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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 27, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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thank you for joining us tonight and have a great and gentle weekend. we'll see you here on monday. "the ingraham angle" starts righttl now. ♪ i'm jason and for laura ingraham this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from washington. mitch mcconnell sparking outrage among democrats over his plan impeachment trial. tim scott, congressman lee zelden and lee der show wits are -- and alan dershowitz are her. and aoc and elizabeth warren denounce big money donors. but behind closed doors, it doesn't seem they have a problem with it. caylee is here to debate. also, another violent week in baltimore makes this year the second deadliest in the city's
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history. is the liberal leadership doing anything to stem the flow of violence? horace cooper and leo terrel are here on that. and the worst media fails of 2019. i'm actuallyy fairly shocked how much they got wrong this year. you're probably not. i'm a bit shocked. but first, senator mitch mcconnell is ready to dive iny n the impeachment trial. but speaker nancy pelosi is still refusing to hand over to impeachment articles. mark meredith is here with all of the details. mark? >> mitch mcconnell said he is not an impartial juror in the president's looming impeachment trial and he admits in being in contact with the white house. but those comments as you mentioned, sparked outrage from senate democrats. mcconnell met face-to-face with chuck schumer last week to start the negotiationsl on how a senae trial will work. those talks are expected to continue in the new year.ow schumer is pressuring mcconnell to compel four current and former white house officials to testify before the senate.
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>> they might exonerate president trump or they might incriminate him. but the truth should come out on something as important as an impeachment. >> mcconnell said he's not ruling outs allowing witnesses o testify but at this point, no final decisions have been made. lindsay grahamru is blasting democrats on twitter. what's the difference between prosecution and persecution when the minority leader insists on denying president trump to go to wcourt and execute executive privilege onsi the witness list? mcconnell saysli president trump's trial should mirror who president clinton face in the late '90s. the senate laid out the ground rules over the trial and the fight over the witnesses came later. g.o.p. strategist karl rove put on an op-ed this week saying, quote, americans deserve a dignified conclusion with the impeachment as the senate gave them with mr. clinton.
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back in 1999. impeachment inflicts trauma on the nation. we canh accept that. but the country should not accept the continuation of the democrat-led circus. that was karl rove. his hands on tied until the house sends the impeachment articles. when that's going to happen really is anyone's guess at this point, jason? >> thank you very much. joining me now is senator tim scott of south carolina and congressman lee shelden of the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for being here. i got to serve in congress with both of them. it was an honor and privilege to do so. senator, i want to start with you. you being in the senate, you're going to be on the receiving end of what, if anything, the house sends over. but what is your latest thinking from your perspective and your perch, what do you see happening right now?w? p >> well, the wacky house process is just a joke. and unfortunately for one of the most important o and consequentl decisions the house could have made to impeach the president, you would expect an expeditious process for the senate to start the process. it's not happened.
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it's not happened because pelosi is not taking it seriously and now she's frankly concerned that the terrible -- the terrible process in the house will be invalidated by the senate because withoutoc any question having watched that process, it's hard to understand why we were even in the impeachmentt process at all. so, i hope that mr. mcconnell sticks to his guns and she has no influence in the senate. they should keep it that way. and we'll just continue to put more judges on benches throughout this country and working on what is a really good economy. >> they really do try to have it both ways, even though nancy pelosi does, even though the constitution does say the sole power. she tends to ignore that. congressman zelden, i want to go with you. because nancy pelosi i believe earlier today tweeted this -- let me read it for you. the facts are clear. and every witness told the same story. despite the president's attempts to cover it up, president trump abused his power for his own
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personal gain, #defendourdemocracy. i know you tweeted on this earlier, but what's your reaction when you hear the speaker of the house tweet that? >> their entire case is contested. so pelosi,as schiff, nadler, thy keep saying the facts are uncontested. the very first interview was a transcribed interview with former special envoy with ukraine, volcker. he talked w about there was no quid pro quo. the president didn't know untill august 29ou until he read in politico there was a hold up on aid. the aid is released shortly there after. he testifies from omb. he is the only one that testifies from omb. he said the reason there was a hold on aid is president trump was concerned about other countries paying their fair share. the open hearings that the house intelligence committee had when asked george kent, to bill taylor, to marie ivan vich, are you aware of any crimes, bribery, extortion, none of them had anything.
