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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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he released the phone records of the republican member of congress. this is scary stuff. this is scary stuff, and, welcome to hannity. we are tracking two major stories in real time and breaking as we speak the latest chapter in the democratic's witch trial in their latest attempt at conspiracy theory, the coup attempt is unfolding. because at this hour, members of congress are debating nothing but a vague, baseless b.s. articles of impeachment, to that mean nothing against the president. in the race is on. they have never moved faster. they have allowed a zero due process, only one back witness
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whose statement was completely exculpatory for the president. and they are trying to get this debacle across the finish line even as it withers on the vine. the impeachment is at an all-time low. the president's poll numbers are surging and tonight we will monitor all night, we will show you in the corner there the sham hearing asig it unfolds. first, we turn to a much more important and actual factual hearing that took place on capitol hill earlier today. bombshell new testimony from inspector general horowitz as he appeared before the senate judiciary committee of lindsey graham. it showed one thing that is perfectly clear under the corrupt leadership of jim comey, that guy. a small group of high-ranking powerful officials, and as the ex-inspector general also
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confirmed, spied on the trump campaign and they did it at the height of the election and beyond. they literally wrecked the reputation of one private citizen, outright lied on for separate warrant applications and the omitted exculpatory evidence. the even doctored team material to say something just the opposite of what it meant. nothing was verified. 17 significant failures in accuracy and omission. this is beyond really bad but don't take my word for it. let's listen to what the inspector general horowitz had to say earlier today. >> how would you describe the behavior here of knowing that the sub source disavowed the dossier and that was a primary reason you got a warrant? finding that a lawyer doctored an email to keep the investigation going in a way unfair to mr. page. this is not routine. doir you agree with that? >> it is not -- it certainly better not be routine and i don't know any reason to think
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it is routine. >> is it off the charts bad? >> it's pretty bad. >> sean: it's thanks to them, the reputation of what is the world's -- they usually have it but not tonight -- the world's agency has been tarnished. by the way, director wray, you are not showing the emergency and commitment in terms of restoring this law enforcement. and the world's reputation. and by the way to the brave men and women who serve every day and put their lives at risk for us every day, and the fbi, the rank and file, those people that protect and defend us every day they all deserve better. our country deserves better. director wray, step up. clean up this, the premier law enforcement agency. do it for the men and women who serve for the country. i've offered him 325 of the
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greatest radio stations in the country and a full hour right here on the number one show in cable news now for years. i have offered him a grand total of four hours of airtime anyone accept it because he does not want to be confronted with his own corruption, fraud, lies and dishonesty. tonight we will layout is deception because on monday, he was proudly and arrogantly telling us that the inspector general's report totally eradicated him. jimbo,ll you are delusional. take a look. >> it was all made up. >> two years of sitting silently with the fbi while you were lied about and finally the truth is out. it was lies. there was no treason, conspiracy, no tapping of the
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trumps wires and no putting in form and sent to the campaign, it was all nonsense. the fbi finally has its stay with the american people and i hopepe they pay attention to it. oh, yeah, no wiretapping? no informants? did he even read the report before taking his conceited arrogant victory lap? jim, you might want to begin to listen to inspector general horowitz. you are anything but vindicated, that's just your latest life. -- lie. by the way, take a look. >> the former fbi director said this week, is not a fair assessment of your report? >> the activities that we've seen here hasn't touched anybody. >> so when fisa speaks about it you should listen. >> you should listen to mr. horowitz. he's not vindicated and to be concerned about the fisa warrant process is not nonsense. >> no one is you just heard is
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vindicated in the report. wrong the again. comey. 17 significant failures and accuracies and omissions, every single one bolstered by the application for a warrant. oh, two back door one step, to step to spy the trump campaign. it ends up being a single source material, circular reporting, zero verification as the dirty clinton bought and paid for russian dossier was unverifiable. where did you all hear this? it wasn't the cnn or abc cbs or "new york times" or "washington post." no, it was right here. there was no corroboration, forged evidence in this case or a vital exculpatory information totally and completely omitted. and without this fraudulent opinion, no warrant had been
