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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 13, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> who was the guy in that behind jeremy corbin? there are calls for resignation but he's only saying he will not run as the leader of the party going forward. stepping aside in all but words. i'm sure his fellow lefties would rather just see him fade away from the public arena. >> this is a fox news alert, lawmakers at this late hour are still debating articles of impeachment against donald trump. democrats are poised to hold the keys those and send them to the house for a full vote but tonight's marathon markup session is evolving into a fiery sparring match, republicans united, unwavering in their opposition and some democrats might be. don't go anywhere and it is being called a decisive win for
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boris johnson and his conservative party, britain one step closer to leaving the european union after years of missing negotiations. what does it mean for our relationship with the uk. nigel farage is on deck. let's kickoff coverage of this marathon impeachment markup session, monitoring around-the-clock. >> this began more than 12 hours ago and no indication it is going to end anytime soon, democrats and republicans have been going back and forth, a lot of hyperbole, a lot of yelling but tonight we put together a story to show you the arguments on both sides, watch. >> we must impeach donald j trump. >> this is got to stop before goes further. >> democrats pushing together two articles of impeachment, the first, abuse of power, democrats say the president pressured ukrainian president volodymyr zelinsky to investigate joe biden's and to receive millions and military aid.
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volodymyr zelinsky said he wasn't pressured. >> of course he said he wasn't pressured, the united states is a powerful nation which is nation's dependence. he has a gun to his head. >> republicans argue the president held a because he was concerned about you corruption in ukraine. the aide flowed without an investigation. >> read the lines, they can read the transcript, i want you to do me a favor. it's not in the transcript, must be hard to read, it is confusing to make up facts. >> you cannot argue things both ways, you cannot say that the president was so concerned about ukraine that he really stayed which is true, he release date in 2017, he release date in 2018 and then suddenly he became concerned in 2019 right after joe biden announced he was going to run. >> the second article,
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obstruction of congress, democrats say the trump administration has repeatedly refused to cooperate with the impeachment investigation by ignoring multiple subpoenas was the oracle reads, quote, no president has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment inquiry or sought to instruct and impede so comprehensively the ability of the house of representatives to investigate high crimes and misdemeanors. republicans argue the trump administration has provided thousands of pages of documents to cooperate argued a disagreement. and the legislative thousand executive white house should be decided by the judiciary. >> those disputes cannot be resolved, the courts are to step in. anything threatening the separation of powers that is the very foundation of this constitution. >> democrats say the constitution is clear. >> do not be confused by the lawyers on the other side who would teach the wrong civic class and distract you with the notion we need permission of a
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president, we need the permission of the court, we do not. >> a taste of what happened today and this evening, it could go another hour and a lot of these hearings over the past few weeks lasting hours upon end this hearing is significant because after this hearing those articles of impeachment could go to the house floor where they are expected next week. >> we will be here for the duration. still awaiting a key vote from house judiciary committee, let's bring in republican senator likely who sits on the senate judiciary committee who will be a juror. good to have you with us tonight. a democrat says this is why we have arrived at this moment. >> when the sign says in case of emergency break glass there better be one heck of an emergency. i did not call for impeachment
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before but i call for impeachment today because this is one heck of an emergency. shannon: the president left them no choice. >> they say the president left them no choice, are they suggesting the republic is going to tip over as representative johnson might suggest? i think not. what we see from the hearings yesterday, the overwhelming force of the federal government has been artist in such a way as to harm the president of the united states. it failed, they are not going to tolerate this anymore. what we saw through this hearing was a series of events that showed that the fbi was weapon eyes. waging a political war against a presidential candidate they despise or alternatively they were so incompetent that they
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allow the 2 bit foreign political operative to wage war against a presidential candidate. either of these outcomes is unacceptable and we are not going to tolerate this anymore. >> whenever it happens tonight it goes to the full floor for a vote. of that passage is most effect, enough democrats to get to the senate. here's what rush limbaugh says, his take on how you in the senate should handle it. >> about time to go on offense with us, your president didn't do it, your president is not guilty, they don't have a shred of evidence, they don't have -- they never have had on any of the allegations they have made. i am begging you people in the senate, do not, do not go into this defensively at all. >> what is the plan for republicans of this heads into the senate? >> do not going to this defensively as rush limbaugh suggested. we have every reason to be bullish about this. said to be sure the countries in
