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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 28, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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unlike the rudy of the ball. thank you. that's it for me today. neil will be back tomorrow but you can catch me at 2:00 p.m. on okay. the fox business network, making >> dana: it's time for this. money. if that's what i try to do for you every day. dana's marching band news. meanwhile, the five starts right now. saturday's columbus on saturday, ♪ it's very appropriate the ohio state marching band put on >> jesse: i'm jesse watters a spongebob squarepants to along with dana perino and halftime show. watch this. greg gutfeld. this is the five. ♪ a huge victory for america as president trump announces the deaths of one of the world's most wanted terrorists. ice is al-baghdadi. that's spongebob turns into the trump says he died like a coward jellyfish. this is a 12 minute long thing and how cool is that? in syria. trump also describing how >> they start the ohio state al-baghdadi was left whimpering, marching band the best. screaming, and crying before detonating a suicide vest as >> dana: design to christopher troops closed in on him. hoch and the buckeyes went on to he was more from the president. decisively beat the wisconsin >> president trump: he was a sick and depraved man, and now badgers. >> greg: how about lsu? >> jesse: all rights.
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he is dead. he is dead as a doornail. >> greg: i care about none of that but i care about is this. and he didn't die bravely either, i will tell you that. animals are great. he should have been killed years animals are great. he's a go ago, another president should musical you know, if i could have gotten him and we say all only love something the way this the time, we killed this leader labrador retriever loves leaves, check out this. at a low level, this leader and i said i never heard of him, i want al-baghdadi, that's the >> dan: see it again! only one i know now, i want al-baghdadi, get him. >> greg: at the dog never came >> jesse: president trump is back. considering releasing video of it went to a time space the raid while democrats they they are furious that they weren't given a heads up. continuum, it's in china right if the president explaining why. now, and now it's going into reverse. if >> president trump: why it threw it out. i would like to see that again. didn't i give the information to look at this. adam schiff and his committee? and the answer is because i >> dana: that's pretty fun. think adam schiff is the biggest >> greg: animals are great. leaker in washington. you know that, i know that, we animals are great. you know, animals backwards, but all know that. he has a corrupt politician. he is a leaker like no one has ever seen before. in reverse. >> jesse: not everybody giving >> dan: there is no animals in the president credit, my new books, but exonerated,
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downplaying the mission and claiming the raid is proof america needs to stay in syria. thank you for fox producing a copy i was too lazy to bring in >> it doesn't need that the a big epic fail on my part. fight against isis is over and it doesn't mean that we can for two weeks there's a couple big takeaways and number one declare mission accomplished and they tried this before, to take just walk away. down trump and try before in another candidate, when your >> i think this was a successful rate in spite of, not because of eyes and when you read about it, effectively july of 2017, the donald trump's abrupt withdrawal critical period when they try to of our forces and betrayal of take down trump because of our kurdish allies. couple things happen when they >> i commended him for that decision but just because you find out it's a scam, they double down and it gets very make some decisions doesn't mean that his foreign policy overall ugly. has not been a disaster. the civil war that breaks out >> jesse: what were you saying with the muller team with that. about this? and >> dana: i feel like you have to night where you read it aloud to us. i understand amy klobuchar is running for president, but a storyteller. susan rice who is a former >> jesse: is my cannot there national security advisor under at all? president obama i think may be a better answer from her would >> dana: >> dan: allow me to wre have been congratulations and thank you and that's all i have to say. real story and accelerated. but how can we be more supportive of you moving forward of course, it's yours. because the vacuum that created >> greg: i would like the audio version. isis happened under the obama administration and president trump ran on this as a >> jesse: i read it myself.