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oh, mccabe probably did say it, no dossier, no fisa warned. it's clear because it was basically the entire application, all four times. james comey signed off on 3 of 4 of those phase applications and he knew what was going on. and he swore that the evidence was true and accurate and at the top of the fisa warrant, verified. but after he signed the first one then, president trump says but unverified. then he goes on to sign verified two more times. liar. in just one year ago, comey said any talk of fisa abuse is nonsense. this is yet another lie. take a look. >> i have total confidence that the fisa process was followed and the entire case was handled in a thoughtful and responsible way. by doj and the fbi. i think the notion that fisa was abused here is nonsense. >> nonsense? tonight we all know that was a complete lie. the inspector general called his
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his abuse, inexplicable. the inspector general called his abuse -- take a look. >>e there is such a range of conduct here that is inextricable, and the answers we got were not satisfactory, that we are left trying to understand how all these errors could have occurred over a nine-month period or so. among three teams, handpicked. going to the very top of the organization and the presidential campaign. >> sean: there is no good answer for this level of abuse of power and misconduct and corruption because that's comey's fbi has turned our country's most powerful tools of intelligence against a coa political campaign didn't like obviously, using what is unverifiable dirt.
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absolute dirt. bought and paid for, russian, of all things,t. lysed by hillary clinton's campaign. and now we know that they lied two fisa judges. i can't wait to hear from them. i wouldn't lie to judge judy. if any of you lied to a judge he would probably go to jail. that's probably why he refused to renew his security clearance. that was something else we learned. why? then he couldn't be interviewed on classified information. and he wouldn't have an interview with the inspector general on these important things. great job mr. super patriot. no higher honor? that brings me to another call me lie. the dirty clinton bought and paid for russian dossier. watch with your own eyes. >> you called the dossier unverified and salacious. why did you use that to the fisa
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to ask for surveillance for carter page? not only use it but you lead with it. l the bulk of that deals with that dossier. >> that's not my recollection, and i don't know the fisa application has been released. is was part of a broadery collection of facts. later before the fisa judge to obtain a fisa warrant. >> there was a lot more? >> my recollection was there was aa significant amount of additional material and why he was cause to believe he was the agent of a foreign power. the dossier was part of that but was not all of it or a critical part of it. that'ser my recollection. >> sean: that's the little baby part. wrong again by because according to the ig report, it was hillary clinton's bought and paid for. it was central. and it made up the bulk of information. we told you that a lot. the fisa applications against carter page, the bulk of the first warrant and all the subsequent renewals. the three renewals. speaking of which, april ofhe
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2018, comey issued yet another blatant lie. for all of you in the mob who who shows you go on, if you love law enforcement, if you love our brave fbi men and women that serve this country and protect all of us, you owe it to them, never mind your audience is that you lied to every night anyway. he said he has no idea who paid for it. really, jim? you want me to believe that? p take a? look. t >> when did you learn that the dnc and hillary clinton campaign had funded the work? >> i still don't know that for a fact. >> what do you mean? i never knew exactly which democrats have funded, and i and i know it was funded first by republicans. >> that's not true. >> i'm sorry? >> that's not true.
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and, and, shortly after the first application, they had greater clarity but in fact clear hillary clinton and the opposition party in presidential candidate was behind the dossier and so is jim comey ignorant of everything that happens around him were is a corrupt liar that hates president trump? i think we can pretty clearly answer that question in light of the inspector general report with the next example of comey corruption. the hits keep coming, take a look. >> what specifically did you leak to mr. richmond? >> i sent mr. richmond a copy of a two-page unclassified memo and asked him to get the substance of it out to the media. >> you call them a good friend and a professor but you didn't reveal that you had hired him as a special government employee for u the fbi. to work on special projects. why? >> because it wasn't relevant.
