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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 27, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you target -- >> dana: the more you say he can't win? set your dvr is. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report is up next >> bret: we are covering for major stories. at this hour, the president's legal team defending the president on the senate floor as the republicans are facing a pivotal moment in the presidents impeachment trial following a report of a revelation from former national security advisor john bolton that may undercut the white house defense. crash investigators in california trying to determine the cause of that helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter, and seven others. we are one week away from the first ballots in the 2020 2020 presidential election primary season. we will be at iowa, the site of the next caucuses.
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and the numbers of second dad from the coronavirus outbreak continue to soar. there are five confirmed cases in the u.s. we will talk with one of the experts in the field. washington with new developments in impeachment. you see eric herschmann making the case for the residents team, making the case on the senate floor. they are just going now to a break for dinner. let's listen in. >> read: the chief justice got them to the dinner break. the manuscript by former manuscript by john bolton contending that he told bolton that he wanted to withhold military aid to ukraine until the country without investigations for joe biden and the democrats. senators face more pressure to call witnesses starting with bolton. that's
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the presidents supporters calling this a last-minute leak without contact or backing. john roberts begins her coverage live on the north lawn. >> it was a classic 11th hour bombshell just as the president's legal team helping to put impeachment to bed in the senate trial comes a relevant revelation that could below the trial itself wide open. meeting with israel's benjamin netanyahu in advance of tomorrow's release of a middle east peace grant, president trump rushed off the claims reported to be in john bolton's forthcoming book. >> reporter: could this increase the chances that he could be called to testify" >> i can tell you, nothing has ever been told to john bolton. but i've never seen the manuscript. i guess he's writing a book. i have not seen it. >> according t to a report in "the new york times," bolton claims that president trump told him in august that aid in
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ukraine was on hold until president zelensky announced investigations into the bidens. in the oval office today, another denial. on twitter this morning, the president went further, tweeting i never told john bolton that the aid to ukraine was tight investigations into democrats, including the bidens pier and he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. if john bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. at the end of december, bolton submitted a draft manuscript to the national security council to be vetted for possible classified information. "the new york times" report came out just as advance sales of the book opened up. bolton and his advisors said there was no coordination between "the new york times" and anyone else about appearance of his book, "the room where it happened" to online sellers. any assertion to the contrary is
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unfounded speculation. spec election also swirled how the menu script was linked, the twin brother of benjamin sources toldfox news that vindmt involved in the review, there appears to be a close hold on t, insisting that no white house personnel outside and this he had reviewed the manuscript. and in aid to bolton disputed claims by "the new york times" that bolton had shared the manuscript with others, telling fox news he didn't give copies to anyone else and the times reporting that he shared the main strip with others is false. >> given what is called the generalist if you are over these new allegations, the vice president's office took the rare step of revealing the contents of a conversation the
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vice president had with president trump up for the vice president went to poland to meet with ukrainian president zelensky, saying that at no time did i hear him tie aid to ukraine. investigations into the biden family or burisma, but saying that the president was concerned about the lengthy record of corruption in ukraine and the fact that the united states was pulling the lion share of the bird and when it came to aid to ukraine. barr? bret? >> bret: the president's legal team continuing to make a presentation today after a 45 minute break. they will continue on the senate floor. but amid the uproar over the bolton document as well, the constitutional argument against impeachment and removal in this case, and a direct assault, they had a presentations and on the direct assault on hunter biden and allegations of corruption. chief correspondent mike emanuel has the latest on capitol hill.
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>> president trump's legal team cap to the script, trying to keep the john bolton manuscript leak from distracting them. >> we deal with transcript evidence. we deal with publicly available information. we do not deal with speculation, allegations that are not based on evidentiary standards at all. >> outside the chamber, the bolton book draft and bold and for witnesses from democrats. >> confirms that the president committed the offenses charged in the first article of impeachment. >> has to come in, testify under oath. senators should not wait until march 17th when the book comes out. >> democrats have been pushing for john bolton and mick mulvaney to testify. two republicans who been leaning to witness testimony, susan collins in maine and mitt romney of utah, says the speed 21 book strengthens their case.
