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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  December 24, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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officers have only written ten tickets to violators of this ban in the last 15 years. they've actually written ticke tickets. here's my buddy mike emanuel. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. president trump talking via videoconference and blasting democrats over his impeachment. >> president trump: people remember they treated us very unfairly. they didn't give us to process or a lawyer or anything. >> house democrats disagree on how they are talking about the possibility of adding new articles of impeachment and we will see how that could work. then as north korea threatens a christmas gift for america we take it to the pentagon to look at how our military is prepared. i mike emanuel in washington and "fox news reporting" begins right now. ♪ >> mike: president trump spent part of his christmas eve
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slamming the sal a stalled proceedings and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> president trump: she's doing a tremendous disservice to the country. she's not doing a good job and some people think that she doesn't know what she's doing. they treated us very unfairly. they didn't give us to process, they didn't give us a lawyer or anything. now, they come to the senate and they want everything. >> mike: she says she wants to know how they will run the impeachment trial before she sends over the articles. chuck schumer says witnesses must testify in the trump administration needs to turn over emails and other crucial evidence to ensure a fair senate trial. president trump insists senate majority leader mitch mcconnell "has the right to do whatever he wants." meanwhile the house judiciary committee signals there could be even more coming as they fight in court to get grand jury materials from special counsel robert mueller's russian investigation. rich edson reporting live from west palm beach, florida, not far from the president's resort.
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>> good afternoon mike. a little bit of true presidential tradition this morning. the president calling service members across the globe when they can't with their families for the holidays. the president had a phone conversation with a number of them to begin the day and he also spoke with reporters this morning asking and answering questions when it comes to impeachment especially since this is less than a week after the house voted to impeach him. the president was defending his conduct. >> president trump: they had no evidence at all, no crime. we had 196 or so republicans voting 100%. we didn't lose one republican vote in the house and we had three democrats come over to our side. >> democrats and republicans are debating the specifics of an impeachment trial in the senate and house democrats are holding the articles of impeachment to try to compel republicans to allow witnesses to testify in any senate trial. senate republicans call the
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impeachment of political charade. one senate democrat chris murphy writes on twitter "i know how this goes. today republicans say we should observe the impeachment rules and open the trial without an agreement on witnesses. then when the trial begins, they will tell us how different this is than that clinton impeachment and we can have witnesses. both houses of congress is out so this impasse is very likely to continue. >> mike: which house democrats are considering more articles of impeachment? >> if this came in a federal filing from house democrats and they say they want the court of appeals to enforce the subpoena to get the former white house counsel don began to appear and testify. they write in that filing "mcgann's testimony is also important to the investigations into presidential misconduct and consideration and whether to recommend additional articles of impeachment. the justice department is urging that court to scrap this trial in the lawsuit because they say the house has already voted on
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articles of impeachment. at the presidents ally and republican senator lindsey graham is tweeting on this "democrats are treating impeachment as an open bar tab. time to cut them off and take their car keys away and put the g.o.p. in charge of the house and ending insanity. the president has yet to comment on the potential on new articles of impeachment. >> let's bring in our panel. kevin jamison isn't democratic strategists and managing partner of the chief its group and educational consulting term. gentlemen, welcome. so kevin, we have some comment from president trump and after that we will ask you to respond. >> president trump: we have majority and now they want mcconnell to do wonderful things to them. he will do what he wants to do but he's a smart guy, very good guy and very fair guy.
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but they treated us very unfairly and now they want their fairness in the senate. >> so what about that? >> he saying senator heller mcconnell can do what he wants. that's a bit of an overstatement, but what he's doing is a violation of his constitutional job. he supposed to be an impartial juror and he's like the foreman of the jury so it's unlikely that we have someone in that role who's indicating he will do everything in lockstep with the president who in this case is the accused. trent lot didn't take that approach, obviously -- he didn't say he was going to go against whatever clinton wanted. and doing things around -- getting to the bottom of the evidence, and shirking that duty. >> no surprise that senate democrat chuck schumer has a different idea of fairness. let's play his clip.
