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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 4, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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out of time thanks to terry jim florentine and i'm greg, i love you, america. ♪ >> welcome to "watters world". welcome to 2020. i'm jussie waters. president trump heading into the selection i informed. despite the lies and in time inside jobs, trump succeeded because of your. listen. >> you impeached him. way to go. >> it doesn't feel like we are being impeached. >> i don't know about you but i'm having a good time. >> the craziest thing, trump is not even impeached. nancy's keeping the two articles in her purse. she hasn't even sent them to the senate yet. once they get sent to the senate, then impeachment is official.
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she wants to play games. she wants to wait and squeeze a little more drama out of this boring deal. she's afraid if she sends these articles the senate will just find him not guilty and be done with it all. nancy is making the demand. mcconnell has to run the trial her way or else. sounds like nancy's one demanding a quid pro quo. not how this works. the speaker doesn't get to set the terms. the house investigates in the senate dodgers. she doesn't have any leverage. the democrats have already denied trump due process. now they are denying him a right to a speedy trial. it's par for the course. i thought trump was a dire threat to democracy. he had to be impeached before he could rig the next election. they've been trying to impeached trumpet since before he was the republican nominee. in march 2016, daily news wrote impeached trump, it's not too early to start.
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then right after trump was elected, the media start salivating. >> my prediction is based on my got. there's a chance trump could face impeachment. >> then the day of trump's inauguration, the washington post announces the campaign to impeach the president has begun. the whistleblowers attorney was in about impeachment years ago. fbi agents were exiting about insurance policies way back. the fbi's intelligence briefings to spy on them. they wiretapped the staff. they leaked and they had stings. trump called and fired coming so call me trigger a special counsel. junior when muller knew there was no collusion. what was he doing? is just building an obstruction case against the president. that dark cloud caused republicans the house. velpar finally got there and
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called her bluff. no collusion, no obstruction. in the same week the muller hearing, adam schiff patched the whistleblower part. so trump called their bluff again and released a transcript. no pressure. here are the facts. he makes up my sentence. he said the president of ukraine repeated and declared there was no pressure, he didn't want to say we said say it, you crooked pastor. say it. [laughter] remember, bribery and this and that. where are they? they are not even trying. this is the lightest, weakest impeachment. >> when the democrats realized there was no quit protocol, adam schiff made up. >> i will say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up on my
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political opponent, lots of it. by the way, don't call me again. i'll call you when i you've done one of asked. this is in character for the president was trying to connecticut. >> i was fake. he admitted later. but they have to set this up just to sell it. this is a quid pro quo quail. >> they said you are not the president. >> i'm telling you, you're not getting it. >> i think it was six hours. prosecutors not fired. you are not getting money. son of a leap got fired. >> he didn't fire the prosecut prosecutor. we should call him quit pro joe. i'm also asking ukraine to look into how this hoax started
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because the ukrainians and dnc, they are all caught working together to get dirt on trump. the democrats manufactured a crime if not they are trying to manufacture a cover-up. trump released a transcript of the call. he explained on television and even has national intelligence director testify. all in one week. pretty bad cover-up. maybe he should have just asked like hillary. no crime, no quid pro quo, no cover-up. i think democrats are accusing trump of, they did. threats, collusion, corruption, getting off the family connection. it's not like trump and liston for an agent to spy on and investigate the political opponent to influence election but wait, that's what obama biden and hillary did. he expects trump to lay down and take it. make him smear on him, investigate him and inspire and
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collude against them. when he fights back from they call that a high crime. but here's the real story. it's just another tool. the intelligence committee is out of control. they've been out to get trump from the start. the witchhunt failed so this is part two. muller found the president of the u.s. wasn't a traitor after democrats for two here's falsely accused him of being a traitor. instead of being relieved, the president wasn't a traitor, they are angry president was fighting back against their false allegations. donald trump did not obstruct justice. if anything, he obstructed injustice. the president was framed, no collusion. now the angry left wants to impeach him for beating them. trump survived unprecedented political torture. prosecutors, fbi agents, the department of justice, all investigating him and his associate based on what we now
