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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 9, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> we are our time thanks to you. studio audience and i love you, america. ♪ >> welcome to "watters world" i'm jesse watters. protecting pedophiles for politics. that's the subject of tonight's waters word something is very wicked that is happening in america. a there's a major media blackout on jeffrey epstein, and we know why. the whole thing is starting to make me feel stick to my stomach noww i'm not going to throat ths story go "watters world" will pursue it as far as we can. project blew wide open this week. and they deserve a ton of credit. this was their best work to date. video of abc anchor amy dishing she had the goods on epstein. even a clinton connection but
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the network shut it down. she told me everything she had pictures, she had everything she was in hiding for 12 years and convincece her to come out and convince her to talk to us. it was unbelievable what we had clinton, we have everything. it is i so sad. released a statement -- as a journalist as a the epstein story continued to unfold last summer. i was caught in a private moment of frustration. i was upset that an important interview ii had conducted request virginia roberts didn't air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet abc's editorial starngdzal of better allegation. in the years since no one has ever told me or the teal to stop reporting, on jeffrey epstein. the statement reads like she had a gun to her head. abc had victims and witnesses on the record photographic evidence fingering epstein fingering british royal family. with a bill clinton angle -- and that department meet abc
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editorial standards -- what the hell are abc editorial standards? abc smeared kavanaugh with 40-year-old here say. no corroborating withins no evidence, no firs, nothing. abc ran stories furnished by michael disgraced bankrupt tax evading porn attorney claiming involved with gang rape how did all of that pass abc starngdz? abc world news tonight just ran fake syrian war footage damage president trump. but it turned out to be youtube video from a kentucky gun range. abc news is hoax after hoax after hoax -- with no evidence for years. phony trump russia collusion, smollett, can you having ton boys we know abc starngdz rise and fall depending on who the story hurt. now in the epstein case, the
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story hurts the british royals. and abc news needs to keep up friendly coverage. >> the name -- where did that come from? >> i c have your title here jams you're in chief. your chief officer. what tow get short for krems? not marshmallow who did the epstein story really hurt? the clintons. in 2016 running for president and expected to win. and abc news epstein bombshell would have exploded all over the campaign. and abc didn't want to hurt the future president, apparently network wanted to maintain a friendly relationship. e-mail in headlines once again -- t can you believe that? here question go again. abc wanted to protect their access and their profits. and didn't want to be on wrong side of history. but they were on the wrong
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side -- abc news now has to answer this question. how many children were raped by epstein in the three years after they spiked the story? "watters world" is calling an inintent television into abc news. we're talking about teenage girls here. children -- 14, 15, 16, 17-year-olds. does abc care about children? they say they care about children in cages at border. but there were children being sexual assaulted by epstein in palm beach, in manhattan on planes, remember bill clinton flew 26 legs on epstein's plane. and then lied about it. we have the flight records. here. i'm not accusing bill of anything but there are many, many questions. abc is owned by disney -- is disney ceo bob iger okay with
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how his company handled jeffrey epstein? disney -- it's's a kids' company abc didnt air a report on this. even nbc reported on its own weinstein scandal. is george stephanopoulos how his colleagues handled jeffrey epstein now george is clinton's guy we know that. did he play a role in killing epstein story? the noshing post reports george was a guest in epstein's party with a royal that was accused of sexual assault on a minor. now epstein closest associate gisele maxwell was at chelsea clinton's wedding. epstein adopted loads of money to clinton foundation. whatever happened to all of thoseho pictures and dvds that e feds ceased at epstein's home? flesh was epstein pilot ever interviewed? and why was the most famous
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inmate in federal prison left unguarded? how did the video surveillance cameras go down when he killed himself or did he? >> do i think he was killed 100%. yes, i do. because he made whole live blackmailing people. forensic pathologist michael just reviewed epstein autopsy. now initially the government said it was a suicide. by doctor bodden he disagree. >> multiple three fracture in thee bone, the thyroid cartilage that are unusual for suicide, and more indicative of strangulation. homicidal strangulation. what's the bottom line? abc is accused of protecting pedophile in order to protect the clintons? this is depraved. the the media isn't even talking about it. nobody is even reporting on this it shall xepght except at fox, in fact, media is obsessed with
