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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 10, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: who won iowa? he has most basic and unanswerable questions. no one knows. that is it for us and we will be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. >> the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. be sure to tune in tomorrow night new hampshire results at that hour. >> sean: tucker, think you are welcome to "hannity," broadcasting live in beautiful bedford, new hampshire where we are tracking several major breaking stories tonight as we speak. all eyes on the granite live free die state and that is the first primary polls that will open in a few hours. meanwhile down the road in manchester, president trump wrapped up another massive rally. i will take you there, our own lawrence joan has been in the crowd all night. earlier today, yes, yours truly, i made a surprise visit to what was a tiny, itsy-bitsy, sparsely attended biden campaign events. a dip pressing to site to be blunt and many in the audience
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will bus stand and a lot of people there, when i talk to them, they were not supporting quid pro quo joe but they are for the entertainment. here is a preview. it gets interesting what went down. take a look. >> joe biden is on tape saying you are not getting $1 billion in less you fire a prosecutor who is investigating his son, his no experience, oil/gas energy ukraine and yet getting paid millions of millions of dollars. is that okay with you? >> i have no comment. >> i think that is a red herring. >> red herring? >> to take the client -- -- >> trump was acquitted for life. >> by us and that that was -- >> sean: you're not answering my question. >> i'm sure all of your sons and daughters will get millions of dollars to get paid for doing a knowing nothing with no experience. that happens to all of us, right? i guess if we hit the lottery. the full tape coming up which is very entertaining. but first, we are only 267 days
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until the election. you will be the ultimate jury. you have an opportunity to shock the world once again, and this is political crunch time. the democratic party, we can report tonight is an utter state of complete shambles. it is a mess. the iowa caucus, a total unmitigated disaster. the field of 2020 democrats so weak, so radical, so extreme many party insiders are actually freaking out on the outside. 77-year-old quid pro quo joe is supposed to be the fresh new face of the democratic party. look at the three older, let's see, bloomberg, biden, bernie sanders and it looks like 500 years old combined appeared supposed to be the front runner, but after a pathetic fourth-place finish in iowa, his campaign is flailing and the polls here in new hampshire not looking good either. over the week end agitated and very frankly again incoherent joe snapping at a 21-year-old
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woman attending one of his town halls. not the first time he's been snapping at people though. who he's asking to vote for him. she dared to ask a question about the iowa caucus and electability. he said, you can't make this up, that the young woman had a dog face. and called the woman, 21-year-old woman a liar. great job, joe. take a look. >> so how do you explain the performance in iowa, and why should the voters believe that you can win the national election? >> it's a good question. number one, i iowa is a democratic caucus. have you ever been to a caucus? no, you haven't. you are a lying dog face pony. now i have to be honest with you. it was a little bit confusing in iowa. >> sean: first of all he said i am an iowa caucus. what?
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joe 30330 and then he says 221-year-old woman who are lying dog face pony soldier supposed to be the democratic front runner and really connecting with the post and the people, we, the people the people that he wants to vote for him. that is their top candidate. this is now the third time quid pro quo joe was caught on camera being rude, nasty to voters. he said that he was only joking. didn't look like a joke to me. but the 21-year-old college student at the receiving end of this rage, well, she's not laughing tonight. in fact, she is insulted that they are pretending this was some big, funny joke. she said quid pro quo joe humiliated her and "he has been performing extremely poorly in the race and the fact he couldn't answer a straight question without bowling or intimidating just exacerbates the fact." she is right and tonight jenkins was able to interview the 21-year-old student. let's take a look. >> frankly when he speaks, a lot
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of what he is saying is tasteless and very sad. and we have heard a lot about death and cancer in people losing their job. to me, he doesn't very same solution oriented in how to fix those problems. i don't think he has the momentum to carry this to a national election. >> sean: all right, not exactly the look for someone who at this point probably needs every vote he can get. of course, the campaign has more cause for concern then biden's deranged rantings that are frankly unhinged. there are dozens of legitimate questions about zero experience hunter and his shady business dealings, not only in ukraine but china and other countries. and then quid pro quo joe ukrainian shakedown, remember you are not getting the billion dollars, $1 billion unless you fire that prosecutor investigating my zero experienced son. wow, quid pro quo joe doesn't have any answers to that question. every time he has asked, a a week at his indignant rage and
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of course the media mob never pushes him. take a look. >> lindsey graham, the justice department is betting information from rudy giuliani about your sons work in ukraine. are you concerned federal investigations may be on? >> rudy giuliani? [laughter] >> are you concerned that a federal investigation -- >> do you think your son is fair game here? >> his son or my son? >> your son hunter? >> i don't think our sons are fair game at all. no one said he did anything wrong except the thug, rudy giuliani, come on! rudy giuliani? can we just -- >> sean: in the same rudy giuliani who almost died 9/11 and was there to really lead a country, that guy that went up against him up and became one of the toughest prosecutors in history? the guy that turned new york city which was a dump from whatcom at 3,000 murders a year or thereabouts to 300?