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case-by-case, the depositions that were taking place or the open hearings, throughout, the entire case is actually in dispute, but they're so invested in this narrative to try to take down the president that they won't see the forest for the trees.t i'll give you one example. the president zelinsky says no demand, no pressure, no quid pro quo. andre your mack said the first version that adam scschiff uses that meeting that took place in warsaw is not accurate. that's from the ukrainian side. we heard it from the u.s. officials and the ukrainian officials but pelosi, schiff, nadler, they keep saying the facts are uncontested. they're wrong. >> i think the most revealing comment came from nancy pelosi i believe last week. she said we didn't rush it through, we've been working on this for 2 1/2 years. that's revealing in itself. i want to move on to other topics because i think the impeachment talk in some regards just exhausting to a lot of people at home. but, senator, i want to go back to you because we t saw bernie sanders standing side-by-side
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with alexandria ocasio cortezer and i want to play some sound and get your reaction to the economy. >> a nation where people are too poor to live while gdp skyrockets and the dow goes up and the nasdaq and stock prices continue to skyrocket is not an economy that is working for us. >> wow. senator, your reaction to aoc's comments? >> well, first from a southern perspective, bless her heart, number one. e.number two, we're living in oe of the most dynamic economies this country has ever seen, literally here in charleston, our unemployment rate is 1.5%. not 2%, not 3%, 1.5%. and the most exciting part of this economy? the lowest wage earners are seeing rapid growth in their income that outpaces the top quartile of earners.
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so, in other words, a full economy has created benefits to the lowest folks on the economic food chain and we're starting ta see them climb the ladder faster than the folks at the top. that's the kind of economy that we can celebrate from coast-to-coast. >> you've done great work on the economic zones. people should become more familiar with them. they do make an amazing difference and wouldn't have happened without your leadership in the senate. so congratulations on that. and i do think it's rich that, you know, aoc is complaining about the lack of jobs and income and she gave a stiff arm to amazon which provides a lot of good jobs. but that's a whole other story. >> absolutely. we should talk about the fact that there are more jobs available thanan people looking for work in this country. >> millions of people have come off of food stamps. so many great statistics in the trump economy. but congressman, i want to go to you, you spent the last several
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days away from your family as you do year after year as the tradition out there across the world with our troop, the men and women who are serving our nation, away from their family during the holidays, putting their lives on the line. tell us where you went, what you heard? and whats are the real americans that are actually serving this country overseas,th what were ty telling you? what did you hear? >> every christmas weeshgs i have spent -- since i've been in congress with the troops in the middle east throughout the area of operations. been to iraq, afghanistan in past years. this year we went to kuwait, bahrain, qatar, and serving troops meals, giving them gifts for hanukkah and for christmas. give them cookies from new york one on the east end of long island. be able to talk to them and hear from the senior diplomat leaders and all of the people doing the work on the ground and the junior enlisted soldiers as well. they are not focused as much on u.s. politics as they are doing a job that's before them. they summon them. they have a mission that'ss
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focused on attracting russian submarine activity or iranian aggression. it's shipping lanes through the straits of harmouz and other areas throughout that particular region. and, you know, there's activity in yemen that's concerningt that iranians have been involved with with the utsis down there. they love our country, they're focused on the mission. they are spending -- for some of them, one person said tenth deployment, christmases, new year's, birthdays, celebrations away from home, we were enjoying americans throughout this country our freedoms and liberties in this holiday season, right now, we're on a moment's notice, they'll give their life, not just for friends and family back home, but for all ofno us. it's amazing, be able to tell them how much we love them. >> thank you for doing that. i've done it myself. congressmen blow in and out. these people serve months at a time. congressman, senator, thank you
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very much and happy new year to both of you. well, it's becoming clear that the left picked up a one-way ticket and is on the fast train to crazy town. here to break down all of the craziness is alan dersohowitz, harvard professor of law and it's called guilty by fascination. it's a fascinating story. and guy lewis, a former u.s. attorney. gentlemen, i want to start first with yale, yale is supposed to be one of the premier universities in the you have to pay big, huge bucks to go there. it's difficult to get in there. but, for you parents who are paying all of the tens of thousands of dollars and expecting a top tier education, well, this is what you're getting for your money. because one of the school's history professors, timothy snyder, is trying out a new leftist talking point, tweeting that mitch mcconnell has zero constitutional authority to decide the shape of the senate
