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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 31, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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we haven't heard from romney. we will be here tomorrow night and unpack it all. that is all the time we have tonight. the emanuel and "fox news @ night" team take it all here with an interview froml president trump. and might team take it all here with an interview from president trump. ♪ >> mike: this is a fox news alert. >> a fox news alert, exclusive interview with donald trump. peter doocy is catching up with the president at his rally. stay tuned, you are looking at the senate impeachment trial, the question and answer phase wrapping up a few minutes ago as we moved what could be the final stage tomorrow, senators debating on more witnesses. another key republican holdout on witnesses ready to make a decision tonight. the inside scoop from ted cruz. welcome to fox news at night, we
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have fox team coverage, you will hear from donald trump in moments as peter doocy brings us the exclusive from i will. kevin cork kicks up coverage with worthy impeachment trial is at this moment. >> reporter: i received a note about a key republican who has made a decision about whether or not to go ahead and vote to approve more witnesses, in this case in the senate trial, susan collins from the state of maine. i will read part of a statement that you will appreciate commences i will vote in support of the motion to allow witnesses and documents to be subpoenaed if this motion passes. i most and the way to proceed would be for house managers and the president's attorneys to attempt to agree on a limited and equal number of witnesses for each side. if they can't agree then the senate could choose a number of witnesses, that from susan collins. all this is happening, the
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action continues on the hill and comes against the backdrop of another key senator we have been watching, we were waiting for lamar alexander to wayne and lisa murkowski in the chamber today, some concerns among some republicans she may join democrats in allowing for the demand for more witnesses. all that and a house manager has a plan for limited amount of witnesses in a limited time. go. it was if nothing else a novel attempt at a hail mary pass to try to salvage the democrats demands for more witnesses in the senate impeachment trial. >> i will make an offer to those who said this will stretch on indefinitely if you decide to have a single witness. let's cabinet depositions to one week. i think we can, i think we should.
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i think we must. >> adam schiff's offer appeared to be an effort to counter one of the main arguments from senate republicans, opening the door to witnesses would drag out the trial for weeks, perhaps months, democrats complain with no witnesses there is no legitimacy, and argument republicans reject. >> we are not blocking anybody's witnesses, which is not going to legitimize the house choosing not to call a witness, dump it in our lap and put us in a spot where if you call the witness you are dealing the courts of judicial review of impeachment. >> with a witnesses let me, expected on friday a head count is already underway. it is believed four republicans would have to join democrats to force witness testimony any defections by democrats like the likelihood of that happening even similar. >> this is an uphill fight, the pressure, trump is a vindictive, nasty president and mcconnell place on them is large but we are still hopeful, truth prevails. >> it is great to be with you.
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i'm thrilled to be back in american heartland with thousands of loyalists, hard-working american patriots. great people. >> tonight the president rallied his supporters in iowa, reminding them for all the political pugilist in washington he is fighting for everyday americans and far from running from the trial back in washington on abuse of power and obstruction of congress he is in fact embracing it. on the campaign trail tonight. >> i just got impeached, that's not going to work. we call this impeachment light. >> perhaps accepting the all but inevitable democrats want to get ahead of the president's next talking point, acquittal by the senate. >> no trial, no vindication, no vindication for the president or anyone else. >> this cannot be a true acquittal because it is not been a fair trial.
