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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 10, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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according to a survey, 1200 luxury hotels reported mattress thefts, bathrobes the most stolen item. the ugly as in ugly christmas sweaters, the festive attire is bad for the environment because the sweaters are mostly made of plastic. a very busy day on "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> finally the truth is out. >> the system not only got off the rails but a criminal enterprise. rob: it is december 10th, tuesday, fox news, a tale two watchdog reports, the findings of michael bloomberg on fisa abuse and the genesis of the russia probe sparking different reactions depending which side of the aisle you're on.
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jillian: they hope articles of impeachment will seal the deal for them in 2020, live in washington ahead of their next big move. the terrace to kill three people at the boston marathon says he deserves to live. rob: the argument his lawyers are making. one mom sparks a christmas controversy by referring to santa claus as a man. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> having a nice day so far.
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here today, made the the whole thing. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: straight to a fox news alert democrats are expected to unveil two articles of impeachment against donald trump. >> this comes after 10 hours of heated hearings on capitol hill. griff jenkins with what happens next. >> reporter: we should learn articles of impeachment soon, obstruction of power, section of commerce, nancy pelosi meeting with the chairman leading the impeachment inquiry for a 9 am announcement in the capital. the next step is the markup where articles are drafted by the judiciary committee after their final hearing concludes, falling into vicious partisan fighting. >> we hear staff ask questions
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of other staff and members get out of this hearing for the next four hours to try to overturn the results of an election with unelected people. >> the gentleman will suspend. >> reporter: in the end the chairman and ranking member when it began. >> donald trump violated his oath to the american people, places own private interests ahead of our national security and the integrity of our elections. that constitute the continuing threat to the integrity of our elections and our democratic system of government. such conduct is clearly impeachable. >> the economy is good, military strong, country safe. at the end of the day all this is about is:00 at the calendar, they can't get over the fact that donald trump is president of the united states and they don't have a candidate they think can beat him. >> reporter: the president was weighing in. >> it is a disgrace, a disgrace for our country, it is a hoax and it should never be allowed
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to happen again. shannon: that won't stop the march to impeachment the judiciary committee will vote possibly this week, that goes to the house floor for a fool vote. rob: thanks so much. jillian: the inspector general finding no political bias at the start of the russia probe but does uncover concerning errors by the fbi. rob: reaction from the floor. >> reporter: the long-awaited review of the fbi investigation into the trump campaign is finally out. department of justice inspector general michael horwitz finding fbi agents were not politically biased to survey a former trump campaign official carter page. the warrant in 2016 was part of that. the ig probe identified twee 7
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significant inaccuracies with how officials that it information including an fbi attorney altering an application to apply for the warrant and the fbi relies on the unverified steel dossier, for the page application. donald trump sounding off. >> when you look at the details of the report, far worse than anything i imagined. this was an attempted overthrow. >> reporter: us attorney john durham leading the counter investigation, quote, last month we advised the inspector general we do not agree with some of the report's conclusions as to predication and how the fbi case was opened. fired fbi director james comey says criticism of the probe was all lies. the washington post op-ed rights, quote, there was no
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illegal wiretapping, there was no, quote, spying on the trump campaign but republicans say the implications of fisa abuse cannot be ignored. >> if you accept it was proper predication for starting this by january they should have stopped. they didn't stop. heather: william barr is calling the fbi investigation intrusive saying it is based on the thinnest of suspicions, he will testify about the findings tomorrow. rob: the report exposing the fbi's leaning on the steel dossier despite the cia expressing doubts about its reliability. jillian: byron york explains why this evidence could be the most damning. >> there is a giant disconnect because we are seeing reports that the trump investigation was legally justified, there was
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political bias involved and there is this devastating list of mistakes or errors that all go in one direction, against the president. the information about the dossier is devastating. what we learned is the dossier was the central, essential factor in this decision to wiretap carter page and one last thing we found out which we didn't know, james comey and andrew mccabe wanted to use the dossier in the intelligence committee assessment to decide what happened in the campaign which is a stunning piece of news. rob: steel's reporting was commissioned by fusion gps, funded by the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc, the fbi according to the inspector general did not investigate who paid for the dossier.
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jillian: the city of pensacola says it is too early to tell if a cyber attack is connected to the deadly shooting at the naval air base. an fbi investigation is underway but agents have not established a link so far. hackers disconnected several services including customer service and online bill payments hours after the shooting on friday. three service members were killed in the attack and several others, people making the argument the shooting could have been stopped sooner if military bases were not gun free zones. guns down in the line of duty, may not have been fully protected. the bulletproof vest may have been penetrated. he was shot, an expert will determine if it was designed to peers body armor. police say he admits to shooting officer brewster to avoid going to jail and charged with murder.
