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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 22, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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in order to complete his mission, mr. giuliani first needed ambassador yovanovitch out of the way. in early 2019, mr. giuliani launched a public smear campaign against ambassador, and effort that involved mr. giuliani's allies in ukraine, the president's allies in the united states, and eventually, president trump himself. please remember that the object of the president's ukraine scheme was to obtain a corrupt advantage for his reelection campaign. as we will show, the president went to extort her links to cheat in that next election. it begins with getting yovanovitch "out-of-the-way." by all accounts, ambassador yovanovitch was a highly respected and effective ambassador. witnesses uniformly praised her career as a nonpartisan public
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servant. and told us she particularly excelled in fighting corruption abroad. president george bush named her as an ambassador twice. president obama nominated her as ambassador to ukraine where she represented the united states from 2016 to 2019. eradicating corruption in ukraine has been a key policy priority of the u.s. government for years. during the house inquiry, the ambassador explained why in permitting this anticorruption policy was so important. >> it's critical as the war against russia is, i ukraine isa struggling democracy is an important challenge of battling the soviet legacy of corruption which is pervaded ukraine's government. corruption makes ukraine's government are vulnerable. that's why they launched the
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evolution of dignity in 2014 demanding to be part of europe, demanding that transformation of the system. demanding to live under the rule of law. ukrainians wanted the law to apply equally to all people whether the individual in question is the president or any other citizen. it was a question of fairness, of dignity. here again, there is a coincident of interest. corrupt leaders are inherently less trustworthy's and ukrainian leadership makes that u.s.-ukrainian partnership more reliable and more powerful to the united states. >> on the evening of april 24th, 2019, ambassador yovanovitch was hosting an event at the u.s. embassy honoring the memory of an anticorruption fighter who had been killed when acid was thrown in her face the previous year. at about 10:00 that night, the embassy event was interrupted by a telephone call from washingt
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washington. ambassador yovanovitch described this conversation with the head of the state department's human resources department. >> she said that there was great concern on the seventh floor of the state department for the leadership of the state department. it was great concern. they were worried. she wanted to give me a heads up about this. things seem to be going on. she just wanted to give me a heads up. >> confused, the ambassador asked for more information from washington. three hours later, they spoke again. ambassador yovanovitch learned that there were concerns about her "up the street," that is at the white house. at the ambassador was told to get on the first plane home. why was this respected career diplomat removed from her post? why was she in fact urged by the
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state department to catch the first plane home, that she was in danger, she should wait? at the time, the white house wouldn't say. today, we know the truth. the truth is that ambassador yovanovitch was the victim of a smear campaign organized by rudy giuliani amplified by president trump's allies, and a designed to give president trump the pretext he needed to recall her without warning. mr. giuliani has admitted as much to the press. in order to understand mr. giuliani's smear campaign against ambassador yovanovitch, you need to know about a few additional characters who mr. giuliani drew into his scheme. the first of these characters is viktor shokin, the disgraced former prosecutor general of ukraine who was fired by the ukrainian government for gross corruption. in 2016 at the urging of the
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european union, the international monetary fund and the united states government, the parliament of ukraine voted to remove mr. viktor shokin as prosecutor general because he was corrupt and refused to prosecute corruption cases. at the urging of the united states, the european union, the international monetary fund all urge the ukraine government to dismiss mr. viktor shokin. the second character succeeded mr. viktor shokin as prosecutor general. he also proved reluctant to prosecute corruption cases and several witnesses testified that he also had a reputation for dishonesty and corruption. ambassador yovanovitch and deputy assistant secretary george kent both testified that the u.s. embassy and give eventually stopped working with him altogether. viktor shokin, lutsenko, and
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mr. giuliani interests were all aligned. the role of vice president played in his 2016 firing. the vice president carrying out u.s. policy urged the ukrainian government to dismiss the corrupt viktor shokin. i note that the vice president -- the former vice president has been criticized for urging that he be fired. lutsenko found his career trajectory fading. and what did president trump support to boost his political prospects of ukraine? mr. giuliani needed partners in ukraine willing to announce two sham investigations used to boost president trump's own campaign. all three wanted ambassador yovanovitch out of the way. in early 2019, the smear
