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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 29, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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cars leaving thousands of dollars in damage. he tried to get away but caught. rob: packages scattered across a highway. the mail truck driver swerved into a semi along the shoulder in florida. he did suffer injuries. it was all junk mail thankfully. we got to go. bye. ♪ ♪ brian: a wonderful story. sleeping baby. we have a lot of breaking news in the planet earth. ainsley: yes, we do. the simple things. gosh, those days are wonderful, aren't they? let's dig in. steve: indeed. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. three hours. starts right now with this. the man likely next in line to take over isis baghdad now he has been confirmed dead. ainsley: that's exactly right. this comes as we learn new details about the mission to
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kill al named after kayla muriel. brian: the guy dead supposed to be the spokesperson too. griff jenkins live in our nation's capital as her parents are now speaking out. hey, griff. griff: good morning. powerful and grateful words from kayla's parents endured the worst nightmare finally getting some closure and they are hoping more information will come. >> the reaction to the president's speaking kayla's name was tears for both of us. our hope is to seize this moment. and this moment is the fact that al baghdadi has been killed. some of his lieutenants have been captured. and we are hoping that they have the information we have been seeking. that is who killed kayla. where was she killed. and where was she buried? griff: we are learning more about the operation itself. it was months in the making. significant intelligence from kurdish allies including a rare informant who was inside the compound at the time of the raid. plus, the president
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releasing this photo of the hero dog that helped kill the world's most wanted terrorist. officials say he was slightly wounded but recovering. fox news confirming that al baghdadi's number two spokesman killed in a separation operation. ♪ meanwhile former vice steve: all right. here's a story that caught our eye over the weekend president biden refusing to vice president joe biden was give trump credit. down in south carolina in will happened ineptitude as florence and he was going to do a town hall event at wilson high school. on sunday though, he went commander-in-chief. baghdady's death reprisal of into church. ainsley: i know where all these places are. baghdadi's death. steve: you know the saint brian: other good news too. anthony catholic church. more intel from that house. ainsley: i'm not catholic so i have never gone to that got a bunch of stuff. one. steve: joe biden went in for the delta force commands mass, and he was actually, because he famously, doughs took two islamic according to the priest fighters and questioned in iraq. there, he famously advocates hopefully get more intelligence and operations. there is a theory out there for abortion. the priest there denied him that al baghdadi was not in communion because the church charge. that was the same theory they had about bin laden not being in charge. is so anti-abortion.
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turns out he was. steve: exactly. griff was just talking about it stands -- it's everything the hero dog. the reason we know the we are against and joe biden identity of the dog is the famously is pro-abortion. president tweeted out that ainsley: so the priest said picture as the "new york post" has an amazing this: he said sadly this headline zero bark 30. past sunday i had to refuse holy communion to former fox has not given the name of the dog although it has vice president joe biden. holy communion signifies we been released by "newsweek" are one with god, each other, and the church. and "the washington examiner," i think. the reason for it is the our actions should reflect pentagon says that this that. any public figure who particular dog's name is advocates for abortion closely affiliated with a places himself or herself outside of church teaching. classified unit and releasing the name runs the steve: that's right. brian: that is huge. risk of id'ing the service i just find that extremely members involved and we don't want anything bad to negative thing. happen to any of them. if everybody in line to get ainsley: slightly wounded. communion has to live up to fully recovering. returned to duty and back with his handler. all the principles of i thought what was catholicism. interesting too kayla steve: that's the idea. brian: two or three people muriel's parents when martha in line. interviewed them the mom everyone else in line to get said that the captors communion is hitting it out of the park every day treated her worse because she was an american. batting a thousand? ainsley: i agree with you. and said she was so glad i understand what you are that he blew himself up, al saying. i go to a church where if you believe in christ, if baghdadi that no one on our side actually killed him. you are christened as a the father says they hope child or baptized then can this reveals more answers you get communion. that the death was confirmed i do understand what you are
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because pictures of their saying that god would welcome anyone and say but daughter was sent to them by the rules are the rules and this is very -- the catholic militants that they said her body was never recovered and church is strict about this. they are praying that they find her body so they can steve: that's right. ainsley: if he doesn't want bring her home. to abide by the church teachings then maybe choose brian: meanwhile no, stranger to combat himself. a different denomination or congressman dan crenshaw of a church you can go to. brian: i think that's very texas weighed in and what it means for the future. judgmental and if you are going to enforce that, there >> we should recognize that are so many other rules to our strategy up until now led to this outcome. enforce in the catholic okay. it's a good outcome. religion and they should we should all be proud of walk around and tell people who aren't famous or the president for making that decision. we should be very proud of political figure that you should get out of line our special operators for because did you this or did putting their lives on the you, this you should get out line for getting this done. you have to build of the line, too. relationship with allies and don't you try to get communion because you missed maintain intelligence church on sunday. picture on the ground. ainsley: a lot of people you have to have a forward disagree with you they don't presence to do things like want to see the catholic we did this weekend. church going in a direction we just can't forget that. they don't think is this is a long-term battle biblical. against an ideology that steve: ultimately the truly wants to kill us and catholic church gets to wants to attack the determine who gets. homeland. ainsley: that's true. steve: that's right. the administration goal, steve: any fallout for this priest who denied joe biden ultimately, according to the the communion. "the washington post" this morning, is to b what do you think? email us at i know in june vice ending the terrorism threat there because, you know, president biden reversed there are a lot of people course, he said he no long who are affected in syria.
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they don't like assad. standing ban using federal if they don't like the guy who is in charge, they are money to pay for abortions. more susceptible to be led that's the hyde amendment. he reversed course. to somebody like al and that's what this baghdady. now that he is going. particular priest was they are working on that. talking about. brian: all the perfect brian: they killed 500,000 people go to mass if you are not perfect stay home. people. steve: it's not like that. maybe 700,000 people. sea genocidal maniac who brian: karen pence and her everyone thought he would be daughter. normal because he came from marco rubio and acting basically optometrist. director matt albence will be here live. ainsley: look at that video. ♪ ♪ brian: this is idlib. this is the area which is infested with terrorists, has everybody concerned. and people are saying what is baghdadi even doing there because he would be considered a enemy to a lot of the these terror groups. usaa took care of her car rental, ainsley: al baghdadi is and getting her car towed. dead. number one guy in isis is all i had to take care of was making sure dead. number two guy we're being that my daughter was ok. told is dead. if i met another veteran, thanks to our troops. thanks to our service dogs. and they were with another insurance company, those canines that go. i would tell them, you need to join usaa in they are amazing individuals. and they go in and all of because they have better rates, them came out and they came and better service. . . back home or will be coming home. brian: just to put a point on this. that is why we have to stay in that region.
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it may be uncomfortable. ainsley: we're. we are staying there. brian: keeping 200 to watch the oil and believe it or not the democratic group that we're working with in syria is selling the oil to the syrian government, hurting iran because iran would normally be selling it to them. steve: all right. meanwhile, talk about news here. you know, the republicans for the last couple of weeks have said that the democrats' impeachment inquiry is completely illegitimate because there was never a vote. well, nancy pelosi now is saying you know what? we are going to write the bill tomorrow. and we are going to have a vote on thursday. and the republicans then say well, you know what? you are convinced indicating our point of view. and that is why they have not cooperated with providing witnesses and other information. and now it will be interesting to see, since all these house members from those toss-up districts are going to be put to this essentially proxy vote on donald trump whether or not for impeachment. ainsley: we will be able to see who wants him impeached and who doesn't.
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here is nancy pelosi and we will show you reaction from the white house. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? >> madam speaker, can you there's a therabreath for you. talk about [inaudible] therabreath fresh breath oral rinse >> it's not impeachment instantly fights all types of bad breath resolutions. and works for 24 hours. brian: i was just going back so you can... and forth. breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. ainsley: inquiry. brian: 25 different versions of what could be happening on thursday. will the president have a chance to present his case? will he be represented? a committee hearing where both parties get a chance to question the would-be witness? a chance to get all the transcripts from what's happened behind closed doors in the unclassified setting which no one is allowed to ask questions in which you are a democrat in. there are some questions out on thursday. everybody seems to be a typical but the "wall street journal" backs up your point but by nancy pelosi having this vote she is admitting basically okay maybe we went about this the wrong way. steve: also taking away the republicans' talking point they never had a vote now she is going to have a vote. apparently it will open hearings. the transcripts will be released and give due
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process to the president. and his attorney. it does, however, look like the timetable now keeps moving back. there could be a vote on impeachment in the house in december. ainsley: let's hear from the white house. this is from stephanie grisham the white house spokesperson. speaker pelosi is finally admitting what the rest of america already knew that democrats were conducting unauthorized impeachment proceeding, refusing to give the president due process. and their secret, shady, closed door depositions are completely and irreversibly illegitimate. brian: brit hume weighed in from what i know and my long years work the white house, this is what i can tell you about where we are at. >> trying to take away the republican argument that this whole thing is tainted ♪ because it's the product of an illegitimate process in steve: 8:00 in new york city. part because there was never a full house vote to kind of a great day here in commence the impeachment new york. we hope it's a pleasant day as inquiry. this vote is, i gather, to they walk up the stairs with the approve the next steps in an investigation the house steady cam hour three of never authorized in the
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first place. at least that's what republicans, i think, will, "fox & friends." ainsley: it's a busy week. a. steve: it is tuesday. steve: so it will be ainsley: about you're a mama interesting to see what happens with the white house cooperation after they take the vote, whatever it is. halloween party after halloween party. some people do harvest parties at their church. so busy every night. brian: you can handle it. fellow appearing behind ainsley: i love it. closed doors in the scif she is bridges ses poppy this. today cleax vinman has to say. iraq veteran. he has been detailed to the nationanational security council sill. he is a 20 year vet. steve: 8:00 and 5:00 on the wes and he apparently heard that coast. ainsley: winds fuel more than a dozen fires across california. phone call and was so upset that he went directly to his steve: the kincade fire in the bosses and said the president can't do that. northern part of the state has ainsley: it's the same phone swollen to twice the size of the call that you have read the city of san francisco. transcript between our president and the president of ukraine. brian: claudia cowan in the incident command center in santa brian: so he has got a purple heart and he is from rosa. the soviet union. reporter: the kincade fire he immigrated here and massive at 74,000-acres. interviewed the ukrainian 15% contained. people. he said, quorkts did i not at the incident command center think it was proper. this is one of the excerpts thousands of firefighters are preparing for another all-out from his remarks for a foreign government to investigate a u.s. citizen. assault before strong gusty
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i was worried about the winds kick up again tonight. implications for the u.s. government's support of look at new video showing what ukraine. he goes on. firefighters are facing out important to point out he there. complained twice. these pictures are taken by once in early july, once crews from san francisco, after the phone call. heading to the front lines what the president is trying yesterday morning. to pursue, seemingly, is check out this cell phone video what happened in 2016. shot by a passenger driving over and it just so happens the the carcenas bridge inville lay person who is a candidate for president was in charge of corruption in 2016 for the u.s. government. hoe. not seeing fire until flames so the president has some questions about the ukraine, engulfed his car. which i assume he will soon the driver barely making a u-turn in time. present that argument. senator lindsey graham weighed in from the senate side with waiting for the surveillance camera captured house side to do and the this ranch thats with wiped out. resolution that's collected 50 names in support. >> what kind of process did thousands of cows and san malls they give the president? will he be able to defend need a new forever home and the himself? ranch is a total loss. why did you pick the intel committee vs. the judiciary left hundred firefighters remain committee. if you are going to start on the 600-acre getty fire. this process in the intel committee. isn't it incumbent upon schools are closed. every american to know who thousands remain evacuated. the whistleblower is. with the wind dorm hours away. because, without the whistleblower there would be no inquiry. it is a race against the clock to the house democrats, if you are planning to impeach for firefighters up and down the
