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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  December 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> a fox news alert on the impeachment standoff and the wa of words heating up as the senate trial hangs in limbo. welcome back to america's news headquarters spread. >> thank you for joining us on this christmas day bright house democrats are suggesting more articles of impeachment. they're are two, there could be more on the way. house speaker nancy pelosi hasn't sent the original ones, the first two to the senate and president trump is of course lashing out at her for that. >> she's doing a tremendous disservice to the country. she's not doing a good job. some people think that she doesn't know what she's doing very a lot of people think that and a lot of people have said it
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. they had no evidence of all, no crime. >> live in west palm beach florida where the president is bending the holidays. >> president trump is taking a break today from discussing impeachment, at least publicly. he's enjoying a private christmas holiday with his family. democrats and republicans are still arguing over potential impeachment trial in the u.s. senate. we have some news out of alaska today and the republican senato there, she was speaking to a local television station there when she was disturbed when she heard that majority leader mitc mcconnell was in total coordination with the senate impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi says she's holding up impeachment articles and a trial in the senate as democrats say they want witnesses and any impeachment trial. >> our democracy is being threatened by this daily
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confrontation, chaos biting the fear and hatred. i hope are all going to find a way that is we go into this impeachment trial will look at the facts that the senators wil be all impartial, make up their mind, and we're going to protec the democracy that we love. >> in a federal court filing this morning, house democrats say they want to speak with former white house counsel because they say they're still pursuing lines of questioning there and whether they could bring up in considering bringin up additional articles of impeachment beyond the two they've artie passed out of the house. >> we will see what happens in early january. the first lady and president have posted a christmas message right? >> they have wished those elevating christmas here in the united states and around the world, their christmas greeting and also saying we pause to pay tribute to those courageous men and women of our armed forces who continued to fight for our cherished freedom as commander-in-chief like salute them for their service and thin their family members for their
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shared sacrifice in this noble mission, especially during the holiday season. his reelection campaign is helping his supporters supporters and all those unwanted political discussions ongoing in american households with democrats and republicans getting together at the christmas table. they launched snowflake victory .com how trump supporters can trump supporters can argue with their liberal so-called snowflakes relatives including there was no quid pro quo and democrats obsessed about impeachment posting about the economy and on trade agreements. back to you guys. >> more on this with the republican strategist and democratic strategist, thank yo both for topping to discuss. michael, let me start with you. what has impeachment proven so far? >> it has proven that president asked ukraine for quid pro quo bared whether he wants to admit it or not, which he has, he asked a foreign government to g
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in and start an investigation against someone running for president. that at its essence is improper. gate now, that is the argument, that is why he was voted to be impeached, the question now is the difference of opinion between republicans and democrats because republicans and the president especially is saying that the phone call with the ukraine was perfect as he puts it, and there was no quid pro quo and the aide was delivered after that conversation he wanted to have biden investigated. but my question to you is this, as we move into a huge election year, how big will this impeachment push be, will it be a net gain or net loss and matter the outcome for the democrats and the president. >> think originally come up democrats thought it would be a big boost for them, they spent three years pursuing an impeachment of the president to reverse the results of the 2016 election, they have not worked with the president on any legislation, they have not come
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together with republicans to have any solutions for the american people, so unfortunately for them, this ha not turned out to be a boost fo them, it's turned out to be a big boost for the president because americans we're given a sale these past three years and told that the president had don something wrong, they saw the evidence and as we see in the polls, especially in the swing states, americans don't think the president did anything wrong . they're are millions of americans this year, it brings tears to my eyes to think about how many americans were able to buy gifts for their children there employed, they have meaningful work, meaningful job they were able to put food on the table. this is the most prosperity we've seen as a country in years , probably in our lifetime. that is what americans care about they don't care about thi political gain been played on capitol hill right now. >> what is the democrats take when they hear yvonne could trump saying this this is reenergized her father and that a lot of republicans are saying