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>> did you leak other things to mr. richmond? >> i don't consider what i did with mr. richman a leak. >> iit told him about an unclassified conversation with the president. >> because of the illicit leaking come of the inspectorth general referred him to thee me department of justic. yes, for criminal investigation, referral. durham doesn't need a referral because durham in part has the authority and power to convene a grand jury and charges can be made of. by the way. that's okay, jimbo, if you feel better, keep telling yourself you are not a leaguer and liar. they just pointed out moments ago, in the spring of 2016, no one knew anything about trump and russia conspiracy theory. yet ma of 2016, well before the fbi open the investigation, glenn simpson and fusion gps is already pushing the collision
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theory. did he take his cue from simpson? that also takes money through funneled money, from perkins kalil law firm become a finance issue that went to, yes, fusion gps. and they hired foreign nationals, not supposed to influence or interfere in our elections. christopher steele, we might have an answer to all these questions in the days ahead. the attorney general, those comments that we played last night he intends to restore faith in america's premier institutions, thank god. these men and women deserve better than this. comey's behavior will bean tolerated and justice will be served. here with reaction senate judiciary committee senator lindsey graham, first let me applaud you for a great job today. i know a lot of americans if they watch fake news cnn and all these other channels, they might not have seen the great job you did because they only run things that are anti-trump.grru
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>> that is okay. you can live without me, but you can't live with a lot. so james comey has done more damage to the fbi than anybody since j. edgar hoover, and mccabe is in that category. you've got a mountain to climb. you have to come to the judiciary committee and proved to us that you will change the culture of the fbi. some people need to be fired and somemeit people need to go to jl for what they did. and, the day of reckoning is coming but it's not here yet. be oneay comey was doing a victy wrap on monday. by the way, let me talk about christopher wray, he has not shown any urgency, he has not shown the urgency that's needed
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to get to the bottom of this and resolve this. i will tell you why it's personal. senator. my mother was a prison guard and worked a 16 hour shifts for years and years. my father was a family court probation guy, he worked to jobs. most of my extended family were nypd cops, little known fact about sean hannity, 19-20, i was appointed to the new york police academy. no idea why they even approved me. two members of my family, they were fbi guys. one of them is still alive today and he is more angry about this for all the hard work and risks he has taken for his country. and this is what i'm hearing from everybody and law enforcement. >> james comey is one of the most arrogant conceited people i've ever met. in government to suggest this
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report vindicated him and mr. horowitz did their country a great service. and as to director ray, people have comments, yeah, but you have a really hard job. and you have to convince republicans and democrats that you are going to fix this crap you heard the comments that the inspector general today, i thought they were power and added clarity to the report. their comments, i do not believe senator would be made but for knowledge that they have that they don'two have, this is far deeper and far worse than anybody knows and it has taken them overseas i to italy, great britain and other places. where do you imagine this ends up because i cannot end up any
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other way than people indicted and going to jail. >> all i can tell you that durham is looking at criminali criminality. we know that kleinsmith they altered an email from the cia saying that basically page was the source. he altered the email to say he was not, and that was a very big deal. i don't know what durham will do, but based on his statement, monday i would be worried if i were a lot of the people involved in cross fire hurricanes. if i you are involved in cross fire hurricanes your day of reckoning might be coming. i trust durham, but as for horowitz, what did we learn today? you can have a newspaper article and that can bee the basis to open up an counterintelligence investigation. the standard is incredibly low. but we also learned from mr. horowitz once this investigation was open and it became a criminal enterprise, a conspiracy to defraud the fisa court, to trample on the rights of carter page and to basically illegally surveilled donald trump. the reason they never briefed rdonald trump defensively about
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the threats coming from russia was they did not want to protect trump, they wanted to destroy trump. from the day they got elected until this thing was overcome people in charge of the highestt levels were out to get this guy. to protect us from president trump. they didn't believe he was legitimate and were doing everything they could with every opportunity toto keep it going o try to catch him and finally, they sent an fbi agent in an interview that was supposed to be an intelligence interview and an intelligence assessment and intelligence briefing. the fbi agent was basically they are to spy on general flynn and the president. that should scare everybody. >> i will say, when you devin nunes of a new nose says this, that concerns me with the safety of this country. >> one last thing.