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president trump based on this phone call, you are state. fortunately in all the wasting your time. firefighters no one has died. you are tearing the country apart for no good reason it appears everyone is accounted because he did nothing for. ainsley, steve, brian. wrong. brian: 50 people signed on back to you. along with mitch mcconnell steve: thank you very much. they could use a cooperation with the mother nature. to -- for dissolutionment the winds will kick up later with the impeachment process today. they could use a lot of rain as as it is currently scripted in the house. well. let's talk about the biggest ainsley: we're going to have congressman jim jordan who story of the week regarding was a house member. we will have him on the show today and senator marco rubio. we ask him about it and get al-baghdadi. we've been looking for him for their opinions. years. the leader of isis was killed when he detonated his sucide steve: fantastic. 6:11 in new york city. carley joins us on this vest when he was cornered in a tuesday with some news from texas. carley: we will start things one way dead end tunnel under off with a fox news alert. his place. texas police officer rushed to the hospital in critical he apparently was buried at sea condition following a within 24 hours which is muslim shooting overnight. a suspect opening fire after custom. we're also learning apparently traffic stop turned into a when they went into where he was chase north of dallas. living, it was a bonanza of the driver eventually pulled over and two people were information. they got all sorts of stuff. taken into custody. they are both at the hospital with gunshot two guys they captured they wounds, but police say they feel, pentagon and intel people did not shoot them. will provide a wealth of their conditions are information about how ice is unknown. a grandfather is charged in runs today. ainsley: the mission was named
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the death of a toddler who fell to her death on a in honor of young kayla mueller. cruise ship. in july, 1-year-old chloe she was 26 years old. she was a humanitarian worker fell 11 floors from from arizona. she was over there working in a salvatore's arms when he hospital, volunteering there in raised her to a window on a aleppo. she was captured, for 18 months royal caribbean ship docked in puerto rico. he is charged with negligent she was abused by al-baghdadi homicide. while in his, in his care and his family maintains it was an accident. his capture. and says royal caribbean is steve: captive. to blame for leaving the window open. ainsley: just to think, what she went through, the last days of overnight crews pull a city bus from a mask sinkhole. had life, the last months of her it was stuck for hours in life. a sweet, young girl had rest of downtown pittsburgh after the ground sudde suddenly opened her life ahead of her. clearly had a good heart, and swallowed the business helping other people. as it waited at a red light. her parent were on with martha driver and one passenger on the other night. board are okay. this is what they had to say. the cause of the sinkhole is still unknown. it is about 20 feet deep. >> the reaction to the president trump and first president's speaking kayla's lady melania getting into the halloween spirit. names was tears to us. the fact of that moment that the couple passing out candy al-baghdadi have has been to military families and killed. some of his lieutenants are captured. school kids at the white we're hoping they have the house. check out trick o trick-or-trea. information we have been seeking.
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that is who killed kayla, where was she killed, where was she mini trump and secret buried. brian: two of the other guys service. air force band and special that we captured who was at the activities like a tour of house in the raid are being the presidential limo. questioned now in iraq. we do know this too. how cool is that? one of the kurds were indispensable in this effort. in fact one of the informants, ainsley: so cool. little cars read blacktop. this guy abdi was able to grab they had a green one. the underwear of al-baghdadi, carley: such a cool. match up dna in order to prove brian: after this last year it indeed was him. between trudy and what's they have been tracking him for happening with people dressing up in costumes five months. coming back. they say costume purchases we had general abdi talk about are down 40%. people don't want to destroy that in detail yesterday. their political or business that is one of the advantages having contacts on the ground career dressing up like something that will come and people you trust. back to haunt them. you can't do that from the air. you need it over a series of steve: come back to haunt months. that is what produced this them. ainsley: maybe people are they're worried about the too, the location we found him in getting creative. in our household we had to make our costumes. idlib it is a conglomeration of brian: really? we will see. the worst of the worst terror things must have been tough northwesterly america. groups. people worry they will combine ainsley: we were creative. we enjoyed it. forces become even more after steve: president trump doubling down on plans to force. steve: these are some of the take troops out of syria. images released of the site
3:14 am
where the raid went down about next guest says the 48 hours ago. president is right. meanwhile the president actually he is here to lay out an tweeted out an image of the dog exit strategy. brian: joe biden just dissed that chased baghdadi into that by catholic priest. dead end tunnel and there is the holy grail of insults coming your way. he is frozen in time ♪ ♪ dog. a belgian malmai. the i.d. is classified. ♪ born to be wild... it is related to a classified unit. if they i.d. the dog, they risk identifieding members of the unit. the pentagon is reluctant to put the name out there. ainsley: that dog is precious. steve: camo harness. ainsley: look at his little tongue sticking out. he has no idea what he has done, take out the number one isis guy. steve: apparently initially injured. the dog is currently back on the dog. ainsley: returned to duty, back with his handler. brian: we'll talk about the other big story, house democrats set to vote on thursday on impeachment inquiry. house speaker nancy pelosi being
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♪ somewhat cagey what it actually ♪ means. we thought impeachment ♪ born to be wild... resolution, here is the vote. then she is walking in the hall and says this. reporter: talk about the impeachment resolution. >> it is not an impeachment resolution. brian: what is it. ainsley: it is an inquiry. steve: we're having inquiry. it is splitting hairs. this is ultimately a win for the white house. stephanie grisham feels that way. she put out this statement, speaker pelosi is finally admitting what the rest of america already knew that democrats were conducting an unauthorized impeachment proceeding, refusing to give the president due process in their secret, shady closed-door depositions are completely irreversibly illegitimate. jim jordan says every republican on thursday, that is if indeed they have the inquiry vote, will
3:16 am
vote against it. probably every democrat will vote for it. >> even if they tried to change something to give a little bit of due process we're all still going to vote against this, this is such a sham, it has been such a sham from the beginning. this is all a ridiculous, unfair, partisan process the american people see through it. the speaker will try to dress it up a little bit, put a little lipstick on the pig as they see. it will not change anything. every single republican will vote against it. ainsley: it won't change anything. they're already doing it will it remain a secret. brian: transvicinity scripts of deposition which he cured behind closed doors will set due process for president trump and his attorneys. two democratic aides expect the vote to be thursday. now the president will have a presence at this. the past transcripts will be exposed beginning thursday. keep in mind, just ten amash
3:17 am
will vote with the democrats on this the one republican. steve: he is not really much of a republican these days. brian: he is listed. steve: he is is indeed. he left the freedom caucus a couple months ago. nancy pelosi and company said this is what they have been asking for. that is what we'll give them. she feels she can take a talking point away from the republican feel which has been very effective. ainsley: she want to continue narrative inquiry, in those states where the voters love trump and then you have these democrats that will be up for election, she wants to make sure those voters know this is inquiry, it wasn't actually impeachment. steve: it is proxy vote. it is the same thing. if you voted against the inquiry, that means you were against the impeachment of the president but look for every democrat to vote yes. >> we don't want to keep brian: those transcripts come soldiers between syria and out. people pour over the turkey for the next 200 transcripts. they pull out what they want. years. they have been fighting for
3:18 am
hundreds of years. we'll find the cross-examination. steve: the damaging stuff for the president has been leaked we're out. out. brian: some of it. brian: might be out but nine minutes after the hour, doesn't mean we are out of carley shim discuss, no damage trouble. president trump doubling tossing to you. down on pulling troops out of syria but putting some carley: we turn to a back after the takedown of fox news alert. texas police officer is in surgery right now after being baghdadi and his lieutenant. shot in the line of duty. a suspect opening fire overnight next guest says now is the time to get out laying out after a traffic stop turned into exit strategy in op-ed. a chase north of dallas. joining us is the president the officer is shot two of security group jim hanson. jim, our exit strategy. we know we were told to get suspects. the officer is in critical but out. they begin to move out. stable condition. put 200 back in to protect the oil, to allow the sdf to a grand is charged in the death after toddler who fell to sell that oil and keep it her death on a cruise ship in from the hands of iran, russia and turkey. july. one-year-old chloe wegan fell 11 >> that's a good idea. i think it was a precipitous floors from salvatore anello's withdrawal. i think there was a bit of arms he raised her to a window ultimatum game going on betweenered done with and trump. in royal caribbean ship docked people should realize we have been negotiating with in puerto rico. tucker yantsd kurds over he is charged with negligent this exact thing for more than two years. homicide. his family maintains it is an when president trump announced two years ago that he was going to pull out of accident. says royal caribbean is to blame syria. we helped devise a plan with for leaving the window open. the nsc that looks very
3:19 am
similar to what they are they pull a city bus from a doing right now it wasn't just pulling out and letting massive sinks hole t was stuck turkey come in. taking care of our allies in hours in downtown pittsburgh the sdf and securing the after the ground opened up and oil. those two things happened swallowed the bus as it was second. all in all, this didn't end waiting for a red light. up all that bad. driver and one passenger on board are okay. brian: if there was orderly the cause of the sinkhole is way to do it the objective is clear because did he it still unknown but it is about during the election. the implementation of the 20 feet deep. plan murky and murky gets wow. president trump and first people killed and possibly our security in jeopardy. lady melania getting in the here's a little about what hollywood spirit, passing out you outlined. deny a path to cross iraq family to military and and syria that would allow schoolkids outside the iran to control the region. white house. that is not only our concern the party also included but israel's concern. performances from the air force have we done that? band. >> i think so. special activities like a tour we still have. right now it's a little bit, of the presidential limo. you know, iffy as to who controls what parts. but what we want to do is check out trick or tweeters as a ensure as we pull back we mini president trump and secret use our regional allies and service agents. how about that for a joint we ensure there is no land bridge for iran to be able halloween costume. steve: if you got candy from the to supply assad. president of the united states, brian: a v. we protected our would you save it it for the regional allies. >> there is no clear protection because as long as iran still runs, you rest of our life or would you negotiation basically syria as a puppet government and eat it. as long as there is still, carley: i would save it but i'm
3:20 am
you know, a bit of, i guess, not 11 years old. ainsley: depends if you're chaos as far as turkey and hungry. where the boundaries are, we steve: a soldier sacrificing his don't know. but there can be a good end own leg to save his crewmates. game here as long as we put some security in. his first tv interview is coming brian: right. we know the last time we pulled out we got isis and baghdad almost fell. and we had to go back in up. there costs us a lot of ♪. money and time and we had the team, this country called iran, to push back and save iraq. have we learned from that? >> i think we want to make sure that we get out but we performance comes in lots of flavors. don't do so in a way that let's iran get we can't there's the amped-up, over-tuned,sheet-meta. stay. syria is not our strategic and then there's performance that interest unless iran is doing something there or just leaves you feeling better as a result. isis doing something there isis pretty much gone and dead. that's the kind lincoln's about. brian: you don't believe that? >> i do. brian: there are five terror ♪ groups in the area we got al baghdad. and they target us. >> they don't have the caliphate and things they this before. we took away a lot of their
3:21 am
strategic added a vantage. that gives us a reason to say the u.s. is not in the business of planting a flag in the u.s. -- or in the middle east. so we want to get our guys back. we want to leave regional allies. it's their neighborhood. that's president trump's common call as he wants the people whose neighborhood it is to take care of it. brian: i love the fact, i think you agree, we put 200 people back along with armor to protect oil let sell it to make money so the kurds can have some money. jim hanson, thanks so much. great column. story is horrific and familiar. college student commits suicide now his girlfriend is charged. what we just learned about the day he died. bernie sanders under fire suspect police the problem? a former police officer reacts to this next. >> if i'm your son, what advice would you give me the next time i be pulled over by a police officer? >> i would respect what they are doing so that you don't get shot in the back of the head.
