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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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pass congress and the president is going to sign it, first federal bill on animal cruelty. >> so he can do something, that's good to hear. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next with brett. who is that? >> bret: thanks. good evening and welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we're just hours away of the next installment of the public impeachment testimony. we will have full coverage and analysis in a few minutes, but first, we now know when we will learn details of the justice department inspector general's report on the origins of the russia collusion investigation and the fisa request that fueled it. senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham saying tonight doj inspector general michael horowitz will testify before his committee on wednesday december 11th. correspondent kevin corke is live at the white house now with our top story. good evening, kevin. >> evening, bret. an amazing develop meant when you consider the origins of the
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russia probe have a great deal to do with what happened during the fisa process. as you pointed out, lindsey graham, the sender from the state of south carolina announcing tonight that yes, the ig, inspector general michael horowitz will in fact appear on capitol hill to not just discuss his findings, but also perhaps a possible way forward to improve the system. let me share a part of a statement again from this, lindsey graham. we just received is not terribly long ago. in his statement he not only lays out the fact that on december 11th mr. horowitz will in fact appear before the senate judiciary committee. we will deliver a detailed report of what found in his investigations -- along with, there it is. recommendations as to how to make our traditional investigative systems better again. that's all coming up december 11th. meanwhile, bret, democrats have yet to invite the president, at least formally, to appear on capitol hill to take part in the impeachment inquiry, but despite his many complaints about the process, in a bit of a surprise today, the president said he wouldn't rule it out.
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>> to spending stomach depending on your perspective, it was either incredibly audacious or just plain inconceivable. president trump, despite bitter complaints about his fairness, tweeting his willingness to testify before the house impeachment inquiry. even though i did nothing wrong to wrong and don't like giving crowd ability to there's no due process hoax i'm a hero, i like the idea, and will in order to give congress focus again, strongly consider it. that online episode coming after a maelstrom of treats after the hearings. after chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi all but dared him to come to capitol hill to refute allegations against him under oath. >> the president could come back before the committee and speak all the truth that he wants, if he wants to take the "to oath of office, or he can do it in writing. he has every opportunity to present his case. >> not surprisingly, lawmakers are skeptical about the prospects of mr. trump raising his right hand and standing before an adam schiff-let
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inquiry. >> just like the american people do, the process is completely unfair. >> i think the chances that the president would actually come and testify or answer our questions be deposed are slim to none and slim just left the room. i think it's a moot point. >> of the president did respond in writing to questions during the mueller probe, today we learned that even those answers are facing renewed scrutiny with the house now said to be investigating the veracity of the president's responses in the russia investigation. about which north carolina g.o.p. congressman mark meadows quipped "flailing," referring to democrats, "the public isn't buying their efforts to take on the president, and they know it." the president to foster this unannounced trip to walter reed over the weekend for what the white house called "routine test" as part of his annual physical sparked rampant speculation -- especially concerning the trip was not on his public schedule. but the president trying to tamp down concerns writing on twitter that he'd simply begun phase one of his yearly physical.