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this has been a good thing for the president. not to say impeachment is ever good thing but for some reason republicans are starting to pus that narrative that perhaps thi is a good thing to advance at the president into potentially running for 2020 and being reelected. what do you think of that? >> no president wants to be impeached, for the rest of his life and for our nations history , donald trump will be the third president to ever be impeached, so i don't think tha something he wanted. when you look at the poll numbers between 46 and 52 percent of the country not only wants him impeached, but wants him removed great if you look at the economy, you should be moonwalking into reelection, but instead is in the fight for his life. i don't think impeachment is helping him. i don't think it's hurting him. i think it's something democrat and republicans are just saying we're sick of the drama, where sick of the. >> did you say 46 percent? >> between 46 and 52 depending on which poll you look at. >> it's kinda split down the
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middle. there is a fox news opinion bullet want to bring up which asked people if 2019 was a good year for the country. no surprise, the majority, 65 percent of republicans believe it was a good year compared to his 13 percent of democrats that believed it was good year. democrats in fact, 60 percent o them think it was a bad year. michael, when we speak economically, would you agree o disagree that 2019 was a good year? >> i think it depends on where you are economically. if you're in the top 1 percent think you thought it was a grea year. if you're someone who works for hourly wages then you're thinking this year was pretty hard. while the economy has grown and the stock market has done well, we haven't seen wage growth com at the same rate. it really just depends on where you are economically. >> i want to talk about the 202 race in another bowl showing th preference among democratic primary voters, not much of a surprise however let's look at where elizabeth warren falls in
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line here. holly, who do you think will be the last two democrats standing is we get closer to the election ? >> it's the same sense that it has been at the beginning of this primary, it's likely going to be biden and sanders at the end. when you look at those numbers, the national numbers, it looks like biden has a pretty big lea on bernie sanders, but when you break it down by state, that's really not the case. it's important to look at state like south carolina through the lens of the day of election. by the time we get to south carolina will have had iowa and new hampshire, and we will see how biden has performed their. he has not come in first or at least a close second, that may take the wind out of his sails and he may not do as well there. its every state is we progress along will change the momentum of each of these candidates, bu my prediction and a lot of others is that by the time we get to super tuesday will be passed we will be down to two
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candidates, biden and sanders. >> thank you, that's all the time we have. >> merry christmas. can keep me merry christmas to you both. >> mark esper weighing a decision to cut the number of u.s. troops in west africa. this comes as the trump administration has promised to close out what it calls the nations endless wars. reporting live from the pentago this afternoon. lucas? >> with only 7,000 troops deployed to the african continent, officials tell me there's not many american troop they're to cut, that's not even two brigades to color cover the world's second-largest continent . earlier this month, the secure conference room known as the tank, no decisions were made i' told. earlier this month's defense secretary told our at the reaga national defense forum, he's looking to cut troops from all over the world to focus on the pacific where he sees the biggest threat to the u.s.
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>> all of these places where i can free up troops, we're getting further bring them home to allow them to rest and refit and retrain, or reallocate them into the pacific to compete wit the chinese. >> these year u.s. forces have wants to record number of strikes. french forces have taken the lead in the former french colony . >> that is a sad one here lucas. the remains of u.s. soldier killed in afghanistan returned home around. >> the remains of sergeant firs class michael gober returned to dover air force base earlier this morning on christmas morning prayer to the national security advisor and the joint chiefs of staff or on hand and among those honoring him. 33 -year-old, new jersey native is the 20th american killed in combat in afghanistan this year. within 500 were killed.