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know is false information about collusion. associate were being spied on, other government like britain were involved. accusing him of treason. obama holdovers were criminally unmasking and leaking against him. democrats were calling him mentally ill and trying to impeach him. his lawyers were rated and muller investigated him with a team of democrat donors and lawyers. this political shock and awe campaign would have crippled any other politician who had a normal pain threshold. the fact that he fought back and survived this assault demonstrates his strong will and commitment to our country. it also demonstrates great instincts and passion of you the american people. saw through the fake news and followed the facts. trump didn't fire call me to obstruct the russia investigation, he fired him for pr reasons, perfectly legal. he wouldn't stay in public what
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he was telling trump in private. the president wasn't personally under investigation. trump tower meeting, the president never misled or obstructed special counsel investigation. all e-mails and testimony was provided. junior, demonstrated no criminal intent. interestingly, muller left out the part about the russian lawyer meeting the dossier for before and after the trump tower meeting. the whole meeting wasn't set up, a sting. mike flynn, there was no evidence that trump had advanced knowledge of flynn's discussio discussions. four, michael cohen, there was no evidence that the president directed cohen to life. so i guess another buzz feet bombshell goes up in smoke. number five. finally on obstruction. not only did muller not charge trump with obstruction, he actually writes that his efforts to influence the investigation were unsuccessful. by the way, was the president
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supposed to go along with being smeared by hillary dossier and walk into impeachment in the perjury tried to lead by muller's team of prosecutors? a prosecutor's job is to charge or not charge. donald trump is presumed innocent as an american. the burden of proof is not on him. muller invents a new legal phrase. not not guilty? of attempted obstruction? what is that? if i get framed for something i didn't do and i fully cooperate while fighting back to prove my innocence, that's a crime? 's motives were corrupt because he wasn't guilty of collusion. as the president says, that's bs. if you are accused of something, you know you didn't do it, you fight back as hard as you can. >> if you look and read our constitution and many other things, i have an obligation.
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i have an actual obligation. i don't care about politics. i don't care about bidens politics. i never thought biden was going to win to be honest. i was investigated and they say it could happen by uk. they think it could have been australia. i was investigated by the obama administration. >> let's go over this again. america has it with china. both governments help and investigation and share information. biden is not above the law because he's a running for president and his family isn't about the law when he's overseas. you're saying if hillary decides to run again in 2020, barr would have to drop the investigation into her foreign dossier because she became trump's political
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side all of a sudden accessory to give us. everybody who committed crimes could announce a presidential run to get community. the obama crowd had four allies to make up dirt on trump. he was investigated, spied on, set up. there's no evidence of corruption. remember the muller report? no collusion. but there's biden family corruption in plain sight. bank records, terms not planning evidence like the democrats did to him. they are not using secret wiretaps, foreign spies and crooked fbi agents. trump had all out in the open. let's look into this. it might be shocking at times calling attention to it in this way we are just not used to it. but this is why he was elected. to drain the swamp, restore justice, punch back twice as hard and make the system work for people, not just the powerful. terms challenging the whole system for politicians and the
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family members, cut sweetheart deals with foreign nations. kind of like a private and as nations turn around and rip way jobs from working americans. all these x senators and congressmen and their family members and insiders, they are vested in an unfair system that donald trump was elected to change. this is an exercise for democrats. we all know it's just about rage and power. >> are you concerned impeachment talk me help the reelection? >> i'm concerned if we don't impeach him, he will get reelected. >> get out of your system and maybe we can read it later. that's what americans want. 66% of us want democrats to work with donald trump to solve the nation's problems rather than impeachment. they don't care though. how does impeachment work out in the 90s? congress had felony on winter. impeachment failed in the senate
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the numbers went through the roof. let's look at the facts. what's the crime? democrats can't explain it. comes the president of the u.s. he run the country. he has every right to know what's going on. everywhere in the world. if there's misconduct by high-ranking americans, joe biden, his son or anyone in a foreign country, he needs to know what happens. biden and his son are not above the law. they can do shady things overseas and trump can't find out about it? he might run against him? give me a break. this latest poll has trump leading every trump democrat head to head. just to give you a sense about impeachment, safe pennsylvania. during the height of the hearings, here's what people in the swing states were searching for on google. see that yellow and green spikes there? those are steelers and eagles.
