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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 13, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> with chairman nadler just did and the rest of the majority who sat there quietly and said nothing this is why they don't like us. they know it is all about games. heather: it is friday, december 13th. happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast, markup melt down. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler dealing and impeachment vote following another marathon day on capitol hill. will a friday the 13th vote mean bad luck for democrats? the white house fighting back is democrats push a new investigation into the wall, the new battle to secure the nation's border.
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>> i provoked strong opinion. what you did is what you get. heather: hillary goes hollywood. a new series on the democrats failed 2016 campaign is about to hit the big screen. isn't it time to just let it go? "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ bill: rascal flats rocking get this morning, live shot from new
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york city, you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday the 13th, thanks for starting your day come into your day or your week with us, we appreciate you being here. fox news alert, frustration to say the least among republicans at the house impeachment vote is only postponed just before midnight. all of this transpired, lawmakers claiming jerry nadler before calling it a bush league stunned. after nearly 14 hours of bitter debate. mark narrative live in washington as the senate gears up for trial. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee will gavilan at 10:00 am today. we expect a vote on two articles of impeachment against donald trump and as you mention this vote was expected to take place last night, it was postponed after 14 hours of heated debate between democrats and republicans on the committee. lawmakers vigorously argued over
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whether the president abused power and obstructed congress's oversight authority. a decision to delay the vote has caught some lawmakers offguard. >> i want members on both sides to think about what has happened the last few days to search consciences before we cast final votes. >> you chose not to consult the ranking member on a schedule issue of this magnitude, so typical. this is the kangaroo court we are talking about. not even consult. >> reporter: today's vote will be split on party lines, impossible depending what happens today, the full house could vote on impeachment next week as the senate prepares for trial in january. here is what mitch mcconnell had to say last night. >> the case is so weak coming over from the house, we know how it will end, there is no chance the president will be removed from office was my hope is there won't be a single republican who
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votes for either of these articles of impeachment. >> reporter: donald trump accused democrats of trying to impeach him from the start of his term, he tweeted out several times thursday echoing republicans and defending his actions, nancy pelosi says her members will not be into voting for impeachment, each member will make their own decision having the judiciary committee back to work a few hours from now on that vote. >> postpone and come back tomorrow, thank you so much. the horrific attack in jersey city is being investigated as domestic terrorism. >> the evidence points toward acts of hate fueled both by anti-semitism and anti-law enforcement beliefs.
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>> investigators confirming they link social media accounts to shooters with signs of anti-semitism and also found evidence the two had interest in the black hebrew israelite movement but haven't found any definitive links. congresswoman rashida tlaib is blamed for falsely blaming the attacks on white supremacy, originally condemning the attack on twitter with the caption white supremacy killed, she later deleted that tweet. the man accused of running over a texas police sergeant is behind bars, being held on $150,000 bond, charged with capital murder, in the death of sergeant kayla sullivan. he fought off sullivan during a traffic stop and hit her with his car as he drove away. henderson was found after a day and a half on the run.
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the boston marathon bomber is pushing to overturn his death sentence. lawyers for dzokhar tsarnaev argue he didn't have a fair trial in part because it was held in boston. they claim two of the jurors show clear bias on social media. three people were killed, 300 injured in the 2013 marathon bombing attack. his brother was killed by police. as donald from pushes for the border wall, to put construction in jeopardy. the pentagon launching a probe into the $400 million contract that was just awarded one north dakota company. todd pyro live in the studio is democrats claim it may have been political. >> home and security committee chair been a thompson to look at
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inappropriate influence on the court decision to issue standing gravel. in signaling an upcoming audit the pentagon watchdog says it will look into the contract to ensure the bid by fisher, quote, felicitation standards. tommy fisher who was on our show in april said there was nothing to find. >> i wanted to give the exact costs to build these and the time it would take the agency, to do what we can do to protect every single american on both sides. >> the judge saying the executive branch trying to build the wall without another court ruling in el paso county to cause irreparable harm. the supreme court stayed, the
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injunction talking about statutory authority over the border wall, to appeal this incorrect decision too. and in military construction funds. one step forward, a lot of steps back. heather: sports related news, clinton portis, accused of healthcare fraud. prosecutors claim the players were reimbursed for medical equipment they never actually purchased which they claim they needed things like hyperbaric chambers, cryotherapy machines, ultrasound equal intent therapy devices designed -- thursday night football, they clinch the second straight's the north after their quarterback runs into the record books.
