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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 10, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the president is rallying supporters in hershey, pennsylvania. we will have highlights and newsworthy moments from his h speech just ahead, but first tonight at 11:59 a.m. on january 20, 2017, donald trump took the oath of office to become the president of the united states, like 12:05 that someday democrats were calling for his impeachment. that is barely an exaggeration if at all, literally for years the left howling that trump must be removed without the consent of voters. every day. finally, today, this day through the 11 months before the next
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presidential election, they explain precisely how they plan to do that.he those democrats described their articles of impeachment today. watch. >> the first article is fores abuse of power. it is an impeachable offense fos the president to exercise the powers of his public office to obtain an improper personal benefit. that is exactly what president trump did when he solicited and pressured ukraine to interfere in our 2028 presidential election. this gives rise to the second article of impeachment for obstruction of congress. we must be clear. no one, not even the president, is above the law. >> tucker: got that. no one is above the law. explain that very same people who spent all day making excuses for the legitimate government spying on american citizens.
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but never mind. literally, no one is above the law. watch. >> no one is above the law, not even the president of the united states. >> nobody is above the law. >> nobody is above the law. >> nobody is above the law.s. >> nobody is above the law, not even the president of the united states. no one is above the law. >> no person is above the law. >> nobody should be above the law. >> nobody should be above the law. l the president of the united states. [applause] >> tucker: yep, it is pretty simple. you don't need a law degree to understand it. nobody is above the law, nobody. except for more than 20 million illegal aliens who who tell use they have every right to be here ignoring our laws and shut up, racist if you disagree and the so-called homeless shooting up and and living full-time on the sidewalks. the law does not apply to theme
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or to subway jumpers and new york or to hunter biden. but other than that, absolutelyy nobody is above the law, meaning trump. and that is why they are impeaching him. but they are not celebrating but that fact. you might think they are excited but they aren't. democrats want to be completely clear on this question. they are extremely troubled that it has come to this. it is a sad day in washington, a moment of poignant reflection, e moment riddled with sadness. jerry nadler, nancy pelosi and other people who did not have an authentic impulse in their life, they want you to know what is the word for solemn about what is happening, seriously, solemn. >> good morning, everyone. on this solemn day, i recalled that the first order of business for members of congress is the solemn act to take an oath to protect and defend thees
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constitution of the united states. >> that is why we must take this solemn step today. the president's oath of office appears to mean very little to him, but the articles put forward today will give us a chance to show that we will defend the constitution and that our oath means something to us. >> tucker: yeah. and if that wasn't entertaining enough, and it was, but there was still more. because this is washington and there are still more. dig your hand deeper princess chuck schumer who for a living, goes on the senate floor and accuses this network, and brace yourself for hot and accusing fox news of being dishonest, for real, watch. >> the president punchers fictions and baseless conspiracy theories told by nonlawyers on fox news or somewhere else.
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here in the senate, certain members of the grand, old party are conspiring with any crazy conspiracy whether launched by vladimir putin or some wild eyed crazy conspiracy theorist who manages, of course, all the time to get on fox news and have his story or her story repeated. >> tucker: it is just such a shame that sigmund freud fallen out of favor and attacking him on the college campuses of sexist. we need sigmund freud because it's hard to recognize what's going on. but still, write this down and put on your fridge, the best i am politics ever, what the left accuses you of doing is precisely what they are doing themselves.. they accuse you of fostering racism. pushing conspiracy theories, lying to the american people. [laughter]
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hard to finish the sentence, of course, those are the three main things they are doing. and proves the point once more, the first article of impeachment accuses the president of abuse of power "for soliciting the interference of foreign government, ukraine and the 2020 united states presidential election." so you understand house democrats are arguing here, that there was no meddling in american politics when you werel carrying the energy company haired otherwise unemployed son of sitting vice president at exorbitant rate for no work at the very moment his father was policing "anticorruption efforts in their country." there is nothing about that. if you think otherwise, you believe in a conspiracy theory,e a defunct conspiracy theory to my theory debunked, in fact, the president with literally an impeachable offense simply by asking about it. and you know what else wasn't at
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all and abuse of power but really the opposite of an abuse of power? when the last president president obama killed the u.s. citizen, not abuse of power, are you kidding? that is another debunked theory or when he had the fbi with a presidential campaign on fraudulent dossier of research written by a foreigner. using intel for the russian government. that was not an abuse of power, what? you are crazy. fox news or something, you freak. and while we are on the topic, by the way the last several presidents bush, obama, and yes, trump have overseen the growth of a brand-new surveillance state one aimed at you and me, american citizens. that was not an abuse of power. all those people watched new wars without asking congress in violation of the constitution of the united states which requires them to do so explicitly, not an abuse of power. with every passing near the president becomes a lot more like a monarchy, not an abuse of power.
