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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 14, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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we will never be the corrupt, hate trump could my psychotic rage media mob. we will always pursue the truth. let not your heart be troubled. the news on this network doesn't stop because laura ingraham is standing by. >> laura: hannity, i decided to come back to this mob from the manhattan swamp to the d.c. swamp. hannity, i wish you were here tonight. you know why? not just because you brighten up the place. >> sean: that's not true! you know people in that place hate me! >> laura: no, no, they love you. they act like they hate you but they love you. it's that kind of thing we do. okay, so over at union station, the train station, they have the lawyers meeting up with conservative lawyers me to call federalist society, the death sy hate the -- >> sean: justice kavanaugh >> laura: all these left-wing protesters over there, they have a big screen television of christine blasey ford's testimony running for, like, two hours. that is the best thing i could
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imagine for the conservative cause. that was a disaster for them. yet they are blaring it outside the poor federalist society convention. they are truly going insane, hannity. i wish you were here to see that. >> sean: you know what, a voice like yours in a moment like this, rush limbaugh, the great one mark levin, let me tell you, this is an important moment for this country. all hands on deck. take it away. >> laura: great show tonight. you take care. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from those mom tonight. the reaction from the democrats in the media over the last 24 hours, reveals many truths but one truth in particular, the folks who are pushing this impeachment are no longer confident in their position. congressman kevin mccarthy and lee zeldin are here to explain. also tonight, his aggressive reporting on ukraine and the bride ands have made him public enemy number one. at last, tonight dawn solomon sets the record straight. we have new reporting that will brock washington tomorrow. violent leftist attacks from
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coast to coast. we speak to a former mma fighter who took on antifa. a republican congressman's son who was attacked and spray-painted in the face by young socialists in north carolina. but first, democrats impeach themselves. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." ♪ despite relentless attempts to play act about how competent their impeachment case is, well, democrats and their kissing cousins of the media seem pretty shaky and incoherent. after the claim of a quid pro quo has sizzled, democrats are radically grasping for something that people can actually understand about this ukraine thing. let's just pick bribery out of a hat. >> bribery. that is in the constitution attached to the impeachment proceedings. >> what was the bribe here?
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speak of the brightest to grant or withhold military assistancea public statement of a fake investigation into the election. that is bribery. >> laura: [laughs] okay. here's the problem, yeah, of course nancy, it's in the constitution, we can read. the president may be impeached for bribery, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors. even assuming the democrats' strained facts, attempted bribery is not in the constitution. remember, ukraine got its military aid. it was 14 days delayed. big deal. remember, ukraine never made any public statement about any investigation. the fellow on the other end of the call, zelensky, said he did not feel pressured at all. he didn't even know aid was frozen to his country until weeks later. so the call, in his words, was
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normal. so what's another spring and a mess. but that's okay, that's okay, because democrats think they are cats. they have nine political lives when it comes to impeachment. so if the country is tuning them out -- and they were turning them out -- it's only because their star witnesses lack a certain jene se qua. nbc news said that they lack the pizzazz necessary to capture public attention. reuters had a similar take. "fireworks and explosive moments were scarce." again, this just demonstrates that democrats aren't serious about underlying substance. their lack of dramatic flourish is not the problem. it's the absence of facts that's the problem. the public, though, i think is a lot savvier than the democrats think. case in point: we at fox news
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crushed the competition last night and throughout the entire day of programming. now this must be very upsetting to the other cables, and they want to robert in their faces. not at all. to after all, this was supposed to become a was it's not, their big payoff, impeachment is upon us. but even their viewers have nothing to bought into the narrative. just when you thought cnn cannot go lower, they do go lower. like this moment with kellyanne conway. >> i don't want to talk about your marriage. i know that there are issues there. your husband, george conway, he's a lawyer -- >> what did you say? >> did you say they are issues there? >> i don't want to -- >> why did you say that? >> i don't want to talk about your marriage. go to. >> you just said i don't want to talk about your marriage, "there are issues." it's the one that is just disgusting. that is appalling. remember, wolf is supposed to be
