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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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eric: see you full house expected to come next week with a vote where democrats posed to make trump the third president in u.s. history to be impeached. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." >> next week vote comes after house judiciary committee improved two article of impeachment related to president dealings with ukraine the president maintains whole thing is a hoax. and argues that it is actually been good for him politically a vote or for impeachment would force a trial in republican led senate. here's judiciary committee graham on his expectations for that. >> this will come to senate and
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it will die quickly and i'll do everything i can to make it die quickly. mark has latest from the white house now. mark. >> jon as you mention the house is expected to vote on impeachment some time next week and officials here tell pus they're already gearing up for what will happen in january with a likely senate trial as for the president he's not shying away from talking about impeachment. >> impeachment is a scam. impeachment is a bufnlg of bull president tweeted out this campaign ad showing today repeating some of the same lines that he says when he criticizes impeachment like he did yesterday. now this comes as fox learn that president met with new jersey democratic congressman jeff on friday to discuss potentially switching parties from democratic to republican van drew has been openly critical about impeachment although unclear when a potential party switch may happen now president say he's also been speaking with republican senators ahead of the trial in the senate this is when
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he said proceedings would look a lot different than the last couple of weeks. pfntion so what you will see from the senate is something that is done complete. that we're not going to leave bits and pieces that are not pex employered. we are going to be complete if it takeses us a while it takes a while. if it is done quickly it will be done quickly but we'll do it appropriately properly and with respect to the american voter. >> senate democrats are demanding lawmakers holding of a any opinions or judgment at least for now if senate majority leader release a statement says if article are sent to senate every single senator will take an oath to render impartial justice making sure that senate conducts fair and honest trial that allows facts to come out that is par mount we heard from cincinnati majority leader mitch mcconnell earlier this week who said he's been in contact with white house counsel over
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impeachment and he says he believes that there is really no chance that the president would be removed from office. jon. >> mark aside from impeachment with, it looked like president tax return are a issue in 2020 race? >> issue for the last couple of years president refused to release tax return now we've learned supreme court will hear a case some time next year to decide whether or not those returnses need to be turned over to congress. congress has been nangding those prordz a decision is expected to come out some time before june which, of course, happen in the middle of the it 20 20 presidential campaign. jon no shortage of top fix likely on voteers mind as they head to ballot bock box. >> mark, thank you. president trump at lincoln financial field in philadelphia this afternoon intending the 120th army navy football game wearing his reelection campaign red hat, the commander in chief participated in pet coin toss at mid-field visited both locker
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room before kickoff. it was his third appearance that an army navy game the first coming when he was president elect in 2016. >> the u.s. and china agreeing on a phase one of a trade deal. it will ease tensions between washington and beijing by halting billions of dollars in planned tariffs that were supposed to kick in tomorrow. the deal also helping out pus farmers rich edison has more on that. >> u.s. and china agree to limited trade agreement what white house officials consider stage one in economic negotiations. treasury secretary steve mnuchin speaking in cutter today says this is initial agreement will be very good for global economic growth and he wants to ensure two countries implement and ten force this first phase before discussing phase two of any trade deal. president trump says he's looking forward to a better economic relationship with china. >> it is going to be one of the great deals ever and it's going to ultimately lead to opening of china had is something that is
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incredible because that's a whole big untapped market of .5 billion people. many of the specifics of the deal are still unclear. secretary mnuchin says he expects u.s. and china to release more details soon. white house had says it agreed to scrap tariffs on about 160 billion dollars in chinese imports that were scheduled to begin tomorrow on items coming into the u.s. from china like smart phone and other electronics. the u.s. also agreed to cut rates on some existing tariffs. and maintain tariffs of 25% on about 250 billion dollars in chinese imports. in exchange white house says china pledges to buy billions more in american agriculture. though there are skeptics republicans senator marco rubio tweeted, quote, the white house should consider the risk that a near term deal with china would give away tariff leverage needed for broader agreement on the issues that matter the most. such as subsidies to domestic firms and tech transfer and blocking u.s. firm access to key
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sector and administration wants china to stop stealing american firm trade secrets quit forcing u.s. companies to hand over technology to operate in china and open up more markets to american business. jon. >> rich edison rich thanks. north korea announces it conducted another test at a long range rocket site it reportedly took place yesterday. this come days easer pong young says if conducted a important test on country northwestern coast. the kill ym is pushing trump administration to revive stalled nuclear negotiations before the new year. the last major german on the western front during world war ii commemorated today. belgian and military veterans joined by nancy pelosi and the prime minister of belgium for a ceremony marking 75 years since the historic battle of the bulge when more than 200,000 german troops drove across front line in belgium and luxembourg and
