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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 23, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the ugly, north carolina animal rescue hopes a caveat will get the feline adopted. they get so far saying, quote, she's just a jerk. there was a long list including kids, children, disney movies and hugs. hopefully she will get adopted. that wraps up this hour, "fox and friends" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: thursday january 20 third and this is a fox news alert, the tragedy in australia heading closer to home after three american firefighters killed battling the brushfires. rob: breaking development justin overnight. now that the virus has reached us shores. jillian: what you need to know is health officials warned we could be on the brink of a global health emergency and adam schiff take center stage in the impeachment trial. republicans say they were bored to sleep. rob: the president is legal team
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thanking adam schiff claiming the democrats made their job easier. "fox and friends" continues right now. ♪ rob: you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: thank for starting the day with us. rob: three americans killed after a firefighting plane crashes in australia overnight was a water tanker just like this one went down south of canberra to battle a new fire. witnesses say there was a large fireball on impact, no word what caused the crash. >> the firefighting fraternity is a fairly small family and the
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crew on board, our hearts are with all those who are suffering, the loss of three will respected crew. rob: smoke from these new flames blanket the runway. jillian: a manhunt intensifies overnight after deadly shooting in downtown seattle. one woman is dead and 7 people are hurt including a 9-year-old boy. police say the shooting stem from a fight outside mcdonald's sending people running for their lives during rush hour. >> these shots out like firefighters, 20 or 30 shots in succession. we saw these people around the corner. jillian: police believe the victims, on the run. congressman adam schiff kicks
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off donald trump's impeachment trial with a 2 and a half hour opening statement. the democrat being slam for dragging out arguments against the president. >> they knew what it was like to live under a desperate and risked their lives to be free of it. for a man who believes the constitution gave them the right to do anything he wanted, a man who believes he was above the law. a man who would be a king. rob: griff jenkins has trial highlights and what is ahead. 6 hours of opening statement. >> for 8 hours, house managers came out of the gate swinging evidence against the president, abused the power of his office putting personal interests ahead of the country's interest using his personal attorney. >> reporter: giuliani is not the secretary of state. he is not an ambassador. he is not a member of the diplomatic corps.
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rudy giuliani is a political operative for donald trump's reelection at times. >> reporter: watch for house managers to dive into the law, the president's defense team argued he -- already addressing them. >> this is not impeachable. policy disputes are not what the founders had in mind when it came to the seriousness of an article of impeachment. >> instinctively knows about fairness. the fact of the matter is the house managers have to prove the case. >> reporter: there's the question of whether witnesses can be called, reports that there could be a deal in the works, john bolton, hunter biden to appear.
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but chuck schumer says that is a nonstarter. >> the republicans have a right to bring in any witness they want. they haven't wanted to. that trade is not on the table. >> reporter: the house managers back at it at 1:00 pm. we will see the president, after all of that, the senators assuming they stay awake through it all, 16 hours of questions. jillian: at one point adam schiff, i have 10 minutes left. rob: protester interrupting the senate impeachment trial bursting into the room and shouting. [shouting] >> the sergeant in arms will restore order in the gallery. rob: that woke everybody. a man came to the public gallery overlooking the chamber shouting abortion, dismissed the charges.
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he called chuck schumer the devil. he was escorted out and arrested. jillian: democrats in the media praising adam schiff following his senate floor address but jim jordan says the american people have a hard time believing the house impeachment manager. >> facts are on the president's side no matter what democrats do. today as you point out we had to listen to adam schiff for over four hours, the same adam schiff who told us there is more than circumstantial evidence of collusion, the same adam schiff who said the fisa process was fine and the nunez memo was inaccurate. we have not talked to the whistleblower. the same adam schiff who had the parity at the hearing, the same adam schiff who misled the american people yesterday with the text messages.