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everything very good, great, will complete next year. the president spent about two hours, slightly more than that over in walter reed, the white house saying that the 73-year-old commander in chief wants to take advantage of a free weekend here in washington, especially considering the promises to be a very active 2020 campaign. right. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn, thank you. from the democrats' perspective, perhaps the most important witnesses in the impeachment process are scheduled to appear this week before the house intelligence committee. tonight, correspondent gillian turner post on the roster. >> nine witnesses slated to testify publicly in front of the nation over a period of three days. first up, tuesday will hear from williams, national security staff or to the vice president. she will testify alongside alexander vinh ben, director for ukraine at the national security council. in the afternoon, kurt volker, president trump's envoy to ukraine and tim morrison, who managed russia and europe to the
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national security council will answer house intelligence committee questions. intelligence chairman adam schiff chose these witnesses very carefully. he says all the diplomats he's heard from so far have brought important evidence against president trump. >> there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes that he is above the law. no oversight. no restraint, no guard rail, no safeguard. nothing to hold this corrupt president in check. >> the most hotly anticipated testimony this week will come wednesday from president trump's ambassador to the european union, gordon solomon. he's the first first witness and inquiry whose allied with president trump. being both a political appointee and a friend of the president. unlike the correct diplomats we've heard from so far, sondland has a multiple direct discussions with both the president and rudy giuliani about ukraine. he democrats say they are eager to hear his account of why he altered his testimony about what they call president trump's quid pro quo just a few to few days
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after he gave it. >> his story continues to change, and i think it's got to decide this weekend about whether he's an american first or eric trump loyalist. i'm not sure that we can trust his testimony, given the fact that we know it's already changed. speak about republicans insist sondland has been upfront since day one. >> mr. sondland was very clear when he gave his testimony to the committee in the deposition and his addendum fundamentally really didn't fundamentally change that. >> so while the impeachment process is now under this very public phase behind the scenes here of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff is still going full steam ahead behind the scenes with the classified portion of these proceedings. we are learning he may yet still add more witnesses to testify behind closed doors. also just a little while ago, the committee added another witness who will testify publicly on thursday, that's david holmes. he told the committee on friday that he knew that president trump had spoken to ambassador gordon solomon about
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ukraine as far back as july, john. >> bret: that's bret, thanks, jill m. >> hi, bret. >> bret: republican senator ron johnson is now responding to a request from congressman devin nunes and jim jordan for any relevant evidence he has for his trip to ukraine and president zelensky's inauguration. what about that, what's he saying? because so bret, i apologies, i can't see you here. i had that wrong. basically johnson is making the case now to devin nunes and the republicans on the committee that from everything he has seen so far from his witnesses, based on everything he saw when he traveled to ukraine for the inauguration of zelensky, all of the impeachment accusations against the president are coming from what he says are career civil servants, career officers who disagree with president trump and are seeking to kind of overturn his foreign policy and implement their own vision for ukraine policy.
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he says that's the biggest sticking point here. that's where the house intelligence committee should be looking if they are really concerned about u.s. policy towards ukraine. he says the way that these career bureaucrats are behaving is unethical. >> bret: gillian turner live on capitol hill. thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: let's get some perspective from senior political analyst brit hume. good evening, britt, want to ask you where we are. done with week one, heading into week to go tomorrow morning, where you think this stands? >> i think we're kind of where we spend for some time now, bret, i don't think there's any doubt the democrats are going to forge ahead here and impeach the president, so the question that arises is what they have produced enough to convince, you know, 20 republican senators, assuming all the senate democrats vote to convict, to convict the president, and i don't think that there's any sign or any reason to believe that that's the case. so what we're left with here is one of these situations where
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the president is going to be damaged by this to some extent. his judgment is going to be called into question. an effort to try to get an investigation to the bidens may be established. the big question though is this:is any of us worthy of an impeachment, which is, after all, about the most drastic measure available to congress to deal with a sitting president. it was intended by the founding fathers -- i don't think there's any doubt to be something very rare, and intended to deal with only the greatest of offenses, so the question then becomes whether they will be able to establish something in the minds of republicans is a grave offense. i don't think i've gotten very far towards that goal yet. >> bret: which is why speaker pelosi said it, the ideal would be if it was a bipartisan situation. the only thing that was bipartisan in the inquiry vote was that two democrats voted against it. >> that's right. you upset from the beginning it needed to be bipartisan, and not just because you need republican votes, but also because you're