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americans eventually turn back advantage setting stage for end of the war in europe five months later. more than 10,000 americans died in that month long battle. british prime minister boris johnson celebrate land slide victory in the general elections after voters handed conservative party a commanding majority in parliament. this as johnson calls for unity as january 3 st decline for brexit draws me near. kitty logan has the latest from bureau in london. pefnlgt something has been out and about celebrating his victory on saturday. he first went to the it north of about england to thank voters who wouldn't normally support him boris johnson entered on friday, is the prime minister to the next five years. his conservative party a has a remark public 80 seat majority in parliament. that will give the government the power to push the brexit bill through. it also makes it much more likely that britain will leave
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e.u. biden deadline of january the 31st next year. >> we have a deal ready tog can anybody tell you what kind of a deal it is? somebody give me -- give me the characterize of that -- but not everyone in u.k. is happy about that. scottish nationalist won a large number of seats in parliament scotland also voted to remain and their leader is now calling for a second independence referendum. but boris johnson set to refuse that referendum request he's appealing for unity for the country to come together and a heal. however, he will face some serious challenges ahead and voted happy he'll support him for first time and pushing brexit agenda through. and get brexit done has been boris johnson key campaign slogan, the pressure is now on him to make that happen. jon. >> kitty logan in london, thank you. european nations fed up with the united states and other countries over what they see as
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climate change in action. are now threatening carbon tariffs, the potential move has been a hottic of the climate kfns in madrid nearly 200 nations are debating how to combat the rise of green house gas emissions some say it's pin evitable trade bearier will be imposed president trump has not publicly commented on the possible tariffs. but a senior pus official attending the kerches says they are a concern. several democratic presidential candidates are at a public education forum in pittsburgh today hoping to gain the support among union vote percent this latest campaign stop comes just days before the the next primary debate which is now overshadowed by controversy. and ellison joins us from pittsburgh with the latest. is the next debate going to happen a ellison? >> that is the big question jon, it is less than a week away seven candidate qualified for thursday's debate. every one of them says they will
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not cross pick pet line even if it means missing the debate. senator elizabeth warren spoke out first saying that she stands with work fighting for better wageses with and dnc should find a solution that lives up to our party commitment to fight for working people. the other candidates quickly followed suit 2020 hopeful tom said he's not gotten an update from the dnc as of today. the dnc did release a statement yesterday saying that they are working with all of the parties involved. workers on strike as well as a sub contractor they've been negotiating with, to try to reach a resolution that ups value of the dnc also allows debate to continue as scheduled. i asked steyer earlier today if he feels like response dnc gave yesterday was inadequate when had it comes to situation here's what he had to say. >> i believe that they are probably trying to about work with all of the party it is to resolve this. because having these debates is
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critical for americans if to see the differences between candidates. it is really important to me that american working people have a living wage and be treated decently and hon nationally hasn't been going on and to walk away from that during a presidential campaign would be something to me contrary to my basic political thinking and my -- feelings as a human being. >> and steyer was adamant he's not criticizing dnc but what candidate are asking for is either the dnc move the debate to a different venue where workers at university are not on strike or they step in and he know them get better wages. and more affordable health care which is what striking workers at the university hosting the debate are asking for. jon. prchl how many of the democratic candidates spoke at this forum today? right so at the education forum here in pittsburgh 7 candidates spoke. candidate supposed to be here but backed out at the last
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minute came down with plus and team said he's still under the weather. this forum it was focused on public education. seven 20 20 hopeful they took questions from audience. audience mostly had teachers as well with as students. the the focus public education, equity and justice for all msnbc and 11 education groups posted forum one of the organizers we spoke to said that candidates need to lay out their plan for public education. because it is an issue that matters to many. listen here. >> will you commit to making the necessary investments in public schools? will you end the school to prison pipeline and will you make sure that our educator and school staff are paid the kind of salaries that keep them in the profession? >> president trump was not invited to today's forum but organizeers we spoke to they said that this was a democratic forum that's why he wasn't invited but they said if they
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host a republican one they would unviet the president. jon. >> ellison barber in pittsburgh. allison thanks. senator and presidential candidates bernie sanders now retracting his endorse m of california congressional candidate hours after offering it to him in a 2020 presidential kaict from vermont received immediate blow back after the past homophobic and blog post he's a liberal media commentator of the young turks run for vacated by katy hill. kiewger says he'll now not accept any endorsements. >> a brutal attack in new york city, a 13 now under as a suspect in the stabbing death of a first year -- first year college student. police are linking the teen and others to the killing after an attempted mugging turned deadly. jackie is following this story. jackie. >> well jon police say this all
