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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 13, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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[laughter] why are you laughing? it was not that funny. where did you get that picture? >> greg: if you were sent it in. we have a lot more for that one. have a good weekend, every body. hav >> bret: good evening, i bet they are coming to you from fox news headquarters in new york. breaking tonight, the impeachment process is now in the hands of the full house of representatives. voted along party lines to send the two articles to the full chamber for an expected vote next week. we'll have more on that in a moment but first the u.s. supreme court will hear president trump's pleas to keep his tax, bank, financial records private. that decision is expected to come in june and months before the 2020 election. chief white house correspond to john roberts such as off tonight on the north lawn. >> this was a big win for the president as a supreme court
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today it will hear three cases in which the manhattan district attorney and three congressional committees are seeking financial information and years of tax returns from the president. the president has been fighting to keep these tax returns private. he lost in federal district court and lost as well in the second courage circuit. but the supreme court will take up this important test of presidential power to refuse the sort of subpoenas. oral arguments will be in march and we expect a decision in june just as the president or campaign is heating up. this was just the capper to what's been happening in washington all week. >> this has been a wild week. >> an understatement given to a president not given to subtlety, but president trump indicating what happened this week to get wilder in the future. >> you are trivializing impeachment. i tell you what, some day there'll be a democrat president
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and there will be a republican house, and i suspect they are going to remember it. >> there is expectation the full house will approve articles of impeachment next week and send them up to the senate were senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says they will die. >> the case is so darn weak coming from the house, we all know it's going to end, there's no chance the president is going to be removed from office. >> his office says it'll coordinated with white house counsel pat cipollone e, a disclosure that had democrats in disbelief. >> that's a >> yet to be determined whether the senate trial will be long or short. president trump said either way is fine with him. >> do you prefer a short process in the senate or a more extended process? >> i will do whatever they want to do, it doesn't matter. i'd like a long process because i'd like to see a whistle-blower who is a fraud.
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>> as the judiciary committee voting on articles of impeachment, president trump was finalizing phase one of a trade deal with china. >> a lot of rules and regulations, a lot of things covered. a phase one deal, but a lot of big things are covered. i say affectionately the farmers are going to have to go by much larger tractors. >> the details are murky, pending legal review. china has also agreed to buy an additional 40-$50 billion in agricultural projects over the next two years written exchange, the u.s. will cancel your tariffs canceled to go into effect december 15th, cancel tariffs in chinese goods from 15% to 7.5%, but it will maintain 20% tariffs on $250 billion in chinese goods. >> the tariffs largely remain and will use them for a new
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future negotiations on the phase two deal. >> one of his biggest backers on his get tough with china approach senator chuck schumer accused him of selling out, in a statement saying at first president trump seemed like the only president who would dare tackle this challenge. but now, according to reports, and he has sold out for a temporary and unreliable promise from china to purchase some soybeans. the past couple of weeks, president trump said the market stumbling when he said it was likely that a new trade deal would have to wait until after next november's election. now the president says with phase one on the books, it'll get started right away on phase two, which looks to tackle some very thorny issues. bret baier delma? >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. the s&p 500 rose to 18. the s&p 500 was up three
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quarters. the nasdaq finished almost one point ahead. democrats on the house judiciary committee exhibited some gamesmanship late last night, postponing a vote on the articles of impeachment until this morning when more people would see it on tv. republicans obviously didn't think that was a good idea and they are painting the entire process as a kangaroo court. here is chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> moved to the house rules committee on votes on the floor after historic party line 32-17 vote to committee. >> third time in a little over a century and a half, the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> no. >> republican mike johnson of louisiana ripped democrats accusing them of politics. >> the founder of this country
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warned against single party impeachment pair they said it would be bitterly divisive, perhaps irreparably divisive for the country. >> republicans outnumbered in the house and some are appealing to senate leadership to give president trump a fair fight. >> it's going nowhere in the senate but i hope and pray that the senate will not just pick it up and dismiss it. america needs to hear from the witnesses. and we didn't get to hear from them here. >> anger and frustratin and an e building with g.o.p. members. >> this is a tragedy for america and it's tearing america apart. i have never in my entire life seen such an unfair, rigged from a railroad job begins the president of the united states. >> the 31 democrats from districts president trump one in 2016 recognize their impeachment votes could come at a cost.