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trying to find an offense here that is so grave that even members of a president 'his own party, either party, depending on who it is, would be persuaded by it. we are not there yet. >> bret: at the same time, you have this dual track and now you know that the inspector general michael horowitz is going to come out with this report. it said to be detailed and he's going to testify in front of the senate judiciary committee. we know that to be december 11th as of tonight. your thoughts on this and kind of the colliding trains that we have going on these two sites? >> well, it kind of hard to believe, bret, that this investigation by the inspector general would have gone on all this time if if yod not find any wrongdoing on the part of those that were involved in the investigation into president trump and the way they handled the warrants and so on. so i think we can probably fairly anticipate that this information will say that. and, you know, the effect to that, it has no direct effect
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perhaps, on the charges against the president in his current impeachment hearing, but it does damage his critics. and it does call their motives and their behavior into questio question. and it affects the political atmosphere, and i think that the likely outcome of this is that it makes it easier still, easier than it already is, for republicans both in the house and the senate to continue to support the president. >> bret: all right, brit, as always, thank you. u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts is ordering an indefinite delay on the house of representatives' demand for president trump's financial records. roberts wants to give the court time to figure out how to handle the high-stakes dispute. last week, the president made an emergency appeal asking the court to block the enforcement of a subpoena issued by house committee to his accountants. the house has until thursday to respond. also breaking tonight, the month-long protest in hong kong are growing more desperate and dangerous tonight. hundreds of demonstrators are said to be trapped inside a
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university campus with police on the outside preventing them from leaving. the u.s., u.s. officials, saying it is up to the hong kong government to address the protesters' grievances, while china is telling the west to essentially butt out. greg palkot has an update tonight from london. good evening, greg. bickel hi, bret. it is in fact early tuesday morning in hong kong right now as the standoff between protesters and the police at the university there continues. in the last few hours, a few of the younger teenage activists have been allowed to leave. others have fled, but the danger there remains very real. >> it's being called a last stand for the protesters in hong kong. hundreds of activists, including teenage students, holed up for days in the university there. flopping mistakes. doing battle with police using any weapons at hand. police firing back at times with live manumission. security forces made one charge
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income only to get repelled. other protesters trying to break the siege, getting arrested and dragged away. some injured students were later evacuated. americans and other former students had already been told to leave. >> i really hope that someone could give a helping hand. the campus chaos spread throughout the city, thousands out in the streets again in the pro-democracy cause. hundreds and just the last few days arrested and injured. 4500 nabbed in over five months of unrest with a stern warning from authorities. >> i would urge those, do not try to escalate the level of weapon or violence. >> another warning from the u.s. hong kong and its beijing backer must address the protesters demands. >> unrest and violence cannot be resolved by law enforcement efforts alone. the government must take clear steps to address public concerns. >> so far, the only chinese military intervention has been a squad of off-duty people's army soldiers this weekend clearing
3:14 pm
up a debris-strewn street. work from beijing and its surrogates are getting tougher. no room for compromise, one official said, and foreigners keep out. >> we urge these forces to immediately stop any form of interference in hong kong affairs. in china's internal affairs. >> there was one small victory for the protesters on monday. the hong kong court ruled that a government ban on face masks being worn by the protesters was unconstitutional. it was a small comfort, however, for those on the front line. bret. >> bret: greg palkot live in london, thank you. the u.s. is ramping up pressure on iran tonight and making a major change in its policy towards israeli settlements, i change the israeli prime ministers office says writes historical wrongs. here's state department correspondent rich edson. >> the united states says israeli settlements in the contested west bank do not
3:15 pm
violate international law. >> secretary carrie changed decades of this careful bipartisan approach by publicly reaffirming to suppose illegality of settlements. >> with less than a month left in the obama administration, then-secretary of state john kerry announced the u.s. consider those sediments a threat to peace. >> the permanent policy of settlement construction that risks making peace impossible. in virtually every country in the world other than israel opposes settlements. >> secretary of state mike pompeo argues the international community was already positioned against israel. this announcement is another trump administration reversal of its predecessors policy. a show of support of israel that includes the u.s. moving his embassy to jerusalem, recognizing israeli claims over the goal; heights. and an aggressive posture towards iran. >> iran supreme leader is referring to is tried and true method of perverting nuclear brinkmanship to extort the international community.