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hunting down and punishing the person responsible for leaking the abc footage. cbs even fired one of their own employees who come from abc who they thought was a leaker. now more on that in a little bit. you see what's happening here? flesh the media wants to protect the trump whistle-blower, but tries to fire the epstein whistle-blower.te now, the media in america has gone completely mad and you and i are not going to let get away with it. here withit reaction, attorney alex sawyer and the federalist emily who has been reporting on the cover ups. all right emily i'll begin with you what did you think about my nays? >> yeah. i think there's a really important point to be made about the media coverup here and one thing that amy cannot take back is on a tape that project released she's saying that she has everything she used that word repeatedly repeatedly i had
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everything. i had everything and she said that network killed that in part because they were afraid of the backlash that legal repercussions from the british royal family. and i think you just got it that a moment ago. that how outis ragous it is that they're trying to salvage a bubble coverage ab royal baby in order to -- they're willing to face this big story in order to salvage cover, in order to salvage coverage of the british royal baby. i i mean it is absolutely outrageous people should be upset. last time that epstein was targeted he came out whoever it was with a dream team of high profile very expensive attorneys and they just reigned hell on whoever tried to take him down. we know that clintons are have vengeful people and we know, obviously, that british royal family is load fed and with them it is allem about access. and i do understand the reservations that abc would have to run a story like this.
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but to you're going to say that you're about following the truth -- and you're about speaking truth to power -- and you're about protecting the innocent like children, i believe that. should take precedence over any other issue. >> you're right and also i think what's interestinghi as a legal affairs reporter is i was looking into this and epstein accuser actually had sued someone that she said recuted her to go and, you know, meet epstein and then subsequently abused a file lawsuit filed in 2015 that didn't take lock to find this is thing abc could have alonged at to verify their reporting. >> that's corroborating evidence right there. it is in the legal world, and everybody understands that. that's a huge secondary source of information. now, megyn kelly had the woman oashley bianca fired from cbs wo had came over from abc who i
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guess people thought was responsible for leaking the tape. she was on with megyn kelly and here's what she said. >> what do you want abc and cbs executives to know? >> wasn't me. i'm, you know, not the whistle-blower. i'm sorry if you see. but leakers still inside. you know, it is not i never did any of that. i may have accessed it but i never leaked it. i never showed it to anyone. i didn't talk about the situation outside of the company. >> she left a digital fingerprint at one point the at action on this footage of amy talking about epstein. and because of that -- she was canned from cbs because they believe that she was responsible for leaking it. she denies police vehicling it but again just to reiterate it looks like the media and this is action and cbs are doing everything they can to silence people that are responsible who they think are
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responsible for blowing the whistle on what looks like a corrupt coverup of child sex trafficking at the highest level of america. guys, i have to run. we're out of time. but "watters world" will continue to follow this and we have access to epstein little black book and we're a looking t flight records, and we'll continue to reporter on this. okay, alex emily thank you for joining me from one corrupt thing to the next biden family and john joins me now. his team filed freedom of information ac request and found some memos that change the entire storyir from the biden camp. all rightl john, what have you found? inch well it's pretty clear that hundredth per biden and devin archer and their legal lobbying team in america for the company burisma ukrainian own company had vip access to the top of the
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statee department. hunter biden talked to tony and deputy secretary, on a couple of occasions that's very significant it is closest national security advisor joe bide hundred during his time in the white house. >> hunter biden himself talked to john kerry's guy? >> yes. the deputy secretary and before he was john kerry guy he was joe biden guy. very important significant contact. then devin archer fellow burisma board member was talking to john kerry directly. but the most significant contact occurred in late february of 2016. that's when burisma legal team at american legal team brought in to help a ukrainian gas company to overcome corruption allegations andte go to number three official under secretary and they specifically demand that the state department help end corruption allegation as against burisma, an when they do it they invoke hunter biden name and need help to us because -- hunt per biden joe biden son
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there it is is on the board. it is that's why you put hunter biden on the board. that's why you do it. is like a protection deal. >> letter. so this was not known before. and this was discussed and now we know from the memoses that you've uncover this has been documented that this ukraine company burisma naturally gas a lot of corrupt allegations over there -- owned by russian they lobbied the obama administration hard to stop the corruption investigations into them inside ukraine. is that what we have? >> 100% and they played hunter biden joe biden card doing so and important towns what precipitated this approach. february 2016 beginning of the democratic primary hillary clinton versus donald trump being set up for the fall election. all of a sudden the ukrainian prosecutor show can raid home of hunt per biden boss, owner of