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that same rudy giuliani? okay, he's controversial but that doesn't answer the question, joe. what does your zero expense -- experience on, get millions of dollars? and how is it that you used rope -- leverage shaking down the country of ukraine and said you're not getting $1 billion unless you fire him. you have six hours and son of a b, they fired him. would you laugh if that was donald trump and donald trump jr.? anyway joe 3033 oh is in a free fall and getting nasty and negative and turning on his democratic opponents including this brand-new ad against poor mayor pete buttigieg who didn't exactly have the best track record in the indiana. take a look. >> both biden and buttigieg had made our decisions. despite pressure from the nra, joe biden passed a salt weapons through congress. and then he passed violence and even when public pressure mounted against him, former
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mayor pete fired the first african-american police chief. and then he forced the african-american fire chief ault too. we are electing a president. what you have done matters. >> sean: after days of vote counting, mayor pete apparently was the big winner out of iowa if anyone believes those numbers. and as the biden ad points out he struggles with minorities. he didn't look at over the weekend in that debate. he fired south bend's very first african-american police chief and forced healthy african-american fire chief as well. and during the last pathetically boring, unwatchable democratic debate, not only watched it so you didn't have to and this wonderful audience of hours, he couldn't answer a question about why he oversaw a massive spike and majority drug arrests during his time as mayor of south bend. mayor pete might be seeing a surge in the polls but not exactly popular with his own constituents. he is now battling for first
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place in new hampshire and the primary with congenital liar elizabeth warren and krazy bernie sanders. pretty angry socialist. upcoming the height of latest scary policy proposals for bernie, but first joining us he's on the ground at a sanders rally with more on tomorrow's primary. jacqui heinrich is with us, jackie what is going on? actually looks like more than 100 people there, pretty amazing. >> hey, sean, senator's campaign is continuing to go after another free concert this time on a college campus in this arena holds 7500 people mostly full. sanders campaign is energized in tonight's huge showing and comfortable lead over democratic rifle and the new hampshire polls before voting again. today sanders took wide for pete buttigieg and vice president joe biden for campaign contributions from billionaires. buttigieg pushed back over the
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plan for america but buttigieg is still recovering from slight dip in support following criticism from biden's camp over lack of experience. biden sang yesterday buttigieg is no barack obama. biden has an uphill battle in new hampshire after a lackluster showing in iowa planting hope for campaign representatives amy klobuchar and warren. close to biden in a contest for third place. the field as we know it with another shake-up again, early in their candidate michael bloomberg to enter the race and skipped new hampshire to begin his campaign in earnest. on super tuesday, sean. >> sean: all right, jacqui heinrich thank you. fun fact mayor pete just for this year's largest democratic rally in new hampshire. he tracked a grand total of 1800 people. all right, let's compare that to the presidents rally in new hampshire and basically another pivotal night of the trunk show all across the country. thousands and thousands and thousands of supporters started lining up overnight in the rain and the snow and in
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new hampshire come i can report to you, freezing weather just to get a spot inside this massive arena. take a look. president trump: we have more in this arena and outside of this arena then all of the other candidates, meaning the democrats put together and multiplied times five. [cheers and applause] one of their prime candidates today, a big deal, they had exactly 104 people. [laughter] and the fake news said to come it was a nice crowd, very nice. >> sean: so without a doubt, the enthusiasm gap is massive. here with more reaction live on the ground tonight, outside of the rally of donald j. trump, our president, he is our 2020 course one on the ground, the one and only, lawrence jones who attracted his own crowd. i saw you taking all those selfies before we got here.