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>> john bolton has relevant testimony to provide to us sending in justice. >> one of the closest allies in the senate says he's going to give it time and witnesses. other republicans are not convinced this is a game changer. >> obviously we've got some new information that has hit the scene. just cut to the chase. it really doesn't change anything. >> that's what the president's team is trying to do, convince senators that there is not much here. >> for crimes alleged in common law for presidential impeachme impeachment, indexing, yes. and clinton, yes. hear? no. the president made clear that there was no linkage between security assistance and investigations. >> the move mood has shifted significant recent saturday. republic and senators expressed
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confidence that it will wrap up later this week. now democrats are pretty confident they've got momentum on witnesses. >> bret: another story we are talking about tonight, investigators in southern california are searching the remains of the helicopter that crashed sunday morning, killing retired basketball icon kobe bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven other people. chief correspondent jonathan hunt in calabasas, california tonight. >> on a steep hillside above the los angeles suburb of calabasas, investigators home through the wreckage of the helicopter where kobe bryant, his 13-year-old daughter gianna, and seven others died. it'll take some time before all the bodies arm removed because of the difficulty of the terrain. it also can locate a basket of efforts. already, ntsc officials are looking closely at the weather at the time of the crash. a thick blanket of fog hung over the area sunday morning. so thick in fact, that
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the pilot of the helicopter had been given clearance by air traffic control to fly using special visual flight rules in the flog, but the pilots communication with air traffic reveal no readily apparent concern on his part about the conditions other than a request for what's called a flight following, a service that helps guide a pilot away from other aircraft. the last communication was this. >> you are still too low level for a flight following at this point. >> second after that, all contact was lost. for kobe bryant's legions of fans, the cause of the crash matters little. they have lost a man that they considered a legend, a brother manny had put it, and inspiration. >> it was his work ethic.
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a family man, he was. the way he inspired people to be better... >> the other victims also being remembered include john altobelli, a longtime baseball coach at orange coast college, along with his wife kari and daughter alyssa, also krishna mauser christina mauser, sarah and chestnut pastor dominic investigators are still coming the debris field which measures around 100 yards long and 100 yards wide. indication slammed into that hill. also tonight, the nba has just announced that it is postponing tomorrow evening scheduled game between the lakers and the clippers. it was due to take place at
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staples center, so often returned to as the house that kobe built. >> bret: jonathan hunt live in calabasas. jonathan, thank you. in tonight's democracy 2020 report, we are one week away from the first boating of the presidential election cycle. hard to believe. endorsement and polls coming in and candidates are entering the home stretch. however, senators involved in the impeachment trial continue to be at a disadvantage. stuck to their desks there. correspondent peter doocy is in des moines tonight. >> bernie sanders is double booked. >> the schedule we plan for iowa is now in the garbage can. >> that's because of the senate impeachment trial. >> i had nothing to defend.
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>> biden being backed up by pete buttigieg. >> john bolton is being called as a witness, do you think joe biden should be called as a witness as well? >> no, he has nothing to do with this. >> fox news poll finds biden up nationally despite a dip from december and sanders in the second. elizabeth warren is in third followed by michael bloomberg who has doubled since december as the weekend wears warmer. >> florida is a critical swing state in this election. the only other candidate spending money in florida and swing states around the country, this is serious, the only one is donald trump. >> bloomberg is helping democrats are waiting to super tuesday to pick a democrat. pressed about his position on abortion, buttigieg doubled down in a fox news town hall. >> do you like the support of pro-life democrats, there are 21 million of us. >> i understand where you're coming from, and i hope i earn
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your vote, but i'm not going to earn your vote by tricking you. >> i've been asked, well, since president trump has put these tariffs on you, how does that make you feel? he didn't. china put the tariffs on my product. >> caucus goers have one week left to make up their minds, which they might have to do so without hearing a closing argument. >> nobody really does know. >> elizabeth warren has a plan to try and change the minds of undecided iowa democrats while she is stuck in d.c. her campaign is updating digital billboards here there is one on the other side of a big truck to say she was endorsed by "the des moines register" over the weekend, but because it's the type of billboard, you only see her every 41 seconds here. >> bret: back to burgers now.
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peter doocy in the morning. thank you. let's get some perspective on the impeachment saga, campaign trail. senior political analyst brit hume joins us tonight. good evening, brit. this john bolton revelation and we say that in its reporting, we have not seen the actual writing from this book. but it is causing quite a kerfuffle appear. what your take on it? >> it'll increase the pressure for bolton to be called to testify. i suspect what the senate will want to do is get the manuscript and see if it says what "the new york times" claims it says because there obviously were no direct quotes. it was a paraphrase of what he was supposed to have said and i heard when you guys earlier doing your coverage say that impeachment, the president's impeachment lawyers ignored what bolton was supposed to have said. i don't think they quite did.
