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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 16, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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congratulations to alex and their life together. we hope you will be blessed. that is it for us tonight. we will be back at 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity with more. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." the cliff politically, destroying themselves, never stop them. what we see tonight is to culmination of the pathetic so-called resistance against president trump. it is backfiring big time. lawmakers are set to vote on articles of impeachment. it is the last, meaningless step in what has been just the baseless political smear against the president. three years, do-nothing democrats, the latest chapter in what has a been desperate, dishonest nonstop effort to undo a duly elected president and take the president down to the take the president down to the will of his supporters.
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we, the people, and like every other attempt to destroy president trump, it is built on a pack of lies by the most partisan hacks that can never be trusted. the individuals advocating for this madness impeachment were the very same people pushing the russia, russia, russia collusion hoax. they were wrong, four separate investigations, dead wrong, mueller report, no collusion. and tonight, we will detail all of their lies, their corruption, all the individuals behind this. we start with the hero at the deep state, the super patriot himself who won't come on this program, jim comey. and he has been lying, deceiving, and formed the very basis of the russia hoax. what we now know, everything we reported, two and a half years, dead on accurate. in the fall of 2016, comey signed off on the first fisa warrant application against
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trump campaign associate carter page. one step, two-step, page and then the trump campaign transition and as attorney general barr said, deep into the trump presidency. he signed that application. signed three of them ultimately. he swore that the material provided was true and accurate on the top of a fisa application, it said "verified" and it was unverifiable, the overwhelming majority of information was hillary clinton's dirty russian dossier. that was the first of many repulsive lies. the application we now know relied on a single source, secondhand information from christopher steele paid by the clinton campaign and the dnc. and comey's fisa application omitted what they knew, that clinton paid for the material. and it also admitted the material was not verified or corroborated. oh, well, comey's fisa application omitted christopher steele political bias against the president.
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there were numerous warnings he had not to use this information and subsequent renewals submitted by comey omitted that steele's primary sub source, the sub source, the only source not even a source, he described his own evidence as the rumors, hearsay, speculation a crude bar joke. and admitted the sub source even questions steele's credibility. wow. and he omitted steele doubted the credibility of the sub. get this, comey's fisa renewal straight up light about carter page and his connection to the cia. one of comey's lawyers fraudulently change the document to remove the fact that page, well, was a source for the cia, but instead said he was not a source. remember, comey told us all that any claims of fisa abuse were just utter nonsense. this is a lie, what we are about to show you. look. >> total confidence that the fisa process was followed and
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that the entire case was handled in a thoughtful, responsible way by doj and the fbi. i think the notion that fisa was abused is nonsense. >> sean: nonsense. yet another lie. comey knew it was garbage and unverifiable rumors and speculation and he was warned multiple times. and even christopher steele, under oath, when he heard this he should have gone back. i have no idea of any of it is true. that is why he repeatedly denied that it was used as the bulk of information in the fisa applications that we now know also was a lie. that means nunes was right, and that means graham was right and the schiff show, he lied repeatedly too. take a look. >> you call the dossier unverified, salacious. why did you use that for the fisa cortes core surveillance for carter page? not only used it, but you lead with that. a bulk of that pfizer
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application deals with that dossier. why? because that is not my recollection. i don't know that the fisa application has been released. my recollection was, it was part of a broader mosaic of facts that were laid before the fisa judge to attain a fisa warrant. >> there was a lot more in the dossier them as we can application? speak of my recommendation was that there was a lot of and the dossier was part of that, but was not all of it or a critical part of it, to my recollection. >> sean: a critical part, basically it was everything. another lie. the inspector general finding the dirty dossier was that the central and essential piece of the fisa application. just like any liar, comey cannot come to terms with the truth. watch this clip from over the weekend. >> you don't see a difference of a broader mosaic and played an essential role in establishing probable cause? >> it was one of a bunch of