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>> the secretary also announced it administration is revoking a waiver allowing civilian activity at iran's nuclear complex. earlier this month, iran announced it would accelerate nuclear activity there. pompeo also expressed support for protesters in iran, demonstrating against a cut and fuel subsidies as american sanctions batter iran's economy. this is secretary pompeo's first visit to the state department briefing room since several of his employees have and are scheduled to testify before the house impeachment inquiry. from the removal of the former ambassador to ukraine, to direct presidential attacks, some career diplomats say the secretary has refused to defend his employees. >> i always have been a state form -- the greatest diplomatic order history of the world. >> there's the status of ambassador bill taylor. as a top u.s. diplomat in ukraine. president trump says secretary pompeo made a mistake in hiring him. asked whether or not he thought pompeo bought the tailor was effective, the secretary would stay to make it a state state farm policy is doing a
3:17 pm
fantastic job in ukraine and refused to comment specifically on taylor's performance. ret. >> bret: rich edson live at the state department, thank you. may your people to judge, his effort to get african-american support in the democratic presidential race may be backfiring. we will renew that story. ♪
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♪ >> bret: democratic presidential candidate mayor people to judge is encountering more problems with african-american voters tonight. he is removing images of black people from some of his campaign materials after it was reported that those pictured had nothing to do with his campaign. at least one not even from the u.s. tonight, buttigieg is in atlanta where he's hoping to bolster his appeal to minorities ahead of wednesday's debate in the georgia capital. peter doocy is there this evening. >> in iowa, a quarter of likely caucus goers dig deep. mayor buttigieg has 25% support in new "des moines register" siena foil nine points ahead of the pack. >> on the ground for weeks i've been feeling that there's more and more support. >> but in more diverse early stage, buttigieg is struggling. like in south carolina, where 60% of the democratic primary electorate is black and a new quinnipiac poll finds his support among black voters there
3:22 pm
at 0. >> mayor buttigieg has a real problem with black voters because of his track record as mayor of south bend. >> now mayor peet's campaign is apologizing for using several stock photos of minorities to push is platform online, removing at least one of a kenyan woman. >> is going to have to answer for that. i don't have words. >> columbia south going as mayor steve benjamin is backing michael bloomberg a day after his detailed apology for allowing stop and frisk as mayor. >> i didn't understand that back then. the full impact that stocks were having on the black and latino communities. i was totally focused on saving lives. >> a policy that's got more popular in recent years, legalizing marijuana. 67% support it according to pew. joe biden is not one of them. >> it is not irrational to do more scientific investigations to determine whether it's a gateway drug or not. >> his old boss thinks that kind
3:23 pm
of cautious approach said work. president obama said "the average american doesn't think we should have to completely turn on the system and remake it was cool. i could be read as a slam of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. >> are not turning on the system, we are fighting for justice. >> mayor pete's fight is to convince a diverse -- await openly gay mayor from indiana. >> a lot of states in this process so i recognize the work that we got to do. >> and network continues for mayor pete tonight on the campus of morehouse, the campaign is going around handing out pete's fires with details of his plan to pump 50 billion taxpayer dollars into historically black colleges and universities like this one, and we do expect the mayor from south bend any minute. bret. >> bret: peter doocy with his golf tournament boys, thank you. the deep south only democratic governor will keep his job. louisiana's john bel edwards defeated republican eddie respond in a close race
3:24 pm
saturday. edwards received about 51% of the vote against a republican who had strong support from president trump. on the market, stocks hit the all-time highs for the second trading day in a row. the dowd gaining 31 today, the s&p 500 was up 32, the nasdaq finished ahead 9. the chairman of fedex is challenging the publisher of "the new york times" to a debat debate. fred smith is hopping mad over an article in the times that says fedex one from owing $1.5 billion in taxes in 2017, r president trump scientist tax cut cut bill into law. this was only a fox news network joins us from new york with specifics on this comedy may come susan. >> good evening, bret. fedex's founder and ceo throwing a challenge of the publisher of "the new york times." it lets debate this in public. fedex not happy with "the new york times" reported that fedex paid an effective tax rate of 0 last year, but not
3:25 pm
reinvesting its tax savings back into the u.s. economy, counter to promises of higher spending when business taxes were cut. >> obviously the tax bill means that businesses like fedex, which is already a major investor, our cap ex budget this year will be $5.9 billion, but it means that we can increase it in the future because of the new provisions of the tax bill. >> fedex's tax bill cut from 1.5 billion in 2017 to virtually nothing in 2018. but instead of putting more income of "the new york times" alleges that fedex invested less, taking issue with the report fred smith and fedex firing back, pointing out that "the new york times" pay nothing in federal taxes in 2017 and just an effective tax rate of 18% last year, while cutting back 50% of their u.s. investments, a number that's so small, it's a rounding error compared to fedex's $6 billion.
