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tv   Modern Warriors A Veterans Day Special  FOX News  November 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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well as the national numbers. steve: we're out of time, how sad. we've had a great time. thank you for being with us and do, please, come back again sunday. ♪ ♪ pete: welcome to "modern warriors: a veterans day special." i'm your host, pete hegseth. this is a night i've been looking forward to for a long time. sitting with me are the best of the best our country has to offer, patriots who put their life on the line to defend our great country. >> there's two states that you live in. you're either at war or ready to go back. >> lieutenant colonel scott mann, four tours in afghanistan under his belt. he specialized in unconventional high-impact missions all over world. he now promotes awareness and appealing to veterans.
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an organization called the hero's journey, they help vets tell their story and transition to civilian life. >> you're going out there every single life knowing that you're facing an imminent threat. pete: former army ranger mat best who joined the army at just 17 years old. he deployed five times to iraq and ask. after leaving the rangers, he continued working for the cia as a contractor all around the world. he's the co-founder of article 15 clothing and black rifle cough feet. he works with warriors' heart, ptsd and addiction treatment, dedicated to improving the lives of serving members ifs their families. >> we are one country. pete: former seal team six member, rob o'neill. he deployed over a dozen times participating in over 400 combat missions. he's one of the nation's most highly decorated with two silver stars and four bronze tars. his charity, grateful nation,
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assists vet9s in their next careers. >> no matter what, you know, the situation i was in the past year, and as frustrating and tragic as it was, it's not going to take away if how i feel about being a veteran, how i feel about our military. whatever it is, i won't back down. pete: navy seal chief eddie gallagher, highly decorated. chief gallagher also recently found not guilty after being charged with mistreating an isis terrorist. his 19 years in the service, eight combat tours have resulted in dozens of terrorists killed or captured. tonight we're going to discuss the big issues; high stakes raids, the culture of our most elite military teams, the current state of our wars that are not over, divisiveness in our country here at home and
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what it means to be a veteran in america today. gentlemen, thanks for being here. >> thank you so much. pete: what a fantastic group. i really have been looking forward to this for quite some time. it just is so happens recently guys like you, special operators -- and we have all special operators here tonight, the navy seals well represented over here, the army rangers and the green berets, guys like you have been a part of missions just like the one that killed al-baghdadi. and our country came together and celebrated the fact that he is dead. i'd be remiss if i didn't take the opportunity to take our audience inside the room as you're planning for an operation like this. so few people ever do that. rob, i'll start with you for obvious reasons. what are you thinking, what are you preparing for in. >> well, obviously, i wasn't there for this one, but i was on one that went into pakistan where we thought the chances of dying were pretty high, and i know these guys went in there knowing a fight is coming and the chance of coming back are
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pretty good. you know, not all of them, maybe some of them. so it's one of those situations where you have the plan, you know what could happen, potentially all the contingencies. but instead of a handshake, you get a hug from your brothers and ready to launch. no one's panicking. to say your not scared -- you're not scared, you're lying. but what an opportunity to two after this guy, to fly with all your brothers into syria after the head of isis. i'm getting goose bumps. they did an outstanding job, everything from the walls to the tunnels, just, you know, i can hear the heavy metal music playing in the team room, a couple hugs and then let's go, boys. pete: is that a what it is? what is the team room like before something like that? how are you preparing? >> probably very similar to what you're doing, the stakes are a little higher. essentially, we get to do our job, which is why we signed up for the country. i imagine everyone's amped up
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and ready to get it on, because the success of the mission and how it played out is phenomenal. those guys are heroes. >> the a amount of work that's put into it, all the rehearsals you do, i mean, there's days and days of work that go into that op before they, you know, especially an op like that before they actually launch and go do it. >> you know two things kind of in my mind, one, the absolute humility of these operators. you know, it never ceases to amaze me in all the years i was around these guys just how humble they really are, and just how committed they are to the work. and the second thing is the relationship that they have to practice, the hours and hours and hours that these guys and their brothers put in to work to do this when the time comes. i mean, i don't think people really understand the number of quality reps that goes into that. >> yeah. it's something to take into conversation with that. you've got -- consideration with that. those guys go after a terrorist that they know is either going to try to kill them or kill