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in fact, no big deal, but asked about hunter biden's sleazy deal with ukraine, that is it, pal, we are removing you from office. the second article of impeachment, by the way, accuses the president of obstruction of congress. ukraine here supposedly to comply with congressional subpoenas, subpoenas of the onea the phone companies that gotpo people's phone records last week. but due process. if you don't live in washington, i know that neither party actually takes this seriously, both parties know it's not a reason to impeach. clinton said subpoenas consistently, constantly duringg his impeachment saga 20 years ago. nobody remembers that. nobody would care so we will spare a long explanation of it, but it happened. come on, none of this is about high crimes or misdemeanors and we are not trying to make that case. why is this happening? two reasons, first, democrats they were twitter, have not
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accepted defeat of 2016. they think impeachment will nullify that shocking loss like it never happenedea and allow them to ignore every lesson that came with that election. the lesson both parties needed to learn but didn't and have no interest in learning. they continue to ignore thoseca because trump was impeached. he is an anomaly. some weird orange guy showed upt it for a few years, but we kicked him out. and we don't know why voters supported him in the first place. but the other reason is looking to the future.ed some democrats, and some of them sincerely believe that impeachment will help their case in the 2020 election. so they unify their bays, demoralized opposition of republicans, humiliate the president and improve chances of winning the presidential election. are they right about that? we don't really know. but we do know that as of tonight pulling suggest it might not be that simple. every three months firehouse strategies in washington polling voters in wisconsin,
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pennsylvania, michigan and the three critical swing states that made trump president in 2016. in all the previous polls, this year conducted by firehouse, the president trailed joe biden in every one of those states. but the firehouse's most recent poll, trump is leading biden ane every other democrat in all three states. now, the economy is obviously going along to some measurements anyway, and that is really helping the president, but it does seem like at the very moment trump is being impeached, his number should be going down, and they are not. s they are coming up. so it is possible instead of securing victory in 2020, the impeachment efforts could be leading the democrats into a catastrophe. why wouldn't that be the case? if you strip away all the analysis, here's the bottom on it, polls show consistently for most voters who are not onas twitter most time impeaching the president is not close to the top of the list of their priorities. they care about the things you would expect them to care about
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the things you care about not matter what party you read it interest or with, here health care, student wages, thee, real and rising, border which is open, it's not even a border anymore, and every other issue that is not impeachment. and that shouldn't surprise you because those issues actually affect people, even more, brace yourselves now, even more than internal ukrainian politics. so every day, the democrats continue to focus all of their energy and all of our attentione here in the media on impeachment. they are also sending a signal to voters that it's pretty clear. we don't care what you think. and that's not a winning messagy over time. for more, what is going on't tonight and this week, we are joined by fox senior political analyst brit hume. brit, thanks for coming on. a lot of this stuff always demand with perspective that you have to point out we are not exactly sure what these numbers mean, but it doesn't seem clear
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that impeachment is helping democrats as of tonight.he >> i would say at this moment, it probably is not. i know the perception that you just described which is that the democrats are all about impeachment and only impeachment, which helps to explain these numbers certainly help to explain why nancy pelosi is now prepared to allow a vote on the nafta usmca, and giving them something to show for their effortsta in congress. that has been negotiated by the trump administration and tweets made to it to appeal to certain interest groups in this country. many respond to the democratic party. th so we now have the democrats at least adding a fig leaf to what they have been doing all along, which is principally to try to get rid of donald trump. >> tucker: it is interesting that they would support, really, one of trump's signature issues. his position on trade which is highly controversial not that long ago at exactly the moment
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they were impeaching him. that is a little bit -- it is a little bit strange. >> the position is striking, but subsequent things have happened in the past. these politicians can do more than one thing at once although at the time it doesn't seem that way. tucker, but this is what you do when you are afraid that you will be conceived of only doing one thing. they will let this come to pass. in the short run that it may be, this is the impeachment party and little else is not helping the democrats. but in the long term, impeachment is not going to help this president. whatever effect it has on the democrats, it will not help him. and you only need to look at the example of bill clinton. why do i say that?at he left the office in a blaze of glory despite being impeached. look at the issue george w. bush ran on against al gore and whato was a pretty good economy. it was coming in the thing he