3:26 pm
smith writing "i hereby challenge a.j. sulzberger, the publisher of "the new york times" and business action to make such an editor to a public debate in washington, d.c., with me in the fedex corporate vice president of tax." it was funny today, "the new york times" says that fedex's colorful response does not challenge a single fact in our story. fedex's invitation is clearly a stunned, and effort to distract from the findings of our story." according to the institute on taxation and economic policy, fedex isn't alone. at least 60 companies paid zero taxes last year. bret. >> bret: just like to note, "special report" would love to host a debate right here. susan, thank you. still ahead, kanye west goes to church, and it's not just any kind of sunday service, we will bring you there. plus, prince andrew on allegations he had sex with an underage woman when he was buddies with jeffrey epstein. ♪ we price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the
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3:31 pm
>> i can tell you categorically i don't remember meeting her at all. >> speaking out for the first time on camera, britain's prince andrew denied ever knowing jeffrey epstein accuser virginia defray. seen in this photograph with the prince, claims she was forced to have sex with prince andrew when she was just 17 years old at epstein's homes. >> i do not remember the photograph being taken and i have said consistently and frequently that we never had any sort of contact whatever. >> prince andrew even challenged the account that she met the prince at a club where she was dancing and sweating profusely. >> i have a peculiar medical condition which is that i don't sweat. >> the prince said that he regretted staying at epstein's new york city mission for four days after epstein had already been convicted as a sex offender. but he did not regret his friendship with him.
3:32 pm
>> the people that i met, and the opportunities that i was given to learn either by him or because of him were actually very useful. >> prince andrew claimed he never witnessed any suspicious behavior and that did not sit well with jane doe number 15, who filed a lawsuit monday claiming epstein abused her at the age of 15. >> it is upsetting to me to think that anyone was closely associated with jeffrey epstein might argue that they didn't respect that he might have been abusing children. >> meantime, the epstein investigation continues. the director of the federal bureau of prisons, which oversees the jail where epstein died, is set to testify in a senate hearing tomorrow morning. bret. >> bret: brian, thank you. house minority leader kevin mccarthy and two other top republicans are demanding "abc news" explain why it spikes the story about sex abuse allegations against epstein three years ago.