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different facts that were assembled to give to the court. it was the one that convinced of the lawyers they had enough to go forward. >> did you know that the fbi had talked to the russian contact and he said what steele said, he had told him it was not true? did you know this? you are the fbi director. >> first, again, the report will speak for itself. i don't believe fbi concluded that steele was debunked. the inspector general did not find misconduct by any fbi people. he found mistakes or negligence -- >> no, no. in the case of kevin clinesmith, he preferred it for a criminal investigation. >> read, that has not been resolved. the business with a lawyer changing some email to a partner on the team. >> sean: in case you are wondering, comey is not having a psychotic break from reality but lying like usual through his teeth. as fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett pointed out in his with a slice of the tip of the
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bestseller "witch hunt," first, as fbi director look at this, comey repeatedly assured donald trump that he was not a suspect in the counter intel investigation of russia, a lie. the spring of 2018, comey claimed he still had no idea who funded the steele dossier. lie. before he was ultimately fired, comey told the president, he doesn't leak and he does not do weasel moves. that was a lie too. in fact, comey leaked meetings and conversations with the president of the united states. and special counsel horowitz, in this case, the inspector general who referred him to the doj. remember, criminal prosecution over leaking and lack of candor. make no mistake. there is a very real human cost to all of these lies. this is the premier law enforcement agency in the entire world. this entire graduation that put this country through nearly three years of hell, carter page's reputation utterly destroyed, illegally spied on,
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his civil liberties violated, his civil rights committee didn't exist. constitutional rights, nonexistent. op-ed by law professor jonathan turley, an apology to carter page. details the reckless, nonstop smear of a private citizen all because of comey's fraudulent fisa application. let's not forget about lieutenant general michael flynn. how can we forget what comey did to a 33 year veteran? is a part of comey's receipt will investigation into all things drum, what did he do? he breaks. remember, first, andrew mccabe, saying you don't need a lawyer. but he brags, james comey brags, he sets up an american war hero. i would never do this or try this i in a bush or obama years. i wouldn't even dare do that. watch this. >> you look at this white house now, try to imagine two fbi agents in the same room. how does that happen? >> i sent them. something i probably would not
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have done, gotten away with in a more organized investigation. more organized administration, and the george w. bush administration, for example, in the obama administration. in both those administrations, there was process. if the fbi wanted to send agents into the white house itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the white house counsel and there would be discussions and approvals, who would be there. i thought, it's early enough, let's just send a couple guys over. >> sean: i would not do this in an these other administrations. is this the higher loyalty that you claim to possess, jim? because, is that how you treat a 33 year veteran of this country, served in combat, jim. that just shows you to be so deceptive, narcissistic, and yet, you are a liar. don't forget, jim comey, also signed the first fisa application, verified, october 2016, goes to trump tower, 2017.
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oh, it's salacious but unverified, president-elect. lie again. he signs two more fisa applications, verified. he lies and the great irony of all of this, lieutenant general flynn, not comey, who now faces years behind bars for lying when the fbi didn't even think he was lying. but they were going after his kid and he was bankrupt. oh, let's see, you are going to prosecute my center i fall on the sword? i am shocked at general flynn's decision. without a doubt, comey played a central role and what what is the weaponization of these most powerful tools that we entrust to our government. they turned them against we come of the people. and he didn't act alone. let's see what former cia director john brennan, another notorious liar, let's see what role he has played in all of this. i can't wait to get to the bottom of that. according to multiple sources, he strongly advocated for hillary clinton's bought and paid for dirty dossier to be included in the official u.s. intel assessment.