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mr. rosenstein, get ready to testify. >> sean: senator graham, thank you. now let's turn to the ongoing charade. this thing that is going on in capitol hill, the latest coup attempt. moments ago jerry nadler had a rare moment of clarity saying democrats have to impeach pro-trump because he might actually win the election. can't make this up, take a look. >> we can't rely on election to solve our problems on the president's threatens the very integrity of that. so with a heavy heart, including my duty to my country i support these articles of impeachment. i urge my colleagues to support them as well. the one oh, a moment real clarity.. you know he's really saying there? we the people might, yeah, shocked the world again. and 328 days and i pray we do. imagine fake news cnn, they know project that donald j. trump has been reelected, the 45th president of the united states. and we the people, you get to do
10:21 pm
it. of 328 days. here now, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. let's get your analysis of your just heard from lindsey graham, analysis report, and where you think this is going and especially the comments of durham and barr. >> was and an excellent hearing today. thank you for lindsey graham and what he was able to now, what you just told us, the only thing that compares and congress is adam schiff. the number t of lies that he ga, you could do that exact same report. remember what he put out in february? his report from the intel community about fisa. nothing but lies, when you compare it to the inspector general. t >> sean: congressman, let me just remind you, we laid it out. splast night, his words for the truth. and by the way,
10:22 pm
we got more tonight. tomorrow night, jim comey, you will want to lose watch the show. >> what you are watching on the side is happening right now in congress. you just saw another say with a heavy heart, he campaigned to become chairman. based upon coming you know what he told his colleagues? he would be the best for they've always had a time timeline. they just never had facts or proof or reasons to go forward. these people, it was so outrageous to me, they'd rather impeach than investigate government overreach. they should be calling horowitz in there, not impeaching the president. and that committee, two-thirds of those democrats have already voted fort. impeachment before they read anything. >> sean: you know, first they announce it before they even hear from the nonwhistle-blower. then, they start with quid, pro, quo. then they focus on this nebulous abuse of power and obstruction because the president used
10:23 pm
executive privilege like every other president before him for the purpose of resolving differences between the judicial and executive branches which is where remedy is made. >> exactly, we have three branches of government but in this congress, and that's the level that we think. but it goes to show, and he says after this fails they want to impeach them again. this is what america should be afraid of.r now we have al green and he says after this fails, they want to impeach him again. i ifth these people keep the majority, that is what they will continue to do. it's better to put the country first. >> it's a great to see republicans finally fighting. we've been waiting this for a long time. congressman. and now they are coming together, don't let them stop. thank you for being with us. when we come back, two key
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senators tell us why the fisa report is even worse than you think. and i had a lot to say about the compromisefi to corrupt congenil liar as we continue. ♪ billions of mouths.
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go to to get started. ♪ >> sean: that we are monitoring the house impeachment coup attempt.. when news happens, we will bring it to you through the evening tonight. despite the horrors we are witnessing in the fisa report, esand yes mr. super patriot comy trying to defend himself, at least one senator hasn't know mike isn't having any of this. take a look at this. >> there is no planet in which i think this report indicates that thingsgs were okay within the f. in connection with the investigation, they most
10:29 pm
necertainly were not. and yet stunningly, former fbi director jim comey took to the pages of the washington's post. to declare that this report, your report, shows that the fbi fulfill the mission protecting the american people and upholding the u.s. constitution. >> in don't understand that. >> sean: hear his reaction, the great senator of utah, mike lee. you know, one of the things i've known about you for years, and one of the things i've known about you for years is you are heavy and it deep into the constitution. p let's look at this from a constitutional vantage point and what this all means and what you interpret from it. >> one of the things he's seen is democrats in -- have been making this point over and over again. this investigation was not politically motivated and that it was legitimate. now with the inspector general's report and the testimony before the senate judiciary committee
10:30 pm
today, we see that those things cast serious doubt on both of those conclusions. we also see that there are opportunities as i have been wanting for years, ripe with opportunity for abuse, which is this fisa, the foreign intelligence surveillance act. he gave the government too much of an opportunity to spy on the american people. to do so it is i believe with the is the case here overtly political motivation. and that's wrong. >> i share your worries and concern. by the way rand paul makes some facts. here's the fact though. we have a lot of evil in the world. we need north korea, russia, a hostile regime and yes russia did interfere. devin nunes warned us in 2014 that they would. politico tells us in a court decision, they interfered and we need to get to the bottom of that.
