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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> with the committee staff to observe 11 cpb facilities, 13 i.c.e. detention facilities, and in six facilities that contract with hhs. >> martha: there has not been a presidency without actions that were considered wrong or scandalous, controversies that plagued them throughout the presidencies to varying degrees. everybody will judge for themselves whether these situations are egregious or if they are even impeachment worthy. but we are advised today from letting it become a political havoc. here's a moment from today's markup from congressman kelly armstrong of north dakota. >> ronald reagan was accused of abuse of power. clinton excluding the impeachment was accused of abusive accusations. george w. bush was accused of abuse of power. obama's allegations targeted political groups. in the history of our country, the party who is not in the
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white house has accused the white house of abuse of power. it started 200 years ago. it will continue into the future. except now, congratulations. it will be impeachment every single time. one party controls the house of the representatives and the other is in the white house. >> martha: good evening, everybody. i am martha maccallum in new york. and this is "the story." tonight we will get exclusive reaction from the white house. plus judge napolitano has a look at the attack on william barr. and the judge's scathing assessment of the fisa court. and our closest allies in the midst of a history making election tonight as a result continue to roll in. a steve hilton will join us with the breaking news from london. but "the story" begins with continuing coverage of the house judiciary committee impeachment debate. let's watch. >> to move to strike the last word. >> you are recognized. >> my colleagues, the urgency of this moment is the greatest risk that the president will again
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abuse his power over the presidency to try to secure his reelection. we have reason to be concerned. the presidency gives him great powers to cause others to interfere in our elections. and the only protection we have is to act now. because the president is cheating right now. and to any of my colleagues who ask why you move on this right now? it is a crime spree in progress. and as chairman schiff said earlier this week. what are we supposed to do? let him cheat one more time? i expect him to eventually do the right things? and here are what my colleagues logic and mounts to if we wait. it amounts to this. allow the building to burn, collapse, fall to the ground, and then you should call the fire department. this president has set our
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democracy on fire. and we must act to save it. and there is an urgency to act. and this president is not only being impeached because of what he has done. it's because of what he continues to do. we know what he has done. not really disputed. abused his power. asked a foreign government to help him cheat. jeopardizing our national security, integrity of our elections for his own personal gain. but this was not a one-off. we have come to learn as was explained, this is what he does. and this is what he will keep doing. and 2016 as you said, russia, if you are listening. hacked my opponents emails, you will be rewarded. turns out, russia was listening. turns out, russia hacked his opponents emails. that day they sought to hack his
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opponents emails. and that investigation he went to great lengths to obstruct it. so why is it so urgent that we act right now? the president's lawyer was just in ukraine. the president's lawyer said in may, i'm not meddling in an election. we, not i, we, donald trump and i are meddling in an investigation. and that meddling continues today. but the president's own words tell us about his current intent. on october 2nd, the president said, and you know we have been investigating on a personal basis through rudy and others, corruption in the 2016 election. i think that if we are honest about it, they should start a major investigation into the bidens. that simple. on october 3rd, the president stood on the white house lawn and confirmed that he wanted ukraine to investigate the bidens. but then he added a country. because that's what he does.
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russia, ukraine. he said that china should also investigate the bidens. my colleagues, we should not have to hope or pray that china was not listening when he said that. but fortunately, people on this committee are listening. americans are listening. people who know right from wrong, our children are listening. are you listening? and what we hear deeply concerns us about what the president will do next. and we are not helpless. and in fact, we know that the courage to act is the only thing that has stop to this president. that is not a leap of faith. you see, it was the courage of dr. fiona hill and colonel vindman to "go to the lawyers" when they heard the president was doing a white house visit for the investigation. it was a courage state had the
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whistle-blower come forward. that's what got ukraine aid. the president got caught. then ukraine got the aid. if those people were not courageous and active, ukraine would not have the aid today. so we must follow their pattern conduct. and act. we have pattern evidence that not onl donald trump asked corruptly, but when you act against him, you can stop him. it's the only way to stop his corrupt ways. if unchecked, my colleagues, donald trump does not get better. he gets worse. he gets more corrupt. and we can't wait till the next election to hold him accountable. not when he is trying to rig the next election. so we must act to protect our national security, the integrity of our elections and honor our oath to the constitution prayed i yield back pray to speak with a gentleman yields back.