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started as a robbery and now police looking at three middle school percent for murder and a bright young come is dead. majors 18-year-old from virginia has been in the city for three months she was a freshman at the college part of new york prestigious columbia university. police say three teens attacked majors wednesday night as she walked in morningside park a putting her in a choke hold robbing her and stabbing her before running. she was able to climb some stare stairs where a security guard from school saw her and called 9-1-1 but she didn't make it. now a 13-year-old is charged with her murder although at this point he's not being tried as an adult and his family court hearing the teenage looked exhausted and scare ised fighting his bottom lip and watched detective detail his confession police say upon his arrest he named two juvenile accomplices telling police he and his about friends plan to rob someone. and then initially followed a man but got spooked. his lawyer told the court their client was just a bistander but prosecutorses say the teen told
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police when one of his friends dropped knife hi handed it back to them and allegedly describe ared watching his friends stab the young come so hard his feathers came out of her jacket. police qowld not confirm whether the second suspect is in custody or confirmed the third is still on the loose. the city officials are facing criticism of a recent uptick in crime in that area, and anger that could have been prevented. morning side park one of the most dangerous park in the city but had improved in recent years. tfnt i wish qowf prevented this one. that will be part of the innovation going forward. there's no way on earth we're going back we're not going to let this city go back plus in many, many ways this sthaiz changed profoundly and isn't going back. >> according to that suspect testimony, majors fought back fighting one of her attacker sing per and reportedly considering a career in journalism. jon. >> what an awful story. jackie, jackie, thank you. >> now, former governor causes
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former kentucky governor matt befns facing major backlash for partens hundreds on his way out of the office some of them convicted rape rapist and murders and we have story from the west coast newsroom. maryann. hi don yeah some 400 had part opinions granted by former kentucky governor matt beives on his way out of office. one pardon involving grizzly murder a man convicted of 1994 of killing had his former lover and stepping her dismembered body in a 5 gallon drum. in his pardon order, though,
2:21 am
befns siting inability or unwillingness of the state to use existing dna evidence to either affirm or disapprove this conviction. bevin also pardoned man convicted of murder and other crimes during a home break-in in 2014, the family of convicted murder per patrick brian baker raised over 21,000 dollars and made personal donations last year to governor bevin's campaign at a political fund raiser. the partens are not sitting well with prosecutors in those cases. or kentucky state lawmakers -- what's call with investigations on both sides of the aisle -- >> pull trigger and kill another human being is free. that person's family raised 21,000 dollars that went directly into the governor's pocket book. >> seems to me it was completely inappropriate. expect to have the power to do it. but looking at the examples, people who are incarcerated as a
2:22 am
result of heinous crime no i prooch of it. befns denies that had had played any role in the position saying that statement and suggestions that financial or political considerations played a part in the decision is making process are both highly offensive and entirely false to repeat such uncorroborated rumor is reprehensible along with lies he committed to greg will to life with possibility of parole and wilson convicted of a 1987 rape and murder but governor against siting lack of evidence and incompetence defense and prosecution for his reason for parter inning wilson and one kentucky state lawmaker is planning to introduce a measure next year speaking to strip the governor strip governors of their power to pardon on their way out the door. of course that proposal would have to be approved by kentucky voters. jon. >> maryann thank you. kentucky if new democratic governor has issued an executive order restoring voting rights to
2:23 am
more than 140,000 former felony. the move applies to those who have serve sentences for nonviolent crime. the sheer campaign on the issue and call it is a moral responsibility florida restore voting rights for more than a million former felons last year but that was done through a ballot initiative. >> this supreme court blocking the trump administration from going forward with the first federal execution in nearly two decades meatedfin has details. inside the death chamber at this federal prison in indiana first federal inmate in 16 year was scheduled to be executed this week. but 2 hours he blocked plan to execute the the inmate by upholding lower court stay. the prisoner is one of five death row inmates attorney general bill barr announced are set to be put to death under administration return to capital punishment. decision solely at this point
2:24 am
how execution will take place in other words the three drugs versus one drug bar says we have shaminged process and that's operative here. at the heart of the legal battle is lethal injection substance attorney general barr approved a new injection replacing of three chemical that caused botched execution and spark outrage among penalty opponents. every time it has a method of killing people they say there's a method and can't do that. supreme court deny trump administration emergency request to lift the hold but wrote thanks to government will ultimately prevail in executions. explaining in part, quote, he might what is at stake would have been for district court about to be reviewed on merit by court of the appeals for circuit court before executions are carried out and prisoner sparedded this week 63-year-old daniel lewis lee convicted of killing family of three including eight-year-old girl by tieing rocks to their boys and
2:25 am
dumping them in a arkansas bayou. supreme court wrote this things lower court can make a decision in this case in 60 i days. jon, matt, thanks. the house of representatives set for a historic vote next week on whether to approve two article of impeachment against president trump. democrats almost certainly have the votes to move it out of the house we'll fake a look at how the subsequent trial in the senate might unfold. drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico.