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i saw you signing all of those autographs. what is going on here? >> yeah you were doing my job with biden but these guys right here, excited about the president because this is a first rally since the president was acquitted. we had a chance to talk to people about how they felt about it, take a look. >> i've been here since day one back in 2015 when he came to new hampshire and announced he was going to run. i've been to always have events. >> i've been with the president since the beginning. and he has for america and for the american people. and i think we should stand by our president. >> i can see why as a lifelong democrat going up that way, i just see how the party has left me. and i'm stuck they are thinking, who is going to fight for me? and it is not them. >> so that teachers will finally be acquitted. how do you feel about this? i feel good about it. now congress can move on and do something we need.
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>> he is a nice guy, he doesn't deserve that. >> they try to get him to look bad and it just didn't work. >> sean: gnomic >> these were former union workers and former democrats that believe in the president. they don't feel like the president has been treated fairly and they are excited for congress to possibly get back to work, sean. >> sean: lawrence, the crowd behind you come i want to ask them a question. ask them, why did you get to go to the trump rally and hannity got stuck going to the dole biden rally? ask them who got the better assignment tonight? i want you to ask them. [laughter] >> sean hannity wants to know what i got to go to the trump rally while he was stuck with joe biden's rally today? how do you all feel about that? who got the better job, me or sean? >> you, you did! lawrence did! >> they said i got the better job, sean.
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>> sean:>> four more years, foue years! >> sean: four more years. >> they are sang four more years! >> sean: four more years, and guess what you are the ultimate -- tell them they are the ultimate jury and all of this and shocked the world began in 267 days, lawrence jones, 2020 correspondent, thank you. all right, speaking of the economy that is booming, the latest impeachment witch hunt is dead, the swamp is getting drained. it is ugly and this is what it looks like when you'd drain the swamp come all those swamp creatures have to take out the water and crawl out with their mud. that is what we see. anyway, 267 days to go to election day. the trump agenda as we have pointed out the media mob ignores is a massive success. now even some prominent liberals are starting to see the handwriting on the wall. he can't make this up. take a look. >> what do you think of this week for donald trump?
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>> i think it was his best week ever and the most depressing week for me as someone who is not a fan of donald trump here the other depression thing about this week, you know, at his best moment, the democrats, they just look like the guy that can't shoot straight or run straight. and if they can't get their act together, soon, it is going to be over before it begins. he won last time with nothing and now he's got money. you know, he's been president. >> sean: and remember who is cheering for a recession come up what does he care if we the people get hurt? he has plenty of money himself, but is not the only liberal sounding the alarm. you have crazy bernie sanders serving in the polls across the country. the democratic establishment is in full panic mode. it would be almost none except bernie's beliefs and his policy proposals are downright frightening, especially if you believe in freedom and liberty and capitalism and free markets. recently, bernie sanders actually divided being a communist, but he refused to
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deny what he wants to impose, and that would be a maximum income rate. at that point, he would empower the government to steal the rest. and it would be stealing. if you decades ago around the same time, read member, honeymooning in the soviet union. how many other people honeymooning in the sov -- soviet remount -- soviet reuni reunion. how romantic, a million-dollar stance by that today the government would take every single penny that you make after that point. that is one small part of his absolute insane agenda which includes, let's see dramatic tax increases for every tax bracket. he wants to fund trillions in spending and this green new deal madness, eliminate oil and gas, take over not only the energy sector stomach sector of our economy but also all of health care with this insane mer all program with estimated $52 trillion price tag over ten years. and bernie sanders essentially want your government to control