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national security issue, the number one priority was to [laughter] >> dana: who one day, maybe i destroy isis and largely in the last three years, isis has been will get the sealer. guess i'm next and last. not destroyed per se at i know a few days left in the month there are still remnants of it at their capabilities have been of october, back in my home state of ohio i've been involved greatly diminished, the caliphate has lost all of this in varying my own home at land and nobody was even really listening to him anymore but it domestic violence shelter in my hometown, and now i'm there and was so key to get him into stamp primary counsel and i'm so excited to tell you i had the that out. i was so happy when i woke up, opportunity to create what we believe is the first box to just as happy as i was when i found out and woke up that directly benefit a nonprofit morning because i'm that morning usama bin laden had been killed. this is good, and i don't like organization. i named it oak chest because it's a product will empower the survivors and help them out at the democrat versus republican the same time giving them a very thing on this. to me, it is good versus evil strong life skills in the and good will win out. process. it takes them a little longer to we also solicited local figure out that we did that businesses to fill the boxes with her items and we gave the collectively as the united states and also with our woman in the shelter give to the boxes. >> dana: what's in the box? allies and you just have to keep >> all kinds of things, handles, your boot on the neck. body scrubs. permission to use an analogy. >> dana: i like that idea,
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>> jesse: that's right. that's on you. but on the neck is greg's >> reaching out to the community, small businesses, favorite way to finish a man. giving women some hope and >> greg: exactly, how did you know? lights, and semiempowerment of it has always been about getting the process. >> greg: can we see the videos the big picture right first of the dogs again? before you can tackle the other just warmer time. stuff so we always knew what they can we desperately need to terms big picture was and that was to get rid of isis and then see that again. either that or me at the ball. you can deal with trade and the wall and all that other stuff. there we go. imagine how far we've come when you think about sitting here >> dan: get out of there! five years ago, it was a >> jesse: can you train a dog document of horrors. every week, we dreaded that video that would come out and we to run backwards? a >> dana: you can train a dog felt like we were helpless to walk backwards, i don't know. observers watching this, every newly week there was a new >> jesse: get jasper on that. atrocity and we would get a calm speech afterwards because we had never miss an episode of a leader -- and i'm not banging "the five." "special report" is up next with on obama about this -- wean admd bret. >> bret: thank you, jesse. on domestic islamophobia more president trump accelerates the successful than what was going on around the world. so this is more of a lesson event of taking on the leader indecisiveness and priorities vices. he says he's not necessary but that you have to remember, there was this indecisive weirdness he's doing it anyway. that plagued the administration your 401(k) is likely soaring when isis emerged. we were saying they were playing the s&p 500 hits a record high for the first time since july.
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the threat down and that ended we will take a close look at the up being creating of prolonged u.s. economy. this is "special report" ." meekness. trump selection in a weird way just allowed us to say that's ♪ over, let's do this disguise way, this is the number one priority and to his words about dying like a coward, this is better than respecting the could even, welcome to new york, i'm bret baier, a tourist leader targeted by u.s. special upper formal customs because the point said forces, the head of isis is to never let any glimmer of ended up detonating a suicide vest to avoid capture. respect to murderous losers a successful mission by because their reign of terror if you remember was predicated on their success and their success was their persuasive tool. they kept grabbing more land and that kept getting more followers and the only way you could stop that is by ridiculing them and telling everybody they are losers and then blowing them to bits. >> jesse: one of the criticisms of barack obama even from people in his own party saying he was not passionate enough when he was talking about confronting radical islam. he seemed attached, this president completely different. >> i watch that speech and i've been waiting for a speech like that for a long time.
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i get it's not everybody's bag of doughnuts but it is certainly mine. these are chumps, punks, cowards, pieces of garbage that get dressed up and then just said they think because they can use an x-acto knife to decapitate someone that makes them a tough guy. these are screaming whimpering dogs, pigs, roaches, rodents, and discussing self and is that enough adjectives? but greg is absolutely right. isis and their cowardly chump friends have use this fellow bravado, the ninja suits, running through tires for the guy is 110 pounds, can even make it through the last tire because of cardio is so bad come up with an injury suit on and gets out behind a guy and they all sit there and chanted everyone things how brave they are. and we mistakenly follow the script, make sure you honor what ritual? these are not representative of muslims, what rituals are you talking about? >> greg: no muslim wants that.