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he was a green beret in the special forces group, he received a bronze star for time in his career and deployed to afghanistan three times. the claimed response ability for healing him in northern afghanistan. jennifer griffin as the president defense chief. >> is it time to leave afghanistan? >> we have a mission in afghanistan that is to ensure that no it never becomes a neve for a terrorist. until were confident that that mission is complete, we will retain a presence to do that. >> sergeant first class beyond apartment and ended daughter zoe , go fund me page has been established to raise money for the family. >> thank you so much. >> benjamin that yahoo rushed t a bomb shelter after a rocket
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through fire into a southern israeli cd last hour. he was taken off the stage. live from our middle east bureau . what more can you tell us right now? >> we can confirm that at least one rocket was fired from the gaza strip into southern israel till the israeli prime minister was campaigning in that city. he was quickly rushed off the stage by members of his securit team. right now we are working our sources inside the gaza strip t try to determine who exactly fired this rocket. the prime minister on prime minister on his way offstage made a statement that he is taking to twitter to reiterate, he said the one that shot last time is gone the one who tried now should pack his things. he's referring to a now decease member of the islamic jihad organization. this is a militant responsible for firing a rocket toward
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southern israel when he was campaigning in the city of back in september. two months later, that militant was killed in a targeted assassination by the israeli member military. it left to a 50 hour round of conflicts. about a month ago, right now th prime minister is promising to retaliate against whatever faction inside gaza is responsible for tonight's rocket . i want to note that tomorrow is the primary and israel, that is the party in which the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is leading right now pedro now will determine whethe he will be the candidate to determine the in the third roun of election in israel. those elections are slated to take place in early march. his main opponent is ceasing on this opportunity tonight all this rocket fire into southern israel. >> thank you so much.
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let's talk about spreading some gop degenerate secret santa mee a lot of people in denver smile this week. jeremy hubbard from our affiliate k dvr was along for the ride. >> get out. >> if this is the season of giving take one look at what th secret santa is handing out. hope. along with $100 bills. to total strangers. >> i appreciate it, man. >> on saturday, the anonymous elf hit trip stores and laundromats delivering money, n questions asked. >> okay he did ask one question paired. >> have you heard of secret santa? the guy that goes around doing random acts for kindness for people. have you ever met him? >> no. >> esu had.
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>> merry christmas. some had heard the of the kansa city business man he spent thre decades giving away more than $1 million just like this. stuart died from cancer 12 year ago. >> merry christmas. thank you. >> his tradition did not thanks to this denver elf and a few others like him all around the country. >> my wife is going to be an chock. >> they promised to carry out the mission. that means giving away about $25,000 of his own money all over town over the last week. >> thank you so much. >> and i could use it, she just lost her job. >> that made my day. i'm going to do it next. the cramped minivan is home for four denver men. it holds all their belongings, but it can't contain their excitement.
12:16 pm
may be some new shoes. >> let me take care of this for you. >> this isn't the kind of goodwill people expected at thi in lendale. >> my birthdays on the 31st of december. merry christmas and happy birthday to me, right? >> he handed over money to the manager. it is nice to see smiles will all know for so many people, 2019 has been so hard. >> i got really sick. financially, we are like $20,00 under. sometimes helping a family down on their luck. makes more difference than we will ever know.
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>> it is a blessing. >> it's no secret. you may never know who denver's secret santa is, but these people will always remember him. >> i'm secret santa. >> wow, thank you. >> merry christmas. >> a lesson. he delivered this christmas. gagan give my daughters are present. thank you. >> you have two girls? >> two girls. >> merry christmas. >> give, and you're guaranteed to take away a lesson of what thanksgiving is all about. >> that is just such a beautifu story. give and you shall receive fair heat that's what you tell peopl prayed this giver doesn't want to receive anything. nobody has any idea who he is. >> a love that.
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>> it could be anybody. >> from our denver affiliate reporting there. >> 2019 was full of unbelievabl and also hilarious moments caught on camera. we're not talking about behind-the-scenes or anything like that. we will show you some of this year's best, plus they are running for president in case you haven't heard, a whole lot of them, and some of them are set to vote in the senate impeachment trial, if ever that happens. >> i'm going to evaluate and honor the oath that i swore eve though i think. >> some things are more important than politics brickey i know we have a constitutional duty to take on this very important case. . and they weren't saying much. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. we are people helping people.
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12:23 pm
bunny a plane landing on busy street prayed cameras were ther to capture it all. jonathan hunt has a rundown of some of the wildest scariest an most bizarre caught on camera moments of the year. >> pirates taking on neighborhoods instead of the high seas this year. porch pirates cut stealing everything from shoes to the doorbell cameras themselves. this one forgetting to bring a bag to carry the goods, instead shoving delivery boxes into his pants. others choosing to mark their territory by licking the doorbell's. police officers also caught entertaining this year. this officer serenaded someone with a happy birthday during a traffic stop. ♪happy birthday to you. >> even the easter bunny gets i on the action. but not everything was fun and games for the bunny.
