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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 11, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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would think the usmc a was hurt idea but it was all trump, need to do a better job of messaging. i guess. to me it is obvious that nicholas writes is it possible to impeach congress members for abuse of power and failure to act in the best interest of the us? this came in before tonight's angle. good to see our viewers are in a mind meld with me. send your thoughts, shannon bream will take all the new news from here. you are locked and loaded, ready to go. >> taking over new york city. thank you, we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump rallying in a key battleground state hours after house democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment as the impeachment push is coming apart in states the president needs to hold onto for reelection. highlights from the rally just ahead. stunning words from the attorney general, not backing down at all from his assessment the trump
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campaign was spied on, john durham's probe into russia investigation's origins much bigger in scope as is the testimony and documents, the trump campaign associate at the center of it all carter page is here live. whiplash in washington, house democrats giving donald trump a political victory to the breakthrough on the usmc a, when will congress pass it? the fight over that begins. more on that later. jillian turner kicks off the latest from donald trump and the attorney general as michael horowitz will take the hot seat and testify in just hours. >> big day tomorrow but donald trump is going all in on a claim the obama administration spied on his campaign bolstered by evidence in the inspector general report that implicates his predecessor, gloves are off. >> the fbi sends multiple
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undercover human spies to surveillance record people associated with our campaign. locale they hurt people, their lives have been destroyed by scum. >> the president getting a major boost from attorney general william barr who weighed in with a scathing assessment of the obama administration's fbi, made no bones about hiding his believe the bureau's 2016 investigation into the trump campaign was bogus. >> our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely and then typed minor responsible press. >> he accused the bureau of
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abusing the highly sensitive fisa warrant process. >> the greatest danger to our free system is that the incumbent government use the apparatus of the state, principally the law-enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to spy on political opponents but also to use them in a way that could affect the outcome of the election. >> the inspector general report 17 instances of major errors or omissions in the fisa warrant application focused on donald trump's former age, carter page but also says this, we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influence the fbi authority on carter page but william barr says today he's not buying it. >> all he said is people gave me an explanation and i didn't find anything to contradict it so i don't have a basis for saying that there was improper motive but this doesn't decide the issue of improper motive. >> the next move is us attorney john durham who has been tasked
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with investigating with investigative the origins of the russia probe and empowered to drop criminal charges against suspects. tomorrow inspector general michael horwitz get the chance to defend his 430 page report and its findings on capitol hill where he will testify in front of the senate judiciary committee and the entire nation. shannon: we will be watching. michael horwitz facing bipartisan grilling and just hours testifying before the senate on his 400 plus page report detailing 17 significant errors, a former trump campaign associate, carter page, with us live. i want to read one assessment from a legal analyst and former attorney on another network, fbi officials 95% vindicated by this, carter page, highly
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scientific vindication metrics, no wonder william barr is so bummed. is that how you read this? >> she said 30%. i had 0 input in this at all. according to the privacy act if the government has a system of reference about you, you should be able to review it and comment. i was never given that opportunity and a lot of those people were given, her fellow analysts from those other networks, it is unfortunate. >> it was interesting to me in many cases what people would argue exculpatory information regarding you, if i am a fisa judge i'm furious i was given this information and award warrants based on what is presented in front of me. with all that outlined this is
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reaction from james comey, the truth finally out, the fbi fulfilled its mission. this included electronic surveillance of one person, carter page, a former trump campaign advisor with a long relationship with russia and history of contact with russian intelligence, he went on to say the inspector general found mistakes, things the fbi should have done differently or better, that is always unfortunate but human beings make mistakes. is that what you're hoping for from him? >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. there is so much in here and so much more. congressman nunez was on earlier and he said every page has a bombshell that i agree with him but all of those bombshells, i see so much more beyond that having lived this. i had no input on this whatsoever and it's just an internal hr kind of style