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we are supposed to believe, that he is telling us the truth. >> the president's defense, as reflect the court of public opinion until saturday. rob: foxholes alert, the deadly coronavirus could be declared a global health emergency. it will take center stage in the world health organization meeting. jillian: a mysterious outbreak killing 7 people and sickening 570 in eight countries. aishah hasnie joins us at the airport start screening passengers. >> contacting those passengers that were on the same flight as a patient in washington state. we will get to that, china making this unprecedented move to try to quarantine an entire city, they shutdown all public transportation in and out of h wuhan.
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they are ordering movie theaters to be closed and that will be a tall order considering wuhan is home to 11 million people, that is the given new york city. the country is heading into a busy holiday weekend. anyone leaving the city is being screened for fever but officials are not convinced their efforts will work. >> the fight passenger was on, they are working with airlines and the health departments to ensure appropriate passenger notification. all of that information passengers are being contacted. >> reporter: they are talking about expanding those screenings. the number of sick people jumped to 571. the virus in 7 other countries.
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screenings are officially underway in atlanta and chicago. a patient visiting china returned to washington state before those take effect. of 3-year-old girl hospitalized in california from the corona virus, it is more common strain. and early signs of infection, fever, cough and severe cases. the world health organization has not declared a public health emergency just yet. the leaders say this is an evolving situation to go over everything in sight. rob: don't miss our look at the
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corona virus, we have a disease expert joining us live to explain what we are dealing with. more on signs and symptoms, what to do if you think you could be affected later this hour. rob: the president will become the us president for the march for life. see you on friday. 100,000 activists are expected to hear the president speak in washington dc. he is a staunch supporter of pro-life policy like ending federal funding for organizations. jillian: adam schiff calling the president a cheater. >> trump withheld hundred millions in aid to a strategic partner to secure foreign help with his reelection. in other words to cheat. jillian: did he make his case or strengthen the hand of the president's defense team.
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there's a booking for every resolution. oh, hi, samantha. you look more like a heather. do you ever get that? it's nice to finally meet you in person. you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? that was actually a professional headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> trump withheld hundreds of millions of military aid to secure foreign help with his real election. in other words to cheat. the president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box.
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we cannot be assured the vote will be fairly won. rob: adam schiff holding nothing back as he kicks off the first of three days which democrats have to present their case. jillian: did his hour-long presentation help the push for impeachment at all? impeachment manager during the clinton hearings, thank you for joining us. tell me what you made of the accusations and what you made of the argument democrats are trying to beat this picture that without all the information, a relatable picture, they can't make a decision what is going on and how to vote in 2020. >> i think the american citizenry is smarter than a shift give them credit for and this notion that if we don't remove this president now before the voters have a chance to reelect him then we can never be
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sure he was not properly reelected. this is laying the groundwork for a democrat defeat in 2020 so they can blame the fact that he wasn't impeached and that is why they lost the election. what adam schiff runs the risk of with this over-the-top rhetoric calling the president evil, one of the other managers used the words from president roosevelt's declaration of war on japan, this will live in infamy, this over-the-top rhetoric is going to wear thin not only on the senators and american public. rob: one piece of evidence i want you to talk about that adam schiff is trying to use is this text message between parnas to rudy giuliani, trying to get us mister z. adam schiff has alleged that is zelinski, the president of ukraine, trying to get this
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investigation - mister z is the head of burisma and that could be the difference between an illegitimate and corrupt reason to go after mister z and someone who is trying to uncover corruption in the ukraine. >> it could mean all sorts of things that could have a bearing on the case. and other references to parnas should not even be part of this case. managers should not be allowed to talk about evidence, after the impeachment in the house. the basic senate rule provides the only evidence should be that which was already in the record in the impeachment hearings. i'm a little mystified why they are allowed to bring up evidence but was not part of the house impeachment itself. jillian: if there really was
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corruption and the president knew there was, trying to get to the bottom of it. a lot of democrats make the argument, why not go up the proper chain of command in getting that done in figuring it out? >> bottom line is proper chain of command is the president of the united states, the president of the united states sets foreign-policy, decides who should be carrying out that foreign-policy and if he decides in the interests of the us taxpayers, has nothing to do with an election, in the interest of the us taxpayers that he wants to make sure taxpayer money being sent to another country that has a history of known corruption clean the protect first that he is not only entirely within his rights but is doing the responsible thing. rob: the ingram angle had interesting stuff about hunter biden, joe biden, that never came out.