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the question is on the amendment. those in favor say aye. i did not see a request. you are now recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman, i strike the last word. >> the chairman is recognized. >> they cannot wait till the next election, but it is not the reason they say. the reason they cannot wait to the next election is because they have looked at their candidate field and they have fundamentally changed every standard that they set for themselves for impeachment, for the american people. whether you like president trump or don't like president trump, it would be worth acknowledging that the democrats have moved the goal post on what it would require to bring us to this point and to harm our nation and to distract us so much from the critical needs of american people who probably wonder why we are not focused on them right now. first they told us it has to be bipartisan. now, i get folks watching at
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home might think that i am 70 who really likes the president. and i would probably a hard vote for impeachment. but it's not just that they can get the president supporters not to abandon him. they cannot convince the president's critics to abandon him. jeff andrew, doug peterson, two members of congress. two democrats. they are not fans of the president. they are critics of the president. but they did not vote with democrats. they voted with republicans. we even have republicans from texas, he does not mind being a critic of the president. and he told them, this is not impeachable conduct. they told us that the process would be fair, and yet even when members of this committee saw the opportunity and not to read a transcript or see someone's second performance of their testimony, but to see their firsthand account of how they reacted, how they were breathing. did they fidget when they
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responded, we wanted to see those things. we were excluded by the intelligence committee. democrats said that to put our country through this it would require compelling and overwhelming evidence. and each and every time they tried to cast doubt on the president's conduct, we are able to show a legitimate concern the president had incorruption. we were able to cite the transcripts that demonstrates notion of reality. but democrats say, there is no factual debate about what the president did. the factual debate comes from president zelensky. it it's president zelensky who says i was not pressured. they say, zelensky might not have known. but yermak knew. solomon talked to yermak and conveyed the shakedown. and the very day they introduced articles of impeachment, yermak gives an interview and says we never really perceived this as an exchange of military for aid for any one thing. time and again they let us down
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in their claims. but one thing we know for certain is this was a sad in her ability. i had some of the asked me if you feel some sense of history, some sense of moment that you are about to vote on impeachment, and sadly i knew this time was coming since the democrats took control of the house of representatives. because they do not lay out a plan to appropriate for the budget, work with us on critical issues. they set out a plan for impeachment. how do we know that when the chairman himself campaign for the lead democratic role on the judiciary committee. he did not say pick me because i am a great legislator around some particular issue said. he said pick me, because i will be the person that can best lead our caucus through a potential impeachment. they have had a blood lust for impeachment. it has been their obsession. and it is deeply saddening to us. we take absolutely no joy on the fact that it is so consuming. but here we stand on the verge of it.
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and my expectation is that this new standard in the second article with just the notion of obstruction of conflict point act of congress is their excuse for not being able to prove obstruction of justice. going to the democratic justice and sought support to bring an article for obstruction of justice and could not get their support. so here we are with obstruction of congress, sort of the low energy version of the obstruction of justice claimed that they wanted. they hope that they would be able to convict and accuse some evidence and claim on bribery. that's what their pollsters and pundits suggest as they solemnly tell us. this is sad to them. they were out pulling what lexicon and word choice would help them make the case to the american public. they settle on bribery. you all in the media heard it. you heard them on every show saying this is the new standard. a speaker pelosi speaking in this new language. then we ask the witnesses if you are a part of bribery, did you
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see bribery? and the evidence was not there, so instead of bribery, treason, extortion, you have abuse of power. the low energy version. i'm disappointed in my colleagues. but probably even those who don't support the president would share that disappointment in this very moment. and i yield back. >> the gentleman yields back. >> mr. chairman, i have a unanimous -- >> i recognize for a unanimous consent request. >> i ask for unanimous consent to enter the letter. the letter from -- into john solomon where he says that officials who insist on counsel -- >> added objection. the question is now on the amendment, those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the nos have it. and the clerk will call their own.
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>> mr. nadler. mr. nadler bird snow. miss walster and bogert snow. mr. cohen? >> no. >> mr. johnson of georgia. >> no. >> mr. deutsch vote snow. >> mr. richman votes no. mr. cellini? no. mr. swallow vote snow. mr. raskin vote snow. mistrial paul votes -- no. ms. garcia votes no. ms. mcbeth votes no. mr. stanton votes no.
