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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 10, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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with epstein, saying the financier employed young flight attendants, or rather, miners dressed as flight attendants, sean.r, >> sean: trace, thank you. don't forget to set your dvr, never miss an episode. we will never be the hate-trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled there galore has a big show tonight. laura, take it away. >> laura: hannity, tremendous show on your part. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. gregg jarrettouou is in the stuo with me, congressman devin nunes, lee zeldin, all with me on this impeachment farce, and the ig report, and adam schiff expose we have for you. but first, what if congressional leaders could be impeached? that's the focus of tonight's "angle." we've read all of your emails and your tweets about the democrats impeachment of session. this is a general flavor of what i'm reading. why can't they be impeached?
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why doesn't somebody demand that schiff answer questions under oath? and why isn't a sham impeachment an open and shut case of democrats dereliction of duty? in other words, to the country? if it were only that simple. article two, section four of the united states constitution stipulates that the president, vice president, and all civil officers of the united states can be impeached and removed from office on three charges. bribery, treason, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. now, the house has only impeached one member of congress, all right? it was back in 1799. a little history lesson. senator william blount had allegedly conspired to incite native americans and frontiersmen to attack the spanish lands of florida and louisiana. now, the senate ultimately dismissed the case, arguing that members of congress do not constitute, under the constitution, civil officers.
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kind of self serving on their part, don't you think? and remember, this issued, this is very important, has never been resolved by article three judge. iev well, tonight, i thought it would be fun for the sake of argument, for the sake of education, and just for fun, we are going to proceed as ifme congress is not immune from impeachment. so let's say the g.o.p. wins back the house next november and the tables are turned. what articles of impeachment could schiff and the gang be facing? well, our first article of impeachment in this fantasy land of ours is abuse of power. the democrats charge trump with this ambiguous and noncrime, so what's good for the goose is good for the -- you know how it goes. i think with what we know so far, house intel committee chair adam schiff is the one who abused power. now, his office met with the whistle-blower in august. he didn't reveal this to anyone
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until he was caught, basically, and he still hasn't answered questions about what he knew and when he knew it. >> the 300 page report that is built largely on hearsay, opinion, speculation, the purported office of it, chairman schiff, is not here to answer our questions. >> where is mr. schiff? and mueller, robert mueller testified. the ken starr report, ken starr testified. the author of the schiff report is not here. >> has s any committee heard frm the whistle-blower? either in closed-door hearings or open hearings? chairman schiff states he called the whistle-blower to testify. >> he did. he hase not. >> laura: we know the whistle-blower's political motivation is obvious, but the very fact that he went to schiff, initially, that first decision. but today, schiff put on the big act, channeling the founders, and pretending to be the great protector of the constitution. >> the framers of the constitution recognized that
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some day, a president might come to office who would abuse their office, and they prescribed a remedy, and that remedy is impeachment. the argument, why don't you just wait? amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat and one more election? >> laura: by the way, look at the faces, those are the faces of defeat, morning, noon, and night. it's also easy to argue, i think, that speaker pelosi is also guilty of abuse of power. this sham impeachment has the effect of freezing action on other really important legislative priorities. now, although pelosi, today, more than a year later, finally endorsed the usmca, the replacement for nafta, are calculated, needless delay harmed american workers and the larger american economy. think about it this way. while aid to ukraine was delayed
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for, a number of days, nancy pelosi delayed aid to you, the workers of america, via this mega trade deal, for a year. actually, 13 months. all for her own, personal, political benefit. >> i would say we came a long way from what he originally proposed. and that is with the trump administration gave us, a nonstarter. there are some people who said why make it look like he has a hovictory? well, we are declaring victory for the american worker. >> laura: [laughs] oh, really? okay. i will give you a translation. i know a little bit about this deal. she conceded on all major aspects of the deal except a few provisions regarding drugor companies that won't get protections that they wanted, and look, we know the president tehimself has wanted to get tougher on the drug companies, anyway. this is a huge win for america and for the president, bob lighthizer, and his entire team, jared kushner, the usmca
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was a massive win. and this could have been implemented 13 months ago. but beyond the usmca, stay with me, this is abuse of power,rm pelosi is doing harm to the country right now by withholding support for infrastructure and prescription drug bill -- the bill, lowerl the price of prescription drugs. affecting all of us. her party campaign on both of those issues because she is doing this, abusing her power, merely for her own political benefit. do you see how ambiguous this can get? and, ofou course, to deny a victory to the president. article two of our impeachment against this congress, lying under oath. now, who can forgetun what adam schiff did when he read from the so-called trump-zelensky transcript back in september? >> i have a favor i want from you, though.