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what do you make of this and the fact that hunter biden is being protected by the democrats? >> it simply illustrates the double standard at play here. it does not matter to the democrats apparently that former vice president biden interfered directly and seriously in a corruption investigation ukraine that had to do with his son and the company his son was being paid by in contrast to what they are trying to do against donald trump, trying to get the ukraine to clean up its corruption. it is a double standard as never seen before. jillian: appreciate your time. it is 19 minutes after the hour. thousands of gun rights supporters peacefully protested the virginia state capitol,
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taking another shot of the second amendment, the red flag bill that got the green light. rob: peacocks, horses and turkeys. critters big and small that could be banned from flying the friendly skies. tracy carrasco with the rules change that is making headlines this morning. ♪ fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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>> welcome back. the supreme court closely divided over a case that could have big implications for religious freedom. justices are arguing whether montana violated the first amendment when prohibiting several low income families from
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using a tax credit to pay for their children's private religious schools. senior contributor and eternal world television network doctor matthew bunsen joined us to weigh in on the arguments. >> in those oral arguments, compelling statements from brett kavanaugh went to the fact this does have its origins in this amendment call the grotesque episode in anti-catholic bigotry. >> reporter: 37 states have provisions and laws barring public funding for schools and churches. rob: virginia senate advancing another gun-control bill. it will allow law enforcement to take firearms from somebody who poses a risk to themselves or others. the governor expected to sign if it passes the house just days after 22,000 gun rights advocates peacefully rallied at the capital. jillian: two ever biggest rivals pulling off a massive data heist, china and iran launching attacks to steal our business.
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rob: tracy carrasco with a new warning from cyber security diplomats. jillian: china is stealing massive data from western company. some 200 universities. robert strayer is one of the top cyber security diplomats. he made a comment in paris when trying to convince france not to use huawei because of security risks. because of this data that happened all the time, listen to what happened. >> the largest of the global providers the last couple years as china did to gain access for the corporate databases, took that data to give to private --
2:26 am
>> this was done with a group called the magnet institute which is described as a private government contractor working for the iranian rocket. >> and emotional support animal -- how many? >> about three feet. cracking down on what they call a service animal. what they defined that to be. only dogs specially trained will be allowed to fly as a designated service animal. they are going to be banning cats, many horses, peacocks, pigs, and service animals, and airlines have seen an increase of complaint against unruly animals, people bringing all sorts of pets on board, and the department of transportation
2:27 am
says recognize a lot of people need these service animals and want to make sure those people are able to bring their animals on. rob: i need my emotional support animal. thank you so much. it is a comment that could cost hillary clinton a lot of money. >> she is a favorite of the russians and also a russian asset, a russian asset. rob: tulsi gabbard looking to make the former secretary of state pay for that remark. jillian: our legal expert has more. ♪ what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. once-weekly ozempic® is helping me reach my blood sugar goal. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. jillian: a look at top headline starting with a fox news alert,
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three americans i did after a fighter plane crashes in australia overnight. the water tanker like the one on your screen went down on its way to battle a new fire. no word on what caused the crash. a manhunt intensifies after deadly shooting in downtown seattle. a woman is dead and 7 people hurt including a 9-year-old boy. the shooting stem from a fight outside mcdonald's and the people running for their lives, two suspect are on the run. police believe the victims were bystanders. house democrats focus on the legal framework in their attempt to impeach donald trump. they spent 8 hours arguing their case mostly over the abuse of power article. the president's legal team will present their case saturday. rob: tulsi gabbard wants to make hillary clinton pay $50 million. >> he is a favorite of the russians.