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harped on, bush, the entire campaign was restoring the trust and dignity to the white house. there was not any doubt who he was talking about. and that proved to be, as it sounds, it proved to be a winning message. that was the impeachment effect on that election in my judgment. >> tucker: really quick, do you think if alex alexandria ocasio-cortez, and the rest, the small group of radical democratic freshman had not been elected mid term, do you think pelosi would have elected to impeach? >> well, i'm not sure, they were a symptom more than anything else. they were a symptom of something larger, which outraged democratic electorate. and the aversion to donald trump can't be overstated in that electorate. and you saw on inauguration dayd the massive demonstration of
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washington and with the reports that you cited, you know, to impeach the president had already begun. i don't think pelosi made a e cool, calculation that said, well, this will work with us. i think she was stampeded. t she could not resist because i don't think she thought it was a long-term winner for the democrats necessarily, whatever effect it might have onn donald trump whatever stain it might have put on him. i don't think she really wanted to do this. i think she wanted to do the kitchen and table bread butter issues, and send it to the senate, look at us we are here to help you and they are not. and do it that way. but i think she got stampeded to do something against trump became overpowering. and she had to acquiesce in it. i don't see her leading here. i see were acquiescing. >> tucker: i think historians will rate twitter is one of the most powerful institutions in america. brit hume, great to see you. thank you so much for coming on. >> you bet. >> tucker: we showed you trailing in key states according to the polls, trailing trump. but what if a new candidate got
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into the race, a new harris poll finds the top choice of democrats, believe it or not if they had the option, which they don't, but if they did, they choose hillary clinton.el clinton, herself keeps hinting she may run. the attorney predicted on this show that she will. he joins us tonight in the wake of this new poll. first, before the analysis to the facts, democrats say in the harris poll they want hillary clinton to run. she is hinting that she might. it's getting late. will she? >> i think she will.hi if you look at the crosstabs of the poll, diving into polls and asked the question if hillary clinton bloomberg and john kerry in this race, clinton leading joe biden 21-20 but the benefit that it has eradicating to us in the field from elizabeth one from 15% down to 9%. and that poll pete buttigieg 10% down to 3% given that matchup. so if you are hillary clinton
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looking at the fragmented nature of the early primary state, looking at the fact that you have nothing but positive press coverage over the last year, you are on the howard stern show, the daily show, and giving a positive press. there would be no absolute reason for her to run right now given a different winner in all the early states.un >> tucker: i mean, i don't think what you are saying is crazy at all. what i'm confused by is where the democratic leadership in washington isn't saying what you are saying. they are telling us on the one hand the impeachment is about this question. the election was stolen by vladimir putin with theg. ucomplicity of donald trump. she should be president, in fact, she really is. but they are not supporting her in another campaign. i don't understand. it doesn't make any sense at all to me. why is that? >> joe biden, the centrist pick and leading in every poll. think about the past year, joe biden accused of being a t racist by kamala harris and senile by julian castro, immigration, burisma, all of
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these things, and he still leads the democratic field by a large margin. so because of that, no reason to hop off of that horse unless the horse will start losing steam. i think that is why you are seeing support for biden maintained. and as you know, changes are done. >> tucker: you know the real answer in the recent leading democrats didn't call for hillary to get in the last year. they think she is a loser. and they don't want to say that in public, but that is what they really think. >> i don't think you can call her a loser. she won the last general election. >> tucker: that is what the democrats think of her appearance because she won by 3 million votes. nobody wants to have another situation where you keep running year after year. you want to give an opportunity to visit the 25 candidates who are running. you want to give people opportunity to bump to the top. as you have seen, both candidates flare out like a roman candle, now, the point,
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you have to solidify a legitimate candidate. because history tells us ala one-term president, first-term president with a booming economy is difficult to beat. that is why you see more calls for the people to hop in. we saw patrick getting in. >> tucker: i have to ask you really quick. do you see the absurdity andnd getting all the way back to hillary clinton, like 450 people running for president. all of them turn out to be inadequate, and we come back to hillary? does that make you laugh inside a little bit or no? >> we like comfort. we like the things we know. that is a brand we are comfortable with. we go on vacation and eat chinese or mcdonald's, you eat what is familiar to you. >> tucker: [laughter] hillary is chinese/mcdonald's. i like that. great to see you tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> i will have a fillet-o-fish. from day one but the media appeared to believe it mostly because they are down and they repeated it for three years.