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impeachment trial. so, professor d everybodying rshowitz perspective. >> i went to yale law school. i had a scholarship. i didn't spend a lot of money. and i think professor schnyder is a brilliant historian. i loved his work on the holocaust. i don't know where he gets this idea, the constitution only says that the senate shall be the sole judge in a trial of impeachment. and that means that the senate rules prevail. and theai senate rules are generally established by a majority of the senate. look, if a majority of the senate doesn't vote with mcconnell, if he loses, for example, two or three senators, three or four senators, schnyder may be right, we may have to see changes in the rules. but what's so tragic is that this impeachment, and the one before it, havee become so politicized that the american public has lost faith in the impeachment process. impeachment process for a
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president is supposed to be presided over by the chief justice, it's supposed to be judicial, quasijudicial c in nature. there's criteria in the constitution that apply to democrats and republicans alike. but it's turned into a partisan effort. and the rules of engagement are established by thehe house. and that's why they have to bear primary responsibility for politicizing this whole impeachment process. >> guy lewis, what's your take on what this history professor at yaler is saying. >> congressman, i don't put a lot of stock into his prediction, his prognosis. listen, the truth is that senator mcconnell will have great authority over how this trial proceeds. all we have to do is look back at the clinton impeachment and some of the process and procedures that were put in place. one of the the house managers where you served is lindsey graham. and so i strongly think that senator mcconnell is going to
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look to senator graham and a lot of the process, a lot of the procedure, will come directly from him. >> well, you know, senator graham was one of the managers. and ii testified for president clinton and i got in a real brouhaha with then congressman from south carolina. i've been consistent with my views of impeachment whether it's democrat b or republican. i hope we can get politics out of this as much as possible. >> i think we're past that. i think that train has already left the station. it's crazy train that i was talking about. guy lewis, i want to ask you about senator biden, i think we have sound -- vice president biden, i i should say, saying tt if he was subpoenaeded to come before this trial that he would not comply. roll the sound, please?
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>> do you stand by your earlier statements that would you not comply if you were subpoenaed to testify before the impeachment trial in the senate? >> i wouldn't because it's all designed to do what trump has done his whole life, trying to take the focus off of him. >> the best witness for the defense because he is saying that he would do exactly what the house said that president trump obstructed congress by doing. he's taking exactly the same position trump was taking. namely, i won't comply with the subpoena from one house of the legislature unless the courts make me do it. he is the best witness now. >> guy, it was -- now, it's the democrats that -- they wrote the articles, they passed them all by themselves and now they're complaining that the democratic front-runner might be called as a witness. what's your take on it? >> this is one of the reasons why that this impeachment is so troubling to me. and professor dershowitz is
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right. he's written and spoken about this. i don't know what the impeachment articles are. one is abuse of power? that's not what's in the constitution. the second is a -- an obstruction of congress as a result of filing basically going to court what alan and i do every day, go in and contest d subpoenas. and to -- and to say to then come in and say, well, this is what we're going to -- this is --s this is treason? this is bribery? this is a high crime or a misdemeanor? i don'th buy it. >> i've known joe biden for a long, long time. i like him very much. but he has just played right into the hands of president trump. he's just made that second article oftr impeachment disappr by saying he was going to do the same thing that the president is being impeached for, namely not
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comply with the subpoena until and unless there's a court order making him u do so. >> look, i just said it a couple of moments ago, but i'm going to say it again. i think nancy pelosi really was revealing when she said she had started this impeachment and had been working on it for more than 2 1/2 years. if that doesn't tell you exactly that this thing was way preconceived, well before anything to do with ukraine, then that is some of the best evidence there is. i think they should hear from the whistleblower, from adam schiff. if they want to really get into it, democrat, then bring it on. because donald trump and the republicans have never had a chance to ever make their case. and it's been terribly unfair. gentlemen, i wish you the happiest of holidays. i thank you both. >> merry christmas, happy hanukkah. happy new year. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> coming up, aoc regularly attacks billionaires and big buck donors, but what is actually going on behind closed doors?rs we'll reveal it for you. plus, another ward lie?