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the nice guy at cnn. but now he and the rest of the left have become basically -- they are a bunch of humorless, angry schools. media matters in their pals in the medias reaction to raymond arroyo and myself jokint official george kent's huge water bottle at yesterday's hearing, okay, we were joking about it last night. look at these headlines. they devoted headlines to our joke. okay, "fox news done that impeachment witnesses drink water." fish or not this hydrated. that was a funny line. i'll talk about this. including conway, george conway, he gave a glancing blow to it. but we found it very interesting because not that long ago, a lot of the same characters thought the republicans -- watergate -- was actually pretty darn hilarious. >> can a drinkable water make or
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break a political career? >> did ryan had a strenuous p90 work out before the debate? he was gulping it out like a dehydrated aaa shortstop. >> i need a drink. i will get that. okay, got this. >> laura: oh, stephen, so funny. it's only funny when republicans get thirsty in public. i see, i just have to understand of their rules. none of these people should be taken seriously. because they know, they do not have a legitimate case for impeachment, and they are going forward with it anyway. and yet they pretend to be taking this entire affair very, very seriously. >> on the investigation front yesterday, it was a very somber day by the democracy depends on that are public. not a monarchy. >> that responsibility going for
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sat fully, prayerfully. with a heavy heart. >> laura: i mean, she ain't going to win any golden globes. no way, not without performance. prayerfully? don't hide behind prayer for what you are doing to the country. i think she better pray that they have, like, a videotape of president trump promising a lifetime stay at mar-a-lago to zelensky because they got nothing approaching impeachable acts here at all. is there a chance, though, is there a chance, if they see their impeachment act going down in flames like the hindenburg, that they wouldn't vote on impeachment at all? hmm. listen closely. >> something that you haven't decided -- >> that will be up to the committee to decide. >> laura: that will be up to that -- so they haven't decided? they may not vote at all on impeachment, after all of this? remember, pelosi said that she had evidence of bribery.
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after press conference. bribery! then moments later, she isn't even found john not confident that her caucus will impeach. >> we have not made a decision to impeach. >> laura: anyone else sensing there might be a wicked case of buyer's remorse here setting in? at this case, who knows what to believe, because of nancy pelosi's lips are moving, it's a good chance she's not telling the truth. but we do know one thing for sure. in the past year, since taking control of congress, these democrats have done nothing for working americans accept act on their own maniacal desire to dislodge president trump from office. that is the real impeachable offense. and that's the "angle." joining me now is congressman lee zeldin of the foreign affairs committee and byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner," and a fox news contributor. congressman zeldin, you see
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their narrative shifting, they are adding, it looks like a little basket of their own deplorable sprayer they are throwing new charges and because other ones aren't connecting or they are not panning out. what do you see, the last 24 hours having revealed, and then tomorrow? >> shiny objects, looking for more shiny objects, moving goalposts, quid pro quo last sunday, morning news shows about extortion, then yesterday and today, it's about bribery. they don't have the evidence to actually convict the president on bribery. so i don't know what they are going to do next. they are going to have to move the goalposts yet again. i thought yesterday's hearing that took place with their star witnesses felt totally flat. >> laura: they clearly know it did not work. i don't care what they say. those nbc analysts aren't saying they fizzled because they were the starwood -- stars are bright. they word -- they might be the t people ever but they were duds. >> i think there was high expectations for people who were tuning in who thought that these fourth, third, second, no hand
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information in some situations, it is going to be first-hand, really important.skinny connected -- >> laura: nothing there. >> adam schiff's parity was going to get proven, did not happen. >> laura: tomorrow, marie yovanovitch testifies. what do you expect, knowing that they know clearly that this is in trouble? >> if you read the transcript of marie yovanovitch, it's a long story of her not knowing what is going on. >> laura: former ukraine ambassador. >> she is in ukraine, some ukrainians are telling her to watch her back, people are going, they are after you, may be rudy giuliani is coming after you and she is thinking about what is going on. is this long story of her not knowing actually what is going on. what i think is extraordinary about this whole thing is that republicans have been pressing, this is just a second and thirdhand information, and that kind of barricades democrats. but there are people, if you want to investigate that, who talk to the president about this. john bolton talked to the president, mick mulvaney talked to the president, and the