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i'm going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? lots of it. and by the way, don't call me again, i will call you when you've done what i've asked. >> laura: that sounded really bad. really nefarious. terrible.nd one problem: it was totally made up. it was a complete lie. and when he was called on it, he claimed, oh, i didn't mean that. i was just joking. >> my summary of the president's call is meant to be at least part in parody. the fact that that is not clear as a separate problem in and of itself. of course, the president never said, if you don't understand me, i'm going to say at seven more times. >> laura: yeah, because when i think of adam schiff, i think comedy. look, no one bought it. no one bought his explanation, especially not the president. >> adam schiff is a deranged human being. and he lies.
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adam schiff made up our conversation with the president of ukraine. if he didn't do that in the halls of congress, he would be thrown into jail! but he did it in the halls of congress, and he's given immunity. this is a person, he's a liar. >> laura: "the ingraham angle"'s impeachment article three: invasion of privacy. now, without a warrant, adam schiff obtained the phone records of americans, including the president's personal attorney and congressman devin nunes. >> they published the phone records of the president's personal lawyer, the phone records of a member of the press, and thes phone records of the chairman intelligent committee congressman nunes. to impeach the president 11 months before an election. >> be careful, you are under oath. >> i know i am under oath, sir.
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>> laura: "i know i am under oath, sir." we will talk with congressman nunes about this in a few moments. think about it. schiff's entire investigation was about how the president supposedly used his position of power to dig up dirt on a political opponent. but that is precisely what schiff himself did here. this was a fishing expedition that ensnared 3,500 pages of phone records in its wide net. now, perhaps schiff took inspiration from, i don't know, comey, mccabe, strzok. cross fire hurricane was all about violating people's privacy rights for the greater good of the russia witch hunt. >> do you still stand by your statement that the campaign was spied upon? >> oh, it was clearly spied upon. that is what electronic surveillance says. wiring people up to go in and talk to people, make recordings of the conversations is spying. i think going through people's emails, which they did as a
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result of the fisa warrant, they went through everything. >> laura: donald trump is really fortunate to have that man as our attorney general, i can tell you that right now. absolutely right. article four of our impeachmentr charges against this democrat congress, obstruction of congress. now, what about schiff refusing to testify before the house judiciary committee hearing? and his refusal to allow republicans to call the whistle-blower and others? >> you are refusing to answer whether you communicated with the whistle-blower? >> the whistle-blower is not relevant to this report -- >> he is the basis of the sbeginning of this investigatio. >> your staff is the only staff of any member of congress who has had a chance to talk to that individual. >> i do not know the identity of the whistle-blower and i'm determined to make sure that identity is protected. >> what agency was this individual from? >> i could interject we don't want to use these proceedings -- >> it's our time -- >> i know, but we need to protect the whistle-blower.