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if they can make the case and they try to do it today, the biden-burisma connection one quite worthy of investigation, it won't matter as much that the president was seeking for a time at least to delay the aid to get the investigation started. i think that's what this was about today and it's up to the senators to how well it was received but they lay out a decent case that this was a corrupt scheme, all kinds of money changed hands, the qualifications from the hunter biden being on the board were not there and so on. so they may have made some headway today with that. >> bret: you are right. we don't have direct quotes but we have john bolton essential not denying the write up in "the new york times." we have the public on the record pushback from president trump, from mike pompeo, secretary of state, the attorney general, the department of justice, mick mulvaney and in a statement from
3:16 pm
his attorney. public pushback on how that has all been characterized. >> fred flights who we've had been on in the air on fox, on john bolton staff and the close admirer and ally of john bolton out with a piece who says he's urging bolton to withdraw the manuscript and not publish it. his argument is made that the president should be able to ski providentially and candidly with his advisors and not worry did come out in the pages of books. there will be pushback against what john bolton said from a number including who you just mentioned. >> bret: think he's going to be on laura ingraham's show tonight. 10:00 p.m. if you had to guess, brit, do you think there will be a vote for witnesses this week? >> if i had to guess tonight, my guess is there would be. i suspect -- there may be some
3:17 pm
steps to go through her head. what probably see is to get a hold on the book which -- by bolton being deposed, they'll make a decision to get live testimony from him here that'll be there will be pressure to call in hunter biden, maybe with joe biden. who knows where this will go from there? >> bret: we'll see following every aspect of it. you can see his show right now with fox nation pit worth checking out. when we come back, news on the growth of the front o coronavirus in china, how it's doing to them ed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option.
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>> bret: fears over the global economic effect of the coronavirus didn't stop tumbling today. the dow turned negative for the year after dropping 454 points today. the s&p 500 lost 50 to go, the nasdaq plunged 176. the infection raised continues to soar and the death count is climbing tonight. correspondent steve harrigan has the latest from atlanta, home to the cdc. >> a dramatic change in numbers
3:22 pm
just the past 24 hours from china. the government now reports that at least 80 people are dead from the coronavirus with more than 2,800 confirmed cases. and it has spread to at least 13 countries including the u.s., where there are at least five confirmed cases in illinois, california, arizona, and washington state. >> all five individuals who have the disease here acquired it in china. so right now, it looks like the risk to americans and the folks in united states is low. >> china is building three pop-up hospitals to care for the infected. 3,000 beds to be expected in one week. they have taken the dramatic step of quarantining 56 million people. streets are eerily quiet in wuhan. the reported shortages of surgical masks, gloves, and protective suits and emergency rooms. >> china is in free fall right now. we will continue to see a big
3:23 pm
increase in the number of cases. >> the centers for disease control and prevention said today that the virus is not mutated. it often begins with flu-like symptoms that can become pneumonia. most of those killed our middle age or elderly. the u.s. will evacuate its conflict in wuhan tomorrow by charter flight. other countries are doing the same. a minute ago, the travel advisory has been raised to level three, which is reconsider travel. >> bret: steve, let's get some insight on the coronavirus story tonight. dr. comes to us tonight frombethesd. thank you for being here. >> good to be here, bret. >> bret: what can you tell us about the latest of this virus? we have seen five confirmed cases in the u.s. and four states, arizona, california, illinois, and washington. but there are a number of people
3:24 pm
around the country under investigation, i guess. >> so what happens is it is not unexpected with the volume of travel we have from china every day including from the wuhan district that you'd see travel related cases. the good news about that is that our responsive effort by the cdc and other agencies has really worked, because the individuals have been identified, they have been isolated, and now, as you mentioned correctly, their contacts are being traced to make sure that there has not been any secondary transmission from the index cases to them. so right now, there's no evidence. it could happen, i wouldn't be surprised if it did, but there's no evidence that individuals with whom these five individuals came in contact have been infected, which is good news, which means right now the system has worked. >> bret: what does the average american need to know? is there worried to travel
3:25 pm
getting a plane around the u.s.? there is a lot of fear out there about this thing. what do they need to know? >> understandably. there is concern, but i think the american people, i know the american people, should take the following attitude. the risk right now in the united states is really low. it's an evolving problem and its evolving very crucially and critically in china. right now, people who want to fly anywhere in the united states, they shouldn't worry at all. there are now some travel warnings about going to wuhan specifically and to china in general about making sure that you only have essential travel to do that. while on the one hand i'm saying don't worry and don't be afraid, on the other hand we come in the health officials, are taking this very seriously. because this potentially can turn into an outbreak that gets beyond china and out of control.