9:20 pm
what was that like dealing with people who sincerely believe that the president of the united states is working for vladimir putin. white house press secretary sarah sanders after the break to tell us. plus, the president's rally in pennsylvania. we will have the highlights >> innocent americans in all 50 states are being brutalized and murdered by illegal alien citizens. last summer, at least 19 -- ♪ what are you doing back there, junior?
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xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. ♪ >> tucker: the ig report yesterday confirmed beyond doubt, we set on this show was true. at the heart of the russian hoax was the steele dossier. the steele dossier was from day one completely absurd. the only news outlet that ran it, remember, was buzzfeed, a cat blog. it never should have seen the light of day. but once it did, half of the country believed it and the hoax went on for three long years. that is the truth, by the way, that is not partisan spin. that happened. today bill barr blamed the press
9:26 pm
for advocating its duty to the country and a way to hike a fake story. watch this. >> i think our nation will turn on its head for three years. i think based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by a responsible press. >> tucker: yeah, i mean, that is true. by the way, they will tell you it's not true. bill barr, he's in the pocket of the president. okay. whatever. we have the tape. this is just a tiny piece of the cnn archives, just a taste. it will remind you. >> potentially questions in the russian investigation and corresponding lack of evidence from the white house. in a kind of collusion with the russians and then the russian investigation. >> we know the russians were involved in interfering with the election. >> how do you explain the manafort allegations, anything but collusion?
9:27 pm
it is on the question of collusion, possible collusion with russia. >> it is russia. >> tucker: [laughter] sarah sanders spent two years as the press secretary over the white house. every day, she had to talk about russia. what was that like? she joins us tonight. nice to see you back in washington. >> it's good to be back. every day, do you remember the name of the white house correspondent, the dumb guy? >> there are so many. >> tucker: no, jim acosta. everyday you had to sit there. it wasn't just that policies which is totally legitimate, you are allowed, but the implication he was working for vladimir putin. what was that like? >> i mean, so many times they were so out of control and absurd in the accusations they were making against the president. they were literally accusing him of being a traitor to his own country. it was mind-boggling at times to
9:28 pm
listen to the repeated, outrageous allegations against the president. but the good thing was, we got to the truth. finally, i think we are seeing all of that come out over the last several weeks and months. i think what we saw this week was further indication that this whole thing has been a complete and utter sham from the beginning. >> tucker: what i find so fascinating, almost mesmerizing about the story, it was never a close call. we can debate the president's trade policy or whatever, any other policy, but the question of whether or not he colluded with vladimir putin to steal the elections from hillary clinton was so crazy from day one that i always wondered, do they really believe it? do you think the reporters really believe it? >> i think some did. i think they convince themselves it was real because they had to validate where they had been so long. i think part of the kind of media class was so taken by surprise that donald trump became president, that they had no other explanation other than there must have been some sort
9:29 pm
of scandal around it. and they couldn't admit the fact they were completely and totally wrong. the sad thing is, you would think they would learn something from that over the last two and a half years, but they haven't. instead, they are doubling down and getting it wrong again. every time they try to nail this present on something with that that sham russia hoax or the sham of ukraine scandal, they lose. whether it was the economy, they said the economy would completely collapse. it is absolutely booming. they said the president couldn't get good trade deals, couldn't defeat isis, the military he couldn't rebuild, not only did he do it but he does it better than even i think some people in the administration expected to happen. >> tucker: on the collusion with vladimir putin, did anyone ever apologize to you? did anyone off camera off the record say, you know, it is pretty clear he actually wasn't working for vladimir putin. >> no, not only did they not apologize for that, but any of
9:30 pm
the other outrageous claims that they made against the president or his staff. i have never seen an administration attack so heavily and sometimes so personally. >> tucker: you were attacked. and you were attacked because people like jim acosta were making claims totally unsupported by fact, wild treason. doing it in them take gosh, i'm sorry what happened to your family. >> there were certainly moments after white house correspondents or other moments where journalists, even the very far left came and said they were sorry for what had happened. but they didn't take away from the fact that they continue to push completely false narrative against the president. for that, i don't need the apology, but the american people do. they have wasted so much time and so much energy. just think how much more the president could have gotten done had they not been slamming every single moment this rush of scandal down america's throat. >> tucker: and it will have consequences.