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>> without the evidence, witnesses and documents would render the president's acquittal meaningless. >> reporter: new polling suggests the president's messages working in iowa according to the latest new york times survey leading head to head matchups with all the leading democrats including 6 and 5 point margins over bernie sanders and elizabeth warren respectively. much tighter matchups with former vice president joe biden and pete buttigieg, the president still leads in both cases. tomorrow a big day on the hill, and feeling that in a final vote we could see that come shortly thereafter. i should point out we just learned tennessee senator lamar alexander made his decision whether to vote on witnesses and this is part of a statement we just received. he says there is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven and does not meet the united states
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constitution's high bar for an impeachable offense. that is lamar alexander. that could be a big deal because if you look at the numbers that might be that 51-49 linchpin as we look at the head count tomorrow. >> waiting for lisa mccarthy -- lisa murkowski. he is retired, he could decide to be in institutionalist, he could do whatever he wants with him saying he heard enough is significant at the big deal for gop leadership. >> it will be key to see what happens with mitt romney and whether there are any democratic defect is that decide to say enough. we just learned mitt romney says he does want to hear from john bolton. it will be very interesting. we will be counting down to the last second, busy day for you. >> waiting on lisa murkowski. while senators wrap up their marathon question-and-answer portion of the impeachment trial the president open the iowa rally by marking his potential 2020 opponents. >> let's vote for pocahontas,
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let's vote for bernie, let's vote for sleepy joe. how many times has he visited, great to be in the great state of ohio, you are in iowa. how about buttigieg? they call him mayor pete. because nobody can pronounce his name, nobody has any idea. >> also tonight are peter doocy in iowa, one on one with the president before the rally and here he is now. good evening, peter. >> we have been in iowa a dozen times in the past year tracking those democratic candidates. they have a lot to say about donald trump so this evening in des moines the president responded. >> i just got back from michigan where we are doing incredibly
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well with the factories being built all over the place, just landing in iowa. i got to watch a little bit, it's very boring to watch. i call it the impeachment hoax and that's what it is, it is a hoax. it should never taken place, never allowed to happen but i have great confidence in republican senators and probably some democrats. >> any concerns because not many presidents have been impeached by the house, potential vote for removal in the senate. >> i shouldn't be in this position because we've done more than any other president in the first 3 years, you know that, your father knows that as he watches, a great guy but we have done a lot with tax cuts and regulation cuts and the military, rebuilding it, terrorism, 100% of the isis caliphate and we could go on forever. it is a ridiculous, horrible partisan situation, 196-0 in the house, this was not supposed to
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happen but i have great confidence in the republican to the republican senate that they are going to be fair. >> democrats in iowa talking about impeachment like it will stain you forever where is your defenders say will fire up the base. which is it? >> the polls came out, i am leading everybody. and i'll i'm leading bylot, every democrat i'm leading by a lot. we did a lot of other things including biofuels but most importantly the farmers, i gave them the usmc a, i gave him the china deal and now they are going to really start to do well because of the new trade deals that were horrible and just left alone by president obama and biden, they were horrible deals and now the farmers are going to do fantastically well. they have to buy bigger tractors and more land because i don't even know if they will be able
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to create that amount of products but we will see what happens but we are doing well in iowa, you saw the polls, i am beating every single one of them. >> there are poles that joe biden likes to look at where he says i am the one -- >> their old poles. what has happened, look at the new gallup poll that just came out where we are beating the mall and joe is going down, bernie is surging, very interesting here at this time. we a rally that was thousands of people who can't get in. it will be something but it seems bernie is surging, i don't know who's going to win it. >> bernie sanders's campaign is warning democrats donald trump is going to take away your social security because of something you said in davos. anything to that? >> i'm the one that saved it, democrats wanted to do it last time. i haven't touched it except
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making everything stronger, making our country stronger. our country being stronger saving social security. i'm not touching social security, they are the ones that are going to destroy it with crazy plans that will destroy everything, they will destroy healthcare, take away healthcare from 180 million people. it is going to be a catastrophe. i'm the one that saved social security and every year become stronger because our economy is so good and now the trade deals are kicking growth would be incredible. >> speaking of healthcare coronavirus, are consumed are you and you believe china is telling us everything? >> we are dealing closely with china, we will be making certain announcements over the next 24 hours and 48 hours and we're in great shape, china is not in great shape but they are working very hard and we will see what happens but we are working closely with china and other countries. >> elizabeth foreign was trying to place the blame with you and see if it wasn't for budget cuts we wouldn't have an outbreak like this.
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>> he is pocahontas for reason, she's a disaster. she wants to have something where she takes away free speech and she is the one that violated more than anybody when you look at what she has told. she is failing, she's feeling in the polls, whether it is biden or bernie or somebody, it's not going to be elizabeth warren, too many arms. >> michael bloomberg was asked if the country wanted a race between two new york billionaires, his response to that was who is the other one? is he trying to get into your skin? >> he did a poor job, and this last time he was terrible. >> you know how many times i have been asked that question? everybody that runs, is a true he is under your skin? michael is doing very poorly, look at his poll numbers, he is spending a lot of money and what can i say, he's doing poorly, there are doing poorly because according to every poll i am leading every one of them by a lot. >> super bowl pick. >> i love them both but i will tell you two interesting teams, interesting players, hopefully a great super bowl.