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2:30 am
he faces the likely possibility of becoming only the third president to be impeached bid the house of representatives. i'm jon scott is and this is the "fox report." the democrat led house is expected to hold a full vote on impeachment next week. if successful that vote would tee up a trial in the senate. the upper chamber republican leadership pledging to quickly acquit president trump. this despite the president call for a robust trial with testimony from the bidensed adam schiff and the whistle-blower who got this whole ball rolling. let's bring in david hawkins editor in chief of the full let's take a look ahead at the potential trial in a moment david what did you think about lindsey graham suggestion that peace could be breaking out all over in washington once all of this is over? >> i think that's awfully optimistic it is, however, the case that as hin city graham knows as well as anybody -- 20 years ago after impeachment trial was over in which lindsey
2:31 am
graham was one of the prosecutors from the house of representatives there actually was a spirit of -- bipartisanship and let's get some things done and let's show that we can put this behind us and that was a different time. it was 1999 it was an offyear election the pft was in a second term lots of differences. i really don't -- i think it is pretty unlikely that in january at the end of january going into the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary i don't think too much legislating is going to happen in 2020. >> one of the questions is how long is this senate trial going to take? mitch mcconnell senate majority leader raise eyebrows with this statement. listen. >> everything i do during this, i'm coordinating with white house counsel. there will be no difference between the president physician and our position as to how to handle this. to the extent that we can. we'll be working through this process hopefully in a fairly short period of time in total
2:32 am
coordination with the white house counsel office and people representing president in the way of the senate. >> so he wants to get toff request quickly but there are senators who think that this should be sort of a -- a drawnout event because they would like to put joe biden hunter biden some other people on the stand. what do you think is more likely, david? >> i think it's -- it's more well -- i guess i think what's the likest e to happen is what president ends up settling on as you said the president is one of the people advocating for this more robust approach. mcconnell and lindsey graham for the narrow approach, i'm, obviously, not an attorney, but i've covered a lot of trials and i know a lot of attorneys and one of the sort of basic truisms of being a defense attorney oring being any attorney is you win on the the narrowist grounds that you can get away with winning on. you don't invite surprises. you don't call witnesses that you've never heard of from
2:33 am
before. certainly who haven't been deposed you don't know what they're going to say that's what the president is talking about. we with don't know what the the whistle-blower qowld say on the stand we don't know what adam schiff qowld say. we don't know what happen john bolton would do and qen in all three cases it has a mixed blessing for president but what we also know at this point politically is that if the the president just allows the democrats to make their case at the trial and then his team says -- democrats you haven't made your case. we rest our case we don't have anything to say here. the vote is pretty clear cut. it take a two-thirds majority of the senate to convict the president and remove him from office that means that democrats need to find 20 republicans that's nowhere near close to happening. the president can -- can win this without really lifting much of a finger. >> democrats seem to think that the process has politically damaged the president or will
2:34 am
continue to do so. listen to house judiciary committee karen bath. >> i just believe if mcconnell roll nod through in the way in which he say he's going to to follow through i think which is completely inappropriate that the american people will not reelect this president. we have to get out and make sure that voters understand what we're doing why we did it and why we think this administration has been so terrible. is that why democrats have been in a rush to get this impeachment vote going? >> well i think that democrats have certainly felt that this is -- a winner for them in the big scheme of things certainly not a loser for them. i think they want to make their case and i think having now -- done what they've done in the house they want a chance to make their case even more strongly in a senate trial. but i think they too and i think this has been we've all talked about this on the air lots and the lots this is a mixed bag for
2:35 am
democrats themselves. they want to show they can -- they can do some legislating which they've actually been showing this fall. they want to show that they're taking this seriously but noting dragging it out too long. >> all right but the president and many of his supporters are saying democrats focus exclusively on impeachment and gotten very the less done. we're going to add -- we're going to have leave it there. david from david thank you. >> thank you, jon. several lawmakers say the way government agencies ask for and obtain permission to start surveillance on american citizens needs to change. this following the i.g. report on origin opinion of the russia probe that was released this week. julianne turner has a looked a possible future of the fisa court. >> the foreign intelligence surveillance act known as fisa is one of the intelligence communities most powerful and controversial tools for gathering information about spies operateing in the united states. but now in the wake of inspector general michael horowitz report the process is facing an a