9:31 pm
>> tucker: i don't see how jeff zucker will keep his job at cnn. he should have been fired a long time ago. i agree completely. the fact that jeff zucker run cnn. the fact that the governor of new york's brother went to yale. all of these are signs that this is not a meritocracy were living in. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> tucker: yesterday ig report provided more information about what actually happened and confirmation of the fact pretty obvious for a while. obama cia chief john brennan, a liar. not only that you lied to congress. in the spring 2017, brennan told the house intel committee, the steele dossier played no role in creation of intelligence and media assessment on russian interference. it was presented to both president obama and president-elect trump. and brennan was not vague about this. he said unequivocally on camera, the dossier was totally irrelevant. that was a complete lie.
9:32 pm
the ig report proves it. a lie. this deal dossier was a major element of the intelligence assessment and brennan, in particular, found it very important. in other words, john brennan, not a close call here, perjured himself on camera in front of the world. but here's the striking thing. john brennan is not facing perjury charges. in fact, he is still tweeting himself righteously and making smug appearances on cnn, which i think, check my memory for a second, pays him as a contributor. meanwhile, former trump advisory roger stone looking to spend the rest of his life behind bars. his crime, lying about emails totally irrelevant to anything, literally irrelevant. so what says john brennan former cia director apart from roger stone, a professional prankster, really, it is obvious. one supports the establishment in washington, and the other made fun of it. tom fitton is president of "judicial watch" and he joins us
9:33 pm
tonight. tom, thank you so much for coming on. i will never root for anyone's imprisonment or indictment, i really don't. but i just can't get past the fact that john brennan, the head of the cia lied on camera, right on camera committing perjury and not being punished. cia hired them, how does that work? it is actually re-confirmation that he was telling issues, and prior to the ig report that the shady dossier was used in intelligence assessment. obviously, that goes to the fact the intelligence assessment put out there by all the intelligence agency isn't worth the paper it is written on. it is based on fragile information. >> tucker: the last people who should lie to us should be the people in charge of most sacred and closely guarded information, the intel agency. they can't live like that. >> comey was referred for criminal prosecution for his taking of the fbi files of donald trump and lying to investigators, no prosecution.
9:34 pm
mccabe was referred to for prosecution. in april 2018, doj and then several referrals to some of these deep state folks like others for perjury potential. you have brennan. doj hasn't done anything yet. i'm just concerned that we will just have another report from mr. durham in the end as opposed to prosecutions. or even at least to a criminal investigation. a real investigation with a grand jury. >> tucker: how can you commit perjury on tv and remains on cynical despite 20 years, thank you. alexandria ocasio-cortez to crackdown on meat and sees the economy because she cares about the environment. so we checked the environment in her congressional district. we have pictures to show you what that looks like. don't miss it. plus, some more on the president in pennsylvania. we will bring you highlights. >> president trump: some had
9:35 pm
eight years. one had more than eight years. we have regulation. ♪
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>> tucker: congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez has made herself the ideological leader of democrats in the house of representatives. one of her top priority, she will tell you is the environment. she really cares about the environment.t. that is why she wants to crackdown on airplane travel,he cars, eating too much meat, the environment. how many bird species could she name? does she know what -- of course not.
