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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 31, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and kicking. there's a story behind these earrings. i'm not telling it. the entire walking nationals and houston astros can eat this cake. we have more shows coming in a lot more work to do. it has been a lot of fun. we have us all celebrating tonight. thanks for making this a possible. if not for you we would not be doing it, we annoy all the right people every night, you know who you are. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it from here. shannon: happy to share it with you and we thank everyone supporting us for two years. we begin with a fox news alert. we take you inside the special forces raid the killed world's most wanted terrorist minute by minute. tonight the head of us central command, they will try to retaliate for the killing of their leader.
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democrats are moving toward public hearings while calling for more closed-door proceedings today. republicans say the resolution doesn't provide due process, they are calling a total sham. we will put out the facts and ebay. former president obama gets unlikely advice to activist having to do with the, quote, politically woke. you might be surprised. we begin with jillian turner and stunning footage from the raid just-released. >> reporter: we are getting a new key detail about the raid in syria the killed isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. the pentagon to classifying intelligence in an effort to make the operation more transparent. first that we are losing they weren't sure baghdadi would end up dead or alive.
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>> the assault was designed to capture or kill. the team returned to a staging base. >> reporter: the first he classified images of the special operations forces raid in which he died by detonating a suicide vest. the pentagon confirming for the first time the raid was staged from inside syria. helicopters using an unknown location in the hours leading up to the mission. this video shows army special operators approaching the compound from two sides and this shows close air support against isis fighters trying to engage the american forces. the pentagon even releasing video that shows the moment the compound where he was hiding blue up. in the aftermath of it burning in the night. the commander of centcom says every aspect of the raid was planned in minute detail. >> the plan was significantly more complex than that and designed to avoid detection by isis. >> they confirmed there were 11
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children at the compound and that he killed two of the when he detonated his first. something that didn't come as a surprise. >> despite the violent nature of the raid and the high-profile nature of this assault every effort was made to avoid civilian casualties and to protect the children we suspected would be at the compound. >> reporter: the pentagon is disclosing they reached out to russia and turkey in advance of this operation owners who, they say conflict to presence on the ground and avoid logistical complications. this fact is going to get a lot of scrutiny in the hours and days ahead. shannon: thank you. turning to the latest in the impeachment inquiry on donald trump tonight, late tonight three new deposition notices were sent, 12 former national security adviser john bolton,
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the other's 2 attorneys on the national security council, bolton's attorney saying unless he is subpoenaed. two state of artificial selling lawmakers donald trump had what they viewed as a dark view of ukraine. opening statement obtained by fox news say, quote, throughout both i heard directly and indirectly donald trump described ukraine as a corrupt country. another state of artificial saying former national security adviser john bolton warned diplomats about rudy giuliani. christopher anderson's opening statement reads bolton stated he agreed with our 3 lines of efforts and support increased senior white house engagement. however he cautioned rudy giuliani was a key voice on ukraine which could be an obstacle to increase white house engagement. impeachment inquiry spelling over into the senate at a confirmation hearing for the next ambassador to russia. democrats grilling john sullivan over donald trump's phone call with his ukrainian counterpart. sullivan testifying that he was aware of the, quote, smear
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campaign against the former us ambassador to ukraine believing giuliani was involved. giuliani not taking that line down responding via twitter saying this. the ambassador nominee doesn't know what he is talking about an shouldn't be in correctly speculating. this is an attempt a orchestrated attempt to harass me in my role as donald trump's attorney. all the information i obtained came from interviews conducted is private defense counsel to defend him against false allegations which i began obtaining this information when mueller was still investigating his witchhunt and 5 months before biden even announced his run for president. it won't work with we are just hours away from the first impeachment related vote on the house floor, the two sides do not agree at all what it really means. senior capitol hill producer chad program here to tell us more. >> reporter: debate on this resolution shortly after 9:00 eastern, the vote should come at 10:45 or 11:00 in the morning.
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it is not a resolution to impeach, this resolution just codifies the impeachment process and opens the door to hearings next month. we are not expecting any republican millets. steve scalise council republicans against voting yes. republicans believe a vote against the resolution helps them mount a united front and build credibility with conservatives who don't think republicans are doing enough to defend the president. there are 432 members of the house right now, the resolution needs 217 to pass. >> this is what liberal democrats have been calling for. across the spectrum. >> alexandria ocasio cortez, i talked with the congresswoman along with another reporter and she was asked about the timing of this vote. >> it is very spooky to some people in the white house. if you read the resolution it provides a path forward. it states what is happening and what is going to happen and helps people understand the current and next steps.
