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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 7, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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like -- like i wasn't here. [ horn honks ] keep -- keep doing it, buddy. switch to progressive and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says. see you then, everybody. good night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." last night on this show, we told you about what may be the single most extreme and disruptive piece of legislation ever to gain widespread support in the congress in the history of this country. i it's called the new way forward act. it's before congress right now and has been for almost two months. and yet, so far it has been essentially ignored by the country's major media outlets, which are either too embarrassed of it or too ignorant to cover it. that's a disservice to you because it's really impossible to describe just how radical this bill is. if passed, it would remake our immigration system for the expressed purpose of helping foreign-born criminals live here.
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the bill would allow people who have committed serious felonies in other countries to move to the united states legally. it would make it nearly impossible for federal immigration officials to detain immigrants, no matter how potentially dangerous they are.r and, perhaps most infuriatingly and remarkably, it would require taxpayers to transport deported criminals back into the united states. you break our laws and hurt our people we will pay for you to come back. it's utter and total insanity. yet, very popular in the democratic party. so far, this bill has 44 democratic co-sponsors. on the screen is a list of some of their names. some of these people you have heardso of before. alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib. they are celebrities. but some are obscure, earl blumenauer has represented oregon for decades. before this, he may be best known for running the congressional bicycle caucus. and, yet, all of a sudden out of nowhere blumenauer
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has decided to wreck the country. we would like to talk to earl blumenauer on d this show. we would like to hear why he supports this bill. we would like to talk to any of the people who have co-sponsoredts it. we reached out to manyeo of them today to come on and defend their views. but not one of them agreed to come? why? because they are cowards. and yet, we think you ought to know what they are doing. here is the bill's primaryou sponsor, jesus garcia of illinois, after introducing the bill. garcia said this. >> this is not a radical project. we are simply asking for a fair shot and the opportunity for immigrants to stay in the country they call home. a new way forward does just that. it would end mandatory immigration detention, end the automatic pipeline to deportation through the criminal justice system. it would end deportation for people who have had contact with the criminal illegal system..
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it would end practices with the police engaging in immigration enforcement and the increase everpolicing of communities of color. it would decriminalize immigration. >> tucker: this is not a radical project. of course, the opposite is true. the bill is completely radical. it would transform america into a place you don'trecognize. many of the sponsors of this bill come from the fringesf of the democratic party as you would expect. f but not all of them do. consider congressman andy levin, levin represents the suburbs north of detroit. levin's district leans blue but it's still essentially bipartisan. voters there went for hillary clinton, for example, by just 8 points. so there is no chance a majority of andy levin's voters want to send plane tickets to armed robbers in guatemala so they can move next door.enem in effect, nobody wants that, no matter what they claim on twitter. yet, levin is trying to do that right now. and that's what's scary about this bill, it's happening in the dark.
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no one is talking about it. those who are dismiss it as unlikely. it will never happen. and that's a mistake. things change fast in modern america. on issue after issue, from ending the second amendment to banning biological gender to the open and aggressive racism oflo identity politics. yesterday's extremism has become today's democratic party platform. that's how it works now. four years ago, when bernie sanders mounted his first campaign for president, pressed him on why he didn't back open borders for the world. sanders responded this way, quote: "no, that's a koch brothers proposal which says essentially there is no united states. it would make everybody in america poorer," end quote. of course, sanders was entirely right, and for thatht crime he was savaged by vox and all the other angry children in woke-dom.. resisting was, needless to say proof that sanders was a hardened bigot, a racist. four years later, sanders has become obedient.