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time will tell. the inspector general horowitz confirmed this fact in his report because a 2017, we do know this. john brennan clearly lied to congress when he said the exact opposite. take a look. >> do you know if the bureau ever relied on the steele dossier as part of any court filings, applications competitions, pleadings? >> i have no awareness. >> to the cia rely on it? >> no. >> why not? >> because we didn't. it wasn't part of the corpus of intelligence information that we had. it was not in any way used as a basis for the intel's communities assessment that was done. it was not. >> sean: just wondering what a prosecutor jerome, attorney general barr, they seem to know an awful lot about this that we will see in the days and weeks ahead. this is the same former cia director who used his important
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status to push conspiracy theories against the president of the united states repeatedly. take a look. >> i think he's afraid of the president of russia. >> why? >> we can speculate as to why, that the russians may have something on them personally, they could always roll out and make his life more difficult. clearly, i think it's important for us to be able to prove relations with russia. the fact that he has had this attitude toward mr. putin has not said anything negative about him, says to me that he does have something to fear. >> sean: lies, deception, hoax, conspiracy theories, rumors, speculation, conjecture. two of america's most powerful bureaucrats abused their power. they spread false information. they tried to undo a presidential election. they got caught. their corruption must not go unpunished. here now with reaction, former trump associate, deep state target himself, carter page, author of "witch hunt," fox news
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legal analyst gregg jarrett is with us. did you read jonathan turley's piece about you, carter? >> yes, sean. i actually felt bad for professor turley. the issues he has dealt with with the threats, the death threats that he had after the crazy impeachment controversy. i appreciate what he had to say but i know he's been living through a lot of the same craziness. he deserves an apology just as much. >> sean: let me bring this audience a little bit behind the scenes in our relationship. there are a lot of people that told me not to trust you. a lot of people told me you were guilty of doing a lot of these things. i was always skeptical. but i had you in my radio studio, the tv studio. i kept pressing you, i would say on a scale of nine to ten, i gave you a 9.8. at some point, i figured out that you worked for some three letter agency. marie the exact moment actually. but i kept asking you. do you love your country?
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i kept asking you, when you would go to these countries, did you come back and talk to people in certain agencies? you were uncomfortable but eventually the story -- he sort of started coming clean. then i realized, he is working on our behalf and probably be going to russia and coming back and talking to the cia. that's probably a pretty risky thing to do in life for the country that he loves. is that true? >> it's true, sean. i was trying to stay true in terms of, you know, having some confidentiality. unfortunately, as we -- many of the same people you just showed were constantly leaking and constantly giving false information to the press. unfortunately he created a situation where now -- particularly now that we have the expected general report, we can be more vocal and more upfront as to all the wrongdoing at some of the things that we've had to deal with over the last few years. it's just been crazy.
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>> sean: i talk about comey's lies and the deep state, and a lot of people thought we were nuts, gregg. we've been fully, completely vindicated every step of the way. you go into chapter, first, a lot of detail in your books, two best sellers you've written all this. about the longing, the abuse of power, i thought the corruption. tell us what you have seen, your little gregg jarrett legal crystal ball for the future for people like comey, mccabe, peter strzok, page, john brennan, clapper? >> legal jeopardy. james comey manufactured evidence, concealed evidence, manipulated the fisa court in order to spy on carter page and the trump camping. when caught, now he is feigning ignorance and amnesia, oh, gosh, i wasn't really involved in the trump-russia investigation. they kept information from me and, gosh, i just didn't know. you know, when people get caught
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in a lie, they have two choices. they can either fess up to it or they can invent vapid excuses. that is precisely why james comey is doing. you know, carter page sent a letter directly to james comey about three weeks before the first fisa warrant was signed by comey, telling comey, i have been helping the u.s. government and intelligence agencies. that document should have been presented to the fisa court. instead, comey concealed it. it was exculpatory evidence. if the court had known about that, they would have rejected comey's fisa application. he doubled down time and again, signing three of them, even when he learned three years ago next month that the dossier was garbage. >> sean: carter, thank you. gregg jarrett, thank you. you can see, this prompt, full of deceptive, partisan hacks. on capitol hill, we have the biggest liar of them all.