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>> now pick? >> i better not do that i have a feeling who's going to win but i'm not going to say. >> what has been playing out in iowa today is the way things have been going to last couple weeks democrats still have not been able to pick a single winner because their contests have not started. the president can go wherever they are and run a reelection campaign. mike: peter doocy, congratulations and thanks so much. now that we have heard from susan collins, yes on witnesses, utah senator mitt romney saying he would like to hear from john bolton, lamar alexander, no one witnesses. let's go to chad program with where we stand with your upcoming critical vote on witnesses.
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>> reporter: what this means with development in the last 20 minutes it appears they do not have the votes to open the door to extend the senate trial and bring in witnesses or documents. 53-47 is the breakdown between republicans and senators who caucus with the democrats. mitt romney, susan collins, gets you to 51, then lisa murkowski from alaska is on the fence, she will think about it tonight and make a decision in the morning. even if they go to 50/50, by a tie vote falls in the senate so you have lamar alexander indicating he doesn't need to hear anymore, doesn't think there needs to be anymore witnesses so 50/50 at minimum even if murkowski joins susan collins and mitt romney that means there aren't going to be the votes. what that mean? they probably wrap up the senate trial late tomorrow night. >> thanks a lot.
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let's bring in ted cruz, front and center. the breaking news no surprise on collins and romney. your reaction? >> that is a big deal. in terms of whether to have witnesses or not that has been up in the air for a couple weeks now. with this announcement the chances of additional witnesses now has plummeted. in all likelihood we will see a bunch of motions, a bunch of arguments tomorrow but we are likely to move on saturday to final judgment at the end of this the president will be acquitted. >> lisa murkowski taking a little more time. >> 53-47, all 47 democrats will vote for additional witnesses, house managers have not proven their case. they want to keep it open as long as possible, engage in a
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fishing expedition and just keep extending. mike: the big questions what they get four republicans to join with them? >> mitt romney is a yes, susan collins said she is a yes so that takes them to 49. the two others who were reasonable possibilities to join with them were lamar alexander and lisa murkowski given that lamar is now know they are not going to break 50. lisa, i don't know where she will be. i talked with her a number of times the past couple days, i talked with lamar a couple times for both of them have been thinking about it and reflecting on it. a number of other republican senators tried to make the case to both of them that there have been already 17 witnesses who testified, 18 if you count the inspector general, there has been more than enough testimony and house managers haven't proved their case, haven't proved a high crime or misdemeanor, the constitutional test that we are obliged to apply for impeachment is whether there is a high crime or
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misdemeanor and the simple fact that resolve this case is a president has the authority and in fact responsibility to investigate credible allegations of corruption. in this case a was more than enough information, allegations about corruption about burisma, the ukrainian natural gas company, joe biden and hunter biden that burisma was paying $1 million a year. given all that donald trump was entirely justified in asking for an investigation and that resolve the manner, it was not a high crime or misdemeanor to say let's investigate this corruption. >> with your legal background what are you saying to your colleagues? >> the past couple days have been wild and crazy, we had 93 questions last night, not sure how many we had tonight, each question is 5 minutes, you handwrite them or type them out, the chief justice reads them and
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it has been fast and crazy. a number of submitted questions at the outset but a bunch of questions i sat and wrote and submitted so i have been very active, lindsey graham and i have worked very closely together and written a bunch of questions together, we have written questions other senators have asked trying to respond in real time to the factual arguments coming out and also the constitutional issues. one of the questions later tonight that lindsay asked that i worked with him to write that we asked together was assuming for the sake of argument john bolton testifies and all of the evidence indicated there was a quid pro quo which house managers tried to prove and there was a condition between positive the military aid and investigating corruption, assuming all of that would the house managers have stated in impeachable offense in the white
12:19 am
house lawyer made the right argument which is now. even if that is the case, even if there were a quid pro quo it was perfectly legitimate to investigate corruption. the video of joe biden where he bragged that he went to the president of ukraine, block $1 billion in foreign aid to ukraine, unless you fire the prosecutor who is investigating burisma which was paying his son $1 million a year it is joe biden puts it the sonofabitch, they fired him. that raised a lot of questions of corruption, the president normally was justified but had a responsibility to say look into this and investigate that corruption. that exchange is really important. >> donald trump is watching tonight, your message to him.