3:26 pm
the chinese as you know from the media are doing some rather dramatic things. shutting down cities with a total of 35 million people, restricting travel, something we'd never be able to do here in the united states. but they are doing it. i hope it helps. i'm not sure it will. but i hope it does. >> bret: it presents a lot like the flu but more extreme? >> well, it's a respiratory borne illness, number one. it right now does not spread as easily and readily as influence. i mean, influenza is -- when you get a big outbreak of influenza, you get millions of people infected. it could evolve to be as transmissible as a standard pandemic or even a seasonal, but we need to make sure we keep an eye on this. the important thing, bret, is when you're at this early stage, there's a lot we don't know.
3:27 pm
we don't know exactly what we call dro to fouled the ro. is one person infecting one, two, three or four? when you get up that high, it's really bad. one person is infecting, in china, may be 1. 1.52 up the 3. that's worrisome enough to generate an outbreak that we like to get it less than one. is this as bad as the pandemic flu's we've had historically? obviously not. could it possibly get there? absolutely. you cannot rule that out and that's the reason why we are taking it very seriously. >> bret: the main issue is travel to china and is china is dealing with it there, is there anything else that we as americans can do to prevent this from spreading here? >> there is one that's going on
3:28 pm
is entry screenings of planes that are carrying people from that region. where you go and take their temperature, you question them. if they came from an area, do they have contact with an individual? but the other is just good public health practices. as they mention, the cdc and state and local health authorities have responded adequately and appropriately to the five people who did come here on travel from wuhan. so we just need to pay attention to the issues that come out from the cdc. they are being very good about getting the local health authority to be at least alert for the possibility that somebody might come into a clinic with a respiratory infection, you asked them, that they travel to china, particularly >> bret: we appreciate your time. >> good to be with you, bret.
3:29 pm
>> bret: up next, senators listening to the presidents defense in the impeachment trial are taking a break for dinner. while we wait for their return we go to the capital hell for an update on that trial. first, here's what some of our foss affiliates are covering around the country tonight. fox 5 in york as a federal bureau of prisons prepares to transfer the warden in charge of the jail where financier and convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein took his own life. attorney general william barr ordered that the warden be reassigned after epstein's death. the investigation into that death is ongoing. fox 2 in detroit, our affiliate there as general motors announces plans to bolster its electric vehicle infrastructure with a multibillion-dollar plan investment. gm says it'll spend $2.2 billion to renovate one of its facilities. the effort is supposed to create 2200 jobs. this is an area look at shots from miami, one of the biggest stories tonight, the kansas city chiefs and the tempest is the
3:30 pm
49ers arrive as a preparations ramp up for the super bowl. handful of local politicians arrive to greet the teams. the broadcast can be seen on the big broadcast, fox broadcast. we will be right back. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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team, the print's legal team to present the defensive from continue that presentation. right now, let's get the latest what's happening with the trial, congressional correspondent chad pergram on capitol hill. what does the schedule look like for this trial the next few days? >> we think they might com comek between 6:40 and 6:45. the reason for the longer break is the house and resented of is our back since the trial commenced and house managers had to walk over to the house of representative to vote and they'll head back over and that's why this trial might not start again until closer around 7:00. i am told there's about an hour and a half left for the defense to continue to present tonight. they won't get into questions tonight, i'm told they'll continue to pick up with the arguments tomorrow. maybe they will get to the 16 hour question-and-answer period. this is where the senators submit written questions to the chief justice and may be get to the issues of witnesses late in the week. that is the issue right now because the capital was buzzing
3:35 pm
about john bolton today and whether or not he could be called as a witness and that would dictate the end of the trial if they decide to call witnesses. >> bret: what's the process for later this week on voting on witnesses and evidence? >> they have to have a procedural vote to say are we even going to go down that road at all? would we consider any witnesses or any evidence that can euthanize this right at the get-go. if they do vote for that, that opens the door for weaknesses witnesses.whether there will ber pompeo or bolton or mick mulvaney, you have to look at how they frame the questions. when you look at senators like mitt romney and susan collins who said it might be for witnesses, you have to actually evaluate how the question is asked. you can bet, bret, the senate democrats will turn those votes around whatever they are, however the questions are framed on those vulnerable senators basing committed and reelection bids in swing states this fall.
