these radicals and a brutal killer, one who has exextremists. that's why we will succeed. caused so much hardship and >> states like these and death has violently been terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil arming to eliminated. threaten the peace of the he died like a dog. world. >> the axis of evil remark he died like a coward. got sort of the left in the world is now a much
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safer place. america, hype hyperventilating how dare you. brian: david forum. god bless america. >> not david forum but a group of people who came up steve: we have waited for with the phrase. years for the news. but the idea that north over the weekend it came. the world's most wanted man korea and iran and the baghdadi is dead. 8 choppers. islamic terrorists were, you accord ing to "the know, an axis of evil was washington post from delta force conducted the like oh my god how dare you operation from a base in say that they are evil. iraq with support from the they are evil. cia and kurdish forces. steve: it was iraq. brian: iraq, iran and north they flew for hundreds of korea. >> that's right. miles over airspace occupied ainsley: joe biden sat down by the russians, turkey and with o'donnell on "60 iraq. before we took off on the minutes" and his wife. mission we called them all and said hey, we are doing something. asked him about hunter biden don't shoot us down. didn't say what we were and he doubled down. doing, we did it and now >> hunter said the only thing you said to him was, baghdadi is dead. quote: i hope you know what ainsley: president thanked you are doing. those countries for their >> that's exactly right. he is a grown man. help. he said we flew. what i meant i hope you thought this through. in eight helicopters flew in i hope you know exactly what and our guys jump out and you are doing here. >> meaning what? >> that's all i meant. blew hole into the side of the building where baghdadi was. baghdadi ran into a tunnel i never discussed their and our dogs were pushing business. my sons or daughters. i never discussed them. him through that tunnel. because they know where i the dogs there was one dog was in an accident.
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that was injured. have to do my job and that's when i called usaa, but all is okay. it. none of our soldiers were and they have to make their it was that voice asking me, killed in the mission. own judgments. >> do you understand people "is your daughter ok?" but baghdadi took three of that's where i felt relief. his children with him. say joe biden, he's an we're the rivera family experienced politician, and we plan to be with usaa for life. detonated his vest. statesman, knows the issues of ukraine. why didn't he just say to see how much you can save brian: evidently obsessed by his own security and some with usaa insurance. have speculated that maybe his son this is one to take on a pass on? he wasn't as in touch with may not look good. >> he was already on the isis as you would think the board and he's a grown man. see how much you can save oh no,... leader of isis would be. it turns out he did not do a ...a cougher. welcome to flu season, karen. however, the same thing we single thing wrong. said about bin laden, we brian: what's your reaction to that? is a regular flu shot strong enough... didn't think he was in touch >> first of all, if he did help prevent flu in someone your age? with al qaeda just running nothing wrong, okay, final, for his life. so you don't know anything there are standard-dose flu shots. turns out material that they got from thinks layer showed about your ukraine. and then there's the superior flu protection... you don't know anything about energy. he was not only in touch you are the son of the vice ...of fluzone high-dose. with al qaeda. president. you get put on a board and he was following the news in it's the only 65 plus flu shot... get paid $600,000 for america. here's the president. ...with 4 times the standard dose. attending two meetings a and it's free with medicare part b. year, okay, final, if you say that's nothing wrong, fluzone high-dose is not for those okay. final. who've had a severe allergic reaction... >> he died after running in you are a scam artist and you can get that kind of a any vaccine component, including... deal because you are the ...eggs, egg products,... a dead end tunnel whimpering vice president's son. and crying and screaming all if you accept there is or after a previous dose of flu vaccine. nothing wrong with that then the guy who did something the way. the thug who tried so hard wrong was the vice president of the united states who tell your healthcare professional if you've knowing his son was on the ever experienced severe muscle weakness... to intimidate others spent board of a suspect company ...after receiving a flu shot. his last moments in utter says to his culprits inside if you notice ...other problems or symptoms following vaccination,... the obama administration let me be in charge of the your healthcare professional immediately. fear, in total panic and ukrainian anticorruption side effects include pain, swelling... dread, terrified of the efforts knowing that my son is on the board of a suspect american forces bearing down ...and redness where the shot was given. on him.
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company. let me be in charge of it. other side effects may occur. terrorists who oppress and if hunter who did s g vaccination may not protect everyone. nothing wrong. the one guy who did if you're 65 plus, murder innocent people something wrong is the vice president of the united should never sleep soundly states knowing his son was in a stinky position like that let me go over and move up to fluzone high-dose. knowing that we will completely destroy them. lecture the ukrainians on see your doctor or pharmacist and ask for it by name. steve: it sounds like we anticorruption. remember, he does that in completely destroyed the december of 2015, the "new outside of his compound, york times" and the "wall but you don't feel good. ainsley, to your point to street journal" run articles avoid any booby trap doors. quoting people inside with polycythemia vera, we blew the wall down. ukraine saying you know pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time what? and then apparently it was we are anticorruption. announced to baghdadi and what is he doing? you might not notice. doesn't he understand? but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. company, hey, the intent was so, look, and then it's to capture him. but he didn't want to go out three months later that he goes back over and says fire let's change the way we see pv. alive. and so he headed into that the prosecutor, who was a no you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. tunnel. he went underground, but it's just as vital to discuss realized it was a dead end good prosecutor but seems and that's where the dog changing symptoms as well. caught him and that's where completely blind, completely take notice and take action. he committed suicide and blind to the image of his discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. took three of his own kids. son is involved with a ainsley: can you believe suspect company. visit that? took his own kids with him. and, remember, his son isn't the president said he was the only bad actor here. watching with the vice president from the situation we have devin arch room and he said it was everywhere who forms this amazing. it was like watching a movie group with hunter biden. said because of the form the group long time technology there is a associate of then senator picture of them watching from the situation room. john kerry of massachusetts. the technology is so by the time that they go on advanced that we were able the board, kerry is the >> the united states brought to get the video out to the the world's number one situation room. >> yeah. terrorist leader to justice.
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secretary of state of the pretty amazing. i still don't know exactly united states. burisma put those two men on abu bakr al baghdadi is how they are able to pull the board for one reason that off every time. only to say to the central dead. a brutal killer, one who has caitlin mohler one of the authorities in kiev we have hostages that was killed. juice with washington. caused so much hardship and look at us. she was a horrible funeral board member who is the son of the vice president and few months. bag man for john kerry. death has violently been she wasn't under direct eliminated. he died like a dog. assault, i would say on a he died like a coward: the brian: kerry's son resigned. regular basis. or enslaved to baghdadi >> kerry hynes stepson said himself. how do we know that in the world is now a much safer this is stinky i'm out of mueller family went there place. and met with abu sighed a's here. steve: where is the mainstream media on this wife who was captured and story? if joe biden were a god bless america. republican it would be the said i would like to know biggest story in the world. about my daughter. >> i can think of so many steve: a major victory in i would like to recover her articles that say well, the fight against terror. remains. there have been -- there has president trump announcing they got information and been no proof of any of the relentless and complimentary allegations of impropriety isis leader baghdadi is dead toward the president for doing something decisive, against hunter and joe which you will see a quote biden. look, this was a stinky after u.s. troops stormed in a said that president company. his compound end ago years' obama was not willing to do the united states knew it. at the time. long hunt for the world's ambassador robert o'brien most wanted terrorist. used to be in charge of actually the most wanted. veterans who have been in and i have asked a cuisinier the fight join us now. hostage reacquisition or we have retired green beret negotiation before he became officials of the obama administration did you know national security advisor. about this? and she refused to answer. and guess what? colonel scott mann screen they had a special tribute they themselves knew this was stinky. no one had the courage to go with this mission for kayla left. former army ranger matt best in to say to the president in the center and "fox & mueller thanks to general better tell your vice friends" co-host on the millie. president not to be in >> we finally brought charge of that or no one had weekend show army vet pete justice to a man that the ability to go in and say hegseth. good morning to all of you. beheaded the three to biden hey, this is a pete: good morning. americans, two journalists problem for us.
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and a humanitarian worker. brian: karl, i would add steve: scott, how big is. one of the things that something else about it he this massive. general millie did was named said he never spoke to his outerbelt most wanted terrorist in the world. the operation the chairman in terms of what he son about it. he folk his son about it. of the joint chiefs of staff represents, also, to the named the operation that where is the golf picture of narrative, you know, the took down al baghdadi after caliphate, which is still devin archer, joe biden and very, very powerful, the fact that he has been taken kayla muriel, after wha muellerd hunter biden playing golf. out, you know, i think he was still very much in the what do you know about it? decision-making process. suffered. >> need head of burisma to it's a big blow. that's something people should know. they will try put somebody justice was brought to those in behind him. we can count on that. americans that were so be the four some. but, for now, it is a real brutally killed. brian: nothing wrong. >> that interview, we have blow to that organization. ainsley: she was 26 years something in common here, old when she died. rather than watching steve: matt, an operation she was an american. baseball we are watching "60 like this is tough, you she was a christian. she was a human rights know, they got intel from activist. she was kidnapped by isis. somebody who was disgruntled minutes." steve: i watched baseball. and they held her hostage, >> that interview-that is only one of the jaw-dropping militant for isis a while repeatedly raped by this isis leader baghdady. moments in that interview. back. they have been keeping an she refused to convert to i couldn't believe it eye on him. watching him sit there my when was time they pulled islam. son does nothing wrong in the trigger. >> absolutely. some people that escaped intelligence, you never that were also kidnapped taking all this money, but, truly know going into an told other people and told okay, fine, if he didn't do her family that she refused operation like this. obviously they took heavy anything wrong, did you risks going in there to convert to islam and something wrong. especially they knew these killed in coalition brian: right. had to de-conflict. guys were going to be airstrikes in 2015. fighting back. ainsley: if my daughter had testament to the units out brian: can you imagine a big position making that in special operations that raising a kid who has the kind of money, we would have conversations about it, i'm have precise tactics that motivation to just go help sure. it's your child. can go in the cover of darkness and rid the world people in the most depraved steve: other than i hope you know what you are doing. of evil. cheers to the boys. area possible and you think you are so proud of her but karl, we know you know what you are doing that's why we worried. she suffers this type of steve: steve changed narrative on syria. fate? invited you on the couch. how do you wrap your head >> thank you, i'm honored to critics going he blew it.