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>> sometimes you have to make calls that are not based on a poll or some political consultant. this is the end of my political career, at least i'm doing what i think is right and basing my decisions on integrity. >> liberals are being asked of what happens in voters side with the dop? >> i have tremendous amount of faith in the american people, i would say look past the republican's obstruction and lies. >> that sets the stage for a nasty and partisan battle all impeachment on the house floor. but in the same week there is likely to be a lot a lot more bipartisan cooperation on government funding and the usmca trade deal with mexico and canada. bret? >> bret: thank you. conservatives in the united kingdom are celebrating their biggest win in decades but prime minister boris johnson once again promising he will finish the process of withdrawing from the rear european union at the end of next month.
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greg palkot has a story in london. >> anger in london as police closed a not all are upset with johnson's conservative party paid they gained a whopping 365 seat majority in the house of commo commons. the prime minister had a kinder and gentler message for the british public after a rancorous campaign and aftershocks. >> i urge everyone to find closure and to let the healing begin. >> even though britain voted for the u.k. to leave the european union in 2016, the wrangling went on for years. johnson's get brexit done message resonated. >> i just wanted it done. >> far left fears of labour party leader jimmy corbin. >> i think his views and ideas are really not what we need for a leader for a political party.
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>> corbin announced he would step down. >> i will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result. >> in the u.s., some were taken to their own cues of the u.k. vote. presidential hopeful joe biden said it should be a lesson for the democratic white house field not to stray too far to the left. and president trump congratulated his friend and ally boris johnson, noted johnson's win with its populist appeal could mean good things for him in 2020. >> that might be a harbinger for what's to come in our country. it was last time. i'm sure people will be thrilled to hear that. >> some analysts here say be careful what you wish for. featured a strong showing by a nationalist clinical party which might pave the way for scotland's independence. as the old adage goes, all
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politics is local. no doubt reminder, reminding their american cousins of that before they draw a conclusion across the pond. >> bret: greg, thank you. in tonight's democracy 2020 report, problems for one of the upcoming democratic credential debates. the candidates say they will not participate in next week's events in california, unless circumstances change. meanwhile, in one candidate not attending the debate plots a different path to the nominati nomination. >> barely 24 hours ago, the dnc announced four new debates in each of the early states. in january and february prove one that's been on the books for weeks is in jeopardy. next week, democrats are supposed to debate in los angeles, california, but workers at the university hosting the debate are on stri
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strike. now every major candidate and then some say they will not cross the picket line even if it means missing the debate. senator elizabeth warren calling on the dnc to "find a solution that lives up to our party's commitments to fight for working people." former new york city mayor michael bloomberg doesn't have to pick a side but he won't be at the l.a. debate and based on dnc rules, bloomberg is unlikely to qualify for any future primary debate because he does not have individual donors, his campaign is self-funded. bloomberg is one of the most recognizable former mayors, arguably only one former new york city mayor with name recognition right now, rudy giuliani. the two seems to be polar opposites. one works for president trump, the other wants desperately president trump to lose his current job. for all of the differences, the bloomberg 2020 campaign seems to mirror the giuliani 2008 campaign. >> florida is going to decide
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the next republican nominee. >> did not spend much money building his ground game in early states like south carolina and new hampshire is. it proved to be a fatal mistake. bloomberg said he's skipping all early states instead focusing on delicate rich super tuesday. >> obama said he went 99 times two iowa. we don't have any time to do that. >> experts say it makes it difficult but not impossible path to victory. >> if super tuesday were first, being held in isolation, his strategy would be a good one. but it's not happening in isolation. it's happening after four other critical contests based throughout the month of february. they will have created some kind of internal momentum. >> a states he would never expect their candidates too. they say they are working with all parties to try and reach a
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resolution. as for mayor bloomberg, he was here in alexandria, virginia, to unveil a climate proposal which he says will cut emissions in half by 2030. >> bret: up next, how changes in social media policy on campaign advertising have both democrats and republicans fuming. we'll explain. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 46 in charlotte as former washington redskins running back clinton portis surrendered to authorities in north carolina after being charged in the alleged scheme to defraud the national football league's health care program for retired players. several other people face similar charges. officials say the plan focused on submissions for claims for expensive medical equipment. box 51 in hartford as government of ned lamont directs the u.s. and state of connecticut flags to be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to sunset saturday for the flags will be lowered in remembrance of the sandy hook
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school shootings which took 26 lives seven years ago in newton. and this is a live look at the detroit from our affiliate fox . one of the big stories tonight, a big detroit power plant more than 100 years old demolished to accommodate for a jeep factory. explosive use to bring down the connors creek plant near the detroit river. the plant started in 1915 as a coal-fired operation. it was retired in 2008. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ng him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? i need all the breaks, that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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washington that this is not a good thing. corresponded kristin fisher shows us tonight. >> this is part of our digital department... >> to say that trump campaign manager brad parscale is frustrated by google's political ad policy is an understatement. >> it's a removal of free speech, suppression of >> it's not about attracting eyeballs online. to do that, all campaigns have been using a tactic called "micro-targeting," which allows them to aim as a very specific groups of people based on political affiliation, public voter records. it's a tactic that was perfected in 2016 by the trump campaign. but now, the largest search engine in the world which also owns youtube will only allow campaigns to target your grades based on their age, gender, general location. even if those users have asked the campaign to to contact them.
