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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 26, 2020 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪. lisa: folks at home can hang on for one more day. we're here for four hours. pete: you're stuck with us either way. griff jenkins. lisa boothe. we're all stuck together. we play d.j. on the weekend. lisa boothe chose wilson phillips. lisa: one of the best of all time. pete: i like to make fun of
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people's picks. lisa: remember hall & oates. i gave it the hard sell. i felt like i had to compensate. pete: you lift your spirits after our spirits were lifted yesterday when you get three days of act accused something, you get a chance to crass examine. lisa: know how it feels to be under attack. pete: so does the president's team. griff: the house managers made argument it was overwhelming evidence and president should be removed from office immediately. after the defense, in two hours made a very different case. perhaps the song is appropriate, hold on. lisa: i appreciate the very impressed with the transition, griff. you have done this before. pete: move on to that subject. talking about the house managers at the senate impeachment trial. lisa: garrett tenney live at
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washington d.c. with more on what happened the trial, garrett? reporter: two more days of the opening arguments from the president's defense team. we got a preview what we'll be hearing next week. those arguments from the president's defense team include the assertion that democrats are the ones trying to interfere in our election by removing president trump from the ballot in 2020. >> for all their talk about election interference, that they're here to perpetrate the most massive interference in an election in american history and we can't allow that to happen. reporter: sources close to the president to tell fox news he was very pleased with his team's opening arguments. on twitter he posted a fair-minded person watching senate trial would see how unfair i've been treated and the totally part sane impeachment
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hooks that everybody including the dem knots truly knows what it is. this should never be allowed to happen again. senator minority leader chuck schumer senate's defense made the case for them yesterday. >> they made a really compelling case why the senate should call witnesses and documents. they kept saying there are no eyewitness accounts. but there are people who have eyewitness accounts. port for what the next week look likes. the president's defense team makes rest of opening arguments monday and tuesday. the senate will submit written questions for chief justice roberts to ask both sides. on friday, weville closing arguments. at that point the senate could decide to have additional documents or dismiss the case all together. lisa: thanks, garrett. pete: it was amazing to watch three days of arguments dismantled in two hours. when you breathless speculation.
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we'll use every minute we have and subject the american people to it, and then you're going to hear the facts. griff: in fairness too, minority leader schuler as garrett was giving us the timeline, a couple more days of the defense team. then you have the questions, mark my word the questions will be scripted for the senators from each side. we don't know where that will go. it will that be day friday, when they start to deliberate over whether or not there will be witnesses. a vote will be taken, the clinton trial, what ended up happening a deal was brokered they deposed three people. lisa: not going to happen. griff: will that happen or will they get to an acquittal. pete: fair to say that. you watch the process, nothing transpired thus far doesn't make anyone believe that there are vets for additional witnesses. >> this is what democrats have done. they want to create the idea there is all this smoke and presume there was some fire. they did it with russian collusion. inevitably there was not any
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fire. i don't think there was any fire. what i heard from the president's team yesterday, which makes sense, how do you have a quid pro quo that ukraine was not aware that the money was withheld until the "politico" article. when he is on the call with zelensky. zelensky doesn't know there is exchange happening. how can you have a quid pro quo with out any parties involved? nothing is being leveraged. makes zero sense what democrats. griff: senator ted cruz talking with judge jeanine agrees with you. >> i don't think it will be a motion to dismiss. >> what will it be? >> it will be a vote on additional witnesses. if we won't no witnesses are necessary. you will see a vote to proceed to final judgment. rather than we will dismiss the case we will go to judgment and acquit the president. we'll stand up and vote guilty or not guilty on each of the articles. it is better for the country not
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for him to be found not guilty. lisa: pete, i don't think you will believe this. some in the media are saying that the trump team -- watch this real quick. i want -- >> i thought the president's lawyers did as effective job as possible presenting their client's case. i thought the tone was good. it was respectful. >> the republicans are winning here. the president is winning here. >> the presentation from the white house lawyers was good enough at least for some republican senators, that raised enough questions or sown enough doubt. i don't need to go there on the witness question any longer. pete: republicans are winning. you mentioned ukraine. so sick about hearing about ukraine. president's lawyers did a great job taking to next level. democrats said let's cancel an election over a meeting with ukraine. what pat cipollone asked you to
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say, tear up the ballots on your own initiative, take that decision away from the american people. they're here, the democrats to perpetrate the most massive interference in an election in american history. and i think they have been smart to pull back from that, yes. refute the facts. they did that quickly. six points. boom, boom. ultimately why are we here? because they hate him and they dragged anything they can into the mix. griff: they elevated the conversation. remember there are go audiences. the senators sitting quietly with milk and in their chairs. lisa: no cookies. griff: the defense team introduced for the first time the question in the american public's decision on what they i think about all this. wait a minute. is this about trying to undo president trump's win? "wall street journal" pointing to, remember, president barack obama sitting with vladmir putin hey, hold off on missile defense until after i get elected. what is that? a president asking a foreign leader for a favor for his
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personal self-interest for election. he wasn't impeached for that. now they put this out there. you will hear more about it. pete: time and time again they make it up. president's lawyers, talking to schiff, making up the opening statement. do me a favor. it was as you do us a favor. they misrepresent every turn. senator james lankford, thoughtful guy out of oklahoma, republican, talked about it will change a little bit when republicans get a chance to raise their points, watch. >> what i come back from proverbs 18:17. that famous proverb, the first to make a case seems right until they're cross-examined. today was the first day of cross-examination. we we got what i call historical fiction from the last three days from the house managers. say little bits of facts with a whole lot of fiction, speculation. today after piece, after piece, of the rest of the story over and over again. trying to be able to get actual
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information out. very fact based. very concise. lisa: i'm such a bottom line person. give it to me trait. i don't need all the extra what every is going on here. look at the phone call between president trump and zelensky. both sides, including president zelensky, i never felt any pressure at anytime. i don't know why someone is drumming all this stuff. you got the fact the money was released actually in the correct amount of time anyway. also that the aid went further than what we've seen from the previous administration. one thing ironic, you have people like jerry nadler, chairman of the judiciary committee and he voted against ukrainian assistance in the most recent nvaa 2020. look at dynamics. bottom line, both parties say nothing happened that was out of the norm. pete: laying out the fact his team did in 15 minutes.
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they could have adjourned right there. ultimately the bottom line is finally being addressed here. here is what happened. they adjourned in the senate, a bunch senators didn't want to be in the plane, headed to same spot, iowa. griff, eight or nine days from iowa? griff: february third. lisa: my birthday. pete: noted. happy birthday to lisa. we'll celebrate. these guys are climate change crusaders. turns out purportedly in the "new york post," bernie sanders socialist type, to charter private jet to campaign in iowa during impeachment. he needs a private jet. has limited amounts of time. has to meet up with the surrogates maybe mentioned his name yesterday. griff: reportedly on a private jet flying to iowa, aoc, his chief surrogate is making a case for "green new deal" that
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doesn't involve jets, listen. >> we need a true, you true "green new deal" in this country. senator sanders has the largest plan in the field to address the climate crisis. the largest. [applause] i am here because we need true immigration justice in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] and, i'm not here to reform some of these systems, when we talk about immigration. i'm here because senator sanders has actually committed to breaking up i.c.e. and cbp. lisa: one thing that is interesting. i was still pretty wide open, if you look at some of the latest polling, one in four are still open to some degree and you look at this poll right now. this is for the democratic primary voters who would be first choice. sanders at 25. buttigieg at 18, biden at 17, warren at 15, klobuchar at
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eight. one thing to think about, if you don't reach 15% with iowa caucuses. you become non-viable, the supporters have to take them someone else. pete: bernie sanders at 25%. he has largest plan. he is a socialist. a lunatic. aoc is spewing same stuff. michael moore. he is in senate chamber and surging? this shows you the heart of the democratic party. griff: sanders surging is peeking at exact moment. lisa: turning to the headlines, fox news alert, a third coronavirus case is confirmed in the united states overnight. doctors diagnosing an unidentified person with the virus in orange county, california. the patient is in isolation but in good condition. 56 people have died from the my known yaw-like illness in china as 2,000 cases are
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confirmed in the country. u.s. is sending a charter plane to bring americans home from china. we will have more on the virus later this hour. an african -- an american soldier is killed in a vehicle role over crash in syria. army specialist antonio moore died conducting route clearing operation. he was on the first deployment after joining the military in 2017. he will receive the national defense service medal and army service ribbon. the crash is under investigation. we honor him and pray for his family. nba star lebron james moves up on the league's all time scoring list. >> there's james. goes across the lane, lays it up, there it is. there it is. he just became the third leading scorer in nba history ahead of kobe bryant.
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lisa: taking bryant's place. he is about 5,000 points behind the league's top scorer, kareem abdul-jabbar. those are the headlines. pete: good player. also loves china. continue impeachment coverage up next. we'll talk to a member of president's trump's defense team next. you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ my bladder leak underwear.orried someone might see so, i switched. to always discreet boutique. its shape-hugging threads smooth out the back. so it fits better than depend. and no one notices. always discreet.
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♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia. >> did exactly what our framers feared most, invited foreign interference in our elections and sold out our country's security for his personal benefit. the constitution does not permit it because that conduct is the quintessential abuse of power. pete: that's over. lead house manager adam schiff invoking the constitution to make the case for impeaching president trump. liberals praising breathlessly his performance on capitol hill,
3:18 am
including cable news host lawrence o'donnell, who is calling him, this is not a joke, the greatest defender of the constitution in the 21st century. but is he really? here to react a member of president trump's defense team, congressman mike johnson. thanks for being here this morning. considering the fact that the 21st century is 25 days old. not saying much. when you hear what adam schiff is saying adam schiff's presentation, vanguard of the constitution, what do you say? >> that is absolutely shameful f you think about this, i would like lawrence o'donnell to tell that to families of more than 5,000 men and women served country in uniform lost their lives last 20 years defending our freedom. pete, you know they have done more damage to the constitution and institution of congress for that matter than anybody in recent memory. i mean adam schiff is engaged in the hyperpartisanship, deceptive behavior. they have weaponnized
3:19 am
impeachment for what? they don't have a case. they have nothing to prosecute. there is no impeachable defense. they have have opened a pandora's box that we'll rue the day for a long time. pete: absolutely. consider their premise vladmir putin was hoping to manipulate our political system. wouldn't they be the biggest tools of vladmir putin we've ever seen in our country, buying it hook, line, and sinker, going through mueller and this process? >> what a sham. they changed their view and reasoning for supposedly impeaching donald trump so many times since he was elected. of course they committed to do that before even took the oath of office. you have to remember 95 house democrats voted to impeachment donald trump before july of last year, before the phone call with zelensky, that supposedly all of this is about. the whole thing is a sham. that is not hype. that is all we could think of to describe this flawed and fraudulent process. pete: you're on the defense team. two hours yesterday.
3:20 am
a lot of praise for the defense team. monday, will it go into tuesday? >> it will. we won't take all the time. i think you will see a succinct presentation of the facts and law on the first day. only took us two hours to totally eviscerate their argument as you said on program. before i got to congress for 20 years i litigated law cases around the country. i never seen a defense opening argument that was that effective, that concise. some in the liberal media objective, forced to be honest. they acknowledged that two more days of that you will see heavy artillery. when we're done there won't be any doubt left in the minds of american people. pete: representative mike johnson. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, pete. pete: hillary clinton taking on big tech. who she compared mark zuckerberg to. you won't want to miss this. ♪.
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♪. griff: time for quick headlines. first-responders pulling dozens of people from rubble after a powerful earthquake in turkey. 35 people died in the 6.8 magnitude quake. the turkish president visiting the hardest hit areas, attending a funeral for a mother and son killed in the quake. police clashing with protesters in hong kong again. authorities firing tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators near a popular shopping center in the city. officers reportedly moving in after protesters threw objects and trash at a police car. pete? pete: they're not stopping
3:25 am
there. they understand the threat of china. by the way real authoritarianism which brings us to our next subject -- lisa: there are smooth transitions. for 6:24 a.m. i'm impressed. pete: if you're not thinking china, authoritarian, you're missing whole deal what they're up to. that is why hong kong is fighting. in "the atlantic," hillary clinton speaking out again, not just the hulu documentary. she is sharing the fact, you remember there was a video of nancy pelosi made its way around the internet couple months ago that was deliberately slowed down at a press conference. made her look bad like she was slurring her words. it was ultimately taken down on you tune and google i believe. hillary clinton wanted to know, went to facebook, why aren't you taking it down here is the headline from the "atlantic" article. hillary clinton, mark zuckerberg has authoritarian views on misinformation. griff, inside the article she went on to say this -- griff: google took it off
3:26 am
youtube. i contacted facebook, why are you guys keeping this up? it is blatantly false. their competitors took it down. their response our users can make up their own minds. it is trumpian, authoritarian. clinton in the atlantic, basically saying, why aren't you mark zuckerberg doing more to battle what she calls spread of disinformation. lisa: a lot of this, we've seen facebook come under scrutiny even from senator elizabeth warren who is running for president obviously. i think solely based on the realization, because there is some of that information that recently surfaced that you know, just how effective the trump campaign was utilizing facebook to win in 2016. so i really think that's the bottom line. that is the undercurrent of all this dissatisfaction with facebook or at least when it comes to ads in the political element because they want to take the tool away from the trump campaign. pete: also elites believe they know better than us, what is true, what the facts are.