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burisma holdings a guy that ukrainian you mentioned -- they raid that home and take the man possessions and it is good and documents. his favorite luxury car, and february 16 after two years of quiet there's panet pick inside burisma, that may be hunter biden isn't buying us a protection that we have. because ukrainian are closing in on the boss. and it is that event that precipitates the -- legal team going to the state department saying, you have help to us get rid of these corruption allegations of very important time sequence for people to understand. >> that time line is critical. so the prosecutor raids the home of the own per of burisma. panic set in, burisma hires a lobbying team to lobby hard the obama administration. get rid of this prosecution, get rid g of these corruption allegations, and then the next thing that whats joe bieldzen goes over there -- and says fire the prosecutor,
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you know what we have the tape. let's play the tape. we're not going to give you the billion. the said i should call him. i said i'm telling you you're not getting billion dollar i said you're not getting billion i'll be leaving here and it was accident is hours i look say i'm leaving in six hours and prosecutor is not fired you are not getting the money. well son of a -- got fired. >> i mean about when you see the whole thing coming into perspective it changes the entire biden defense. 30 seconds. >> it does let me tell you one other thing the day that prosecutor was fired, that same american legal team they've been lobbying state department they show up in ukraineing asking to meet the replacement prosecutor right away. let's make this thing go away. these events were tied together that joe biden has not been willing to admit. >> all right john thank you for your reportage. "watters world" went out to ask new yorkers about veterans day.
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the whistle-blower is a disgrace to our country. and his lawyer who said the worst things possible two years ago he should be sued. and maybe for treason. we know that whistle-blower is anti-trump and now fox news is caught up to the whistle-blower's attorneys anti-trump tweet he's been talking about staging acue since trump was sworn in in january 2017 just ten days after inauguration mark tweeted this. cue has started first of many steps hashtag rebellion hashtag impeach m, will follow ultimately. all right, then just a few months later he followed up with it is very scary. we will get rid of him. and this country strong enough to survive even him and his supporters. we have to. the whistle-blower is other attorney andrew also tweeted stuff.nd of in august 2017 he wrote, 25th
8:21 pm
amendment concerns president inability to discharge the power and duties of office. asking nothing about mental health we're there. join me we reaction town columnist kirk, and former florida attorney general pam bondi expected to become advisor on impeachment and projects for the white house. okay kurt, so three years before president trump's quote unquote perfect phone call with the ukraine president -- the cue had already begun. i mean, if the republicans pull this stunt like this they would be laughed out of washington, d.c. >> welll if it's any consolation jesse i'm laughing at the democrats now and i think that american people are. i mean, really what are they gotten to? we're at the a point where they want to impeach the president our chief law enforcement officer for trying to get a foreign government to
8:22 pm
investigate why the cocaine-sniffing loser son of a vice president got a 50,000 dollar plus a month gig from a ukrainian that would be the thing the president is supposed to do but apparently you're not allowed to because you can't show democrat corruption it is a joke. these people are not advocates which lawyers should be. they're activists -- and we need to put this thing to bed. >> so pam not only mark, the attorney for whistle-blower he's a member of the resistance he has schumer connections. he has hillary connections he has john connection it is goes to show the paramilitary political tactics the left is used against this president from the very beginning it is all -- anonymous cia agents crooked fbi agents in the dark, and now and now left wing attorneys that are
8:23 pm
piling on because politicians haven't been able to beat them at all. >> and jesse we all know, you know, he's trying to say a cue was oh, i didn't mean anything by that. what is a cue from the french word ku what is that? an overthrow of a government, and illegal overthrow of our government. any government. and it's unreal he was saying this days after the inauguration, and further more fhis law firm had a tweet up on their website offering discounts to federal bureaucrats log to give date of birth on president trump.o itit is unreal to me. toto the whistle give you 25 prt off the legal fee kurt not naming the whistle-blower heret at fox and his name liberal ped grew is
8:24 pm
ridiculous this is not a -- cut a nonpartisan operation, this is the most partisan inside hit job you could ever imagine. trying to take him out this isn't going to work a bunch of passive aggressive with not a lot of life experience are not going to take away the ability to govern ourself we hear if lack of due process in this thing but it isn't due donald trump it is us. the american people who went out and chose donald trump, think about that had jesse. our elite our ruling class people that whistle-blower epitomizes were so lame, had such a track record of failure that the american people look around and said you know who is choice? donald trump.