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himself. i think the american public should look at those guys and all those units and be very thankful they're on our team. pete: absolutely. what is it about the training that allows guys to do that? >> you know what helped me, i would look at guys that were senior to me that they didn't seem worried. they were portraying calm, and i just remember thinking i want to be as cool as him, so i'm just going to start doing that. you start learning by doing that. and the guys that come up behind you are watching you. the plan's not going to happen, everything's going to go to hell when you get there. so just the preparation to get you through it. then when you walk off the team room, you can hear the whine of the engines, chicks dig us, man -- [laughter] pete: is there -- [laughter] especially you, rob. >> oh, no. [laughter] pete: is this a moment, is it in the helicopter? is it in the team room before when the switch flips? yeah. two minutes out when the door opens. >> yeah. i'd say once you're on target and you get that that one minute
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out call and you know you're hitting the exit -- >> you cross that mission decision line and you know. >> yeah, it's go time. pete: and what's going through your head? >> i mean, you're thinking about the mission itself, that's all. i mean, i can't speak for every operator, but i know when i go out, the mission's all i'm thinking about and what i've got to do to protect my brothers to the right and left of me. before you even go on a mission, i put everything out of my head, my family, everything. you have to put that in the back of your mind because you can't have anything that's going to distract you and compromise your brothers' life, because that's who you're there for. >> it's like orientation when you're on the ground, which building is my team hitting and you just let the tactics take it. everything changes. you get droppedded off in the wrong spot, get over it. pete: what about the factor, al-baghdadi's wearing suicide vests, his wives -- that's a whole other, how do you plan for people that are rigged to blow themselves? >> you plan to get injured probably. [laughter] >> yeah.
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>> yeah, that's part of the courageous part of what these guys do is because you're going out there every single night knowing you're nation an imminent threat, you know? i look at special operations like a sports team because you have a plan, but the plan never goes according, and you've got to call audibles. really a make that a game-changing play, and i'm sure that happened on that night. pete: you're right. i want to go to the sports analogy of the locker room, except when you leave the locker room,ing you're throwing balls and strikes g the stakes are higher. >> and those are the risks that you accept. you're talking about the suicide vests, i mean, we train on how to deal with a guy with a suicide vest, but in the end there are definitely risks that are taken, and, yeah, you're going to have to, you know, possibly give your life, you know, to get the job done. pete: the guys who, you know, pound their chest the from the enemy, propaganda videos, when it comes to the barrel of a rifle of an american special
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operator, are they cowardly, or do they night? >> the leaders are really good at sending other guys to their death, and they think if they can send them to marter themselves, they -- martyr themselves, they get a piece of it. i've seen it with even mid-level leaders, they're cowardly at the end. >> by the same token, a lot of the work that our sf guys did in rural afghanistan going against hard core taliban insurgents, those guys were good. they were good, you know? and they put up a hell of a fight, you know? and had a lot of respect -- pete: so there are elements that that -- there's hardened fighters out there. >> in afghanistan mainly. they've been fighting forever. they're -- i are have respect for and a more high threat level going after in afghanistan. pete: absolutely. well, much more to talk about because when we talk about a
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team and the units that you operate in, there's been some criticism. and on the other side of this break, we're going to talk about it. we're going to talk about something these guys know about and i just mentioned, the current culture within our most elite units and what it's like to be a warrior when politics gets involved. eddie's laughing. if you're enjoying this conversation, check out the extended version of this over at fox nation, and pay attention, if you're not already a subscriber this veterans day, for every undescription, we -- subscription, we will donate $5 to families of fallen and disabled troops. we'll be right back. >> all november we're celebrating american patriots on fox nation, the streaming service that celebrates america and is a perfect complement to the fox news channel. all month we honor american heroes telling their stories, fighting for our freedom. want to sign up,
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celebrate america every day with exclusive shows, in-depth documentaries you won't find anywhere else. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> like to say that we stand on the shoulders of giants. ♪ ♪ >> that's why we're marines. >> you're defending every american. ♪