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democrats have dropped their attempt to talk to them. >> laura: very important for everyone tonight to understand. they are not pursuing -- not legally, you have to go to court to push this. they are not going after mulvaney, not going after bolton. they don't want this to go to the court. it is another case? smart strategy on the part of the white house, too. >> if it was anything privilege, the president's private conversation with the chief of staff, or is national security visor about foreign affairs. you would have to go to a judge if you are the house and say, our impeachment investigation is so important that it outweighs whatever privilege it is. and they are not doing it. >> laura: congressman, the democrats' new leaders -- two leaders, adam schiff and aoc, the thought leaders of the party -- schiff had a novel theory about why drum should be impeached >> we showed with the impeachment of the president that we can hold the white house accountable and build our future at the same time. >> let's not act or pretend that donald trump is not a climate crisis onto himself. if we want to protect our
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planet, we also need to make sure that holding the president accountable and this white house is a part of that, too. >> laura: went from quid pro quo to bribery, then they said, this guy overheard a phone call in a restaurant and the russians could have intercepted it, now playing around a top-secret information on an unsecured -- now it is the planet. now it's gone planetary, guys! >> way to think outside the box. that has absolutely nothing to do with the charges that they want to level against the president. really, charges don't matter for them. facts don't matter, evidence doesn't matter, they just want to remove the president. it is about a payoff to people who put them in charge, that gavel that speaker pelosi has in her hands, she has because of a base that pledged to resist, oppose, obstruct, impeach -- >> laura: what about the idea that she may not call a vote? could this get into a situation where she is feeling, they are feeling the heat in some of these districts and they are worried about losing the majority? >> yes, they are going to lose
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the majority. >> laura: is there a chance they don't call this vote? >> there is. you have a growing amount of house democrats who are getting burned back home. they are in districts that donald trump won -- >> laura: what have they delivered? byron, bill clinton actually called in to see an cnn to deliver a message to president trump. watch. >> you got hired to do a job. every day is an opportunity to make something good happen. and i would say i've got lawyers and people hammering the impeachment inquiry, emaciated had, cavett meanwhile, i'm going to deliver for the american people. >> laura: i can't say i believe this. i agree with bill clinton. the president shouldn't even talk about it. he talked about it too much in the rally. >> he said it every day in 1998. he got impeached but it did work in the sense that he got acquitted. on the other hand, democrats are going to do this. every time you are doing something, you reach a point --
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>> laura: point of no return. >> never mind. also, they got 232 votes to continue this inquiry. that is 14 more -- >> laura: how many do they have on the emoluments clause? they were going to them impeach him on emoluments a few months ago. >> you have democrats that have been watching articles of impeachment virtually since inauguration day and they have been counts, articles accusing the president of dividing the country, think terrible things s of stuff. there've been a core of democrats who have wanted to impeach him from the very beginning. but now you do have 232 who voted for this. >> laura: but do you think tomorrow will change any minds? yes or no? >> no. >> laura: congressman, yes or no? >> no plates. the restaurant conversation man who overheard the conversation that gets deposed on -- >> why did you say the thing a few weeks ago? >> laura: finally, you have to work on the weekends. just kidding. gentlemen, great to see you. thank you. we all know there is nothing bipartisan about this impeachment inquiry. if you needed evidence, here today dueling press conferences
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from the respective party leader. >> there is nothing compelling, there's nothing overwhelming. it only emphasized again what is not being done in congress and what should be being done in congress. impeachment has overtaken every single committee. we are less than a year away from the election. these democrats do not trust the american public. >> laura: now compare that to house speaker nancy pelosi. >> what president trump has done on the record in terms of acting to advantage his foreign power to help them in his own election and the obstruction of information about that, the cover-up, makes what nixon did look almost small. >> laura: [laughs] this is unbelievable. if you missed that gem today, we just gave you a gift of laughter. joining me now for some clarity,