12:20 am
>> the senate will follow the law, we have given both sides a fair trial, the house didn't have a proceeding, it had a 1-sided partisan proceeding, we let both sides present their case, we will apply the law and by the end of the weekend the president will be convicted. two weeks ago i launched a podcast, the verdict with ted cruz discussing what is going on, the number one podcast in america. >> thanks for your time. major breaking news on the coronavirus, pete buttigieg attacked by some in the media for phrasing the heartland. symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls starting at $7.99 for a limited time. wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out
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♪ >> mike: this is a fox news mike: the united states declaring a travel advisory to china as world health officials declare the coronavirus a global public health emergency and officials confirming tonight the first person-to-person transmission of the deadly coronavirus right here at home.
12:25 am
let's go to dulles airport where they are screening international arrivals. >> reporter: it doesn't get much clearer, the state department saying simply do not travel to china and people are heeding those warnings, the flights that left this morning to china and those scheduled for tomorrow are less than half-full but they are still flying. there are considerably more people on the planes flying back from china to the united states, the state department telling those americans in china to consider leaving the country, those arriving here are being screened. fever and other symptoms of the coronavirus. >> i think it is quite serious and people are concerned. most people are staying at home. >> we saw today at the airport
12:26 am
people heading on a flight to hong kong that leaves in a couple hours, most of them were wearing masks. this comes from news that a man contracted the virus not by going to china but by being with his wife in the united states when she had come back from side with the virus in the president addressed those concerns of americans infected a little earlier. >> we are working with them very closely on the coronavirus, working with them very very closely. we only have five people, hopefully everything is going to be great, they have somewhat of a problem but hopefully it is all going to be great. >> reporter: the numbers continue to climb inside china, 10,000 so far confirmed cases, 200 dead in that country and the disease is spreading throughout the world, the united states and other countries as well. for context in terms of how deadly the corona virus is versus the flu, the flu killed
12:27 am
anywhere from 12-61,000 people each year, we are a long way from that. right now there are dozens of flights from china to the united states. how long is that going to be an option for americans in china who want to get out? american islands pilot union has to their airline saying they don't want to fly the route anymore. >> very serious health questions, thanks a lot. the iowa caucus is almost a presidential hopeful is under fire for calling for a president who had roots in the american heartland. trace gallagher has more on the outrage against pete buttigieg. >> reporter: from the american heartland, touting little american values always was a political badge of honor especially heading into iowa.
12:28 am
democratic senator amy klobuchar offer referred to herself as heartland amy saying she was a voice from the heartland. in 2012 president obama sang the praises of middle america saying, quote, the heartland is what it is all about but then pete buttigieg bragged about his heartland credentials, quote, in the face of unprecedented challenges we need a president whose vision was shaped by the american heartland rather than ineffective washington politics we have come to know and expect. the comment backfired. some on the left condemning it as a racist dog whistle. heartland is code and she is, quote, of recording again it erases the legitimacy of the experiences and reality of black midwesterners and cloaks white midwestern communities in authenticity. a filmmaker tweeted respectfully
12:29 am
where is the american heartland located in your mind as you write this week? does it include compton and other places like it because us folks from those places would like a president shaped by our vision too. strong stuff for a candidate who only months ago was done by new york magazine as the democrats folksiness heartland hope. most experts believe the backlash is about his relationship with the african-american community which is why buttigieg responded to the controversy by pushing for inclusive values. >> my experience from living in the midwest has been one of racial diversity. my old community, 45% in the future is racially diverse. >> and days and weeks and some analysts predict we will hear less talk about the heartland fearing it reinforces an us versus them mentality.
12:30 am
mike: breaking news from the senate trial of donald trump. and all-star panel straight ahead. more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. cascade platinum.