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rob: the boston marathon bomber will be back in court trying to get his death sentence overturned. lawyers argue their client didn't get a fair trial because the boston jury pool was too's from a ties. he and his brother killed three people and injured 280 others when they set off bombs in 2015. a federal appeals court will argue. gillibrand is demanding a senate hearing on the afghanistan papers. the washington post reports us officials lied to the public for years to make it look like the us was winning the 18 year war. gillibrand says there were 2000 pages released quoting the civilian and military leaders have misled the american public about the objectives in afghanistan and the potential of reaching those objectives. this is absolutely unacceptable. jillian: a winter storm moving across the us, causing 300 crashes in minnesota alone and a 50 car pile up on an interstate.
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watch this. we know of one person mysteriously injured. rob: nothing you can't stop. it is ice. janice dean joins us with where the storm is heading next. >> people getting snow tonight. we might get snow. we will see 1 to 3 inches. there is the cold and it is moving southward. windchills in the 40 ° range towards canada and that is moving southward, feeling-28 in fargo, 6 in kansas city but look at new york, 57. that is ahead of this arctic cold front and we will see a big change the next 12-24 hours in terms of snow and cold air
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moving in. past 24 hours we will see snow down south across mississippi, alabama and even georgia through the next 24 hours because that cold air is going to catch up with this moisture and we could see a bad come use this afternoon, overnight into tomorrow morning into new york city area. here is what we are thinking in terms of snowfall, the forecast right now couple inches in new york city toward boston. it will come tomorrow morning, the morning commute could be disrupted. are you a forecaster now? rob: i have an apps on my phone. >> we need you, janice. rob: don't just disappear. >> don't replace me with your apps. rob: text me every day. i appreciate it.
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monday night football. the philadelphia eagles spoiling eli manning's return to the starting lineup, they beat the giants. >> to the end zone, wide open. jillian: the eagles pull off a comeback, 23-17, tied first place in the nfc east with the dallas cowboys but not saying much. rob: now. the giants think so too. jillian: fox news alert, democrats celebrating the watchdog report for showing no signs of political bias but what about those 17 serious errors. senior legal advisor jenna ellis says the report confirms abuse of power by the obama fbi, she joins us with a roadblock in the
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victory lap. rob: did donald trump just pardoned charles manson? now but that didn't stop marion williamson from falling for this somewhat obvious fake news, sending social media coming up. i need a ride. here hold this. follow that spud. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck?
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>> two years of sitting silently at the fbi while you are lied about and suddenly the truth is out. there was no treason, no conspiracy, no tapping of trump's wires, no -- it was all nonsense. jillian: key players like fired fbi director james comey celebrating the doj watchdog report after it finds no signs of political bias behind efforts to survey all the president's 2016 campaign. rob: it outlined significant concerns over several omissions
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and inaccuracies made during the fisa application process. jillian: senior legal advisor for the trump 2020 campaign jenna ellis, let's get right to your reaction from the inspector general's report. our review identified significant concerns with how certain aspects of the investigation were conducted particularly the fbi's failure to adhere to its own standards of accuracy and completeness when filing applications to survey all carter page. your response. >> reporter: this is absolutely chilling and should shock the conscience of every american. democrats will try to minimize it in the mainstream media but make no mistake this is absolutely an abuse of authority like the democrats are doing with the impeachment process, like they did with the mueller report. this is another instance where we are seeing democrats and the obama fbi have manipulated the
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fisa court for a purpose that was completely unlawful, to spy on american citizens in an opposition campaign. when you look at the court this is not it. we have a report that absolutely says with clarity the fisa court process was abused and there were substantial inaccuracies to obtain those warrants and in order to supply on american citizens. that is intolerable and should never happen in the united states of america. rob: comey said there was no conspiracy against the president but here is william barr and john durham doing his own investigation. the inspector general's report makes clear the fbi launched an intrusive investigation of the us presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicion is that in my view were insufficient to justify the steps taken and john durham comes out, we haven't heard anything from him. based on evidence collected to
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date we do not agree with the report's conclusions that predication and how the fbi case was opened so durham read some part of this and came up with a statement, what did you make of that? >> i was happy to say durham and william barr came out strongly with this. the horowitz report basically reads like an hr report, certain protocols he is looking at that differ between what durham and william barr can do. looking forward there is going to be an investigation of what other abusive process occurred. we know in this instance the fisa court was abused and that should beg the question how many other times have we seen abuse we don't know about. as durham will release his report as the ag comes out that is the question. where does it go from here?