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-- miss escobar votes no. mr. stenson berger -- mr. gomer votes aye. mr. radcliffe votes yes. miss robie votes aye. mr. gates votes aye mr. johnson of louisiana votes aye mr. bigs? mr. bigs votes aye, mr. clint talk? votes aye mr. resch and paul are votes aye. mr. armstrong? votes yes. mr. sufi votes yes.
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>> has every member voted who wishes to vote? clerical report. >> mr. chairman there are 17 ayes and 13's nos. >> it is not agreed in the nature of the substitute. >> i have an amendment at the desk. >> the young lady reserves the point of order. we will appoint the amendment. >> amendment to the amendment in the nature of the substitute, each at 755, offered by mr. jordan of ohio, page 4, striking line 23 and all that follows through line five, striking 10-17. >> the gentleman is recognized for the purpose of explaining the amendment. >> i withdraw my point of order. >> withdraw is with -- withdrawn. >> strike in the last eight lines in article 1 and to the last eight lines in article 2. you have a rush process when you don't know the facts on your
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side. we have been through these facts many time. ukraine aid was not held up at the time of the call, but the democrats assert that president trump was pressuring zelensky on the call to investigate the bitings to get that aid that he did not know was on hold. that is the argument. and oh, by the way, down the road president zelensky says there was no pressure on the call. no pushing, no linkage whatsoever. but you have a rigged and rushed process when you don't have the facts. you have a rigged and rushed process when you cannot accept the will of the american people. the speaker of the house pelosi, nancy pelosi called the president in imposter just three weeks ago. the democrats have never accepted the will of the american people. and that is why they have been out to get the president since even before he was elected. and of course you have a rigged and rushed process when you are afraid that you cannot beat the president at the ballot box. when you are nervous about next
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fall's election, you have this kind of process, a rigged and rushed process. this is not about the concern. this is not about the concern was talked about earlier. concerned that the president was going to do something wrong and try to influence the election. no, this is about the concern that they can't win next year based on what the president has accomplished in the past three years. i mean, it is an amazing record despite the democrats being against the president, despite the press being against the president. and a few republicans against the president. regulations were reduced, the economy growing at an unbelievable rate. lowest unemployment in 50 years. 266,000 jobs added last month alone. 54,000 in the manufacturing sector. on the court a lot of federal judges confirmed out of the iran deal embassy in jerusalem, hostages held from north korea,
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and a new nafta agreement voted on next week. yeah, you guys, it is a rigged and rushed process, because you are nervous about next november. mr. green says we have to impeach him, because he will win the election. we know what this is about. i think about this president, think about this, this is why the american people like him so much, because he is doing what he said he would do. and every presidential election, i have been able to participate in, both candidates, republican and democrat candidates when the campaign for the job, they tell their country, if you like me, i will move the embassy to jerusalem. republicans, democrats, they campaign on it. they get elected and then come up with a million reasons why they cannot do what they said they were going to do. more importantly, what the american people elected them to do and they never get it done. but this president said no, i'm going to do it. even though the same people, the same inner agency consensus that
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we have heard so much about over the last three months of the impeachment inquiry, even though that same inner agency consensus was probably against him on that move, this president said, i'm going to do it. and it has been a good thing. and that is what the american people appreciate. and that's why we have the rigged and rushed process, because it is really about next november. they are all afraid. to some of their colleagues have set it straight up. they are all afraid that they cannot beat him at the ballot box, so they are going to do this rigged, rushed, and wrong impeachment process. i yield for the remainder of my time to the gentleman. >> i just want to ask the gentleman from ohio a question. based on the standards the democrats are suiting here if somebody is in the house or senr push impeachment of the president, would they be subject