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document but we are just at the tip of the iceberg here. >> what are your hopes moving forward? we are waiting for john durham who has completely different powers when it comes to forcing people to testify, subpoena documents from all the things horwitz couldn't do. are you getting your hopes up about that one kick you >> getting my hopes up, there has been such an outpouring of support nationwide for people of both parties that i think they realize this was based on nothing. there is no facts and it is just a made up story. i think there is a lot that needs to be done to fix our justice system that had severe irregularities and things that happened to me, this could happen to anyone. we talk about bias, there are definitely some severe biases, based on this portrayal of russia. i have a certain perspective on foreign-policy in russia and there may not have been domestic political bias but people under the first amendment are allowed
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to have their own opinion, similar to donald trump who has talked about exploring new possibilities. >> any american regardless of ideology should be worried that the government could have someone manipulating information to get surveillance on them. i want to ask about this. when does carter page drop a massive lawsuit against the fbi naming all the corrupt taxi want his name and nearly destroyed his life because of receiving partisan hatred for donald trump kick you what are the plans? >> there is a very strong team, i don't have an announcement yet but suffice it to say -- shannon: that is exhibit a? good to see you. tonight donald trump won congressional districts, reportedly floating the idea of censuring rather than impeaching
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donald trump. progressives are lamenting the democratic leadership to pile on more articles of impeachment. >> abuse of power is a little bit fuzzier sort of nebulous but this is a matter of strategy. i'm totally supportive of the chairman and the speaker if this is the way they want to go. >> no crimes, they are impeaching me and there are no crimes, this has to be a first in history. they are impeaching me because they want to win an election. >> trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. >> with two articles of impeachment in the can some democrats in districts the president won in 2016 getting cold feet and floating the idea of censuring instead of impeachment, that list includes new jersey congressman's josh scotthi mayor and anthony brindisi, ben mc adams and oregon representative kurt schrader who said, quote, i think it is appropriate and
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might be a little more bipartisan, who knows? the idea would be to offer an option that might attract at least some republican support but for now the centrist democrats are well short of the roughly 18 votes needed to block impeachment. more importantly their suggestion has 0 support from nancy pelosi. >> why not censure, is that alive? >> now, not alive. never had a life. >> the house - >> former democratic senator wasn't laughing one bit telling fox news's chris wallace that censure might be the appropriate punishment.
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>> seems to me that kind of behavior at least is to be condemned but i think censure out to be looked at very carefully by everybody. maybe the fact all parties are against it means it's the right way to go. >> some moderates are trying to rain things in, the far left is too much is being left out of the articles, for example the progressive group credo action says the president should also be impeached for bigotry, corruption, inciting violence and promoting hatred. then there are those literally caught in the middle, virginia congresswoman abigail spannberger who was a supporter of impeachment inquiry and last night found herself at a townhall replete with angry trump opponents and supporters, she tried to explain her position and was drowned out by some screaming he has been proven guilty and others bds. the congresswoman's representatives called it an example of engaging in important conversations. shannon: going to have more of those around the country, thank you. within one hour on capitol hill today house democrats unveiled articles of impeachment and gave donald trump a political victory on the new nafta, congress will be voting on the usmc a.
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>> reporter: little debate on the timing. what happened this morning at 9:00 am, democrats in the house unveiled articles of impeachment. at 10:00 am their leader, nancy pelosi announced a major bipartisan compromise with donald trump allowing him to fulfill the campaign promise of rewriting the north american free trade agreement. confused? so are a lot of democrats. >> this is a day we have all been working to, infinitely better than what was initially proposed by the administration. >> pelosi says it is worth holding up 13 months to get concessions on enforcement for workers rights, environmental protection and stripping out intellectual property protections for prescription drugs. the white house republicans say she held up and after replacement with a political distraction. >> if you need evidence of how
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unpopular impeachment is watch the two press conferences today. >> the agreement gives 31 democrats that represent congressional districts won by donald trump the ability to see impeachment hasn't distracted them from the important issues. it makes no sense to dan pfeiffer, senior advisor to president obama, i have been semi retired from politics for a while now but it seems think that helped trump when wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan should not be on the democratic to do list. the usmc updates the north american free trade agreement between the united states, canada and mexico and is designed to bring manufacturing back to the united states. for example it requires 40-45% of cars eventually be made in countries that pay autoworkers at least $16 an hour. that is in the united states and canada and not in mexico. >> congress will soon vote on my new trade deal, the us-mexico canada agreement or us mca.