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♪ steve: all eyes today on capitol hill where a top secret security official is set to about president trump's call with the ukrainian president. this as house democrats are set to vote for impeachment, inquiry, perhaps on thursday. here are reaction gop senator marco rubio. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: this impeachment inquiry is going on in the house. from where you sit in the rotunda, what do you make of all thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. of it? >> not at lot. you can watch the out of market games you want- all season long. this is politics. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, before they testify they make sure the press get as written you get everything nba all in one place- statement. even notifications about your favorite teams. afterwards they leak out snippets what was said. watch the dropped dimes, you don't get to hear the monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. cross-examination.
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it strikes me as a political exercise. plus get instant access to your teams like a opposition dump. with the power of your voice. they are leaking out damaging that's simple, easy, awesome. information out in the public say nba league pass into your voice remote narrative without a to check out a free preview. counternarrative. all will come to an end. don't miss out. we shouldn't forget two things. impeachment is really big deal. removing the president of the united states is not extraordinary measure. it is bad for the country. it is traumatic. you have a percentages, significant number of members of brian: glad you are up, hope you are dressed. house looking to impeach the charged with involuntary president, some before he was manslaughter in boyfriend's even sworn in. you start to lose credibility suicide. comes after thousands of when you made up your mind about abusive text messages were uncovered. in the two months leading to this back in november 2016 his death. because you didn't like the todd piro is in the newsroom results of the election. with more on what she is steve: when you're out and accused of saying. >> brian the criewlings is about, people down in florida see you, hey, what the heck is uncon thennable. going on in congress, you guys aren't getting anything done? inyoung you sent thousands >> that is exactly the problem, right? i wonder how many house members of text messages. many urged him to kill were elected to do this? himself and told the world i assure you that they were would be better off without him. graduation day he leapt from elected, ones that ran in 2018, his death from a boston got elected in seats that parking garage. his family visiting from new jersey to watch what was donald trump won. supposed to be a proud they sent them here to deal with
3:26 am
moment. you was reportedly with him drug prices, deal with china, on the roof of that garage. economy continue to grow. prosecutors alleging that to fund the military. her behavior was wanton and they won't pass an appropriations bill we need to reckless. the threshold for get done which is important for long-term planning. manslaughter. very few people, unless you come she created life threatening from the most radical fringes of conditions that she had a legal duty to alleviate but the american political spectrum failed to do so. were sent up here spend all the time every single day focused on >> miss you was physically, this issue. they will do what they're going verbally and psychologically to do. i can't control what the house does. we'll continue to do our job, at abusive towards mr. atula least try to here in the senate. steve: speaker pelosi will make during 18 month long three dozen of her democratic relationship. members who live in the tossup >> prosecutors abuse became districts to take a really hard heightened. currently in south carolina where she i -- south koreawhereg vote, that could come back to haunt them next november. >> again if people will have to go back home what did you do the to extradite her to the u.s. two years you were up there? brian: now over to two i said nasty things about the important person with one president and i voted to impeach important person. him. what did you do on issues like ainsley: these three important people. jobs, economy, threat posed by president trump signed china, funding military, the executive order yesterday cost of prescription drugs? establishing the first law we were too busy with the other enforcement commission in half a century. things to do that. >> this commission will be that is the answer some of them will have to give. tasked with providing we'll do our job here in the
3:27 am
concrete recommendations to senate. we'll make a decision if it comes to us based on facts and address some of the systemic on what is in the best interest of our country. challenges that burden law we'll keep in mind we'll be less enforcement and it will study the best practices to than a year away from an election where voters, not 535 recruit, retrain, hire, train and provide for people, voters get to decide health, safety and the what the future of america should be. well-being of law enforcement officers. steve: well-putt. steve: okay. there is the president details about the raid that yesterday. here now we have got former killed baghdadi, sounds like his new york city police department officer, u.s. number two person and his spokesman were killed in an >> thanks for having me. airstrike. as you look at coverage of this steve: what does this do exactly. >> what it does is provides particular -- obviously he was a series of resources to the world's number one police officers whereas they terrorist. it is great he is out of the picture now. what do you make of the reaction are training technological to it? >> i think some is par for the innovations that happen in society. course. it is what to be expected. we look at video and things to that affect. people see it. enhancing officers' ability real people notice that stuff. to see what's happening in they notice sort of the tone in certain communities. at the same time training them to have a better the coverage is different than engagement in their policing it would have been for somebody community relationship. else. the most egregious example that ainsley: these are a few of the facts when it comes to this executive commission "washington post" obituary. it. that is like saying you know, says this will -- they will study key issues like abuse heir to construction empire
3:28 am
and homelessness and mental killed in navy seal home illness. going to look at the best invasion when they killed practices for recruit, bin laden or something. training and supporting it is revealing to a lot of officers. and they will submit a report and recommendations people. to the president within a it is, for a lot of sort of confirms what they year. how helpful is that? >> this is very helpful. already believe. now we are looking not only that is, that there are elements in the mainstream press that to implement a series of changes. but there is also an don't just dislike donald trump, evaluation process attached they really hate him, they have to it. we are going to see what's working and what's not been unfair. they called george w. bush a war working. that's very important because that's not something criminal. they tortured mitt romney when that's happened in the past. oftentimes we have, quote, he was the nominee. unquote, thrown money in the wind to police departments said horrible things about him. some changed their tune at least for the time-being. never evaluated the results: many commentators, blue check brigade guys, keyboard cowboys, doing evaluation process to they're not interested in ensure this stuff is principle or republicans working. if it's not working we will standing for the constitution. retool and make an what they want republicans to do, pour care seen, light a adjustment accordingly. steve: meanwhile, bernie match burn ourselves up sanders was down in south carolina over the weekend. politically to replace us with had a town hall. and during a forum he was someone further to the left. that is what a lot of these asked by a student there who commentators want. had advice about what to do steve: you would think that given how reviled baghdadi was when being stopped by police and here is what bernie around the world for worldwide said. violence that his demise would >> if i'm your son, what
3:29 am
advice would you give me the be but you're right. next time i be pulled over there are some people who simply cannot give the president a win. by a police officer? >> i would respect what they this is bipartisan win, isn't are doing so that you don't it? >> yeah. you know, al-baghdadi was not get shot in the back of the just a terror leader, this guy head. was a degenerate. steve: what does that mean? he was a sociopath. >> it sends out a bad he was a rapist. he held people in prison. message. and when we look at where bernie sanders is his he had people executed. messaging is poor. he is becoming more of a someone family from florida, a reporter that was beheaded and provocateur, more or less a killed by them on one of the bomb thrower to get more videos. votes in terms the we forget this guy was a presidential campaign. the truth of the matter is horrible, awful human being. this. i actually think he had too much police in community should have a connected mercy on his death, despite the relationship. it shouldn't be separated. nature of that raid. steve: we should trust the this was a terrible person. police. this is not going to crush isis. >> bigger than that, the average cop doesn't go out to shoot people. unfortunately isis spreading to we have millions of franchises all over the world. interactions or engagements it will certainly hurt the between cops and citizens. and we don't have a single recruitment efforts. i'm glad president is putting shot being fired. this is more of an out details how the coward died. aberration which a cop shoots someone than not. before joining these brave guys, it goes back to he should their leader was not brave at focus on how police in community can coalesce as all. steve: marco rubio from the opposed to separate. russell rotunda in capitol hill.
3:30 am
ainsley: what do you say to >> thank you. critics of the police officers that may be steve: 8:21 here in new york watching that maybe have a bad experience with that one city, the story is incredible, bad apple? >> you can have a bad experience and that's fine. the soldier severed his own leg i think we have all had bad to save his crew. he is opening up what happened experiences with cops. the truth of the matter is, here on "fox & friends." when we look at the overall the true meaning of sacrifice perspective, the average interaction or engagement next. ♪ between police and community sound. that's what we really need to focus on not the aberration of things that have gone bad. a police shooting is a very, very minute thing. when used at the first sign. it doesn't happen on a abreva starts to work immediately regular basis. ainsley: right. to block the virus and protect healthy cells. >> we need to focus on average engagement of hello, abreva acts on it. how are you, officer. so you can too. generally speaking officers do the right thing because they are public servants. steve: darrin, thank you for joining us live. ainsley: thank you, darrin. steve: a race against time as california wildfires, some of them are raging out of control and they are gigantic. >> no way. >> this is right behind my
3:31 am
house. one house burning there. steve: we are live in california where officials are warning there is no end in sight at this point. ainsley: and it's one of america's greatest arenas. what's it like behind the scenes of the cotton bowl? abby hornacek just found out and she is bringing it to us live next ♪ funny how the world keeping turning ♪ look ma, no hands. ♪ i love this american ride ♪
3:32 am
3:33 am
did you know that feeling sluggish or weighed down could be signs that your isn't working at its best? taking metamucil every day can help. metamucil supports your daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. psyllium works by forming a gel in your digestive system to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic by taking metamucil every day. steve: back with a fox news alert. strong winds fueling raging fires up and down the state of california. ainsley: this is devastating. look at the video. it's how we care for our patients- millions are in the dark as the state utility company is like job. his team at ctca treated his cancer shutting off power. brian: robert gray is live in and side effects. los angeles. so job can stay strong for his family. robert, where are you? cancer treatment centers of america. reporter: good morning. i'm in the upscale neighborhood
3:34 am
appointments available now. of brentwood on the west side of los angeles. yesterday some of the most hi. famous resident including arnold maria ramirez! schwarzenegger and lebron james evacuating from the neighborhoods along with 20,000 of their neighbors. firefighters telling me they're mom! very concerned about the high maria! winds picking up. we're in the calm before the maria ramirez... storm. they are expected to raise back mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars up. they are concerned embers could in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... fly to one to two miles and burn prof: maria ramirez four miles from where i'm mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. standing and the pacific ocean. they have done a terrific job putting out fires. there are embers here to be concerned about. you talked about blackouts up north. pg&e pg&e the utility in the bay area and wine country saying two ♪ >> my god. >> no way. million people will be without >> this is right behind my power. rolling blackout starting in two hours time for about two million house. is my house burning there? people. brian: a fox news alert. meanwhile the kincade fire we have heard way too much of this. blazing overnight. they had 90 mile-an-hour diablo thousands forced to evacuate as winds fuel dozens of winds, fueling that fire. wildfire. 200,000 people evacuated.