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>> laura: okay, now, if trump can obstruct congress without any type of court proceedings, then the chairman of the intel committee can also obstruct congress. if they are going to play this game, then let's play it. he can obstruct congress by refusing to give republicans their rights to call witnesses, including the whistle-blower. adam schiff, yes, guilty as meanwhile, back in the real world, you see why i'm doing this? the target of all of this -- president trump is on a roll, and he even seems to be basking in the glow of it all tonight in pennsylvania. >> president trump: they are embarrassed by the impeachment, and our poll numbers have gone through the roof because of her stupid impeachment. while we are delivering historic victories for the american people, the radical left democrats and of the failed washington establishment are trying to erase your votes,
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nullify the election, and overthrow our democracy. the republicans have never been so unitedd as they are right no, ever. [applause] >> laura: thousands of people, as usual, waiting outside, in the rain, to see the president. you see the democrats, as usual, are guilty of much of what they accuse trump of doing: a rank abuse ofmp power, lying, and wih the added bonus of invasion of privacy, obstruction of ngcongress. when you think about it, the possibilities are endless. and if we add in all the ways the democrats work with the media to drive these false narratives against this president and propel their lives, well, there may be enough collusion to call mueller back into service. and that's the "angle." all right, journey me now, gregg jarrett, fox news legal analyst and author of the fantastic book "witch hunt," alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus, author of
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the book "guilt by accusation," and congressman lee zeldin of the house foreign affairs committee. gregg, the democrats pulled every trick in the book. you saw my -- it is a treasure trove of possibilities. >> it is, i've written several columns that schiff in particular guilty of abuse of power himself, because due process applies to congressional investigations which would include impeachment. he has denied access. the white house, during his hearings. he cut off cross-examination. and, you know, he has essentially railroaded the process in violation of due process rights, and so i love your creative argument that he should be impeached over abuse of power. >> laura: who is obstructing
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congress more than the guy running the committee, who won't let the other side actually have a fair shake at putting on a case? congressman zeldin, the weak articles of impeachment today, to me, aren't all that surprising.. the democrats have spent the last two months offering this really nebulous, ever shifting series of explanations for impeachment. let's watch. >> there absolutely was a quid pro quo. >> extortion of a foreign government. >> bribery. >> obstruct. >> innocent people don't intimidate witnesses. >> laura: witness intimidation, boy, i forgot about that one. what happened to all those other impeachable acts? they seem to have just disappeared, congressman. >> they exploded, they detonated. we saw it unfold in closed-door depositions, and we saw it unfold during the open door hearings. from the intelligence committee to the judiciary committee. adam schiff has said, when her was doing his sunday news appearances, at the closed-door depositions, that they were analogous to a grand jury
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investigation. in this type adam schiff was holding, he was a prosecutor, the jury, the judge, the witness coach. he was in charge of strategizing how to lie and how to leak. and the american people were essentially getting dumbed down through willing accomplices and the media, taking some of the cherry picked information, even the key information being withheld, and it started with a quid pro quo. we saw the first witness, right out of the gate, former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker, blew up the ukraine narrative figure they moved to extortion, then they moved to bribery, then back toth quid pro quo, and now they are back to -- now they are to these two articles. they proved abuse of power and obstruction, but to your point, they are guilty of your arguments. not president trump.