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the compromised corrupt, congenital liar adam schiff. he lied all about trump-russia collusion. he lied about having secret evidence of collusion. he lied about having evidence of collusion in plain sight. he lied about the dirty dossier. in fact, he entered the dossier's misinformation and lies into the official record. he also lied about fisa abuse. we can prove that come off also. take a look. >> is at your representation of the nation, sir, that everything that the fbi did in the process of obtaining that surveillance warrant on carter page absolutely followed proper protocol, every evidentiary standard is met, and there was nothing sq about that warrant ever? >> major, there's nothing askew about that warrant that i can see. if the republicans are really concerned about this, because everything that i have seen, the fbi acted completely appropriately. >> sean: welcome of course, thanks to horowitz and this is
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just the beginning, here is what we report tonight. nunes msb six memo was 1000% correct. the schiff memo, a total fraud. despite schiff's best efforts, the most egregious lies, america's economy, look at this, it is booming like never before. even "the washington post" has to admit, look at this, of the u.s. economy is heading into 2020 at a pace of study, sustained growth. good news for the american people, bad news for democrats. here with reaction, she is the host of "mornings with maria" on the fox business channel, also, i have to admit, my favorite hour you do is right here on this channel, you have the best interviews, you have been -- i can never have you on the show because he got to get up at 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. i don't go to bed until you and peter doocy and brian kilmeade and ainsley get out. i don't know how you do it. but you do a great show. you have been all over this.
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you have done a phenomenal job, great interviews. let's talk about the lawyer versus a truth teller. nunes versus schiff. >> it's pretty incredible. the lies that came out of adam schiff and adam schiff's office, as you just pointed out, it's even worse than lies, though, sean. these are crimes committed. people will be prosecuted for this. even if you believe, which i do not, william barr does not, and john durham does not, that there was a credible reason to start the investigation into donald trump company counter investigation, it died within weeks. it died within weeks because there were transcripts of undercover doj agents, fbi agents, writing you into people like george papadopoulos, sam clovis come up carter page and those documents were the exculpatory evidence that they did not assent to the fisa court. i think this really blows up even bigger than it is right now when, obviously, john durham comes out with his findings but leading into that, all the attention will be on what happened before july 2016. you know the lie that the fbi
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has been telling us that the counter investigation began in july of '16. we know that's not true. in fact, in the ig report -- and nobody really talked about this, i thought this was stunning -- in the ig report, it says that christopher steele was hired by glenn simpson of fusion gps in may of '16. may of 2016. >> sean: hold on. this was kimberley strassel find last week. i honed in on it as well. i don't think many people -- they are saying the official investigation began july 30, 31? >> that's right, that didn't happen. we know that carter page was invited to all of these conferences in cambridge. we know george papadopoulos was told, go to rome, beat joseph misfud and choice of mitzvot drop this bomb on his lap that he has hillary clinton's emails. there was a lot of informants, the same informants, spies, that have worked for the fbi and the cia over years, western intel. those are the spies that were running into anybody they could who was remotely attached to the
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trump campaign, as you said earlier, just to get a window into trump strategy. the lies are real. people will be prosecuted. and you are looking at crimes, not only against carter page, but against a sitting president, duly elected, i should say. >> sean: maria, what's amazing to me, and all that is, is that there were a few of us that were right. you are on the fox business network and you are here on weekends with us on the fox news channel. it was you, lou dobbs, stuart varney, all three of you have done a phenomenal job in exposing this. where's the rest of our colleagues in a so-called media here? >> i think this is a really important point because the left-wing media has become an attachment, an arm of the democratic party, and i have been saying for several years, anybody on either side of the aisle has to be outraged by this because you have people in positions of power putting their finger on the scale and trying to change what the american
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people voted for. this is a democracy, and we have freedom to elect our leader, and what they did was try to get in front of that. that is why i find it extraordinary that nobody else in the media wants to. even worse than that, criminals, it's a fact of the democrats focus on this. the same people who have been calling for impeachment are the people who try to take donald trump down from the get-go. it was adam schiff, remember, for three years, sean, coming on msnbc and cnn and everywhere he could get, saying, collusion between the russians at donald trump is in plain sight. plain sight. why is no one asking him where that is in terms of being in plain sight? this weekend, more interviews. admit it. they lied quite a lot because they just did not like donald trump. regardless of the policies that are moving the needle on the economy and among other things. >> sean: great analysis. we need maria anwar but she gets up at 2:00 a.m., and we would love to have you on more. you get up at 2:00 a.m.
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the only reason -- i will concede, tonight, the company christmas party. we got to stay late. thank you, maria. >> thank you so much, sean. >> sean: tomorrow, maria has on u.s. trade representative trade representative for the u.s. robert lighthizer. coming up from a chuck schumer's past comments on impeachment, they are coming back to haunt him. he won't believe what he said in '98. plus, one moderate democrat is thinking of switching parties to the republican party. house minority leader kevin mccarthy, he will weigh in next as our coverage continues. stay with us. ♪ w here, it all starts with a simple...