3:20 pm
>> it's almost like as if at&t is likely you aren't allowed to call any trump phone numbers bear they have a list of all the trump supporters in america and at&t said, you can dial their phones. it's crazy. >> democrats dislike google's new policy for different reasons. senator lisbeth warren's campaign because the change just lip service and does not actually solve the problem of misinformation on their platform. and 95 democratic digital operatives signed a post on medium saying that google's ad changes disadvantage democrats more than republicans. >> do you think it hurts republicans more or democrats more? >> i think it hurts americans. >> of what i believe the balance we have strength to allow political ads to remain on our platforms limiting narrow targeting that can reduce the visibility of ads and crush
3:21 pm
>> that's much less of an impact because it's a much smaller platform. the big problem is facebook, the biggest platform for political ads follow suit? >> bret: overseas, french president amanda mike rounds says the historical form of his nation's pension system is aimed at better equipping the challenges. the comments come after nationwide strikes that paralyzed public transportation. strikers said the pension changers will force people to work longer for less money and threaten the country's welfare system. up next, how the media are handling the two big stories of the week, impeachment and the justice department inspector general report. for us, beyond our borders tonight. roadside bombing in central afghanistan killed ten civilians
3:22 pm
including four women and the child. in the afghan officials said the explosion we did six civilians. no media claim for responsibility but the official claim russia's only aircraft carrier suffered a massive fire thursday. one crew member was killed, 11 others injured through the ship was significantly damaged. it has been plagued by incidents throughout its service. new zealand military service landed on a small volcanic island and recovered six bodies of the 16 people who died in the volcanic eruption monday for the bodies were airlifted to a nearby ship where the risky operation was monitored. toxic volcanic gases are still venting from the crater and scientists say another eruption is possible. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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>> bret: recapping our top story tonight, the judge every committee send articles of impeachment to the full house. potentially setting up a senate trial next month. this evening, how the media have portrayed the process and reacting to this week's inspector general report about surveillance on the trump presidential campaign and the actions of the fbi. here is fox news media analyst and host of foxes' media buzz," howard kurtz. >> the coverage has been as partisan as the vitriolic debate before the vote. >> this is the death rattle of the republican party for the first impeachment that we've seen that's gone this far that is completely political. >> cable news has covered the hearings why did punctuated with punditry. >> the only thing worse than a
3:28 pm
partisan impeachment is letting impeachable conduct go unchecked. >> they think impeachment would nullify that shock. like, it never happened? >> when lindsey graham open the senate hearing on inspector general michael horowitz's report on the russia probe quebec cnn which has blanketed the democratic aryans skipped his 42 minute statement and 8 minutes by dianne feinstein. conservative commentators focused on the ig's finding of serious fbi conduct, for years was a total lie. president trump was right, the attorney general barr was right. spying occurred. >> when the attorney general told msnbc that the trump campaign was indeed spied upon... >> based on a bogus narrative that was largely fanned and
3:29 pm
hyped by an irresponsible press. >> he drew sharp media criticism for being overly protective of his boss. the president today dismissing the vote had harsh words for the press. >> not all of it, but much of the media is corrupt. these are bad people. they are sick people, they are corrupt. >> the latest media topics? senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling proxy will work closely with the white house on staging the senate trial. media partisanship is predictable the question is will the tone shipped when senate republicans control the process? >> bret: two democratic lawmakers in kentucky asking the incoming state attorney general to investigate a series of pardons issued by former governor matt bevin. the republican loss to democrat andy bashir last month in a close race. he has issued more than 400 pardons since the november for the election, including one for a convicted killer whose family
3:30 pm