3:27 am
we're experts you can't figure it out yourself. take this line, we think our users can make up their own mind. that is what mark zuckerberg says. hillary clinton says, that is trumpian, that is authoritarian. it is exact opposite. if you believe people are smart enough to make their own decisions. trump saying, i believe in free speech. i want to cut your taxes so you keep your own money. i want to reduce regulation to grow your own business. i will do criminal justice reform. what inside of that is authoritarian? it is not. they flip what they do back at trump. they're the authoritarians. we'll ban you from twitterer, which i currently am by the way, not to make it about me. that is unacceptable. you're banned. you're banned. you're shut down of the as opposed to zuckerberg saying this is free country. we'll figure out what's true or not. lisa: just a slippery slope to go down especially in political campaigns, look, everyone take asset of facts and puts their spin on it, right? it can really be subjective what is 100% truthful or not. you can look at any campaign,
3:28 am
oh, you're taking too much liberty there. this is really slippery slope. what is fair, what is not. griff: good point. email us what you know. pete: i hate babylon do, christian parody site, they do what what the onion did. new case of the coronavirus virus confirmed here in the states. the government's troubling prediction about the spread of the virus. that's next. to introducing products faster... to managing website inventory... and network bandwidth. giving you a nice big edge over your competition. that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence.
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griff: back with a fox news alert. a third coronavirus case confirmed in the u.s. overnight. lisa: comes as the cdc investigates more than 60 potential cases of virus. griff: we are joined by more with the recent diagnosis. >> this is spreading. this morning that patient is in isolation at a hospital in orange county. cdc expects more people to get sick. patient number three is in good condition. we don't know a whole lot more about them. but they recently traveled to wuhan, china, that is the epicenter of outbreak. the other two confirmed cases are in washington state or and chicago. we could see more pop up t take twos weeks before symptoms start showing. the cdc is cacking anyone who had close contact with each of these patients.
3:33 am
screenings continue with airports across the country. workers at san francisco airport required to wear masks. nearly 2000 cases with 56 deaths so far in china. the u.s. is sending a charter flight to bring americans home that plane though will not be able to get to china until tuesday at the earliest and the embassy in beijing says there may not be enough seats for everyone. now several chinese cities are on lockdown. authorities rushing to build a 1000 bed hospital in six days. now they're building a second bigger hospital. china's president calling this outbreak a grave situation. the good news here this morning, people who had casual contact with infected person are still at minimal risk. cdc reminding everyone, keep doing basics, wash your hands. cover your cough. griff: thank you. lisa: some of us will. griff: confirmed number of
3:34 am
coronavirus cases escalating in the united states what precautions can you take to avoid infection? pete: to help protect yourself curt the cyber guy who regularly flies through lax. serious subject at the west coast. >> i'm a germ freak. i'm always concerned catching something on board an aircraft. anytime in close proximity of one another you have a risk of contaminants happen. you heard common sense things, over the years, for example, the n-95 mask is the grade you would get to filter out the most. >> where can you get one of those? >> n-95s, if you go online on amazon they're kind of limited supply. so what we used to be able to do is order it today to be here tomorrow or next day if you're an amazon prime person. now you're noticing that there is some delay. says earliest will be january 30th. more like february 4th.
3:35 am
why a run on respiratory masks in this country already? maybe people are sensing that there -- griff: 2014 ebola scare, people started paying attention. got nervous. >> n-95 mask is much better fitting your face, keeping things out. centers for disease control will recommend common surgical masks we're seeing people lined up in china to get. these are very effective at masking what would be sputum or sneezes from people. as well as hair. we don't think about hair a contaminant. it is. it is reasonable thing if you're in an area you have the concern, you want to use these. they're effective. griff: wipes, right? >> i'm a nut with this. i had clorox wipes. i did my research. this is hospital grade wipe. so, it will kill most everything around. nothing is 100% effective by use
3:36 am
it in everything you touch. i wipe down airplane seats. i wipe down my own hands constantly. griff: wipe the seatbelt down. you never know who sat before you on the flight. >> you're right. have you seen these in i had videos out of china? you see people use guns, temperature guns. right now griff is 88 degrees on the outside of his body. you are 89. and pete for some reason is elevated. always runs warm. lisa: what is -- if you use this, how does this play a precautionary role? >> i don't want people running around the country shooting a temperature gun at each other. don't be surprised if you start to see that especially in concentrated areas for transportation. we're now being screened in this country. it is common sense thing. if you are exhibiting any signs of the coronavirus which would be elevated temperature, including a dry cough also, you
3:37 am
would possibly see that happening. griff: real quick, common sense stuff, masks, wipes, can you get them at walgreen's, cvs? >> they're all over. commonly found here. online they send to be cheaper. griff: kirk, thank you. lisa: appreciate it. griff: turning to your headlines, a bus carrying covington catholic high school students crashes near the march for life rally. it hit a bus head on in kentucky on its way back from the rally. two people from the bus are hospitalized for treatment. the driver of the car tragically died. nicholas sandman was at the anti-abortion rally one year after his confrontation on capitol hill. it is unclear if he was on the bus. governor bill lee signing a bill allowing religious adoption agencies to deny services to same-sex couples. hopes that the measure protects religious liberty.
3:38 am
the bill is facing backlash from lgbtq advocates. a three-year-old is going viral for her custom playroom. look at this, aria is the girl's name. her mom says she loves target and starbucks. with her family she helped build the stores in mariah's paradise. a shopping cart, even replica of the real menu. good for you. those are the headlines. pete: might face licensing issues. get approval from starbucks? griff: she is three-peat pete this is america where we litigate everything. >> will i get slack. lisa: tough crowd. pete: what have we got today? >> a lot better. i'm showing you a lot. the all the cold air, polar vortex a lot. that is cold airway up towards
3:39 am
the north, next seven days. stays up towards the north. we're not getting killed air across the lower 48. a lot of people like that. some wouldn't irlovers would like cold air. even behind the storm we saw yesterday. move across parts of the east. 34 in cleveland. 32 in chick foy. still no cold air a little bit of precipitation behind the storm. rain exiting maine. cold air moving in parts of great lakes. a little little bit of scattere. be careful across parts of pennsylvania and in towards new york. we're watching a new bit of energy moves across parts of deep south, bringing gloomy next couple days across parts deep south. look next week, temperaturewise, things overall staying pretty good. still warm across parts of the south. all right, guys. lisa: thanks. what happens to a couple's
3:40 am
frozen eggs if they get divorced? a case is playing out in a arizona court. a judge just ruled they must be donated. pete: is this a good idea. we'll ask that in a legal debate coming up. ♪. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. ...with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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or it isn't. it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through march 2nd. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. pete: welcome back. couple quick headlines. hunters wrangle 80 snakes in this year's python bull in florida. the grand prize winner wrangling in eight burmese pythons. never going to happen in my life. from capture to care. the australian army nursing coa las back to health as they
3:44 am
battle brush fires. they are caring for the animals before heading back to fight the fires. the bush fires have killed over a million animals the last several months. lisa. lisa: thanks, pete. arizona's top court ordering a divorced woman to donate frozen embryos. ruby torres decided to freeze embryos after learning her cancer treatment may cause infertility. the father may have been the ex-husband who no longer wants to be a dead. was it the right decision. here to break it all down, to debate, attorneys jonna spilbor and debra bloom. jonna, you don't care what the sob story is, a contract is a contract. so there is a supreme court says that a woman can't use frozen embryos to have the baby because the husband doesn't want to have kids, but the husband's sperm
3:45 am
fertilized the egg to create an embryo. how did that show he did not want to be a husband? >> this comes as shock, the law leave as bad taste in our mouth. this ruling is one of those. from a human perspective this is horrible story. from a legal perspective it makes perfect sense. here is why. when people procreate the old-fashioned way the father has absolutely no say whether the mother carries baby to term or not. no say. when you procreate a petri dish, put the future child on ice, the rules change. all the fertility clinics, insemination facilities need both parties sign a contract. they have seen this movie before, lisa. can walk in there happy and in love a year or two down the road you're not. you can't force fatherhood on a person who no longer wants to be a father in that circumstance. >> what do you say to that? >> i agree there need to be protocols in place. here specifically in arizona in 2018 changed the law either
3:46 am
partner could use the embryo. as long as we're not giving the embryo life status, then you get into the whole abortion debate, you could use this to erode away at right to have abortion, as long as you focus on the law itself, either partner, either spouse could use the embryo, the other one waves their parental rights, that should have been applied here. it should have been retroactive. that way this woman who is unable to have children because of medical issues would have been able to use the embryo. either person, the man or woman could use it going forward. and when you actually enter into this contract, they shouldn't have given the court the right to actually determine who gets to use it. it should have been spelled out. that is what needs to happen going forward. lisa: why should one party's desire to be a parent outweigh the other's? >> because look, you can't, i'm going to use the term fatherhood, that is the issue here, you can't force fatherhood on somebody under these
3:47 am
circumstances. you're right, this case actually helped change the arizona law. i think arizona will be in the minority where either party who wants to bring that embryo to fruition can, if they treat i had in a divorce, they're splitting up embryo like their property now which i suppose makes sense but it may color the way people do this in the future. maybe you're not going to put your embryos on ice because you don't want that to happen. some people even though they wouldn't be responsible to pay child support, some people don't want a child who bears their dna running around they're never going to know. >> that is interesting, we're seeing more and more women use ibf this to have a child. where are the laws on this? you think this case leads to further law on federal level? or do the laws need to be changed right now? >> he will with the laws need to be changed. the state by state it is varying what they do in this situation. you've seen it in many different. lisa: where does federal law
3:48 am
land on this? >> that's a great question. it is really a state issue. >> contract law. >> what is actually interesting here they said they have to donate the embryos. this child could come to fruition and somebody else will be racing it. so really somebody, either mother or father should have the right to raise this child and have the right to determine whether or not it goes in your body. it is a ballness laking test. does the right to have a child outweigh the other person's rights? people get pregnant all the time and the father doesn't want that child. then they're stuck with the bill for 21 years at least here, they wouldn't be stuck with the bill. it is better to have the previously with the child as opposed to a stranger that you don't know. this is really a complex argument and complex issue. >> the father here had an opportunity to stand up say, you know what? , i don't love you anymore. we're divorced. i will not be responsible for this child. you do what i want.
3:49 am
but i don't want him or her knocking on my door in 20 years. could have done that. not sure why. this was crappy thing for the father to do. lisa: i find this fascinating. i think folks at home as well. thanks for breaking it down v a great day. president's legal team taking center stage in the senate impeachment trial. the media wasting no time attacking them we're breaking down the bias next. i'm really into this car, but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar.
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♪. lisa: did trump's lawyers actually help democrats?
3:53 am
>> that is basically what we call a false flag argument. >> team trump's defense here hold water? >> this is pretty weak team. >> i think you would come with something a little bit stronger than what they were able to give today. pete: brian williams used to host the nightly news. shocking. some of the media not impressed by president trump's legal team as they wrap up the first day. griff: here to break down the bias, writer, senior writer for heritage foundation, kelsey boller. >> good morning. griff: brian williams was the voice of the news many decades. and now you have got this example. >> this is taste what we're in for throughout the next couple days as president trump's defense team makes their case before the senate. look, many in the media are going to take it as their job, their civic duty to do a lot of quote, unquote, fact-checking. and attempt to really undermine
3:54 am
the president's defense team case here. this is something we didn't see much of when the democrats were making their case before the senate. but of course, why is this happening? the media has been biased for years now. this is something we saw leading into the 2016 election. they said they would change their ways, reevaluate what they were doing. that didn't happen. they turned around, ped delled the whole russia collusion theory. now they're covering the senate impeachment trial fairly either. americans expect this at this point. pete: we know who they are. head of cnn we're all-in for impeachment. that is our focus. one commentator on that network, actually said the part of the reason the white house's argument is no good, it is all white men. look at democratic managers, diversity, women, minorities. white guys. what does that have to do with a argument about constitution
3:55 am
senate. >> of course it does not have to do with constitutionality. you're referring to jeffrey toobin was sitting on a panel with all white individuals. four men, one woman. their race or gender didn't have anything to do with the panel he is sitting on or the impeachment trial we're watching unfold today. but this is the identity politics world we live in, they're going to attempt to -- pete: they live in it. >> discredit the president's argument based on things as silly as gender and skin collar. griff: sometimes we do hear things that go against the grain. one of the hosts on msnbc had this to say. listen. >> i do not see an overwhelming case, and overwhelming evidence by these democrats to support convicting on obstructing congress. is there enough evidence to support the immediate removal of the president? i haven't seen them land that.
3:56 am
griff: that is interesting, if you look at video, the other host, in the center, chris hayes, they are looking at i am are you aware of what you're saying sir? >> we have to give ari a lot of credit for speaking the facts. shouldn't be that difficult to do. the argument he is making very much fact-based. anybody who looks at the obstruction charge should be able to come to the conclusion that ari melber arrived to. unfortunately because he works for msnbc, if you look at twitter reaction to what he just said he is facing calls for boycotts to his show for daring to speak the truth. pete: inclusive of all side. he is talking about evidence. kelsey, thank you. >> thank you. pete: the big game in miami just one week away. we'll be there. now there is an effort to change super bowl sunday to super bowl saturday? griff: great idea. what do you think? should the monday after the super bowl be a national
3:57 am
holiday? keep it on sunday? i don't know. we'll debate it. that is coming up. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time ♪ ♪ rachel: i guess we're technically sitting. pete: hope flicker you're lay -- hopefully, you're laying down. don't get up, don't get dressed -- [laughter] maybe warm up some coffee, have your husband or spouse. griff, i think this is your song. griff: this is not me. i will say that i like elton john, and that is a fantastic song -- >> it's a good song.
4:01 am
winner, winner, chicken dinner. pete: ladies first. lisa: on a scale of 1 is-10, how are my music selections? pete: i'm not a big elton john guy. i mean, listen, he's fine. i wouldn't choose that. but it's nice -- griff: having an appropriate song for president trump, because we've seen a lot of tweets. they went after me in the mueller investigation, as he called it the witch hunt, and now the impeachment. lisa: he's still standing. griff: members of the media even saying the president is winning. jeffrey tuber, not a fan of the president, saying he's winning. lisa: i just think this is the bottom line to everything x this is what the president trump team did yesterday, and i think this really solidifies their case. listen to this real quick from the deputy white house counsel,
4:02 am
michael purpura. listen. >> the democrats accuse the president of leveraging security assistance to supposedly sport president zelensky to announce investigations, but how can that possibly be when the ukrainians were not even aware that the security assistance was paused? there can't be a threat without the person knowing he's being threatened. there can't be a quid pro quo without the quo. lisa: i mean, pete -- [laughter] pete: yeah. they dismantled three days, 24 hours of breathless speculation based on hearsay where they're also making things up, they broke that down in two hours. i mean, you couldn't miss the democrat case the last three days because it was wall to wall from one in the afternoon til midnight. you could have blinked and missed the president's case because it was two hours. 1-3:30, but they took the time they needed to lay out the facts, and they dismantled the case.