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his new platform contains all the usual open borders rhetoric. ending deportations, abolishing i.c.e. giving blanket amnesty to all illegal aliens in the country. now, a new hampshire voter recently asked sanders why his views changed so radically. the man who once called lax immigrationen forcement a koch brothers conspiracy. sounded very much like a koch brother himself. >> we have 11 million undocumented, many of those workers, by the way, are being exploited right now. w you know, trump wants to throw everybody out of the if he threw people out of the country, the price of food in this country would skyrocket. who do you think is picking the crops and planting all over this country? >> tucker: who is picking the crops? actually, machines arere picking most of the crops inne this country now and planting them, too. bernie is almost 80 years old and apparently nobody told him that. either way, it stiller shocking to heart that explanation from a self-described socialist. so, yes, workers are being exploited, but think about
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what avocados would cost if citizens had to pick them. it's nauseating. now, sanders isn't stupid. he has to know his party immigration hurts workers in the country. but he desperately wants to be president of the united states. so he goes along with it. you are seeing quite a bit of this by the way. joe biden, who supposedly is the most moderate man in politics, old uncle joe, now is pushing for illegal aliens to get off on duis. watch. >> you only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that's committed and i don't count drunk driving as a felony. >> tucker: the confused ravings of a fading old man, no, hardly. they all think that way now. if democrats win the 2020 election, some version of the new way forward act will likely become law. once again, keep this in w mind, things move fast in this country.
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so be ready. paul reyes is an attorney. he supports the new way forward act. thanks for coming on. we couldn't get any of the sponsors to. we're thankful that you did. i will give you a minute to explain why u.s. taxpayers should be required to pay the travel expenses of criminals who aren't allowed to be -- why should we pay to import felons? >> well, basically, in the broader sense, the reason i support this act is because what it does is it affords due process to undocumented people, which is, as you know, guaranteed by the constitution and recent supreme court g rulings. it affords them individualin assessment of the case and also provides them for an opportunity for judicial review. that's where what you are talking about comes in. where you have people who may have been deported under the 1996 immigration act for reasons that, now, if this act passed, would be found lacking in due process or the way the case was handled. no one is requiring that
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they would be allowed to come back to the country at taxpayer expense. what would happen is they would be eligible to apply to return to the united states thereby their case would go back to the judge who originally handled that case. and that judge would decide whether or not they would allow for some review or reconsideration of the case which would then potentially revoke. >> tucker: let me correct you, having read -- okay, having read the bill, let me just tell you that it would establish a right of those criminal aliens to be brought back by the u.s. government, by americann taxpayers to be broughtt back. it's their right, it says. >> that is the name of the section. right to return. that is indeed the name of the section. i think it's section 7. what it really means right to apply for return. >> tucker: and then we would pay for it. hold on, it's clear, we would pay for it. so i'm just asking you, what percentage ofle americans think that someone deported
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for a felony should be not only allowed to comeme back, but subsidized in the return? why would we import felons? that's a sincere question. who is it for? a >> well, there is two reasons in my view. number one is the cost factor. the amount of people who i would be potentially eligible for this government taxpayer sponsored return to the country would likely -- we don't know. i think it's very small compared to the number of people that we currently have at our taxpayer expense at government expense in deportation and detention centers and deportation proceedings and clogging immigration courts. >> tucker: with respect, these are people who living in their own country and wee are taking steps to bring them c back. >> right. >> tucker: that's insane. >> second step has to deal with felonies. our supreme court recentlyon ruled, just in 2018, sessions vs. demao, peopleau
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removed from the country or in danger of removal because of aggravated felonies, the supreme court ruled on constitutional grounds that that term, that terminology was too broad and too vague and that thesend potential deportees were entitled to review. >> tucker: not a supreme court decision. i hope you will come back. [talking at the same time] >> tucker: mr. reyes we are out of time. hope to see you again. thank you. >> likewise. >> tucker: jerry camera is a research fellow for the center at the immigration studies. he is also a pulitzer prize winning reporter author of a book, "house divided: how liberal overreach and conservative special interest blocked immigration reform and provoked the backlash that elected trump." all which is true. he joins us tonight. jerry, thanks so much for coming on. >> pleasure, tucker. >> tucker: i grew up in california, and whenas i was a kid, caesar chavez was a hero to the left. he personally prevented illegal aliens from coming into california because he thought they undermined the wages of his union members. that was then.