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what is it this time? here to debate. that's coming up next. ♪
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♪ >> the countdown is on 38 days until the 2020 iowa caucuses, 38 days. the democratic party still does not have a clear front-runner. one thing is clear, none of the candidates are backing down. what does this mean if the battle goes through the summer? joining me is bill sherr, a politicaldo analyst and contributing editor of politico. thank you for joining us. i had the pleasure of hearing you. you gave a presentation to a political event in phoenix, arizona. it was fascinating. you cover presidential politics ona. the democratic side of the aisle.
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this is a fractured group. they don't all necessarily funnel in nice and neat behind each other once they start the drop after iowa, new hampshire, or south carolina. what do you see happening on the democratic side of the aisle? >> well, we have a three-way ideological split in the party from how i see it. you have the democratic socialist behind bernie. the nonsocialist progressive populist behind warren and the prague mattist behind biden but you can't count out pete buttigieg or amy klobuchar at this point. and there is a consensus by one of the five on super tuesday, buttigie gwin iowa, bernie win new hampshire and nevada and biden win south carolina, your super tuesday is going to be a muddle and if there's no clear front-runner at that point, you run the risk of no one gettingea majority of the delegates and possibly having a contested convention. >> so, what happens?
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at some point, you know, both warren and unless they teamed up together. but let's pretend that doesn't happen, between warren and sanders, iff they drop out, do their fan base, do their supporters line up neatly behind one another? >> there's a lot of assumption, the left is divided between the socialist and the populist to be -- to be a little loose about it. and they're -- sure there are people who like them both on the left. but there are warren fans who think socialism is bad news. and there are socialists that think warren is insufficiently socialist. you read socialist publications like jachobed and current affairs and trap house, there's -- >> i missed some of those, by the way. i haven't really been reading up on those just so you know? >> okay. >> but, so here's the problem. if biden ends up winning, and
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going ahead and surging ahead, somehow, someway, do the warren and -- what are the people who follow warren and support warren and sanders? do they line up behind a biden or a buttigieg? >> this is one of the big questions. biden wins iowa. which i don't think is out of the question. if he won iowa, what happens in new hampshire and nevada. big african-american vote there. puts in a good position for super tuesday. we have almost half of the delegates being determined. if he was the clear leader at that point, a lot of pressure gets put upon sanders and warren to get out, avoid the contested convention, and unify around the nominee. it's possible that the candidates t might do that. we don't know how easy it would be for the supporters to come along, particularly on the socialist side that see biden as the problem. my guess is the earlier they can wrap it up, the more time to get over any bitter feelings and a
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chance for unity for the election. if it bleeds all the way to the convention, that's a lot harder to get everybody on the same page at that point. >> really quickly, in 15 seconds, areha we headed towarda contested convention, or is somebody going to have it wrapped up by the time they get toen that point? >> i would lead against a contested convention. you have to clear 15% to get any delegates at all. it's hard to keep a campaign going if you're not in the front at that point. but you can't rule it out.'t ideological division and the change in the dnc rules and super delegates cannot vote on the first ballot if no one gets a majority in the primary process, it has to go to a second ballot.ri >> yeah, i can see where the bernie sanders fans will be huge supporters of the super delegate. that went so well last time. thank you for joining us. appreciate it.