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you can barely see that, that's red. that's impeachment. i don't care about political football. you care about the real thing. what are they going to do now? they're going to run out another dossier? another hollywood tape? and other whistleblower? they don't have any cards left to play. only biden can save them now. would you want your faith in sleepy joe's hands? the democrats have done nothing except lie, cheat and impeach. look at what the president accomplished. decimated isis, north american and chinese trade deals, two supreme court justices, tax cuts, jobs, energy pipelines and independence, low gas prices, stock market records smashed. obamacare mandate gone. money for literary invests in cbs reports by next year, 170
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miles of new border wall will have been built. so one thing is crystal clear. democrats are trying to take trump out not because he failed but because he succeeded. nancy pelosi's call for impeachment began nearly three months ago. ukraine and the whistleblower all over the news. his sinking in with the average american? no. ♪ tell me about ukraine. >> i have no idea. i don't know. i'm not ukrainian. >> what are you? >> i'm greek. >> have you heard anything about ukraine? >> no. i don't know. >> like a crane? >> yeah. >> all over the place. he should go back. he was good at that.
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>> have you heard about a whistleblower? >> is trump a whistleblower? [laughter] >> what is whistleblower? >> i don't know. common sense says blowing a whistle. >> are you a whistleblower? >> i know how to whistle. >> what are you blowing a whistle at? >> what you mean? >> doesn't matter. >> trump talking with the ukraine president, getting information on joe biden. >> 1% gel. >> reminds me of all the characters who came out, against capital and trump, they've got somebody speaking for them. >> who's this guy? >> i have no idea. >> i wish i didn't know either. >> what you think of when you look at this? >> he's ugly.
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>> adam -- >> adam -- >> sanders? >> number one adam shift. >> what does the president call him? >> a lot of things. >> adam shift. >> pencil neck. >> he colluded with the whistleblower. >> he's the whistleblower. >> ukrainian? >> cis. >> oh. >> do you trust the cia? >> i think there's people in the cia were not happy with the current administration and they want to cause problems. ♪ >> what are they trying to impeach trump for? >> a lot of [bleep] >> he's a big fat bully. >> they want the power, the position and ability to change america like he is but they have had a chance. >> what happens with impeachment?
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how does it work? >> they kick you out. >> the vice president becomes president. >> i don't -- obama and biden. >> cory booker? >> do you think trump should be impeached? >> no. >> one? >> i like what he's doing so f far. >> who are you going to vote for in the next election? >> biden. >> your handsome. >> jesse watters. >> how did you know? >> how did you know. >> my parents love you. >> i'm waters in this is my world. >> a few months ago, waters world found a cure. >> -- it's so good, we are going to show again. first, "watters' world" back on the street to see if people can even name any of the candidates running for the democratic nomination. >> who's this guy?
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>> john lemon? john lemon. ♪ ♪ ♪
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ithat car is one of mine. and soon, it's going to be one of theirs. but they would have never even known it existed. if it weren't for the power of targeted tv advertising. it's smart. it grabs people's attention. it works.
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it's why comcast spotlight is changing its name to effectv. because being effective means getting results. crazy, sleepy joe and of course pocahontas, that's how trump sized up the 2020 field. how familiar are photos with these candidates? recently i hit the streets to find out. ♪ >> who's this guy? >> he looks familiar but i don't know. [laughter] >> i don't a who that is.