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this position because the democrats have put us here but we are going to be very much on the offense and we are optimistic about the outcome because the president is on the side of truth and the law, he didn't do anything wrong and the american people are tired of this political manipulation we have been seeing from the democratic party. they can't win elections so they are going after the president instead, the president is going to win and he is going to win in a big way. >> a well-known attorney and critic of the president tweet this, some republicans can't refute the evidence that trump is still abusing his power, betrayed national security, corrupting his office and compromising the upcoming election so of course paper for a trial without witnesses or documents all of which would be incriminating. how do you respond to his assessment of the plan many feel is coming into shape for senate republicans? >> i don't know how they do things in harvard but i can tell you what we are going to do in
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washington, we are going to go to trial, take witnesses and embarrass the heck out of the democratic party because it has been an embarrassment to this country the way they handled this. there is not a scintilla of evidence supporting and impeachable offense. they are to be ashamed of themselves and they are going to be punished in a significant way in november. >> you have a lot to say about the fisa court. we talked about the fact that 98% of applications that going to them are approved meaning government is the only one presenting evidence in these judges have to rely on the information presented to them. but there are a lot of people saying it's long overdue to have some kind of reform to the system. if it can be as abuse as the inspector general seems to say it was in the case involving carter page what do you think about steps moving forward regarding the fisa court? >> it has been badly abused. for 9 years i served in the senate, this is a statute right with opportunities for abuse.
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i knew it would not be a question of if but when and how badly it would be abused. that is now happened. people in every end of the political spectrum of the senate judiciary committee in the senate as a whole saying foreign intelligence surveillance act as it now stands cannot stand any longer. we are going to scrap this thing and undertake a major overhaul and not let this be business as usual. >> always good to see you, thank you. breaking tonight a breakthrough on another trade deal, the us and china have reached a phase i agreement. leland is following late breaking news. >> reporter: breaking overnight doubt futures, best indication what will happen when "the opening bell" rings, up sharply. look at the right hand side of the screen. the asian markets are up big ahead of this phase i announcement.
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michael advises the president on china. >> four elements, when is opening chinese financial markets. number 2, intellectual property theft agreement. number 3 is promising in a way we can verify that they won't use currency to manipulate trade terms anymore in the fourth area has to do with the chinese overall approach to keeping their word in trade. >> reporter: it also includes a delay on chinese goods tariffs that were supposed to go into effect december 15th that would have raised prices on consumer goods like electronics and taken a bite out of american pocketbooks. republican senator marco rubio is in social, the white house should consider the risk a near-term deal with china would give away to tariff leverage needed for broader agreement on issues that matter the most such
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as subsidies to domestic firms, tech transfers and blocking us firms access to key sectors. >> enforcement is crucial. we got to watch out for two problems, when is chinese companies out of control of the government may be predatory and dishonest on their own. the other is the government of china itself has a strategy to take american technology to make china the number one power in the world. >> the chinese are legendary for making and breaking their deals. during a statement to the white house during the obama administration the chinese leader agreed his government would stop hacking efforts against the united states. a senior cyber defense source told me at the time that while he was attending a state dinner with president obama to celebrate the deal his military was launching new attacks
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against the united states. one of the reasons the white house says phase i will come tomorrow in phase 2 after the 2020 election. important to try to see if the chinese will keep their word this time. shannon: thank you for the update. fireworks erupting for another impeachment showdown. we are keeping an eye on these hearings, all the key players next. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
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>> shannon: there may be a break in the action as this >> there may be a break in the action is the debate of articles of impeachment and house judiciary committee has been going on for hours and hours, you see them now. let's go to our premier chief producer on the hill to see if
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we can get some explanation, now hitting 11:16 easton, this is an going on since early this morning, any clue what they are up to? >> the past couple minutes jerry nava, chair of the judiciary committee told members they are going to vote on articles of impeachment sending them out of committee and sending the across the street to the us capital, the house for tomorrow. what they have been doing is handling a procedural matter, some wrap up, doug collins is the ranking member and talking to jerry nadler. jerry nadler said he wants members to go home, get some rest, search their conscience and come back and vote tomorrow. this will be the third day of a markup session, this is the softest process on capitol hill. they do it on almost every bill and certainly on articles of impeachment where they consider amendments and amendments become the actual legislation, same thing here.