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alexandria ocasio cortez is taking aim at pete buttigieg and his wine fundraiser. >> for anyone who accuses us for instituting a purity test, it's called having values, it's called giving a damn. it's called having standards for your conduct, to not be funded by billionaires, but to be funded by the people. >> oops, standards and values, she said. i guess the congresswoman was raking in so much cash that she forgot that she, too, accepted billionaires eido nations. including current 2020 candidate tom stier. he donated $3,000 to the squad members' campaign. i don't know if there are others but there's at least that one. joining me now, trump 2020
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national press secretary, and jennifer holds worth, democratic strategist and aid to hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. caylee, i want to start with you. this cracks me up. we don't like millionaires and billionaires and all these people with money, we don't want any money from them. we want to take it from you, the people who can least afford it. you donate us millions of dollars instead of going to the people who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads when you look at what bloomberg and stier have done, over $200,000 i read. so, is this message resonating beyond their far left base? >> it's not. if you look at the hypocrisy, aoc takes money from tom stier, a billionaire. bernie sanders decries the 1%. his tax returns show us his worth is far more than $1 million. then you have elizabeth warren
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also decryinge billionaires when she's taking money from 30 billionaires. so all of these socialist candidates who praise socialism and big government takeover have taken money from billionaires and are millionaires themselves. it really isis very rich and the american people see right through the act that they're proposing with their words. >> jenniferin is joining me here on set in washington, d.c. thank you for joining us. >> you'reer welcome. >> a vocal supporter for may pete buttigieg. going out of his way saying i'm the one with the personal income, you candidates are millionaires, you've been successful, i haven't is that what the democrats have to go tc say i haven't made any money and i've been the mayor. is that the winning formula in that sidesa of the aisle. >> it was upsetting that the congresswoman was having purity tests in that way.e it's upsetting that she would attack a member of her own party, my apologies, caylee, actively trying to work against
11:30 pm
president trump. that's our common value. that's our common goal. and i think it's really disappointing that a sitting congresswoman would leverage that kind of attack on a small town mayor who's trying to bring up midwestern issues into the debate. but what i think is more hypocritical is that when you can't pass those purity tests yourself, it leads to a greater conversation. now, i think all of us on both sides of a the aisle can have a conversation about campaign finance reform, right? how do we fund our elections in this country? but i think unfortunately what the congresswoman was suggested is that some people are corruptible by that money, some aren't. she was counting herself in the category that isn't. but i think leveraging accusations by other members in your party is really irresponsible. at this point. >> democrats fighting against democrats and republicans fighting against republicans, it's newsworthy, 38 days before the election in iowa. but i want to talk about
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elizabeth warren. how can the left vote for elizabeth warren as the nominee? it seems like so much of what comes out of her mouth about her personal life is just a lie. here's the latest example. >> i'm grateful to america who gave the daughter of a janitor a chance -- i'm the daughter of a janitor. >> my daddy,e ended up as a janitor. >> i mean, it's a great story, right? she's running for president. dad was a janitor -- except the senator's own brother is calling her out saying, their father never was a janitor. caylee, i mean, put this on the list of personal stories about her own personal background who she is, trying to take advantage of this idea that he was a janitor. so look how good i am, i should be president. >> we look over to elizabeth warren, she has a lot of difficulties describing her own family history, not just this,
11:32 pm
but, of course, her native american heritage which president trump and others have called out, which was a farce to begin with that's used to her advantage. she can't even describe her own family history much less describe her own policies like medicare for all, which is really government takeover of health care. but the bottom line is, when we look at the democrats, they're arguing over wine caves and big billionaire fundraisers and we at the trump campaign proudly hail we raised $10 million all in small donor donations in 48 hours after the impeachment charade. so, they can argue about wine caves and family histories. we at the trump campaign are quite proud of our small donors and all that the president hasan done for this nation. >> i think the point here is that donations -- why not treatd everybody the same? and maximum individual contribution, i think it's $2800. so for some, that's a lot of money. for some, it's pocket change. it doesn't even matter. it's odd.