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as much of the economy as possible. nationalizing major industries, starting with energy. that sound familiar question market should because that is exactly what happened in venezuela and droned their economy into the dump here in cuba and soviet union following a perfect order. even crazy chris matthews over at msnbc, well, he's not exactly getting a thrill up his leg in a dire warning. let's take a look. >> it is that word socialism and some people like it, younger people like it, people like me who grew up in a cold war and saw aspects of it if visiting places like vietnam like i have, and countries like cuba, being there come i see what socialism is like and i don't like it, ok? it's not late not free but it doesn't freak and work. it doesn't work. >> sean: i guess those thrills are gone for now and it's not only him but former obama officials, van jones, remember the comment election night 2016, this is a white lash, remember that? now he is worried his party is
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in serious trouble, listen to him. >> democrats have asked the court about the african-american vote. that is the cornerstone of our party. and in some ways, there is a feeling that maybe we have taken that vote for granite too long. >> i would accuse my party at this point of engaging three years of fantasy football politics where we say, okay don't worry. trump will never be seated because electoral college will not see him, remember that? don't worry bob mueller will take him out of the white house in handcuffs, remember that? >> i do. >> he will be impeached and removed. okay, after three years of all that fancy football, guess what we have? trump is still in the white house and we still have -- >> you have record after record month after low low employment asian-americans african-americans, hispanic-americans, african-american unemployment and how many presidents promise they will have criminal justice reform? many, how many got it done?
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to get rid of disparate sentencing against racial groups, that would be donald j. trump. but tomorrow right here in new hampshire voters will head to the polls in the primary and soon we will get a taste of just how radical this democratic party has become. pretty scary, 267 days, this country it is at a crossroads. i would argue tipping point. might even say america on the brink. here now former white house chief of staff reince priebus ann's press fox news contributor ari fleischer. if you look at it always better off than we were four years ago. did the president keep his promises? >> yes. >> sean: did he take out caliphate and syria, baghdadi and its associates, the leader of al qaeda in yemen, yeah. and you got a radicalized democratic party. how does a shakeout? >> i think sean clement will shakeout in a close election
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amazingly. that is because america is so polarized. the same people who resisted donald trump from the start and never gave him a chance will not vote for him. so the president's past is to run up the numbers still in the same battleground states, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan where they economy is doing well and blue-collar americans are and perhaps the biggest factor of all the democratic party is changing before our very eyes. the notion of socialist to lead it, this is unheard of for 100 years. now it's coming to true. >> sean: reince priebus, you look at all of this but at the end of the day, you ran the rnc. for any republican to win, you always have to thread the needle, you start out with new york, new jersey, california and a lot of electoral, north carolina, florida, ohio and then kick off pennsylvania, minnesota, and then arizona, nevada, new mexico. you want to put new hampshire where we are tonight and play.