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there are articles of impeachment, instruction of congress and abuse of power will be considered tomorrow and they have been at it since 9:00 this morning with only two brief breaks, people are tired and jerry nadler wants people to get some shut eye to go home. think about this and vote tomorrow. shannon: let me ask you. you have been watching this all day, this just started happening, this breaking up, we can see the top republican stopping to give some comments as we figure out what is happening, sounds like they are taking a break. they've been voting on these amendments. does that mean they are done with that process and are just going to come back to vote on the articles themselves? some sausage making going on? >> they are pretty much done with that. these were republican amendments, republican proposals, there were 6 of them. none were adopted as you get down to the nitty-gritty and those are the base articles, they were not articles -- they were not altered in any way. none of them were adopted so the
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articles as written, the we got a couple days ago will play out and we will get some traffic in a couple minutes where some of the democrats and republicans come out and speak to the microphone. >> i'm sure they will have plenty to say. we will go to our panel for some discussion as we wait to see who talks about this whole thing and what they have been doing all day. >> they will come out here in just a minute. let's bring in the advisor to the campaign and from donald trump's team legal advisor jenna ellis. let's bring them in and talk about where we are tonight, this graphic shows the movement over the impeachment polling over the last several weeks back to october. hold on a minute. i think we are going to hear from the ranking member on the committee republican doug collins who has been very heated through this whole thing
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clashing numerous times with the chairman of the committee jerry nadler. let's listen in and see what republicans have to say. >> i just witnessed the most bush league stunt i ever witnessed in my professional life and i've been around a lot of political campaigns but in the midst of impeachment the chairman just ambushed the committee, did not have any consultation with the ranking member, they didn't think enough today of threading their paperthin impeachment process for 12 to 14 hours was enough so without consulting the ranking member or anyone, we are scheduling at 10 am in the morning. the integrity level of this committee, the chairman's integrity is gone. this was the most bush league thing i have seen forever and if the american people wonder about
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this impeachment they don't have to wonder anymore. they saw what happened right here tonight because this committee is more concerned about getting on tv in the morning then finishing the job tonight and letting members go home. words cannot describe how inappropriate this was. i have been saying for the whole year this committee is simply roughshod in the rules of this house. they don't care about rules, they have one thing, their hatred of donald trump and they showed it tonight because they want to get prettied up and then vote to make it happen. i am beyond words but it shows their lack of integrity in this process and lack of case they have. this is the most ludicrous thing i've ever seen in my life. >> what does it matter whether it is tonight or tomorrow? jim sensenbrenner, to chairman nadler for how he conducted this. >> i don't think he would complement him right now, he left pretty frustrated tonight. we worked this up to finish up tonight but we have members getting on planes and going
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home. but to not even consult the ranking member, give us a heads up, this is all we heard and we have been consulting about who will speak and who will end the speaking tonight. we had plenty more amendment and other things, we could have been here all night but we chose to say all we need to say and we are finishing up. that was the most lack of integrity thing i have ever seen by a member of congress especially a chairman. >> i have no idea. >> clarify before mister nadler announced. >> i think it would confirm that. to see them, the staff and the chairman have no comment and just go this is the problem. this is why people don't like us. crap like this is why people are having a terrible opinion of congress. with chairman nadler justin and his staff in the rest of the
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majority sat there quietly and said nothing. this is why they don't like us, they know it is all about gain. it is all about getting at the president because they want the primetime hit. this is speaker pelosi and adam schiff and others directing this guilty. i don't have a chairman anymore, just go to pelosi and said what does the committee need to do because this committee has lost all relevance. i will see you tomorrow. shannon: you were listening in, the ranking member on the house judiciary committee obviously fired up and frustrated about what happened. they have been debating since 9 am this morning, the markup, any chance or ever to have amendments and debate what is going to come out of the house judiciary committee and articles of impeachment, it appears the chairman jerry nadler leading the committee said we are wrapping up and will come back at 10 am in the morning and have a vote. apparently there was no consultation with republicans so they are not happy about that move. you heard him live.
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now back to our panel to talk about this. democrats now have building resentment and criticism of them that this is very 1-sided, republicans had no voice in the deliberations, they were not able to call the witnesses they wanted to. it seems like a culmination of that. >> it probably is that it could have been done in a better way but the chairman protests too much. charles: the ranking member. >> it is 11:30 at night, we are going to go back and do it and:00 in the morning doesn't strike me as the worst thing that could happen. what you are alluding to the polls they have stagnated. this hasn't moved in the democrats direction but this will not turn on whether there is a vote at 11:30 or 10 am.