3:35 am
ainsley: kinkade fire very difficult for the firemen upnorth swelling to twice the size of san francisco. to get a handle to contain the steve: think about that twice the size of san fire. francisco. they have to wait until the that's where we find claudia winds die down. cowan live at the incident they have to save as many structures and lives as they command center in santa can. back to you in the studio. rosa, california. ainsley: thank you, robert. claudia? >> good morning, guys. brian: you have no idea what the the kinkade fire just 15% today will bring. 26 minutes after the hour. contained this morning. it still remains a very it's a story of service and active fire. sacrifice. take a look at this video a soldier who severed his own showing what firefighters are facing. leg to help save his these pictures taken by san crewmembers. francisco fire crews steve: here's why. responding to the front while training in slovakia, ezra lines early yesterday morning. and there was this cell maze and two crewmates fell phone video shot by a passenger driving over the asleep in their tank, only to bridge in vallejo on sunday wake up when the 65-ton machine morning. not seeing any fire until was rolling downhill very fast. flames almost engulfed his car. >> tank crashed into an the driver barely making a u-turn in time. a surveillance camera embankment throwing specialist captured this firestorm that mays across the vehicle, leaving wind out the san his leg stuck in the gear. dissatisfaction guest ranch determined to help his crewmates and animal sanctuary. with their injuries, he pulled himself free, losing his leg in more than 50 horses cows and the process.
3:36 am
farm animals safely brian: army specialist ezra mays evacuated now they need new forever homes and ranch is a and his doctor joseph allen join total loss. 1100 firefighters remain on us for the first tv interview the 600-acre getty fire after the accident that happened which broke out early yesterday morning and in poland. quickly destroyed 8 homes. specialist, first off, when did among those evacuated, you realize an effort to free former governor arnold yourself you had ripped your leg schwarzenegger tweeted firefighters are the true off? >> told the story a couple times action heroes who charge in with this. to the danger to protect the, it never really hit me that their fellow californians. it was that bad off. with another wind storm i knew i broke it. event arriving here tonight it hurt pretty bad. and into southern california between my crewmates yelling at tomorrow, it really is a race against the clock for me get help, medical supplies. these firefighters up and down the state. i started pushing, pulling on its. until i felt something free, furniturely in alfortunately nos like you get a loose tooth off. i turned to step, when i saw it, oh, never mind. that is not going to be possible for a little while. steve: start at the beginning. have died. explain what happened. you guys were in the tank. brian: lebron james talked you fell asleep. about driving around all day what happened? with a place to go. >> absolutely we had been in the field for two days. james core continue's at end of training exercise we openings monologue was totally different. were getting few hours rest to i got woken up by land line re-up and get ready to go back which he never uses. out in the field.
3:37 am
basically you and your family have to evacuate. with we all woke up to the tank so they had to pick up and coasting slowly. go. here is a guy who just came we thought brake come unset it, from england three years ago. and he is saying my goodness, what's going on. doing something in the driver's hole. we talked to him to see what it it effects everyone. and hotels and all down the was going on. he communicated it wasn't him. it was some malfunction or line. ainsley: when you watch that something had happened. video you hear that woman saying oh my goodness. we immediately went through it's right there. the man said my house, this emergency procedures to steer the tank off course where it was is happening right behind my house. can you imagine that fear of going, to reset the parking knowing the fire could jump brake, use the service brake over into your property? being anything we could to slow it down t was to no avail. steve: janice dean was out we held on for the ride, on the west coast this crashing through the trees, weekend. big question from people in hoping one would stop us. california how long is the winds going to last and is we pick up more and more speed there any rain in sighted? until we hit the bottom of the janice: no rain in the ravine. steve: when you got pinned? forecast. we expect those winds to be extreme. >> yes. and fire danger to remain in ainsley: doctor, you're at army place until at least the end of the week. we have weather pattern that medical center in san antonio, is not budging. we have got very strong winds across the great basin texas, you get specialist maes that are going to funnel as a patient. through those valleys and you said he had best attitude. canyons and unfortunately you tell the story, that will bring more santa anna winds conditions not only today but through the rest of the not happen. most people would be panicking workweek. let's take a look at the looking down if they didn't see maps. their leg.
3:38 am
so we have this trough what was that like for you? that's digging in across the how did you help save his life? central u.s. behind it, that's where we are going to see those wind >> ezra is pinnacle of that gusts. in some cases across southern california, 50 too we e resilient american soldier. i was probably more frazzled thanse i understood the red flag warnings up for infection he had in his residual much of california. look at this storm system as right limbill we advance this. a lot of snow for parts of the plain states wednesday and thursday. him. and then it's going to make ezra looked at me with the same for a very wet halloween for spirit, hey, doc, we just have the eastern third of the country. so a lot of weather to to move on. do what you got to do. watch. he has been that way ever since. especially those wildfire conditions. we have red flag warnings so that really helped the that are posted for california through parts of surgeon on the other side as we nevada as well. through much of the workweek. so it's not going to get any better unfortunately. developed this relationship. we will keep you posted. back inside. brian: what about crewmates, steve: not the forecast they want so far. j.d., thank you very much. specialist, knowing you are the brian: we do want to toss one tied off the bleeding. over to carley shimkus to tell us what is happening in the news. had the tourniquet, get the carley: more controversy at "the washington post." phone, making the call, going 90 first the paper called miles-an-hour down the hill. smashed into something. al-baghdadi a religious you knew you needed help, what
3:39 am
collar. now facing backlash for was the response from the men criticizing president you were with? trump's language. >> so my gunner, she was the one columnist max boot slammed the president for calling came to first check on me. the terror leader a coward. she threw the phone down to me. writing the assertion that baghdadi died as a coward my driver was pinned in the was in any cases driver's hole. contradicted by the fact that rather than be we couldn't get to him. captured, he blew himself he was caught up in the gearing as well. up. we couldn't access his that line has since been deleted. boot later tweeting that was compartment. removed because it wrongly real entire feeling down there conveyed the impression that was doing everything we could to just kind of relax ourselves and i considered baghdadi courageous. as i wrote sunday, baghdadi not make a big panic out of it. was a sick and depraved man. we knew if we panicked we would 2020 hopeful joe biden probably die. there were jokes being made. denied holy communion due to his stance on abortion. there was lots of soothing talk in an email to the florence going on. trying to keep each other morning news in south company as long as we needed to, carolina, father robert until somebody found us. morey writes holy communion when it was found it turned to signifies we are one with god, each other, and the jokes and laughter. we were happy to be alive. church. any public figure who that was the main feeling going advocates for abortion on. steve: doctor, real quickly what places himself or herself is the prognosis? outside of church teaching. >> ezra will do fantastic. the priest also promised to one of the index patients as we pray for biden. the long-time catholic has translate a new technology that promise to codify roe v. was pioneered at walter reed
3:40 am
wade. from our colleagues john for a celebrity duo is recreating a christmas classic to be more sb urg, kyle cotter. as ezra undergoes to surge ral politically correct. singers john legend and process i look forward to amazing things from him. kelly clarkson recording a ainsley: ezra, god bless you. new version of baby, it's cold outside. remember the original? bless both of you. doctor, thank you for your ♪ baby it's bad out there. service and what you do for the >> say what what's in this country. >> we appreciate it. >> we appreciate it. brian: 29 minutes before the top drink. of the hour. >> no cabs to be had out this story is horrific and there. >> new song will say what familiar. a college student committing will my friends think? suicide. i think they should rejoice. now his girlfriend is charged. if i have one more choice, what we just learned about the day he died, straight ahead. it's your body and your choice. the change comes one year after several radio stations refused to play the song. ever since we moved here, i've been noticing it. claiming it was too controversial in the wake in the me too sean spicer monster mash secures his spot on dancing with the stars. >> she did the monster mash ♪ it was a graveyard smash. ♪ it caught on
3:41 am
♪ he did the monster mash. dressed as the frankenstein. he received the lowest score but avoided elimination thanks to va fan votes. >> i felt the segment brewing. steve: sean spicer awfully agile for frankenstein right there. brian: frankenstein not known for being agile. nor herman munster. >> i get votes urging me to i think the house is changing him... vote for sean spicer. special when it says dear -[ gasps ] -up and at 'em! you. steve: anyway, thank you ...into his father. very much. you saw her visit the texas [ eerie music plays ] is it scary? state fair right here on -[ gasps ] -it's in eco mode. "fox & friends." so don't touch it. brian: seems like yesterday. mm-hmm. >>e i can't stop this from swinging. >> in the midst of it, abby must be a draft in here. but he did save a bunch of money what are you got for us there? bundling our home and auto with progressive. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, [cheers] >> i tried to quiet them but we can protect your home and auto down. i'm in a danger zone right when you bundle with us. now. -hello? -sorry, honey.