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty in los angeles. house democrats are laying out their impeachment case against president trump, preparing to set the rules for wednesday's expected landmark vote. today's report by democrats in the house committee accuses the president of abusing his high office to enlist a foreign power in corrupting the u.s. election. then trying to cover up his misconduct by blocking the investigation. meanwhile, over in the senate, republican and democratic leaders are getting ready to negotiate the rule for next month likely trial in that chamber. new research suggests als also,n other news, vaping is safer than smoking regular cigarettes. that is according to the medical
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journal "preventative medicine." people that smoke cigarettes are more likely to develop lung diseases than vaping. many people end up doing both. marion rafferty. now back to laura ingraham. ♪ >> sean: senator chuckie schumer is lashing out at majority leader mitch mcconnell tonight, and demanding that his handpicked witnesses be part of any senate trial. also, slamming the g.o.p. leader for saying that he will work with the white house throughout the process. imagine that. the white house actually will get to due process and some fairness for months. that is horrible. take a look. >> two weeks ago now, i told leader mcconnell, i was ready to discuss trial rules. instead of talking to me, he spoke publicly about what a trial may look like. said he was taking his cues from the white house. it was very partisan, very
10:29 pm
slanted from a very unfair. the four witnesses we proposed have direct knowledge of why the 80 year crane was delayed. i haven't seen a single good argument about why these witnesses and children. or these documents be produced. unless the president has something to hide. >> sean: chuckie, we just had an addition of witnesses, nonrises, opinion witnesses. then we brought them all in. we brought in the ivory tower professors. you know deep in your heart, they do not prove their case. hypocrisy is also stunning. let's take a little trip down memory lane and let's look at how back in 1999 saying the exact opposite about bringing in witnesses. oh, thank god for videotape. let's go to it. >> any fair process would be consulting the white house because it's the president who
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is the defendant and due process would guarantee him more fairness, certainly would guarantee him certain rights. if the purpose, at the house manager stated, for witnesses, is to compare the disparities in facts, that i would have called a different list of witnesses. what we ought to be doing instead of this is doing what the american people want us to do, which is make that schools better and preserve social security and rain in the hmos. there were some on my side -- i was not among them -- but some argued strongly that they ought to pull witnesses and he resisted it every step of the way. there has not been a good explanation why 60,000 pages of testimony was good enough for the house but it isn't good for the senate. >> sean: when they are not pushing there impeachment or trial, democrats like nadler, the 90 nadler, are spreading more election conspiracy theories. now claiming -- my favorite line of all -- president trump "is in
10:31 pm
a crime that is in progress." what? they are impeaching him for a crime that is happening right now in progress. somebody sent over the fbi and police because it's happening right this second. here with reaction, congressman louie gohmert along with republican congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. good to see you both. louis, you know what i love about louie gohmert, louie gohmert is not one of these guys that is going to washington and getting rich. you know why i know that, jason chaffetz? louie gohmert literally sleeps in his office because he can't afford to pay the d.c. swap grant prices and live at home around the houston area. correct? what part of texas? might've got it wrong. >> very true. you are right. i am due north of houston. it is outrageous. you've been talking about this for years now. what gets me as a former judge, i saw people that lied to so
10:32 pm
often, they had no conscience. it had been so numb, it was completely worthless. we are seeing that. we are seeing that in the house, we are seeing that in the senate, and that's where people can say one thing and 98, 99, say 180 degrees opposite right now, and feel no qualms about being so duplicitous. this is an outrage. we heard for three years, you've been talking about it. crime, crime, crime, crime in progress, we are still even hearing about it. what it came down to the articles of impeachment, there is no crime. still, they talk about this foreign interference. we have to act now because of foreign interference. yet they will not acknowledge the only proven, serious foreign interference was engaged by the democratic national committee, hillary clinton's campaign when they got england, italy, russia, ukraine, all of these -- maybe
10:33 pm
australia, the investor there -- all these other people involved in our election to try to defeat donald trump. pretty outrageous. >> sean: you know, jason chaffetz, you've been right from the beginning. you actually were the one that told me, you believe horowitz would do a good job. putting aside how he did not see the political motives, got to remember, he did refer comey, lying and materials in his house, he should not have had. mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page, got the peter strzok-lisa page texts from horowitz. there is something important that durham and ag barr pointed out, they can only work in the confines of the fbi. he could not go outside that purview. they have gone outside that purview, very strongly said that she was. everything we have been seeing a maturity dossier, bought and paid for, unverifiable, used as the whole fisa application. everything we said is true. he nailed it in his own way.