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>> got the record as he gets that. heather: lamar jackson breaking the record, tossed 5 touchdown passes in baltimore's 32-21 victory over the jets. republicans ripping democrats during this marathon hearing on articles of impeachment. >> a rig that rushed process when you can't accept the will of the american people. heather: i democrats afraid to let the american people pick the next president? congressman james comeare next. and the restaurant healing the heat for the next mistake. ♪ these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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>> it is very late at night, committee is in recess. this is the kangaroo court -- >> they do not care about rules. they have one thing, their hatred of donald trump. >> i have never seen something like this using the congressional system to try to destroy people. >> outrage era ping as house judiciary chairman jerry nadler abruptly delayed the historic impeachment vote. from the oversight and reform committee, james goehmert, thank you for joining us. what in the world did you think last night when after 14 hours jerry nadler comes back and dismisses everyone answers come back tomorrow morning at 10 am? >> typical of this whole
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process. the whole process is a sham. the way democrats conducted themselves you can see in their faces that they realize they have lost. there opportunity to try to prove any type of wrongdoing. they have no case. the american people are fed up the whole process and ready to move on and nancy pelosi is going to have a hard time getting enough votes to pass impeachment out of the house. heather: slowly but surely we keep hearing more democrat saying they are going to vote no on this especially from swing states which may happen. how many democrats do you think will vote no? >> a lot of them want to vote now. the speakers said -- i don't believe that at all because the
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ultimate end of the democrats embarrassment will be they failed to get enough votes to impeach the president. the whole process to fire up the extreme left wing of their base that hate trump. they wanted him impeached from day one, starting to realize none of the democrat presidential candidates can beat donald trump in the election in november so this was a last-ditch effort to defend liberalism and embrace socialism and defeat donald trump. i think it will be a very close vote and have to twist a lot of arms before she has the vote next week. >> will that be thursday or friday of that week? >> when chairman nadler called for recess without consulting with ranking republicans, we had no input to call witnesses, this
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process is unfair, the american people are seeing polling that shows overwhelming opposition to impeaching the president. there is a rush to get it over with and throw it over to the senate. tony: of witnesses, listen to what mitch mcconnell had to say. >> the case is so weak coming from the house, we know how it will end, no chance the president is going to be removed from office. it wouldn't surprise me if we got one or 2 democrats. heather: if it passes the house the yes vote thursday or friday of next week then it would presumably go to mcconnell and schumer who would have to agreed to a passageway forward and the trial itself could actually not happen. we heard calls from people saying file a motion to dismiss. republicans want to call witnesses to defend the president.
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which do you think will happen? >> democrats in the senate are starting to roll their eyes, realize the democrats made absolutely no case whatsoever, donald trump has not committed any impeachable offense. the way they conducted themselves, they lost the trust of the american people. chuck schumer will join mcconnell and get it over with as fast as possible and try to pivot and do some things that they can save face and say they are trying to govern but i don't believe pelosi wanted to do this. this was the new left-wing that has taken over her party. a lot of those members are freshmen. they have gone down a hole that they can't come back. the whole impeachment is obstruction of congress. the american people want to see congress obstructed. they voted for donald trump to
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drain the swamp and it is a sad day for democracy. heather: regardless which side of the aisle you are on you can see voices not being heard with what is going on. thank you so much. we appreciate it. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. he is the former democratic worker accused of accessing congressional databases. a watchdog is going to court today to get evidence in this case was the reporter who has been covering this from the start says this is a reminder the fbi can't be trusted and he joins us next to explain. taylor swift uses an award ceremony for toxic male privilege, her fiery message after being named woman of the decade. when a criminal has your personal information,
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heather: dive cruz returned the islands were 16 people were killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand. two of those victims are still missing and could be in the water. six bodies were recovered from the island on a dangerous mission was the volcano shows signs it may erupt again. it is unclear of crews found the parents of those two brothers we told you about who died from their injuries after the blast. california lawmaker proposing safety standards after a diving charter vessel burns killing 34 people. only five, the captain of four crewmembers managed to escape. the conception when it went up in flames in september, they