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30 years later, the democratic party is saying we have to pay for illegal alien felons to be located -- relocated into our country. how did we get here? >> tucker, what we have seen is a gradual drift of the democratic party that has accelerated in the last 8 to 10 years toward a more and more de facto open borders type policy. i was looking at the the speech that congressman garcia gave on the house floor when he introduced the bill that you are talking about, new way forward. he said we want to make sure that we are welcoming immigrants. i think all of us would agree that we shouldmi welcome those who come to our country in accordance with our laws, about a million every year. california, your old home state, gets about 150,000 or so every year. but the break line has been where the democrats are
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saying we should basically welcome anybody who comes across the border. i think most americans disagree with that. we have rules. we have laws. barbara jordan, the civil rights icon who ran the commission on immigration clintonuring the administration, said we have to have rules and our country invites chaos if we don't enforce the rules. she said deportation must be part of it. now, i think we are going to have a big discussion if there are congressional hearings on this bill about the meaning of "welcome." but i do think there are legitimate questions about this issue of aggravated felony. and i think we will have an airing of those issues if and when we have congressional hearings. >> tucker: you describe yourself as a liberal. you wrote a for "the new york times" recently saying i'm a liberal and i think this is kind of crazy. is there room in the democratic party for liberals who want to put american workers first,
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above -- above illegal aliens for example or immigrant workers? >> i think there is plenty of room and i think there is a lot of anxiety within the party over the tension between those on the -- i would call it extreme wing of the party, and the centrist, the people in what i consider the sensible, liberal center who believe that we have to have effective management of our immigration and who see this question precisely the sort of issue that you areof talking about tonight as a test of the democrats' ability to govern. >> tucker: yeah. because you can't govern a country with no borders. almost by definition. jerry,y thank you so much. i appreciate your coming on and the brave stand you have taken. i'm sure you are have taken a lot of heat for it, so we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: no candidate has tried harder, more assiduously, to win over the
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"woke" faction of the democratic party than elizabeth warren. her reward? she is being denounced as a racist tonight. you will want to watch that segment. that's next. ♪ that's next. ♪ ♪
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i was created by artificial intelligence from faces of the 1 in 7 american children who struggle with hunger.
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oh no, here comeshe 1 in 7gthe neighborldren probably to brag about how amazing his xfinity customer service is. i'm mike, i'm so busy. good thing xfinity has two-hour appointment windows. they have night and weekend appointments too. he's here. bill? karolyn? nope! no, just a couple of rocks. download the my account app to manage your appointments making today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. i'll pass. ♪ >> tucker: elizabeth warren tried to save her sinking presidential campaign by denouncing bernie sanders as a sexist. now she is learning what they will all learn in the end.rn those who live by identityy politics can die by identity politics.nt matt finn is in the state of new hampshire and he joins us with more and that and other campaign news.n
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good to see you, matt. >> tucker, elizabeth warren campaign is battling a pretty tough development. "politico" reports six women of color working for warren's campaign in nevada have quit saying minorities routinely had their voices silenced. elizabeth warren has now publicly apologized to these women, saying she believes them and that there will be accountability in her campaign. and here in new hampshire, vice president biden has not held a public event in this state for two days with thest critical primary ahead on tuesday. instead, biden was home in delaware after taking a tough loss in iowa, coming in roughly fourth place in that voting debacle. i the biden campaign insists it had a record week of fundraising and biden focused on local tv interviews earlier this week. biden's team says they believe their pathway to the nomination runs through nevada and super tuesday states.
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the campaign is looking at new senior staffing shakeup as restructuring and not some last minute dramatic change. the vice president is also being pretty blunt about his disappointment in iowa. >> i am not going to sugar coat it. ttwe took a gut punch in iowa. the whole process took a gut punch. but look, this isn't the first time in my life i have been knocked down. >> biden's team says at the democratic debate tonight biden is going to try to differentiate himself from frontrunner pete buttigieg. tucker. >> tucker: matt finn for us in new hampshire. thank you so much. someone might want to remind joe biden that there is, in fact, a new hampshire primary next week. bernie sanders, meanwhile, is the favorite to win in that state, and if he does win the new hampshire primary, it will cement him as the favorite to win the democratic nomination.mama democrats in washington are very upset about that. in response, they are trying to prop up mayor pete buttigieg as an alternative and prop up really is the right word here. buttigieg is a flimsy, cardboard cutout of a candidate.