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that is a clarifying vote, a good one. >> reporter: liberals like this measure but it is a risk for moderate democrats from swing districts, we are expecting 220 hard vas, 5 vulnerable democrats of not announced the resolution on a position. more freshmen in districts donald trump won in 2016. anthony in new york, jared golden of maine, jeff van brewer of new jersey and colin peterson of minnesota. donald trump won peterson's district by 31 points. i asked peterson how he would vote tomorrow and he replied i will figure out. republicans are ready to weapon eyes this vote against vulnerable democrats. >> some conservatives accusing republicans of not doing enough to defend the president.
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>> reporter: this is why matt gates file an ethics complaint against house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. i brought the house rulebook, gates accuses adam schiff of violating bull 23 that deals with the courtroom. aids believe he decided the house when he delivered a theatrical interpretation to the president's call to the president of ukraine. gates believes ran afoul of house rule 11 specifically 2 g 2 c. republicans barged into a secure area of the house intelligence committee. gates says they shouldn't have been kicked out without a vote by the full house. rule 23 in the weeds here says that pertains to open hearings, not closed-door depositions, the rule may not apply in this case but focusing on schiff is a way republicans like matt gates attack the messenger. >> i put your knowledge of the rules against anyone else. >> i live with this. shannon: you know all the ins and outs and we will keep you updated as this plays out on capitol hill. breaking tonight from the
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washington post after army colonel heard the call with the ukrainian leader he reportedly told the white house aide the posters saying that aid moved to the transcript to a highly classified server. the new york times says he was able to make some edits to the transcript which is now public. marshall blackburn sits on the senate judiciary committee and maybe a juror in a trial. great to have you with us. >> congratulations. we love having you back with us and hope it will continue. the folks in the house will have this vote tomorrow morning about what it is. house rules committee chair says the process determining this will be open to public view just as it should be, as much of this president wants the constitution we are going to protect it.
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critics say that and they do process protections. >> what they are pointing to is the process the house is followed previously for impeachment and as we heard from members of the house, republican members of the house they have no right into this resolution that is going to come forward to call witnesses, to question witnesses, to have their say in this matter, the president has no access to do process so this is why so many are saying that, all they are doing, they have been conducting a kangaroo court, they are just going to say we can continue to go forward, have this kangaroo court, say we can do things in public but we want more closed-door hearing so basically they are saying if we want to do public hearings we can to public hearings but if we want to do private hearings we can do private hearings and here are
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three more hearings we want to do in secret so take it from there, they are just trying to take this vote because they can't so much flak for doing this kangaroo course in adam schiff's basement and people not being able to have visibility into their calling, what those witnesses are saying being able to question those witnesses. shannon: the senate under senator graham who is chairman of the senate judiciary committee put together this measure disapproving what is going on in the house and he has everybody to sign on from the gop but not these 3 senators, collins, murkowski and romney. they are not getting into this. senator murkowski saying as awful as the process is the formal impeachment inquiry lies in the house, not the senator's role to dictate to the house how to determine their own rules so why float is measured? >> we felt like this was important to say to the house what you are doing isn't a formal articles of impeachment. it is not a formal inquiry and
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what we are called on to do if the house conducts impeachment, carries out formal articles of impeachment and delivers that to us then we take it up. at this point it is still an illegitimate inquiry in the house. we will see what they do tomorrow, if they ever take a vote on articles of impeachment and if they ever send it to the senate and that is a couple steps. >> this is on another network. in and was talking about if there were a secret vote. >> you and i both know they can take a secret ballot. i guarantee you would be 98-to
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vote. republicans don't want him there. they just leader cover had as each day goes on make a little more air cover. >> 98 to 2. >> i have no idea who that individual is or where they are getting their information. i do now donald trump will be elected as -- reelected as president of the united states. when you get out in the heartland and talk to tennesseans they are so happy the economy is going great. we are dealing with issues on the wall, we're dealing with the opioid crisis. he these are the issues they want us to deal with and they are very pleased with donald trump and mike pence. they are going to be reelected. shannon: we will not put senator blackburn down as 98. the story grabbing the headlines from the campaign trail today doesn't involve democrats who are currently running for president. it is about a former president sharing unexpected advice for the left. trace gallagher has more for us. >> the comments came during the annual summit for the obamas
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nonprofit foundation, the former president criticize the so-called canceled culture, lashing out on social media against those with whom you disagree. >> the i of purity and never compromise and always politically -- all that stuff, you should get over that. if i two or hashtag about how you didn't do something right, because i called you out, that is not activism. that is not bringing about change. >> he went on to urge people to be more compromising and accepting because, quote, there are ambiguities in people who do really good stuff have flaws. michelle obama also weighed in on the political divide recalling how when she was a child and her family moved to the south side of chicago, white folks moved out. >> i want to remind white folks that you were running from us.