12:24 pm
later getting into an argument with this woman on the sidewalk. and from the strip to the sky, cameras capturing these folks trying and failing to get away, reaching high speeds on the streets and in the desert. >> plenty of good to. kids at a toledo, ohio children's hospital getting a surprise from none other than back man. a police officer dressed up as the gotham euros to chair of th patient's. coming to a neighbors rescue an bounding while it he found on a neighbor's driveway. gig it not many people out ther like you, buddy. >> and man in oakland, california, calling falling ont the tracks, the employee quickl pulling him up, seconds before a-train passes by and divine
12:25 pm
intervention as a car barely misses a lightning strike. surviving after snow gave way sending him into an avalanche. and a pilot in distress, safely landing his plane on a busy road . cameras captured plenty of heartwarming moments as well like this coach surprising his team after returning from activ duty. and kids this year's saying and doing the darndest things. these siblings running straight for hooverville after getting spooked by the grinch. this trick-or-treaters deciding to give away candy after spotting an empty bowl on the front porch. >> i'm not mattice. it's okay. >> other kids they're to remember to remind you of the purity of childhood.
12:26 pm
2019 was quite a year for caugh on camera, and technology becomes even more integrated into our lives, what we capture on video will surely get even more interesting. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> a little bit of trouble for the bloomberg campaign after investigation found that it use prison laborers to make campaig phone calls. plus, the search for two missin children we learned that their parents may be part of some sor of doomsday cult. >> everybody's focus should be figuring out if they are okay, where they're at, and how we ca make sure they are safe. as a struggling actor,
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>> damage control on the campaign trail with democratic presidential candidate michael bloomberg steam ending its relationship with a subcontractor who used prison labor to make campaign phone calls. live in washington with that story. >> this is true, the bloomberg campaign not happy about this one at all. their blaming is subcontractor for the issue. bloomberg's campaign cut ties with the vendor that employed prisoners used to make phone calls to voters. bloomberg admitted this story was true, but says it happened low down the chain and he is making sure that it won't happe again. he released a statement he says we do not support this process and we are making sure our vendors more properly vet their subcontractors going forward. bloomberg's camp call it a vendor of a vendor of a vendor, again they say they want to mak sure this will not happen again. >> word to bloomberg just to check in the other candidates for 2020, where do they stand o impeachment? >> it's all about this trial an it's going behind me if it's going to not going to happen. mike bloomberg over the weekend said he's ready to move forward with a senate trial. bloomberg helps a has one perso to blame for impeachment, listen . >> donald trump has brought it on himself. he said we are left no choice. >> over the weekend, pete says he wants to put voters in control. >> this is the best thing we have going for us is we get to listen using the impeachment is an example we can watch what happens in the floor of the senate and feel kind of powerless, but 2020 is where we get to decide.
12:32 pm
>> tulsa gabbard is causing great store quite a stir after voting present on both articles of impeachment last week, not yes or no, but present is a. he is calling on her just step down for lack of impeachment vote and missing many other votes last fall. she has announced she's not running for reelection, but is pushing forward with her presidential campaign despite lagging poll numbers. if there is a senate trial in january or february it's going to be interesting timing it's right in the middle of an important campaign in iowa and new hampshire. those candidates who are u.s. senators will have to make it back for a trial. also the state of the union, a day after the iowa caucuses here . a lot going on over the next couple of months. >> david, thank you so much. >> the fbi stepping up their search for two missing kids fro idaho who have been missing since september. now the feds are involved.