3:36 pm
susan collins among them. that's going to be key. we are not going to get to that until the end of the week and that will dictate the length of the trial pair there's only two unresolved issues here. nobody thinks there's going to be 67 votes to convict the president of the united states. the two questions are when this the length of the trial. bret? >> bret: chad, thank you. i think we have adam schiff speaking out to reporters. let's do this. >> the witness who would cooperate exactly what the uncontested evidence that the house put on shows that president trump used hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to conduct his political sham investigations. a couple of other points? there seems to be a real shift in where the republican senators are, and i think it's very hard for them to maintain that they wanted a fair trial, wanted to know all the facts when there is
3:37 pm
a witness who said, i'm ready, i've got something to say. we have the outline of what he has to say. it's really hard to say we are not going to hear that. but let me address a couple other points that the president's team made. first of all, they went to great pains from which i thought was very amusing, that giuliani is just a distraction here. the one that bolton described a human hand grenade, a distraction from a bit player, the houses only bring him up to distract you. it was not the house that was on the phone with zelinski as the president was saying repeatedly that he wanted giuliani came up more than anybody's name between the call between two heads of state. if he was such a bit player as the president's team have you believe... >> this is streaming live on
3:38 pm
adam schiff pushes back on the defense as they make their case on the senate floor. we'll take a quick break and be back on the other side. (whistling) (whistling)
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for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. >> bret: the u.s. supreme court will allow the speed of administration and put in place a policy connecting the use of public benefits with potential residency for immigrants. the new rule could be used to deny green cards for immigrants to immigrants over their use of public benefits including medicaid, food stamps, and housing vouchers. the vote was 5-4 in the supreme court and reverses a ruling in the lower court that kept the nationwide hold on the policy following lawsuits that had been filed against it. at least eight people are dead following a fire in a marina in northeastern alabama. at least 35 vessels were destroyed by the blaze which began shortly after midnight as many people were sleeping aboard the houseboat. at least seven people were able to escape before the fire
3:43 pm
intensified by jumping into the water. those people were taken to the hospital treated for their injuries. divers are still searching for more victims there. overseas, u.s. military officials as an air force plane crashed in eastern afghanistan today. not yet if anybody survived. they were fewer than five people on board. iranian state media has posted video of the alleged crash site claiming the american plane was shot down by the taliban. u.s. officials said there was no indication that the plane was shot down. about 200 survivors, one of humanity's darkest chapters returned to the scene of the crime today. a memorial was held in poland to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp at. that's where correspondent lauren green is tonight.
3:44 pm
survivors of germany's notorious death camp >> i light on the bench and they started to punch. i told myself you either escape or you are dead. >> there is an urgency to help the world remember on the 75th year since allied soviet troops liberated jewish captives from auschwitz birkenau. the camp is where nazis systematically murdered 6 million part of the atrocities that we now call crime against humanity. >> we did not know what the next day will bring. >> holocaust survivor shauna milstein spoke at holocaust memory day. >> it's not just a memory. it's about those who underwent it.
3:45 pm
in a way, a personal decision. whether you they haven act towards the next person to you. >> the anniversary takes place at a time when the world and the u.s. are seeing a rise in anti-semitic attacks. at today's events, that message was loud and care that never again means never again. bret? >> bret: lauren, thank you. next up, the panel on impeachment and what the john bolton development may mean as the senators continue their dinner break on the floor. for what you need. y almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> ambassador bolton essentially confirms that president committed the offenses charged in the first article of impeachment. >> just cut to the chase. it really doesn't change anything. >> i don't know how anybody can say you had a fair trial without calling him as a witness. >> i haven't seen the manuscript but i can take that nothing was ever said the john bolton. >> i'll let you know thursday about securing testimony from john bolton. >> i think it's increasingly likely that other republicans will want to hear from john bolton.