contributed to the governor of prosser's campaign. a man on the federal death row was supposed to be the first execution by the u.s. government in more than a decade. his punishment is on hold tonight. correspondent matt finn tells us why. >> inside the death chamber in this federal prison in indiana, the first federal inmate in 60 years was scheduled to be executed this week. about 72 hours before, supreme court blocked the trump administration's plan to execute the inmate by upholding the lower court stay. attorney general bill barr announced are set to be put to death under the administration's return to capital punishment. speak with the decision solely at this point how the execution is going to take place. in other words, the three drugs versus the one drug. >> at the heart of the battle is a lethal injection substance. attorney general barr has
3:31 pm
approved a new single lethal injection replacing the previous combination of three chemicals that caused botched executions and sparked outrage amongst death penalty opponents. >> every time the government comes up with a method of killing people, they say there's a better method of killing people, so you can't do that. >> the supreme court denied that the emergency request to lift the hold, but things the government will ultimately prevail in the executions, explaining in part, "in the light of what is at stake, it'd be preferable for the court's decision to be reviewed by the court of merits on the court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit before the executions are carried out. the prisoners despair this week? 53-year-old daniel lewis lee convicted of killing a family of three, including an 8-year-old girl by tying rocks to their bodies and dumping them in an arkansas. by they think the court of appeals0 days.
3:32 pm
spewing matt finn in indiana. math, think a bit federal health regulators have approved a drug of a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy. we reported in the past, after the medication was rejected for safety concerns four months ago. it's the second time the food and drug and drug administration has granted preliminary approval for the treatment based on early results. articles of impeachment sends to the full house. now a vote next week. the panel reacts when we come back.
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3:37 pm
>> look past the republicans' obstruction and lies but look past all the spaghetti they threw at the wall to try to get to stick but isn't real. >> you are trivializing impeachment, and i tell you what, someday there'll be a democrat president and there will be a republican house, and i suspect they are going to remember it. >> bret: it is official. the house judiciary committee voting for articles of impeachment. the vote along party lines on the two articles of impeachment. 33-17, it has to be a full house for a vote next week or it's likely to pass an head to the senate for a trial. let's bring in our panel from new york. former tennessee congressman harold ford jr., and brian committee, cohost of "fox & friends" and author of the new book, "sam houston: the alamo avengers," "new york times" best seller. are you allowed to stay this late? >> i'm doing tucker next.
3:38 pm
>> it's during the week where the president had one of his biggest bipartisan legislative achievements but not all over the finish line but it's interesting. >> by the way, we exchanged family leave for a space for us. a minor thing, but the president wanted it badly. it's a good message to make to the russians who were singing in the 1980s when they said "star wars," that freak them out to the point where they knew they couldn't keep up and maybe they changed what america was up to. the usmca, got across the finish line. republicans bent out of shape the way it finished for the china deal, china went up at 11:00 and called a presser, this is true, we back what america is saying, we do have a tentative deal, we've got some the details which will go with on the show. it's a big day. yesterday was the big day and the day before, when we watched the same argument over and over again for 14 and a half hours on thursday and at about the same on wednesday, i had never seen a bigger waste of time or more
3:39 pm
people convinced that they were right at the end. very little mystery, it's extended into the day where the drama really was the 23-17, straight up party lines. spewing likely to be close but right now swing state democrats, take a listen to this. >> i feel bad for the democrat members, elected in districts that trump won. cell nancy pelosi is really putting these members on the line. they are really risking that they will lose the majority. i think they are. >> may be because i'm a former cia officer, sometimes you have to make calls that aren't based on a poll or on some political consultant. if this is the end of my political career, at least i'm doing what i think of them right and i'm basing my decision on integrity. that's the most i can do. spewing as mentioned in the sound bite cometh anyone in sound bites in districts where president trump won. is there pressure after all this
3:40 pm