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jillian: democrats are likely going to say something like republicans will be hanging on what durham has to say but durham has more investigative powers. >> reporter: absolutely and also the handcuffs. don't forget the ig is a lot more human resources related as far as internal protocols on the fbi and the doj. his purview is not as expansive or criminal related in terms of coming out with charges and other things with duramed the attorney general so it is far from over and the democrats are trying to minimize it in the media but what the american people should be concerned about is this was an abusive process and we need justice. rob: skipping out, why 2020 candidate tulsi gabbard won't attend the next democratic debate if she qualifies. jillian: social media went
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simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. rob: pete buttigieg will disclose the client he worked with during his past consulting jobs. he is facing questions about his transparency and work for mckinsey and company. he has denied a nondisclosure agreement but he will be allowed to name his clients. jillian: tulsi gabbard won't attend the next debate even if she qualifies. the congresswoman tweeting,
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quote, for a number of reasons i decided not to attend the debate regardless whether or not there are qualifying tolls. he will spend precious time meeting with and sharing from the people in new hampshire. rob: british airways soaring above the competition, the company named airline of the year, the judge is applauding british airways for its major fleet renewal with lounges and on board wi-fi. the american carrier, spirit named this year's number one low cost airline. >> if duct tape doesn't appeal to you, okay. the famous chicken sandwich cost $3.99 more, $120,000 with miami art festival. pop i shared the masterpiece on
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twitter, it is delicious. i wonder what the joke is. >> 25 minutes after the hour, in new zealand, rescue crews ramp up search efforts, what we just learned about americans injured overnight. >> the evidence is overwhelming that 63 million people voted for in a call transcript is baloney. rob: a big hearing. did the hearing make it through the senate. mike brian would consider new information, what it says so far. he weighs in coming up.
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>> white house in may 2017 one day after james comey was fired. he will hold a joint press conference with mike pompeo this afternoon. breaking overnight a 6 person has died in new zealand volcano eruption. police are investigating the death and could open a criminal probe as people demand to know why tourists were allowed to visit an active volcano. six confirmed dead and several others missing and presumed dead, a couple from virginia on
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their honeymoon, their conditions are unclear. a controversial homeless program on hold in new york city. bill diblasio agreed to stop the program which relocates homeless families for one year. this decision comes after the city of newark sued new york city claiming it placed homeless people in conditions that were dangerous. the new york post reports 5000 homeless families were relocated with taxpayer dollars. they've taken in more than any other city with 4000 relocated in august. refugees will not be banned from resettling in north dakota county. commissioners voting not to change the policy after hearing passionate debate. >> we have been through a lot. why we taking care of them, they are here now. >> this is month after donald
2:32 am
trump signed an executive order giving local governments the right to reject new arrivals. this would be the first in the nation to do so. rob: another fiery impeachment hearing proving the party divide is strong and both sides outlining varying arguments. >> substantive case relies on ambiguous facts, presumptions and speculation, democrats do not have the proof. the evidence is overwhelming the president abused his power. rob: mike blunt slammed the impeachment pushes purely political and joins us this morning. democrats present any new evidence to sway you on monday? >> now and that is why it will end like the mueller report did. i go back to the fact it was
2:33 am
after he was elected there was discussion of impeachment and it was happening in november, december, january, leading up to not even being inaugurated. i think it was a question of what the vehicle was going to be and now that we are here true anxiety is she was hoping public support would crescendo into now. that peaked a month ago and swing states when it comes to who they will vote for it looks like they are leaning towards trump and that has to be scary after they put so much into it. >> they are going to impeach the president means the senate, that is your house. and any moderate republican
2:34 am
senators, do you see him breaking with the party. and when you put that much time and effort into it it is always disappointing when you get to this point and look like it's not going to work out. as far as senator susan collins and others are more moderate by nature. i don't think they will be swayed by anything, you regurgitated the same information, tried to spin it in a different way and end up with the same conclusions. we need to have the process in the senate and to the extent the president does what he needs to do, can make his case for that. i don't believe there will be enough to take it into a deep process. rob: you said you would consider new evidence if you got it. in the senate guys like bolton
2:35 am
and mulvaney could be compelled to testify because you have the chief justice who could force the issue and make them talk. if you got something from somebody else what would it take to change your mind on this? >> if that was actually out there, there would be an indication of it and between what the chief justice does and we rules of the senate we will see an accommodation through the process if it is there. is would have to be something so overwhelming because i'm almost certain had it been there we would have heard it by now and we will see what happens but this has got to be a big disappointment for individuals who had been looking forward to it and planning it for over two years and it is hurting the other side politically.