2:36 am
crisis. a national security tool question need but it needs to be reformed. the i.g. identified a whopping 17 erp roar in omission in the fisa surveillance application for trump aid carter page. >> so many basic and fund mental errors made by three separate hand picked investigative teams on one of the most sensitive fbi investigations. intelligence sources tell fox news privately they care concern and worry fbi botched a case that experts say should have been flawless. so there's moment after moment of at least bad judgment and bad conduct. there's no way for the fbi to celebrate this as an exoneration. fisa process is run by a supersecret panel of federal judges who hear only government side with little independent monitor of its ruling most of them kept forever from the possible. fisa court first grab nation attention in 2013 when nsa leaker snowden reveal a secret proceedings those revelation triggered a nation wide debate about about national security
2:37 am
versus privacy. that key lawmakers are still hashing out today. right now it is almost all in secret. exception in very unusual circumstances -- and there's no real accountability built into the system. critics accuse court of rish stamping nearly every request to snoop that it receives. something lawmakers say it needs to change. >> to the willing discipline people who mislead court and manipulate evidence given to court and hard for us for the court to stay around now in congress court they'll decide whether or not to impose a legislative fix on fbi and the fisa court. fbi director christopher says either way the bureau already making some major change. in washington, julianne turner fox news. >> and much more on this coming up tomorrow on fox news sunday when chris wallace has exclusive interview with former if fbi director james comey. he's also have plenty on impeach.
2:38 am
battle getting the white house perpghtive from special advisory pam bondi and you can catch all of that tomorrow on fox news at 2:00 and 7 fm eastern time. tensions flare up between the u.s. and north korea as kim jong-un regime claims a new round of successful missile tests. what it could mean for his ongoing nuclear talks with the trump administration. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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♪ the best of pressure cooking and air frying now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. >> in the 120th edition of army navy game, the mid-ship m sailing away with an easy victory over the black night, the score 31-7. malcolm perry ran for 304 yards and two touchdowns in the win. the victory ends army's three game winning streak.
2:43 am
go army. north korea claims it had a successful test at a long rage missile site it is a academy of defense saying yesterday test was the second one this week. and it comes aside regime there tries to pressure the trump administration to save altering nuclear negotiations. joining us now dan hoffman a chief who served in moscow and pakistan also a fox news contributor. it is a common question in washington, what are the north koreans up to, dan? >> well, i think that if pass prologue, then kim jong-un is trying to escalate demonstrate he has room to build out his program of weapons of mass destruction. in order to gain some competitive advantage in the goirkses denuclearization talks which at some point will take place what he wants is to reduce his nuclear stockpile and icbm capability as the as possible in return for spanxs relief and
2:44 am
some commercial gain. >> the united states, though, has not really given him any sanctions relief to this point. and that maybe why he's acting up. >> right he's -- he might have thought he could get away with a deal recall that no way he to close the facility in exchange for essentially qowld have been stangs relief all of the captions we have put in place in 2016. that the president walked away from that, deal which would have been a bad one for us. i think that demonstrated that we're going to if not be a pushover but demanding inventory of the nuclear stockpile and timetable for its destruction. and the timetable is quite long frankly just that one facility would have taken years for inspector to go through it. and ensure that all of the of nuclear material have been destroyed. >> right but that one facility was pretty much ready to
2:45 am
collapse a anyway. the idea that north korea qowld offer to close it up permanently was really the not much of a con confession on their part as you say. >> it was a moderate con education i think concern among experts in intelligence community and in department of defense as well was that north korea has a number of other secrets facilities about that even if that one had been closed there were others which would of great concern to us. >> advisor to the u.n. kelly craft, was talking about these latest provocations from north korea, here's that. >> the dprk has threatened to take a new path in coming weeks and has used it public statements to hint at a resumption of serious nations. in practical terms, this would mean that the dprk could launch space vehicles useing long range ballistic missile technology or they could even test launch