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. recently the current culture within the teams of our special operator communities has been under fire, and i want to ask this group right here if it's warranted. ty, i'll start with you. in august the commander of naval sperl warfare command says the force has drifted from navy core values of honor. so there have been some accusations at the field community saying, hey, you guys just aren't that disciplined anymore. what do you say to that criticism? >> i say that's completely wrong. there is no culture problem or ethics problem in the seal community. we are some to have most professional and determined
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individuals that are, you know, fighting for this nation. i do think that there is certain entities like "the new york times" and cnn who report on any little negative thing they can find on the seal community and put that out there, and there are people in the community, you know, that mistakes are made. that's been going on since the beginning of the military. but, no, i don't think there's a culture or ethics problem. pete: so the reports are out there and, of course, the leadership of the navy or, is then pressured, and it rolls -- >> yeah. pete: is that a cycle that's happening? >> i believe so, yeah, at this current time. and then, you know, when you have certain leaders who, you know, come out with that statement saying, you know, we have a problem and then their only solution is to, you know, do uniform and grooming standards, you're not really bringing anything to the table or any solutions. pete: so are haircuts the answer? >> yeah. the answer here was like room
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inspections and haircuts and uniform inspections and things like that. all that's going to do is lower morale and hurt recruiting. i mean, some of the guys were doing bad stuff, and there's -- i mean, there's no excuse for that. but instead of blasting it out to media, handle it internally. there's a way to do it, and it's a couple bad eggs that are making it look bad. i don't know the culture that's doing it, there's bad i stuff in virginia beach, overseas, maybe people got complacent because seal teams have so many successes -- pete: yeah. they brought an entire seal team home early. >> and they fired a command master chief who i went to training with. almost the 30-year mark, he's going to retire. what does this do to him personally? some couple e5s did something and it's going to -- >> yeah. but putting his name out there to the public -- >> oh, yeah, his name's out this. >> that guy's a legend.
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>> you're seeing it across the form, and one of the things i always caution is, look, let's not forget we've been at war for 18 years, right? over three times longer than world war ii. and the preponderance of the effort is being put forth by the special operations community. pete: and 99.9% of it is good. >> oh, yeah. and for our congress to opine there's a morality problem, that is laughable, you know, to me. that that accusation would even be leveled. i think what we need to do is taken a deeper look at the operational tempo that we're running these folks and take each case individually. but to put out there that there's a morality problem in the special operations formation, i think, is ludicrous. >> everything, they're all immoral -- pete: they're talking about honor too. i mean, they're basically saying honor is gone. >> yeah, it's ridiculous. if there's one bad apple in the bunch, it doesn't mean everybody's bad. these are men and women that
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raise their right hand to serve our country in the hard capacity possible. ridiculous statement, absolutely ridiculous. >> and some of these people treat it like a talking point. pete: politics always comes into play here. you mentioned "the new york times." new york times said you had a reputation as a pirate, more interested in fighting terrorists than adhering to the rules. is that a, is that -- would you take that almost as a compliment? >> yeah. i mean, i am interested in fighting terrorists, and i enjoy doing it. i definitely adhere to the rules though. i wouldn't consider myself some off the wall pirate that does whatever i want. but, yes, do i enjoy going overseas and fighting the nation's enemies? yes, he's correct. if that's his version of a pirate, then i'll take it, you know? >> which is crazy. i just met eddie today, but i'm thankful that a guy enjoys going over protecting his country at the highest level possible. how phenomenal is it that we have individuals in this country that are willing to step up, risk, you know, life, limb, eyesight to go defend their
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homeland? brilliant. >> if i can get called a pirate, i'll go back now. [laughter] >> the ranger regiment. >> there you go. pete: you've been in the middle of, you've effectively had guys on your own team at some level turn on you. is there a culture inside the seals of the way they view the battlefield that's different? >> no. you know, and i know that's been thrown out there a lot with the whole millennial issue. i do believe that these guys are joining now knowing full well that they're going into battle. i mean, you know, i joined back in '99. there really wasn't a war going on back then. these guys are, you know, joining when we're actually in a war. so i think that says a lot about them. as far as, you know, these small group of individuals that decide to concoct this story that, you know, when you live with individuals for two years, you know, there's certain personalities that do not get along, and that's happened every