10:31 pm
we don't want to lose the powerful tools of intelligence but if it will be at the risk of those powerful tools, and you lose the constitution and in all sense of equal justice under the law. >> well, you also have to remember the fourth amendment. we have to follow the fourth amendment. the constitution is not a suicide pact in the constitution doesn'tt require us to turn a blind eye to our foreign adversaries. quite to the contrary. we can do those things but we have to do so within the bounds set by the constitution. we need to require people to go to court and presented judge with the statement of probable cause. and not just probable cause of the existence of some tied to a national investigation, but where american citizen is involved, certainly where u.s. presidential campaign is involved or the rights of any american citizen is involved. they need to have probable cause as to that person's involvement type of corrupt or terrorist oriented enterprise. >> i don't know the full answer. i know that this can't happen
10:32 pm
again and by the way i think when this is all said and done, when we get to wyatt durham and why barb g spent so much time, d i'm just guessing, but i think we might find out the outsourcing or subcontracting of illegal spies. against americans some circumvent law. do you believe that's a possibility? >> yes, absolutely. there are ways of handling this and there are ways of reforming the law. for nine years i've been proposing reforms to that intelligence act, and we've got to stop ignoring over and over again. but w sometimes it's partisan political. if we don't put it more stringent standards in place and more transparenc transparency. good anyway, good to see you. thanks for shedding light on
10:33 pm
this. kennedy of louisiana had fierce words about the ig report mainly reading it was so surreal, it made him feel like he had "dropped acid." that colorful for a senator. here to discuss is senate judiciary committee member john kennedy. you know, senator, it really is. i will telldy you my take on it, it takes my breath away. it would shock the conscience of america, it should, it did mine. it's a real and i never thought it could happen here. in this country. >> i didn't really either. sean, this is serious whether you like president trump or not. it doesn't matter. this is serious as four heart attacks and a stroke now. what happened by these rogue agents under mr. comey's fbi cannot stand. we asked mr. horowitz today, the
10:34 pm
agent is gone and many of them are still there. we don't know whether they are still in charge of fisa applications. mr. bruce ohr who was involved in this and the department of justice is still at the department of justice. i said in committee today, it's easier to divorce your spouse then get fired around here. and i don't want to be unfair to anybody. but this is unconscionable and director christopher wray needs to step up here and fire them. >> where is he and where is his urgency? i love our law enforcement guys, absolutely love them.m. that's part of the agency we need to see. >> this is urgent. fbi is the premier law enforcement agency and all of human history. >> correct. but mr. comey's rogue agents have heard that institution badly.
10:35 pm
and director christopher wray has got to fix it. and he's got to start by cutting these agents off like a dead stump. do at a minimum, do what would happen to them in the private sector and fire them. and carefully consider criminal referral for all of those who deserve it. now this was all a pack of lies. sean. they lied to, it was all a pack of lies. this was -- i don't know. this is so dangerous for this country. it shocks the conscience. and the mob and the media even worse. that's probably a few hurricanes that we've had in louisiana but have never been there before. no, i'm kidding. >> reading it made me want to heave, that's how bad it was. >> sean: well said, we will hold them accountable and pursue truth. coming up, today's harlots testimony through exactly how corrupt adam schiff
10:36 pm
is. adam, i hope you're watching. that's next. ♪
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♪ >> sean: the explosive general report today has exposed the yes compromise. corrupt, congenital lawyer adam schiff like never before. last night we outlined all the errors and all the lies he told the american people. remember, he wrote "fbi doj did not abuse the fisa process. like, omit material, lie were subvert this vital tool, lie again. horowitz found the exact opposite.