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this family, the family with all the values you read about, you were running from us and you are still running. >> meaning whites are still running from immigrant families which is a day get donald trump's goal of limiting illegal immigration although some believe former president obama may have been directing his message at the 2020 democratic presidential candidates, one of whom, kamala harris, is restructuring her campaign by cutting staff and limiting resources on iowa and south carolina. in recent months harrises struggled to regain traction. fox news poll of national democratic primary voters have her polling in fourth place at 5%. 27 points behind joe biden. plenty of winning campaigns have had to make tough choices. pete buttigieg has filed to get onto the primary ballot making him the first of the major
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candidates to do so. >> they have a preferred candidate they are keeping options open and that is a clear space for us. >> reporter: asked where he needs to finish mayor pete said too early to set the goalposts. senator elizabeth warren in the hot seat over the cost of medicare for all proposal. she was asked about medicare for all would cost 2 million american jobs. >> mostly administrative positions insuring doctors offices and said politicians who want to move toward the system of medicare for all have to think about what equipment just transition would look like. what would that look like for you? >> i agree, this is part of the cost issue.
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and should be part of a cost plan. >> the new york times recently ran an op-ed opining that, quote, medicare for all could kill 2 million jobs and that's okay. the point of the healthcare system is to fix healthcare, not the economy. they are calling it chump -- trump judicial nominee a racist, bigoted hollow foam. we will talk about claims and counterclaims next. dinner's almost ready. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with our renters insurance. yeah, switching and saving was really easy! drink it all up. good! could have used a little salt. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be.
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♪ >> shannon: president trump's judicial nominee is no stranger to brutal confirmation hearings, and today was no exception. >> donald trump's judicial nominees are no strangers to brutal confirmation hearings and today was no exception was a nominee for the ninth circuit court of appeals breaking down in tears defending himself, put together by someone who donated to his former political opponent.
12:22 am
here is more on the emotional testimony. >> reporter: a number of claims the nominees responding to after this american bar association told the senate judiciary committee in its view he is not qualified for the federal bench. in a listerine letter to lawmakers the american bar association described lawrence van dyck is arrogant, lazy, an ideologue and lacking in knowledge of the day-to-day practice including procedural rules. beyond that, several of the 60 people interviewed who previously worked with van dyck faced concerns he would not be fair to members of the lgbt q community and in an interview van dyck himself wouldn't say otherwise. >> the aba call you a homophobic bigot. >> reporter: the nominee emotionally disputed those accusations. >> i was going to not say that. i do not believe that. it is a fundamental belief that all people are created in the image of god, they should all be treated with dignity and respect. >> reporter: bandai, a former
12:23 am
solicitor general in montana now works for the doj claims he wasn't given a chance to respond to the allegations during the interview because the person conducting it said she was in a hurry and they were running out of time. for decades the american bar association has evaluated all federal judicial nominees but today several republicans blasted the organization's oppose nonpartisan analysis pointing out the person who conducted the interview previously donated to a candidate running against van dyck for a seat in 2014. >> it is a shameful exercise in political bias. >> reporter: several democrats on the committee depending the evaluation. >> what we do have here is some pretty serious concerns and to just laugh them off i don't think is appropriate. >> the backdrop for all this is the record-breaking effort by the president and senate republicans to reshape the judicial branch for years to come by aggressively filling
12:24 am
vacancies across the country with conservative judges. so far more than 160 nominees have been confirmed, more than any other president of the first term. >> reporter: last beyond any president's legacy for decades. thank you for getting us up to date. conservatives tonight say time for the left-leaning aba to get out of the business of reading judicial nominees. officials call their assessments fair and neutral. let's turn to the spokesman for hillary clinton's presidential campaign and fox news contributor guy benson. you heard garrett's report. i want to read something from the senior legislative counsel about this nominee, lawrence van dyck is not the victim. the victims are the millions of lgbt q people who shed tears over injustices we have endured. lawrence and icaps record on lgbt q right speaks for itself and that with the rest of his record is disqualifying. >> you have a few issues here if
12:25 am
you are the trump administration or this nominee, the fact the person who do the review donated to his past political opponents is clearly a conflict of interest that shouldn't be allowed to happen and it looks quite suspicious that the aba would come forward and describe this person is not qualified when you just read through his resume, he strikes me as someone, magnetic a lot of from law school, editor of the harvard law review, appellate lawyer at several levels, very successful and as we heard in the report from garrett in a few different states as solicitor general, on its surface very obviously eminently qualified. if there are legitimate questions whether he would treat everyone fairly under the law we should get specifics, not vague concerns. daymac one of the things his critics pointed out as he signed up to a brief in favor of the defense of marriage act in