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deployment i've been on, you know? and there's always personality issues. these guys took it a little too far. made up a story, you know, to try and ruin my reputation, and when ncis got involved, it just went off the rails -- pete: ncis is not like the tv show. >> not at all. >> that's part of the problem. the tv show makes them look cool. >> yeah. >> they're not. pete: what does it do to morale when the idea is you've spent 17 years or 19 years fighting for your country, and then at a moment's notice either your command or someone else can turn on you, and now you're in the brig. >> i think the scariest thing to me about the situation is the effect it has on the actual operators out there right now serving overseas. you know, they're watching what happened to me, the whole knee-jerk reaction, guilty until proven innocent. i mean, i don't want them second guesting themselves to pull that trigger when they need to. >> yeah. the rules of engagement get so strict that you have a marine
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out there who's worried about stepping on a land mine but gets in a gunfight and his whole thought is am i going to be in trouble if i shoot back? rules of engagement, for the person typing them up, there should be someone in the room actively shooting at them. [laughter] it'll give them a sense of bullets are scary. >> that's a great point. i think a lot of times politics gets involved whether it's rules of engagement or whatever. people making those policies aren't actually in gunfights every single night, and i've seen young rangers get killed because of that. oh, we won't drop ordnance because we don't want to be loud in this neighborhood, and we're sending young men to knock down that door, and they get shot. it's insanely unfortunate. politics in war is a very, very scary thing. pete: that's a great way to end it, because on the other side of this break, we're going to talk about the wars we're in right now. are we winning, are we losing, should we stay, should we go. because the president has faced criticism for pulling out of syria, yet he makes the same
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statement that, ultimately, what is the mission. so we're going to bring the current state of the war to you. and if you love this conversation and want more of it, go to trust me, there's more unedited and uncut. [laughter] and with these guys -- [laughter] you can download the app to watch more. i wanted to take time to highlight the great organization that continues to benefit our nation's veterans. folds of honor provides scholarships to the children and families of fallen and disabled soldiers, and to every subscription through veterans day, fox nation will donate $5 to folds of honor to help give back. don't go anywhere. ♪ >> all november we're celebrating american patriots on fox nation, the streaming service that celebrates america, and it's the perfect complement to fox news. sign up and see your favorite fox news personalities celebrate americans every day with exclusive shows and in-depth documentaries that you cannot see anywhere else. take a look.
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reporter: tumultuous start to the week in hong kong. anger has been mounting after police opened fire on protesters. one was hit and is said to be in critical condition following surgery. deputy stray tores tried to block traffic during the morning rush hour. there have been several instances of police firing tear gas. hong kong is in its sixth month of protests.
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stick with fox fuse channel for more on this defending story out of hong kong. to have a great night. ♪ pete: welcome back. many have criticized the president for pulling out of syria, but president trump has doubled down on his decision saying he has no interest in continuing what he calls an endless war in the region. nobody better to talk about it than these guys, who have been fighting what probably at times feels like an endless war. i mean, islamists declared war on us, we don't get to declare that war over. but when you look at syria, iraq, when you look at our footprint, is the president right when he says maybe it's somebody else's fight? >> it's not to say he's right or wrong, but what is wrong is to say, well, this is the way we've
10:30 pm
always done it because we haven't won a war since world war ii. we had the war in afghanistan won in 2005, but we decided to rebuild it. you have people making decisions based on whether or not they can get elected next cycle. so you've got to look at the reality. it's so complex in syria, going in and trying to rebuild a nation -- democracy needs to come from the ground up, and afghanistan since alexander the great, it's been fighting. they want their tribes, they want their -- pete: so you think this decision is part of an overall learning curve of the last two decades that says we tried to do these really big things in this far off place, and then you look around and you realize, well, they're still doing things the way they were. they don't want our way of life over there. that's just the bottom line. >> we went over there, we're trying to americanize these people, you know, because we love our country, and we love the way we get to live here, and we think in our heads, oh, they're going to think the same
10:31 pm