3:42 am
ainsley: what you didn't see [ telephone beeps ] butt dial. was her visit next door to the cotton bowl for the red river showdown on fox nation on that series called american arenas. watch. >> no better atmosphere of a - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. rivalry game half way in shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself between right here in the middle of the cotton bowl at into a base you can empty once a month. the texas state fair, baby. and unlike standard robots that bounce around, yeah! it cleans row by row. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. brian: abby hornacek is here to talk about that and so much more in your series. you are loving this series, right? >> i am loving this series, brian. you give me a lot of grief for it all the time that i have the best job in this building and i tend to agree. i'm very lucky. steve: so tell us about it. >> i went to the red river showdown and i try to tell everyone who has not been to that game it, doesn't matter if you are a college football game. ainsley: ou-ut. >> the atmosphere is something you can't explain. you have the history of the cotton bowl history of hosting this game since 1929. two of the schools that you can't be in the same room with both of them because they are going at it. and then you have the state
3:43 am
fair of texas which is on the same grounds as the cotton bowl. you can just imagine the energy of the people that are coming over from the state fair and then coming to this game. brian: so you experienced that. that's part of the whole series of going to big arenas in america? they're america's bpursuing life-changing cures. >> it is. in a country that fosters innovation going to all of the iconic sports arenas. here, they find breakthroughs... as a sports fan you can't just go to a game and truly like a way to fight cancer enjoy it if you don't know by arming a patient's own t-cells... the history. the type of things that have gone on there for example, because it's not just about the next breakthrough... cotton bowl. it's all the ones after that. steve: what about the speedway. >> talladega speedway. steve: you have a clip. >> how convenient. brian: watch. >> i mean, i think it speaks for itself when you look at the biggest, widest, fastest track we go to. >> one lap to go. holy smokes. this is one of those tracks that has the wow factor. you watch a race here wow did you see that? ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. wow, did you see that? ainsley: how cute is that? everything is bigger. everything is wider. this is the shot of the morning. severing faster. the entire country is praising steve: all right. that k-9 hero.
3:44 am
so check that out on fox nation. brian: president tweeting this >> thank you, guys. message, quote we declassified a it is a blast. jeff gordon a kind guy and picture of that wonderful dog, gives perspective to the the name not declassified, did a history of talladega. great job company turing -- brian: fox nation for super fox fans. >> that's right. capturing the bad bad. ainsley: thanks, abby. steve: straight ahead, michael flynn's legal team claims the fbi manipulated bad. steve: the dog was injured his 2017 interview. slightly in the raid. now a judge is canceling an according to pentagon officials, upcoming hearing. what does that mean? returned to the job. all rise, here comes judge ainsley: back to his handler. napolitano to talk about it. tweeting his support, with this he's next. ainsley: hey, judge, how are caption, our k-9 salute to the you? ♪ everyday american heroic effort wounded in action. ♪ a little town ♪ steve: here what it is like to work with k-9 unit and former train remember mike ritlin as there's the amped-up, over-tuned, you can see right there, his dog feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. nero. good morning to both of them. >> thanks for having me. and then there's performance that steve: mike, explain, we know a just leaves you feeling better as a result. lot of details of the raid are still classified but from your that's the kind lincoln's about. point of view what do you
3:45 am
believe went down? ♪ >> it sounds like it was a pretty standard operation in terms of using dogs to both do explosive detection and apprehensive work. sounds like the dog was on his way to apprehend the target when he clacked himself off. it was pretty neat to see the highlight of the operation being a, with a dog being used and having success. brian: do they lead? >> many times they do. you know, again for explosive detection or apprehend sun work it is not uncommon for a dog to be out front. if you think of our nation's most elite soldiers, these dogs are out in front of them many times. it says a lot about the dogs, how capable they are. brian: will they detect the vest? do they pick up explosives? what is their reaction when they do? >> in terms of picking up a vest on somebody fleeing, it would be
3:46 am
frankly more realistic to know that the dog is tracking the human being but vests in a more this piece is talking yeah?. sterile environment or static so what do you see? i see an unbelievable opportunity. environment rather, for sure the dog can indicate on things like i see best-in-class platforms and education. that. they will have what is called a i see award-winning service, final indication which is where and a trade desk full of experts, the dog basically sits and available to answer your toughest questions. stares at the explosive odor to and i see it let the handler and the team with zero commissions on online trades. know that there are explosives i like what you're seeing. present. ainsley: mike, you were navy it's beautiful, isn't it? yeah. seal. you're training these dogs. td ameritrade now offers zero commissions on online trades. that is your dog nero beside ♪ you. if you were there, if you were in the operation, how would it work, once you get down on the ground what happens? >> without knowing the exact specifics of course of action how it went down it is impossible to say. having said that, you any ieds present, any caches ofe primarily what i want to use the
3:47 am
dog for. upon entry into the compound, if there is elusive human targets, people running away, hiding in certain areas or sandbagged into we love smart savers. corners of things of that like yard-sale savers. nature, whatever threat that tee-time savers. somebody trying to you know, get in on the operation is going to and especially med d savers. present, the dog should be used to find them, either indicate on select a medicare part d plan with walgreens as your preferred pharmacy them or ultimately neutralize that target from an apprehension and get co-pays for as low as zero dollars and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. standpoint. the basically the dog biting isn't saving great? them, taking them down, getting save smartly on med d. the jump on them so the team walgreens. trusted since 1901. isn't neutralized. steve: mike, i'm noticing something in common, your dog nero, the dog used in the raid are the same breed as cairo who rob o'neill, the guy who killed >> a judge canceling a november hearing in the case bin laden with us yesterday they of michael flynn based on an had one of the belgians. explosive brief that was submitted by his attorneys what is it about that particular variety of dog makes the job so unique for them? that brief allegedly reveals >> you know, really the fbi officials may have
3:48 am
changed the report of first characteristics from a genetic standpoint that separate them from really all other breeds. interview 2017 conducted by very similar to german shepherd. fired fbi agent peter strzok. they're typically more intense. brian: here to weigh in more smaller and athletic, more judge andrew napolitano. judge, what a twist and turn suitable for that type of work. it? >> is a bizarre twist and just from a little of intensity turn. we will try to get our arms around. this general flynn pleaded standpoint they're 12 out of 10. guilty to lying to the fbi don't have much of an off and was about to be switch. steve: super dog. sentenced and everybody >> as he lays down as i thought well the sentence is not going to go to jail. nobody was really harmed by mentioned. this lie and the judge said they're just, you know, they're kind of all-stars, the michael did you commit treason? he wasn't charged with jordans, kobe bryants of the dog treason. he was just charged with a world, from an at let tick and simple lie. so they adjourned the genetic standpoint, they're at a sentencing. brian: that was a crazy really, really high level. hearing. >> it was bizarre. so for that type of work no and the judge is a very, different than our human very well-respected utterly counterparts. you need dogs that are at that fearless judge. level both genetically, fast forward, general flynn has no lawyers who basically physically, from a training standpoint. it gives you the opportunity to say not only did he not lie, but the government's operate at high level. documents were altered in brian: thank you very much, order to show that he lied mike. inside the training of a navy because the fbi interviewer seal dog, from the warrior dog
3:49 am
foundation. appreciate it. ainsley: thank you very much. knew it wasn't a lie you >> my pleasure. disliked or hated president brian: the mike drop podcast. trump and wanted to disrupt his administration. ainsley: go back to sleep. that's a short-hand handle of what this argument is. steve: 20 minutes before the top now, it appears that the of the hour. carley joins with us a very fbi, according to general disturbing story from boston flynn's lawyers, did alter college. carley: you took the words right out of my mouth steve. we have more on this really the original summary. scary story. a former boston college student it's not verbatim, summary of the conversation with is charged with involuntary general flynn. manslaughter in her boyfriend's always wrong to alter a record memory suicide. a grand jury finding yu, is refreciousd or a question put to you that you forgot encouraged him to take his own to put down. but if you alter a document in order to change its life after sending him 47,000 meaning and deceive the abusive texts, some urging him court, that obviously is a to go die and kill himself. crime and it could result in the dismissal of the case she is back home in south korea. against him. the problem is, for general she could face extradition if flynn, when he pleaded guilty, to lying under oath, she refuses to return to the he was under oath at the u.s. for trial. accused drunk driver turns a quiet street into a demolition time. steve: he already admitted to that. derby. watch this. >> was that statement a lifetime achievement this is the tangled web that judge will have town ravel. [screaming]
3:50 am
that's not good. ainsley: andrew mccabe says we're coming over to doorbell video shows the driver talk to you. sending agents to talk to hit seven parked cars in you. you don't need an attorney. it just seems like it wasn't pennsylvania. he pulled over to talk to them done the right way. moments before the crash. >> it wasn't done the right but he quickly sped away. way. on the other hand. the suspect now under arrest. ainsley: shouldn't this just be thrown out. former white house press >> general flynn's job in the military as the head of the defense intelligence agency. secretary sean spicer monster he knows what it's like to be interrogated. he also knows when he is mash secures his spot on talking on the phone to a "dancing with the stars." foreign official somebody is [he did the monster mash ♪ probably listening. steve: no kidding. >> we don't know where it's going to go. brian: his life has been destroyed. he can't make a living. >> absolutely. the ♪ look, sometimes, in the carley: like you have never seen daniel ellsberg case there is no question he stole the him before. spicer doing the jive dressed as pentagon papers but because of fbi misconduct the frankenstein on the show's charges against him were thrown out. halloween night. he received a lowest score. steve: stay tuned. ainsley: he was pointing to avoided elimination thanks to you. brian: i know. fan votes. ainsley: staggering new numbers shows support for he is still in the contest. socialism on the rise for steve: i think he likes the younger generations. our next guest says it could be devastating. outfits. ainsley: that is awesome. ♪ ♪ just because we get around getting lower score, doesn't matter if you have a lot of people that love you. ♪ talking about my generation ♪ carley: that is how it goes.
3:51 am
brian: he predicted he would go ♪ deep. ainsley: getting better and better. discomfort back there? steve: big story wildfires out west. the big question are rains eventually come and will winds die down? >> no rain in the forecast. we have red flag warnings for much of california through nevada and new mexico. so there is the danger. it exists today throughout the day, but not only today but throughout the rest of the work week into late this week. instead of using aloe, relative humidity very low. no rain in the forecast. or baby wipes, or powders, gusty santa ana winds are going try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h, on throughout the day. prayers for the firefighters out because your derriere deserves expert care. there who are doing incredible work. last 24 hours, see the storm preparation h. get comfortable with it. system moving across the plain states. we'll see snow and heavy rain - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, for halloween, yes. this, and even this. stay tuned we'll bring you the but i don't have to clean this, latest. wave to steve, ainsley, brian. because the self-cleaning brush roll thank you for coming on a wet removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans northeast day. back inside. now cleans itself. steve: thank you, jd.
3:52 am
straight ahead, president trump tearing into chicago's top cop and his sanctuary city policies. the acting director of i.c.e. will join us with reaction next. >> put criminals and illegal aliens before the citizens of chicago. hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting plans available to anyone with medicare. many plans provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly
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and how socialism would make with it worse" philip klein joins makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver us now. >> it is. your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. i put a lot of research in my book and a lot of numbers saves you time and money. surprised me. and basically millennials make it simple. make it ship sticks. are facing two sets of challenges. one has to do with the unprecedented level of debt that they are inheriting. steve: they don't care about that right now. >> but the issue is that they also have a lot of ♪. >> chicago is unfortunately the increases in living costs. worst sanctuary city in america. college costs, housing last year in cook county alone costs. child care costs. and healthcare costs. i.c.e. asked local law so somebody comes along, whether it's bernie sanders enforcement people to please, or elizabeth warren and says oh, you are worried about pretty please, we beg you, we'll student debt? i'm going to wipe that away. free college, free healthcare, free everything. do anything necessary, to stop steve: that's a very potent message for them. crime. brian: president trump calling why not? out chicago's top leadership for that guy has my vote. refusing to work with federal >> big fear i have and that's why i wrote this book immigration authorities like is that basically because i.c.e. they are facing these our next guest attended yesterday's event with the president in chicago.