2:46 am
intercontinental ballistic missiles. it sounds like trump administration is none too pleased with what north korea is up to shall we expect a response? >> this is just been a wickedly complex national security challenge for us going back decades it is not as if -- the trump administration is the only one to be faced with this -- extraordinarily difficult challenge. again, the offramp here is negotiations the challenge for us is that north korea has been violating those sanctions to some extent with the assistance of china and russia. they've been exporting arms to yemen and sudan and lib why and so they've gotten some respite they've been able to exing port their coal and some of their human capital overseas. it is not enough and kim jong-un desperately needs economic had assistance that's why he's mounted diplomatingic court ship of those in his region at the same time escalating against united states what we need is for our partners in this and it
2:47 am
is tough because china and russia are not looking out for best interest of the united states to work together to achieve some sort of a resolution in what is a potential crisis because kim jong-un is threatened this -- this christmas day surprise. he wants something some sort of a deal by the end of this year. a lot of president critics say that he's been taken in by kim jong-un invested so much in their personal relationship. that he's not seeing forest for the trees. do you see it that way. i mean again it doesn't seem that the united states hassen given up much in the way of sanctions relief if anything to the north koreans? >> i think that president sought a different root here with kim jong-un. and it's not as if past policy achieved a goal either of denuclearization of north korea so the president was trying a top down approach where he would establish a personal relationship with kim jong-un in the hope that that would result
2:48 am
in the lower levels of that north korea nuclear capable would be essentially on negotiating table and that -- and that painstaking negotiations by lower level diplomats might not accomplish that without the the highest level agreement. that's why the president walked into the -- walked across dmz last summer and taken every step he could and i would just say that's what i think you have to do -- given the fact that we're trying to press so hard for spanxs ting that president needs to demonstrate that he really does want peace and negotiations. >> ann hoffman our fox news contradict tore dan, thank you. >> thank you. some alarming story this is week on hack percent breaking into in home ring cameras. how the company is now responding. i am all about living joyfully. ♪
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to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. >> i heard her screaming upstairses and i was actually like in the garage right below it. so i kind of just came in to see what was going on. we have not seen anywhere anywhere actually tried to react to our daughters. we were able to account for most of the ones that were recorded live. but we couldn't sigh if anybody has watched any of the videos
2:53 am
that were recorded in the past. >> that's dylan blakely who is eight-year-old daughter was taunted by a strange per through their ring camera. his family and many others are experiencing the same electronic intrusion into their home security equipment so how are these hackers able to get access and how can they be stopped? daniel from fox affiliate wfol in orlando has that story. >> what are you watching? scary story from across the country in home ring cameras hacked by strangers. watching and taunting. i'm your best friend. >> i'm santa claus. in this tennessee home a man voice come through the camera that up inside a kids 'bedroom this all happening as a lot of people are picking up couple cameras during holiday shopping. prchl superbusy. this time the of the year. says surveillance plus and winter garden is also getting lots of calls about how to keep system secure. but you have to make sure when you program the camera you have
2:54 am
to program it correctly. a lot of camera systems are now offering two-step authentication option that another layer of security when to comes accessing your account. >> even if somebody hack your password or have that information in order to log in many they have to sent confirmation to text and have phone handy when you do that. reaching tout ring a company say young strong password and update it every three to six months. a statement from a ring spokes fern says, recently we were made aware of an doesn't where malicious had actor obtain ring user account kre den frcial a separate external nonring service and reuse them to log into some ring accounts. and unfortunately when thing p same user name and password is reused only multiple services it is possible for bad actors to gain access to many accounts. ring says that hackers have been blocked and effected users contacted. that's about daniel from wofl,
2:55 am
thanks. >> well he's one of the top recording art fist in the world. but ed sheeran has to settle for second place when it comes to yiewg tube views. the most watched song of the decade , next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. . . usaa
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