12:26 am
states, laws that were backing traditional marriage but you got to remember not that long ago president clinton signed into law, something harry reid, joe biden when he was a senator, a number of democrats voted for this but now folks are pointing to his defense of that saying he is disqualified and can't treat people fairly. he said i know what the supreme court has ruled and i will respect precedent. >> the factors and like has repeatedly argued against gay rights throughout his career. he has been against marriage on several occasions, he argued same-sex marriage would be bad for children, for families, he has worked with an extremist group the defendant laws that would force trans people to be castrated, not castrated but event them from ever having kids. he is extreme, never backs off of these positions. we are not just looking at the interviews of people he worked with him. those are important but read his writings, people who do this
12:27 am
research read what he said, has edited. spare me the crocodile tears. daymac i want you to weigh in on a statement by former president obama that we have to get over being so politically broken on the purity test, you will not advance anything by doing things that way, demanding certain allegiances. what they are progressive for left, you cancel them. >> i applaud president obama. glad he said it. he is right. some of the stuff he has said in the past on this, he is saying something important and the fact that it is coming from him really matters. >> this is what he has been saying his entire career, 90% among democrats, he always tried to bring people together and is making a point to kids who want to get engaged in civic service
12:28 am
that to make progress it doesn't happen overnight. you have to work with people and no one is perfect. that is a message he brought to the presidency. daymac we will see if it was aimed at anybody in the 2020 field on the democratic side. thank you both very much, good to see you. the state of california on high alert, new blazes erupting tonight even putting the ronald reagan presidential library in imminent danger. we will take you there next. (engines rev) the only thing better than horsepower... more horsepower. (engines rev) if we were for everyone, we'd be for no one. with dodge power dollars, more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye.
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♪ >> shannon: wildfires fueled by gusty winds like in california in both the north and >> wildfires fueled by gusty windss blanketing california in the north and south on high alert tonight is the so-called easy fires threatening thousands of homes, horse ranges and even the ronald reagan presidential library at one point today. the threat continues tonight. >> reporter: we are only a mile from the library but the good news is what you don't see which is a wall of flames, you have
12:33 am
hotspots behind me but when you consider conditions around california am a 50 mile an hour winds san francisco to la sustained at times, humidity under 10% it is amazing. consider the easy fire, one structure damaged, no fatalities, no homes destroyed and they saved the reagan library. he jumped the freeway but that was knocked down and considering the conditions, 1600 acres is pretty small. hand crews were here to knock down the small fires, bulldozers have live containment lines that could creep beyond that. that is good news from the fire chief tonight. >> to give us that containment, we have got resources, a hose line around most of the fire. that is what we call it contained but it is not under control yet.
12:34 am
>> another fire east of la to evacuate patients from a nursing home, 300,000 without power but it is and has confirmed this fire likely started near transmission line and they took responsibility the woolsey fire, one of the worst in state history and basically we had wind knocked down a tree branch which snapped a power line and caused that. is the conditions around the state, a fire that is 45% contain, they turned the corner, the getty fire, almost all of that, we are not out of the woods yet, we still have high winds until 6:00 tomorrow, 26 million residents still under
12:35 am
the red flag warning. we are not over yet but it is looking good considering how bad it could have been. daymac and complicating everything. thanks for the live report on the scene. former new york city medical examiner tells fox news exclusively the wealthy financier and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein autopsy is more consistent he thinks with a homicide been a suicide. is that has been ruled a suicide but his brother hired his own pathologist was the one speaking out today. brian is putting conflicting reports into perspective tonight. >> new never before seen photos of jeffrey epstein's autopsy showed 3 fractures in his neck that doctor michael baden says is physical evidence proving the disgraced financier did not die of suicide by hanging but instead was murdered in his jail cell. >> i spoke with the medical examiner and noticed with her there was some unusual injuries where a person who was described as having committed suicide by
12:36 am
hanging. >> a fox news contributor was hired by epstein's brother mark to observe the autopsy. he says hemorrhaging next to his eyes and face and the mark around the middle of his neck point to strangulation. is calling for more testing. >> most of the information came through like breaches in security, left alone for 3 hours, (8 anyone to come into his cell, had to be explained and investigated. >> doctor von and helped in several high-profile cases including the kennedy assassination in the o.j. simpson trial and was also the chief medical examiner in new york city. other pathologists are skeptical. >> such high-profile investigations, it is politically charged, there are different agendas.