9:40 pm
she seems much less worried about actual environmental issues, the ones that are relevant to real people. to find out just how little she cares, we sent a camera to alexandria ocasio-cortez'co congressional district and found that you won't be surprised to hear it is filled with garbage, litter, and trash piled in public parks, on the sidewalks overtaken by the homeless, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. how can someone who claims to care about the environment so much she will ban air travel and represent a district this dirty? that is a question we are posing tonight, and seth baron joins us tonight. seth baron, we are connoisseurs of irony, but if you claim to care about the environment, you think that the little piece of america you are responsible for that you represent in congress will be clean but hers isn't. why? >> part of the reason is her district is actually one of the least american districts in the country. i by that, i don't mean it's not
9:41 pm
part of america, but it is occupied by relatively few american citizens. it is a very high percentage of her district is, in fact, illegal aliens. now, the way that they inhabit housing there as such they live in a lot of illegal spaces like basements and many people live there. so they wind up producing a lot of garbage that the landlords don't want thrown out normally. so hence, you wind up with a lot of garbage on the street, illegal food vendors pouring piu grease into the gutters. i mean, i walked out there and it can be a little gross.. >> tucker: so leaving aside the question of immigration status, and as you all know, i think it is an important question, but it's not that hard to pick up garbage off of the street of your own congressional district. how can we take seriously anything she says about the environment when this -- she should be ashamed of this.
9:42 pm
>> even worse than the garbage is the fact that her district in queens, specifically there, is the epicenter of sex trafficking.g. and fraudulent document sails. basically, you know, identity ththeft. this is acknowledged by advocates and law enforcement. it is notorious for sex trafficking. and these are things. >> tucker: right in the middle of her congressional district? >> yes. >> tucker: i never hear her mention that, and she's all over social media all the time. she doesn't have tim,e, and it doesn't sound like to d address actual constituents. >> her constituents are in a lather about theav sex trafficking, but you know what her solution is to decriminalize prostitution. and not because that would take away those sources of livelihood for the immigrants. >> tucker: you can't be
9:43 pm
against sex trafficking and legalizing sex trafficking at the same time. byron, thank you for that reality check. >> sure. >> tucker: while addiction is one of the central facts of american life from fentanyl to facebook and americans are addicted to more and more things. so why does congress want to make the problem worse, not simply by legalizing marijuana, but by subsidizing marijuana sails, for real. that is next. and the president wrapped up his rally in pennsylvania. we will have the highlights for you just that is next. and the president wrapped up his ♪ here, it all starts with a simple...
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>> tucker: whether it is painkillers or alcohol or anti-print depressants, or social media, pornography,
9:48 pm
addiction is a central fact of american life. something is wrong. the last think i think we can agree on this country needs, more things to get hooked on. but recently house judiciary committee gave bipartisan backing to something called moore act which would spend taxpayer funds to subsidize marijuana source, believe it or not. brian brenberg is an associate professor at king's college who recently talked to them about this. i will leave the kind of metaphysical questions to the audience, why would congress do this if they cared about the country, but let me just ask you a more discrete question. is this a good idea economically? is there evidence this will make us a stronger country economically? >> well, it will only make the country stronger economically good for businesses, good for the people, but the fact is, we are talking about subsidizingl businesses that many people in this country are fundamentally
9:49 pm
opposed to, not only because they have moral qualms with it, but in many cases, they have family or friends or themselves who have struggled with drug addiction and they are saying wait a second, your talk about using my taxpayer money to subsidize businesses doing a thing that has caused wreckage in my life or wreckage in the lives of people around me? economically the question is, is this good for americans. and i think many americans, too many to subsidize these businesses would say no, this is not good. i don't want my tax money spent in this way. >> tucker: so if you go beneath the official numbers in washington, unemployment for example, truly equipped i would say, one of the things you learn is an awful lot of americans, men in particular, out of the workforce for whatever reason. i think 8 million or so on disability. the answer congress seemscu to have come up with to put them back to work is deal weed? that is the solution? >> the priorities are so crazy
9:50 pm