9:21 pm
presented to the rest of us as serious presidential contender. if you don't believe it listen to him babble the other night about the shape of our democracy. ♪ >> and now, deep thoughts with mayor pete. >> it's not a sizzling, glamorous issue, but the shape of our democracy is the issue that effects every other issue. ♪ >> tucker: the sound of one hand clapping, man. zen. actually pathetic. buttigieg's staff know it they know they have weak material. they are doing their best to back him up. buttigieg did a cnn town hall. here is unedited clip from it. watch. >> it's a concern that calls on us to build an alliance among generations to try to make sure that the future really is better than the past. and you don't get that by promising to turn back the clock.
9:22 pm
>> tucker: future better than the past. okay. here is how the campaignte edited that clip to make their tiny mayor seem more heroic, watch. >> it's a concern that calls on us to build an alliance among generations, to try to make sure that the future really is better than the past. [applause] >> tucker: author and columnist mark steyn, who else, joins us tonight. mark, how is the shape of your democracy tonight? >> well, sometimes it is shaped like a sausage and egg mcmuffin, and other times, it's shaped like scarlett johansson in that cute little outfit she wears in "the avengers."." unless it's one of those two, it doesn't really -- when i hear the voice of the people, they don't seemy exercised about its shape generally, unless it's like the egg and sausage mcmuffin. or the scarlett johansson and
9:23 pm
the cute little "the avengers" get up. by the way, has the applause died down yet for mayor pete's line about needing to build a future that is better than the past? is it still ringing in our ears? i think i heard the fake sound of someone going "woo" on tape at an episode of "i love lucy" in 1956 that they managed to edit onto the end of mayor pete's speech there it's fantastically impressive. >> tucker: i should say for the audience watching at home, you never have the questions ahead of time. that's why it's fun to have this person on television. let me just ask you, do you think the people around pete buttigieg, he just hired a new advisor from goldman sachs. do you think they are clever enough to convince the country that this is a real candidate and not some kind of corporate hologram? >> well, i think corporate hologram is right. i have neverer seen any candidate who is so poll-tested and focus-grouped as this one.
9:24 pm
it's interesting to me that the -- this is the first millennial to run for president, and according to how you slice it, he may or may not have won the iowa caucus. and he is in with a sportinga chance of doing the same in new hampshire. and yet, it's actually with younger voters, he is incrediblyy unpopular. and interestingly, to me, because everyone talks about identity this guy ought to be romping home on that front because as we know, he is gay. and his husband would be the first first gentleman in the white house. the younger, the millennials and generation z don't like him because, in shorthand, i guess, he is a gay square. he might as well be joe biden zip it up into some kind of youthful body suit.ip and it's interesting to me that young voters are not -- the gay thing doesn't trump for them the fact that he is not radical enough on the policy. and that's's actually quite interesting on how identity politics doesn't even play with the millennial crowd.
9:25 pm
>> tucker: no. nobody likes it. nobody likes wokeness. like 11 people on twitter all of them live in brooklyn and holding the country hostage and everybody secretly hates them. if he does, in the end, win the new hampshire primary and bernie just kind of disappears or all the votesea are, you know, stolen and then returned, are people going to buy this? >> i don't think so. i mean, i think he runs into some pretty severe problems once he gets to south carolina. when the internal contradictions of the rainbow coalition, as marx might have put it, will come into play very interestingly. that's why you get this nutty talk about bloomberg and maybe even drafting mitt romney, now he is the holiest person on the planet. so they are still looking for their dream candidate and this guy isn't really cutting it for them. >> tucker: but i'm enjoying the heck out it. the great mark steyn, thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker.
9:26 pm
>> tucker: meanwhile, in china, coronavirus cases have surged to 30,000 infected. official number likely bears no resemblance to the actual number. up next, the progress on the disease and the growing threat it poses to this country. but a new virus isn't the only way china is threatening america. n its companies are also drowning this country in a torrent of counterfeit goods. crap we're getting in the mail. some of it dangerous. we will explain it in detail just ahead ♪ president trump warned the drug companies.