8:25 pm
>> that's right all right guys thank you guys very much. > thank you. thank you. >> the mystery of matt drudge -- the secret of man behind the drudge report "watters world" is is to something and we're going to tell you what that something is, and later a very special veterans day quiz. >> do you know what holiday -- >> is it black friday? [buzzer] chevy silverado hd. it offers head-up display. wow, that's dialed in. i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views. that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see
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live from america news headquarters acting white house chief of staff is wants to join a if lawsuit other conflicting demands for impeachment testimony. mick was a no show for a closed door testimony on friday claiming legal immunity that is of a the qhows told him not to show up. speaking to join the lawsuit filed by charles what copperman. he's served as president trump deputy national subpoenaed by house in thes last month.
8:30 pm
meantime overseas berlin wall has fallen again. but this time it was a sweet celebration, and a pieces of the wall were sheered with onlookers a french chocolatier built the qawl to the 30th of the real wall and he wanted to unify european citizens during a time of what he's calling increase divisions. i'm now back to waters world. drudge report is my favorite website everything there in the best headlines very fair. very aggressive very bold -- but is drudge beginning to turn on president trump? many people keep asking me about this t i get techs did you notie this what's up with drudge and started to look into it. in august the traditional leaning drudge report began posting several anti-trump story all kind of stacked together. just on august 11th alone there were five negative trump
8:31 pm
headlines -- all in a row. you know, it's just that's what you log on to for. i don't know. but it just seem like the website has recently played up trump gaps, and down played his successes now, of course, the liberal media has pounced on this shift in coverage. >> there's no question that his tone has shifted. and in some ways it is because side is bread his buttered on.n. starting to see him one of the presidents biggest supporters early on turn on the him. and president is no doubt upset with fact that drudge has not been a strong is ally in his selection of stories recently. these are signs that maybe the audience that they pay attention to the most is being told all is not well. that's why it is significant. why the change? for that i'm now join bid howie kurts fox news media analyst and host of the very successful media buzz.
8:32 pm
all right it's hard to analyze each headline day to day to day it is impossible to do but like being in a relationship when you notice someone's tone has changed, and you can't really put your finger on it have you noticed the change in tone as well? >> jesse watters drudge investigation i love it. look i have covered matt since he was unknown blogger at this point interested in riding media wave and what you have noticed jesse has been largely anti-trump. really for a long time, so i think that he post a lot of positive story also about thehe president and post negative stuff about the democrats he tends to post the polls most favorable to potus, but people on the right who think that he's only going to be a cheerleader for president don't quite understand how he sees his mission. >> i've noticed and i think we picked it up beginning in late summer after shootings or after ukraine phone u call in
8:33 pm
impeachment thing began to pick up -- there's just been additional emphasis on some of the negative stories that you would see on other mainstream platforms, and you know, he can do whatever he wants because it is his website and he's a great editor. the best in my opinion. but it is hard to tell whether as you said he's riding a wave for clicks or there's something personally inside his heart or his mind that has shifted against the president. >> well here's a perfect example lead story o on drudge the other day. it was about the anonymous volume book b bombshell pence would support trump removal first of all. it was a bs league from the book and say that, and next plien said -- fake news and it was a link to a story in which the vice president team was saying that this was a crock. look, matt drudge is an old line conservative it is possible that he doesn't completely agree with the way donald trump has hanlzed
8:34 pm
presidency or vision of conservatism, is also possible that the white house doesn't to him much although drudge is mainly aggravated in a very good one as you say. i'm not sure about that part but i do think it is in this media impeachment ukraine environment it would be harold for anybody who is not just running, you know, a -- rnc website to ignore fact that there's a lot of negative press tht there. >> just avalanche this have kind of impeachment information -- to not cover it or to, you know, put some sort of spin on it that doesn't exist would be a disservice i guess to his readership and his reader hip ship is sll enormous 21 million visit a day it look like projections not 9 to 30 million dollar in revenue. obviously, theen guy knows what he's doing but i'm just saying matt, i'ming having people comp to me and they say jesse -- you know what's beginning on with drudge?
