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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 14, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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i hope to see you all here next week. ♪ eric: a historic showdown looming after the house judiciary committee approved two articles of impeachment, democrats charges president trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. as you know, that sets the stage for a full house vote that is expected to come next week. whether or not to impeach the president for only the third time in the history of our nation. no surprise, the historic and controversial of move sparking strong reaction from >> i think that the whole impeachment think, hoax i think you could call it, it is a hoax. nancy pelosi knows it and we've
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been working on impeachment for two and half years. i want this to end as quick as possible for the good of the senate and the country. and i think the best think for america to do, is to get this behind us. if you don't like president trump, you can vote a bit dense him in less than a year. - - >> i understand they're acting in the best interest of the president and the party right now. eventually they will have come to the con chance. >> historic, this is america's new central. >> this all comes a some democrats slam ms. miss mcconnell, for staying that he is working in quote toll coordination with the white house with the president's potential trial in january. live in the white house with more on this part of the story. and more. >> are so good afternoon at this hour president trump news at philadelphia to army-navy of a
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game. with the impeachment hearings going on that we seen on capitol hill all week, fox's also learned that on friday president trump also had a chance to meet with democratic congressman, jeff of new jersey. to discuss potentially parties uber this impeachment fight. this will come as the house prepares for a possible vote on impeachment either wednesday or thursday of this week coming up. i know you've heard from the president several times but not today as he was leading philadelphia, he fired off several tweets about impeachment and one of them he compared himself to the supreme court justice cabin not writing after watching this way that it went from man as treated been treated by the democrat, and seeing firsthand how the radical left do nothing, do the whole impeachment hoax. i understand why so many are voting republican. we have already heard from a number of republican senators after weighing in on potential impeachment trials that are happening in the senate come january. here is just what a few of them had to see. >> this think will come to the
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senate and will die quickly. and i will do everything i can to make it die quickly. >> this has brought motivated by desire for justice, this is motivated by hatred of president trump. >> now senate democrats are curious uber some of these comments. got a statement from senate minority leader, chuck turned the articles of impeachment are sent in every single senator pulled taken out. they will conduct a fair and honest trial to allow all of the text, for it is paramount. their focus on other issues beside impeachment things like trade and paid family leave, and as a mature right at this hour president trump is trying to take a break from politics up north in pennsylvania. from the army navy game. this is him on the field just with the game. you see the president wearing a gray hat at the start of the game, the president had to meet with both teams before the game
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started. has brought expected to be in pennsylvania much longer. i'll be flying back down to washington this evening for a fundraiser at the top hotel near dc. >> thank you. now there are questions about next week democratic debate in los angeles will go on a schedule. that after all seven qualifying candidates threaten to skip it because of the labor dispute there. the 2020 couples either refused to cross the picket live. at the university we're workers on campus including first food service company that provides food for all of the students, barbara is live in pittsburgh we're several of the are taking part of the education from using there. >> hey eric, begin to pittsburgh to take part in this forum. they are focusing on the public education. equity and justice for all in dc and public education groups hosted the event and some in canada's defendant and one person expected then head back
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out at the last minute senator kirk he's had flu the past few days and still on the weather. we have now heard from all of the candidates we expect to hear from today, former vice president joe biden just finished speaking thursday as you mentioned in democrats are supposed to debate in los angeles california the workers at the university set to host the debate are on strike. every candidate qualified for the debate, there are seven of them, publicly said they will not cross the picket live even if it means missing the debate. they released a statement staying they are working with all parties to try to reach a resolution of both values of the dmc and allows the debate to proceed as scheduled. tom sara just spoke to the president has not gotten any new updates from the d&c. near. >> just before i walked in here, no news of the day. he told me not. they are probably trying to work with all of the parties to resolve this.
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because having these debates is critical for americans to see the differences between candidates. this is obviously going to be a critical election for america. holding debates where people get a chance to learn as much as they can. important things happen. >> the debate is only five days away. their only two ways typically for them to show up. if they move and relocate the venue which it already had to do once. or there is some sort of resolution with a strike seeing more in terms of wages and also affordable healthcare. >> eric. >> in shock, 13 -year-old now on arrest as a suspect in the stabbing death of a college student on wednesday. new york city's police commissioner staying has printed >> i wish we could've prevented this what i truly do. that will be part of the investigation going forward.
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>> on with jackie on more the story. >> that teenage suspect told investigators that she fought back fighting one of her attackers but she was overcome by those three juveniles and died of her stab wounds at the hospital. we question a 13 -year-old yesterday and they spun him in a building near the crime scene wearing the same clothes as the night of the murder when he was seen on camera heading into morningside park with his friends. the rest of the teens we're loitering he alleged confessed and naming two accomplices. police and the suspects all middle schoolers. they went to the park with the intention of robbing someone. and initially set their sights on oh man but got spooked. and then attacked tessa majors freshman from virginia. she's only been in the city for three months for the team said he watched others from her and put her in a chokehold, and rater markets before stabbing her so viciously feathers came out of her jacket. the right and left majors, bleeding and she was able to
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find some stairs where security card called 911 and she died at the hospital. majors murder has left new yorkers shaken. it reminded some of the big crimes that it has printed it happen what was one of the city news most dangerous parts but had recently improved. >> there's no way on earth, we're not going to let the city go back. lesson many ways the city has just changed profoundly and it isn't going back. people know the teenage suspect expressed shock that he would be involved in something like this. his mother reportedly died a few years ago and has brought known who we're devastated at his hearing as he was charged with murder. please reportedly still looking for one another suspect and they would not confirm whether the second team is also in custody. >> it is disturbing and disgusting. jackie thank you. >> a lot going in kentucky. after 400 people including rapists and murderers, during
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his final days in office. several lawmakers are calling for investigation but the governor news more controversial artist. such as one convicted child rapist. and him and his family's to raise her name for the 11th 2015 campaign. rhapsody has a lot more on this controversy. >> hi eric. as you mentioned some 400 parties by kentucky matt on his way out of his office. one was a grisly murder oh man killing his former lover and putting her dismembered body and a 55 downtime. in the garden order and setting quote inability or unwillingness of the state to use the dna evidence to either affirm or disprove this condition. he also pardoned oh man convicted of murder and other crimes during a home break-in that back in 2014, the family of convicted murderer patrick bryant baker raised uber $21000 in a personal donation/or to governor campaign at a political