3:50 pm
>> bret: a lot of fallout from john bolton's words as reported by "the new york times." a story that caught everybody's attention. that book, the room where it happened, the white house memo are getting a lot of attention. being cleared and reviewed by the nsc. and supposedly that somehow is how it got out. the president tweeting, i never told john bolton that the aid to your tidy investigations ukraine was tied toinvestigatio. there's a lot of questions around all of this. let's bring in our panel. something heard jonathan, and a lot of people were chasing this. we knew that it was going to be somewhere. it comes out, we don't see any direct quotes, but also that bolton is not denying that it
3:51 pm
says what it says it says. >> no. his team has put out a statement coordinating with "the new york times" to put up the amazon purchasing link, but they notably did not deny the contents of "the new york times" story. look, i felt bad because i didn't get the story. i was chasing it. but so did the white house, they didn't know about this. a lot of senior white house officials did not know about the existence of this manuscript sitting there in the national security council. >> this was since december 30th. >> exactly. >> but who possibly know? did the white house counsel know? >> financial security council but not a statement saying that it was not passed to any other white house personnel to review the manuscript. that leaves open room for verbal briefings and other things. we have seen denials but we do not know yet who sold this. it was kept very close. very close. bret: does this change the dynamic on witnesses?
3:52 pm
mitt romney and susan collins said they were anyway. they were more bold in their statements. >> they are politicians so you can never really predict them but as far as a change the dynamic? this is the biggest nonbombshell of a bombshell that i've ever heard. as usual, president trump does a good job of summing things up. they guy is trying to sell a book! when you are trying to sell a book, you are going to put out sexy stuff like this but this is how people in washington get access right million-dollar books, the access to power. doesn't mean it's always correct. what we know is it's another game of telephone. we don't even see any actual quotes from the book. let's just take it at its face value and you put him out there as a witness and i as an american, i'm dying to hear john bolton's account of what
3:53 pm
happened for all sorts of reasons. it's the ultimate clash of the swamp or this sort of globalist washington regime against donald trump. that's the part of the show that excites me the most. i want to see that. but the idea, he has an alternate world view, paid for what he says, so ultimately it comes down to another he said, she said. >> bret: he might... >> may have notes. >> bret: may have notes. he is volunteering at least to be under oath, but he has not as of yet and the house did not subpoena him. asked to testify come he said no, wanted to wait for the legal decision. they didn't issue a subpoena. by this time, they would've had an answer if they could testify. >> john bolton has managed to do a very good job of ramping up the circus-like environment
3:54 pm
around this whole thing. but having said that -- be when he goes to the heart. >> it's still important information. an important part of the conversation. what he wrote in the manuscript is one thing. what his contemporary us contemporaneous notessay is ano. it's hard to make an argument that is not wrapped up just in process. hard to make a substantive argument that it isn't time for him to speak. >> bret: here's senator john cornyn asked what witnesses would mean to this process. >> there are claims of executive privilege in the course of the senate trial, they will have to be litigation decided in the district court here in the district of columbia, then i'll come up to court of appeals and the supreme court. they could take at least weeks but more like months. >> bret: i do not think how we will see how this plays out. once this door is opened and we don't know how it plays out. >> is not clear how they stop
3:55 pm
it. if john bolton determine they want to testify, it's not clear how they would stop them from doing so. they can obviously object when he gets to the senate and if there is a majority to hold that, but we never seen this tested before, usually when executive privilege is invoked, the person wanted to be involved, quite happy with it being invoked. this is a very new scenario and we do not know how it's going to play out. >> bret: the defense team getting ready to continue their case for the president on the senate floor. they are in a dinner break a little bit longer than we thought it was going to be. down the road, witnesses or not? >> bret: i think yes. >> i think so. >> i have no idea. this witness is not going to change anything. the president told him he's going to withhold the aid to ukraine and on behalf of getting this investigation and none of that stuff happened. >> bret: we shall see. >> what about you? you've got to say. >> bret: i think it's more
3:56 pm
likely tonight than it was last night. how about that? is that a cop-out? the senates that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid. martha maccallum starts after the break. comes with a pork and bean reduction. yeah, we're going to just do a lap and we'll come back. okay. well, we'll be here. man! why isn't this working? my mouth is watering. i think that's just your rabies flaring up. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we got gristle pot pies! it would've saved me a lotspen of money that i spent. my family has bad teeth. when you're not able to smile you become closed off. the meaning of a smile to me is the beginning of a conversation. the best advice i can give anyone... don't wait. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to free exam and x-rays
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