10:41 pm
we identified at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the carter page phase application and many additional errors in the woods procedures. not only that, it was on tv constantly. nevers. ending lie after lie. after lie about the dossier, russia, russia, russia about everything. he has told so many lies, you are a liar. a congenital liar. so much disinformation, innuendos, we don't have time to fit that in but we are going to try. take a look. >> there has been a fisa warrant granted without the inclusion of the steele dossier? >> i think, and the only testimony we have on this is a part of the complete whole of the application and all the parts that were important. the broader point was though, a the only parts of the dossier they were included were those that pertain to carter page. some off that was corroborated with only the parts pertinent to carter page and if there was a corroboration of some of those very important elements. >> i think there was an effort by some to discredit the firm
10:42 pm
fusion gps, and as you say, mr. steele has a good reputation. >> with the letters that senator grassley and graham wrote urging an investigation of christopher steele, i think that's a terrible thing to do. a tremendous disservice. i think christopher steele who did a patriotic duty in alerting the fbi that a presidential campaign may be compromised by the russians. >> so it is now the author of the bestom seller paragraph, alg fox news contributor and the author of the best seller witch hunt. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and also fox news investigativean reporter lisa carter. he told me you trusted horowitz. he did work in a bubble but what he said today was devastating on top of his report. >> is somebody who read these things for a living for eight years, that's as devastating as it absolutely gets.
10:43 pm
it's five reports and more than a thousand pages, untold number of people referred to. it bears out exactly what devin nunes was telling us, it was the truth. and what adam schiff was saying was a lie lie, lie. speed when devin nunes told us the truth. mark meadows, jim jordan and gates and all of them. let's talk about the legal side of this and where does it go? the fbi misconduct. >> i think durham will go after the layers and it's a horse race between james comey and adam schiff. you know, you did a wonderful job identifying comey's lies. >> they start on page 100. he's the master of >> what pages? >> start on page 100. he is the master of lies but so is adam schiff that lied about
10:44 pm
fisa, lied about christopher steele, lied about bruce ohr, lied about collision evidence he never had and lied v lot about the dossier. this is a man who would know the truth of it ran over him. people have to be accountable for their deception so i have to begin with people like james comey, andrew mccabe come peter strzok and obviously thehe fbi lawyer who doctored evidence to gain the fisa warrant. >> sean: kevin kleinsmith. you know, all four of us, sara carter, all four of us here, we put our next on the chopping block but we all privately had conversations. check, double check. weeks had gone by when we hadd already triple checked and confirmed things just to make aaa sureha we had it right. everything we said is now proven. now the question is what will durham and barr do -- every indication is, i owe, watch out. >> that's right.
10:45 pm
sean. and this is just the beginning of another chapter. there needs to be vindication for american people and there needs to be vindication for carter page whose life has really been torn apart publicly and whose work with the country has not been exposed. >> sean: he worked for the cia. >> exactly, and now the most important thing, and i hope all the journalist that bought his lies and tainted devin nunes' name and smeared his name and everyone else's name in their publication calls adam schiff out on those lies and retract some of those stories. because they were flat out lies. if they had any dignity as journalists they would do that. >> sean: sarah, with all due respect, this was pretty much ground zero. they went missing in action chasing a phony russia collusion hoax and proven wrong with four investigations. i will say this, all of you should take a bow and that you all worked hard. i'm very proud of our entire cast because everybody worked really hard to get to the
10:46 pm
truth and of this is just the tip of the iceberg. thank you all, good job. page 100, chapter three called "lying on spying." there you go. >> sean: get the book. i really didn't think this was possible. i really didn't. we have more bad news for a sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe 3.0. it's bad. next. ♪ this blt is delicious!
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♪ >> sean: all right, despite being the current front runner of the democratic presidential primary, creepy sleepy crazy joe 3.0 has some serious hurdles ahead. anyway, the beleaguered candidate is now admitting that
10:51 pm
he may not be able to win georgia. yeah, that's a target state key one for the democrats. meanwhile, politico reporting biden signals to aides that he would only serve a single term. he is dreaming. the bite and campaign denies report and peter doocy report today to our own. here with reaction, white house secretary shaun's spicer and tammy bruce. how do i say this in a nice way? >> you say everything in a nice way. >> sean: no i do not. how do i say this in a nice way? if he ever had a fastball, which i don't think he i don't even think he had a softball. this is a disaster for him. >> it is. the democratic party is the oldest acting party in the world, founded in 1828, they held the white house for eight years.