way. they don't want it. we live in a top-down world. we have a central government and everything projects from the top down, and for the first ten years in afghanistan that's what we tried to project. but afghanistan and most of these places where terrorists set up shop, they're bottom-up societies where tribal, clan culture is at the epicenter. if we try to undo that, minimalize that, the taliban, al-qaeda, they can just drive right through that and exploit that all day long. i think what we're going to have to do is understand that these places where the bad guys set up shop, we're going to have to be there for a long time, and we're going to have to work with the locals -- pete: what does be there mean? does that mean be on a base nearby so we can execute the kind of raids like we did against al-baghdadi? living in the villages? training their forces? when you guys look at your experience of all these tours, what works? what should we be doing, what should we not be doing? >> we need to educate ourselves more too. i say we need to be smart about
10:32 pm
being stupid. we need to realize no matter your intentions, if you're in a place for a long enough time, you're an invader. >> these guys can do amazing surgical strike capabilities, you have advisers that can go in there and work at a local level like we've been doing in colombia for 50 years. if you look at the way they've turned in the last couple of decades, a lot of that has to do with the long-term, persistent presence of special ops. the direct action but also advisory. and we have that capability. and i think as we go forward on this thing, my ask would be that politicians get to know this enemy and this narrative a little better and get to know our special ops capability a little better and exploit this amazing strike we did on baghdadi. let's not let another one emerge. pete: by bet if you asked most politicians the difference between sunni and she -- shia -- >> they couldn't tell you. >> you saw when the president
10:33 pm
trump administration came in how prevalent isis was. it was because we turned it over and said, commanders, what have you got to do? let's go. what happened to isis? within a couple months pretty much eradicated -- pete: and that was top-down -- >> we knew where they were. isis flagged and technicals, and we weren't calling airstrikes. let's go out there, get our hands dirty, see what these amazing guys can do, like you were just saying s and use them. >> he's absolutely correct. i happened to be in mosul right when president trump took over in office, and the team that we relieved, i mean, they were -- it was taking them a after half hour to call a strike in, you know, each time. they'd have to go through five different chains of command to drop one hell fire missile. as soon as trump took over, it was a complete 180. i mean, they put all them in command, and the tac leads that were on the ground, we were making the calls, and, i mean,
10:34 pm
the message was sent to us, annihilate isis. go. pete: you mentioned allies, folks, indigenous forces, the kurds. there's been a lot made of are we abandoning the kurds, are we not in light of pursuing a different strategy in sir. >>. anybody have a take on that? >> i think we've left the kurds dry quite often historically in america. and from personal experience, i lived in kurdistan for quite a while, and they are amazing, amazing people. and our national obligation to insure -- they're phenomenal people. their my brothers. >> i think the local communities and especially against this enemy, they can serve as a really strong antibody for the long haul, for the long game. pete: all right. well, next on "modern warriors," we're going to talk about the increasing divide in our country and what we should be focusing on on this veterans day. sign on to fox nation right now to view the extended version of this conversation. and if i you're a new subscriber, fox nation will
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to grow up. where there's a wish, there's a way. ♪ ♪ pete: welcome back to "modern warriors." according to a new georgetown university poll, voters are finding political division so bad that they believe the united states is two-thirds of the way to edge of a civil war. there's no question our country increasingly divided, especially ahead of the 2020 elections. so on this veterans day, we don't want to talk about politics, that's not the point of veterans day. it's a totally patriotic, a apolitical day, but politics is everywhere today. you didn't sign up because of it, but it's a reality, and it affects your service. when you look at impeachment, resistance, the president and how democrats and others view him, are these people feeling this way that we're on the vernal of a civil war, are they -- verge of a civil war, are they right? >> what's crazy to me is just
10:40 pm
the identity politics in all of it, right? we're casting judgment on someone that is affiliated with a different political spectrum and just going after them for the sake of whatever entertainment, you know? for me it's ooh like how do we have patriotism on september 12th without the tragedy of september 11th? that's what this country needs to go back to and understand we all get along a lot more than we think we do. i've served with every color, race, sexual orientation, and we came together as brother and sisters. and i think there's a beautiful takeaway in that. the american public needs to go back to that rather than saying you're liberal, i'm conservative, we can't get along. pete: i dare somebody to try to say it better than that. >> no, that's really good. people get along. america is not at civil war, and it's not the stuff you read on twitter. america is what started in california, picked up more people in arizona, new mexico, texas, that helped people in florida with the hurricane. we're not going to be in a civil war. pete: what about the idea that
10:41 pm