3:33 pm
abc reporter amy roback claims executives fill that report. if the network not commenting on the demand from mccarthy. earlier this month abc told fox news the epstein story at the time was not fit to air. ♪ tonight's focus on faith, rapper kanye west takes his newfound faith to one of the largest christian assemblies in the world. it happened yesterday in houston as west participated in service, service is the church run by all stomach alter and tv personality joel steen. joins us from houston, lauren. >> bret, it's the meeting of two mega stars the preacher and the wrapper, joining forces in an attempt at making faith cool. >> in jesus' name we pray, amen. >> the grammy award-winning musician connie west brought his experiences to lakewood church in houston, teaming up with its pastor, joel alstyne. the event in part was a
3:34 pm
promotion of kanye's new album "is king and to talk about his recent journey back to christ. the 20,000 plus seat sanctuary with a full gospel choir and instrument ensemble. >> i think it's historic days for us. i don't know, coming together, just kind of two different worlds. it feels like all of this was meant to be god has already had the plan of bringing me up in the church. >> some of those in attendance that it will be kanye's sincere. >> throughout his whole message, every time he kept mentioning the name of three over and over again, claiming that he is christ, that he is lord and he is king. >> found some bibles available to kanye stands, the demand surpassed that and at last count they have given away almost 11,000 bibles. bret. >> bret: lauren green in houston, thanks. the 2020 democrats will talk about them, as well as how impeachment affects all of that when we come back. ♪ look.
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♪ >> what i'm hearing out in the street is with most people, they are kind of tired, they are kind of out, they're kind of bored. we spend billions of dollars, in my opinion, tons of money, tons of time, fraction the nation apart. i haven't seen is to be a good thing. >> bret: congressman andrew from new jersey, democrat talking about what he's hearing on the streets about the impeachment process. this week a big week in the impeachment hearings. tuesday, four witnesses, including lieutenant colonel alexander penman, director for european affairs at the national security council, he was on the call, wednesday is really the biggest of all of the testimony and that is gordon solomon. the u.s. ambassador to european union. thursday, fiona hell and they also just added david holmes, political counselor to the u.s. embassy in ukraine. he is said to have heard this
3:40 pm
phone call between sondland and president trump. meantime, we learn today that the inspector general at the justice department, michael horowitz, will be testifying on december 11th about his report. that is expected out in days but we know december 11th is already on the counter. that's something learned moments before the show. let's bring in our panel. chris stirewalt, politics editor here at fox news. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist," and michael kiley, white house correspondent for "the new york times" ." okay, where we are now in this set of hearings, molly, and how this affects kind of going forward. we've seen last week this is going to be a big week of testimony. >> yeah, it's a big week of testimony, except the issue keeps on being kind of complicated for people to follow. if you have saying what we have here are a lot of bureaucrats disagreed with the trump administration foreign policy and have democrats saying that something that was done was impeachable. i think there hasn't been a ton of interest in these hearings.
3:41 pm
i doubt that it will increase as days go on, and so democrat might be finding themselves in a little bit of a difficult pickle. then finding out about this ig report coming out, which is very interesting, with her and told for months, but if it comes out and it shows that there was this resistance to trump that engaged in the various behaviors, that further helps his argument with impeachment. >> bret: michael someone, but testimony this week? >> very big testimony and what's interesting about him is that he has already revised his testimony. i think literally submitted a revision saying that he had recalled some facts that he had initially forgotten about in his first round of testimony and since that time, we have learned, or at least there have been accounts describing more conversations, at least one in particular, what president trump that sondland has not volunteered -- this specifically is one that came out of testimony on friday, which sondland allegedly took a call from the president in a kia restaurant whenever two and bc
3:42 pm
staffers there and by the accounts that were given to the house, the president said to sondland pretty directly, i'm really interested in these investigations, what's going on with the investigations, furthering the idea that this is really with the president's interest was in his ukraine policy, so will sondland now say i forgot about that, i have a little more to tell you, is there anything else that he's forgotten and that will be very interesting to watch. >> bret: which is why there is an evolution hearsay witnesses and kind of the focus by republicans now to say this just not a lot here as far as illegality and impeachmentwise. >> we have a nice parallel with the trump tower meeting from the mueller days, which is, yeah, look, there was an effort to do a quid pro quo here. you heard it from steve scalise on "fox news sunday." you heard from jim jordan. basically it's like look, the money ended up getting paid. you going to impeach a guy over something that didn't actually end up happening? and i think that is a reflection on the part of the republicans