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>> fair means documents and witnesses. it's hard to imagine a trial not having documents and witnesses. if it doesn't have documents and witnesses it's going to seem to most of the american people that it is a sham trial, a show trial, not to get to the facts. it's simply about getting the truth. >> mike: amari, how do you respond? >> the fact is, the president's isn't being judged by the majority with fairness. it's basically a victim, and they don't want to see the president to continuously be putting points on the board that he's been doing. the fact is no president has not been reelected since the postwar era when unemployment is at 7.4% and president trump is knocking
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those numbers out of the park. so they are continually bringing evidence back. they add to this pile, the american people are gathered around the table, and it's continuously dividing the country. i think the democrats think that the only time they can actually win is when our country is divided but the fact is, the country is divided by the principles of we are seeing more americans back to work than we have ever seen before and that's just bringing us back together and i think that's the reason why the president will be reelected in a landslide in 2020. >> mike: now there is more articles of impeachment. more that don mcgann could testify to, and -- probably not. i'm a democrat and, with that being said a part of the reason why we don't know for sure how
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bad the obstruction of justice god and, what exactly happened in the white house with regard to the investigation, we do need to figure that out. don mcgann has not testified. he indicated he wanted to but he sort of complied with president trump's with wishes that he didn't testify. if he does testify and we get information that looks bad for the president, there's nothing in the constitution that would stop the house from bringing additional articles. we may be tired of the investigations but he should be brought to justice, the president that is, if moore comes out to make the obstruction of justice case stronger. >> mike: are beltway democrats other than kevin out of touch if they think the american people want more impeachment? >> i would just say that. they have to focus on their message to the holiday people. what type of uplifting positive message will they deliver?
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and impeachment of donald trump started in 2016 and since then, there have been -- unemployment has been as low as it's ever been. that will continue to drive progress forward and try to drive us further and further. >> you talk about other things other than impeachment. your thoughts on that? >> she is already's been hesitant to impeach and i think she finally pulled out a way with the july 25th call and the pressure from the progressive caucus and leadership with the dems got too much for her to handle. i think impeachment is justified given what we know about the call. but i think she wants to talk about other things, because she knows that in order to get elected in 2020 to retain the house and possibly the
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white house, we do have to talk about other issues and it won't just be impeachment. even though there are some polls that suggest almost half of americans support impeachment and removal which is not good for the president but it's not overwhelming and not 60% or 70%. >> what's interesting is that beyond impeachment last week you have usmca and you had government funding to the end of the fiscal year. so while she is putting points on the board for some of her members, there are things that president trump can run on. is that right? >> yes. as you look at some of the presidentiathepresidential cande doing some of the same things. you look at former vice president joe biden, and you don't know where he is from his actual core anymore, no democrats are talking about the jobs. talking about keeping our military, the strongest military that the united states has ever seen. these are the types of things we have to be focused on in
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virginia and around the country as a whole to find solutions to the problems that americans are seeing and that's what the democratic party is just not doing. i'm proud that the president continues to put points on the board and we are rooting for him. merry christmas. get ready for gridlock. more than 100 million of us are hitting the road this holiday season and flying isn't any better, especially considering what's been happening at one airport in particular. that's coming up from all the journalists on fox news, on "fox news reporting." ♪ as a mom, i knew it had to work. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. i envisioned what it's like for babies to have diapers around them. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. at the end of the day, we are people helping people.
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>> mike: a record-breaking number of americans are expected to travel this holiday season and one of america's busiest airports came to a grinding halt today on christmas eve. heavy fog grounded all flights at chicago's o'hare and midway airports earlier this morning. we have fox team coverage with matt finn following the last minute shoppers who have hours to finish their list. david lee doesn't seem too bad there now. >> indeed it's not. you got your last minute shoppers that you mentioned but you also have those last-minute travelers that have been trickling in throughout the day. as you can see for yourself it is relatively quiet and with each passing hour it seems to be getting quieter. an industry trade group airlines for america says today that 2.25 million people are expected
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to travel but later this week is when you have to brace yourself. thursday and friday they are forecasting the busiest travel days of the holiday season with 2.9 million passengers on u.s. carriers. there was one glitch today as you mentioned that was worth noting. heavy fog in chicago halted all incoming flights at both oh o'hare and midway airport. operations have since returned to normal but chicago as we all know too well is a significant hub and there have been significant cancellations there at o'hare and midway today alone, we are told at 162 cancellations that have affected the system nationally. in total today there have been 248 cancellations. one thing to keep in mind, this is predicted to be the busiest holiday travel. ever. 145 million passengers will take to the sky and that's an increase of 3% over last year.
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>> mike: impressive. how are the tsa security lines? >> i had a feeling you would ask me that. you can see the tsa checkpoint off in the distance and the sign says there is now a six minute wait to get through security. that's pretty good, it got as low as 4 minutes earlier today, never more than 15 minutes here at laguardia. the tsa says it is ready and it is fully staffed for the holiday season. some of them are working extra shifts and they are advising people please do not show up with items that are gift wrapped that you want to take through security. use a gift bag instead and when it comes to liquids they can say that, yes it's christmas but the rules remain in place. you have to limit that quantity of eggnog to the tsa requirements. and lastly, they do have this reminder.