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it is not easy ever. >> welcome i think, sean, if you start out with the basics and the basics are if president trump does everything he did in 2016 and only wins one of either wisconsin, either michigan or pennsylvania, he gets reelected. but what is really happening behind the scenes though is there is an explosion with the democratic party that is taking place. after tomorrow, bernie sanders is going to be the undisputed front runner of the democratic party as a socialist. 96% of the delegates are going to be awarded after march. in comes bloomberg with his money. biden is not going away. he has tons of money. and when you get to the convention because the democrats are working all of the delegates, it's not on a winner-take-all basins but a proportional basis. when you get to the convention, guess who comes back into place? the superdelegates because there are 800 of them. on the second ballot, with no
6:22 pm
democrats went on the first ballot, the super democrat, superdelegates, the establishment democrats are going to be able to vote. there is so much mischief going on on the democrat side, it is extraordinarily going to happen. >> sean: they are trying to cheat him. >> they might be able to because of the superdelegates. and bloomberg might be reading that to play out. >> sean: here is a problem for bloomberg. and i hear this pretty tape that will come out. for 12 years, he has been what, five intervening years, 17 years and all of a sudden playing identity politics ari fleischer. i don't support it but i supported that the last 17 years because i want votes, but beyond tape according to some of my sources saying some things that will not be favorable about where he put the cops and what neighborhoods and why, ari fleischer. >> we absolutely know this coming. michael bloomberg will have a
6:23 pm
problem the way he governed new york city which is why he was a republican when he was governing new york city. a tough on crime republican. >> sean: no, no, you know what he did? he wanted to change parties. he wanted to bypass -- exactly. >> that is right, that is exactly right. two points commission on one i would caution republicans because despite being on a roll with a good ten days, this is g. we should not overestimate the democratic implosion. primaries are always missing. let's see how long this messy thing goes. maybe bernie will run the tables and the democrats were unified. don't jump to conclusions. that is my advice to republicans. >> sean: listen we have to keep the foot on the battle for trump. i like to ask as if you are six points behind, a two minute drill and if you want to win you have to get it in the end zone and get the extra point. that is how i look at it every election. anybody that tells you they know for sure how this will turn out do not know what they are saying. thank you both.
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when we come back 2020 democratic candidate congresswoman tulsi gabbard is here, and she is calling for the dnc tom perez to resign. she will tell us why. also later today, well, earlier today i attended a biden event. i was right here in new hampshire. kind of tiny in size, but guess what? i had a long conversation for quid pro quo joe's supporters. you are going to like this tape. you will see exclusively straight ahead as we continue tonight from new hampshire. ♪ i have huge money saving news for veterans.
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>> sean: fox news alert, only hours away from the polls opening in the great state of new hampshire for their primary. who will face off against president trump come november? joining us now at the big board at the very latest from a great
6:29 pm
state of new hampshire, a host of bill hemmer reports. due to ratings, bill hemmer. >> thanks, sean welcome to bedford, it is beautiful in new hampshire. let me show you what happened four years ago, sean. this is a primary one-on-one bernie sanders and hillary clinton, all bernie sanders 22 points, the largest margin of victory and in 100 years here. where do you find the votes in new hampshire tomorrow? is it main to the east or vermont to the west, massachusetts down to the south? half of the primary voters will come from these two counties right across the border from massachusetts, rocking him, sanders was a big winner over hillary clinton. our location here to the west in hillsborough county. we will watch this tomorrow night as they come in right around this time a little bit after 8:00. everything we look at the connecticut river valley from a lot of liberal votes are for mind in places like dartmouth university is located. bernie sanders ran up the numbers in these rule counties,
6:30 pm
somewhat rule counties from four years ago. something that is kind of, well i will be watching tomorrow night, sean. you go back to iowa and there is an interesting development that may or may not be significant tomorrow night. buttigieg and orange from, sanders purple come elizabeth warren in yellow and out here, johnson county, the eastern part of the state, the university of iowa. in this from a lot of young voters, progressive voters, attracted to the message of sanders, warren and like i mentioned on the western half of vermont, they split the vote. 30% to 33%, could that happen in new hampshire? it could come elizabeth one from massachusetts, bernie sanders from vermont. that might be dynamic to develop tomorrow so we will keep an eye on that. where do we stand as of tonight? 9:30 in the evening from a hampshire, new hampshire, we put the poles together to the 9th oy yesterday and the state of the e
6:31 pm