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>> laura: alan, you said those two weak articles of impeachment, don't even rise to the constitutional requirement here, explain that to our viewers tonight. >> they are just simply being made up. there is nothing in the constitution about abuse of power, obstruct the constitution provides the full criteria, treason, bribery, other high high crimes and misdemeanors. it is an abuse by congress to impeach a president on grounds not in the constitution. congress is not above the law. they can't just make it up. the two they selected, abuse of power and obstruction of congress, can be used against any president if the other side controls the house. it could also, as you've suggested, be used against house members. they are so vague and open-ended, exactly what james madison rejected at the constitutional convention, and what alexander hamilton said was the greatest danger, the greatest danger is that impeachment will turn on who has
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the most votes in the house, rather than on the guilt or innocence of a person has to be charged with a specified haconstitutional offenses. so what they have done is unconstitutional. it raises a very interesting question: what does the senate do now? they've been presented with an unconstitutional -- >> laura: yeah, that's a good question. that's a good segue to the next point we want to get to. we are hearing now, in the "washington examiner" headline tonight, republicans poised to call no witnesses during trump impeachment trial in senate? here's what i want to avoid, this thing going on longer than it t needs to. i want to end this -- that's what lindsey graham said. i'm up two minds about this. i think we always let them get away with we let them get away with that with the kavanaugh leak, and now this. they get away with having done this without actually driving home the point of this abuse, or is this just wishful thinking on my part? >> they have a couple of options. one would be a motion to dismiss, which bill clinton had
11:18 pm
argued. it didn't succeed, because there were eight felony -- 11 felony offenses.hi identified by ken starr. >> laura: come to the senate and call this whistle-blower. i think the country needs to know how this happened. >> i totally agree with you, he showed. he should account for his own actions and how it all began. ht i think republicans are a little reluctant about a the joe biden, hunter biden as witnesses -- >> laura: you never know what you're going to get. >> but i agree completely, the whistle-blower needs to be identified. >> laura: it's ridiculous! >> not a whistle-blower under the law, entitled to no protection under the law. adam schiff appears to have lied about contacts with the whistle-blower. this appears to be all collusion, between the whistle-blower and adam schiff.. >> laura: thank you, a coached, employee-staffer turned whistle-blower, this is what it is increasingly looking like. to anyone watching this, this is
11:19 pm
what has been going on. i don't like the fact that people get away with this stuff. lee zeldin, the president tonight in pennsylvania spoke about whether democrats are w going to be sacrificing themselves, congressman and women, by going for this vote on impeachment. watch this. >> any democrat that votes for this sham will be voting to sacrifice the house majority, their dignity, and their career. we have to vote these crazy people the hell out of office and in 2020, i'm going to work like hell that we take over the house. >> laura: lee zeldin, do you think this could be an opportunity forr republicans to say we need to get back to constitutional brass tacks? we don't want impeachment for political motives or to get our enemies, alan dershowitz has talked about this, time to have sensible stewardship of our government. give us this majority again. lee,rn what do you think? >> it's always time. you go through these periods in
11:20 pm
our country were the leaders in washington and our state capitals, they forget what their dutieswe are. one of the reasons house republicans are so united right now, our instincts here, as wedu just look at the facts, it's not just thehe procedure, but us on thero substance, how deeply flad this all is. if the democrats are going to rely on presumptions, lies, hearsay, and 3% of the dots not connected, and we have the other 90% of the story, let's lean into that. as far as looking forward to the future, i'm confident that those 31 house democrats in districts that donald trump won, did not send those 31 democrats to come to washington to impeach donald trump. they voted for donald trump to be their president, so i think many of them are going to be losing their seats. it was nice serving with many of them, but it's time for them to go now, and to be replaced by other people who are actually going to work with this president, work with colleagues in the senate, republicans and democrats, health care, infrastructure earlier. >> laura: one more question.
11:21 pm
alan dershowitz, john brennan was on another network tonight. he uses this opportunity -- everything that we have discovered in this ig report -- to say this. watch. >> i fail to see how mr. barr is leading the department of justice and the fbi, in honest and credible fashion, when he makes these statements partial to mr. trump and does not say anything at all that would endorse the women and men of the fbi that requires, on his part, great praise and appreciation. >> laura: deflection came, alan. >> the attorney general serves two roles. one, he is a cabinet member and advisor to the president, and second, chief law enforcement officer. he's a very distinguished and dignified person, who has served inor this role before, and i thk he is trying hard to balance those two roles. >> laura: congressmen, alan, gregg, great to see all of you tonight.