12:33 pm
there is an attorney for the mother and stepfather who calle the couple loving and devoted amid reports that the couple ma have joined a religious cult. the sheriffs in idaho says people who knew the parents never expected this. can keep most of them are quite shocked. they are concerned. there is quite a sense of disbelief that something like this could have happened. >> christina coleman reporting live from the west coast. >> hi, julie. the brother of the kids is now seated in the search for siblings, these kids are missin their parents are on the run, and three of the relatives of all died within the past six months so now police are lookin into those deaths again. the kids parents are also in a religious cult relatives think the colt may have something to do with the mom the missing kids . >> she got involved with that cult and she just turned from the person we know, she just
12:34 pm
went away. in then and the last two years she has completely changed to a monster. >> the parents are newlyweds, the stepdad, 51 -year-old is an author and podcast are his material of radical offshoot of the latter day saints church focuses on doomsday. he married lori fowler after hi former wife died in his seat. the estranged her brother died less than two weeks ago on december 12, but police won't say how. an attorney representing the couple says he has been in contact with them and that describes them as good parents, but says he does not have any information on the whereabouts of the kids or their parents. police say the parents never reported their kids missing and have not cooperated with this investigation. the kid's brother, got online yesterday urging help in the search for his siblings. >> everybody's focus should be kylie and jj. everybody's focus should be
12:35 pm
figuring out if they are okay where their ads, and how we can make sure that they are safe. >> 17 -year-old kylie and her seven -year-old brother who was adopted and has autism we're last seen in idaho in september. police believe they are now in danger because they've been missing for so long. relatives reported them missing last month and police did a well-thought-out check on their health and say the parents lied about their kids being with friends. investigators say the parents disappeared right after that. they are both persons of interest in the disappearance o their children and the former wife thought he was exhumed thi month as part of the investigation. police believe her death could be related to the missing kids. >> christina coleman, thank you. >> the fbi reportedly looking into some controversial pardons by kentucky's former governor. that according to the louisvill courier nor newspaper. he is under fire for bargaining
12:36 pm
and commuting the sentences of more than 650 people three week ago just before he left office after losing a reelection bid. among those he pardoned was a man convicted of homicide whose brother held a campaign fundraiser for bevan back in 2018. that man insist there is no connection. >> i would like to thank mr. bevan for looking into this and all the people who actually dug into this and did their own investigation. hopefully you all could maybe look into that a little bit too. i am innocent. the pardon was never paid for b my family. comments and so kind to tell yo that. >> let's bring in trial attorne brad mcglynn to talk about this. >> baker had served two out of 19 years sentences, two years served and he gets off, what yo make of that? >> pardons come under a lot of scrutiny because regardless of the politics, there's always a lot of personal gain behind them
12:37 pm
. you look into one we saw bill clinton pardon his own brother. here we have a governor who los reelection returning almost 700 violent criminals to the street and people are wondering if tha was more motivated by spite and political gain. >> in this case, they say that the family had raised $21,000 for bevan's campaign in 2018. he ends up losing reelection, but you've got that young man who was accused in convicted of a pretty nasty crime here. reckless homicide and robbery o a man in front of his family. he serves to end he gets off. is there anything, can investigators find something here that could lead to some kind of criminal case? >> people say the best place to hide a needle is not in the haystack but with needles. maybe he really 650 people to hide this one. even if he did, the right to pardon, kentucky falls under th
12:38 pm
kentucky state constitution not the federal constitution part there's almost no limitation of a governor to do it is doing. >> there's no way that could found to be some kind of an abuse of power? i can't imagine. it seems like if they could prove if it was paid to play there, that would be some kind of abuse of power. >> not against the governor. the state constitution allows prosecution for bribery. if they did get their son or family member released, they could be prosecuted, the, but the governor is well within his authority to pardon. >> here is a statement from mat bevan himself the former governor of kentucky. the statements and suggestions that the financial or political considerations played a part in the decision-making process are both highly offensive and entirely faults to repeat such uncorroborated rumors and lies is reprehensible. tell me, sir, why launch an investigation if you say there' no way to really find anything against matt bevan, why are the looking at it?