perhaps all of the poles together, bernie sanders 29%, pete buttigieg 21%, amy klobuchar and on down the line here. 24 hours away we will know a lot more as this map comes alive, sean. until then, that's what we got a pretty close race in new hampshire is what we have right now. see you real soon. >> sean: bill hemmer, thank you and one of those 2020 democrats to pick up momentum as congresswoman tulsi gabbard. by the way, saturday she made the bold move of defending the president's removal of lieutenant colonel alexander penman, his twin brother and ambassador's online from the key post administration. yesterday she called for the d dnc's head, tom perez to resign. she has life in new hampshire, how are you, good to see you and nice to see you. fellow democrats are afraid to come on the show. >> i don't know why. you are a nice guy, sean. >> sean: why did perez resign? >> voters in this primary need
6:32 pm
to have the confidence that votes will be talented and the voices will be heard. unfortunately, he's had a failure of leadership and being able to uphold that faith and that trust. we've got a lot of primaries come a lot of elections between now and the convention. we need to be able to get back on track. >> sean: i could never understand that it was obvious that 2016 democratic primary was rigged. it was rigged against bernie sanders. and donna brazile when she took over for debbie watson scholz, called him one day and said, yeah, you kind of got cheated. now they want to change the rules so bloomberg can get onto base and they want to change the rules and let superdelegates vote from account on the first ballot again to rigged the primary. that is your party, that is not my party. >> that is part of the problem. this was post 2016 where a lot of people thought that the problems with the system, which is the superdelegates and help
6:33 pm
hard to cast their votes and get their voices heard has driven the frustration i'm hearing from democrats with this process today. you know commits not only what happened in iowa. iowa voters lost out in that whole situation but also that decision that decision that all of a sudden, the rules change to benefit this billionaire michael bloomberg. and the decisions at the dnc made throughout, unfortunately, to hold a tree primary before the voters have a chance to go out and cast their vote. their bigger changes that we need superdelegates remain a concern. i've been a big advocate for getting rid of superdelegates altogether. i give democrats they don't have superdelegates and they will make their choice. >> sean: i think you've been treated horribly. the things you have been saying about hillary clinton, i support you one. i thought that was courageous. just acknowledging a simple truth that a president gets to hire and fire the people he wants, not people that disagree with his policy. >> actually, there was a deeper
6:34 pm
issue that not many people are talking about, which is it is not based on opinion. this is based on the constitution. now, i'm a soldier serving army national guard. >> sean: thank you for your service. >> thank you, thank you very much but as a member of congress, i took an oath to the constitution as does every member of congress. and it is the constitution that provides that our foreign policy is set by the president of the united states as well as significant ways by congress, not by unelected democrats and not by the military. and the reason why our founders had the wisdom to do this, they knew if voters were unhappy with the foreign policy decisions being made, they could make that decision at the ballot box to hire or fire where they can't do that with unelected bureaucrats or others. >> sean: this is what makes you very unique in your party, to be honest. one, you have been courageous enough to come on other shows. gosh, to be seen by people. you go on those fake news networks know when we'll see you but on a serious note, the
6:35 pm
sticks in my craw. we heard joe biden say you are not getting $1 billion until you fire the ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son, who is being paid millions, who is on tape saying that he had no experience in oil, gas, energy in ukraine. congresswoman, that sound good to you? >> i don't know what those tape said. >> sean: come on, come on. >> joe biden will be held to the standard -- >> sean: he is not being held to the standard. >> this is my whole point, the voters in this country and the democratic primary, here in new hampshire with independents and libertarians coming out to cast their vote tomorrow. they will make their decisions based on who they believe will best serve. >> sean: if you could call donald trump and say come even though we disagree on some things come i want to work with you on x, what would it be? >> there is a long list. there is far more that we need to do one criminal justice reform. i would love to be able to work
6:36 pm
with president trump on and think this failed war on drugs. >> sean: will he legalize drugs? >> by ending the federal marijuana -- >> sean: do you want to legalize drugs? >> answer the question. >> where there has been a decriminalization -- >> sean: heroin? >> so that we treat substance abuse. >> sean: would you legalize heroin? would you legalize heroin? don't make me be a jerk. >> as a health care issue rather than putting more and more -- >> sean: heroin? would you legalize it? >> this is my point we have to end the war on drugs. we can help people who need help. rather than putting them -- >> sean: thank you for coming on congresswoman. the deep states, when we come back, reckoning on the horizon senator lindsey graham pushing forward with the fisa probe. we have an update and i will show you exactly what happened earlier today.