4:03 am
they went through the points on the ukraine side, and the problem with the -- and this is pat cipollone, the president's top lawyer. he was a part of it, jay sekulow e and others just laying it out. and they started with the bottom line up front which is you've been hearing from adam schiff for all these days. here's the video of him make up the call. the call wasn't good enough, so we're going the hear his dramatic reading of what it should have been like if they were really going to make a case against the prime minister. and i think it laid -- it was a powerful foundation for monday and tuesday. griff: i've watched more of c-span2 than i have in years -- pete: not on c-span 1? griff: it was on 2 at least in my hotel. [laughter] one thing was to refute the facts, one is to do the process things that they've got to make their case with the ed they wrought -- the evidence they brought and then the motives of why the impeachment happened in the first place. and mike johnson, a member of
4:04 am
the president's team, really summed up what we saw yesterday. listen. >> they've done more damage to the constitution and the institution of congress for that matter than anybody in recent network. i mean, adam schiff is engaged in this hyperpartisanship, this deceptive behavior, and they've weaponized impeachment, for what? they changed their view and their reasoning for supposedly impeaching donald trump so many times since he was elected and, of course, they committed to that before he even took the oath of office. you have to remember 95 house democrats voted to impeach donald trump before july of last year, before the phone call with zelensky that supposedly all of this is about. the whole thing is a sham. lisa: and to what he just said, i meaning he's precisely right. and that was also the case that they were laying out. this is all about politics, right? this isn't about the call with ukraine. and what you heard right there, i think, solidifies it in the
4:05 am
sense that the democrats were already voting for impeachment, i believe it was on july 17th, voting for an al green resolution paving the way for impeachment before that july 25th call even happened with president zelensky. pete: and the president's lawyers said they're asking you to tear up all the ballots all across the country on your initiative, take that decision away from the american people. they're here to perpetrate the most massive interference in an election in american history. can't allow that to happen. give frif that was a very poignant part yesterday. we look forward, let me show you what's going to happen this week. monday and tuesday, the president's defense team continues. wednesday, thursday we get to point where senators submit written questions to chief justice roberts. he'll then read them to the defense and to the house managers to give their answers x. if then we expect that, by the way, will go about 16 hours. by friday we expect house managers and the defense team each have two hours for closing
4:06 am
arguments after which the subpoena -- the senate may vote to subpoena witnesses and documents or end the case with a vote to dismiss or acquit. it's worth note anything 1999 in the impeachment trial of bill clinton, they kind of cut a deal, and they video deposed three witnesses including lewinsky, monica knew bin sky, and then -- lewinsky, and then they used excerpts. they pushed by the way, to get it done quickly. pete: i understand the need doing collude that as a possibility. but based on to offensive, the way in which the house managers on the democrat side talked down to and basically offended republican senators and when the white house had the chance to rebut that and cross-examine, i see almost no scenario except for memory who just hates president trump -- for mitt romney who just hates president trump. there's no appetite at all to vote for witnesses. we just laid out next week. iowa caucuses on monday, state of the union on tuesday the week after, after, that you've got to
4:07 am
believe the president's team would like to clear the decks and get this thing over. lisa: you had mentioned there's two audiences before, sort of like the american people and you also have the republican senators or at least if you're the democrats, you're trying to get them to come over to vote on witnesses, and you need 67 to actually convict the president. i would argue or at least from the left they're playing to one audience. i think their focus is really just the more than people and not these republican senators because as pete pointed out, if you're trying to convince someone to come to your side, you don't go in and accuse them of basically, you know, doing the president's will and not being independent especially when you've got these, you know, moderates with an independent streak. that is offensive. for jerry nadler to accuse them of cover-up -- griff: there's actually a third audience as well, hillary clinton, the former secretary of state. [inaudible conversations] griff: cannot keep from commenting. she's still the standard-bearer. pete: she's still the former
4:08 am
nominee, and they don't have a nominee yet, so let her speak. lisa: whoa! pete wants to hear from hillary? griff: here's what she had to say, listen. oh, i'm sorry, let me read. laugh of the house republicans and the senate finish keep scrolling there, it'll be easier -- republicans don't want to hear this, don't want to have to think hard about it, don't want to have to make a decision and and are probably going to default to basically deriding the case and then as quickly as possible without any more evidence or witnesses called. i hope that this will haunt them not only politically, but historically. i find it absolutely beyond my understanding why they are so cowed, so terrified to do what most of them know they should do. presumably, that's speaking to the gop senators who you point out have not been swayed so far. pete: not one bit. listen, he went through the clinton impeachment, and ultimately the republicans who pursued that did take a hit in
4:09 am
the next midterm election, no doubt about that. in her mind it happened wednesday, it must happen again. the argument, i think, on the other side if you make such a flimsy case against a popular president, president trump, actually voting for that impeachment could hurt you politically. so it can go either way. in this case it's not clear the democrats are benefiting from this at all. lisa: both parties are making political considerations, right? pete: isn't it about the constitution? lisa: you look at the house, you've got a lot of democrats running in trump districts that he won in 2016 that are running for election, you know, running for re-election in 2020. and on the senate side, both parties have political considerations because, sure, susan collins is facing a tough re-election, but so is doug jones in alabama, a state that president trump won by double digits. both sides are kind of looking at the political considerations as well. governor give absolutely. and i'm sure democrats in the senate, chuck schumer, would love to create an untenable
4:10 am
situation for witnesses that makes them get the senate back, but that's a far cry each at this point even while we know acquittal is how this all ends to begin with. meanwhile, one senator who's busting to get out to iowa is bernie sanders because he is surging which in the political world we call perfect timing ahead of the caucuses. let us show you the latest poll, new york times/cnn poll. sanders, 25%. buttigieg, 18%. bind, 17%. warren, 15%, klobuchar, 8%. significant because it was just a few months ago that warren was at 22%, she's now down to 15. as you pointed occupant, it's the threshold where you don't want to be. pete: this impeachment was supposed to hurt senators stuck in washington d.c. instead, the out and out socialist who's got michael moore and every leftist out there campaigning for him is surging, is representing the soul of the democrat party in
4:11 am
iowa. it's going to be very interesting to see if that number inches higher. lisa: but despite the fact sanders is surging, elizabeth warren's been on the receiving end of some endorsementings. "the des moines register"s says elizabeth warren can push an unequal america in the right direction. is so, you know, interesting that, you know, they're making some of their preferences known here. griff: biden's getting some love here in sioux city. the sioux city journal says, here's the headline: biden represents best choice in iowa caucuses. point is, two big papers in the state going against sanders. he's surging at the right time and those endorsements, i predict, will throw gasoline on the fire. lisa: both very progressive democrats unlike what we saw with elizabeth warren and klobuchar. pete: if sanders wins in iowa and he's ahead in new hampshire, look out. griff: we shall see.
4:12 am
turning now to your headlines starting with a fox news alert. a third coronavirus case is confirmed overnight, an unidentified person in orange county, california. the patient is in isolation in good condition. 56 people died from the pneumonia-like illness in china as 2,000 cases are confirmed in the country. the u.s. is sending a charter plane to bring americans home from china this week. president obama called president trump a fascist during the 2016 election in an upcoming documentary about hillary clinton. calling clinton's then-running mate tim kaine in part, remember, this is no time to be a purist. you've got to keep a fascist out of the white house. the documentary comes out in march. a post office delivery gives new meaning to snail mail. it took the postal service five years to deliver a package a man says he sold an item on
4:13 am
ebay, he refunded the customer after it minute arrived for 45 days. five years later he receive ises an e-mail saying the package if that arrived. up year what took -- unclear what took so long. pete: that's what happens when you trust the government with your mail. [laughter] lisa: there you have it. pete: all right. well, an illegal immigrant arrested for drunk driving was just awarded $19,000 in a lawsuit. all thanks to california's sanctuary policy. wait with until you hear how and why they're defending it. tom homan sounds is off next. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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♪ ♪ >> organizing is about pissing people off. i'm to not here to reform some of these systems when we talk about immigration. i'm here because senator sanders has actually committed to break up i.c.e. and cbp, that's why i'm here. [cheers and applause] lisa: aoc railing against i.c.e. while campaigning for senator bernie sanders in iowa. pete: here to speak back, tom homan. good morning, thanks for joining us. your reaction. >> she says you want to opportunity tip off the community? that's what i.c.e. doing. last year they arrested 27,000 criminals. 12,000 of those were rapes,
4:18 am
45,000 assaults. i.c.e. is keeping the community safe. she stands up on stage -- first of all, it's an incredibly stupid statement she made, which doesn't surprise me. what he said is dangerous. these men and women put their lives on the line every day to arrest criminals off the streets, especially in new york. my last year we took 5,000 criminals off the streets of new york. more than she ever has done or will do. it's a dangerous statement. it's idiotic, and i just can't believe she can stand up on stage and make a statement and not have any repercussions from the house ethics committee. they're trying to remove the president of the united states, the sitting president, and at the same time she's saying i.c.e. should remove criminal aliens. there's nobody obstructing more than congress. they've been obstruct thing since day one. the good guys are going to be arresting the bad guys. i.c.e. is in your neighborhood, go run and his? that's obstruction. that's a crime. she's disgusting.
4:19 am
something needs to be done about it. lisa: why do you think i.c.e. has become such a target of the left? >> because they're enforcing law. president trump, who in my opinion is the greatest president i ever worked for, he believes law enforcement should enforce the law. you don't reward lawbreakers. so they're vilifying the men and women of i.c.e. for simply doing their jobs, to run towards danger when everybody else is running away. ark oc wouldn't -- aoc wouldn't have the backbone. she doesn't like what they do? change the law. but stop vilifying the men and women of i.c.e. i buried i.c.e. agents and border patrol agents. maybe she ought to see what it's like to try to console a wife or child of a fallen officer. maybe she should run her name across the names of 22,000 fallen -- griff: okay, tom. you talk about the enforcement and rewarding. there is a case, a daca
4:20 am
recipient -- remember, a person brought here illegally as a child -- he is arrested for drunk driving out in laguna beach, california, and claims he was held for some 15 hours and transferred to i.c.e. files a lawsuit, now this individual, edgar gutierrez, torres gutierrez, awarded nearly $19,000 in his legal fight over being detained by i.c.e. which, by the way, la are gown that -- laguna beach, a sanctuary city. how does that happen? that an illegal alien gets this status and then gets $19,000 after being arrested for drunk driving? >> entering the country, drives drunk, endangering the community, and he's being rewarded with taxpayer money. this is why 2020's important. we're in a fight for our country, griff, and we need to the make sure president trump stays in office and keeps enforcing the law. lisa: thanks so much for joining us. pete: all right. well, many consider it a
4:21 am
holiday, but now some want to turn super bowl sunday is on fox into super bowl saturday? griff: great idea! pete: oh, griff. ♪ ♪ autoglass came right to me. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. ...with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ with truecar, to sell just enter your license plate and see your car's value in real time. sports package and low mileage? nice. within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer, and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now. but she wanted to be close to nature. home. so, we met in the middle. ohhhhh! look who just woke up! you are so cute! but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with homeowners insurance.
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♪ ♪ lisa: time now for your news by the numbers. first 222 pounds, that's how much meth is found at the u.s./mexico border. agents in california finding the drugs inside a truck's gas tank as the driver tried entering the united states. the drugs are worth about $266,000. that's a lot of money. next, 9. that's how many states are facing a recall on ground beef. the u, da says more than 2,000 pounds of three brands of beef may be contaminated with
4:25 am
plastics. no reports of illnesses. and finally, $30 million, that's how much ford will reportedly pay in a settlement over faulty transmissions. documents revealing the automaker knew the transmissions in its ford focus and fiesta cars were defective. the settlement must be approved at a hearing next month. pete? pete: well, the super bowl on fox kicks off in one week x while fans are gearing up for the ultimate sunday fun day, one team -- a team in new york -- launched a petition online to move the big game to saturday instead. arguing that sunday isn't practical for football fans. the petition has garnered over 48,000 signatures. joining us now to debate this very weighty topic, sean james and mike cox, former nfl players. both running backs, tone a lot of heavy -- done a lot of heavy lifting in your lives. super bowl sunday, it's part of the word, sean. is there any rationale for
4:26 am
making a move to saturday? >> i understand it, the ideal of it. but for me, super bowl sunday is like peanut butter and jelly, it goes together. the way with i look at it is is if we make mundt a national holiday d mundt a national holiday -- monday. more people would travel, and a lot of people would enjoy the sunday holiday knowing they have the next day off. pete: so they'd see all the commercials on sunday, but, mike, i've got to go to you, because instead of making a national holiday, you just move it to saturday, then everybody can do their travel on sunday and all their shopping's online anyway, so we're good to go. >> i actually agree -- pete: you want to move it to saturday? >> yeah. the nfl cares more for their fans, i think they should move it to saturday. people have to skip work and school, people get other national holidays, christmas, for example, over 90% of the population celebrates. that st. patrick's day, a
4:27 am
holiday that's not as celebrated that's still around 50% of the population, and we don't even get a holiday off for that as opposed to the super bowl which is a giant game in america. but only about 30% of the population -- pete: well, but you guys played on saturday so that you could play on sunday, right? you played in college. so do you think there's a chance this gets traction? this is one kid in new york. >> i think so. he has a good point. but for me i think it's just, you know, the nfl owns sunday, right? it's something that i feel like is traditional, and the words super bowl sunday just comes hand in hand. i think the idea of it going to saturday, to his point, does give a lot of, you know, kids won't be skipping school, things of that name. but at the end of the day, i think we should just make it a national holiday. pete: make it a national holiday. federal holiday. >> exactly. pete: federal workers need more days off. [laughter] mike, last word. >> as much as i love it, i just
4:28 am
can't agree with it. it is entertainment, at the end of the day. pete: it is. thank you for your time. appreciate it. big show still ahead. dan bongino, mark morgan, maria bartiromo all on this. sunday, we're not going to take our sunday show and turn into it a saturday show. we already have one of those. ♪ ♪ managing type 2 diabetes? dimitri's on it. eating right and getting those steps in? on it! dimitri thinks he's doing all he can to manage his type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is his treatment doing enough to lower his heart risk? [sfx: glasses clanking.] sorry. maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c! jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal.