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♪ >> laura: nearly two years ago, adam schiff released a scathing memo attacking then house intel chaired devin nunes. one covered shocking evidence of deep state vice abuse against the trump campaign. while the left predictably jumped on nunes, "the washington post" calling his memo a joke and a sham, something describing "the washington post." and they weren't the only ones. >> it really underscores just how partisan mr. nunes has been. he has abused the office of the
11:27 pm
chairmanship. >> the nunes memo is a dud. >> the devin nunes memo backfired on them. >> this is what all of the hype was about? it was like a sad trombone. [trombone noise] >> laura: more like a trumpet. course, the talking heads praised schiff. >> this is a case of nunes baselessly claim, and schiff came back with a ten page body blow. >> a very clear and lawyer like rebuttal of specific facts. >> the schiff memo definitely fills in some of the gaps in the nunes memo, and it's much more consistent with actually how the fbi obtains these things. >> laura: will now we know those blithering idiots were wrong. how any of them are in political analysis or prognostication is beyond me. ig michael horowitz new report indicates nunes. he was right on the money. schiff was peddling lies and misinformation, remember the abuse of power, impeachment article we talked about.
11:28 pm
for example, the schiff memo claims the fbi didn't omit any information in its first vice application for carter page. wrong. horowitz found at least 17 significant errors or admissions. of the schiff memo also asserts the fbi determined christopher steele was credible. wrong again. the fbi exaggerated steele's credibility, we now know, it omits details. the question, why is the media still my ionizing a habitual liar. jenny me now member of the house intel committee, and cash patel, who currently serves a special assistant to the president, and senior director for counterterror, congressman, does adam schiff still enjoy legitimacy, and if so, why? >> he absolutely does not, laura, and i should say -- i'm glad you have kash patel on, a
11:29 pm
lot of members of congress were really involved in this, including trey gowdy, john ratcliffe, the entire intelligence committee team on the republican side that had to sit through two years of this nonsense. and what you really find out is that these dirty cops were covering up a whole lot, and if it wouldn't have been for the good work that a lot of people on our team did, like kash, we would not have gotten to the bottom of this. despite what the media keeps saying about, oh, they have a predicate for the investigation, there was no bias. that is not what we claimed. that is not what we claimed. that is for some videos to get to. we said there was vice abuse, and it's quite clear. >> laura: that is what you stuck to, that was the focus of your report. you helped write the report, bill barr spoke about this today. watch. >> one of the things that is poisonous about our politics is the use of the criminal law process as a political weapon,
11:30 pm
instead of just debating ideas they want to label their adversaries, criminal, and then they start calling for scouts. nowadays, why aren't people going to prison for what they did to the president? on the other side, throw bill barr in prison. these things take time. [laughs] >> laura: weaponizing power to hurt your political opponent. kash? >> thanks for having me on, laura. as congressman nunes said, it was a team effort. is a former terrorism prosecutor and a public defender, due process is one of our most vital, important laws that we have to safeguard our community, and i was furious at the abuse that was enacted by the dnc-funded steele dossier through james comey, and then the clown car cover-up operation by adam schiff. it is nice today that attorney general bill barr, a well-respected two-time attorney general, gave us and america a piece of our due process back. >> laura: congressman nunes, i ran into carter page in the
11:31 pm
green room, getting ready for the show, and i gave him big h hug. and i said, you and so many others have been through hell, and congressman nunes, you, as well. i mean, they called you every name in the book. but carter page is hundreds of thousand dollars in legal bills, they called him a russian asset come accused him of pretty much everything. he is totally vindicated, as is papadopoulos and his comments about being wary of russia, needing to be careful. all of these people's lives were dragged down by adam schiff, he is going to skate away on this? >> well, look, i think there's a lot of lawsuits out there that is still ongoing, that i have filed, that carter page has filed, that kash patel has filed. the courts are still going to get involved in this. let's not forget john durham, the u.s. attorney out of connecticut. i think the important thing that barr said today that is important for people to understand, because i have been highlighting this too, that's getting lost on people.