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he pulled people out. around that? be here. we are never going to get steve: i will tell you what, ainsley: carley is right behind you. these guys, boom. she is going to do headlines we got them. her mother was so for us. pete: says we are in carley: start things off retreat. that has been the criticism appreciative what finally with a fox news alert. of this president. happened justice was done brexit has been delayed yet, he knew intelligence she told the arizona was coming in, again. the european union agreeing newspaper i should say kayla overnight to postpone the interrogations of al should be here, she says. baghdadi's wife and what she and if obama had been as move until january 31st. was able to tell us. knowing this in realtime as decisive as president trump, the original deadline was is he making this decision. maybe she would have been. this thursday. he has got his own view of for me, what matters most, america's role in the middle i'm hoping now we will british prime minister abortion johnson haboris johnsos east. he doesn't think it should finally get the answers we be a permanent presence where we are nation-building have been asking for all along. i think this administration and trying to create dome crazy. we are going to kill guys truly might help us. after failing to get his brexit bill past. who seek our destruction or i don't think they are as parliament will vote on that want to hurt us. plan today. i will tell you, this steve, closed about what happened. covering this yesterday, overnight, morning turns to thinking about what guys like scott and matt have mayhem when gunshots are done in the middle of the ainsley: kidnapped outside fired at a vigil for a man of a hospital in aleppo. night, these special killed in the texas a&m operators that go and take this risk. go into a house that they homecoming shooting. know is rigged, with a guy who is wearing a suicide steve: the reaction was vest and his wives are bipartisan, this is [gunfire] >> shots fired moments after wearing suicide vests. fantastic. democrats are steamed that a crowd honored kevin berry these are the best of the the president didn't give best. and these moments make me them a heads up. but, nonetheless, even jr. in dallas. think about those guys who he is one of two people shot put it all on the line for lindsey graham said this is and killed at an off-campus a moment when president us. steve: they did put it all on the line. we have a soundbite from the party in commerce, texas trump's worst critics should president yesterday. here he is talking a little say well done, saturday night. police now searching for the bit about how it went down. watch. >> we landed with 8 mr. president. brian: most were. a few weighed in. gunmen in both shootings. keep in mind, i think the
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president knows this as well helicopters. a large crew of brilliant as anybody. walton harris pleading for they still have afill notice help to find his missing fighters ran out of those that afghanistan, philippines, my near i nigeria. stepdaughter. amy a blanchard last seen nearly a week ago in alabama helicopters and blew holes two days after her into the side of the why the heck was he a few building. they blasted their way in disappearance. police found her suv at an miles from the turkish and then all hell broke border and did they know apartment complex about about this ahead of time? 60 miles away. lose. numerous people were dead within the building that harris is asking the public they killed. we know all those fares to come forward with any marching in from isis information about his then it turned out they gave through turkey find out us a report, sir, there is stepdaughter. a friend claims she was turkey was the one going going to meet someone from a only one person in the into that area and we agreed to move out so they could dating app. police have not confirmed building. we are sure he is in the move. that information. in then we find this guy tunnel. trying to escape. he died like a dog. feeling comfortable enough sad story there wishing to hide out there. everybody the best. he died like a coward. steve: no kidding. meanwhile mitch mcconnell weighed in when he got carley, thank you very much. he was whimpering, screaming briefed on this. i applaud president trump's meanwhile, michael flynn's and crying. legal team now claiming the it was brutal. announcement that u.s. special forlses have but it was over. eliminated isis leader fbi manipulated his 2017 baghdad thybaghdady. interview with the fbi. will. steve: he died like a dorks he was whimpering. how could that happen? journalist lee smith wrote the book on it. the only possible because of he joins us live coming up the expertise skill and next. some have said the president most? most? courage of those who work to united states the keep the united states safe. commander-in-chief shouldn't be saying stuff like that. billions of mouths. >> i don't get too wrapped around that i'm more focused on, you know, the effect special operators. that was achieved here. ainsley: nancy pelosi said the house must be briefed on and for me, looking at the this raid. these operators who have notified in advance. continued to go in day after day, month and month and the administration's overall strategy in the region. year after year.
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our military and allies what i'm hoping for is every deserve strong smart and political administration who comes through here stays strategic leadership from persistent on these washington. the president responded to organizations. i think the cautionary note that people were asking why is islamic state and the dididn't you tell congress narrative is not going away. about this in advance? they are going to grow this is what he had to say. another leader and they're >> there is no country in going to be back. the world that leaks like we it's important to -- we can celebrate in the end zone a do. and washington is a leaking little bit. we need to get back to the machine. fight and make sure that and i told my people we will we're working in these areas not notify them until the and working to deny the emergence of another leader like baghdadi. they are going to come for people are out. not just in but out. us. steve: matt, the operation i don't want to have them walls so diesy, because they flew hundreds of miles in greeted with fire power like the dark through russian you wouldn't believe. so we were able to get in. airspace, turkish airspace, it was top secret. iraqi airspace. it was kept. we called them all up and said hey, we have got something going on. there were no leaks no, we are not going to tell you nothing. the only people that knew what it is. just don't shoot us down. were the few people i dealt when they came to the with very small group of people who knew about this. compound they blew a hole in the wall because they knew we had very few people. the door was booby trapped. a leak could have caused the the intent was, they said to try to capture them. death of all of them. steve: he is absolutely they said give yourself up. right about that. it is a leaking machine. and then ran into a hole and and i -- you know, given the fact of you who congress, blew himself up along with three of his kids. the democrats are going >> dealing with someone like after him, i could understand that. that with such criminal intent with that vicious according to the "the washington post" at this ideology. they are obviously not going
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point right now, they are -- to give up. you always say kill or cap tu it's probably going to be our intel community is kill and not a capture. tracking six people in line but, knows guys were succession the next six insanely good at what they people who would probably did that night and i'm proud billions of problems. run the operation after sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? of them. steve: pete, for the baghdadi. but the intel generally president, who has taken a there's a therabreath for you. lot of heat over his syrian knows where all six of them therabreath healthy gums oral rinse are and the hope is that the policy over the last couple fights gingivitis and plaque of weeks, this has got to be additional intel from this and prevents gum disease particular raid will help for 24 hours. a great feeling to know the u.s. forces roll up the so you can... that, you know, had his eyes breathe easy, leadership such as it is in there's therabreath at walmart. on the prize which was the coming months because they know that the time to ultimately getting these guys and got him. act is when the leadership ranks are in chaos. and given the fact that pete: big win and baghdadi was killed 48 hours vindication. ago, the time to act is now. decadecap at a time the leader. brian: right. it's amazing these leaders the ideology still has to be want everyone else to go blow themselves up and he confronted. defeating an army really was running like a coward and running for his life as matters. i love that language. coward, dog. was bin laden hiding out in think about what these isis pakistan. you go get killed i will folks were doing. chopping off heads, burning stand up here and make a few people in cages. speeches on tape. and then he whimpers in the the new leader, evidently, back of a tunnel and kills himself and his three kids is aferrari. we have his picture already. showing exactly who he is. call him a dog. call him a coward. hopefully he won't last tell the world what they long. other thing to keep in mind, really are and that's what the president did from that too. the syrian kurds were the first ones to get eyes on podium. steve: two weeks from today is veterans day and you have
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a special on fox nation his cure your in th cure your i. modern warriors. pete: army ranger, green beret. two navy seals rob o'neill and eddie gallagher all four the intelligence you get by being there when you're on of them are sitting down with me later today we are the ground. you set up affiliations and going to film "modern friendships and learn hot warriors" we t. will air on players are and able to veterans day. acquire things like this. steve: thank you for your also, the word is, that we service. we will be watching fox almost blew this operation nation two weeks from today. by pulling out three weeks ago when we did that it. thanks. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... you can see carley has the almost reused our resources with drivewise. headlines. carley: controversy on the to a time and place we campaign trail. wouldn't be able to pull it lets you know when you go too fast... senator bernie sanders is being criticized for how he this up operation. the president said we spent ...and brake too hard. suggested a black college two hours there in his student deal with the compound gathering sensitive information. with feedback to help you drive safer. he said now we hav origins police. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. >> if i'm your sun, what and future plans. we know what they were up advice would you give me the to. maybe that's how we are able unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. to track other people next time [inaudible] police looking at as leaders. officer. >> i would respect what they isn't it sad though the are doing so that you don't president couldn't tell now that you know the truth... congress because is he worried someone will leak get shot in the back of the and in this operation could are you in good hands? die or this operation might not happen? head. carley: sanders making those brian: that's going to be comments at a justice forum the story line everyone as a family, we always mum and dad are always saying... pushes. why didn't you tell nancy pelosi. i love the breakfasts... in south carolina. he went on to say police since when can't she be it's the lunch for me trusted? don't fall for it. we both like the snacks officers must be held
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focus on baghdadi dead and and the evening meals accountable. what we learned from his granny always says... former vice president joe biden was asked a similar capture and what we got from his hut. the crew are so lovely with... question at the same event. can i get you anything madam? >> if i were your daughter, steve: nonetheless, the president of the united states got a gigantic win in my uncle loves emirates for... the thousands of channels... what advice would you give me the next time i am the international war on plus i never miss a live match terror baghdadi is dead. stopped by the police? and my sister, if she ever spoke to me... would say... coming up very shortly we >> if you were my daughter, you would be a caucasian will be talking to the it's the free wi-fi... duh! secretary of state, mike you get so much more on an emirates flight... girl and you wouldn't be pompeo, he was in kansas at pulled over. the time. retired navy seal rob even the baby would say... fly emirates. fly better. carley: biden says that's o'neill who killed bin laden part of the problem created by what he calls is going to be with us. institutional racism. hillary clinton says she is green beret scott mann. destined to be president. that's according to former advisor to president bill and mat best and newt clinton, dick morris. gingrich. world's most wanted man is >> my feeling is that she wants. dead. to say she feels entitled to brian: function while it's do it. being under impeachment she feels compelled to do inquiry. for those who think it. she feels that god put her everything has ground to a halt. this is proof it hasn't. on the earth to do it. but she she's hesitant carley shimkus. you have never stopped ainsley: disturbing new claims of government because she realizes the misconduct is the legal team timing is bad. going. carley: that's right. and neither has the country. for former national security advisor michael flynn a lot of headlines around accuses the fbi of the country. >> morris thinks clinton will waited to see if joe overnight mourning turns to manipulating his 2017 mayhem when gunshots are interview. and now a brand new book biden drops out before makes fired at a vigil man killed claims this takedown was any move. in the texas a&m homecoming part of a, quote, multifacet currently on tour promoting her new book with daughter shooting. the criminal conspiracy to
3:12 am
destroy flynn from even chelsea. well, hot dog. before he joined the take a look at this. president's legal team. here to discuss is the a puppy sets his owner's author of the upcoming book it's out tomorrow. apartment on fire after >> shots fired moments after the plot against the getting his paws on a lighter. a crowd honored. president. you can preorder it now. a home security camera is journalist lee smith. one two of people shot and capturing archie chewing on killed off campus party in hey, lee, thanks for joining a lighter before the couch goes up in flames in congress, texas saturday us. >> thanks for having me. night. political science now good morning. australia. no one was hurt. searching for the gunman in but the fire caused $40,000 both shootings. ainsley: have you michael tributes are pouring in flynn, 33-year veteran. he worked for president in damage. after the death of a trump day four. his owner says she still long-time congressman john andrew mccabe says you conyers. don't need a lawyer. thinks he's cute. the michigan democrat and and sure is. i'm -- we're going to come korean war veteran spent in and talk to you. renaming him archie the more than half a century on >> right. ainsley: what did you find arsonist on instagram. capitol hill. he co-founded the out? what is his lawyer claiming look at that face. doing a fantastic job congressional black caucus. what a bad dog. conyers led the fight to steve: who knew those things could blow up like that. make martin luther king day unveiling a whole bunch of a national hollywood. different things that the government was withholding ainsley: so glad the dog is he resigned in 2017 due to okay. while they were -- while carley: i know, absolutely. sexual harassment allegations. they were prosecuting flynnnn, g steve: just a lot of damage. he died natural causes in brian: right. other things, she found that always replace it unless you detroit. he was 90 years old. are not insured. the fbi andrew mccabe, who is the deputy director for patriots head coach bill the fbi, his lawyer was steve: still replace it will belichick 300th win. just come out of your editing the interviews. pocket. the interview forms the ainsley: california wildfires exploding. a live look at firefighters you got to be kidding me. are battling all the flames. 200,000 people forced from their houses and scrambling
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to get to safety. forms of flynn's interview. we are live on the ground deputy director andy and that's coming up. carley: new england beating mccabe. she is not doing it on her the browns 27-13. the texans win 27-4 over the own. lisa page. she appears to be answering to what the deputy director into a base you can empty once a month. himself wants done to raiders. star defensive end jj.j. michael flynn and michael and unlike standard robots that bounce around, flynn's forms. watt is done for the season it cleans row by row. after a muscle injury. ainsley: we have a snippet if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. of an email that lisa page saints gawker drew brees sent to strzok. it says i made your edit returns after tearing a instead of using aloe, ligament in his thumb. or baby wipes, smashed the cardinals 31-9. and sent them to joe. or powders, i also updated you a 302. the catch of the day try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h, happening though on the i'm not asking you to edit this weekend. i just wanted to send it to sidelines. a titans cheerleader because your derriere deserves expert care. you. what's happening there? catching a punt while what is she talking about. >> the 302, these are the formsn preparation h. get comfortable with it. holding palms, the titans beat the bucks 27-24. somebody get her a helmet which the fbi interviews and put her on the floor. different subjects. we are talking about the interview of general flynn. brian: fantastic. the two people peter strzok never happen at giant game who was the lover of the they don't have woman who sent that text the cheerleaders. messages to the giants. coming up straight ahead. boyfriend of that woman. the world's most wanted taste is dead. he and another agent went how did it go down? brett velicovich analyst his team took out many, many leaders of isis will take us in. they were sent toe ambush inside this mission next. general flynn. you started speaking about >> and forget cold blooded that. they tried to relax flynn.