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house minority leader, kevin mccarthy. congressman, your response or nancy pelosi? now it went from quid pro quo fizzle, bribery, absurd, obviously nothing was withheld. then they say, someone overheard something in a restaurant. and now it's worse than nixon. swing and a mess every time. it's worse than nixon. >> don't forget climates. each week will be something new. because each time they failed to prove anything. it really goes to the court. i always wonder, why does adam schiff lie so much? why would he say, i have proof beyond circumstantial. lie about meeting with glenn simpson. lie about knowing there was a blower. why about the transcript. he wants to impeach this president so badly. they are afraid to face him at the ballot box so they want to frame him. that is what they will continue to do. whatever it takes to impeach this president company will start something new. >> laura: the reporting on the whistle-blower -- and we have not confirmed this -- the reporting on the whistle-blower out there has a very interesting associations with the
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deep state, with the highest level deep state actors in the previous administration. it certainly makes people wonder whether this was all a big set up from the beginning. whether it was a patriot on the inside, a la peter strzok and lisa page. at the new peter strzok and lisa page, white house style. >> many different times are they going after this president? this so-called whistle-blower, whoever she or he is, only adam schiff knows, met with schiff staff before they ever met with an attorney or the ig, when they met with the ig, then they told the ig that they met with the staff. adam schiff says -- >> laura: it was a disastrous decision to do this. a complete disaster. that was one of nancy pelosi's biggest mistake is shifting is over just reporting. >> nadler is pretty enough. >> laura: adler is bad but schiff isn't working. i mentioned this with an excellent comparison but nancy pelosi clearly gave the thumbs-up and the green light, with the framing, framing a day because everyone was repeating it today. it became very comical.
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watch. >> were member what richard nixon did. at the very least, he kept it within the bounds of the united states. >> far more serious and far more witnesses than richard nixon has. >> a speaker pelosi right that this makes what nixon did look almost small? >> does. this is so much more serious than nixon's activities. >> laura: congressman, was it an actual crime at the center of watergate? >> yes. what is so ironic here, you have the transcript. we all know what is the evidence, we can all read it, and they bring person after person that wasn't on the phone call number that have never met the president, that have never met mick mulvaney, and they think, it's how i feel. i just don't like the presidents. they are bringing somebody -- >> laura: who withheld aid? who withheld aid for eight years? obama. >> you know what the one expertise these witnesses have about ukraine is that ukraine is actually safer today with a trump administration because he
7:20 pm
didn't send blankets. they sent actually a javelin that can stop a tank. >> laura: the president tonight at his rally said adam schiff should be prosecuted for his comments on this. he's a thief, he croaked from a corporate politician, frankly, he should be prosecuted. got a huge resounding applause line. what do you think about that? >> i just think adam schiff, he's only focused on impeaching this president. he will lie about anything to get there. he additions these witnesses in the basement, he's going to do more this weekend. he cherry picks who can come to the hearing. if you watch it, it's all about adam. adam gets the first 45 minutes. >> laura: new omb witness coming out, someone who is going to defy the white house's request to appear. omb witness, i guess, who would be able to say something about why the money was frozen or released. are you concerned about that? >> no. think of this, you have the transcript, it was july 25th, it was until august 29th, the end of august that they even know that money was being withheld. september 11th, the money was set. what did ukraine do for the
7:21 pm
money to be set free? nothing. so there is no crime. there is nothing wrong. if this is taxpayer money, i want to make sure the president knows, yeah, is it being spent properly? >> laura: do you think there is a chance they don't call the vote? is there any chance? she said -- more phony pelosi. >> they will go one more week, they will go out for thanksgiving, took a more weeks and watch. they will move the continuing resolution to december 20th, the week of december 16th, to december 20th, they will vote on impeachment, then they will try to do usmca or something like that -- >> laura: right before christmas. we accomplished a lot for the american people. >> they have not solved -- give me one problem that they have self rates we were nothing for the working majority. you some of the timeline well. as of going to be fun. we will call it the 20 days of impeachment or how many days of impeachment. >> everyone should call the representative. >> laura: they are not working for the people. they were working for themselves. congress meant, thank you for stopping by tonight. he's become a central figure in the ukraine drama and his
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reporting has of the left. investigative journalist john solomon joins me with brand-new revelations from ukraine.