11:32 pm
it wasn't just that they used in the democrat, hillary clinton dirt, gave it to fake news, and use that as evidence for the fisa, what kash and my shelf and trey gowdy and john ratcliffe, what we said for a long time, you need to know what else is in there, too, do what you are finding out today, they didn't wait for the carter page fisa to spy on the campaign. if they were recording the spy on the campaign. if they were recording their conversations with listening devices, and then they decided to only put a piece of that to the court. they left out the exculpatory evidence. you have to remember, we fought so hard for so long, i had to come on your show nearly every night, because it doj and the dirty cops and the fbi on the dirty cops there, refused, refused to give us what we called at the time the tech cut, we had to fight over the tech cuts. we had to threaten to impeach officers of the trump administration in order to get these cuts. now you find out why we wanted these tech cuts. >> laura: by the way, breaking news to light in the moment a little bit, according
11:33 pm
to the free beacon tonight, "time" magazine is set to pick its person of the year, and it looks like it's going to be the whistle-blower. [laughs] okay. the impeachment witness, the only person who knows who it is, apparently, for sure, really, is schiff, kash. you can't even make this up. maybe you know who the whistle-blower is, kash, but i. guess you can't say. >> i'm not here to talk about the whistle-blower. "time" magazine got their act right, the real men of the year would be the members of the intel committee under congressman nunes, that's the only reason we are getting to accountability today. >> laura: excellent point. and congressman nunes, mccabe spoke up tonight, taking a sideswipe at bill barr. take a look at what he said. >> i didn't need the ig to tell me that, but it's good the ig has reported there is no indication of that whatsoever. and i think with the attorney general has done here is he's actually kind of
11:34 pm
proactively misrepresenting the findings of the report.ll >> laura: in other words, no spying. >> let me talk about mccabe, okay? mccabe wrote a book that came out a few months ago, and at one point,t i had to walk intoa meeting where they tried to kick me out, and rod rosenstein at the time, the acting t attorney general, the deputy attorney general, comes up to me and says, hey, you are not going to be allowed in this room. i said, sorry, i'm the chair off intelligence committee. i thought, at the time, it was the democrats and nancy pelosi that were trying to kick me out of the room. it was actually mccabe. look, that's obstruction of a congressional investigation. i think mccabe has a lot of other problems that he needs to worry about it, and he probably ought to start with actually t reading the ig report, because when you start from page 1 through 318, every single page has bombshells on it.
11:35 pm
>> laura: the more i read, the more infuriated i became yesterday. gentlemen, it was great to have> both of your voices tonight. so important. thank you so much, both of you, for what you've done for our country. coming up, new details about the saudi national who obtained the gun used to kill three people at a florida military base. as servicemen speak out about this bizarre program, do we need a moratorium on saudi visas? dinesh d'souza, next. lp. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free...boom boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or
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- [nick] legacybox is simple and safe with over a half a million satisfied customers. - preserve your memories today. visit and get 40% off. - [nick] that's ♪ >> laura: we have new details tonight on the saudi national three sailors and wounded eight more at a florida naval air base last week. according to the fbi, the shooter was able to legally purchase the handgun he used. he exploited a loophole in federal law, which is raising some serious national security questions. are also tonight, defense secretary mark esper is halting training for all 852 -- wow -- saudi military personnel in the
11:40 pm
u.s. while officials investigate the vetting process. joining me now, dinesh d'souza. do we need to start being a little more clear eyed about the saudi kingdom come all these years after 9/11? >> i think we do. certainly, no country had more of the 9/11 hijackers than saudi arabia. and it seems like we have, to some degree, forgotten the lessons of 9/11. a saudi guy looking for military training, flight training, you would think that would ring an alarm bell, but apparently not enough. i realize, and saudi arabia, there areot two saudi arabias. there is the royal family, andau that is one camp, and there is the bin laden camp. we shouldn't confuse the two. we shouldn't assume that because it is saudi it is bad, but these are more closely connected than we might sometimes think.