3:14 am
catch him off guard and terrorists, "the washington let's go back a step before post" called baghdadi a andrew mccabe as well who religious scholar. was the deputy director. what's up with that? it was the directors james explanation is coming up next on "fox & friends." comey who had mccabe send the agents over there this is at the top levels of the fbi and department of justice. these are the people who were targeting both general flynn and donald trump. it's not just senior level lawyers and senior level agents it's the director and the deputy director. ainsley: what did they say about your book? >> i haven't heard -- i mean, they haven't said anything. you may have seen though there has been some push back on my book. there was some legal action do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? that attempted to be taken. i will say one thing that the people in clinton world prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended and the top levels, top memory support brand. level obama officials are you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. not happy with the different things that are coming out in this book. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. first of all, as you know, it's the story of what congressman nunes and his team did. the different things that they found during their investigation. and it's different things that i found during my
3:15 am
reporting as well. so, yes, there has been a lot of push back. there has been a big effort to discredit this book. different figures who worked for congressman nunes. i think that congressman nunes during his investigation, he got to the bottom of what happened. i believe that the attorney general is pushing harder on this. and i hope that people will -- i hope that people will read the book and find out some of the things we have been wanting to know for several years. ainsley: okay. we will look forward to picking it up to buying it on amazon. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. ainsley: congratulate labor lab connell: graduate labor labor joe biden is railing against president trump over election meddles. steve ban than has a lot to say about this and he is next. ♪ rock and roll ♪ that kind of music just
3:16 am
sooths the soul ♪ i reminisce about the days of old ♪ and that old time rock and roll ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra) brian: fox news alert. firefighters battling a wildfire north of los angeles. incredible video taken moments ago. ainsley: under a safety emergency. several fires burning right now. steve: claudia cowan is in northern california. she joining us live from the sonoma county fair griewndz enemy santa rosa. claudia. >> good morning. this is being called the biggest evacuation ever in sonoma county. more than 200,000 people have no idea when they will be able to go back home. and, as you mentioned new evacuation orders have just been issued in los angeles where fire has erupted near the famous getty center museum. the 405 freeway one of the nation's busiest at any hour will be shut down. a nightmare for commuters.
3:17 am
mount saint mary's college evacuated. students at aclu warned they may be next. lebron james already on the move. tweeting he and his family had to fle to flea. they are called diablo winds and over the weekend they caused numerous spot fires. this is how it looked in vallejo, spoke visible for miles while flames came right up to backyards in the sonoma county of windsor. the kinkade fire has burned more than 54,000 acres. destroyed 94 structures. still threatens 80,000 homes and businesses and is just 5% contained. more than 3,000 firefighters are on it, hoping better weather today will hope the ground and air attack. all of it comes amid performance comes in lots of flavors. >> u.s. special operations widespread power outages covering more thanopc forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in there's the amped-up, over-tuned, fires caused by downed or northwestern syria and feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. damaged power lines. the winds have begun to ease accomplished their mission in grand style. and then there's performance that up a bit. just leaves you feeling better as a result. we're not out of the woods yet. gusts are expected to kick up again tomorrow night and that's the kind lincoln's about. in to wednesday.
3:18 am
brian: isis leader dead and even as pacific gas and after u.s. troops stormed ♪ his compound. electric begins to restore power to some parts of here to explain is brett northern california. the utility is warning of another round of these velicovich. >> thanks, brian. forced blackouts later this brian: from what you know, what can you tell us how week. and in the meantime, the this went down. >> i think most people don't have a true appreciation for kinkade fire full containment on this fire burning up here in sonoma the complexities involved in these type of operations. i mean, the planning that county not expected until goes into these things are november 7th. and of course a new fire now in southern california. meticulous. the military unit in back to you. particular that conducted brian: wow. steve: all over the state. claudia, thank you very this mission think deserve a much. so far 3 million people have been impacted just by the, ton of credit hands down you know, the pacific gas counter-terrorism forces. they proved it yet again and electric turning offer thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. the electricity because the here with the death of worry is that their lines baghdad. when you look at the you can watch the out of market games you want- operation as a whole, i would start another fire. mean, it's really the all season long. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, brian: not only is it going to be trouble getting to work because your home can culmination of large amount you get everything nba all in one place- of intelligence and tactical be burned while you are at even notifications about your favorite teams. work. how do you get there 405 targeting. when you have to follow guys watch the dropped dimes, freeway, without that you are paralyzed in california. like baghdad through syria. monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. even when you get on that road, it is so packed with that's a nonpermissive plus get instant access to your teams traffic. you can't move quickly. environment. a lot of the intelligence-collection is with the power of your voice. done from the air. that's simple, easy, awesome. steve: that is a live image from los angeles right now baghdadi had multiple drones say nba league pass into your voice remote at 3:49 in the morning. following him around looking at him from different angles to check out a free preview. watching every single don't miss out. ainsley: you work so hard to
3:19 am
buy a house and then, you movement, meeting, person he met with all leading up to know, one fire comes in and this raid of on the compound disois everything. steve: all right. we are keeping an eye on there it's very meticulous that. plus, we are moving on to work. the fact that they were able other topics on this monday to follow him around for two morning. weeks is pretty incredible. kanye west taking on the liberal establishment in an you don't really get many chances like that with explosive new interview. his message to the critics leaders of these terrorist groups. and so now they have got a coming up next. >> >> they were fighting for us huge amount of intel and other ways they are probably conducting other operations to have the right to our as we speak just based on opinion, not the right to the tactical information they received from this one. vote for whoever the white brian: we broke it down to liberal said black people five different steps. and you just chime in when trump doesn't want me to be are supposed to vote for. you feel as though you want the nominee. certain things come across to clarify or bring some very, very clearly. >> president trump says color to it. number one, intel officials russian interference is a hoax. >> is he an idiot in terms identify baghdadi's location two weeks ago. of saying that everybody eight u.s. helicopters take knows this. dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, off from northwestern syria. >> new interview up joe leave from western iraq and stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine. face sporadic resistance and biden went after president gunfire but quickly trump. steve bannon the is suppressed it. that's why we are in iraq to quickly operate against our executive producer of the doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? enemies. not because we want to docu drama claw us of the occupy another country. memory support brand. red dragon. a new radio show that troops land near bashir are you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. focuses on impeachment and it's growing rapidly. steve bannon, welcome. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. syria and breach the >> thanks for having me. >> rush hour reaction to his
3:20 am
compound wall. 60 minutes interview. >> same thing democrats have why do that. >> the initial point of we love smart savers. been doing since president entry booby trapped. trump won in november of like yard-sale savers. 2016. trying to delegitimize him needed to go through a tee-time savers. different area of the compound. and nullify his presidency. we have a say not guilty russia thing is a hoax. special operations proven in the mueller and especially med d savers. community. all about speed, surprise investigation no. collusion. no russian involvement. and violence of action. select a medicare part d plan these raids are designed to even clapper said i think it with walgreens as your preferred pharmacy be very violent. was 100,000 facebook ads. and get co-pays for as low as zero dollars if you are on the other end of it and terrorist. this is a nonevent. the moment you hear that this is just the democrats over and over again trying and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. explosion. to full phi the 2016 by the time you realize what's going on you are isn't saving great? either dead or in handcuffs. election. brian: do you have a problem these operators are on the with his son serving on the save smartly on med d. ground, you know, running walgreens. trusted since 1901. burisma board or do you through, they know exactly think that's a rabbit hole. where they need to be and >> it's crushing. know exactly where other members of the team are and what's worse is china. it is done within minutes. they took over a billion dollars from china. i think joe biden is totally it's incredibly precise. compromised by china. they have to make split i people understand that the second decisions. you have women and children in there that they saved. ukraine situation is the same thing. his reason last night was it's just overall such an terrible. oh, i had nothing to do with incredible operation to hear it. he was already on the board. the son got in the navy with play out. no expertise because of joe brian: they del d. yell do you want to come out? biden. he got on the boards because of connections with joe 11 kids came out. biden. his whole career is around they went. in compound is cleared and having access to joe biden. highly sensitive material is political corruption. captured. brian: let's move on. baghdadi sees what's happening and flees down a adam schiff yesterday was tunnel before killing talking about where he is
3:21 am
himself. going with impeachment. is he talking about looking incident occasions are according to some we knew at mulvane and pompeo. what tunnels led where. is that possible? maybe even bringing in rudy >> yeah. giuliani. absolutely. i mean, look, there is a lot here he is on investigating of stuff we can do now from the investigators. the air there is a ton of instead of looking at what they are looking at. different intelligence he says it's a plot and a surveillance and reconnaissance assets. plan. >> that bill barr on the when you are planning an operation of this caliber, president's behalf is weaponizing the justice tough cover every angle. department to go after the i believe they absolutely would have none which president's enemies. you don't seek to just tunnels he went into and covered one of them that prosecute the losing side. didn't have a dead end. this is what bill barr is seeking to do. but, overall, you look, they is he demonstrating once are doing an operation in again that he is merely a tool of the president. syria. it's a nonpermissive the president's hand, not environment. we used to own the battle the representative of the american people. space in iraq. it was easy to conduct those operations. the president deserves a lot brian: are you buying that? >> they love, the justice of credit here as well. what if turkey and syria department, when it's going after president trump's were engaged in a major people. this is a u.s. attorney up combat operation at the same in connecticut that's doing time we needed to go in and an investigation. now it's in a criminal there get baghdady. process. the helicopters could have i think guys like brennan been shot down in the process here. and clapper ought to lawyer the fact that he was able to up. because right now you have negotiate that was pretty got a u.s. attorney totally incredible. brian: right. even-handed going to go and >> i do feel bad for the investigate this thing. number two for sure that's this is something they had out there. he is already dead in my subpoenas issued by the opinion. he is done. house intelligence committee so, incredible operation. back in 2017 and 2018 to get
3:22 am
great day for the u.s.a. this information. now we are going to see it. this is schiff, this is a brian: thanks for breaking smoke screen from adam schiff. it down for us. let the justice department more "fox & friends." and let the u.s. attorney go we will tell you about the after this information. criminal investigation. ramifications of this raid and so much more. brian: you hopped on with the president and helped him when you look at the world, win the president in which everyone thought he was going into a ditch. what do you see? >> i am his top student. we see patterns. proud to be his number one student. brian: you have wall street relationships. background and military background and lifetime of experience. set up this impeachment when you use location technology, thing not to get -- stay ahead of the curve. you can see where things happen, right now this week, pompeo, before they happen. rudy and mulvaney are on deck to perhaps go and talk with esri location technology, in front of this committee. what does that mean? will they go and do it? you can see what others can't. >> they will start asking ♪ and i don't understand why -- they put -- put out this letter a couple weeks ago to say no more information and no more people going forward. i don't know why that hasn't >> they were fighting for us been enforced. to have the right to our i think it will start to be enforced this week. this situation right now is opinion. not the right to vote for about precedent. it's about policy. it's about process. whoever the white liberal had you david rivkin of the said black people are "wall street journal" and supposed to vote for. elizabeth price folly had a the same people that are