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[laughter] >> sleepy joe? >> sleepy joe biden. we call him 1% joe. >> what you think is going on with joe? >> maybe a little bit of dementia. whenever space in his head is left. >> i think he's in way over his head. >> i wouldn't sleep on sleepy joe. >> bernie. >> he is. >> bernie sanders is my man. >> you got bernie? >> yeah, all the way. >> you think bernie has a lot of money? >> well -- >> he has more money than knowledge. he's a millionaire.
11:24 pm
>> are you feeling the burn? >> no. i'm very much against socialism. >> everything my mother taught me, nothing comes free. >> hi, grandma. >> what does trump call her? >> probably everything in the book. >> pocahontas. i got more indian blood in me than pocahontas and i have not. >> he has what, 0.1.2% maybe at the most in her blood? >> who's this guy? >> john lennon? >> is that you? >> i don't know who that is. >> do we look alike? >> a little bit. >> really?
11:25 pm
>> close. >> pete. >> pete buttigieg. >> booed edge edge. >> is crumbling in talking about products. >> it's on fox news. >> [bleep] fox news? >> i'm waters and this is my world. >> welcome. >> rand paul is here making his case against socialism. later, the sordid details surrounding jeffrey epstein's life. ♪ers' world".
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>> if you vote for democrats, they will turn the u.s. into venezuela. >> if we vote for a socialist, you might get socialism. >> come on. corrupt murderer. >> that's not true. >> let me finish. [applause] >> don't do this to me. >> socialism is a very hot topic among democrats. bernie has been pushing it, it's not going anywhere i spoke with rand paul right after this contentious appearance on the field. his book, the case against socialism.
11:31 pm
>> who would've thought it was so controversial to say that he was a thug and a socialist in fact, socialism seems to breathe that. that's one of the things in the book. people say we are going to have this great socialist but then it turns out to me not so good. then stalin turns out to not be so good. it goes on and on. it was hard to have a conversation because he would not let me talk. >> we are going to do that here because i want you to extend to the audience now. everybody thinks about china the way they are now but decades ago, they were murdering millions of people and you would say brutal socialist dictator. >> there's a great famine in the 50s, 30 to 50 million people died. there's one village, reports that the bodies were lying in the street and dogs were eating the depths of the chinese sent a government official author where
11:32 pm
the dogs were eating the human bodies in the official said that's untrue because they ate the dogs. that's happening in venezuela. they are eating the pets. it's like, who could think socialism is a good thing? >> we hear this from aoc and bernie sanders, real socialism, not venezuela. we are talking about the scandinavian countries. norway, sweden but you've done a lot of research. what have you learned about scandinavia and socialism? >> interestingly, we learned bernie's socialism, he couldn't get elected in denmark. really what he advocates, they are the opposite. like danish prime minister came out and said to bernie, quit calling it socialist, we are not socialist. most scandinavia is private property, private stock market. the major freedom and trade, top ten in the world.
11:33 pm
bernie wants to raise corporate income taxes. he objected trump's income taxes on florida to 21 but scandinavia has been at 21 for the last 30 years. so he really doesn't know what he actually wants but socialism greatest association has been genocide for the last 100 years or more. >> you are saying even the scandinavians believe socialism is a hustler? >> absolutely. bernie, be quiet. we are not a socialist nation. >> so one of the things we hear all the time about green new deal, people think that's a trojan horse for socialism. the way to fight climate change happens to be using the exact same tool i socialism. >> we quote several of the international authorities on climate change. some of them are pretty expensive.