11:41 pm
the saudi regime, for example, funds all kinds of religious schools that promote radicalism. obviously, the saudis have been coming to america under the auspices of the government, and yet they might have radical sympathies. and so, while there are two saudi arabias, the two saudi arabias are, in fact, interconnected. >> laura: you raised the question in a piece he wrote, there should be travel restrictions on some of these individuals. again, going back to the original 9/11 commission reporte we are supposed to be fingerprinting everyone coming into the united states. we are not doing that. but what about the travel restrictions? would that be hard to monitor and enforce? >> you look at the situation, laura, and you are going to have to have some sort of change, of improvement. there is intelligence failure in the vetting of this person by dhs when he came into the united states. a failure for the dod to monitor
11:42 pm
him when he was in the unitedte states. as you said, f 853 saudi nations in the united states who are taking military training right now. lieutenant alshamrani used a gun, but what if he can use a plane, done something else to inflict even greater carnage than he did? secretary esper is right to call for aan review of the vetting programs. it plainly has some defects. if this individual was allowed into the united states, he was here for almost two years, engaged in some pretty sketchy activities in the country, and he went to get a gun.n >> laura: by the way, here is a cnn on the president's reaction to that pensacola shooting. prwatch. >> "the new york times" wrote a piece saying this is just odd, the president's first instinct appeared to be to defend the saudi royal family, because he is providing cover for the saudis. what is most important to trump, is he going to pursue his own personal agenda, wherever that takes them?
11:43 pm
i think that is quite consistent, even though it creates all sorts of paroxysms those that don't like those calls. >> i also see in response. >> laura: did they not get the memo about the whole america first thing? personal benefit? i don't see that. they are an important ally in the region,'t are they not? trump is trying to balance all of that. >> absolutely, the united states has been allied with saudi arabia going back, essentially, to world war ii. saudi arabia has been an important ally, not economically to somek, degree. of course, over time, america's dependence ont the region for l has gone down. a huge discovery of natural gas in the united states, not as dependent on the desert as we used to be. and that might warrant some reevaluation of the automatic giveence we have tended to to a country like saudi arabia, in exchange for a sort of
11:44 pm
economic alliance with us. >> laura: art, the pilots, the men and women who keep us safe in the sky, they are kind of tired of not being able to be armed on these military bases. senior u.s. army officer, we trust 18-year-old privates in combat with grenades and anti-tank missiles, but we let service members get slaughtered because we don't allow our officers to be armed? lots? >> this is probably one of the oddest things for the american people to understand, pensacola was a gun free zone, so that only people with guns in pensacola are bad people. lieutenant alshamrani was taken out by a county deputy. that is what it has come to. this is a military base that has planes, armaments, and yet no one is allowed to carry a gun? that is a policy we need to rethink, because there had been
11:45 pm
a good guy with a gun there, probably there wouldn't have been the carnage we saw occur in pensacola on friday. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you so much. coming up, as moderate democrats continue to get very nervous on impeachment, the party's argumentem keeps crumbling. still have democrats overplayed their hand? pollsters are going to tell us next.l he longest lasting aa battery... (music) energizer ultimate lithium backed by science. matched by no one.
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♪ >> laura: ♪ >> laura: as i mentioned earlier, the democrat's amoeba-like each meant narrative has been constantly changing shape. it has alienated moderate democrats ins the process. the numbers are flipping, as we predicted. joining me now to explain what this all means, mark penn, former clinton advisor, democratic pollster jon mcglocklin, scott rasmussen,
11:50 pm
editor-at-large for ballotpedia. the democrats arguments are obviously really weak here. are the voters beginning to see that this is not going to work and is bad for the country? >> this is backfiring, because it is political. it's all about 2020, trying to stop trump from getting reelected. at the end of october, the majority of american said it was political. not legal 52-36. said it was a waste of time and money. now the trump campaign released polls in three of the 31 districts where you have democrats sitting where donald trump won, 5-4 against impeachment coming on the trade question, 70% saying they should do thisin and not impeach, pass the trade deal. that is why it happened. >> laura: as an example, a new quinnipiac poll, 51% oppose impeachment.