you've got kids being raised, and they're told they need to be seen by their identity group? >> the only problem this country is there is no problem. like, we have so much freedom, so many rights, it's like we have it so good here that people are trying to find stuff to complain about. and i think a lot of that is leadership. that's why i'm excited to see the number of veterans coming out of service that we have, because those are some great folks to lead us through that who can see through that identity politics and lead us into something bigger, you know? >> this is why we need more veterans in congress, because the democrats or republicans, veterans will get in the same room and talk about it. what's the point of, no, don't like you -- >> that's like seeing a target and saying, no, i don't like that. we've got to do something here. >> i was in the airport, obviously, in new york yesterday to come here, and a woman stopped me and was asking about the raid that killed baghdadi, and trump said it was better than the one that killed bin laden, to you hate him? i'm like, no, why do you ate
10:42 pm
him? she goes -- he's mean. okay, that's a progressive way. >> if it doesn't go their way, they complain about it. it's all cast towards president trump, so it's not going away anytime soon. pete: you think they hate him or do they hate the people, the millions of people that vote for him and the way that they live and believe? >> i don't think they know what they hate. you look where america has come since he took office, i mean, he's been doing a hell of a job, you know? and i think, you know, when obama was in office, no, i didn't, i didn't vote for him, i didn't agree with his, whatever, his policies, but i didn't go around complaining. i'm like this is my president x i'm going to serve the next four or eight years under him, and, you know, do what i'm told and, hopefully, there'll be a shift afterwards. nobody was complaining and yelling like these people are doing now. >> i think throwing the civil war stuff around is just ridiculous. >> yeah.
10:43 pm
>> if you've been to a country that's been this a civil is war -- pete: dial it down a little bit. >> it's okay to think your own thoughts, like internalize it, think about it, develop your own opinion, don't listen to everybody at your own dinner table and take what they think is make it your own. >> those amazing americans that took down baghdadi, how about we have some civil discourse about how we do things in this country instead of talking civil war. >> we're born and raised in america, the greatest country of all time. relax a little bit. this is awesome. it's the land of opportunity. all it requires is a little bit of hard work. i'm a dumb dude, and i've become successful -- [laughter] >> i'm serious. to i'm just a knuckle-dragger with a little bit of military -- >> you did that on 100% looks. [laughter] >> and tai-chi. [laughter] pete: that's a great place to leave it right now. i agree though, more vets would be a are good thing. all right, next on "modern warriors" we're talking about the importance of giving back
10:44 pm
and what the transition to civilian life is really like. and don't forget to check out fox nation for the ebbs tended version of this conversation -- extended. might even play what we talk about in the commercial breaks, which is dicey. >> uh-oh. pete: especially for mat. additional footage and even possibly, as i mentioned, funny outtakes. go to, download the app, and if you are a new subscriber, $5 goes to folds of honor to help veterans. all november we're celebrating american patriots on fox nation, the streaming service that celebrates america, and it's the perfect complement to fox news. so sign up for fox nation and see your favorite fox news personalities with inclusive shows and in-depth documentslies that you can't see -- documentaries that you can't see anywhere else. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> we stand on the shoulders of giants.
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♪ ♪ pete: we are back as we honor our veterans today. we're also forced to look at the difficult transition that we all face when coming back to civilian life. we experience the shock of going from the battlefield to back here at home and how do you fill that purpose. >> i've had veterans tell me, who have been in combat, tell me they'd rather go back to combat than fill out a resumé because combat makes sense. they don't realize what they're qualified for. the ability to handle stress and solve problems. >> well, for me, when i took that uniform off, everything about my identity was wrapped up in that and so i left my purpose, everything in the team room. and it nearly killed me, i'll just be honest. and it really wasn't until i figured out that there was a lot of tough that i did in that world that was very relevant in this world, but that connection
10:50 pm
to purpose and that connection to our story as warriors is we've got to keep that. the military doesn't get to keep that. that's ours. pete: eddie, obviously, your transition ongoing. and you plan to be a part of organizations that fight for other guys that are being taken on by our government. >> yeah. i think just like we were saying, it's the purpose aspect of it, you know? while you're serving whether you do 5, 10, 15, 20 years, you have a purpose in the military, and it's an awesome one, you know? you're doing a righteous job, and when you get out, you know, the military does a great job of bringing you in, training you up to go fight the enemy, kill the enemy. but they don't do such a great job of, you know, helping you when you detach. x honestly, nor should they. we've been in this, you know, global war on terror now for 20 years, and we're now realizing like, hey, we don't need to depend on the government to take care of us, you know?