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been waiting a long time for nancy pelosi to announce us mca. and she did it on the same day they announced that they are going to impeach. >> reporter: the president says there will be a vote this year. mitch mcconnell says not so fast. they will not take up until next year after impeachment. bipartisan agreement in washington for nancy pelosi and donald trump on something they want. they wanted past next week. shannon: it does happen occasionally, thank you so much. new tonight a federal judge in texas blocking the trump administration from diverting millions of dollars in military funds to build a border wall. the new ruling only involves one second gun funds but places the money used earlier this year. the administration is expected to appeal tonight's decision. donald trump expected to sign an executive order to fight
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anti-semitism on campus. the order is designed to target the boycotts, divest and sanction israel movement popular on many college campuses, the trump administration argues the movement is a form of anti-semitism back into dissemination against racial minorities and women. colleges that fail to fight anti-semitism could lose federal funding. the left doesn't like the planned order. ryan schatz tweeting we jews like to argue, about israel, especially about israel so the idea that a college campus would have its views regulated by the federal department of education, we will monitor it. us military convoy in afghanistan has been the target of a powerful suicide bombing according to afghan officials, the car bomb hitting your bagram airbase north of kabul. afghan officials say they expect casualties, they are not confirming any at this time. peace talks between the us and taliban resumed over the weekend. surprising twist in the senate impeachment trial saga.
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♪ >> shannon: republican leadership in the s shannon: republican leadership discussing the beginning of the rule that would govern and impeachment trial was one thing that might draw the eye of the president, the witnesses the senate will or won't call. joining me, john barrasso, how does this work, as far as you can tell? who decides if adam schiff or hunter biden get called to testify? >> the senate will decide but today is the day the democrat impeachment car ran out of gas. they don't have the evidence that they don't have public
12:21 am
support. there are not 20 republican senators who would vote to remove the president. we are united. you see it on the house side as well. the best they could come up with were 6 words in terms of articles of impeachment. it is astonishing that they have continued to obstruct legislation for over a year with this up session with impeachment and it is not going anywhere. shannon: we talked about whispers around washington that there are republican senators who will break and vote against the president. are you saying you don't think you will lose a single one? >> hard to say. democrats from the house will come and make their case in the senate, people want to listen to hear what they have to say but we are united and people are very offended the way this whole thing has played out, the lack of due process and fairness for the president and lack of evidence. the senate will get together,
12:22 am
convene, decide as this goes to the process and there are a lot of discussions about how long it will take but i will tell you when the final jeopardy question is asked i know the president will still be in office. >> any democrats might crossover with you to vote against removing the president? >> a couple may. we are seeing that in the house, house republicans are united, house democrats are divided. some of them are talking about censure because they don't want to vote for impeachment but this has been a completely partisan exercise, this has been partisan from day one, democrats have been after donald trump before he became president, they were talking about impeachment before he took the oval office. >> something, it will be partisan to the benefit of the president, here is chuck todd in his take on what he thinks. >> it is looking clearer and clearer to me we are not going to have a real trial because the
12:23 am
white house is going to set up a straw man of what they think is fair and that includes all the biden's testifying. how do we end up -- i think mary garland. >> the supreme court nominee who didn't get to a vote in the senate. what do you make of that characterization and what you guys are planning? >> we will listen to the evidence the house has to present, the articles of impeachment, house members will come over and make that presentation, the president will be able to make his defense and at that point, do people have enough information to vote in terms of impeaching and removing the president from office and at that time of the majority of the senate will say yes, i'm ready to vote so we don't need additional witnesses at the time but we are united, what has been a completely partisan effort against this president and if there has been any obstruction of justice it is not been by the president but by democrats in the senate in terms of abuse of the powers they have because they have been using those to
12:24 am
hurt the president and efforts to get things done to move the country had. shannon: i want to ask about usmc a, house leadership moving forward, senator mcconnell say not until after senate impeachment trial. nancy pelosi called that nonsense saying this should get moving. >> if they send impeachment over first we have to deal with impeachment first, that is the way the system works. i'm ready to vote for usmc a, the president threaded the needle here of what is likely to be the largest bipartisan trade deal in history, this adds to the good things happening in the economy, builds on the 7 million jobs we have in this economy since donald trump took office, we have the lowest unemployment rates in 50 years, wages are up, people have more money, more money to spend, to decide what to do with, usmc is a part of this strong healthy and growing economy that is benefiting all-americans.
12:25 am
>> democrats will argue that's why it needs to move quickly. we will watch and see. good news on impeachment polling in key battleground states. kristin fisher in the swing state - right after this. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. (vo) thewith every attempt, strto free itself,pider's web. it only becomes more entangled.