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>> dan: someone was complaining we didn't give them a proper burial. a proper burial, should have said them to the dogs, that's a proper burial. >> dana: he was still disposed of within 24 hours. >> dan: he should have been disposed of in a meat grinder. i think the president finally dismantled this myth about this faux bravado that they used to recruit. >> i think that what we are seeing here, this should be a proud moment for americans regardless of whether or not you are a democrat or republican much like we saw during the usama bin laden circumstances back in 2011 what we are seeing unfortunately instead his we are seeing red america and blue america lead into a conversation about national security. is there a place for conversation surrounding what president trump's policies are surrounding syria and the withdrawal was syria, et cetera and whether or not this is a
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team effort and how we engage with our allies? sure, absolutely. but in the day that we are able to capture and kill someone or he basically committed suicide because we were on his tail, that is an opportunity for americans to show the rest of the world that we are united and usually it's in the case and circumstances of national security and terrorism, we are united and what we are seeing right now unfortunately is because of the political climate even in a situation like this, it exists. >> greg: the issue here and what the media does not understand as we can all hold two ideas in their heads. great news that he is dead, unless terrorist and they're going to make more. so we can understand that. we get it. the thing is, isis is in all the way destroyed, you know that. yeah, we do. >> dan: the talking point last week when there was a withdrawal from syria, we need to kill them over there or they're going to come over here so now he kills
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them over there and i still hate him. they are frauds. >> i wouldn't go that far. i would say there are legitimate questions about president trump's policy and people that go back and say look, president trump tweeted about obama, that you shouldn't get the credit because it really is the team and other saying the thing. round and round we go. >> i don't remember them trying to impeach it obama after bin laden was killed. >> that has nothing to do with impeachment. >> i was banging that drum hard. looked really good in hindsight. more to come on america killing the leader of isis, you won't believe what "the washington post" is calling this mass murdering terrorists, greg's monologue up next. i've always been fascinated by what's next. and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke
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to check out a free preview. don't miss out. >> jesse: it's a great day when they used is chased into a hole and blown to bits but you wouldn't know it from our media. here's "the washington post" marking al-baghdadi's death and he is described not as a and mass murderer but in austere religious caller. they changed it not because they realized it was obscene but because they got caught. that's our media, even in big moments, they look small. it al-baghdadi took his kids with him when he blew himself up, that makes him a family man two. from now on whenever the posted judges trump words, let's remember that they called a deviant of a religious scholar. it led to a fun twitter contest for other post obituaries.
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adolf hitler, passionate community planner and dynamic public speaker dies at 56. a claim mass transit administrator benito mussolini dead at 61 and of course, jeffrey dahmer lover of exotic who seemed, dies at 34. also, the isis spokesman also got killed or is the post would say another outspoken activist silenced by trauma. so as people cheered, the media smeared, was trumped to careless? >> it was really unprecedented when you think about how much detail he went into. i think it is irresponsible. >> you sounded not like a president of the united states, he sounded like dom hussein after torturing people, sounded like qaddafi after he tortured people. >> finally releasing details, explicit details, some of which sort of echoed the crudeness he would often expect from isis.
2:16 pm
>> greg: can't you just cut the guy one break? meanwhile, at the world series, the d.c. crowd called on trump. >> lock him up! >> greg: what a contrast as america cheers of victory over taylor, swamp fans boo the guy bringing bad news. but it's a risk an outsider takes when he shows up in a place full of journalistic bureaucrats. at least we can laugh, right, "snl"? >> i was a president in syria until last week when you freed me so i just wanted to say thank you for bringing jobs back. to isis. and i promise that i will make isis great again. >> terrific, what a great guy. isis is back in a big, big way and we love that.