8:35 pm
we go for different side of thing. start an alternate to drudge good luck getting enormous traffic and amazingly and influential because even in media deliberation on had him ten times day and maybe white house needs a better job of getting out more story -- and outlet and picture of the president of the united p state, it is not like he doesn't have a warm relationship with him personally. you know, but maybe, maybe things have changed we don't know all right our kurt there he is. all right stillll to come waters world quizzes american on military history. and it did not go well. but first the view goes off the rails during theirhe interview with donald trump jr. that's next. >> joy you've worn black faith -- i didn't -- she was not in black -- being black i recognize black face this i can say. (danny) let me get this straight.
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donald trump jr. jumping into the lions den this week and twreel fiery showdown on the view. the president son going toe to toe with the show host on pretty much everything. watch. you and your family have put a lot of people through a lot of pain does this make you feel good? >> i don't think any of that make me feel good but i do think we got into this because we wanted to do what's right for america. i w understand with full disclaimer i'm'm son of a rich y from new york but i spent a lot of time in middle america. we've all done things that we regret you've worn black -- i'm sorry. and don't if you -- roman it wasn't rape, rape when he raped a child solet talk about -- serious thing. talk about -- you want to brick bring this up
8:41 pm
the question came up about black faith she was not in black, joining me now with reaction fox news contradict tore raymond raymond afterwards you have a picture of joy in black face. i mean, she really darkened her skin and wore the afro so she lied about that so besides that. format of the show it really is a bunch of very angry people just -- pile and it is not a fair fight. no. it is not a fair fight and jesse i've seen this up close and personal years ago laura and i wrote a book together and w she went on view and i accompany her and we were there in the green room i spoke to joy and barbara walters was still there at the time. when you pull their blue cards and you saw meghan mccain reading from her card they letterly have parts it is like a play. joy -- barbara, the star they have the names of the people and exactly
8:42 pm
what they're supposed to say in what order. so moret scripted than you remember. you bet, and you can see it. if you watch closely they're all rating cards but here's what i don't like. barbara walters in early day and i remember her saying this to us the day we were there. she envisioned this as a group of ladies around the talking about issues of the day. this has now degeneratorred into a very dangerous microbar okay. it is really -- [laughter] boltses over people's heads up there. it is ughingly. ughingly. ask them about the book and he did a great job to ever defend himself you have incoming from all sides it is all low blow and he's just rying to sell a book i wonder e if maybe if you ever go on your conservative you try to crack jokes and kill them with kindness because it really is a blood thirsty group of people trying to provetr to the audiene how much they hate the conservative guests.
8:43 pm
i had to laugh because do you feel good about the way you've changed soul and character of this country? and i said stop. you are changing the soul and character of this country. through the way you're behaving with this guest, they lirlly leapt on him like he's a fresh piece of meat you know in the jungle. >> way back so it is very personal for megyn and i toilings understand that.t. and i thought don handled that perfectly. you know, you and i have people pitch us all of the time and come on our show talk about this issue or thatth if you really think this individual is despicable you can't you don't like them and can't have a civil conversation with them you don't have them on the show. but you don't invite people on and then attack them and demean them andan crying how course the culture is today. >> raymond, survived the view and lived to speak about it. all right. indeed. >> the duke of hazard -- they were known for battling
8:44 pm
corrupt politicians now one of the starta of the show beau my favorite a -- taking on a new fight, confederate flag controversy. john schneider enters "watters world" up next. it's time for the veterans day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday.
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well i guess we have one with choice. >> go for it. general ement is back and dukes of hazard star john honoring legacy of the classic series with ala new movie, christmas which focus on the controversy surrounding the confederate flag. car from uncle denver show is considered universal sign of intolerance and racism. symbols don't hurt people. people hurt people. i didn't see that coming. i've got 2500 more that have car being delivered and all of this have that flag on the roof. >> i thought it was supposed to be good what are going? >> doing what i need to do when i relax. ♪ >> shawn joins me now.