11:34 pm
they actually say it is about collision, it's redistributing wealth from the wealthy countries to developing countries. >> they admit that? >> absolutely. it's about redistribution. >> it's all something we should be aware of. it's big lies throw all the left on this. they think we are going to do this, when are you going to tax the rich? they have a lot of so-called free stuff. college, paid leave. they don't pay for it by just taxing the rich. they tax the rich less than we do. that's where the real money is. if you want all this free stuff that bernie is offering, you can have it in america but the working tax will pay taxes. >> she won't admit she will raise taxes to pay for socialized healthcare. the president is blaming 2020 as capitalism versus socialism. venezuela pursued the u.s. on the other side is giving out all
11:35 pm
this quote on quote free stuff. how do you think strategically you win the argument? >> i think ultimately a lot of people don't realize what socialism is. they think they are going to get a kind gentler socialism and is about fairness but they need to be reminded of the history of socialism and there is no world example because scandinavia has many policies that bernie objects to. i think the facts are important. people have been ignoring and say sweden socialism are all rich and live forever. the truth is, they are not socialist. four or five countries have those governments. i think they are saying is true. the truth trip matter, back should matter. it's about bringing this back out. >> case against socialism. rand paul the favorite guy the view has ever met.
11:36 pm
thank you very much for coming. the girls, the bill clinton connection, even the baby making ranch. all the nasty details of jeffrey epstein's perverse plank is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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big news on the jeffrey epstein case, best friend an alleged madam jolene maxwell now under fbi investigation. for her possible role in epstein's sex trafficking endeavors. they continue to investigate how the pedophile got away with so much for so long and whether his victims will ever get justice. here's a look at where the case stands now beginning with author
11:40 pm
and former epstein neighbor, james patterson. but start from the beginning. how did jeffrey epstein make all his money? >> he did a lot of investments for people and indicated he could pay them a lot of taxes. >> he says listen, i can save you a boatload of money on tax taxes, give me a flat fee and that's how he gets it. give me some of the action. we think. so it obviously has a lot of money. he's in and around palm beach and he has a strategy for recruiting young girls from high school in the area. very manipulative strategy. he got one girl to recruit another girl. they would get paid cash. >> the amazing thing is that there are literally hundreds of underaged girls, certainly over 100 that were recruited.
11:41 pm
some kids would recruit other kids from high school or junior high school. >> so the police, the local guys had this locked down. they had interviews, testimony, heart results evidence. they got stifled when they go to the states attorney. the states attorney is in think is hearsay. >> i think is accommodation. when he brought in this team, they got frightened that they could lose the case. i think what they said was one epstein has already taken care of some of these girls. so they are not going to talk. you're not going to be up to prove them want you can prove, we feel they will investigate that.
11:42 pm
they did have them on one account, correct? >> i was the local attorney when he brought in the only time when the case like this, they brought him up on one charge. prostitution essentially. >> the sweetheart deal, people have no idea how sweet this deal was. he was allowed to come and go almost as he pleased. >> they excused the co-conspirators. >> we know maxwell was involved in some way, shape or fashion. it was unclear but she and epstein were very good friends. he spent amazing amount of time together, according to the girls and now the women from he was involved in terms of recruiting the girls. >> now we have new information
11:43 pm
about this new mexico ranch. he's been digging into it. very different than other property on the island of manhattan. what are you finding out about the use of the ranch? specifically. >> jeffrey epstein intended it to be a baby farm in which he would impregnate as many as 20 young women, girls really at a time. >> how do we know, what evidence do we have he was intending on mass impregnation on this property? for the doctors, devices, how do we know? >> epstein reached out to various scientists and specialist and endowing the various universities and institutes and using some of the same techniques that are advocating are planning on using
11:44 pm
the same techniques the nazis used in terms of racial purity. weeding out the defectives, getting have anyone with any kind of medical malformation, just breathing epstein's own sperm. he figured he was a special person who should populate his species around the world. a disgusting person. >> when you were tasked by one of these attorneys to look into epstein, you interviewed some of his private pilot. what did you find? >> when i started to contact the pilots, his first pilot whose his most dedicated pilot, wouldn't talk to us. we knew he wouldn't because he's basically in cahoots with jeffrey.