here. of all the things we could be putting our tax dollars, of all the places we could be putting our money, we will put it with businesses that fundamentally run on w addiction. it is crazy. you are right, tucker. if you look at the unemployment rate, it masked the fact thefu classes, especially 25-54 range out of the labor force. what is the best thing we can do to help them? is it to subsidize a cannabis business? i would say absolutely not.f but folks in washington insulated from these issues, who are not living in parts ofof the country where you have these kind of problems, they are sitting in d.c. saying this is a great idea. we can handle this. let's spend money to subsidize these businesses. average americans are saying, you understand the reality? how is this going to deal with rie reality that we actually face? >> tucker: who is going to fight our next war, by the way? i mean, honestly, if ever theree
9:51 pm
is another war, but truly, history suggests that there will be more wars. that is the way people are. who is going to fight it? you know what i mean? we are encouraging young men to smoke more weed and play video games, seriously? >> it gets back to this question of priorities. i think the federal government should be out of the business of subsidizing businesses and that is especially the case in situations like this. what always ends up happening, it gets politicized. it's not what can help the average 25 to 54-year-old man. that is not the question at all. the question, what are my political priorities, someone sitting in washington, d.c., listening to the elites who all think the same way about issues like this and are not in touch with the average man or the average woman in the united states. for those folks, they think things like this are a progressive dream. but the average american says, look, i'm having a hardks time
9:52 pm
getting a job. i'm trying to build a life. i'm trying to invest in my community, and you are telling me the best way to do that is to subsidize cannabis? come on.m >> tucker: anything that makes the population docile, bovine, dull, passive, they are in favor of because the alternative people waking up and completely screwed by a group of dumb people that have gotten incredibly rich. >> it is one of the most condescending policies i have seen, and it is a shame. >> tucker: it is unbelievable. thank you so much. good to see you. they want you passive. don't be passive. president trump, meanwhile, wrapped up his rally in hershey, pennsylvania. we have the highlights from what he said next. ♪ want to brain better? say hello to neuriva, a new brain supplement with clinically proven ingredients that fuel five indicators of brain performance: focus, accuracy, memory, learning, and concentration. neuriva.
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>> tucker: and now, as promised, highlights from the president's rally in pennsylvania tonight. >> president trump: the radical left democrats and the failed washington establishment are trying to erase your votes, nullify the election, and overthrow our democracy. it's not going to happen. don't worry about it. i wouldn't lose too much sleep. but the impeachment hoax is about overturning your great 2016 vote or the alternative, trying to win the 2020 election. that's not going to happen.
9:58 pm
you saw their so-called articles of impeachment today. people are saying "they are nott even a crime." what happened? all of these things, remember, bribery, this and that. where are they? they say this is not even a e crime. this is the lightest, weakest impeachment our country has had, actually many impeachments. if you recall judges, many impeachments.hmry but it was today, everybody said, this is impeachment light. far left politicians support deadly sanctuary cities, demonstrating their sneering contempt, scorned and disdain for every day americans. these jurisdictions release violent criminal aliens. out of their jail and directly onto your streets where they are afraid to offend and where they are free to kill. where they are free to rape and they are free to beat up people because i.c.e., except for
9:59 pm
i.c.e., they can beat up i.c.e. you are lucky we have i.c.e. they want to put i.c.e. out of business but that's not happening. here at the facts, shifty schiff, is that guy the worse? he comes up to a microphone. he comes up to a microphone like two and a half years ago. i have absolute proof that the president of the united states conspired with russia. russia, what the hell do i have to do with russia?e by the way, russia wishes that wish. we are now number 1 in the world in energy. russia is number 3. we are beating out russia and saudi arabia. you would have windmills all over the place if you had crooked hillary. they would be knocking out those birds left and right. those windmills. darling, i want to watch television tonight, and there is no damn wind. what do i do? i want to watch the election
10:00 pm
results. darling, there is no wind. the damn wind isn't blowing like it used to because of global warming, i i think it is global warming. >> tucker: we are back tomorrow at 8:00. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. >> sean: tucker, in other breaking news night, a lot of ground to cover. moments ago, as you just saw at the end of tucker, the president wrapping up his massive rally in hershey, pennsylvania, as per usual thousands and thousands lining up outside in the freezing cold and rain to get a spot inside the arena.a, trump supporter's are clearly motivated. maybe the media is not noticing. in fact, the president is polling well ahead of the democratic opponents in these key swing states: pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, and other battleground states. we will show you those numbers in the course of the program. plus, we will have action to the democrats' insanity.


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