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were above deck, others trapped underneath. the new standards would require two escape routes for people below deck. court is back in session for judicial watch. the dc watchdog suing the fbi regarding asked democrat ita accused of gaining unauthorized access to government records. the investigation detailed in the book obstruction of justice, how the deep state reps national security to protect the democrats written by luke who joins us. thank you for joining us this morning. explain to us why judicial watch is back in court today. this timeline is not the first time they requested information. this goes back to 2017. we will see what happens today. >> for two years the case as
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evidence mounted they broke into congressional server data on sites, receiving money from hezbollah, had ties to pakistan by agencies, falsified finances to hide the money, all these things documented left and right and the fbi saying it is an ongoing investigation. fast forward two years and they have given an immunity deal saying he did nothing wrong and gotten the media -- judicial watch comes in and says it is not ongoing anymore, let's see the record to reconcile the evidence we know and you say he didn't do anything. shannon: you skipped over prior to reaching that deal he was caught trying to lead the country and fly to pakistan. >> caught with $10,000 cash in
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his suitcase and his wife separately did the same thing. there is so much going on in this case. the fbi and the doj misrepresented it, contradicted themselves and hid behind secrecy. the idea is now that the case is over you have an obligation to say what is really going on and there is an ongoing field criminal matter. that is crazy. heather: a completely different matter? >> they don't say. they got the new york times to write a story and the case is closed but they did want to prosecute in secrecy or they are lying about this. heather: he and the rest of his family members were banned from using congressional computers or that kind of thing but debbie
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wasserman schultz kept him around for another year. >> that is right and threaten the capital police to take away their funding unless they gave up key evidence needed, stole the identity of an intelligence committee staffer pretending to be him. the stuff going on in this case, collusion and all the things we were hearing about from fusion gps about russia, all these things were playing out heavily documented on capitol hill but some powerful forces going to great lengths to cover this thing up. they first said they were having technical difficulties and couldn't produce 7000 pages of criminal records and admitted they were lying about that and
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using it not to disclose the existing criminal indictment. heather: we can pick up your book and get more detail. we appreciate it. 26 after the top of the hour, the inspector general's report shining a spotlight on fbi failures in the russia probe. >> does your report vindicate mister comey? >> it doesn't vindicate anyone including the leadership. >> he spent 24 years at the bureau into the report is of serious abuses and joins us next.
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>> the committee is in recess. this is the kangaroo court we
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were talking about. >> stalin ask. >> the most beastly thing i have seen forever. this committee is more concerned about getting on tv in the morning than finishing a job tonight. >> republicans erupting in anger after the house vote on articles of impeachment is postponed overnight. the judiciary committee debating for 14 hours before jerry nadler ended the hearing. the committee will meet again at 10 am eastern to resume their vote. fox news host mark levin says house democrats are manipulating the constitution and he has a history lesson for them. >> three past presidents subject to impeachment under the current articles being debated in the house of representatives, john
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adams would be impeached. he shutdown newspapers, imprisoned reporters. abraham lincoln would be impeached. he shutdown 300 newspapers, imprisoned reporters. thomas jefferson would be impeached. the louisiana purchase without budget approval from congress. woodrow wilson would be impeached. he reset segregated the civil service and put political opponents and reporters in prison. he would be impeached. fdr would be impeached, interment of japanese americans, italian-americans, german-americans, john kennedy would be impeached, used the irs and fbi against his political opponents. lyndon johnson would be impeached, use the iris scan the fbi and cia. we have a lot of impeachment going on under these bogus rules that the rogue house democrat leadership has put in place. heather: the next stop is the rules committee were rules will be ironed out before the full house vote.
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5 impeachment hearings come to a close, inspector general horowitz takes center stage to rip the fbi failure to meet basic crisis standards and make clear no one is vindicated by this report. >> we found investigators failed to meet their basic obligations ensuring the fisa applications were scrupulously accurate. >> does your report vindicate mister comey? >> it doesn't vindicate anyone including the leadership. heather: our next guest worked for robert mueller and alongside then deputy ag james comey. you to break it down as assistant director chris weber, thank you for joining us this morning. i want to hear from you. your firsthand account. what did you think as you listened to phrases like failure by the entire chain of command being said by horowitz, they found 17 significant inaccuracies and omissions among a host of other things.