11:45 pm
we were able to find his copilots. he said listen, i flew the plane. i flew all over the world but i was never allowed to really leave the cockpit. i knew there were bedrooms back there, i knew there were girls who shouldn't happen on the planes that were there and i couldn't leave the cockpit to go back and look, i would get fired. he told me about the stewardesses on the plane would be the fair young girls. he couldn't tell me if they were 15, 16, 17 or 18, he didn't know their ages but they were very young. definitely over 18. >> and who was on those flights? >> numerous times. he would describe them as candy stripers. >> on the flight that bill clinton was on with jeffrey epstein, the stewardess or stewardesses, many of them were under aged and addressed as
11:46 pm
candy stripers? >> correct. >> they never left the plane? >> bedroom. >> did you ever look at the black book 400 that cannot? >> this guy named alfredo who was the caretaker at the mansion and said i've got something, i want to show you. it will blow your case out of the water and reveal everything jeffrey is doing with underaged girls and you can put him in prison for life. of course we wanted this book more than anything but he wanted $50000 for the book because he said after i give this to you, i have to flee. so obviously we couldn't pay him and we tried everything to get him to turn it over to us. when that failed, we had to contact the fbi and we did a
11:47 pm
sting where we pretended we would buy the book and he delivered it to us and he was arrested. >> do you believe it was suicide or something else? >> i believe it was suicide. >> i believe, i think it's hard to believe that multiple guys snapped his neck. the injuries are much more commonly found in strong regulation. >> there will always be the suspicion he took his own life but he was in with a meatball ex-cop, 50-year-old guy, muscle steroid guy. reportedly killed for associate, latino associate in a cocaine ring. buried them on property. >> alleged dirty cop on the jews it looks like. look at that guy. who knows what he could have
11:48 pm
been promised. i'm not a conspiracy guy myself but it all adds up. if he wanted to do injuries, he could do some serious injuries. >> one shot and done. >> coming up, liberals take their rage out on donald trump. water swirled was there to document it. ♪
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donald trump is now president of the united states. [cheering]
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[inaudible conversations] >> how has trump changed her life so far? >> [bleep] >> is that it? >> yeah. >> president trump literally driving democrats crazy. spinning, screaming, shoving, throwing punches. wanted to help them out. we said political commentators anthony and kelly home about rocking club. worked with her trump derangement center. but -- >> what makes you mad? >> our president. >> what he's doing to our environment. >> all his constant lies.
11:53 pm
he's dividing our country, not uniting our country. >> let's go. >> let's go. >> from day one, this president has taken the country to a place i would like to be taken to. >> every day, he changes his opinion. he's constantly lying. >> on the country as well as me. i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow when i wake up. he's a huge narcissist. >> liar. >> hater. >> donald trump is not a nice person. donald trump is a very nice person. >> make sure you're not in range of each other when you're swinging. we are delinquent with them.
11:54 pm
[inaudible] my apologies. >> i would recommend for anyone who is upset is a way to express yourself, anxiety. >> i recognize prebeta. >> up next, the craziest
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funniest moments in 2019 and tonight's last call. ♪ ♪ are you sick and tired of looking and feeling heavy? probioslim promotes healthy digestion and helps you lose weight. patented probiotics ease constipation, gas, and bloating, while powerful egcg burns fat and calories. unleash your potential with probioslim. available at retailers nationwide.
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last call, wacky moments caught on camera over the past 12 months. here's a look at some of the best. >> you working out? good girl. ♪
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[laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. i'm waters. this is my world. ♪ >> breaking tonight, president trump doubles down with new threat at iran and its leaders. happy new year. i'm judge jeanine. the national security advisor to the president of the united states is standing by to talk about that and breaking news. the president pulling no punches on twitter this evening in the wake of his strike in baghdad. it killed one of the most vicious terrorists in the world. soleimani. questions are raised about what the iranian response might be and tonight, the president sent another clear message sayin


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