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4:32 am
♪ ♪ >> we need a true, true green new deal in this country. [applause] senator sanders has the largest plan in the field to address the climate crisis, the largest. [cheers and applause] i'm here because we need true immigration justice in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] and i'm not here to reform some of these systems when we talk about immigration, i'm here because senator sanders has actually committed to breaking up i.c.e. and cbp. pete: the large -- [laughter] let's bring in tony katz, radio talk show host. will be, i don't want to -- listen, i don't want to watch that stuff. you don't want to take it seriously, but bernie sanders is surging into 25% with a
4:33 am
opportunity of momentum, and she's his top surrogate in iowa. >> yeah. this is what happens when you bring true believers together, and they are true believers. people better start understanding this, especially the democratic party, which clearly despises bernie sanders and is doing everything possible to get him out of the race. these true believers if bernie is not the candidate, they won't show up for, in november. they won't show up even no matter how much they dislike donald trump. the true believers want these kinds of things. they want it all, and if they don't get it all, they're not showing up. and the democratic party, i think, is really starting to become aware of this reality. griff: you're looking at michael moore speaking, and i remember covering him here when he was endorsing, essentially, sanders. he's making the case that sanders is the only non-phony
4:34 am
washingtonian running for office. is so when you talk about true believers in this argument being made by moore and aoc, that he's the only genuine candidate in the race, is that effective? is that part of why we're seeing the surge in support? >> if we're talking about millennials, the answer is, yes. even jim messina, the former campaign manager for barack obama, recognizes and has talked about the fact that the millennial group and others see bernie sanders as somebody who's been consistent throughout. joe rogan gave bernie sanders his endorsement, and the left doesn't even want the true believers. [laughter] so, yes, they see this consistency as valuable, they see him as somebody who isn't phone know, who is really committed. what he's committed to should have him committed. [laughter] lisa: tony, elizabeth warren is seeing a dip in the polls, but she's getting an endorsement from the des moines register. this is what they have to say about her: the outstanding
4:35 am
caliber of democratic candidates makes it difficult to choose just one. at this moment when the very fabric of life at stake, elizabeth warren is the president this nation needs. my question, tony, if elizabeth warren loses the iowa caucuses, is it overrer if her her? -- overrer if her? >> it's good to know "the des moines register" has come to the side of san francisco. she's in fourth place in iowa, fourth place in new hampshire, and she lives next door. she's stall falling like a stone in nevada and south carolina. and in iowa keep an eye out again for what it is amy klobuchar can do. it's really bad news for her if she doesn't come in the top three in iowa, it's devastating, as i see it, if she doesn't win new hampshire. griff: let's look at a poll here, warren has fallen to fourth, 15%. a few months ago she was at 22%. sanders on top the at 25.
4:36 am
buttigieg holding still in about second place, 18%. klobuchar's at the bottom of the poll, 8%. does she really see any if chance? >> klobuchar has been rising, and i think some people are saying, you know what? let's go for somebody we think is rational. pete buttigieg peaked too early. it's an expectations -- lisa: isn't klobuchar too boring? >> i don't know what you consider boring in today's field. have you watched some of these debates? they're all pretty dang boring. it's a question of whether or not they see other people as too radical, which is why "the des moines register" endorsement understood can -- doesn't make sense. they say her policies aren't radical. yeah, right. she believes in getting rid of the cap pal gain -- capital gains, $52 trillion on health care, dear lord. what doesn't she believe?
4:37 am
pete: one thing we haven't mentioned, and it's michael bloomberg. when this segment ends and we go to commercial break, people are probably going to watch a 30-second commercial about michael bloomberg. how does he factor boo all this? >> he factors in as a guy who gets the perception of being a rational guy, and he certainly seems more enjoyable than the rest of this field. money talks in this case, and he's willing to do a whole lot of talking. griff: tony katz, thank you for joining us. pete: appreciate it. lisa: thanks, tony. pete: he's so committed they should have him committed. turning now to some headlines, including a tough one. two people are dead and seven ores hurt in a shooting in a south carolina bar. police say it happened at mark's lounge in hartsville. unclear what led to the shooting. victims' conditions are unknown at this time. and goldman sachs wants more
4:38 am
diversity in the corporate world. the investment bank announcing it would help -- it won't help a company go public unless it has at least one female or non-white board member. all s&p 500 companies appointed a woman to their board last year, however, women hold about one in five board seats for s&p 500 companies. no word on what that says about bottom line, which is what goldman sachs is all about last time i checked. this hippo is getting some extra pampering on her third birthday. the cincinnati zoo giving fiona the hippo her first bubble bath. her boyfriend, timothy, sent her a fruit assortment from her birthday from the san antonio zoo. griff: i was glad you had to read that, not me. pete: those are your headlines. griff: who comes up with the idea to give a hippopotamus a bubble bath?
4:39 am
pete: her boyfriend sent a bouquet? you've give good for timothy. [laughter] pete: this is what we've resorted to. rick: maybe they knew that's what the hippopotamus likings. lisa: i mean, yeah. i'm with you,ing rick. [laughter] rick: maybe there have been studies on that. griff: maybe they just want some good weather. griff: all right, we got it. not that bad anywhere right now. all the cold air bolted up across canada -- bottled up across canada. across the mid-atlantic, ohio river, northeast a few scattered snow flurries behind the rainstorm that we saw yesterday, nothing that's going to cause big problems. down in the southeast we do have some showers especially across southern louisiana for a lot of the day, throughout the afternoon. that moves in across parts of mississippi, alabama. not a great day overall. high plains, rapid city you're, again, going to be really warm.
4:40 am
western parts of nebraska, western parts of kansas, you're great. across the great lakes, not that bad. and finally, all our action most of this winter at least for about the last six weeks has been across the pacific north west. we're going to continue to see that pattern for at least the next week, probably some rain across southern california and in towards arizona things looking seasonal. all right, guys. pete: search the internet for studies on hippo intelligence. not many out there, rick. rick: we should change that. [laughter] pete: thank you. griff: all right. well, coming up, the family of a toddler who fell to her death on a cruise ship is accusing royal caribbean of lying about what really happened. we'll speak to the family's attorney coming up. closed off. having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed and all of the feeling bad about myself that was unnecessary.
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of course i'd love to take an informal poll. i used to be a little cranky. dealing with our finances really haunted me. thankfully, i got quickbooks, and a live bookkeeper's helping customize it for our business. (live bookkeeper) you're all set up! (janine) great! hey! you got the burnt marshmallow out! (delivery man) he slimed me. (janine) tissue? (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. the easy way to a happier business. ♪ ♪ lisa: some quick headlines. a successful flight for boeing's 77x, the world's largest twin-engine with passenger jet,
4:44 am
taking a four hour test flight in washington state. if all goes as plannedded, the jet could go into service next year. and a bald eagle takes flight after being nursed back to health in wisconsin. the bird was found struggling to find food on a picnic table. another release taking place in west virginia as one returns to the skies after being found injured on a road in august. griff: well, the family of a toddler who fell to her death on a cruise ship last year is speaking out against royal caribbean. the cruise line alleges that the 18 month old's death is a result of her grandfather's, quote, reckless and irresponsible actions, but the family's attorney says the cruise line isn't being truthful. joining us now is the attorney for the family, michael winkelman. what do you say about this tragic case? to you filed a lawsuit in december, where do we stand? >> good morning. the case has been filed. it has certainly garnered a lot
4:45 am
of media attention, and i think the recent news has been -- the motion -- [inaudible] used very strong language saying the case was filed in bad faith. meanwhile, i represent the parents in this terrible tragedy, and what they've said in their filing to dismiss was sam, the grandfather, was in leaning out the window. we are in a ship two weeks ago, and we showed that to be definitively incorrect. there's a very unique configuration with this window with a railing. and so what you see in the video is him leaning over the railing, but that's not him lean aring tout the window. we're saying there's this false narrative that's being told by royal caribbean. griff: so in your accounting of what you believe led to chloe's death, what do you say happened? >> excellent question. and i think what happened is this old ship of royal caribbean, the freedom of the seas, is not complying with the industry standard which is to follow a very well defined set
4:46 am
of window fall prevention laws. some people say this is a freak accident, it's not. roughly 5,000 children fall out of windows every year, so if they had followed the industry standard like newer ships do, chloe would still be here. to beliefly talk about that -- briefly, either you have windows that don't open, or have some kind of screening or grate system. if any of those were in place, chloe would till be here. griff: we reached out to royal caribbean, they issued this statement: it has prompted a criminal prosecution of chloe's ten grandfather, and we will not comment on the ongoing legal proceeding. i want the ask you, michael, why do you think royal caribbean, in your opinion, isn't being forthcoming? >> well, i think a lot of it has to do with the significant level of media attention that this case has gotten. i mean, my firm has been doing this for nearly 50 years, we've
4:47 am
handled success hundreds of cases against all the cruise lines. they're extremely upset by the amount of media attention, and i think really since day one they've been trying to point the finger at sam rather than take responsibility for the failure to follow the industry standard of these window fall prevention codes. i think that's why they're so upset. griff: i mean, look, the death of an infant, a child is undeniably tragic, so how is the family doing? >> terribly. i mean, they would be doing terrible as is. i have a 4 and a 5-year-old, so this case has hit home and it's more of a cause than a case. and really from day one this was not just about the tragedy, but it was wanting to use the tragedy as something positive because if even one child is saved in any situation not just with on a cruise ship, but even at a hotel or at home, it's a good thing. but how is family doing? not well. and the fact that this criminal prosecution continues against the grandfather is really
4:48 am
terrible. they didn't want it from the beginning, they still don't want it, and hopefully what we have uncovered in the ship inspection and accident reconstruction opens the eyes of the prosecution and leads to them dropping the charges. griff: all right. michael, thank you very much for joining us, and we'll be continuing to follow this case. please come back if anything develops. thank you very much. all right, coming up, virginia house lawmakers advance its controversial gun control measures despite tens of thousands of pro-gun advocates rallying against the bills. is virginia just the beginning of a nationwide push against guns? we'll discuss it. plus, the climate change debate wading into impeachment as some democrat senators running for president say with the trial, they're forced to take private jets. our next guest is calling out the hypocrisy. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ lisa: 2020 hopefuls bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have long touted their commitment to clean energy. but amid a new time crunch brought on by the senate impeachment trial, the progressive front-runners reportedly are chartering private jets to bring them from the trial to campaign trail. pete: this as democrats use over 28,000 pieces of paper on trial triplets and documents -- transcripts and documents delivered to the senate yesterday. you could just send a pdf. is so joining us now to discuss, executive editor the at climate and author of the politically incorrect guide to climate change, mark borano. let's say we heed the words of the socialists or comrade cortez and we put a huge squeeze on
4:53 am
toes -- fossil fuels. wouldn't it be just the elites and super wealthy that could use them? >> yeah, that's the thing here. they are preaching a dire energy-deprived future for america under their green new deal plans, under their climate policies. we have elizabeth warren who can't stay out of private jets going out openly talking about questioning the building of new homes in america for americans unless they're completely carbon-neutral. she gave an interview. andrew yang has suggested private car ownership is going to be out the window, we're going to have to rely on a roving fleet of electric cars. at the same time, these candidates saying we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground, but they can't stop using them lavishly in a private jet with. seven hours in a private jet is a larger carbon footprint than the average american does all year. that's the extent we're talking of the hypocrisy among these top democrats. lisa: and it also comes at a big
4:54 am
price tag, right? we've seen senators warren and sanders, they denounce elitism, the 1%, but let's look at some of this spending, right? just for the third quarter spending on, you know, i think the private air travel, biden, $924,000. buttigieg, $443,000. sanders, $360,000 plus and then warren, $132,000 plus. i mean, that's elitism, is it not? >> it is. bernie sanders has a wrong -- if you go back to 2016, he had 300,000 in one month. he had over 1.6 million for the 2016 campaign, and he's one of the most obstinate promoters of keeping fossil fuels in the ground as he uses them up in the air. so absolutely. "the new york times" reported that the sales of private jet withs are skyrocketing, up more than 15% in 2019. these democratic candidates are helping. that's the only positive, they're helping boost the sales of private jets.
4:55 am
pete: mark, how do they justify it? ultimately, they understand the hypocrisy. what's their rationalization? >> well, it's incredible. stephen colbert asked bernie sanders, as a matter of fact, he's been grilled, pete buttigieg, and a what they say is, well, i can't walk to california. i'm not going to walk across the country. bernie sanders actually told stephen colbert he's considered sharing his private jet with other members who are running for president including elizabeth warren and senator bennet and klobuchar to go back to iowa or new hampshire where they're campaigning and later the sanders campaign clarified and said, oh, they didn't really mean he was going to do that. they can't even share a private jet to go to the same state for the same campaign type event. it's an incredible thing, but it really does matter because if they can't do this basic thing -- tom steyer, for instance, has refused. he's saying, no, he's not going to do it. other candidates only fly commercial. so the elite democrats at so
4:56 am
much the field here on the top of the poll, they're insisting that they're -- pete: wait until the campaign's over, tom steyer will be back on his private jet with. it's all about -- lisa: and they might have to walk under the green new deal. [laughter] >> that's right. carbon offsets. $10,000 they invest in trees and renewable energy, but they're going to need a lot more trees given all the pages of this impeachment -- and, by the way, they can't send e-mails because there's a new study that sending a lot of e-mails is bad for global warming is and carbon foot print. i think they should come over and verbally read the 28,000 pages. that's the only earth-friendly way. lisa: you heard it here. [laughter] thank you, mark. pete: still ahead, adam schiff sparking outrage and even offending some republican senators after suggesting they're being bullied and threatened by the administration to vote against impeachment. lisa: oh. this morning he's defending those controversial comments.