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campaign began. lutsenko became the primary vector for false allegations against ambassador yovanovitch. debbie assistant secretary george kent testified that mr. lutsenko's allegations against ambassador yovanovitch were motivated by revenge. >> over the course of 2018 and 2019, i became increasingly aware by an effort by mr. giuliani and others including his associates, to run a campaign to smear ambassador yovanovitch and other officials at the u.s. embassy in give. the chief agitators were some of those same corrupt former prosecutors i had encountered particularly mr. lutsenko and mr. shokin. they were now peddling false information in order to extract revenge against those who would expose their misconduct including u.s. diplomats, ukrainian anticorruption officials and reform minded
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civil society groups in ukraine. >> as mr. kent indicated, the smear campaign against ambassador yovanovitch was orchestrated by a core group of corrupt ukrainian officials working at mr. giuliani's direction. this group included two additional characters who had been in the news of late. lev parnas and igor fruman. mr. parnas and mr. fruman were indicted on charges including supporting president trump. simply put, in doing her job well, ambassador yovanovitch drew mr. lutsenko's ire. and as mr. kent observed, you can promote anticorruption efforts without taking off corrupt people. as it turned out, this statement applied to mr. lutsenko and mr. giuliani who feared that the
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ambassador would stand in the way of his corrupt efforts to course ukraine into conducting investigations that would benefit the interest of his client, president trump. mr. giuliani's courting smear campaign against ambassador yovanovitch became public in the united states in late march, 2019. with the publication of a series of opinion pieces in the hill based on interviews with mr. lutsenko. on march 20th 2019, and want peace in "the hill," mr. lutsenko falsely accused ambassador yovanovitch of giving him o a do not prosecute list. not only was the allegation false, originating the claim, mr. lutsenko would later go on to retract it. the same piece also stated that
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ambassador yovanovitch at "made disparaging statements about president trump." the statement issued by the state department declare the allegations to be a total fabrication. president trump promoted solomon's article in netsuite which intensified the public attacks against ambassador yovanovitch. on march 24th, donald trump jr. called ambassador yovanovitch "a joker" on twitter and called for her removal. you can see the slides of the two tweets. these unfounded smears by the president and his son reverberated in ukraine. deputy assistant secretary george kent testified that starting in mid-march, giuliani was almost unmissable in this campaign of slander." mr. kent, mr. lutsenko
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spokeswoman retreated donald trump jr.'s tweet attacking the ambassador further undermining her standing in ukraine. her standing, united states investors standing. mr. giuliani was not content to stay behind the scenes. he promoted the same attacks on the ambassador on twitter, fox news, and elsewhere. at the end of march, his attacks intensified. ambassador yovanovitch sent for david hale, an email detailing her concerns and asking for a strong statement of support from the state department. in reply, the state department told her that they were unwilling to help her. their own ambassador. if they issued a public statement supporting her "you could be undermined" by the president trump. their concern that "the rug will be pulled out from underneath the state department." the state department cannot
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express support for an american ambassador, threatened abroad because they are concerned that if they express support for that american ambassador, the rug will be pulled out from under them by the president. what it must've taken to commence our state department to refuse to support its ambassad ambassador. phone records show that mr. giuliani also kept the white house uprise of these developments. as you can see from the slides. again, it is worth remembering that smearing ambassador yovanovitch was a means to an end. removing her would allow the president's allies the freedom to pressure ukraine to announce their sham investigations. so, we should talk for a few minutes about the investigations that rudy giuliani and his henchmen were promoting on behalf of the president. let's focus first on the allegation that ukraine -- not
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russia, interfered in our last presidential election. in february 2017, shortly after the intelligence community, the cia, the fbi, all the intelligence agencies of the united states unanimously assessed that russia interfered in the election to help donald trump. this alternative theory gain some attention when russian president putin promoted it at a press conference. second, he said "second, as we all know during the presidential campaign in the united states, the ukrainian government adopted a unilateral position in favor of one candidate.