3:56 am
challenges and their short-term thinking that acting i.c.e. director matt they will be lured into this, elm praising socialism, of course, it albens with his reaction. makes the first problem i know you spoke yesterday but did the president make his point significantly worse. to get the cooperation between the city of chicago and i.c.e.? steve: phil, you know the argument bernie sanders ands >> good morning, brian. or saying we will make the he certainly made his point and fat cats corporations pay i hope the leaders of chicago more and you will be fine. >> yeah. as i note in my book there and the other sanctuary cities are paying attention. is not even enough money to just tax the rich to pay for unfortunately this is become a even the entitlements we issue which politics are continually being placed over have now: what's amaze public safety and safety of our citizens. something elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will brian: so right now if i.c.e. always talk about well, other countries have this or comes in ask for cooperation that. other countries have locally, absolutely necessary, significantly higher taxes don't get it, crime is through on the middle class and they the roof in chicago, what would never want to talk about that. it take to break this cycle? they actually act like everything is just a free >> i don't know. hopefully will take the ride. steve: well, a cautionary politicians to run the city to tale. wake up and realize this is a new book is called "fear your future" phill cline, tremendous public safety risk. criminals every single day are thank you very much. >> thank you. walking out the doors of tear jail facilities back out on to the streets, back out to commit steve: nancy pelosi making further crimes. moves on impeachment. we've seen recidivism rate among there is going to be a vote on thursday. what does jim jordan? criminal illegal aliens high as he is going to join us next.
3:57 am
70%. ♪ and for the next two weeks, these are not one time criminals. recidivist criminals. many here deported previously. do nothing to help us get them off the street. brian: law enforcement tells us, better for the community if you have the sanctuary cities, because they feel comfortable about telling people in their midst knowing they will not get expelled because they're here illegally too. this is where you'll be. does that work for you? >> that is one of the biggest it's your season, myths. we do target enforcement actions so hurry to bass pro shops and cabela's against criminals. for big savings on the gear you need most times, only way we know about a victim is if that law from top brands. the go hunt sale is going on now. enforcement agency works with us, hey we had victim materially legally, we need them to testify ithere's my career...'s more to me than hiv. in the case. my cause... with can we get the person to and creating my dream home. stay in the country lawfully for i'm a work in progress. at least period going through so much goes into who i am. the criminal justice process? hiv medicine is one part of it. there are visas out there prescription dovato is for adults who are starting available to them. hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either we can do deferred action on certain individuals cooperating of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. with law enforcement. there are myriad ways of doings dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill things to protect the victims.
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4:01 am
steve: unfortunately. ainsley: we will keep you posted on fires. top national security official heads to capitol hill to testify about president trump's call with ukraine. brian: this is going to be interesting. this as house democrats set a vote or impeachment inquiry. that's supposed to take place on thursday. steve: all right. here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... kevin corke is live at the white house with reaction from the president. how can i help? and that's one thing we can a data plan for everyone. count on this president for. everyone? everyone. he always has reaction. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] >> that, indeed he does. good morning, guys. wifi up there? -ahhh. we'll caulk about alexander vinman in a moment. sure, why not? president and white house voicials for that matter says this is about you are how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. fairness. democratfairness house will votn so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. thursday. born out of a faulty beginning. >> so, in a nutshell, a whistleblower wrote a full >> good tuesday morning, narrative of the everyone. nancy pelosi says the house will conversation. now they don't want to talk take that vote this week on a resolution formalizing the about the whistleblower. impeachment inquiry. because they didn't think i what does that mean for both was going to release the parties? plus another witness goes behind closed doors this conversation. morning with democrats.
4:02 am
when i was released the what does his testimony, what is conversation i blew up schiff's act. >> and that's the president it expected to reveal. talking about adam schiff another high level isis target and the very origins of the has been killed. impeachment inquiry. latest on all of that. meanwhile, those comments came ahead of his trip to another big day in chicago yesterday, guys. "america's newsroom." join us live at the top of the so, while the house we hour. ainsley: we'll be watching. thanks, sandra. believe will vote on first he gave us a look at a day thursday we are also looking ahead as i mentioned to the in the life of vice president testimony of alexander pence. then he gave us a tour of the vinman. the colonel plans to testify nation's capitol. to congress that he thinks now the so-called botus earns the president undermined national security when he, quote, pressured ukraine's president to investigate his bunny of the united states, i political enemies. love it is back for christmas. that is something the president denies. that's something the white marlon bund doo is back to tells house has said is patently untrue because you can look at the transcript of the call. the memo of the call and certainly there was no with second lady, karen pence pressure applied there. and author of the book, we do anticipate a fairly busy day here at the white charlotte pence. thank you for being with us. house. the president, we are told, will be on camera a couple congratulations to book number three. >> thanks. ainsley: tell us about it. times. so if he says anything of >> this books was, we came up note we will pass it along. guys back to you. with this idea before the idea steve: this fellow who is going to be testifying today of the last one. in the scif behind closed we wanted it to come out around
4:03 am
doors, that's not the whistleblower. christmastime. ainsley: you said you wanted to that's just somebody who do a christmas book. heard the phone call and was >> we wanted to do a christmas so bothered by it, reported book. we wanted to make a book that it to his boss, general showed what goes on at the council will at the national vice president's residence during christmas. it also helps people to be able to relate to the idea of coming security council twice. >> important point to make. and loved ones during until we hear someone who had direct knowledge of the christmastime. call specifically and point that being more important than to something either in the gifts and giving expensive call that we have seen in a things. ainsley: it is about christmas. memo or something else that it is about hanukkah. something else they can point to specifically, what what is so special about -- this we're really working with is your bunny you got freshman here is someone's opinion of what we have actually read year of college, right? >> yeah. already in the memo that the ainsley: your bunny is white house has released so seven years old, now, doing very interesting how people well. what is so special about marlon will interpret what we have all seen already, guys. bundo? >> i think marlon brings people brian: right. thanks. appreciate it, kevin. together. he is so sweet. so if you look at this lieutenant colonel's throughout the book, charlotte background. he has a purple heart. his famiy has him going to all the different people who work at the vice president's residence, kind of bringing everybody together. young. he tends to feel simpatico he takes little pieces and he comes up with a surprise that he with the ukraine. also, if he has been in that has at the end of the book. position for a while and a and he takes little pieces from the manger scene, something from the, menorah hanukkah, a little
4:04 am
political must how the previous administration handled the conflict with ukraine. when the russians came in and carved up the country bit of honey from the beehive. and took crimea. we responded by giving them he does all the little things, makes something a surprise at mres and sleeping bags. this administration gave the end. them money. what bothered the lieutenant ainsley: all the you willlous colonel reportedly is the operations are your work? july 10th conversation >> had a lot of fun doing between ambassador gordon sondland and july 25th call illustrations. ainsley: what is it like to which we all know has been write a children's book? transcribed. we will see from his point of view. i don't know how much color >> this one like the first one he can add to this sips we and like the last one came out already have the call. that is lot more fun for me i think. when you have those restrictions ainsley: bottom line he heard the call complained to general council and boss and gives you more creative ability said there were some concerns in that call. to have fun wit. so we also got to go around the same transcript that you and i have read. residence and take pictures of everyone has an opinion. either you think the president did quid pro quo marlon in all these spaces. or you don't. most of his base doesn't now we have watercolors that believe there was anything there. that's just how he does match pictures. it is all very real life. business. steve: these comments are ainsley: the illustrations are things that were released to beautiful. what is up, what is up for the the press. next project? his opening statement as has been the case in the past. >> i don't know. we are looking for people to do meanwhile, nancy pelosi made our next project. it clear over the next we have a couple of ideas in couple of days they are going to be writing this mind. and actually, this, you can get bill where they take a vote all three on amazon right now
4:05 am
on this impeachment inquiry. too, if you want to get the and then it looks as if they whole set. will have some sort. we also sid some fun things on ainsley: she says it's not impeachment, right? zazzle where we have little steve: it's not impeachment resolution. brian: right. ornaments and things, like steve: so it will be interesting to see what it wrapping paper that go with the does other than it's going to put all these democrats, book. it is fun. ainsley: that is a great idea. who are in toss-up district wrapping paper for your children at christmas. that is wonderful. on the hook where they are you pick it up today. going to be essentially this special edition sold at walmart. is a proxy vote on donald it starts next week. trump. and next year they're going to have a tough time, it's a congratulations. >> thanks. ainsley: more "fox & friends" moments away. political calculation. ♪. but nancy pelosi, nonetheless, is going full steam ahead. listen. so the whole world looks different. >> ma dam speaker can we have you talk about the the unbeatable strength impeachment resolution. >> it's not impeachment and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? resolution. brian: president due process. she says she is under no obligation to do it. they are going to transfer the evidence acquired behind closed doors adam schiff's committee and transfer it over to jerry nadler's committee the judiciary committee. see where that goes. ainsley: it's all semantics. it's an inquiry. voting for the inquiry. can you imagine all the
4:06 am
campaign ads in those states where it's trump country democrats running that are on the record saying we want impeachment inquiry? steve: they love the fact that they didn't have to vote. now because the republicans have been very effective in saying hey, look, this whole thing and the white house as well, this whole thing is illegitimate. we are not going to cooperate. we are not going to send any of your speakers, any of the witnesses. we're not going to send you documents. now it will be interesting to see what the white house does. but to your point, ainsley, newt gingrich says that that vote for those toss-up congressman, that's going to be trouble. >> does pelosi now take seriously the senate resolution in which case she's going to sit down with kevin mccarthy and they are going to work out what we did in '98 and what the democrats under row dean row d . if they come up on thursday
4:07 am
and same bloody white wash we have seen already with schiff, then it is a joke. it will be of no value. and every democrat who votes for it, i think, will face a real risk back home. when john ratcliffe with question billie taylor had a problem with the phone call as well. evidently that was very telling. keep your eye on judge richard leon he was appointed by george w. bush. he is looking at the case that charles cupperman asked him to. he was a acting national security advisor. and he was told when what's his name was let go he stepped in for a period of time. cupperman -- said we need to you go behind closed doors. the president said no, i don't want you to. he said i'm going to go to a judge and file a lawsuit. here is my lawyer. let the judge decide. if cupperman is told to go. that means if bolton is asked, he would probably go. if mulvaney is asked, he
4:08 am
would probably go. it might be very interesting where this investigation. steve: ultimately this is going to slow it all down. they are going to be going to that particular judge. take a while for him. adam schiff said yesterday we are not willing-to-a lou the white house to engage us in a lengthy game of rope adope in courts. ainsley: we have been talking a lot about the killing of al-baghdadi. we found out this morning the number two guy set to take his place also killed good news because we are trying to eradicate isis. kayla mueller's parents, remember, the killing of >> the book is out now, check baghdadi was named in honor of kayla mueller. there is her precious picture. she was 26 years old. it out. the operation was named in marlon bundo's best christmas honor of her. she was a humanitarian ever. >> more on the "after the show worker. she was standing outside of show" or the radio show. the hospital in aleppo. that's your choice. she was leaving. she is from arizona and they captured her. one second left. took her hostage 18 months and abused her on a regular >> sandra: house dems preparing basis. to take the impeachment investigation public this week as yet another witness goes al-baghdadi himself did. behind closed doors this then she i do dies. morning. parents get a picture of her good tuesday morning, everyone. dead. i'm sandra smith.