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>> it was worse than i thought. i didn't think there would be 17 different instances of embellishment, omissions, errors, unsupported assertions, and for background, fisa is the most intrusive thing you can do to a us citizen in terms of surveillance, listen in on phone calls, intercept texts an emails, install microphones, put a camera in somewhat's house and look at their computer. knowing that 17 different violations were associated with that application is terrifying but i want to point out this was not low-level people. the inspector general has a history of laying things on low-level people to move onto the next thing, by in by the executives, they are not
1:35 am
appliquéd he gets to move on and sign off on it. this is abject failure in leadership of the fbi at the level of comey and mccabe. heather: let's put this up from james comey's op-ed in the washington post, the horwitz report found the investigation was open and conducted according to the rules finding no evidence of political bias influenced the decision to start it or how to run it and goes on from there. what about that? >> he is reaching new levels of who breasts hubris. there are 35,000 good people in the fbi to do their work every day who protect us from threats and he is trying to hide behind the fbi and make it look like any criticism of him his criticism of the fbi.
1:36 am
this was at his doorstep. he set a pretty low bar, absence of violence, 17 violations of fisa is okay. the target of that surveillance will not get cover from that. heather: listen to this. >> comey is one of the most conceited people i ever met in government, to suggest this report vindicated him is an affront to the report. james comey has done more damage the fbi than anybody since j edgar hoover. heather: dondero maps investigation, do you think any of these folks should or would face criminal charges. >> got to hold people accountable to make sure this doesn't happen again. a foundation for what john durham is doing, deeper in scope.
1:37 am
the inspector general is very limited and not able to make a tough call, doesn't have it, didn't do it in the clinton email investigation even though he makes the case for it, can't make a tough call. heather: we are all waiting for that. thank you so much. boris johnson returns, the winner of the conservative party leader, he and the party celebrate a major victory setting up brexit once and for all. here is reaction to the uk election. >> a landslide victory for boris johnson. a huge win for him and the conservative. what most people are saying, this is the second brexit referendum and the people of the uk voted to leave the eu giving
1:38 am
boris johnson a mandate to do so outside the eu. let's look at those results from yesterday with all but one seats to be declared, conservative stand on 364 seats. the biggest defeat in decades down to 203, a predicted majority of 79-80 seats for conservatives. boris johnson things his supporters for the win. >> this election means getting brexit done is the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decisions of the british people. >> a conservative win, the biggest majority since 1987 since margaret thatcher, a rejection of the labour party
1:39 am
socialist agenda, and it will allow boris johnson to end three years of political paralysis and take britain out of the european union within weeks. donald trump tweeting his congratulations saying congratulations to boris johnson on his great win. britain and the united states will be free to strike a massive trade deal after brexit. this has the potential to be bigger and more lucrative than any deal that can be made with the eu. this is what boris johnson will be doing. and wasting no time forging new trade deals and that will be over within weeks and more importantly, and switched last night, calling this a political earthquake for a generation. heather: breaking news overnight. back at home the pentagon is responding after pilots
1:40 am
requested to be armed on base in the wake of the deadly shooting at naval air base. >> look at this and try to take lessons learned from the shooting but i'm not familiar with those requests. carley: they asked for permission to carry guns on base after 3 servicemembers were killed on base last week. it is against the rules for military personnel to carry their government to should guns on most bases. andy bashir declaring when signing an executive order restoring voting rights to 140,000 convicted felons the democrat making good on an inaugural promise he made days ago. the order applies to people committed nonviolent offenses and completed their sentences. it does not include sex offenders, rapists or murderers.
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the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and not ready to let it go. hillary clinton taking her failed presidential run to hollywood. >> i provoked strong opinions. what you see is what you get. heather: the series offering never before seen footage of interviews but is anyone interested in watching it? live reaction to that up next. ♪
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heather: hillary clinton is headed to the big screen. >> i provoked strong opinions. what you see is what you get. heather: the failed presidential candidate starring in a series about her life. it seems like she is still hung up on the 2016 election.