11:51 pm
51% oppose it while 45% oppose it. it's the first time since house speaker pelosi announced the inquiry that more than half of the voters say trump shouldn't be impeached. scott, is this a confirmation here that this is -- again, you put adam schiff and charge of this, he went off the rails. >> it has proved that the jobs report last week matters more than the sideshow in washington. the economy is always part of the impeachmentt debate. all due respect to market, clinton wouldn't have survived his impeachment if he had a economy. richard nixon was forced from office partly because of watergate and partly because of a terrible economy. what this means right now for the president, he has to focus on the policies, keeping the economy going. that's what voters care about, they don't want to get caught up in partisan political stuff. >> laura: after introducing all two of the of impeachment, suddenly, the democrats decided this whole trade thing that has been around for 13 months that was painstakingly negotiated by bob lighthizer, it was time to take it seriously.
11:52 pm
now, listen to what they all are repeated, over and over and over. watch. >> we can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> walk and chew gum at the same time. >> we can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. >> it turns out congress can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> laura: so they can actually pass a piece of legislation that is wildly popular and that they supported? >> i don't know if that is the threshold for getting elected, to say walking on a chewing gum. i frankly don't understand why if they have the impeachment message, she did the treaty on the same day. she really should have done it a year ago. now she just did it closer to the election, giving trump more of a win. doesn't make any sense to me. >> laura: she tried to say they got big concessions, they got nothing. something on drug companies, and something with labor, both of which trump was fine with. this is ridiculous.
11:53 pm
>> no one believed that trump could renegotiate this deal. >> laura: they laughed at him. all of the elites laughed at and john, i remember this, i said on the show, watch bob lighthizer, watch what he does. his whole team, brilliant. jared kushner, they laughed at him, too. they worked on it, and it happened. >> it is all about trying to stop the president from getting reelected. once the mueller report went away, he was able to start moving things like the trade deal to protect jobs, already created 7 million new jobs in the economy, plus was able to getdy people to focus on lowerig drug prices. they want to do things like paid parental leave. they do those things, his job approval moves to about 50%, he gets reelected. >> laura: watching tonight in pennsylvania, he looks like he is really having fun. he is enjoying himself. i haven't seen him like this, really having fun, in a long time. sometimes, at the other folks' expense. watch. >> do you ever know what biden
11:54 pm
keeps saying he is in the wrong state? it's great to be in ohio if he's in pennsylvania, it's wonderful to be in the state of delaware. what is wrong with this guy? >> laura: it's kind of cruel, but as a general matter, he's having fun. >> he's having fun, and he's haa a good week. he's watched all of this stuff, all of the democrats have been talking about these issues for a long time. they come with two week articles of impeachment. nancy pelosi is damage control. why shouldn't he be? >> laura: michael bloomberg thinks he could come in and straighten the ship. >> iin think he has an opportunity. the question is, is biden going to come out of the early states strong? if he does, i don't think there's a chance for bloomberg. if biden comes out, maybe there is a chance bloomberg can say i'm the moderate who gets things done. >> laura: your old boss, hillary clinton. she gets in, she's an immediate
11:55 pm
front-runner. did you see her polls? okay, i've been doing impeachment all day, give me a break. what can i tell you? you and i argued about this two months ago. i said hillary is getting back in, you said not to do it. she's the front-runner! and you are back hard at work. >> i think she missed the deadline, but the democratic voters were there for her. >> laura: guys, great to see you all. coming up, i answer your emails, including a question about pelosi taking credit today for the usmca. unreal. next.
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♪ >> laura: it's time again for >> reporter: time for ingram's inbox.
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from eric, the average citizen would think the usmc a was hurt idea but it was all trump, need to do a better job of messaging. i guess. to me it is obvious that nicholas writes is it possible to impeach congress members for abuse of power and failure to act in the best interest of the us? this came in before tonight's angle. good to see our viewers are in a mind meld with me. send your thoughts, shannon bream will take all the new news from here. you are locked and loaded, ready to go. >> taking over new york city. thank you, we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump rallying in a key battleground state hours after house democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment as the impeachment push is coming apart in states the president needs to hold onto for reelection. highlights from the rally just ahead. stunning words from the attorney general, not backing down at all from his assessment


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