10:34 pm
>> now, he did nail at. sean, i think you have to go relate to page one of the ig report when it says that the friendly foreign government approaches papadopoulos. that begs the question, because that is the only thing that horowitz starts to look at. but why? why would a friendly foreign government be approaching somebody, with all due respect, he's a very nice guy -- but he's not being paid by the trump campaign. why did that happen? so there is a lot more to come here. it's going to involve john brennan and is going to involve clapper, it's going to -- >> sean: slow down. where i see this going, jason, i see powerful tools of intelligence turned on the american people, as we said. but there are other players involved here. that gets to papadopoulos, joseph misfud, that gets to friendly western intelligence agencies, did they outsource
10:35 pm
illegally spying on americans, may be a president, president-elect, candidate, for the purpose of circumventing american law. if you think that maybe part part of this equation? >> follow the money. there are millions of dollars that came from the democrats that went overseas. whose pockets to those get into? i think it's a very legitimate question. it's not the one that the fbi wants to ask but it is the one that now attorney general barr and durham are looking at. you got to follow the money. they are people that did things that caused people to do other things. that is where this is going. >> sean: thank you both. appreciated. jason chaffetz, congressman go merge. also, the backlash to congressman possible defection to the republican party over radical democratic plans to hate trump 24/7. well, it has now been swift. multiple congressional aides quit and this weekend, democrats
10:36 pm
blasting him, how dare he have original thoughts. take a look. >> i think it's ridiculous. he put politics over the constitution. he's put -- he is going to be cute instead of being courageo courageous. i think it's outrageous. >> i think jeffrey fancher was making a serious mistake and to turn and be a republican, of strange. i have heard rats jumping off a sinking ship but very few of them jump onto his sinking ship. >> sean: he's abandoning ship. your ship that are thinking. meanwhile, impeachment-obsessed democrats are facing the wrath of orders in their districts. look at this, congressman lisa slotkin held a town hall in michigan. got a taste of voter anger. by the way, this is real. even in liberal new york, almost everybody i meet is fed up with this. take a look at this. >> okay. well, i am thrilled to see such
10:37 pm
a great turnout today. please, please let her speak. okay. [crowd shouting] >> thank you for joining us today. >> let the congresswoman speak. >> address the people around you who are here to listen. >> sean: also tonight, according to a recent focus group, this is big. swing voters who switched from obama to trump, they are now changing their minds. look at this. in fact, they are sick of impeachment. they are sticking with trump. the all-important state of michigan. so desperate, although less anger, all their vitriol, three years of hate, hate, trump every second, minute, hour of every day, and guess what, not able to stop americans from supporting this president. look at the army-navy game on saturday. you could hear exactly how people felt about president trump. take a listen. >> with great pride, great honor to welcome our commander in chief, our president of united states states,
10:38 pm
president donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] mr. president, thank you for all that you do, all the things you do for our country. we thank you for joining us today. make this a special moment. >> sean: and they started chanting "four more years." here is a reaction from house minority leader kevin mccarth mccarthy. funeral, we donald trump -- i've known hundred 20-whatever years, i don't know, over 20 years. when he was running, i had to assure, like i always do, i am on the highest tree, the weakest branch, the tiniest twig with at least held up from the fall, that is how we do this, our lives here. we go out on a limb when you believe something. i knew he would be conservative. i know he meant what he said, i know he would fight for his promises. i think a lot of republicans at the time, they were skeptical of me, angry at me, some of them, turned out to be true.