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more than that, certain oligarchs, certainly with the approval of the political leadership, funded this candidate, or female candidate, to be more precise." that is president 326 talking shifting the blame to ukraine. dr. fiona hill best explain how the ukraine narrative is a fictional narrative being propagated by the russian security services. >> there are some questions and statements that i've heard some of you on this committee appear to believe that russia edit security services did not conduct a campaign against our country. and that perhaps somehow for some reason, ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the russian security themselves. the unfortunate truth is that russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions in 2016. this is a public conclusion of our own intelligence agencies, confirmed and bipartisan
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congressional reports. this is beyond dispute even if some of the underlying details remain unjustified. the 2016 russian campaign remains evident today. our nation is being torn apart. our highly professional expert foreign service is being undermined. u.s. support for ukraine which continues to be politicized. the russian government's goal is to weaken our country, to diminish america's global role, and to neutralize the perceived u.s. threat and russian interests. >> president trump knew this, too. his homeland security advisor said that the idea that ukraine hacked the dnc server was "not only a conspiracy theory, it is completely debunked." he and other u.s. officials spent hours with the president explaining why. the second false allegation that
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the president wanted the ukrainians to announce was that vice president biden used his power to protect the company on whose board his son sat by removing mr. shokin, the corrupt prosecutor general. it's true that vice president biden helped remove mr. shokin who is widely believed to be corrupt. as i said a few minutes ago, it was official policy of the united states, the european community, and others in order to fight corruption in ukraine to ask that mr. shokin and mr. lutsenko be removed. the vice president, vice president biden and fulfilling u.s. policy pressured ukraine to remove mr. shokin. not to secure some personal benefit, but to advance the official policy of the united states and its allies.
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even lutsenko later admitted that the allegations against the vice president were false. rudy giuliani told kurt volker the special representative for ukrainian negotiations who had a prominent role in this game that he also knew the attacks on joe biden were a lie. with ambassador yovanovitch out of the way, of the ukraine scheme was complete. mr. giuliani and his agents could now apply direct pressure to the ukrainian government to spread of falsehoods. who benefited from this game? who sent mr. giuliani to ukraine in the first place? of course, we could rephrase that question. as the former republican leader of the senate asked it in 1973. what did the president no? when did he know it?
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>> mr. chief justice, senators, presidents council, president trump and president zelensky's relationship started out well. president trump on at the two investigations from zelensky, and he had no reason to believe that he would not get what he wanted. on april 21st, 2019, zelensky who is new to politics won a landslide victory in ukraine's election. that evening, president trump
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called president zelensky to congratulate him. on that first call, the first call, zelensky invited president trump to visit ukraine for the upcoming inauguration. president trump intern promised that his administration would send someone at a very, very high level. during that same april call, president trump invited zelensky to the white house saying, when you're settled in and ready, i would like to invite you to the white house. we have a lot of things to talk about. but we are with you all the way. zelensky immediately accepted the president's invitation adding that the whole team and i are looking forward to that visit. numerous witnesses testified about the significance of a white house meeting for the political newcomer.