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it might affect the schedules of the members of congress but this is important enough that it should be done in the light of day. shannon: we will go back to chat on the hill because he's right in the middle of this but i want to get comments from jenna as we put up a little bit of this average from the real clear politics, looking at how opposing and supporting impeachment is played out over the last few weeks and you can see primarily the top line, that is just about equal with those who say they oppose this. the you think this is backfire on democrats? the president said this would benefit the gop, people are warning about taking that stance but the polls, these hearings are not helped make the case. >> absolutely. you are seeing the implosion of the democratic party by how ridiculous of an impeachment scam this is but donald trump has been clear from day one that he has done nothing wrong at the american people have seen that throughout the course of all these hearings, the ranking
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member, so frustrated that there has not been meaningful access or input for any republicans in this process and donald trump and his team as well have not been able to fully participate in this process the american people have seen that these two articles are flimsy, there is no legal or constitutional basis. obstruction of congress, really? that is absolutely every single president has the ability to have meaningful executive privilege and due process but you see democrats pushing this through and hurrying because they have a deadline and that deadline is november 2020 and they are going to push this through, they don't care about due process or going to the courts, they don't care about anything for donald trump or the american people and the american people are sick and tired of and this is the end of the democratic party. >> we are going to go back to
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chad, we want to check in with everybody on the hill, we have members and pleasure will join us to talk about how they feel about what is going on. we have been watching for hours this house judiciary committee, the markup of the impeachment article, it is suddenly broken up, the chairman jerry nadler said we are not doing anymore tonight, just call the break. we will do the same, take a quick break and come back for the latest news. it only becomes more entangled. unaware that an exhilarating escape is just within reach. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event.
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>> shannon: do we want a dictator no matter how popular he may be, no matter how good or bad the results of his policies may be, no >> do we want a dictator? no matter how popular he may be, no matter how good a results p service policies may be, no president is supposed to be a dictator in the united states. >> this is in the tail on your favorite impeachment year, welcome foreign differences relates to russia, solicited for interference on the white house lawn with china and he did it with ukraine. he is a serial solicitor. >> folks who study, understand
12:32 am
you can read the transcripts, i want you to do me a favor, it's not in the transcript. must be hard to read, it is confusing when you're trying to make up facts. >> the house judiciary committee has been debating since 9 am eastern this morning and broke up a couple minutes ago. they are in recess until 10 am and they will vote on articles of impeachment. it appears there has been a deal. let's get to republican member andy biggs who just stepped out of that. your reaction? we thought this was going to get done tonight? >> we all thought it was going to finish up tonight. we thought there was a deal. we thought they were going to make their motion on the amendment on the underlying bill and divide the question because they wanted two counts to go forward, then big surprise and a big stunner, mister nadler said no, we are going to go back tomorrow morning when more
12:33 am
people will be watching on tv. >> you had an understanding that there was going to be consultation with the gop, that there had been a plan, any warning the this was going to be pulled tonight? >> not at all. we received -- this deal had been cut, we received a specific itemized list what they were going to do and where we were going to go and we were going to then go through and finish the procedure tonight. it would not have taken that much longer to go forward but this is an outrage and this is pretty typical of what we have seen, in everything from the closed-door secret hearings all the way through to this thing where we have no fact witnesses can come in, they are bringing in 3-1 on the law professors, we
12:34 am
are not given a fair shake here and that's the way this has gone. mister nadler turned a win for him where some of our members said you handled the hearing pretty well today, fair to each side pretty much, we had complaints but no major complaints to basically blowing that up and killing any goodwill he had generated and now back to this thing we look at and say we can't trust you. we will view you with incredulity in the future and that is what he has done to this process. shannon: there has been a lot of talk tonight that this is about getting in front of the cameras for tv in the morning that this is a play but did the chairman explain what was his explanation about why this was adjourned? did he have one? >> he didn't have an explanation. he said we have been here a long time, time to go. >> you were at this, 14 hours