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>> shannon: tonight, president trump rallying a key swing state hours after house democrats unveiled two art >> donald trump rallying a key swing state just hours after house democrats unveiled to the articles of impeachment and a victory on the nafta deal. kristin fisher has highlights. >> reporter: donald trump called what house democrats are likely about to do impeachment light, he called the two articles of impeachment that were announced flimsy and prophetic. >> you saw their so-called articles of impeachment, people
12:30 am
are saying they are not even a crime. what happens. all these horrible things, remember? bribery and this and that, where are they? they send these two things that are not even a crime. this is the lightest, weakest impeachment, this is impeachment light. this is the latest impeachment in the history of our country by far. it is not even like and impeachment. >> donald trump told his supporters tonight there is a silver lining to impeachment. it forced house democrats to finally cut a deal on the usmc a. democrats did not give donald from credit during their press conference today but tonight donald trump called it my new trade deal. >> the announced impeachment and an hour later she announced
12:31 am
she's going to do usmc a. is a huge deal and it plays down the impeachment because they are embarrassed. >> the big question is how is impeachment playing in this critical battleground state? most people in this room agree with the president it is a witchhunt but also some protesters outside who think the exact opposite. >> he's got to be removed one way or the other. this administration is criminal. >> he didn't do anything wrong. it is a just a show. the things they are complaining about, during the clinton impeachment, it is all just politics. >> whether the state turns red or blue in 2020 mail hinge on the economy and donald trump received a lot of applause for the new jobs report, low unemployment in pennsylvania and for saying he loves hershey chocolates. this arena is right next door to chocolate world. shannon: i got engaged there. impeachment is preoccupied with taking out each other, the 2020 campaign trail, checking with
12:32 am
peter doocy live from las vegas. >> we caught up with joe biden in the nevada desert and had a chance to ask him about a pair of national polls, one from quinnipiac and one from monmouth that showed him holding up the bloomberg ad blitz for now. >> they have us the clear front runner and michael bloomberg despite all the ads, 5% but what does that tell you about what democrats are looking for. >> impeachment - democrats are looking are looking at a number of things, mostly first and foremost someone who represents the basic values of the democratic party. >> michael bloomberg thinks if the choice is any leading democrat or trump voters will go with trump.
12:33 am
>> i think trump is getting stronger and would eat alive the candidates but because they don't have plans that i think are practical, that can be implemented, don't have management experience. this is not a job where you take training wheels, this is the future of the free world, maybe the whole world and you need people with experience. >> for most of the cycle so far impeachment issues have taken a backseat to policy issues until now. at analyst before an event tonight. >> for the most part they are doing a pretty good job trying to be thorough and not making this personal, just about the facts and it is unfortunate it is pretty partisan. >> it is an incredibly impeachable offense. he should have been impeached a long time ago. >> if you let this president get away with it the next president will do the same thing and it will get worse and worse.
12:34 am
not so much getting trump. >> as things are starting to take shape in iowa and new hampshire the top-tier is starting to focus more on nevada and proof of that would be today the top three candidates are here. >> thank you. latebreaking details, a police officer and 5 others are killed today in an ambush and shoot out but first the real news roundup. harvard genetics professor once donations for sex offender jeffrey epstein telling cbs he's planning a dating apps to cure people based on producing children without hereditary diseases. critics say it sounds like you next or selective breeding. here is they with 30s for the word up 313% in 2019. the use of as a non-binary pronoun in september.
12:35 am
ralph most of iran's office telling virginia that an assault weapons ban the generalissimo will likely take up next year will not force people who already owned guns to give them up but those people will have to register the firearms. tournament event advertising in a question this opportunity for residents to give up their weapons to curb city violence. the hall totally six firearms with event organizers say it was a success.
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>> shannon: to >> six people including a police officer are dead in new jersey following an hours long standoff that devolve into a gun battle. >> the police officer shot and killed in the line of duty has been identified as detective joe steele, a member of the 4 since 2006. a married father of 5.