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(sfx:birds singing, distant dog barking) hi hi ♪(whistling tune: "don't worry, be happy")♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: a >> tucker: as of tonight, the official number of new coronavirus cases in china stands at 30,000. and, again, that's the official number. we expect the real number is much now, cruise ships are merging as a deadly vector for the disease. at least 8 americans are among 61 people testing positive for coronavirus among cruise ship quarantined outside of tokyo, japan. in response to the has banned anyone with a pass from hong kong gambling capital along with chips along with anyone who has visited china the last two weeks. following the story very
9:32 pm
closely since the first day, he joins us tonight. >> hi, tucker. >> tucker: where are we in the spread of the kron virus. >> in china almost all of the 31,000 cases and have over 600 deaths. we are starting to turn our focus to ships tonight, to if you are on a cruise ship, how safe are you? can you travel on a cruise ship?if and the questionisn couldn't be more different than the two cruise ships you mentioned. the diamond princess that's docked outside of japan can't -- where people can't get off, where we have seen some americans on the ship saying i can't get off, i'm quarantined for at least two weeks because there has been 61 cases positive for coronavirus. they try to get them off the ship as fast as possible once they have been diagnosed.av but, of course, people are still reexposed. and in ship's quarters, tucker, you are living very closely together. you can get coughed and sneezed on, common surfaces, very, very hard to disinfect. and that situation isn't over by a long shot because we don't know how the people will do who are brought to the hospital and we don't know how the remaining people will do. how contagious is this virus? it looks like it's pretty contagious. over here, in the united states, we have been paying attention to
9:33 pm
a royal caribbean ship, anthem of the seas. that's been docked in new jersey. and four people were taken off of this ship and brought to a newark hospital. one tested positive for the flu. all the others have been negative for coronavirus. there were 27 people that7 had been traveling from china on the ship. the other 23 are being returned china. i want to make a point here, tucker. these people from china were not in the wuhan area. they were not in the epicenter. and so, the chances of anyone on this ship here getting coronavirus from this ship is extremely low, but we can't be sure we are getting the entire truth of information from the chinese government. that's the f >> tucker: anyone who has been to yellow stone lately can tell you there are an awful lot of chinese tourists traveling this country. and that suddenly is a concern. thank you, dr. siegel. we will be talking to you again soon about this. ♪ >> tucker: a deadly flu virus is not the only way
9:34 pm
china is endangering american lives. china also exports billions of dollars in counterfeit products. some which are sold on sites like amazon. some of these products are harmless, like fake handbags, fine. others are far more serious and get less attention. they include fake medication, drugs, and airbag parts. peter navarro is director of the office of trade and manufacturing policy. he joins us tonight. peter navarro, thanks so much for coming on. >> hey, tucker. >> tucker: have you been working on a while. most of our viewers, includes me, don't know anything about this. give us a sense of the scale of it and tell us precisely u what iss being imported into this country that we should be worried about. >> well, i have been working on it a long time. this goes back to june of 2016, when candidate donald j. trump promised to crack down on chinese intellectual property theft and counterfeiting is really the purest expression of that, tucker. so what i have been doing while ambassador lighthizer was negotiating the deal, i was figuring out a way to
9:35 pm
track that, so working with customs and border protection, we have been running this operation mega flex where once a month we look under the hood of thousands of extra chinese packages. and i'm telling you, the results are startling. what we have, essentially, is a hit rate of over 10%. so that means, of the million packages a day that come in from china, 100,000 or more have contraband. about half of that is the kind of counterfeit things you were t mentioning. but also, you have controlled substances like fentanyl, you have weird things like gun silencers, fake drivers licenses. this is an epidemic of counterfeits. a lot ofts this, tucker, is facilitated by ecommerce platforms like amazon and alibaba. so what we have been doing, tucker, is going really full on on this. dhs came out with a report two weeks ago with an action plan to crack down with things like penalties,
9:36 pm
fines, suspension, debarment, best practices for these ecommerce platforms with teeth if they don't adopt them. and then, just last week in the oval, the president signed an executive order which will allow us to progressively control the flow of this stuff from things like china post from china. but, tucker, this is -- 2020 is the year we have got to stop this because it's hurting americans. >> tucker: one question. so some of these products are legitimately dangerous. defective car seats. >> sure, exploding batteries, child car seats. >> tucker: exactly. amazon, just to name one, alibaba and others why aren't they policing this stuff already.ov >> the problem in the system is that all the burden falls on the government to inspect and the intellectual property find this stuff and report it. amazon, unlike brickck and mortar retailers, gets to skate scott-free.