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fundraiser. the pardons are not sitting well with prosecutors in this case is. or the kentucky state lawmakers want to call from both sides of the aisle. >> person pulled the trigger killed another human being. they are free. that person news family raised $21000 that went directly into the governor news pocket. >> it seems to me, it was completely inappropriate. i suspect he had the power to do it, but looking at the examples of people who are incarcerated in these heinous crimes. i do not approve of it. >> became pain contributions played a brawl in his decision. the suggestions of financial art for political considerations played a part in the decision-making process. those highly offensive and entirely false. to repeat such uncorroborated rumors and lies is reprehensible. now along with hundreds of pardons, also the death sentence wasn't to like with the
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possibility of parole. wilson was convicted of the 1987 rape and murder and again spiny elective evidence and incompetence at the prosecution for his reasons for pardoning wasn't. at least one kentucky state lawmaker missing a measure next year to start governors of pardoning on the way of the door. but i has to be approved by kentucky letters. eric: >> in the trade war between u.s. and china, both sides reaching a partial deal. that turns now the temperature on the trade tensions. the u.s. agreed to reduce tariffs, as china great divide more american farm products. more from washington. >> the u.s. and china have agreed to a limited trade agreement printed with white house officials consider same someone in economic associations. treasury secretary speaking in counter today to this initial agreement will be very good for
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global economic growth. he says he wants to ensure the two countries implement and enforce this first phase before discussing phase two of any trade deal. president trump says he is looking forward to a better economic relationship with china. >> is going to be one of the great deals ever and is going to ultimately read to the opening of china. this is something that is incredible because that is all make untapped market 1.5 million people. >> many of the specifics of the deal are still unclear. secretary minasian said he expects the u.s. and china to lease more details soon. the white house is in a great two strap tariffs on about a 160 millions dollars on chinese imports that we're scheduled to begin tomorrow. i am into the u.s. from china like smart phones and other electronics. the u.s. also agreed to cut rates on some existing tariffs. so maintain tariffs of 25 percent on about $250 million in chinese imports. in exchange, the white house says the china pledges to find by millions more americans and
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culture. there are skeptics though pradip rubio says the white house should consider the risk of the near-term deal with tenant to give away the issue that matters most. such as subsidies to domestic first and pet transfers and blocking u.s. firms access to keep sectors in the administration was trying to stop stealing american firm trade secrets. but parson operate in china and open up more markets to american business. eric back to you. later this hour,. >> he will be here to discuss whether beijing is negotiating in good faith and what comes next in the trade talk. >> moderate democrats, while they are still in the fence join it comes to impeachment, coming up. we will have a closer look at the political risks of the issue will turn out to be more harmful to the print president or the
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democratic pet candidates. >> we have to get out and make sure that the voters understand what we are doing and what we did it, and why we think this administration has been so terrible.
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now "big insurance" is lobbying congress. asking for restrictions on air medical services. eliminating patients' access to life-saving care and destroying jobs all in exchange for bigger profits for insurance companies. tell congress, put patients first, not big insurance. eric:president on right now is e annual army-navy bubble game in philadelphia. is he right there. there he is, in the type and attack, he's at lincoln field and the president visited both locker rooms before the game and he was met with cheers when he announced along with defense secretary and more and sighed, the service academy football players can play professional sports friend or foe. and then they delayed their military service. this is the hundred and 20th meeting between both academies and the president sat in the first quarter with the army in a
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switch sides to the navy and right now the game is tied seven army-navy game. plus a wonderful game traditional being played out. in the president commander-in-chief in the stands in philadelphia. >> was go to new orleans and print. marcel: the city is declaring a state of emergency after he was hit by a suspected cyber attack. authorities see read somewhere was found in the cities computer system on friday. forcing the government to shut down all of the city computers and offices. they see only services in the 911 system are running. new orleans mayor reported cantrell, no information has been compromised but is unclear who was behind attack. the cities investigating the incident along with the fbi. eric: is the white house is up on moderate democrats especially those in the district one by the
1:20 pm
president in 2060. 430 members of the house of the democratic party mayday simple majority of 216 votes in order to pass both articles of impeachment. the speaker nancy pelosi, see the party though, will not pressure them on which way to vote. >> not within the legislation we ever witnessed something like this. people have to come through to their own conclusions predicting the facts, is presented in the intelligence committee have seen constitution in the know it. they take an oath to protect and defend it. they seem to constitutional experts. they will make their own decision. eric: can they expect. politics correspondence fell pretty. eric: honey think this will go bill. honey think this will flip and get some vote no. >> think i know we see is it that house speaker nancy pelosi is confident in the fact that she has the numbers which was make certain that voters see the
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demo of conscious. she has brought going be twisting arms in public. and what is interesting is that already democrats are losing as a result of this impeachment vote. have a rep. who switch parties a second ago and that is very good news for republicans. because their goal out of all of this, as they want this vault to come down and they want to be able to get a handful of democratic defectors, so that at the end of the day they can have an asterix on this vault. even if it is only a handful of democrats, they can at least see, look there was bipartisan opposition to impeachment. eric: you just mentioned jeff. he's been a moderate in new jersey he was against impeachment. tommy loaned out more about his you said he was switching parties and what could this message be. >> i think that what he is doing, he is laying out the templin for the best case scenario for democrats to find themselves in live blue districts because of the note switch parties, but they do sort of oppose impeachment, there a and a damn if you do damned if
1:22 pm
you don't situation because of the oppose impeachment are not going to get a lot of support from their party and they also know that has brought going to remove the target from the back come 2020. the real question though some of these democrats is whether or not voters are going to forgive them for voting for the impeachment inquiry and then the last minute acting off and not voting to impeach the president. there watching very closely those opinion polls and they're also looking to what independent voters think of this entire process. eric: is clearly some of these candidates, congressional members are considering what happens during the election. democratic of michigan speaking about what she faces. >> and maybe it's because i am a former cia officer, i did three tours in iraq. sometimes if mccall's that aren't based on the bowl. or in some political consultant. this is the end of five political career, at least i am doing what i think is right. and i am basing my decisions on the integrity. that is the most i can do.
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eric: the son exactly with the speaker once in the carcass. be back at least publicly, because what they don't want to have happen is the narrative to emerge that this is about politics and not sensible things. from the very beginning from the moment she stepped up to the podium nancy pelosi is and try to make about upholding the constitution and making certain that no one is above the rule of law. obviously we have seen president trump on twitter and while speaking to reporters, dismiss this as a tent. i think that what is going to be very challenging for democrats though is that it seems for a long time they were pursuing impeachment and looking for a crime. because the republican party has definitely been playing on repeat of a lot of those quotes from democratic members of congress who have always been talking about impeachment, even just a couple of days after inauguration day. eric: and here is the president talking about impeachment. areas.