10:51 pm
we looked after each other while we were in, you know? you love your brother while you're in, you look after him. and it doesn't matter or what branch you're from or what job you did, we're all the same. we need to, you know, take care of each other, make sure, you know, we're not getting lost out there. >> that's a big message on veterans day is we've got to look each other in the eyeball when we come home. we get isolated just by definition of transition. so we get detached from our teammates, and i think that's a very, very dangerous thing for high performers, to become isolated and detached from your purpose. >> it is a lot easier to go to war than it is to send someone to war. the family, the mom, the wife is obviously thinking worst case scenario. they get sympathetic post post-traumatic sense just based on -- pete: and we all agreed early on that your wife andrea -- >> i think she might be the toughest person in your family. >> she definitely is the toughest person that i know. through my 20-year career i've deployed over and over and over,
10:52 pm
and she held down the home front while i was gone. and i think it takes a potential kind of woman, you know -- special kind of woman, to be able to do that and raise three children. pretty much you're a single missouri -- mom. i'm gone 75% of the year every year. >> my wife and my boys, they're my heros. i don't think we say enough thanks to our military families. >> yeah. a good point with veterans day. thank the veteran, you know, dependents and their spouse first. pete: we're going to get to that in a moment, give you guys a chance to give one final sendoff on this veterans day. speaking of giving back, as these guys all have done as great representatives of the 9/11 generation, folds of honor is a group that helps provide scholarships to families of disabled and fallen service members. and right now if you sign up for fox nation by the end of the day tomorrow, we will send
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pete: tomorrow is veterans day. i want to speak to this incredible group of guys about what errands they means to you. to me it's been so humbling to be around guys like these guys and to see what they've given and what they have done at a choice for the greatest nation on earth. to be able to sit at the same table with you guys and to have walked on those long patrols with those amazing men i just will never forget it. days like this that i'm grateful that i had a chance to stand on their shoulders. >> i'm a huge patriot and thankful to given the opportunity to be successful in the private sector, in business and the only reason it exists is because of service and not only from the vietnam, world war ii generation after generation.
10:58 pm
>> on veterans day i'm thanking the vets come up vietnam vets, because they got treated so badly they are the reason we get treated so great. i always remind them of that and there are so many missions we don't know about the one that happened in october where the army crushed the terrorist they are still out there and they will be out there and they are fighting for you. pete: eddie, i can't help but think last veterans day you had a much different view of what you went through. >> yeah, i was watching the show in prison when he had everybody else on. pete: unbelievable. i did not run that question by you so we literally did a modern warrior special last year and you are in prison with your reputation on the line so how do you reflect on veterans day today? >> no matter the situation i was in austere and the - as
10:59 pm
frustrating and as tragic as it was it will not take away from how i feel about being a veteran and how i feel about our military. i'm very proud of the service that i got to do for the past 20 years. i come from a long lineage of people that served in the military as veterans and were humble about our service but i think the best rate you can thank me for being a veteran is being a good american. being the american i served for and also thank my spouse, spouses and kids in general because they been through a lot as well. pete: well said. thank you, guys. what an amazing opportunity i get to sit here in america gets to watch and experience who you are as men and patriots and leaders and now following through with your service. thank you for spending time with us tonight. if you go to fox nation .com i
11:00 pm
promise you the extended cut is even better with these guys. you can watch the directors cut and fox nation .com. if you are not a member, sign up for thank you your sunday. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace democrats prepare to go public with impeachment probe but will televised hearings change anything? ♪ >> those open hearings would be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves, also to learn firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct. >> they have gone out of their way to find the people that hate president trump the most. chris: after weeks of closed-door testimony, lawmakers will question witnesses in public about whether the president abused his office to get research from ukraine, we will ask two members of the committee leading the inquiry, republican will


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