11:33 pm
it was elizabeth warren that went after pete buttigieg at the last debate and picked that up. at this point, does the mayor w have to take on elizabeth warren and her authenticity a little stronger given they're close to iowa at this point? >> it's rich of a member of president trump's team to be talking about truth and authenticity and speaking, but moving beyond that. >> wait, wait -- >> it's concerning the untruths. >> i have a theory about this. i have a theory about this. donald trump is the most authentic person that is out there. i think people smell and sniff out authenticity, what you see is whater s you get. donald trump is exactly the same president as he was a candidate. he didn't put on this big facade. >> he certainly tells many, many lies a day. but i do want to answer your question. >> i disagree with that but -- >> it's provable or not. there's no disagreement on whether the president lies or not. >> true. >> but in terms of senator warren, i think that ultimately,
11:34 pm
her father was a maintenance i think there's a symantecs argument there between janitor and maintenance man. i don't think she was stretching the truth as much -- >> her brother was saying -- >> that's really unfortunate. but, yes. she did attack the mayor. and that was an unfortunate line of attack. because, again, the mayor is the only person on the stage who is not a millionaire. and if that's how we're trying to relate to the american people, you know, it's very interesting. >> again, authenticity. this goes to my point. donald trump never apologized for being a billionaire and being successful in america. it seemed to work. he related to a lot of blue collar people. caylee, jennifer, thank you so much for being here. good debate. we have a lot more to talk about through thenk election. >> thank you. >> coming up, baltimore is nearing a record high murder rate in 2019. and the liberal leaders are doing little to stop it. horace cooper and leo terrell debate it next.
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♪ >> a violent week in baltimore pushing it to the brink. this year marks the second deadliest in the city's history. and at 342 murders, this year, it's dangerously close to breaking the record. baltimore's highest number of homicide was in 1993 where 353 people were killed. so, who's to blame here? is it the liberal leadership that's been in charge since the 1960s? well, this is what the mayor said -- jack young? >> not any lack of leadership on my part. i've been moving the city forward. i'm not committing the murders. that's what people need to understand. i'm not committing it, the police commissioner is not committing it. the council is not committing it. how can you fault leadership? >> wow. joining me is horace cooper, co-chair of project 21 and the
11:40 pm
author of "how trump is making black america great again." also with me, leo terrell, a civil rights attorney. you regularly join laura. i appreciate you both being here. leo, i want to go for you. when you hear the mayor say, look, i didn't commit the murders, is that real leadership? mean, baltimore -- the highest ranking -- the second highest in the history of the city -- >> oh, very simple, jake. i was hoping you were going to play trump's statements when he was campaigning, 2016 in detrot and chicago and telling black americans what do you have to lose? give me a chance to do something. give me a chance -- remember that four years ago. >> you want the feds to come in? >> a simple question for you. simple question. is that what you want? do you q want the federal government to come in -- federal law enforcement and do it? because i tell you what, when the democrats go after him about
11:41 pm
i.c.e. and removals and that gor after him about the border patrol, don't tell me that doesn't have an effect in the city like baltimore. >> i just want him to keep his word. he's a man of his word, isn't he? didn't he say, give me a chance? what has he done? i just wish you or horace would tell me. h he promised to do something for blacks and crime in the cities. what has he done? show the video? he saidhe it. he hasn'tt done nothing. i want leadership from washington. >> okay, horace, other parts of america are not having these problems. but this place has been run by democrats since the 1960s. and their policies are not working. >> their policies are not working. the population of baltimore is in decline. if you look at it on a per capita basis, they've actually broken the record for the high est number of murders. whathe the president actually sd to black america was give me a
11:42 pm
chance. >> and what has he done. >> i'm going to show you what he has done. >> regarding crime? >> regarding crime. > we'll both profit. he is showing what he promised -- what he promised --o let me finish. what he promised, he was going to grow the economy. he was going to transform the societies and the communities where black americans and the rest of the country live. and -- >> why aren't we talking about baltimore? that is happening. he recently announced -- are you going to keep interrupting me? >> i'm waiting for the answer. >> because he never said, i'm going to end all crime in america. >> oh, play the video. >> you are rewriting history. >> you -- >> you have a tendency to do that. rewriting history. but here is what the president did do. >> he criticized the democratic administration. >> this is what the president did do. >> he criticized chicago, detroit, you have video. show it, he's done nothing. >> when he campaigned, he said what has happened in the past has not been good for black america.