2:36 am
rob: the senate is out of play as it stands right now. >> i heard one senator wavering based on what we heard so far. rob: is there a chance any democratic senators might go over to the other side with the republicans? >> there very well could be. i'm thinking of one in alabama that might have some difficulty deciding which way to go and especially if the cases been laid out so far, look strictly political and they are going to pay the price in 2020, the democrats and i think it will hold some surprises on what might happen in the senate with democrats. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. jillian: it is 36 after the hour. who needs a briefcase when arguing a high-stakes case? the highlight from the impeachment hearing going viral.
2:37 am
mirror mirror on the wall, who is the favorite of the mall, not the front runners you see here? brand-new giving hillary a confidence this, carly shimkus with that reaction.
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>> hillary clinton with a potential 2020 run for months actually just polled higher than all the democratic candidates actually in the race. jillian: carly shimkus here with polling numbers and reactions from you online. carley: someone 2016 to happen all over again because a new harvard harris poll finds that hillary clinton is democrats
2:41 am
topic, clinton narrowly edging out joe biden who received 25% of the vote followed by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and michael bloomberg so what does this mean for the democratic primary? social media is debating that very thing, jack says that has been the plan all along. the candidates duke it out badly and offer herself up as the savior in early spring. another twitter user saying show me the easiest way for trump to win again into this twitter user raising -- writing biden would destroy her in a push-up contest making fun of that viral moment from the campaign trail. hillary clinton did say she has no plans of entering the race but also said never say never. rob: never seen joe biden do a push-up. carley: he seems like a guy. rob: this story. carley: marianne williamson got slammed on social media after falling for a fake news story
2:42 am
claiming donald trump pardoned charles manson. the longshot 2020 contenders said there was something sinister about trump pardoning charles manson even posthumously, dog whistles of the worst possible kind. she later deleted the tweet and posted this follow writing i erroneously tweeted that donald trump had posthumously pardoned charles manson. that was wrong. she deleted that message as well but some on social media not letting her slide. want to a user says there is something deeply sinister about the democratic presidential candidate tweeting that trump pardoned charles manson in this twitter user says my gut response too gullible to hold public office. jillian: this next story, i always have one of those bags with me. carley: another viral impeachment hearing moment on our hands courtesy of house gop counsel and his reusable grocery
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bag. he was seen taking testimony items out of that bag. a lot of folks calling in his briefcase and the grocery store that makes the bag, fresh market, got in on the fun, the official briefcase maker of steve castor. you can fill your briefcase with files or yummy food, fresh market briefcase over the next 24 hours in store to get your own briefcase for free, a reusable bag. we had a few viral moment happening during these long drawn out impeachment hearings. rob: boycott fresh market now. carley: i was thinking the same thing and wonder if there is any backlash but so far none. -year-old 43 minutes after the are. washington is embroiled in a showdown over impeachment donald trump's fate could be in the hands of 2020 voters.
2:44 am
rob: whose message is resonating? political panel on deck to debate that next. jillian: first brian kilmeade has what is coming up on "fox and friends". brian: appreciate you formalizing a relationship, the giants a big halftime lead in overtime to your photo of the eagles and i will try to squeeze in these stories. incredible bravery and sacrifice in the midst of heroes emerging in pensacola, one of those heroes naval graduate joshua watson who was shot 5 times but still made it outside to learn the first response team where the shooter was. his family joins us to talk about his bravery plus all eyes on capitol hill is democrats double down on impeachment, jason chaffetz and judge andrew napolitano straightahead and the ig report, 434 pages something for all sides. one says conspiracy and one says exoneration. we will break it down and the usmc a on deck as early as
2:45 am
tuesday in mexico city. did someone do something positive for the country? i must be dreaming and it is something that could benefit the american people. jillian: how long ago did mexico sinus thing? how long did this take? brian: 6 months in canada but we got it together. jillian: i have the text message that said this would happen by the end of the year. brian: thank you and good night, everybody. here hold this. follow that spud. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck?
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jillian: welcome back. democrats want donald trump out of office.