4:57 am
dan bonn bongino sounds off next hour. ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. . . no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.vented now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds.
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♪. [we didn't start the fire] lisa: that i is good song. pete: i played d.j. this hour. griff: great pick. pete: billy joel is in town. played madison square garden. we learned every word of this song in 7th grade choir class. i don't know if he was indoctrinating us. griff: i'm dating myself here.
5:01 am
the song had an impact on the country, it was about current events. i wrote a essay in my college freshman class about this song. pete: all the stuff i learned about history from billy joel. griff: will there be a popular song about the impeachment of donald j. trump? lisa: i hope not. pete: email us at friends at fox and, what would that be. griff: president's legal team taking aim at house managers at the senate people peach trial. lisa: the defense accusing democrats of massive election interference by pursuing impeachment. pete: garrett tenney joins us live from washington with more on what happened yesterday. get us up to speed, garrett? reporter: good morning. yesterday we goat a two-hour preview of the arguments president's legal team plans to make next week. those arguments include the assertion democrats are the ones trying to interfere in our election by removing president
5:02 am
trump from the ballot in 2020. >> for all their talk about election interference, they're here to perpetrate the most massive interference in an election in american history and we can't allow that to happen. reporter: sources close to the president tell fox news he was very pleased with his team's opening arguments. on twitter he posted any fair-minded person watching the senate trial today would be able to see how unfairly i have been treated and this is indeed a totally partisan impeachment hoax that everybody including the democrats, truly knows it is. this should never be allowed to happen again. democrats are demanding that the senate allow additional documents and witness in the trial. minority leader chuck schumer argued that the president's defense made that case for them on saturday. >> really compelling case for why the senate should call witnesses and documents.
5:03 am
they kept saying there are no eyewitness accounts but there are people who have eyewitness accounts. reporter: as for what this next week looks like the president's team make opening arguments monday and tuesday. senators will submit written questions for chief justice john roberts to ask. on friday we will have the closing arguments. at that point the senate could vote to dismiss the case or acquit the president, they could vote on allowing to decide additional witnesses and documents which would extend the trial beyond the iowa caucus on february 3 where a handful of senators would like to be. griff: that is true. pete: very sharp neon green tie. brightened my day. washington can be dull. neon green. reporter: fashion pointers from pete. lisa: strong tie choice.
5:04 am
pete: he laid out the case very nice. of course chuck schumer will say we need more witnesses. there is no movement in that direction. after three years of the mueller report, total impugning this president, trying to kick him out of office. they had three days to make the case. if you watched some of yesterday, in two hours the president's legal team with the facts simply straightforward dismantled the democrat managers case. griff: you listen to what garrett was saying. we get to the friday, will there or will not be a vote on witnesses? that is what this about. acquittal is foregone conclusion. not getting 20 republican senators to remove the president. whether or not it will extend. beyond that the country will start talking about why impeachment happened. we're starting to see a few glimpses of where the democrats senators feel. mazie hirono was doing a interview with wolf blitzer, may have tipped her thinking on this listen to what senator hirono said. >> assuming he is exonerated, he
5:05 am
is not convicted, if hes is acquitted have until november, january 20th of next year but he might get reelected. >> there is that too. there is tremendous fear. whatever evidence comes out, whatever factual information that shows, this is a president who only cares about himself. lisa: we heard from democrats that this is about preserving the integrity of the election, right? we have to make sure somehow the election isn't stolen like it was in 2016, even though that is not actually what happened. but they are the ones undermining american's faith in institutions and our elections. they were the ones, it was nancy pelosi's daughter was driving in the campaign to encourage faithless electors after the 2016 election. what would, what would bring a being la of faith in elections other than telling people to defect, to not carry out the interests of their state? right? or they were the ones calling for the abolishment of the electoral college.
5:06 am
they are the ones trying to convince americans somehow russia stole the election, despite the fact that jane johnson, obama's own dhs secretary, prior to the election saying the system is to decentralized for russia to change the vote. they are the ones doing the very thing they are accusing others of. pete: that is what the left always does. deny and counteraccuse. effective to glance away from ukraine. you're not helping ukraine. they sent them blankets. we're sending them missiles. that is why the clip is so important. what is the real fear? re-election. that is why, not why whatever evidence comes out. if evidence comes out you're so watched in the constitution this is not something the president is allowed to do, not anything to do with re-election. every once they tell the truth an exposes motivation of this entire exercise, they put you through. lisa: us too. pete: another week of it.
5:07 am
griff: talking about only third time in history you had a trial for removing a president unimpeachment. a lot of attention is paid to how the media covers it. are they being fair? are they leaning towards the house managers? or are they in some cases smearing the president's defense team who only for just two hours the first time, we've heard them start to refute arguments, to lay things out. we talked with kelsey boller of the heritage foundation in the last hour. she says that the media by and large is smearing the president's team. listen. >> this is help democrats. >> that is basically what we call a false flag argument? >> does team trump's defense here hold water? >> this was pretty weak tea. >> i think you would come with something a little bit stronger than what they were able to give today. pete: considering the networks you saw there, no surprise that would be the reaction. kelly boller of the heritage foundation on pointing out the bias. >> this is just a taste of what
5:08 am
we're in for throughout the next couple days. many in the media are going to take it as their job, their civic duty to do a lot of quote, unquote, fact-checking but, why is this happening? the media has been bias for years now. this is something we saw leading into the 2016 election. they said they would change their ways, reevaluate what they were doing. that didn't happen. and now they're not covering the senate impeachment trial fairly either but you know, americans expect this at this point. lisa: we're seeing this all play out at a time where into the democratic primary now. heading into the general election. right now on the campaign trail we have michael moore and alexandria ocasio-cortez are going out there for bernie sanders because these senators are obviously being, having to be in washington, d.c., to take part in these trials. they're putting surrogates out on the campaign trail. here is michael moore, he is talking about bernie sanders.
5:09 am
listen to what he is pitching in his appeal. [applause] >> one of the reasons we're for bernie, because it is not enough to beat trump. hillary beat trump. hillary won by three million votes. it is not enough to beat donald trump. we have to crush donald j. trump. we have to crush him -- [applause] lisa: is he an effective surrogate? pete: for the primary right now, to the left base to generate energy, him, you know we've been playing cortez segments all morning. thank goodness, i can't believe i'm asking for a michael moore clip instead. that is the energy of the leftist democrat party right now. that is what young people are asking for. griff: if you're looking for tangible evidence that it is working, michael moore and aoc is working, look at latest "new york times" sienna poll in iowa. you have sanders at the very top of that poll. you want to put that up for you,
5:10 am
if you can, you can see there, sanders is 25%. buttigieg 18, biden, 17. warren 15%, klobuchar 8%. warren dropping from 22% to 15. you say that is important, lisa. lisa: it is important because to be honest, bernie sanders if he wins iowa and wins new hampshire, iowa new hampshire have always been determinative in primaries for republicans and democrats, it could potentially be game over, if he enters nevada and south carolina. pete: tony katz on the program why bernie is surging right now. >> these true believers, if bernie is not the candidate, hyper progressive not, they won't show up in november. even though they don't want little reforms. they want it all. if they don't get it all. they're not showing up. the democratic party is really starting to become aware of this reality. if we're talking about millenials they see him somebody
5:11 am
who isn't phony. they see him somebody is really committed. the problem is what he is committed to should have him committed. pete: good line from tony there. let me posit a prediction. fast forward a week. the democrats are shaping up to have a serious hangover. the president acquitted on saturday in the senate. the san francisco 49ers lose to middle america, kansas city chiefs, nancy pelosi's 49ers go on on monday. then on monday, a socialist bernie sanders runs away with the iowa cubbing a discusses, making him the prohibitive front-runner. with tuesday all that happening, donald trump takes to the podium for the state of the union address. trump, what he is doing for the country, pushing impeachment to the side. that is the hang over of the left. griff: we will see if that comes true. lisa: a lot of predictions. pete: i like to make predictions. sometimes they're true. griff: email us at
5:12 am if you agree with pete, or don't. pete: doctors diagnosing an unidentified person with the virus in orange county, california. the patient is in isolation in food condition. 56 people have died from the pneumonia-like illness in china as 2,000 cases are confirmed in the country. the u.s. is sending a charter plane to bring americans home this week. the city where the outbreak started now looking like a ghost town. retired state trooper is shot and killed in a sig goor lounge in illinois. police say a woman opened fire on three troopers who were at the lounge before turning the gun on herself. the injured troopers are expected to recover thankfully. police say they knew the shooter. illinois trooper gregory reeds served 25 years on the force before retiring last year. man. country music star tim mcgraw sings about practicing good values. now he is showing them.
5:13 am
the go to church because your mama says to, visit grandpa every chance that you can ♪ ♪ always stay humble and kind pete: wonderful song. mcgraw will headline a fund-raiser for servicemembers and first-responders in texas this april. the tex gala is organized by the texas rangers baseball team to raise funds for our nation's heroes, their family and the texas community. lisa: good for him. griff: coming up, virginia lawmakers advancing strict gun measures after the massive pro-gun rally in richmond. our next guest, a republican state senator slamming her colleagues for failing to protect the constitution. she will join us right here. ♪. th metastatic breast cancer standing in the struggle.
5:14 am
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griff: days after 10 ever thousands of pro-gun advocates stage ad massive rally in richmond, virginia lawmakers are limiting handgun purchases to one per month, background checks and allowing localities to ban guns in public places. is virginia becoming after nationwide push against firearms? our next guest stood with second amendment supporters at rally. amanda chase, state senator, joins me now. she was one of the keynote speakers at the rally. thanks for joining us. you and i spoke on that monday yet appears that the lawmakers weren't listening to theing to message. >> good morning. there is no surprise. there is an all-out assault on our fundamentally protected right of the second amendment
5:18 am
since terry mcauliffe implemented executive order 50 while he was in office. that basically started the gun ban in our government buildings. and since governor two-faced northam has has continued that anti-constitutional legacy that terry mcauliffe started and now what has happened is the virginia senate and house and executive branch for the first time in 27 years, we've seen a complete liberal, socialist take over of the leadership, the governing leadership virginia. i am leading a grassroots movement. i'm a grassroots state senator. i stand with the people. that is why they put me here. i'm not a politician. they reelected. they know i won't back down. i have stood in the gap for the people of virginia. i won't back down. i stood up not only for the second amendment because what
5:19 am
has happened there is all-out war on our constitution. they started with the second amendment, taking away law-abiding citizens ability to protect themselves. making them defenseless. and we're talking about turning the second amendment on its head. let's talk about -- griff: let me jump in for one second though, because you have made the case, when i spoke with you there, that this was not just a virginia thing. and i understand the politics of the state, but why is it that you believe that is the tip of iceberg on assault of second amendment rights and it has nationwide impact? >> because virginia, if you look at virginia, we are the longest, the longest continuous legislative body in the new world. we have over eight presidents who are beginnians. everything starts in virginia. that is why they started with virginian. whatever happens in virginia could very well happen in the rest of the country. that is why it is important that we don't back down.
5:20 am
the grassroots movement here in virginia we won't. i called for the governor to resign as of midnight, january the 20th. griff: movement to recall him. we're just about out of time. you say as virginia goes, goes the nation. do you you will see these measures being passed and signed by governor northam? >> yes, absolutely he will. i put out a message out there to people to ask the patrons of these socialist bills that are disarming law-abiding citizens to strike the bill. so on my senator amanda chase facebook page we posted pictures, business contact and to contact the legislators. the last-ditch effort is to strike the bill. griff: senator chase, thanks for joining us. we'll follow it. >> thank you. griff: one homeless community forced to foot the bill to keep clean up a homeless camp on
5:21 am
their property. one of those homeowners joins us. that's next. pronamel will help push the minerals back into the enamel, to keep the enamel strong. i know it works. and i hear nothing but great things from my patients that have switched to it. i know it works. and i hear nothing but great things if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself, 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months.
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♪. pete: welcome back. quick headlines for you. first-responders pulling dozens of people from the rubble in a powerful earthquake in turkey. 35 people died in the 6.2-magnitude earthquake. the turkish president visiting hardest hit areas. he attended a funeral for a mother and son killed in the quake. iran is not ruling out negotiations with the u.s. despite military airstrikes on hits top terrorist general. they were telling a german magazine not rule out the possibility that people will change their approach. our president tweeting, or excuse me, i don't know which president. our president right there.