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♪ >> ukrainian foreign minister said on thursday that the united states ambassador did not link financial military assistance to a request for ukraine to open up the investigation into former vice president and current democratic president -- i can't believe it -- come alike, we need help to beat sleepy joe biden? i don't think so. >> laura: president trump talking about a new report of today that crushes the left impeachment narrative. just another one. according to reuters, ambassador sondland did not tell us, and
7:27 pm
certainly did not tell me about a connection between the assistance and the investigations. you should ask him. joining me now is john solomon, fox news contributor and lee smith, investigative journalist and author of the new book, "the plot against the president." john, they are talking about ukraine's foreign minister, he says basically consuming zelensky already said. we know they generally wanted us to look at the corruption but it wasn't a connection to that. >> the democrats' greatest problem. the only witnesses that hear collusion or hear that there is a connection between the age and hearsay witnesses, all the people i talked to the president, zelensky, foreign minister, the two ambassadors of the united states, no quid pro quo. i don't know how the democrats would finish this case. they have a real problem. >> laura: this has been an odd series of events for the democrats. i think they were completely blown away when the transcript
7:28 pm
was released by the white house. that was brilliant. i am so glad they did that. that, since then, this thing has been a pebble that has just gotten more and more and more steam going down a hill. built up, and i was a big boulder going down the hill. >> unlike the earlier leg of the operation against trump with the steele dossier, this was a mysterious thing that came out of the blue and we did not have revelations until a long time after. with the whistle-blower's complaint, we have the transcript and we have transparency immediately into it actually happened. and yes, since that time, it's been a catastrophe. >> laura: john company recently dug up this on marie yovanovitch, the former ambassador to ukraine, who was . in the midst of the 2016 election, and multiple drafts have a question memo prepared for yovanovitch's confirmation hearing, the departments ukraine incoming ambassador to stick to a simple answer. do you have any comment on hunter biden, the vice president's son, serving on
7:29 pm
the board of burisma, a major ukrainian gas company? the recommended answer for yovanovitch, four questions on hunter biden's role in burisma, i would refer you to the vice president's office. john, draft q&a. do you expect her to be asked about that at the hearing tomorrow? >> i completely do. you saw the deposition, you saw george kent being asked about the concerns he had in 2015. six month ago, everybody was saying joe biden story, that is a conspiracy. turns out, joe biden's own people were worried about it, and the only person who doesn't see it as a joe biden problem is joe biden. even the ambassador who was preparing to defend him, so that can refer that to joe biden. it's a joe biden problem. a really remarkable revelation. >> laura: they way they are selling yovanovitch, another in the parade of patriots. if you work in government and you don't like trump's policies, you are a hero. if you support the president, you are a zero. it's as simple as that.
7:30 pm
whether it was kent or marie yovanovitch, you hold them up on a pedestal, and whatever they say, it's a damning but solemn day for america. >> it's not a particularly impressive group that is being marched out. with a rush to get operation, we could say, oh, my goodness, these are serious demand we are looking at, james comey, andrew mccabe. right now, what we are looking at is entitled bureaucrats who are complaining that they don't get to make the foreign policy of the united states and they are supposed to be selling that to the u.s. power. >> laura: they did not look in the fact that trump was very skeptical about this and those foreign aid. if the american people are with him and brought the democrat party, and the republican party, and the establishment -- and both parties ignore the american people for decades, trump comes in and says, why are we still doing this? no, you will not take our fiefdom over. remember, everyone has to remember that she cried -- i know you wrote about this -- she