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with only two breaks. >> this is what we do. if you have been a legislator before you know you have long days. i've been at legislative bodies where you have gone through the night and this wasn't going to take too much longer to have a vote on the underlying impeachment, the resolution itself and divide the question wouldn't have taken that much longer. shannon: we want to see democrats want to talk as well as explain their side of it. congressman andy biggs, get some rest. breaking news, more reaction to major developments in the debate on the articles of impeachment of donald trump and the sudden adjourning of tonight's hearing, stick around. - [announcer] the following is an urgent holiday appeal
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>> not casting any judgments on any challenges someone >> not testing any judgment in their personal life but it is hard to believe this was the guy wandering through homeless and kampmann's that was worth
12:40 am
$86,000 a month to burisma holdings. >> the pot calling the kettle black is not something we should do. i don't know what members if any have had any problems with substance abuse, been busted in dui. i don't know but if i did i wouldn't raise it against anyone on this committee. shannon: some pointed back and forth, very heated dana judiciary committee. we were expecting a vote in the committee on articles of impeachment, it is now suddenly happening tomorrow morning. let's bring back and advisor to mayor bloomberg's campaign, and jenna ellison, capitol hill producer chad program, welcome back. this thing broke apart. andy biggs was telling us they
12:41 am
had a deal how this was going to go down, how they were going to go and they feel nadler suddenly blue that deal up. what is your feeling on the hill? >> one thing that probably would have been said by the republicans with these markups and sessions with democrats and republicans on a litany of issues over the years is republicans probably wouldn't criticize them for voting at switching are saying is too late trying to bury it, they are embarrassed, now what's going to happen, this will be the republican talking point tomorrow morning is they are voting on the articles of impeachment on friday the 13th. they are going to check out they passed the actual resolution codifying the impeachment investigation on halloween. republicans are going to criticizes either way and they will criticize this next week when it comes to the floor. is what we have to look at as they move to the next step. they probably have to set this up going through what we call
12:42 am
the rules committee on capitol hill, that is the gateway to the house for. in 1998 the judiciary committee brought it up on the house floor and then got an agreement to debate articles of and treatment against president clinton over two days, over 18 hours. by going to the rules committee they establish the parameters of how to consider this, how many hours of lock this down because even though things were pretty hot in 1998 they know there's not much comedy now as played in the soundbites. shannon: i want to put up this list of the 31 house democrats in districts that were won by donald trump. for them there is a big decision to make and some of them may be wavering. >> i've heard 7 to 10 wavering but here is their problem.
12:43 am
in their districts, the swing voters who elected them are pretty strongly against impeachment, they don't see the point. they would much rather focus on the real problems we are facing, healthcare, climate change, job creation than impeachment and at the same time the people that funded them and supported them from the speaker down want as close to unanimous vote on impeachment as possible so they are pools between their constituents, those that elected them and the leadership which can keep them in office so they are going to have a tough choice. my bet is the vast majority vote for impeachment. >> conversation is whether there will be any bipartisanship meaning democrats come over with republicans to bow out of this and we are looking at the senate to see if maybe a couple are thinking of doing or whether republicans are risking losing a couple of their members if it goes to trial? >> if this is bipartisan it is going to be against impeachment, we can talk about the politics involved but the bottom line for
12:44 am
america that you need to know is this is fundamentally against our rule of law and against the constitution and this should not be about politics, should not be about hatred of donald trump, should not be about an ouster, this should be about upholding and protecting the rule of law but when you talk about their oath of office each of those democrats, jerry nadler and adam schiff, their oath of office talks about enemies foreign and domestic, they are domestic enemies at this point of the u.s. constitution. >> goes a little too far. >> they are going against the u.s. constitution by having these ridiculous impeachment articles that have no legal basis. we have seen that and whether or not they are ending this because they want the camera optics or they don't care about the gop mine already this is fundamentally against the constitution and their oath of office because they don't have a defense for high crimes and misdemeanors and the reason is you have seen that throughout the entire scope of the
12:45 am
hearings. >> enemies of the constitution? people disagree, we resolve things through votes and elections. >> let it go to the supreme court and give it due process. >> we have established procedure. >> tell the democrats that. they need to allow due process to happen. >> this is not a traditional course that where you get due process on the house side, we will watch, thank you very much. major breaking story out of the uk, boris johnson taking the election not by a slim margin, by a landslide. the leader of the uk brexit party nigel farage standing by.