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yours truly showing up, that is me, joe, that guy right there hated my guts, did not like me and turned his back on me. we will show you the tape and more straight ahead. ♪ commercial halftime show, featuring smash mouth. ♪ hey now, you're an all star ♪ get your game on, go play thank you! goodnight! [ cheers and applause ] now enjoy the second half of the commercial! even renters can bundle and save! where did that come from? the kitchen. it was halftime.
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♪ >> sean: all right, more developments tonight and the quest for equal justice and equal application of our laws. senator lindsey graham vowing to send a fisa witness list to the doj as early as this week with hearings to follow. let's take a look. >> i can promise the president and the viewers that i will call witnesses about -- >> foreign surveillance? >> mckay, call me, rosenstein, yates how did you miss it so
6:42 pm
badly and how can you issue warrants against american citizens based on information that was unreliable? i will get to the bottom of the fisa warrant system failed and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> sean: here with direction fox news contributor jason chaffetz and house minority whip congressman steve scalise and sara carter, let's go to the news aspect of this first, that you have been investigating. >> well, first we have two major things happening right here in washington, d.c., sean. two big events. the first is senator ron johnson and senator chuck grassley are asking william barr to declassify four specific footnotes. 500 footnotes in the world with its reports, there is four with them that the classified and made public will show that they contradict the assumptions made in horowitz's report. basically on the cross fire hurricane when that investigation began, remember the fbi claimed that they began
6:43 pm
the investigation july 31st. the assumption is that once those four footnotes declassified, it will reveal that the investigation actually began further back, and that those sources mentioned in horowitz's report particularly step on halperin and others connected with the fbi. we will see a trail of that leading prior to july 31st. and it will kind of turned the whole world its report on its head, stating that the cross fire hurricane was a reason for opening the investigation. that was one. number two come as far as senator lindsey graham, the most important aspect here is finding out what happened with the fisa. one of the witnesses that they need to contact and they need to call and bring into testimony is actually joe onto a agent that was working on the procedure that actually did not complete the procedure on the fisa that they took out on carter page. >> sean: let me go, if i can, congressman steve scalise. we know there are referrals
6:44 pm
here. we also know this was premeditated fraud on a isa court because there were multiple warnings. we know that dorsey dot -- dirty dossier made up the bulk of the applications congressman's polid that means it is premeditated fraud on the fisa court not only to take away all the constitutional rights and civil liberties have carter page but despite the campaign, transitioning team and the presidency. we have referrals. nobody gets indicted. it seems like you can elect and/or or a lie if you are a democrat, but if you are a republic in a justice system. >> yeah, sean and i have deep concerns about this issue and i have spoken to my said people need to go to jail for abusing the fisa court. the intelligence agency play a critical role in national security, but some of those people abuse their power. i talked to senator graham on the plane ride over here coming over with the president in this rally. by the way, they would have loved you here at this rally in manchester, sean. a great crowd for president trump.
6:45 pm
but one of the things we talked about, was especially the dorm reports, that will be critical to naming names. not just talking about abuses because we know there were abuses. we have seen classified information, but i want to see actual names of people who use their position of power to try to spy on a candidate for president at the time of donald trump to take him down. their intention was to take trump out, whether or not he got elected, and they abuse their position to do it. they need to be held accountable. people need to go to jail to restore faith in our agencies like the fbi and the important role that fisa court plays that will be heavily abused by some people. >> sean: jason, you have been following this close today, buddy, you know michael horowitz. he was in a viable and can only work within the confines of the doj and fbi. and doesn't have the ability to convene a grand jury to put forth indictments. we have referrals for lying, lack of candor, horowitz as it
6:46 pm