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a white house meeting which showed that president trump supported president zelensky's anticorruption platform. at the backing of the president of the united states, ukraine's most important patron would also send a powerful message to russia that we had speech when one's back. during that april 24th call, president trump never even uttered the word "corruption." but the white house call recap falsely stated that the two presidents had discussed the anticorruption effort. shortly after the phone call, jennifer williams advisor to vice president pence learned that president trump asked vice president pence to attend zelensky's inauguration. williams and her colleagues began planning for his trip to
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kiev. at the same time, mr. giuliani was trying to get ukraine to investigate the bidens and the 2016 election interference. on april 24, mr. giuliani went on "fox & friends" and had this to say. >> keep your eye on ukraine, because in ukraine, a lot of the dirty work was done and digging up the information. american officials used ukrainian officials who use collusion with the ukrainians. actually, in this case, conspiracy with the ukrainians. when it gets interesting is information about joe biden from ukraine about his son, hunter biden, about a company he was on the board of which may be one of the most perfect companies in speech when you want. >> for this campaign to be truly beneficial to his boss, president trump, giuliani needed access to the new government and ukraine. he dispatched his associates,
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lev parnas and igor fruman to try to make inroads with the zelensky team. on april 25, former vice president biden publicly announced his bid for the presidency. immediately, he was at the top of the poles. that same day, david holmes, an american diplomat at our industry in ukraine learned that giuliani had reached out to the head of before's campaign. as holmes explained, they began to think that giuliani it was a significant person in terms of managing the relationship with the united states. as giuliani and his associates worked behind the scenes to get access to the new leadership in ukraine, president trump was publicly signaling his interest in the investigations. on may 2nd, the president
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appeared on fox news. when asked, should the former vice president explain himself on his dealings in ukraine and whether there was a conflict with his sons a business interest? president trump replied as follows. >> president trump: i'm hearing it is a major scandal, major problem. bad things happen. we will see what that is. they even have him on tape talking about it. they have joe biden on tape talking about the prosecutor. i have seen at tate. a lot of people talk about that tape. they have to solve that problem. >> the tape president trump referenced is from january 2018 in which former vice president biden explained, he placed an ultimatum to the ukrainian president to remove the corrupt prosecutor general to ensure that the taxpayer money would be used appropriately. the vice president's actions
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were consistent with official u.s. policy as well as the opinions of the international community. on may 9th, "the new york times" published an article about giuliani's plan to visit ukraine. in the article, giuliani confirmed that he planned to meet zelensky. at that meeting, he wanted to press the ukrainian government to pursue the investigations. investigations that president trump promoted only days earlier. giuliani said, we are not meddling in an election. we are meddling in an investigation which we have a right to do." giuliani went so far as to say that his actions could benefit president trump personally. he said "this isn't foreign policy. i'm asking them to do an investigation they are doing already, and that other people
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are telling them to stop. and i'm going to give them reasons why they shouldn't stop it, because that information would be very, very helpful to my clients, and may turn out to be helpful to my government." that's it. right there. giuliani admitting he was asking ukraine to work on investigations that would be "very, very helpful" to the president. he was not doing foreign policy. he was not doing this on behalf of the government. he was doing this for personal interests of his client, donald j. trump. the next morning on may 10th, on his trip to ukraine, giuliani tweeted earlier about biden then had a flurry of calls with parnas was helping him plan his
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trip to ukraine. same day, giuliani spoke with ambassador volker on the phone for more than 30 minutes. ambassador volker had learned that giuliani intended to travel to ukraine, and it called to warn giuliani that prosecutor general lutsenko is not credible. don't listen to what he's sayi saying. later that day, giuliani had a 17 minute call with a massed white house number before speaking again with parnas for 12 minutes. that same day on may 10, he asked president trump about his upcoming trip. he replied "i have not spoken to him at any great length, but i will. i will speak to him before he
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leaves. but that evening, on fox news, giuliani announced, i'm not going to ukraine, because i think i'm walking into a group of people that are enemies of the president. separately, and a text message to politico, giuliani allege that the offer for the meeting with zelensky was a set up. he said it was a set up orchestrated by several critics of president trump who were advising zelensky. giuliani declared "zelensky is in the hands of devout enemies of president trump." but giuliani had not stopped trying. he had parnas send a letter to his senior aide on may 11th asking for a meeting.
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that later made it clear that giuliani was representing president trump as a private citizen, and that he was working with president trump's knowledge and consent. the letter is on the slides. it reads "in my capacity as personal counsel to president trump, and with his knowledge and consent, i request a meeting with you on this upcoming monday, may 13, or tuesday, may 14th. i will need no more than half hour of your time, and i will be accompanied by my colleague, victoria toensing, a distinguished american attorney who is very familiar with this matter." but it does not appear that giuliani and parnas' attempts to get that meeting were working.