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>> seems to be very good for me politically. and again those people, because i watched some of these dishonest fake media. they are single on polls never made the same. no also not remain same. i think you understand that john. the polls have gone through the growth truck. eric: let's look at the bowl. the balance, is approve of impeachment. how that play out nature. >> if you look closely at the impeachment question in particular, you see across the board there is support for impeachment but if you in a row that down to independence, people are going to be deciding the 2020 elections. there is opposition to impeachment by about 1 percent. i think this is so interesting about the truck impeachment. he is the leader yes but unlike past presidents who have faced impeachment, has brought going to be going into the bunker. join i talk to alumni of the clinton administration or the nixon administration, they will had met that those presidents liked the market people for president trump doesn't think he
1:25 pm
has committed a crime. the size been on the defensive and why every day he is been up front and opposing the same because right now, he thinks that on the net, that this is something is going to benefit him in 2020. because he can see that this is the partisan issue. not one that has to do with possible. that is his mentality. eric: is in a trial, actually here's up next month. good to see if opera thanks for joining us. >> thank you. marcel: will eric to adversaries middle and middle east meeting in secret. nor course. then ron in saudi arabia are trying to mend fences and with the u.s. is me kept out of the loop. lawmakers demanding an overhaul of the quote as the inspector general found more than a dozen errors during the russia investigation. a closer look at some of the proposed changes. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family.
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bleeding disorderste medlike hemophilia.s so victor can keep doing what's in his blood. at bayer, this is why we science. >> saudi arabia is apparently
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thinking with the run in efforts to t wall street journal is reporting that the saudi news, interest and better relations with regional rivals, comes as riyadh is questioning how much backing and as from the u.s. and other allies. john hanna, former national security advisor and senior counselor at the foundation for dissent and democracy. so john how do you see it. why are the saudi news in easing regional tensions. >> irs, i listen the saudis really are scared to death. they are simply hedging their best in the attack last september, by the iranians on saudi arabia's most critical loyal facilities. i think it is a huge shock to the saudi news realize two things. first that the iranians have very advanced military capabilities. that in the event of a larger war could probably bring the saudi economy to its knees.
1:31 pm
the second think they realized is the united states might not write to the saudi rescue. the american response to that attack on saudi oil facilities was very minimal. and that represents a dramatic reversal from 40 years of american national security policies that persian gulf oil was in the vital national interest of the united states and something we be prepared to defend by all means necessary including military of course. eric: marcel: does that undercut u.s. power in the region. >> yes, listen if saudi arabia isn't america's most important error ally, is beginning to reach out to the saudi news diplomatically to try and reduce tensions in the region, that does potentially have the effect of undermining an american strategy towards iran that is
1:32 pm
entirely premised on building maximum pressure on the iranians to try and of course them back into the negotiating table to negotiate a better deal on the nuclear program and all of their activities throughout the middle east. so it does create the danger. i would see second danger it also creates our that the iranians proceed this outreach by the saudi news as a sign that their policy of military escalation in the region is in fact working. and that that they push even harder an excellent even further and more dangerous provocative ways, they may even be able to get the united states in saudi arabia to come in their direction and begin to reduce some of that pressure more significantly. marcel: you talking about the financial and economic pressure so with diminished power in the region, what are the consequences to the u.s. on the geopolitical stage include that eventually put a
1:33 pm
dent in our national security. >> i think it is really creative potential danger to america's first policy in the middle east which is this maximum pressure campaign against iran to try and get them to rein in their bad behavior and reign in their nuclear program and if the saudi news are most important, their ally on the cutting it is a real problem. i would see that the one bright side in all of this is that after that attack and saudi arabia, by some good luck, we have had massive protests break out against the iranian regime not only in spite of iran itself, join in its two most important sheds in the middle east. iraq and lebanon. and then in turn is putting real pressure on the iranian regime. it is putting them on the defensive in their own backyard. in a way that i don't think anybody expected was going to happen. marcel:
1:34 pm
the people are fed up. during the uprising. talk about this john pressing a pre- president trump seem to trust saudis. and he tells a relationship is right. what are the saudi news being undermining the president trump. >> listen i just think of the saudi news are doing what they think is in their own best interest. they know that despite the fact that they been the greatest purchaser of armor in the world for the past several years, if they went head-to-head with the iranian revolutionary guard, the saudi news would probably be no match. so unless they know and are absolutely certain they have rock solid american support, the saudi news are going to engage in this kind of hedging behavior to try and reduce tension and try to get the target off of their back. and make sure that the iranians don't engage in another even more serious attack. then join they hit the saudi oil infrastructure with last september. marcel: the u.s. has brought trying to
1:35 pm
engage with iran but do you think the structure considering this note joining forces, if you will between saudi news and ron, does that in some ways undercut the pressure that the u.s. is putting on a ron economy and some of their top officials? >> i think it could, it sends a mixed message. join we want is the really solid coalition. diplomatically and politically, financially it is putting maximum pressure on the iranian regime to of course them to rein in their behavior. again i think there is some danger here join they see this saudis coming their way, the iranians are going to miscalculate and believe that they are winning and they can push harder and they only need to escalate further to try and get some kind of sanctions relay. i don't think president trump will give into that. but it does create a certain danger that the saudi news eventually will overrate any minute of the united states
1:36 pm
doesn't want to get involved in a military fight, he might have to. marcel: i am out of time and personally after leaving there. we will keep an eye on this. john we come back to discuss this very interesting and possibly disturbing development. >> absolutely. thank you. be what meanwhile u.s. and china, d escalated their trade work this week by finalizing pulleys phase one hundred try deal. what comes next. a major concession from beijing? >> my deal with them was two months ago and we had it in pretty good forum. i said to me favor, start buying agriculture on a started. if you look, they are already buying. even before the deal signed. they are buying. >> terror struck.