2:32 am
she is a russian asset. she is a russian asset. >> she had her minions are trying to smear me, my character and undermine my campaign labeling me a foreign agents, traders my country. jillian: gabbard claims was malicious. does she have a case? here to weigh in on this is jenna ellis. thanks for coming on. the lawsuit itself was pretty entertaining. a lot of people got a kick out of it. >> this is a lot more about optics. when she is calling hillary clinton a corrupt politician who covered the presidency, hasn't been able to obtain, that is a really interesting statement herself. it is about generating news. we are talking about tulsi instead of the impeachment and the emphasis on what democrats are doing so it was timely to do that but this is making a statement she's backing away
2:33 am
from the current democratic party. they are suffering and identity crisis and she is say i'm not part of that party. i'm an american, a veteran, someone more in line with traditional values of the democratic party. what i would say to tulsi is democrats for trump, we welcome you on board. rob: clinton got exactly what she wanted by lying about tulsi, she harmed her political and personal rival's reputation and ongoing presidential campaign and started a damaging whisper campaign based on vicious untruths. that is a big claim. hillary did say something pretty bad calling her a russian asset. >> the legal standard here because they are public figures and the supreme court said even vicious attacks and epithets, not necessarily legally recoverable. the standard is provably false.
2:34 am
for hillary, she may have stepped over the line by saying russian asset, that is probably provably false but we will see. rob: could hillary's defense say we never said tulsi was a willing participant? by being almost like the president in 2016, somebody, the russians can like somebody and want to push somebody like tulsi or donald trump and don't know about it. >> being a favorite is a characterization. tulsi herself is calling hillary some names but the standard is not only provably false but she has to show actual harm and i'm not sure she can connect the dots. it appears to me more about optics, separating herself from hillary clinton, from the rest of the democrats and trying to stand up on her own. >> so close to iowa and she needs some attention to have a chance.
2:35 am
>> all the democrats need attention. there 2020 campaign is all about impeachment so we will see what happens as they move forward. >> we will see what happens. >> the woman who urged her boyfriend's suicide through text messages will be released from prison, getting out early for good behavior a correction facility in massachusetts. she surplus than 10 months, carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2017. she urged conrad roy to take his own life when they were teens. six women in hard-won cnet sexual assault trial, prosecutors describing the disgraced movie mogul as a sexual predator. the prosecutor said weinstein uses friendship with the clintons to intimidate his victims. weinstein employers asked for mistrial claiming his ties for the clintons were irrelevant but
2:36 am
the judge denied the motion. rob: let's talk some weather with janice dean. it is going to be 50 degrees this weekend. what is going on? >> the long-range forecast the next two weeks for the east coast are above average so there you go. rob: weird winter. >> i am so afraid of march and april now. >> not too bad if you like the warmer temperatures. we are warming up in new york city and in florida where we were breaking records in miami, the coldest temperature they have felt in ten years which you heard about the iguanas falling off the trees. they are okay. you can see our next storm system across the ohio, tennessee and mississippi river valley, kind of a mixture depending on where the temperature is.
2:37 am
we will see snow over the midwest and great lakes. as it gets to the northeast and the east coast over the next couple days mainly a rain event because the temperatures are around a little above average, 50 degrees over the weekend so merely rain. rob: if you want to see those iguanas falling out of the trees they come back to life. >> i felt i was going to have nightmares. they are frozen and then they get up. >> it is like coming back from the dead. makes for great video. we appreciate it. jillian: canadians not rolling out the red carpet. tens of thousands of residents giving their couple the cold shoulder. rob: poor mister penis, nobody saw him going out like this. carly shows us the super bowl ad they are going nuts over.