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that same day, giuliani sent a text to parnas asking, this guy is canceling meeting, i think. approximately three hours later, giuliani sent parnas drafts of a public statement that people advising the president elect are no friends of the president. three days later, president trump instructed vice president pence not to attend the inauguration in ukraine. just three days later. vice presidential staffer jennifer williams received a surprising call from the president's chief of staff. she described it during her public testimony. >> on may 13th, an assistant to the vice president chief of staff because that president trump had decided that the vice president would attend the inauguration in ukraine.
1:30 pm
she did not provide any further explanations. i relay that instruction to others involved in planning the potential trip. i also informed the nsc that the vice president would not be attending the inauguration. at present elect zelensky's inauguration. >> notably, williams confirms that the inauguration date had not yet been decided, scheduled at the time of that phone call. so the reason for president trump's decision was certainly not due to a scheduling conflict. the secretary of energy, rick perry ultimately led the delegation to the inaugural. >> representatives sylvia garcia from houston, one of the house impeachment managers continuing to make the case here. we are going to take a quick break and be back with the impeachment trial from the
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senate floor here on fox.
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>> we are back with your live coverage of the senate impeachment hearings. we will be sticking with this and go to "the five," live at 5:00 this evening. we will be coming in and out of
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this coverage as we continue to follow it throughout. sylvia garcia still at the podium. >> let's take a listen. >> president trump directed the delegation to talk to giuliani. here we show efforts that describe instruction from the president. >> if we wanted to get anything done with ukraine, it was apparent to us we had a talk to rudy. >> you understood that mr. giuliani spoke for the president, correct? >> that is correct. >> ambassador sondland saw the writing on the wall. ambassador sondland concluded that if we did not talk to rudy, nothing would move forward on ukraine. the three amigos as they call themselves did as the president ordered and began talking to giuliani. dr. hill testified. ambassador volker's son gave his
1:36 pm
impression that they were meeting with rudy giuliani at this point. and rudy giuliani was also saying on the television, and indeed as he said subsequently that he was closely coordinating with the state department. like dr. hill, ambassador bolton closely tracked giuliani's ukraine related activity. hill testified about a conversation she had with bolton in may of 2019. that conversation was revealing. so let's listen. >> on television making these statements, already brought into ambassador bolton's attention the attacks, the smear campaign against ambassador yovanovitch and expressed great regret on how this is unfolding. in fact, the shameful way in which ambassador yovanovitch was being smeared. i asked if there was anything we could do about it. ambassador bolton had looked
1:37 pm
pained. basically indicated with body language that there was nothing much we could do about it. in the course of that discussion said, rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up. >> did you know what he meant by that? >> i did actually. he meant what mr. giuliani was saying was pretty explosive in any case. he was frequently on television making and sundry remarks about everyone involved in the case and clearly pushing forward issues and ideas that would probably come back to haunt us. >> according to hill's description, bolton said that giuliani's influence could be an obstacle to increasing white house engagement with ukraine. he instructed his staff not to meet with giuliani. in june, ambassador volker and ambassador sondland related to ambassador taylor that president trump wanted to hear
1:38 pm
from zelensky before scheduling the meeting in the oval office. ambassador taylor testified that he did not understand at the time what that meant. around at this, the president publicly expressed that he thought it would be okay to accept foreign interference to assist his campaign if it was in the form of opposition research on his opponent. let's listen to that shocking interview. >> the campaign this time around, if warners, f russia, and china, should they accept it or call the fia? >> president trump: i think i might want to listen. there's nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent. oh, i think i would like to hear it. >> do you want that kind of interference in our elections? >> is not interference.
1:39 pm
it's information. i think i would take it. >> shocking video. meanwhile, giuliani continue to press ukraine to do with the president's political dirty work. on june 21, for instance, giuliani tweeted the following. "you press of ukraine still silent on the investigation of ukrainian interference in the 2016 election. alleged bribery of president. time for leadership and investigate both. if you want to purge how ukraine was abused by hillary and obama people." the quid pro quo scheme was taking shape. giuliani was publicly advocating for ukraine to conduct politically motivated investigations while president president trump refused to schedule an oval office meeting
1:40 pm
for ukraine's new president. as ambassador sondland testifi testified, this came to pressure ukraine to conduct this investigation would only get more insidious with time. >> we will take in a quick break and squeeze in a moment as we continue to watch sylvia garcia and the managers continuing to lay out their case from the house side in the impeachment trial in the senate of donald j. trump. >> keep it here.