5:25 am
iranian foreign minister says iran wants to negotiate with the united states but wants sanctions removed. no thanks. lisa, down to you. lisa: thank you, pete. the homeless crisis continues to spiral out of control in california n one community homeowners are being forced to pay for the cleanup of a homeless camp on their property. each resident got a bill for $300. is this really fair? joining us one of those homeowners. if you can, tell me a little bit about the backstory here and why you and your neighbors are being stuck with this bill? >> we basically a live in an area in cast is a valley, 75 homes built 20 years ago. and we live adjacent to the east bay regional park district and unbeknownst to most of us there was a homeless enencampment down the ravine. the police cleared the homeless from the encampment, we found
5:26 am
out the bill would be for the clean up was 20,000. since there are 75 homes, it will cost each homeowner about $300 for the cleanup effort. lisa: are you and your neighbors disputing having to pay for this? >> many folks are unhappy with having to pay it and we're trying to find out if the county might be willing to help share some of the costs. lisa: look at state like california, particularly san francisco, look from 2018 to 2019 in california, homelessness is up 16.4%. cities like san francisco, they keep spending more and more money to address the problem. but augie, why does not not seem to be working? >> to me it just seems more of a issue that the whole society has to embrace. it is not just throwing money at the problem. based on some of my personal experiences, i feel like we need more programs but we also need our whole society to get more
5:27 am
involved. lisa: so how do you change that though? so you said the society needs to get more involved. how do you inspire that change? >> some of it is to see the homeless as human beings, people like us. our bible study we're studying the book of james, talks about having compassion for the poor. from my experience, of my 20s, i was director of a youth center and we opened up our gym as a shelter for the homeless. and then in my late 20s, i worked in a street ministry where i spent one summer interacting with people in the haight-ashbury, got to know them, not just as people to step over or to ignore but fellow human beings on a bad path of life. lisa: in that work, what were some of the challenges that you heard from some of the people you were talking to that were homeless? >> i discovered from my experience that some are, that there is a whole gamut of
5:28 am
homeless. certainly people with addictions. but there are people who lost a job. there is a saying, for a lot of people in the bay area, new york they might be one paycheck away from being homeless. there are people who are hard-working but circumstances, caused them not to be able to pay the rent or mortgage. so there are some good people that are also homeless because of the economy. lisa: but the problem, you know, it does seem to be worse in california. so is it because of politicians like governor newsome? or why do you think california seems to be having a more difficult time with homelessness than some other states? >> i think actually california and new york are two of the states which have the most homeless. not just the government policies. it's areas where there are a lot of people. people who might be out of work. in california because the
5:29 am
weather nicer, it is easier for people to try to live off of the street. so there is, a lot of factors involved in terms of why people congregate in certain areas. lisa: very interesting. thanks for joining us this morning. i hope you have a great day? >> thank you so much. lisa: thank you. still ahead president trump's legal team using democrats arguments against them. they say they're the ones trying to interfere in an election. well dan bongino says the trump team annihilated the democrats case yesterday. he joins us next. stay with us.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
♪. >> they're here to perpetrate the most massive interference in an election in american history. it would violate the sacred trust that the american people have placed in you and have placed in them. the american people decide elections. they have one coming up in nine months. they're asking you to do something that no senate has ever done. and they're asking to you do it with no evidence. lisa: there you see pat
5:34 am
cipollone, the white house chief legal counsel. president trump and his team, they made their case yesterday, are starting to make their case, what you're saying basically this is all about election this is democrats trying to rewrite history and change the outcome of the 2020 election as we look ahead to it. but we've got dan bongino, a fox news contributor, former secret service agent, n.y.p.d. officer as well. dan, i'm sure you were watching yesterday. how did the president's team do? >> they did great. they completely decimated, destroyed, annihilated the really awful, horrible, case adam schiff and the rest of the crew tried to make, and here's the issue, why is worked, pat cipollone president trump's attorney did a masterful job and it worked well because there is a problem for the case, lisa. the problem with the case, it doesn't exist. there is no case. i'm a conservative, i don't make
5:35 am
any bones about it. trying to view this objectively as a former federal agent, police officer, testified in court, made a whole career out of building cases against people. there are no facts here. can we point out the obvious? this is supposed to be a high crime and misdemeanor, correct? that is what we impeach the president for. who's the victim? anyone on the couch? who's the victim? nobody! griff: you say you want to be objective. we also heard the democrats, chuck schumer and others saying that what the defense did is make a strong case that witnesses should be heard. as you remember in the clinton impeachment there were some deposed, not live witnesses but depotsed. shouldn't based on what the defense put forward, that there was no first-hand accounts, now they're calling for witnesses with first-hand accounts, shouldn't we have witnesses? >> witnesses for what, griff? griff: to -- >> where is the crime? i'm dead serious. i'm asking at question.
5:36 am
let's be clear here. griff, if you tell me who the victim is in this case i'll tell you we need a witness to the crime for the victim. who is the victim? griff: i'm not arguing -- >> come on answer the question. who is the victim? answer the question! who is the victim? you can't answer the question. time out. i'm the guest. let me say this. guy -- lisa: you're on your own, griff. >> there is no victim. what do you want a witness for? a bank robbery that didn't happen. there is no victim. griff: they would say the victim is the constitution, dan. >> oh, that is what it is. that is bs. griff: house managers would tell you one of the victim is the american people for not hearing from these victims. here's the deal. i said this in the last hour. it is foregone conclusion the president gets acquitted. we know that. 20 gop senators will not vote particularly given the evidence,
5:37 am
facts, the case the managers put on but will we see witnesses? does this, as pete suggests, get wound down, end about basically a week from today? or do you think that we should listen to every single thing that is available out there? >> listen, i'll be honest with you, i don't have an issue with witnesses as we get alexandra cha la hewlett-packard ma, nellie ohr, hunter biden and the. let's play ball. i will show you the article, underline it, for the liberals with tough time with facts. remember the "politico" piece. i took out my sharp if ipy. not dan bongino. i underline it for the dopey liberals that can't read. ukrainian effort, stand by audience, this for really dopey one, efforts to sabotage trump, backfire.
5:38 am
are we getting witnesses in that one, griff? i'm just asking? one more thing, i found it interesting that pelosi when the whole witnesses thing, nancy pelosi said, hey, listen we need to get to the facts an truth. time out. t-o. flag on the field. you're telling me you impeached president, you are telling me you don't have the facts for the truth? this is ridiculous. no victim. zero. pete: a guy happy to posit story time and speculation in adam schiff. he, setting aside the evidence portion of it, just a fueling fumble standing in front of senators impugning their motives said your head will be on a pike. you know the president will come after you if you don't, if you don't vote the way the white house wants you to vote. you heard audible gasps of senators saying that's not true. he doubled down on it. here is what adam schiff saying, defending that comment, watch. >> the problem they have is, they don't want to talk about
5:39 am
the evidence. they don't want to talk the conditioning of military aid. they don't want to talk about the solicitation of foreign interference. they just want to attack the house managers. as prosecutor i've seen it time and time again. when your client is guilty, when your client is dead to rights, you don't want to talk about your client's guilt. you want to attack the prosecution. pete: take it away. >> schiff is really -- i'm sorry one of the worst tactical politicians i've ever seen. your whole goal to flip three or four republican senators to get rule changes and witnesses. the ones is he trying to flip, susan collins, murkowski is the one most offended by this. this guy is not that bright and in addition to being the worst liar up in the congress. we knew that one. griff: "new york times" agrees with you, dan, gop senators not being swayed at all. >> of course they do because i'm right. pete: i will get griff to tell me what his answer is in the
5:40 am
break. text it to you. >> text me. get him on the record. lisa: thanks, dan. have a great day. >> see you guys. griff: turning to your headlines an american solder is killed during a vehicle roll over crash. army specialist antonio moore died conducting route clearing operations. 22-year-old north carolina native was on his first deployment after joining the military in 2017. he received the national defense service medal and army special ribbon. the crash is under investigation. a bus carrying covington high school students crashed after the march for life rally. it hit a car on its way back from the rally. two people on the bus were hospitalized for treatment. the driver tragically died. nicholas sandman was at the anti-abortion rally one year after his confrontation on capitol hill but it was unclear if he was on that bus.
5:41 am
dogs walk down the aisle at this wedding. a pennsylvania bride having adoptable dogs escort the bridesmaids on the big day. the pups are from a animal rescue. the bride wanted to raise awareness for animal adoption. and they raised money for animal shelters at their reception. the wedding goes to the dogs. pete: maybe the groom doesn't have any friends? i mean, what is the groom doing? lisa: rick what do you think? griff: rick, do you have friend out there in the square. >> i have friends out there in the square. i have no idea what you're talking about. no lie. i am super ditz tracked. what is going on? >> nothing. >> what are you doing here? >> no idea. >> parents dragged you out of bed this morning, right? that is about it, i get it. i got dragged out as well. we have one storm moving out. that is the storm moved across the mid-atlantic, northeast yesterday. for the most part that is gone.
5:42 am
a little bit of air behind it. a little bit of snow, icy roads and pennsylvania and new york, watch for that. down to the southeast scattered showers. nothing too heavy but maybe right along the coast we'll see some rough conditions on the roads. watch what happens next five days. cold air stays off towards the north, parts of canada and arctic. for most part lower 48 not getting cold. look at what happens with precipitation. overall things looking good, except for the pacific northwest, with more rain and mountain snow. back to you inside. pete: thanks, rick. they slammed the president for delaying aid to ukraine. turns out these very democrats voted against the bill that included the money. we're calling out that hypocrisy and more next. ♪. burn fat, and double your weight loss. don't struggle to fit in. unleash your potential, with leanfire.
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if you can't afford your medication, when youyou spend lessfair, and get way more. so you can bring your vision to life and save in more ways than one. for small prices, you can build big dreams, spend less, get way more. shop everything home at ♪. griff: democrats making their case this week for why president
5:46 am
trump should be impeached for delaying aid to ukraine. >> president trump abused his power when he used his office to solicit and pressure ukraine. we will show that he betrayed vital national interests by withholding diplomatic support and military aid from ukraine. >> ukraine is fragile democracy under relentless attack by russian-backed separatists. they desperately need our support. lisa: but those very same lawmakers voted against the bill that included the ukraine money. why is no one calling out hypocrisy. pete: somebody is. deroy murdoch, fox news contributor. break it down for us. >> they are trying to pull the president of the united states out of office and send him back to trump tower over 55-day delay to you a krien they had opportunity to provide to it ukraine and voted know. back in 2018, national defense authorization act. $250 million in aid to ukraine and nadler, lofgren and jeffries
5:47 am
all of whom are impeachment managers, voted against that legislation. last year, just december 11th, nadler voted against $300 million of aid. two days after he chaired a judiciary committee hearing on impeachment. i find that absolutely breathtaking. lisa: even bigger than that, look at previous administration. president obama centcom somebody somebody -- >> he sent human human aid, my pillows, comforters, coco, whatever it is, and they seemed perfectly comfortable with that despite a delay in aid, everything else, what the ukrainians got from the trump administration, was missiles to demolish and detonate russian tanks. much different, much different approach. griff: deroy the catchphrase we keep hearing from house managers is that president trump denied an ally at war critical aid.
5:48 am
bottom line, you say, that is misleading and unfair? >> yeah. ultimately think got the aid. 55-day delay. we're trying to determine if the new government imposed corruption. could we trust them with this money. they got the aid. released september 11th, well before the deadline. they now got missiles they can use to send back russian tanks and detonate, if they come across any -- lisa: why has that gotten lost in this? you don't hear that much from the mainstream media the difference between two administration policies on this. >> they hate president trump's guts. they want him out of office. nothing comes out of their mouths will delay his departure of office. pete: president has been skeptic call about foreign aid since the beginning. what we are giving and what we get in return -- >> he has a responsibility to make sure the money doesn't go down a rat hole or down foreign bank accounts. he didn't stop the money. delayed it 55 days, versus
5:49 am
lethal aid, the people of ukraine had to wait 1000 days after invasion by russia and obama administration. they didn't get any lethal aid under obama. they got it under trump. lisa: destroy, thank you. pete: up next, super bowl saturday? tens of thousands signing a petition to try to make that happen. so what do you think? well, i think i should hit the streets and find out. we've heard from deroy. we'll talk to the folks outside. let's go outside. ♪. hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind?
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♪. griff: time for some quick headlines a couple who found love on "the bachelor" is finding themselves in controversy. they are gets a million dollar prize taking away after accused cheating in a fantasy football contest. they're denying allegations. then there is this. nba lebron james moving up on the league's all-time scoring list. >> there is james. goes across the lane. there it is. he just became the third leading scorer in nba history. passing kobe bryant. griff: boom, lebron, taking kobe's third spot on the nba scoring list after getting 29 points in the lakers loss to the philadelphia 76ers. he is 5000 points behind kareem abdul-jabbar. move over, kobe. lisa: as we get ready for super bowl liv on fox, 38,000 people signed a petition to move
5:54 am
super bowls to saturday. what blasphemy. griff: pete is out on fox scare. do they agree. pete: griff disagrees with me. i think super bowl is super bowl sunday. should stay on sunday. grave agrees with the petition. you move it to saturday. take sunday off, go back to work on monday feeling good about it. i ask the folks here should super bowl be moved to saturday or monday declared a national holiday because we all watch the super bowl together. what is your name? >> i'm allison from hershey, pa. pete: what is your nfl time? >> redskins. pete: redskins. good luck with that. what do you think, keep it on sunday or move it to saturday? >> i think you move it on saturday. pete: you do?
5:55 am
why? host more people, travel to see more people if you have sunday to travel? >> host more people. reporter: interesting. you would boost the retail industry. what do you think? >> i agree with rick on this one. pete: with rick? with griff, move it to saturday? >> yes. pete: same reason? >> basically. pete: what about tradition? >> i can deal with change. pete: wearing trump hat 2020, he can deal with change. bring the family in. what is your name. >> lynnette. >> juan. pete: we spoke to you earlier. where are you from? >> colorado, elizabeth. pete: elizabeth, colorado. two daughter goes to the high school. i see the sweatshirt. keep it on sunday or saturday. >> keep it on sunday. pete: keep it on sunday. have a fashion federal holiday. national workers need a day off. how about you? >> i would keep it on sunday as well. pete: you would? >> part of the tradition, right?
5:56 am
pete: part of the tradition. you're sticking with it. i like it. you guys agree with your parents? probably only time you do. randy, what do you think? >> bolling brook, illinois. pete: what do you think, randy. >> keep it on sunday. i don't really care personally. sunday is a good day. pete: found one guy in america who doesn't watch the super bowl. it is a free country. you doesn't have to watch it if you don't want to. if you choose to watch it it is on fox, the right networks. thanks for being here. we were going to ask about impeachment but we're out of time anyway. griff: fantastic job. coming up, brand new fox news 2020 polls. we'll bring them to you, top of the hour. lisa: plus a big show is still ahead. mark morgan and maria bartiromo joins us live. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ pete: well, you know, the super bowl is in a week, is so we brought some nfl pros to our set, and they're playing on what is a kid's it, not really field size. we're in new york city, so why not? i was a third string quarterback in high school. griff: well, that's a claim to fame. [laughter] pete: how about you? lisa: i grew up with three brothers, so i not only got beat up a lot, but i also learned a few things. pete: we're about to find out. because at the end of the show, we're going to take on some of the pros. lisa: all right. i'll put my money where my mouth is. at least i will try.