12:18 pm
i get to the airport two hours before your flight for domestic trips and at least three hours for overseas trips. but as of now, things are very quiet here at laguardia and you could say across the country, this christmas eve was going to be a silent night for most travelers. >> mike: it well done. looking good there. it makes me wonder if they went to newark and jfk instead. thank you so much my friend. if you haven't finished your christmas shopping yet, better get moving and take comfort in knowing you are not the only one who waited until the very last minute. the national retail federation estimates more than half of holiday shoppers are still buying gifts in the week before christmas and folks are also expected to spend more money this year. matt finn at reporting live from the magnificent mile in chicago. >> we've been talking to some of those last-minute shoppers here all day here on chicago's michigan avenue and most of them
12:19 pm
are actually in good spirits. there are some families who say it's an annual tradition to reduce the shopping on christmas eve and other shoppers say they are looking for a deal and they might have procrastinated. christmas eve shopping, is it fun or frenzied? >> i'm just taking my time, i got here early as soon as they opened? >> if there is a deal, right if not, i'm stuck because they want what they want and i have to get it for them. >> has been crazy? >> no. it's been great. some stores are open nationwide, target, macy's, lowe's, walgreens and 7-eleven and if you need coffee, starbucks and dunkin' donuts. as you can imagine, something you might be able to relate to, a large number of people we are talking to today are parents who say they made a mad dash out the door for some last-minute type
12:20 pm
toys. >> the national retail federation, some nine about 50% more shoppers compared to last year and in general, american shoppers are expected to spend about 1,05 $1,050 total. outside of this very large mall, the weather is unseasonably warm, we are talking 50 degrees here in chicago and across the midwest. at some unseasonably warm weather so maybe encourage some people to make a last-minute shopping trip. >> mike: enjoy it matt, i'm sure you will get a blast of wonder at some point. merry christmas. i had, two children are missing and finally we hear from their parents who investigators called persons of interest in the case. the parents comments and what we know about the search for the kids, coming up. ♪ yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores.
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not my thing. >> mike: at their children are missing and their former spouses are dead and investigators say this newlywed couple isn't cooperating with them. their lawyer, calling her a devoted mother and him a loving husband. william lawilliam la jeunesse rg from a west coast newsroom.
12:25 pm
what do we know about this couple? >> 51-year-old chad dave l is known as a proper, he prepares couples for the coming of jesus christ. he has a podcast that his previous wife now dead help to create but his new wife now appears in. she is laurie bellow, a happy homemaker and mother until she met him. >> once she got involved in that cold, the person we knew just went away. in the last few years she has completely changed into a monster. >> they are now on the run and no one knows why. please call them persons of interest after the children from her previous marriage vanished in september. their lawyer put out the statement in their defense saying, chad dave l was a loving husband and has the support of his children in this matter. lori dave l is a devoted mother
12:26 pm
and resents assertions to the contrary. we look forward to the allegations once they have been removed and the lawyer claims that even he doesn't know where the parents are. >> what we know about their former spouses? >> i will show you a timeline which might help explain why the police are suspicious. she leaves, and three months later her husband is killed. then a few months later, his wife dies in her sleep. then they got married and police visit the home but children are gone. they claimed falsely out of state with friends. the next day police show up with a search warrant and the couple are gone. two weeks later police exhumed at tammy's body for an autopsy saying her death is related to the kids' disappearance. the next day, lori's brother who shot and killed her husband in july, he dies and police will not say how.