10:52 pm
they have got the house of representatives and united states and what this say is, they have nothing. it has collapsed, and that you have man who is running. americans don't vote for placeholders, they don't vote for the guy to wait to be the bridge. they presume you will serve eight years and it's the only way to govern. how do you govern when world leaders -- that nothing is i would matter. if the argument is he's going to make the the vice president --ad the person who can be the president, who in that field as the personnel who is generating no excitement whatsoever. the bigger statement is not just the collapse of joe biden, he represents the end of the democratic party. >> sean: so when you look at the employment situation since 1969, every demographic, unprecedented hatred, then, venom, russian, russian, ukraine, ukraine, lies being exposed,
10:53 pm
they've done nothing. how does this play out in 328 days from today? >> i think pretty easily. hasou noted the present unemployment rate of 3.85%, more jobs are being created and promises kept. this president did exactly what he said he is going to do and the results show it. i think one of the points that you and tammy made has to be kept in context. joe biden was elected to the senate in 1972 and was he reelected six times. he's run for president twice and failed. this is not some political powerhouse and people keep forgetting at the context of joe biden. he's not some strong political powerhouse and his only claim to fame was he was barack obama's running mate. it was not like he had some political dynasty that he developed and won in the blue state, he got reelected in the democratic state. he ran twice in 1988 and was accused of plagiarism and had to drop out. then against obama, and then
10:54 pm
again, dropped out. then his only political achievement is being the running mate to a popular president in the democratic party. >> sean: they lose badly. >> that's my point, he's going to go up against trump and say, is your son or your daughter or your nephew out of your basement? did i keep my promises? yes. >> let me say that what this means is democrats can't answer questions when it gets tight. when they have to deliver on policy, they get nothing. >> sean: up next, new video from o the anti-semitic attack n jersey yesterday. you won't believe what we are learning about the shooter, that's next. ♪ l.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we are following developments tonight in a horrific story out of jersey city. a police officer, three innocent civilians have been killed after a shooting inside a kosher market. our chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has the very latest. trace -- and by the way, big kudos to all of the police,
10:59 pm
including bernie kerik's son. >> indeed, sean. during the journey know my jersey city crime, they coulddu not pinpoint the motive, then they got surveillance video showing how methodical this crime was. the suspect, 47-year-old david anderson, who had links to the anti-semitic black hebrew israelites, and his ex-girlfriend, a 50-year-old francine graham, had just killed a police detective at a nearby cemetery when they calmly drove a u-haul to a nearby kosher market, then they got out, grabbed a rifle, at ignoring people on the street, he walked toward the market and opened fire as he entered the store. his accomplice had also grabbed a rifle and followed him inside. police say once inside, they shot and killed three people. after anpo hour long standoff we themselves shot by police. new jersey attorney general and others were hesitant to call it a crime. the new jersey mayor said it was impossible to draw any other
11:00 pm
conclusion.. >> sean >> sean: isn't that the same group, nicholas sandmann, black hebrew israelites? if i recall right? let not your heart be troubled, we are not the hate-trump media. laura ingraham, i got to see you along with tucker earlier this evening. you are funny. > laura: hannity, i can't believe first of all the three ofyoau us were together. how often are we all three of the same room? >> sean: i don't think it is ever happened. >> laura: once or twice, right? and i kept saying -- >> sean: i'm sure we will do election coverage for the channel. [laughter] >> laura: okay, all right. [laughs] yeah, together. >> sean: you two always get in trouble. >> laura: exactly, but hannity, we were doing some photos for a bunch of occasions, but i kept saying, this is going to be a heatseeking missile for pelosi, nadler, and schiff, coming right down on the studio. >> sean: just put in levin, the freedom caucus, devin nunes.


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