3:23 am
it's how we bring hope to our patients- great article said until telling you that you can't they have a full vote of the have a right to say who you like viola. house. her team treated her cancer it's completely illegitimate will vote for, those people and strengthened her spirit. constitutional process. will be soon to take jesus so viola could focus on their future. i think this thing ought to be fought and fought all the out of the school. those people will be soon to way up to the supreme court. cancer treatment centers of america. and what you are seeing is remove jesus, period. this is just a policy appointments available now. difference. the unelected people that were in there. ainsley: kanye west sounds instead of using aloe, centers of america. the state department, the defense department people off on the liberal or baby wipes, have a difference in establishment during a recent interview. or powders, philosophy just like they have in syria and iraq to brian: joining us now react try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h, is turning point the trump presidency. spokesperson. this is a policy. if is he a crazy, he is a because your derriere deserves expert care. this is the kind of normal course of business, i think, funny way of show it. of things that happen every that was a very precise, preparation h. get comfortable with it. day and i think you should get more information as this vivid look at what he thinks becomes -- as this process is going on in america right becomes more visible, you now. >> absolutely. are going to see this is the more horsepower. horsepower... lucid, clear-eyed. much ado about nothing. i'm telling you about it is (engines rev) this is schiff and a radical the most dangerous thing that you can do as a black with dodge power dollars group of democrats throwing man in america right now is buy any challenger, charger, or durango the country into a constitutional crisis over be an opener supporter of the christmas holidays. and get ten bucks cash allowance for every one horsepower. we are hurdling towards a president trump. >> why in. >> because the media used constitutional crisis. that's the reason i set up this war room impeachment kanye as an example when he we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. came out. you had a lot of people this is a podcast and a even a- (ernie) lost rubber duckie? website just to get all this calling him mentally ill, information out there so the (burke) you mean this one? deranged, look at kanye is (ernie) rubber duckie! president's friends and crazy. allies in the grassroots can white house oval office (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? see what a farce this is. meeting with the president. brian: do you think the and that is a message that (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. president has responded in (grover) yoooooow! they send to a lot of an organized, effective way people. oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! to push back on the particularly african-americans who come narrative democrats are out in their support of this
3:24 am
pushing? >> look. (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? the president, you saw president. they will smear you. yesterday, the president has they will call you a white (grover) cause an accident? maybe... a day job. it's being supremacist. they will call you (bert) how do you know all this stuff? commander-in-chief and president of the united states. self-hating. (burke) just comes with experience. is he negotiating with the they will call you uncle chinese. he is looking what to do in tom. they will call you every (all muppets) yup. syria and middle east, name in the book. ♪ we are farmers. you cannot cancel kanye defending saudi arabia. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum he is going after, you know, west. is he proving that right now. jesus is king. al-baghdadi and isis to about to be the number one destroy the physical album in america, gospel caliphate. he is busy doing his job as album. it's amazing. president of the united states. ainsley: we were just talking about it this i think the white house has probably a different morning. strategy this week. i'm going to download it. i think the campaign, they it's really good. both have terrific people. >> it's really good. it's about the culture. you have outside groups like it's about jesus. it's about god. ourselves who are volunteers who are people that it's about his entire transition. ainsley: very clean, right? supported the president now >> very clean, no cursing. going to get on point. i have got to tell you we brian: listen to another clip from this interview will review every witness's which is getting so much attention. background. we will contest all the warfare. watch. >> i have turned my back on the idea of victimization mentality. we are locked up. the culture has you focused so much on [bleep]'s and pulling up in a foreign and thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. happening about things that you can watch the out of market games you want- can you locked up and then all season long. say you are about prison and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, reform. come on man, this is a free you get everything nba all in one place-
3:25 am
even notifications about your favorite teams. man talking. democrats have had us in watch the dropped dimes, food stamps for years, bros. what are you talking about? monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. guns in the 80s, taking the fathers out of the home. plus get instant access to your teams plan b. lowering our votes. with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. making us abort our say nba league pass into your voice remote to check out a free preview. children. ainsley: what's your don't miss out. reaction? >> my reaction to that is he is absolutely right. there is this idea to be a part of the culture in african-american community tough talk about all these different things. you know rapping, shooting, whatever. and the culture turned their back on kanye west when he >> oh my god. >> oh my god that's crazy. decided to be in support of >> oh my god. the president and say different things. we really have to start ainsley: this is a fox news alert. you are taking a live look having this conversation at that fast-moving wildfire about you can be a part of black culture and black north of los angeles. culture can be amazing in a the governor of california issuing a state of emergency lot of different ways. you can talk about as several fires burn around education. you can talk about not the state. killing our kids. claudia cowan is in northern you can talk about jesus. you can talk about a lot of california. she joins us live from the these different things. i think that in a certain sonoma county fairgrounds in aspect, the culture is so santa rosa. hi, claudia. >> hey, ainsley, that's ernesto twined this right. democrats. so you deengt doo not have about 500 evacuees are here to vote for democrats just because you are at the sonoma county african-american. that's what kanye is saying. fairgrounds getting food and whether you support the president or not, he does.
3:26 am
shelter and hopefully a he is telling you to think little bit of rest. for yourself not how to that's just a fraction of think. that's what's most powerful. 200,000 people who remain under mandatory evacuation brian: i remember barkley orders as the kinkade fire said hispanics, women, they continues to grow. make you earn -- they make now more than 54,000 acres parties earn their vote. and because of strong winds the democrats don't make the over the weekend, black community earn their firefighters actually lost a vote because they get it. little bit of containment down from 10 to 5%. they take it for granted. >> that's the whole thing. democrats cannot win and 80,000 homes and businesses are still national elections without upwards of 90% of the threatened. this moment captured a dry african-american vote. now, they have gotten into the culture, in creek ranchero crews entertainment so much in the past 34 years that they have rescuing an american flag as people thinking that the way to quote, unquote, be black is to vote for democrats. flames bear down. kanye is really standing up against that. ainsley: all right. spot fires in several rob schmitt, thanks so much for coming. communities. >> in thank you for having this was the fire near me. brian: our top story the world's most wanted vallejo. smoke visible for miles. terrorist is dead. crews up and down california secretary of state mike pompeo newt gingrich, both live with us to react. battling nine wildfires, the kinkade fire is the priority. more than 3,000 firefighters are hoping today's better weather will help them get the upper hand, but it is not over yet. a strong winds are expected to move back into the area
3:27 am
tomorrow night and we could see another round of these forced blackouts. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: alall right. . . claudia, thank you so much. steve is downstairs with the rest of the news. hey, steve. steve: indeed. anxiously, thank you. brand new docu drama we have been telling you about no safe spaces shedding light on the free speech and culture on america's college campuses. ♪ born to be wild... one recent graduate in the film shouted down while she was a student senator at uc berkeley because she abstained from a vote on a student bill simple 34reu because of her christian views. here with more of her story is u.k. berkeley graduate isabella chal joins us from philadelphia. isabella, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what is this issue that you didn't want to vote on back about a year ago? >> trump proposed changes to ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild... title 9 changed how the sexual assault. define a person's gender as
3:28 am
a person's biological sex. one of the student senators at berkeley issued a bill that essentially denounced trump's changes. i agreed with most -- parts of the bill, for example, that, you know, transgendered people should never face violence but i disagreed with the majority of the bill that asked me to affirm an lgbtq plus identity as good and to support lgbtq plus organizations on campus. ithere's my career...'s more to me than hiv. ♪ my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. steve: your christian views were not unknown to people. hiv medicine is one part of it. you were very vocal about prescription dovato is for adults who are starting your faith, weren't you. >> i was. i was elect you had hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either primarily by christian students and openly christian when i ran. of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. steve: okay. so then when you decided not to vote against it. dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill you just abstained, right? to help you reach and then stay undetectable. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines , for the reasons we said i while taking dovato. didn't agree with all of the you can take dovato anytime of day bill i didn't disagree with with food all of it either. or without. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its steve: you decided not to vote on it. what was the fallout for ingredients or if you take dofetilide. you? >> yeah. if you have hepatitis b, it can change during treatment with dovato and become harder to treat. so,.
3:29 am
your hepatitis b may get worse or become life-threatening if you stop taking dovato. steve: what was the fallout so do not stop dovato when you said you couldn't without talking to your doctor. vote one way or the other on serious side effects can occur, including allergic reactions, this. >> yeah. well, essentially i read a statement before i abstained liver problems, and liver failure. and i said i love you but i life-threatening side effects include lactic acid buildup can't really vote for this. and the week after there was and severe liver problems. a giant protest where about if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, 300 students crammed into the senate meeting and about stop taking dovato and get medical help right away. 100 of them spoke. and over and over they just tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, said, you know, fu. including hepatitis b or c. why did you say that? don't use dovato if you plan to become pregnant just resign. or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy over the next few weeks i was kicked out of every since one of its ingredients may harm your unborn baby. single club i was support of your doctor should do a pregnancy test on campus except for the before starting dovato. use effective birth control while taking dovato. pro-life club and my church. steve: that's sad. the most common side effects are headache, you would think if you are on the college campus, diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. that's one place in america where you should be able to so much goes into who i am hear all points of view and hope to be. that's not the case that's the point of this particular ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment show called no safe spaces. with dovato is right for you. one of the primary characters in it is comedian adam carolla who had this observation about free speech. watch. >> you should be able to share ideas without fear of being fired from your job or >> the united states brought the world's number one terrorist
3:30 am
leader to justice, al baghdadi schoulted down. the only way we separate good ideas from the bad ideas is to be free to say whatever we want about them. is dead. steve: he makes such a good his demise shows the america's point. as you found out at uc berkeley, isabella, you could not share your point relentless pursuit of terrorist leaders and our commitment to of view without getting in trouble with your friends. the total defeat of isis and >> yeah. i mean, you are right. other terrorist organizations. it was just hard because our reach is very long. people that i considered friends, people that i had known since freshman year, a brutal killer, one who has you know, were saying we caused so much hardship and don't -- we're not going to affiliate with you anymore. steve: so they needed a safe death, has violently been space away from you. they want everybody to have eliminated. he died like a dog. the same point of view. he died like a coward. otherwise they don't want to be around them. >> yeah. the world is now a much safer steve: what's the moral of the story? >> i think the moral of the place. god bless america. story is that college brian: saturday night we get students and regular people word, major press conference. need to be able to accept and ask speak for different 9:00, 10en time, by that time, points of view. like with the bin laden killing originally what the documentary challenged me there was word all but confirmed how can i elevate minority voices in the conversations that i'm with and the people that al-baghdadi was dead.