6:01 am
[laughter] pete: and it's the super bowl on fox. start your morning with us, we'll be there. lisa: and if you're following that, you're also following this, president trump's legal team taking aim at house managers at the senate impeachment trial. pete: the defense doubling down on their claims, on their evidence that there was no quid pro quo. griff: garrett tenney joins us live from washington with more on what happened at the trial. >> reporter: good morning. we got a two hour preview of how the president's legal team tries to plan to dismantle the case against president trump. and we saw a key part of that defense will be the argument that democrats failed to provide evidence supporting their claim the president abused his power by trying to pressure ukraine to investigate the bidens for his own benefit. and that there was no quid pro quo. >> the democrats accused the president of leveraging security assistance to posedly force president zelensky to announce
6:02 am
investigations, but how can that possibly be when the ukrainians were not even aware that the security assistance was paused? there can't be a threat without the person knowing he's being threatened. there can't be a quid pro quo without the quo. >> reporter: sources close to the president tell fox news he was very pleased with his team's opening argument. on twitter he posted: any fair-minded person watching the trial today would see how unfairly i have been treated and that this is, indeed, the totally partisan impeachment hoax that democrats truly know it is. this should never be allowed to happen again. democrats are demanding the senate allow additional documents and witnesses, and minority leader chuck schumer argues the president's defense made that case for them on saturday. >> they made a really compelling case for why the senate should call witnesses and documents. they kept saying there are no eyewitness accounts. finish but there are people who
6:03 am
have eyewitness accounts. >> reporter: the president's defense team will make the rest of their opening arguments monday and tuesday. as for the rest of the week, wednesday and thursday senators will submit written questions to chief justice john roberts x then the senate will decide to vote on the articles of impeachment or vote for additional witnesses and documents. if the latter happens, it's not clear how much longer this trial could go on for because of the court fight that would likely follow over potential witnesses that both sides would likely have to be called. griff: and, you know, right there. when we get to that moment after the senators' questions and you get the two hours making their final case, it's going to be, mark my word, all about witnesses. and if we get to the point where it goes into a deal or any brokering, it's going to take on a life of its own, and it's going to tremendously impact those four senators trying to get back out to campaign trail.
6:04 am
pete: yeah. the democrats spent three years on the mueller report, then they had three days to present the argument, and in two hours using the facts and basic information that's been there all along are, the president's defense team completely dismantled what they had to say. this as safe offends the very -- schiff offends the are senators -- the four senators he's trying to get swayed. i don't see any reason why, and as much as i want to hear from hunter biden and joe biden and the leaker they call a whistleblower, they should be held to account. this is probably not the time to do it, when you're winning the case and you have the chance to be acquitted within the span of next week. lisa: the entire argument from democrats is the fact they're accusing president trump of withholding aid to get ukraine to investigate hunter biden or joe biden and to help him politically in 2020. but michael purpura, the deputy
6:05 am
legal come for president trump's team -- counsel for president trump's team, he said there can't -- someone can't be threatened when they don't know there's a threat, right? the ukrainians didn't even know the money was being withheld until more than a month after the phone call. and you can't have a quid pro quo when the other party doesn't know there's a quo. so i think in a mere matter of a minute, however long that was, he entirely crushed the whole premise of the democrats' argument. griff: but what the house democrat managers are saying is that we need to speak to mick mulvaney, we need to speak to john bolton -- lisa: least but why? dpruf give dan bongino took issue, and he made a strong case about it. here's what dan had to say. >> they completely decimated, destroyed and annihilated the really awful, horrible case adam schiff and the rest of the crew tried to make.
6:06 am
it worked well because there's a problem with this case. and the problem with the case is it doesn't exist. there is no case. there are no facts here. nancy pelosi said, hey, listen, we need to get to the facts of the truth. you're telling me! you just impeached the president, and you just acknowledged you don't have the facts and the truth? pete: which they've done. and the prime minister's team took -- the president's team wrapped it up with what this is all about. this has been a perpetration of the most massive interference in an election in american history, and we can't allow that to happen. they want to relitigate 2016, and they've certainly tried to throw a wrench in the gears of 2020. but it you look at all polling, it doesn't appear dog working. we have -- appear to be working with. we have brand new polls, they came out six minutes and 33 seconds ago, brand new from fox. griff: this is a national poll. the democratic nominee preference among primary voters,
6:07 am
and you can see there biden on top now 26 points. it is down 4 points from december. sanders, 23 points, but he's up 3. which is significant. he's growing, of course, we see him surging in iowa. this, again, is national. warren, 14%, up 1 point. bloomberg, that is the difference here in polling now. 5 points up from december at 10%. buttigieg at the bottom of this list at 7%. lisa: you know what i find so interesting, okay, so joe biden's entire argument is i'm the most electable candidate, right? so if he potentially loses iowa, if he loses new hampshire which is probable, completely possible, how does he make that argument heading into nevada -- pete: becomes much more difficult, especially with michael bloomberg looming with his billions and super tuesday coming. you look at this poll, first of all, a couple of caveats. it's all democratic primary poll, ors -- it's a national
6:08 am
poll, and also the margin of error is 4%. if you look at the top, sanders and biden are tied within the margin of error which trends with what we've seen with bernie sanders going up. joe biden cheerily has taken a hit as his name and his son's name have been all over national media, and you can't ignore michael bloomberg, what $300 million can buy you as far as name id. in my mind, and this is just one man's opinion, this could quickly become a three-person race between biden, sanders and bloomberg. bloomberg's got money. sanders surges and warren durant catch on -- doesn't catch on, and pete buttigieg can only stick around for so long with 6 or 7% if he doesn't do well this early states. in that case you got, basically, a system yet again looking at bernie sanders, the democratic establish withment, hillary clinton's talked about how much she hates bernie sanders, trying to prevent the socialist from being their nominee.
6:09 am
griff: they're going to have to ultimately run against the trump economy. and our fox poll also asked a question about who's most responsible for our current economy. trump now 42%, as you can see. that's up. and, of course, obama now at 9%. by the way, also factoring at 7%. but if you look at the trajectory there, it's really quite apart that the democrats, no matter who it is, if it's sanders and warren to the far left of the party or a bloomberg or a biden more on the moderate, you've got to run against that booming economy, a booming stock market and wages on the rise. lisa: so if it's joe biden or bernie sanders, here's the challenge they're going to face with a strong economy. if it's joe biden, he's going to remind everyone of the past. why do you want to go backwards if the economy's strong now? if it's bernie sanders, he's calling for massive, massive
6:10 am
scale change, right? huge, huge change, a revolution. why do you want a revolution if the economy's strong? pete: the economic aspect of the democratic argument has always been a difficult one and especially as it remains strong further away from the obama administration. in that poll that's national registered voters, so we're out of the democrats, we're everybody now. and when you look at those numbers for obama taking credit, initially you could look at democrats who are saying, well, this is really just a continuation of obama. okay, maybe i could hear your argument. but the further you get away, the more the reality sets in that this is something trump has unleashed. the animal spirit, as charles payne talks about, capitalism, has been unleashed because of the policies he's put in place. and voters just can't give crept to obama anymore, it has to be president trump. griff: even if you give president obama the starting credit, it is the deregulation on the whole that led to the booming wall street that we have. voters aren't stupid, they get
6:11 am
that. they think, wait a minute, if i get a sanders or warren, they're going to undo all of that deregulation, and that means my bottom line falls. lisa: energy is taking away from fossil fuel which means killing jobs, paying more for electricity, things like that. also tax reform laws made a big difference for middle class families. pete: but if you're looking for that moderate democrat, it hopes to know what state they're in and what day of the week it is. and with joe biden -- lisa: he might challenge you to a push-up contest. pete: i would welcome that. turning now to your headlines, starting with a fox news alert, a third coronavirus case confirmed in the u.s. u.s. overnight, doctors diagnosing a person in orange county, california. the patient is in isolation in good condition. two other cases have been confirmed in washington state and chicago. airports across the country are screening for the virus as the
6:12 am
cdc investigates more than 60 cases in 22 states. 56 people have died from the pneumonia-like illness in china. the u.s. is sending a charter plane to bring americans home from china this week. and a fox news alert, two people are dead, seven others hurt in a shooting at a south carolina bar. police say it happened at mac's lounge in hartsville about 25 miles from florence. it's unclear what led to the shooting, and victims' conditions are unknown at this time. and rapper yg is out on bond ahead of his scheduled performance tonight at the grammy's. police arrested the rapper for robbery at his los angeles home last week. police searched his home back in july after an suv registered in his name was involved in a deadly gun battle with sheriff's deputies. an innocent man was shot and killed in the crossfire, the rapper is expected to be arraigned on tuesday. and those are your headlines. all right. griff: still ahead, the super bowl on fox is just one week away, and we're celebrating
6:13 am
early on fox square with the best game time party menu and a little competition. we'll see how lisa can throw that ball. [laughter] ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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6:17 am
republicans feeling relieved. lisa: fox news contributor and chief political correspondent for the washington examiner, byron york joins us live. hi, byron. >> good morning. lisa: michael purpura went on to say there's no case here what he said, you can't have a threat if the person doesn't know if they're being threatened. and what he was referencing the fact the ukrainians didn't know until after a month that this foreign assistance was even being withheld. so is that the case that the trump team should keep pushing? >> well, this is something that really encouraged and heartened a lot of republicans yesterday. you have to remember we're in the fourth -- we've been through four months of this since nancy pelosi unilaterally declared an impeachment investigation on september 24th, and in all that time the trump white house has not mounted an overarching, comprehensive defense. you heard the prime minister say this or re-- the president say
6:18 am
this or republicans say this in his defense, but not until this week have we seen this kind of comprehensive defense. and the president's lawyers began making that in kind of a preview of coming attractions for two hours yesterday. a lot of republicans said this is pulling together all the things, all the evidence in the president's defense, and it's a good thing it's finally happening. griff: when you used the word relieved, what is that a reaction to? just what argument will they make, how will it be received, what do you mean by that? >> if you remember, the republicans have a lot of legitimate objections to the process that house democrats created in the house of representatives. there are a lot of process complaints. there were so many that some democrats are saying that's all the republicans have, that's all the president has. he cannot defend himself on the facts. and i think what we saw yesterday -- and, by the way, it came out of a memo that the president's lawyers filed on monday -- was that they
6:19 am
confronted the facts head on and said here are the facts, a, b, c, d, e, f. and these will show you why the democrats' case is unfounded and why it falters. so that was the thing that heartened republicans, that the trump defenders instead of relying completely on process, which they have legitimate questions, also confronted the facts of the case. lisa: so staying on the process, so part of the next question we're going to see is witnesses, should there be additional witnesses. senators are going to have to go on record voting one way or another. if republicans deny witnesses, does that end up giving democrats a process argument? >> well, everybody's going to have some argument coming out of this, however it ends up. but i think republicans have a strong argument by saying, look, the house of representatives impeached the president. they say the case is comprehensive, they say the case overwhelming. and now they're saying, wait a
6:20 am
minute, we need you to do more. and i think a lot of republicans are legitimately concerned that it creates a bad precedent where the house passes a kind of a halfway impeachment and then tries to shame the senate into doing all the work that the house didn't do. pete: byron, great point. thanks for breaking it down for us. we're always relieved when you're here -- [laughter] we know we get some sanity. >> thank you, both. pete: all right. mexican security forces stopping another migrant caravan at the guatemala/mexican border, so is this proof the president's administration, their policies, are working? lisa: we'll ask acting cbp commissioner mark more began, and that's next -- mark morgan, and that's next. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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6:24 am
coco gave's run at the australian open has come to an end. >> out! [cheers and applause] pete: the 15-year-old prodigy falling to sophia kennan in the fourth round. i remember jennifer capriati, teen phenom when i was a kid. big career in front of her like this guy, a big moment for lebron james after he moves up on the nba's all-time scoring list. >> lays it in and there it is, he just became the third leading scorer in nba history. pete: lebron caking kobe's third -- taking kobe's third spot in the lakers' loss to the 76ers. he's about 5,000 points behind karim kareem abdul-jabbar. no word yet on whether he's thanked china.