4:09 am
confirmed she is dead. they don't know where her >> jon: i'm jon scott in for body is they are saying they hope this will bring closure. they said they cried when bill hemmer. the president mentioned her. another day, another witness. we're learning about a national and they talked with martha last night and this is what security council official who they had to say. >> the reaction to the raised concerns about president trump's phone call with the president speaking kayla's president of ukraine. name was tears for both of >> sandra: we're learning us. speaker pelosi called for an our hope is to seize this moment and this moment is impeachment vote this thursday. the fact that al-baghdadi something republicans were asking for but are now slamming. >> i don't think anything will has been killed. some of his lieutenants have change. frankly, ev been captured. we are hoping that they have the information we have been seeking. that is who killed kayla. where was she killed, and where was she buried? brian: we do know baghdadi was killed in idlib. hot bed of all different islamic extremist groups including al qaeda who would not be a friendly place for al-baghdadi to go. mystery wrapped up in this. keep in mind these parents they went over themselves and met with abu seib's wife
4:10 am
details about the daughter to find out if she is still alive. ainsley: imagine that as a parent. your child says i want to go and volunteer and i want to help in countries that need our assistance. she over there doing a good thing. and, you know, we're all parents. brian: ainsley, they are holding about 10 americans right now. ainsley: i know. steve: her name we have learned in the last 48 hours, you know, and, you know, her family feels like there is a measurement of justice. one other name that is not being released is the name of the hero dog. remember the story was that the special operators announced to baghdadi come out with your hands up. he went in to a dead-end tunnel and that dog, a special operations delta force dog, belgium maluat is the one who will chased him down: baghdadi pressed a
4:11 am
button on suicide vest killing his children. this dog got out. ainsley: recovering returned to duty and back with his or her handler. brian: we have declassified a picture of this wonderful dog who did such wonderful job capturing and killing the leader of isis, abu al-baghdadi. ainsley: that dog sacrificed so much. our animals are so cute to go in and take down this isis leader who did those terrible t others. steve: zero bark 30. ainsley: they are the best. steve: it is 7:11 in new york city and carley joins us with a fox news alert. carley: that's where we are going to begin right here. breaking overnight brand new video showing protesters starting massive fires in the streets of iraq. comes after a group of masked gunmen stormed a demonstration killing 18 protesters and hurting hundreds of others. it's unclear who is behind the attack. it's the fifth consecutive day of demonstrations iraqis
4:12 am
rally against government corruption. also breaking right now. fierce winds are fueling more than a dozen wildfires across california. forcing thousands to evacuate. have any smelled smoke. that woke me up. i went out and saw the whole sky lit up right red. carley: fires not enough take a look at wind tornado combings close to wildfires battling king indicate flier is now twiz the size of san francisco. officials kay is could kin to wood burning for weeks. a second democratic aid to maggie hoffman is sentenced in the justice brett kavanaugh doxxing case. samantha davis will spend two years on probation and must perform 200 hours of service. she admits to giving a former aid access to hoffman's office so hack into a computer and post
4:13 am
personal information of senators who supported justice kavanaugh. davis was fired after cap tall police descroferred her dir involvement. erase a 14-point deficit to down the miami dolphins. >> second down and nine. rudolph inside the -- oh, what an effort. shuster, how about it. >> scoring 27 unanswered points. pittsburgh beats the still winless dolphins 27-146789 they thought they had it. >> don't worry dolphins fans, the jets are next. you never know. ainsley: there's always a chance. steve: always is meanwhile, a federal judge partially reversing his own ruling from during the summer allowing a covington, kentucky catholic school student to sue "the washington post." his attorneys calling it a
4:14 am
major win. one of the attorneys joins ainsley next. ♪ ♪ orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world,
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4:18 am
partially reversing his own ruling, allowing a cognitiveton catholic school student to proceed with $250 million defamation lawsuit against "the washington post." you'll remember nicholas sandmann, the one in the red hat right there was sued over its depiction of a viral encounter with d.c. protester earlier this year. and the attorneys are calling this a major win for the teenager. one of them tom joins us now with reaction. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. okay. so we are readings this news this morning. this is big for you guys. why the same judge dismissed the case in july. why the change of heart? >> when the case was initially dismissed, the judge, we had not provided the judge all of the video evidence that showed what nathan phillips had done on the mall that day. when we read the judge's initial opinion dismissing the case we then asked him for permission to present additional video evidence which we believe shows
4:19 am
nathan phillips presented a false narrative when he described what happened. the judge was persuaded by the additional video evidence that we provided. ainsley: nathan phillips told him one thing but the video showed something differently? >> yeah. that's exactly right. the initial kind of unedited unsourced viral video that the post linked to its articles just showed a snippet of what happened. we later provided the judge with the longer videos which showed that nathan phillips weighed intwaded into the crowdd that he confronted nicholas sandmann on the mall. he did nothing other than sit still. not engage with from phillips and leave when the other kids left for the buses. >> i knowed you told our producers this bodes well for msnbc case and case against ntsb. that's a lot of the money. $250 million. i understand that his reputation is at risk here. but, do you think you will get that amount of money or are you hoping for a settlement? what exactly do you want
4:20 am
here? >> well, i mean, certainly, we're not hoping for seattlement. what we are doing is going to present our case very aggressively against all of the defendants whom we have sued. and the idea being to help nicholas repair his reputation. so when you talk about the case being worth millions of dollars. think about how much money was spent or the equivalent value of spending that much money to defame nicholas sandmann. so when you have the full weight of "the washington post" and other news sources all out against the young man like that. what's the value of undoing all of that? that's how we get to those large numbers. ainsley: i understand that. todd, keep us posted. what happens next? >> well, we have a hearing with the judge on december 3rd in his courtroom to go over scheduling for this case. and the judge has asked the attorneys to present their view on a number of issues, including things like joining all of the defendants in one case. and we will talk about that on december 3rd. ainsley: how is he doing? because he is a young man.
4:21 am
>> well, nicholas is a senior in high school now. he is 17 years old. he's from a great family. he's doing well. but he is not able, without the benefit of these lawsuits, to undo the damage to his reputation. ainsley: okay. thank you for being with us. we wish you the best, todd. we did reach out to the "the washington post." >> you are welcome. thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. we did reach out to the "the washington post" and they said no comment. it is one of the most iconic movies from the 90's. >> i'm captain of disaster relief. >> i don't think they need your skis. ainsley: thought "new york times" says blame clueless for trump. a reality check from michael loftus coming up. ♪
4:22 am
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ainsley: this is a fox news alert. thousands of people forced to evacuate. look at this video. fierce winds fuel more than a dozen wildfires across california. steve: that is unbelievable. the kincade fire up north swelling to twice the size of the city of san francisco. brian: claudia cowan is following all of the late breaking developments live incident commands center in santa rosa. claudia, what's today look like? >> >> well, some hopeful news, brian. firefighters have managed to finally get some line around this stubborn blaze. they now have it 15% contained and hope to boost that containment number even more today. they say fire conditions have shifted in their favor. >> more of a fuel -- fuel fire, fuel driven fire instead of a wind driven fire.
4:26 am
so, guys actually have been able to get a little aggressive and get ahead of it. so, that has been an advantage. >> the kincade fire has burned more 74,000 acres as well as 57 homes. and several vineyards and wineries. it still threatens 90,000 other homes and businesses. while some evacuation orders have been lifted, more than 150,000 people have r. still out of their homes. in los angeles, the 600 eric getty fire near brentwood is just 5% contained. schools there are closed and up and down the state crews are bracing for extremely dangerous fire conditions with gusts of up to 70 miles per hour. the fear, of course, is that santa ana winds in the south and diablo winds around the bay area will spread hot embers and is that correct new fires. to reduce the risk of fires caused by downed or damaged power lines, pacific gas and electric is calling for more planned outages impacting a million and a half customers. for some it will be their
4:27 am
fourth rolling blackout this month and patience with the state's largest utility is starting to wear thin. but before those winds kick up again tonight, these firefighters have a very small window of opportunity to make some much needed progress. it will be a very critical day on the front lines. back to you guys in new york. brian: all right, claudia, we will watch that as the whole country watch that as michael loftus watch that your family is back there founder of the loftus party a resident from about 10 mil>> they are right up the hill. me and my family we're just east of the 405 so today. brian: does this feel different? >> it does because fire a couple years ago up close to the getty center and, you know, you got your gear ready to go. we have a generator. but we are ready for earthquakes and the whole thing. i'm from ohio, so i never
4:28 am
really went with the whole earthquake thing. i'm terrified. brian: problem. >> i'm wearing pajamas every night in case i have to go. i learned that lesson the hard way. ainsley: are your friends dealing with this. >> i have friends taking precaution just to get out just in case. and it's the winds, those embers just go and they carry for miles and miles. brian: i was there in '92. all my stuff burned. and i remember just walking up to the fire department and say where are you? they said yeah, that whole block is gone. just like that it's done. ainsley: you lost everything? >> that gives me hope today. thank you, brian, for being there. brian: these a great point. you are a comedian yet this is real life. what's funny about this? >> not a lot. not a lot. other than it's like that classic irish joke you know you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans. and ironically i'm in the middle of a move out here. so. brian: going to start writing for another series, right? >> yeah. i was hoping i could bunk in
4:29 am
your basement. brian: probably not. steve: michael, let's talk about this. thank you for talking about the wildfires. we booked you to talk about this "new york times" op-ed where the headline was "clueless and saved by the bell" is how we got president trump. in the article it says in the 1990s, activism, particularly student activism stigmatized as tedious, silly, self-important, and most damningly ineffect actual. watch a little clip from clueless. >> what class are you going to? >> actually i'm going to a tree people meeting. we might get marky mark to plant a celebrity tree. >> how fabulous. steve: what do you think of this? >> i think it's dead on. first of all, clueless is a great movie. and if it did give us donald trump, i'm hoping for a clueless 2 in 2020. [laughter] but it's making fun of self-important people
4:30 am
hilarious part of somebody writing a op-ed about it. that's exactly the kind of thing we are making fun of. steve: saved by the bell gave us donald trump? >> well, in a way metaphorically weren't we all saved by the bell? didn't donald trump save america just in the nick of time? brian: that's where we first met mario lopez. we will always remember that set. >> i want to talk about what other shows gave us other political candidates. like weekend with bernie gave us hillary. you know, like carrying around a dead idea trying to pretend. brian: coming back again. >> gilligan's island is aoc and bernie sanders. bernie sanders is the skipper around she is his little buddy eating out of coconuts we only have 10 years left. brian: even though the howells had all the money we treated them same. socialism on the island and no one gets off. >> thank you for making my bit funnier. brian: you owe me. steve: check out the loftus party.