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>> greg: talk about bad timing. but if you play the same tune 24 and seven, life has a way of mocking the song, but it's all good, even all great. tim arisen terrorism will never die but at least be glad that one time arrested and our hero dog will recover even if the media won't. so jessie, do you think the headline was a simple mistake, you know they didn't apologize or was it just reflecting the overall cluelessness? >> jesse: i'm going to go with cluelessness. when i saw the headline i forwarded it to the brain room and i thought it was the onion and they said this is legit and i said "the washington post" speaks nicer of a dead terrorist than they do our president. and i thought to myself, he is a religious scholar. i thought islam has nothing to do with isis, that doesn't make any sense. and the president was not booed at the nationals game. he was sitting next to senator perdue and they were saying purdue, they were
2:18 pm
chanting his name. just want to clear that up. i looked back over the weekend and i thought the president has killed the one and two of isis and the media is treating it like a scandal. i'm not saying he has to get positive coverage because he's not going to get that, i just want neutral coverage because even the military says this was more dangerous of a raid than they bin laden raid. and imagine if it had failed in the midst of impeachment, in the midst of the entire washington establishment saying the syria policy was bad. he would've gotten jimmy carter did by the media but he pulled the trigger and it was a success. but then you have people saying the graphic language, they've said worst stuff about trump than trump has said about a dead terrorist. and i think it was probably projected overseas to the terrorists and the would-be terrorists to say i'm going to have you guys wallow in humiliation so you don't think twice about joining isis. and then you have the people saying you shouldn't have given up all this intelligence about the raid.
2:19 pm
they didn't say anything when joe biden outed seal team six after bin laden, they didn't say anything, they should have shared it with the democrats. obama didn't share the birth all trade with republicans. it is silly and it is hypocritical and i think everybody as he said at the beginning, all the good people here in this country should endure enjoy the day. >> greg: if he had compared al-baghdadi to hitler because he's been compared to hitler all the last three years. and how dare you bring up hitle hitler? >> dan: worlds are colliding. you forgot to add, the obama administration's collaboration on that movie zero dark thirty. if they just make movies. the trump administration hasn't gotten near that. but think about this, how much did you have to hate this president? us, we know the media because we are in it. this headline had to make it past an editor, probably a couple who looked at it.
2:20 pm
you realize two or three people saw this headline and said this sounds great. by the way, the headline about al-baghdadi is not even the worst part. it's he's shy, he wears wireframes, talking about gandhi, the wireframe glasses. it was really a grotesque piece and it describes why america is done with the liberal media. >> jesse: how did you feel about the booing? i feel like you should boo everybody. >> we are always ready to boo somebody at any given moment. given the opportunity, i am ready to boo jesse had any given point but in all seriousness, everybody has their first amendment right to express themselves however they want, but i would say this, regardless of whether or not you agree with president trump or not, he is the president of the united states and this is the world series. i can't think of anything more american than this moment.
2:21 pm
i do think it is reflexive of the climate that exists in washington, a lot of pent-up anger that exists. i think it really is highlighted the difference between what is lived inside the beltway and went lives outside the beltway. for me, i may not agree with anything president trump does but even if i felt that way, i would refrain from booing and just be silent and that's what you should do. if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. >> jesse: we always preface a question with you are giving your p.r. perspective. if this must've been a very hilarious that trump was able to kill the isis p.r. guy so they couldn't go get a comment from him. cnn couldn't go to isis and get a comment because he was dead too. right inside the inner circle and has a prosperous and you have to be careful. "washington post" taking it on the chin for good reason. i also thought it was a hack,
2:22 pm
maybe internal sabotage. maybe there was a secret conservative bowl in there who was like i'm really going to get them this time, austere scholar. it's also super offensive to muslims. because he was an evil horrible person that had perverted and use the religion as a shield. i also have to say once again, completely naive, i was the one about the president should go to the game. i never thought he would get booed. i thought americans won't do that, americans will cheer. and someone said that president bush got booed in 2008 and i don't even remember that. >> greg: you blocked it out. >> jesse: i researched presidents that got booed and obama got booed in baltimore and also in st. louis, football and baseball. my last point on this, for young people that think they are worried about our first amendment, if you don't have the first amendment in your country, you don't get to boo the president.