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>> the president just retreated rand paul's tweet to invite the president to be his guest in the senate chamber. that would be something. representative jason girl from colorado on the floor, one of the house managers making the case. >> timothy morrison put it bluntly. >> ukraine is on the front lines between vladimir putin's russia. russia is a failing power, but it is still a -- they can fight russia over there. we don't have to fight russia here. support for ukraine's territorial integrity has been a bipartisan objective sense russia's military invasion in 2014. it must continue to be.
1:45 pm
>> we help our partner fight russia over there so we don't have to fight russia here. our friends on the front lines and changes with sneakers. following russia's invasion of ukraine in 2014, the united states has stood by ukraine. our diplomats and military commanders have long said that supporting ukraine makes us safer. we don't need me to tell you that. you all know it very well. when the funding for this security assistance came up for a vote under this roof, 87 of you voted for the aide. many of you have been staunch advocates for ukraine. working in a nonpartisan way to support our friends. that support makes a lot of sense. because politics cannot play a part and be sure that freedom
1:46 pm
wins in europe. this body has in so many ways set that example. protecting europe from russia is not a political game. let me provide some background. in early 2014 in what became known as the revolution of dignity, ukrainian citizens demanded democratic reform and an end to corruption ousting the pro-russian president. within days, russian military forces and their proxies invaded ukraine and occupying portions of east ukraine. since 2014, more than 13,000 ukrainians have been killed because of the conflict in over 1.4 million have been forced from their homes. russia's invasion of ukraine is the first attempt to redraw euros orders since world war ii.
1:47 pm
in 2017, james mattis sums it up well. he said "despite russia's denials, we know they are seeking to redraw international borders by force undermining the sovereign and fe free nations of europe. ambassador taylor put it, "dismissed all of the principles that i've kept the peace and contributed to prosperity in europe since world war ii." it is clear that russia is not just a threat in europe but democracy around the world. our friends and allies have also responded. imposing sanctions on russia and providing billions of dollars in economic military and security and assistance ukraine. this has been an international effort. today, the european union is the single largest contributor of foreign assistance ukraine. having provided roughly 12 billion in grants and loans
1:48 pm
since 2014. united states has provided over $3 billion in assistance in that time. we all know that we cannot separate our own security from the security of our friends and allies. that's why the u.s. has provided economic security and humanitarian assistance in form of training and equipment. ambassador taylor testified that american aid is a concrete demonstration of our "commitment to resist aggression and freedom and defend freedom. he also detailed the many benefits of our assistance for ukraine's horses. >> the security assistance that we provide takes many forms. one of the components for that assistance is counter battery radar. another component are sniper weapons. these weapons -- and this assistance allows the ukrainian
1:49 pm
military to deter further incursions by the russians against ukrainian territory. if that further incursion, further aggression where it in place, more ukrainians would die. it is a deterrent effect that these weapons provide it is also the ability -- it gives the ukrainians an ability to negotiate from a position of a little more strength. when they negotiate an end to the war, negotiating with the russians. this also is a way that would reduce the number of ukrainians that would die. >> i would like to make a finer point of how this type of aid helps. we know something about counter battery radar. in 2,005, i was an army ranger
1:50 pm
serving in a special operations task force in afghanistan. we were at a remote operating base along the afghan-pakistan border. frequently, the insurgents that we were fighting would launch rockets and missiles onto our small base. but luckily, we were provided with counter battery radar. 20, 30, 40 seconds before those rockets and mortar rained down on us, an alarm would sound. we would run out from our tents, and jump into our concrete bunkers and weight with the attack to end. this is not a theoretical exercise. the ukrainians know it. for ukraine, aid from the u.s. constitutes about 10% of their military budget. it is safe to say that they
1:51 pm
cannot fight effectively without it. so there is no doubt, u.s. military assistance to ukraine makes a real difference in the fight against russia. in 2019, congress provided $391 million in security assistance. this included $250 million to the department of defense, the ukraine security assistant initiative. and $141 million to the foreign military financing program. president trump signed the bill to authorize this aid in august 2018 and signed another bill to fund it the following month. the aide was underway. the train was leaving the station and following the same track it had followed every single year. but all of this was about to change. in july of 2019, president trump
1:52 pm
ordered the office of management and budget, to put a hold on all of the aide. the president personally made this decision even after his own appointed advisors warned him it was not in our countries interest to withhold the aid after overwhelming support in the senate and against long-standing policy even his own administration. what is most interesting to me about this is that he was only interested in the ukraine aid. nobody else. the u.s. provides aid to dozens of countries around the world. lots of partners and allies. he didn't ask about any of them, just ukraine. the most important question here is, why would he do that? what was his motivation? well, we now know why.