10:39 pm
now it seems like you guys, your rank and file guys, i'm realizing they learned a lesson, fighting for promises, fighting hard for beliefs makes the country better, and is good politics. >> you are right. you were out on a limb early on but you notice when he came down the escalator, like so many people across this country, they knew that he was going to win. just had to convince the american public to actually see what he was talking about. think about this, just about a month ago, you ask me on this show, privately, you said, are any democrats frustrated by this or even talking? i was mentioning then that some democrats had come to me, questioning whether they should stay in the party. now we are learning that jeff van drew is disappointing the democrats. i don't blame them. it's not just jeff who is disappointing democrats. america is just wanted to democrats. they have abandoned their so called for the people agenda, and the speaker slept and really admitted that she has been trying to impeach this president for two and half years. long before any phone call or
10:40 pm
moralize from adam schiff trying to make something up. >> sean: so i will ask you the same question. what is the status with van drew? >> i think he's going to make a decision very shortly. he's been forthright from the very beginning. he has had from the very beginning, there is nothing here to be impeached. what did the democrats to? they have turned on him. it is caring because of the democrats. remember, there are 31 democrats who sit in seats that president trump k read. i will guarantee you the next election, president trump will carry more than just those seats. >> sean: give us a little bit of a timeline. and obviously, this is in pelosi and a schiff and nutty nadler sans. what is the timeline? is a true they are actually going to do it in a day? are they in a rush? >> yeah, i think they will work very quickly try to get us on wednesday. what was interesting, early on the show, listening to schumer, he's admitting it was an unfair
10:41 pm
process on the side in the house. early on, you put out that letter i sent to speaker pelosi. why don't we give the exact same rights that bill clinton got, that nixon got? due process where we could pick witnesses? the democrats got to pick every witness they wanted. republicans got to pick known and now schumer is complaining about that. they got to pick everybody. they are finding the poll numbers dropping. they are losing independence. it's because, you look at jared fangio, is listening to his constituents. >> sean: you can see for the first time, you now see the realclearpolitics average, impeachment is underwater, and it's going to drop even further. great job, congressman. i think he was always for sharing your thoughts. talk about what's coming up. fireworks. the ladies of "the view," will be, meghan mccain. standby.
10:42 pm
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♪ >> sean: so the media mobs impeachment hysteria has reached a fever pitch. on the view today, whoopi goldberg, who i've always liked, and meghan mccain meghan mccain, who i've always liked, never had any problems with anybody. i have no desire to ever do that show again. here is a heated exchange. >> my job is to not litigate the ethics of it. my job is to analyze the politics of it. i am telling you -- >> i'm talking about the senators -- >> the republican senate. >> here is what is happening now. we are going to -- girl. please stop talking. please stop talking right now. because you know what? >> thank you.
10:48 pm
>> sean: it's got the christmas scene in the background and everything. it is a preview of coming attractions when you're home with your family, turkey legs, flying across the room? after that, "the view" had trump eating actor robert de niro on the show. no surprise there. he bash the president. >> you have played some of the most really unredeemable characters. a psychopath that a taxi driver. a guy who used to beat his wife in "raging bull." a strong force than they are? >> to me, he is. because he has no understanding that i can see of the outside world other than anything around him. he has no idea of what his purpose in life as the president should be. i always say, he's a lowlife. he's a lowlife. >> you also talk about his
10:49 pm
children, and you say that they are like a gangster family come too. >> i don't want my kids to take this the wrong way but if my kids did what these kids did, i wouldn't want to be related to them. i would disown them. >> sean: tough guy. all this anti-trump media bias is adding up to a full-scale revolt of trump voters against the mob and the media. here with reaction, fox & friends weekend cohost pete hegseth and fox news contributor rachel, stuffy. guys, good to see you both. great show, by the way, congratulations on your new baby. we are very proud of you. >> thank you. >> sean: happy for you guys. >> thank you. >> sean: let's start with, we are watching this, and you see -- as a of like pete hegseth tattoos which he shows everybody. he does. he puts it everywhere. >> only by request, sean. >> sean: okay, whatever. >> sean: it's like tattooed into the foreheads of all these
10:50 pm
medium people, fake anti-news. how do they ever get rid of that branding, i don't see them ever ever getting rid of it. >> first of all, full disclosure, i don't "the view" more than 25 different times. i actually enjoyed the debate. whether it's "the view," the media, big tech, academia, what you are seeing right now is a total meltdown. they've had a monopoly and a stranglehold on the narrative, the political narrative, for so long because they know how to play the culture. suddenly, here comes donald trump, a reality tv star, former democrat. so he knows their game and he is playing at and winning at it and doing it better than them and you see this frustration that they have thrown everything at him, everything in the impeachment, russia hoax, every media outlet, every movie star, everything against him and he's getting his message out and going over the heads of all of them for. he is setting the news narrative and he's getting a story out and exposing them and it's driving them absolutely bonkers.