2:23 pm
>> greg: wasn't supposed to be like the handmaid's tale under trump? people are booing him to his face. >> dana: and he's laughing. >> greg: joe biden claims his son did nothing wrong and his new line of attack on trump, we will tell you about it next. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. little things can be a big deal. to severe psoriasis, that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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>> dan: getting downright nasty between president trump and joe biden. biden doing his best to dodge and deflect between trump's attacks on his son. >> i have never discussed my business or my sons business, because they know what i have to do my job and that is it and they have to make their own judgments. in he was already on the board and he is a grown man. and it turns out he did not do a single thing wrong as everyone's investigated.
2:28 pm
>> dan: here is biden's latest line of attack on trump. >> trump does not only want to go out and not do anything about it, he's asking for help, come help me defeat him from being a nominee. he is an idiot on terms of saying that. everybody knows this, everybody knows it. nobody doubts it. >> dan: i'll go to you first here because i need a little comic relief on this. he is the point man for the obama administration in ukraine. while there discussing natural gas, no skills whatsoever, a buck 20, 80,000 a month but no conflict of interest at all on this one. if >> greg: because of the occupation where incompetence is not an obstacle.
2:29 pm
what's really lovely about this is watching joe get sucked into the exhaust of the impeachment machine. he didn't see this coming, his team was up at bat and he got hit by the foul ball and then it's not like they're running to that, they are dating and not going to marry. he is the umbrella you borrow enough/storm, not your first choice but there for the moment. what they are doing is looking at 2024. they are looking at impeachment to get around 2020. >> dan: this is an obvious conflict of interest. >> dana: he kind of already has because he said if he were to become president that he would not allow such things to happen. so it makes you think if it would be bad in the future, was it not bad in the past and we know the obama administration was concerned about it and said something to him but they didn't
2:30 pm
care enough. what's interesting is they've allowed president trump to be the one to dirty up biden. other democrats are not going after him and maybe it's because they think is not going to be the nominee, it's really hard to say. this is the first time biden has done an interview in a long time and he was trying to drive news, not just react to things like bad fund-raising or a gap or a screwup. if he doesn't become the nominee, the republicans got something from that interview it would be driving home in the 2020 election. he said medicare for all will require a tax increase on the middle class. if joe biden doesn't become the nominee and someone that's running is for medicare for all, you can bet that will be on every tv screen and every radio and every facebook post from here until election day. >> that's why we are stuck with joe biden as democrats and i wish that we weren't, he is like
2:31 pm
a dog with fleas and a little bit more like an arranged marriage, someone we are stuck with more than someone we are dating. but he's doing decent in the polls with the type of people that we need in order to win in places like wisconsin and ohio. >> jesse: i just can't believe he called someone else an idiot. if that's his reputation but it shows now he has being sucked into the schoolyard by president trump and that's exactly where trump wants him because he is the king of the schoolyard and the whole appeal as i'm going to restore decency to the white house and now name-calling with the president, not a good look. and he lies about his son, he was appointed points for ukraine, then his son got the job, not the other way around and let him get out of the way with that and also, you are saying your defense on that is ignorance, i don't want to know if my family is for sale, i don't want to know my brother got a $1.5 billion contract to build a house in iraq with no
2:32 pm
experience. i'm oblivious, that's your defense, not a good defense. >> dan: they will never give him the same courtesy. katie hill is resigning over allegations of an affair with a staffer but some on the left to say she shouldn't go. the hypocrisy next. coughing oh no,... ...a cougher. welcome to flu season, karen. is a regular flu shot strong enough... help prevent flu in someone your age? there are standard-dose flu shots. and then there's the superior flu protection... ...of fluzone high-dose. it's the only 65 plus flu shot... ...with 4 times the standard dose. and it's free with medicare part b. fluzone high-dose is not for those who've had a severe allergic reaction... any vaccine component, including... ...eggs, egg products,... or after a previous dose of flu vaccine. tell your healthcare professional if you've ever experienced severe muscle weakness... ...after receiving a flu shot. if you notice ...other problems or symptoms following vaccination,... your healthcare professional immediately.