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to being expelled for abusing their position? just curious. >> i will let my colleague answer that question. but what i do know -- >> martha: continuing coverage of the house judiciary debate of impeachment right after this. stay with us after this. ♪ (music building) experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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the continuing coverage under debate on capitol hill, the debate on impeachment articles against president trump. just a few moments ago i spoke with press secretary hogan gidley on the white house's reaction tonight to all of this. watch. so what is the white house reaction to what is unfolding this evening in the house? >> it is a dangerous precedent. we have set up for a long time, the president has done nothing wrong here. what you see is the culmination of something that nancy pelosi predetermined before this thing got started. let's not forget, back when we were in new york at unga, she move forward with articles of impeachment before we even release the transcript. then she turned around and said i'm going to move forward with articles of impeachment before we even responded to jerry nadler's letter. that is nancy pelosi's m.o., past obamacare before we knew what was in it. but the fact that she wanted to impeach this president. a couple of days ago she admitted publicly that she had been working on this for two and a half years. this is something that the house
4:26 pm
has wanted. they are pushing forward with. this is a denture meant not about trump, but the american people. >> martha: look at this politics average on the poles of impeachment right now that shows america equally divided on this. 46.5% say removed, 46.5% say no, opposed. does that give you any sleepless nights as we look forward to an election year? >> not at all, if you look at the battleground states moving way into donald trump's favorite at this point, because people understand this is a sham. whether you're a republican, democrat, or independent. you understand this country was built on fundamental fairness, due process under the law. the facts are on our side. again, the president did nothing wrong. but for them to try to treat this president differently than any other american citizen who would have gotten a parking ticket is egregious. it is dangerous. and it is precedent-setting, when republicans take control of
4:27 pm
the house, and we expect them to do that, i hope that this does not take us down this dark path. because they have nowhere to go here but up. because they are at rock bottom right now. >> martha: obviously there are some people who do not share that opinion. "new york times" columnist charles blow makes the argument that impeachment in the house is the victory. a sort of an acceptance that it will not go anywhere after that. he says of the house impeach is trump, and it most likely will, we can stand tall in the truth that the right thing was done there. and he goes on to say that justice was not completely embarrassed. impeachment in the house is the victory. >> that is just embarrassing. it is an embarrassing thing to say. victory for who? the democrats? they are losing seats and popularity. it is a power grab from day one. >> martha: here's lindsey graham. i want to talk about the movement forward and what they want moving forward. here's lindsey graham. >> i'm not interested in any
4:28 pm
witnesses. this thing is a sham. a crock. i don't want to legitimize it. i want to get it over with. >> martha: you said just the other day that the white house does want witnesses. you want to see the bidens, you want the whistle-blower coming when adam schiff there. are you at odds on this? >> no, not at all. we are in constant communication with the senate. lindsey graham is right, it is a sham. it is a crock. to the president has been clear. he would love to hear from witnesses. if you have been falsely accused of something for three years and falsely accused again of doing something nefarious with ukraine, you would absolutely want the truth to get out. remember it will set you free. when you put someone forward like hunter biden and joe biden and adam schiff in the whistle-blower, the president wants those things. but the fact is that how that manifested itself in the senate, we are not sold on anything just yet. at the president is prepared for every outcome. >> martha: is the president now as reported more open to
4:29 pm
this sort of lindsey graham-fast-track option? there was discussion that mitch mcconnell wants to do an acquittal in the senate, is that something appealing to the white house? the president has said let's move on, is that where your head is now? >> what he is open to us the facts proving what everybody already knows, that is that he has done nothing wrong. and it is up to the senate to decide how they move forward on some of this, but the president has been clear. he once witnesses out there, because he wants his side of the story told. they did not allowed us to do this on the house side. >> martha: the house would say yes, they invited the president, that his lawyers were invited and that you guys turn them down. >> no, we asked them what were the guidelines, can we put forward evidence, can we ask questions? they never responded. it was all about politics. it was not about proving any of their points. they had no proof or evidence. they knew it from the outside, so they tried to stack the deck and get the media to play along
4:30 pm
and pretend like this at some nefarious action, but instead when you have the president of ukraine, zelensky telling you he felt no pressure. when everybody said that there was no quid pro quo, what are we doing this for? everybody knows that they just won a political outcome. the charges they put forward in the articles of impeachment, they don't mean anything. they are so broad and general, they are not even specific. they don't outline a crime. it is a joke and the people know it. >> martha: i think that there are a lot of people especially after the horwitz testimony that goes back to the robert mueller chapter in all of this. who are looking at this with fresh eyes, i think, after though horwitz's testimony, even the rolling stone which i thought was very interesting, writing holy god, what a clown show, the trump-russia investigation was. i do not think that he has changed his mind on your boss, but he clearly looks at what happened in the fbi that there are some fresh eyes to look at this with. i want to show you something