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>> mike: updating where we are now at the senate impeachment >> updating where we are now with the senate impeachment trial the senate appears to lack votes to call witnesses with several key senators weighing in tonight, tomorrow we could see an abrupt end to the impeachment trial ending in a quick look to bring weeks of more arguments. with this testimony. let's bring in attorney general harry litman, republican senator from montana steve gaines and trump 2020 national press secretary kaylee mcinerney. let's get the reaction of your colleagues weighing and how they will vote tomorrow, romney and collins would like more witnesses, retiring colleague lamar alexander saying he has heard enough and lisa murkowski
12:35 am
is going to think about it. >> i have heard enough. looks like right now it is at least 50/50 depending on what senator murkowski does but that would stop anymore witnesses. we have heard from 13 witnesses, we had over 60 hours of trial in the last 2 weeks, we have seen 192 different video clips of witnesses, 28,000 pages of testimony. for the past 16 hours and it is a vast 200 question so this has been a thorough trial. finally the president had a chance to share his side of the story. this has been a sham processed, time to put a end to it, let's move to the verdict, he will be acquitted, hopefully this weekend. >> before that vote the immediate question is about witnesses. listen to senator angus king of maine. >> the question about witnesses is an important one because from the president's point of view of this trial winds up in the next 24, 40 hours with no witnesses
12:36 am
he can say i was acquitted but he can't say he was exonerated. there will always be in ascarerisk. >> the president of the united states is about to be acquitted on a sham impeachment charge, the only bipartisan vote was against impeachment and we will likely see a bipartisan vote for acquittal and i think most americans have made up the russian conspiracy theory, the president was exonerated by the mueller report. they made up the ukraine conspiracy theory, the president about to be acquitted by the united states senate. they did to brett cavanagh, they've done it to donald trump, democrats see through this, americans see through this, republicans see through this, they know this was never about impeachment, it was a campaign strategy because they know they cannot beat donald trump at the
12:37 am
polls, they must do it via a coup in the calls of congress. what is your take on where things stand at a critical day tomorrow? >> i think the submission is ridiculous. it is obviously clear they made a strong factual case that nobody wants to rebut and it's very odd they wouldn't allow more evidence if they are ready to acquit. leaving that to the side i do think alexander's vote is portentous. the senator says 50/50 means motion fails, it doesn't seem to be the case, the weight of scholarly opinion sees otherwise. it could be a dramatic moment depending on where murkowski comes. he could be served up the way it is and any other impeachment the vice president would preside over and we will see. it is a longshot for the dems at this point.
12:38 am
>> there's a question whether doug jones of alabama and joe manchin of west virginia and kirsten cinema could vote to acquit. how big would that be for your campaign? >> it would be a huge deal. if they are in their right mind and want to win the elections a stand with donald trump. it would be a huge deal, much like there was a bipartisan vote against impeachment to begin with that let's look at the democrats. the naked ambition has always been determining the outcome of the 20/20 election which is why you had alan greenspan we know we can beat him is what he said, this is about reelecting the president, alexandria ocasio cortez saying we have to avoid a disastrous outcome in 2020, donald trump will be elected in greater numbers than before, they know it, that is what this is about. >> look at the facts. >> there. to be no chance the 20 republicans would vote to vote the president out of office and how much of this is about chuck
12:39 am
schumer trying to put some of your colleagues on the line here and become majority leader in the new congress? >> is trying to put tough votes in front of senators who have tough races across the country. it is important that we see a strong acquittal of the president we will. we will pick up a few democrats and send a strong message about the sham of a process, important constitutional moment. even rises above the current fight we haven't that is you cannot allow the house, the tyranny of the house to throw a half-baked impeachment to the senate. it was never intended that way, the founding fathers knew this was a strong power they gave to congress. we have never removed a president from office and this is the first impeachment trial where there was not a bipartisan vote bringing it to trial, the first impeachment, no crimes alleged, that is absolutely a terrible precedent that adam schiff and jerry nadler have set.