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>> the left being accused of hypocrisy after democratic rising star katie hill announces she is resigning from congress. hill was facing an investigation over allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a staffer which she denied. the scandal coming to light after compromising photographs of her and text messages surfaced. blaming it all in a political conspiracy. >> this campaign carried out by the right-wing media and political opponents perpetuating my husbands abused by abuse by providing him a platform is
2:37 pm
disgusting and unforgivable and they will be held accountable. >> some are saying that she shouldn't go. the "los angeles times" defending hills saying that she messed up but you should not have resigned. a lot to unpack there as i like to say. so what do you think? is the "los angeles times" right? do you think she shouldn't resign? >> greg: i really don't care what she does. the reason why this is a story has nothing to do with the right wing media. we don't care. i consider myself right wing media. i don't care. i didn't care when aoc released a video dancing but apparently right wing media cares. it's a myth. the reason why this story is big unfortunately is because they were visuals. there were pictures and when you have pictures, you get the daily mail, tmz you, and unfortunately those pictures were leaked after an erotic avenger went awry. everyone was having fun and then when it breaks apart, that's why you don't take pictures, that
2:38 pm
the moral lesson here. but remember, she was elected as part of the me too movement, past a lot of judgment on brett kavanaugh and sexual harassment is a lot from what i've learned about lopsided power structure. sexual harassment is about the relationship between someone in power and someone who doesn't and it's often considered to be a patriarchal structure but a woman doing it to a woman. >> there was also a man involved. do you think that she was treated differently because of her gender or because of her political affiliation? >> dana: i don't know. that was hillary clinton defending her husband. so no one takes personal responsibility. she was the boss. she did have a relationship with somebody. that has gone wrong. i don't like the aspect of the revenge aspect, but speaker pelosi didn't exactly
2:39 pm
try to stop her from resigning because as pelosi said, we have to have dignity and stick to our principles. if that's the case, maybe there should have been an investigation so at some point. >> is it more about dignity, integrity of the institution, or is it really about keeping a seat that is very necessary for pelosi to hold onto the majority. >> jesse: did you say the integrity of congress? i'm just glad jerry nadler isn't involved. i do agree, there is an element of this is a visual but it's also because she is bisexual and it involves a three way, a love triangle, whatever you want to call it. >> greg: that's the worst part about this story is though word throuple. it's a terrible word. she is no ed buck.
2:40 pm
>> jesse: there's a lot of complicated relationships in america and i'm not one to judge. if someone wants to be polyamorous as they say, i think there's a lot a lot worse ethical scandals in congress than that. >> which brings me to what i wanted to ask. we are bringing polyamorous out of it, but is this conduct is the underlying personal conduct something the american public should even be talking about? >> dan: i don't really give a damn about what katie hill does, they are all degenerates. less than 1% of them are not losers so i really don't care. i expect nothing from them, but you nailed it. they hysterical attempt to make this a republican story, they would love to run against that. >> greg: i like her more now. >> i just want to give a tad of fact here, i don't know if
2:41 pm
california has that revenge law, but if they do, it may fall under the jurisdiction and she may have a case. we've got some great video to show you next in the cast of seven, don't go anywhere. some farms grow food. this one grows fuel. ♪ exxonmobil is growing algae for biofuels. that could one day power planes, propel ships, and fuel trucks... and cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half. algae. its potential just keeps growing. ♪
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welcome back, time for the fast of seven. first up, a baseball fan being called a hero for doing this at the world series. >> let him hit him right at the chester the got. >> dana: became an instant sensation after letting the home run ball hit him instead of dropping his beer. bud light tracked him down and said they want to reward him. it what would you have done? beer or ball? >> greg: did you notice how he doesn't turn sideways to get out of the way, he actually gets an affront to block the ball. >> dana: you learn that from his little league coach. >> jesse: the only better thing would be if he would've caught it in his cup. it? he got the ball anyway. >> so well deserved and that's an all-american result. if >> dana: i'm afraid i'm going to get hit by the ball. >> jesse: that paul would've been over your head.