4:31 pm
else. >> sure. i'm a little upset that you used my show clown show, because i use it all the time. it is a perfect application in regards to this. all they are doing here is moving forward with a sham impeachment. everybody sees it. there is no proof. there is no evidence. all they want to do is try to push the american people against the president. they are not doing any work. lord knows they are not working with the president to lower prescription drug cost or infrastructure, finally they said they would move forward after the president got the deal done eight months ago. they are doing nothing. we are happy to move forward. >> martha: in terms of the election, hillary clinton has been speaking out quite a bit, saying that people want her to root mag run, she was on top in a recent poll, she tweeted that she is encouraging voters to examine the impeachment evidence and this is her tweet that she put out there. make sure that your family and friends see the evidence for themselves that the president asked a foreign power to
4:32 pm
interfere in the 2020 election for his own political game, americans deserve free and fair elections. a quick thought with hillary clinton and election politics before we go. >> look at, i lived in arkansas for quite some time, hillary clinton was my first lady before she was yours and i have to tell you, i'm not going to take a lesson on abuse of power by the clintons by any stretch. everybody knows what they did with their time and the governor's office in arkansas, what they did when he held the oval office as well, donald trump beat hillary clinton once, he will do it again. no matter who the nominee is, he will cruise to victory. >> martha: thank you for being here. good to have you here tonight. quick break, when we come back, president trump has just responded to this part he made comments at the congressional ball. and judge napolitano is here to react when we come back. stay tuned. le opportunity. i see best-in-class platforms and education. i see award-winning service, and a trade desk full of experts,
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♪ >> martha: so there are lots of christmas parties at the white house. tonight the president and the first lady are hosting a
4:37 pm
congressional ball this evening where the president spoke just moments ago about what is going on. take a look. [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much. we are having a very exciting time in washington, d.c. there have not been too many like it. i will say this, we have the best economy we have ever had in the history of our country. and as you have probably heard, all of the 401(k)s and all of the jobs in the stock market had a brand-new high. that will be 129 records that we have. and really fairly much less than in three years. so that is something our country is doing really great. i want to thank everybody for being here. i want to thank our great vice president and chairman for being with us. [cheers and applause]
4:38 pm
and i want to congratulate melania, she did such a beautiful job. [cheers and applause] we are very proud of this country. we are very proud of this home. we call it a home. to some presidents called it a house. and some presidents called it much more than a house, i will say. but we love the white house. it is much more than a place. and our country is a special country. i want to thank you. we will come down and see everybody. we will spend some time here. have a good time tonight. happy new year. merry christmas. happy hanukkah. we will have a fantastic year. we are going to have the best year we have had a many, many decades. we are set up for one great big beautiful success. thank you all for being here. thank you for being with us. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]
4:39 pm
>> martha: that is quite a split screen that you have going on. on one side louie gohmert in the articles of impeachment discussion going on. we understand this will go on all throughout the entire evening, maybe the vote around midnight according to chad pergram, so a remarkable singing. a marathon of discussion watching over the next several days. and on the left side of your screen you saw the president and first lady melania trump who looks absolutely gorgeous at this christmas party evening. talking about that it is going to be a great year. that 2020 will be a great year for the economy. the president talking about the market and how well it has done. the economy and how well it has done. and on the right-hand side of your screen, the continuing saga of impeachment continues to go on and on and on. joining me now, judge andrew napolitano, doxxed judicial analyst. you know, these are moments in history, judge. you look at what is going on
4:40 pm
here. there is quite a dichotomy. speak of the president is doing what the president should do when they have troubles on capitol hill, which is be presidential. the little talk that he just gave shockingly short for him. devoid of any venom, filled with cheer of the season. crowing about economic numbers, which are absolutely startling, the likes of which you and i probably do not remember seeing in our adult lives. that conveys a very good message to the base and to independence of self-confidence. he also knows that the average of the polls on should he be impeached and removed, should he not be impeached or removed is now a tie for the first time. starting in september when all of this started, going back to when the whistle-blower's letter was first revealed, the majority had always been in favor of impeachment and removal, now it is tied. and he knows that. i guess it was a soft and warm