12:37 am
take it a step at a time. >> there is also millions of dollars potentially at stake. if epstein lawyers can make the case he died in a homicide. new york city's chief medical examiner doctor barbara sampson said she stands by her findings that epstein died of a suicide and she said there is no reason for a second medical investigation. >> thank you very much. i democrats overplaying their hand on impeachment? rush limbaugh ways and next. jack dorsey announced today twitter will no longer allow any political ads on its platform, that tops the real news roundup. as the 2020 election season heats up twitter announces getting political messages must be earned the organic way and not bought. the trump 2020 campaign voicing his disapproval calling the move a, quote, very dumb decision for their stockholders. the policy comes on the heels of facebook exempting ads from fact checking in the name of free speech. mark zuckerberg saying he doesn't think private companies should censor public figures.
12:38 am
democrats up in arms about that plan, mark warner saying zuckerberg's system is not thought through and hillary clinton tweeting the policy harms democracy, quote, a world where up and down and down is up is a world where democracy can't thrive. elizabeth warren promising to crack down on school choice, banning for profit charter schools and resisting efforts to divert public funds of traditional public schools even though she reportedly one sent her own son to a private school in texas in the 80s. there is a democratic party chair charging donald trump with, quote, aligning himself with isis during a panel discussion. those comments came hours before the president announced the death of jesus leader abca9 in an isis raid.
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>> impeachment is a political event. it's not legal. it happens within the >> impeachment is a political event. it is not legal. it happens within the political process in the guise of the
12:43 am
trial over high crimes and misdemeanors and so forth but it is a political thing and if you do not have public opinion behind your effort it is going to bomb and it isn't going to happen. democrats are now now now. our polling data shows it moving in the direction, trending -- >> it must be a poll nobody has seen. >> democrats continuing close to the positions for now while at the same time promising a vote on the process and procedures. let's talk about it. deputy attorney general harry bit in and attorney general of florida pam bondi, good to have both of you with us. >> happy second anniversary. >> happy to have you on our
12:44 am
special anniversary show. i will read but the constitution says, the president, vice president and all civil officers of the united states shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, primary or other high crimes and misdemeanors. do you need a crime in the sense we understand it now, a criminal statute in order to proceed with impeachment or not? >> of course we do. while it is clearly, we now a crime has not been committed. the constitution vaguely leaves it up to congress to determine whether there have been high crimes and misdemeanors. that said there have been but contemporaneous writings from our forefathers show that treason is one of them. what is treason? it goes against the interests of the united states of america. our president has done everything to help our country in the interests of justice and don't forget due process applies. what is due process? fundamental fairness.
12:45 am
they are political but fundamental fairness should prevail and that is why matt gates is going after the great men and women in congress who are republican, due process has not taken place here. >> mitch mcconnell talks about due process saying this, this is what democrats are proposing, no due process now, maybe some later but only if we feel like it, not a standard that should be applied to any american. >> two big things. first, it is political. one way in which rush limbaugh is right, there is not a scholar anywhere in the country of any stripe who would say our first impeachment was plainly not for a crime. it was for an administration -- being an alcoholic. impeachment is impeachment. >> as we are not confusing with
12:46 am
a presidential -- >> impeachment, the impeachment standard is quite clear, this is not subject to debate among anyone in the scholarship, it is clear from hamilton. a violation would be against society itself. it is worse, what he is accused of doing is different and worse than shooting somebody on fifth avenue. does it violate the social politics, that is the first point, and to process again, the law is completely against it. first you bring forward the trial in the charges, then and as it will be, you have the chance for the president or whoever it is to defend. >> i want to bring you into respond to this. >> i'm not sure any fairness applies when republican congressional members are not
12:47 am
allowed to hear what is going on and adam schiff is determining the entire thing. harry also thought it was okay for jim comey to, quote, bend the rules, the head of the fbi, the end justifies the means. that's not what our forefathers meant either and the president has done nothing against the interests of our country and done everything in favor of it. if anything people need to be looking at joe biden and hunter biden for what hunter biden did and all the money he took from a foreign country. >> the house won't be doing that anytime soon. we will see if they go to impeachment and over to the senate if it makes it there as well, got to convince a lot of folks there that don't seem to be there for now. >> have a good evening. dramatic video shows at all, the pentagon releasing intense footage of us forces leveling abca9's compound. our expert panel takes you inside the raid the took out the top terrorist in the world next. they can do all sorts of things in your name.