12:40 am
>> he was a leading police officer removing guns from the streets, dozens of handguns and our hearts go out to him and once again we believe he was killed while trying to interdict these bad guys. >> he was one of 6 people killed in a gun battle that broke out in jersey city is two active shooters and gauge officers with high-powered rifle fire in a 4 hour shootout involving hundreds of bullets. gunfire broke out before 1:00 pm at a kosher grocery supermarket. s1 point one of the assailants shot and killed detective steele who was in plainclothes at a nearby cemetery. federal and local officials sent swat team members, helicopters, drones and bearcat armored vehicles to pin down the two shooters in and around the grocery store. eventually both shooters were shot and killed but not before
12:41 am
three other civilians were killed in the gun battle. >> i can tell you their movement was rapid and continuous for four hours within that area. we have no inkling what the motive was yet. >> the gun battle for small 43 schools in jersey city to be put on lockdown including a private catholic school across the street from the gunfire. thousands of students unable to leave their schools until after 4:00 pm. the bomb squad is investigating a stolen u-haul truck they say had some sort of device inside, two other officers were also shot but they were released from this hospital. donald trump tweeted thoughts and prayers to all the victims involved in this horrific shootout. >> in houston the following police officer on his way to his final resting place. fatally shot while responding to a domestic violence call, the police chief placing the blame
12:42 am
on mitch mcconnell and texas republicans. former nypd intel division and cia analyst, good to have you with us. everybody any time we do these stories where there is an officer or law enforcement official lost in the line of duty we think of their families, they voluntarily do this every day. it is very painful. i want to play what the police chief had to say in response to this. >> make up your mind. who's side are you on, gunny factors, the gun lobby or children getting gunned down in this country every single day. >> your reaction? >> i understand he is upset and should be, lost one of his own and this is a reminder of the threat law enforcement faces every day. when there is a terrorist event, people pay a lot of attention and rightly so but law
12:43 am
enforcement is faced with the mystic violence that escalates or where they are in danger, that's why you see handguns that are the biggest issue of violence and a lot of play because there's not as much of political focus on that these days but if you are talking specifically about the violence against women act reauthorization, for his argument here in the state of texas the shooter in this case had already been a prohibited processor, somebody who was illegally possessing a gun. i understand he is upset but putting this on mitch mcconnell is just incorrect and unhelpful. i wish there would be more focus after these incidents on if you want to take sure it is action that would be legally worth happening and that would be constructive instead of just passing blame around. >> ted cruz from texas said it is unfortunate the chief of
12:44 am
police in houston seems more focused on trying to advance his political ambitions rather in supporting the brave men and women of hpd. this couple was a criminal federal law already prohibited from having a gun. so often in any of these cases that get attention it immediately goes to debate about gun-control. >> i don't think that's unfortunate. it is something people like this police chief should be pushing forward because those are the people in the line of fire, people losing police officers. it reminded me what happened after the tragic shooting in dayton, ohio where the police said if the shooter had a less powerful weapon they wouldn't of lost so many lives, lost 9 people that night, could have been avoided if we had stricter gun control measures. i apply this police chief and think it is important for lawmakers like ted cruz to work with organizations that are trying to reform laws to make sure even if one person who shouldn't have had that gun passed a background check or had
12:45 am
been cleared in mental health evaluation might not have ended up with a gun, that is a net positive. >> what do we do with this guy who was already prohibited from having a gun. >> problem with the gun control debate is people that want more gun control often forget there are tremendous amount of laws, federal, state, local on the books and some of them are laws in bad faith like in new york city where recently they had to pull a lot because it wasn't a constitutional law and that it wouldn't keep anybody safe so they wanted to agitate gun owners. this has become a wedge issue where it's not just about keeping people safe. everybody wants to keep people safe and the idea mitch mcconnell doesn't care about violence against women is insidious, it doesn't help move the discussion in a helpful direction so that is why when you look at this and he says take action, what action would have liked to be taken, adjusting my political opponents are responsible for violence in america, there are 300 million guns in this country, unless
12:46 am
they go from as confiscation, it's not going to go well. so all these proposals, they are adding more to a mountain of federal, local and state firearms law. the same do something is an infringement on constitutional rights. >> to ted cruz and mitch mcconnell, the police chief's political opponent, we have no idea how the police chief who votes or any of that. i think that is part of the problem, this gets put into a partisan bucket right out of the gate, we don't know anything about him, we know he is grieving because he lost someone on the force and that guy should not have had a gun in the first place, doesn't mean we can't make changes to ensure this doesn't happen again and someone else he name checked was the nra and the outside influence they have on the republican party.