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1:42 pm
touches on the china deal. >> in this one to be one of the great deals ever made and is going to ultimately lead to the opening of china. that is something that is incredible because that is a whole big untapped market of 1.5 billion people. the one that's president trump of course. praising try deal with china yesterday great breakthrough comes as the u.s. agrees to suspend the learned new.of tears. they were set to take effect tomorrow. and china, said that would buy markets from american farmers. so who's the winners and are there any losers. foreign affairs journalist and author of the coming collapse of china. the we don't know very much about the space of a because all we had is the term sheet that the administration has issued but it doesn't really look that good because as you.out, we give up a lot. we're strapping the tariffs that we're supposed to going to jeff's in effect tomorrow. we're cutting others of the
1:43 pm
hundred 20 million chinese desperate chinese are going by march u.s. egg but they have to do that anyway because they have a severe food crisis. so they have to buy a lot of foreign food. much of the we really got that much. by the way eric, we are performing on our deal even before there is a signed agreement. i don't think this makes sense. eric: what would you rather see. >> president trump news course of action which he started a long time ago that is to put tariffs on and raise them, but i think it partially, there are voices in the administration who have counseled sort of trying to see china's demands and a nice long term trading relationship with them. but clearly that has not been the case uber four decades. so i believe that china's communism, really prevents us from having a good enduring relationship. eric: what about those who would accelerate chinese retaliation against us. if the president had intended that. >> bringing on. essentially we hold all of the
1:44 pm
high cards. we need acts they need access to our market. lester eric, china's trade surplus against the u.s., merchandise trade surplus with a hundred and 19.3 percent of its overall merchandise surplus. there is enormous dependence on the u.s. market. i especially need it now than they did last year because their economy is slipping. so the need to export to us. eric: how can it help us to take advantage of that. >> for us the important think is that we don't want china stealing our intellectual property. they take hundreds of billions of dollars a year of u.s. ip. and that is a mortal wound to her economy because we can't innovate, we can't commercialize our technology, then we do not have an economy of the future. so we better do something. and unfortunately is drastic because previous administrations and president trump a very bad situation. eric: heavenly turnaround. they have these new rules and not having following interfaces in the computers and the sort of
1:45 pm
think. they're going all chinese. >> saarland december 1, and on january 1, 2 sets of rules that means that the u.s. companies cannot use encryption that prevents the chinese government from reading all of the data. that means they take all of the information and all of the technology and with the chinese are in the china networks of the american company, that i can through worldwide and facilitates him from taking think in the world. it's one is going to happen. >> it is happening right now eric. the first set of rules, went into effect the first of this month and the multiply protection 2.0 in on the first of next month on the china's law goes into effect. eric: are staying that the chinese beijing will have the ability to read everything that any american company does any business. in patents and the sort of think. they can get into our computers and sell the stuff. so i guess, they have the right to do that because you can't use
1:46 pm
encryption that the chinese government can't read. in the chinese government has brought going to go to u.s. companies nasser data. it is going to take it that went out those companies permission. they will have the capacity to do that. that is what the december 1 rules are. what is into lake anybody like that. if you are in business in china can you block print. >> the president of the united states can issue an emergency executive order. dissent u.s. companies cannot comply. and if there are a of course in a position or trying it demands that, while the mentally. remember as drastic as it is, we're not driving this. china is driving this. and we cannot allow china to take uber the entire fortune 500. it's really the consequence of what happens join china is in those networks. >> news one please repeat that again. what do you think this government, the american government, washington should do to protect us. >> the international economy
1:47 pm
powers act 1977, president function or american colonies not to come comply with a december 1, and january 1 rules. eric: that is astounding. jane is always good to see you. bangmac thanks eric. eric: and we will be right back. to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be.
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marcel:how government agencies r and obtain permission to gain surveillance on american citizens. julian turner has a look at the possible future of this. >> the foreign intelligence surveillance act is one of the intelligence community news most powerful and controversial tool for gathering information about operating in the united states. inspector general news report, the process spacing crisis. >> it needs to be reformed. >> 17 errors of omission in the crisis surveillance application trump 80. >> some basic and fundamental errors we're made by three separate teams on one of the most sensitive fbi investigations. >> detail the nature of these
1:52 pm
concerns. it's a high-stakes case that expert safe chip and follow wallace print. >> there is moment after moment after bad judgment and bad conduct. there is no way fbi consult with this. >> is run by a supersecret panel of judges. only the government side in the middle independent migrating of its ruling, most of them kept forever from the public. the first of the nation news attention in 2013 join an estate leader edward seven revealed his secret proceedings for those of the relationship triggered the nationwide debate about national security versus privacy. the key lawmakers are still catching up today. >> right now it has an exception in very unusual circumstances and there's no real accountability built into the system. >> critics are accused of rubberstamping every one that they receive. >> they're not wheeling to
1:53 pm
mislead the quote and manipulate evidence, came to the quote, is going to be hard for us to see the course to stay around. stomach congresses quote has the ball. and the fisa quote, fbi director says that either way, the bureau is already making a major change. in washington, julian turner, fox news. marcel: thanks julian, tomorrow fox has an exclusive interview with the man who led the fbi during the launch of the russia probe. uber fbi director james comey, vault goes one-on-one with chris tomorrow on fox and airs it to and seven p.m. eastern right here in the fox news channel. eric: and that should be something print question tomorrow. as a landslide victory for conservatives across the pond. johnson staying they will finally happen. what comes next for america's possessed l.a.