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>> shannon: you know we are based in d.c., a little impartial on this one. i can't speak for all of us, but our nats have just won the world series. game 7. congratula >> in dc we are a little impartial on this one but on a i the gnats just won the world series in game 7, congratulations, you've got it done. and happy birthday, the best birthday present you could have gotten.
12:52 am
thanks and congrats. the first images from inside the operation to kill america's most wanted terrorist, abca9, breakdown what we are seeing with stan hoffman and retired marine corps bomb technician johnny joey jones. good to have you with us. there was a person who was inside and we are learning more about this individual, commander of the kurdish led syrian forces described this person as a security official for abca9 himself. his job was to secure places where abca9 was later tied. how important and critical was it to have this level of human intelligence for this raid? >> this is where the raids begin? when it comes to finding terrorists, especially leaders like osama bin laden or abca9,
12:53 am
his predecessor once removed, zarqawi, it is all about the human intelligence that forces close enough to the leader tell you where the leader is and in the case of the source, this doubt the compound, told us how to get in and out safely, who was there, where the security was. this enabled our brave patriotic special forces to get in and out without anyone being injured or killed and mount what was an extraordinarily successful operation. daymac you have experience with this. the video look so well synchronized as they were moving in. at night there is special equipment making it difficult to do what they do. tell us what it is like to prep for something like this and deal with those constraints. >> reporter: we have two things we have to own. we have to own the knives and we have to own the air. they lost a helicopter because
12:54 am
they are using technology that allows you to see at night but the technology, depth perception and other factors technology can't just pick up and you have to learn and train your body to fly helicopters at night, really impressive thing but for a relatively small theme of special operators to infiltrate this compound, take it with no casualties, the only injury being to the dog near the explosive vest, phenomenally impressive. you lose your depth perception and have to train so hard to be able to use night vision and to maneuver the way they did and to shoot the way they have. technology is a little better but still that is not a very easy task it really speaks to the level of intelligence and information and what they were able to construct and train with prior to going in, to me as someone who has done not similar things but things like that is impressive and they all came home safe.
12:55 am
daymac and doing things we may never know about. they are brave, well-trained and willing voluntarily to go into these situations. what do we look for as warnings this may enrage isis and there may be retaliatory affects. >> that is the one of the lessons we've learned. they die but their hate on the west pretty high. i'm not sure this decapitation is going to mean they take it to yet another level but we do always have to be alert. they are widespread all over the world, they mounted attacks in france last christmas, sri lanka and san bernardino. they have relied, abca9 had a decentralized terrorist organization in contrast to osama bin laden and encouraged people to pick up a weapon and fight so we have to be careful going forward. daymac thank you for your service to the country and your different capacities and for being here tonight. fox news at night, two years ago
12:56 am
tonight, i want to thank you for tuning in, so grateful for your support. most-watched, most grateful, most trusted, for two years, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. introducing new vicks vapopatch easy to wear, with soothing vicks vapors for her, for you, for the whole family. new vicks vapopatch. breathe easy.
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some farms grow food. this one grows fuel. ♪ exxonmobil is growing algae for biofuels. that could one day power planes, propel ships, and fuel trucks...
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and cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half. algae. its potential just keeps growing. ♪ >> it is thursday, october 31st. happening at 4:00 am east coast of fox news alert. tara takedown, dramatic new video showing the moment us special forces takeout isis leader abca9. the full force of our military on display. you have to see this as world leaders won the fight against isis isn't over yet. impeachment insanity, tensions riding high was just hours until the house vote on impeachment resolution. >> this time around instead of setting a high bar house democrats seem


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