3:31 am
that i'm with and ensure the details come in. that there is a safe space what struck me, jennifer griffin for every single opinion. look at operation on a whole steve: all right. interesting stuff. much more dangerous and involved no safe spaces now in select theaters. than the bin laden operation. isabella chow, graduate from steve: they took incoming fire u.k. berkeley. thank you very much for as they approached compound. joining us live. >> thank you. steve: all right. newt gingrich, former speaker of 29 minutes now before the top of the hour. the house. has a free news lert. just in case you thought media bias did not exist. "the washington post" just >> good morning. called al baghdady, the terrorist, a religious amazing weekend. wasn't it? scholar. dan bongino furious about steve: the world's most wanted this. terrorist is dead. he is live from florida how do you frame this? >> well look, i think it's a next. ♪ long project. people need to remember we were ♪ wake me up ♪ the sun is out hunting him for years. for the last few months we ♪ oh almost had him. he kept moving. ♪ a sheer capability of our intelligence, diplomatic forces and military. employees need more than just a paycheck. the size of the raid, it was three times the size of the raid you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. on bin laden. it was decisive. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source we had one war dog that was injured but they got him out. for personal savings and protection solutions. he is going to recover. no american soldiers were the workplace should be a source of financial security.
3:32 am
injured. they took them down, the entire keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. baghdadi headquarters, got him. that's financial wellness. tragically, tells you a lot put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. about him as a person, he took three of his younger children with him and they died with him when he blew up his suicide vest. ainsley: he beat the caliphate in syria. obama never did that. takes out the leader of isis over the weekend. he and lindsey graham said this, the kurds will control the oil in syria, that will guarranty their security. is the trump doctrine working a lot better than many imagined it would? >> look, i think this president campaigned on ending a long about being a scientist at 3m. period of wars. the war in afghanistan is now i wanted them to know that innovation is not just the longest war in american history. and i think the president felt about that one 'a-ha' moment. that having young men and women science is a process. it takes time, dedication. killed and maimed for life, it's a journey. we're spending trillions of we're constantly asking ourselves, dollars, there are no strategies 'how can we do things better and better?' for victory. we'll not be in the business as what we make has to work. somebody said yesterday of having american forces sit
3:33 am
we strive to protect you. between the kurds and the tushes at 3m, we're in pursuit of solutions for the next 200 years. that make people's lives better. -- turks. at 3m, we're in pursuit of solutions manage with the new doctrine ever since darrell's family started using gain flings, work with others but very, very careful about using american their laundry smells more amazing than ever. forces. yesterday was perfect example, ah, honey! isn't that the dog's towel? when the stay before the raid occurred was a perfect example. we deconflicted with iraq, syria and russia. we were able to go over the hey, me towel su towel. airspaces. we did what we set out to do. there's more gain scent plus oxi boost and febreze we set a major setback to the radicals and we did so without odor remover in every fling. losing a single american. gain. seriously good scent. that to me is a pretty successful operation. the challenge has been, i say this as a great supporter of the national security system, we've had 18 years to develop a strategy for victory. we don't have one. these are very hard problems. i think the president's right to say that as commander-in-chief he doesn't want to continue to have young men and women, killed, crippled and fights
3:34 am
going on for the next 40 years. brian: newt, isn't the answer to your question, strategy for victory, there is no going to be a v-day. this is generational struggle this piece is talking yeah?. with small enclaves of so what do you see? i see an unbelievable opportunity. terrorists need to be watched, i see best-in-class platforms and education. i see award-winning service, surveiled and struck before they are hit? they will not line up behind and a trade desk full of experts, available to answer your toughest questions. hitler anymore. and i see it they will be in caves. when we take our ice off planes, with zero commissions on online trades. i like what you're seeing. mud huts, and planes start proking out of sky. it's beautiful, isn't it? yeah. td ameritrade now offers zero commissions on online trades. nobody likes that. generals say that it is ♪ generational. >> i said generational i said this was up 100 years plus. it is not not just in caves. there is big cell in brussels. there is substantial activities in paris. >> a very, very dangerous there is a worldwide campaign. mission: thank you as well it is not going to go away. to the great intelligence professionals who helped the question can we design make this very successful american strategies first of all to maximize the allies. you pointed out helping the journey possible.
3:35 am
i want to thank the soldiers kurds get control of the oil and sailors, airmen and field, helping them get a source marines involved in last of money is significant part of this long-term strategy. night's operation you are the kurds frankly will defend themselves as long as the turks the very best there is in the world no. matter where you go, there don't go crazy. the president would tell you we is nobody even close. would use aair power. steve: there you have got the president yesterday from we had a lot of air power that the diplomatic room thanking wasn't used but it was there and the men and women involved in this operation that killed the isis leader available if we had to use it. baghdadi the world's most brian: let's talk about the reaction from official wanted man. washington. it was bipartisan, they loved ainsley: let's bring in dan fact we were able to get this bongino, former secret guy. mitch mcconnell said this, i service officer. hey, dan. applaud president trump's >> good to see you this morning. announcement that u.s. special ainsley: good to see you. what was your reaction? >> i mean, listen, first, forces. i've had the distinct the world's most wanted man has pleasure in my former career been brought to justice. with the secret service of a victory like this is only working with our special possible of the expertise and forces. guys and ainsley, i'm skill of those keeping the telling you it's a peerless united states safe. nancy pelosi said, the president kept her in the dark regarding group of operators. it because he felt that she nobody like them. america should thank the might, he said washington seas a lord lord that we have leak machine. she said the house must be people like this on the front lines. briefed on this raid which the doing violence on their behalf to make sure that russians, but not top
3:36 am
violence doesn't happen to you. congressional leadership were what they did was so notified of in advance. astoundingly brave, facing off with one of the world's most dangerous men and administration's overall forcing him to die like he strategy in the region. our military an allies deserve, strong, smart and strategic lived like ciewmpleted i leadership from washington. would like to say also and this is important. the media really blew it newt, "politico" this morning is yesterday. suggested if president trump had topsth into the they had any given nancy pelosi a head's up, remnant of credibility with. whatever they had they it would have been a real flushed down a boweloutrageous . goodwill, you know, gesture on >> there was no downside. his part. so you got to wonder, why he this was a murderer, a didn't. rapist, a terrorist, a dog do you see he didn't? and a pig who died like the >> look, i was speaker of the house just like nancy pelosi. i was one of the key leaders who church coward hchurch cowardwhu. was entitled to know every single secret. at one point we had a very, very complicated raid into pakistan. we captured the man who had most 9/11 never given. killed people at at the cia speech describes cowards for what they are. headquarters in virginia. do you know why that's important in the media you know when i learned about through it all, president it? when it was over. trump didn't need to the idea that politicians need describe it in such detail. to be briefed on a military these fake national security analysts that couldn't operation while young men and national security their way out of a wet paper bag. women are risking their lives is
3:37 am
just stupid. president trump needed to do nancy pelosi ought to know that. they used their faux better. the fact is i would always prefer that we had the minimum number of people in the knowledge, that we went ahead bravado, fake courage chumps got the deal done. the next day, she has every and dogs used it to recruit right to say tell me about it. she is one of the people, eight other members. president trump went out and members of the congress and described these dogs, these speaker and majority leader of whimpering cowards for what the senate are two of them. they're. staring downtown barrel of a she has every right to get 556 rival or a 223 from one briefed after it is over. of our guys. no politician has a right to all of the sudden they turn know information which could get into the whimpering chumps young men and women killed during the operational phrase. what she said was plain baloney. they are. president trump told what they look like. brian: couple things, newt. number one, it shows the brian: accurately describing administration can function while putting up with massive al baghdadi. read "the washington post" impeachment distraction. and i have a different view. i know that they wanted to beat baghdadi islam ix state up on the president all weekend and sunday shows. terrorist in chief dies at this got in their way. 48. here is a little of the later say baghdadi al religious scholar hymn of democrats sounding off on what's religious state died at 48. as if he had a blockage in next. >> we're not going to put a timeline on this investigation. his aorta. >> i read the piece. we're going to proceed brian, the headline is bad.
3:38 am
the piece is even worse. expeditiously. of course we're going to proceed they talk about a religious comprehensively and fairly in scholar with wire framed order to get things done. this is a matter of urgent glasses who was a shy, reserved guy. national security concern. like they are talking about the president betrayed his oath mary poppins. this was a terrorist rapist of office. >> i don't want to give precise thug. timing. we're struggling with the brian: look at his beard. he was about to act. white house continuous efforts red in his beard that was to obstruct our investigation. the last time we saw him brian: timeline of the about to launch an attack. impeachment will go past >> grizzly adams or thanksgiving into the new year. something. >> this guy was a terrorist they will open up the doors in the middle of november, perhaps. thug who would cut the head they will not be distracted. off an innocent man what is your reaction? without -- at the drop of a lawsuit. >> this is a sore loser's i mean, really to the "the washington post," do you impeachment. hate this president so much over 70% of the people want to that you are willing to impeach trump decided that day throw everything away, your after the election. not whether he did any action integrity, your morals, which is impeachable. everything? i mean, that's a serious which is what the constitution calls for. question. i'm not kidding. they don't like him being there. listen, i got no personal which is a totally absurd way, beef with the "the washington post." i don't know most of those we don't have a british model people. i don't read the paper. i think it's garbage. where you can have a vote of no that's my opinion. confidence. other people may have a i want to share one other reaction made me so angry different opinion. they have been wrong on just about every big story of the yesterday i did a facebook live, trump era. are you kidding? tweeted. we just killed one of the "the washington post," that headline as follows.
3:39 am
world's most dangerous people who without a abu bakr al-baghdadi, austere moment's in the killed thousands, tens of thousands of americans and you write religious scholar at helm of about his wire framed islamic state, dies at 48. glasses and his beard? i mean, come on, guys. brian: unbelievable. get your head out of your >> baghdadi, austere religious asses, this is unbelievable. steve: dan, you know, there scholar dice at 48. are people in washington, politically in the political class who will not give the totally dishonest headline. president a win under any this is such a totally dishonest headline. i think the post ought to bring circumstances. in independent counsel and fire >> steve, that's really sad. whoever wrote it. they do the same thing every there is level of prejudice that time. is crazy. i heard swalwell on ainsley: why do you think they yesterday with chris wallace a democrat from california. wrote that? brian: so educational. >> whoever wrote it i assume is >> they have to couch everything. radically pro-islam. oh well, okay, this was a didn't want to tell the truth. good day but. there is always a but president trump. he shouldn't have spoke in baghdadi was serial rapist. such detail. he shouldn't have been so kept women as slaves. one american woman died being mean to al-baghdadi. we should have given him a one of his sex slaves. proper funeral. no, we don't owe him a he was leader after movement proper funeral. he didn't give a proper which burned alive a jordanian funeral to the guy he cut his head off. pilot in a cave to film it to so we owe this guy a funeral? and then, listen, i don't horrify the world.