12:27 pm
>> we would even be good with the facetime video of the children to make us feel better that they are safe. >> always simply want is j.j. back. we just miss him so much. >> right now there are no warrants on the parents but you can imagine the police aren't going to wait forever. >> mike: that's quite a story. william la jeunesse, thanks so much. police in tennessee are searching for the man they say stabbed and killed two people including the brother of an nfl quarterback. they say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. steve harrigan is following the story live from atlanta. steve? >> mike, police have issued an arrest warrant for the man they believe right or two people in nashville over the weekend and a stabbing. one of the victims, the younger brother of san francisco quarter
12:28 pm
49ers backup quarterback c.j. beth third. the man in question is michael mosley. >> mosley is being charged in the deaths of clayton beth arctic, age 22 and paul tripp pini, h20 as you know are fatally stabbed just before 3:00 a.m. across the street from the dogwood bar. mosley has a violent criminal past. he is a convicted felon, convicted of violent crimes. we consider him to be a danger to the community. >> this all started in an argument inside of a nashville bar just after 2:00 a.m. some unwanted advances toward a young woman who was a friend to the two victims, their argument was taken outside. three of the people were stabbed and taken to a university medical center. one is recovering and two died including beth third. a number of questions have been
12:29 pm
raised over the attack including why mosley was on the street in the first place. he was released on a $5,000 bond for violently beating a woman in a walmart one year ago and police say they've share the community's frustration. back to you. steve, thanks a lot. a convenience store clerk shot and killed a robbery suspect that had pistol whipped him in the head and that happened saturday night in bay point, california. surveillance is showing a max comic masked man attacking the clerk before digging through the cash register for cash. the clerk fired several shots and sheriffs in california say the clerk acted in self-defense. anita vogel reporting live from our west coast news hub. >> hello, mike. it's an amazing story of heroism under the most amazing circumstances.
12:30 pm
the clerk found himself under attack as a gunman pistol whipped him and pillage the costs what cash register. but when the robber turned his head at the clerk grabbed his own gun out of drawer and turn the tables on the robber firing in fatally wounding him as he fled the store. police found him later just outside but the clerk said he was shocked when he saw the video of what happened. >> i don't know if it was fear and adrenaline that kicked in together but i kind of checked myself a little and he forced me onto the ground. >> even though the clerk is a veteran of the air force he said he's never been so scared in his life. mike? >> mike: and law enforcement is searching for a second suspect? >> that's right. two thugs forced their way into the store. one thief pinned her down the other employee working inside. when the thieves learns the
12:31 pm
cashier had a gun they both fled so now police are searching for the second suspect. all we know about him according to police is that he was wearing a blue jacket and green hoodie with a backpack when he was seen running out of the store. anyone with information is asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's department. that hero clerk told reporters that even though he has 12 staples in his head from being pistol whipped he's not afraid to go back to work and in fact he says he can't wait to get back. >> mike: tough guy. i need of vogel, thanks so much. the kids wait for santa and washington waits for the next move from chris kim jong un. he promised a christmas surprise for the united states and we take it to the pentagon on what the north koreans may have planned, next. musica♪ i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy,
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>> mike: north korea threatening a christmas gift to america but president trump didn't seem too worried about
12:36 pm
what pyongyang has planned. >> president trump: we will find out what the surprises and we will deal with that very successfully. we will see what happens. everybody has surprises for me, but let's see what happens. i handled them as they come along. >> mike: it but you better believe the defense department is preparing a case of something else. lucas, what are you hearing from military officials here? >> first after the president spoke to the troops from mar-a-lago, the commander-in-chief said distant gift from north korea may not be so bad. >> president trump: navy it's a nice president. it may be as a present where he sends me a beautiful vase. as opposed to a missile test. i may get a nice present. it you don't know. you never know. >> officials say north korea's christmas present may not be the long-range missile test as they are thinking.
12:37 pm
one defense official tells me that the intelligence is murky. >> mike: at the north koreans have tested a lot of short range of muscles this year but none that could pose a danger to the u.s. at least so far. >> that's right. they tested over a dozen short-range missiles after testing new missiles of any kind a year ago. keep in mind north korea has not tested a long-range missile using solid fuel something bret baier asked defense secretary mark esper about at the reagan defense forum earlier this month. >> solid fuel boosters do provide you a degree of efficiency and mobility and gives you less warning then do a liquid fueled rocket but they have been moving this direction for years. it's another thing that we watch because it reduces our warnings, if you well. but we have very good intelligence on north korea. >> president trump's and former national security advisor john bolton offered some of his harshest criticism yet ove overe presence diplomatic overtures to pyongyang tweeting "we say it's
12:38 pm