1:54 pm
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1:58 pm
eric: finally get brexit done. after voters handed conservatives biggest majority. january 302,001st to finalize britain's divorce from the european union. more from london. >> hi eric, before something that's one remarkable victory and today he it's been off to the president england he made possible into thinking. on friday, the prime minister to the next five years is sometimes ever marketable 18 seat majority in parliament. he will give the government the power to push the brexit bill through. it also makes it much more likely that britain will have the e.u. by the next deadline and january 302,001st of next year. it. >> with a deal ready to go. [inaudible conversation]
1:59 pm
>> not everyone in the okay is happy about that. join a large number of seats in parliament, scotland also remain in their leader is now calling for a second independent referendum. johnson is set to refuse that referendum in the request. these wanting unity for the country to come together and heal. however he will face some serious challenges ahead because those who are supporting him for the first time in pushing his brexit through. and repeating that brexit slogan throughout the next election campaign, but now we have a hit and the pressure is on him to make that really happen. back to you. eric: makes much. ♪ >> is the full house prepares to take up impeachment as early as
2:00 pm
next week. hello everyone, welcome to the brand-new our of america's new headquarters on partial print. >> hello everyone i am american thank you for joining us on the saturday. eric: trump is blasting democrats again calling the process a sham and a hoax. at the house to just three mini vote along party lines to advance impeachment articles against him for his dealings with ukraine and for obstructing congress he said. the spot let no shooting to those 31 democrats representing districts. three by the in 2016. as a lawmakers now have to mull uber the most important vote, will it be in the political careers and their political impact of that. and more merritt is live at the white house with the very latest from there. i mark. subject: good afternoon eric, president trump is in philadelphia for the army navy football game. jeff came after the president
2:01 pm
called himself a wild week in washington. much of the attention is focused on the house demonstration officials tells us that their focus is on the senate and the likely trial that is going to be happening come january. now foxes also learned the president trump just me with new jersey democratic congressman jeff andrew on friday to discuss impeachment and possibly switching parties. andrew has the best voice his opposition to impeachment. so far house republicans have appeared to remain united behind the president. republican leaders said they believe the impeachment is something that democrats divide ever since the president's victory back in 2016. the biggest problem is that they never started with facts. that is how they got their impeachment began and where there was an actual crime committed. there's never been a crime here. they have trying to find a crime and it started them more investigation. as been very clear that you see through this whole impeachment inquiry this is a likely benefit vendetta. be what house speaker says her party has brought whipping both on impeachment. it will be up to each member to
2:02 pm
decide for themselves which way they want to vote. heard from a number of members that this is a very personal decision that they're going to have to make and they will spend the weekend focusing on that. one democratic congresswoman from michigan said for the. >> i did three tours in iraq. sometimes you have to make calls that are based on full or in some political consultant. if this is the end of my political career, at least i am doing what i think is right. and i'm basing my decisions on integrity. that is the most i can do. >> while lawmakers said they will be thinking about this white house is really staying focus on other issues beside impeachment think like trade and with paid family leave and as a mission president even skipping town out of washington today to have a benefit at the army navy football game. a seasoned video is the president was there on the field and you can see him, he was wearing the keep america great red hat. as he was in sanskrit and had a chance to meet with the players from both teams. he is expected to have a busy week ahead when he returns to
2:03 pm
washington, he will have a rally and passionately but also have a fundraiser later on this evening at the trump hotel. here in washington. eric back to you. eric: thank you. >> 2020 democrats taking part in pittsburgh today. and if next week's democratic debate at a university and placental news but all seven candidates who qualify are now threatening not to attend it. due to a labor dispute and let's go to allison live with the story. >> allison: that ebay is less than a week away, every candidate who is qualified for it, as you said there are seven of them, they have publicly said they will not participate in the debate and they will not cross the picket live even if it means they are going to set up this debate. senator elisabeth warren spoke up first, everyone else quickly followed. she released a statement yesterday staying they are
2:04 pm
working with all parties to try to reach a resolution that impulsive values of the deity and also allows the debate to continue as scheduled. as for the farm here in pittsburgh, the focus was public education. embassy in public education with toasted it and seven candidates, taking questions from moderators in the audience which was largely comprised of teachers and students. >> time for a wealth stacked in america. this is the 2-cent stacked on the top one tenth of 1 percent and i want to invest it in the education in the future of every one of our children. passing the billionaires to put into since. no, look, that two since, it is for what exactly. >> it is to make the investment across the board. that is the point. >> one can hit plans to attend today's heart and end up not making it from senator cory booker, he said the flu and he
2:05 pm
says he is still on the weather. myself. thank you allison. eric. eric: in that investigation, that horrible murder. eighteen -year-old tessa majors. young college student in new york, was stabbed to death wednesday. the apartment hunting park just blocks away from her college campus. there was department now scouring the pond surfing for potential close to her killing. so far 13 -year-old has been arrested as a suspect. jack is following the story. this disturbing horrible story. jackie. >> that 13 -year-old was charged with murder. police see this all started as a robbery and applets are actually at three to the schoolers for murder and a bright young woman is dead. majors had only been in the city for three months. she was a freshman at barnard college part of new york's columbia university. is reportedly considering a career in journalism. it was a night three teens
2:06 pm
attacked majors as she walked in morningside park and putting her in a choke hold rubbing her and saving her and leaving her bleeding. she was able to climb some stairs to our security guard saw her and called 91. she didn't make it. fridays question 13 -year-old boy it was spotted in a building near the crime scene wearing the same clothes as the night of the murder where he was seen on camera injuring the park with the others and they are we're arrested for loitering and he confessed with two accomplices. he told police that they went to the park with the intent of robbing someone. they had their sites focus on the man they got spooked. in men happens morningside park, the team is charged with murder in his charge that went out bill. new yorkers are shaken and reminded the big crime the city is passed. it happened that it was once the city news most dangerous carpet has been improved. tonight i am very heartbroken. like i genuinely was just sad.
2:07 pm
>> really shaken up the community. >> you will know that teenage suspect are expressed shock that he would be involved in something like this. his own mother died two years ago. annie's aunt and uncle we're devastated as they attended his hearing. majors fall back and hit one of the attackers on his finger. and no prior recipe for the report. police are still looking for one of the that would not confirm if it is also in custody. eric. eric: >> warmer kentucky matt bevin is hearing outrage just before leaving office after he parted hundreds of prisoners including some violent offenders. hal qaeda officials are calling for an investigation. dorian rapidly had more from the west coast mr. pradip. >> some 400 pardons by former kentucky matt bevin, on his way out of office.
2:08 pm
one involving a pretty good result murder oh man convicted in 1994 of killing his former lover and dismembered body into a 55-gallon drone. in his part in order is citing the inability or unwillingness to the state to use existing dna evidence to confirm or disprove this condition. he also pardoned oh man convicted of murder and other crimes during break and back in 2014. the family of convicted murderer patrick ryan baker, raised uber $21000 and make personal donations last year and the governor bevin news campaign at a political fundraiser. the parties are not sitting well with prosecutors and those aces or kentucky state lawmakers. there are calls for investigations from both sides of the aisle. >> the person pulled the trigger and killed another human being, is free. that person news family raised $21000 and went directly into the governor news market. >> this seems to me, it was
2:09 pm
completely inappropriate and they expect to have the power to do it, but looking up the examples of people who are incarcerated as a result of heinous crimes, no, i don't approve of that. >> bevin denies the current campaign on vision plays a brawl in his decision. he said the suggestion of financial or political considerations played a part, is the decision-making process, include highly offensive and entirely false. to repeat such uncooperative rumors, the lies are in convincing the pope - also community the death sentence of will send to live with the possibility of parole. wilson was convicted of a 1980 rape and murder, but the governor against finding a lack of evidence and incompetent prosecutions for his reasoning behind wilson, and is one kentucky state lawmaker plans to introduce a measure next year and taking to strip governors to pardon on the way out the door. the proposal would have to be approved by kentucky voters.
2:10 pm
celebrated speech of dorian rapidly thank you very much. eric: the fight for impeachment appears to be set to move to the other side of capitol hill. the president is planning to defend himself. if and join is expected the senate takes up the case next month. maine lobster and crispy crab-stuffed shrimp rangoon. how will you pick just 4 of 10? it won't be easy. better hurry in. thlook at all this ink no more bit comes big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. at chevy, we're all about bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. that's why our chevy employee discount
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>> i'm not interested in any witnesses, singh is the sham. i don't want to let jim and i see. i want to get it uber with. there are 20 ways to do oversight outside of impeachment join it comes to corruption in the ukraine and we will. marcel: senator lindsey graham says he expects a speedy trial that went out calling witnesses.