3:43 pm
that this is buncombe stuff wasn't going to work. now they're going to say look, maybe there conversations that we had most people would feel a little uncomfortable with but the bad thing didn't happen, so let's move on. >> bret: i guess the question is, if this ig report comes out as we expected now where before that 11th testimony, does it in essence bolster republicans even further to stand with the president if it's this paint a picture of the beginning of the russia investigation that has a lot of question marks? >> look, this is what the republicans have been waiting for they are hanging a lot on this. there's a lot of expectations around us. it needs to deliver. i suspect it will be a lot of unhappy people and i suspect that people like mccabe and others, comey and others will be very unhappy when all is said and done. >> bret: there's the ig report that deals with the fisa allegations and then there's john durham, the u.s. attorney from connecticut who was also doing a broader look at the
3:44 pm
beginning of the trump probe. >> is important is this inspector general report is, it's pretty limited, it's just about whether there was abuse of the fisa process. this was the way the justice department was spying on members of the trump campaign and how to convince the court to allow them to do that. this has always been a question of either you have the trump campaign colluding with russia to steal the 2016 election, or you have some indication that there was some really bad behavior on the part of the justice department and we have some indication, we will get a little bit more about that bad behavior as it relates to the fisa of use, but durham is looking into all sorts of things in addition to that as well. we will expect that to take a lot longer. i want to turn to 2020 really quickly. the new i will pull out has people to judge up significantly making a big jump, 16 points there. michael, what's interesting in our poll, number two, the president's approval among the public and still very strong at 85%. 76% saying they're going to vote for the president.
3:45 pm
>> president trump despite everything and you see these numbers nationally, there are some surprisingly, to some people, high numbers in favor of this impeachment process relative to the baseline approval numbers, but having said that, those approval numbers for president trump have been very consistent, remarkably consistent. in the democratic field, i think this lead is going to change hands many times over and it wouldn't get too excited about one pole but it is very interesting, particularly to see what somewhat more contrast to's interest candidate moving head. >> bret: south carolina has a totally different picture for people to judge in part because of the african-american support. if you look at this poll among african-american voters in south carolina out today, people to judge is at 0. >> so not good, you're saying that's not good. >> bret: behind marianne williamson. not singling her out, but among african-americans -- >> people to judge not going to win suck on it -- i think we can safely say people to judge is not going to win the south -- and from elizabeth warren, five or six weeks ago which are much you can be stopped.
3:46 pm
she is. people to judge, if he beats her in iowa, if she loses new hampshire to either him or bernie sanders, elizabeth warren is going nowhere fast. biden leads in nevada in the most recent polling in nevada, he lives in south carolina by a doughty margin. it's hard right upper somebody to explain to be a good path for elizabeth warren today. >> bret: doughty. i love the word doughty. next up, protest, pressure on iran and new policy on israeli settlements. ♪ th otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection
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♪ >> i give president trump credit for toughening our stance across the board with china, but they have been silent on hong kong. we need to stand with those protesters because china is supposed to moving towards an open will based economy, not towards a greater authoritarian system, which unfortunately is what we are seeing. >> we were repeatedly called for restraint from all parties in hong kong. violence by any site is on acceptable. the hong kong government first primary responsibility for bringing home to hong kong. unrest and violence cannot be resolved by law-enforcement efforts alone. >> bret: protests in hong kong getting more dangerous really by the day. back with the panel. michael, it seems like it's
3:51 pm
increasing in this violence. >> that's right. the stakes seem to be getting higher, it's getting more dangerous. that said, president trump has kept his distance. some of pompeo's rhetoric echoes what president trump has said before, which is saying all sides have to show restraint. to some people, that's a little too equivocal, i think language should be a little bit tougher condemning the government's actions. secretary pompeo did say that the hong kong government first primary responsibility. he didn't talk about the government in beijing. i think that's a notable distinction. generally what we are seeing is although president trump is taking a pretty strong stance towards china overall, he's not really trying to entangle what's happening in hong kong with other issues specifically, including the train talks, they are ongoing. >> bret: a pretty aggressive speech about hong kong, but it does seem like this phase one deal on trade is in the back of the administration's mine. >> it does seem like a think about that. it is interesting generally in the united states, we haven't seen this kind of shared opposition to what's happening