3:40 am
like this talking point either. because a lot of patriotic this is leak describing american muslims don't want adolf hitler as former to be patronized. somehow they say if we talk frustrated painter this is deep about him like this we are going to offend the muslim level of dishonesty world. now are not. "the washington post" management patriotic american muslims ought to take a look at itself. this isn't their guy. this was severely offensive. we don't owe this guy anything. are you kidding? he didn't just die at 48. other talking point a week ago well, you know, when president trump, which i think was the right move. he was killed fleeing american troops in the process of i know some of you may disagree, fine, when we pulled out of syria, all of the sudden it was like well, capturing him. if we don't fight them over "the washington post" to deny here we are going it fight reality and write anti-american them over here. well now we fought them over headline. ainsley: and blew up his kids. there and they still hate the guy. three of his kids were with him. there is nothing he can do that's right. >> this is evil man. nothing. they will change their he did not deserve a positive talking points on a whim headline from because they have zero "the washington post. steve: newt. integrity, zero morals and thank you for being with us. they hate this president more than they love doing brian: some people kick over their jobs. ainsley: all right. thank you, dan. good to see you. ottoman, but he tweets. >> thanks, guys: see you proactive. use your anger in a positive later. brian: here is carley. way. carley: a celebration turns into a tragedy in iowa. fantastfantastic. steve: 8:11 in new york city. we're going to get to that story that little bit. carley joins us with headlines. president trump travels to
3:41 am
chicago today to speak at carley: fox news alert. you're taking a live look at the international association of chiefs of fast moving wildfire north of police conference. but chicago's top cop police los angeles. the governor of california superintendent eddie johnson issuing a state of emergency as is refusing to attend the several fires burn around the state. this video shows smoke and president's speech. flames extremely close to a >> as superintendent of this bridge north of san francisco. police department and this city, i have to take into people on both sides forced to account not just my personal feelings about it but our evacuate. >> oh, my god. core values as a city. that's crazy. carley: johnson criticized what he called racial >> oh, my god. insults and hatred coming from the oval office. carley: look at that. police are looking for tips 200,000 people told to leave to bring a tip jar robber to their homes in sonoma county. justice. a young man wiping a pot of we'll have a live reports on the fires in a few minutes. cash from a coffee shop in breaking overnight, brexit new york before an off duty cop jumped into action. gets delayed again. the european union agreeing to nypd captain wrestling the thief to the ground taking postpone the move until the jar back before going to january 31st. the original deadline was work. the suspect is on the run thanks to his buddies who thursday. british prime minister boris helped him break the johnson has called for a new officer's grip. election in december. it's unclear if they got after failing to get his brexit away with any cash. and happy halloween from bill passed. parliament will vote on that nassau. look at that. the space agency marking the plan today.
3:42 am
holiday with a snap of the overnight, morning turns to mayhem when gunshots are fired sun looking like a jack at a vigil for a man killed in hollande turn. the face is made from the the texas a&m homecoming sun's active regions emit more light and energy due to shooting. strong magnetic fields that [gunfire] picture taken in 2014 by carley: shots fired moments nasa solar dynamics after a crowd fired kevin berry, observatory. very appropriate. tis the season, guys. jr., in dallas. he is one of two people shot and steve: all right. thank you very much. killed at an off-campus party in let's go out on the streets congress, texas, saturday night. of new york. janice has the day off. the police searching for the adam is out at her post. gunman involved in both adam: good morning, guys. shootings. a man buy as winning lotto out here the 6:00 hour you ticket on his way to final round don't always get the biggest of crowds. i do appreciate it when anybody makes it out here. of chemo. harry from pittsburgh. ronnie foster bought the scratch thank you for being out here. is there anybody you want to give a shout out to. off worth $200,000 at a gas >> to my wife anita and my station in north carolina. wife and grand kids. adam: thank you for coming he decided to buy it after out here so i wasn't left winning five dollars on another here all by myself. i do have a weather story to ticket. he will use money toward medical talk about. bills, new lawn mower, possibly that continues to the wildfire stretching across portions of california. a car. from southern california to if anyone deserves to win that, northern california. the kinkade fire the it is a round of good luck. largest.
3:43 am
50,000 acres plus, at this point, the winds were so play the lottery. strong this weekend, unfortunately, still going carley: in action. to be windy over the course brian: i hate the stuff under my of the next probably 48 hours. those are your wind gusts nail. i don't play the lottery. getting up to 30 to 40 miles ainsley: use a coin. brian: i didn't know that. per hour today. that's a little calmer than maybe i'll play again. we saw yesterday. ainsley: fox news alert. still bone dry out there, any minute president trump is guys. heading to joint base andrews to yeah, unfortunately i do think this wildfire story is go to chicago for an annual something we are going to be talking about at least into the middle of this upcoming police conference the city's top week. back into you. cop is boycotting. the vice president of the fom steve: adam, thank you very much. meanwhile, new york city's homeless crisis is growing. has had enough. he joins us next. the mayor vortedly shipping people from new york to other cities on the taxpayer dime. but, it has been a secret until now. otezla is not an injection or a cream. dr. drew is here with reaction coming up. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement ♪ for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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3:47 am
ainsley: new scrutiny on the homeless crisis here in new york city. secretly exporting the homeless to hawaii and to other states. steve: wait, what? that's right. it's all part of the special ♪ >> the international association of chiefs of police. one-time assistance program which has reportedly cost it's a great group. today i stand before you as local taxpayers here in new president of the united states york $89 million on rent to tell you that my alone to send over 12,000 administration will always people to places all across honor, cherish and support the the country. ainsley: what's even more men and women in blue. mind-boggling over 200 of those folks have wound up right back in new york city. steve: there you go, there you steve: why not? joining us to react. have the president. the president trump officially celebrity addiction on his way to the enall specialist dr. drew penske. international association of >> why not indeed? chiefs of police in chicago. he just left the white house a steve: we are leaving people moment ago. this will be the first visit to leave new york to go to places like hawaii. there to the city of chicago >> incredible. makes perfect sense to me since his 2016 election. given how the people now, isn't this curious, empowered today seem to be trying to solve the homeless problem. so appealing to go anathema chicago's police superintendent is skipping the event, prompting the union to take a no
3:48 am
confidence vote against him. joining you right now is chicago fraternal order of police vase president, patrick murray. he joins us from downtown chicago. to the problem. good morning to you. >> good morning. the problem is not that you steve: so you have this big need housing. it's not that you need a police chief convention in your period of time to get your town and the guy who runs the act together. you need mental health police department in that town services. steve: of course. won't show up. if you do not provide what do you make of that? treatment and vocational >> well, this is just, as far as rehab you are committing people to chronic i'm concerned it is a political difficulty. steve: you are just warehousing them. >> you are not even strategy that he is using to warehousing them. these are all progressive deflect off of him for basically illnesses that you see on every street in this country. progressive illnesses and they end in demise. being found passed out at a stop they end in death. sign, maybe a week or two ago. big majority are drug and alcohol. it's the last chapter of our this is a way to divert of opioid crisis. playing out in our streets. pressure off of him. he did the same thing in orlando lots of mental health issues. last year. he skipped the conference when we started this back in the the president spoke. 1960's, eviscerating the state mental health system. we belched peach out on the he is coming to our town. streets, the nursing homes he should be here. and prisons. mostly taken them out of the he should be there to l passed prisons and pushed them out onto the street. it's awful. and if you do anything like this. see, sounds so appealing, right, so great. it will not work unless you out? >> well, they responded to a
3:49 am
provide the services call, somebody unconscious necessary to get well. behind the wheel of a car at ainsley: you are talking 12:30 in the morning and sure about the drug problem. you have something coming up enough, they stopped the car, banged on the window. on fox nation a documentary. >> i do it's about the found out that it was the opioid crisis. superintendent of police. again, i lived through it. steve: i did read something i was running a large about that. it sounds like there is some addiction medicine program sort of an investigation. and there is footage of me he is cooperating, right? 15 years ago saying you don't understand this is a >> well, there is an investigation with the inspector tidal wave coming our way i general. am seeing it every day. it was tossed over to him by the we're still living in it mayor. so right now, they're going where my profession through, interviewing people and they're going to do the investigation. overprescribed opiates. we'll see what happens after problem overprescribing and this. steve: one thing we do know. pain is the vital sign he will not be at the whatever pain control is president's speech at 11:25 this whatever patient says it is. morning eastern time. my patients had it during i'm sure we'll run part of it here on fox. here is the superintendent that phase and a lot of them talking about why he is not showing. died. steve: opioid conspiracy on listen. >> i have to take into account, fox nation. ainsley: americans are more not just my personal feelings likely to gri an opioid overdose than from a car about it, but our core values as accident. >> we are talking about a a city. situation where doctors are it just doesn't line up with our primarily responsible because they wrote the city's core values, along with prescriptions. drug manufacturers applied my personal values. them. >> they were do you politic but i will tell you this, i
3:50 am
tuesday but it was my profession through and still have given approval for through that caused this thing. it was a quasireligious officers to attend if they so choose to. ideology that grabbed a whole field of medicine. steve: officers are free to go. he is not going based on his > steve: also talked about it personal values. >> he will be -- talking about a on "nuff said" with tyrus. voice for the voiceless. >> tyrus and brian's show you know, if i was in his shoes all the time, too. please check out tyrus' i would have reached out to the president and sat down and show. people think it was the drug talked to him about the problems that are in chicago, especially companies. do you police cities in the wholduplicitous.this is the exag in high crime areas. maybe sat down, came up with a strategy. future date to take, talk about thing happening with putting together something to homelessness. housing. take and combat these areas. end of story. steve: well, they certainly do income inequality it. is not it. have some problems in chicago. is a mental health crisis. if you don't wake up from it is too bad the top cop and that theological fog more president are not going to be people will die. meeting but that is just politics i guess. three die every day in los angeles county. people getting in the way of patrick murray, the chicago treating those people are fraternal order of police murderers. vice president. they are and i'm sick of it. thank you very much for joining steve: we are all sick of us live today. >> thank you. it. >> all right. dr. drew, thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. thank you. meanwhile, it is our top story. steve: very latest from the world series with jillian a major victory in the war on coming up next. terror as u.s. forces take down most? the leader of isis.
3:51 am
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3:55 am
second with an alvarez two place. run home run. god bless america. this right here take a look at that two-nothing astros. steve: our top story in america this morning, a big win for the country as the world's most ing next highlight goes to the bottom of the seventh. wanted terrorist dead. ainsley: retired navy seal who solos the home run, gets the killed barack obama rob o'neill nationals on the board. is the author of the operator, fans there saying finally. unfortunately it wasn't and he joins us to weigh in on enough. up last the only score that this. night. >> good morning ainsley. top of the ninth we go. good morning, steve. george springser makes a two >> what did you learn about this news? run blast. what was your reaction? 7-1. >> i was at a veterans event, nationals plus all three games at home. veterans from world war ii, kia, it's disappointing for fans vietnam, i was on stage from to have waited a majority of them their lifetimes to see a world series game here in some of my guys they killed washington. but, houston astros take those three games. they're headed back to houston right now. and fans last night on both baghdadi. sides were sad and excited. rob riegle who made funny video, listen to this. i want wait to find out who did it, how it was done. what do you have to say to so proud. the players when they go out so proud. steve: when i heard details. to houston? >> just win. >> every loses at home. we don't know all the details yet. >> what do you say? it will come out in coming weeks and months, but they took eight >> i say we are greg the next two. we have a chance. we are in it. helicopters. >> yes.