unacceptable for north korea to obtain nuclear weapons but that's more rhetorical than real policy at this point." he says the danger to the more than 28,000 u.s. troops currently stationed on peninsula is imminent. >> mike: in this busy season, at the feds warned commercial airlines about the missile test? >> that's right. if issued a warning to any aviation flying around the korean peninsula right now and keep in mind that north korea doesn't warn anyone about their launch of their missiles so it's a threat to aviation and also space. in fact two years ago one of north korea's missiles came dangerously close to the international space station i'm told. >> mike: lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. let's bring in michael sancho, an economist who teaches economics at the university of miami. so what is it kim jong un wants, respect or sanctions relief or maybe all of the above? >> i'm sure he wants both. it is a scary situation because
12:39 pm
it sometimes its regime looks a little too frighteningly like an apocalyptic doomsday. i'm sure he does want respect and wants to have the sanctions lesson for sure. >> mike: obviously a concern to the united states but probably a bigger concern for japan and south korea and even our rivals in beijing, right? >> yes but the last intercontinental ballistic missile he tested in november of 2017 have the power to deliver a nuclear warhead to every single american city. second of all, the u.s. is the main guarantor of the global orator and it's in our interest for example not to let the chinese give in to their worst impulses and be aggressive. so it's important that we show that we are good allies to south korea, otherwise the countries that need to ban together if the chinese ever turn aggressive won't trust us support them. encountering china
12:40 pm
if it ever became really aggressive. >> mike: is the biggest risk here is a mistake, perhaps our projectile fire that lands in japan? >> that's always a potential risk in any type of conflict like this, miscalculation mistakes that escalate out of control but we are also dealing with a very paranoid regime. we are also dealing with the regime that we don't understand so the most negative scenario is they see tactical nuclear weapons as an actual vehicle to invade and even conquer south korea so that's worse case. on the other hand, many times their military options are very limited and we need to get them to understand that any serious war, it's hard to imagine the regime and the leader surviving. >> mike: is all there is no reason to think that president trump would find easing up sanctions to be be that behavior. >> it's a catch-22 and hard to say because we don't want to
12:41 pm
appear weak. they are continuing to advance on their nuclear weapons and missiles. i will give you a little bit of a silver lining, we were always concerned that north korea would give wnd technology to qaddafi, saddam hussein and iran. but at least qaddafi and saddam hussein are gone. so the issue is less than the past. how to get the north koreans to improve their behavior is not clear but i think that we it can't forget that they are surrounded by a powerful military, and our forces. their military options are constrained as well. >> mike: president trump has tried dialogue with north koreans while other american pet presidents have tried more isolation or carry it stick's type approach. was it wise to try something different? >> it wasn't a bad idea that he actually tried a more peaceful approach because korea probably ranks number one in the most --
12:42 pm
the place that the pentagon most dreads if god forbid it war breaks out because of the that could hit seoul, korea, for example. that's a huge issue and it it could go nuclear and it's an unpredictable regime. definitely the pentagon is far, far from enthusiastic from doing military options but, on the other hand i think the north korean government knows that in other extremes, that the south korea and the u.s. have decapitation options and i think quite frankly probably so does china. >> mike: kim jong un seems to be well aware of american holidays. is that the sense that maybe this would get him the most attention? >> he does seem to love the attention, that's for sure. >> mike: michael sancho, thanks so much for your time. happy holidays and we appreciate your analysis. >> who are very welcome. >> mike: protests rocking hong kong this christmas eve,
12:43 pm
some of the demonstrators wearing santa claus hat has at antigovernment rallies and shopping malls and other areas. riot police firing rounds of tear gas after protesters windows and block traffic. police have arrested more than 6,000 people since the rallies begin within 66 months ago. christmas in bethlehem is always something special. the west bank town considered the traditional birthplace of jesus christ. and now something has arrived there that has been missing for 1400 years. that's next. but first, police in baltimore are rescuing a dog from icy waters and one officer jumped right into the water while others helped pull him and the pop onto a boat. police say they responded as soon as they got a call that the dog had taken off his leash and decided to take a swim in the frigid inner harbor. the water temperature was right around 40 degrees, pretty chilly for loki the labrador and also for that hero, officer bobby brown. the dog's owner says she is thankful for officer brown's
12:44 pm
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>> mike: a look at vatican city, st. petersburg st. peter's basilica and the pope
12:48 pm
celebrating christmas eve mass. a great time for the faithful to go to the holy city to celebrate the holiday. at what a great time of year to bring their family and faithful friends with you to the vatican to hear from the pope and celebrate christmas. at one of the great spots in the world to be at this time of ye year. christmas eve celebrations of course underway in bethlehem with a little more than an hour to go until midnight mass there. thousands of christians pilgrims gathered in the traditional birthplace of. trey is live in bethlehem with more. >> good afternoon. as you can imagine christmas eve in bethlehem is a mixture of religious traditions and also families coming here from all around the world to mark the occasion. earlier today there was a parade and a procession that included the latin patriarch traveling from jerusalem to bethlehem. there were a number of boy scouts and bagpipe players participating in that parade and