relates to james comey, as it relates to mccabe and all these other people. now do you believe as i do that this is a slam-dunk case, premeditated -- premeditated on a dirty clinton bought and paid for a phony unverifiable now defunct russian dossier, do you believe we get the indictments in this? >> i do believe that an director wray earlier last week with john ratcliffe questioning him, i think admitted out leveled for the first time that yes, there were improprieties and that those people should be prosecuted. i believe they should be prosecuted. remember the borowitz report started as a predicate that said, foreign and friendly government meets with george papadopoulos. why did that happen? it how it happened outside the purview of the justice department. that his wife durham turned into a criminal probe and i think it will go to other agencies and people like clapper, brennan and others who have got to watch
6:47 pm
their back. ♪ >> sean: thank you all for being steadfast to follow this up. when we come back, this weekend, two new york police officers shot, separate incidents, by a man who said he was "tired of police." many are saying conrad mayor de blasio shares blame, and the biden rally earlier tonight, itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny size, but interesting things happen. we have the video to prove it straight ahead. ♪ garcy
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6:52 pm
agent, fox news contributor dan bongino and bernie. bernie you know the city, rudy giuliani nearly died 9/11. both of you, both of you lead not only the country, not only the city but the entire country. i'm watching all these videos of cops that are dumping stuff on their cars, busting up and vandalizing police cars come at dousing them with water and other objects. do you see but not responding and arresting every person on tape, is there a connection or is that a stretched too far? >> no, absolutely. they are emboldening the mayor, the mayor assembled in that action. the mayor emboldened that action by not taking action. you know, this is also a mayor, sean who has supported and endorsed sanctuary cities, that basically, you know, creates criminal problems within the city. it is a major tha historically s not announced the governor of the state of new york when paroled and released two
6:53 pm
convicted cop killers that are assassinated and executed. new york city cops. this may or promoted during his campaign that he raised his son in a manner where the new york city cops, where he told his son he had to be afraid of new york city cops. the cops, you know, they are sick and tired of being villain iced. they are sick and tired of not being supported. and -- >> sean: that's the thing -- >> and bolden -- and bolded lunatics like this guy that went into the precinct and shut the cops. >> sean: dan bongino when you have to evidence and don't only think doesn't it raised the level at this point? they feel in bolded? >> sean, none of this is complicated. we have seen spikes in crime, spikes and attacks on police officers for two very obvious reasons. the first has been the depersonalization of police officers. constant attacks, speaking of
6:54 pm
stereo typically as if they are all this public menace. obviously, that will have an effect when that comes out of the mouths of public figures with a profile like the dreadful mayor of new york city. and then you combine that with the fact that they've gotten away from this broken windows policing where you have this permissive nature for low-level criminality that leader becomes high level criminality. just a quick example, when i was a cup of new york, when someone jumped and turns out they went to jail and you lock them up but now what do we do? we pat them on the back and it is the same guy that robbed somebody on a plane. excuse me, none of this is complement - -- complicated. >> sean: it's got to stop. earlier i attended a joe biden event here in new hampshire. let's say we have to show you the proof next. ♪
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>> sean: earlier today, i decided to drop by a joe biden event right here in the great state of new hampshire. take a look.
6:59 pm
>> use all the tape of joe biden, you are not getting a billion of our taxpayer dollars unless you find the prosecutor investigating my son who has zero experience in energy that is being paid millions. do we have a problem with that? >> i don't like trump. >> it is nobody's business. >> other countries wanted him fired. >> i am doing my job, i do news. >> you want to yell at me? >> if you look better in person than on tv, you do. >> do you like my show a little bit? >> i happen to catch you on my newsfeed. >> fake news. >> but you watch. >> i don't agree with anything. >> tell me one thing i have said that is false. no no, you accuse me, tell me
7:00 pm
one thing i have ever said that is false. >> first of all i do not want you. >> you are nicer in person, you are nicer than you seem. i have to give you that. >> do i look younger in person too? >> sean: laura ingraham, how are you? >> laura: i have a question, how did that coverage of the new hampshire primary for the democrats turn into how do i look? how did that happen? only you would do that, do i look younger? >> sean: i don't know, i never watch. i was like, how would you know that? >> laura: i am going to relentlessly tease you, everyone is like buttigieg or sanders, hannity is like this is my best profile shot? i have never seen anything like that, that is classic. they looked like they had affection for you, if not respect. >> sean: some of them wanted to hate me, then they met me and said i don't even want to like you this much.


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