2:49 am
as republican supporters stand behind him but at the end of the day his fate could rest of the hand of 2020 voters. he was joining the impeachment messaging battle? here is chuck rocha and republican strategist holly turner. who is with me -- winning the messaging? >> reporter: all the democrats have produced for the american people is a very low bar for impeachment moving forward. they cleared the way for moving forward any sitting president to be impeached for any reason at all if the body decides they don't like that president and can undo any election moving forward. the american people are not happy about that. they are going to go to the polls in november and that is the way it should be. i'm glad the democrats have moved forward with the impeachment, has given the american people a chance to see there is no evidence, we are in the greatest economy our country has ever seen and voters will be
2:50 am
able to say what they think about this matter. >> if you look at these numbers, polling with voters opposing impeachment and key battleground states, the majority in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin don't favorite. >> let's talk about non-polling but voting at the beginning of the segment, will people vote, two years ago democrats picked up 32 congressional seats and trump was a central thing, we go another year forward, the past november when democrats swept into power in virginia and in a ruby red state like kentucky so just the wrong numbers, it is really good which is in a general election, and their government turned their back on
2:51 am
them. >> and, >> all these people of all of this stuff. >> the president was not on the ballot. they what you want but the majority of americans have real lives, real issues, they have a job. we look at black friday, the highest spending for black friday, the economy is booming. for the details of what is happening on capitol hill people are busy in midterm elections. they will be participating in the election in november and that is where we will see what the american people really think. >> we put the president's picture on every piece we send to every swing voters remind
2:52 am
them their commander-in-chief is a failure and voted overwhelmingly for democrats. >> how is he a failure? >> we have only had three presidents who have ever been impeached. jillian: we can have this conversation, look at the numbers, the job numbers that came out and the economy you can't argue those numbers or these numbers here. >> if he would keep his mouth shut he would get reelected in a heartbeat. jillian: i want to bring up these numbers. you want to talk about polling, i agree polling only takes you to a certain point but you look at these numbers and how people are feeling right now and how trump fares among likely voters in key battleground states and states you know as well as i do they matter. >> you make a great point and i would agree on that. if he wouldn't step on himself or get in his own way the
2:53 am
economy has been doing a little bit better but he can't get out of his own way, a political consultant who works with candidates every day, if he would be quiet he may get reelected. >> i understand what chuck is saying but it doesn't match what voters are saying in key swing states. democrats have brought no solutions to the american people, only focused on impeachment the last 21/2 years, have no resolutions, no solutions for americans for better quality of life. when these democrats come to design mail for democrats in 2020 are they going to just put the president's picture on their mailing talk about impeachment again? i don't think that strategy will work this year. >> thanks for joining us, a spirited debate, we are coming right back.
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♪ it's beginning to look lot like christmas ♪ toys in every store ♪ but the prettiest sight to see is the holly on your own front door. rob: there are the ornaments. looking at them for a long time. jillian: the tree is lit up in red, white and blue. rob: red christmas lights. very bold right out in front
2:58 am
of our building. if you come to newark, check this out. for days we have been talking about the controversial ad where the husband gives wife a peloton for christmas and some people were somehow outraged by. this it turns out that kind of a gift is not that far off. >> okay. ready? >> yes. >> now. >> a peloton? >> give it up for our first time rider. >> excited. let's do this. rob: how sexist. a new one poll survey finds 43% of americans plan to give somebody a take the hint type of gift this christmas. could mean giving exercise equipment to somebody who needs to work ow maybe perfume to somebody that doesn't smell so good. maybe, i don't know. jillian: maybe she wanted it. rob: of course. jillian: the pc police now christmas. calling santa claus father christmas. the term is not gender neutral she should use santa instead.
2:59 am
a local newspaper reports the woman was talking about a children's book titled father christmas. many people showing support online. if you want to say father christmas or merry christmas, say it. one as as much rights as others. greg tweets so if santa is gender neutral what's that make mrs. claus and what about the beard? rob: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. grateful students lining the hallway for an american heroes coming home for the holidays for a big surprise. >> it's our mystery. who came to see you? >> my dad. >> your dad! >> national guard staff sergeant joe mahmoud had been away from his three kids for nearly a year. jillian: have you ever had a santa experience like this? >> ho ho ho. [screams] >> apparently parents don't want that photographers say the newest trend to getting kids to cry with kris kringle because the photos
3:00 am
are viral and adorable. >> buffalo bills. lands on his neck after trying to do one of those table break things that they all do. >> ouch: he is okay though. jillian: thank goodness. have a good day. ♪ never really over ♪ just because it's over ♪ doesn't mean it's over steve: talking about christmas? ainsley: next week and then it's here the week of christmas. steve: or are they talking about impeachment thing is it ever over? steve: saw the latest installment yesterday that wept 8 hours long. i love the guy first he was a witness and got up and ran across and around the room and suddenly interviewing and interrogating the republican. it was crazy. brian: it was crazy, too. you saw as the


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