2:15 pm
in the gop chamber, this after a house panel passed two articles and impeachment against the president setting up a vote by the full house that is expected to happen next week. joining me now is andrew the congressional recorder with politico so andrew, what is the thinking behind a quick impeachment trial with no witnesses. >> is the consensus that seems to be amongst republicans right now. they think things the wind look words of lindsey graham, sort of legitimize the process. it is illegitimate. and it's a sham. that could be at odds with house republicans in the white house want. of course they want to mount a strong defensive for the president at the senate trial and they want to be able to call witnesses and sort of put the spotlight on the issue of joe biden hunter biden that have been raised throughout this entire impeachment process. the consensus in the senate among the republicans a lease for now, seems to be that they just want to suspend with this as quick as possible.
2:16 pm
it's. marcel: meanwhile at one knows how the chapter is before opening the book. after the sender, which party will likely be the author of the next chapter chapter. it's been that's really tough to see. i think the main concern for the republicans is those who are up for reelection in 2020 and want to just really get this over with, as soon as possible and not be dogged by it politically. it's affecting homestays and by their opponents, of course members of the house have a different view on this and they want to put up a strong defensive for the president and also sort of highlight these issues involving joe and hunter biden. and use it as a way to essentially start the politicals opponent and start to get back at democrats for what they have you as a person and sham at the chemo the house pretty. >> is the very important part of his shoe part of history how the american people are supposed to make sense of all of this. it. >> that's right, i think that with the american people,
2:17 pm
they're going to be looking for in this process is the extent to which he frames more than just this is the third impeachment and the history of our country. beyond that, as you said, we know how this book ends. i know that the president is likely to be acquitted. primitive possible for democrats to win over 20 republican senators to bring it to that 67 vote. that threshold that it needs to get at. beyond that, at's just going to be set a historical president. what the republicans see during the house judiciary committee hearing, this past week was low, we have lowered the standards you've lowered the bar. her presidential impeachment. and that could be used against future presidents whether that is a democrat or republican. p2 plus listen to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on this topic from thursday night. >> the case is so darned weak coming over from the house, we all know how it's going to end. there is no chance that the
2:18 pm
president is going to be removed from office. my hope is that there will be a single republican who votes for either of these articles of impeachment. p2 does make sense that republican senators and white house counsel are planning to basically co-authored the agenda for the z impeachment and trial. expect senators are supposed to be jurors and process) solo democrats have been calling issue and staying that this is a problem essentially the mitch mcconnell news or 90 white house but at the same time, he does have to set up the procedures for this. he has to corny not only with the white house but also with the house and beat managers which are all going to be democratic of course. and the chief justice of the supreme court is going to be sort of overseeing this entire process and presiding over the trial. the matter how long it (though so that's the kind of brawl the senate majority leader here and he asked reaching agreement on time with senator schumer and the democrats. that will be something that will potentially difficult and something to look for in january
2:19 pm
join iris comes back after the christmas break. p2 says senator mcconnell has corny in terms of logistics meanwhile you have senator graham staying noah content and on voting and i'm just working concert in terms of protecting and the president and senator graham staying hello all republicans, you should all be all in. while speaker pelosi is staying that she's not going to lift any of the folks on the democratic side. >> i think the approaches here are divergent in a way but also, speaker pelosi would not have initiated this impeachment inquiry if she didn't know from the get-go the basically they would get as many democrats as they need to vote for the articles of impeachment. in other words the trains never going to stop once it started. and i think that something important to remember this process whereas in the senate, it is obviously very possible that someone like in it romney or susan collins, or at least that would house you might vote to convict the president once it processes all over but you are not going to come nearly close
2:20 pm
to the number of senators republican senators was your 20 in order to remove the president from office. on the medics out of the house with a winning to lose about 17 democrats this impeachment if they'll on the floor on wednesday. that's probably not going to happen. >> no expected surprises in the vault but what happens after we will see right. >> that's right. thousands 90 ticket to the senate and then after the christmas break, . marcel: in terms of the political fallout. talk about that. marcel: thank you. >> thank you. eric: all baseball is threatening the strikeout. completely they are talking about walking away from the minor league. it will expire after the 2020 season. commissioner ron manford new singer, released a statement of the taxing quote, the national association of minor league causes interest in dealing with major league baseball, must address the issues the current
2:21 pm
system involving. otherwise we will be free to affiliate with any minor league team and a potential same in the united states, including independent league teams and cities which are not permitted to compete for an affiliate on the current agreeable tensions. made filling the minorly the flared affirmation league baseball, suggested a daring and controversial plan that would actually scrap 42 of the countries minor league teams. marcel: north korea launching another round of nickel, can president trump get things back on track. we will discuss the future next. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof!
2:22 pm
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so it never stops the heart of a family. at bayer, this is why we science. marcel:in china trade war with president trump making a partial trade deal with beijing for several remain as a two-sided search for a longer term deal.
2:26 pm
more from washington. >> u.s. and china have agreed to limited trade agreement with white house officials consider stage one and economic negotiations. treasury secretary steve nugent, speaking and tender today, since his initial equipment will be very good for global economic growth. he says he wants to ensure the two countries implement and enforce this first phase before discussing phase two. any trade deal. president trump says is looking forward to a better economic relationship with china. >> news going to be one of the regular summer and ultimately lead to the opening of china. which is something that is incredible because that is a whole untapped market of 1.5 billion people. >> many of the specifics of the deal are still unclear. secretary expects that u.s. china to release more details soon. scrap tariffs on about a $160 billion of chinese imports, both scheduled to begin
2:27 pm
tomorrow. on items coming in from the u.s. china like circles and other electronics. yost also agreed to cut rates on some existing tariffs. in 19 tariffs of 25 percent on about $250 billion in chinese imports. in exchange for the white house as china pledges to buy millions more in american agriculture. there are some skeptics. the white house should consider the risk in the near term deal with china to giveaway the tariff leverage need it for a broader agreement on the issues that matter the most such as subsidies to domestic firms. forced tech transfers and blocking u.s. firms access to key sisters. the administration wants china to quit stealing trade secrets. eric purcell back to you. marcel: very much. eric: new provocation from north korea
2:28 pm
they successfully perform what they called a crucial test at a long range rockets i. in your deadline is looming. concessions from president trump, before talks on nuclear resume. joining us now, i mean, what is the significance of this continued provocations. >> is certainly is the very urgent moment right now. very serious crisis in this drama between president trump and ken. president kim has brought being responsive enough donald trump diplomacy in his overtures that said there has brought a real plan to get over this, that we are hearing from the white house. so the dangers that north korea continues this trajectory and it does more testing its nuclear program that went out any real way to stop it.