12:39 pm
>> politics are so motivated by investigations. i don't want to turn this into federal issue, but every time there's a question of right or wrong, you want an investigation . the constitution very clear whe it comes to pardons there's nothing we can do whether we like it or not pretty if a reac person kill somebody, and sends $10 million to the leader of th country, the president of the united states and he pardons him , that pardon is legitimate? >> absolutely. both federal and state levels brayed the individual can be prosecuted for bribery, but not the official who is granting th pardon. >> that is something else. i think that might surprise people to hear that. thank you for coming on today. we appreciate it. >> still no sign of swath korea's christmas gifts that they threaten to the nine states . we will look into what is next in the president's efforts to get them to quit making these
12:40 pm
national weapons threats. the analyst on where the relationship with the rogue nation could go in 2020. >> we will see what happens. every scout surprises for me, but we will see what happens. you saw that, these are great people. our military is now replenished they were totally depleted when we came into office.
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
>> escalating tensions in the persian gulf. teaming up and flexing their military muscle with a joint four date naval exercise had to start on saturday in the indian ocean. iran military spokesman says th drills aim to promote regional security and it will extend as far as the sea of oman. they come on the heels of recen maneuvers in the u.s. boosting troop levels in saudi arabia.
12:44 pm
>> north korea, it did warn it may deliver some kind of christmas gift they called it t the united states. it's already thursday morning, we are still waiting to see if the regime follows through on and stretch. north korea did not specify if these gift they called, would b a missile launch or some other type of test or test. let's bring in national securit and military analyst and president of independent research parade thank you so much for talking to us. here we are, christmas day and that ominous christmas gift missile launch from north korea's door remains a mystery. what do you think that was about ? >> north korea is talking tough about a year end surprise because president trump hasn't given them the sanctions releas and kim jong un said himself a special deadline of december 31 st here is how it looks to me. we have spy planes, recon plane watching north korea's every move and it reminds me a little
12:45 pm
bit of a 24 hour all night poke game. i think president trump really likes the u.s. position right now. he is looking calm and confident . >> and want to get your reactio to the former national security advisor, recently shedding negative light on the trump administration handling of nort korea. this is what he said. the idea that we are somehow exerting maximum pressure on north korea is just unfortunately not true. when the president says i'm not worried about short-range missiles, he's actually saying i'm not worried about the potential risk to american troops deployed in the nation o treating training allies in south korea and japan. that is a dangerous message. more importantly, what message does that send about the u.s. t north korea when you hear from the former national security advisor criticizing the u.s. policy. >> ambassador bolton is saying and it provokes allies, i'm get it. the main point from trump's vie
12:46 pm
is that north korea has been really careful the long-range missiles or to do nuclear test periods that makes america a lo safer and that is the core between the two have kim jong u refraining from doing those long-range missile tests although he's inching up close, but he really has held back and that is what is keeping the talks somewhat alive at this point. >> tell us whether you agree or disagree with the policy, if yo live in this country you're in american and you should be on american side. sending that kind of message, that we don't care about our allies, doesn't do any good. you have to look at the facts here. of significant nuclear test would mark the end of moratoriums and test. let's look at the fact that no major muscle tests have been launched during this administration since 2017.
12:47 pm
how significant. >> it's very significant. if all we ever get out of this diplomacy is holding back north korea's development of a missil that can reach the u.s., then i my view, the military effects has all been worth it. we know we haven't done enough testing to get a reliable warhead reentry and achieve som other technical goals that made us a lot safer. as far our allies, we have grea ally starting with south korea and of course japan we have see a lot of allied pressure on north korea to try to come and bring forward some denuclearization. a lot of good work at the un part. >> let's point out the lingerin factor here. it is their rising speculation whether north korea could actually long launch and enter continental missile. its increasingly more threatening to the united states . i want to get this is from december. >> it is a concern, the rhetoric
12:48 pm
. we have seen talk of test. i think that they will be likel if they don't feel satisfied. i would like to remain an optimist we can keep moving forward with negotiations, but i think because the alternative is not a positive one. >> will 2020 bring any progress in talks to keep kim jong un from stopping developing nuclea weapons do you think? >> it could because despite the lack of progress in 2019 there still a lot of possible steps o the table. he needs to do something to sho he's serious he's going to give a big speech on new year's day he always does and we will know from that how serious he has. options include a priest treaty letting the international inspectors back into north korea . they're are plenty of things that can be done to keep this relationship moving forward. right now, we just don't know history is telling us that yes there's a possibility but from what i'm seeing, they don't hav the size of missile and test ou there to really provide that
12:49 pm
huge threat, but our military forces are clear, they are dusting out the options and keeping forces ready to fight tonight on the korean peninsula and we have forces from the air force to the navy and onward really ready to respond if we need to. let's go back to the president' body language prate i think he' confident and hopeful. >> merry christmas to you, and thank you. >> thank you. >> powerful fault line in california is starting to move for the first time in nearly 50 years. what scientists are saying. grandpa, can you tell me the story again? every family has their own unique story. give your family the chance to discover theirs this holiday season, with ancestry.