7:31 pm
cried -- people cry, it's fine -- but she cried in her initial testimony behind closed doors. there is a sense that we might see the waterworks tomorrow? is that -- do you want drama? i'm sorry, they said they want drama. all these democrats this week said they need drama. they didn't get it with, you know, mr. and mr. boring. they did not get it. >> i think tomorrow is going to be a bad version of the movie "untouchables." can't criticize maria bond of it, might cry. you can call hunter biden, kent mentioned there mention the whistle-blowers name or interview him. all these people are untouchable because if they were put under oath, we would know the real story. >> laura: okay, but crying if you lose a loved one, crying if you suffer a huge personal loss -- that's fine. crying because you lost your job when a new president came in and -- it's ridiculous. i'm sorry. you want to play in the pen with the big dogs, you better put on the big dog, you know, face. it's a tough deal out there in diplomacy land. >> it's a magical event for the
7:32 pm
democrats are going to have to up their game and do something either its crying, or it's going to be adam schiff waving a magic wand over something like that, incantation, strange things. no, it's really terrible, the people who are paying, it's the american public for the stars. instead of these people getting back to work. >> laura: and horwitz's report, we are hearing days. do you think days after -- >> days after thanksgiving. >> laura: can we plan our thanks giving at this table? that the most important. >> we are not allowed to have thanksgiving. >> laura: ig report, do we expect this to move the needle at all? >> i think so, certainly. i think that one of the reasons we are seeing all this drama here on capitol hill with the impeachment stuff is people are concerned what will be in this report, and with the attorney general is looking at as well, and u.s. attorney jerome. >> laura: gentleman, always good to see you both. thank you so much. john solomon, i'm glad -- they come after you all day. i love it. the same with you. >> means they are hovering over
7:33 pm
the target. >> laura: same thing, lee smith. coming up, guys, radical elected to power positions. welcome a power raising safety concerns and some of america's biggest cities. a new video emerges of bikers intimidating new york police. as a less antipolice sentiment now spreading across this country? it certainly seems like it for any to. bernie kerik and leo terrel are here for a fiery debate next. - [narrator] do you have less energy than you used to?
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7:38 pm
surrounding and harassing a lone nypd officer at a bronx gas station. luckily, no one was hurt. but it comes after a summer of escalating attacks on police. from water buckets to chunks of concrete. here to discuss this disturbing trend is bernie kerik, former nypd commissioner, and leo terrell, civil rights attorney. bernie, these stories might not seem to be connected but they really are and not one feeds another. your reaction to this tonight? >> laurel, what bothers me is that it's happening all over the country. when this stuff is happening, you are going to have diminished quality of life. you are going to have increased violent crime, you are going to have increased murder. we see cities like baltimore and chicago and others around the country, where those numbers are at the highest they have ever been. it takes aggressive law enforcement to deal with it. that is not what we are seeing.
7:39 pm
we are seeing the opposite really. and we are seeing prosecutors who are basically promoting a diminished enforcement. >> laura: leo, one thing that i noticed when i wasn't spending some time in september with chicago police officers, it wasa common thread in what they said to me. they said, if you don't go after people for the smaller infractions, it sets the tone for larger infractions. that is what giuliani -- i always think of giuliani in new york. new york became a safer, cleaner place because they did not let things slide. your reaction to this antipolice sentiment that we see developing across the country, leo? >> laura, i think bernie is talking about the boogie man approach to scaring people. in california we started with prop 47. you talk about those bikers there, i would sit with you that there is no felony committed. if there was a crime -- i would like to know with a crime is, because all they are doing is just riding around.