presentation, all on how they vote? >> nancy pelosi change her mind about bringing this to the floor likely seen the last few weeks when this congress woman who served three tours in iraq along with several of her other colleagues, many of them women who are former military officers, veterans, national scaredy officers, all said that the message around ukraine and what the allegation was move them so badly and move them so deeply they wanted to see the impeachment hearing go forward. if she's believed and you believe a person when they say those words, they are going to impeach him. she is willing to take that risk. what i don't know, and we been talking, i want to know what the rules are in the senate. when the prosecutors come over from the house -- i was in the house when clinton was impeached. but i was not part of the team that prosecuted -- i didn't vote for impeachment. i don't know what the rules are for what and who you can call, chief justice roberts will preside. >> bret: the rules are the
3:41 pm
majority, actually. the questions are three republican senators, if they get three -- >> how many witnesses can they call it. mcconnell i have to think there's a little worried because you can have a trial now and if the democrats are able to call more witnesses than the call before the intel committee, if there is new information, i do not know. spewing republicans are in charge but it requires the republicans to switch over so you can imagine a scenario with the republicans, mitt romney, susan collins, could potentially vote that way and it doesn't change the dynamic in the senate trial? >> it's not going to change the outcome but what we've been seeing his opera. we knew where this was going when miss pelosi authorized the investigation. all the elect verities. if this was we would find a really big crime and the president could be
3:42 pm
removed, people would be listening to it at their workstations, you be walking down the street looking -- see if there's a tv there. nobody's doing that. the big outcome of this is what mrs. pelosi and the adam schiff has done, and partly has been done because she chose adam schiff to lead this. she's done something that paul ryan, donald trump, mitch mcconnell had not been able to do, unite the republican party. you mentioned it. the question now is not whether donald trump is going to be gone, it's how many votes mrs. pelosi is going to lose on this? i think she'll have the votes to impeach and if any republicans go over to the other side which i don't think is going to happ happen. >> bret: the question say if you want going to impeach him for this, when are you going to impeach him? at one point -- >> it's a democratic president? i would say one possibility is when you find something that does equal bribery. instead of talking bribery,
3:43 pm
bribery, bribery because it pulls welfare then you say, never mind, it's not really bribery. >> it's hard not to admit at the table -- look, i think the russia investigation wouldn't find anything, i think it's hard to admit and ask for some help and tangled some things in front of it. you >> bret: you could be will hurd who said, listen, there's a problem with this. it's not appropriate. but it also did not get to the point of impeachment. >> i'm not disagreeing it. i think they watches and say, this is not only so partisan, the just every hearing was an embarrassment. you watched it and why can't the democrats say, look, if everyone had the will hurd approach and say, maybe we move toward century, the company down the country would be
3:44 pm
thinkin 's vehicle fundamentally disagree. the call is not perfect, but it's not impeachable. number two, when i watch that woman, the congress woman who was war veteran, i get it. she should have been more outrage when barack obama looked the other way when ukraine was being chopped up and grind it up by the russians and the only would we not give them weapons, we gave them to a third country, we gave them blankets down there blankets and mr es. there was no outrage. can you do us a favor, we promised the ukrainians when they give up their nuclear weapons we watch their back. they just all crimea. all of a sudden you have a call with president zelensky doing a typical donald trump call. buddy, are you going to do your job, do what you are elected to do? it's trump being trump and it's about 2016.
3:45 pm
>> bret: this is a rounded table, not a curvy catch. >> i'm just saying that this is what goes on all day. >> the other question is impeachment is the nuclear weapon, the death penalty politically for a president. what happens when you drop this on a president and the smoke clears and he walks out unharm unharmed? it's like walking out of chernobyl. what do you throw next? >> bret: we shall see. panel, things. we also we have candidate casino after this. billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath?
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xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. >> this election means getting brexit done and is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the british people. >> this election taken over ultimately by brexit. my whole strategy was to reach out beyond the brexit divide to try to bring people together. >> tonight, people spoke and said the hill with this, we voted leave, we want our leave. a big victory.