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harry and megan markel settle down in their new home canadians are giving them the cold shoulder, residents signing a petition demanding they pay for their own security. are they ask royals? rob: they are not used to paying for their own anything. how can you ask them to do that? we are going to talk about this. >> that is what social media look like anyway. prince harry and megan markel getting a chilly reception from their new neighbors up north, 80,000 canadian citizens signed a petition demanding they pay their own security. the petition by the american taxpayer federation said canadians are happy to welcome
2:42 am
the couple as long as they pay their own way but we need to be clear that canadian taxpayers shouldn't have to cover their bill. the petition was delivered to canadian prime minister justin trudeau. megan and harry's security could cost $10 million iran some folks on social media making it clear they think they should pay for it. one twitter user says it shouldn't cost us a nickel. they have lots of their own money. another twitter user said it isn't even fair if that is what they expect, nobody should have to pay for the decisions of others. larry on twitter timing and saying are they not seeking financial independence. they don't really sound like they expect canada to pay for their security. prince charles might fund their lifestyle for the first year to offset the massive costs. we shall see.
2:43 am
rob: we are talking about the milk during the senate hearing and the weird rules of the senate. >> because three republican senators drank milk yesterday, tom con, ted cruz and richard -- it is so funny, it is true i had to do that. i could have added vodka and had a white russian. adam schiff would have accused me of collusion. folks on social media loving it, ted cruz with a milk mustache or it didn't happen, i hope he snuck in some chocolate chip cookies. not sure that is allowed. senators have to supply their own milk. not taxpayer-funded. >> some people salty over the next story. watch this. >> no! >> maybe he will be all right. maybe not.
2:44 am
>> reporter: rip mister peanut. planters killed him off in an ad that will air during the super bowl. they confirm the tragic news on twitter saying with heavy hearts we confirm mister peanut has died at 104 years old in the ultimate selfless act, he sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him the most was please pay your respects with hashtag are i the, popular brands in morning. budweiser pouring out for mister peanut and also chiming in, it was under the shell, you will be missed, mister peanut. look at this. our hearts ache for the loss of our favorite nut man mascot. he died a hero saving wesley snipes and another guy. gone but not forgotten.
2:45 am
i wonder how old he is. rob: 104. >> as long as he has been around. >> the second quarter of the game. rob: weird story, appreciate it. a serious story, is it too late to stop the spread? the world health organization gathering to contain a scary coronavirus outbreak before it becomes a global emergency. and infectious disease expert joins us to discuss the symptoms of this which scientists have not seen before. jillian: let's check with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". what does that look like? >> mister peanut dead at 104. i am shellshocked. there is not and funny about that. ashes to ashes, nuts to nuts. jillian: are you going back?
2:46 am
>> any way. we will miss him. if he is really dead. could be one of those stunts. jillian: at user, i feel it. 15 minutes from now a dangerous historical precedent, 2 dozen state attorneys general sound the alarm on the impeachment push writing scathing letters to the senate demanding they reject impeachment articles. we will talk to four of those attorney generals on the show. 2020 presidential candidate kelsey gabbard on her $50 million lawsuit against hillary clinton. she says she's no russian asset. doctor oz on the deadly new virus from china that officially has come to america and michael bloomberg's 2020 campaign manager on why he is predicting a trump winter this november. a busy three hours picks up 14 hours from now, 14 minutes from now. he came back. rob: we will pull the camera
2:47 am
back. a protest of all the cheesy jokes. jillian: you've got one in there somewhere. rob: play your game. coming up. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ country roads, take me home there's a booking for every resolution. book yours at any price, at and you know what they bookisay about curiosity. it'll ruin your house. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like meow. are critical skills for scientists at 3m. one of the products i helped develop was a softer, more secure diaper closure. as a mom, i knew it had to work. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. i envisioned what it's like for babies to have diapers around them. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people,
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jillian: the world health organization set to deliberate on the steps of the coronavirus as the distal double in less then a day. joining us is infectious disease expert, thank you for joining us on this important topic. can you tell us what you need to know about it? >> coronavirus is are a large family of viruses the cost one