8:49 pm
jesse. >> john i was a huge fan of yours back in the day i had the car. you know -- >> here it is it is right here here for you. >> you know lings and beg one. everyone loves the dukes of ighazard. but there are a few people out there just like, you know, the not so silent minority -- come out and say this is the universal sign of racism and intolerance therefore this is the poster boy for racism and intolerance come on. i'm from mount new york -- right -- and i'm down here i'm fighting i'm f fighting a fight so that people can think what they want to think. not what people tell them to think. is there something wrong with that? >> there's nothing wrong with that and i think everybody enjoyed the show, and going to probably enjoy this new movie christmas cards. so when you go out there do you ever hear from people that are offended by the confederating flag because in some precincts
8:50 pm
confederate flag is viewed very negativelyec because of the slavery and rebel connotations of the civil war. >> you know, i don't hear it from the populous, ever -- ever. however, there are people like, for example when tom and i did the commercials autotrader didn'tt do anymore of those and they were planning on doing it because it was so successful because they were afraid of what they whoever they are -- might think. i pulled out of a concert tour this last summer because they brought in the general lee they're celebrating the dukes of hazard 40th anniversary, but in all a of the ads they took the flag off. so again, i'm from mount new york so i said look guy. that's up to you. but no -- no bow. so i'm not going to show up. dukes of hazard was color blind, as should we all be -- absolutely. i mean if that martin luther ki,
8:51 pm
jr. said don't judge people by the the or clough of their skin. so no matter what color you are. my wife is 95-year-old grandmother put it in the best way we are all the same color on the inside. we all bleed red. the goal whether you're black, white, yellow, green, blue, i don't care what you are. the goal iss to no longer notic. and i honestly think ten years ago we were closer to that than we are today i think we're moving backwards. >> you might be right and now other people say they want you to notice color they want you to notice race, and if you don't notice race, and color -- that make you a bad person. and i think with all flipped on its head right now i have to h r run. i have to run. my friend thanks for watching show go to shawn schneider great seeing you we'll go play golf or something.
8:52 pm
a special veteran's day last call quiz. >> who won the civil war? >> the democrats -- ♪ , is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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jesse: veterans day is monday. we thank everyone for their service and honor the brave men and women who celebrate our freedom. a little lesson in military history. what are you doing monday? >> monday? i'm going to be singing a song. jesse: can i hear a little taste? >> i'm just four average boy sitting down. jesse: monday is a holiday. do you know what holiday is
8:57 pm
monday? >> black friday? >> election day. >> not thanksgiving. give me five more seconds. jesse: do you want to phone a friend? do you know what's happening monday? >> monday is veterans day. >> let's party. jesse: who did america fight in the revolutionary war. >> oh, my god. i hate his. >> confederates. russia? france? >> great britain? jesse: correct. >> today we celebrate our independence day. jesse: who won the civil war. >> the democrats. >> the united states?
8:58 pm
jesse: the united states fought against itself that's why they call it a civil war. >> the west. >> could somebody give me directions. >> was it the confederates? >> the north. >> north defeated the south. jesse: who bombed pearl harbor. >> the koreans, right? jesse: close. >> vietnam. >> the japanese. jesse: who won the cold war. >> it wasn't exactly a hot war. >> was it the soviet union? jesse: if the soviets won we wouldn't be here. >> the west? >> the world lost. there is no reason why we couldn't have all gotten along. jesse: do you feel guilty about being an american? >> i don't thinking about an
8:59 pm
american means anything. jesse: what about the olympics? do you give donald trump credit for killing al-baghdadi. jesse: the leader of isis. president trump: abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead. >> i give donald trump credit as commander-in-chief for being in charge when people in syria such as conan were attacking al-baghdadi. jesse: would you like to say anything to the veterans now that we have you here. >> i appreciate you all for fighting for this country. >> thank you for your service. >> to actually put your life on the line takes so much courage and strength. couldn't appreciate you more for keeping us safe. >> i'm watters and this is need world. jesse: that's it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge * welcome to justice. thanks for being with us tonight. the streak goes on. so much thanks to all of you for making justice number one yet again the whole saturday. keep it going right into the holiday season. we have a super show lined up tonight. newly minted best-selling author donald trump joins me live. congressman devin nunes, deputy press secretary hogan gidley. ryan kilmeade, charlie kirk, dan bongino, that's a show, plus me.


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