4:31 am
>> the loftus constant updates throughout the day. brian: sorry by taking you down by talking about your life. >> it's wonderful. i have had three hours of sleep. i'm a little worried and i still manage to find time to make you look good. brian: right. which is not easy. but we are pulling for you and your family and all your neighbors. >> thanks. i think it's going to be okay. steve: we are worried about everythings going on out there. thank you, michael. nancy pelosi says she is making moves on impeachment. there is going to be a vote on thursday. what does jim jordan think about it you are going to want to hear him. he is next. brian: he's not clueless. they'rg to be competitive in the workforce that's waiting for them. since verizon innovative learning, students have hardware, connectivity, and quality curriculum. the jobs of tomorrow will involve technology. now students are truly hopeful for what they may achieve.
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4:35 am
questions and the president can't get represented. and we don't get transcripts. after thursday's vote, what changes? >> well, i don't think anything. and to your list, brian, it's also all done in secret in a bunker in the basement of the capital. so i don't think anything is going to change. and frankly, even if they tried to change something to give a little bit of due process, we are all still going to vote against this because this is such a sham and been such a sham from the beginning. so, yeah, i don't think -- and you can't undo what they have already done. we have had these 8 depositions now. they have been leaking selective parts of it. basic due any so, you can't undo what they have done. i think this is just one more kind of make it up as exam. and it's all been done in secret with these secret leaks. so it's a continuation of the -- they are going to dress it up a little bit. ainsley: go on the record. she is calling it a formalized impeachment inquiry. it establishes procedure and
4:36 am
affirms investigations. >> yeah. i think the reason she is going to have this vote because the american people understand it is sham. they understand it isn't fair. the idea that the president doesn't get counsel in the room. the people from the state department don't get agency counsel. we can't see the transcript unless we make a special appointment and some democrats in the room as you are reviewing the transcript. and they get to selectively leak things because we follow the rules and they don't. this is all a ridiculous unfair and partisan process. and the american people see through it. so i think the speaker is going to try to dress it up a little bit. put a little lipstick on the pig as they say and interest this vote on thursday. it's not going to change anything. i think you will see every single republican vote against it. steve: this is vindication. they saying legitimate we need to have the vote on it. with the vote, that's going to put some of your colleagues across the aisle in the hot seat because they, essentially, will have
4:37 am
to go on the record with this proxy vote about trump and impeachment and next november that might not be good for them. >> yeah. think about next november. these 31 democrats in congressional seats that president trump won in 2016. if they vote for this next fall, less than 13 months from now, people are going to walk in the voting booth, vote for president trump and then the next decision they have to make is who do i want to support for congress? and they will be thinking i do really want to vote for the person who just voted to impeach the president of the united states 13 months before an election based on some anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand knowledge who had a bias against the president and worked with joe biden? i think they are going to think long and hard about that. we will see. they are so far down this road. i assume the democrats are going to vote for this and continue this, again, this unfair and partisan process. brian: the "wall street journal" says this vote shows that the critics of the process are vindicated. because now it looks like the president could be getting due process but you are not optimistic. so what's going to be happening today?
4:38 am
lieutenant colonel alexander vinman is going to be coming forward. he's a member of the national security council. and he was director for european affairs. and he is upset by two separate incidents which he complained about, one in early july and the call on july 25th. from his prepared statements, what should we know from it? >> well, again, remember, we have now heard from eight witnesses. lieutenant colonel vinman will come in today. none of them have changed the fundamental facts. the fundamental facts have always been there we have seen the call transcript. no conditions placed in the call between president trump and president zelensky. no quid pro quo. the two people on the call namely president trump and president zelensky have said no pressure no, pushing whatsoever. the ukrainians didn't even know aid was withheld at the time of the call. the ukrainians did nothing to get the aid turned back on. namely, they didn't -- president zelensky didn't do a statement saying he was going to do certain things. they didn't start investigations to get the
4:39 am
aid turned back on. the aid was turned back on because the united states senatorsy telling the president let's turn the aid back on and do. this nothings that changed the fundamental facts. the one thing that is clear, the one thing that is clear is this is based on some anonymous whistleblower. and there are 435 members of congress and only one member knows who that whistleblower is. and just as importantly, who the people are who formed the basis of that whistleblower's complaint. these handful of people that the whistleblower identified in his complaint. that individual is adam schiff. how is that fair? that only adam schiff know how this whole thing started. and the other members of congress don't know that. this is something we need to get to the bottom of and know how this whole thing started and why adam schiff is the only one who has that information. steve: that's one of the reasons why the president says adam schiff should be impeached. ainsley: his tweet last night. steve: jim jordan joining you from statuary hall from the heart of the u.s.
4:40 am
capitol. thank you for joining us live. ainsley: thank you, congressman. >> you bet. thank you. brian: every day is more unprecedented unplowed ground. it is crazy. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. carley shimkus is in place to give us the news. carley: we have update on gender reveal party tragedy in iowa. we now know a grandmother was killed by a pipe bomb at the gender reveal party. pamela cryer, the party was held for her son and his pregnant girlfriend. the device was supposed to shoot colored powder into the air to reveal if they were having a boy or a girl. unfortunate situation there a desperate manhunt underway for a convicted rapist and child molester released from prison by mistake. tony mendez had been serving a life sentence for sexual assault when he was suddenly let free on friday. corrections officials in georgia are investigating how that happened: and check your medicine cabinet. there is nationwide recall on xanax. it affects pills with this
4:41 am
label. a generic form of the drug sold between july and august. the company that makes the antianxiety drug says the foreign substance may have gotten into the mix. so far there are no reports of anyone getting sick. and when he is not breaking bread, this talented priest is breaking it down. [cheers] carley: well that is ferry card dough acting as a dance captain for this group of cheerleaders the homecoming pep rally happening at a high school where he works in fort lauderdale, florida. the video very appropriately going viral online. how cool is he? steve: ferry card dough has some moves. carley: very talented guy. yeah, man. steve: the spirit moves him. all right. thanks, carley. carley: the media is making
4:42 am
america's win on terror all about politics. >> donald trump has set the fight against isis back significantly. >> also the kind of things that americans expect accomplish. steve: mollie hemingway is here for those in the media. mollie hemmingway is next on "fox & friends" ♪
4:43 am
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4:45 am
brian: all right. president trump u.s. mission killed isis leader al-baghdadi. many in the media making this win over terror political. >> strategically, donald trump has set the fight against isis back significantly. >> this is also the kind of thing that americans expect presidents to accomplish. >> president seemed very reluctant to credit the kurds while he was at the
4:46 am
same time bending over backwards to thank putin. brian: really? the next guest breaking down the real reason to believe why the media is freaking out over trump's successful mission in a new op-ed. here with more is senior editor at "the federalist," co-author of "justice on trial" and fox news contributor, she has a lot of jobs, mollie hemingway. are you surprised, taken aback by the lack of respect the president got with this operation? >> right. if you are wondering how far the media can go in their hostility toward the president, sunday was a really good indication. they generally don't like to give him any favorable coverage. you think maybe when we are killing al-baghdadi. maybe then he will get a good day of media coverage. yet, he didn't. you could tell that the sunday shows were upset that they had to talk about it. you saw some really outrageous behavior from "the washington post and other magazines or other news publications that were just critical and nitpicking every little thing and unwilling to just acknowledge this was a good day for america. brian: so, here's the thing, al-baghdadi, "the washington post" headline. original one.
4:47 am
al-baghdadi islamic state terrorist in chief dies at 48. quickly changed to baghdadi as all-star religious scholar at the helm of islamic state dies at 48. last one is baghdadi extremist leader of islamic state dies at 48. this was "the washington post." >> it wasn't just the headline. the entire sarl was very gentle towards this man who was a serial rapist. general seattle seidel murderer. somebody who had killed some americans and other people who opposed his political and religious agenda. it is not necessary that you do this type of coverage. and, yet, they weren't the only ones who did it. there were other people as well. brian: other thing is i have have to give nate silver credit. somebody hardly pro-trump. how many libs can permit trump to have one good day? >> it makes sense. this is a good day for president trump. it can help him in his re-election when he points to all what should have been favorable news coverage.
4:48 am
it also refutes or complicates the narrative that people were setting about the syrian policy of withdrawing troops. we'llizeing that we can go after isis even with that withdrawal. really made a lot of people look foolish for apocalyptic pringszs. also hurts impeachment efforts which is what they really want to do. brian: and get back to as soon as thursday. mollie, the other thing, i didn't think it would be controversial. the still pictures of the situation room and they quickly comparing the way the obama administration looked at the time in the "new york times" as opposed to the way the trump administration picture that was released. i mean, the side by side and the drilling down on this, you think, is significant. and the way the play-by play of a still picture that the "new york times" went through. >> photographic analysis is interesting. what was really funny about this piece at the "new york times" did was there -- worked so hard to try to make what is a good photograph of the president and his team look somehow nefarious. they conceded he looked more presidential in his suit than president obama did in his golf clothes. but they attribute that to a
4:49 am
staged craft or intentional manipulation by the president. it was -- it really just speaks to how much the media are struggling with this news story. they do not want to give the president his due. they don't want to give the trump administration credit for a big day. and, it's silly, they could have just covered him honestly once or covered him fairly once, it would give them more credibility going forward. they are unwilling to do that. brian: when you are critical, it matters more if you are at times fair and complimentary. then all of a sudden the critiques make sense. >> right. brian: or have some relevancy. they talk about the president wearing a tie. coming off the golf course like president obama. staying in the middle of the room. president obama going to the side of the room and being in the background. others not wearing a tie in a situation room. others looking straight ahead. others looking at a screen. why was it necessary to drill down like. this not that these differences aren't interesting or whatnot or that you can't analyze this. but there is no need to be negative about either of these photos. they both show good things
4:50 am
about the presidents who oversaw these important operations. brian: terrible, bloodthirsty killer is no longer on the planet. >> which is something that we would hope all americans would be happy about. brian: mollie, thanks so much. great to see new person. meanwhile, straight ahead, joe biden just dissed by a catholic priest. the holy grail of insults coming our direction ♪ blinded by the light ♪ ♪ people, our sales now apply to only 10 frames. a new low. at visionworks, our sales are good on over 500 frames. why are you so weird? for a limited time, get two complete pairs for $49. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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