4:41 pm
tone that he took this morning. just now. not this morning, 5 minutes ago was just the right tone for him. >> martha: there is a sense of optimism that you see in the president now that i think is a little bit of a turn from what we saw a few weeks ago, even. because it is interesting that this process as it has played out has leaned the way that he wants it to lean. it has started to pull away from the higher numbers in favor of impeach and remove. the more that democrats have told their story, the less people are with them. that is just a fact in terms of what we are seeing in these polls. >> the president is convinced that the impeachment is a mistake for political reasons. put aside whether he did what they accused him of doing, whether or not it constitutes an impeachable offense. i've argued that there is a basis, but let's look at the politics of the presidency. the president believes the longer this goes on, the more harmful it will be for the
4:42 pm
democrats. the next issue is, will there be a trial and what kind of trial will there be? the president wants a full-blown trial, he wants joe biden to testify. he wants hunter biden to testify coming in once a whistle-blower to testify. he even says that he wants to testify. that would be something else. he is being advised not to do that. he is being advised that the case is weak. except the motion to dismiss the case or truncate the trial as they did with bill clinton where the testimony was provided by summaries rather than by live witness. >> martha: i think the indications are, and hogan gidley was suggesting as much, the white house is leaning in the direction of where lindsey graham is. that may not have been true a week ago, but i believe that their ideas, because they feel like it is starting to go their way anyway. it appears that the inclination is to try to put this behind them was something that moves fairly quickly in the senate. i want to talk to you about the
4:43 pm
other side of this equation. and that is what we saw in the horwitz testimony. there is another segment of this story that i think the opinion on turned in a very significant way after the horwitz testimony. and yet, you have the attorney general bill barr being lambasted today by eric holder for essentially saying that he thinks there were problems with the way that the fbi handled, here is what he wrote in the op-ed prayed he said that bill barr needs to be removed, that he is unfit to lead. and he has made a series of public statements and taken actions that are so plainly ideological, so nakedly partisan and so deeply inappropriate for america's chief law enforcement official. what do you say? >> i was surprised to hear that. there is an unwritten rule that attorneys general do not criticize their successors. it is one thing for him to say, i disagree, i would have done it differently, it is another thing for him to say he is unfit for office for doing the very same
4:44 pm
thing that eric holder dated. i have been critical of bill barr. i have heard back from him too, as you may know. and i think my criticisms are valid. but i have never suggested that he is not confident to hold office. that is the most extreme thing that attorney general holder could say. for what? being too loyal to the president? when he said barack obama, i am his wing man. i will take a bullet for him. nice thing to say, but that is hardly a neutral law enforceme law enforcement -- >> martha: he has suggested many times just how warm their friendship was between the president and president obama and eric holder, said that he was his wing man. i don't know if president trump and bill barr hang out together, and if they are really good buddies, but what i do know is that the emphasis of what bill barr talks about is much more on the side of what he sees as egregious behavior in an investigation than it is discussing specifically the behavior of the president. just play this from the nbc
4:45 pm
interview the other day. watch this. >> the nation was turned on the head for three years. i think based on the completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and typed by an irresponsible press. and i think that there were gross abuses, inexplicable behavior that is intolerable and the fbi. >> martha: is that fair? >> the abuses were gross. and the behavior is inexplicable. part of it is the structure of fisa. which allows awful things to go on in secret and fbi agents know because there are no defense lawyers and because the records will never come out, they can get away with almost anything they want. it is the gullibility of judges and their lack of fidelity to the constitution. but we have not seen a fisa application rate, fisa process examined like this one. and when you have documents
4:46 pm
falsified, information not verified, information that is grossly misleading to judges, the attorney general has the right and the duty to complain about it. some egos will be bruised, but some fbi behavior was unacceptable in a free society. >> martha: judge, you wrote a piece on that today, calling for the end of the fisa court. it will be very interesting after these abuses that we have seen whether or not that is where this goes. go ahead, judge. >> oh, yes. the fisa court is profoundly unconstitutional. it issues search warrants on a standard other than what the constitution provides. but just as bad is corrupted fbi agents, because they know whatever they tell a judge when they are getting a regular search warrant will be scrutinized by the lawyer for the person they are searching. but when they go to fisa, the lawyer will never see it. the defendant may never know it.