2:29 pm
eric: from your expense what you think is crucial test is, a long-range or in extending the range of icbms benefit and further in our country. >> it could be up to just on the threshold of the ibms. in a potential distance to the west coast. if there are getting that loophole of testing but what we have to worry about is that the knowledge of the develop from this is one of the new baselines for further testing. so like there's an end date eric where there is suddenly stop learning and stop testing and then this increases their capacity to grow their arsenals and capacity and frankly, that is something that we should be very concerned about. because there are all lot of dangerous outcomes that could result in the spirit is and what is the. could they potentially in the west coast or even the east coast. then we get to the bargaining table, if indeed they do, the north korean are rep. the north
2:30 pm
korean proximity is that he duped restarts tomorrow. he's with the south koreans, nothing north. this means they can come to the table with something even bigger than they have now. >> is the danger in this think. it's always been the danger he is dynamic with norco north korea that one side and do something negative in north korea and escaped in the u.s., we do something more negative for example. post more sanctions which from the north, north korea perspective is dangerous and negative. so there is a rationing above sort of desperate that we are both in to be dark about it but a real rationing up and grip that we can't get out of. i think it takes donald trump to be very dark here, take him out of the fox, and donald trump to break through this potential impact but he also has to do a lot more than he has. and delegating and it's not borne fruit. you need to lean in in a
2:31 pm
sustained way because the kinds of incremental trade-offs that one can envision in a very rational negotiation, just aren't happening. and north korea military technical capacity continues to grow and threaten the regional neighbors and potentially us as well. eric: the president is very proud of what he calls the beautiful relationship with champ kim. what should the president do directly on the telephone or community news with him and that went out and achieve anything. >> i can't emphasize enough how important it is that he has that relationship that he can talk to kim and he can talk to him. that is a breakthrough but it is just not enough at this stage. this had his moments, we have to build it but kim and a paradoxical way has the leverage on president trump. and president trump said this past week that he didn't want him to do anything that can harm him into 120 election and that is telling kim, the kim has the power trump.
2:32 pm
and the timing dynamic has brought healthy for negotiations. in another summit if the gorge and do one has to be more than one or two days and it has to be one or two weeks. has to be with real concrete comprehensive trade-off and the two leaders can do because going out there to the region right now, is likely to come back with a similar result that we have seen over the recent months and frankly has brought that much. eric: human cell, has his own challenges. in a war footing. doesn't he have his own internal pressure even though you execute someone at whim. >> he is and that tropics will wear yes, the dictator. he is the ultimate leader there. he can't just conceded that went out resolve. in his standing in his own society. the design would have to be overly sensitive to how he feels we have to be very clear and
2:33 pm
rational in how we negotiate and the president, he and kim both have to make trade-offs in concessions they can be in this dynamic now join they are starting again to claim power over one another. we see him testing him and we see trump may be adding on more sanctions and we are back to where we work three years ago. but after having had breakthroughs which will of course make it even more dangerous place. eric: meanwhile somebody is speaking out. we've done a lot regarding your the fox news channel. the young 22 -year-old young man, just birthday. this last week by the way in our thoughts and prayers are with the families. they have been activists, ar crusade to give justice for their families and the other victims in this barbaric regime. now in japan meeting with families of the japanese and basically kidnapped the north koreans. as sunday his mother, last month talking about the north korean regime and see this you would like to vote the empty and this
2:34 pm
is what she will see take those listen. >> i am hoping to visit the dmc. and see, hello i am out of mom, i hate you. i hate you so much. but you can't hurt me anymore. so i am coming up see you. i will look you in the eye and see evil and face it and no that have good people, we will win. we have to believe we can win though. we cannot give up and we cannot give them a path we have to fight with all of our power. assuming sue and there's a brave and courageous person. >> will be a mother, in a situation, it must be devastating everyday. we just had our youngest daughter's birthday party and i see her running around and as a parent, i could maybe begin to feel the depths of frustration
2:35 pm
that she must feel. we have to let's look at that family of honor in the mother of him and think about people of north korea the human rights violation and the japanese families who suffered as well. that cannot be separate from the kind of engagement that we have with north korea. and we had a meeting at the yuan this past week with the united states decided to not have a human right discussion about north korea and is said to focus on some of these other issues we're talking about and that is a bad signal as well. ultimately human rights of the most realistic rights and it is about all of us on this planet. kudos to her for being out there in a guided bite for us. eric: very well said. we think you and we thank her for her courage. marcel: will officials investigating the deadly attack the new jersey market as domestic terrorism would discuss the latest on the investigation of next.