11:43 pm
and it hasn't been. >> fair and balanced. >> show the video. >> let me make this point. >> make the point. >> the department of justice just announced -- what the department of justice just announced that they're going to be going to baltimore. and they are going to be going to chicago. >> i'm glad you bring up in department of justice. >> leod -- >> jason was mentioning -- get the federal government -- >> he's -- >> [multiple speakers]. >> one at a time. leo? go ahead. >> i'm glad he brought up the department of justice. bill barr show the video, pathreatened people who said if you don't support the police, if you don'tpl support the police, we're not coming in to your neighborhood. that's an outright threat. >> they support the police. the police put their lives on the line every day, leo. >> i criticize -- you know why police officers have body cams? because we have to keep our eye on police.e but let's go back to what bill barr said? >> there's 353 deaths in baltimore? it's not the police. >> show the video. >> it's not the police. >> okay. stop --
11:44 pm
>> horace, hold on. leo? >> thank you. >> second highest -- probably going to be the highest murder rate in the history of this city. if you could maybe wave your magic wand, leo, what would you do? what should be done? >> you have us all sing kumbaya. i want leo to go there. go ahead. >> i would want what president trump said is to get federal resources in there, stop threatening people who have -- legitimate -- may i finish?ay talking about making sure we have cops who are going to be fair to the african-american community. that is what i have not seen from trump. >> that is not the problem. the problem is -- >> no lack of -- >> [indiscernible]. >> i have to take this one. >> horace, i have to take this one. you look at the mayor there of baltimore say, hey, i didn't murder anybody. l are you kidding me? he's in charge of the police force. the city council is in charge of the police force. if there's a problem with the police force, go talk to the
11:45 pm
democrats because they've been running thatth place. >> in the fox archive, we f have the video of trump criticizing -- >> i don't want to see the video -- >> of black on black -- >> why don't we show the video. >> leo, you make up stories. >> you make up stories? >> you try to blame it on donald trump. >> and bill barr. bill barr threatened -- [multiple speakers] criticized -- >> will not get police. >> time-out. gentlemen, i have to tell you, horace, i think -- >>hi horace has not stopped talking. >> well, he's -- leo, hold on a second. i've got to move to another thing. but i've got to tell you, to try to blame the president as the sole cause of the rapid rise in the murder rate -- >> show the video. >> all right. listen. [laughter] >> i'm glad the mayor is not killing people. >> all reasonable expectations that they would take care of their ownea community, it's beea failed policy. we've got to solve it. the real people are getting
11:46 pm
killed here. horace, leo,th thank you so much foret joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up, the worst media offenders of the year. the ingraham angle has got its eyes on you, chadwick moore is here with the tape you don't want to miss. it's coming up next.