1:53 pm
this shocked people across our government. already certified to congress that ukraine had implemented sufficient anticorruption reforms to get the funds. the defense department had identified congress and attempt to deliver the assistance. let's recap all of this. congress had already funded it. our own government had already certified that it met all the standards it had met every other year. congress had already been notified just like every other year. in a series of meetings of the national security agencies, everyone except the omb supported the provision of the assistance. omb is headed by mick mulvaney, the president's chief of staff. ukraine experts at dod, the state department, and a white house decided it was in the national security of the u.s. to tak continue to support
1:54 pm
ukraine and its fight. it wasn't just the national security concern. many thought the hold was outright illegal, and they were right. it was. the president's holders did violate the law. congress' independent nonbias watchdog released an opinion finding that the hold was illegal. president trump held that military aid money for so long that the administration ran out of time to spend the money. ultimately, even after the president lifted the hold on september 11th, again, with no clear explanation of why, we, the congress, act ii and ocular law to extend the deadline. delaying the delivery of the aide. the congress, act i i and ocular law to extend the deadline. in the same "l.a. times" article that told the story about our friend, ukrainians event spokesperson said that even
1:55 pm
though the hold had been lifted -- this was in september. "it has not reached us yet. "next spokesperson went on to say "it's not just money from the bank. its arms, equipment, and hardware. and to this day, millions of dollars still haven't been spe spent. although our government haven't informed ukraine or publicly announce that, ukraine quickly learned about it. on july 25th, at the same day as president trump's call with president zelensky, officials at ukraine's embassy here in washington emailed dod to ask about the status of the funding. by mid-august, the officials at dod, the state department -- >> representative jason crow of colorado making the case of the house managers of the specific funding to ukraine. at that was happening, one of
1:56 pm
the president's attorneys said they will vigorously defend the president on a number of fronts responding to adam schiff saying that you know this and adam schiff today. there was all this talk of quid pro quo. notice what is not in any of the articles of impeachment, allegations of quid pro quo. he goes on to say we will challenge aggressively the case that they are putting forward based on what we are hearing. we have the case we are going to make it as well. we are going to do both. the house impeachment managers are going to go through this methodically point by house as i did through the judiciary committee in a house in the house intelligent committee. >> the phrases that are used to make the point. quid pro quo was the phrase of a whole portion of this process we have gone through. you haven't heard that mentioned. bribery was one of the early phrases. we go directly to the constitution in terms of what constitutes grounds for impeachment. what we have heard a lot is cover-up.
1:57 pm
cover-up is the phrase used repeatedly. the contention that the president should be impeached that we heard from the house managers today. we point out that the issue of aid that they've been going to a lot. if they release the aid in a big way. >> that's up --
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
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>> hello everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five" ." we are looking live at the senate floor. don't worry, were not going through the whole thing. it is day two of president trump's impeachment trial. they're making their opening arguments and our reaction is coming up just a minute, we promise. but first there's a lot happening and were going to get caught up with someone who can tell us us everything pretty quickly. congressional correspondent chad pergram has the latest. chad? >> good afternoon. they started at about 1:00.


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