7:40 pm
it's called expression. what we are talking about is this. there is an overcharging of people in this country and event president trump saw that with the first step. i will be curious to see if bernie would agree that prop 47 works in california -- >> laura: for prop 47, fox news had a big piece to more than was clicked on pieces on fox, showing that prop 47 has led to an increase in a wide array of crimes already in california. you guys want to screw up california more? let's keep letting people out of prison before they have done their time for violent offenses or not putting people in jail. serious other infractions. it's a disaster. no one wants to live in that stage. i am opposed to decriminalizing the active criminals. if you want to let people go, everyone should live in those same neighborhoods because the poor people are they want to get hurt the worst. bernie? >> if i can respond to leo's question, i sat on the first
7:41 pm
step back panel. i helped draft the legislation. i thought for the legislation. i helped get the president to sign the legislation. i was all for it. but what i am not for is the lawlessness. those bikers, they did not commit a felony. they were obstructing. they harassing the cops. they were interfering with his duties. that is what they were doing. >> bernie, answer this. why did they only charge one and not the other five? i guarantee you -- tell me why. >> i don't know all the facts of the case. i would bet they only have one that they have identified one. if you see these guys, they are all masks, they knew they were doing. this is no different than the antifa groups in all these other groups that go out there and act like animals. listen, if you harass, intimidate, threaten, obstruct -- >> you said they did not commit a felony. >> laura: hold on. leo, are you saying that if a person at another line of work who happened to be a minority
7:42 pm
words surrounded by a bunch of people, maybe they happened to be nonminority, and they are mass people but they are surrounding them, at least temporarily, blocking their way, you would not find that to be threatening? i know a lot of people who would find that threatening. let alone if it is surrounding a law enforcement officer. >> laura, you are a good lawyer. a situation is different. bernie has to admit. these are officers. that is a government. it is not the same replay situation. what they did up there was nothing more than first amendment expression. >> laura: oh, please. masks? no one should be going around in a mask. >> oh, come on. first amendment rights. it's called expression. >> laura: the masks -- that's, nice. antifa's expression. >> i'm going to wear a mask tomorrow and see if i get arrested for it. that is called expression. >> laura: why do people wear masks, why do you think? >> choice. >> laura: really? that is a way of expressing themselves? that's fine. that is really going to add to the social good or the public discourse. it is to hide from security
7:43 pm
cameras so no one can identify you. that is why they are doing it for the nypd has a statement out tonight. let's put it up for people so we can read it. about what happened. the officer was attempting to take the vehicle into possession when the group started to circle their bikes around him. that goes on, one of the individuals attempted to take the bike from the officer, at which point the officer took his teaser out. >> nothing happened thereafter. nothing happened thereafter. >> laura: it is setting the tone. bernie, i think when you see -- just the general attitude. certain communities, certain communities, i mean, things seem to be okay. but it's a really sad thing because he was going to go into policing? who wants to go into policing? >> the numbers in recruitment and policeman, i policing all over the country are down. the cops now, the active clock will not cops around the country feel like there is this anti-co. they are not appreciated, they are not supported. that is fact. that is fact.
7:44 pm
i am not making this stuff up. that is the reality. the local legislators, the mayors, the governors, they've got to support the men and women out there that do this job that nobody else would do. if they don't, you are going to see i a continuation of diminishment in recruiting of people, they are just not going to take the job. >> two words: body cameras to keep elise honest. two words, body cameras. >> laura: by the way, the commonwealth attorney in arlington who beat a phenomenal commonwealth attorney who happened to be a democrat, in arlington, this is what this new commonwealth attorney has said. in arlington, black people are eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white people. we need a commonwealth attorney that -- i think it means who -- it seeks end racial disparity in the criminal justice system. >> that is factually accurate. that is a true statement. true statement. >> laura: that is the goal of the commonwealth attorney in
7:45 pm
arlington, virginia. to pursue -- because they are supposed to be prosecuting crime. that's why. >> right. they are making sure that -- they want to make sure that the criminal justice system is not being disproportionately to the disadvantage running minorities. sounds pretty fair. >> laura: that's operated law should be color-blind, no matter what color you are. >> listen, we just went through this in new york city where you had two cops arrest two women for selling food in the subway. everybody went bonkers. at the end of the day, if you don't want to arrest those women, then take the law off the books. if you don't want them to arrest people for minimal possession of narcotics, take those laws off the books. stop harassing the cops were doing their job they are sworn to do. >> laura: bernie amiel, fascinating conversation as always. thank you so much. our next separate as related. two violent assaults on conservatives caught on video. we will talk to the victims of these incidents in a moment.
7:46 pm
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♪ >> laura: two events in the past week paint a picture of shocking behavior by leftist activists. and both of them were caught on tape. first, to north carolina, where activists spray-painted a conservative student in the face. the activists were trying to cover up ads he just posted for an event featuring lara schrumpf and charlie kirk. that student will join me in moments. in portland, oregon, photo chosen mma fighter intervening to take down a trump protester at a veterans day in the antifa hotbed. >> get the [bleep] out of here! get the [bleep] out of here! >> portland at the flag wave! a! guys, stop! stop!