3:56 am
steve: in your raid for >> about to be stros in 6. bin laden you took two. >> sad? >> yeah. you were positive you were not >> disappointed. coming back alive. >> yeah. >> angry. >> yes. >> frustrated. there was that danger. >> yes. >> i feel it. you are in enemy territory >> i thought we would not come right now. what was it like? back, because of long flight into country with technology >> um, screaming. that could shoed down jillian: people are disappointed. people are leaving early. that kind of stinks. helicopters. we thought bin laden would do >> that's true. that's true. i still have faith in them. what baghdadi did blow himself i will still wave the flag. and the house. >> i say we can pull through be a burr bakir al-baghdadi was it. won two at home. well-guarded. make it happen. we have a vest. go back to houston and take he is the guy to do it. it home in front of the they were so smart about it. fans. they knew going through the jillian: all right. so guess what, guys? front door, it was no series has ever had the booby-trapped. they went through a wall. first six games won by the they used breachers. road team. don't know what that's going method of entry, when in that to mean for tuesday night. i can tell you we are going to have you covered in day. do what delta does. houston. game time 8:00. got it on. i love it. send it back to you. i'm so proud. i kind of know what it is like steve: down in d.c. there to be a little jealous. was plenty of attitude this weekend. why couldn't i have been on that jillian, thank you very much. brian: right. of course they have steven one. strasburg going tonight. so cool. >> 11 young kids were removed. other thing to keep in line.
3:57 am
they did chant lock him up. al-baghdadi took three of kids some people heard that come through. with him and in the tunnel and steve: that was loud. ainsley: mixed reaction. blew himself up. >> that is part of the strategy, steve: mike pompeo, karl rove and newt gingrich on they could hide in the tunnel. this "fox & friends." they blew part of that up and brian: yeah, we're bragging. biopharmaceutical researchers. went in after them. human shields possibly with the kids. if somebody gets close enough. pursuing life-changing cures they would say martyr, die in a country that fosters innovation during the. >> gnawed. so they can all go to murdering here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer his own kids. by arming a patient's own t-cells... he considers taking them to because it's not just about the next breakthrough... paradise. he got cornered by one of the dogs. it's all the ones after that. they are awesome. we brought cairo the dog into pakistan after bin laden. those dogs are first multipliers. they will be faster in a cave. steve: not only did he have a vest but his wives did. they were both killed before they could detonate it. like the raid was intent to capture. >> it you get him alive, interrogate him you can get a
3:58 am
lot out of him. khalid sheikh mohammed is down in guantanamo bay, they're still getting staff out of him. he was the man of the caliphate. he is the man. he will detonate himself. steve: ultimately they got a bunch of his stuff. just like with inabout laden. >> they had a lot more time on the ground. in pakistan we didn't want to deal with the pakistanis. syria as we know, it is a little bit of chaos. so they can stay there. they pack ad punch. brought eight helicopters on target. they had more helicopters, to be a qrf, quick reaction force. i assume they stayed on the ground for a few hours. ainsley: two hours. >> two hours on target. that exploitation they will get a lot of stuff. they will find out more. i wouldn't want to be number two or three. i think they killed the number two guy, the kurds did. i will, al-baghdadi was so good you may have gingivitis. when you brush, and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, at operational security.
3:59 am
when people met with him, receding gums, and possibly... they're not allowed any tooth loss. electronics, no watches. help turn back the clock usually put on a bus on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. blindfolded, driven for a few hours. meet 30 minutes. they are under guard for two hours. they drive them away. hats off to the men and women in the intelligence communities and our allies. incredible job to find him. to surveil him. not let anyone know they're going after him. ainsley: all our guys are still alive. >> that is so cool, isn't it? steve: nobody knows better than you what they were going through. the perfect guest. >> appreciate it. >> our coverage of the terror take down. secretary of state mike pompeo will join us next. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
4:00 am
brian: against my better judgment i like to bring in karl rove to start this hour. i'm kidding. fox news advisor. former advisor to george w. bush. great to see you, karl. >> that wounded me. that comment. brian: it hurt you. >> here i am organizing events for new texas to sell your new sam houston book and this is how you repay me? steve: fox news alert yesterday the president announced that the world's most wanted terrorist al baghdadi is dead. a daring raid under the cover of darkness. eight helicopters. we went in and flew across russian turkish and iraqi airspace. called them up said don't shoot us down. they didn't. we got that guy. the significance?
4:01 am
>> he is the world's most wanted man. he has been at the lead of this organization since he founded it in 1999 as an affiliate of al qaeda. and this was a very important died last year, had a great insight into the middle east. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. is the strong horse i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. and yesterday we learned the prescription dovato is for adults who are starting united states is still the strongest horse in the middle east by being able to hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either kill this man who had escaped detection and of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. escaped our -- we and our allies in the region for dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill years. let's not kid ourselves. to help you reach and then stay undetectable. he is the head -- they took so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines the lesson from the death of while taking dovato. usama bin laden and you can take dovato anytime of day centralized the with food organization. moved their finances and or without. leadership and dispersed it. tried to become a more don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. decentralized organization. in august they named his if you have hepatitis b, it can change during treatment with dovato successor mohammed garr and become harder to treat. dash. your hepatitis b may get worse they already have the guy in place who is going to or become life-threatening succeed him. this is a very important if you stop taking dovato. so do not stop dovato fight. very important battle very without talking to your doctor.
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serious side effects can occur, including allergic reactions, important victory. now we need to take all that liver problems, and liver failure. information they found in the compound. use it to go to whomever life-threatening side effects include lactic acid buildup else we can get and continue and severe liver problems. to keep -- if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, steve: the caliphate may be gone but isis lives on. stop taking dovato and get medical help right away. >> they operate in 18 tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, countries. guess how big their budget is that we estimate including hepatitis b or c. intelligence estimates? don't use dovato if you plan to become pregnant $1 billion a year is what they have to spend. or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy steve: where does that money come from? since one of its ingredients may harm your unborn baby. it used to come to oil. >> that's why the president was absolutely right to say your doctor should do a pregnancy test we're going to keep our before starting dovato. presence in syria to guard use effective birth control while taking dovato. the oil fields. >> they would run these oil the most common side effects are headache, wells and not particularly diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. professional fashion but loaded up in trucks and then take it through the black so much goes into who i am market and sell it. and hope to be. that was a big source of ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment income. brian: knock off banks and with dovato is right for you. gotten a lot of gold. >> that's right. they kidnapped people. treat them nice and get a ransom. but they operate they also extort money into the >> he died after running into a regionness which they dead end tunnel, whimpering an crying and screaming all the operate. ainsley: amazing. the president about a way. the thug who tried so hard to 50-minute press conference and took questions. intimidate others spent his last this is the strong language
4:03 am
he used to describe the moments in utter fear, in total takedown. listen. >> abu bakr al baghdadi is panic and dread, terrified of dead. the american forces bearing down baghdadi was vicious and violent and he died in a on him. vicious and violent way. terrorist who oppress and murder he was a sick and depraved innocent people, should never sleep soundly, knowing that we will completely destroy them. man and now he is gone. brian: we got the word sunday morning, al-baghdadi is dead. the losers they are had no we have been looking for him quite some time, he arrogantly idea what they were getting into. he died like a dog. he died like a coward. the world is now a much started caliphate in iraq. not the jv team. this is predated world war i safer place. caliphate in the region. that has been blown up. brian: they asked james cagney to cry at the end to eradicated. be a bad example to those he has been killed. wayward kids. let's bring in secretary of he wanted to major sure the terrorist that you look up state mike pompeo had a previous to this guy he died event had him in kansas. whimpering. how hard was it, mr. secretary >> his description is good to describe who this guy is of state, to not be in the to the people in the west situation room during this remind us of the evil they moment? >> i would have loved to have represent. on the other hand, the most been there. i was in close touch with the posh thing was we killed
4:04 am
him. leaders who were in there. they aren't going to pay much attention, the state department was fully terrorists are not going to engaged, making sure we were pay much attention to the president's words. delivering things we needed to they pay a lot of attention for what was an amazing military to america's actions. operation that night. the death of baghdadi has a remarkable turn of events, got to shake that organization from top to bottom. if we follow up on the which will, will have real intelligence, if there was impact, all across the world. good material there, good that is it what we felt across the world, understanding that pocket. brian: two hours we were there. america's capacity to deliver, >> they collected a lot of to reach out, and to take down stuff. it was like after usama bin laden's death. terrorist leaders wherever they we collected other material. may hide at anytime, this is other action that took place in the months that followed. something that will have an steve: sure. >> most important thing was important message and will not what the president said create, what president trump has but what the president demanded we create, a safe ordered to be done in terms environment here in the united states where merge is known as of isis itself. it was great action. the preeminent counterterrorism leader all around the world. steve: karl, you have heard this president has taken steve: ultimately talking about criticism from his critics safety here in the united about the kind of language states. this mission, mr. secretary, was he used talking about whimpering and dogs and very dangerous. and daring as well. stuff like that. let's go back to when barack because they, we were just obama announced a similar talking with rob o'neill about it. statement and notice how he they had eight choppers. flew hundreds of miles in the uses some also active dark through airspace controlled language. by iraq, turkey and russia. can you tell us a little bit how >> the united states has conducted an operation that the united states reaches out to
4:05 am
these countries to deconflict killed usama bin laden, the that airspace so we can fly leader of al qaeda. a terrorist responsible for through it, and get the bad guy? the murder of thousands. if these mad men ever got >> steve, a great question. their hands on a nuclear we coordinated this. bomb or nuclear material, known a little while, what we they most certainly use it. were intending to do. >> they are thugs and this is something that has been killers, part of a cult of on the top of the president's death. >> so there is no magic to priority list for awfully long time. i remember my first days as ci the phrase radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. director, when president trump looked me in the eye, i want this guy. steve: okay. brian: that last part was the president pushing back i want bin laden, baghdadi, on -- >> look, he was good until couple others on the list. that moment. this isority of muslims he made it very clear this was priority. in run up to this, we collectively, department of defense and state department were working diligently our operations could proceed. i think it is, been made pretty clear that we were traveling into airspace that wasn't u.s. controlled. and so even that night i reached out to russian counterpart to make clear to them our expectations with respect to us being able to get our forces where we needed to get them, when we needed to get them, get them out safely. it was good work by the entire
4:06 am
breadth and scope of the united states post. ainsley: did an excellent job, u.s. special operations forces. he wanted to make sure he thanked them in that 50 minute news conference. listen to this. >> this was a very, very dangerous mission. thank you, as well to the greatest intelligence professionals, who helped make this very successful journey possible. i want to thank the soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines involved in last night's operation. you are the very best there is anywhere in the world, no matter where you go. there is nobody even close. ainsley: mr. secretary, what is your reaction to that? >> the president got it exactly right. long time ago i was a young soldier but i never was able to accomplish something like these folks did on target these past 24 hours. i truly remarkable.
4:07 am
president nailed it. these are america's finest. they performed an incredibly difficult mission. frankly, some cases made it look really easy, right? everybody talks about how easy this was. there was nothing easy about this mission. these folks went into harm's way. we had really good intelligence. the intelligence teams were working on this for an awfully long time, to deliver an intelligence picture would enable them to go to know what they would find when they got there. intelligence was really good. execution by america's most elite forces. some of the brave men and women come from all across america demonstrate the remarkable nature of the united states. brian: mr. secretary, the word is, you can can disabuse me of s if the reports are not true, first time eyewitness seeing al-baghdadi in the area was syrian kurds. they reported back. it was summer. you started following up on all of this. how do you fear losing those eyes and ears as we lose contact
4:08 am
with the syrian kurds in a major way the last couple months? that happened the last couple weeks? >> that is a great question. i have enormous confidence we'll have intelligence professionals where we need them. we'll reach them. i know something about it. i can't talk in great detail. i was cia director year-and-a-half. i have a pretty good sense how the operations, intelligence operations are conducted. it is complex. it is sophisticated. it is broad. it is deep. i'm confident we'll be a able to maintain context we need. we need to do this. the challenge of radical islamic extremism has not gone away. we'll still have information, intelligence we need, so we continue to you know take this absolutely vital mission for american national security. steve: that's good. >> the president would have it no other way, brian. steve: particular mission it, was named after caleb mueller, the american who died in isis custody. she was repeatedly assaulted by this guy.