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>> shannon: we are seeing history it appears in the making >> we are seeing history in the making overseas, increasingly looking like a major victory for prime minister boris johnson and his conservatives putting brexit on the line. very early in the morning. >> reporter: a pretty nasty night in london but a great night for uk prime minister
12:50 am
boris johnson and his conservative party, decisive confirmation that britain will exit the european union. exit polls showing boris johnson's tori party get 368 seats in the house of commons. the opposition labor party, 192 seats, a bigger margin that had been projected. johnson's decision to call an early election and the slogan of get brexit done. the uk voted to leave the european union in 2016 but has been struggling to get a deal. is a little bit of what do boris johnson had to say tonight. >> the people of this country turning out to vote in a december election the we didn't want to call but i think turned out to be a historic election. >> reporter: this was a big
12:51 am
defeat for the hard left labor party leader jeremy corban who had radical positions on foreign and domestic issues along with other negatives including charges of anti-semitism. tonight's victories should be good news for donald trump who has praised johnson and been in favor of brexit and promised the us uk trade deal. in a trump style tweet johnson also declared we live in the greatest democracy in the world. it is one of a few great democracies. shannon: a windy, breezy london day, thank you. this dragged out for 3 years now. will the new anticipated conservative party majority pull brexit across the finish line. joining me, the leader of the brexit party, nigel farage, are you celebrity? >> it has been a big win.
12:52 am
it was 31/2 years ago since we did at the metropolitan elite in westminster did their best to delay it, frustrate it and stop it and tonight people spoke, said to hell with this, we voted to leave, we want to leave. a big victory for brexit. a huge defeat for corban's form of marxist socialism and with it not just the anti-semitism you mentioned that anti-americanism as well which has been very prevalent in the labor leader's campaign. where we are now is a lot better than we could have been first thing this morning. >> i heard a lot of chatter about polls and how close this wasn't based on the latest results it doesn't look like it has been that close. >> it isn't close. bear in mind this is our fourth major election in five years. three general elections in five years and a referendum and with
12:53 am
a majority government i think what you will see is some political stability coming back to the united kingdom. i am not happy with the deal on the table boris has gotten with the european union so there are battles ahead as to how we do brexit but one thing for certain is we are leaving the european union on 31 january and to me who has fought for this for 25 years all i can say is thank goodness. shannon: a reporter for the washington examiner tweets boris johnson's victory over jeremy corban looks like the biggest tori win since margaret hatcher in the 1980s, may even end it bigger, we will see how accurate the exit polls are, radical socialism and anti-semitism aren't big winners, brexit almost guaranteed now. the ap reporting labor tried to focus the campaign away from brexit and onto its radical
12:54 am
domestic agenda vowing to tax the rich, nationalized industry like railroads and whether companies and give everyone in the country free internet access. which part of that equation do you think was the most effective in driving folks to support conservatives in what appeared to be overwhelming numbers? >> they are not natural conservative voters, they are doing it over the issue of brexit, brexit is the most important political decision we have had in this country for hundreds of years and on the issue of the day boris had a message, get brexit done. i question its sincerity but i can't question its simplicity. jeremy corban was we will negotiate a new deal and give you a second referendum so in the end whatever corban tries to do, in the end people said no, it is brexit, has got to be sorted out and rex it has defined this election and after
12:55 am
31/2 years of being frustrated by career politicians it is a great victory tonight. shannon: a lot of people, try to get involved in this, very quickly charlie cook tweeting uk conservatives marching towards a historic majority the total repudiation of socialist agenda pushed by corban and his socialist elite, democrats, aoc, warren, bernie, take notice, we will not let you destroy our civilization. >> big take out as you look to november 2020, when you have a hard left leader in our case of the labor party, in your case it could be the democrats, the further left they go the better donald trump will do in november 2020. heather: thank you for staying up late. thanks so much. it has been a busy night in washington. we were expecting a vote from the house judiciary committee on articles of impeachment, that has broken up after 14 hours of
12:56 am
debate. fox news will have full coverage. in the meantime most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from new york, i am shannon bream. introducing new vicks vapopatch easy to wear, with soothing vicks vapors for her, for you, for the whole family. new vicks vapopatch. breathe easy.
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>> with chairman nadler just did and the rest of the majority who sat there quietly and said nothing this is why they don't like us. they know it is all about games. heather: it is friday, december 13th. happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast, markup melt down. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler dealing and impeachment vote following another marathon day on capitol hill. will a friday the 13th vote mean bad luck for democrats? the white house fighting back is democrats push a new investigation into the wall, the new battle to secure the nation's border.


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