6:25 am
griff, over to you. griff: more migrants heading north are being stopped in mexico. this video from thursday as mexican officials confronted another caravan at the guatemala/mexico border. there are reports it started out with about 4,000 migrants. so is mexico's crackdown proof the trump administration's policies are working? joining us now to react is cbp acting commissioner mark morgan. good morning to you. what do you make of how mexico handled this one? >> outstanding. and let's keep in mind, what the government of mexico is doing is what every sovereign nation does. they're going to enforce the rule of law and make sure they maintain integrity that's what mexico's doing the right now with this caravan. and make no mistake, this president and this administration, the network of initiatives and policies working with the government of mexico, mexico has really joined the united states as true partnerrings greater than they ever have before as well as
6:26 am
partnership with the countries in central america to really address this as a regional crisis. that's what you're seeing with what mexico doing with this latest caravan. griff: commissioner, can you put in perspective that, basically, this all began at the end of 2018 when the first caravan rushed across the bridge there in guatemala where you're looking at that, they overran things. the liberal president of mexico let things just sort of unfold, get out of control, that led to your crisis. now fast forward to today and our best partner appears to be mexico before it's a problem on our border. >> that's -- griff, you just outlined it perfectly. before, as you're describing, they actually used to facilitate these caravans transiting through the byer country of mexico to reach -- the entire country of mexico to reach our board. make no mistake, the organizers of these caravans are doing it for their own financial or political gain because they are lying to these individuals
6:27 am
trying to transit through mexico to get to the u.s. border. because of this president, because of the network of initiatives, we have all but closed the loopholes. cbp has all but ended catch and release. even if they do get through mexico, we're stopping them at our border, and we're going to remove them. we are not releasing them into the interior of the united states like we were just nine months ago. overgive but you are continuing to have a lot of illegal apprehensions at the border, and you, i presume, continue to push for building of the wall. >> that's absolutely right. that's such an important aspect. every mile of the wall that's built, the cbp's operational capacity increases with every mile of wall system that is built. and it's not just to stop illegal immigration, it's also to stop bad people and bad things coming in. last year 1.1 million pounds of narcotics were seized. a good portion of those came in between the port of entry. that wall helps us to deny,
6:28 am
impede and funnel those drug smugglers to the ports where we have an offensive advantage. the wall works and it's necessary to keep this country safe. griff: and we're just about out of time, commissioner, but there are critics saying you're not building new wall, just fixing existing wall. where does that stand? >> that's absolutely a false narrative. every mile that's being built is a brand new wall system. we've got over 110 miles, and i'm absolutely confident by the end of 2020 we're going to have 450 miles of wall system in the ground. griff: all right. mark morgan, thank you for joining us. >> thanks. griff: still ahead, hillary clinton saying nobody likes bernie sanders. this morning she's addressing the pushback. plus, we're getting ready for the super bowl on fox with the hoe down between kansas city's barbecue and san francisco's crab dip. we've got the best just ahead. yum. ♪ ♪ could switching to geico really save
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6:33 am
this hulu film premiered at the sundance festival in utah over the weekend. here's what hillary clinton says in the hulu documentary about bernie sanders. said he was in congress for years. he had one senator support him. nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him. he got nothing done. lisa: i would think bernie sanders is actually pretty good sometimes at incorrecting humor. i believe his response -- griff: hold on. there's one other piece, and that was shot about a year ago according to clinton, and she was asked remember are, sundance film festival is really important for the liberal hollywood crowd. the hollywood reporter talked to clinton and said, by the way because, of course, they had a preview. you still think this? here's what she said. you know, i shot that interview probably a year and a half ago, and i didn't think about the election. i made it very clear that i will work hard for whoever our democrat nominee is. i think the number one priority
6:34 am
for any american is to retire donald trump period, and then she doubles down on standing by this comment. lisa: at one point he said, well, my wife likes me on a good day, which sometimes in politics is, you know, sort of a good way to react to comments like these. if you're a guy who's on the outside, an anti-establishment type person and the establishment like you attacks you, that only helps. pete: yeah. and they rigged it against you in '16. listen to hillary clinton. she said i didn't think about the election. that's the only thing hillary clinton ever thinks about, is the election. her own election, whether she should have won it, it was stolen from her. you think she's making comments in a vacuum about bernie sanders and she doesn't know he might be the nominee the next time around? come on. griff: and yesterday sanders on the campaign trail, as we know, flying out from the trial possibly on a private charter flight, he was asked about it. he's not taking the bait. listen to sanders.
6:35 am
>> so, you know, and i want to say that in the last week of the campaign, you know, a lot of stuff is going to be thrown around. that's what happens in campaigns. but i would hope that this state, new hampshire -- and the country -- does not lose focus on what are the most important issues. lisa: i mean, it's going to be so interesting if never bernie sanders ends up being the nominee because all these people who criticized him -- pete: that's all i want for christmas, to watch hillary clinton campaign for bernie sanders. lisa: well, you might get it, pete. griff: a simple christmas wish. turning now to your headlines, a couple on the bachelors now finding themselves in controversy, getting a million dollar prize taken away after they were accused of cheating in a fantasy football contest. the couple denies the allegations.
6:36 am
and a new social media app is ready for you to try it out. watch. >> it's officially out x i'm excited for this next step in my career. this is an open door. this is how you post. griff: bite launch oring for apple and android devices. created by the cofounder of a video platform similar to bite. and members of the australian army nursing koalas back to health after the animals were caught in the brush fires across the country. the troops caring for the animals before heading back to fight the fires. the brush fires have reportedly killed more than a billion animals over the last several months x those are your headlines. let's go out to rick on fox square, see what you've got cooking out there. rick: some really nice weather, it's not that bad, is it? >> nope, not too bad.
6:37 am
rick: i made her nervous like she was going to handle the weather. the cold air way up towards the north, not that bad. this is what it feels like as you're heading out this morning, places even in florida feels a little cooler, certainly than for a lot of this winter. 30 degrees is what it feels like in atlanta. we do have some preenation behind the storm -- precipitation behind the storm we saw yesterday, a little bit of snow, and down to the southeast this is the rainy area, scattered showers. nothing that's going to cause major problems, no severe weather, but kind of a gloomy day for your day on sunday. all right, guys -- pete: rick, thank you very much. super bowl liv on fox is just one week away. today we're helping you make the best super bowl party menu. lisa: and joining us now is the president and ceo of stu leonard's, stu leonard junior and chef mike and former nfl players, oh, my gosh, you guys,
6:38 am
this looks so, so good. pete: thanks for being here. you guys are breaking it down because we've got kansas cities and san francisco, different food and different places, maybe go with those themes. >> what we're doing at stu leonard's right now, the first thing is porthouse steak. how do you guys like -- and then mike made up a great dry rub for this right now, right? which is a kansas city recipe. lisa: what's in there? >> right. so we've got brown sugar, there's paprika, chili powder, black pepper, a little bit of cayenne pepper as well. what you do is i like to lay it right onto the paper like this, dredge on it like that. if it sticks -- pete: generous. >> if it sticks, it's enough. right on the grill. then we have some ranchers out in -- >> done. >> chechen wing -- chicken wings are big, and leslie's already knocked off -- [laughter] lisa: those look good.
6:39 am
>> we asked our ranchers for a sauce to put on chicken, you know what they said? we don't eat chicken out here. pete: that's true. why would you eat chick when you can have -- >> we went to san francisco and we asked them, this is a great winery, great family business, we know 'em, and they gave us a sauce recipe to put on there. and this is all on our web site if you go to stu leonard' griff: i see avocado toast, i'm guessing that came from san francisco. >> guess what our number one produce seller is? avocados. okay, this is cool. instead of a regular crust, we have a cauliflower crust right here. lisa: that's definitely california. [laughter] >> also zucchini, which we like even better. this is enroute from -- griff: wait a minute, what's the crust on that?
6:40 am
>> cauliflower. it's glutenning-free, and it's a great seller. pete: why are we replacing flour with cauliflower? >> because of the gluten movement. you want to know something else that's really big? it's plant based. you can see beyond burger, see what's happened with that? so chef mike has made up a beyond burger chili. okay? and this is it right here. there's no meat in it. it's vegan. pete: i knew i didn't want to -- [inaudible conversations] lisa: i like to carbo load for a race i'm never going to run. what kind of dip is this? this looks amazing. >> this is a san francisco sourdough that we baked, my sister has a bakery, and she bakes all of the breads. lisa: yeah. >> she does a sourdough bread that we think is as good -- lisa: i mean, it looks amazing. >> and then they put a crab dip because crab is real hot in san francisco. you've got the 49ers out there with the crab and the sourdough
6:41 am
bread, and you've got kansas city with the steak and the rub sauce. lisa: i think i might be more this direction. griff: oh, look at that. we know who can win the food contest, that's you. we've got two nfl -- 49ers or kansas city? >> k.c -- >> i'm a 49ers fan, i'm going with the niners. griff: what to you say? >> i'm going to go k.c. >> i want k.c. but not sure they can do it. griff: it should be good. watch the super bowl next sunday because it's on fox, and you don't want to miss "fox & friends" live from miami starting friday morning. pete will be there. there'll be a lot of good -- pete: real quick. >> last thing, you've got to have one of the kansas city drinks. it's a horse feather. it's like a moscow mule but with a great bourbon, this is jack daniel's right here. pete: bingo. how does kansas city not win? griff: up next, wall street pricking an economic turbocharge
6:42 am
if president trump is reelected. maria bart eau mow is here. [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪ good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what?
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pete: we're back with a fox news aler. a policeman hundt underway for two -- police manhunt for two stabbing suspects in washington d.c. authorities say a person was stabbed to death near union station. officers are searching for a male and female suspect. not clear if anyone else was hurt. trains are being diverted from the straight as of right now -- station the as of right now. union station close to capitol hill, so we're going to follow this story. griff: sad story, very much developing. and another fox news alert, and that is fox news poll revealing a majority of voters saying the economy is in good shape. lisa: this comes as wall street is predicting that a 2020
6:46 am
victory for president trump could turbocharge the economy. pete: maria bartiromo joins us now to discuss. you know it, glad you're here. explain that for us a little bit. >> thank you so much. well, look, at this point it is very hard to ignore or deny the economic policies coming out of this administration have moved the needle on economic growth. i just got back from davos, switzerland, i've got to tell you every ceo i spoke with, every ceo i spoke with off the record, some a little less, you know, buoyant than others, but they all said i don't know how he did it, but this president has done it. his policies are working. i do not want them reversed. i thought this was extraordinary because i was there two years ago, and it was a real cold shoulder attitude toward president trump. this year when the president came to make that speech in front of, you know, heads of state and leading business people, it was an across the board situation, the ceos were like i don't know how he did it, but this president did it, you know, others -- pete: wow. >> -- said things like, well, i
6:47 am
don't like his approach, i don't love that he says everything, but i've got to give him the debt for the economy, it's obvious it's working. griff: that's very important was if you look ott at our other poll, most responsible for the current economy, president trump now 42%. back in may of last year, 38%. obama now 9%. back in may of last year, 13%. big business also getting some credit there, 7%. pete: voters used to give some credit to barack obama, think about this was from -- and now they're looking at three years of this administration and giving the crept. >> absolutely. well, it has to do with tax cuts, deregulation and these new trade deals that he did. by the way, my sources tell me the president will sign into law the usmca bill this coming wednesday, so a big week on that front as well. i spoke with the ceo of goldman sachs, he is expecting economic growth of between 3-3.5% in 2020. lisa: how big of a change would it be if someone like joe biden or bernie sanders wins in 2020
6:48 am
for the economy? >> night and day because you're talking about programs that want to raise taxes, put more regulation on companies, perhaps strangle some certain industries in terms of regulation. and, of course, big government programs like medicare for all, like the green new deal costing almost $100 trillion. these numbers are mind-boggling. so it's night and day, the policies you're seeing on the democratic side. griff: big show coming up. >> obviously, the defense continues its defense of the president tomorrow for the impeachment trial. we're going to hear from senator lindsey graham. i want to hear from senator graham what he heard so far from the prosecution and from the defense. also we've got the president's legal team, key members, doug collins, john ratcliffe, mark meadows all joining us this morning to make the case for the president. and then i did a itdown interview with the president while i was in davos about his economic policy, what he thinks about impeachment and, importantly, what he thinks about the current lineup of 20.
6:49 am
wait until you hear what he said about michael bloomberg's big money. pete: a little birdie also tells me you might have a big interview for the super bowl too. >> yes, i do. am i allowed to say that? pete: you are. >> let me hold off, i've got to check if we're allowed to promote. pete: didn't mean to -- >> on the spot! pete hegseth -- lisa: you're leaving people hanging. [laughter] pete: thank you, maria. up next, with the super bowl on fox just one week away and maria's big interview you'll learn about later, we're heading back out to fox square and competing against former nfl players. they say it's a friendly competition, we'll see. ♪ ♪ r so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am.
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pete: we are one week away from super bowl liv on fox, and we're having our own game day, taking on some former nfl mares in a little friendly competition. joining us now, andy sample and our former nfl players, sean, leslie and eric. they will be our competition here in a moment. we'll lay out the rules, but first we want to chat about betty's bounces. >> we do party rentals so everything from bouncy castles for backyards to any festival that you're putting together -- griff: how many games do you have? >> hundreds of options. >> we've got hundreds of segments. [laughter] lisa: do you see an increase in requests for the two minute drill in. >> we do, especially around
6:54 am
super bowl weekend. we actually have one left for next weekend. griff: how many of your games allow you to compete against former nfl stars? >> this is a first for us. rick: let's do this. pete: 30 seconds on the clock. rick: i'm going to be the judge. i do the math. pete: okay. sean, wesley and eric, we're all going to throw two balls each and add them up at the end. >> two balls each and rotate to the next person. lisa: no pressure. rick: is this the anchors against the pros? pete: yeah. >> good luck. pete: all right. >> 30 seconds from the time you hear the buzzer. lisa: how many chances do we get? >> two. [inaudible conversations] >> from the time of the buzzer, 30 seconds. lisa: don't mess up, don't mess up. i'm trying to get in your head. >> there we go.
6:55 am
>> starting now, go. >> go, go, go, go. [inaudible conversations] >> there we go. pete: this is not going our way. that was horrible. >> 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -- >> we're combining scores. lisa: you're not -- no, no, no, no. [inaudible conversations] griff: let me see the camera, i see 99 to 4, 3 -- it's going down. [laughter] you got 0!
6:56 am
the nfl got 0, we got 99. guys, thanks for being here. [inaudible conversations] >> if you want to rent and thanks for being here. we can mix it up. >> absolutely. pete: super bowl on fox next sunday. you'll see better throwing than a what you saw here. we'll be there starting on friday, more "fox & friends."
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
pete: bring is on the slide. oh, man. no good. >> took incoming fire. completed the pass. we got it done. pete: seeing that on fox next sunday. "fox & friends" will be there. looks like a guy trained by
7:00 am
ollie north as griff was. i might even get a chance to be there in the morning. griff, it was awesome. going deep. have a great sunday everybody. go to church. ♪. maria: good sunday morning everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. joining us straight ahead here on "sunday morning futures" as we kick off the most consequential week for the president and senate with his impeachment trial. the defense resuming tomorrow. this morning insiders are here. first senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham will tell us what he has heard from house prosecutors and the president's defenders. what questions are left to answer. key members of the president's defense team, congressman john ratcliffe, doug collins, mark meadows make their case this morning. we'll hear from the president himself as he spoke to leading business heads and heads of state in davos,


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