2:51 am
quarter of common colds but within at family are two sinister members of the -- they have the ability to cause severe disease. what happened in china is the end of last year they discovered a novel corona virus making people sick, one that hadn't infected humans before. it sparked concerns of another outbreak outbreak soutbreak aaoutbreak s. now we have several different countries, a lot of alarm in china with cities locked down and 17 death but a lot of unanswered questions. jillian: 571 cases in china. how do people know if it is something like the coronavirus versus just the common cold? what are the symptoms? >> you don't the difference. they all cause overlapping symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat. we are in the midst of a big
2:52 am
lose season. it is taking time for these cases to be uncovered and is a huge challenge. jillian: multiple airports in the united states are doing screenings for these symptoms, san francisco, chicago, o'hare, jfk, i want to take you back ten years to a personal story not about corona virus, what people can experience similarly. i was traveling to cairo to egypt with my brother. we landed in cairo and had together a screening process and that screener detected his temperature, his fever and we were stripped of passports and we had no right after that, we had to do what they said we had to do and i don't know if it is that level yet. is that how it works for people united states citizens who could
2:53 am
be traveling to other countries? what should they expect when traveling? >> hopefully not anything as bad as that experience and it will vary from country to country. with other countries like australia, will give people questionnaires and people screen positive on questionnaires they will get an exam not based on a thermal scan. these thermal scans can be inaccurate during the it bola outbreak a nurse in newark airport in an attempt for some time, that is not something we want them to repeat but it is important to educate people who may have been in places where the viruses circulating. there is an incubation period up to two weeks as the person in the state of washington did so you know how to call, how to tell your doctor you were exposed to that, everything can get moving quickly so you don't put yourself at risk or anybody else at risk but hopefully travel screenings will be an
2:54 am
educational type of safeguard that will get these cases identified when they appear in the united states. it may be draconian. jillian: the country are traveling, i am sure you can reiterate. >> wash your hands. that is the best way to get infectious diseases, good hand hygiene. jillian: thank you. rob: 54 after the are coming in coming, the a welcome surprise, turning into a disaster. jillian: this kitty earned a bad reputation, the brutally honest pitch to get her a forever home. ♪ guys, it's time to step up your game.
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force factor's alpha king boosts total testosterone .
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♪ jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. oh dear, a police officer springing into action to save this dough that's stuck in a swimming pool. you can see the homeowner in kentucky helping the officer pull it to safety in freezing temperatures. rob: next the bad. i love this video. look at how bad this is. getting soaked in muddy water. passing snowplow sends a huge puddle drenching them. big wave hits against the windows of this store. i think it's like a marijuana or tobacco shop in new york unbelievable.
2:59 am
jillian: the brutally honest description of the ad calls the cat a jerk and the world's worst cat. doesn't like children and hugs. no one wants to. rob: i will. jillian: you are eating so i will read. today is one of the sweetest days of the year. national pie day. little pie company, stopped by to help us celebrate. so we had janice's favorite key lime. janice: it's really good. hard to get a good key lime by. jillian: favorite is the old fashioned apple pie. >> all of ours. >> mississippi mud pie. >> what is mississippi mud pie. >> what is that. >> sour cream apple walnut. mississippi appear mud pie all time winner. >> i will trade you. >> it's right there. >> i like pumpkin pie. >> you are not a pumpkin pie
3:00 am
person? >> it takes like a hug to me. >> tastes like a hug? >> that is the old fashioned apple pie. jillian: got to go. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. ♪ brian: straight to a fox news alert right now. strategy striking in australia. and we're feeling the impact here. three american firefighters are dead after their plane, like this one, crashed overnight. steve: former "fox & friends weekend" co-host anna kooiman joins us live from now south wales emergency operation center with the breaking developments and the sad story. anna? >> terrible news to report ainsley, bribe and steve. three american flifort americans through across the global lost their lives. the plane and crew went down in a


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