7:51 pm
stop! guys, no! >> relax. >> you had to have it, now you got it. >> you are going to jail. >> laura: wow. joining me now, the mma fighter from that video you just stop. also with me, jack bishop, the student spray-painted in the face. he is also the son of north carolina congressman dan bishop. first, you. critics say your response was disproportionate. now explain very briefly to our viewers what happened. >> [laughs] disproportionate. this girl came at us, like, she came up behind us. we were on a bridge isolated, she came up behind us and she started, like, she should till mike stood there, planted her feet, she started saying f you, f you, right at me, pointed right at me, than i was like, no, not doing this. so i turned around. i was waving my flag, just looking at cars come within the next minute, no, there is a
7:52 pm
fight going on, the guys are calling for me to come break it up. >> laura: so there were guys, and there was a fight between two women? was she attacking a man? >> she went after another woman after she didn't get the response that she wanted out of me. >> laura: so then the men didn't want to jump in because they were afraid probably of being sued. that is the world we live in, right? >> 100%, yes, exactly. they did not want to touch her. that is up with why they were like, tara, break this up. >> laura: she was provoked but because someone put a flag in her face and this person, by the way, our viewers should understand, the person on the ground right there, is a professor! [laughs] that's a professor. >> that is what she said. >> laura: yeah, well. i guess you get credit. i don't think she understood with whom she was dealing there. you kind of put her down pretty quickly. and mr. bishop, what happened to you? you got spray-painted in the face? that must've felt really good. >> yes, ma'am, if the excellent
7:53 pm
actually. we were advertising for our event that we most recently had with charlie kirk and lara trump rate of both myself and a few other members. we were accosted by a few members of the club here, the young democrats socialist of america. there were multiple loca altercs between them and myself. i happen to be spray painted by a woman, i don't know her name. i happen to be spray-painted by her. it required an ems to take care of it. >> laura: they said -- this is what they are saying. you are standing, they said, and the way of what they were spray painting. so you were kind of asking for it. imagine if you said that in any other situation. the liberals would go crazy. you were asking for it. that's like the worst thing to say to a victim of an assault. >> is unbelievable. we were there merely expressing our free speech, and these
7:54 pm
people rolled up in a concerted, intentional attempt, preplanned attempt, to center our speech, and it's indicative of what is going on and campuses across the country today were conservative speech is censored. >> laura: all these alumni who write blank checks to these universities, a lot of money, they got to stop giving money until this kind of nonsense stops on college campuses. invite liberals to speak, they can't -- this cannot be tolerated. tara, any word on the professor? you two going to sit down and have -- proper gold one together and talk it out loud? >> i would absolutely have a conversation with her. i have no idea who she is. the investigation apparently is open. i am not able to attain the police report. so i have no idea who she is. meanwhile -- >> laura: she bit you. >> the whole world knows who i am. >> laura: did she buy do you? >> yeah! she bit me.
7:55 pm
>> laura: oh, yeah, that looks like it hurt. wow. i can't believe the mma did not teach you how to hold you down where she could invite you. >> i did! i just wasn't exactly expecting it. [laughs] >> laura: not all right, guys, thank you very much. everyone out there, no matter what your political views are, stay safe and try to respect one another when you have a conversation or debate. and we ask and you answered. the second edition of dear laura when we come back. ♪
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>> it's time again for "dear laura." it's very annoying the way you and hannity flirt at the beginning of the show. i don't care if you all have a thing going, but it's annoying to watch. i wish you would tone it down a bit. okay, i have no words for that one. that's ridiculous. and lindsay hafey wrote, your --
8:00 pm
i don't find it funny at all and you making light of it makes me sick. okay, i don't think the take thm seriously because i don't think the country takes them seriously. humor is a devastating option. send me questions at anchor mangel at shannon bream and the fabulous fox news at night team have all of the stories. ticket from here. >> shannon: we began tonight with fox news alert's. president trump's impeachment is backfiring on democrats and making it easier for him to get reelected. i knew of attacks during a louisiana rally with thousands tonight. the president told democrats, keep it up. he's fired up tonight. and it less than three months until the iowa caucuses and of the democratic field keeps growing. there is worry that they will


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