9:37 pm
the laws as they are constructed don't put much liability on. that's what we are trying to change with this. and we are going to change it. we are coming hard. they are either going to play ball and fix this themselves, or we are going to do it for them. but either way, the american public is being harmed by this. and the president is really, really adamant that this has got to stop. and you know when the president is adamant, it's going to stop. >> tucker: meanwhile, jeff bezos is the richestan man in the wor. >> yeah, yeah. >> tucker: peter navarro, thank you so much for this. i hope you willl come back. >> take care, tucker. my pleasure. >> tucker: determined to deprive the citizens of the united states of their second amendment rights. it's too much for some counties in virginia. they are now talking about seceding and joining west virginia. could that actually happen? we will speak to somebody involved in it. stay tuned. ♪ if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner.
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♪ >> tucker: as we told you at the beginning of this show, and beginning of yesterday's show, as well, the democratic party is now determined to make this country a more welcoming place for criminals, including criminals who live in other countries. law and orderho is breaking dow. that's obvious in the statistics. but as that happens, normal people are always the first victim. the latest proof is a horrific assault on thehe chicago subway captured on tape. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has who are are more on that story. hey, trace. >> hey, tucker. not only was the 68-year-old man severely beaten by 11 teenagers.ea his injuries were so bad he could not identify the suspects. the video on the train initially shows a female teen trying to pick the victim's pocket while he is asleep. when the man wakes up, she begins hitting him, and he tries to defend it then appears the teen
9:43 pm
goes into another car and comes back wither several more teens, who proceed to surround the victim while one of them starts to pummel him, repeatedly kicking him in the upper body and face.dl now, this doesn't just last a few seconds. the whole incident goess on for more than a minute, and yet, nobody on the train intervenes. keep in mind, chicago transit recently installed some 30,000 cameras for this exact reason. in fact, at the time the interim police superintendent said this. watch.ri >> we will use those cameras and we will ensure that people that target victims on public transportation are prosecuted to the fullest extent. >> except no, they won't.t a police source tells fox news that because the victim cannot identify his attackers, the cook county states' attorneys office, quote, "won't touch the case." the states attorney's office later said they couldn't comment about the case so the theme here is if you attack someone, make sure they can't id you.
9:44 pm
the victim, by the way, was helped off the trainhe by transit employees. he suffered bruises, lacerations, and blunt force trauma. some teens were detained after the attack, but quickly released. tucker? >> tucker: trace gallagher, thank you so much for that so you have to ask yourself as you watch that tapeso why, why would anybody, why would a group of people assault a sleeping elderlyny man? it would be interesting to find out the answer for that hopefully people will ask. it's probably worth knowing. meanwhile, brexit, the u.k.'s departure from the european union, happened last week. now some are wondering if it's time for vexit.t virginia democrats now control the state government. they are pushing a whole slate of legislation that includes gun legislation and dramatically liberalizing the state's abortion law. some are saying divorce may be in order. jerry falwell jr. recently held a joint press conference with the governor of west virginia to encourage virginia's many republican counties to leave and join west virginia.