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>> a fault line in california raising you contract concerns about earthquakes.
12:53 pm
it's the garlock fault line and it's been dormant for years. not anymore. >> as if the san andreas wasn't enough to worry about, now california has the garlock faul which has been quiet for the last 500 years, but is slowly beginning to move and has been linked to a swarm of cakes that hammerheads the mojave desert last july. >> oh my god. all my god. >> the ridgecrest sequins included a six-point for short wealth followed the next day by a 7.1 earthquake and more than 100,000 aftershocks and thin. according to a study out of caltech, that seismic activity involved ruptures on a web of interconnected faults throughou southern california and death valley. more than two dozen faults, man previously unknown. >> in total it's probably about 200 miles long, if the full fault was to go it could produc a magnitude eight earthquake predicate they say that's enoug to cause damage in the bay area and los angeles with longer and
12:54 pm
more intense shaking they could destabilize other faults long overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. >> it could be as much as 20 seconds of early warning. 20 seconds, that's not an insignificant amount of time. >> while the governor unveiled free app that can send out alerts when the ground shakes, there is still no way to predic when or where that will happen. instead, every new quake is a learning opportunity. >> as we try to understand the likelihood of big earthquakes i the future, we have to understand the geometry of how these earthquakes ruptures so w couldn't try to account for the total pressure that is building up over time. >> the take away from the recen round of shaking, the process o an earthquake rupturing other faults is more complicated and happens more frequently than scientists previously thought prate of course, they had the big one is still coming. >> scary stuff. we will be right back.
12:55 pm
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hour 36 in the stakeout.
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as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> welcome back. written's royal family -- >> tell us about it rob. >> they said my name. britain's royal family with a notable addition this year to their annual walked to church on the english countryside. for the first time prince william and kate middleton brought along their kids, prince george and princess heart, charlotte.
12:59 pm
prince george and macon markel are not there because they are spending the christmas with megan's mother. there is this photo on instagram with the caption, we wish all of our followers are very relaxing and happy christmas day. >> i can bet it may not be them most relaxing day at home with my kids but the lead up was most spectacular. one of our favorite christmas traditions i share with you today, our christmas card. i haven't even mailed them out yet. her husband andrew, and our three children. we got to meet santa before his big night last night and so fingers crossed, did they make the nice list or not? they did. and there is the mailroom to prove it and they got to see their names right there so thin they got the christmas gift and they got to do some fun with santa. lace went ahead and made a snowman and of course, went off on the sleigh. storybook experiences as a private interactive experience
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like no other. >> i feel bad for a junior rate they are getting picked on. that's me and mom real quick, went to the hotel on fifth avenue and saw the curlers and that's it. >> that's excellent. ♪ >> neil: it well forget about the presents under the tree, it's the gift of green that americans have been so liberating and not just over the holidays. hello everyone, i'm charles payne and for neil cavuto, merry christmas. this is a special edition of "your world." it's been a special year for your stocks, part of a decades long bull market. so as we approach the new year, will we be looking at new highs in a new decade? let's ask our market pros. scott, i want to hear your thoughts on this market as we head into the final days of the year. >> it looks really good at,


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