1:45 am
a lot of folks say it looks like a little bit of a campaign ad. >> reporter: some people saying that, some can't get enough of her or the idea of her entering this race. hillary clinton stepping into the spotlight for this tell all series about the trials and tribulations of her life. the 4-part series called hillary will delve into her time as first lady and secretary of state and feature exclusive interviews with bill clinton and her daughter chelsea clinton. she does not steer clear from the 2016 election. >> if i said back up, you creep, what i sound angry? neither as good nor as bad as some people say about her. heather: the director of the series says it is a fantastic opportunity adding the stories were utterly compelling. a harris poll has clinton on top
1:46 am
of all current 2020 candidates. we asked your thoughts on this hillary clinton documentary. most seem to agree. four hours of her blaming everything and everyone else for her loss, hard past. mary tweets why would anyone want to see that. don't want to hear anything from the clintons and dollar drama ever again. harley on instagram says how about the biggest loser from here? at sundance film festival before moving to the streaming service, clinton is expected to attend. >> it is day 5 of 12 days of giving and we are featuring the best charity act this holiday season. kurt the cyber guys here with
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>> to is the season of giving but it is also the busiest time of year, people trying to make a difference. if you don't feel you have a second to spare, people using giving apps. the 12 days of giving series, the cyber guy, thanks for joining us. >> this will warm you up. these are the apps that help me get through the holiday season. you take just a second and you can make a huge difference in the world and these apps prove that.
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heather: you have to be careful. >> this apps lets you sign up and you roundup your purchases to the dollar. let's say you're buying something for $21.86. they will take $.14 more and we set the boundary. we about each month. you pick the charity. heather: doesn't matter where you make the purchase? >> it is how you spend your credit card which ever card you put it on. i love that one because at the end of the day it adds up and you have a tally right here. you are $7.08 on your way to a $20 donation. it lets you see your progress. the next one. the 20 share the meal apps. >> this is the un. this is an apps that helps you
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for $.50 beat - feed a child for a day. they have already done 30 million meals. it is simple to get $.50 on this apps and you can track and now the child -- heather: up next the charity miles apps. >> this is about activity. if you walk, run or bike, sponsors donate on your behalf. no money out of your pocket and you are giving by exercising. heather: and donate a photo apps. >> another sponsored apps. you are not giving money but given the photo. when you donate a photo and upload it johnson & johnson makes a donation to a charity you pick. heather: how to use my eyes apps. >> my favorite apps of the year, be my eyes. there are over 1 million people
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signed on to volunteer to help someone who is visually impaired and 130,000 visually impaired people signed on the apps. what they might do is call you by video apps and you make your time available when you want and they might say what is my milk expiration date on the milk in the fridge and you can see it, they can't see that. it is a brilliant way to have a practical application. it is a brilliant way of doing it. heather: all these apps, a lot of different ways, different type of charities can participate. >> new ways of giving, it is fun to do it. i love the last one. helping someone in need. heather: the season of giving, great to see you again. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour.
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she has gone head to head with donald from. angela merkel is named the world's most powerful woman. is that what makes her a good leader? the democrat called out for using the impeachment hearing to catch up on golf. look closely. good job, brain! say hello to neuriva, a new brain supplement with clinically proven ingredients that fuel five indicators of brain performance. neuriva. - in the last year, of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number. - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock are now part of one company, providing an all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you identify theft protection,
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>> forbes naming angela merkel the most powerful woman of the year, the ninth year in a row the german chancellor took the top spot. the publication praising her for, quote, standing up to donald trump as well as her role in allowing more than 1 million syrian refugees into germany. the highest-ranking american on the list is nancy pelosi who came in third place. pop superstar taylor swift slammed sexism and toxic male privilege, billboard's woman of the decade. >> women it in this industry are criticized as measured up to each other, their bodies, their romantic lives, the definition of the toxic male privilege in our industry, people saying but he has always been nice to me. heather: supporters of music executive scooter braun owns the right to swift's early music and won't let her perform them.
1:59 am
it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. how about the good, sundance lessons from an unlikely instructor. ♪ heather: the grinch teaching santa a few moves in north carolina. the unlikely friends going viral 12 days before christmas. now the bad. restaurant getting grilled for mailing 30,000 coupons to customers. part servers wanted, new jersey, apologize for the mistake. it was supposed to say holiday workers wanted. the ugly, a democrat congressman caught red handed watching golf on his ipad. louisiana congressman senator richmond tuned out during last night's rollcall. social media calling about the
2:00 am
jerry on facebook said he was the most productive of all the democrats on the committee today. duane on facebook said he said to himself, quote, golf or dog and pony show. can't say i blame him much. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> the committee is in recess. this is the kangaroo course we are talking about. rob: a fox news alert on this friday the 13th. capitol hill under an impeachment curse. while you were sleeping jerry never delaying a critical vote after 13 hours of heated debate. carley: setting up and impeachment showdown. let's hope democrats aren't superstitious. heather: rob: they are taking the fight back to the southern border.


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