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>> easy to become numb about media bias these days especially when some of the worst offenders get the news so, so wrong. the ingraham angle was keeping track. and tonight. we bring you the biggest media fails of the year. joining me now is chadwick moore, a conservative commentator. chadwick, thank you so much for joining us. i want to begin with the covington catholic story that took the country by storm leaving the media to rush to judgment and be wrong on pretty
11:51 pm
much every level. >> elder was identified as nathan phillips, the member of the omaha nation and the vietnam vet. he and others were harassed and taunted by students from covington catholic. >> students mocking him and being rude. >> studentsco acted inappropriately. >> there was a point that the kids used a tomahawk chop. >> your thoughts and reactions now? >> getting it wrong, not evenou caring, going after a child. and no remorse whatsoever. of course, when the full video came out about that incident, boy did they -- any normal person with a soul would have felt bad. not the main stream media. the covington student sat down with savannah guthrie and she interrogated him and tried to make him a bad guy after he was exonerated. >> i want to rapid fire here with you. i want to go next to robert mueller. did you know he was going to be
11:52 pm
the man to take down donald trump? that's what the media thought. and theyon said it for years. >> donald trump, for the first time in his life is cornered. mueller is now connecting the dots. >> he's going to be delivering what i think are going to be his indictments. the final indictments. >> president trump has been implicated in a crime. >> i mean, he came out with a pretty much clean bill of health, donald trump did. >> yeah. oh, that was -- oh, that was the cake on the icing after the covington kids and everything else that came before that. wow.ft and once again, they just -- you know, no remorse. they couldn't go back and -- they don't care. just leave it in the dust. >> yeah. >> that's quite the problem, right? they never clarify and correct and apologize.e. people make mistakes, but you never hear the clarifications. all right, we can't talk about media fails without mentioning jussie smollet. watch this. >> attacked and beaten. >> also black and gay, which may have been the motivation for an
11:53 pm
alleged attack. >> they're looking for two suspects who were apparently wearing "make america great again hats. >> the suspect yelled, this is maga country. >> they didn't get that one right. >> still, one of the best d stories of the year, hands down. of course, not just the media, but the democrats' presidential candidates as well swallowed that one full cloth. nothing seemed out of the ordinary about that story that seems perfectly reasonable to them that the actor would get recognized in a polar vortex in downtown chicago by men carrying bleach and nooses and wearing maga hats in the 2:00 in the morning. >> in the middle of the freezing cold winter in chicago. all right, 2019 gave us a stunning admission caught on a hot mic from abc's anchor amy robach. she claims the network killed a story exposing jeffrey epstein's alleged sex crimes years ago. watch this. >> had this interview with
11:54 pm
virginia roberts, would not put it on the air. first of all i was told who is jeffrey epstein, no one knows who that is. unbelievable we had clinton, we had everything. >> i -- i tried for three years to get it on, to no avail. i had all of it. i was so pissed right now. >> i mean, the thing that really bothers me about this one is you really could r have saved a lotf young people, a lot of young women's, you know, integrity and everything else by exposing this story and going after these people. instead, it seems like they covered it g up. >> that's exactly right. this is one of the stories that it's hard to laugh at. it's so sinister. it makes it seem like -- it makes the media seem like such a can ball.. the fact that no one reported on this except for more conservative media or on the internet, cnn's own media clinic brian assaulter pretended that the biggest story of the year didn't happen. you're right, when you think she could have gone to the police, she chose not to go to the
11:55 pm
police. instead, she was more upset about her precious career and not getting the scoop of the epstein story and how many girls' lives could have beenet spared had that story come out sooner and not killed by edatever forces pressured them to kill it. that one -- >> chadwick, yeah, thank you. you're right. a lot of people could have been spared a lot of things had that story been allowed to air and they were allowed to run it. back with the last bite, stay back with the last bite, stay with us. back with the last bite, stay or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. ..
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>> thanks for watching this >> thanks for watching the special edition of the ingram angle. i will be back on monday but i want to give you a preview of what we are working on, the team sent me out with a camera. >> who do you work for cute you >> you work for a former
12:00 am
congressman from which state? >> utah. >> you don't remember him from fox news. >> do you remember him? >> check out my new book power grab. now it is time for fox news at night. mike: i am mike emanuel from washington and this is a fox news alert. following a major development in the jeffrey epstein scandal. according to multiple reports the fbi is investigating a british socialite with connections to the convicted pedophile and the royal families and there are other high-profile targets. just in its pulmonary stages. we are


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