9:45 pm
gary howell is a member of the west virginia house of delegates he joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. the irony is here kind of amazing. west virginia split from virginia 150 years ago. how do you feel about parts of virginia reattaching? >> we welcome them to come over. you know, they are more like us than they are the i-95 corridor now. they have very similar demographics. you know, similar cultural beliefs. so, why not? it's a natural thing for them to move over to us. >> tucker: this is the kind of thing that people talk about u in frustration. but as a legal matter, could it happen? what would it take? >> well, the west virginia constitution allows us to take on new territory with the consent of the legislator and vote of the people. acr 8 is our consent of the legislator. and then, once the virginia county votes to leave, they would have to be released by the general assembly in virginia or they could sue in court
9:46 pm
for the right to self-determination. once that happens, the people of west virginia would vote and over they would come. at that point, we would bring them in on june 20th of whatever year that happens to be, which is our birthday so the dates line up. and then we would start looking at things like licensure. we have already started talking to some of the people. we have had a law firm out of tazewell county conduct us representing business owners and some auto elected officials asking us how it would work. so we would just automatically recognize all the licenses. look at continuing education and make the differences in west virginia law part of the continuing education, grandfather in drivers licenses when they expire,at issue a new west virginian one. along those lines. >> tucker: this whole conversation is a pretty powerful statement about how people feel about their own governance in virginia. i mean, what does this say about governor black face or governor klan hood, we are
9:47 pm
not sure which one it was, about his leadership that whole counties want to leave? >> he is doing a horrible job. they are not paying attention to the countiesb. west of richmond. and it's a pattern for richmond. 1792, kentucky left. 1863, we left, and now it's a whole group of other counties turn. >> tucker: i mean, shouldn't this be a wake-up call to governor black face? if whole counties are fleeing, maybe i should do a better job. do you think he understands that? >> i don't think the liberals understand that. they see conservatives as uneducated. the deplorables, that is what they see us as. they don't understand that we have a way of life and it's really the way of life the founders gave us and we want to protect that so it's time to leave because it's the only way to protect it. and i invite the virginia counties over just like our governor did. and if you live in fairfax or arlington, where their county is not coming
9:48 pm
whoever, please consider moving to west virginia. we will protect your rights. >> tucker: very quick, they say this is a public safety measure. how much crime takes place in the counties that are considering moving to your state. like any? any violent crime there at all? m y >> very little. and west virginia has very little. we are a constitutional carrya state. you do not even need a permit to carry concealed in the state of west virginia if you are a resident. >> tucker: it just tells you everything. there is noke threat. they are justyt doing this because they hate the people who live there because they didn't vote for them. thank you very much for joining us tonight. godspeed. >> a pleasure to be on.or >> tucker: the trump administration considering something you probably haven't heard about but it's important. a new rule for federal buildings. tbl make them beautiful instead of ugly. it's a great story. up next. also don't miss the show on it's the eve of the new hampshire primary. we will assess the candidates. dr. drew pinsky has new information about the coronavirus. he will be joining us. good show. ♪ - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
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♪ >> tucker: this is the j.j. pickle building. in austin, texas. it's named after a long standing congressman inn texas. it was built for government workers using your tax dollars. we think you will agree when you look at it it's a stunningly unattractive and depressing piece of construction. and unfortunately, it's not alone. this is the u.s. federal building in the city of san francisco. the architect who designed it, tom maine, calls it a balance of poetry and
9:54 pm
pragmatics. that ought to be the first tip that, like so many celebrity architects, maine is a transparent fraud. building isn't poetic or, for that matter, pragmatic. it's hideous. there is no other word for it. it degrades rather n than elevates the government it that's not surprising though given who designed it. after the deaths of more than 3,000 americans on 9/11, he said, this, quote: i could make a better case for justifying the terror than the other way around. i'm completely out of sync with america. that's for sure. his buildings prove it. but the federalt. government didn't care, or maybe that was the appeal. mayne monstrosity cost taxpayers $144 million. here in washington, meanwhile, ugly government buildings are as common as the mentally illen homeless who live outside them. employees of the departments of labor, education, and energy are stuck in brutal piles that make you whence
9:55 pm