3:52 pm
in china since tiananmen square. i think there is this recognition that the way we rispone to that, by opening up china and i sort of helping subsidize them was not the right path. so people are generally in agreement that we need to be tougher here. we do have a trade deal in the works. there are other things that can be done. there's a bill working its way through congress right now that would make sure that we give favored status to hong kong products and services and make sure that we don't continue to do that if china is exerting too much pressure. we can employ some sanctions or other things to make sure that china understands the seriousness of the situation and we should probably just be continuing to decouple our economies, helping other countries, investing in them, even though that will have some short-term economic consequences. it might be of huge significance, not just financially, but in terms of technological issues and security for our country in the years to come. >> bret: the other big news today that the secretary of state was talking about his israeli settlements and a change in u.s. policies. take a listen. >> the trump administration is
3:53 pm
reversing, the obama administration's approach towards israeli settlements. the establishment of israeli, civilian established ones in the west bank is not, per se, inconsistent with international law. we are not addressing or prejudging the ultimate status of the west bank. this is for the israeli ends and palestinians to negotiate. the civilian settlements inconsistent with international odds hasn't worked. it hasn't advanced the cause of peace, the vision for peace that this administration has. we think we created space for that to be successful. >> bret: and not surprisingly, the israeli prime minister said they are deeply grateful to the president of the secretary of state. turning back and obama/carrie move. >> i imagine this will be every bit as consequential as the obama/carrie move, reversing the previous standard. it doesn't matter, it won't matter. to quote charles krauthammer, "wake me when peace breaks out." u.s. opinions about the peace
3:54 pm
process don't matter. none of it matters until the parties who are involved in this dispute decide that they want to work this out and get it done themselves. that's what's going to make this happen, not something mike pompeo sense from a lecter lectern. >> bret: protest in iran, speaking out about the people in iran getting to the streets. is there a shift there with the iranian regime? >> you never know. it was awesome protest in iran i think a year ago that it administration was getting, frankly, kind of excited about. possibly a sign that the maximum pressure campaign is working, but they were put down. the iranians are pretty good at locking it down when they have to but you never know when it's going to be the big one that's going to spiral out of control. this could be it, their economy really is hurting, but their security services have been all too effective over the past several decades. >> it is interesting to note that iran checked on the internet to hurt protesters from being able to communicate with each other, all while using social media themselves. this is hate hypocrisy that was pointed out by certain people in the state department and also raises tough questions for the
3:55 pm
social media companies that permit this. >> bret: around the horn, around the world. things, panel. when we come back, a military hero surprises his son. ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪ two finally denied, we just love these. >> looking for somebody. >> bret: lieutenant steve phillips have been deployed overseas and away from his family for nine months, and his surprise to energies on friday, and florida. they were joined by his little brother, jack. he said he wants to hug his dad until life is over and that he has no plans on letting him go anytime soon. we just run those on a loop, we are fine with that. thanks for inviting us into your
4:00 pm
home. fair, balanced, and unafraid. a "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts now. another big week for your testimony. >> martha: we could just play those over and over tomorrow. i got some people nodding to that right here. we'll see a bright and early tomorrow morning, bret. good evening, everybody. here's a question to think about tonight. will we see any sort of different tactics tomorrow in the questioning from republicans in these hearings, which will begin some 14 hours from right now? they were pretty careful not to push ambassador yovanovitch, not questioning whether there was substance to her firing, which was called for by both the president of ukraine as well as the united states president. then the president blurted out that famous tweet in the middle of the whole thing. that led to some immediate backlash but clearly, he was frustrated with what was going on in that hearing and wanted a little more substance on that issue. so the ambassador, though, she


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