10:51 pm
yes, get ready at your christmas table, if politics comes up, the liberals in your group are not happy. >> sean: i will have to do another "hannity" tips to deal your crazy, insane liberal media mob relatives. >> love it. [laughs] >> sean: you know, we deal with this all the time. it's never been this corrupt. never been -- they speak in one voice. it is a state run mob liberal leftist extreme radical socialist tv all the time. >> all the time. whoopi goldberg did to meghan mccain -- and meghan mccain is not a big trump supporter, we all know that. what they wish they could do to fox news channel, the talk rad radio, to donald trump at his twitter feed, as you mentioned, the problem, what they hate so much, donald trump has tattooed fake news on the forehead of of all of these leftists who before god to play the same game, a war on bias, watch our nightly news cast as we read from the
10:52 pm
teleprompter for 30 minutes and tell you the way the world is and then it all ended. when he showed up, it made them mad. liberals are angry people. with donald trump -- [laughs] you just expose them for who they are. look at the anger. >> sean: it's not going anywhere. look at the polls. the "washington examiner." the research is clear. we'll see what happens. i don't think anyone cares. nobody that i -- even some of my friends that are left, very left of me, they think this is dumb. oh, pete, i got your christmas card, thank you very much. >> you got it. >> i did come too. beautiful card. >> sean: figure for both of you. i want to send my congratulations. >> thank you. >> sean: tonight we have not one, no, tonight is a special night. two valence of the day. that is straight ahead. ♪ sfx: [sneezing]
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>> do villains of the day our friend lunacy on full display when you have area 51 in roswell rachel maddow's conspiracy tv. president from a yesterday abou joking about running for a thir term. maybe we should keep saying it because it drives him nuts anyway. the joke goes right over their head. let's take a look. >> what happens in all seriousness, what happens if he doesn't believe in the constitution he just believes i power and money if he just says you know what, if i leave this office i might get prosecuted i york. what would happen? he is joking about a bit dictators have been all over th world when the person about not
10:59 pm
leaving doesn't leave very. >> let not your heart be troubled, it's not going to happen. maxine waters back in the news later in thegr hours and republicans don't care about th constitution or democracy. impeach 45, impeach 45, you think she'd be happy. they're helping to reelect donald trump or a take a look. >> watch what happens in the senate. you're going to see what happen when you're a democracy is undermined. you're going to see what happen when you have people in power who disregard the constitution. who don't care about the democracy. who opened the door to putin an russia. >> only prudent, only russia, the dirty dossier. hillary paid for a. let not your heart be troubled, that is all the time we have left. we will never be the heat rage psychotic hate trump media mob
11:00 pm
we will seek the truth. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham starts right now. have a great night. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, more games from democrats in the middle of the night andy biggs bob barr, byron york are all l here but they will explain jerry nadler's desperate 11th hour move. also josh hawley, he will join us and how chuck schumer has positioned himself front and center on impeachment. he will also preview another senate hearing from doj inspector general michael horowitz. plus, rudy giuliani has drawn on the left and on the right. and so he could be asked a question is he helping or hurting the president? h what new stuff has he found out inso his latest travel. the former new york city mayor rudy giuliani returns exclusively to make his c


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