2:46 pm
he tried to save bud light. you are risking your life for one of the weakest beers. if it was a bud for sierra nevada, but you did it for bud light, $15 at the stadium. so now he is famous which is wonderful, but i found a tweet he posted in 2011 in which he said elderly women are lousy drivers. >> dana: this is the same company that did it to that kid. >> greg: i didn't look for any tweets, i'm just trying to head off. >> dana: that's the same company from the previous story. window washers in canada given the scare of a lifetime after this happen. high winds left both workers clean for their lives and they were later rescued.
2:47 pm
i could never do this, i could never go up there. >> jesse: that's one of many things i could never do but i like when you get the emails from your building that said there will be window washing guys between 2:00 and 4:00 just to be warned. i am at work, a company-wide email. >> greg: close the windows. >> dana: you better have drapes, jesse watters. these workers do impress me and they have a lot of guts. >> jesse: there has to be a better way to clean windows. clearly, they can go vertical up a window. i don't want to lose jobs but i'm sorry, this is something dangerous and may be just ban windows, they definitely encourage dangerous behavior. >> you should patent the rumba for windows. get on that right now. >> dana: would you ever do this kind of dangerous job?
2:48 pm
>> dan: not a snowball's chance in hell. i saw people doing that, not a chance. >> greg: he gets paid to take bullets for people. >> dan: serious, that is super high-stakes. >> dana: human beings are naturally scared of heights. >> greg: that's why we refuse. to my former fbi director james comey has been a major critic of the president so what will he do if the president wins reelection? >> what if he wins again, would you still believe that? >> i will be from my new home in new zealand. i still will believe in america. >> dana: may be in new zealand. >> dan: i am so of this holier-than-thou phony because when they find out in january of 2017, he knew the sources were all b.s. i am telling you take it to the bank, this guy is a fraud, a fake, and a phony.
2:49 pm
>> dana: democrats don't like him either. >> he has had a bit of a credibility question surrounding him. that being said, i want to know why new zealand? no offense to the kiwis but it's a big huge world out there, why not someplace else? everyone else seems to choose canada. >> dana: they filmed the hobbit there. >> jesse: my favorite book turn into a movie. it's breaking news information i'm sure you're aware, former fbi director general counsel james baker has flipped and is now cooperating with the investigation. maybe that's why he is wanting to move to new zealand. >> greg: before i get to my point, i want to point out that dan just came up with a new judge jeanine title, fobs, fakes, and phonies. so obviously, this is a joke but it's a joke that continues to thrive based on polite laughter that we give to guest speakers
2:50 pm
when they make that joke. i'm moving to canada, no one ever says mexico because they are racist. the people saying it. moved to france. for other reasons. >> jesse: you don't like his comedy chops. >> greg: he keeps politely laughing at stuff, i should know, you keep saying the same jokes. it's like that's what she said. >> dana: that's a great one. what does that mean? one more thing is up next. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ]
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild... ♪ >> greg: it's time now for one more thing, i had the pleasure of having the 51st annual meridian ball in washington, d.c. we are with the ambassador from kazakhstan, and his lovely wife
2:55 pm
where we dined on llama and beef and the delicious wine. greg, you would have been with the conversation and we are at the ball and we had a fantastic time. together with the public sector to advance america's interests. >> dana: getting you back in the swamp.
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