4:09 am
her mother, marcia, was speaking to "the arizona republic" newspaper. i still say kayla should be here. if obama had been decisive as president trump maybe she would have been. for me what matters hopes. i hope we get the answers we've been asking for all along. i think this administration truly might help us. i don't think they are as closed about what happened. your observation about most mueller's lament about the treatment of her daughter? >> yeah. i have a deep and abiding love for what she said and who she is and what they have gone through and what kayla mueller went through. i'm hopeful what happened this weekend provide as little bit of justice. never replaces what took place. never again substitute for the harm baghdadi brought on kayla mueller. know this. know the united states is in
4:10 am
fact open. i remember most clearly the president talking how we would get hostages back. we've done great work. the president talked about how we would took down terrorism wherever we found it. it wasn't this mission. gave the tools, intelligence team. gave us all the authority, all the capacity. changed the rules of engagement. so we could develop the situation. so we could conduct missions just like the one conducted this past weaken. the president enabled us to go take down terrorists wherever we find them. save lives. bring back hostages. these are amazing things. big change from what was taking place in the previous administration. ainsley: kala was 26 years old, american christian, human rights activist. was outside after hospital in aleppo when they kidnapped her. she refused to convert to islam. she died in coalition airstrikes in 2016 there is a picture of her. bless her heart. media bias began within minutes
4:11 am
after president trump made the announcement. we have an example of that. "the washington post," people were up in arms about this, the first headline, baghdadi, islamic state terrorist in chief dies at 48. then they changed the headline who read he was an austere religious scholar at helm of islamic state, died at 48. your reaction? >> i think it is appalling, sick, frankly not apologized for taking this man who was the head of the terrorist organization that beheaded people, did kind of things we were talking about with respect to caleb mueller, who -- kala mueller, who led a caliphate, led large pieces of middle east. presented risks to the united states and america. the fact that a national newspaper would describe this person as austere scholar in the headline. in the immediate aftermath of the achievements of president trump and administration is truly appalling. brian: mr. secretary, you're in
4:12 am
kansas again. a lot of people are speculating. you have thought about running for senate. when would you make that decision to whether you run or not? i know for republicans they look at that seat as valuable. mitch mcconnell had his druthers you would go ahead run for that seat. when would you do that? when would you make that decision. >> brian the decision has been made. i talked about this many times. i'm going to continue to be america's secretary of state as long as president trump wants me on the team. it is enormous privilege. you get a chance to serve a president engaged like we saw this weekend. keeping america safe. i want to be part of that. steve: i don't blame you. real quickly, nancy pelosi is unhappy that she was not dialed into the operation. the president said washington's a leaking machine. what do you say about that? >> so there were only a handful of us that were dialed into this operation. myself and a handful of others. those who were executing the mission in runup to this. we were focused on two things in the run up to what took place
4:13 am
this weekend. first, making sure that the information that we had, the knowledge that we had, we've been tracking this guy a long time. we wanted to take no risk anyone would ever compromise the operation. so we were very focused on information security. second, we wanted to make sure we were doing it right. we were focused on delivering the outcome we got. that is what the american people should be focused on. that is what president trump and our team were focused on all days leading up to the mission. brian: an exciting week. secretary of state mike pompeo thank you very much for your time. >> have a good day. ainsley: you too. >> steve: straight ahead we take to you california of the massive wildfires. 200,000 people under evacuation order. live report from the ground coming up next. since more than 32,000 real people... just like me. and me. and me. took the survey that decided these awards. it was only right that you hear the good news from real people... like us. i'm daniel.
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i'm casey. i'm julio. only chevy has earned j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs. four years in a row.
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steve: fox news alert. the president is heading to chicago. right now speaking with reporters. let's listen in. >> lots of great things happened. that was a big, big day, and a big weekend. we're very happy about it. the economy is doing phenomenal ly well. we have another good day, taking place, with the stock market. good numbers, good numbers are happening all the time. we have good num happening all the time. very soon, we're in record territory. that is great for 401(k)s, that is great for everything. it is great for jobs. things are going good. do you have any questions? reporter: [inaudible]. >> we're thinking about it. we may. the question was, am i considering releasing video footage of the raid and we may
4:17 am
take certain parts of it and release it, yes. reporter: [inaudible]. >> i think rudy giuliani is a great crime fighter. he was the greatest mayor in new york city history but he has been a great crime fighter. always looking for corruption which is what more people should be doing. he is a good man. reporter: sign the phase one deal with china? will you go to chile? >> we're looking probably to be ahead of schedule to sign a very big portion of the china deal. and, we'll call it phase one but it's a very big portion. we'll take care of farmers. take care of some other things. also take care of a lot of other things. i would stay a little bit ahead of schedule. maybe a lot ahead of schedule. we'll probably sign it. i knee meeting is scheduled forchilli lee. i know they are having
4:18 am
difficulties in chile. they will work it out. reporter: john kelly's comments over the weekend? >> i don't think it is aggressive at all. i would be surprised if he made those comments in a negative way, i don't think the response if he said that, he said that i said what i would do and what i mean. reporter: are you concerned nancy pelosi and others can't be trusted with this kind of information? >> well i guess the only thing is, they were talking about why didn't i give the information to adam schiff and his committee? the answer is because i think adam schiff i biggest leaker in washington. you know that. i know that we all know that. i watched adam schiff leak. he is a corrupt politician. he is a leaker like nobody has ever seen before. we had a very good conversation with the ukrainian president. the conversation was, was perfect. they don't ever talk about the conversation. it started with a whistle-blower. now they don't want the
4:19 am
whistleblower. they had a second whistleblower. now they don't want the second whistleblower. the reason is, when they saw what the whistleblower wrote, when i released conversation which bore no relationship to what the whistleblower saw they said their case was out the window and i think it's a disgrace. frankly i told republicans who are really being taken advantage of, they're being maligned, i think it's a horrible thing. they're really to looking to hurt the republican party. it is turning out to be just the opposite. so one thing i said, i would rather go into the details of the case rather than process. process is wonderful. we already have 50 republican senators. i never called one of them, sign up, 50 out of 53, perhaps the other ones will do it too. process is good. but i think you ought to look at the case. the case is very simple. it is quick. it is so quick. i had a great conversation with ukrainian president. i had another conversation with
4:20 am
him also. i think before that. which was, the same thing. it was nothing. they tried to take that conversation and make it into a big scandal. the problem was, we had it stance -- transcribed. it was an exact transcription of the conversation. in a nutshell, a whistleblower wrote a false narrative of the conversation. now they don't want to talk about the whistleblower because they didn't think i was going to release the conversation. when i released the conversation, i blew up schiff's act. just to put topping on it, the russian, as you know, the new russian president, a good man, made a statement, there was no anything, there was no pressure, no pressure put on him, no anything. the foreign minister of ukraine made a statement, there was absolutely no pressure put on. they didn't even know what we were talking about. just to finish it off. adam schiff went up before
4:21 am
congress, and he made up my words. he didn't copy what i said. he didn't know them probably at the time. nobody thought i was going to release the conversation. i got the approval from ukraine. once i released the conversation, this thing all died. that is what they should be looking. and adam schiff went before congress. adam schiff, what he did will never be forgotten. he made up a conversation that was a phony, fabrication, it was a fraud. people shouldn't be allowed to get away, they say he has immunity because he is member of congress. people shouldn't be allowed to do that. that is a criminal act. what he did is a criminal act. thank you. reporter: [inaudible]. >> hope they approve usmca. it is in there, a great agreement for the united states, for our farmers, for manufacturers, unions, everything. it has been approved by mexico and canada. they're waiting. we don't seem to be able to have time for nancy pelosi.
4:22 am
i call them the do-nothing democrats. they're the do-nothing democrats and frankly, if they put it up it will win very easily. will have bipartisan support. i have no idea what they're doing with it. i can't imagine it takes this long. but they're so busy, focusing on a witch-hunt and a scam. thank you. reporter: clarify something about the russian -- steve: so the president of the united states is about to board air force one. he is enroute to the international police chiefs association meeting in chicago where the superintendent of police in chicago is not going to go. he said over the weekend because his values are different than the president's values. brian: seemed more upbeat than usual. he is definitely feeling good what happened on saturday night, he announced on sunday, get off the narrative. get on offensive. word is 10:00 every day last two weeks, getting together impeachment messaging. he is bulking up the legal team this thing is not going away.
4:23 am
ainsley: all right. steve: just a couple miles from joint base andrew is nationals park. there is jillian, she has not gotten a wink of sleep in the last week. ainsley: hey, jillian. jillian: no, i haven't. he and he apparently. president and first lady got there around the time it started. they stayed a very long time. they were greeted with mixed reaction. smiling, waving to everybody in the crowd. that happened around game time. take you to the top of the second inning show you some of that action. alvarez hit a two-run home run. you see that right there, put the astros up 2-0. core rare i can't run in the fourth. the nationals only time they got on the board unfortunately for all the fans out here hoping to see a win. that didn't happen. top of the ninth, george springer, two-run blast, that is
4:24 am
7-1 astros. they are up three games to two. there was a moment during the game last night. went pretty viral. a man walking undo the steps, carrying two beers, one in each hand, the ball, home run ball bounced off his chest. we caught up with him at game. >> let him hit him in the chest or the gut. [laughter]. jillian: we did have an interview with him. i'm assuming we don't have that. you guys in the control room tell me. we talked to him last night. he had no idea this wept viral. he had no idea he was on national tv. we interviewed people sitting next to him. they said it was really wild. take a listen. tell me how you got that ball. >> it was fantastic. sitting down with my wife.
4:25 am
all of a sudden the ball got hit. i had two beers in my hand. it was coming. one angle. of the put my cup down. that was it. jillian: you had no idea at this point it was on national television. >> no idea. [inaudible]. jillian: how did you stablize both beers while doing that? right there. >> we were next to the guy that took the ball to the chest. >> we were. we saw the scramble in front of us. pretty crazy. >> he had two bud lights in his hands. >> he was coming down the aisle. >> the ball was coming, he stuck his chest out. he spilled beer all over the lady next to him. he is famous now. jillian: he is famous. had no idea he was on national tv a little over well misdemeanorred a moment a lot of people enjoyed. you got a chance to talk to the beer man.
4:26 am
steve: hold my beer, anybody. brian: what you do in soccer, the ball comes bouncing you hit it with your chess. ainsley: did it hurt him? jillian: no i think he was in shock. brian: game six of the world series 8:07 eastern time. feel free to tune in at 8:00. steve: we'll step aside. back in a second. ♪. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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you have power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength of advil. what pain? >> the president is heading to chicago. you will see him about two hours from now right here on the fox news channel. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. have a great day, everyone. >> if you want to see fox nation watch us or the radio. >> watch the radio. >> sandra: fox news alert on capitol hill. another impeachment witness could be skipping a closed-door
4:30 am
interview expected to happen in 30 minutes. congressional investigators wanting to talk to charles cupperman, the deputy national security advisor john bolton. unclear whether or not he will show up after being told by the white house not to comply with his subpoena. he listened in on the call between the president and the president of ukraine that is at the center of this investigation and ultimately launched the impeachment inquiry by democrats. big question whether or not he will show on capitol hill when you are still
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