3:50 pm
>> a big victory for people who want to leave the european union. the seats picked up, big loss for the labour party. bill, big contextual message from this? >> it's amazing what a political party can do when you listen to the people and actually say, you know, we are going to do what they told what wanted to be done instead of looking down on them. spewing interestingly, there is extrapolation for what it means for the u.s. joe biden out in a separate cisco fund-raiser it, look what happens when the labour party move so far to the left, you arg people saying, my god, boris johnson who is the physical and emotional clung to the president is going to win. people saying, do not go too far left. >> proposals to pay for every and any idea that springs to mind for some of the candidates in this race, unless you have a way to pay for it, this election should be some sign. i think you can over read these
3:51 pm
things. there are some parallels, american politicians who had endorsed presidential candidates here in the democratic party he went to great britain and endorsed the labo labour party candidate. maybe democrat step back and look closer at a bloomberg, a biden, or press corps into where you stand on these issues but what you do not want to happen if you are a democrat a year from today on shows like this people saying, well, they were forewarned about this. there was an actual election that took place with these ideas were laid out. >> bret: some people argue that breaks it was the harbinger for donald trump and he said today, the president said look ahead to 2020. >> as the president would probably say, they didn't want to shut brexit, the people we didn't want to cut a deal, theresa may was reluctant and lost her political career. a lot of people said president trump, she had what she did, we are going to accept the verdict, that's probably
3:52 pm
what she did tell mike he this week. donald trump confuse conservatives and confused democrats. he says, i'm not really antiunion. i kind of like blue-collar workers. i don't get a wrong along with richpeople. boris johnson won over labour labor, wants to be tough on immigration. people who want to put you into a category, he confuses them. interesting to make his announcement in the wind is, it straightened out his hair. got smoother. >> all right. lightning round. here we go, we are going to candidate casino. $100 in chips. you've got to vote for democratic primary. go. >> i'm going to put $50 michael bloomberg. why? he embrace the fact that he is and i have a lot of money, i'm paying myself. i'm going to pay for all of it. elizabeth warren criticized him.
3:53 pm
welcome is it better for >> bret: 100 bucks. there you go. $100. >> i put 25, 25, 25, 25. warren, biden, bloomberg. there is a part of the party that wants her to do well. i think if she modifies her message, she could. there is no doubt my you can decry billionaires, you can't decry success in the democratic party. >> i put 50 bucks on somebody not in the race. >> i put 50 on elizabeth warren's. people count her out over the pocahontas thing and she came back, i think she worked hard. i agree with how long the messages but it's still early, she can change it. i put 50 on bernie, not that i agree with them but they one advantage she has is that he believes what he's saying and he'll say the tough thing. it's mostly a reflection -- i do
3:54 pm
not see joe biden making it to the end. i did not see mayor pete making it either. >> bret: you picked a winner in >> i got $50! can i go up to 150? >> bret: next time. panel, thank you. when the combat, notable quotable's when we come back, notable quotables. [sneezing]
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i'm happy to give you the tour, i lohey jay. it. jay? charlotte! oh hi. he helped me set up my watch lists. oh, he's terrific. excellent tennis player.
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bye-bye. i recognize that voice. annie? yeah! she helped me find the right bonds for my income strategy. you're very popular around here. there's a birthday going on. karl! he took care of my 401k rollover. wow, you call a lot. yeah, well it's my money we're talking about here. joining us for karaoke later? ah, i'd love to, but people get really emotional when i sing. help from a team that will exceed your expectations. ♪ >> bret: it's friday. that means notable quotables. >> days that require us to think about what it means to think about a uniform every day. god knows this is one of those days. >> this rolling ash cloud came into the cliff and started to engulf the entire island. >> this is a whiplash morning dealing with impeachment at 9:00
3:59 pm
and then usmca. >> and of the day is young. >> the argument, why don't you just wait, why don't you just let him cheat in one more election? speaker they want to win an election and this is the only way they can do it. >> we did it! we pulled it off, didn't we? >> such a range of conduct is inexplicable and the answers we got were not satisfactory. >> this was not jason bourne for this was beavis and butthead. >> buttigieg! >> i think you are going to see a rematch. >> the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. >> that's why people are having such an terrible opinion of congress. >> this has been a wild week. >> bret: one week in the news. on fox news sunday, chris wallace will have an exclusive interview with former fbi director james comey. he will also talk to house intelligence community chairman adam schiff.
4:00 pm
thank you for inviting us in your homes tonight. that is it for this busy week and "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" hosted right down the hall by martha maccallum. >> martha: good evening, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in new york. this is "the story." strange day all around. impeachment in the morning, followed by a china deal, and a record close for the american market. boris johnson, a trump political sibling from across the pond scores a win not seen since margaret thatcher. but with all of that news, president trump is seething what he calls the cheapening of impeachment. >> it's a scam. it's something that should not be allowed. it's a very bad thing for our country. you are trivializing impeachme


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