2:36 pm
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
2:39 pm
2:40 pm
be to the police finding whiteboard fan that is believed in connection to the deadly standoff at a jersey city new jersey kosher supermarket this week. these four people including one police officer we're killed during the shootout on tuesday in the case is now being investigated as domestic terrorism. >> whenever you have hate in anti-semitism is very important called out for what it is while the world is watching to make sure the people recognized that this is something we need to push down on. and we look you look at the facts that surround what happened there are a lot of potential targets in the way a lot of potential tech targets on the block. marcel: mayor of new jersey city let's bring in our legal panel stephen morris here is the formal federal prosecutor and law professor at the university of memphis. it is also the author of the book rethinking u.s. election laws. >> is the former assistant with
2:41 pm
the new york state attorney general office. i will start with you in a little bit more than four hours ago, police counting man, linking to one of the suspects david anderson, found in orange new jersey. this can provide, registration and address and finger prints, what else. >> it could provide all of those things. and if there are any links to anybody else, that was involved in the attack, then of course they give to other suspects that they said that they were assisting in this and the accomplices they could be held liable for the same accident main offense. >> chris, attorney general news office and the crime suspects we're killed, could the new jersey attorney general prosecute others in the crime and what trail might be followed. >> will he deftly could and it depends on what the other evidence is. use ask the question about what
2:42 pm
evidence could be found in the event, it could be something as simple as receipts. it could be diaries, can be notes videos, if there are other people connected to this crime, the authorities whether it's a federal authorities or state authorities, they can investigate indefinitely prosecute even though the two shooters are already killed. marcel: chris can authorities investigate this as an domestic terror and what if so, what's coming for the family that veteran detective just seals, he's a father of five and three civilians we're killed by the suspect. what is the main the protection of the jewish community and so on. >> why don't think there's any question that this is both a hate crime and domestic terrorism. any time in the united states and the hate laws, if someone the crime is committed against someone because of the religion in this case, or because of the race, where the factors like that, that is a hate crime and in this case, i think it also
2:43 pm
qualifies as domestic terrorism. because the two perpetrators here clearly targeted the kosher deli and we target someone with a religion, and you have an american perpetrator and american victim, and again is because of the religion, i think that's also clearly domestic terrorism. marcel: does not change the visitation produce much i think it makes it a more powerful investigation if you will. because if it is a federal pay crime, that is the resources of the united states government. which are obviously greater than any state so hopefully it would be very aggressive prosecution which i think it will be modified state and federal loophole if there are other people connected to this that are still alive. it's because that's a big question stephen, one of the suspects has multiple social media for authorities that are supposed to get a bigger pitcher of motive and if that we're, she was. >> social media [applause] and not only indicative of motive
2:44 pm
because both of the associates had posted these things. also you can use the social media network to get other contacts. their friends are in the friend's are any number of those to see if they were connected via social media and with others in similar views and i've got your list of suspect. in any of the suspects that it talking about, they knew about this and then assisted it, then they are on the hook is accomplishes and they are just as legally responsible as the primary assailants. i think is you just heard because as both a hate crime and domestic terror and federal law has a crime and provisions just like state laws in new jersey, you could have a joy federal state investigation and can have a federal prosecution anybody that was found would be justice liable to a serious sentence as the primary assailants themselves we're killed. the two people watching this, i may visit simpson watching this feeling little bit hopeless
2:45 pm
because of prime suspect or they are dead. and how can justice really be served. >> that is a great question. i think the way that justice can be served in this case, is one, once he authorities continue to investigate this if there is anyone else connected to it in any way like the professor just said, you really have to drill down on the investigation we have to go out to those people aggressively. beyond that, i think what i read in our community, it is a beautiful melting pot and other than this horrible event, all of the different groups have been getting along well. i think they just have to, not let this event break that down and come together as community. the two absolutely. thank you both for discussing this. thank you. eric: winning that decisive victory up next. what is it mean for future brexit and that that for us.
2:46 pm
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news to a state of emergency after the discovery of ransom or government systems yesterday. officials are sharing everyone the city financial records are on a cloud -based backup system.
2:50 pm
it is unclear whether the hackers we're able to damage the system as it was no ransom demand. still all government computers we're shut down an abundance of caution. this is the second cyber attack in louisiana this year and investigators are trying to determine if the hacks are related. eric: british prime minister boris johnson taking a victory lap today. british voters in him join. the prime minister must now immediately get to work. fast approaching deadline. i'm brexit. more from london. smacked hi eric, he has won a remarkable victory. today he set set off to the north of england. he made it possible. he entered on friday, the prime minister for the next five years and his conservative party, has a remarkable seat majority in parliament. though given government the power to push the brexit bill
2:51 pm
through. it also makes it much more likely the president will be the e.u. by the next deadline on the 31st of next year. >> we have a deal ready to go. if. [inaudible conversation] >> not everyone in the uk is happy about that. we just won a large number of seats in parliament, scotland will remain and they are now calling for a second independent referendum. her attention is said to refuse a request. as appealing for unity for the country to come together and heal. however he will face some serious challenges ahead and those who are happy to support him and pushing his brexit roots. in repeating that brexit slogan throughout his election campaign. now reality hits the pressure is on him to make it really happened. back to you.
2:52 pm
eric: speech of this programming no reaction from both sides of the ongoing impeachment debate on capitol hill tomorrow. speak with house judiciary republican tomorrow morning at eight 10:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. eastern. chris wallace is down with the chairman adam schiff, that is two and seven p.m. eastern. right here on fox news channel. eric: fox patient investigation on jamie hoffa, head to las vegas. we will take you to the mob museum. the audience was told, who killed jamie hoffa.
2:53 pm
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we need your help more than ever before. at bayer, we're into the golden years. with better heart treatments, advanced brain disease research, and better ways to age gracefully. at bayer, this is why we science. eric: exclusive investigation what and what happened to jamie. you can capture series in the search for jimmy hoffa fox nation. this week i went to the city beneficial see, was first built
2:57 pm
by the mafia news her name. of course that is sin city, las vegas. i spoke with two prominent hoffa experts at the map museum there about the hoffa case. >> las vegas has brought just for gambling and shows, there is also moderate museum. nation suppository for organized crime and law enforcement. that is where the symposium, fact and fiction in the irishman was held about the flames that break the irishman and a off of murder. ambulatory reporter vents and hoffa expert, dan joined me. this is the story that hoffa vanished on the night of july 30th, 1975. >> hoffa is missing. it looks like a kidnapping. more the 6:00 o'clock news. an american down, and we exceeded and eventually the police arrived. [inaudible conversation] eric: we debated over who really shot
2:58 pm
my five. giglio, and them up folks on the most recent fox nation reporting. >> we are told here, they wanted a bargaining chip. i want to deal. can you give me a deal. i think jimmy hoffa. [inaudible conversation] the guy who pop jimmy hoffa, with julio. [inaudible conversation] the great teamsters, hoffa and he deserves to know. we deserves to know what happened. eric: the hoffa family and the suspect handling them with the government as wellesley to finally release the files and
2:59 pm
reveal with their still keeping secret. by the way, giglio, it was never charged in the hoffa murder because he was shot to death. gang style after three years after having disappeared. anyhow it is streaming out on the museum website. and i want to thank at the mob museum, go check out the mop you museum downtown. for more the hoffa case, you can go to fox nation and a streaming service and also let's look at that podcast just look for riddle, the search for james r hoffa that is on fox nation. marcel: very cool, more than 40 years after the hit movie grease was released, the starts john travolta and i love newton john, bring you back danny and as andy in his original black leather jacket. the cardigan for an opening during a three-day sing-along in
3:00 pm
florida and it's the first time that the two have been in costume since they first make grease. that is way cool. and your story is fascinating. you are the mafia museum. eric: see you full house expected to come next week with a vote where democrats posed to make trump the third president in u.s. history to be impeached. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." >> next week vote comes after house judiciary committee improved two article of impeachment related to president dealings with ukraine the president maintains whole thing is a hoax. and argues that it is actually been good for him politically a vote or for impeachment would force a trial in republican led senate. here's judiciary committee graham on his expectations for that. >> this will com


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