12:40 am
we need to stop on constitutional grounds little on the merits of the case, he is innocent, he will be acquitted, we have to get back to work, i was with the press at the white house when he signed the us-mexico trade agreement, he is continue to work on behalf of the people while democrats are locking up the senate and the sheriff impeachment process. >> what about concern about partisan impeachment going forward? >> what can you do. is the only time republicans hold their hands and said we won't look at the facts, won't look at the law. a sham impeachment, history will not recorded that way. no one on the republican side tried to rebut the fact if you have tried to rebut the legal theory. what made it nonpartisan is
12:41 am
mitch mcconnell, all you heard from my respected colleagues is about the politics of it. the actual sober fact of white house managers proved and why it matters, that is something they want to run from. the tough votes they are trying to give them. it is tough because it looks completely and defensible to say we won't even hear from john bolton but we are ready to exonerate. that is completely unreasonable. >> 60 hours of trial, the factor in the president's side, house impeachment managers, it is time to move forward and that's why you will see a bipartisan acquittal i predict. it will be a bipartisan acquittal. mike: republicans help us with acquittal is republicans digging for witnesses. we take you to capitol hill live next. for another witness vote head count. diarrhea? pepto diarrhea to the rescue.
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♪ >> mike: mike: senators wrapping up the question and answer portion of the impeachment trial moments ago. let's go to capitol hill correspondent chad program. >> reporter: they wrapped that up, 180 questions over two days, there were 93 wednesday, 87 tonight and now the diapers to be cast. we seem to know where the senate trial is going. we don't think there are votes to open the gateway for witnesses. susan collins has indicated she is for witnesses. mitt romney from utah indicated he is for witnesses so if the breakdown is 53-47 that gets you to 51. lisa murkowski from alaska says
12:47 am
she will think about it. worst-case scenario 50/50. a tie vote loses in the senate. we don't think there will be a vote to extend this trial. tomorrow afternoon the coming at 1:00, four hours of deliberations and then goods the gateway vote and we think we know how it will go in the question is they finish up tomorrow night. there could be additional deliberations after that, you won't have witnesses, nobody knows. i should point out in the senate mitch mcconnell has the first right, chief justice john roberts will recognize him first and then they moved to dismiss or call final votes on both articles of impeachment and if they vote late tomorrow night this important sometimes on capitol hill you strike when the iron is hot. saturday or next week or something, you never know when a new variable will come in and
12:48 am
people want -- those loyal to the president wants to wrap this up sooner rather than later. that is why the vote could come late tonight. >> with lamar alexander who is retiring, close personal friends with mitch mcconnell, your thoughts on alexander? >> he was thought to be in play and he was a bit of a wildcard, he didn't think the case has been proven according to his statements, with additional witnesses or evidence. >> great job late night, see you tomorrow. the state department issued a travel advisory to china. what that means.
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♪ >> mike: a quick update now on >> quick update, the corona virus is a global public health emergency, officials confirming the first person to person transmission at home. the epicenter of the outbreak, the first diplomat, mike pompeo
12:53 am
tweeting tonight, includes level iv, do not travel, those in china should continue traveling by commercial means and the state department late tonight. new tonight mike pompeo is in ukraine. earlier today, the us and great britain will retain and enhance their special relationship despite disagreement over a chinese technology company. >> on the eve of brexit, mike pompeo gained a meeting with boris johnson. strengthening bilateral ties was top of the agenda. >> i expect the united states to work closely together on important issues of the day. >> the uk brakes with the european union tomorrow at midnight. >> with a referendum in 2016, years of haggling about how to do it.
12:54 am
the deal was done with a vote, some song and flag-waving in the eu parliament yesterday. donald trump was a champion of the uk going on and promised a massive trade deal, uk 2 has hopes of -- >> we are excited about that. >> reporter: others caution it won't be easy and there are other bumps in the road for a special relationship between the us and the uk including a decision by britain to allow the chinese telecom company huawei to participate in the mobile phone network. mike pompeo and others branded an extension of the chinese communist party and a security risk but the trump administration counting on the uk to help other security areas, mike pompeo made nice. >> we will work together to resolve this difference.
12:55 am
>> friday is being billed as independence day by backers of the departure from the eu but no fourth of july style fireworks are planned. a north carolina man saving a girl from attempted kidnapping. having a little breakfast when he noticed a man walking -- watching in a-year-old girl. when he attempted to snap a picture of the man running out leading to his arrest giving cody free breakfast for a life-saving act, you are our midnight hero, great job. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. see you on capitol hill tomorrow.
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>> the president is so excited he is speechless about the amazing show we have for the next two hours. with days to go before the iowa caucuses donald trump making his voice heard in the hawkeye state. >> his message to the first voters in the country, we are live in des moines. >> the math isn't adding up for democrats pushing for witnesses in the impeachment trial. >> republican senators make


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