4:47 pm
even carter page the other night, he did not know. >> martha: more about it that we knew before, that is for sure. and we will see if we see some reform and changes. a judge, thank you. thank you for being here tonight. another breaking story out of the u.k. where exit polls are protecting a huge victory for boris johnson's conservative party. and what will that mean for the relationship between president trump and boris johnson and the two countries? we will talk about that when steve hilton joins me coming up next. my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx. cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic
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>> martha: with one eye on the debate that is going on on the house floor, we will see a brief moment to discuss a huge story unfolding tonight. a stunning victory for boris johnson and for brexit. here now is how ashley webster described at just a few minutes
4:52 pm
ago on the fox business network. >> not only has boris johnson boris johnson won according to those exit polls, but he has won with an emphatic victory of 368 seats. >> martha: exit polls show that 368 seats going to the conservative party with the labour party taking fewer than 200. they were showing in decades for labor, certainly taking away for johnson to be good on his bout to get brexit done. joining me at steven hilton, host of "the next revolution" and adviser on ted downing street. great to see you tonight. tell us what this means? >> it is just a fantastic result for boris johnson, for everyone who believes in brexit, and everyone who does not believe in socialism. because what you saw defeated if these exit polls are right, and usually they are accurate in the u.k., a stunning defeat for the full-blooded socialism that jeremy corbyn, the labour party leader was putting forward.
4:53 pm
far to the left that anything we have seen from bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. that is the significance in terms of the u.s.-u.k. relationship prayed with boris johnson it will be a warm, close relationship. he and president trump get along very well personally, they don't agree on every issue, but it will be a solid strong relationship. with jeremy corbyn, you would have had the most anti-american british prime minister in history, he has been badly defeated tonight, it looks like. >> martha: fascinating when you think about the struggle over brexit, and this vote is a vote for brexit, essentially, right? if you vote for boris johnson, you are saying that you want to be separated from the e.u., right? >> exactly right. boris johnson slogan, the conservative party slogan in the election was get brexit done. those three words. and that really said it all. because the vote was in 2016. it was more than three years ago. and people in england are so sick of all of the endless chaos
4:54 pm
and confusion. and that's what that slogan in johnson's campaign really tapped into. for god sake, let's just get it done and move on. and deal with some of the other issues that actually have been completely obscured with all of the endless argument over brexit. it seems that he really struck a chord with that. >> martha: it is christmas, so you have to say what you think or whatever they say in "love actually." watch the "love actually" parody that he did for one of his ads. ♪ ♪ >> martha: [laughs] one thing that you definitely get with boris johnson is you are going to be entertaining. you can count on that.
4:55 pm
>> exactly right. he is a great campaigner. he brings a smile to your face. not everyone, a lot of people in the u.k. don't like him, but he has energy. he is unconventional pretty is antiestablishment. and that's what people are responding to. that's why it is an interesting thing to think about when you look at the elections next year here in america. similar sort of thing going on with president trump's appeal, and one more thing i would say is that even though the very early days in terms of the number of seats of the election declared, one of them already is really significant, the conservatives have won a form of mining town in the north of england, working class town that has never, ever had the conservative representative in parliament before. they are really changing the way politics is organized, that working class support from switching over. >> martha: so interesting all around for this relationship. thank you, steve. great to see you tonight. steven hilton.en "the story" continues right after this break. thank you, steve.
4:56 pm
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>> here is a summary. both sides are saying the same thing over and over. there is no end in sight. we don't know when this vote will happen. have a great night, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. good night. >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm brian, fill nothing for tucker throughout the evening. you will hear from tucker later tonight, stay tuned. the impeachment drama is dragging on and on and on in washington, d.c., i'm astounded they keep saying the same thing over and over again. the excuses are getting thinner and thinner, and why we're going through impeachment to begin with. president trump told sean hannity how washington has been trying to bring him down since he took over. remember? >> pres. trump: on inauguration day, few hours after inaugura


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