piles that make you wince as you drive by. who would design a building that evokes dread in everyone who looks at it. petty authoritarians who hate other people and want them to suffer. that's the only possible explanation for this. take a look at the headquarters of the department of health and human services next time you are in d.c. and you will feel the same way. sick to your stomach. if you can handle it, walkto from there, hhs, to the j. edgar hoover building on ninth and pennsylvania avenue. this is the headquarters of the fbi. america's most powerful law enforcement agency. the building is a shocking expression of hostility to all things human and beautiful. it looks like a political prison in downtown pyongyang. actually, no. it's too ugly for north korea. seriously, it is that awful. the question is why do we have public buildings like this in our country? and more to the point, why don't we recognize the psychic damage they inflict? beauty matters. every person longs for to be trapped in a
9:56 pm
windowless concrete trapezoid for 8 hours a day is a form of torture. bad design is a blight on the society that allows it. it crushes every soul. every culture in the world recognizes this and always has recognized it. c america did, too. until about 1946, when a generation of men accustomed to living in barracks and quonset huts returned from the war and started designing buildings. unfortunately, american architecture has never recovered. if anything, it's gotten worse. more corporate and abstract and aggressively indifferent to aesthetics. this is not a small problem. design is an expression of values, as well as its history, its culture, and customs. imagine flying to rome and finding all the medieval churches had been replaced by one story cinderboxes jiffy glue, it would be ugly and not rome anymore. when a nation cares about its history, its buildings reflect it, clearly. our ruling class openly hates this country no. no wonder they keep falling for phones like thome mayne and
9:57 pm
frank gathery. absurd. they are not concerned about our culture. their only consistent principle is narcissism themselves. of course they are fooled by rip off artists selling the next new thing. when a billionaire pays $100 billion for a jackson pollack swatch, he is only embarrassing himself. when a government spends a billion dollars on most important garbage architecture? it hurts all of us. it doesn't have to be this way. soon, hopefully, it won't be this way. a draft executive order making its way to the white house right now would prohibit the construction of any more government buildings that are garbage. the order would mandate thater all federal buildings adhere to a classical architectural style. the style, by the way, reflected in the u.s. capitol and the supreme court and all the otherr monuments that our citizens travel to washington, d.c. to see. executive order has received, of course, basically no attention in the media. it's not related to russia so they don't care.
9:58 pm
but you should care. it's one of the single most important things we can do to improve our physical environment and hence our lives. this is great country.s. it deserves to be a beautiful country. chris bedford has thought seriously about this. he is an editor at "therd federalist." he wrote about it today. he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: why does this matter? >> because we are surrounded by it. it matters because the buildings around you are what instill pride what connect you with your ancestors. things that lift upto the human mind and human eye even to greater things. they ennoble us. there is a whole class of america, whole class of theth world, that doesn't believe inin truth. they don't believe in objectivity. and they no longer believe inin beauty. not only that, but just like in politics and in art, the architects here insist that since they are the only ones allowed to make decisions, we are not allowed to have any input. and they're the only ones who have any input or anyan idea over what's good and what's a bad. how dare we rubes question their
9:59 pm
judgment here. that's what this order would seek to undo. it would actually give the people in the government a seat at the table for the architecture that is our public architecture. >> tucker: amen. we are not talking about bad taste. lots of people have bad taste. most of us do sometimes. this is aggressively hostile. this is architecture designed to make you feel bad. why would anyone ever building is like that? >> i mean, the federal courthouses built in oregon the architect reportedly designed guillotines over the benches that the public is supposed to sit. obviously no one sits there. if you go down to the plaza, a tribute, supposedly, to the architect of washington, d.c., it is so ugly it's completely barren, it's because they are completely obsessedgtgtpl with themselves, they call it poetic. they use all these different languages, they say "transparent" or "democratic" when it's none of those things. >> tucker: it's the opposite. of course. chris bedford thank you for caring about this and writing about it so eloquently it. it matters a good to seee you. that's it for us tonight.
10:00 pm
tune in every night, 8:00 p.m. to the show is that true sincere and sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. sean hannity is next. have a great weekend with the ones you love. see you monday. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" tonight. we are at the end of a week of wins for donald trump. in a span of a few short days the president delivered the most powerful state of the union address i have witnessed in my adult lifetime. and oh, yeah. the impeachment witch-hunt totally implodes. the president exonerated forever petty pelosi. while her months of this long charade e hth culminating what was a pathetic, nationally televised petulant temper tantrum. look at your screen. this is what the modern radical democratic party


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