12:49 pm
its been a lot of joyous moments for families again all over the world including the united states who have traveled here to celebrate christmas outside of the basilica. outside of the nativity you can see the lights and a large christmas tree or let up right now but this will be going on all night. that big event at midnight, midnight mass and many waiting here in meijer square for that event to get started. >> mike: we understand there is a special relic from the vatican that just arrived in bethlehem? >> earlier this week we got a look at this relic, it is a piece of the crib that supposedly laid in. we were actually shown that relic by a representative of the pope who oversees the holy land, consider the custodian of the holy land. take a look at this relic that was just delivered to bethlehem. bethlehem is marking the christmas holiday with a new arrival from the vatican, a piece of the crib that supposedly laid in. >> this is the first time after
12:50 pm
1400 years that a piece of the original crib comes back to bethlehem. >> and the days leading up to christmas, thousands gathered at the church of the nativity in bethlehem to just tell mike celebrate the birth of and offer prayers of peace for the region. the small piece of wood is symbolic to christians across the globe as they believe it provides evidence that was born in bethlehem. the celebrations tonight do, amid the ongoing backdrop of the israeli-palestinian conflict and efforts to try to hammer out details of a peace plan. but we haven't seen much of that so far. many of those efforts have been stalled over the past year. >> mike: trey yingst, live in bethlehem. prince philip's out of the hospital just in time for christmas according to bethlehem palace. he was there as a precautionary measure related to a pre-existing condition. the 98-year-old now joining his wife the queen and other members
12:51 pm
of the royal family at their estate in eastern england and the palace thinks people for their well wishes. prince philip has had some health issues in recent years and retired from public life in 2017. if you were wondering why santa is so jolly it might because of his paycheck. it turns out store santos can make tens of thousands of dollars for just a few months work. we will take you to the mall to see santa and his helpers are cashing in on christmas. that's next. ♪ i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what do we wburger...inner? i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. janie, come here. check this out.
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let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's...that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything. unbelievable.
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♪ >> let's take you back to vatican city. pope francis celebrating christmas eve mass. i was there this summer with my family. what a spectacular place if you have a religious bone in your body. if you are a religious person, it is spectacular. there must be nothing like it, especially if you have a roman catholic background.
12:56 pm
vatican city as the pope celebrates mass just before midnight as a crossover to christmas day and a look there from above of saint peter's basilica. no doubt, lots of faithful have gathered in vatican city to celebrate christmas there and to hear some words of inspiration from pope francis this christmas eve. need a little cash this holiday season? you may want to consider getting a fake beard and a santa costume. the fox news' network, check the scene out in a suburb of chicago. >> it turned out that being the big man can also mean making big bucks. a lot of people in illinois lined up to see santa claus and get their picture taken. when you think of a holiday side gig, you probably don't think of the santa claus side hustle. you think of temporary retail workers. they make between 10-$11 per
12:57 pm
hour. santa claus can make as much as $30 per hour. if you are really good santa claus with a jolly demeanor and a hearty whole wholho-ho-ho. sounds like a lott some people i talk to say still not enough. >> this guy puts on a good show. they earn every penny. >> it's a lot of money, though. are you surprised? so, they earn it. [laughter] >> absolutely, they earn it. it's the guy was going to say, if you grew a beard, you might be able to pull it off. would you do it? >> no. >> if you are willing to work on christmas eve and christmas day santa claus, you can make even more than $75 an hour. >> thanks so much. another santa showing off his
12:58 pm
skis, not on the slopes, but on the icy cold waters of the river just outside our nation's capital. this is santa's 34th year water-skiing on christmas eve. the tradition began when the original santa lost a bet, but he wasn't out there alone today. a reindeer, some elves, and frosty the snowman also joined him. even the grinch got in on the festivities. 2019 had no shortage of goofy moments, particularly from our four-legged friends. here's a look back at some of the funniest animal videos from this year. ♪ [whistle blowing]
12:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> kind of love the animal
1:00 pm
videos. i'm michael. "your world" is next. charles payne is in for neil cavuto. merry christmas to you christmas out there. happy hanukkah to our jewish friends and happy holidays to everyone else. take care. >> charles: the holiday rush is on. americans are taking off as folks also rushed to the stores on those last minute gifts. welcome everyone. i'm a charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world" and we are all over it. david lee miller at laguardia airport. folks are still shopping. we begin with you, rick. >> charles, 104 million americans traveling by car this holiday season. the most ever on record according to aaa. urgently, they are not on the road right now. we look at the west side high, which is actually moving. the west side


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