12:47 am
because he click the box for president obama you think that matters less. >> they want to sell the gun violence issue by pointing at political opponents at the time this happens, we don't know what laws should be changed or even what the laws are apparently and that doesn't of anybody. >> change the gun laws and that called by wayne lapierre - >> come back to that in part 2. the hot question in washington who will house democrats seek to prosecute donald trump in the senate? governor asa hutchinson filled the key role and joins us live next.
12:48 am
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>> shannon: it is a conversation and topic in >> the conversation topic in washington today, who will house democrats tap to be impeachment managers. the high profile assignment where lawmakers ask prosecutors in the senate trial. let's bring in governor asa hutchinson who was an impeachment manager during president clinton's trial, good to have you with us. let's talk about the procedure and how this comes together. i want to play something from senator dick durbin about how he envisions things going forward. >> if the articles of impeachment are sent over by the house we will do what was bent 20 years ago on the clinton impeachment where there was a
12:52 am
meeting of the leadership on a bipartisan basis to come to a conclusion how to move forward. shannon: the current environment on the hill do you think agreement and the senate will be possible to set guardrails on this thing? >> they will try very hard to come into bipartisan agreement, 20 years ago they had a closed session in the old senate chamber with only senators without staff and they reached an agreement that was bipartisan that was frustrating to the house managers as they tried to present the case but they will try to do something similar this time. i hope they do but whenever you have two sides that are diametrically opposed compromises have to be made to reach that agreement was one fundamental question is how long is this trial going to be? if you have witnesses which they did not have 20 years ago that
12:53 am
will prolong the trial. will you do it based on a motion to dismiss or based upon summary witnesses like they did in house judiciary committee or will it be like the house intelligence committee in which you have live witnesses. there are fundamental questions they have to iron out in the senate and we will have to wait and see because we are all very curious about it. >> vanity fair writing about this, the bipartisan and partisan negotiations if they fail to figure out the trial procedures the task falls to john roberts who will be presiding over the trial. obviously when you were there last time it was justice rehnquist and he and chief justice roberts have a lot of similarities and do or don't want to get involved in this. what is your take on how much the chief justice might get involved in these decisions? >> i think he will resist mightily getting involved in process questions, how the senate trial is conducted. whenever a motion is made he has
12:54 am
to pull upon it. if there's an objection made he has to rule upon it but in terms of the process itself great latitude is given to the senate and i don't believe they will give that up to the presiding officer which is the chief justice. let me add real quick if i might, that second article of impeachment is as weak as they come. the second which is on contempt of congress, because it really surprises me that they are trying to say they obstructed congress or obstructed congress because they didn't comply with subpoenas, the remedy is to go into court to enforce the subpoenas and they didn't take advantage of that so i question where that is going to survive in the senate. >> quickly went to ask a for federal prosecutors is about nancy pelosi she must go bold because democrats are in trouble and need a game changer, nancy pelosi should choose herself
12:55 am
lead the house impeachment manager. any chance you think that happens? >> i don't think there's any chance of that happening. clearly she is the orchestra conductor in this but she knows she needs to get somebody who can present a strong case in the senate. by senate tradition it has to be a house member. they can't have a council that does it. it has to be house members, ordinarily that is judiciary committee but there's a lot of latitude there so that is a serious question whether adam schiff will be called to be one of the lead prosecutors are welfare will confine themselves to the judiciary committee. >> we will all be watching, thanks for sharing some insights and experience, good to have you. clifford hansen earned a high school degree at the age of 91. of the on boy in the 1930s he had to stay home to help in the family farm, taught himself to
12:56 am
read, became a certified welder and he always wanted to finish his education so after hearing his story benson i school offered him a diploma and honored him with this heartwarming there money for your hard work and perseverance when folks needed you most, you are our midnight hero, see you back here tomorrow night in new york, i am shannon bream. coughing oh no,... ...a cougher. welcome to flu season, karen. is a regular flu shot strong enough... help prevent flu in someone your age? there are standard-dose flu shots. and then there's the superior flu protection... ...of fluzone high-dose. it's the only 65 plus flu shot... ...with 4 times the standard dose.
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>> reporter: expected him to return home. sometimes people don't appreciate the tough for these police officers do every single day. >> it is wednesday, december 11th. a fox news alert. a fallen hero, a veteran detective devoted to get guns off the street shot and killed in the line of duty sparking a standoff and the gunbattle that ended with 5 people dead. we will be live as police try to figure out who was targeted and why.


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